Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1866 Page 1
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w knuig J&tar, - *4 .f1 * f S - ^ H f/ V~. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. 1>. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 29. 1866. N*. 4.309. the evening star 1b fCBLlSBKD daily, (mxc1pt sub pay.) at the stab Brriid>ino8 c^w.xf t$nm tf rmm'm mm md lit* *rui ST w. d. wallaoh. jtt ST AB li kttm by the aunwi to their nbecribere 111 Wty aad Dtotrtc at Tnm twfrnvm. Oopiee at the oowmr, with cr without wrappers, Two Onti etck. moi TO* ?Three month*, Om PeUmr md /Y*f CtnU; Hx months, Am D4imrti ?ce year, Ati DMmt. Ho paper* ar? M>nt from the ofict loaic than paid tor. IT. WEEKLY STAB?published oa Friday anrpiag?ow DMmr and a flay a Ttm. PERSONAL. i%1 bp rrETIS isv1ho, natf-ropaat. mwi TtM 1m mtdium. will |it? life rmdiifi< including Put, Pr??*nt and Future el her o#c?. 4'iO. l?rth ?!,1?> uf Pene'e avenue. between ?s w 4th strsete. t'ffcs hours from 9 to 2 a. m. bod ? to 9 p. m. <ie ? lm* . d*^*,wlehoilsopatdio prybloian. re^ijence and office. No t02 4th street Office hom?j?9_to m Stog?. wlttt At tux nbw uhiap 8/*mpiao ?u<)mt 4 39 5^ atr*et. Patent Office, ladies tku g?t at cur reduced [rl(t',od the ??rj l>est atii.Minl*Mght g ?wn Yokes, reely stamped 40cts. Chemise Yokea. * " Hci! Bet wis JBctn. litbtrfor i-rai.ior ? mbr Mery.our pnn-i n-? are ?1 tie ??rj ,ai"i d^ei^n*, seleste?l with cere in New York, and being *u receipt ot them wteklr, we are able ,.aily to inae uew pttterne aa wall an make and stamp ly pattern broaght ns i. o. o w?rkiD( Cottou at reluct! prue?. de 1# If Jt'llh d clark. attoknky and co"nsell.ob at 1,a? and notary public, ?? ssft 12tb street west. da 14 ly nH. J ami'8 T YUl'NO ha? removed bis office from No. 47S lvth street, to his residence. No 4'i" ^?w Hrk ?? *.. four do?r? en?t ot Itth tract. All ertfer- left at lbs Drag Store of NAIRN A BKO .corner <**h ?t ?a i P* ave., during the 4*j . will be promptly attended to da li lm' l'kabk m string kibld, r o'n^table and collector fullccti dems and i'ltlmi ?t all kmda. Pviuirii pla Ml lu bit hauls receive* prompt atttati u r>-fereucea given if re-ioired Ofrce All &th street, above i'a avenue; real?ence5m l afreet, betw > n 9th and ithh n b - Ordeis by mail promptly attended to. tie 14-lm* t a dies it i* a< k n??w ledgbd that i i tb?-new stamping dri'ot, oo ?h street. 4 3?J. baa tha teat nalectlon of Patterna ever offerad hert-. an.i the proprietor haa reduced t?e trice to UN K HALF that ban been charged h^re^ tt f< r?> Btlofc a practioal Stamper, no tear need i n?d of fret'ibg what will suit y?u. Go aee him He will irnke avd Ktaaie AN V pattern ne 15 tf v oo havk bein-impacdtnt,but neither 1 Bochn nor tanj?rii?u bmubuKS '* wilt m ike tut ivv " dr. parbv.onVth (wmfjoaite Odd Fellows' il?ll, au l be cured jukk and permanently. _dejmm * ikr h k. woodbury baa removed hit offl'e if to No. 339 * atreet, (.ppe^ite St Patricks Church. de8 eolm* (lospldsntial?loun* men who hare Iny jure?i lbeni?elTe# oy certain secret habits, which unfit throi for business, pleasure, or the duties 11 married life, sleo. middle aged and old icen. who. from the follies of youth, or other oauoes. feel a debility in advance of their years, tefere placing tbem#elses under the treatment of any on?^.abould first read "The Secret Ifrtend. Married iadiee will learn eoiue'hing importance t> perusing "The Secret Frie. u iBenttoauyad dre^s. In a sealed envelop' uni^riptof grants. Audress If. cbas a 8tcaut a co.. Botloii. Hit's oq *-!> BRll'al and fln*B\l wkratha. bo qf*t!*, crosses. an<'0"*8. star*. Ac , preserved In natural form flowers, hair flowbhs and brmhino. Vy Mrs fries late of Boston hs* rem-ired to No i'uv 11th street, between o and m. o< > *ga i~al'lkb wb<t?h]t desi rous of a skillli fnl anil arcowiph shed Fhyaiclan. ah on id con stilt Dr henry morton, 1?.? east f?-tstre?t, Paltlniore, md Dr mortou ?ersices may beiengakeo in Washington or any other city, by n?5dree*ir? as above oc 13 am James ol'lld. Utntt tm y*ir 1*4 Sftond /.'ursi t$rt. o'.d Furniture Repiured. Reip holstere,l am! Varnished. lit^i and b sts.. (near t*e ranal.) Highest price paid for Bacond-haatf Fnrrltore **'? * & m* a h ? blac * watt:'" lam"?* c.r.blacc law office. black lamon * oo., Ccnn-ellor* an<1 Attern?ys nt-law In the Bppreme t urt of the Tnited States the Court of Clain??. ti.-Courts of the District, the Executive Depsrtb;? nts. and Committees of Congress. OSice, l?tb atreet. (dlr-ctlf oppoaite wllUrJa Hotel > deJS-tf_ CLOTH1N O^Ao. ^ o u m D ad vic*. k That's it! that's it! j nat listen a bit ? Prom the folks at Smith's Oak Hall Come- a word of advice. So sound and ?o nice. For the present reason of Fall. Button your coat Vv to your throat. And sea that yoa're warmly clad; Or with coM In your head Yon"11 beeiek in yoor bsd. which will be exceedingly bad. u4 you 11 stay in bed With the cold In yonr head, and oompdlled t<> be somewhat .juiet, Till yoa'v* bad enongb Of the Doctor's stuff, End all *ort< of sick folka diet. Batter beware, Aad always take care To be preperly clad for the Fall, In suitable clothes, Jnst each as thoee Which are eold at Smith a Oak Hall. smith bros k co., merchant tailors, and ?* oentb furnibhino goods. oak hall, 46* SsvBHTti STk?*t. jn-t received the largeat aad flueat stock of plkck goods ever offered in tha city of Washington. having aecured the beat artists in the city, w? are prepared to make up In tha fluent at) le, nnd at leaa prices than any otfcer establish meat. |na 13 tf 1 b. b. a oo. \f losano, i?J . MkKCHAST TAILOK, Coraer of 9th aad d streets, Deatras to rstura his thanks tor the liberal a? pati on age t-#eiowed upon him during paat^mb < seascna, aad at the aaiue time invites bis m friends to visit his store and inspect his new wtf and choice ?electlon of gooda. wklch he has lust aarchaeed for tke Fall and Winter Trade Mr b HaRDON. his aasoclate. cnntinuea to glvt bis constant attention to the atvle and genera appearance of all garmenta made at the as tab The "beat work and moderate cbargaa la oai met to. da#lm^_ lolan, merchant tailor, cornet j. of itth street and Pennsylvania ave. s> opposite Wlllarda' h tel. has received a^h snperto' aaacrtm?