Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOOALNBWS. AMCBVMBHTs'tc.. TO HIOHT. National lu katbk?Twelfth and positively last nifhl of .lefierson at '?Rip Van WwHI' " Ttiwwho h*T? not?*?a this play !?hu?ii<l not fail to avail themselves of this opportunity. VNAM 'rt New Opera Horn ?A great bill t-u.iuxrju .u three character*?? so. Ion shingle," in the People's Lawyer: "jerry Clip." in the Widow's Victim; and ' ToortleB'* m the drama of that name. Certainly amusement enough forgone evening. 4 .p:? Kki lows' II ai.l?The grand concert for the t-enetit of the widows and orphans of the frul.ii**ro of the Kepnblic. under the auspire? ot the Conservative Armv and Navy L nion." wiil be given this evening The best bo? i?I talent in the city has bee* encased < ol. James k. O'Hierne will deliver the openiu* addre-s. and Mr. Bang*, fbe a<*tor, wHl recite the "Old Urwtdtvr'i Story.- An excel lent entertainment m offered, and those who a tend will bti aidiug in the good work of ext?nd)r e relief to tho* so much in need of it at this inclement season. Fain Brum , corner of ?rh street and Pa avegne-Closing night ot the great Mason'c : .r. wbea ir.any addrtional attractions will make an evening spent wiUi tn* iraternitv a very plea>ant on*. J If I AM' \i all?No one should fail to attend the delightful u-.r ai thi* place lor the benefit ? f i .race tnun h. ma th.- entertainment is most interesting anr.tbe I idles c harming:. To-nfcht the nrac'iotis of the iair will be increased bv the app? amine of a celebrated baud ol ama eur minstrels. in character. t EATtR l v,-j?AjBeef, best cuts perit,..'^-.; uexi.^v.; Salt Beef, ISayiw.; Drleu Beet, \ eat, &<c. Mntion, chou? sfllc Pork, f^KfS.; < . n*rt. i v .. Bacon, hams, uncut, ? a-ioc.: sliced 1**5' lru- c" <** Butter, 4Ua U .IUk^w, pair, a#l.5>i;Turkies, a?4 U>e*e.,. , a*L5? Bucks, pair, 75a?l. Kggs, i . Gren< Corn, can, 4 ic. Green Corn, ear. town, la cents., 5' LAp. r'e*' Jr'e?l, < JC Leeks, bti., 5C 1'iuraipa, 15c. pk 1 eactii -, dried, per quart, 15 cte. Beiuis, butter, iji-c. wuiUj, lsialic.; dried cherries, qt. otic K*di?hes, per bunch.,2a4o. Beers, per pk.. 4?c" Onion*, sec.; Okra, 3t>c.; Parsnip*, -ValueFens. unart, 10c. Carrots, bunch, 5 cents'' * l-h?Kock, laree.eacb, *iatf; small.bunch, 4uc : lerch. 4.C.; Mackerel, ttfc. each; Halibut, lb , -J.H- . Nheepbead. 7.ia?l each; Lobsters. oer jMi.fid. 1, cents-, 8*a Ba?s, per pound, u ?-ept, Spanish Mackerel, $ia?loi H!lch Kye, per bushel, ft'.c aSl.10. Cora M?al. 9lA.41.i<t ShipftiulT, &<as>c. Brown-tuff. 50c , ri~: *'c* Coru* n&eUed, *la*, in *ar. ^ Oats, bh., ?Miafi5c. Hav. owt., .Vi f I 7o. straw. Klal.So. t>u?ry, pr bunch, luc Krout. perqnart, ^c Cabb.\ge, per head, -,al(>c Htmmy, quart, 10 cents. Lettuce, laJii ?euu potatoes, UK:, perpe.k. SqirreU. 31 ceutseacb. r sg I 1 tnts, 5all)c. Ch^tnuukt^k1. Qt. Sweet Potaiees.o?. (irapee,?e.ib. Smnll Birds.per doz &. V. oodcock. t>*>r pr., *1 SmMI Duck?, Tic' , aiT Mrtr,d,r p*r aox - #44?5: Kohbios, *I5<| Kabbit-. ench.Tttvltic. Chinquapins, per <4 uart, v.; Cranberries, &?c. Pumpkins, loto 5t>c. each. Some tine slaughtered ho*s wer# sold at #!>a ^lv per hmIds. Beel by the quarter brooirh' >- per lMi Ibe at the scnle house. Poultry was rar^er scarce this morning, and prices, tbougn qt o?ed the ?nme as berore Christmas, are considerably higher: smaller fowls bringing those prices. ? Thk WAMI 1 M<tT<>V AND AI KXAXTtRtA Railuoah.-TIh Alexandria savs 1 h it "Hob Henry \\ 1 bomas, jud?;e of this (Alexandria) ndicial circnlt, has reudered his decision in the c!|Se of L>avi?on > ?. the les.Mjes of the V ashington. Ai< xaudria aud Georgetown Kauroai! The judjte decides that the direc?ory of the road bad no power to execute the Uase of the Sth uf May. IVW, which gave to the pre-ent lessees enure control of the road tor ien >ears from the dau* of lease, and that ?<|iienily the ,lo? and VO(d> an(1 the tame is tn^reiore net aside, and receivers appointed to take charge of the road. It is onderstwod that .Tiirijre Wylie, of Washia^ton, will rire a like decision in a similar suit petdiDg before him, involving the validity of the lease ol that part of the road which lies u-iiuiti the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. Messrs. M H Marbury and Lewis MeKeuzie tiH>e teen appointed receivers, and will, in conjnnction with two other gentlemen, to be k appointed bv Judge Wylie, proceed at once to *ke posMrsaiou of the road, and appoint & gen. erai superintendent, should the present leetnes not make ;ui appeal from J udge Thomas' decision. aud luriiish the amount of security required in such cases."' ? Krvwr Miwu.?Alexandria is now completely blockaaed?the rivt-r being tr?z?B over trom ^hore to shore, and the only track in it open is one made by a tng: boat." The ferry boats between this city aud Washington are, of course, uot running. The Collyer left here yes'erday evening at four o'clock, aud the w mnisimaiet at live, but neither, has ai vet returned, they being jammed tigtu at the Wash, ington wharf. The Aqaia <?reek m*il boats are also lying at the Washington wharf, unable to make their usual trips. The Wawa*et did not leave ibis morning: on her regular trip to Curriomau in consequence of the ice. Tne steamer txpress. from Baltimore, due here "Wednesday evening, ha- not vet arrived. Tne steamboat General Kucker. which lef Washington yesterday lor Piny Point, is fast agronnd on the Maryland shore near the 'halfway tree " The north weet wind which ha< prevailed forth# last two day*has produced a very low tld?. and severaf vesselb?among them a large schooner, loaded with coal, are aground near the fort ? Alexandria GaztUe. m Tax V.'ashixoton Skatimu Po*n.?The skating poud recenily titled up will no doubt t-e the report of thousands within the next lew day*. This pond is on the north side of the "Wa-hington Canal, and extend* from 10th to 21st streets, comprising about seven acres. A neat h?>nrd Sence hu been erected around it and every convenience arranged for Uie comfort of visitors. The entrance is at the foot of 42!*b street, on the north side of the enclosure lmmedi?*ely to the right of the gate is a 1 >ug frame building with a number of windows looking out on the pond, in front of th? batt ling u a platform which will accommodate several hundred persons. The opaaioj; of the pond tnfcee place thuaftevnoou atthr*?eo>lock, . the Marine Band has been engaged and the ska*ing will be kept up until arter nf^ht. A uaraber ot large re.'l?caug lamps will b? placed abow the pond and building. Refreshment ^aiooot have been established, and the pond is a most complete affair, and it will be well worth a visit this evening. Tim PmsiiiKXT AT the MASOKIC FAI* At half put ei-at .Vtloefc Itaat evening. Bras. Sears and i^arner were deputed to wait upon the President and e?cort him to the lair buildinjr A lew minutes nfter lie arrive J fn his c.