Newspaper of Evening Star, 31 Aralık 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 31 Aralık 1866 Page 1
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f ^ ?? -- ' - #?.?- ?sf?iw * i <f >* ; t / t ? l i I ^ ^ . - - ^ ' * pkMtf% 9- * 9 % v .ji .. x ? *; * | i 4 T ? W * ?ra^? ?. ? (Stmung Sta r. - - V0L. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. DECEMBER 81. 1866. N2. 4.810. M??^ ; ? 14 ^ THE EVENING STAR 1 ..,*?? ?.??-** sriDAv bxcbftbd. " ' At THE <TAS Bl 1LD1NJ, ,-ur r?m ?-? ?"?"* >1*4 j;m{ .s-*? ' 4fc bV i*. W \ LLAC II. gj, .orr?rt bv -.0^ nm#r? to tbeir T *' V,-. "m the ivy *?<! Ifc^rict ?' T Bit " K* *' ,. b1k Copi-* at t?? ouorer.wuu 4 **T' ,u. wr -rr"*- T*0 r?wr* #a>'h. C,?*TCM -f* JlMtito -Tbw rionttis, o?? p. -lr ia* r./y " ? '. SI* 3ntbs, ZM. ofl? jear. f re OoUmrt. No papers ase ) ' '-rm c* ,f>nF*r ,r,an P-*?d for. "'!"x \ w | | Kl'V VTA K?pouli?-;ie?i on ir,day < V.r Dtl-ar ? *i a Half a Year. u rni:r( 1 PKRsONAL ?t li?_rr?T!'? IBV1HO, tfmrr*y?aat, ani T'? ill in,/, ?.?ill i<*? l?f? remr.>(?. Including V*?t, rrn'H eud Foture al her office, 4'20, aerto , ?,e if Pe?n avBcno, betareen i>? and ith -treeta. ft-"-j- hours from 3 to la m. aad 6 to i p. m. ?e?l?B* __ II IU . |) HO M BO PAT BIO PdYSlOlAN. Rr- .?pt* and ulttM, flu 40 j 4th steet P?ce Hume ?9 to 10 <* m 3 to t> p. m. del9 tf VT TMK 1??W CHliP Sf AMPIMQ BOOMS 4 iv? . to street. oape i>e i'ateut Oitice, ladies cao .-?t ai *?ur reduced price*, on the Very l>#et 3k?i..e*utte? >tgh? f ?'> Yokes, rea^y stamped . 40c?a. Y * *" 'l> rti. Ban*. lOcts. I j?r for i-rai* or ?aibroidery, o?r pet;ft n* ore cftLi *"J .ai??: >l'?ivn-, aelested with core in \ rk. and being iu rtceipt ot them weekly. ?? are at le <!ai>> l -issue new patterns as well ?. rr at* a?d lUBt ?tij pattern brought us I O. O w orkme Cotton at reduce, i price*. 4e 1* tf j r MS D CLARK, ATTORNBV AND OOFSf J ?F I.I.OB AT LAW AND NUT A R Y PUBLIC, V l!th itr^et ?e?t, da 14 iy nK JAMV.8 T TOl'Sfl hoe -etnOToJ hi* of*>co Jr. i.i No. 473 ltfth ftro-*t, ti) hie reeHeo'-e, vo ?: ar* York ave.,four itvvra ?ut ot uth t ? *? AH order> left et the Drn* Store "f NAIRN i i>i.O ,ror?er ?h et ea.l P? ???., durlBitho ill be promptly Bttead?4 to. 4e U ) ' L HANK M *TRI NOriBLO. r C*?N ?T A B i. K ANU ''OliLKOTOB Collect* K?*i. t?. Delit* end CImhii ?f oil kind* i ple-ed id ht.i h*u<iK trr?i?M prompt att* hti. n B*-f?-rencee ?it?b tfre jotre'l liftti" ^1 I -th utreet, above Pa. ??etn?; reti* detic* L> ?tro?>?,> n Jth and JUth N. H Ordei- by mail promptly attecdOvl to. <l*14lli' 1 A I'IBB IT 19 A<'K NOWLCDQID THAT I i tt? NEW STAMPIHO I?Bl?OT, en 9th otre^t, 4 Ij?? the bent ??lection of Patt?-?ne e^erof fer?d L?-r>-. ari'l the proprietor hae reduced the prut- t i 'N K H A LP that hn? bern charged h*?r?tef<>re Prink a practical Staniper, notecrrired ? . i.fcf1 ? f pettlc* ? h-?t will unit yin. Oo eee hitn. ^ lir will ri ike aud i-tante 4M ca'tern do I' t; \ OI HANK HKBN 1M PRC DENT, t ut neither Unci n nor fraiuaritan hombtiKa * u- if m<i*e ,r i ' Se?? Dr. DARBY, on 7th **re?-t, oppo eite OJd F?*llowa' Hell, an 1 be cured mick and # prrnanrntly. de?-l?u* I iB. H E. WOODBCRY has rfinowl hi- office 1 ' to No. K etreet, opposite St Patrick'? Ohnrch. deSeoloi* (" ONFIDENTI AL ? Young men who h=ive injured toeineeiTfe oy certain secret habits, which nnfit them for bnsinena. pivaaare, or the duties of married life, ?l?o. middle aged and ol4 tmen, who. from the fnlliel of yonth. or other can-ee. fe-1 a debility in ?dvance of their yiare. Kefore placitiK tbetnaelTee nnder the treatment of an - one. abould tirat read "The Secret Eriend." Married tadieawlil learn romething of importance by peruamg "The Secret Erieud."j bent to any ad dre?s. in a sealed envelope on receipt of 3S cents. A die?? Dr CBAS A 9TCART A CO Boston, Uass ao P-ly HRll'AL AND PI NER A 1T~W HIATUS, BO gt ET?. CBOS8BS. ANCHORS. STA R"1-Ac., pre er\ed In nataraJ form WAX FLOWBBB, BAIR PLOWBR9. and BRAIRINO, b? Mrs. PRIES late of li^stoo Baa removed to No 4 ^9 11th street, between O at?d H oc 3 >ia*_ Alltt* W H? > A BB DBSI B^'OS OP A SKILL1 j In! an<1 acn a>pltslied 1'byaician. should conenlt Dr HENRY MoRTON, lb? east Faf-tte street, Baltimore. Md. I>r MorU>n s seryices may fce .tng??cea in Washington or any other city, by addree^ingaa above oc 13 Sm* J AMBS OC1LD. ia Mttrand Setond hind hratltn Old Futnitnre Repaired. Reup bolstered and Varnished. 12t'.t and B"ts., (near t: e canal.) Higheat prlc* paid for Sac nd hand Fnrnitnra mHt*^ ' Piy!AHs SLAC? Wan h.Lam<'X. c. p. black. LAW 0? PICK. BLACK. LAMON * OO , Counsellor* and Attorneys at Law In the Soateme Co?.rt of the Tnited Statea the Conrt of Olairos, j the Conrta of the Dlatrict. the E.xecatiTe Depart- i Bw-nte. and Committees of Congress. Ofice, 4~ i?th atreet, (dir^vtly opposite WII. lards H 'tel ) da lj!-tf CLOTHING, Ao. : 0 i t, D A D V I C K ~ Trat'a It' that's it! Jest listen a bit From the tolks at Smith a Oak Hall Coxmk a word of advice, Soaoand and so nice. For th? present re aaon of Fall. Button y ?or coat t r to your throat. And tee that yo? re warmly elad: Or with cold In yoor head Ion"11 beaick in yonr bsi, Vhich will be ezceediagly bad. IArd yon^l stay in bed With the cold ia yonr head. And Compelled to beaoiuewbat inlet. Till ytid'ts had enough Of the Doctor's atuff. And all >orts of aick folka'diet * Better beware. And always tae care To be preperly clad for the Fall, lu aaitabie clothea, Jaat sach as thoee ?. Which are sold at Smith *Oak Hall. SMITH BROS A CO., MERCHANT TAILORS, Air rXALKK* IS OBNTB FURNIalllNO GOODS. OAK HALL, 464 Slvesth STkk*T, Jn-t received tb? largeet aad fluest stock of P1ECB OOODs ertr oficred in the city of Wa?hIngtoa. Having aecnreil the best artist* in the rit). we are prepared to make up In the fiue-t ?i> is, and at >esa prices than any other e-tabli-h meet. t nv 13 tf| S B A CO. ;\1 LOSAKO, i'l. MkRCHAXT TAILOR. Comer ot 9th aad D streets. Desire* to retnrn hia thanka tor the liberal patronage l eetowednpen himdnriiif put^B ? v-oi.s and at