Newspaper of Evening Star, December 31, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 31, 1866 Page 2
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M } / . t fiE EVEN incirt a r. T Tie Larmi fircolit on in the W . D. WALLACH, UiUr mu4 Prcyrbtw. washington city : MONDAY DK< FMBCR si, 1MB. jtrfadinu m\ttkk om bvrry pagr. a 8>r of'tsi 1>i for intkkk<<tin<; tki.e 4.raphic and other matter TO ADVUTIIItl. The following ? **? oScial abowlag of dm cncilauoo of the dally paper* of tfcis citj competing for u? ootirumt adverting under :fae recent aet of OoifiwidlNet>b(net ad tminni to be mad* la tfco two dally mw*papers of washington baring the large* elrcnlation: evasive St a* 7,71* copies per day. CkronicU,... .. .r>.OMb ? Intelligencer XSil " ? The ttarna of advertising by the city papers for the qnarter ending september 30, 1h6?, as taken from the books of the Internal revenue Office, are as follows : t-vislhs stAK fl<t.0?l Inteliigmcer 13, h* Chronicle JO.'in# Republican 4,78| - m m m 9 m * President's Reception on Jl rw Year's. we ar?- authorized to statr that at 11 o'clock a m, tuesday, January i, i>?7. the President will receive the members of the Cabinet and Foreign Ministers, the Judges of the Supreme Court of the i'mted States, Senators and Rep. reseatatives in Congress, Judges of tbe Supreme Court of the District of Columbia and of the Court of Claims. At ii?>-t li a m , the officers of the Army aid ISavy and the Marine Corps will be received. 1 he reception of citizens will commence at i-' o'clock m , (*t which hour tb?? gat** of the en, loeure Will he opened, i and will termioate ai o\lo k p m ladies will he received. Carriages will approa-h the hxecutive m insion by the east gate, and le.we by the west gate. ad-ictakt tllNKRAL * ofpio*. ) WisHimiTos, |>ec. 31, 1s v? f Officers of the army in this city will as-semtie in uniform at the Adjutant iienerai's otQce at quarter past 11 o'clock a. m. to-morrow. January 1, and thence proceed to pay their respects to the President ot the United States. e. i?. Townsend, Assistant Adjutant General. Navy Dki-artmevt, ) Wa8HIJ.?to!?, -2?th Decemt>er. !S?i6. $ Officers ol the Navv and Marine Corps in 'he city of Washington, are notified to assemble at the Navy Department at 11:15 a. m., on Tuesday, January 1st. 1-67, for the purpose o paying their respccts to the President ot the United States. Officers will appear in frock coat, epaulettes.tap, sword, and sword knot. gidkoh wkllis, Secretary of the Navy. Naw Leak's Dat ?The Mayor, for the convenience of those who may be pleased to pay their n*?-peets to him. will, we are informed, hem the Council Chamber. City Hal., between th?* hours ol one and three o'clock p. m., on is'ew Year's Day, to meet his friends. ? e ? mof.k about tiik income tax. a few days sine we mentioned the growing discontent of the people wi'.h reference to certain features of the internal revenue laws, and noticed a plan to equalize the income tax. Since then *e have seen several articles in leading papers of all political parties taking strong ground in favor of a repeal or modiflca. Uou of our law taxing incomes, which, it is said, is an imitation of the English law framed by the landed aristocracy in their own interest, without reference to its oppression of other classes. The strongest argument agaiast our present law is that the tax levied on an income derived from mental or physical labor is the same as that ou au income derived from mv?steo capital. Thus, the clergyman, the doctor, the lawyer, the editor, the mechanic, and other* who live by labor; who are able to ?ave little or nothing: and whose death or inability to labor at once deprives their families of the means of support: have the tax to pay onaa income spent perhaps months before the tax is due. Often, too, it happens that the income tax has to be paid at a time when the income has ceased, from sickness or other causes. The capitalist, on the other hand, has his reserve fund to draw from. a correspondent of the Boston AJvertiier gives a few figures to render the contrast between the capitalist and hit neighbor who work? withoat capital more striking. He says: "Let us suppose the case ot a person with 9hnmm) invested in real estate, the net rents ot which amount to *3,two, and a physician who varus by his profession the same amount. In the course of the year each spends Bi.trtm). and saves and invests fl,owi. At the end of the year the capitalist is worth Slo|,ou?>. the physician sl,is4i. is it just to demand the same tax, -' ji), of each ot them ! But suppose the physician's income to exceed the other's, and lo amount to 97.000. and that at the end ol the year he has saved and invested s:l,tm>, his tax then enlarges to fPJO, while the capitalist with more than ihirty-three times hie capital pays only *ja?. Is there any reason or justice in this pure pict10w. An Item clipped from the Washington correspondence of a Rochester paper, beaded Won.en in :he Treasury Department." found its way into the Star of Saturday by accident. The allegations It contained concerning some of the officials in that part of the Treasury are pure Action, such as unscrupulous correspondent* hard up for items find it easy to matu facture by the yard. rk?ioxe n The resignations of the rollowing-namad Officers have bet-n accepted by the President, to take effect on the 1st of January, 1.?t?7 ?Brevet MaiorC Irving Wilson. Assistant Surgeon. u. s. a Brevet Maior Peter v Scheuck. Assistant Surgeen. i', s. a., and Second l ent. Oliver p. Ldddell, u. s. Infantry. mustered out. The folfowing named officers have been muatared out and honorably discharged the service, to date from the 15th instantBrevet Celoael a (1 Brady, ttth Kegiment v k c : Major w. h. Stickney, 24th Regiment v r. u. wthe American colony that went out to settle in the Holy Land, expecting to find it 'flowing with milk and honey," are disgusted to find milk costing two piastres per ope, and honey hardly to he got at any price. b/"Cincinuati nas a ? :on.nui dram-shop ^"kev. Mason Oallaxher asserts there are jtmdo inebriate women in Brooklyn. watch MBETISU-a watch meeting UL5 will be tie* at H IsLKf CHAP KL> ISfeluN (corner jtu a.d 8 meets) TO B1UH r.coanisnclpc st J clock. The services elll be cob daeted fejr the pa-tor. k.t jambs 0 BMUlSd. Th# fvbllc^re oord!?1 ly Invited lo attend. It itt" !?