-.rriace. waen he was received by Ute Kuighte Templar m full regalia. The President wis .attend**! by Col Robert Johnson, bis private secretary, and after remaining about half an hour he departed, apparently highly pleased with the lair and his cordial reception. m??? T?'K Wmsoio P<>lich*a?.?Mr. Jo?eph William?, the policeman who was shoe while pursuing burglar* a few nights ago, still lies 111 a critical condition, but the symptoms of the cms dtiriur the past twenty-four haurs have been rather more favorable than before, and his friends begin to entertain hopes of his recovery. The b.ll which entered his left breast ha* rot been extrac'ed, but ftlr Willi.: in? tbir ks be ha- discovered where it lodged, in his left side near the hip. ? Lock* TO Tor* Htkkant* a*I> STUUBT Wa-hip"?tf hi'f h nun ber of o->mi>l'?in'8 bave been maue to the sanitary police of 1 ? formed upon pav emenis heranse of the neglect of housekeepers to atteDd to their hydrants and ttreet washers The sanitary police have Seen very moderaie m the treatment of the delin4jMen*s. hut if the defe<-ts a re m>; .mrnedjiteiv reir eried. the nsual One and oosts will speedi* ly follow. , . Kcal 1>taTx Salx?.?Green A Wililajn*, Au.tiencer^. ?oJrf the siorehou-e corner Ne%v .Tite-J avtrr.M- aiiU soutll B 1-Lfaito {}. Y. ulick !?>r k' ,Tr 1'hrt lot 8, ai^aareti(i~ on L stn-n nnrtii. no'wet-n It'll! and i::tb, to k. A. Sb nn !er.>' eepts per foot. Lo* 3>?, square !*/4. ? n -* h sTr??t rt;!, to W. H. PcbfOfl for Bouse atd Jot on streel. near south P, to Wm Z^nuer U>r t-'.&'V ? 1 e 1 N^rgJi*.?*esterda>- ^lVrnoon. Corole r W *jil v aid held nn luqnest in view of Uie I v of 'he marine who, as we stated ye- terJ-ii. was found iu the canal !*t the foot of l.jth f re: Ths body was ideotilied by ofllcers of 1 f* Mamie Corps as private It ilxpa'nck: and I * jUiv decided ttuM us -ame to his de.ith bv bring trtr/ei, aft>?r tallmir Into the canal. e :?I. rrviMt OfVN SriiT.AV^-Oeo. Waltemade arr? ?eo ^ svrJav by officer li ? !?. of the 1 ir<: Ware!, f r kuepmg bis pi u e of bnsine-c 1 on Sunday. Justice Iloilmg^ead doed ii.; "m i ion |,jgt < n I .tu isHiii-Jobn Ken >fiv v - irref'eil ve*terf.H\ by oUlcer t railer >. i, ? \Va;.i, tor seilln* l?qttor withoir ' ri r Tu^tue Morseli lined h.ja 1 - . . i;i??ju c<>ueii?t nee of 'be ice hlock tde -fit Pwtr n.a. ov?iersnre tfetuux ? arcer and 1 e: . ( ri ?t.St at th- t'? ie * tsey are f* ?' f*a 't*etf. and txei wbo|e.*otfie. i?r i.vtv> Csi./.ki.atio*?We hear f^.at s\viii \* j rei-'krt' uus are tieiu? m '*iJ for a n ; >11111 .im'io.i at f reedfU u'+ \ ilia/e, to . M " . January next. 4 k \ 01ty 1tbm3<'>' *T.-BlneMdVinliSh?UpelK Bog Wo?Kl .setta, Cluster Sett*, Jet and Pearl SW ??w styles Steer* Muttons. !tt.jds. Rings. Scarf Pin*. Stiver Pfb ed Npoona, Fork*, (loblets, Uup?. Oall Belle, Li?ai * Companion*. shfll Booh. Bnceieta, received ibis morning, at Price's om Dollar j Jewelry Store, iso 4:JF Pennsylvania tfrnue, I nttkrijf ?trwt. Ho! for Fin* Skavinm, and for the large assor-m-nt 01 Ski'es ?o be fouad at the stores of onr ttierd, J K. Foley, S?5 Pennsylvania avenue, and3lC F tweet, between 10th and llth streets, togeher with a fine at-orioieet of New i ^ e*r"s Pre^n's, China, (}|a>n and ('rockery. Cutlery and Plated V* are. Coal OH. I.imps Ac.wbitbbe offers wholesale and retail at low term*. T>o not fail to Rive Mr. F. a calk. Goods rented on cem mi salon an<: delivered frf e. Thpk who Gomtkm rLATB atkinf a Wow V ear's call, should not i or get to take some little token ot remembrance to tbeir friends. A * tillable one car be had at BoswelPs new Fancy Store, 3D2 Pennsylvania avenue, bet ween ?tb and loth streeta, in fine l*ace Goode. sncb as Point and Point Applique, (Jinny. \ alenclennee and Seal Thread l^aces. in Collars. Barbee. Head lire****, Handkerchiefs, Ac. Also, fine Fancy Goods and Notions. .+ Sm.i TTn? At.MO.*T at Oo?T!~Splendid lot ot Bihlt *, Prayer Jiooks, ifcwwies, STAtnarv. Fa?ey Article*, Toy*. PortemonaU. Porfo. Iiob. Iitaries, Ac., sui'tble for fsew Yeir's gilti, at Brophy's new Bookstore, 314 F eireet, between 10th ami Uth streets. Thk Feizi N A*gHKi:At>R of the Harmony Circle will be held at Odd Fellows' Hall, on Monday evening. Hth .tan nary. Those desiring to be present should secure their ticketa, as none win be sold at the door or on the even ing of the ball. See advertisement. wk taki pleasure in announcing thv our old teliow Citizen, J. B. Gardner. M Ihas renewed his practice, in which speciality we know be ba* bad great experience. We refer you to the advertisement column. a Thosb eighteen dollar overcoats, at Ilenning's, corner Seventh street and Maryland avenue, axe worthy of examination ana purchase. Boora. Shoe?, Gaiters and Knbbers are offered on mo?t favorable terms, by Geo B W uaon, 5Vi 7th etreet. See his card. ? Opera Gi.ahsks, Ainericin Watches, (told nnd Silver. Iuamoud Jewelry, very low, much telow cost. to close business. Only good eold bough' and sold. I. Alexander, y-io Pennsylvania avenne. a Baroaiss?Bargains?A splendid lot of Gold aua Silver American Watcher. iMamond Watches, Gold Chains, Garnett Set?r, Sleeve Buttons, with initials, Charms lor sale very low. fine gold warranted; to clo-e business by 1. Alexander, Jeweler,'Jin Penneylvauia avenue, between 12th and 13th street*. ?? e? 1M aR1 Kf roi: lsi?7, (or registering event*, an invaluable pocket companion, with almanac, blank leaves to' keeping a diary ot every day in the ?eAr, cash account* and bills payable and receivable tor each month, and with new -t\le erasive tablets: of all si*e? and price#. Kor sale ?>y Shillingion. Bookseller, corner i ireet and Pennsylvania* avunf. 5* ?. Pit. White, Chiropodist, 4J4 Penc av . het?>?D tnd ?th streets, continues tlie siiccesslul treatment of corns, bunions, bid nans, efclsrjjed joibu, w&rle. uiole>, vam; excredences, Ac. Cflioe hoora from 8 a m. to 5 p. m , and # to - p m. dstauiishcd !*>?>l. ?. 1 tire HTtTcnEP B?h>tp made tn ordpr. and a piu?ci tit warranted for ?l{<; pegged boot-s, Sr cn?toni-Tnade ?t??re boots, kip b-kOta. for s-:t .rji> to ?">: ?t Heilhruu &. Brother's, .*> "C Seventh street, one door <-ou'.h ot Odd J'ellows' Hall. SU ? For Cini.BLAi.vH aud Fronted Feet, White's Embrocation is a =peoiflc. 