*nt of Cloths.^Cassimerea. ma Vesting*. Chinchillas and Bscomaa, for \|jf Overcoats, and a seneral aasortment of " Gents' Farnlshiag Goods He haa also abided to his stock a splendid lot of ttnt class Custom made Clotblrg 'rom New York, at lower arlcaa tnau can te In iluacity. He .nvitas bfa Srienda and the public ?o rive him a call, and returns his sincere thanka f r ih' lr liberal patronage. ocSl-im CTiisrs AMflUTA-r, -m Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown's, wt 3?? Pennaylvwtrta av^ae " " by i ff Washington. d c. C^roysr a bakir X cblkbratab first i'remit'm FA Mi \ Y SEViyu MACHINES. The best Family Machlae ia the Market. The en'f Ma,., me that will both Sew and la^?hey make aa EUuitc Stitch that will aot break it, wa^hin*. < ?> "<* DAVIS * QAITH IB S. ao 14 lm Market ?pacol .. mehe is it. BUT f1nlei s v hiiwitt leans. w here can i get a good cigar Oh, come to me. <juo Ftn!?y. m oat 1 walk or tai<- the car ' aa y?n pleaae. jus' Flnley. l>o yea keep the Golden Leaf * Indeed 4* i. <jao'Flaley All tbinga In yenr line. >n brief T come and aee. quo' Finley. ab 1 ??aa If 1 dr??in? Do drop In. quor Flnley. mate you line cut wrapped in tin teet thsre is. ?uo'Finley. Do your meerschaum'* color well ? Buy and try, qno' finley. Are tney were-skams, made t*> sell Nary eell. qno'Finley Have yon plug of every gr*de Everv grada qao Flnler. . , i'irsm the taatw and anlte the trau jo>t the tbiag. ?no Boe Is and stems ia every style r ilvri?iT tbere'ina IHtle while. in,> ?<1&<4?wtbts w?t. ?QBr m. Ij?AN OFFICB, j78B STBEIT, Between lOtb and 11th streets, ^ ^ why i.oan e? ea ?Jold and Silver Watches. Jtseity, Clothing. Ac ,Ac. ^ pti^ovan. deblm- Liceu?ad Pawnbroker 'i he < rochet ootmift i w y^ea Kaltwd l^;e Collar boor.Tmibagie ktt.xg h.?k. Mrs 'isugains arjit bhaa! s'i^ r.-fv,-k Mrs <*ao?ajb a o^hat b4rt>y Cap fc % Tt? ?s?^k and stoiif* Laoe book.l ^>ean k , Ittiac and Nrtf'ng bo?.h rhe Wlater ^ a^tt -a book. Mrs Cvay-xtylo*?' 1 ! l HOLIDAY GOODS. J^O! FOMTH1 HOHP1HH Jn?t Mfflifd the lar.Hi MortmfBtof frmeh and American BON BON8 and CANDIES that be surpassed in tie District _AUwmortwnt of FANCY SCO A R PLUM rrcflttil from Paris, whick I will o(f?r 'be public it tlx* lownt poetiM* rates N B-l?W assortment of FANCY POUND ati4 FKl IT CAKES, couitmtlr oa hand. Call and tx unine it 0BB1CK?S, . . . Jl? P? osenue, defO IOC* between 9th and 10th streets. 505 ? ??? *: 505 PRBPABE FOB THB HOLIDAYS. KIDWKLL A~K ENDBRSON Wo?ld respectfully call the attention of their friends and the public to their Inrgs and well selscted assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, of the Latest Styles. A leo, on hand n! large assortment of OIL CLOTHS. TABLE COVRR8 RUSTIC BLINDS PAl'ER CURTAINS, FIRE ROABD PRINTS, OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, Together with CORDS AND TASSELS TO SUIT. All of which they are prepared to #**11 at the LOWEbT CASH PRICES. Remember the place, 40.? NINTH STREET. Fonr doors above D street, Beaton Hall Bnllding. de 18 -w f\ I A I L L A iTD7!# i'l CHOCOLATS DE FANTA1SIE. ET BONBONS. ALSO, MAILLARD'S CHOOOLAT TAR EXCELLENCE, _. . .. (Triple Vanilla.) This Triple Manilla CHOCOLAT E la superior in i,u<tln> ami flavor to any other made in this country,and ta prepare! especially for table use. N. W. Bl'KOHKLL. corner 14th and F street*, 20 under Ebbitt House, /CHRISTMAS AND NEW TEARS PBES BHTB. A rich atH elegant assortment of Gentlemen's Bohee de Chanibre, gotten up expressly for the holidays Gold, Silver, and Ivorv-teaded Canea. In beautiful variety with Scarfs, Ties, Gloves 8u?penders Ac; with aupei ior lot Toilet Arti Iti, at reduced pries*, at LAN?1* ?Jents ' Ftrnlshlng Stora. de IS eotf Penn. avenue, near4H st. fOLOBBD TOT BOOK9, from Ldd inn, Preach v Juvenile Books, direct from Pari*. Lab >ulayes' New Fairy Tales; Eaop largely illustrated, and many other*, just received. 14 france taylor. TOYS-: TOYS !! Those that wi?h t? purchase rheap TOYS AND NOTIONS for C brie tin as or Ne? Years presents should nat fail to go to BOBWELL 8 FANCY 8TOBE, .IAS K xtreet near tne National Theater He is clesiig them out at cost. de 24-6t Holiday presents HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Jnat received? Rich Iterated DINNER SETS TEA ftSTB TATE A TITK HBT8 French and English TOILET SETS " Fancy Cbiuaand Bohemian liL'RKAU SETS Cologne Pottle- Vases, Muks. Mutch Boxes Cigar S'an>ls. Ash Stands. Srn king Sets Card Receiver*. Card Plates. anil Card Baskets ruff Boxes. Motto Colfeen and Wine Sets AUn a laree assortment of China Toya. which I ?m oferlna at greatlv reduced prices fa'I esrl} and examine tuy stock, before purchasing tl-ewhe re. F M LA/.ENHY. No. 1U4 Kridge str-et. de21#t Georgetown. D C. | OOB OUT FOB THE HOLIDAYS:" CHR. R U P P E R T. KK1SS KR1XGI E HF.ADQ UAltTEKS, No AU* 7TH STREET. PET WE EN D AND E. Importer of all kln>ls of NEW TOYS AND FANCY QOOB3, Adapted for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Mr. BUPPEBT takes great pleasure to inform bis numerous ruatoinera and the public generally that he has just received, through his agents in ?ran-e and Germany, the largest and beat selected Fancy Goods, suitable for Holiday and New Tear Prsi-ents, among which we enumerate in part DOLLS of every description, A great variety of POBTMONAIES, CABD CASES, WOBR STANDS, BASKETS, PERFUMERY, WRITING DESKS, WORK BOXES, AND CHBSS AND DRESSING CAS.g, BACKGAMON BOARDS, CHINA VASES OBNAMEHTS, BOCK ABB HOBBY HOB8ES. And also state that In order to (irs his customers increased advantages and facility in the examination of my Stock of Goods. have fitted, at much trouble, a large apartment in the second story, directly oyer my Store, where we will at all times take great slaaeure in waiting npon those * ho may favor me with a call. Ladles who wish to avoid the nsnal crowd are especially Invited to make their selections as early as convenient. de 14 tjal MI ACE MEAT of excellent Quality. N. W. BUBCHELL. Corner 14th and F streets, de II nnder Bbbltt House, ACKEBEL AND CODFISH. 