|f?5s:?t *kol i.a* UlBTIIIti of this rir8t ward hi ildinu ahajjia vi ^ the House, on liuh ?t. ^1 * 7 o'clock o. m , ,n _d#3: n OKO. f. K low ILL. Sec >. rr thb capitol hill bcibdi no~a8 /j soolatiud will met ever dsoleyt Drug store, corner w street east and Pennsylvania avenue, on thursday. Jenasry Sd, at 7 Thefrst ssoatiily inst dlsssnt of ?i per share will 14-peid ?t that time Pdeslriuf we se-.are stock aro invited to beprtsent. de 8t h c t 0 ?t db b bll elton m ack bn/.ib Will <ieli ver the Third l ctare of the soldiers Bad >ailor? i nion ceurse, for the i.enen t of th* Relief Metzerott Hall. wednksdat bte nim. Janaary j, 1st. Hikjert ligt ts sad Shades' ef Irish Character. illustrative with wit and homer. Admission #o cents. li< kets tor ?a'e at the Hotels, Bock and Masle St->re?. p -*t Office News stand. bb>1 at the door on evening ef lecture. d or? open at 7 o'clock. Lecture toootameara at lo'cloi k. de si St (r^-mational m btbopol1tam uabilt** J BANK or THBrMETB0POLIS. wiihiii.tiis. December m, 18v. ala bpeetiag of the board of Directors, held ihlf dar . the followi og resolaiion was adopted : tl <t ten per cent, ef the net profits of ti ls Bank for the half year en line 'he jotb ln?tant be carried to the surplus fund * required hy law, abd that from the remainder a divide id ef f?ar per cert. (fr*? of tav) apoa the capital stock is paid to ih? stockkol'lars ou or after Thursday, tile v of JaiiBBr? Lest. uez7 1w MOilS k.illt, Cashitr. Ai b\ a*t>ria Its**?W> ti'n tti? 1 from the of Satarday aftarnoaa: I The nt-w .sheriff. ('tp<?iio Jam?i M Steaart, elected la*i May, baviag given the n -mm, v amount ot winiy, nnrt qaal'fi?d. and luring appointed hi* deputy and jailor, wil' enter nnon tbe duties of his oBlc- on Fuesday next, *h * 1st of .lannary. Hi*- office, far the present, will h? in the old Goart House, over the market. A f>. P Dodr**. K?q., or KUsab?th'own, W. J , baa prevented the Theological Semloarr, near tbis city, with ten thousand dollar*, aau tbe irtere-t on the *ame for ?<>om tare* or fonr year* A lady of tbi* city received, oa Chn?ta??s r^nralnr. a f!hrt?tmi?* ?<ft from a frfcmri la tV We*:**rn conn' ry. la the ahipe of a eke It for three thom&nd uoliar. Bbrmibo ? We re*ret to team J??4e eon. fOQf two year* and etx onth* aid of Mr. S T. Mull,can. reading anoat an mile* trow .his p?*Ce. was ao badly burned on Friday evening last, that he died from tb* affects of It on Satarday aorator It appear* that Mr*. Mullicaa wa* called to at*ome oat-door aflaira, leaner her two children alone in tbe bouse, the eldest ab^nt foar year* old. la her absence. tbe c'otbee of the juuDgesi by soiue means caught Are, ard before the scream* of tbe children attracted her attention and she wa* able to get t<s them * ?f the little boy wits almoat en. r ,y consumed, and hi* person mo?t shockinply burned. We would admonish parents to N- very guard-d how they leave snail chil. dren alore, especially in a room where there are open Are*?Korkrille (Ml.) S'ntxnel. TH? BEST NEW VERB'S GIFT M0THEB8. WIVES ABD CHILDBKK. Wm H1N ?T,?M T ? M P A NO E 8001BT r Will hold a pel*I meeting TO NIGHT. .list at *>*<1* live red and the Pled** pre Z a?V.SI**?*"* t rrtl Bf"" * ? * given be... - President. IT $ * ?A Bt?red Meetine of new M SaM.?m^rWS.itb#it*7 ! waally l"i25f MMon, iD g0vd *UB?in? ?' "ada t<4 at- _ CBlA8HCR9T.Se; r?^=- THK OONCBRT^AND EXHIBITION Dl!NBABTON ST. M I. SABBATH 80H00L O'ljKetuw n. D.C . w hich cum a oft ao sat iifa.t>ri i? on Thursday ev-nlnc laat. the ;7th t w.n h? JiES? * "w v"?'? wisfilji ? ?x f.w::'A?^?v?Sr pan> on WEDN esdaI. Juum, 9 ?z?' T&Vi m ?P*B 11 ?'1 ,ock m < -nd cl'oaa at J UEU S GIDEON, President. da li td _ w vt o. GRKRNLBAF. Sec TT**Hi?Y* CeOMCH rAiC I Chrfit^iaTind Isund w6 ,;ri*c? Church. iHisno. tUev Alfred H lm. ?1, re-tor.I Island r\orDt'nf Virginia avanaa and Sth at wHl tah D ant!*1 5' *',h" Tibl"k,l* and other enter " ' """108JXP- "~?3.1;v," IT ABtUm I) 1 ? t a . " .yt McrilEBSON A FEB0C80N. 1 "ajfs. Avasui, COBNKR 1?T strbkt. Dealer. IB H.ll. '^^W^kSt'TA/uV 000?D"M,0AL8edFhThVNni*htrp^lV,tl0n* tr0?""*^ ^ ^?und" oc 12 tf promptly aaswered. |Tj"TO THE VOTEB;i~OF~V\~AaHlNOTOJ. wVKf?HA-,?,,89?.BS. DirrEBENT l ?viwk ? L*!"! the following place*, from Def/mt.r P'.m fr0"' th# l4,h ,n tfl? 1>?t Ueceml*rincln*iva. to aorract and register tbe Mar* tho?* omitted from tb* priutad poll Tr1^.81, ^ABD-OEO r KIDWELL-O.m.r ntr#6t and P^QONylvAnii ivenoe sbkoni? WABD-OEUKOE wy IIABBNB88TMUli wVr^wi'm o-IThirttenth ,?reet,. tm i bp \v abd? h ill1am k pownino? L street. >.et?e?-o Seventh and e ghth street* roLBTH wabd-williaVh JOHiabH 'i?!Ui,rpet. between I ?nd K -treets O n r L *T 5 * A r d t h OiiP 8 O n V a N B18 WI c K ??"?r Thlra Street east and L stre.