Newspaper of Evening Star, December 28, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 28, 1866 Page 1
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w 0 ^1 I H^pf ^K ^H H w V^ ^H * 1 I , , >. ,, I || .1 IP I ' I ... ... , - . " - , ^ ,, ^ ^ ... . .* '. . 'T , w "' ,' * -. ~ V~. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 28. 1866. N2. 4.308. the evening star 19 rtntISH*P DAILY, (lXCBFT K7VDAYJ AT THE STAB BTHLDUfOS f itJkKd! -WWr tf aMBBI Al lUfc IN# ;' BT W. D. WALLAOH. f j Tt* STAB 1? a*r*d by tB? camera to tBMt subecrfbara la tba uutrtc ** Tbm Civnmvm- Uopiw at tb? ccmntar, wttB or witbont wnppen, Two Urata eaab pmca yob Maiiibb:?TBiaa aontfeo, Am Imuran* nf* emu; Ax montha, fkm D*- , ion; ?M p?, Wo papan ? sent from tba offlc Icmfer tfcan paid Cot. Tno WLEK-LY STAB?pnbUabadoa Fylday m proing-O? D*U*r aad a Hatf a Turn. ? PERSONAL. B0 CCBTIS IBV1NG, Clai'revaot, awi T,?: Mtdtum. will ?i*e life readings, lacladlng Peat, Present nod Future at her office. 4*0, nertti side ef Perm ? avenue, bet imo tH and 4th streets. Office boon from 9 to i a m and 4 to V. m. , de? ! >* __ l)e 10WL,A<)li?OPAT?lIO PJtYSlOIAH. IcMiletc* end No 4 0-2 4th street. Office Bonis?9 to 1Q a m 5 to ft p.m. del9 tf 4 T TUB RaWOtl4\PSrMIPItt(i *0?>MS ? 4 (9 'th ilrc*(, utpe<iit P?titut Uiflct, Uillei ?d k't at our reduced price-. On the Very t>o?t W em as nt to? Night g >wn Y^ke?, ren'y atampel .....40cte. Cbvmi.e Y?kee. ?r?cta. ' Bau?e Well. B.rbtr tor broi l or rtiihroidery, our ratte a* are ol tie very ,'oi"r design*, aeleered wlib care in few Fork. and being lu rtceipt of them weekly, * are aMe dei'y to l??ue new p*tterne aa well ee make ai d t'amp ?i,y ?*tt?rn brought na 1. O. O Working (Jetton at rvdacnl pr.oei. da tf J??HN P uT A RK~ATT(>RN B Y AND COHNSBLI.oR A F LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC, Vo S|4 12th etreet wot. do 14 iy OR. JaMKD T VO[ RO ha* removed hie office from No 47s UMk etreet, t" bia residence. No 4ifc New lork at?.. foui doers eaat pt i?h etreet. Allerder left ?t i he Drug Store of N A IBS A UKU , rurxer J*h at end fa a?e.. durieg the tay, will be promptly etteaded to de 19 lin* L'HASR M~TrBlNOr IBLD, r chsstablb and collkctob Oollecte Rente. Debtr aud Claims ef all kinda P.a?iu?8? placed to his bead* receives prompt attention. References given if repaired Office 411 mh street, above Pa ?wine; reai<eoc? 4<U L street, betstcn 9tb and loth. N B.?Ordeia by mail promptly attended to. da 14-lm* I A DIM IT lo A 'KHit* LBDQBD THAT I j tlx NtW STAMPING DB I'OT, on 9th stiext, 4 39. baa tbe best selection of Patterns erer offered b<-re. an! the proprietor has reduced tbe price to ONB 11A LP that has been charged heretofore. Btioa a prart c*l ht?*nip?-r. no t?i*r neod I bp had of getting w hat will suit yon. Go se<" htm. He will trxke and statse ANY pa'tarn de 15 t! V OO IBAVK BBBN IMPBDDBNT.bat neither 1 Bticha nor Paniariiarj hunibc^a ''will make iht rrtr ' See I?r PA HBY. on 7xm atraet, oppi L site O ld Pellowa" Ha I, and be cared iniok and permanently! deft-lm' I\B. H B. WOODBl'BY baa remotsJ bin offt e I " to No. 339 K atreet, i-pposite St Patrick s Charch. de8 eolrn* CONFIDBNTIAL ?Totui* men who have Injured tbe m eel Tea oy certain secret habits, which unfit th*-m for >osine?a. pleaanre, or the dntiae of married ltfe; also, middle aged and old men. wbo. from the folliee of youth, or other cansee. feel a debility in advance of their years, befare placing themeelvee nuder tbe treatment of any one. abould Brat read "The Secret friend.'' Married ladies will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend. 'J tj^nt to any addresa. in a aeolad envelope on receipt of i"> cents. Aodreaa Dr. CHAS A 8TDABT A CO.. Boston, Mass ao *-ly B~B1DA? ABO ri'IBBAL WBBATHS. BO Ut'BTS, CKOBBBS. ANCHOB8, STABti. 4c., preserved in natural form WAX FLOW BBS, BAIB FLOW BBS. aid BRAIWISO. br Mrs. FB1BS. late of ftoaton Baa removed to No 4-J9 11th street, between G and 11. oc 3 ?>m* | ADIBB WBO ABB DBSIEOOSOF A SKILLI j fnl and acromcliahed Phvaician. should con an It Vr HBHBi MoBTON. l^o ei.t Fayette atreot, Baltimore, Md. Pr Morten 'a seretces may be ^engaged in Waahingtonor any other city, by addre-?ingaa above oc IJ Jm* JAMBS Ol lLP. in VVtrawd Stron* kind Fwrmtntre. Old Fmnitore Bepnired. Beap bolstered and Varnlaled. 12th and Bsta..<near tha canal.) Higbeat price pail for Bocond-haad Fnrcitnre ae Ily* 'ntlMUH S. BLACK WAKD H. UMIJI. C. P. PLACE. LAW OPF1CB. BLACK., I.AMOS A CO., Connwllors and Atterneys at Law In the Supreme to%rt of the United States, the Conrt of CIaiin?, tne Conrta of the Plsttlct. the Bsecntire Depapt. n.? jt* and Oouimitteoe ot Coogress. Offic. 4?** lath atn?t, rdlrectly oppoeite WllUrda' Hotel > . de lt-tf clot hinotao. ^ o C B a" D V I C B . That'a In: that ait! J mat list sn a bit From tha folks at Smith's Oak Ball Come- a word of odTice, So sound and so sice. For the present so aeon of Fall. Button year coot Up to your throot. And aeo that yoaVo warmly clad; Or with cold In poor head You'll be sick in your bad, Which will bo exoeedtagly bad. And yoa'll stay In bed With the cold to your head, And compdlled to be somewhat .juiet. Till yon "re had enough Of the Doctor's atuff, And all sort* of sick folka diet. Bettor beware, And always takacare To be K*9*riy clad for the Fall, In suitable clothes, J net nach aa those Which ore eold at 8aitk'l Oak Ball. SMITH BBOB. A CO., _ 1IIOHAIT TAILORS, AMD smALsaa m GBNTS FOBBIolilSG GOODS, OAK BALL, 464 Ixtirti 8TEK*T. Jaet received tha 1 orgeat and lneat stock of F1BCK GOODS aver oflered in tha oity of Washington. Baring aacured the Lest artists in the city, we are prepared to make op ia tha finest etyla, and ot laaa Hicea thoo any other establishment [nott tf] B. B. A OO. [\1 LOBABO, 1*1 * MERCHANT TAILOR. Corner of 9th aad D at reels. } Deeirea to retain his thooke tor the liberal o? pet i on age