10 000 ponnds large 8HOBB CODFISH. 40 barrels No 1 M ACRE BEL. Jnat received and loraaleatour wharf, at the foot of Seventh at. S P. BBOWN A SON. Oommiesion Merchants, deift-tf No. 4 64 Ninth et , wet. E and F. ^OMITBIN G NJt WT* I have jnat received aeveral new stylos of Black Walnut Cane- RUSTIC FKAMIv made to m order sixes, from 4xS to 18x*4 Tbeee are really desirable A Is a full stock of PICTUBK CORDS am TASSELS, PORCELAIN NAILS RINGS, Ac. A'"". Enamelled RECESS KB&MES, with and w Itbout Flowers; a suitable Present for the Holi days. ROTH ROCK, de 13-tjal OptosUe Patent Ofbce, 7th street. Otto vmlkbnb pianos and cabhabt A NEEDHAM'8 PABLOB ORGANS. All will find it greatly to their interest? to examine these superb lu.trnmenu bn WVTO fore anrcbasiug any other. Ill \T f Only agency at GEORGB L. WILD A BBO 3 New Piabo Forte and Organ Wareroom.No. 4?T 11th street between Penn'a avenue and E street. A select aeeortuient of new and second hand Instruments, Including a CHURCH OBGAH. for sale at lowest factor) prii-ee and on easy terms TUNING and REPAIRING faithfullyexecated. no 13 ?tn JPJ O L IDAYG TTYVi i~~ If yen wish to give vour friends n usefnl and valuable Christmas Gilt, call aad exomius the genolnn FBENCH CORSETS Imported by Mrs 8TBRN. batisfy yon rial! by coming immediately to Mrs. BTBBN'S Hoop Skirt Factory and Corset Depot *19 7th street, bet. P and K sts de 11 tJanl UBAUT1FUL BOU4UETS. FLOWIB~BAS > KITS HANGIBG BASKETS, UHBISTMA8 TREES 4r at JOHM SAUL S, 44tt Uh street, oppeeite U 8. Patent Office de 19 aoftt I'HB OPPORTUNITY la now off?re4 to tha pnblic to buy tbetrr^Q BOOTS AND SHOES At prices nnnsnally lo?, ?t the old established Shoe Emporium of BOBEBT ISBAEL, Ho. 37 9 Seventh street, corner of 1. Call and examine my stock, and you will be tlsfled that my goads aia vary ebeap aad very esirabla.oonsideiing'jnality. ..... . Lasting Gaiters ana Balmorals for Ladles aud llseea. will be sold at astonishingly low prices. l>ots snd Shoes for small children at ball price LRAEL 3 CHEAP BOOT AND SHOE STORE, le7 tf 37 9 Seventh street, corner of 1. I. A CROVIM'S I . BASE BiLL AND 8KATORIAL H?kD QUARTBBS, Dnlerin Imported Cigars Also, the following brnds of Domestic Clgirs: TuHp, July, Puff, Be ert Burns. Ac I also keep a fine assortment of T^acco. Mearecwani and Briar \Voo?i Pipes, and F?cy Articles. i inrr* assorluisnt of tne tin est and beat SEkTEB. de IS im <*)LI> r '^'S? A ttuea^rtment of Ooll Pees. * Pn? il Ca??e, Ac . rurs?l??at mannf vtarer "a pries |de i: J FBANx. ?v TAILOB. OFFICIAL. Department oe State, ) WiKiliStiTON, DfCeratXTi?, I^6t>. \ Information La* been recei?#d at thiB IK- i partmeur fiom Mr. Georg* F. Seward, the 1 Cooul General ot the luted States at Sbang- ' hai, (bus, of the death, on tbe 13th of Septein- ] t?. r la-*, at Mantbai, of John King) * former iesidentot San Francisco, Cal * Tbe l? pal representatives ot tlie deceased can ' ob'Bin further lulormation by addressing tbis ' J)?j artment l)*partmtnt of state, ) Washington, December 1P66.J lulormation ba^ been received at tbis Department from Mr. George F. Seward, the Consul General of the United States at Sbang- 1 bat. China, of the death, on the 'J4th day of 1 J ulv, 1-06. at the General Hospital, Shanghai, > of W. C. Clemans, a former resident of San J Francisco 1 The legal representatives can obtain further 1 information by addressing tbis Department. > i iKrARTM est oit state, ) 1 washington, December '27, 1860 \ Information has been received at this Department lrom Mr. George F. Seward, the Consul General ot the United >tate? at Sbang- * bai.ChiLa. ot the death, on the 7th day or May ' last, at Shanghai, of K. Kelshaw, an American 1 seamen ot the vessel "America." 1 SPECIAL NOTICES. I By NO I'ROTRCTl VE DUTY Is necessary to ?e , cure for PHALON'S "MUBT BLOOMING CEKll'B" a preference ever Lubiu'* Extracts am< m codbi lsseurs In jorfnine* The public ( sbould|kuow, however, that the so caiiel Lutein a t Extracts m market are all domestic Imtta- . tiore. One l>?ttle of the ? Night Kla^mins Oere J us ' is worth a gross oftb^m. Hold everywhere. Wr RHEUM ATI3M or YEARS ^ TANPI NfJ it telng dmly cnie4 h? a tm do?e? of MET- , CALF*. B GREAT RHEUMATIC KKHEDY de 18 eoilw 3 O. FORD, Agent. < REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL 1 OASIS, t Mo 14 Bond street. Hew York. 1 fc^"Full information, with the h^he^t te*timn 1 niah. also, a book on Sptrtal Disrates, l'i a staled tn'tiopf, s?-utfree. #/" H? sure and send for (htm, and you will not regret it; for, at advertising phy ' sicians are generally tnipo*tori, without refer*nres t no stranger ihotiId be trusted. Enclose a itaiup 1 lor posfape at'd direct to OB. L&WRCNCE No. ? 14 Bond street. New York. nal2 DtWlr i MABRIAJE AND CELIBACY, 1 an Essay of Warning and Instruction for Yonog Men. Also, Diieasesand Abases wbtch prostrate ( the vital powara, wltb sure means of relief. Seut | free of charge in sealed letter envelopes. Address , Dr. J BK1LLIN HHUGHTON, Howard Aasocla- ' Mou, Philadelphia. Pa. aug U to SECRET DISEASES. SiviaiTAN'- OiPt is tiie must certain, safe and efiectual rented) ?indeed, the only vegetable reiue- , dy aver discovered Cares in two to toar days, and recent cases in twenty four hoars balsam, no mercury OnI> tea pills to be taaen. It J Is the soldier's hope and a friend te those who do n?t?anttebe exposed. Male packages, $2; fe- ( male, ?:t. Saiah tai'- Boot and Hibr JricE??A positive . ana pern.anent eure far Spykilin, gcrofala Ulcers, Sores, 8pot?. Tftters. Ac. Pr'ce f 1 25 per bottle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford. Sea advertisement. my t A MODEBM M1BA0LE I From old and young, from rich and poor, from 1'igh born and lowly, cornea the Universal Voice af yr*>*?