1'nce 91 per bottle. >or sitle at Pennsylvania avenue, between j aad 6th stree's. I A Stre Pile CTke ?l?r. Gilbert's Pile m I strumeot pt?sitively cores the worst ca^es of I pllee. Sen* by mail on receipt o! ?4 CircuI lars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted I everywhere. Address J. B. Homaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Pbeeies oan be had in any anuties at ttia Star office counter DIKU. rKBKINB. On the Z7th instant, after a shert illritss. .1 UttM t\ 1'khki wb, aged j6 fears Th? fi 11-gca of ik* family ?r? r?*?ecttuUr iaI vited to attrud his Iuu<tmI from bis l*t" reticence. I near Bsnu.Bg's Bridge, en to morrow, (Sandsy,) I Kith Instant, at 1 o'clwck ?. a? * CALHOCN. Oe the evsnlng of the 2*th Instant. I after a protracted iilaees ef tire month*, in the I Slat yesr of her age, and In the triumph of the I Christian faith, Urn EMM A CALUuuN, sldesi I daughter ot Henry fsyue. Ba-i Her toils are east, her work fa done. And she is fully bieet. the fought the flahi, the vlct'rv won. And entered Into rest. I [Lexington Ky.ian^ Rait, paper* please cop>.j Har tri?nd? are Invited to a?ten<l thj- ftinsral eerGcep, frem tbe West Georgetown MetnoJiat I Episcopal Church, tomorrow, (sunday,; at 2 oVlock. PAB&KB In this city, on the morn In* of the ?th laaeant. Mrs KAB&H A PA RK KB, wife of the late fcsli.y Parker. In tbe hfty f?urth year of I b?P Tt e friend* of th-family, without fnrthernoI tice. are resvacttally Invited to atteed the funeral. which will take place from her late reaHenre, I 4 40H mum' bn-etts ave., to morrow idundar ) I afternoon at i o clock * JBUAKD1KG. rnWO ?r three geottsmsa can be accommodated 1 wtth pleasant BUOMS.witb i>r witnout noaru, t U4W 9th st ,het. M ana M. tteferencee rv?utred. d ? OOABDlNf!. - A comfertaVTe PCBM10HIQD DBOOM to let. with good BUABH, at 4i9 1 street, between vtb and Itfth ats. _de 28 Jt_ niJAlAHT BOOMS AMD GOOD BOABI^fAT i 4J1 12th etrsct. between O and H?eus trout I Boom *nltable tor wn o;Hc- . Tbla locality is oonvealent to the pnbiic departaaeuts, Temrs moderate. de a at* f 0BXil611AI>' PA'aLOB A?b (jUAMBKB?'>R r BltST?wlthor withoat Boaru. Mo. ^ Mt?I soar I avenue. de H tt efO LKT-Oomtanuicating BFDBOOM and I PARLOR, or large front BHD BOOM rtar nisl ed). with or without Board. 41^ K atr^e:, j between tth and Mb. de27 4t ^ A~p*W 8rH(lLt 01STLK*1?. or gentle/a men anil tnelr wivet, can be accommodated with BOOJt? and BOARPat o street, T-etween 14th and lftto. A few TABL1 1I0ABU | BBB sep'inmodated. Terms mo<lerate. de <7-4t ^aMB 'BOMT PAHbUB, WITH BOARD POR I; geutleuaa and wife at &<w per munth. Baca Pari' >r, with Board for two, at 13& aOOEatreet, above irth at. de 24 et' UOABP1HO? Lsr?e and small BOti?S. wiih D BOABD, at 27a Vermont avenue, between U asrt I. A tew Table Boartora ac mods tod de V, It* PLIG ABTLY PUBMUiiiBD BOOMS, 1H M?j aaita or alngly. with or without boar J. at H Street, bct??en 1ftb and itth. Table bear.ler* acronmiiMlated. Trrw revs''nable Also, tta*emeit Booms rattabla for oiboes, and a btable aud Carriage lluaee la rear of th?- hon?e for rent. , ^ MBit. B KBABbCY J'ldUAN Beferences Major General Bright, Paymaster Qeaeral Oenerel Morris B. Miller. H. g Army; Bev Mr. Keeling, pastor of Triaity Church, Bev. Patber McNaU/.of bt. Matthew's Church. de 1 at kJlNOLK OBSTLKMEIf, OB OBHTLBMBN ^ and tbeir wives, can be acmniaiodate l with I LOOMS, turai?bed or uotnruUhed. with good I P-' -ifd, gae; bath, hot and cold water. At Su, U10 Briuae -treet, Georgetown. no i3-tia 'l'ALui BOABl? at No. 4b4 IDth street, a tew I flocrs n-jrtti df tbe aveaus. Terms ftf ?er month. ? ijkofuwrow'lt advermts /'BBAf BAB iAfBS IN TiRf ?0<?D8 AT (j M1UBK 4 CUEAi' MoWL ^ 101 Bndge-etf?*l.Csotgetown, D. O. As tbe ?e ?..?i. i> advanced, we are n>w ae.uou VI inter eotbria ing French Merinos, vn prl^ 01^V pl.u* k lerino riaida. iirlv 1 loth* Cassr teres, ^atinstU, Ac., at r.dnred fcloes We hare aUO WsetVBd a 'Jbi strxkof besiestlca. piKch^sed which we are ?-iiii>? very, heap Bob-i 4 4bta* bed si iitina Mu-ltn at 25 c^ntu. nnbleached Mu<<lln ir^lSto vorente, prfnt. 12?. 15. and tlv ,b -t lit 2i) cfi We ar? to ?^ll good b nr,- ffif - HiAClNTH HILUB, ams'le or double, al-o, I!* acioth ?la,?-. * Ho. 1t*4 Brid*e <tre t, de 21 8t Oe ?rgeti?wn. D. O. CW HITIt'S ?I*ATK bUAPHBLD'd) . coNKKCTION'BBV AND 10B CBBAM MAKCPACTOBY.No. 3?^?th ? reet. Tbe proprietor wiebse to infom? famtlies. betel pri.ptloiur? an t the pnbttc K- uerall) flnne?to furrish rni.feetlnw-ry ar?d the ?hO'ce*t Ice ( re?m a? tb" aborte-t n >tlce. and on Vie t* tertp* *?ed?l!ng an'i r ?u y < * "*, p?ran ida of all kinds and si'es. tiivlotte Basee, H'?nr Marge a*l<t JeSllr* niade t<? order I artH>*, Ml ters a -1 eDtertainments 14 pw rate -a,ui HK AT*S frem ro "-en's ta f |p hKATBSfro* $1. ?to $*, attkeFkat?D?p?t l'OCLTl?Bt A TRIMBLE. Kj.VOU We-.t Baliiiiure etreet, 1 " Baltimore, il l. t WALL'S NEW OPERA MOV**. 2H^in?^?2i* ?pwiuwM, B. B. PHlLLiPfl.. --STAaB MANAGER. BaTOBBAY EVENING, DECBMBBR U9. fcUihW'/ettt of ths Great (JunMug _ ., Mr. F. 8 C H A N F B A C. Ob which oeoatinw ha will appear Inhlsld altthls ...... 1,1,1 MObK. OLt>B IIIROka r S. OHANFBAO Atnr whleh the Great Imitation 8o*a? troa r ... . TMB WtDVW'0 VICTIM. inwblMi, b> psrrtloaiar >w|tMl. Mr. Ch*nfran 111 jpve hi* Historic Photograph* or Edwin ti'.w1* W1 *\JBuLti>aL '<* "> K?aii Barney W 1 .Ham*. the eider Booth T. 0. Bi it. w* 1 ? ... Emin-nt Artist* W iflow BattIetoa...._._ ..Miss tlanche Grey Jan* Lbatterly Mr* B illy Jor Hm The who)* soucle'tin* witH th* BiUileratiag ! rr?n?ofth? TOODLES Timothy Too,na?. ? Hf. Chun'rii NAXlOJi ALTHE VTRH. Pentisylvaaia avenne. near Willards' llctel. THIS SATrBnAlTDKC. 80. 1986. 