beatowed upon him during paat^HH aeoaona, and at the eame time invitee Ma ? frienda to viait bia a tore and inspect hie new WIf and choice aolectlon of gooda. which he haa^"" juat aarcbaoed tor the Fall and Winter Trade or & HaBPOB. hie ae seriate, con tin nee to giro hia conetoaf attention to the style and general appearance A all garments mode at tha eetobliskment. The beat work and moderate charge* la oar metto. det lra* EDOLAS, MBBCHANT TAILOR, corner . of 14th atreo* and Pennsylvania are., a* opposite WlHarda' Hotel, haa received a>BB an per lor aeacrtmeut of C4otha. Caaeimeree, n Teetlnga. Chinchillas and Bacomae, for W# Overcoats, and a general aaeortment of Gents' Foraiehiag Gooda Be haa alao a<lded to hta atock a splendid lot of first cloaa Custom made Clot&lfg from Hew York, at lower nricee than can be bad in this city. Hs invites his frieada aad the public to give him a call, aad returns hia alncere that ke for their liberal patronage, oc 31 ?m F. J' Bn?Qee^?te*H*F. Lfdon A Ca.,^ Bm AyMEa0HAST TjilL0R, Metropoll ton Hotel Ute Brownh, WW 361 Paanay1*aala avaaaa, my l tf Woahiagtoa. P O. g 'BOYBB A BAKBB Iy nUlBATt* F1BBT PBBM1DM FAMkLY S?Wiyo MACBIXES. Tbe beet Family Machine In the aurket. Tbe eoi'v Matktn* that will both Sow and Bm b<Tbeyrmak^e no"Elajtic Stuck that will act break solt lm ao market Spoca. HXKB IB IT, BUT F1BLBT B t t nowirr Beam. Where con I get a good dmr* Oh, oomo to me. goo' Ffnlsy. Muat 1 walk or take the ear ? 4a yen ploaao. ?ne Flnley Do yea keep tbe Golden Leof indeed de I. quo' Finlc* All thinga In year line, ia brief ? Come and aeo. quo' Ftaley. di I Feaa. It I drop in * Dedrop in. quor Flnley. Bate yoa tne cut wrnnpwd in tin. Bent there 1a, gno' Malar. Do yoar meerschaum^ color wall ? Buy aad try, quo' Fin ley. Are taey mere shams, mad* to aaii Bary sen, gao' Ftaley Have yoa plug of evorr ftamr B very gradejjeo' Ffaljy. Please the teste aad suite tbe trade. Jast tbe thing. qa4>' Flaley. B^wla and stoma in every style r f *n tbere'laVHttle'wbi la dBo.*d?F TTH^TBBIT. aaar J OAB OFFICB. j^j| g SYBBKT, >fk Botwaaa lttb and iltbsUeeU, XV1 MWBBf LOABBD enfold aad Silver Wotckee, J.wlry,C?othlag.A?..Ao. p der in,' Li<-e^B*ed Pawnbroker^ VH t CKOCHBT COLl>AB BOOK/. MBS. iay-a a Knitted Lace Collar Book, Tbe lagM kaittte/ Bkvk, Bra. Gougoin ^ Ap*t Shawl aad bcarf P.^k, Mm Geageln'a O'^'Jet Baby B<- k: The dr?ek aad Bornan U?e The aaJo?i?o KLittlmr and Nffrni B Ybe WIntar tB d sitting look: Br* Coay HOLIDAY GOODS. IP rixaoH AID moLisiTchin~ r MOTT,B ?IO?ril8d TU,LI,r ? ?. JHO FIHR VASKS. \Mf PCHCH BOWLS, PLATBD WARI ? CASTORS. Ac,. (for the holidays.) and Etitasmta layilira ?t low ,ot of cheap TO VS. LAMPS, CHANDELIERS,OBlMNBYS. and >Jo I COAL OIL, for storekeepers, cor 7th and Fsts.opp. P.O. tdatl 4t?J H BAYLBY ACQ. ||0! FOB THB HOLIDAYS,! JuM rwMtfd tbe larreat assortment of rrench and American BON BOMS and OANDIB"1 that cannot be surpassed in tte District. a l*o. A large assortment of FANCY 8DOAB PLUM BOXlS.jMt received frem Parla, which I wilt off?r tb? public at th? loweat po*sih|? rttn N. JLof FANCY POI ND and Fit I IT CAKES, ronstantly on hand. Call and examine, at OBRBt'K'S, 116 Pa avenue, Jew tot* hetwen 9th and 10th streets. 505 ?I"T?_8TBBBT. 505 PBBPABX FOR THE HOLIDAYS. KirWRLL A~KKNDBRSON Wo?ld respectful!) call the attention of thMr frienda and the pnblie to their large an4 wellaelected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, of tbe Lateat Styles. Also, on b*n<l *1 large a??ortment of OIL CLOTHS. TARL1 COVBR9 BU8TIO BLINDS PAPER CURTAINS. F1BB HOARD PRINTS, OVAL PICTURE FBAMES, Together with COBDS AND TA88EL3 TO SUIT. All of which they are prepared to fell at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. Rememler the place, 50o NINTH STREKT. Fonr doors above D street, Beaton Hall Building, de182w .Vl AILLABD s 1Y1 CHOCOLATS DB FANTAISIE, BT BONBONS. MA1LLARD <s^AL?", CHOOOLAT PAB EXCELLENCE, ... _ , . _ (Triple VamlU.) ThU JnpU \ anilU I'HOCOlaTI 19 *m??tior In uualHy and flavor to any other made in this country, and ia prepare.1 especially for table n?e. N W BUROHELL. corner lllh and F streets, under Bbbitt House, t 'HRlSTMAS AND NBW IKAB S PBBS BNTS. A r1<-b and elegant aasortment of Gentlemen's Hol es de Chambre, gotten up expressly t.?r the holiaajs Gold, Silver, a*d Ivory-fceaded Canea, In beaotifnl variety with Scar's, Tie*, Gloves Suspenders Ac; with superior lot Toilot Am. Its, at reduced pricea, at LAN?'* Genu Furnishing Stora. de 13 eotf 4lid Penn. tNMM,Mar4>4 at. COLORED TOY BOOKS, fr>m L?adou: French Juvenile B' oka, direct from Paris: Lahonlayea' New Fair) Tales Eeop largely illustrated, and mary others. ,u?t received. *- *4 FRANCE TAYLOR. rpoiB TOYS!! TOYS'!! Those tbat wish to purchase cheap TOYS AND NOTIONS for Christmas or New Years presents should not fall to go to BOSWBLL'S FANCY STORE. .'{OS E street, near tbe National Tht.-ater. Ha is closing them ont at cost. ds 2i 6t EJOLIDAY PRESENTS. El HOLIDAY PRESENTS. J net received? Rich Decorated DINNER 8ET8 a TEA SETS TBTEATBTESETS French and English TOILET SETS " Fancy China and Bohemian Ul'REAU SBTS Cologne Bottles. Vases, Mute* Hatch Boxes Ciear 8'ands. Ash Stands. Smoking Sets Card Receiver*. Card Plates. and Card Baskets Pnfl Boxes, Motto Coffee- and Wine Sets Aleo. a lar?e assortment of Cnina Toys, which I am offering at greatly reduced orices Pall early and examine my stock, before pu rshasiagel-ewhere. F. M LA7.ENBT. No. 15/4 Bridge street. de21*t Georgetown, D. 0. ? OOR OCT FOB THE HOLIDAYS! CHE. R I' P P E R T, KR1SS R RIXG1.E HEADQUARTERS. No. Z'l* 7TM BTRKKT. BBTWEEN D AND E. Importer of all klada of HEW TOYS AHD FANCY 000B8, Adapted for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. r. BCPPEBT take* great pleasure to lnf<*m his numeroas ruatomsr* and tbe public geaerally tbat he baa just received, throagh his agents ia Franca end Germany, the 1 