Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. I lit Urtul CirtatikiM li lit Dituta.' . $ W. D WALI.ACH, E41tor an J Prtprlflw. WASHl?(iTU> CITY: S ATI R DAY DRi F.MRCft *o, i?ee. V READING MATT KA ON BVERV PAOI. ?* OUTPrDI ro* I!<TIHBTl!f? T*L1 GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER ' TO ADVERTISER!. Tbe following is the official showing of the ckfenlatioo ot tk* daily papers of Uui city compe*.ng for tbe Government ad vert Wing nnder the recentnet of Congress directing auch advertising to be made in tbe two daily news, paper- ot Washington haying ths urges Circulation : hvkhihb stab 7,715 copies per day. Chrontcl* ,?,5.IW8 ?? ? Intrlliprncer 3,55* ? ? ^he e turns of advertising by the city papers t?r tta quarter ending September JO, ! *?. as t*ken from tbe book* of tbe Internal Revenae Ofiice. are a* follow*: Lvaimro Stas , ?10,091 fntettig*neer M,lO< Chronicle. iU^io# Jlfmhtican 4,781 President's Reception en RrwYftfi. tve firv a-?tn0rized to state that at 11 o'clock A m . Tuesday, J.-.uuary 1, lt?7, tbe President wiil rr?.?iw Lbe members of tbe Cab-net and Korean Ministers. the Judges of tbe Supr^raConn of tbe Inited States, Senators and Representatives in Congress, Judges of tbe Supjeine Court of the District of Columbia and ol tbe Court of Claims. At totii-past ii a m., tbe officers of tbe Array and 4\nj and tbe Mance Corps will be reau^d. 1 be r<>(eption of citizens will commence at 12 o'clock in-, (at which bour tbe gates of the enclosure will he opened.; and will terminate at a o'cloi fc p. in I,*die? wiii be received I 'arriBfw ill aj>j-roa' b ths ki*cuiitk M inau>n by tbe east gate. and leave bv tbe west Bait< Navy Dki artmc.vt, i wabhixotos, vintb l>eceml>er. :-*56 v i fficers of t lie N?*r and Marine Corps m tbe city of Washington, are notified to assembl* a the Navy V partment at 11:15 a. m., on Tue day. January ui, tjur, for the purpose of paying ?beir respects to the President of th* 1 ui>d St*ies. Officers will appear in frock coat, epaulettes, cap, a word, and a word knot. gideo* wbllbs, Secretary or tbe Nary. - " '* t ie national arsenal for iron clads. The burn i n|c of the \ttr Ironsides at League Island, lor want ot water to extinguish the flames, bas se palpably demonstrated tbennrtfnewi i f that place for the proposed .National Arsenal tor iron-clads, that the proposmou 'o e-'abub it there will probably be abandoned. '1 be Philadelpha papers state that when tbe tide went out, the Are companies abandoned the vessel to her fate, and returned to the ci:y. as there wan no water to be untamed Tbe truth is that Washington is tft^ proper point for tbe location of the iron did Jtfd, and tta fitness for the purpose would have long ago beer recognised but for the scramble tuade by parties in tbe interest ?t different localities to secure it for their own advantage, without the slightest regard fo national intereits. Tbe contest has been mainly between the advocates of J^eague Island and New London. It Is an insuperable objection to New London that the waier is salt there, aud consequently unfi' for storing iron-clad*, aud against League .island it u urged that it m.t low mod-bank in shallow water, wbere thecostof makiugsoltd foundations, even for the commencement of operations, would be enormous, and when completed it would be >n?tnbout asserviceabie as is* celebrated Memphis Navy Yard, -built wbere the ground was a liuie damp," and ever used to launch even a canoe. The Navy Yard harbor at this point has already shown its capacity and fituess for the storing of ironclads, having bad a fleet of them loca-vd here foi a long time, and tbe yard h w all the ad. juncts and appliaures required lu connestion With their disposition here. 1 he New \ork fust, while demonstratiug tbe unfitness of League Island for tbe position. errs in holding that tbe arsenal should be located upon an open ?ea front. It is an indispensable requisite that iron-clads shal be stored in fresh water, and ;bus the a-gume-nts in favor of placing navy yards upon ses-frwnts are not valid in this case. The New Yoia Herald points out tbe advantages of Washington for tbe arsenal rery conclusive, ly. as follows : 4 We have reeeived a jrreat manv communicatton?. pamphlets, and argument* on tbs subject of locating a navy-yard for building and repairing our iron-clad war vessels. Several 'bijf b^n urgea, and, ol course, very airocgly. bv the mbabitnuts, propertv-bolders and interested parties of theie i.cau'jT o^ 11148 *ci one anvtber. saying * * tie or nothing of tbe di?ad vantages. Congressmen and the authorities ot tbe Navy Itepartmeni havebe?u bored te death upon the * abject. >ew York would bs tbe best place undoubtedly, if :ue water ot our b^ys w?e not salt. Tbe cry ol liudsoa. up the North ? w*re- London wants tee yard, bu . the same objection as to salt water applies to that city as to New Vork. League Island, up the .Delaware, has the advant&g* oi lTrsh water and convenience to tue coal and iron region, but vessels ot deep draught cannot a?ceud so far up. and tbe Delaware is closed up with ice part ot tbe year. Tbe proper place is Washington city, the seat of government There is a navy yard there airtaoy vessels of tbe largest cla-s can get up the Potomac is seldom froven to Impede navlgalios, anil n is fre,h water. Beside, it is n?arty or quite aacoaveaient tothecoal and *ron regions ot Peaa>-ytvania, Marriand. and Virginia. by tbe Dalttmore aad Ohio railroad, and canal and bj no otber nennsor communicirion, as Philadelphia is to tbe mieersl regions of Pennsylvania. The gieater distance from *he aea Is also another advantage. It would b? betur protected near tbe capt*ol of the Repub i lie trom foreign enemies than eltewh^re In -very jmint of view then, aad to end the trou- ! ble ai*>ut th- matter arising from the IlVtl ! claims ol tbe diltereui places and