the aaiue t me invites bis 'fr'ends to viait his store and inspect his new )IW and choice selection of goods, which he has just Mircnaeed tor the Fall and Winter Trade Air. & HaRDON. his aaeociate, coatiunea to give hia conatant attention to the strle and general a; peara ce of all garaenta made at the aatablitkmaat. The beat work and moderate ohar^ea I* oar r .etto. da Aim* EDOLAN. MERCHANT TAILOR, corner of l?th street and Penn-> Ivaala are , >a opposite Willar .s? H 'el has received s>U eaperl >r aaacrtmerit of Cloths. Caasimagea. |am Ve?tlnae. CbmcbilMs and Bac< tnaa, tor j'<f t^ve'eoata. a general aaaortntenp of-*^" b-tts'FnrnisbiBg uooda He baa also added to L a stock a splendid lot of first lass Cnatom made Cl< tnleg frcm New Fork, at lower arlcaa than t m t e had In thia city. Me nvitea bis friends and the pr.Ntie ?? give hint a . all. aa1 ratnras hi* sincere thanks f r Ih-rlr liberal patroaage. oc 3'. 2m L,' J. HBlBKROKfc. . F > Saccaaaor te B. T. L?adon A 0o.,^a* CITIZtSS AND jMILITARY MgMCHAST TAILOR, II etroyolttan Hotel late Brown s, < 3b'i Psai?>lvanlaBvauue.^^ my 1 tf Washington. D. C. . | hu> BR A" BAKKR~ CBtlBRSTB? FIRST PREMll'M 'AMt.lY SE Wl.\ti MACBlifts. Tt e t est Eamtly Macbls* in the market The ? ? Afucaia* that will both Sew and Eoi I'oi ler ig\ hey n.ak- an k.a<:ic Sittc* that will not break ^ waebtng. tall aad alanine their merits, at . , DAVIS A 0AITHBB 8. 14,4 - iU Market Upset ?y UERB le IT. BCT FlRLBIIr at BOMrrt bibs,. J * " 1 c|?r ? l> - ?**?> ? t <4? FIBIsv. Mast 1 walk or take the ear |J As yen pieaee, una Flnlai Do yea keep the Gotdec Leaf ? lBde*d da 1. quo' Flnley All things in yanr line, is brief r Cerue and s?e. <juo' Flalay As 1 p?ss if 1 drvain* Do drop in. quo Kinley. Have yon fine rut wrapped in tin * Beet tl ere ia, qno' Finley IVyour meerschan tn's color well B t? aed try, <juo' Finlev. Are tney mere sfcain*. made t?> sell Nary sell, ^no- Finley Have yon ping of ever} grade* _ E.? ery grade quo Finley Please tne tasta and sitte the trade* J?*t the thing, .mo' Finley. Bo* la aid stem* In every ?tyls I' Fialev 1 II rail ti er* ?n a little while Se SO do quo'Finley fa> In.* B 4^?> 7TH STREET, near E "CAN OFFICE. ? 3'^ E "TRKET. a. Betaesu ivth a^d u,h ,trseta. **'MBT LOABBBob <i?ld aid Silver UaUh^ Jewelry . CUttlax. Ac , Ac. ?ea, a* a iv , D .D?*NOVAN. Lic* terd Pawobrf.|??r. 1'b B CBOCHET COLLAR BOtJK vtaa Bay?? vKaltted Lace 4j?!Ur Book The B,g?a BalttikK *' <'a.?alt.a hrut fhaa a, ? a<*/f B- -dra Oaaaaii: . t>c. Bet bSV h The (*reek aad Ro;: ?u Lace Book The An a. RniUin^ and Nettiaf Book rt.e Wtttsr Mrs Ccay Arto' t>reesma?lty EBAfttn TAYLOB* I holiday goods. jjo ! FOB THB HOLIDAYlS"****.'Assortment of French BON BONS anA CANDIES that be inrpuwd in tt>e District _ , A LW *(itVrM^rtl,?t of FANCY SUGAR PLUM frwn r*r1<? ?h"ch I will i? u p.Dk',r At the lowest possible ri!N r?F i? ;?orfment ?r ANOY porND i' ii i *-A R " constaatly on hand. Call and examine, at HOBBli'K^, 316 Pa avenn*, ? ceic lOt betweea 9th and )Otn s:r?ete 505 histhstbkt. 50r PREPARE FOB THB HOLIDAYS. 'BIDWRLL a"~henderson w,,l|l respectfnlly call the attention of their and the public to their larg* and well elected <*asortmen; of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, of fee Latest Sty'e?. Alao. o? hand a*large assortment of OIL CLOTHS. TABLB COVERS Bl'STIC BLINDS PAPKB CDBTAI S3 F1BB *OABD PBIHTS, OVAL PICTIRE r BABES, Together with CORDS AND TASSELS TO SUIT. AII of wt,ich they are prepared to sell at ti e LOWEST CASH PRICES. Remember the place, NINTH STREET. Four doors above D street. Beaton Hall Fnlldir.s de18 |\1 A 1 L L A R D 7S~ 1*1 CHOOOLATS DE FANTAIMIR. BT BONBONS. maillasd s4t"* ' CHOUOLAT I'AB EXCELLENCE. _ . .. I Triple Vanilla.) This Triple \ anilla ? HOCOb ATB is superior in i4'talji| and flavor to any other m?de in this couutry , <tnd is prepared especially for table use N. W BIRC HELL, comer llth and F street*, ? tinder Ebbitt Home, ( HRISTMAS AND^NEW YEARS PBES A rich ami elegant aasortment of Gentlemen'* Robes de Chambre, gotten up express'? t ,r the hoiifl;ijs Gold, Silver, and I\ory-b^aded Canes, In beautiful variety with Scarfs, Ties. Gloves Snspenders Ac ; with superior lot Toilet Arti< l*s, at reduced prices, at LANB'f? Uenrs' Fni nishlns Store, ce H eotf 4U4 Prsn nnswi.T|IHrt ( 'OLOKBD TOY BOOKS, fr. oi Lao Ion; French * .Invemle B>oks, direct from Parts LabmUyes' New Fa:r> Til?, Esop largely illustrated, and Hiany others, .,u*t received. FBANCK TAYLOB. 'yoiS TOYS'! TOYS ! Those that wi?h te purchase cheap TOYS AND NOTIONS for Christmas or New Years presents should not fall to fro to BOBWILL S FANCY STORE, 309 E street near ttie N;iti-i al Th. ater. He it closing then; out at co?t. dp jj.fji HOLIDAY presents HOLIDAY PRESENTS. J ust recel \ ed? Btcli D^ rated DINNER SETS TEA BETS TBTE A TETE SETS French and English TOILET tsETS 14 fancy China and Bohemian Ul'REAU SITS Col'-pat- Bottles Vases, Mnirs. Match Boxes Cipar Siand*. Ash Stands. Smoking Sets Car^ Receiv. rs, Ca?d I'lat es, and Card Baskets Pnff Boxes. Motto OoflTea* and Wine Sets A)-? a large assortment of China Toys, which I ?ni offer'!)* at creatly reduced arices CO I early and examine my stock, before pur?h?-> ng elsewhere. F M LA/ENBY. N". 1114 Bridge str-ef. de 21 ?t <".e recto wn, D. C. | OOK OUT FOR THE HOLIDAYS I HM. RIPPERt. KJilSS KKIXGI E HEADQVAKTERS, No >'it 7TH STBKKT. BETWEEN D AND E. Importer of all kind* of NEW TOYS AND FANCY GOOB8. Adapted for ''HRI8TM AS PRESENTS Mr. Rl'PPEBT takes great pleasure to infirm his numerous customers and the public cent-rally ttat he has ;ust received, through his agents in Fran-e and Germany, the lari;eet and best seb-cte!] Fsbcy Goods, suitable for Holiday and New Year Presents, among which we enumerate in part:? DOLLS of every description, A great variety of PORT MOB A IBS, . GABD CASES, WOBB. BTAND8. BASKETS, PERFUMERY. W BITING DESKS. WOBKBOXES. AND CHB88 AND *>**?