art;eat and beet selected Fancy Goods, suitable for Holiday aad Haw Year Presents, amcag which we enumerate in part :~ DOLLS of every description, A great variety of FOBTMOB AIBS, GABD CASES. WO BR. STANDS, BASKETS, PBBFtMBBT, WRITLNG DESKS, WOBKBOXBS. AND CHBBS AHD BRBS81EG OASIS, BACKOAMOH BOARDS, CH1BA VASES 0BBAMBBT8, BOOK ABB HOBBY HORSI8. . Aad also state tbat In order to five hit anstomers Increased advantages aad facility in tbe axamiaa tioa of my St-ck of (toads, have fltted, at moeh trouble, a large apartmeat In the second story, directly over ay Stare, where we will at att times take great pleasure in wait lag npon thoea who may favor me with a call. Ladiee who wish to avoid the osnal cra?d are specially invited to make their selections as early aacea venient da 14 tjal MIfeCB MEaT of excellent onaHty. M. W. BUBCHELL. Corner 14th and V street*, da 14 under Bbbitt House. ACKEBEL AND CODFISH. 10 noo pounds large SHOBB CODFISH. 40 barrels No 1 MACKEREL. Jast received aad lor sale at our wharf, at tbe foot of Seventh St. 8. P. BBOWN A SON. Ooiamission Merchants, dalA-tf Ho. 463 Ninth at , Wet. B and F. ^OMITilI5G H E~w! I have jast received several new stylae of Black Walaat Caned BOaTlO FRAMES, made to my 1 order: elzsa, from ixi to I8xt4 Theae are raallr 1 desirable. Also, a full stock of PICTL'RE CORDS ann TA8SBL8. POBCBLAIN NAILS BINGS, Ac. Also, Enamelled RECESS FBAMB8. with aad withoot Viewers; a suitable Present for the Holids/s. . . ROTHROCK, de ift-tjal Opposite Patent OfDce, Tih street. OTTO ^ ILK BNB' PIANOS AND CABHABT A BBBDHAM'S PARLOR OBGANS. All will Bad It (mtly to thair interest-? to examine theeesapert) Instruments be lBM fere parchasiag aay other. nTVYl Only agency at GEO RGB L. WILB A BBO *S Hew Piano Forte and Organ Wareroom, No. 497 11th street between Pens 'a a venae aa4 B street. A select aeaortmeat of new an4 second hand Instruments, including n CHURCH OBGAH. far sale at loweet facterv price* and oa easy terms. TUNING and RIPAlBIBB fnlthfully ezeeuted. no 13 4m" || O L 1 D A T O I I T ST~ If y?n wish to give yonr friends a useful aad valuable Christmas Gift, call aad examine the geaalna . FRENCH CORSETS Imported by Mrs. STBRN. Satisfy yourself by coming Immediately to Mr*. BT BEE'S Hoop Skirt Faotory and Ooraet Depot SIB 7th atraat, bet D and B sts. da 11-Uanl fllBAUTIFUL BOUQUETS. FLOWBB BAS t>KBTS. HANGING BASKETS, OHRIBTMA8 TBEB8 Ac., at JOHH SAUL'S, 446 ?th street, opposite 0 B. Patent Office dal*-aa4t ^hboppobtubity flljfel Is now offered to Mia pnhlic to boy thslrf?R BOOTS ABD SHOES AtpricMnnasaellp la*? tha old establiaRed Shoe Emporium of BOBBBT ISBABL, o. 379 Seventh street, cornsr of I. Call aad enanlne ay stock, and yon will he ?aU"fled that my go*ds ara vary cheap aad very desirable, eoaslderlng.ipamy. Laetlag Oalters ana Balmorals fer Ladles and Mi sees .will be eold at aatenlshinglv low price*. Boots and 8b<>as far small children at half prlaa. ISBABL'S CHEAP BOOT AND SHOB STOBB, llv7 |f 379 Sevsuth street, c.?mer of 1. C^oliTFENS-A Sue aseertiuont of ?oid PeaS. ????**"'""K'kV "nacTTirftT* i Vficial. liPiEmiT or Statb, i W AsniKuTow, Ufc^mbrr vtJ, 10M \ Information bus been received at tbie Department from Mr. Thomas H. Dudley. the Consol of the I'oited States at Liverpool, of t 5 ' ?n ,he ,i>lh c' APr" '**t, at sea, of .k ' nn American teaman, oo board tb* Timour." Information hw also been received from the same source ol tbe deatb, on tbe 30tb of May, 1m>6. of William Smith, a teaman of tbe ship "Jeremiao Thompson.*' Deceased leave* a wife in Glascow, Scotland. Department ov State, > Washington. December 2d, tMki. } Information bas been received at this Department Irom Mr. Thomas H. Dudley, the Consul of tbe United Mates at Liverpool, or the deatb, on tbe 24th day of July last, at sea of Samuel Kranci.*. a >eiman, belonging to tbe vessel "John Patten." Department of Stat*. ) Washington, December-Yn lb?6 i Information bas beeu received at tbis De. pari men t fronj Mr, Thomas H. Dudley, the Consul of the IInited Stares at Liverpool of tbe death, on the Hih day of April, 180(1, at sea, of Alexander Pollack, a seaman, belouginz to tbe ship "Timour." Examinations for the Navy. TO VOLCNTKKR OPVICKBS. Navv Depaktmknt, > Washington, D. C, Nov. _t>, if-6<5 \ All persons who have served as volunteer officers in the United States Navy tor the t*rm ot two years, and who desire to be exammed lor admission to the regnlarNavv as provided in tjie act ol Congress approved July 25. I8W, will at once make application addressed to C< mir.' dore S, P. Lee, Hartford, Conn , who will notify them when to appear. Those who do not make application prior to the 1st of Jiinuary nezt. or who do not preseot themselves when iior.Ht'd, will b<i considered as having waived their claim for examination. Candidates will take with them, when summoned, their official papers showing their naval record. Oidkon Wkt.lks. eolm Secretary of the Navy. SPECIAL NOTICES. * VN? PROTECTIN K DOTY is necessary tossv?.rJ1Lol:,PHALON S "MGHT BLOOMING OC "' I'D. a preference over Lnhin'e Extracts n"< ?f connoisseurs in perfume*. The public yiould|ki,ow, however, that the so cslle 1 l,ut.ins Extracts id tliia market are ?ll domes'iu Imltation?. One liottto of the ' Nivrlit Blooming Oereiii li worth a trross of them. Sold every where. .aAA?TH*B CORK-H. Malien, Es<i , of No. I j?rand street. W illlemsbnrg, nu been completely cured of a violent attack of Bhenatatism l>y J? KTUALFR'8 GUtAT KHdD M ATIC BKM KDY. and is willing to state his ca-a person who will call at the xb'>ve itd<1ress. de 17-ec'iw 8. C. FORD. A*ent. COLGATE A CO. 8 W1NTBK H O A P . Recommended for chai ned iia*s< and for general toilkt nse daring com wrathsr. It may be obtained of all dragglsts and fancy goods dealers, feb 9-eoly REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASBB, I* Bond street. Hew York. ^Fnll information, with the knelt ?