int?rmti>(] : pariie?, tbe Government should decide atonee to locate the navy yard for iron-cladi at Washington. THE MARYLAND LLUI8LATI RE. Tbe Legislature ol Maryland meet* on Wed. nesday neat at Annapolis, and the session will no doubt he an interesting one, la consequence ot :he political cbangt-s brought about at the recent election. One ol the hrst subjeeU to engage Us attention will be tbe election of a successor to 1 nited Slates Senator Cresawell' wbote term expires on tbe ?ib of March. Many surmises are ufloat as to its probable course m reference to nbtienal ai d State questions which wtll ccme before it. Thus it (s said tba1 the Constitutional amendment will be rejected' btit that as atonement for snch action the ?bi<oiiou? Stale laws in reference to colored people will be modified, aud negro tesmnony *1 milled m the Sta?e courts. It is also stated that aM effort will be made to declare tbe last alec. t*r. lor Ma>or and City Council of Haiti more illegal and void, said election having been held n nder tbe regrstration lis'* of 1CG3, to the exclusion of tbose rejri-teri-d last fall, and that a L'ii will be introduced looking to the generni an, neety, by w hu b all those disfranchised an. O. ? il?e |?rw wioit* cl (be State ?onstitutlohfor ayn.j ati > with or participating .u the eb-llioti will be restored to their potitirol rights: but these are mere surmises, and it is not po?*ihie o fcreteil the action of any legislative bodj In ,heee dajs of politual turmoil and commotion, wben party lines are laid down one day, only o be departed from lor new onej on the next- 1 1KPCFTA.NT DECISION ON TUB TEST O kTtt ACREED TPO.N. It is understood that the Supreme Court ha ye agreed upon a decision upon the cousti. ut.cnality ot the test oath. The question oanie j up on tbe canes pretentcd in regard to tbe exaction of the oath from attorneys of which there were several under consideration by the coerr, which were argued last summer. The court ta? decided by a rote of five to four against the constitutionality of the oath Tbe opinions will probably be read on Monlay ne?t, if Judge <frier should be abie to be in at- < Undeiu-e. It is. understood that each of the ' judges will render a separate opinion. I a proclamation By the Frtti-Unt of tke Vnif'd of w h-reae satisfactory e vid?oce has been rephtfd by mf Irom bi* imperial HLijesty, tbe Kmperorot France, ib^onch the,-Mnr<j utd d-? tf ontbolon, bis 1 nvoy extraordinary and h|in Ister Plenipotentiary, thai vesse^ bei^dfcin.; to ritisena of the United Slates gaterin;!nuy port of franco or its dependencies, ou or jhfter j tbe l?t day or January, 1?gt, wim not h?m5. j jected to tbe paj ment of higher duties or-ton* j n&ge tt an are levied on vessel* be'.ongiag to citirena of France entcrmt the ..aid pornNovr? therefore, I. Asuntw Johbsox, Pr?-?td* nt of tbe United States of America, by vtr'ne ( f the authority vesied ih tn?* by no apt of (Jon- | grerg ol tbe ?tb day of January, 1 '21. entitled j "An act concerning disci ouonary duties of ! tonnage una frfnrt net nrirdofr' tion thereto, of the 'Jitn day of Kay. *, do hereby declare and proclAl n (bat oa and af er tbe *>aid lat dav of January, 1m*7. a? long as ve??lsof tbe United States sball be admitted to lr*nch port# on the terms aforesaid, French verse's tntering tbe ports of thn United States wli be subject to no higher rate* of dnty or | tonnage than aie levied upon vesjels of United Mates In tbe port* thereof. \d testimony whereof i have hereunto aet my hand and tauaed the teal of tbe i'mted States to be :?ll:xed. done at the City of Waehington, tin* t wentyeighih day of december* >n the year of [l. 8.j our Lord one thousand h?ht hundred and sixty-six, and of the Lnriepentfeuc" of ibe United State* of Am<-rt?a the ninety-first. Aimiw Joh>sov. Uy the President: William H. Sewatit?, Secretary of State idaho?instructions to the surveyor general. Tbe Commissioner of the General Land Office has issued instructions to Lafayette Carter, h>q , the Surveyor General of Idaho Territory, informing him of tbe boundaries of the surveying district of Idaho, ns denned by n< ts or March 3, |wft, and May 80. h1i, and dir? ctirg him to establish the initial point of snrvey ?itber on a con?picuons mountain or at a continence of ?;reams In determining where survey , should be made, preference should be , piven to these localities where the Itntls are rr-quirfd for mmediate and actuai settlement* and in establishing standard parallels, to extend tbose lines 10 the mining regions of lutho, i In order to accommodate early surveys of mineral lands. In surveying and marking tbe lin?s t-f public lands containing coal b?*ds or 1 co:*l flelrti*, the same shall be noted, with the : line- intersecting tb*m, which will indicate 1 eonspicuon?ly the lands for the correct offering, a? the law direct*. The Surveyor is enjoined by the Commissioner to employ no man in the surveying service unless he possesses high ! profeselonal abilities ns a practical surveyor, and shall furnish unquestionable evidence thv t hl? professional antecedents establish his entire fidelity and loyalty to the Government. fyls?sunday test uhcik mbbring In uj, Unlea league iiall, 431 Jib ?t.. at 3 w'cik. rplilts described, names given ths last Circle Mrs. l. 8mit 11. Madtnui. Admission u cts. it* |tcp?xu>cft ralph" willi ami. of CtTwill ws-^-..r.r.e*cil'n Uonncll, City Hail, to mokkuw. at ii a m . 9 p m , and i p. m pobjecie? a tu . * Redemption;" p m., "The Bropfcecies." pnmu Invifd. h? masohif?a 8t?f*d h?etlae of nbwt ujf JBkOMaLBM ludgk No ft, will b* hH.i 1 on m?