Newspaper of Evening Star, December 28, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 28, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. T LOCAL NBW& " AHU81MKHTS. *c . TO HIOHT. NATlOSAl. I HUTKB.-UUI h?u?U; of Jefferson tn?s evening, and Uu> !mi i>igt out on*' in :b* c?>ara?;er of "Rip Vau Wiukie.-* The play draw* crowded boom. bat will be * ithdrawn after 10 morrow lo pm^t "ft * Octoroon." No*? stionld fail to ?lin?<? ttkis mas-erpiece of the great American comedian. W ui'i Ni?r OriiA HoViia.-U*n)>at of Jlr. t. S. Cbarirau lo-night, wbo will appear in bis **rj amusing impersonation of "Solon Shingle' in "The I>opl^? Uwr?r," aft-r wblrh a? "Jfrry Clip' in "The Widows > Kttm. Ho will gir? bu famous imititlions of the great tragedians and cornelians of me American s;age. living and dead, in which he st <nd* unrivsied. Fair Bpildiso. corner of 7rh street and Pa avenue?The President will viait the Masonic tair this evening, at 8 o'clock, and be received by l olnmbia Commanriery Ne *, ot Knights honors**' tUil Tt*,ta,,a' wlth appropriate Hail.?No one should fall to attend tlje delightful fair at thi - place for the benefit of (trace Cbnrcb, as the entertainment is moat interesting, and tne ladies rharmlng. Forkrxt Hai.u Georgetown.?The Ufav. Urn Dramatic Clnb give an entertainment "i!" evening. embracing Schiller'* tragedy of "J Kobbers, and to* Dopular drama of 4,1 oodles. ^\.AI ,'H ^_Har*i?The entertainment riven T " augh t bapel sabbttb school en Christmns night. be repeated this evening. at the church, corner of .Id street east and A street north. Capitol Hill, roranencinc at 7w o'clock, ihe exercises consisting of dialogues recitations, singing. Ac. (?HA> MaSOUC COMMUNICATION The anuuai report of the Grand Lodge, mai'e at the mee-intc last night, shows tnat the bidy Is in regular correspondence with similar bodies in distant States, as well as several foreigu countries, and that the ancient landmarks of the order are preserved with unswerving fidelity throughout the world. There are now tlKeen lodges working snc<*e?-tully under this jurisdiction, the initiation* in which during the pasi year amoniit-d to 4.>>. The gross membership is about 1,96;?an increase, notwithstanding s'l army removals, of *47 over last year; whilst the gross revenue lor the year may be set dowu at $l,??9.50. The report of ?be venerable<1 rand Treasurer, Christopher Cammack, Sr., proves the rapidly increasing utility and benevoleace of Masonry In the D.strict ot Columbia to compare well with that of any State in the Union. In l-?! the amount paid tor benevolent objects was I??. *--',427. 1-61, ?::,i>96; 18ti.i, 4.140: I-*; *6.744. The following officers were duly installed ^ for the ensuing Masonic year:?M. W.George C. Wbiting. Grand Master. R. W. R. B. Donaldson. D. O. M : R W. Andrew Glass, s G W.: R. W A. T Longlev, J G. W.; R. W Noble D Larner, G Secretary; R W. C. Cammack. Sr.. G. Treasurer. R. W.John Leckie, O. \ i>itor and Lecturer. CospRRVATivE Army a*d Navy I srioit ? A meeting of the T'nion was held a' Temperance Hall la_-t evemug. Col. J. R. O Beirne in the cheir. and Capt. C. W. Rudvard ??cretary. Several persons were nominated for membership. Verbal reports were made from several committees, and the committee on the concert to take piace Saturday night reported the programme. which was adopted. Capt. Kaga was appointed to fill a vacancy in the committee oa credentials. Capt Kaga moved that the resolution adopted on the nth, providing for the reference ot all resolutions to the executive committee, be repealed. Capt Kaga said that by this resolution the executive commit'ee were constituted a siar chamber, and it appeared as if the association intended co pattern after Congress, who adopted a measure of the same sort when they provided for the reference of all resolutions relating to reconstruction to aselect committee. After some debate, Capt. Giese and Major Warren argning in favor of the motion, the subject was laid ever for one week. The T'nion west into executive session, and subsequently adjourned. Arrant? is Alkiandrxa.-Wc find the following in the Alexandria Journal of yesterday . afternoon John C. Clark, the garroter, who escaped from our county jail several months since, together with a companion by the name of Triplets m> discovered last night by Messrs.Frank Powers and Gilbert Simpson, taking his tod at the restaurant of ?Mr. Jos. Cooney. on Cameron street, aear the market These officers completely surrounding him, and all retreat being cut off-, he surrendered at discretion: and was taken before Justice Beach, who committed him to his old quarters. In the City Councils last night a resolution adverse to tne construction of a railway between this rity and Washington, via Georgetown, on the line of the Alexandria Canai. was read and unanimously adopted. Oysters are said to be scarce in the city now. and >1 per bushel is demanded for an inferior quality. Dressed bogs are selling In our city market this morning at f9 per 100 pounds. Ki.z< tiob or OrrtcBR*.?The following officers have been elected by George Washington Camp No. I. Sons of Liberty?a new order. said to be neither sectarian nor political, but purely beneficial: Worthy Chief. S. A. H- Marks, jr.: Assistant do., Wm. P. West wood: Recording Scribe, Jame* Kdwards; Financial do., James H. Turner, Treasurer, L. A. Tnell; Sergeanuat-arms, F A. Stoner Escorter, Robert Staples; Chaplain, Joseph S. Tacker; Marshal, A.. D. Shaw. Representatives to Grand Camp: John W. Thompson, Wm P. Weatwood, Jas. H. Turner. Omiao or the Skatimo Park ?Apropos of the freezing weather, we have to announce that the Washington Skating Park will be for. mally opened to-morrow (Satarday) afternoon at J o'clock, weather permitting, when a great deal of pleasure may be anticipated by those iond of seating. The president. Gen. Gram. ' and other distinguished persons are expecu<d to be present on the occasion, and the skauug park will no denbi socn become an institution. ForKD Dbau t? thk Ca*al.?Thi# morning the body ot a man wearing the uniform of a U. S. was discovered In the Canal, at the loot ot 13'h street west. From the tracks made r>y b;m on the froaen ground it is ?ui po-e.l hat he gut over the lumber piled ou th- wharf and fell into tne Canal. He then tried to get out but perished With the cold. The Coroner was sent for to hold an inquest. Fo* ComT.?Yesterday Frank Drew aud Wm. Garner, who were arrested on the &td tnst. upon suspicion of larceny of a heavy cast-irun