> tor HALL* VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR BENKWEB. i It Is a peitect and miraculous article. Carta i baldness Vakes hair grow. A better dressing i than any "oil'' er pomatum." notions brash, dry and wiry hair into Beautiful Silken Tresses. Bn! abvive nil. the great wouder ia the rapidity 1 with wbich it restores Gkat Hai & to its < Colok. , Use it few times, and PRESTO, CHANGE I tbe whitest and worst tu?kiag hair resumes its youthful beauty. It does not dye the hair, but Hikes at tbe root and Alls it with new life and ] coloring matte*. It will nut take a long disagreeable trial to prove the truth of this matter. The first application will do good. yen will see the Matte al Color retarn 1 Ing every day. and BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, tbe old, gray, discolored appearance of the hair . will be gone, giving place to lustrous, shining and beautiful locks. 1 A*k for Hall's Sicilian Hair Benewer: bo other 1 article is at all like it In effect. You will find It Ohkap to Bct, Pleasant to Tet, And Suke to do Yoc Good. Tbare arem?ny imitations. Be sure yea procure 1 the genuine, mannfactnred only by B P. HALL A CO., Nashua, N H. For sale by all drugcista ja37 SVKELY, STEADILY. 80CCKSSF0LL Y, IMOLAMD1B B EXTRACT BUUKU i la cuaim 1 every oaae of Kidnet Disease, ReeVMatism, qeavel, Ukinaet DisoedeRs. Weaimim and j Pains In tba Back, Female Complaints and , Troubles arising from Recesses or art Ktn ] 0 0 MR, TB AFFLICTRDI TRY BK9L ARDRR'B, TAKE NO OTHER BUCK 9. ] Bold by all Apothecaries. Pries fl. D. BABBRB A CO., Hew York, and BARRRB, WARD *00., | Mew Orleans, Southern Agsnts. BURLRIGH A j ROGRRB, Wholesais Druggists, Boston, Mass.. General Ateats f?o lO-Ur ! HOTELS, KE8TA U RANTS, Ac. 1 C A B D __ WILLABD'B HOTRL, I Washington, December 1,18ntf.( < Senators, Representatives, and othera. residing < in Y aahmgion, who oecusy private apartmenta, caa be accommodated witn their URALs at this Rotel at the rate ol ?1" M) per week * ds4 Jm SYKEB. CHADWIOK A CO. ? I^IBKWOOD HOUSR, ] Corner Ptnmn. artnue mud Twelfth 1 Wa^htnttim, D. C. Sltnated In the most central location tbe city, ( midway between tbe CAPITOL AMD PRESIDENTIAL MAMBION, < Only a abort distance from all the Departments, 1 Patsnt and Post Oilces, Smithsonian Institute, , elf- H. H. DUDLEY AGO., 1 noM-tf Proprietors. CAPITOL HOUSR AMD RESTAURANT. ! 04 b Penn avenue, between 1st and id sts. Comfortable Beonia. with tirst class Roard. Tueiity years experience as chief cook at the aev- i era! Forelgu Legations and anncipal Hotels in this country nbuald be a snthclent gnarantes of satisfaction to all who will extend me their patronage. DIMMERS and SUPPERS at private residences, 1 for parties and bulls, will be rotten np In tbe best 1 style. OHABLRB G1VAUDAR. ( de < eolm Proprietor. IT'MRICH'S RR4TAURART, t M-J No. 345 Ptaua avenue, near 6th street. i P RMRICH wishes to Inform his friends and the ^ public generally that he aoer keeps eon-R - - m stantly on hand OYBTRBS. freeb evsryfirB^ r day. prepared in every strIs II"M I t . His WINES and LIqI'OBS cannot be su^paeeeT. t Call and gfve hiss a trial. oc H tf t L ABO EST BT9RE IN THE CITT! * TWO STORES COMBINED IN ONE ' . i FURB! FURBI I F U B 8 ? j FOB LADIRB AMD OHILDRKM, ik ob eat vaeiett. Having purchased the? early this season, we |j are enabled to ssll them 10 per cent, cheaper than v any beuee ia the city. g LAMSBUBGH A BROTHRR, ' Alt 7th street, / del Im Intelligeucer Bulldmc ^ I.O U HI F RR D I p A fnll assortment of ail grades cholca Flour for " Bakers, unaliti No 1; pricvlow. _ Are tbe only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. 11 H Gsmbrlll mot Patapscol and L'ngauor Family n Flours in tbe District. As tbe latlsr bran 1 has t be< a exteusively countt*rfeite-l and ssld ta this ri chy.Wewonld inform those wishing thlsfloarby ,, arrangement with ths miliars we furnish it lower than It can be obtained from any other source. " Quality secmd to none. Price a fraction leas than 11 other l(ret-class Family Flour. n Buckwheat at low ratee. All graues cf Western Flour n store and for sals low by W M GALT A CO., I, ludiana avenue and 1st street, ? noU near Depot. ? EfEDTcTMESOHRAFRRTBAMTaR 0HBAP- y .1 ] Hft aod as good as tbe beot A l*r*? iiA<:k^/ ran always t>e iunuJ st MOORE'S Drng Itors.^V . HJ psDWjliaiia?vo??*?Bl.

TELEGRAMS, ke. At Sweetsburg, C. E , yesterday, Mr. Devlin coved for an arreet of the judgment la the m? of Michael Crawlev, for sundry reasons. nhieh he addr<>esed to the coon. The ;o?Tt refssed the application, and sen:enced Crawley to be banged ort the 15th of tebruary. George Crawford pleaded guilty jf rei eivmg stolen rood*, and was sentenced ;o three months imprisonment. A nolle pr>,tt\u.\ was tn.tred to the n.dictment charging bun a t<b ailing tee Fenians. The term of the rourt then cloned. The police and military w ill remain until further orders. Additional particular* of tbe great ihow itorm in the north evidence its violence. The r*o!m raged with great iury at Harlem, N Y., wline a row of six house* In Alexander are. tut- were unroofed, and one blown down. [?< s?. *CP,(CO. Tbe atorm was very violent a: Hudson, and every avenue to tbe city w.? jloekadei! by snow, l our passenger care were blown trom 'hetrack but withoutserlou* l.tinag" On tbe Western roads the storm was more severe. A Victoria paper says that the brig Ana ar. ived at Eaqumalt Harbor December 10, with . n miles of the sub-marine cable. The ship turnout, which put into Mauritius in distress, Mould toon lollow with lour hundred nites more. Tbe Egmont was dischargng the cable, and paid ?1,000 pounds for buildiig i? coffer <lam to sustain it. She has not >nstainrd much damage. The St. Louis Democrat's JeflOrson city spe;ial says a delegation of influential citizens rom Lexington has been in consultation w::h Jovernor Fletcher, and upou assurances that he law shall hereafter be enforced and order preserved, he has promised *.o withdraw all -riilitin. General Sherman arrived at St. Louis Thursday night. At five o'clock Thnrsday morninga carriige iriver named Miller at Cleveland, Ohio, lrove bis horses over the approach to the Cenral way bridge, drowning himself and horses, [t is supposed that he was nnaware that ttie iridre had been carried away bv the Hood ot ttonday, and w:i* blinded