1 WO PfcBIORMABCBS MB. JEKKERSOB, _ _ familjITatikbi. THIS AFTKBNOON, , . jO. flock; Di?r* Open at l1,. At tbe Bight Prir?ii of Admission; Children. Hair Price, except t<> Gallery. NIGHT PRRFOEITANCB A8 USUAL. On Roth Occasion* will be presented Dioa Boa clcaul t c Drnira RIP VAM WIVKLI ; OB, TH E SLEEP OF TWKBTV YEABS. ^ I BAB D CONCERT res titk BENKF1T OF THE WIDOWS AND OKPH A K 1 of ttik SOLDIERS or THE REPUBLIC. Under the ao?pire-< of the " CONSERVATIVE ABMY AND NAVY UNIO 4 AT ODD FELLOW8' HALb, 7TH 8TBEET. HATLRDAY EVENING, DKO *9, Opening Address Ly Col. O'BBJBNB. The following Musical Talent will appear : MR KW KB. MISS BWER. MR GANNON, MtS> BABGOOK, MR FORSYTH. MISS WARS. I'ROF hOIIEtU. MISS BOWLEN, I'UOK Si'ANNlEB M188 ROWS, and others. Mr. P.O. BANGS hae kindly consented to reell*, oi the occasion the ' old Grenadier'* S.ory," tn m tt e Fri 'ii h of 1 bornbu i g 1 lcket* .'0 cent* ; t<? be had at the principal bo fel* music sores, and members of tn? orgxni/ati?in. l'oors open at 7 o'clock; commeaoe CoH-nrt at 7 S o'clock. de is it NATIONAL TMKATIli;. sfai t''s . A H\plky .. Proprietors. MAX MARET/.EK'? GRAND ll'AI.IAN OPXRA J>E AbON OP BIGHT BIGHTS, ONE MAT1NEB. OPENING NIG'IT TIU RSPAY. January 3, i-?7. PB*>8P*OTU8 Tii. oilowinp emiuer.t Artistes will appear du rUg the <e??oti <>t Italian opera 1*111 51 K DONN K SOPRANI( enuorK carmen paou. Her firet n rp< ar?n< in Wa^hIn?ton Sirnoriim ANTOlNETiB RONTON I, Htr tir*i Hjipeiir^nct in Washington Mi?. M A HACK. Her flr?t ?pp?mrnnre In Wtihlncten And the uuiitn.l InMiritv Aiae'icen Prima De i na. MUh CLARA LOCISE K ELLO'Ki PRIME DONNE MEZ/o-BOPKABI AND COB TH AbTOH: FANM NATALI TESTA. Mdlle STELLA SOVHBLB, Her hr>t appeal an> < . MiaaPANNY STOCKTON. PHI M I TE SOBI gignor i HANuIPi O MA/./.OLENI >un..r RAMERI RARAUbl Hie fir-t appea.i^in e in Wa?hlucton. M<nor ENRICO TKSI A TKNOBE 81PLKMENT0 Mr O BERNARD! TRIMO BCPPO. The Celebrate GIORGIO ROKCONi < At kL.<-w ledntd the eieateat I.fric G<>u.?-diau or t*ie ? ;?,) n i- brat appearance in W a4hincton I'BIMI R A RITuNI: 8ign'?r r BELLINI. PBIMI BaSHi; Hiirn..r G. B ANTONBIHXH. 1 *? Signor H. POBMATTI, 8-gnar A. DDBBEU L < PRI M A KIO*HBBR aurt H A OAMC HBIOHABOT. CONDUCTOBS CABL BKROMAN A TOBB>ANl. and MAX MABBTZBK A GRAND OKOBB8TBA. NDMEBOUS AND BVPICIINT CHOR188el#< te<i with eepcci tl < are. in ordar to reach per at near aa ^ovait, 1 in thoae two Important deptrtniebta of thf byrir Drama. THE BEPEBTOIRI OK THE COMPANY Con-let* ol the follow ipg Opera* : ORISP1NO E LA OOMABE. THB HTAB OF THK NORTH, Firvt ifi W /.AMI A; OB THE MABRLB BRIDE, I lr?t ttme la U a-hiuirton TROV ATORE. K THE RARBBB OF BEVII.LB. BBNANI. EL18IB O'AMORE, FAIST. 80MNAMBI LA. FBA DIAVOLo. , PB1CE8 OP ADMISSION. Ges ral A4D,iMton (t M Cbeic# 8eaie seenred in adyau< e,<e\Ua> . .. |l? Gallery.. 75 Private Bjje* 15 "0 r .U BDBbCBIPTION8, For the entire **a?on of Bizbt N<'-:bt* will be re reUMl *t \\ G METZBBOTT'B HU8I( 8TORK, oa 8ATCBDAY and MOB DAT, Decem'-er 3vtb aad Slat. The reaalar enla of Tiokata for Sincle Performanr?g will conniCD' on Tneeday Morning. Jannary 1 de Jc tf_ Fancy urehbbb and oostiimbb For Tableaux and Private Parties Apply to MRS. PBANK REA. de 37 ttt* 44 7 l"tli btreet. pBVlTS. J. W. A H. P. KBEIS DANCIBO ACADEMY. gk Psnnsylvania avenne. bet.etb and 7th *ta.. Ja Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Onr Academy Is now open for tha rec> ptian of Pnplle. A select cla*a i* n ,w forming oa Wednesday afternoon fronr 4 to 4 a < lock, for tba*e a to cannot attend our rHgnlar claaae*. <'lrouiar* E""',u< w u- * Tha Ball can be rented for Solreee. <fe?. bay* and Hour* of 1\iit\on : For Ladlas, Misses and Masters. Tnesday and Tbursda) afternoena, from 3 to 5 o'clock. Gentlemen * Olaeae*. Tnoeday and Thursday event rg*. fri m 8 to la o'clock. or fnrther Information,apply during tha hoors of tnition. or addreesannte to tha Arademy. Quaiter couiuencinx with the ttr*t leseon. so 10 WABIBl'B FASHIONARLB DANCING ACADEMY, AT * MABIBI S ASSEMRbT BOOMS, A E, between vth and l?th Htreets, JB Tklsacadeiay Is Dow open far tberwrp-Hk tiou of pupils. I.'a>s aud k.nrs *f tniiion for yonng ladle* Hi IMS and matters Tue*>la> s, Thursday* and Satnrdays, from S to 6 p m. Geiitlsni* n'* < la**e* from 8 to 19. same ?*enings. N B ? Private inatrncUoii given to anlt the convenience of the pnpil aeis PERSON AU TO l.ADIKf If you re inirea reliable re-aedy to le.tore you. nae DR. \ EL PA U S J'BRIOD IUA i> VB^PSf a affci tailing r?medy 1a reiu^vinc a 1 irre^ularitie* and obstruct!,>i>* ! >1AURI BO LADIfcb it 1* peouiiariy sultej. It will, lu a short tiKie, bring on the monthly period with raKitlarity Caution.?Tte*e drops *beuld not be taks.i l y <-tnaleii duriiiK the t rit three ai >atbs oi prevy, as thep are sure t" bring on a miscarriage, T" I"* obtained only at A71# south B st. between ytli and lmh, Iflatid M ft* | ^ADIIMTook AT THIB! col.i.ah asit cvvrs orvj.y away. ?work 'loae at the CHEAP BTaMPING ROOMS. 43*1 9tD street, opposite I'HiBut OUt?e, will r?<eivu one Cellar and pair of C'uTte, stamped on the finest zonstlu, tor chain stlrli. Braid or BmbriiKlery, suitable* for nifctit-fcowus btat Braid and Colored Cotton for ihe abore at rednrti prices. Initials stamped Iroin car tyyif . cents, stamped good* at hall the price haretofote asked. de iJ tf PBBBOBAL?PKBB4?WB HAVING LrTtme WATi I1K3 or JEWELRY to le^ar.lf n" called for until the 1st of January next, they will be sold. Repairing dona < beap. L FRISARD, Watchmaker, IS1 p.-nil a avenue, de ^8 7t* between 19th a?i<| ft>th atraets. / 'BNTLKMBN WHO ABB AKKLICTED -A * cure warraoied by an old Surgeon of (wentythree year*'ex| t rienre in thl? rarMcalar branrh f tbe pr?fet*ieu. i barge* moderate Do pot apply to i?taek<, ini to .1 B. GARDNER M. 0 , late of the yniteil 8tate? R>c.ard V. nereil ffxi-ii 1. (Iffee No.-.l south A street, oppotite the ( apit< I H .uare. ?o?ith fide. N B ? Medltlna* also fnrnitbed at cost. tie 91 H*i IV EW LlNl oi bTE AMIRS Jl FOK ALBXANIRIA, wtHHiNHTim AND GEORGETOWN. THE FIRST BHfToK THIS LINE, thk K.C. KNIGHT ( Mulliner, Master.1 Will leave New ?n*k. Pier IvJ. E*?t Rivar.on bAT) \ , Da -ember .. ? ISSri Merchant* are re.jtie*te4 to notify ?hipp- vs to foraa'd tOoU* hy O.i* lin?| de 21 ut J. W. THOMPSON, Prs*14sat. wanta* \\" ANTED-Br ictnrfloil tftv-her, ft wtaW ? '.'bflLs l? lludl t|>4 LtMDM < ?? * % anl Latin.) A44re#a X , Star nthefT d-TtV \\ * At " 1 I * end M. ft LADt toattend * itor? ml k?>-; he I cot* dett.t* iVilTIO-i rrBNi#ni^ Hotui m >'B vf tl* areat.1 Hub ?a4 ?th Pennsylvania eve 1 'i* *>?J I street. iddr?M SLA. ili T <t <le Jt* \V ANTED? n )<>ane WOM * N a*ck*nl>*rn?M Hnl < ait rets, *o(5 a*?'sf wltn the ?uh<n^ at a lr> ni*? in ft easily Apply ft* 1 *4 I ?t,iet 20ih and 21st at d*i? It' W" AN TEB - A ^T^TpIiif KFMT.I, /?? m rs f?r a PIrMt ry Addrees. in own baud jrii'hik. >ixUogift*4 employment ftatl ref?r#n-?s * U.B , tfci? office. (ic 11 .t W ANT KB - A WHITE WOMAN" tor I.?u?r<l I