-t annth HIATB * ABD?CHARLES K NELSuSI-T?3 u^treat south. bet?eea Sixth and Seventh -traet* SEVENTH WABD-JOHN H BtBD-Maryland aveane and Sixth street de 11 eot3l rj^=*HOTICETO TAXPAYERS. ~ w atfr Bfgi$tiar?s Oppick, Cstt Hall,! too'J^n'',f ,ot" wlthin thr^lf which bind on or toQch on any avenoe. afreet, <>r alley, in which a ?i?t^nir* ? H.Mn 80 ,ai4 ?lth*r *>y the Oaited remiTtli the Corporation of WMi,'ngton. are accord"!d'b'uTlaw*'*'*' b<" *JT*'rt,#^1 *ni de 111 tjal BANDOLPH COT LB. W. B. t'OB BALE?One new fonr *eat SLEIGH In. attaet1 *' H? 387' ,Mh "Uet on# door fr(!>m L |\| A BSHAL AT bay E B PIA0N3 VLamore ef these ' FABLOB OEM'' PIANOS IMtTl rioilvM, i^>jd octife, Iron fram?*, roMVood ?Ld warr?Dt?d, for $300. JOB* r SLLIS. FBBNOH ALMANACH8 F0TT*??r"_Alm. Mb Oomlqaa; Almaaach Pour Vlre- Aim. naeh dn Bet.-ton, Almanach Uhsrivari: Almaaach da la Danee: Almanach da la konne Om.lne {fa. Baca Imperial. Almaaach de Napoleon. Almaaach de- eux de8->ciete, Almaaach PoHchlnelle a^d others, imported direct from Parl?, by d*3' FBAMCK TATLOB |?MEBttON'S COLD MEDAL PIANOS? ~ Three of theaa Superior P1AB0S re-i^ib ceived to dar. Wa have the Sale Agency fer thii District bllis, i0? P?aaaylvaola avanne. " S1 3t near 10th street. JHE BEW CBTSTAL VISITIBO CABD, AT PHILP A SOLOMON'S METROPOLITAN BOOB ST0BE. 333 Pennaylvania avenne. l-et. ?th aa<< loth atreet*. D BLICIOOS FBI* I T~ B> ceived te day, IPcaaca MALAGA OR A PES. very choice. ? barrela HAVANA OBANGBS, vary fine aad aweet. Wholeeale aad retail, at J. PEARSON, 491 8th atreet, dell-3t aaar Peaa?ylTania avenue. rwwi BrsBELR POTaTOhs FOB SAL! w HALL <*** 7th treet, between D and Lomaiana avenue. de 29 .u *y h1te OPOBTO POBT, ?, '"Teara of the Bnoro/') Direct importation. ' ' detttf Z. M. F. KINO A SOB, de 19*tf King Place. j?bcbptlob luxuries ,* i,r*^ wlety of articlea ae | Ucted particniarl) for Jhejan .aa** ? Oor. Vt. avel^LTit^it. | \y A T c H E 8 , jbwblbt, SILVER AND PLATBI) WARE, bich fabis FAB0T GOODS, BNGLI0H ABD AMBB10AN TABLB COT LBBV, FINE FANS, OPEBA GLASSES, OLOOBS. BBON/KS . Ar., Brerv variety of elegant GOODS, Saital la for WBDDIBO ABD HOLIDAY PBBSEBT8, m. W. OALT a BBO.. Jewelers, de S9 St 344 Pennsylvania J^ ? A B D . * CHAMPAGNE COMPETITION. In order to make it to the interest of all can. ?f IP A H?A0** WIh BS to r'rapare, ^fia Vniw VS1 prejudice, the Wiae* ot I LIB ML MM k G?.witti ?thfr brtDdi ofitnl. lar name and atyle. and by *uoh c-qiparinon ts becoii.ecoBvlBce-l that tboaeof JULEl MOMM I A Co are eMual if not *aperior, in >iuallt\ toanr Cher k.and* offered in thia market, we htv5 ?ivAvi#r?YvtWiS':vb'i;'oV.r.,rf I Ar'Jii. ,1.u *? ??5 At theaefiignraa the wlces are. witbautaaeitioB the cbeap*"t aed best thia aide or the Atlantic. B. O DFBR A Co.. Iiaaorters, _ Wine* Liimors. ( liars Ar . de27 3t >?>l Pa. a?..b?t 12th anl llth sts. I'OY'8 SKATES from .'Areata te $, ' MKN'B bKATBSfrom f 1 Oto #S0, at tbe Skate Depot POULTNBY A TRIMBLE, Bo. lO# West Baltimore etreet, 15 1m ~ Baltimore, M4. | JIOUtllOV ULilTr Kmv'w Mm ul Mr tx*thir ia a ciiiticnlt toak In tk? im4ni timee, *Hn tt? eele of roar ?>oot from the ?ntr-IMk*r la tor*, or worn, in Ik* worrt of we^tbor. They're harder together toaeiher than rhmtt Are 10 me, or to WILSON or* dot I era end diaee. r?r jBotooco? o patr bu, the boat hiruito la to W?p? tb? toumiliuact of o dollar or two; J cat taka?tad wo allkaav the aoai? ia true. "It oam raina, bot It ixofpatk like daw;*' Hf"ia?if? m*4 Ua?lf. aad tharhil'irea t>ahoO, A nd KQt>7 tkoa aavad ia o penny rrrm. A P7cent well aay. twtaty five. WieelyoxpaaBed. will keep Uiem alive? A> mrnmy have tooted.deter min d to thrive; KeuHBr ako'kthoooaitkvf ika hi *?. j?.. fbo ? >r er tbo rioh an, ecniatnne 1 (OMft, Will o-t bo lb? I1H of a ?oiiKl>nc*lr?> knave. ' Bat will eeek the boot (uadi where tbe c ha* gee ?r? email, Tkot ta WILSON S, oa 7th afreet. Odd Fellowa* BaM Bo fcaa Oeata'. Bora*. TooUu', Ladita . aad Mie?ee boat wrar. Aad I klidroa a Boota and Shoaa.Gaitora, Bukhara are thoro. Of all kiada and airea, cheap fe' ea*h,-g?t a pair: Be will dnl br r*< liberal. Wiglag aad fair. W ben voa've dealt wi?k klm one*, yon will not go elaewhera. So wo boar maii^a?n?iblr people doclaro. GBO. B WILSON. < formerly Bnrna A Wile?n.? i0i)7tb atrr?t, under Odd Pclloira' Hall.i Waablngtou, P. O. de 31 St MBTBOPOLITAN PATENTBTBAM BAKBBT, 34T 0 atreot. between 4H aad 6th. Complete to all ita appointments havia? on* of McKenzie'e aplendid jBeel Otobb and new Maohlnery. manufacturing *ork snperior to anything poaalblo br the old proceaitaa. BOSTON CKAOK BBS, A ttrr anperlor article, froah dallr. MILK BISCUIT. Freeh daily; aura to pleaee. try them. 80DA ('BACK BBS. The beat in the market; a conatant aupply. WAT KB OBACK BBS, Of tha beet quality, in any quantity. Together with ('BACK BB DB8T, SITGAB ('BACK BBS. NOVBLTIBS. GINOBB SNAPS. Ao., alwaya on hand, at tha loweat price* Try and be convinced. dc ^?-:w _ THO. HAVENNKR. 486 I ??*?"?? . 4S(. 7th *treet.\ ApfKorRi^TK foe (*7th street ALL SEASONS "real. BkADTIFUL AN It tfSKFPL f'OMRJNFD PAINTINGS ANI) KNGKAVINOS A limited but choice aeloctiona of Oil Paintiaga, Kngravlnga. Chronica, Wreatha, Baakete of Flowers, Ac., appropriately framed. OVAL PICTJJ BB TBA MRS. A rich and varied eaaortment (rem the heat roannfacturera in the country embracing W*l?nt. Imitation Bo*?