by drifting snow. Tie trains are all impeded by the snow-storm. .1 udge Kennard, ol Gal veston, and Houston listrict of Texas, has decided that tbe la'elv racted stay laws of Texas is unconstitutional ['his law Is' similar to the one vetoed by Gov. rnor Humphreys, ot Mississippi, and proFides for the payment of debis in execution in our annual instalments. Alice Lane, who shot Harriet Parish, (coined,) a domestic, at a house of ill-fame, in Uoston, (No. 4 Aiden street,) last week, was iroughi before the municipal court yesterday, i he physician stated that tbe injured girl canlot live. The case was continued till January , the prisoner being fully committed to jail. Tbe Massachusetts State constable has di-i ected that all eating-houses close at 7 o'clock in Sunday evening!:, and one or two presentations have been made for non-compliance. I he matter excites much comment and ridicule m Boston. The Boston Board of School Committ<?e held heir first meeting yesu^rday evening. The -alariee of the teachers were raised from ten 0 fift<*en per cent. The salaries ot the masters )l grammar schools were ad vanced to 92,rW0 ;>er year. The race in New Orleans yesterday was atended bv the congressional excursionists. 1 here weie four entries, mile h?*ats, best three in five. The race was won by Malccm in three straight heats. Time, 1.5l>jf, 1-51, 15u*. Armstrong was second. John W. Perkins, an Englishman, aged, sixty-five, a porter. In Louisville, Ky , recently convicted of peculations from Waters Fox. hisemployers, but pardoned alter sentence, cut his wife's throat, killing her instantly, and then cut bis throat. The collection ol internal revenue for Lalayetle, Jackson and the adjoining couu.ies in Missouri has been suspended, and the collec* ier is a fugitive in St Louis in consequence 91 tne troubles in that region. Hiram Potter, Jr., of New York, yesterday was awarded a contract lor furnishing the [government with one nundred and twenty- | six cavalry and twelve artillery horses, at the iinartermatter's depot In Baltimore A serious fire occurred at New Bedford, yesterday morning. It broke out in the iron foundry ot J. G. Grinnel, on Front street.and this building was entirely consumed. All tbe judges ol the municipal election held it Chattanooga, Tenn., on Thursday refused (o certify to any result, declaring the election was illegal and void. Three persons in one family, named Benner, I iied from the cholera in Cincinnati, oa Hon- I day, and two others are quite sick. Eating liseased pork was the cause of the malady. A Congregational church, the first in Maryland, will be dedicated in Baltimore next Suu1fty, with Itev. Edward Johnson, formerly of Boston, as pastor. An Idaho despatch says that memorials to [Joagresa for tbe division of the Territory will probably pass the Legislature. The proposed name of the Territory is Columbia. The Pacific railroad la haaling ten car-loads >f iron each day, from St. Louie for the sxten. I ion of the Union Pacific railroad beyond Fort Kiley. On Thursday the schooner Parks, when off smith's island, Chesapeake bay, was capsized 'rom a sudden flaw ot wind, and drowned five I persons. J Frank Krricson, coroner, of Memphis, was ibot and killed by Joseph Barton ai Somerrlle. Tenn., Thnrsday. Major Jerome Wilson, formerly adjutant in the rebel General Hood's staff, died of ;bolera at Memphison Wednesday. Tbe citizens of Jackson, Mississippi, have .ontribnted ?400 for the relief of tbe sufferers ,t the Vicksburg conflagration. Samuel Kowlett, clerk in a store at Meher in, Va, was mnrdered yesterday morning. No clue to the murder has yet been found. The Republicans in tbe 1st district of New Hampshire have uomiuated Mr. Ella for Conjrees. Gov. Amey, of Kansas, has issued a stringent proclamation prohibiting the sale of arms I ind ammunition to New Mexico. The congressional excursion party were well -eceived in New Orleans, and will leave for Washington at seven o'clock this evening. Tbe State surveyor general's report for the urrent vear states that the taxable property >f California will be #190,000,000. Trains from New York to Boston are some, what delayed by snow. The Potomac is closed wiib ice. womkk ik tub 1 kkasl'kv der a rtm kwt.? There are 7(10 women, or thereabouts, employed n the Treasury. There are undoubtedly evils :onnected with tbe presence of women in the Public offices, or rattier the evil Is in the mode >f appointment to these positions. It woald ndeed be a surprising thing if among 7<m women there were not some whose characters ire bad. The wonder is that there are not nany more, considering the way In which ap?ointments are made, the tenure of favoritism ,y which the places are held, the character, in ar too many instances, of the men in charge of he divisions in whose duties womeu are emdoyed, and the meagre pay which the sex I enerally receive. 1 bear of two men holding ! rom men t positions in that part of this great lepartment where women are employed, who | .re absolutely dreaded by all the female em- j iloyes. Of one or these it is a common saying bat no young or well favored woman can be tree days in the Treasury without being apiroacbed improperly by him, and the name of I be other has become a scorn among all decent I nen who know him. He boasts of the favors lis positions gives. A few such men as these, nth corrupt nominations by members of Cocress, are sufficient to give a little oolor to the | landers In circulation against "female clerks," I * thev are contemptuously called.? Weuk. Cor. I lochetter Democrat Aholihh tuk Incomb Tax.