*&* CASEi, BACKGAMON BOABDS, CillNA VASES OBNAJSBNTS. BOCK ABB HOBBY HOBSES. And also state that In order to give his customers increaead advantages aa* facility in the examine tioo of my Sttk uf Goods, have fitted, at much trouble, a large apartment la the second story, directly over my Store, where we w ill at all times take great pleasure In w altiag upon tlwse who may favor me with a call. Ladi*-s who wish to avoid the nsaal crowd are especially Invited to make their selections as early as convenient. de It tjai \I IBCB MEAT of excefleat onality 1*1 N W. BOBC'HELL. Coraer llth and W streets, de It under Bt bltt House. ^j ackerel and codfish. 10 '?J0 ponDdslarge SHOBB CODFISH. 40 barrels No. 1 M ACKEBKL. Jnst reielvt-daad lorsaleatour the foot of Seventh st. 8 P. BBO WN ? SOB. Commission Merchants, delS-tf Bo. 463 Ninth st , l?et. B and F. COIITIIIQ NEW. I have .ust received sexeral new st>las of Black Malnnt < aue.1 BOsTIC FRAME", made to my order slxea. from 4x6 t<. IHxm Theee are really desirable Also, a full stock of PICTURE CORDS anu TASSBLS, POBCBLAIN NAILS B1NG8. Ac. Aim.. Enamelled RECESS 1BAMES, with and without Flowers. a suitable Present for the Holi da;.. ^ KOTHBOCK. de IS-t al Optosite Patent Oftiee, 7th street. Otto \wlkbnb pianos and gabuabt a neei uam 9 parlor obgabs. All will flad 1t greatly to their interest-^-ai^^ to eiassins these superb lu-trumente h-fPKI L re purchasing an> other. Ml II I Only ageii-y at GEOBGB L WILD A BBO 8 Hew PiaLo Forte aad Organ Wareroom, tf>. 497 llth street between Penn'a avenue and E street. A select assrtment nt new an J) ?eci>bd liaml lu stroments, including a CHL'B' H OBi.AN for sale at lowest fsrtarv prl'es and on easy terms TUNING and REPAIRING faithfully execute! bo 13 Cm* ijol idat g i ? Tt: If )*>uwisii to give your friends a useful and valuable Lbnstmas Gilt, call and examine the m<BUine YBENCH CORSETS Imported by Mrs. STBBN. fcatisly yourself by coming Immediately to Mrs. BTBBN'S Hoop Skirt Fact, ry and Corset Depot Alii 7th etreet,J>et_D and B sts^ de U tJanl Beautiful bou^ueth flower bas KETS HANGISG BASK ETS, CBB18TM AS TREES A< at JOHN SAUL 8, 446 'th street, oppasite D 8. Patent Office de 19-eotit | HE 0PP0BTLN1TY iflf la bow offered to tba pablic to buy their^lj BOOTS AND SHOES At prices nansually low, at the old establigtiad Shoe Emporium of BOBEBT I8BAEL, No. 379 Seventh street, corner of 1. Call aad examine ay stock, aad you will be satisfied that my go?dt ate very cheap aad very d> sirabla, considering >iuality Lasting Gaiters and Balmorals far Ladles and Missta. will be sold at astonishingly low prtcea Boots aad Shoes for small cbildrea at half price. ISRAEL'S CHEAP BOOT ABD SHOE STORE, de7 tf 379 Seventh street, corner of I. KA CRO"JIN S BASE BALL AND SKATOBIAL HBAD QUABTBB8, Dealer la Imported Cigars Also, the following brands of Domestic Cigars: Tulip, Judy, Puff, Robert Burns Ac. I also keep a floe assortment of Tobacco, Meeraiaanut and Lrla. Wood Pipes, and Fancy Articles. A larce aascrin et?t of tne * ne?t and beet 8BATBB. de W lm /'OLD PT Nfe- a fine of Oi>il Peas, i n J * asea, Ac lor Stissi uianala torar s idrKj FMAMlh IaYLlB. SPKCIALNOTICKS. ? ANOTHER I'DBC -^ lady who had kept her k*d for Uo manttia ht? been r?itoi?d ti> perfoo'. health by ?n? i.ottu of MftT<!ALrK'^ GREAT RHEUMATIC REMEDY. Ii kit rati*. < *31 ecJw 8. C FORD. Agent. mr "WHO BEADS AM AMERICAN BOOK > ' lea 'inestion that hul?i>|alncebeea trlomphautiy answered to the confusion of lu proposer sod the unerv," Who u?e? an American perfume can be sa'Wfectorlly replies to I t Phalou A Son Their " N IOHT BLOOMING CBBBUS'' to to day one of the moat popular extract* for the handkerchief that hat ever be.n Introduced m any country. Bold everywhere. BEMLDIAL INSTITUTE FOB BPEOIAL CASB8, No 14 Bond itreet. Hew York. K?"Full information. with the ktgktu i?<tmoalto, a Book on Special Disiasis, in a </a<td sentfree, B^"B* mrt and ftnd.for Ihrm, and you trill not rtrro 11; for, a* advertising physicians are generally impo'ton, without rtftrtnrr* no stranger shea Id be touted. En. loe* a stamp for poftai?* and direct to BB. LAWRENCE. No. 14 Bond street, New York. ne 12DAWly MABtflAOB AND CELIBAOT, J? Essay of Warning and Iaatrnction for Tonne *en. A too. Diteaaeaand Abusee which prostrate the vital powera, with tnre meant of relief. Bent free of charge in sealed letter envelopes. Address Dr. J 8K1LLIN HOUGHTVN, Howard Association, Philadelphia. Pa. ang U Jm BKCBET DISBASKS. O; ft it the mwst certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Curea in two to tour days, and recent catet In twenty four hours. No mineral, no balsam, no mercury Only tan pi lit to be taken. It it the soldier't hope, and a friend t? those who do net want t? be exposed. Male packages, #2,female, 9 3. 8 a ? a a it as V Boot asp IIkrb J noR?? A positive and permanent fure far Spy hi 11*. Scrofula. Ulcers, Bores, Boots. Tetters. Ac Pr'ce 91 2S per bottle. Bold by B.C. Ford. Sea advertisement. my# A MODKBN MIRACLEI Prom old and young, from rich and poor, from high l.ortiaud lowly, comes the Universal Voice of praise for HALL'S VEGETABLE .. . BICILIAH HAIR KENKWER. It Is a perfect and miraculous article. Ourea Vakes hair grow. A better dreHriing than any "oil" or -pomatum." Softens brash, dry and wlc> hair into Beautiful Silken Tresses. But above all. the great wonder is the rapidity with w h>ch it restores Ghat Hai r to its Original Color. Us* it a few times, and PRK8TO, CHANGE! the whitest and worst looking hair raanmea Ita youthful beauty It doee not dye the hair, but strikes at the root and fllit it with new life and coloring matter. It will not take a long disagreeable trial to prove the truth of this matter. The first application will do good; yen will see the N atural Color returning every day. and BEFORE TOU KNOW IT, the old, gray, discolored appearance of the hair will begone, giving place to lustrous, shining and beauti^Mocks. A*-k Iv Hall's Sicilian Hair Benewer: no other article fs at all like It in effect. Ton will find it Ghkaf to But, Pi.kasant to Tev, And Btrr to do Yoc Good. There are many imitations. Be