>ndat KVilHINU, ue.eni'er Jlst. at 7 o'clock. Master Masons in good ttaudinzare fraut??ily invited d?18 at; ok! as hoftst, 8*3. f b-rot 10*-Tbare will b? religions services l5 im the Ooonoil cb tint-er. Cur ii til ha b BaTH dm ?th. m >raii>a 11. afternoon 3. eve niuic 7 o'clock, bubje.t?Morning. Tu* Plan cf k> tumptiub; afteiunon and evening, fropn*c> 1 niniled shoeing that the personal coming of th' Bevtonr is at hand. It* rr&r' thk uoacbut ahu cxhibition or tm* dor barton 8t. m k. sabbath 8oiiouu. u.rrgeti.wu.d r , wbicli c?ni*ot? so satisfactorily (>n Tniirt,du> evi uiug last, th* .7tli in?t, will b> rtptated ou nsw ykab'ri 1>, o do. k. _ da 23 41* 'r^=*hational 31 kt&opol1tam tfamk, bank op thbtmetbopoli9. wa-hi!?,;t..!?. Dr, ember 24,131?. . a t a weetma of tbe board ..f Dir*ct<>r?, held this d%j. tbe folk,* 111* f?*?oi?niovi wh sdofted . t f'i?'i c> thj't i#d of frortts <.f Bank for ibe bau >ear *n<tiat the ?nn instant1 be carried to the surplus fuml, as required er law, and that from the remainder a dividend er four mt cent (free of tax? apoa the capital stock *2} ,ho tock'so'1lere,on or after Thursday, the 3d of Jatinery next. mo.abs kbllt,CaabWr. xw* rl**juhambbb80it tub karrlk lk3 ? at the masohio fAtU. J* ll Wm Ohtmbtr Bait which hu be^n onered for raffle for aonte time p*e: by w b Mosaa, haa been transferred to tbe Maa.nlo Fair, c\.rnerof <tbaad Peun ave , and will be eosi tivefy raflled on 8at0md\y kvbminu. All p rsins homing tickets n-it paid for will please ?ali at his store. 419 7th street. Intelligaucer eullding, b> Saturday evening. Dec. 2>tb, and settle, otherwise tbey will b* considered void. i usuv.u""b""a*?"ot'v' ir^=" a mbbtimoor th 8tuokmoldsb8 im.??l ,be *a!?HlllQTOII aid gkosoi y?fn ha il koa DtOH i' a ? y tor th* election of l'irecton.. will l.e held *1; the ofllce of the Ootnpany on wkdnbsbaf. January ?, 1^. The *?e! fc u cpra mt 11 ?'ct0ck ??m> clj*e at ! ?ubo V"(jld*on,Pre*ident. *? ?4 ? wm o. qbbeblbaf, Sec. nfg-gbao* chl'bch faib, iCbrisnnas and iks , mew year.)f?r thebenetttof urate Ohnrch, laiaad, (hev. Alfred Uolmead, rector,; la.and Mall, corner of Virginia avenne and 1th st .will open december smb. Tableaux and other entertaiuniente. Supper ?acb night. Season tickets 40 cents. i la ta Kepi de iv tf rr^- tSTABLHl b d 19*3. ... McrBBBSONTrBBOOSOR. 71 fiss. mwi, rninii 1st irinr, _ , , 0*fitol hill, Dealers in fubb dbfos. mxdtcibb9 and 0hkmical8, pbbfl'mbbt, yanot goods, ib8tm0mbnt8, be., bo. FBysjclans Prescriptions aecnrateljr compounded. The Night Bell promptly aaewered. oe 12-tf nrs=?to thb votbjaa or wa8bibqtob, nrflb assessors of thb d1pfbrkrt w a kd9 will meet at the following places, from lu o'clock a. m to 3 p. m., from the Mth V> the alst Deceintier inclnaive, to eorreci and register the names of tbose omitted from the printed poll hem. f1bbt wabd-obo f. kidwbll?Corner t??aty.secend street end Pennsylvania avenne bewomd wabd-oborob w. hamb.nbss? h street, between Twnifth and Thirtn*nth streets. third ward?william b. DoWNINUl street.between Seventh and Bigbth streets pol'bth wabd-w1lliam h johnbonFifth street, between 1 ?nd K atreeta. FIFTn ward?thom ?*8*jn van r18wick? Oorber Third street east and l> street aouth. sixth wabd-ciiablbb b nblsub?9ft3 o street south, Between Sixth and Seventh streets east. 9vbnth wabd-joun h. bird?Maryavenne and Sixth street de 11 eot31 mottc ?tot ax.'p at brb^ WaTEE bboutaak's Of FiC'k, CiTT haLL.I _ Jieeember 11. 1%*. f owners of lots wittin the city, which hind on or tonrh on any avenue, street, or alley, in which a water main has b?<en laid either by the United Statee <?r by the Corporation of Washington, are i reminded that nnlese the tnet*lan*nt of th* tax now due b?> paid at this office prior to the 1st ?f Jannary, the property will be auvertlsed an4 eold ; acrotdiDg to law. i tjal randolph coy lb, w. b. enn brffbklm potatoes fo a alb Olllr by ii w. hall, 3j4 7th sticet^netwien d iind Louisiana avenue. deft it Whitb oporto port, ("Tears of the fiuoro,'1) Direct importation. J _ . Z. m. T. kino a sob, del>-tf King Plane. donch bowls ! r punch bowls'! Berelved this day?a ei^ndla assertment. de .fst wkbh a hbvkkidob. ^bcbptiob loxoribst ~ Jnst re'fived. a laf^e wri"'r of arttclee selected particularly for the < eminc receptl-u sea *m. ? z. m. p hlito a bob, . ? *! ? Place, de n Oer, Yt. are. ?nd 1ss at. ^oldbn bouppbknono WiNI.(^atlve )' Riwb fruity flavor, with delicate boiuel. Prodnce ef the souppxbhong grapb, of North Carolina. ? ^ e m. p. kino a son. de it tf King Place. a t 0 h b b , ~ jbwblbt, bilvbb and platbd wabb, rich pabis fancy goods, bkglifh and ambb10an tablb out laky. kinb fanb, opbra olabsbb, clocks, bbonzeb, Ac. Also. Bverv variety of elegant oood8. SnitaMe for vba'dinq amd holiday prbsbntb. w oalt a f*bo., Jewelers, de tj it 3)? p?ai*ylvanla avenue JBCBE-?8E OF SALART. Keep! a a 'headland body t>cerher I* * Aifrrult Ufk in the eaetee> ti hm, When the of inr '-oal from the a eper leather ?crn, in tto**r-t of weather. Ilirn* hinl?tojMHrtof'ih*r th?n rh??^u Aru? me. or to WILSON are dollar* nod diam r r (utintl- ? tk? beet hs ran do tfc*,aMW?iBt?BCe 0( a dollar or t+p; Jratttln n?afcA *?e ell know tbe a>a <? it true. ' It aa*er hitae. |,?t ilAroppeth Ik* dew." 1 I H#BB wife aad ??d th? children t > ?hoe. abb* p*nr y thearaved l* B penny rr<-u A fif'j cfat ne'e, or w?H $?y. tw mty five/* Wieely expended. will !(*?> Ibroi - 1* . A- mem have teeted. deiermin d to thrive, toikom make L the wealth.of th* hi v*. the poor or the rich nan, kcii-.od I to aave, * ill nr I be the dope of % coincUnc lea? kntv*, Hat wi^l ??rk the beat good* ?bor? ihe char*ea That ^WILSON'S, on 7th etrtet, Odd frallowa* - . JB*" IIe h?* Onito'. Boje\ T uthi' Ladle*' an J M ) - ? ' boat f?*r; And C htidrea a B00U and Sboee, G altera. Biobera '? tli?rt, Of all it In*a aad Maea, cheap foe ca*h,-**t a r?alr: Do will deal by f?u lit er*!, obliging na l fair. When toa'vedealt wiih him onc?, > oa will not so ?lw?b?r?, 80 *e tear many aen'lble teople declare. QBO. H WILSON. Iforanly Barn* A Wilaen.) 