( tettimomta/.t; also, a book on Sptrini Diktat's, ?n it ll1/ ' ?ent free. tUT ti* suit and x'-mt for them, and vow inil not rtfrel u; for. a* adverUsing physician* are generally impostors, without reftrmrrs no stranger shsnld be tru-red. Enclose a stams for fostags and direct to DR. LAWRENCE. No 14 Bond street, New York. nallDAWly - "f?,!11*,0* AND CELIBACY, m r**V, yarning and Instruction for Yonng T * Diseaess ?nd Abnses which prostrate the vital powers, with sure means of relief, Beut i aiWlj,?al#d tter envelopes. Address Sii Heward Association, Philadelphia. Pa. aog U So BECBET OlgRABEd. Oi ft it she most certain, safe and eflectnal remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cares in two to lonr days, and recent cases in twenty fonr boars No mineral no SS ??rcnry. Only tea pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do SSde^Vs exposed. Mala packages, *],feSAfcAaitAN'sRoot Ajin Bkr* Jric*??A nositivs ana permanent *nre far Spyhilis. Scrofala. Dicers, 5?m,-Btot.; Z*tt.*,r'- Ac . Pr'ce il u per bottle! bold by 8. O. Ford. adTertltemenl, my I SURELY, STEADILY, svccessfoll y, BMOLANDBB'8 EXTRACT BUOKU IS CVklM M,n *? *i?wt Disbasb, Bag vii at tax, Oravili Dbimakt DtsoacRKs, Wraknrss and Pains In the Back, Fikali Oomplairts and Troorl** arising froa Bxcasess or any Km. 00* B, TB AFFLIOTBDI TBT 8M0L ANDBB'8. take no OTHER BUCK9. ?old by all Apotbecarlaa. Prtos fl. D.BABBB8 B CO., law York, mi BABBB8, WABD B 00., Baw Orleans, Boathern Agsata. BUBLBIOH B ROOBB8, Who lea ale Dragglsts, BoMn, Mm , Q-aral Aganki fcblt-u HOTELS, KBSTA UEANTS. Aa C A ? 0 _ WILLARO'8 HOTBL, 1 l?SWMb "ii*^trw^n U" 'H' ^^others1.' rl^fd i ng ^ s ^ss?. Jiinf,p^arfftvs?rsi!fc Betel at tha rate of Bin **** BY ARB. CHAD WICK B CO. IRK.WOOD HOLoB, farmer Ptnn?. arjnyt m?4 TtofUtk Wtuhmtiim. B. C. Utoat^d In tha moat cantral location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AHDi PRESIDENTIAL MAN8I0B, Only a short distance from all tha Departmeatsl Patent and Poet OSeee, Smithsonian Institute H.H DUDLEY A 00.. Proprietors. (JAP1TOL HOD8B AND RB8TADRANT; y'twxi: sssisi'A'^fjfs aSu,.",*. this conptry should be a anflFdent gnaraatll of tronsi^ n ?<? * "ho will axuid m'tK/TpSf DINHER8 and SUPPEB8 at private residence for ysrtlM and balia. win be rotten np In the bHi |?HBICHB BBWAUBAHT: ??* P?nna avanne, near Mb street. 'nferm his frleada and the public fenerailj thit bt now kctN con* A a oSi'Z'KHZ tia"8 Largest stobs in thb oitvi riro stores combined in one: ?0?BI YOBS! runt FOB LADIES ABD CHILDBEH, IN 6RRAT VAR1RTT. Having pnrchaaed then early thla season, wa are snablsd to sail them 60 per oent. cheaper than any hense Ik tbe city. laiiboisb B BBOTHBB, 14 7th street. d#1 *? Intelllgeneer Balldiaa. RA. CBONIB-B BASB BALL AMD SEATOBIAL HBAD QUABTBB8, Dealer la Imputed Olgsrs Alts, tha following brands of Desaeetlc Cigars: Tulip, J ad y, Pntf, Robert Barns, Ac. I also keep a flne aseortmeat or Tobacco. Maerschaoa and Briar Wosd Place, and Fancy Articles. A large assortment of the finest and best 8BATBS. de 1? la C",T0L BU-t _ ?... .??>. l I F. X. DOOLBY. PKDQCI8T, AIA Oorner Pea a'a avenae end east 3d street. Pare sad freeb Drugs and Cbemloale. P*rfn* mery, Taney Articles alwajs oa hand, la k*>4 safply. 4eBiw* I TELEGRAMS, fee. Considerable ncitfrnent exists at Lebanon Ohio, occasioned by an attempted conspiracy to defraud a lit* insurance company. A mao named McFadden arrived at the bouse ol Frank Richardson. near Lebanon, on tbe mgbi ol tbe 25th instant, and it was given out the nut day tbat he bad died of cholera. A coffin, supposed to comain tbe remains, wu sent to ha:on, Ohio, and interred at midnight. Suspicions

of foul play being aroused, officers wtc sent fr. m Lebanon, who examined the (rave and found tbe coffin to contain bro?mcorn seed McFadden's whereabouts is no! known. Dr. K>cliard?on is agent for a life Insurance company at Kiton. Frank Kic.iard"on a?.d B. ML Batcheider are the parties in. terested. Tbey have been arrested. The Old Colony and Newport railroad tra-k has been washed away for a considerable distance at savin Hill, Dorchester, about three miles from Boston, bjk'b* feartnl storm which prevailed there yesterday. Considerable danage n^s been done to good* in cellar* near the wharves, trees and chimneys were blown down in all directions, and about forty wt oi the Eastern Kailroad bridge across the Mystic river, between Somerville and Chelxea. was wa?hed away at high water, aud all travel suspended. Jerome Glosson has been arrested in Williamsporf, Md., charged with Killing Clinton Keucb, ot that place, in the spring of l^tsi The difficulty grew out of politics. Keticta bemg an ardent sympathizer with the South wasordered ontof town by the Unionists, and in a disturbance which followed was shot dead. Olnsson was a t'nionist, served in ttw army during the war, and since its close has been living at Williamsport. He has been re. leased on bail. A murderous affair occurred at Nashville Christmas night between, a party of regulai cavalry and a party of policeman. Theforinei wi re cheering lor Lincoln and the| Union when tbe latter cajne up with answering cheers for Jeff. Davis. A melee followed, in which Edward Crego. a soldier, was shot, dying in a few minutes. Sergeant H. Kishiej received a serions wound in the head. Ureal excitement exists over the affair, and a numbei of unofflcered soldiers are out bunting for tht murderers, with thread of vengeance. The Conservatives in St. Lotus report tha! President Johnson decliires to interfere in Misi-ouri affairs on the ground that each Stati sbonld be left free to preserve peace, and thai no interference will be tolerated, unless tho 1'nited States laws are violated or the Sta*? calls for help. This is the supposed ground for General Oram's order withdrawing tbf troops from Lexington. A man styling himself Colonel