snre yen procure the genuiae. manufactured only br R P. HALL A 00 , Nashua. N H. For sale by all druggists. ) SUKELY, STEADILY, 80CCRSBF0LLT, BMOLANDEB'S EXTRACT BUOKU is cvrino every caae of Bidnby Dkiasb, H**?Ma*i??. Gravsl, Urinart DkosdiEs. Wraink** and Pains In the BACg, Fbmalb Oomplaixts and Trovblis arising from xcbxsb* or ant Kind COMB. TB AFFL10TBDI TBT SMOLANDER'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKO. Bold by all Apothecarlee. Price 91. D.BARNES A CO., Haw York, and BABHE8, WABD * CO., New Orleans, bontharn Agenta BURLB1GU A ROGERS, W ho lea a! Druggists, Boa ton. Maaa. General Aieata. |f-|p HOTEL*, R KriTA URANTS, Ao. C A " " _ WII.LARD 8 HOTBL. > WAKHi.iiiTON, December l,18>fi.t Senators. B? pre-entatives, and others, reading In Washington, who oscupy private apartments, can be acc.unin wanted with their MEALS at this Hotel at the rate of 91" per week d?4 1m 8YKE8. CHADWICK A CO. J^IRKWOOD HOUSE, lorn'r Ptnmi. artnuf and Tir>lf'h ^ Wa*kim*tom, D. C. Situated In the most centra! location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a short distanc- from all the Departments, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, , H. H DUDLEY A CO., no B-tf Proprietors. / 'AP1T0L HOUSE AND RBSTMIBANT. ?4b p. :,n avenue, between 1st and 2.1 su. ComfortaWI* R?otus. with first < lass Hotrd Twenty years experience as chief coon at the sev?If *ore?K" Legations and principal Hotels in this country should be a sufficient guarantee or satislaction to all who will extend me their ca tronage. DINN ER8 and SUPPERS at private resfdeo' *, for partien and bulls w lit be rotten np In the best lyl?- , . CHARLES GIVAt'DAN. doCeolm* Proprietor. EMBKH'8 BB8TADBAHT. Nu 3>5 I'miia avenue, near 6th street, P EMBICH wishes te Inform his friends and the public generally that he now keeps con B - - a Mantly on hand OYSTERS fresh every day. prepared in every style LijBI Ills WINES and LlOl OBS cannot be surpaaaaT Call and give him a trial. oc ?1 tf IjARGF.ST STttRE IN THE CITY! TWO STOKES COMBINED IN ONE' FUBB! FURS! F r B s; FOB LADIES AND CHILDREN, IN GKKAT VARIBTT. Having pti rcbased them early this season, we J are enablati to sail them MJ per cent, cheaper than an) beuse in the city. LANSBUB?H A BROTHER Aid 7th street, del lm Ipteiligencer Bnildinc. p L O U K ! J BJB D I A lull assortment or all grades choice Flour for Bakers. <jualit> No 1; price low Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. H Gambrlll i not Patapeco; and Llnganor Family Flonrs In the District. Aa the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and sold la this city. Wo would Inform those wishing this flour by arrangement with the millers we furulah it lower than It can be obtained from any other source Quality second to none. Price a fraction lesa than ctber first class Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates All grades of Western Ftaur n store and for sale low b> ? W. M. SALT A CO., Indiana avenue and 1st street, no 13 near Depot. PlAHO-One full size Chlckering Grand Piano, which we bave taken in exebaage,?;^^ for aale upon easy terma. Prloe 9SM), atBH the ware rooms of *?? ?W W. O METZBBOTT A CO , de7 Bole Agenta of Stelnway A Sons. jfUBT BBCS1VXD , . , ,, YATEB ATSBLBY 8, Ho. 393 PennHVlau a avenue, A soperlor lot of LADlirOLOAKlHGS, which they are offering a? very low prices. no* tf ^ APITOL HILL DBUO STORE. I . F. X DOOLif. DRUGGIST, ATA Corner Penna avenue and east,3.1 street. Puie and fresh Drugs and Chemicals, P?rrnmety. Fancy Articles always on hand. In koih! supply. ,?* 18 tw y IBGIN OIL OF AJjKjgy mfORTATION. 1 air now in receipt of new season OLIVE OIL, dWect from Bordeaux, and am prepared to supply the "Viw'TORk PRICES HEW YORE ^VuVlHBLL. da 17 c Hth v.d 0 vts.. under Ebbitt House. IDEATE DEPOT. ladjb8. gKATES of all kinds, froaa *! t0 *1J POI LTNKY A TRIMBLE, No i??? Wast Baltimore ftreet, , ,0, Ha!nmere. Md . de lf? lm _ ?_ - ?

|JUN?-H BCWL8 PUN1 H BOWi.S 1 tb,'"'-A wwiTiTiviSiDUB. TELEGRAMS. fcc. A joint commit'** of tb* Arkansas turr. ? omposed of Colonels J. O. Fallows and K. .1 On nit, of the ^ ?nato. and Hon*. W W rteynold* and L. L. Otlnsee, of th* Hons*,are on their way here to confer with toe President, Cabinet and Congress on ibesubjectof the political condition of ttoe coui'try and a proba. bilityofa compromise of (be difficulties be tween the Government and the Soma. * The question is ao?orbing th* attention of the Maryland pres* at pr*s*nt. The papers of tb* Ea?u?ra Sbor* appear to b* nearly unanimous in opposing any repeal of the law which declares that one of the I uited ?va<e? Senator* from Maryland "hall always !' * an inhabitant of the Eastern shore mm law. if not repealed, will prevent th* election of Governor Swann to^ucceed Mr. Creswell. who is the present Eastern Shore member. Uhay, of Beaver county. the avowed Curtin candidate for Senator from Pennsylvania, is in danger of being defeated. The friend* of Stevens are very active and confident. They claim that their candidate is the favorite In every Radical county in the.State, and would beat all competitors in a popular vote, and that his election would harmonize the party and make it victorious for many years A special despatch from St. Paul Minnesota. ?avs that orders have been received from Washington to bring the chills of the Si??eton Sioux Indians to Washington to make a treaty for the cession of their lands and guarantee a safe route over their country to Montana; also, to arrange for locutmg them ou farms, and to guarantee peace and security to onr frontier. diaries .lones and Thomas Cook were arrested in NVw York yesterday for the murder of a negro in Thompson street,Saturday night. The murder was one of the most cold-blooded on record. Both Jones and Cook are notorious scoundrels. The former was under arrent for murder two months since, and tlie latter escaped lrom Sing Sing prison two weeks ago. In consequence of the snow blockade, there is an accumulation of Easiward bound freigbi at points West, which