-wood, all Gilt. Bnstlc and Car rod Pramee. I'aaaepartont*. ('ard Framea, A<PICTIBE COBD AND TASSELS, WALNUT ? . BBACKF.T3. A . Pictnre Cord and Taaaela all alaea and colora. Bine Nulla. Walnut Bracket*, Ea*ela. A" PA PBBHANGINOS AND WINDOW SHADES A beautiful variety of tbeae gooda. embracing the richeet deaifina of Gilt Embroidered Parlor Pat tern* In the matrlrt. with a well aaaerted atocV of the cheaper gradea, with a large variety of Windo* Bhadea, different ai/<a and colora. Ordera fer Window snadea and Paperhanginga punctually filled, (n city or country. A large portion of the above Good* were made fpecinlly to order. l>elt?Tinar the beet the cheapeat, nnd aiminx t? beep that rlaaa of Gooda we reapertfully invite tho Public to inspect and compare our Good* with any in the market. Terms inrarinhly ra h. J. MABKBITRR, No 4*6 7th street. delS I'w* Kisbt doora above Odd Kellowa' Mall. I^UXUBIBB FOB THB HOLIDAYS. maili.abd b candies and ohocolatks CAUAMKL0OBKAM CliOCOLATB. DOLBLB VANILLA 3HOOOLATB, I For table nae. B08F. AND VANILLA HUBNT ALMONDS MIX KD MTOAB PLUMS, nod AhbOBTKD CANDIES Juat received at KING PLAUB 8 M P. KINO A SON WIST INDIA OBANUES AND tJWKKr MALAGA GBAPBS. Freah. at KING PLACE. > \1INCB MEAT (DOMESTIC.) ^"1 J ua? made, of aelort materlala, At KING PLACE. C^OLDENBCUPPEBNONG WINE I. , M1"8 FIN EOT NATIVE WINE Gold rotor, full, y*t <ielic*te fl^Tor aud fr%prance,and leaa tn itoue half the coat of Imported W'ine. KING PLACE. ( 'ILV.1,0,1.NCT8 KAS1N8. b'lGB, OUBKANTS, Ml/BS, Ac., 3lc . a to suit thi? particular tea?un For wale by Z M P. KING A SON, d? 1? King Place, IJBADBTBBET 8 stPATBNT WBATH KB The beat invention of the age. Bxcludea anew, rain, cold air and dnit from doort and windows or eT?ry description. F..r a. la at Builder "a Dep. t 564 7th, oppoaite Centre Market de'JO 2w __ H. W HAMILTON A CO. vv t a"d Show Gaee Manufacturer, School Furniture Hoaeefarniahlng Wararooma New and M| Old Furniture, of all deecrlptlona. bonaht I B I and aold. Bepairlng, Upholatering, and Varniah ??d?ne at the abortoat aetico. Soatheaat corner of 8th and K atreeta north. No 13 do 18 3m* ^jJBEAT BBDUCTION IB PBICE8 AT BOTHBOCB 8, ' 7ih 8TBBBT, OPPOSITE PATENT OFFICB. Bet wiahliig to carryover a heayy atock until aprinc, 1 have Jetertnined to rodoce my pricea opt n every deeci.n.iou ol French aad American ; Paper UabglaKa, Decoraiieiia, Bordera. Centre*. JMBtnea ana Medalllona. Fire Board, Ac Window Bbadea,Shade Holl md*. Sbale Ftitur,. Bnatic Bltada, Table and Stair Oil Oletb P*r?oM who ma> neod aay of tho above artlclea Mill find it trne economy to call and examine my very ielect and largo atock. BOTBBOCK. 440 and 4."?9 7th atreet, deJfi-tjal opposite Patent Office. 450 SBVENTH_8TBBET. ^'2 BOTHBOCK 8. Opposite Patent Office, Seventh atreot. Pereona of refined taatea, and wboadmiroand appreciate the beautiful in Art, are ra<jue?teu to call and examine a very -elect atock of fine Chronoa. Oil and Water Oolor Peiatinga, Steel Bngravlaga, Ac., embracing a *reat varie.y of acboola end anbjecta. ' i ratnea ofevery deacrlptlon-n hand and male to ordor. Pictare Taaaels. Carda and Naila. The largeat atock of Beceaa Fraintj# aad Pope Partouta lor^alrwork, 1- lowera, Ac , *'ila Diatriet. Call and aee them , .. E0THB0CK'8,oppt>aito Patent Office, de 15 dtjan 1 Seventh atreet Mbtbopolitan PATENT BTBAM BAKBBT, 347 C at., betweenaad 6th atreeta. n.. havbnnebsTamili BBEAD Baa no a.inal in the market Familie* <md Grocera aappli ad. .le l0-2w THO. HAVBNNBB BOOTS AND BHOBS. | ? B W TT 0 B B . The nnderaigned be?e loave to inform liiafriei^a ' generally that he hoa opened the ' STOBB, Bo. ??il 7th atreet,under ! Fellowa Ball, where ke haa on hana a gen' oral itaeortment of Ladiea' and Goutlemen'a, Boy'a. Miaaea and Children'a BOOTS AND BHOBS. "Bomber tho namber, 40*2 7th atreot, nnler Odd Fellowa Ha|| The New Cheap Store, formerly K. F. Pag#>. a tore. 18 WBOBGB B. WILfON. A PIANOS LA BOB Aaaortment of Stela way k Bona' Planoa have jnat been received. AUo.^^v Piano Htoola and Oov?ra For aale at fac-|6pBSB tory pricea at the warerooma of *11 IT I deT W. Q. MBTZBBOTT A CO. p 1 M 0 V A L . THB BATIONAL UNION IBSDBANCB COM PANY OF WASHINGTON Have removed to their New OOce. Ho. 71 LOUISIANA AVBNDB, Firat door eaat of 7th at. _ ? DIB BTTT 0 B 8 : Obaa. Kaap, Fr*'t, Geo. W. Bigga. Vice Prea't, Jhoe. Berry, Marxh tll Brown, Bich d Wallatk. G B.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Win. Dixon. Henry D. Cooke. Se 1-tf NCBLB D. LABNBB, Secretary. V1CT0B BBCBBB, ~ P1AB0 TUNEB AND ?n m BaTABLiauau in i&sa. MB OHr>KR* wow rkceivkd at DKMPSKY A O'TOOLE 8. Bagravera and Statlonera, Ac., .146 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth ata. F. C. BElCBENBACH '6 Piano Booma, 498 llth atreet, near Pa. arenaa. Serial PTotim from Wm. Kwihe t On , Baltimore. 1 M r. Beaker naa tnaod Plaaoa for aa at our WarerooiM, and we take pleaaure in atatiug that we believe h im to be a oompeteat tune r. no 21 3m ^OLDEN BCUPPBBNONQ WINE. (Natlva 7 ' Bich. fruity flavor, with delicate boqnat. Pro dace of tho . ^BOUPPBBBONG GBAPB, 1 of North CaroUna. , .? z- * P. * SON, dc tf King Place. * SkLD STOVES TAKEN IB IXOHANQE ^ * ' fornewpnea