-The Philadel,bia Evening Bulletin insists that " the most nerous Hnd odioua of alt taxes, the income nx, should be removed. At the time it was mposed. it was the general understanding that I was essentially temporary, and a year or wo would see its end. ita heavy amount, oade in a single payment, Its inquisitorial naure. and tbe publicity given U) private affairs, II unite to make it an especial subject of dlstite. It should be tbe first repealed, and as inny others as possible should foHow after." ^Private King, who was recently killed T Lieutenant Olcu t in Virgin a, waa a "rojan The murder seems to bave been very elibernte. Olcntt sent for his gnn and shot uhk he wonld not let a negro drive he hor-es under bis charge. Tbe as*u?iu had eeu drinbcg. < J Tbb Ckbpitor'* Stbatagim ? Tour creditors stared from Ho*ton to the um? train of cart for the purpose of attaching the property of a iertam debtor id Farmington, id the State of Maine. He owed each one separate! v, ud each orf wai suspicious ot the object of the other, bot dared not say a word ahontit So they rode, acquaintance, all talking upon | every?hing except tbat they had moat at art. When they arrived at the depot at r artniugton, which was three miles from where the debtor did business, they fonud nothing to ?put >m over the road" bnt a solitary cab, towards which they .ill rushed. Three gst in and refused admittance to the loarth, and the cab started. The fourth ran a't*r, and rot up ontside with the driver. He asked the driver if he wan red to sell hi* horse. He replied tbat Be did not want to; that he was not worth more than fifty dollars but be w ould not sell him for that. He a?ked him if he wonld not take one hundred dollars for him. "Ye*," said he. The fourth man quickly paid over the money, took the reins and backed me cab up to a bank, slipped it from the barness, and tipped it np so that the door coold not be opened, and then jumped upon the bdrse's back and rode off lickety-switch, while the insiders were looking out of the window feeling like singed cats. He rode to a lawver'* and got a writ made and served and bisdeb' secured, and got back to the hotel just as the insiders" came up puffing and blowing The cabman soon bought ba> k lus horse for titty dollars. The "solid" meu offered to pay that f um, if the fortunate one. who found property sufficient to pay his own debt, would not tell of it in Boston A ('OSTR4BAKI) N OT N l' it I'.tKK!? AMON'i; thk Rkliaki.e?The Wilmington (I?el ) Hepublican ol Monday says : "Two of our mo?t lespecfable citizens were terribly hoaxed by a contraband a few day* sinew." He formerly lived rear Memphis, Tenn., and stated to several gentlemen, privately, that be bad been the confidential slave of bis maater. and tba' when the l.'nion army advauced on Mempuis ^1- Li? ??'*t*nce, bad buried 545,(Ui in gold; tbat he escaped North, and soon afterward bis master was killed, and noue knew the place of the deposit of the treasure himself He applied in vain to several parties, but at last succeeded in getting two ol our citizens to go w ith him to Memphis, promisii.g to remunerate them from the treasure I hey accordingly started to Memphis with the negro, who eat and (.'rank of the best; in fact lived like a lord by the way, and arriving there, u*ent in the nigbt with the negro to di* for the treasure in a grave.yard. While tbev were digging, the negro made some excuse to get away from them, and then making a sudden bolt, left them with their spades and shovels, to get away the hest way tbev could 1 he operation cost the parties about 93uu. Sinoilak Divor* * Cask?A Chicago dispatch fays: One of the most interesting divorce cases ef the present age is now pending in the courts of this city. The parties are ft Ti/ w Stewart, a young clergyman ot the Presbyterian church, and his wife, K mi lie Stewart, daughter of Washington Smith a wealthy and respectable citizen o! Chicago 1 he Key. Mr. Stewart married Miss Stnitn in INovember, Ifettf, and aiter they had lived nearly a year together bis wif? told him they must separate. and without giving au explanation for her strange conduct, left him a heartbroken man, and returned to her father's bouse. Since that day her forsaken bus-ban 1 has made repeated efforts, a-sjsted by friend" and brother ministers, to reconcile his wife to him, but without avail. He could not even obtain from herself or father any expla- ' nation of her mysterious conduct. It i* i currently reported tbat the reason for hie wife deserting him was that be bad committed swv. eral acts of plagiarism, often preaching other men s sermons as his own, and that she lelt ' sadly disappointed at not finding h- rhusband 1 so brilliant, intellectually, a, she dad supposed prior to their marriage. The snowstorm on the Shokk my Lake Erik ?The Buffalo and Krie Railroad Corn- i panv has been greatly embarrassed by tii* ia?e ' snow storm, but the trains were all running regularly again on Monday. Large quantity 1 ot snow fell, and the wind blew it into the track in many places to the depth ot twelve feet, and after the track bad been opened it wonld be filled again by the gale. The snow plow was sometimes useless, so deep and so solid bad tbn snow been packed. Hand labor with shovels had to be resorted to in manv places, and the snow was carried a considera" ble distance. This was one of the worst storms *or the railroad for many years?RucktUer I nton, H etlntulay. Mahia a Poto and Delirium Tukmexs? The Oxjfereme.?A Dr. A. H. Voormes, testifying in acaseof murder in Memphis, wasaskej When does mania a potn occur V His answer was. "Mania a pot* may occur at auy time within tour or five days of abstinence from alcoholic stimulants, and is supposed to 1* a debility which attends abstinence." In response to the question. -When do delirium tremens occur { he said, "Delirium trement mav occur during the continued application of a'lcohelic stimulants." , "Even-Ha.p.d Jchtii k, Jtc."