piece of machinery, had a farther hearing before Justice Thompson, when the casting was identified as the property of the proprietors of the Metropolitan Hotel. Drew was held to bail, and Garner was committed lor court. Disxisarp.? Yesterday, Maroellus Jett,alias Ducks, who was arrested upon a charge ot the larceny of a pocket-book and about &> from a gentleman named Swann, bad a hearing be> tore Justice Thompson. The evidence did not show the accused in any way connected wab the larceny, and be was dismissed. Matinzi ? Jefferson will make his last appearance but one as "Rip Vau Winkle'- dariug his preaent engagement here, at the National Theatre to morrow afieraouu, at h *.11" part 2 o'clock. An excellent chance for families to see this celebrated actor in his greatest character. ? * Alarm or Fiat ?The alarm of fire sounded from box 15 at an early hour last m?bt, was caused by tbe burning of a foul chimney m LunerKk Alley, betweeu -id and ia aud F streets south and Virginia avenue. MAftonir Faik.?The fair will close on Saturuay evening uext, and articles not disposed of. Including new flooring and tables. Will be aold at public auction, commencing at se\ett o clock # Skiiiso LtQi'OK O* srvoAT?C C. Wil. lard waa arrested yaaterday by Otluer Alder for violating the city ordinance by selling li'jaor on Sunday. Ha was fined by J ustic* Morsell. Viot.atisa City Okoinahcb ? Jaa. George was arrested by Officer We?terlield lor run. ^'icg a cart unlicensed, also without a number. He was lined 91Jt> In each case by Justice Waiter. ? I.ARcnr?James tureen, tolawd, was arTe*r*rt bv Officer Anderson, of tbe eighth precinct, for the larceny of rlothing, the property ct Mary Waahin/ton. The prisoner was taken to the station-houae and held for trial. m l'< i KB Koroma ?The Liett'enanUflf all tbjv iir, precinct*, except the 4lh- show by their t*, ..,rt? '.'I arret s during yesterday, all of which w?-?e ii?r umbo' otlrii.*es. The hues imposed a mo u Li >d to U1 I >li< rrnnxn P?ntM.BK^.?MarganatRnlllvan and Krid|>et Sullivau were arrested 1?y Offlc-r Cruwn lor peddling without a license. They were lined *.r? each by J oatlce Walter. pHTPI' lafi '8 HAND-BOOK OF PBAOTI 'K ds / ,4" FBAMCK TATLOt> f CITY ITEMS. Eoitob Stab ?Your report of my evidence betor.- the Coroner's inquest is the late <infortnnate ca*e of I,illie Boilings worth, is in1 d,a *ar wa*- ,bat 1 would read the ahb'tvation in Dr. Millar'* prescription -extract"' and not elixir;" bot would not ,*w appeased it, withoat making inquiry of the physician prescribinc. 1 did uotaav that I ''won Id bare nut op sncb for a caee ot delirinm tremens:" on the contrary that 1 had f'm ***11 a prescription like the one in question. and for that purpose. Respectfully December #, 1W?. H. b. SiaoNa. nh?,MrBI;*Y'71?),t i,VN vMKl L.o*r Jet Chains, Coral liar Setts, Cluster Setts, Kin??, ~ms, Seal Chains, Bracelets. [jorket*. SiiverPlatert Spoons. Kor is QobleU.Caps, Call Bells, received this mornin*, at Prigg'e One Dollar .1 eweIrr Store, No 4'JH Pennsylvania avenue. near 4* street. _ * MK ie a friendly match game of billiard* this evening at 7 o'clock at the new and splendid billiard rooms ot the Sea ton House, between Messrs. Milton Jones and T. J. Duffy. Both of thesecentlemeu areexperu and an interesting game may be anticipated. Oi bra aLAHaaa, Americin Watches, <?old and Silver. Diamond Jewelry, very low, much below cost, to close business. Only rood cold bought aad sold. I.Alexander, -HO Pennsylvania avenue. . Caii. abd Sbk tor yourselves those twenty dollar all wool suits tor ttcntlemen, at Henmngs One Price Clothing Store, ou the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Baroaiwa?Bab??ai>8?A splendid lot of "old and Silver American Watches. Diamond Watches, Gold Chains, (iarnett Sett:;, Sleeve Buttons, with initials, Charms for sale very low. line gold warranted; to close business by 1. Alexander. Jeweler,-Jio Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. 2 DiAitrxa for IM57, for registering events. an invaluable pocket companion, with almanac, blank leaves lor keepinr a diary of every day in the year, ctsh at counts and bills payable and receivable for each month, and with new style erasive tablets; of all sizes and prices, r or sale by Shillineton, Bookseller, corner + s street and Pennsylvania avenue. 5' Look orT for fine Skating and the fine Skates in great variety at the stores of our frond J K. Foley, ?7.1 Pennsy 1 vania av?'nne, and :II6 F street, between lU'h and 11th streets together wi'h a fine assortment of Chun, Glass and Crockery, Cutlery and Plated Ware, Coal Oil, LarapH, tc both usntul for and presents. Do not fail 10 give Mr. K a call ai d yon will not regret it. Goods rented on commission aiio delivered free. Dr. Whit*, Chiropodist, 444 Penn. av .be. tw?ei at,d ?th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlnrgred joints, warts, moles, vascular excresencrs, Ac. Office hours trom j a m. to 5 p. m., and ? to ? p. m. Established f<61. I fKK-PTiTCHKH Ii(*>TS made to order, and a foiti til UHtranird for Sill; pegged boots, Sir* CO-torn-mace -\ore boots, kip boots for to *>: at Ileilbrun A Brother's, .'Msi Seventh street, one doer south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 2,, For CniLBLAlxA and Fronted Feet. White's Kmhrocation is a specific. Price ?1 per bottle. For sale at 4-.J4 Pennsylvania a\euue. between 4)i ai?d 6th streets. ? A SrBB Pil.B CricK?Dr. (filbert's Pile la strumeut positively cures the worst ea^e* of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of g4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Komaiue. Maniger. No 075 Bread way. New York. 3: Pbwbibs can be had in any quantities at the 8<ar office counter DlfcD. 1V1LETR. On Kridij, the 2Sth Inatsnt, at 1 15 a. Ui , of pneumonia. Airs. MAHV VV JCLKL.C1H wife of Keen Evt-l-th. Esj , in the 67th year of her *Vhs friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral to morruw, < Saturday ?* ? ? 