the Express Line is sending forward as rapidly a* possible over the Philadelphia and Erie route, that being the only open channel Eastward. Passengers are also accumulating in large numbers. The gasaline and paraflne manufactory of W. K Winchester, corner of Richards and Delavan streets, South Brooklyn, and the adloiningoil refineries of James Hadson and J. E. Houston. were burned Saturday evening Loss, *111,0-0 partialy insured. Two men were burned, it is feared fatally Major General J. J. Reynolds has been appointed to the command of the Military District of the Rio Grande, and will proceed to the headquarters at Brownsville, Texas, in a few days. _ 1 he most terrible storm * ver experienced at Nevada, California, occurred there on Tbursoay night Large pine and oatc trees were snapped asunoer. fences prostrated, and three bridges carried away. The Baltimore Board of Police Commissioner* have withdrawn their suit against the old Board of Commissioners for false imirri-*meni. A German journeyman shoemaker was miudered In Thompson street, New York, Saturday night by a negro. The affair is wrapped in mystery. Eight failures of produce and retail dry goods houses were announced in Sail I rancisco, Friday: their aggregate liabilities amounting to A company has been incorporated for the manutacture ot linseed oil in (iregon, with a capital stock of $800,000, of which ten per cent has been paid in. The Marquis de Montholon. late French Minister at Washington.with bis family, sailed from New York Saturday in the steamer St Esurient lor France. Five or six suits are pending against Uie alleged manufacturers of fictitious wiuedtn New York 1 he Newfoundland telegraph lines were prostrated tor many miles in extent by the terrible gale of Wednesday The Placerville railroad. California, has been mortgaged for S->(K),4?i o to Charles E McEane for Wells, Fargo & Co. The Congressional excursion party left New Orleans Saturday night. The New Orleans riot investigating committee is taking evideuce for the defence. A quorum of both branches of the Pennsylvania Legislature has arrived at Harrisburg. There were seventy deaths in Cincinnati last week, including four from cholera Navigation in the Ohio river is suspended. The Merm in ,?w York. Thoy. Dec. iJi.?The city is still snow bc^nd No trains have reached us sines Thursday afternoon ^ e?terday trains left the city by tlie I'entrnl road for Schenectady, aud al-o by the Renssellaer and Saratoga road, but iu ea< h case they were compelled to return after proceeding a distance of seven or eight miles. On the Schenectady and Saratoga divisions of t&e latter road, a locomotive train of cars are completely buried in the snow bank, and one entirely out ot sight. Commtimcatiou bv railroad is not yet open between this city aad Albany It is expected a train will get through l>y the Hudson river road to-day. There is a snow bank on this road, below this city, nearly twenty feet in depth, extending for a long distance. Six locomotives and two or three hundred men aie endeavoring to dig out the Troy and Schenectady division of the t>atral road Tlie horse cars in ibe streets will not w! able to run for a number of days. In the upper part ot the city ten horse cars are entirely buried in a snow bank Obw ei.o, liec. 2P.?The storm which has pre-' vailed here since Thursday morning has been ot unusual severity. The" Rome, Watertown. and Ogdfiisburg ar.d Rome (iswego roads have t>een locked up by the ?now. The train which left here lor Rome yesterday morning got fist in asnow ^anka mile and a halleast ot Mexico, where it was compelled to remain all night. There have been no trams here from Rome since Thursday night On the Oswego and Syracuse road the trains got through, but this morning they are several hours behind time Arkansas ?Th* Arkansas Republican Con vention. held at Fort Smith on the I3tb instant, was attended by 400 delegate*, representing all parts ?f the State. Much enthusiasm and unanimity prevailed. Lafayette Greff, of Washington county, was chosen permanent president, with nine vice presidents. Resolutions were adopted declaring that Congress has the exclusive right to prescribe the terms of teste rat ion of the late seceded State*, including the power to amend tlie Constitution of the t inted States so ai?.to carry out tbe desieu of the Declaration of Independence: alleging the adoption of the pending constitutional amendment to be absolutely necessary for the safety, honor and dignity of the nation; asking Congress to take, at the earliest possible moment, .-ii< h steps as will enable the loyal people of Arkansas, without regard to race or color, to reorganise the State government on the basis of sincere and active loyalty to the United States Government, and upon clearly-defined republican principles. They also ask Congress to declare the present State government ol Arkansas abolished, and to extend the right of saflrage to all loyal men without distinction of color, except Indians untaxed. U7" Philip Dorsheimer, of Buffalo, while Revenue Collector of the Buffalo District. levied on contraband whiskey to the value of abotit six hundred thousand dollars The Secretary of the Treasury compromised the altair with the owners. St urges k. Co., on their payment of tw? hundred aud fifty thousand dollars, one-half of the latter going to Mr. Dorshvimer. as the iutormer. Mr. Dorsheimer, however, claims that one-half of the value of the confiscated article, amounting to about three hundred thousand dollars, is due to him under the law, and the case is uow before the Court of Claims. m .... prt pina aniithk War ?The Prussian war costs *w.00?,u<rti, to pay which the conqueror has levied upon bis enemies ?.">6.2o.i,ut0, giving a clear gaiu of SU,*2iiti,tiUi. earned by the ' needle'* in a few weeks, and this independent of ibe territory audoiber property acquired. I/A Pittsburg California widow having just married, is surprised at receiving an affectionate letter from busbaad No. I in California who is coming home loaded down with money. m/~A Peoria (1111 man blew down the chimney of a coal-oil lamp to put out the flame; he indn"t quite succeed in that, but had both bis e>*s almost put out. , ?