III B-?Wort, Oft* who ta ft gO**] r..?k. w*#h ?.r? VI** reoetai leudati'm. W. K. i BawULiI. Vermont avenue. between M ?u l fti u? ?r l?th etieet. fr?m? cottage hi ftVftf.1 dp .? tf WANTED Three of the i^i MAAittlfcS OP KBATORM for tirovir t R ?1ter WtiMl^r I Wilson, end the Florence Machtuev fton* hut romretnt Lairds need tpply liu,! u*<.? At the rfc..?T Stamping boon a. ?ittpth Urm, oppo lie Pstmt eithce. t>TAM I'lNG at half price. lirnt Reduction in STAMPED OfODS BRAID and WORKING OOTTON. de29 1w WAhTED-A OU A MB E EM A ID and ft WAIT TRESB. Apply No. 'iJ.t 1 at., Wat Pth am 13th st> de > It* U7 A15+ED A FIRST KATE TB M ALE'*00R (aUerniao preferred?. for a tirst cU?* K?-fenrant t< wbotn liberal wecea will beptid Ap piy fti Pnpnajlvaata avenue. doM-U' W* NTED- A WO JAM, to (' oft, wuh. find lr> ? for h aiBMlfumiiy . (t?t*ran>'^reiui rej Imjuiie at *Mt> il *treet, bet*> en 17tb and 1-ttli Mitel*. _ _deiS3t U' A NTK l'-A WOM At* to onk, w?<h nn 1 iron I for a niiiall family. luuuire at this otfice tie if 3* VV A NTED?New ajvfCast oil ~Cl7o THING, oi l " <.OLD nnl SILVER. ?>r aey other artic e .?t value, at the old e<tablixhel Metcha*t P?*u Lio'fier ' Store <>t KfLl/lnN M., 3 floors n-iith of Penna hv-dii?. 1 bole Agent for BlNGBR'd SKWINO M 1CU1N K. tie 22-ir 11/ AMTKD - ICO HPIKS i f lut-Ui al.'U, ta I R1 br ider Tokea. Han<l?, Wrftppar Tok?-?. Ki\u rol hkirta. Slippers, and luttinl* To b<k?<I bauds who brins fftiupla of work, rmoI Nva^ca aud co.i Stelit enu lo> w lit en. Cnll at t tin n<*i? Sta^i p tut Ko- in. 4 ;>W ?t li ?Lr>'<*t, opp >?i l? Paiaitt OH c* bTAMPlNO reouced t.' FIVE cents per width, de IB tf. I W" AM El>-10 OOO LADIES to kn >w that at ' the Nsa 81am, lug Ko mi, 4 ,1'J 9tk street,up pwsi?? Tateut Office, tbey cawtibd the li>a' 'ole.-tpd a?* rtii.?*nt of Patterns ever offered here for I t;h)?Kh, * *(> . Aprona. Joa?jra. Waists, Vokier. Batida. Wrappera. Slippers iMu^usbious. an>i Ini ttalM. A Iw. ileeiana for Pillow (1aa?a. Otto uan. Obair Covera, Piano*, and. In ah<>rt, every vart?t) i off Patti rns a? they are daily tuMne^ Woh tvea Frt-iMb Mai biue and a 1'iactisal Mtnprr, aud have i Mim ed the prlre to FIVE GENTS PER WIDTH. We makeand stamp owv pattern brooelit m. i l'.i a:'I-, Silk and WorkiuK Out ton very lnw. de I' tf WANTED ?A ilOUSE. containing fro n 7 ta9 Uciotiis anil Hall, hi good repair, within three fouithaof a mile of tho P?at Offlc" an i ftortb"" I'a. aTuune. Kent l ot to atce-il * so per inonili. HEMtY E hEARtiE. <le I3tf Arcliitc t. coi. 7th and f st<. WA NT*n- 8E(r?ND llANlf 9UHN TTD RE Also MIllRttK1*. CABPFTS. BED?, HEM Dlf 0 and BoLSK.FDKNlSH INC OOOD* ofaver* description B PU''DLY 40?7thatree? j-''M-'f liatween ?i and B. ?-a*t 'ide lust an d founix I OfcT?(>n Wednesday last, on L<a ate.. '> -twe?n 1 j > and ntn;MaaaM a i.idr - <ln>k Ifltoh f u 'llfl'li. A r?an.nabla teward will be pai'l if returned to No. - Loniaiaiia avanae. de it R* TAKKN DP KHTBAT-i OWS."Th? owner 3HI pleaae >ome forward, prove property, pay rharjr** an I tftku tbem aw*) JoHN KKI/ZEj, fctniie liou?e. near the Little Talis (? ?.? Jt* LOKT?Oil ilie nielit <>t V7til instant. aiitluD H ANDK KhOIUftF HOLDER < < uai-tihg ..t hand, rint arid eliain The tinder will be saitauU rewarded by leaving it at No. I -J'> Wctt strnet, Ueorgbtow u. doJi .1t IOST-On the 2ttb inst.. a well g own bla k ^et ^ ter PI I'PY, with abort tail, about > ino ntiolil. Aanit.tbie re ward will l?e paid for kn* r?iuru to ho. 't ib'li ina attune, oi'posite titty H all. de 19 St* JOHN B PEYTON. I OBT?Between the Traaaury Department and I .J IK 11 atrei t, ou tbf avenue, a Ft'R OoLL AR. ? MINK, i The tinder will be liberally rewarded b> leaving itat No .1)7* Peon avenue, between ?S and fctii ?ta., ot at Mr. PRATT'S E-'uni, Trr .s nry D?p?rtnient. de^. |t* IObT -On T tte^day , t lie iUtli lustaat bet ween 7 4 ami 8o'r|ock p in , on H Mr>-et, betweertCtu an?l 7tli ft reels, ft FOR YiOTORIN E. Theflndet will be liwrslly r*?ftrded and reaetve the thank* of the owner, upon retur ning tt to ;(43 6lh st., b?t, H and 1. _ _ il* I '>8T?Between Met/erott H?ll and Utli stieet, J aMt?ruD Nuirrrl TiPI'IT By laavinit tiie same at jj afreet, tbe tinder will i e suiiablv rewarded. daflg-St* | 08T OR BTOLEN-A WOSBTED BATOn EL, 1 i marked with worked letters, "N R. W Was ettl er lo^t last evening betw ers B Htumre depot andti'2'2 Peuft'ft ?venn ?, or atol<-n fmm the tront doer of iftld boose. The satchel enntaihwi articles of no valne to any one but the nwne--, except a siiv. r enp and spoon A liberal reward will be paid to any one wbo will return the aatrhel and contents to No. Pa. are . corner id -'re< t east^and no gnettlona will be a^k'd. de W '-'t* $*:(l REWARD?Stolen,oa last >aturd ?y nl^'ht HI froas Prince George ronnty, Md , a DARK BROWN M0R8E. about 14,'? hands high, left hind feot white, branded '*1.0." oft bis loft sb<>nlder; mftne an4 tail long. 1 will give lor tbe retarn of tbe Lutree, and $'2u t> r the thitf. /ADOOK TAXMAN, dei7-St" C'r?oni, Prince George 0-> ,Md. LOST?A Brown DIART BOOK, about I y is inches, marked ou the outai le. "General hntnIngftlla. Uftftrtermaater U. 8. Army " A liberal reward will be gives for ita delivery at UUI l'*-nnaylvanlftftvftuue. dst? tf &OA REWARD?Stolea on tbe utgbt ot the yOU SSd ofVeptember from tbe arenitsea of O'-or/fe Jones, sear Bladenabarc. dark brown HOkfcl, marked C. 8 ftud 1.0 ; medium sr/e, mftfte aud tall aomewhat sunburnt, has a roan nose. Tbe above reward will be wild If r< in rued to . ^ 0*0. JOEES, oc2 Hyattsville, Prlnoe 9eorve'a Oo., M 1. "balls, parties, &c. ^jeamd pri/e mab<m eradi7 THE FIFTH ~AWNUAL BALL M ANt> M BPBSURIPn**N PRt/B MAS ill <?'P ERA DI (Ml ov run HARMONY OIRf'LE will be given at ODD FELLOWS HALL. 7TH >TBEET, On MONDA* EYENINO. Jaunary Utli H 7 Subscriber" and others are r^ne-ted to call at 311 asd 4bS Penuaylvanfa avevti'. an<! obtain their tickets -price $2. No tickets can be obtained at the door er on tbe evening ot the B ill. de .'?,jan 1 4t OLD YEAR Ol 1' AMD NEW TEAR IN TBE YOUNG UEITEO f>% IN TBE F1EUD AGAIN. Si C*m? one, c?niaftU, to the ith Grand Ball CtiA of tbe 10UNG CN1TE0 CLUB, to be n.xen ou MONDAY. Decembtr 31st. New Year Eve, at tbe WABBINCTON CITY OABDeNB, on New Y. rk avenne, between 1st and Mt streets Tbe Bace Ball Club which is reprftsanted moat largely at thia Ball will receive a ru?ewood, eilver mounted bat, ball and belt. No Invitations ?*nt. Dancing tocoiumemce at 6o'clock Ticket# 50 Cents, aUmitting a Geutleman aa-l Laoics. da 29 2t* ^jj BAND BALL ft* IT All) OF Jtlk /fA MABONIO IIALL Fl'ND, TO r.K r. IVRN AT THK FAIB B (* 1 L D I N G i Coraer Seventh atre< ? and leun'aaveaue, ON MONDAT, (New Yeai'sEve.i December 31, lati. TICKETS, admiiiing a <entlemau ftni lilies, *"*' TBE MARINE BAND, unrier the dire< tiou of Prot . Weber has been engaged foi toe oct mien. <w- M u OO&OtT FOR THK l l.BAND ANNOAL BALL ft* OF Tllh EX JOURNEYMEN BOOKBINDERS SOCIETY. UA To take pla< e at ODD TELI.0W4 II ALL. < u MOJfDAT, J?Btiar\ 7th, ls57. Parti utara in future advertisement*. By order <>f tbe Wonrmlttee d<-15-tf J^INDLINB AND BTOYB WOOD. Pm?\f art., bf. lit* ni>! Mlft v^t. 'J*8 Alw ays en nand a foil supply of thf ftbove-n ?.ne article, sawed and aplit in auy length aad ' .