Brantley who by real estate operations, negotiating notes, and procuring endorsement* on others recently victimized some citizens of St Joseph Mo., one to the amount of about th'rty tkou snnd dollars, and decamped, was traced t< Chicago and arrested, and was returned to St Joseph yesterday. It is stated that an alliance or twelve tribei of Indians for common cause against th? whites in the Territories of Dakota and Montana, has been formed. The number ot war riors is estimated, doubtless erroneously, a eleven thousand. Onr Consul at St. Croix, W. 1., reports tha on account of tbe prevalence of cholera, small pox. and yellow fever at St. Thomas the Kng lish islands have established a quarantine oi vessels from St. Thomas ol twenty-one days and the Spanish islands forty days. John Logan, aged about thirty-five years was instantly killed in Philadelphia yesterday morning by the falling of a wall while engager in tearing out the ourned building at Twelfil and Market streets. The congressional excursion party fron Washington arrived at New O-leans la? night, arid were received and escorted by i large body of ex. Con federates to their apart ments at the St. Lome Hotel. Two hundred men have been leaving Sai Francisco in small detachments during th past ten days to assist Corona in Mexico, th whole to be tinder the command of Majo Henning. Malouey, who robbed a paymaster ofove last snmmer, and was sentenced by : court-martial to hard labor in the penuen tiary, at Nashville, Tenn.. escaped with tw< other convicts Christmas night. To-day tbe witnesses whose names wer furnished the Lieutenant Governor, Mayor and private citizens in New Orleans, will b examined by tbe riot-Investigating committee There is a great dearth of money in New Or leans for supplying tbe needs of cotton plant ers. It is believed tha* short means will mak the next crop as small as this year. The Eastern lines are still down and no late advices can be received from the cable. Tb< last European dales recei red were of the 2UI instant. Colonel Sawyer, assistant adjutant genera of General Sherman*a staff, died at St. Louts Wednesday Bight, of lyphoid fever. General Sherman and his secretary pause* Cairo, yesterday, the former en routt to Si Louis, the latter to Philadelphia. The storm was very severe in New Tori yesterday Scit id* of a Makkiiu Womaw.?One of th most melancholy cases ol suicide recorded o late occurred yesterday evening, about si] o'clock, at tbe residence of Sergeant George T Sears, of the western district pclice. who live on Hollis street, west ol Schroeder street whose wife, Mrs. Melvina Sears, cut her throe with a razor, tbe wound intiicted causini death in a lew moments. The particular learned, which are of the most -addenim nature, appear to be as follows ?Mrs. Sear has been lor tbe past four months laborini under great mental depression, arising fron causes not ascertained, which led her relatives some time ago, to place her at the Marylam Hospital for tbe Insane, under the care of tb< physicians of tbat Institution, and so lieneficia were th* results, that her husband determine) that she should spend her Christmas with be familr, and accordingly she was taken horn on M on Jay last, apparently in a perfectly ra tional state of mind. Nothing occurred to at tract tbe suspicion of her husband of the sac relapse, he no doubt congratulating himself oi her entire recovery. Yesterday evening, hovr ever, she procured a razor, and without am intimation of her intention, in her chamber made a terrible gash in her throat, tbe wonn. being described as terrible. Sbe was discovered almost Instantly, weltering in blood, bu apparently sensible. On being asked for tb< reasons, she said sbe wished to die. She leave: two children, one aged about three years ant the other eleven months old. Her hnsband Sergeant Sears, is one of the most excellen officers si tbe western police district, and ha tbe sympathies of his brother officers. Corone: Greentree last night was notified of the occur rence, bat upon examination deemed It un necessary to hold au inquest In the caat.?Ball Bun. Trocrlu ot tbb Bostob HotblKbbpbrs ?Henry D. Parker, proprietor or tbe Parke: House; Wm. Bingham, keeper of the saloons e the Revere end Tremont Booses: and Georg< Young, proprietor of Young's Hotel, were ar ralgned (a the Municipal Court of Boston yes terday. on the complaint ol a young man nainei George T. Larock. charged with selling liquor They pleaded- guilty, and were sentenced eaci to a tine ot fifty dollars and coats and tBre< months in tbe house of correetion, this beinj the regular punishment imposed by the llquoi law lor the offence. Tbey appealed aad wen held in 9-'W each to prosecute the same In Uu Superior Court. These prosecutions are instigated by tbi liquoiu dtolers who have been prosecuted bj the Sfcto constabulary, aad have caused cob aiderable excitement, as tbe places aimed at an the flrst-class hotels ef the city. These victim! of tbe constabulary claim that the course pursued by tbe Stale official* is to let the fcijrhtoned places where liquor Is sold alone. sbo U oppress, by prosecution and seizure, the pooi ana middling places, which they hold is unfaii and radically wroag. Shootibo Atpaib at Kh-hmobd.?Tb? peace and good order which usually reigns ai tbe BaUard House was somewhat disturbed oa Saturday night by tbe ^discharge of twe pistol shots in the billiard-room. Tbe firinj was tbe result of a difficulty betweaa twe young men?oae named Levy, formerly a de tective la tbe Confederate service, aad the otbei named Devlae, irons Baltimore. Devise wot ploying billiards, and Levy, ia passing omoni the tobies, brushed aeoln?t him. which broughi on o quarrel. Thie ended la Levy's drowtnj bis pistol end Bring the shots. One took Mfiei lo ? window, aad the other Inflated a seven wound upon a bill iard table, ffo other daiaagi was done.?JKchopad