#"Tb*re are in Virginia on* hundred and thirty-six regiments of inilitia, *ut tber^ are ih, arm*- for them, and they w:.nt the Go ver nlEtn1. to supj ly .hero. ^ THE OlEAN YACHT RACE. Thf Henrietta the Winner?\ tvajr inadr in Lf?? ihffii FMrtrm Dais < luiilly n the fleet wi n; The yacht Henrieita. Mr. James Gordon Bennett, ir , owner and commander, ha* won the great "ocean ra<e. She arnr#d at Cowf?. Isle of Wight. at 4.5 minutes past five o'clock Christmas afternoon. and was received with lord cheers. The Fleet win? arrived at two o'clock next morning, aud tr>?? Vesta at half-past three 1 be Hoard of Admiralty gave orders that every lac'ldy should be rendered the yacb's y 'he officers on doty in the English Channel. 1 he members or the Koyal Yacht Squadron extended a magnificent and cardial reception to the crews of the yachts. The Fieetwing had a ranch passage Six '" men were washed oft the bowsprit while furling the jib in a gale. The \ e*ta report* nothing else of moment on the passage All on board both boats are well. The yachts arrived before Commodore McVickar -he persons washed overboard from the Kleetwiiicon the voyage were Sniimr tV?mt Nichols and Wood* and Seamen Kelly and Kelson. The Henrietta anchored in the Southampton channel, opposite Osbotn House. where Queen Victoria is staying lor a lew days She made the trip in the unprecedented time of thirtfn <layt and fiirH'y-lw- tourx, mraii time. All on board are sale aud well. A private dispatch from the Henrietta staves that the yacht experienced strong westerly gales. Ob the eighth day out, ?he hove to for twelve hours iu a heavy gale. During toe remainder of the voyage the weather wa? more moderate, with topping seas The Henrietta befaaved splendidly, and every person on board made the voyage as comfortably as it on a Menmer. There was no illness* or accident. She brought over all her spar* and sails The Henrietta passed the Nfrdle* under tull can\ as. and went into Cowes sately and in good style. On the llrst day out from New \ ork she passed the steamship Cuba, aud on the niu'.h day out the steamship Louisiana. On the eleventh day ?ut she |<as?ed the steamer Bremen and packet ship Philadelphia. The Henrietta made the entire passage or. one tack and without the slightest accident. The greatest day's run was two hundred and e.ghty miles, and the least one hundred and thirteen miles, which was during a heavy s'orm, when she hove to for several hour* Captain Browne, Secretary of the Koyal Yacht Club, came on board and tendered the hospitality of theclnbtothe parly. A public dinner to the yachtmen is proposed. The captain of her Majesty's iron clad Hector ba? tillered the facilities of the Portsmouth Dockyard for repairs, bnt as none are needed the oiler h;is been respectfully declined The Queen is staying at Osburn Hons* for a few days. The Karl of Walton has sent a congratulatory letter to the yachtmen upon the successful issue of the venture The news of the arrival of the yachts was 8ent up at once to the Queen by her special request. Cowkh, Dec. :>?. l?6<).?This morning the Koyal Yacht Club of England fired a salute of eleven gnns in honor of the winner. The crew of the Henrietta manned the yards and dipped her colors in true man-of-war style, in acknowledgment of the compliment. A deputation of the citi/ens of Cowes have tendered the party a grand banquet, to come off at their c*?u vemence. Karge crowds of curious spectators are on the shore and others on the h?its cheering thu three boats. Manv visitors have comedown from London to witness the scene. Ofreat Interest has teen felt in the yacht race in England. and in- being generally dismissed among all classes. They are astonished at the quick passage made under such unfavorable weather. Numerous oilers of hospitality are being received from various parties. Tiii rsi'av. I>ec ?: -7 :jtip m ?Themembers of the New York Yacht Club now iu England are being enter'ained at dinner by the memt>ers of the Koyni Yacht Club. The best feeling prevails and a friendly ri\alry is being plea-antly discussed. The Koyal Yacht Club has received from the l^ueeu an inv nation to visit Osborn House to-morrow Friday) with tieir guests. On Saturday if is agreed that ttte yachtmen will attend a grand banquet given by the*officers of he town of Cowes All the leading London newspapers have long editorials complimentary to the yachts and their t rews which took part in the great race. The Times contains a special report of the voyage of the Henrietta Paris, Dec. 26.?The Americans in Paris are jubilant at the splendid success of tlie Atlantic yacht race The event has given new interest to the Cherbourg regatta. A banquet to Iks American yacht men is proposed by their friends in this city. Losims, Dec. 27.?The owner of the Henrietta declares himself reaot to accept a challenge from any yacht on this side of the Atlantic. Cowis. Friday, Dec >. p. m ?The grand banquet of the Koyal Yacht Cluo. has been postponed until Saturday, in order to allow them to enjoy the hospitalities of the town of Cowes to-mght. Cowes. Dec W ?John Simon Anderton will preside at the formal banquet given this evening to the New York yachtmen by the Koval Yacht Cfno. The entertainment will be one of the most noticeable international courtesies ever tender?sd in this country. Cow its, Dec. 29, noon?The vessels in the roads are everywhere displaying the stars and stripes alongside ol the union lack, in honor of the American yacbt fleet A subscription has been started for the iamihes of the four men lost from the Fieetwing It was headed by gentlemen on the Henrietta, who subscribed *5im in gold. Only tour persons were drowned from the Fleetwmg: two others were washed overboard, but clung to the rigging aud were dragged on board. Sailing Officer Staplev acted with great courage in