?A fe:nale school teacher in Homer, Mich., is said to have recently whipped a pupil who spoke to her without leave, '.until she had used up three whips nearly as large as a man's Anger" She then had recourse to a ferule, an inch in diameter, with which she administered discipline on til her strength failed her. The father of the "disciplined" lad proceeded at once to find the school teacher, and ' gave her a castigation which she will not be likely toon to forget." Of course the case will go to the courts. Ship Owners Convention.? Steps have been taken for the holding of a ship owners" convention in Boston, where all who are auy way connected with tbeshipping interests will he invited to meet together to consult as to what measures may be taken to relieve the shipping interests of our country from the present depression, and to devise measures to secnre some relief of Government from much of the taxation to whick our shipping interests are now subjected. ? Ex-Governor llahu, of Louisiana, is at St. Louis, reccvenng from the effects of severe injuries received from being overturned in a carriage at Fort Riley, last fall, while riding with a party of Pacific Railroad excursionists As soon as he is abie be will proceed to Washington to add his testimony on the New Orleans riots before the Congressional Committee. yOn Monday night five female prisoners succeeded in escaping from the county jail in Chicago. They had received a saw-shaped instrument from some outside person, with W hich they snndered one of the bars, when by the unite strength ot the inmates, the bar was displaced. They then, by means ota sheet torn ^strips and tied together, descended to the gfjund. WApropos of old horses, hippohaggy is on the increase. In the markets of Paris, horse steaks and horse sirloin were temptingly / n displayed for the first time last week *Tue market price of a horse, fit tor nothing but the butchers, is from 91:1 to #16. There is a dealer at Nancy who has undertaken to provide the market?he advertises twelve fat horses for VAn editor undertook to count the drunken men in HunUville, Mo., a few days ago Having reached the number of thirty one who were so drunk that they didn't know highnoon from midnight, he was brought up by a drunken fellow wbo reeled and staggered so be couldn't count him. There seems to have been a geod deal of drunk on tbat day. ''Some of the connty sheriffs in Kentucky settle their accounts with the State in wolf scalps, at the price of six dollars per scalp, which is the bounty allowed by ibe State for killing tbe*e pests. It is said that some of the sheriffs can earn an honest penny by keeping a pair of wolves and killing the young ones as they become old enough. yAn apprentice lad gets "blown up" so often by his employer tbat he has concluded to take out an accident insurance policy. torA woman in South Carolina murdered ber inlant and was sentenced to be banged but the punishment was commuted to life imprisonment. tar Wm. Henry Jarvis who invented ihe tnbular boiler for locomotives in I8S1?is living in London in extreme poverty at the age of 77. STA large fortune, amounting to Slrt.000,000, s awaiting a Michigan editor. ex-Alderman J. W. Ingersol, ot Detroit. Win fifty-seven counties or Virginia there are three huudred and sixty rehei soldier* who have lost an arm or a leg during the war WA woman was found frozen n d*vb in the streets of Louisvill*. Ky., t |e * ?t ij - siu *e, almost entirely destitute of clothing ) A Vfumi oM SUry. A funny scene transpire* on board The ?imr?r Si. James on ber luttrip dawa ttie St. Jtmrr, be it known, is a favoriw hn: * th wedding parties, on account of b-r superior ac rmmrJu'iOD' and the general eirg iuce which distinguishes her A' Aberdeen. a young bhi, drmrd in bio Soni1*y> be?t. *o?l ( ibowmi in all hi* movements mat thi? *-a* ' Ui? happiest day of hi* life. -ame aboaeri, l?*d| ing by ihe hand a timid t iuug woman, who had sworn tbat day to loTf, honor. etc.. the young man ai< resttid TU-y were on a ??u dmf >oar to Cincinnati 10 aee the Hie Bndg* fbe Nu bolson pavement, and other ot?te u of inter* at. Approaching clerk Reguier. the yonng man s eeped in bli*a. said " I.oolc a' bare, Mr. Clerk, i and Miner bar* .tost doubled team." for life. , Maner b. sabee some more and tries lo draw away. bot tbe tofber half cling* her ) Weye d?-terminer to take a day u? oareel *es and go u> Oiantnan Now. we want a?(hesitating) ?a roou.? well a room?(with desperate energy)- bo lb together " Bride?(reproachful lyV?" Joeier V Bridegroom?(stoutly)?"That's what i say. and we want the best room yon'vogot on ihie boat." Tbe clerk disposed of tnem satisfactorily. and "Maner," blushing more ihan ever, retired to their state room. It being late In the night. while ber ".losier," lighting a cigar. pa.~ed tbe forward cabin with the importance which every yonng man teels when he first assume tbe responsibility of paying a young woman * board as a consideration for ber changing ber nam*. Josier at length concluded to seek bis -Maner." Accordingly be directed bis f?>utej>? towards bis state room Softly be tapped at tbe doer, but no response from within fell npon bis listening ear. Then be rave a louder rap, and applying bis lips to the key-bole, whimpered shrilly. 'Marier. open the door to yonr Jesier." Still no reply. He turned the handle, aDd tbe door being unlocked, it opened r^Uilf He advanced one foot inside, gave a look of bewilderment, aud then rushed back inui the cabin tn a state ot frecry and screnmed, "Stop the boat! she's gone?? overboard, may be' Captain ' Oh. Mr Clerk Where's mv Maner' Haa she drowned herself I Why didn't I get two room* T Ob. dear, tell tbe pilot to stop her! t*ive me back my Maner!" By this time Captain Oases. backed by hi* clerks, Kegnier and Koss, and reinforced by the passengers generally, was on the spot. What the deoce ta the matter V asked the Captain. "Oh. Captain!" said tbe distracted bridegroom. tearing up and down the cabin. "?b? always was a timid gal ?afraid of gettm married?gone crazy and jumped overboard. Why didn't I get two rooms' Oh. dear'" He then pointed to the state room in which be bad expected to find hi* "Marier " "Why, it's empty." said the Captain "Yes," said Josier, tearing bis hair, "and don't you see the ontdoor's open ? She went crngy; I tell ye, and tumped over board " Then talimg upon the Captain's neck, he screeched, Ob. give me back my Maner!" At this moment a state room door adjoining opened, and there was a glimpse of a -nowy i:ight cap, while a low, sweet voice said: ".losier, you're a fool; what you teann 'round at that rate for* Have you been dnnkmT .losier gave a yell of astonishment and delight. and put bimselt inside of tbat state room door in a twinkling. He bad made a mistake of tbe number of his state room, that's all Marier hadn't gone crazy, and she hadnt jumped overboard?Cincinnati 7'iw* A New Kibkakm ? A very extraordinary firearm is being exhibited in fc.ugland. 