Mmmintr. Tl* * ? QuitiM. iPDElM or TH* POPI TO TBI r?EK, H TROOr| The Naaione, of Floreace, or I>?cfmb?r in. i publishes the following full report ot the r speech, addressed by the Pope to the officers I I ?? tbe highty-lifth reg iment of French troops , I and other French officers at Rome ? "<in ta*J7T of ,our d^MluM I am here. ? n?y dear children, to bio you farewell. Your I flag left h ranee with the misaion to uphold tbe i I of the Holy Sm. To-day it is goiug back. ' I I ^ tb4t 41 ma,r ** received with tbe same I that it l*ft. l am informed that all Latbolic heart* are moved; they remote m thinking of the difficulties in whica titer see tbeYlcarof our Lord Juii Christ, the head of the Catholic Church. There most be no il | Insion?the revolution will come here it ,? proclaimed; It has keen said and it is repeaed I An Italian in high pouuou has said that Italy was constituted but not complete Italy would , | be undone it there sull remained here a corner I of tbe land where order, justice aud tranuuili. iyrei?n They desire to display their flag from the c&pitol. \ on know, as well as 1 . that the i I Tarpeian rock is not far distant. About si* r yrV" M? I ""speaking to a representaive : I 1 ,old bini to inform tbe Fmperor , I that St Au*usune, ol Hippo, .which | now belongs to the French empire,) terrified I v' the calamities whun he foresaw while the barbarians were besieging the city, asked thI.ord to be permitted w die before witnessing i I 'hem. Tbe representative said in reply t0 me I 'The barbarians will u,t eutrr.' Hut be w?? ( I no prophet. "Another sa.d to me tiat Rome could not be , tbe capital ot a kiugdon. but that it coulo be t the capital of the Cathoac world. But I tear , 1 the revolution. V*hat an 1 to do ! What am ( I 1 te say ; J have no resources. Vet l am . | tranquil, for the inigbtieit power, God, aives roe strength and constancy (Uere the Poi?I became affected, and all iresent participated in his emotion. Then, bis hand on bis heart and raising bis eyes awards H? aveu he proceeded ) Go, with mr blessing and my i I iatherly farewell. If yonsee your Emperor : you will ten him thai 1 ,ray for him 1 It is 1 ta,d. . health is not go<d. I pray fo? bis , I health. It is said 'hat his sml is not at peace ' for ?18 8uul- The French nanon is : j Christian. Its chief ougU to be Christian I also. Prayers offered witi confidence and . perseverance are necessary and that nation. sogreat and sopowerfnl. mil obtain what it ^ I desires. As for me, I live mood's mercy, and my blessing will accompany fou on your vov' I age." J ' I The ftnpp*?e<1 Frsiai I raiser. The following account of ;he seizure of a - suspected "Fenian ship ' appears in the Lon1 don Morning Star of the 12th Chatham. l?ec. 11.?By direction of the Ad. miralty the seizure has been nsde of tbe iron > I screw steamer Bolivar, 2tm liorse power, f .2.*^ U)nr *-runs< which arrived in the I med way a te w days since, under circumJ stances which leave little doubt that she was | intended to b?- employed for some illegal pur> P?"|* 1* would seem that the s^amer arrived iu the river a day or two since, ind from certain suspicious circumstances connected with a c,oee wa,fh was kept upon her by the Jnm*nt ofl,cla,s' At first she declined to give her name or to show any colors or papers. I fnd short.'y alter her arrival she commenced the shipment of large quantities of powder 1 from a barge sent out to her. On the Government being communicated with. ;hey directed t that she should be seized, aud on toe arrival of - instructions to that efTeC\ her apture was - effected by a par-y of the :als from the i I ships in port. - ?n'b' ,b,P boarded, ail uoubt as to her character was set at rest, as she was round I to be laden with stores and munitions of war. r consisting of gunpowder, Blakely guns, ret yolvers. swords, and arms of various descrin. ! tions, together with a large quantity of coals, concealed, among which ar?* stated to be a j quaatitv of shot and shell. Ou the officials t taking possession of the vessel, the captain was % I I?ot w? *** ,0UDtl on board.and it was stated'hat he bad not joined. The second officer, who was ostensibly in charge of the vessel, made his e.cape soon after she was in possession ot Uie officials, and he has not since been seen. The crew was found to consist of only twenty * hands-or rather, that was the number found onboard. The explanation they gt ve is that the vessel was inteuded for the navy or the r Government ot the Republic of Columbia a and that the Bolivar waa on her way to South America wheu she was detained. 3 | Murder or a Notorious Charactrr ? e On 1-riday night, John S Leathers, a member I of a tnmily well-known to our police authorir ties. v*to found dead In his back yard in >. I Screamersville. His death was caused bv a bullet wound in the left breaat. but no further . I information was elicited by the cerouer'a iurv f which returned a verdict of -came to his I death at the hands of some person unknown " Suspicion, however, points to a soldier with 9 | whom Leathers had a difficulty some months J ??p, and alao one on the night of tbe murder I L. a brother was some time ago killed in the I same house, a??d his brother-in-law at another I time, in the adjoining building, and the last i ' I Tict!m ' th* third member of his family whoJ I baa been murdeied within a few yards of th?v 1 same spot.?R-ickmornl Timet. The Yacht Rack.-The three yachts tha II K started from New York on tbe /reat ocea | race, have now been at sh nearly sixten I days, yet nothing definite or aatisfhetory h^ I been heard of them. The steamer City < f Pans, which left New York four days aft r t the yachts, has arrived in England, and I . 