<> required, and promptly delivered to any part of the District at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. noae tf TMOB._J . GALT_ ; !>EbSONS FUBNI8HINO ROOMS w?nld' save i I u.uLty aiii trouble bf calling at AD AilSUil it, .?titi ninth street, aest to Peua?alvania aveuie, , v t.i, can lurnisn tiieut with reniy -tuade Sheets. Pi ilex Caree, Feather ftnd llatr Piilovra, Botslei s, H O ifpieadf, Blanketa. Matt esses. Window , snades.viil Cloths. Carpet, Stair Crft-?h. T.-*el tug. Titble Liuen AO. <te 14 <i I-*t yyi EN ABB * OO.'B PIANOS, PKH.CS * OOW^VgjH. ? fffUl ' for aato ftnd reut on e?sy terms. %. Ne. 4i?"? nth street, above Penaaylvanla avenu-? , ael eotei* f. O. BB'CMBNBAUH. , f'r"0R BALE "R BENT?A ttne une PIANO, o modern st* le. with stool and e >rer.ln_ wa^ good order, fan be aeeu at BOSW RLb'ttK rnl Fancy Htote, S04 Eatr<??4, near lltb. Mllfl wcSdlf i i FOK SALE AND RENT. I/or BFNT-IW mrrBiriimi? bowsis. ' a intake rtousekefpiug. fth Md lMh. fla ? * POB BIST"O.? FB MH iai oit BBIOK r HTARLI Una do top hpiitlf for ttl>, t( Mo. ?4b North M il., M nk mud ,rh iu. Irt ** rUKMSUKD Oi CNrCt ' NISHKO BOi-Jl' r?i r?nt. two oo f wvr fl nacthf . with a,oklugrove._de2? S:* L^OR klKT-HTOUiMt to nerMr >Hk itwtt ?< l"? r >*o<cUrlM^<ilhof*<4rf, Iamlreof BINN A< B * LUTTBBLL. det?St* FOR BtfWT-A email~FRAME HoTjhBTToB* tiiDH K fbnr room*. -ituai -d <>n Faxette -tre. t G*nee. I? C Appl> J A Btrsnon 112 BnlMiTrM. _ 4?23 3t* LMB RtNT-4 KKIOK HOOSB itlin?1mi n atreet between 11 ad S1 ?ir??t-, nnt in<nn room*, with pa* tbroncbor.t laqwlra i?xt door. rfa*9-?f F OR IsaH-Two FRaMK HOI'?AM on MjuT g.aiery.t l?e| DurbntloB ?q1 pell au.. 60 'r nt feet, 90 fa?-t deep lu^niie No. bO.U.Oie tow?. ?3? T> St LMJK RENT- Oae Itno I BOB T BdOM f?r I il'he-l. suitable for two or tbr-a sto'im-n Ma. 41 Loairtana itnni, between 6th an 1 Pib ?tmet*. dettttFI>B RKNT-Very cheap, two now two st>ry BOCoKSen north G street STARR * CO.. do ? it* _ elmet. bn4 P and K. I^FRS I31IBD BHOMft at 4442 Iitr^l.httwwo I 'th an 11 th. t'ookiu< Stove for houeeke~p'.i'g If wanted; Oa?. Tlvdrtut and Iftckup f<r fa*!, suitable (ur taiuilj or eingle gtntlaueu. de 'Fit* ROOM 8 FOR UltfT-OkMv, to (nod teaasta Also two brick llt'liris. now to nor?? of bnleh.aix r??a? f nth t?> t ood tenant* efc.?p f.?r ? trriii #t Tf?r? A pplv at Hi 'twirr ithdhii, two *>jear-i aortti of tb? < a?ltol <J? 19 |w? L'OB HaLE -8f\. r?l deeirebie Uui dCuii I.OTS E in different ?e< tion* of the city. T*rml, 61 W down and *10 p<>r mouth for the remaiader Tar r?rti<ol*r?, call or addreee BOGAN * VFTLIE No. 3ii9 7th atreet. deS9-eo1m* C^OMKORTAKLE PWIUINuTwttB ?n?r . .owe > and kitchen, ou N ?tT*e'. n-ar Mb. for rent at SIN ?r lno?(h Ittmi il ?<? f.>wc?.inii Ap pi? to N.WATKINB, S-4> H street north, ??ar Kh. d?f>n' BENT?A Tw > atory Cotttt* Kraina DOUHR. cont*|piu< six rooiu , situated ou N ?tr*et north. between I4th ad 1Mbstre?ta west, listing a ? v'l front mud back ??rd, rent %jim m tilth, t-iij *bl? in ?-1vt nee In^nir# ot H?. .17 5 14th Mrret. brtwi-oi. L ?hd M ?'r?ft. mrth d ?3t* J p. IIIL.TOB |/T"RN1SHII> RO??MS F'?B BtHT-l?'.< D?t . I l'??twroD id and Id, fonven'?tjt to Oifi o! M'l latent Oftir?< e r?pt cars run b?f -rc the floor. K<<!er> act* r?'itifrvd. d^J'tJt L'OK RKNT?A Ithit-V ?t irr BH10K. UOOsR I < ontmriuir u-* ?ii rooim, on Ith ?tr-?t naar O tr<'?t north . lui|tih? 7th street. Wt?*cB B and 1 ?t?. _____ 4e8 1t' L^OB RBNT -A aref IUht-1 IJ ^ LL.autt P wMeforclit or *r.< Wj nif<-ti>iK? Al?o, ? li-? handxoniflj KIRNldHRl) AppIv to AUMBST WF.OF.RMAN^WI Pa >v?. if I^^Ok RKMT-HO^ *it No I 4 P?ut> ? tTenct Iftae?*? I7th an<! I^th < n nttluc II room* and #tor?. In>iuireon th<- pretmae" ?r *t 4 j3 12th ft rt-et bt-t. _} aud II. d? 2S tt* F"()K BBST Kcmrtie'w i:BIOE HOT'tlK*.tt.aa btory, ?.n Bh-<e?? J?tan?< avenue. l??-lw-?n nth *n<l iMhiti, Apply Bo. 1^7 K itr?>t, ketuetn ISth ;md IBtu xtre<-ta.^ w1j W J L M AMS L UK HB>T OK !>AI.? -A HOl' tfK c mtaiunit I titre roonta mtuAi?*d on VirKima aveou<<. !?? tv ?m-u Vth ?iid li fit nit ae\a. n?tr ' tm im ItiMimte. Apply t* liS 'UoK 11 Al PTA1 AN . J lith atreet, tioar H - tr< et, iKiautt <! ii- u' I/OB MBIT"OB^CfCASB?Th? UtM 8TORC I aud BAPBMRNT Bo 17*? I'ent ?r<>onx Alrii.the arcond. th'rd, an I f irt'-i atorita *!"jvp the two -toi?-a. thrt-a lw;? rooms, ti teet wide tij 7S feet ''eep and 14 f?etliigh KDv> IN OiiRtrCNo. S-'>? K ?t , dp?s st* J IriteLArhr-n I corner at Lj'OK ft Kb T? Kir*t J" <?t tha t ?* re?t a C??1TaCKB, No. Si?7 >U~?n Int^. '.U inMnn, betuten )itk an>l iMh ?trwta, near th ? tUrd* coiitainins a? v-ii ri>oai?; lawn in front Brat iiSi r< r Ki. ntli Apply to J h WILLIAMS. *ericorn?r i't>nn a. i venae and tlet atr?-??t. after 4 o'clock. de 2* it* IT OK KKNT-A email HOUt>K. fur&i ?li d I 11 atr??-t, l>otw>?u itU atid . tu a t a. oe 27 3t* F"OK KRNT?*>ne larif" fB'iNT ROOM, furnnhtHl, foath front at ."MiO K atreet. bet ween ;d and 3d. .1e 27 !ltw ROOMS FOB BKsT?iltrick ilo?a??lire* ' t-nitable for Ilou>efceepinK, only %li. t?o tie. fnrt-iWie.1. AT and <j . Apply at .?;-?6tl.?t, bttween I) .md Kaonth. .ia.; it I/OB KENT?A ruall HRi?'K BOL'BRcot.fainltf fonr rooni- and a kttcbeti. *itua*?d on l.'th street. Fonth of Marylabd aventie. R?at *1. per OtoMli In aiivarire Apply at Orug gtore.'co ner ot lit). atr<et and Maryland avenue, South Wa?hit.uton. _ dfcSTft* 1/OK IlKNT-A nuitr ot iinfurui*be4 KU<?M8 ? for housekeeping, at 4*?? 12th auent, betakes K ai d F Location central acA desirable A party without jor.a< boyg preft-tr d B''nt S'fO p?r niontti Also, a ?uite of three turiiished KO"Mt>. at lith at. d? U7 St* L'liK KENT OK BALE-Oo* tao atory 8KICK llf'tSE. w'ta back bntl lin^. contaiuin^: et*ut rr?m?, dry cellar. Stable. Wa?on house ?<-.,4o. t?rer 3,WjO feet of ionnd itl*?:li.-d ta It; on B -<tr' at D'r b . iiear 6th afreet eaat Inquire atJOUVENAL S Msrble \ar4.corner New .Ic-raey avenue ai d F street. de '.7-?* P*)B SALE Tte nta^AiBceiit I1AN^U?N H 1 atieet. betwten ?th and lUtb. recently coin p'etcd Any peraon daairmv to purchaae i? ro ferted to tny m> uta, J T. OhLDW ELL A CO., No 4??t? 7th atreet, a hn are aionn antbori/ .t to necotlate th?- ?Mue a plan of ?be building* aud grotiiwla au l>?- seen at tbeir oih??. deg-3?* OHAKLEB KLOM ANN. FOB BKNT?Iiitiit >TOBB, with icaa and water. No. 330 B atreet. l?tur?ii l.ta aud 1 '.th ata Inqnlre at Paint an4 Oil >ti>r?, next door, de*. t?