402 71b etr>-<t, under Odd FMloaa' H*1l.i Waahlagjou, D. 0. de .8 st MBTBO^OLITAN PATENT 0TBAM BAKERT, 347 O street, between 4\ aaJ 6th. Complete in ail ita appointment*. having one of McKentie'a apleudld Beel Oveaa and net Ha cMnery. manufacturing work aaperior to earthing poeaible by the old proceaiea. BOSTON CRACKERS, A Tory anperior article, freab dally. MILK BISCUIT, Freab dally; euro to pieaae. try them. 801)A CBACK BBS. The beat In the anark-1; a coaatmt aupply. WATBB OB ACE BBS, Of the beat scanty. fa any quantity. Together with CBACKBB DUt?T, SUOAR PBACK EBS. NOVELTIES, QINOIR SNAPS Ac , alwaj* oa baud, at th? lowest pricea Tiy and be cenvinced. <J?-5l--iw THO. HAVBNNKB. 486 { ?*??? ?. >486 "" tV ?*5 ??St BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL ( OMRiyj n ? PAINTINGS AN I. INUKA Vi NOS A Ilmittd but choice oele'-tioaa of Oil Paiati'i*<), Engraving*. Chronica, W reatha, Baah-ta of Flowem. Ac., appropriately framed. . , OVAL PlCTI BE FRANKS. A rich and varied aaaortment treaa the beet m^n nfa< 101 era in the counry embracing Wainut. lm 1 tat inn Boaewood. all uf It Battle and Carved Frame* J'aaeepartoat*, Card Framee, Ac. PICT LBS COBD AND TASSELS. WALNUT BBA< KKTS A . Picture Oerd and Ta??el? all aliea and colora. Ring Nalla, Walnut Brack'ta, *?-eli A ' PAPEBHANOINU8 AND WINDOW SRAT>CH A b<-antifol variety of theae ko.-1b. embracing the rirhret de^ivni of Gilt Cmhraldered Pnrlor Pat terns in the Bletrlct, with a w?ll aa-ertad arocts of cheaper gradea, with a l?r?o variety of Wiado? Bba?i?a, different aizra and colora Ordera far Window Snadea and Paperhanginxa punrtnally filled, <a city or conntry. A large portion of the above Q^oda were made ar*ci?liy to order, hclierine the best th? cheap<-ar, and atminc to k?-ep th?' c|-??a o' 3oo<tt we reap?cttuily invite the Public to in-pert and compare our Ge<?1a wltli any in the market. 7Vrwt^ inmrinhly rn h. J. MARK BIT BR, No 7th ?treet. deJ8-2w* Eight doore above Odd Fellow*' Hall. I^UXUBIBB FOB THE HOLIDAYS. .MATLLABD'9 OANDIES AND CHOC0LATK8 CABAMEL'tf CREAM CHOOfiLATB 1)0111LE VANILLA tJHOCOLlTB, _ _ 1 For table nao.I B05?F. AND VANILLA HCRNT ALMONDS. MIX HI) epfJAR PLU.11H, and ASSORTED t,'ANDIES Juat receiktd at KINO PLA'tE. /. M. P KINO A SON. W**flT INDIA OBAKOBBAfffe V w , SWEErMALAGA0RAP18. KING PLACE. MINOE MEAT iDOMESTIO.) Juat made, of aele< t matrrlala, At KIXG PLACE. f^OLPEN SCUl'PEBNUNG WINE. VLi- . # ?.rit ?*T NATIVE WINE Gold colar, fail, yet delicate flavor and fra grance.aad leaa than one half the coat of imported EIMQ PLACB ( " NUTS. RABINS. FK;77 JDRUANTS, V/ a Pit, Eh. AC.. Ac. toenit thii partli alar a?-a ??n- by Z M. P. KINO A SO31, de i? Klug Place. I^BADBTBEET'S ^PATBST WEATHER The heat invention of the a?e. Bxeludea anew. "" Wl?do..o( j&'sxsfsas! de 20 2w B. W HAMILTON A CO. w" * m""abd ??=&e3b5w?jsasOld > urnltore of all ieacrletioua. boatht fTl Ja? . D*' Cpholatering and Vartiiah iS*a?il,n?A aetice Sootheaat corner of 8th and K etreeta north. No da 18 Sm" ^ jj BEAT REDUCTION IN PB1CEB AT BOTHBOCK'S, TIH STBBBT, OPPOSITE PATENT OFFICB. Nut wfahing to carry uver a heavy atock antil ptma, 1 have determined to replace my eri<e-? npc n ever> deacrlptiou of Freaoh aad A?aeri? ?ti Paper Haagligp,, Bordera. Centrea, Statree ana Medalliona. Fire Board I'rtau L Window Shadea, Shade RolUada, Sn%>|e rixt'irea" Baatic Rlinde, "faille and dtair Oil Ol-th *f ^bo ID*>' *"T of the above article* will Bud it true> economy to call and examine my very telrct and large atoch. BOTHBOCK, j .. ti. ?40 ?<! ?4?7th etreet, de lt-tjal oppoeite Patent Office. 450 81T*NTBBTB1?T. BOTHBOCK'S, Oppoeite Patent Office, Seventh a treat, ?' r'One-J taate*, aad who admire and ?afi ^*utlful im Art- w* reoaeeted to otSoisi. mm? yfij? """ 01 <'t..y*ry on b?od?ad male Oarua auu Naile. Th, largeet atock 01 Beceaa Frameaaod Pupe PartouU Irk,.t lowtr?> , thla District. Call aad eee them o ROTHtOOK 8,oppoeite Patent OMce, de IS dtjan 1 Seveuth atreet. df XTBOPOL1TAN 11 nfifW^ 8*BAM BAK1BT, 34 7 C at , between4* aj.doth atreete. iaM.? hat*NNEB'STAMILT BBEAD cert an prVied the m*rket runil!*< and GrotJ*'fl-2w THO. HAVBNN BB. g||| BOOTS AND BHOis: * B W TT OBI. - nn,1,'r"1*ned bef?a leave toinformhlafrien ia w1ntn?LlB SSSfL'tf'J11*! J? bM opened the tLK ? ? t n ^ M' "?- 't* atreet,under Odd Fellowe Hall, where he haa on lianii a general aaeoriQient of Ladiee' and Oentlemeu'e, Boy'a, Miaeea and Children* BOOTS AND SHOBS. Bemember the namber, .>oi 7ta atreet. unler Odd Eel Iowa' Hall New Cheap Store, formerly K F Pag,,* atore. J* 18 GEOBOB B. WILSON. A PIANOS LA ROB Aaeortmrnt of Stein way A fcona' Pianoe have juat been received. H'ti Piano Stoole aud Oovera For aale at fac-|MB tory price* at the warerooma of it f 111 dar W. G. MBT7.BB0TT A CO. B M O V A L . thb h at ion a l union insurance compant <ir Washington Have removed to their New Office. No. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUE, Firat door eaatof 7th at. ? / DIB ?7TT OKI: Ohaa. Kaap, Prea't, tleo W Bigaa. Vine Preat, Th?*- rrT. Marnhall Brovra,'d Watlach, ? B Gideon. Daniel Dodd, Wm. Diaou. Henry D. Cooke. de J tf NOBLB D. LABNER. Secretary. VfCrOB BECKBB. ? PIAMOTPNEB ANDBEOULATOB.^-i?^ BsTAaLianan im i??. uKy OBBKRa NOW RECRTVKt) AT DEMPSET a OTOOLK S, Engraven and 8U tloaere, Ac., 3U6 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth ata F. C. RE1CHENBA0H e Piano Booma, 499 llth atreet, near Pa. avenaa. .Sf*rinl N?titt from Wm Knnbe f Cb., Biltimor* Mr. Meaher aaa tuned Piaaoe for aa at our Ware* room, and we uka pleaaure in atatiBg that we balieve him to be a competoat tuner BOSl lm ?GQ8 BOGS. BOGS." Flvetkouaand derea of VBI8H COUNTRY BOGS. Jaat received hf , ? W. J. McOONVBT. de M-2t Coraer?th and I atreeu north. OLD 8TOVBB TAKBN IN BXOHANGE~^hL