1: will, say tbe admirers of the system, entirely supersede Colt's revolvers. Spencer's sevensbooiers, tbe needle ntie. the hnfleld, or any other old or new invention. Tbe principle of it is tbat in place of having tbe chambers of tbe revolver atta< bed to the pistol or rllle, the aim is, as it were, a skeleton pistol, having barrel, stock, and hammer. The cartridges are inserted in a separate horizontal elongated steel receptacle When it is desired to load tbe pistol this thin elougatec. box containing tbe cartridges in separate cells is inserted in tbe empty space leit for it between the barrel and stock, and then, as last as tbe finger an draw tbe trigger, it pastes through of it*elf, until all tbe cartridges are tired. Anotber can then be inserted, and the firing con'iuued at almost any rapidity, and lor as long a period as there are receptacles of cartridge- a rifle could in this manner fire sixty shots a minute. A child could be reloading the empty cartridge cell* with perfect sat.ty. The principle is also applicable to btg guns. Tbe myeutor is Mr. James (vale, the blind man who invented the system of making powder nou-explosi ve. I'ayiso Tilk National Debt ?The l.ondca Spectator, in alluding to the prospect of oor paying our national debt ere long, rcmirkf It will be tbe greatest deed Democracy lias e*?>r done, the one which will come most clearly home to projierty-holders, which will most rapidly dissipate the idea ihat Democracy i* distinguished by an "ignorant impatience of raxation."' or by an indisposition to pay up honorable drums. No despotism will be'able to show such a financial account, no constitutional monarchy a better one, aud successful finance tells heavily with cultivated mankind The tide of immigration will set in with double rapidity, and tbe last remaintug deterrent to British North America will have been removed. Meanwhile, whether the dream is fulfilled or not. America, so long a* she raises this surplus, possesses a force of which it is difficult to estimate tbe extent: can, for example. spend without a loan as much as the whole outlay of (Ireat Britain upon her army and navy; can waste every year, without increasing ber taxes, as mnch as the loan with which Napoleon p id for his Italian campaign. KKBriK0CARBA0E.s ?Cabbages ib the spring are a great scarcity, yet there is no rea-?n that they should not be as plentiful then as in the fall. Only a little care is necessary We bare generally Eept tnem fresh and crisp throcgh tbe w inter. and the plan we adopted was this : We dug a trench out of doors, about three feet deep, and boxed it all around with loose boards In this we pnt the cabbages, standing thein on end. with the roots downward, not allowing the heads to tonch. Tbe whole wu then covered with boards, placing them close enough together to keep ont the wet; the earth was then heaped upon the top, forming, ol course, a mound of about two feet in height. in this state the cabbages Eept all winter long in the most excellent condition. No frost reached them, and they were as fresh m the spring as when first pat away.?Fredtrickton Herald. 7"Thoma& Pope, at Missouri City J unction, Illinois, got married, rented a bouse, bought furniture, and weut to house-keeping Ten days alter the marriage. Mrs. Pope ran away, came back, but Mr. Pope wouldn't re.-wive ber. She went away again, and again came back, and this time was received. In a short time she again eloped, bui m a few days, after some preliminary arrangement* through an agent, she visited her husband in company with her paramour, a Mr Murray. Mr. Murray proposed to Mr. Pope to buy hi* wife, furniture etc. Pope agreed, f 15 w as paid by Mur* ray, and all was well. The arming of the whole Austrian army with breech-loading rifles is resolved upou. Tbe modification ot the existing muskets will extend to 5tto,oo0 weapons, and will cost S3.I9u,mjo Hor ns. The new system will be that of the Linaer rifle, which fires fourteen shots in the minute By the 1st ot May 350,oi (i pieces will be in readiness. There will also be man. nfactured 42u,MiU more of a different construction, 800,000 ol which will be ready on toe same day The latter will be made according to tbe Bennington system, and tbe cartridge* on the combined plan of Bennington and Pea body. ^"ln Galveston, Texas, the cemeteries ato all full. WA Jersey City constable bas got into trouble for beating a woman while armed with a search warrant. ?**A Photographer's Epitaph?"Taken from life." VOnly fifteen pawnbrokers in Cincinnati. WTo maintain its dirty streets costs New York PiST.HO per annum ?7"Tbere are twenty-one people in Richmond (Ya) who are reported as having incomet exceeding five thousand dollars. 7* A horse-s;euler in a Mississippi jail set fire to tbe building and burned np with it. KTA gold tooth-pick can hardly be regarded as a suitable holidsy present for a starving man. yThe Danes refuse to become Prussians, f A West Hartford cow eat four pounds of tobacco and died John Bright is accused of Americanising England. t^There are thirty-one candidates for timed States Senate in Kausas. ^"Terpsicborean amusements in Salt l.ake City ore opened with prayer. What is the difference bet ween "dressing * and "stuffing!" One comes before dinner? the other at dinner. A reverend in I^ondon robbed a lady whose servant be had come to pray with WMr Charles II. Webb ba? written a travesty c? "Griffith Gannt," which will be published In a few days. 7"8iepheas failed to offer the city of Dublin as a "Christmas gift" to tbe Irish Kepabli.;. Vi be Archbishop of Paris has jost issued a I pastoral letters ordering prayers for the Sovereign Pontiff VThe people of (iuildhall, \ a., hive a "irystery." A full nan or female apparel |?? b?en found en toe tinikol toe river, the owner ci which is uuiiuusii. 4