1 o'clock p. m .from her late reddendo! Nc. 333 o stree?, sorosr nth IV*W LIME OK btlamibd irok jr^s. ALBXAMDBIA, WASHINGTON. AMD GEOHG BTOWN. ?fiMk tbi riBST ship"or this line, E. c. KMIGHT Mulllner. Master.) Will leave Mew York, Pier 111, Bast Hiver.ou BATl'lPiV, December T> 11M Merchants are requested to notify shlpp-ta to forward goods by this line. dell ot J. W. THOMPSON, President. Hyacinth bi lu?, eia?ie or double; also, Hjacinth Glasses, for sale by F. M. LAZEflBY. . _ Bo. 124 Bridge street, do MX Georgetown, D. C. CWBITIU (LATE SHArriELD'B) . CONKECTIONBBY AMD 10B OBBAM MANUFACTORY. No. 3??to 6th sireet. The proprietor wishes to Inform famtlies, hotel proprietors, and the poblio generally, that he con tinues to furnish Coufocttonery ana the choicest Ico Cream at the shortest notice, and <>n the moit reasonable terms. Wedding and Psaoy C.skes, Pyramids of all kinds and sl/os, Chsrlotte ku?ee, Blanc Hsnve and Jellies made to order. Parttns, Suppers a ad other sntertainmenta furnished at a ow rate. de Hui* / kBPHAHS'OOUBT,DKCEMBKK S.ISSA-Distkici yg or Oolwjisia. Washinotom Ooontt, is-te?i>IB the com of Jane Mcaianu*, administratrix of Jamas McManus deceased. the administratrix aforesaid has. with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington Ooanty aforesaid, appointed Toeoday, the 3th day of lannary, 18G7, for the final settlement and distribution of the per oonal estate of said dsceased, and of the ass sis in baisd, as for as the sane have been oolisctsd and turned into money; when and where all the creditors and heirs of said dsceased are aotiflsd to attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law bs excluded from all benefit In said deceased 'a estate: provided a copy of this order be published oace a week for three weeks in the Bvenlng Star previous to the seM day. . Tssf;?JAS. B O'BKIBNE, _js lk-wfiw* Begister of Wills. BOY'S PKATB8 from SO cents to #t>, MEM'S bK AT Ed from $i.M>to 990, at the Bkats Depot. POULTMBT A TRIMBLE, Mo. UOV WSat Baltlmors street, de l.vjm Baltimore, Md. S'KATE DEPOT. > LADIES' 8BATES of all kinda, from 9- *> to 915. POl'LTNEl A TB1MBLB, Mo. 400 West Baltiasors street, de 18 1m Baltimore, Md. J^IMDLING ABD 8TOVB WOOD. Ptm*'a mi., bet. llfA rmd 12tk ttl. 9b8 Always en osed a foil supply of the above-same article, sawed and aplit la any length and alze reqniie4. and promptly delivered to any part of the Dietrlet at th? LOWEST 0A8H PB10B8. THOS. J. GALT. PERSONS FUBM1BHIMG BOOMS weald save money and trouble by caillag at AD AMSOB'd, soft Amth street, next to Ponnsalvanla evens*, who can furnish them with reedy-made Shseta, Pillow Oases Keather and Hair Pillows,Bolsters, 8?rej4?. Blankeis. Msttrssses, Window Shades, W1 Cloths. Carpet, Stair Crash, Toweling, Table Liaen .Ac. do 14 dl9t piiODBI fllDl A fan assortment of all grades choice Flour for Bakrfs. quality Mo. 1; price low. d!r*ct receivers for Golden Hill, J. Gambiill 1 not Patapsco) and Linganor Family ours In the District. As the latter brand hae j been oatensivsly eonnterfelted and sold la tbie city, we would Inform theae wishing Ala floor by arrangement with ths millers we fnrnlsh it lower than jt caa fee obtalaed from any other source. Onallfv second to none. Price a fraction leas than other flrst-dlass Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates. . All gradss of Western Vlonr n store and for sale low by , W. M. OALT A CO., Indiana avsnns and 1st street, _aol* near Depot. ^ O A L I 0 O A L ! 1 AT GBBATLT BKDDCBD PB10BM, ^*fe**oob hand,aad are coastantly receiving direct bom the mines, ria Philadelphia and l*pgo quantities of OOAL of the very beet qualities. Gross toos1 of I1M0 lbs delivered in any part of ths city at the following prioes Lecast Mountain, Ghsetnnt, W. A , $T.?. All ottsr sfsee aad gaaiitlss of white Aah, except Lchigh, at $8JB, from the following mines, vl*: Lefnkt Mountala, Baltimore Co.e. Boston Ban, kilkesbarreCoel and Iroa Oo , Pl)saouth Oo 's. Ac Oiamoad Vein aad Lyheas Valley Bed Ash, '? Lshigh ft. ^ , Oaaberiaad Goal, roa of mlae, 97. SW^WSV^:iR5v.r, constant!) on hand. We can furnish Coal fey the cargo at the lowest Philadelphia prions. Mow is the time for fomllies to pat ia their wiator's auppl)'. Orders wlU be received s4 oar ofBce. 461 pth stteet, between B and F, or at our wharf, at foot 01dV4 8 P. BBOWB A BOM, W|. EM ABB * OO.l PI AMOS, PBIBCB A CO 1 oVoABB A-?0 MB^||fl||| rmim LODBOMS, ? ""n for sole aad rent on eaey terms. %. Mo. 409 11th at rest, above Peansylvanla avenne sol-eortsa* ?. O. BB1CHBBBAOH. F'OB HALE "K BENT?A Has tone PI a NO. o siKtes at?le, w?th stool and rover.ia. is*. ?oo*l n *t BO 8 W K aary 0?cce, 19V E street, near 14th. "1*11 00 16 1/ amusements. P?n?.J<ATIW!,iAL THF.4TRK. Pennsylvania ar^uae,near wtllards' Hotel. La?t Benefit ... ** Jbffbbso*. w ho will appear Tr1??i<Friaf*} DEO. 9". I"***. __ __ *|F V*M WIVKLI; OB, THSSLHr or TWKWTT TUBS. -ifLT .2*K WINKLM MATINEE, TO MOR ftArrT.K*<*?'>> . ?' oVI.ok; Frfi? y Slitte,^mU,,on' Ckildr... H *.f fltat* may bow fc assured withe,nt extra charge. WALL'S JIEW OPERA HOUSE. bkbrt ft wall proprietors ? -~4itiei 2!eye?" FRIDAY, DE' EMBER 8* w ? _ of * Mr. F. S. (I II A M P R i n Ob whlcb occa?inn win ?.p rr??ented BOLWN SHINGLE SOLO* PH1NQLB . r H OHiMFR ir AiWrwhirh Mr Ohaufraa'ai<>iitatt?n soenefrora THB WIDOW S VICTIM. Embrectn* hi" Celebrated Imitations of Edwin Forest. Wa K. Burton (n.arles Kean Btrney Williams, the elder Booth T. D. Bice. and other v. ia ii ... . *"l?M?t Artist* Vldow Batlleton _.MI?s Blanche Qrey Jane Cbatterly Mr?. Emily Jordan . Toconclude with A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP. ^ B A N V CONOEBT FO? THB BEN K FIT OF THE WIDOWS AND ORPHANS or THF 80LDIBB3 OF THE BEPUBLIO. Coder the auspice* of ths "CONSERVATIVE ABMV AND NAVY UNION." AT ODD FELLOW8' HALL, 7TI1 8TBEET, 8ATLBDAY EVENING, DEO 'i<?, l?*tt6. Opening Addreia by Col. O'BEIBNE The following Music*. Talent will appear : MB KWEB. MISS EWER, MB. GANNON. MISS UABCOllK, MB FOBSYTH. MISS WABO, PROF tsOHEEL. MISSBOWLSN. PROF SI'ANNIEB. MISS UOWE. ? _ . and others. Mr. F.O. B4NQ8 has kindly contented to recite. on th? occas.on th? ' Old UreriadiHr's Storr." Ir"tn tbe French of Thorn burg. 1 ickets rn cents ; to bs had at the principal ho j . niuslc stores, aud men.bers of the or^ani/aDoors open ?t 7 o'clock; commence Concert at ? '/ ? clock de 27-Jt FORREST IIALL. LAFAYETTE DRAMATIC CLI B. THCB>DAY and KBIDAY. Dec. 27 aad 23, 135i, Will he presented, by the DLl'B. of Oeoigetown, D C . duller s Tragedy, in five acts, entitled, THE roubkrs; Or, THE FOBBiTS OF BOHEMIA. Also, tke laughable Domestic Drama, entitled THE T0ODLBH. P??7 epen atSJh, o'clock. Cnrtatn rites at 8. _Adrnt?idon *>? Cents Children. UA Cents dZi-St* I^ANOY DRUSHES AND COSTUMES For Tableaux and Private Parties *7 t'Vlr t0 MKS FBANK BE A a" t7 tl 44 7 l ?th street. |>BOFS. J. W A H. P. KBEIS' DANCING ACADEMY, Pennsylvania arenue. bet. 8th and 7th ate.. Mm Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. !' ,now,?^1' tor the rec-Dti?n of ne.rti?