attempting to rescue the unfortanate men The corrected list is as follows Captains Wood and Hazelton, and seamen Mayal and Kelley, of New York: Brown, of Boston, and Nelson, ol Norway, were saved. The winning yacht Henrietta, will leave for Havre on Mouday, to gratify the wishes of .several American and French vachtmen to see her. Cowsfi, Saturday afternoon. Dec. 2<J.?The yachting party visited the Osborne House, one of the residences of iheQueen, and were courteously received by Major General SeymouV, who conducted them about the Palace and grounds, after which a sumptuous lunch wae served for ibe party This evening the commodore of the New YorkrYacht Club,-(?apt. Bennet, and their yachtlug friends will dine with Lord Lennox His Koyal Highness. Prince Alfred, who n:?.r.iiests great interest in marine sporting matters, will Me present Ok Dit ?A New Yorkeugiueer has planned and is about building a river steamer, constructed entirely out ol Bessemer steel, the length to be 4.Vi '?ef, the breadth 45 feet, and the displacement 1.780 ions. By constructing the steamer upon a peculiar model which he has planned, the engineer claims that with engines ol 10,000 horse power he can secure a speed of at least 3?> miles an hour. The boat will ac commodate I.urn passengers, and is to run, if successfully built, between New York and Albany, making the trip in five hours ?Albany Ar<iu<. DtC. 17. A Family Poim>wki> ?The family of Frauk Culver, near Kipon, Wis., wai poisoned by strychnine on Christmas day. it had beeu ! purposely dropped into a tea-pot, and they swallowed u while driuking the tea The supposed poisoner is an Italian, who bad recently been discharged from service by Mr. Cnlver. All were living np to eight o'clock Christmas night. VAd Indiana husband eloped with a prostitute, leaving his injured wife penpiless ^Sixteen people have been kicked oat of the Paris Hoarse for failure to pav deots. 7"A suspected burglar in Louisville was arrested in the cupola ofa cathedral. 7*Broad street, in Philadelphia, is ten miles long, with a width of 113 feet, and straight as an arrowv %jr A couple, both deaf and both dumb, have married in Maine. VChief J usticeChase pooh-poohs impeachment. *yi>o urchins who run to jackknives always grow np to be rare bladesf 7'Tbe man who never laughed but once is living near Erie. iyA man who steals a horse in some parts of Kentucky, is apt to get nothing but ths halter. 7" During the execution of two negroes iu North Carolina, rhe ropeaboot the nerk of one of the vietim* slipped, aud be straggled horribly lor half aaliour ttS \ man named Rate litre committed suicide iu Daaville, Illinois, t f?* davs since, because he bad l>eeu robbed ot so.u* by to me sharpers on t. railroad car. 0 ' r v ? * critorEA* *. LnwDot*, Hec. VC - The report i? revive ' tba* lbs Christian Fo*r?r? will imrr\*-u? in th* itfair# of the Christian subjects ol Tarkey "Phe London Turr, fcow?tfr. ?diU rially state* tia* the cb*U;f? of a collision gro? tm'illfr a.? ?ly, iboifh in ri!? 'rouble >bnal<t *f>?. Kng %ml will b? disposed to et evsuts take their wur??, Witfcout :nftkin( any effort t* *h ape them to L-r * Wishes Lomw.ji. Dec 4S?It is official!* annonnrrd that Parliament will meat ou the .Ha of K?t>ruary l; is win i-officially announced :l at Up itrrtt Powers viUaot n)?Ad|r in the question tor the pres*fu, tout the statement ? * a'io made that Lord I?>oe* ba? tu rn inMrui^d by the Rrltmh (lovrrrttm: <utlon Orr*ct against tnt farther *r<* of hostility. either oj'fn or secret, against Turkey Itbmn, Iiec 2s.? Aflaus in lrfl.ibd areger>_ erslly ijui*i. Two of the raiment* ol British tfo<Ji|' mkiion*-d in the island will soon l? i * tor England. An election riot has occurrel r* Dungannon county, Kilkenny The rutli'ary were calif.t oot to r?ti?r? pen -e. and one maa w*? hilled in h cavalry cbarce upon the rivter* Qinef w?e ?ova "ecur^d. 1'ari*. life. :'i ?The Kren. h Council ol S'ate If mid to be divided In opinion upon .he new arir.y scheme. and rumors are artoa-. of picbable retirements from that bod\ I' A k 18. Dec. V?The Kmperor Mxtimil.kii has ordertd bit letters to he sent to Mm. i>. and not to Gibraltar Advice* from Ccrea sta'e that the > rt-nch have captured the tortifnatj n? and ci'jr ol kang-Hun Pakih. I>ec" *>?The J re- ch iron-end squadron is expected to leave Cherbourg "0day for Vera l r?i. Hekliw, I>ec. .r.-Ao imperial edict res'oring Prussian Poland to ber rights nnd*r he Prussian Crown Is published ih the North German Gazette of to-day It is reported oa the authority of a *emi cttieial newspaper that Austria meditates an invasion of Turkey., l?ec. *.K Noon -l'hf Pru?iiin author .net. Mill continue to make arrests ol (box* intending to emigrate from the coi.ntr> Tf.e king of Hanover ha- finally released all ihe officers ol bis late army from tkHr allrtiaac#, and ii.any ol them will enter the Prussian wr. vice M ai bik, Dec. 2d?The t^ueen it- unable *? term a Ministry which posse* se? the ronitdeuce ol either party in the Cortes, and a dssolntion of the latter b >dv Is hn *e?i at M AtoKllv Dec. V-.? It i* ?aid that the span-'ft Cortf? lb about to be dissolved t LuKltM K. Dec. .??<?The Italian Government ha? demanded indemnity lrom the Porte for the firing of six Italian s'eamers by ? Turkish man of-war off the If land of Caud a. Kloickni k. I?eo. .t' ?The rumori- of char^ee in the Italian Cabinet are entirely fait**. t*?'W!?TA?.TijtorL?t. I>ee. 4uL?ebiB(-The I'orte ha.* addrea?ed a circnlar le'ier fo *t.# fr?at Powers complainmc of the \n :trlik?- a a of Greece in retetence to affairs in Canrtia. a. <4 a^ertm? a ?let. rmioation to break oft diplomatic relations with that nation Trik-tk. He. . ?The Turk" are said ? have t*en again <1? feated, with heavy lo?f tiy :be Caudian Inturfes'x. l?ec. > ?li is feared thnt seven ol 'he crew of ;be cicar s earner Wit^ut have been drowned. A ?niall beiou?.t,fr to 'bat vessel hac been found cayi/etl in the Thamee. and the men are one of :L^m an American. Serlon* Art > ice to ( reri" Skaters. Now that the .