for BfV ODM. GBATEB, In great variety, aiSI 143 atreet. near the Bridge. deS7 1m" dc f??B BALB?A pairof flneyotingDUN HORSES, at Mr. I S.iiLOoTT't 8 a idea 4T 1 rv 8th etieet, between D and B. if net aeld irn Saturday marnlag, the^22 W 1"W a 17 *'n"(? be offered at public aale by W L. WALL A CO., at their Bar.aar, Ko 9s avenae, between #th aad 10th atraeta. C C 7i pBTBlgUHV HAND-BOOB OK PRAOTIOE ds s FBANCB TATLOB. 1 + 4 .. I eov*K v>i|t?T ?*CC*1TIK?~ [ * ARHiaaro*. Bet-ember >?, iMs I J?y Coofce A ?o. taiaish'ttm torttW.n( quotations of Oovernment securities: "s g fr^fSS^'sK:-"?'r' ! ?; fi?? - g* i t S. t iv* 1 wenties. 1865 i,j? ,<ir * !si'i fe:5r?:;g?SaiB; OV'tr-itf*- St*! s?,?xiiujs: isj 1IBW VOBK FIRBT BOABD RALM cK.npjm, lii<ig; ftti twmHM/M 105 K **? Innw., 1HM, 104V; Flvs Twai.uA JHB.% HH\, KIt? Twenties, Jannjjr andJnfr' !SnSVw\*VrTt,W' ??*: SeTPn Ttoirti^ SSKixi'r d0 Jone* 104 v do Ju,y. l0*H; j financial. I*ww -Johnson A Co., quota Stocks and KoiiUs iu liomt1 uud foreign markets as follows Kitw Ion*. L?*c. 28?lstMoard-U.S. re*. i rwrSredT51* A d?'' couPl>,la' "?V #-*? >, rifitwrea, , do. coupons, loju- ?i<, iumK4 V ll?-40 e, reR1?t?red. do. coupons, 1* ' ! .iVr" *"?< MiesUsippi U?rutlcau*; 1 V? *' WUQ>^r??"d, ??; Unieksunlfv t?" M?ripo*K, Pi, New York Central, IU V fcr-e,^^ do. preler'd,-*'*. Hudwa.muReading, I Michigan Central, 10-. Mirta.' if an Southern, Hi'j; Illinois Central, 119-Cleveland and Fuuburic. t*S; Cleveland aud ' 1ST *r # laoU' Jv{*; N^'kwes- I dC>- VT,,t*rr?a> Kort Wayne. ., Cliica/ro and Alum, 1W? V. Altoti aud IVrre liaute,4i/X; Toledo and W*ba.<<b. 4'i. W it ! 1 ^le/ntpb. i(# Hwtun Waiir Kower, Pa sa^ivar* An"r,e" DON T WANT A BAH.ROAD e published some days since an extrt-t from a letter of tbe Richmond oorwsp^ndeuce I of the Fs.ersl.orft /?>*r, in reference to the application pending before the Virginia Leglsia- i ture for a charter of a railroad from -any poin t on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, extending to and connecting with the Baltimore and Obio Railroad;" the design being, it .? paid, to bnild a railroad along the canal from A lexandria to Oeorgetowr. crossing the Potomac by a bridge overtbe piers of the Aqueduct The Alexandrian* are opposing the project' tooth and nail, and look upon it as a schem<* to give their c rty "the go by" a, a termini of the Orance and Alexandria Railroad, aud to weld tbe Orange and Alexandria Railroad insep1 rable and forever to the Baltimore and Ohio Rnilroad. The f.'ate/fe, which favored tbe plan one dav in a column and a half article, thinking ,t would be a good thing to have eommusication between King street, ln their city, a?d p?nn eylvacia avenue here, evenr half tiovr ia toe day. snddenly veered round, ani ne*t dav disavowed said article, 8ayIn* ,t wafc f ; correspondent, and tbe paper did not indorse His Tiaws. h.nrtnK that they bad about enough communication with this side of the Potomac The Journal is jus'. ?ts strong in ?g OI)no. i sitiun, and is air aid of Baltimore, of tbe j>is o.,j i fURHATT. The United States steamer Srfratara. which was, m nt to Alexandria lor the purpose of re ceiMim John H. Surratt, the conspirator !<? ihird-ciaw screw steamer, bearing ten run, and 5'Mi tons bcrtheu. Sue was fitted out a'he Washington Kavy Yard, from which place she sailed under command ol Oommander J^f. fers to join tbe Mediterranean squadron. l?! formation ha^ been received that sne sailed from Alexandria, Egypt, on the 2lst instant with burraft on board, and would here atxiut the latter part o! .laauarv. The Nary Department hat received no information that Surratt will be brought here on the Swatara though be was placed on board that steamer at Alexandria lie may be transferred to an other steamer and sent to this country It,, thought he will arrive here between the 2i?h .tnd last of January. snip canal. HeT Wt' UUI* ^e I^c I,a B^lle Harbor ImproTemen: Compaur of Michigan, has flied with the Oo.'iim.^.oner ?f the Oe^eraj Land OfDce a list of selec.ions of public Ian.! embracing Ham** acre?, me foil quantity allowed by the act Ol Congress approved July :i, IW6, to aid in the construction ol a ?hip canal to connect the waters of Lake Superior with tbe lake known as Lac La The list i(< nndergoing an examination with aviewol carrying uw aaiaction. into nateat at an early day. ' PRMPARFNO THE LIST. Major Hiitt, the Pardon Clerk, has been bosilv employe^for soma t?ns past in malting out a list of pardoned rebels, to be fnrn?hed to the House 0/ Representatives in answer to their re,ol4tioncai^ng0n the preaident to furni-h the same. The list of all tbe high r,bei otIioerfc Co"cre8s- aBd graduates c.r\He?f Point. Who Joined the rebellion, has incompleted, and will be famished to th House on the ci^uiftg ol LUt aessiua ^fisr hl>?T 1 ear'n day - " , **ACTIONAL CrRRKNCT I'RINTEU ^ I'uring the Week ending to-day, there' has beer, received Irqm the Printing Bureau at the Treasury Department KJl^lOU in fractioaal currency. . I>IBBC*HKMBMT8. 1 be amount disbursed Unm the Treasnry Departmentdnring the weekending to-day is Is lollow8 War Department, t073.47-? J|: ' ^ ^1,1 bT,545.60; Interior, #'2U.|:?*.:||. lie - PARfMlNKD. The President has directed a warrant ?f par don to be issned to James Palmer alias Oeorge WtUHuxK. convicted of stealing letters from Jf? P?*V0,Bc*' ?? V. S. District court for torm1J0^r- ^"lnCl ?f New York' ? June term, and sentenced to eight years im prisonment. The pardon is granted ou the eeommandation of tbe officers of he prison the prisoner having already served ontVX The President has also directed a warrant nt I li'Mf0" to b* iUhn*'i to Wiikerson ot C??nty'Ml89 ' nnd,,rthe 13th section of the proclamation of May an, |pf?. -eci,ou NATIOsTu. BANK CCRRKNCr. Doing the w??k ending to-day there has been issued from tbe Traiwury Departmenr in National flank currencv miVlnm total of this date of tnooj*5,!?l. From th!/^ to be deducted the currency rotnrieS! nS/ld! OUl amounting to iSSHt 1101 circtriatlon at thH date THE MASSACRE AT FORT MriL. KEARN EY The Comm.