-' ???,elect class is now forming on Wed ceeday afternoon from 4 to ? eclockT for t?.??? can ?ST f?ular classes. Circulars s!asf,w: w o * The Hall can be rented for Soirees, Ao. r?_ . . a*'^ Hovts of Tuition : Thn tf' *nd Masters, Toeeday and ? afternoons, from 3 to S o'clock Get.tlen.en '. Glasses', Tooaday and Thursday e.. nlnga. from 8 to IV o'clock. *r *** For further Information, apply darts* the honra M A BJ aoVO-.TTI?" >* ?"? -/BIBrs ASSEMBLY BOOMS. A Tki. ... V ?tB and 19th streets, Mk tlIn * Vo^lta!7 D?" ?Pe" f,r the Ok Da>s and lionrs mf tnltioa for yonns ladie. sr.r.rsc-.-,r. Oent'emen^ classes from 8 to 10, same eyenlng, I iSSgjggglggg'ggggM?? BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. (j?A N D BALL IX AID OF THE MASONIC HALL FUND, TO BE G 1 VKM AT THB FAI* BUILDING, Corasr Serenth street and Fenn'a areata. ON MONDAY, (New Year sl*e,| December 31, lad6. ^TICKETS, admitting a gentleman and ladles, THB MABINE BAND. 2^!^ fh* ?il*ction? of Prof Weber, ha^ been engaged for tue oocasi on. de 2s 3t LOOKOUT FOB THE~ (.BAND ANNCAL BALL 'OC*??T?tV VOO.BISD.ES'A MullfSfv P'V." O1!11. ?*y-OWR' I?y_orderof the Committee. de u tf boarding; BKliS:, A comferUhle FU BNI8H K D SkN-ft h.v.!?V. h soo<1 BOABW, at 4-2'i I street, between Pth a d lvth sts. de a 3t* PL4*7B|j/?,TJiLJ^M?TA*? OOUD BOABD AT ioomsnlt.M.?rMt' b'twesn G and H-ene front IV. omc* This locality Is con anient to the public departments. Temrs mod J*?j- de 28 St* F BKNT11 wJ*?ABL0P AHB CHAMBER FOB soar" enus h ?r WUb?Bl M?*rd' A FEW SINGLE GENTLKMBE, or irentiew,?hmB*O0*Ma indBOARDaVN^. Olf-ri?0111 pABLOB, WITH^B0ABFF0B Par! J w???V * month. Back a^oTe iiTh st f?r tW?'M **J?*11 BoeMsTwITh and I A (.i i.kun ^oM ayenoe, between H de ji ji* Table Boarders accommodated. E^?!!A1,Tf,ir, 'UBNISHED BOOMS, IE J-' salts or singly, with or without board ?* ol! H street, between 17th and l?h Ta6U bJl^.? accommodated. Terms ,e^nabUA*s5TSi#," meat Rooms sal table for offices, and a Stable and Carriage Honseln rear of the hon*e for rent Bnfnrrnrn. ^ ' K. KEABNEY JOBDAN n - jr?n5f MV2.r General Bright. Paymaster 2lSemL; Morri* 8 Miller, d. B lr'of *?7,' a ^os'in*. osstor ?>f Trinity Churoh; Bev' de f JW Matthew' Church. S1NOLE GENTLEMEN. OB GENTLEMEN ROOMM rt J?2LlSf' c4n accommodated with BOOMS, furnished or unrnrnlahed. with *ood tadsis??? sjs^s ""ijstw 5; ?a?" 6^ personal. P ? KM P K Br. ,HlAV ' *? MB ^ ^ HisiJ or JCW KLU\ to repair. If t?Yt be sold nntl1 1,1 ?f JaIia*r7 ne*t, they will Bepairing dons cheaa. L. FEISABD, Watchmaker, >t?9a*4. 131 Penn'a annne, d<28 M between Itth and ?th streets. (^ NTLEMBN WHO ABB AFFLIOTBD^A o^lnr* by an old Sargeon of twsnty tt F8* , Siptneijce in this perticalnr branch i . profsssien. Charges niederate. D? nol apply to ouacks, bnt to J B. G ABDNEB, M D lll'i n? ?ted States Bloord Venereal Ho.-' R Office No. ill south A street, opposite ths Casitol Puuars.sotith side. wv^ ; B ?Medicines also famished at cost. de 27 la' A. B ?1D?1cVT,0L00TGBEAT AND REAL ABTBOLOOEB. The advice of this real Astrologsr, A. B. MADBIOS, Is based wbnllj ea scientific principles, and waa aever known to rail. The hand ef fate tiai marked ont the path of each Individual, and ths planets are hourly pointing out the destiny of man kind. Prof. Maurice has a profound knowledge e the rulea of the science of the stars, and caa l.?ai tie world in the ahove science In regard to tailing all that rslates to the happiness or misery of oa*'? whole life, and with ssrsral secrets th%t no llrins mortsl erer knew bef >re. He will bn*> aace^s onto! sIntrvat anv undertaktug. Ca'l at No 47?> lith atreet. between F and G atresia nea' F Ladien 'Scents to );, Gentieinea 9i Hours fr >m 9 a. ui tulip (u dd il ?t* WANTiS. . \V4JlT.ID~iC,,i,",lt*1'*"' a WAIT, T *REM?. ^ J, ir \V ANTED-A FIRST RATI FEPALB OOK ?v ItUimii prcierreU i t??r f r?i cJh?< K? tanrent t<> ?hii?i ]'h?r?l w ases will bf pO'1 Ap P ) li VJ'J PHnijrlrultirnn*. 4t8-U* W'ANTBD?By rM^ciahlf girl, a PI Ft A * v T10N to c*t'k w?-h fttid iroa. ur t<< <1>> rai h?uM?ork t.ood references. Apply at No. M street. between and 24th st*. If VV ;*T?P-A WOMAN, to cook vtik, aad ?? lr<>a for a siaa<l family. ttef?rences required lignite at Wtf? U street. betaeea 17th and nth streets. ' de t\ 31' IV A fcTED?The highest wag>? will b* p*14 to vv competent HEKvaPT for a smell family , must brio# reconiuietjiiatinne; u iue other Apply at once at Mo 493 K tweeatth and 6ta. dettlt* \\'A PTE Is?A WOMAN to rook, wash an1iron V Jof * email family Inquire at tbie ofhes. de If 4t %\ANTED-By a rsspeetable girl, ? B1TD,T , ATIOP to co?k. *>-h tnil iruo in a private family Address Box Poj? Star Office. deSTzt* VVAPTED-A WHIT* WOMAN to take care *? of a )i>nnt child and ?ew. Alee, a WOP \ N to cook. wash and iroa. Inquire at No. lit north A street. deJMf VV Bt ? retpaetabln girl, a SITU* ATIOM an nurse. ?r to do chamber work or dining ro?m work. Address Box Pa. Btar Office de sr-n* \\' ANTED?A PIKSUN of <> KlncMion to ?* take charge of i hr??e > ottnr ch ildren Goad r' ronmenaatlon reguirnd. Inquire at 3 JO K street. de?. 3t^ -WANTED *0 SBl.b-The I.EASE FIXTURES and FUEP1TCKE com pleteof a large Bnirdjog-honee. now doing * ,oJ business Possesion eiven January 1st n?xt. Thia property is centrally located, and vary desirable for any one wisliini; to eoatrol a large boarding h u*e It will be sold at a bargain, a* tl e proprietor ia about leaving the city. For further part culars apply at Box Na. 4 Star Office. de243t* \\ ANTED?A OOLOKKU ? OOK to come 3 or 4 ?* mi lee into the country. Best reierencet te quired. Call at B?er othce on Wednesday and Fri day, the 26th and 2ath December. de.\ 41*