-kating mania La? hroaeii out with violence, an exebanr" take* occa-ion v print the following direi tion? lor new (>? nner? I. ISfver try to skate in two directions at on?e. 1 hi- feat bat often been a'tempted br new beginners, but never sanestfulli. It always end* ir. sorrow hat a few apples for refreshment wbile t-kaiuig, and l<e sure to throw the c-j ? on the ice lor fa*t xkaters to l.reak ibeir etitra over. Kas* ska ers are your natui:ti eueru.e?, and should not be allowed 'o enjoy :bem*el\es peaceably. 3. Sit down occasionally, no matter ?h> re right in tlie way of the rest ol th? party, if von want to. There u no law to prevent a new beginner from sitting do* n whenever lie ha^ -a inclination to do ?o 4. When von meet a particularly bandsoma lady, try to skate on boih Mde.- of her at on<e. This is very pretty, and oure to create a ufation If 'he lady's big brother is in sigf * t is well to omit ?bis. 5. Skate over all the small boys at on e Knock >m down It make* gtea' tun. auu they like it. t> If you skate into a hole ,n the ice uiKe it coolly I bink haw yon would fe**i if the wa'?r wac boiling hot. 7. If your skates are too slippery buy a new pair. Keep buying ne* pairs nil vou Dnd a pair that are not slippery " In sitting down, do it rradnally. Don": ue too sudden: you may break the ice' y. V h?-n you tall neadionc. examine -.?>? straps Of your skates very caretul|> bel^r? y . u get up. Ibiswill make evervbody thiuir , a lell because yonr ?kate was loose." Beg no-'* alw ay* do. you know IW. ^ ear a bea\y overcoat or cloak till yoa get thoroughly warmed up. aud then throw .1 off and let th?- wind cool you This will insure yoi: a line cold that will last you as lone .a you live. 11 Alter you get so yon ean skate toler .blr well, skate yoiirsell sick immediately. !>. u t * be reasonable about it: -kate three or focr honr??kate frantically?skate till yon a:, t stand up. HotBis every day, and it will be sure to make you sickat last: an 1 then yon maydie, and that will be an excellent thing it * il be such a *ocd example to the rest of the yor.nt people. A few simple directions tor lady skaters ara added: 1. If yon wear tiiters on the ice. be snra that yonr calves are properly adjusted The spectators along the bank are generally cr.-ical. 2. Scream prettily in passing an air hole, ao? give the arm of Charles Augustus a lrantic squw-ae it makes him feel his oats, in a protectienal way. 3. If yonr skating partner is eligible, and your loot is pretty, don't hesitate in a-king io adjust your skate straps every ten mmu'ri He will rather like It. Sap Cask? A Mother .Sets ker Hoy Sink L atter the li,e.?I oh any Miller, a sou of Theodjr* Miller, jr., living at No. 2 Trumbull s:re?t, 1ras drowned in Little river, just above :ha iron bridge at Trumbull street, yesterday aIlernooi.', about 4 o'clock. He was sliding oa the ice and broke through A couple of buy* tried to save him by means ol a sled aud a comforter, but the latter did not quite reu h him. A force of men was soon dragging for the body, and they succeeded in recovering i about 5 o'clock?an hour after be broke in. He was about 14 years old. The boy's mo'fcer, it is said, saw the accident irons a window <a her bouse, and rushed frantically out, screaming and eudeavonng to save her boy, and only by lorce was she restrained irom lollowific him. in her frantic excitement at the impending death ol her son.?Mariford Timet, /Vfu'c/ Thk I kma*>* in Irki.and ?The latest London papers contain the following irum Ireland Cardinal Cnlien's pastoral, whub wae read in the Dublin churches ou Sunday. I>*c. ?, condemns the Fenian movement, declaring that the advocates of revolution, though tney talk loudly, have no power, no influence, ne lrieuds, no mpuey. nothing that could ft&uer tbtm with the hope of success. If they attempted any acts of'Tioleace the only result will be that property may be damaged, ?e;ne lives lost, and acme deluded' yoiy.g men condemned ?o perpetual servitude ami doomed M .* lead a life worse than death itself. *Brit*KDTO Heath.?A little daughter, age.I eighteen months, ol Mr. Josepbos Keede:. residing at New Baltimore, in Urn \aliey, woa burned to deafti on Monday evening last Dtiring the absence of both the' father and mo-oar. the hitter having gone to milk, the child *a supposed to brtve ignited some shavings ly-'cg near the stove, thus setting fire to its Clothing. When discovered she was under the bed, her clothes literally burned off ot ber, and the bed on fir#. She lingered only a few boura, when death intervened and pnt an end io ber sufteringg ?Middlefnvm (.Vif.) Register. ^"The colored roughs of Indianapolis disembowel men at a single blow. ? Carblay, the most extensive tloi.r miller ot France, is to be made a Seuaior. ^"Tbe Maine State prison is a self-sutiaia. lBglnstitutioB. Wtitrard College bas one hundred tree orphan students. 7*A light mon^tache is the only faf a, adornment considered irreproachable in Pat-e WTbere are now seventv-eirht manufacteries of cotton, calieo and woollen (ooj-> a Georgia. %JTA St. Louis gentleman lost bis wife hy death, and refused to let her be buried Tna Board ol Health bad to interfere %TA Western railroad superintendent d.?char ged a conductor who refused admission to the first class car to a gentlemen holding a first class ticket. ^"Knssia ts again announced as exiensive war preparations?a proceeding ttrit Austria and Turkey are very much di?tre-*<ri at, as it bodes them no good WA treaty, olTenaive and defensive, bae been formed between Bolivia and Paracnay; the former to supply K.taiu troops to carrv .ne war into Braxil. W There Is a young man in Springfield, Mass., 10 years of age. who weighs 270 lbs. WTbe Chicago Tribune deaenbes Ht. Locr? as a collection of bouse* on the w?et bank of the Mifsissippi opposite llltnoistown." <J"Tbe citfiens of Springfield (lll Vha.e toe? n sold -b> a gilt enterprise" agent, wno pr. mlsed large i?r.Aes. di?po-ed .?f many c_ els and .hen cleared ou; Sitb the proceed)). a 0