. 8T0VBS. TiBATES, In groat variety, atBI I lo3 iH atreet, near the Bridae. doS7 lm* < FOB BALE?A pair of line young DUN 110BSBS, ' at Mr. B ?.OLCOTT S Biablea. 47 I rv 8th atiaet, between I) and B. If net aold Srivately before Satarday morning. the^CZX. Jth inatant. will then be oOerod at public aala br i W. L. WALL a CO., at their Bazaar, No. 9s L< uiaiana avacne, between 9th and 10th atreeta 1 oa axf 1 pHYSHTlAB'B BAND BOOE OF PEAOTIOE FBANCB TAYLOB. [ * Jill 4 O'CLOCK P. M. HOYEKNMEFIT IKCCRltlH. Wasbimtov, December "U.IBM. Jay Cook* k. Oo. t?i>M tfe* folio wmg ftottuoo* of (iorinmiBt wcmriUM: . Buying a*Mmi O* 8* ffl 0??POTlt ||U^L ?. S. F?-va Tvmum, IM iu*\ m U. 8. Five Twfiitlw. 1M? !i5 la*, k U 8. rive Twenties. i(?5 ur, r.S Five TwfuiiMjuW y.'; ? itr ?, j U.8. Ten Forties | n *C Seven Thirty, Angust.... iu4j^ lOi* i O. 8. Seven Thirty. Jane l!U.s 1? U. 8. feeven Thirtiee, IA> j ?BW TORS flUT BOAU Uonpone, life*; fm Twntm, tt?L 1W>; T?iiiw, 1HM. |?i\: Fire Twmum, Twenties, January and July, l?fiS, HT.-,; Ten Forties W*; Seven Thirties, August, M*5; do. June, li>4\; do. Jul/, 104k; Gold. 133!? ' !> financial. Lewis Johnson A Oo., quota Stock* and i Bonds iu home and foreign markets as follows j Nnw Yobb. Dec. 31.?1st Board-U.S. re*- I Istered. 1HK1, Mm*; ao.. Coupons, 110^; 3-20's, regittered, ICS; uo. coupons, !<?; uo., I-ifo; I IW V; lu-40s, registered. W: do. coupons, 99*; ! ' 3*' s, H5. Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, *T?,; Canton. 30*; Cumberland, S5; Quicksilver. 45; Mariposa. 1**: New York Ontral, lit ?, Ene,(i?j|;do. prefer'd, Kl\': Hudson. I t;; Rending, 105 ]j. Micmgan Ontral, lOSk; Michigan Southern. Illinois Central, ip? Cleveland and Pittsburg. '?o,v Cleveland and Toledo. P?5; Hock Island, ltri,',; Northwestern, 45\; do. preferred, 31 Jf; "fort Wayne. 1(4^ Chicago and Alton, 108\; Alton and Terrs Haute, 4u\; Toledo and Waba-b, 1:?\; W. U. Telegraph. 46*,: Boston Water Power, pa- ! cific Mail, 169 Atlantic Mail, HO. American gold closed Loni*>n. I???f 31.? fPer (Jahle.) Ponds?7?v | Consols tor money, 99\, Illinoi?79: Erie, tfiw' To-day is a general holiday iu Loudon mad Liverpool. Frankfort, Dec. 3!.?Bonds ?8\. AkTWKliP, Dec.31.?Petroleum lrancs. RECEPTIONS TO MoRRow. Workmen have been employed to-day in erecting the platform from a north window of 1 the Executive Mansion, through which the visitors will pass out alter seeing the Presi- j dent. Mrs. Senator Patterson and Mrs Stover i will receive with the President. Marshal ' Gooding and Deputy Marshal Phillips wil| present the visitors to the President, and Hon J B. B. French will present to the ladies. Secretary Stanton wiH receive at his resi- I dence, on K street, near I4ih. Secretary McCdlioch will receive at his res- ' idence, on H street, befwi-eu itith and ITih streets. Attorney General Speed wtu receive ac the Metropolitan Hotel. 4 General Grant will receive at his residence, on I street. >n account of the recent death of a near relati\e, the Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Welles will not receive. Secretary S ward will not receive, on account of the recent death of hi* d7ilighter. Miss Fanny A. Sewaid. A large number ol our first citixen- will receive their friend*, and the day will be observed as a holiday. " PLUM-GUT" BKATd " FINE cdlfr The cable brings the news that tfie three jachts which started from New Y ork on the great ocean race on the llth instant had all arrived safely at their destination, aixfemat the Henrietta, young Bennet'ayacht, was the winner. The Henrietta passed me Needles on Christmas day, having made the passage in the remarkable time of thirteen days ?nd twenty-two hours. The Fleetwing and ?he Vesta also made tine runs, arriving at the Needles ou the foliowiug day in good condition. The event has made a Furopeau sensatian. The London journals are lull of it. the Timet having given a full report ot the trip ot the Henrietta. On Thursday last the Koyal Yach. Club gave a banquet ro the officers of the American squadron: on Friday, in pursuance of an invitation from the Ciueen, the Koyal Yacht Club were to present their American guests to ber Majesty at the Osborne House, and on Saturday the municipal authorities of Cowes were to give them a dinner. The Henrietta it owned by James Gordon Bennett, tr., ton of James Gordon B-sueu. proprietor of the New York Herald. The Kleetwing is the property of young Peter I^onllard, the celebrated tobacconist aud manufacturer ot "line-cnt." In a former race, won by the Henrietta, it was contended by the defeated contestants that Bennett's boa*?gained the race b> taking a shorter cnt man was laid down in the tailing directions, known as '-Plum Gut." In this ocean race, no such excuse can be given for defeat, and it is a lair triumpn of Plum Gut" over "Fine Cut." Bennett has made himself quite a hero through the pluck with which he has carried ou this oceanic contest, taxing the risk of sailing his own hoat, and planking down ?3u,000 for an entrance fee. He is now managing editor ol the Hei *lfi, and if he displays the same dash and energy in his newspaporial career that be|bas|in yachting matters, he will do as a successor to the shoes of Bennett, senior. Humor says that young Bennett is about to marry a daughter of General Dix. In this case, tb? 8W.00D won on the race will come in very handily for the purchase ot the b?idal presents THE MASSACRE AT FOKT P11IL KEARNEY. The Commissioner ol Indian Affairs yesterday received the following telegram Fort Laramie. Dec. .'9. 