WANTED-New and Cast oil CLO THING, old liOUD an<t HILVKU.or aay other ariiole of value, at the eld astabliebed Merchant Fawn looker's Store ol B. Ft LToN A CO., :?? J ?:b St., 3 doors B?rth of Penna avenue. Sole Agentfor BlNGBB'r* SEWING MACHINE, oe ti ly WANTED?A YOUNG LADY of pleaiiuz addies* at the n??r bTAMPIH J BOOM* 139 9th street, opposite Patent UtliM, to act ai ea'ei woman. Good wages to one that will suit Ais<> w.icted, a goo-1 baud to embroider initials a >l?]y. de 16 tf WA PTKD?ICO L A DIKS insniediat^ly. to mtiruider Yokes, Bands, Wrapper Yoke*, ftaune| bkirts Hipper*, and Initi*|? To *o ?i htn ls ?bo hriDf?-ample of work, good wages and con stxnt employment givvn. Oa:l at the new stt up ing Rovin. 439 9ih street, opp site Patent 09ce MAMPINO minced to FIVE cents per wtdtb. deli tf. WANTED??<? floi? LADIES to kn^wthat at the New Stamping Ru ins, 4 39 9(B ?t re?t,<>p , pesite Patent Office, they cab and the b??t selected a?s. rttnent of Patterns erer oflered here for <'losks, Capes. Apront. Joaeya. Waists, Tokea Bands, Wrappers. Slippers Pincushion* and Ini tialM Al??>. designs for Pillow Oases Ottoman* Chair Covers. Pihiios and In short, every rariety of Pattern* as they are daily insned We have a Freach Mirbl<i? and a Piactisal Stamper, ?u>i have lednred the price to FIVE CBPTS PEK WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern bruarht as. Braid*. Silk and Working Ootton very low. de 1* tf WANTED?A HOUSE, containing fro n 7 to 3 Bixinis and nail, in good repair, within threq fouitbsof aniile of the Post Offl<-.<- and n>rthi>l i'a. annut. Bent not to axoeed *50 per month. HINKT B SEABLK. ^de IStf Architect, cor. 7th ?nd f st*. WANTED-SK< OND IIAND~ tURPITDBE Also MIKHOBS, CAKPRTB. BEDS, KEI> DIN O and HoL'SKKITKNI>HlN(} GOODS of ever/ de-cription. B BtK'HLT 40? 7th street j l^twAenG an?1 H,^4?t side LUST AND FOUNIX ft | A BEW A BD?Lost, on the 27th instant, on CI'/ Mar) land aveuae. bet ween ?5? and 7th st* , Island, a black PoOKET BOOK, sxuiainlng ?IU, lost by b . W YODPT. ?33 Maryland av. If LOST- Between MeUerott Hall and iltli street, ablherian tgvirirsl TIPPCT. By leavlag the same at 3A 34 strset, the tinder will te suitably rewarded, deM-3t* CI M REWARD?Strayed away en the 2?tb in < V I v stant. one sorrel COLT 19 months old; about it: hands high, one whita bind foot: scar on tba left bind lag; and a wart on his left nose. O T. LONODON, It* corner 4th and I streets nertn. Lost or stolen-a worsted batch *l, marked with worked letters, "N. B. W. ' Was either lost last evening between Baltimore depot andttUU Peua'a avenn?, or stolen from th? Iront doer of said bonse. The satchel contained articles of no value to any oae but the owner, eiceft a silver cap and spoon A ltl*sral reward will be paid to any ona who will return the satchel and contents to No. Pa. ave . corner 3d street east. and no q neat Ions will be asked. datt2t* Cj C REWARD?LOST, oa Saturday evening. WsJ between the National Theatre and Na\y raid, a bine Mosaio PIP. with buda la centre. The above iaward will ha paid on delivery at Navy-Yard Uata. de tin* ftflA REWARD? Stolea, on Ia*t Saturday night Vv" fro* Prince George county. Md., a DARK BROWP HORSE, a boot 14J? hands high; left hind faot white, branded l*I.O." oa his left shoalder; mane and tail l?n*. I will give #2?for tna retvra of the horse, and #25for the thief. ZADOOE TAXMAN. de iT-3t* Creom, Prince Qeorge Co . Md. 'PAKEN OP, TRESPASSING ON MT PREM * 1>es two spotteu BOGS Taa owner will come rf^AEBN DP, WHILE TRESPASS1 SO on bit M. Premises^on tha 34th Instant, one large black d SOW. The owner is hereby notified to coma forward, prove property, pay charxee. and take her away. HENkV McHStfW. de M-3t 1 st north, bet. 1st and 3d sts. east. L08T-A Brown DIART BOOK, about 5 by i* iacbea, marked on the outside, "General Burns lngalTs, Oaartermaster 0. 8 Army." A liberal reward will be given for its delivery at Pennsylvaala avenae. 4a 34 tf CJTOLEP FROM THE SOBS'JRIBEE-Two O NOTES,drawn In her favor by Pai'k Laney, each dated Aug jo, itsfci, for Mia fti each, pay able respectively six and twelve mouths after date wltn Interest. The public are cautioned against a negotiation of these notes de 31 eott* MARGARET MEANBY. ttQA REWARD?Stolen on tha night of the yj" J3d of September from tbe aremlses of George J ones. Bear Bladensburg, a dark browa HORhE, marked IJ.'S and I. O.; medium size, ana and tall aomewhat sunburnt; has a roan nose. Tha abova reward will be aald tf returned to . GEO. JOPES. oo? Hyattsrllle, Prlnoe Oeorge's Oo., Md. FOB SALK AND RENT. F'Ok MLS OB bint?A oudntbt RkSlDENCI and FARM, situated near Bladensburg. Maryland, within tiitu.-n minutes' waik of the depot. Tbe whole property contains between 30 aad dOacree, with two Bwelliag Hoa*?-, which renders the same oaceBUblao! being divided in two placae. with Stable, lea hoaea, and all oeceaaary oat buildings, together with a fine asaortaant of Fraite, Grapee. Ae. Poeseaaion givan immediately. Mr. Richard Hill, living on tbe plac?, will shew tbe areniieee. For particulars apply to THOMAS L. HUME, . ? . _ (of Hall A Hume,I detT 41 Grocers, Bo. 40 Market Space. ITORRRNT?A well FURBISHED ROOM.with r BOARD, ia a private family, where there are no other boarders. Front room, 2d tloor.suitable for twa pareoaa. Apply Immediately at Ho. S 4T 8th strset, between 1 aad I. de*-eo8t* FOR BEBT-Oa or before Jaaaary 1st, three tory bRICK HOUSE, containing 10 reom% with bath room aad modern Improvemente, centrally located and la an exaallent neighborhood. 8TAJIH ? GO . dan M* 4?9?^ Tth streey between D aud H. L OR KEPT?To a temily witnoat children a r partly FDBN1SHED HOUSE, e^ntaialng & rooms, supplied with aae aad water; yard front and rear. Aaply at Mb H street, near 18th. de 20 2BW4t* C?0* RENT-The 8TORBROOM corner of pi. JJ BTanae aad Uth street weat, ia the Star O .me Building, formerly occapled by W. Q. Metsorott asa musin store, and recently as tbe office of the National Expraas office Apply to C. B BAKER, Star Office. 4? tf F'OB RBBT-Aj foar story BRICK HOCSBt stable and garden, oa the corner of 13th straet and Maryland av?nue Terms low to a good tenant. Inquire of J. WHEELER, Bo 399,oorner of > end 3d etresta. 4e 13-eoiw* E*OR REBT?Two large an>l commodious ROOMS l?(oaaafreat roam) on second floor, communieating, handsomely furnished and pleasantly situated, at Bo. f?3 Pena'a avenue, between 21?t and ?d streets. dell eotf FOR REBT?The FROPBBTY knoara as' The Oonimercial Buildiug " located on La. ave., , afltolnfug the Central Guardhouse. The bulldiag has a front of about 80 feat, aad a depth of 170 fees running throrrh from tbe ayaaaa to Canal st. Itbaa lately Leea vacated by tha Rational Baprew Company. Far terms apply to WM. H. PHILIP. 40 La. aye , near oth st. 00 30-eotf GEORGETOWN ADVEJ^M7!^ 1 rjKlAI eabgaibs in dry ?OODS at 1 U MILLER'4 CHEAP STuRE, , 1S1 Rridge etreet,Georgetown, O. O. the season Is advanced, we are now selling Winter goods, embracing French Merlaoe. Etaareee Cloths, Popllas. Meriao Plaits. Alpa as, I Deiaias. Cloaking Claths, Shawls, Blaukets. Fl?aaels. Cloths. Caaslmeres, Satinstts. ?c., at greatly 1 red seed prices We have also received a g od 1 . stock of Domestics, purchased si ace the decline, which weareS"lliBC very cheap. ?.