1 though she traveled in the path the vac s have probably taken, she reports nothW ? , I them. Cnpi. J udkins, of the Scotia, who s?5 ? t I from New Tork the day after the yacht* - i K ports ft-om Liverpool that he bad west? , s winds duriog his passage across the oc*. i e and that they ought to make tbe ran in a<>t 1 s sixteen days. It is thought taat by the er?* ! i the present week the arrival of the wii^g , ? I yacnt will be announced by the cable , >, I Knglanu. ( p I A Rich Cocpl*.?The London cone?n* I I dent of Saunders's Newsletter saya. T1 be- I 1 I trothal is just declared of perhaps ou'*ry 1 r wealthiest marriageable lady (for Jfis3uri j dett Coutta I look upon as already we<*d to ' . her good works). In the marriage oEarl < Beaucbamp with Miss I>undas-ChrPP?r< 1 1 Hamiltoa-N'lsbett, each patronymic isiider- 1 , stood to imply a fortune. Lord Bea&amp ' . succeeded last year, by the death of his other, r to forty thousand a year. But his bf* will 1 , I ultimately succeed to sin income of m*e than I I sixty thousand a year, to saynotbgof an . | immense and increaaing amount ready t I money. * THH OBRMAK PRKas or PSMNMrVAIIIA ? : There are published in Pennsy*uia sixty newspapers that are printed in ie German ' I language, of which aeven are a4iea, eleven I are devoted to religious discussion and of the secular papers forty-one are pnb'ised weekly. Of those dailies three are publish^ in PhtliiI delphia and four in Pittsburg, andvven of the I *?""7*nd religious papers araao published I in Philadelphia. Many of these Geman papers I have large circulations, and tb# exert an important laffuence upon a larg, powerful ' and growing section of tbe popnlaon, it being f estimated that there are at least b*f a million * I of German readers in Pennsylvatta. Th* Stkamkb Ruaca ?Sonw time ago w* * announced that tbe Uaited Sates steamer 1 Resaca, which sailed frow Porumoath, N. H., nearly three months since, for Saa Francisco, 1 had not been heard from, and taat fears had ' been entertained for her safety. This anC nouncement has brought to light several let[ fere from persona on board the sieaner, which show that she is perfectly salt, and has beea spoken and seen at various points ot tbe coast of South America. On November 3uh she was r at Pernambuco?Phil. Ledger. CaorK in Loitisiama Tbe Bieartlle Mesi aenger, of the 8th, saysThe plan ten through' 1 out tbe parish, with hut few exceptons, hate finished gathering their meagre orops of cotton, aad are now engaged in ginning sad baling > the same preparatory for ebipmeat to market. r A great many are oppoeed to shipping at r present, owing to the very low quotations of he staple, though high water aad low freights j are fhvorahle. t VinuiaiA Iitiual luraovBHfNTA.?The 1 Lyachbnrg Virgimaa advocatee the plan of 1 *the relinquishment by tbe Commonwealth of I her interest in tbe works ef internal improve> meat In the State to tha companies controlling them, on condition that they complete the ooar nectiona which are aeeded to make them more 1 valuable aad eleleat aa a means of tnter' communication and transit for trad* aad oom1 merce." t gV^Firbard Gregory, a colored tnaa. threw a > brick at Baraey Smith, aJeo eelered, ta Mani Chester, fa., on Thursday eveniar, and hit him jsii bach of the ear causiag instant dea n , E( ROPF.A* REW'I. The stesmer Cftyof Bo*toa,which arrived at New York vesteruay, brings ii?e following r.frai of i*r ffp A telegram of December llth, from riri<.iu. Mrs that 'li* i'lutMin G?t< runrtl deoswnde Ue itrme?i ate xpulston of tbe Kmc of H?ao??r itom Ausiriau territory. Hr i? d of icitiDc hi* late vubject* to hostility against Prussia. it u not Mirx-d that Astui* would fcitply witb sucb ormud. A telegram from Rem*, of tbe llth instant, *'?" Ullt the Pope w ill FlUhlmh foar Uf? duce?e* ib tbe I sued Stale*, which will r?qmie a bishop lor each. increasing (be aitnber of bi*bop? to twenty.two Several bishops of the Omk cbureh at Athens and in the Dauubian Priacipalitiee have announced tbeir intention to make peace with the Church of Kome. The English creditors of Meany. tbe Fenian, will prosecute bim for debt, should tbe <?overnireut release bim. and thus bold bun m durance vile Tbe Fart* Mom tear oar* that tbe Queen of Spain ba* just issued a aecree minting to tbe ()?ean Telegraph (ia Amencai.)?'ompany permission to lay a cable lrom a point ia the i*land of Cuba to the Florida coast. A Paris telegram states that Switzerland bas proposed io the State* of Southern Germanr to unite in a coufederatioa to strengthen t-acli other against future aggressions of Prussia A Brussels telegram stares that Prussia has proposed to the protecting powers to hold a conference in order to afford relief to the Chris, tian subjects otthe Forte. ' Tbe Journal des Defeats says that tbe Pope's speech was not correctly reported ia the Paris journals. It concludes ibus: ?Oo witb my blessing and my paternal adtea. Ifyoaever seethe Emperor oi the French?your Emperor ?yon will tell bim that 1 pray tor bim It ia said his health is not c<*od, I prav for his heaith. It is said his mind ia aot tranquil. I pray tor its rejiose The French nation is Christian its chief sbonld be Cbnstiaa also." Tbia language produced a seneation In Pari* Count Itismarck l< threatened with soften mr of the brain. fitterinrai Securities to the Vftlae ef %:4.