-sioner or Indian Affairs h^s not' received any parUcnUrs of the tertiblt massacre which occurred near Fort pbM Rear ney, on Friday, tbe 2lsl inst. A telegram w .s yesterday sent to the agant at Fort Lara-nidirecting h?m to immediately report all n .r' titulars to the office. ^ reporiau parSHIPMENT 0> i?tTRRElfOY The to:al amoont of tfnrrency shipped Irom the Treasury Department daring the past week was *173,01*). of which ?M o<>0 wis L. to the Assistant Treasurer at St Louis. < t?ltai,oyi to sational banks. ' ,''ou,* *uU ' SECURITIES HELD. Theeecnrlties held by tbe Trea?nrerof the United Statet in trust for national banks r?ported to tbi? date, areas follows For cTrJ^ Ming notes. ?40,:WM. 160: for deposite ot pb^ lie money?, Kft,M3M?30. Total. rt70.i07,10a fcr" *rom J. C. Parker. Poet Office News Stand, we have the December number of j tiUuiufx d s l.dmhtiryk Mogatine. The article beaded "What is and what may be" 1* likely to attract attention ip it* concession by the 1 torie* of the necessity tor acceding to the demand of tbe people for a reform bill and the extension of the franchise. 1 >tbrnal Ke vkm a ?The receipts from this s*orce to-day were **?,?* 5*, makinr the to receipts during the w<*k fi,437,3u;.3a. FRACTIONAL CtTlUtJCIfCY PH-TROTF-D tstoVMfel oi y rarttoi al Currency re. nnM 4e-t, during the vrcfk eudin; wr ? Yua'" Uat Llbr Mxyor, for tb? lencV of lfco?e w?? may b?? pleased lo psytffteir ndp^eis to hi::., will, w? are iufoiittfrt. l*? in tl.<*Coai?cil Chamber, City H<U?. briiten kite Hours el one and three o'clock p. in? OB N>W Year's Day. to meet his friend* |/Wf b?Ti> received from Messrs Pbilp A. Solomons their handsome lor MS;. TELfcORA^mC NKWS. J(\ U. &. * k( KOl'l^y NkWJ A>-KK l\TU>\. Vl'ROPEAS NEWS. wwrnw, n?r ?>-iiw imww mwnu- 1 stan, fiom La\erpool 15ih. via (^ueenstowa loth, arrived op this mornmr. The steamship Ta?n.ania bad arrived at Southampton tram (he West indies, wn byollow fever on bosrJ. She bad !*> c*.>ee aud ?i de.itus on the passage. retails of the ?- xplot ion at the Oiks collieries near Harnsley chow (bat 3l? deaths bad occurred, an having died out of ttieoighteeu r-?. curd. A second -xploMon occurred, causing m?re deaths, most of the latter b?ing mi nine engineers and foremen of nrUrhbartnc collieries. More explosion's followed in tbe ?sm* day. ar.d the search mas then suspended. Another explosion bad occurred uear Newcastle. Stall orrtsbire?74 lives belnc lo-t The Qi.een bad subscribed two hundred i pounds tor the felfef of 'he sufferers. 1 be F?aiu alarm tti Ireland is repon-d as snl?i?*iug, and no more arrests were to be maoe. The claim against M. St Arnind, in Franep, by the l ured Staops is tranr*, which it. the amount paid by U&eCon federate (.to vera taenl fi r ships tit war. Tlie mission of (leu. plenary to Fiance refi re solely lo the Homsn <|?v?t|on. all idea ot tbe Hope leaviog Home is abandoned Altbourh Cardinal AuUinvlli m*dis#aisfa.-factory ejplan'Utona lo Minister Kin*, yet tae statement rasde bv the "Asv^rvative Komaii*" remained uncontradicted \>y that j jurn at. Tbe proposal by Ausiriafor negotiation* for relations tietween that Government and the Zoll yerein bad received a favorable response from Prussia, and Vienna Is Suggested as I be place hi bold 'he Conference The Prussian Plenipotentiaries will soon ar rue at Vienna lor (he Conference. The Foreign Miui-u-r of Bavaria bad r?Mk ned. liaron Golthol has be. n appointed war minister of I.olrum. A printed revolutionary proclamation, nnder the seal of Gen. Price. intended to incite revolution in Sp&>u, ha* bee . ?fis-e<i in the Fauburg St Deui*, iu Paris. Ibelnvnlide Kutte lakes exception to thcomparison made by I,a France ktwwa rh? Candian insurrection and ilie Polish revolution. savin* that the Candnn revolution w is biought about by tbe vitiation oi treaty agreement on the part of Turkey A Constantinople telegram state* thar a French equadrou ha* been put a* thf service oi Turkey, 10 render moie effective the blockade of ("and ia 1 Marshal Bnznlne telegraphs to Napoleon December lid u? follow- ? Maximilian is 1 .-till in Mexico, and ha* not com** to ni.y conclusion with respecr to bis future movements." The evacuation of Mexico requir e? to lie completed by March, be ur^e* that transport? should antve without delay. Minister Campbell and General Sherman arrived at I Vera Cruz November 2*itb. tud left December ; :{d. Tfce members of ibe uit--ldn appear t?j be animated by ?eiiiuuf-uis of a iuo?t coucilmt ry character. The Vienna Pre-s says taat fhe rup'ure of amicable relations between Gr*-eoe aud Turkey is inevitable. Great agr-auua exists in Hie Ionian Islands, and disturbances in Cttaionia and Ilulgnna are inevtug towards revolution to sever these provinces from Turkey. I aud M. Atramooricb a d M lH?ma?Wlri mre J meniiened as candidates lor the uew Bu rian throne '1 be Fast Indian Government has opened the loan for louum to defray (he expense* of the relief ol the Ori.-sia famine. The French expedition to Cora ha? pen"- j trated as fur at Kyon'* Chair without resist- 1 an ce. Cn the *25th of November 5*1 houses were destioyed by fire in Honr Kong. On (ictoi*er%th the civil war in Japan was suspended. Additional European Xes ?. Nkw Voek, 1 >-^c Jit.?The following are tlie i latest despaicbes and telegrams by ?t?;im?r to tbe I'nited Sta'Os aud Fiiro[>ean Telegraphic New* Association Paris. Dec. 15? Evening -The departure of the Empress Kugeuie for home is fixed lor the -t?tb of this month. The I'ays. a Government organ, says thai the interview of the Kmpresn with the Pope will be quite private, bui that it will produce a strengthening of the sentiment* Of concord and of the idea* of combination whicb animate ulike tbe Courts of Koine. I- ranee aud Daly. A Paris correspondent of the k-Nord1' re. maiks upon the sympathy felt by the rreit American Kepublix for the Candia