>oJ 4 4bleached Shirting Muslin at SS cents. uableachM Ma*lla from l.'S to 3? tents. Frists 12^. IS. and the bast at SO cts We are determined to se|| ?ood bar gaia< Give as a call before enreh^slne 1 O SO lm* BCNJAMIN MILLIE. JJUK 8ALE AND RENT. rf<Wu ?UAML UOD8B8 F*B SKIT ON TBI J corner I 2 <1 id U Mreete. Appl, at ; eoinrr noit. ( r tad it* It* L, UBNISIIEl) BOBMS Fl iJiIIT-4?9Tit , iA and .14, CitiN liMt lo Oifi'tl M) I 1'itmt OBc? 8 r*M car* rut btfur* lit Ucor. fcettrum rtMirtd. d?U it* FOb BINT- A m*n torr IBICE B ?r?E> 1 n?taiilhj! ?lh r,>a tct il'HI. n*?r O Stre?t north In ,ulre 3*3-> 7lk street. S?t*-??u m ud i sts. j d? a s** ( FOB RENT-A Ium fln?l? llthted H't- i *M? for clni- or |?IH I? tJT uio-linr*. AI*o a few ??D'1""Piol? KI'HMBUIP H'lUH1* App!? to 1 BBBEfeT WEQEEMAB, Itlffcgfc U BB* | l^OK BBMT?BOVSE Bo ltd P??n'i 1 kt?M? 17tb end 1Mb ?tr#*ta ivtitikltf id ' roona a ad ttore Inquire en tha preunse< ?r at dSStnb atrMt bM.Oiad II. da MM' ' FOB EBNTFour mw r.BlOK HOUSES. three torr. an Bh?Ce 1-latid tTai ??. between litb and 16th at*. Apply Mo. |BJ K street, between i 18th and IP. streets. 1 do?if WM.J. WILLIAMSj I^OB BBMT BB SALE-A HOTSE containing I flwrooma, iligatMl on Vlritni* ?T?nn? h*tween 9th and 10th street*. near tha Smil'soiUn I lustltate. Apply to UBOBOB BAUPTMAN, 44 7 13th street, near B atrrat, Island. de M St* P"OR KENT lift LEA SET h ? L a r g e BTOBB and BABEMENT Bo HO Paua avenue Abo. the aN?ad.tblrd,aid fourth stories ib?r? < the two 'torfi, being tkrx* lari* rooms, 41 feet wide by 76 foot deep and 14 f?et kick AD* IN QUEEN. Mo 3A? K at . deJS-St* | Intel.AOhron | corner 12th at. L'Oh BBRT?Ffrtt January,one of the tw? no?t r OOTTAQE8, Mo.'397 Mam hu?ette avenue, , between lath au I |Ath streets, near th? Circle containing seven room*; lawn In front Rent V-6 per month Apply to J. 8 W (LL1A MS. seut J we?tcorner I'mn'a avenue and :iat street, after 4 , o'clock. d? 28 It* L*OB BBMT?A ?mall ROUBI, foraish-d a** 1 H street, between dth aud .*>th at a. tie 17 St* I I'HhIK Ob roiR UNFUBNISHED BOOMS I for rent on flrit floor. .* ? Mai^e a*eno?. he tween 4S and ?>th stree's aontb He 2; ;t* f"<?R RENT- One iir|V>BONT BOOM, furcubed, south front, at AuO E str?et, between 2d end -*i. 27-3t* 1 ROOMS Pub BKNT?(ririek Hoiase?three suitable for ilouaekeeplng, only 912. t>? -> ?ia tie. fnrni-bed. S7 and fi. Apply at 6th et , etween D Had K sonth. de.C 31* I/OB KENT?A email RBICK HOUSKconteiuing ! I four roomn and a kitchen. *ttun*ed on lith < treet. south of Maryland aveuur. Kot Ji. p^r ( month In advance Apt'l) nt I'rog 8 :ora. corner 01 llth strict and Mar) land avenue. South *a?i- 1 ?ngton. de 27 3t* I L'OR RENT?A suite of unfurnished KtJO.Vli, 1 ? for hon-ekeepfuK, at 4U'th "tree:, between E K Location central and deeirable A party without joun*. hoya prefeir d B*nt f? per ' nnnth A leo, a ?uite of three tnmiahrd HO<'MS, l ib at de >-7 St* FM>BBALB-A BHIOK HOI'tdR and L ?T. .7n 13th atreet I^land. between 0 and D fl 'JO0 AI'O. afRAMK H"I'SE et,d LOT. on L atreet, between 18th and 19th, $l,4lidl. Terma: One ronrtl r?<h. batan ami. S, and Syeara J T CELDW ELL ? CO.. No 4*?**H 7th ?-t de 27 St* |,"OR RENT OR 8\I.E-One two atory BKI !K UOI SB. witb hack building. containing oigit 1 room*, dry cellar, Statde, Wagon hoo?e ac .Ao. < Or* r 8,i^0 fret of ground t'tach?d to It; on B -tr- at t north near 6th atreot eaat. lu jutre atJoOVK- I NAL 8 Marble Yard.torner Mai* Jeinev avonue I ana r atreet. do _7 4t* < SA LB- Tie m?*n flc^nt MAN8I0N on M 1 ftiert, between vth and 10th, recently completed. Any peiaon de-irihg to pnr-hv,e in re furred to my agent*. J T. CALDWELL A OO , No 7th eirett. wba ata alono author!/> 1 to negotiate 1 be aame A plan of ?he bnildinga aad grourda < an be ceen at their offica do 27'St* CHAhLEfl KLOM ANN. AFAhM IN MOMTttOMKBT COL'NTY foil R KMT?Thla tat m ia nine aiilos from Waahineton roirtbo.thf tr?at turnpike, and contain* r about HO acrea of improved land. Too aoil la - eod producing pood crop*, an I ia w?>|| alapte l for vegetal lea. There ia on the placo a -mall Cottage. ? good Barn aud Oirn houae, and a Peach Orchard. 1 bo team and nteriHil* might be reatt-d with th>* p" -co to a rttpoaa'ble person. , Apply to Mo 7 1 Dunbartou atroot.QeorKHtown da 27 It* FM.R BENT-8ev?-riT neatly EL KNISHED 1 ROOM8 4 1**, corner 9tn and H. do lo tt* i f^t'R RENT?Two Furni?hHl ROv MS. oommintcating. an 1 table for housekeeping. A prlr at Mo. *^24 6th at. b<>tw< on M and M. de 38 St* F'OB RENT- Larg* >TORB. with gaa and ?a'-r, No 33rt E ??reet. t-etween K'th and 13th ata 1 Inquire at Paint and Oi htore, n*xt door. de ?> dt* WM. Rl'TBBBrOBI>. FOR BBMT?Three Iargt? unlarrTlahod BOOVS. In new ho'i-e on Inth, I otween I aud K In juire at 1 ?0 K botwoen 18th aud 19th atroeta w ater and g<*a in bou?o doSS St* |j**TP TH I ?ntrawi BTTTTBB HfcTlTi t Boom* and snmnier kite hen on Bho le laland avenue, between' tb xnd 7th ?tre*-ta. Inquire at M north, bM ween 7tb and 8th. 57 0. do 25-St* L'DBNISHED BOO M8 KOB BEBT-Donfrable < I b'catioB. Boarding may be oot*inod oppoaite A ram|?rfabla BBIUk STABLE alio fur rent! ?*7 Bit^eet. Bear 13th, opposite Franklin B w. nc 26 ft* L'OB BiNT-Two BRICK ttOL8KS,contal?l ig 1 *ix roowa each, vory conveniently aitaatod on P ftieot norih. bet?o?-n dth and 5tb atrratn went. Ihiir ire at tb? corner ol 6th and P street* north ' c e 2b St * TO LB1 BT THB 1st OFIAN&ABT ABD FIXTFBBS FoBSALK-A PLACE present ly occupied a* a tailor store, bat would s: it for , J"?*4 ">' kind of business. Bent low . In juireat this office. 4e if rkBDO 8TOBB FOR SALE -A DRUO'STOBB of so years standing, with flitnros complete J now stock, oorner store; good location, and beet of reasons for selliac. Term* easy. Iogulre of 8TABBA CO , 4&e?)| 7tb street. Boom No. 13. de 26-Sw* Ij'OB BE NT-A new brick STOBB and OWBLL ' E 1MO. with ?ix rooms, ob Virginia avenue. t>e- 1 tween 1st and 9d rtrects w.-st, opp >?ite the Mew 1 Market ; first rate place for a clothing store, or < produce and variety store. Bent of whole build- 1 log 921.60 month. In lane at Lumber Tara, 1 Corner Md. ave and Oanal ae MAt* FOB BEST?By the lut or itn of Jsnaary.two j new BRICK BOUSES, situated on 6th street 1 west, between O aad Patreeis north. Inquire next 1 door. de!4 At* , F'OB BBBT-A handsome 8TOBB BOOM, Mo. Btlft 7th street west, between M aad M streets, 1 with shelving, coanters and drawers, In good or der Bent ?26 mktD de 24 At L^OB BENT?Hfuosomely Furnished FAB LOBS ] A and BBD BOOMS, commanicattng. to be let < together or separately, wlrh or without Board. Oas. water, end bath in the house. Apply at *.