* WM. Rl THBRFOBD. FURBISRRD ROOMS KOR BRUT?Dealrablc "CAtioM. Boarding may be obtained opposite. A r-nitortable KRIOK STABLE alao for rent. **7 Kat>eet. near ISth. opposite Franklin Row. deW6t' I'O LET THE Ur OK JANUAR* ASl) 1 I IXTLREe FoRSALK-A PLACE preaently occnplt* aa a tailor aiore, bat would auit for m<-at aa> kind of buaiuMa. Bentb>w. ln-<aireat tbia c tS e. de 2. it' Drug btoke fok balk.-a oru? stork of pi yeara standing. \nth tixtmea complete, fie* atock. eorner atore: ?<>od locahon. au l bea&of reasons for ??llinp. Terms easy. Iti:jnlre?of STAKB 4 CO., 4"???>? 7th atreet, Ko m No. 13. d?* 28-2w* t^OR RBNT?A new brick SToBEaud DWELL i INO. with >-ix r^tma oh V irginia avenue between lat and >i -treeta w-at, opp^otte the Naw Ma.kat : first rate place for a cl xbint; atom, or produce atid Varte?v store Kent of whole batil intr .*21 Ml per n.ontb lamiraat Luint>er Yard, CotBt-r Md. hv? and Canal. de _- ?it* FOR BKNT?fl) th<> l."t or . th of January , tu.. new hRICK rtOLHE8. oitaatad on Mb atreat weat, between O and P atreeta a^rth. Inquire neat door. dei4?l* LIB BEBT-V baudeoni* HTORB BOOM, No. I li24> Tth fctieet west, between M and N atreeta. with ahelvlrft < uutera and drawers, In *ood or der. Rent montn. de 24-tt i/OR BBNT-H tB.i'ton.ely Furniah^i PAKL0B9 I and BBD KOOMH. ?oaiBiiiiilcaiin<, to be let togetbei or aep?rate|y. with or without H.i*ri4. Qaa wat< r. ant r>*th in the hona<- Apply at *i'44 H ft., b-tueen irtb and autli its , una a^nare frotu care ^ de it-it* F'OR 8ALB- HOl'^E and Lot on th street ca^t, betweeu Virgiuta aventia aud U street, w>tb alx i.'on a.ic bue order, with cb<dce Irnit ot all kinda. wl b thr?>- dirterent kltkd* of ?ra|H-e; within o-ie and a balf a*i'.area of market atnl twoaiaarco> city care, and wlthii: awo tfctuarea of lour cbnrt hea Ku jtiiie within, to de.4-t?t' OEQRr.E 80PER. F'OR RENT-A BRICK K017SE.of nine reoma, with ptu water, ana bath room, ln-iuire ot K B. BAt OH, corner iX aud F stret-fa. Washing ton, D. O. de 21 LiUK RENT-A fo.Ki BI'SlNKrifi CORNER with F DW BLL1NU HOUSE, containing alftit room-. gatCan-l water Inquire of K. > 11AOWN. c jrnar 4?i and F, south >* aabiagtoB. ne tl ?st* j^OR BALE?A nABB CHANOB-A firat cliia KESTaCBAMT dotnit a good Vnaiiieas with a TEN PIN AI LEY attached, and BAGATELLE *1 ABLE, all in gool cauilitiou. and licen-e paid on all for one j ear. Will be told at a bar-atn. ?<*t istactory ttae. na given for selling. In tulre cartier ?>f lith an<l F streets, Ialand. de 21 6t* Ij^OR 8.\LE?(Onl> 9*?i ca.xh.the balanei' can be pat il fa moot hi | iiift altn*<nta of f 16 >a hi? new two xtoi y a roeni HOI fK with passa -e, aid and back alley, ?c.. situate Ne, 4>4U Q atreet. Bear New Joraay areutte. M AUK A OO., <!el'<2ar* 4 , th si reet. t?* i r K FOR RINT -The FARM. for the Latt three the r< -iden e of Major Tbe jphilas Gaines con slcline of imj acre*.lying bear Fort Mihan.l mile from fUnning bridge, luprcv Uiunta.dwelling honae ?f li rocini. aiott* stable, s rrant'i house* barn. Ac Addren "K. 8.,"" 437 E s?reet. Wash iiigtou, I) C.,or call In person, betw?an 3 and 7 p. in. oolti tf 1/I BN 1SHKI?PA BLOltt4 AND BHD B""MS I for rent from H to $iri per mooth Also, BOARD for Mechani c. Avpl) at No 6th st., bet v ecu O and Loui#iat)? av. B0 27 lm* KARE CHANCE?For I filmed! ate -ale. one of the t>e*t to.-,.ed etnall corner store t!KOCE 11118 in the ci i Pfrtck and Fif.tur< a im?w. Apply murediateiy, by letter to A. B. C.,< ItT Pbxt t Ottice. no.'^tl For"rTnt- pvkLoR~aZi~nbo-boobTwiI - j Able lor- wo. Board H rejuiraa. Rtxtt f26 a month. Apply aii^UpNew lork aisnus, lisuaen 4th and Mb ate. de I'OR RENT-Tha lata BI8fof^H. Fatit. 42?? D atreet, con'tlalu,-17 fopnia. vrfth all the uirderw Improvement-. Apply toCLlFTON HELLBN "274 F at. uoAO tf t/O R B1 NT?'I wo lar^e ?a t ?a? awail t itntut: ncitinK KUOH8, tia>aruiah'-o ie^ii.1 no r N.>. 1 H4 Penn av , bet )?<ii au i r th >la. no jt tl Fj^OR BES"??Larau and Ttnall farolatiei and un r fntuifhcd !loC8R8 aud APARTMENTS mitabTe tor h uarketpfng. Al-o, For Sale, aever.l amitll ea?y L rws. Iti^ sT MtK A CO.. 4-t*V,7th ntn-et. Bomti 13. oc !? 3naFV>K RENT-Tbe BTUrV N ^ll O street. Bear lith. It tronta tmtaellately ou Peona avetipt airfllsotieof the lar^oat ami moat cauvanlenfl} alttsated store rooma In Wa?htugton c?n . A?>lvtof 'If B A K F. R. at tha S'ar OtTI jeSO tf F'(?P B'KT-Otis IIOOM ..a lVt rto >r J"n l three KtH)MS o? td ll v-r. over |jiiatiial>'? Uataail Fnrbture, v >4 l'*au'a aveuua. tiaut omlar ate. u)2Stf ? ? > ' AUCTION SALES. I *+* ckrr Jau-fion &mitt te* fmtrtk pa#' ! THIS A KTEK A ~OUS AND TUMOhKO ir_ gr GBEEN A W1LLTAMS. Auctioneer* CONT1MTATION BALA OF TH PAWMMO BEB* SALE or CNBSDEEMBD 1LSDUA8 AT Pi: hLIU ACCTIVH On KBUDAY and BATCBDAY. ?th and Jptb llii?cu, ?t 10 o dock t. . anl 7 o'clock ? . I shall mII, ob the first foor <>rr*B A William*' efton roclM, at tha mnft of 7th Ml] 1> a largo r-tllvuob of H tinting *-?H l.o!4 and feilTtr Watrhe., Bhunokl Bo? and Bieaatplna and ?f n?r> dwcr|ii.i?, Oi.u* Pi.toU.MuaWl Instrument* Ladiea' aid Qeatleucn'* W**rm| A| of oter? deecrip tion tb*t run He menuo 1 CBlt the att?BtiOB Ol pet-OD? !? ? *nt of lino rocaa to ft'- above tale Term* rwh B Bl'KNMTlN E. Pawnbroker. <JeS7d GBEkft A W ILL1AMV Aucta BT WM. L WALL A 00 . Auctioanara. 8tot?a Noa 314 and 3 if. Booth corner Pena ' avtnne Bod ftfc *treot. BALK *r DIAMONDS-TINS. BIN* |*K BINt.8. ABO hBT* At AUCTION Ob MONDoT, P?*>i.twrll, Bt II lo- k. wo vi|| 11. Bt our Auction XtiHti. bd me ee Ui Dlamotd*. being t)ir *la> k of b N?-* I 0r? imwit.r afl i>f which ia vf 18 c?rat (old and ?i rt>><' c?iii|>r1?!Bf? Pin* Bur* Ban is re and Pali Be t* The gi?de *re of Bub gua.tty. T?-i tna caah. It g. L WALL A CO An 'a BY W. L WALL A PC , A a^tlnitrrn 8 ore* JU an| 117, fc'Otb corner Pens ay Ivania ateuae a?4 fth ( CLO^BU OCT hALB~or B1CH AND VALUABLB FLBS, Builib Ac., t>| ? AfALOwt B "b MUM'A V M<'B51Nu, De< 3, ' Ev'ty lot ?orraul-1 evrtoct and trn? t > tha nniuo. ?>n0 to b*?oM without met\a. a* our an too r- <>u?.< utnrmiH at l?>t>'?iook. r?Trn<Mif tbela:ge?t ai.o rul cstir lot ?t Knra ?? -r - j tu W a?n' ugtnn iit? |?\ catalogue, eiuhra idm r*.. KlDcOB CAT bHAK L?. mine. shawl* SIBLRI AN pptjireel* ybbnom urcH, >liLu(?ci?rtd lathe 'at.ot Bud d.?? Uefcl*** toi rps, COLL A BETTKB CrGBWlBH ALSO. aA. BUCK ? UOlNTalli UBa>L&' BLACK )'k a U I'BAIBIC W'^LF, Bl'rPkLO LA' OOO *. ALSO. U??I?TTE.Bc. AJ*rgf Dt?