1NW.?Tion. Le,cis Ooyy, Com mil turner Indian Ajfoirt:?An Indian arrived from Tongue river reports that a large party ot Mennecoious, Brules. Ogallalla* Crows, I'nkaphaplias. Biackteet, and Sausaraes left Tongue river on the itftb instant for Fort Phil. Kearney, and on the >*2d Indians were discovered near the Fart. Brevet Lieut Colonel Fetterman. Capt. Brown, aud Lieut Gruramond. with ninety enlisted men. left the rort to give battle. Nothing more wa* beard from them until a party sent out from the fort found th?m at a distance of four miles lying dead. Col. Fetterman and hit entire command having been massacreed by the Indian" M T- Patrick, I pper Platte Agent niNjM'l KNCK MONKY. There was received at the Treasury Department mis m* ruing me following sums of money to be placed In the conscience fund:?A draft on the New Yorfc Stata Bank at Albany for ? HO, no name or letter given. A draft on the Jefferson State Bank, Steubenville, Ohio, for Si'5, in a letier sirnaa by W H. Wallace. ?2,000 enclosed in an envelope, post marked Indianapolis, lud A letter signed "Kestuu. tion." in which was encioeed Sj. in all amounting to *'2 34<nv ORDER SUSPENDED. The order ol August as, 18fi?;. mustering out i of the tervice Capt. Henry W. Smith, Assist- ! ant Adjutant General U. S. volunteers, has been suspended, and Capt. Smith is ordered to rejoin his station. Absknt?Hon. T. C?Theaker. the Commissioner of Patent*, left the city oh Saturday j evening for a visit to bis home in <*luo. Mr Hugh McCormick will act as Commissioner during the abseuce of Mi. Tbaaker. He will be absent about two weeks. Gen. A. M Stout. Obief Cleik of the Patent Office, left to-day for Kentucky, where he will be engaged on business for two or three weeks. During bis ab> sence N W. Hilbron. JCsq., will discharge the duties of the office. AKOTHKK "GiktCo*crbt."?Wm.s. Morse, j of gift concert notoriety, is get ting up a >>gTand presentation festival."' with worth of presents.'' and a printif>al prize of a horse and ^>nggy. a pair of woolen blanket*, and ?a tine whip," valne 91,'i50.n0! Morse evidently thir ks the fools are not all dead yet. Patrntk to hk i*<*rsi>.?1' he number of 1 patents which will be issued from the Patent [>tflce for the week ending on the 8th ot Jannary Is isn. being the smallest number issued for several weeks past.? Kboovkrru.? Hon. Isaac Newton, Commie'toner ot Agriculture, has entirely recovered , Irom his recent Illness, and was at hit office I ;hi? morning. Internal Kkvkrub ?The receipts from Uns source to-day were Sl.T'^.H") IJ s TELEGRAPHIC NKWS. *r u. a. * si moric*!* kitws a.^wci%tion. mil im: or taptaix itelij. Uimoio, Saturday, IMc. last e\ratsf. (Japlain Robert (J. son of Hn . Tbaddeus Welles, of Olastanbary. shot hur?flt through (hr head with a pistol ta bis father's tadj. Be enured tut room. pisiel ta band,threw his left aim around his lather's nerK. and kissed him. exclaiming Mtar???ir'' and patting tbe ptNol tobl? right tessple flre.1, the ball passing through turn head and into a k H?*-ra?e Captain Weltea was anly twenty-faur year* ol age aad highly esteemed, lie.' erred throuft tbe who!.* war with great gallantry, was en- j gaged in fourteen IniMm. mid severely wounded at f>ettjsbnr?. **oon after the close of the war toe resigned hi* commission as cap- . tain ta the Iftth V. S. (regular) infantry Heavy melancholy. produced by the death of bis brother last summer toy the eaplosion of an ermine at Mare Island. California, is believed to bare been tbe caase of bis rash act. LATEST IT PAILK. Ix>rdo?. I>ec. 31?1? o'clock ? To-day is ba> ing generally observed here as a holiday. Livtr.rooL, Use. 31?Noon.?Hardly any business is being done her* to-day, people generally looking upon it as a holiday. Frankfort, l?ec. 27.?United States Firetwenties, 77. FROM > FW YORK, t rimesaadCasualties-Excise Law-Rebel Claims?Tbe Weather New York, Dec. 31.?John Gleason, who was stahoed and beaten in the Eighth avenue yesterday, will probably die George Wilson has been arrested for the perpetration of the deed Two supposed accomplices are still at large. Charles Jones, (colered.) the alleged Thompson street murderer, ba? been arrested, tn?etb?r with an accomplice named Thos. < V>ok, alias Sweeney, a white man. A young lady named Ellen Alcorn was burned to death by the explosion of kerosene oil poured on tbe fire from a can. "lhecourtof appeals will to-day announce its unanimous decision that the excise law is constitutional. A csble dispatch says Counsel Morse exhibits as a justification for settling tb* suits of tbe T nited Sta'es against Frayier, Tr??uho|m A: Co , and others, a written authority from the Treasury lb*partmen to arrange' all rebel claims in Europe. Tbe steamer M:ssis<ippi. from New Orleans, arrived this morning, i'he wind outside is blowing .1 gale from the northeast. Weather cloudy. Snowed a little this morning. \rrest ei a I . ft. Assessor. Philadelphia. I>ec. 31.? Calhoun M Derringer. Assessor of Internal Kevenn* lor tbe Second District of Pennsylvania, appointed a lew weeks since, has been arrested, rharged with attempting to extort money from a whisky distiller, by making a seizure of his premises, and then agreeing to settle the matter for ?l.<*4l. The case excites much interest here, and a further hearing will take place this afternoon. Hank Closed. Bfkfalo. Dec. 31.?The Central Hunk of Syracnse has closed ii< doors. No particulars bav e transpired Trains left here this a m on the Lake Shore road, expecting to get through. The weather clear and cool. I acendiarism. IIosjon. Dec. 31.?Abraham Greenwood has been arrested on the cbaree of setting fir* to his store. No 23 I n ion stre.-r, on Friday night. He had insurauce tu a Providence Company lor $4,tmo. The Weather. Phii.adki.phi a, Dec. 31?Noon.?Thermometer 27 deg. Wind North Weather coldSnewing. The Snow Storm. New York. Dec. 31 ?A smart snow storm is prevailing. LOCAL NEWS. The Sake Kcrmarm.?Yesterday, Detectives ? larvoe and McDevltt. who for the past week have been giving especial atteution to tbe irail of tbe burglars who. so skilfully, opened the burglar proof safe in the store of F. Magruder A: Co., on the 23d inst., brought before Justice Tucker the three men arrested by them for the act Their names are Alexander Ferris, Edward Hathaway, and Martin alias Keddv Wal?b. Hathaway was arre.