>34 , II *t., between mh and aoth rto , one tdaare from 1 ewv dsid At* j C^OB 8A LB? B0F8B and LOTontftb street ea*t, A between Virginia avenue and O street, w<th t six rooms. In fine order, with choice trait of all kinds, wlrh three different kind- of frames; wlthtu I one and a half squares of market aad two eauare? of city care, ami within swo squares of four 1 church** Enquire within, to d?24-tft* QEOBQE 8QPEB. I/OB BENT?A BB1CB MOUSE, ol nine noma, E with gas. water, and bath room. Inquire of B 8. BAcOH, corner and F streets. Washing ton, D. O. de 21 6t* FOB BBMT?A good BUSINESS COBMBB with DWBLLINO dOOSE, conteiningeightroom-, ga*.and water, lnqntreof B. S. BAOWB. cornsr 4S and F, Soath Washington. de S3 6t* l^oB SALB?A qnsntlty of Gold and good Plated F JEWELRY. Mrsit aL INSTBCBtCNTd A^ , It B Fl LTOB a 0* '8, Fawnbrokers iOi |.h street, three doors north of I'enn avenne. Bcle Agents for Singer'a Bewfl^ Machine. dea-aw* POB SALE?A BARB CUAMCB-A first class REhTAOBAMT doing a good husanesa with a TBM P1B ALLEY attsched, and BAGATELLE TABLE, all in good cenditioa, and license yaid on all for one year. Will be sold at a bargain. Satisfactory teesens given for selling. Inquire cernerof llth and ? ktreets. Island. de 21 6t* F'OB SALE?(Only BAju cash,the balanoe can be paid in monthly instalments of ?16; ea h >? new two-utory e room BOUSE with passage, sid'and back alley, Ac., sitnatel Me, 610 0 street, near Mew Jerwy avenue. ST ABB A OO , de 13 2w* 4?1?K 7th etreet. near E _ F'OB SALE?1 Only A.*)ecesh. the balance cau be paid in monthly installments of $26 each ? COTTAGE HOUSE, containing five rooms, hall, side alley, front and back garden; situated Mo Af*3 lttth street. Island, between BLaryland avenue and B streets STaBB A CO., de 18-2w* 7th street, near B. I^OB SALE <>B RENT?HOUSE sltnat?1 >> r senth O street. Mo '2*9, between and 6tb sts . Island. In jnlre of Justice BBS WELL. No. 17 3 4S St. deU eol?*_ L'OB BEMT?The FABM.for the lastthree years ? A the residence of Major Theephllns Oalaes, consisting of U4t acre*, lying near Fort Mutan. I mile from Benning s Bri Ige. Improveaienu.dwelling . house ef 11 rooms, stone stable, servant's bouses, I barn, Ac Address ' E. 8 ." 437 E street. WasnIngton, D. G.,or call la parson, between 3 and 7 a. OC16 tl hTBNISHED PABTORS AND BED BOOMS for rent, from 98 to 916 par month Also, BOARD for Mechanics. A? ply at Mo. 4^^ 6th *t., between C end Loul?lama ay. ?0 27 lm" RABB CBaMCE?For immediate eale. one of the beet located email coraer store GBOCEBIE8 in the city. Stock and Fixturee new Apply immediately, by letter, to A. B. 0.,Ctty Poet Ott.ce. noKtf FOB BENT-PABLOB nnd BBD-BOOMTaFuir. able tor wo. Board If required. Bent ^26 a month. Apply at 408 Mew Tork avenne, between 4th and 6th sts. de l7-2w* IT OR BENT?The late BE8IDBB0B of B. ?. r Fiuit. 4!I8 D etreet, coatatnlng 17 roome. with nil the modern Improveiuento. Apply toOLIF* TOM HBbLBM,s274 Fat. noS^tf < IT'OR BEBT?Two large aad one small coamnai ' eating BOOMS, nntarnlshed, pecoad floor N.>. 1 134 Fenn av., bet 19th and ?th sts. no 28 tf |j*OB BBBT? Large and small faralabei aad aa r faumsbed BODSE6 aud APABTMBBTw ealtnb'e lor h nsekeeping. Also, For Sale, eeverel *maU BOUSES.on easy term Inquire 8T ABB A OO.. 4t?8*7tb street. Boem 18. oa lAAss* F^OB BENT-The STOBB Bo. 3HI D street. . ear llth. It fronts Immediately oa Feaaa. ) avenrt and la one of the largeet aad moet oonveDtentlj situated store-room* la Washington rlty. Aprlv to C. B B AK EB. at the Star OH?e jeso tf I?01l BENT?One BOOM on 1st floor .'and three * BOOMS ei id floor, over Stinemets'a H?t aad Fnr Store, 814 Penn'n avenne. Bent madernte. _ ne jg-tf FOB BEBT-Two Furnished BOOMS, at Be. 4S1 UVh street bciaean E aad F au. de la tf A POTION 8ALK& ft* etAer 4?enea Smltt see f*mr% p+f*.\ let* J Armtctnovn AAD IU-MOM Ku 0. Bt w. L V ALL A CO Auct) aeer?. Hort* *n 1 Ctrri4?? Beiaar, ?* Loneiane evauee. BALE OF H6BSE8. CARRIAGES. HUXI.1I, Mi 4c e"P.ATP.BDAf ""RHIHO.Dee we_wlll ell et the Marur. e uuuit^r o< nwt.lia. Wort H r?## (a full d*?crt>iiM ?t mle.icanprtalng about? ? _ FIFTY HOR??8 *or* Haddle Bad HariiNi H r?M Pae Kay Mtr?, rlflit fMitoU, cu tr>t la e'-vet tbr*e miantra L>m excellent Bossy, Fareeea. Ac. k lV** ?>'?*etloa of haw aad SMOII head Hat |?**|*^^WAie,dir?leeee. Wagou*. aad other rwo Baa J amy Uwl Vtfoii, built la tht* c*t>. I >111 and Harneat. Mk i_flo, N*?a?d Second hand liaruae*. Saddlaa, Uecr1ac?e. Ac.. et private aaJa. "*1** d*', Tharadayo. aad Carnage* and Haraea* always oa private eeie <> ? w. l. wall a oo .. aim. * gT sun * V1U.UM, AioMiwh DOHTHIUATIOH 8ALB Or THE PAWNRKO Hit * SALE OP CNREPRBMED PLEDGES AT PCBLIU AtCTIUM Oa FRIDAY and SATURDAY. ?th and SptB mataiita. at 10 o clack a. m . and 7-o'cUck p ?. i I abaJI ?*ll, on tb* flrat floor of i.reen A willian* auction rociut. at tba corner of 7th *nd I) atreet* a large c?ll*clini of Uuutlug la*e i.old and lilwr Watcbe*. Diamond Kids* ?nd Breaetpic* and Jeaairy of deacn pti >a, Bub* Pistol*, R uairal Instrument*. Lalie*' anJ a Wearing At ratal of ecery d*errip tioo tbat can U mruiioi)' d. 1 ctll tb*ktlriUou of person* iB want of fine rocda to the above tale. Tar ma caeh B BUBRSTINR. Pawnbroker de?-d ukllN A WIlLIAM^ Aucf B1 W B LEWIS A CO., Auctioneer* 8 ?OLDHTEtB A CO 8 I'BEAT PAW.NHBOKER8 HALK OK CIKE DEEMED PLED*3Rt?, At No. 34 rfi'rffl.r>? p.-nn'a ereaoe W e Will rail on r BID AY a.n1 SATCRDA Y . Dailth and inti. at 10 o'clock. an<t until all la lold. at the aba** plac-.the entire lO' of nrira aeemea pledge*, coaaiating of flee Gold ?b<1 Ail *' *'arfM of all deecrietion*. toiid O >i4 Ch*in?, jewelry, Diamond* Cloth'ng <?*u*. H? volvera. Buigicel and Musical ln-'rum> nt-. Ac , unbracing over 2.W0 lola. which will aoailirely be aold without reaerve to the higfceat bidder for cash. Particular attention ia called to thta aala. %* i-wry article ia warranted aa repre-ented or tba returned wilblu three data afiar aai* de ? ? W M B LEW 18 A OO., A ucte JAb. O. McWL'IBE A OO , Aactivnaara. A MAGNIKl' KNT COLLECTION OF ALA BA8TER BTATTBTTES. VAftEH, OAED BE ^-"1VKftS iud oiADf other Omt'ufntu aelectt-d truni tb*- tnoat caiebratad Htudioa In Plorat ca. On PBU'AT MORMNO. Dae. C8th. aoiBmanc1ek at In oYIin k Ib the ni< raiii^ and 7 areaiaii, r<'LtlmihiC each morning an i areninf until all aia di?p< aed >d, ?e khall aril, at onr Auction Rvouta, the entire collection of Alaba?.er HtatuetW. Ac., beinie ibe inip*irtati..n of D.i rl-tofnjr Tbla collection comril?ea man> i^mi ?f Art b*aatlfol In leaigti and Amah of medium aixa, well adaptad for II ? Patler cr Boudoir. Ternacaeh. J O. McOUIRE A OO.. de as-d r Intel | Anctlonaara. |^Y OBEEM A WILLIAMS. AncUoaaara. Late (Jjir- yfir Tort oarf Wn>A>ar'on j .SkHMikvlbaiMai, f , ? ( frgftom. > D C..Kor,tt,nw I The followine uuclain e packaice* wl|l if \ taken altbln thirty dajra tro?n thl* data, be iaij at public auction, to pay cliariiea. Ac.; fe: La[*e,> *M- J-G rdner, * * Kol>ert?. <?ao Doalittla, ' a?t. haajer. II fc.aule), Edwin I. Morrill, Wm uaiaat.?r, Mra Vharl'te Howard T L O Rrien. Al'"-1 i'i'l. Vainl?h. I ('ooklnit Btora. 