*in? uiove. *D<1 0?Q.,t l? t?. 1 hej Lei hum cva? ki.ii.em tr. ni one . f t>.? ta'eeM Itppo. tl.C *nd luaiiuiai tu: in*; 1m>Bb"? W^'invite attention ,4 bnve*-. to th<? f? e of \alaal>U Knr?, th* .? . k iaof li t uiaiiu tactiira xna ai? trnn to tbe tiALk I'OelTIVK ub???d tL" " _ __ *' L wall ACO . Ancta. BT D. L VILU v? Anctl?D-fr-a:.d Keai E'tate Brokera. nortbwoat corner lotb *aj K ?tr?eta. TBAME BLMLDIKHH AND LTMRER AT AI C TlON On TUIB8I>AY. tlie -<1 dar of January, at ) 0 ci^ck p in on rh- potni-ci, on llih ?t a-teaot. bet?t*u 1. *nd (J BoMtk. near th. Pbil?4elot.ia L> ^ . *f -h?ll loI; at PablL Auction? k*i One rram** Uunnu * Oi>c Prame hhop LariS" lot ot Luiiil erot diHereot kin in Tul* mtf i- uortk) the atteation of Builder* ai.'i c>>ntractora. Tes ma rath. de? 4t D L WBLLS A Oo . A icta. |JV THUS D'ONNLINU, "AocCti^tM-kr HOUSEHOLD ri BNITPBE AKD EFFECT* A1 AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MuBNlSU.Janovrr ;d at 10 ') c.e k. I will a-ll at No. t J Urid?< oti eot Lrlwt?n i i. bU'I J#?wr^ou. h g- ii--r?l a ?ort Ut> nt of Uoi]?rb< .d Porn: tire. bein(tb? -*? !* of ? (fiiticuitn ?'e. iii.lLg ban<?ekB-|iiii<, c>oi^tiD< o! M ihOT*n> ?r>fr* ? ? rha>r? ?nl h fa-* Mali k*r.> De?k .lI Ea?y Cbair Larict tiilt K moi?- ao I othe? M rror* Mbhcgati) *n o'bt-r I tmiMit., k.i.j H ittre?a?s W?tCml.f? W a?b?t 4uda. Toilet Ware. Ac Vah.ut>xt Dflon Tablo C?r?M? Oti'-lo'li an1 !? aMfn* (!ix><kery Ola** W?re 8U>ve?, And maur art cle? not m?nti->no<1. TciOii c?ah. le rj TU08 DOW LINO. Anrt. JJT OBKEH * WILLIAMS, AaeUamrt Laf? yttc Ytrl ** <{ W'l ''OH I # . ?. I rr?'otP- U ( Njt His.; | Tbefolloainr "cViuici. packa?j^? ?j 11 i n t taken within tkt it data I'on tbl* date, t.., 0;a at public auction. t<> rO> charice* te . O. 1 Oreea, M. J >i rdn r, W W' Bot>erta, ?.oo Duoiittie, 4 "apt. MBK?r. U p ton ley, EUwin 1. Morritl. Wm u?l.(h*r, Vr? tfl.arl t?- Beaard T L O Hriea. A!a?>. 1 1.1.1, Yamiab. I Cooking Stove, 1 brok a do . I Trunk. I < h?i?t. wiihoot mai k. TLa ab. ?? yccare?. tiow at the late offire rf the con?t anv in Georgetown, will, it not ceiled for. bo ao:il at thf anctlon roora of Oreon A WilliBin?, n 8ATUBDAY, tha 19tb of Becemtar aext, at 11 ovlocka m , witkont reaerve for ca?h no >i 2awda OBEEN A WILLIAMS. Anet*. , ?^TnE ABOYK BALE 18 POBTPONEB IKtal 8A1UBBAY. tbc ith da> of Jaai^ry. ISj7, at the rnme honr and (lare. Ie?9 oo i.BEEN A WILLlAMB. Ancta. |JY THOS POW LINO. Aoct , Oeorsetoan. TBl'BTEE'B BALK OETALCABLB BBAL ESTATE. By virtue of a deed of trnat irads br Jamo* Bli > d1??r an?t wife to tho atib-crlbor the 5th dar of October. IW bb4 recordnj am?n( the land rerorda of the Dlatrict ?I Columbia, in Liber B MB., No. J.ioilo^ia.A^., 1 will wAar at piMx- aato. ia (r <?t < f tke prenn>e<. TBL'BSDAT- the I7th Doc?ni>>ar. i?6?. at 4 o .-lock p. n . tne follawinc real - ?'ato, being part of l?>ta No ?7 an 1 4 . tn Peter B itty. Tkrolkfld aa.l Deakln a a?4ttion to Oemgetown aa<l Dl?trict afore-ald, n<ly nameJ In fo-mer do^dc a* lot* flo. Maud .i?. B?einnlns for the aame at the end of 87 f<-t<t 6 m<b*-a luea-ur- d on a line drawn aaat from tlie lutaraerti.-n of the aant iina of Un<an with (Bo north Hub i*t Pr? ii^ct *ireet and rnuamn thence ea?t with tl>e Berth line of P -part atreet 2? foot; then a north and parallel with Ling ao ctreet feet more o* lOB? tben<-avt?t aDJ parallel with ProBMct atreet Id K-et thence -oatk aid parallel wita Lis gau ftrevt <4feot B ora or l*w? to the nr Teruii of kalf Ouo-tkird < aah, au<1 tua '?m4u? in *lx and twe ve mont>i?, with intere*' fr ir. the dity f ?ale tb? title batng retained uutll fail p-.y . ifixnt of tha rnrcfaa??' laon- jr. IX Uio t?rn?e of aale a>e a<>t complied with within thn adara after tha dar of ?ale tlie troatee r* ?erve* the ri^tt to r??eli, upon threo dar V notioo, at thr- riak ati l . oat ol the defaulting ??rcha*er OonveyMiing and atamp< at ?nr<-T aoor W cat. HOOH < APEBTON Trnte?. de 13 oo THOB DoWLfNO. Auct. VTBE ABOVE 8ALB T?"AB POSTPONED until KjONi>A^ , aona.y 7th 1*^7, *aut' :aur and place. nc?H OAPECTOV, Trtit tee. ae 29-ecAd? BY M. B. WALkU A vo., AacttoaaareT No. Peuua ave.,cortiar lUtb atraot "YALTABLE SANDBANKS FOB BALE.'* UIOHLY IMP0BT4NT~ TO COMTBACTOBS ASB BDILDEES On MONDAY, ?4th ii^tant. at 3 oVlock. on Smith'* Farm, near 7th atre.t Park, ae will ofTar lor rale, t< tb?= ntgbeat bidder, One Acjo at San lbaik. Tormatobe male known on tke premWea wh o the pi pert) is otf?ted for i>ala. de 31 2t M. B. W ALBB A OO .Aacta. ?y- IliE ABOVE bALB 18 POSTPONED ON account of the mclem.-m f of the ueatkatr, uuut MOB UAY, tbo Slct iBr an'. at I o'clock p. in. M B. WALSH A CO . Aucta. FOR SALK ANl> JiKXT. L'OK bALK OK BENT-A durable COCNTBY * r BKMMM E and FABM . aitaated Tiear Hladt-naba'g Maryland, within ft to* i> uiiuute. watk ot tht U?-pot. The whole property centalra i.e taorti 30 and 40 arr<>? with twu Daellihg Hmv, wfct. h render* the c me auaceptlble of n-tng n Tided in two pikce.H, v .tu btalil* Ice ljbwbb, and ull B'T'Baai y out i *i 'dinj?e. together ai.h a fiae a?aortnr.feHt of l*ra>ta. urapva, Ac. P..* giva.i Immediately Mr. Bichard liiil. li\i?< on tlit pl*i? will ani/W tt?o pr. ttiieen. ?o? ^articu tare apply tu THOMAS L lit MB, tof Hall A Borne,) c<-S7 it Grocer*, No. 4W Market Hpar<?. 1/oR SALE?A uusatity of UrM and teexxi pi.u-d r JEW I.LBY.Xrslt AL 1M9TB! MKNTS a , at B FILTON&0* 'S, Pnanbrukera. <?>J 0 li aireot, three .loom north <>f Paun aaenca. hoi* Avents f.?r fc>uicer a t-e?fT? Ma;hit:e. Ue2J-^w * |>Oli RlNT- or-| .KAiL ? Th.' well-known 1 W HITE liOl.BE or BELLNulB *>i I Out OP PI 'S>L* KOBE F1SKEB1ES . on the Potoiuac 11 v~r Either or VoLh ot Um>ii will be rented or Iftm) f.-t one or m< re jr^ars, and if not d'apo-ed of b| or bef, rt the 19th of J inuary . ISC. tha prit i!ege to flab Ui?>n. will be ??1U foi . aan for una or more *ea*. na, on that <ia> at ISui , at tta*?*UMK>n tare of Jaa. f\ MrOnlra A * ?. W ood i?*> l ? !iad at a rt aaonable rate on eitker estate Apply t > UEO. 11 BOBBEB. Agent lor Haruh Ottart.aok. Evecntilx. de M-.ltawt.laB bi )."0B BKBT?To a farnilv wltSaat chillron a partly Fl B.NDliSU lAOU'dd. c^ulatniax S ro..iiia. f>n(plied wttli tan a?.| water , yard front and rear. Apply at 111? B Btrvet, near 14th. dt< ?) ".'BV It* _ h^OB BENT- Th? StokEB-'ioM pomer~of pa. a*Btin>' and llth *tri-t?t fa ttie M??r O V>a Btiildln*. fj.rm^rlv oc-uri^d hf W Q. Metr^rott a* ? muai ' "ti'i/. huO recently a< the offi"- of 'he Nati onal Expreu office A^t) to C. B P-ABEK, htHrOftiie.^^^ dull it F"OK RENT-Tke PB tPKHTY kuoV- a? T ie OomwerciBl It. illl' tf " io< ata* ou La a**., adtoii Ing th'-Central OnBt iliouao The ! n'td<nav haa a trout of aboff '/'Tee* ao*) ad-Btkof I uf. ei, ror.nitc through Iroin the avenue t.<"i-. ?l?t ltlaa lately been vacaie-t by ia? National Bt pr^? Conipaey. l er t< rm? apply to W M H. PHILIP 40 La av- , near Cth at. n.> Ji ?.tl L'OB BflT-Twi Furui? ...i KOOM8. at Mo r 4 Ol lJth st(*et betaeau K aad K at* de la U . m