-ied bv Detective Clarvoe at ?be railroad depot last Wednesday night wh**n he wa> about depart, ing from the city, carrying with him th?* tools which were taken to th?- depot for bim by W^isb, who tried hard to screeu his friend, but his conduct onlv served to fasted suspicion upon Hatnaway. The Detective knowing bis man let Reddy slide for tbe time, and by keep, ing Hathaway in dread of a pistol sbot managed to take bun and the tools to police headquarters. Hathaway is a s?rangenn Washington, and tbe suspicion is tbat alter the job wa> prepared he was sent for to do tbe machine work. Ferris is better known tothe detectives; Is a young and int?lligent man. of very genteel appearance, and tbe usnal notion of the styb- of a thiei dees cot at all accord with his appear, ance and demeanor. Ferris was arretted July 13th, l-fi5 by the name of James Lynch, in oompany w ith several well Known thieves, by tbe came detectives, which aided them in recognizee him He is what the policecall tbe / ur. t'r-uj, or tbe man who Axes the locality vt the sale, and plans tbe work for the workers He has been iu the city about three month-, dashing around with the fancy Keddy Walsh ta local rough, without intelligence or ability to do more than the work be was engaged to do: carry tbe tools and aid the escape of tbe Srofessionals. He was arrested by detective IcDevitt eoon after Hathaway was secured Tbe case not being ready for a final hearing. Justice Tucker oommitted them formally for an examination. The detectives are satisfied that tbev have saved the merchants and banks of this and other cities from heavy losses, atthe gang were fitted out for very extensive operations. a German Ttrsbkb.?The delegates of the different associations belonging to tbe "southeastern district" of tbe Turnerbund held their st-mi-annual meeting in this citv yesterday. This district is formed by the assentations ol Baltimore. V ajthington. Georgetown, Rich, moii.I and Mtrtinsburg. The board has its seat m Baltimore. The president, W. Eck. hardt, and tbe secretary, W. Scbnauffer, w-rs present. Important questions for the welfare of the district were brought up and satisfactorily settled The statistical reports banded in showed a considerable increase of members and great activity in tbe several branches of tbe gymnastic arts. According to the expressions of the delegates, a general participation on the forthcoming Bu udes-Turn lest, at Baltimore. in June next, is manifested. After the adjournment, tbe delegates were entertained by the Georgetown Association wi'h a dramatic performance, which ended at a late hour, when the delegate* were conveyed to their quarters'at Gerhardt"s Hotel. To-uight the association of this ciry entertains them at a ball at Temperance Hall criminal corrt. Judge Fxttur.?This morn- j ing, Martba Yolany was found entity of steal- ! iLg a table-cloth, and sentenced to five weeks 1 in jail. in tbe case of Robert Hainey, indicted for keeping a bawdy-keuse, a nolle pro*. was entered. John Mardis. Indicted for an as?anlt and battery, submitted his case, and received a nominal sentence. Jobn Ross, indicted for an assault and bat. tery with intent to kill Claiborne Madi?on was convicted Motion made lor a new trial. A dams for defense. George W Barnes, indicted for the larceny 1 of a quantity of lead pipe, was found guilty of 1 petty larceny, and received a nominal sentence. lu the case of Xachariab Thomas. Thomas Fogarty and Patrick Brannau, indiusd for the larceny of a blanket, watch, Ac., from James Dolan, a wife pros, was entered. Whc8b 18 It.'?Saturday night, three colored m?-n entered the vard attached to Gockeler's bakery, corner of Hh and M streets north, and were detected in the act of breaking off a 'ead water pipe that protrudes from the build'Dg Mr. Gockeler seized tbe leader of tbe party, and the others ran away. Mr < . had a sc utile with his prisoner, and after thumping b'm severely let him go. and be ran off in baste, leaving his hat and a new bonnet, eviGently stolen from some store. It may be seen at the police headquarters. Thk Latket Agony."?We have received from Philp A Solomon's. 332 Pennsylvania avenue, some specimens of the "Latest Agony" in the way of vk*itiBe cards, styled the "Crystal Visiting Card." They are singnlarly beatitiful as well as unique, and will, undoubtedly, be all tbe rage this season. Now ir tbi TlMl to TAXI the pleutoe.?a special meeting of the Washington Temperance Society will be held at tbe Hall over t^ueen & Abie's store, on K street. near7th. this evening, wbeh addresses will b? delivered and the pledge administered to all who wi?h to begin the New Year as temperance men and womea. * - * ' sA | e . Uaiimomi rtkxiRT Mr It w I Baa9nmk 4JL" { '?-?r first Ward ?? the Youar M?? 1i'h ,n lfc# K aa a TA?2. 1*1111?" AI on U street above Mfl, M ? W Ooa have erected mta*,, J cbapel Tbe deed VM 'orw,..!^ "** 1 I the Sabbath Kbool r??>rd?2flL^L!r^ ,o W J Kbee*. Mr A K St !, .??' M' the Association. re*p,,n<1,, on *i rhool A Alette, ,? ?5J? bTbe" " wa* adopted by the aehool doaor K* ovitr or WATcMiTi^,,, lh#?>,.h No?ruber. Uca J. S Merrill was r^Lj ?' bia r?>om in the National Hotel 0f % CslW J?. k and aeal, raided at AN>ut the f\mZ* t-m n. h Marshall and Ho. sk w.V*" I were robbed of Their matches ?, .? 