Newspaper of Evening Star, December 31, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 31, 1866 Page 3
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r , JI IK KV EN1NG STAR. LOCAL NEWS! AMD8MMINTS. *c., TO-HIGBT. T!^1AL lH?ATBR._Mr Jefferson ao I re hie e-venmgas Shudder," in the ?K"oruon. acharacter in which be is said to ha^i-u'M the unqnalifled admirationof onr y r j.i-l' t outing, and all who hav* witnessed hi- nnr. raonstt jq om this side of tbe Atlantic. Waus Nkw Opika Hops*.?Mr. Chanfrau ihis evening as "Dundreary and his ],rother. in -Our American Cousin at Horn*." Ai-o. as Toodlep," charactera in which his tr-nt %?r.-aiihty ^ shown to admirable ad ran. uge I- a:r !-riLi?mo. corner of 7?h street and Fanvence-anind ,n aid of th? Mmo Hnli .uuii this evening, wheu a pleasant time n'X'^:Xrc^ Tb# brethren have made admirable^ arrangements for the occasion, and Lit ,aifl *VPP'T> "> * decorations, &c., will he al. that can be desired ,J*,i ZZS&lr-"* on" shonl<l f**l to attend tfce delifhrtuj i^r at plaC(, ,or th0> benefit ol (irace (-hurch. as the entertainment is most interesting, and the ladies charming. i ClTT O**"*"-'The Yoong . v' h ?ihe f.irt** a baU thi' e>en,nK ?<* will * .? ih ?ihe old year ont and the new year .,TllIr A5" BAILORS OaFHANS* }1> vi (men- ij the LfijHcuittej. ?On Satur<ia\ morning a meeting of the corporators of the Soldiers and S&ilors Orphans' Home wis fceiri at tbe residence of Mrs. Divid A Hall ^ L;v 1' *"** attended by a majority of the body, .mn Mnrf n"1 #ncl Howard. Mrs. Senators wm ?TTr%anfa.Irj,n,b0ln an(1 Mr>- Boyer, of 1 n >-bla. being among those present. The ? r Dot - p?b,,c one, and an applicai , irom a^reporter to be present b?Mug auv' ,L", !?Mad'.*9 mBth P^fer that no rej r tr be i resent, it is not possible for ns to ti\e a liill report of their proceedings We learn, ho*?Ter, that this was a verr harmort. t.s ill" ing; and notwithstanding for some nme F"' ?*ne of the corporator# have been at i ? e*8b other, at this meeting j, dit erences were forgotten, and they all rnt> red npon their work in geod earnest As was -tated in the Star of Monday last, ? th<" meeting on the previous >a:urday were bitterly opposed to the action t some of the members of he organization in attempting to obtain the passage of a bill amending the charter so as to provide tor a board of male directors or trustees at the head o! be corporators. The friends of the hill i.a>e:i number of reasons tor the passage of this bill, among others, contending that the 1 "1**!'v!_?^""1 ?n was not in accordance wrh the ibarter, and that the charter tiad not IxpfrMj formally accepted. It won Id *eem. from what we heard of the proceedings of Saturday's meeting, that since ne meeting first noticed there has been consid. ei .mie change of opinion, for on Saturday the corporator* formally accepted the charter for ili? first time. Alter considerable conversaM.. al debate as {o whether the charter had be- i compned with, and the propriety of ha v. ii - gentlemen at the head of the institution, th?- % t.ended to revise the charter, with a view to suggesting amendments to Congress, and ai.*o to request Congress to select male trustees for the institution. A re-oln'ion was adopted declaring that a man and his wifecould not sit upon the board at the same time. It was stated during the meeting that the proc??-d? of the Mains and Massachusetts tables at tile tair. which have been withheld since the lair, will te paid sver shortly. 1 he lad es do not propose, in recommending - appointment at male trustees, to give uu the nianagnment themselves, but to attend to the domes'ie maiagement of the Home, the tri sfees to at :te head of it. As all parties '"em now to havecome to a good understand, inc. it is to i* toped that the "Home"' will enter upon a longcareer of usefulness. Orimwo or in* Skatiho Pown. ? The Washington ska'ing pond, a description of w..iih we published a lew days since, was . j eji^d on SaturcUy afternoon at three o'clock, >:.d attended by a: leasttwe thousand persons. I be Marine band was in attendance and perII rtred many exdllent pieces of music dunnz the afternoon, wjile the hundreds or men, women and ?hild?n, gliding gracefully over .be frozen suiiacJ. presented a scene such as was never before witnessed