1 broka do . I Trunk. 1 Cheat, without mark. The ab ne package- oow at the lata olfica > 1 thcon;i an in Oeorgetowu, a 11, if not called for. ba ?<1<1 at tl<e auction room o> Crean A William*. >a HATl'BDA Y, tha iiith of Deoeiaber leil, at 11 O'clock a m , wiibont re*e - a for caali ?o ?' 2awda OhEEN A WILLIAMS. Ao:U J^Y OBEEN A WILLI A Mb. AacUoMara.^ Will ba aold at Public A action, on BATTED A Y. [lie 2Wb 1J o'clock a. m.,at oar Auctt >o KllOm11, Til : li haudsoB* Bruaaela and otbar Car pet* A Lao. A *ood aaacrtment of hua-ehold Puraitora. To which we call the attention of buyara. aa thay wtli ba xold without reserve, de?rt OBEBN A WILLIAMS. Aa<-ta |^Y h Ab I E A CO., anctloaotfih SATURDAY, December l.<. Ihk, at tS o ol?. k at >nr falt irooni. No. U9A Pana. a>enu< ? findiaen Buck Oauatleta and OI >vaa )(I0 doten Ladira1, Oent a. and Mi?*a* lloae f?'do/an Drawer* and I nderahlrta Piacaa t re*? Oooda, Galieoaa, Bhaetlnga. 8b<, Ac. Albo, 90 loxea Pepper, Spicaa. Ac wJr$. d'BBUOhaa Old Rya, Bourbon, and Bcatch Wbiaky 9" denljobao J amaica Bnni and Paacb Eaaanca lOdeml.ohc* Pert and Bberr> Wiaaa. _ . Albu, Larga fnvolca Brooao, Woodaa and Willow R are. Aa.. Ac. J* MAPLE A CO., Aucto. |Jf TBOB. DUWL1NO, Aact., Georgetown ^K?T TALCABLB AND"DESIRABLE WHABP ADCT*ON IH ?*OEOBTOW*- ? Ar Oa TBURSDAT, Jannary lfl. 1967, at one o'clock I- b>-? I will aoll. on tba premmet. all of that aery ralnable dealrable wharf property on tba oath aide of Water etreet. betweeu Waahincton knd Jefl^-raon utreeU, bAjoimibs the lamber yard* >f Joe. A J. E. L!bt>y and Whaatley A Sou*, and iow oocupied aa a wood aad ooai yard by J. C. aeiBt d A to. Thi* property ha* a front of about HQ feet oa tba Potomac river, with a depth of nearly WO leet. renting 48 feat oa W aler a treat, aad aia.' a frost aa Waeklagten street of abeai 74 feet, and improved Jia substantial aharf, built thia aeaaoa. aad aa iffice fronting oa Water street Tbla property, altogether, i* the meet deiirable *"Arf JK9? *!* weod, coal, or lamber yarde a the Dietrict of Colombia. Aleo, Lot 63, eaat *ide af JefTbrpon (treat, between neter atreet aad the canal, fronting SO feel on Jefereon atreet, with a death of 104 feet - lachea. and mprovtd by a Frame Stable. All aad ataapo. Ac., paid for br the inrcbaeer. Poeeeesina plvea oa or before the firat day of k pri I 1*7 Terma to be made known on the day of aa^. vbich will be liberal. de&< eota THOS. DOWLING. Auct |?Y THOS DOWL1NG. Auct., George .an k'ALTABLE 1MPROYED LOT. OH THE OOR NEU OT FRIDCR AND GEEEN STKBETM. IN GRuRGKTOWH, D. C . KOR PALE AT ADCTIUB . By Ttrtne of a dead of trust from P O'Doauoghne O the aabacriber. made the 4th day of October, MM and duly recorded, I ahall offer for sale, at lublicanetloB to the bigbe*t bidder oa WEDHES)il. the 3d day of January next, at 4 o'clock p. n , la front of the premieee. all thoee pari* of ti*a ao Lot* of Groand. number* one hundred an. igbtf three and one hundred and eighty flee of lealla Addltian toGrors*,own aforeeafj, bonnd?a i* follow* to ?ltBeginning at tbe aoutbweet orper of Bridge and Green atreet* of aald Georgeown, and running thence oa tae aouth line of 3tldg? atreet weet twent* four feet, thenoe aouth ?d parallel ?ith Greet atreet ninety feet, to a ten eat wide alley opening inte Gree i atreet, thence *Uh *aid alley eaat twenty feor feat to i.reen treet; aad tbence with the we*t line of Green treet north ninety feet, to the beginalng,together rith the fmproremeata thereon, namely ?a frasie Bouee. occupied a> a reatanratt. aad a Irirk Building la the raar. Aa thia property ia it nated In an improetag neighberhood. aad frvnta in two principal atreeta. aad ia coBTenieat to the eaten of trade, it la eaaperioretutdforbueia*-*, i?.d oflera Inducement*for a pro!table Inveetment n real eatate It adjoin* the wareiouar of Alfred ^ee. the whole*ale aad retail dea:er in hay,cora. lata meal. Ae Term*: One-fourth caah; aad tha ragidna in three ?l'ial lo-tallmeuU. at alx. twelve, aad eighteen ne nth*, with inter eat from the day of oala. aoteafor be deferred paymenta. with approved eecarity bereoa. to be taken from the pnrchaaer. aad a lien eoerrcd oa the premlaea anttl the purebnee mouey e fu'ly raid: or. at the option of the parchaaer, be whole purchaae money mar be paid ia ruk 7aoa ateilure to comply with tha term* of gale rfthla three da}* sJtar the eale, the property will >e liable te be reaold. after Are daya'aotice, at he ri*<k and coat of the deliaqaeat parchaaer tevenneotaapa ani conveyancing at the expenee if tha parchaaer. Title perfect. R. h. CRAWFORD. Tm-tee Aa >7-d T. DOWLIH'i, Anct Ot* 0 at. BIA IRGC A T A ^ FO RWO M1H LTIHG IN A8TLUM, Fourteenth*tr^^aUxie.)oorner of M etreet. This Iagtltatlan Baa been eetebtished for the rate pti on ?f aatieate who may be evfferlag from dietase? eecaltar to their eex and for the adoileeioa >f aaoa femalea aa mag require the aomfaru of the yipg in chamber The br. tiding ie altaated la the moat healthy parIon of the Dietrict, *nrrotiiided by ite own [rounda. Oar* peaa the door every f re mlnatea. Teraae of ndwieelon : From #? ta |N par week, n accordaace wftb tba reoes re?alred, payable ia idvaaoe Thl* tudadaa Board. Madloiaea, Medcal aad Sorgical attandaaca. JOS RILEY, M D , OaoneVwa THOS, MILLER. M.FTF .treet. Waahlagtoa. A. Y. P GARNBTT. M D., New York avenae. W P JOHNMTOH. M D ,Waahingto*i. F. HOWARD, M. D., F atreet. Order* tor admlaaioa to the tree bade ta thia hoe iltal,(af ? hich there are A,l oaa be ol.Uiaed at he targeoa In chief at thigoflftea. 1*1 1 atreet. or ?f mi ? the Medical ataff. aad of the Rev*. Dr*. lall Gar ley. Gillette, aad Ooomba W'lvea ami widow* of aoldier* doeiring ad mi aala a rill apply to the Sargeoa Oaa*rat, 0sited Btataa im. PatleBta living at a diataace wbe desire to niws o this iastltatl >e fbr treatment oaa aac a re private <x>ro* by applyiag by letter to the m aire a of the io?ptiai. 4. p GILLETTE. II D , aa Baoly^ rmtdaat.