1 r^d^d la rfcorfrinf th* watch ?f uft. M * hn'mr'mc'rn'," '? "> ? Horatio K^lrtkh i% another p.,,, *JLU1,T"? pri? tight took place last l'rid?? ?^rBr * **" > Horn, abont t.? .^ from New Haven, Oona . between Holster ot this city, and I^arry Healy. of New Ha%e0 1 birteen round* were foagh., whti tbe ? ,ct?rr a w?? declared la furor of Heal*, be |IItl0! worried floUter ont. Tae tight laated nttms a forty Bitaniee. and neither part* wan mark M hurt Tbe affair wit witnessed kv Trrr(Pa M spectator^. ' 1 A H*sn?o*t Pbizb?Th? Mga.'Ioent set ?. < I chamber furniture. raffled at tbe Mv,,- , A ^ oa Saturday evening bv Mr \% It Uo^- w , I won be tbe committee bavirg charge of ?b.. fair This se* is vaine.i at *l,fon. ani placed In tbe fair by Mr Wnses. who preeeate* tbe committee witb a number of u? keu. onwhich ;No. 3T3) drew the prize. The com. nutte* will <lispn?e of tbe set. and place 'iiproceeds in tbe Masonic Hall fund. RriAWIT ASM SlRliiCH At im>T ?&') ,u seven o'clock last uicbt the team attache i , the carriage of Oen A u(ur took frigh' ^ m away. and threw the driver. Pater J from bis seat, inpiring him serionalr Tr>. fl in-ed man waa picked up by Officer Austin, o: tbe let ward, who procured an amt>ul?u - I '?d conveyed him to Providenc. Ho?i- t l.e properly atceuded. Klictio* or UrrniKN ?The ? - I tlcera have been elected by Kqual Uiv.-. , V Nona of Temneranre W P . tJapt K J ki?.. 1 ter: W A., J H Arnold. Trea*arer. v?- , I Nernon K S . Chaa. Conboy- A H M | M Hongl) Chaplain. Jo? I> Harria C..? ^ N tor. Wm Melt* K S J. H Krly; I s (t? 1 PMNllMl; 0 B .C W Field 1 Wa?t:s.. I'. tomav WaT?b ?Alber; (Jre. J was arrested on Saturday. f >r wa?ting ' J mac water, by Serjeant J W Kraakit. 1 wa> fined by .luatice Tbompaaa. I Police Kkpoets ?The lieateaaau of t, M reported \e*terday ? .? arr.-?ta in the ent,rc J? fl'i* ?D S*,urd!l>* Amount of llnea imp.-., The I.k< ti re by Dr H sbeiton Ma^kenrie ^ noon the . l.iChte and Shade* of Innta Kite M Metsero'' Hall on Wednesday nieti', m%v hexperted fo be rich in wit, humor, an J pa'.b i I Affaira In ( rarfettwa. I A Tkm)'Ekak< a Mararaw ? Yeatarday II mormtiK |{ev li. A. Sh^rmei delivered a di* course before rhe temperance order* of?Jaora*. I own, in the M^tbodiat p.rteatnat church, t'oa- 1 Creaastreet The church was crowded tbrourb. out, the orders appaarm* in foil regalia Ttj appearance of the lad tea in regalia heme a.?m?. ibiur of a Boaeltj. Tbev attracted mu u ^ tention. The preacher 'toak for bta teat tti* tlrn part of the parable of the <>o?d Satnan I tan, and the discourse was we|i received .t hem* divested of all o "e.,*i^e lan*uare a'.id I allusion^., while it bore beav ly upon dealer* in intozicatinc liquor a? a beverage ^ AL*DirTOftv.?Yesterday. Rev L?r. Tillin*. I naat. rector of Si John s pariah, delivered a farewell discourse hefor* bia .-onjcregaiuja. at I st, John ^ Cburcb. corner of Potomac aud 'd I streets. The discoorae was appropriate ai,d 1 iinpresaive, and during its delivery many ot I bis parishioners manifested tbeir sorrow 'be. I cause of the separation tetween the pa?tor and I b-s flock, by shedding teura Dr. Tillingha - is highly esteemed bv our citizen?, man\ fl whom, besides those connected with it- tl cbnrcb, regret bis resignation of bi6 office a I rector. Pork ?Bnt little has been received to dnv I farmers f'.ad it difficult to get to mrtrket wr.Q I tbeir pork The small quantity received ? >M from the wagons at *9 per tm lb v. and r m ll the stores at #10. I F l ot-R AKO(iRAi* M arket-The anal ai . I river being closed againat navigation, mere J are no receipt* ot flour or gram. The maraet a w dull to-day, tbe weather being unfavorable m for out-door tranaactiona The price i,sts at I Saturday remain nncbanged P^y dirJtVro'm m<,U* I ,#1. s John r BLLIS kJb | <Jf Si 3t TiBoe.nTlTi I ?r lltb. I ( jhL.AKS AMD MBLOBBUM8. I four more of 8. P AH W HHITII1* ivrm I , CAN PAHLOB SMIBIAMSh!k?"BI I l?3l it JUHH r ILLIf, J deal i? 3 Ob Pean a arenas I S I ^ ? alaa froa? b P. Bruwo a I y ' ^tirrui?.on I ail Qutf ' t il InttADt a lar^r doobl#* AfOBAN It?Mi .1 k"lt ??raud robe . aaa side in"trtae.U," ?rl 1* JJ^alam colara. tr,..^, wjth I j*- AAVattst /9 A OCTIOM MOTlf B-Tba Pawn _ -^r TBI0/ BVBHi MoT al T fctS+Qj? S*^ J to (lose cnt tb' balance of unradaenis^i . 1 I ?S?3USSLSU^ w?c?V. o'oTi I J'u" wa.? ufnum i.,,, I s~ ,..?5K,s1<airrwffnvi, r 1 crets that a? living martalaver hl?lS*a L I yycssia I ?fjs it'; J fifc, 1? '* 'a" tl Oall at ? 7o I ie*lim*%r 11 h?nr" un,,, ?'nth* evening I (^HOCOfcATB DOriLK, VAMLLI , I ? *? H. MAILLAIED 1 f nr Cacao at tucra Baamat 4? tout'meian^a 1 Z. M. P. KINO A 8"N 1 <Jor,fr vWHt a v ana a ^4| WK8T IMD1A OBAI0U AID " M jrMh swbbt Malaga obapks. j . B1BO PLACB I ( ' ^p'lrf EA'?*i8^I0i.0IJBBANT8 J -WK&'lVsi" j| (j ??CBBIBBi UBOCBB1B8 ~ I <iO??I' Blown BroV* m ?tm .IV I jta'sSfcYi ,?B5SJS??Jtm.a" I OLD GOYIAHMIHt jAVA COFKKE , var, choir*) 43 ct?. a lb. "?*? , (rary OBEBN RI'o rofr*8;*52'2!b' 1 B4LT (KSAB'ltIS iSutffl,. . n BJ?I PITTSSOE.. COlfSK'JcU /.St.. li B""" 'UlS^^iSS^551755 ' " j RLABK book, rass book. fl MBMOBAKBUM or ACCOUNT BOOK. L Alan, a complate aeaortinent of COL NTl Mn [ IIOD8K STATION BBY. Inaludiag- ? ' Ooaylng rraaaaa, Coprtar B^oka, Copt lag Ink, Writing In.,. I Kvery variety of Steel Pens and Bandlaa, I Gold Pans, for commercial nae. ? fl loalscai . LeU?' aa?l Note Taper, all aualit ee L I and price*, \| very also aad oolor of Bavalopea, Triatlagand Plat Papers, Wrapping Papers a ad Tame*. ?a| Macilare and Rrnab**, ! Inkstanda. Pen Kai E*. Be., Ac. 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