insnrgenia, saying: it even appears that an expedition of Aiueric&n volunteer* to aid tue Cretans is prepared lor uext springHkrlis, Dec. 15?Evening.?Tlie new Prue*ian Gazette of last eveniug aay?; ? We b -lieve that the draft of the constitution tor tbe North German Confederation was the snbject of discussion at the Council of Ministers held to-day. Tbe Plempoieni??ru*? of the North German Government are expected to arrive to-morrow, but tbe regular sitting ot tbe Conference. which is to meet at the ofTic* of the Minister o4 State, will not take place until Monday " > 4 IKOM "TEW i'OflK.. Reported Kesigualioasf Collector Sm> the ? Fares. Nkw York. Iiec. It is reported that Collector Smythe has resigned. Hmldipg No. t>5 Pine street caught fire last night, damaging cotton of Howard A Seddon to tbe amount of a.ixn. aud that of Messrs. Goddard Jc k^dgerton M?on. II. Clubiis, dealer in cordage, sustained damage by water to the extent of The amount of; damage to tbe building Is 9tMmu. .No B7 i* ; also damaged by water *5.Uju. Tobias A Wiudmuller, wool-dealers occu|?ant?of No s?s- I tamed a sjjghrloes A fire ar No. GU Church street, last ni&bt, damaged the stock of clothing of Stran*s A Co. to tbe amotnt of 98,uUb. Solomons A Go., tailor tnmnuPCti to the amouutct ^lu.utiu: ami Sellers A Co , clothing dealers, u> the ann>unt Ol tld^JU. FROM MEXICO. What Juarez Thinks of the Y niled Slates, i Niw YeiRK, Dec.'iU?A Cbihu thua b*tt?r pf ' the 4th instant states thai Juarez had givef a I viaud ball there. At the bauque% Gen. Lew | Wallace proposed a toast to Mexico and The United States, to wbicb Juarez responded. After complimenting the Untied States hnsaid. "Tbey do not desire more of our territory, and they wil! not Intuit us by asking for it.'* The official Government organ say* tbe idea of conceding territory tu tbe United State* is absolu'ely false. No official news of (he banging of Esc>>be<lo has been received at Qeu. Sheridan's ne.vlqit*rter? m New Orleans. Railroad Accident. Ac. BrrrAi o. Dec. ?i.'?'The Ciucmnati Lxpre-?s. which left here Thursday night, r-tn into the i, o'clock tiam at Scbenectady. Two sl^eptut; cars were badly smashed and one lady passenger considerably injured. Yesterday afternoon two freight trains collided bet ween Rocb??ter and Niagara Falls, damigitie two locomotives aud sixteen cm>. Four brakesmen were Injured, but not sArlonsly. The tmclr of the Great Western Is unobstructed. The Grand Trunk is ob^metwd. The Ivike ShOr?? Road is still blocked up. The Atlantic and Great Westers, between Salamanca and Cleveland, is ref?>rt?*d It is proposed here tohoid an oil convention 1 to adopt ton'1 plau whej-ebv th- production of jietrolenm may be decrea?ed so as not to exceed the deiwind. An'oll pinducer's 'aseselMtios, if t? eialmM. C4p, coiinW:tft t^? iuflneoceol spe< nhitiv^ captta^is Firs. ?M|tAi>Ki r in a. !H*c. ?? ?Ar three flrrtocl tUmprniivg, Ivans' Columbiaayeuue aUMVenth street, was destroyed by fire Toi.% . ross'?:5,<M>. Tbn mill WM lovranda half stonei high. The second lloor wib occupiad by Eli, >i vrood Ivans, mttuufacturer of trimming and patent hair ur/wpecs. illaioss is t4d,(Mi- , iusnred for fn.tW) !n TST a-' York and Ne? England companies. The first floor was o.-c? Cied b* Steiner A Matt is. Columbia Fiouraul I eed Mill. Their loss. *.>.!!> ?no lasnraud: and J. J. Glnxer, mauufav'turer of hoei??^. whose lo** Is m.^. The third story was ort*pled by Scboles. cotton spinuer. Loss^r'.ooimsured for ?5,f* 0. Tbe fourth story was ociipH if J A J. stehd, cotton spinners. |^<ts. i *l!l,0i??Insured tor#11,?no. Tho*ientb*r. Huntoh, Dec. aft-?We?uber okar; wiaiN ' W,; thermoroetei 1'2 degrees. Ph lUAURi.rniA, Dec. 25> ?Weather clea.^ud cold; wind West by South, thermometer ?llegyee*.. ' Pnnir Over in llavias. Npw York. Dor. 99? llavaa* date?*ofthe ?3d instant state that the mou"y pane oere had coased. A on I*hi!xds?ptia vsosels "w V< stUler.(orced. ** K??r.ed. CoKW . flee *.) V- w F~*<r?*-or .n- *,VKrw.?L Nrr"u*?K?i!fo?<J, piBtTwZ "?* pl?fe a: ? o cliKk this moreutc and !!?,. .. I- rtantly *W<3 hy m* *ffci<>/g 'rWr^I, 2^' ! York. tbe wheelspa#g*?acr^.h!LV; turn ?OfnWy * hu fc ?* ? "^?~ * * ? ' iAKJAL NKW8. ?? CanvrwAt oo??r. J*df< FU*~ t,MU? I Jot" IUb>. itaiMM Itir m m???m U4 k?.*rr Wl'h iaie*4 u> k?*i, *e? fo**d gw ;ij ot ?? baiej > sou eejtienood Ui jfctj t^f , HfVen " * Oft *a iecpctn.etit ?e?iim tb?xnm? perty f.w larreay. a ??< ? < wmutmI T?? ??r?*fc tt#ciM9t Krtifv k**it rouvicwdof Jvffr/. tnir tr?Al ? ? (ten e<j ^ ill the caw ui AllPB. COOTkted of lar ceny, a pr?? WA* fiii#r?d * bp* trm. * *? refold in tMfysiaM <?? W m Tb >ai%* Wm * ield. con<fciedbYati fl?canlt with in ten to kiU, wm eea'enred k> two tmr* to ih? 41 ban* ptrKHbwy Oba*. Itmafdjr, mb k-'t 1 of Isrwiijr, was mirnrtd ttoan year ta th* pentteBtlnry .fames Mien, convicted on a eimtlar charge. w?? >*?inico(t Ut ?ix months ta ?mi. Joseph Peyton. oovicted 00 like f+-nr* a* also Philip L,ooe*ter. alia* Cha? Ford, vr*r? MitmoK) to one r?sr I* the p*otv?utrv. In ibe cRMt of Win Moodv and Chat. Sie* art. roe ricv>d ?>r Mr.-nr and Kdw'd J.\?.~?,.. of an a^santtwith intent to killpnew trial. were granted. ThbSafb Ron car.?Sine* the robbery of 'be ?ofe in Ibe ssore of P. M Nagruder A. Co.. on I>. ne*r7rh street. last Sunday mnminr, th? detective* bare b?en nri>mit'inr ?n lUeir ef frrte to captnre the burglars f'larvoe an.l McDevItt rave it special attention. and have sn< tended in raptunng two Tourr no* nop p<*ed to be <-..fin?Tr?rt wrb it, arn *i?o a va Use containing another portion of tbe uk>;? used. Tbe machinery oe?*d l>v ihern K?r open me sucb Ml** is of rurioes ounrocoon. *o 1 portions of it n hi blv polikhcd. It It now in possesion of Major Ricbrrds. and will b* a?i ded to the rurioeitiec iq ih?catl?rtioi made br tbe Metropolitan Police. eefv<-tailv the dete. tives. TbentTcer* liare not rot all tber trar of tbip pnrtv. and the preliminary ho*rii?j will no' bf bad until tiiev are ready far tb trial. A CllttST*l? IltWWEfS?