%0.004> Mo I en . An extensive robbery, aitnilar to tbe celebrated Lord Bond robbery at New York, took place about one o'clock vester<1ay afternoon at the office of C. P Bayard A Co . bankers. A* Chestnut street, Philadelphia, under the Hank of Commerce. It ia eatimated that over a quarter of a million of dollars' worth of Government securities and stock* were stolen from the safe. Tbe bonds and stocks were in a tm box, which was placed on a stool near tbe fireproof. A banker in the neighborhood saw the party as they le.'tthe banking-house of Hayani Ac C <0. About half-past I* o'clock yesterday p m , two men called at the office of C. P. bayard A. Co , and requested ol Mr. J. Hayard, an elderly gentleman, w-hose ejesi*ht is poor. Inform*noil whether tbe firm bad any *toca* to iu*|| Mt Hazard reqotb#>m to wait until bia brother arrived. They continued m conversation. asking '"'hat kind of stocks the firm dealt in, Ac. In the meantime anoiher man came m and asked where be could get a bill changed. Mr. Hazard directed bin to the Bank of Oum merce, on thesecond floor. The old gentleman bas no very d.tmct recolle, u0u of tbe movements of the ss-angers. They were renteelir dressed, and bed the air of business men. and as such visits a* nsua, h? pmtd DO particular attention to thei.. jj seems, however, that the tBree men were n league together. and while two of them k-pMr Hayard ,n conversation tbe Other went lito tbe safe and took Therefrom tbe tin ai containing the valuable <?ov ernment and ober securities and deuaried Lb* others soon aftr following ' Other bankes state that parties an*wennr the faint descfttion whi n Mr J Havar.i able to give ofhem visited tbeir office dunu* the day 6 The follow* description of one of the i,ar ties Is given ba neighboring banker He wu apparently aew. of tbe heigbt of five feet seven and a Mf foeigbt inches: rather stomlace full: we?t about ini pounds dark f,, ' plexion darHair. dark eye,*, regular featur " stands erect.nd dark clo'iies and black ?.ik hat. . * e Feaiao Trials At Sweetarg, C. E . yesterday, tbe mrr in Crowley s se returned a verdict oi guiltv Mr. Devhnaked the ??urt to delay t*" sentence a gave notice of bis intention or moving to^ for an arrest of judgment Co* ot ^ . ssr: ?ith of J? ?Honionsly joined h.mse'f t?e!S! tain peri* w^o entered Ijower < ai.ada w> h the mte'o levy war. Several witnesses ex|ued, aid the ,Bry. atu.r a kbofi *?"<> ??j ^d w ithMeaiiu* The jury, without leiiTirhe bom- ??i mfd * verdict of not *nKd'd Carroll, charred with having, as a Hr..*ubject, felonioa:*ly joined divers per'^o entered Lower Canada with intent t, war. was discharged: also, M l>onnelI _nf,ward -iiar Holmes pleaded guilty of larceny, aE as sentenced to two months imprwoam'Kamsey said be would proceed in Crawjpi case, tbe last of the lot, to- day. e. Chi'Bch SorTB ?Tbe votes recently tu in seventeen cauferences of the M E. ?rch South, which have been heard ffom, up as follows For changing the name oi Church to Episcopal Methodist Church. : against it, J64. For lay delegation, bU; amst it. 3*J?. It will be seeu that tbe majenin each case is thus far considerably less .an the required three-fourths: m the former *se31T less, and in the latter 105 less. A numer of conferences are yet to vote; but it ta not kel v that tbe results above indicated will be verfuled. Both of the propositions are, thereare, almost certainly defeated. Howtnnch tiia will be regrettec is indicated by the very urge majority cast in favor of each proposiIon ? Richmond Enquirer. An IKTFP.BSTINO Uabk ?Ob Saturday last n interesting case was brought up lor trial boore John A Simmons, Esq., a justice of tbe teace, in this city. It was au action for daoaaes brongbt by Mr. Hamilton Linsav. a duly lualifled and regtsteied voter of Libertr d?aric*. ib Frederick county, against Messrs. ?phraim Richmond, l>aniel l>annar and loshua Albaugh. who officiated aa election ndges in said district at tbe electlos on 6th of ast November, for having refused to receive us vote. Tbe argument was concladed on flonday last, after which ludgmeat was renlered fer fnll amount, with coeto.?FrmUncJe Md.) I'aioa. MTST*R10C? Met >BB IB NfwOBLIiSI -i I'oung girl named Eliutbeui Hendricks wan lound murder*d ou Saturday, December 16, at be residence of Mr. J. B McLin. in f(ew Orleans It Is supposed that the deed wa# :ommitted with a r.atiron. which was foaad in the room, and, from footprints on tl?e Door, :bat tbe criminal was a female. The ease creates considerable excitement, as the victim was well connected and a favorite unong her acquaintances, and also as tbe ?ost rigid examination faals to disclose either tbe motive or any clue to the person by whom the murder was committed. iRkABT MOBTALITT IS FtAlOk-IIObCt baa lately been attracted to the decreaee of the population in several districts of France owing te the fearful mortality amongst intanU. The children who thus die off by tboneaada are sent ont to nurse by parents wbo cannot attend to tbem. or v, ho w ish to rid themaelees of Hie. emmate offsprings Some communes are celebrated for never rearing children. y-Tbe lady teachers of Detroit are on a strike. ^Marriage changes the enrrent of a maa'd feellaga?also his pockets. VThe f Bests of the Kichmoad hotels art treated to bear meat. 7*Petroleum has been discovered m St. Clair Co.. Ala. 9TMemphis stands number ten in poet ?ffice businees. CTTbt French Marshal Vnglard. was a private soldier ib former years. 7*Tbe measles are just bow peppering the good folks of Troy, N. T. WMarshall Raudon, the Fresch Secretary of War, began his career as a drummer boy. CTJaaes Celvia, eaid to belong ia Blackatone, died in a Boston Police station, Friday night, to whick place he had been take a v?ry drunk. BTA dispatch from Memphis state* that piaster* have not cotton eno ugh te meet bmmw tbaa half the advances on their crops. T'Fealan sisterhoods, says a writer, are much nicer things tbaa brotherhoods, aad far better armed for cyaqnesu VTbe Richmond city coveraasoat dietributes wood, la quantities of a quarter of a cord ia each case, to its destitute poor. MP* Miss Via to, aged tweaty years, was fatally bnrntia Chelsea, Maes , Saturday evening, by tbe exploelon of a kerosene lamp. la thought that government has been created ont ol one hundred millions of dollara by tbe evasioa of the wbiaky tax. VThe thriving village of Newiowa. Worcester conn'y, Maryland, was the *Ceae of a disastrous Are on Friday evening last Nearly all tbe most *alu*b|e propertv ia tbw tewa was destroyed. Tbe to'al loea ia e?'itBA^d at Try tbonsand dollars. .