( ?(| ClPMmviv. aii exc?-Jien? dinner *ra* riven to th?? pitient. ir Kre?-dnn 'a Hospital, n?ar tbe ct>raer of ?:b ?nd Uuuodarv street*. jiurg?au Keybvm. f , tbe Krwdmfn'f liureao. presided, .tart tl??> ta ble waii we)] supplied vi h mur deltoac ?? ? r lb* ???a*on. Aboattaro b 11 ndrv<t pan^u:- nn 1 I "a' down, ard after *r?<-e by lie* J<>a . ) Kimhall. tbe pond tbiact w?re dit|?ot?<t ot : after which addr^'-et w?re d^liyered br So eeoa I{eyimrtj. Hey. Mr. Oondrow. A K llrowne. President of the Tounc M-a ^ Climtiau A^ociatiju. Major Townvend. aint other*. A<nr>t<*Ta' i.y Spot?i,*?teyenm*. a? mr Abner Itradv was eximmire a piatol. /one <?f Sharp's patent,) it f?*ll frwm bit> hands ret tt ^ J floor and exploded, th** hall e0?erinK tb** fr in Of bi? |e|r lep and lodrinr tn th?* caif j>r, Knlkley and l.innolu extra ted tbe ball, an t think that he will lie able to be oat m *r>3i. ! n days. ? ? ?. f*5iiTACT K Kj-ncrf?Tb<- Sanitary d?ta | .,? tLe polite bave reported to the Clerk so tb, Supenniend^nt ? W. >?*inour) during tti ? paet week It 0 nnlsaneea; n| which *BI w>ti> ahmied. 7 nnabft'<>d lit warrant* eeryed- JP| m flues imposed: and ?: dead bon--* and co?> removed. < itAitoB or (iitiim Ltxtiiiv a*i? A* ?at LT ?Veaurday. }<mith Pratt, volored. wx~ arreted by fifflcer CMfnieuta. of the Pifai Whrd, ( barged bv Mre. Fraar?? Sm-ad with the larceny of a look nir-rlast, and with tan It. .In dice Cull held bitn to bet it for com 1. 1hk W uthik -The tbernoRieter a* th* i?toiv of l-Yaiikiin A (to, opticians, on Pen? "pivstnia nvenne, t.tood to day at runew'clocK a. m . degrees, a? noon T2,a?.d at tiroo'docii p.m.38. Poljck HRt>okt*> ?Th? li*nu-nant? of potlc reported this mornm* 51 arr-tu In the "nurIJistrict. pr.ncipally tninnr oltcnce- The of flues imposed wa? <?>. Ne NrnRii.-Yeaterday. <'barle? Sharer colored, wa* .irreeied by <i(hw?r Westerfieid lor raumnr a cart witbont th.' pre?vribed nuir.b^r Justice Walter lined turn $ .' Hi. Affairs in Grtr^ettwa. f"' Caxal?BuMuet-s 011 the line of the canal t? yery dull, navigation betnr effectqaliy clufd by the ice. which M very thick Th-r""'e iff* way bit It ont tbat haye not b^n reported to the Collector, and tu?? boats are no doubt locked up by tbe Ice above It is reported h?re that two boaie with cargoes w-.-? at tbe Seven-locks, about ten n?U?s Hbjye. aud that one ol tbetn. laden with 000iter's stuff, sunk. ' To i k kkt xatko ?Tbe yery snccewful concer? ar.d exhibition of the Dntn barton-ft ree: M t Cburvh, which was so satisfactory to visitors on Thursday nlfbt, Will rt-^ated on >< w ^ . ar s evening. ^ V tKE SicaTi.Nu.?fjpon Rock Creek the ice 1* >er\ hick and smooth, and the eatlre dar 11 bus b-en co??t*l with skafrs, ndalt* and iuvemie. el bctii sexes, who appeared to euioy tue recreation greatly ' On SHii-siitxT? ?The shipments of coal weie light this week, the |Ce pM-ventine frcm passing safely tn and oot of ?brLv'r Hampfcbtie A Baltimore Corapan? sbi]i|>e?i 15^ tons: Cumberland Cumiwut. t^ns It is reported here that th?- scheoner ,?**'} au whi?h left tl?e wharves la-t 1 bnrsday. was ru 1 mo by a ateatn?r in -b^ river below Alexandria, cot down to the wa-ers edge, Bnd towed ?ba?k to Alt-xandna yesterday, she wm H?^n With coat far ouof tbe eastern porta. The OliTer Ames, alao ^|U"^i i00.tKWl a cargo of coal, was blown "or" in *h" gale near Kort Washlnron. Tbe repoite from below represent the ice u? be v?rv k**:iyy m tbe Potomac. Tbk Pnoyino* MiRKrr.-i.-The mvrkets tbis morning were very duil; ihe attendance jf country dealer* wm snail, and the buyer* were comparatively frw The pnr?sgenerally were about the earne a? la^t w^ek. e\cej?| for poultry. Which was scarce and the prices *rotBAND <fnAi* Maekit ?The market M^^reeestiins hae been yery qaix during the XT Th" d"mand tor choice grade* 1 Kej for the city trade has been good, bat the raueactions were for tmiill lot# losatiKfy nntn?-uiaia wants. There hae beeu no ebaere of prices for Hour or grain since lost quotations iu the .Vter. #MM A WILLIAMS, Aoctloneers. USEWf$xk*'0O!' ",0"B"NfcU :5fe?rSSis i *Kb ^ lot Of Groceries, which %*rtt?cash * e 1 to tb*aboT* "** ' PintEM k WILLIAMS, Anc^. |^T SSUI A WILLIAMS, ? t'.fA'V*.' 'fii """ Wr*HLMQ. at the QDff I th? who}# Ptock la hlVIBC | Ina to; k of, (Wk snd othZWcmV,'. WuViJ. K? 0,l,er tJaraieate. whi h ?ilt heeold wtth^nt reeerre a* the owner h** n down** 0D *co,'ux,t 01 #rofot*f coing t? be t?ro obiin * WILLIAMi.AocU. FOU EKMT?Twe neatly rnralebed MOOUS, ccmn.ualratinB.te *;iwtir'nea, er a feotleni?ri A i 1 Wlfh irivilr|( of ilittlii room and kitehf: _ g? Majorats. A pur at lath street. wUwn H tea I itre<*U. CdoTrnifBt toc*r? 29-2t* 1 0 T I"-C K t'jb f f] ?i ga*y M. W. OALT A WO. ' | * ill thit dey open their goods for the kiwy14b, * ' And call atteatleo to thttr naosial large atejrt mei:t. 7, ., j , ft ' *-s i l v t Was it. endleta variety, fBtteu o? ee?eciatl/ for WBDDT*G AHD BOLIPAT PKKSIHTS MW.fiAST A BEQ , Jevelert. de 20 St ? Peentyiyania even tie. BY H OOLMAW a CO.. A?ettM?era No ii93 Penna. a v., bet nh and 1th *ts. Sabs every TUBSI)&Y.THOBSDAThod SAT1 hT'AV MvMRI?M,a?i?o%lMk,V^ iicu?< bold Furmiore Btoyea ?'rockery Oiaasatid Tinware Dry 0(KhI?. O'otbing Boots and, Shoee ..Gents VoruMbin^ Woods. Ac Ac ' A %<t eral asr^rtinent ef tbe above go-^-i? alwafe Of hand at private sale at ATOTtOllVKP'ES Out do .r tales attended to mi r??sona>>le terau. Sale ever? 8ATU BP AT RIOHT at 7 o'clock II noLkiaN II <X>.. Aorta. d{iJ81w B. B. BH??OK KR Jr., Selestuaa ^KMO>AL.jQ|i!f Mplwu,B1p> .'VetaTy ISiWtr nnd humir/ / cmr, Hm removed frw the Wastatogton BtUidiog *? Bo. 4*8 Tih ?treet. corner of B Reliable Bew TcrV an! Ooiiaectient Ooia ptatet. Ofti'e eetabliabed In IW de7% oCU llat. Uhroa. aad Bet | ? > I ]