in this latitude. Ad addre - was delivered by Mr. Wra H riagett. the pre?ilent of the club, urging the mrnibers to do all in their power to carry out tb? rules and regulations, in order that the pond might be maJe a popular place of resort duniig the skating season. The refreshment -aloon. under Meisrs. Uer and Sardo, was in full blast and libejally patronized, the exhilaratieg exerci?e sbtrpening up the appetites of the visitors The skating was kapt up until after dark, though the lights were not placed around the pond a? was anticipated. The lanterns and rr-flectow were put in position today. and hereafter the pond will be kept open during the afternson and evening. Judging from rue opening lay, the Washington skating park is destined 'jo be a decided success, and no doubt will be patronized by the elite of the city The officers and members seem deter, mined to do all in itoeir power to provide every convenience and have the place properly eared for. m Nkw Mail A?ras?bmki(T.?On Tuesday morning next the tew postal railway cars will be put on the route Irom the city of Washing, ton to Kichmond, Va., via Aquia creek. The following agents kre assigned to duty nnd^r the new arrangement: John O. Walker, formerly mail agent on the same route; J. F. Langley, formerly on the Orange and Alexandria ronte; Wm H Eddins, formerly on the Kichmond an 1 Wilmington ronte; and W. H. Trneheart. form rly on the Kichmond and Oreeasboro' route. There will be two dally lin>-?? day aid mgbt?making connection with the Northern mailt. There will also be close connectioj^+itb th* Southern mails, prevent. ing aty deteition at Richmond?Alex. Gazttlt. Si si'iciorf C'haiactkrs.?Yesterday mornitig, ofhcere kelson and Vernon, of the Seventh Ward, arrested two men, named Joseph and Arhnr Toliwr, as suspicions characters, and took them be Jure J at lice Handy, who s^nt them to the workaoose m delault of security for good behavior. frank Hal?y w* arrested by officer Wallingsford. in the fourth Watd, on a similar charge, and was lent to the workhouse by Justice Walter Edward Davis and Richard West were arrested in tae Tfcrd Ward, byottioer Roth, oa th?- same chsrce and were fined S3 each by Justice Thompson. Ori hash' Cora?. Judgt l'urctll.?Saturday ir.orning, the will ot f,ie late Clara Nesbiu b?Uloathing ber property to her daughters, was filed and partially proven. Auftuat Schroeder obtained letters of administration on the e?at* of Kita Fnay. Bond Julia Ormes, on the estate of Lewis Grimes. Bond SW1 Eydia Nixsn wasappoint^d guardian to the orphaus of Robert T. and Sarah A. Nixon, (bond S1.6U);) Aufust Schroeder to the orphans of Rtpbael K. Trlay and Rita Triay, (bond Si.uut:) Edwin C Morgan to the orphans of Wm. Walker, (baid ?l,JWi.) Arreptbi' oh StfPicios ?Saturday after, noon. John Mortimer was arrested by Lieut. MiUtead, upon suspicion of being one of the party concerned 1> the shooting of officer Joseph Williams, a?d was turned over to detective Coomes. Justice Tucker committed him to jail for further hearing. Wesley Adams was previously arretted by detective Coomea, and was comraited to jail for bearing by Justice Thompson. The officers are now satisfied that neither ?f the p?rty was concerned in that affair, and iey Will be discharged from custody to-day Nkw SfSPAT SCHOOL?On Friday, Holy Irinocentf* Hay, tte children of the new Episcopal chttch, at the Waat End, were treated to a beaatiful Christmas tree by their teachers and friends. The ser\ice for the day having been read by the rector. Rev. A. Jackson, several carol< were sunr. and after a short address tbe presents were distributed, consisting or K hies, prayer-books, story-books, confectionary. kc. This Sunday school, which was b*-gan les? thaa two mouths ago, now numbers lo teschers and Tt scholars. . Fre*_At five o'ctotk yesterday morning, fire was discovered in a small shanty occupied by t'uloied people, on 3d street east, between 1 and Virginia avenue. The alarm was given from bcx Mo. 7, and the engines were soon on the .por. but the shanty was entirely destroyed I.oas atwut $34;. OAvr.LiNf ?Henry A- Doyle, A. B.Jackson, and Jaines Robinson were arrested yesterday bj Officers Hill and Alder, upon a charge of gambling They were taken before Ju?Uce M jrsell. who fined each 110. # Kkzpino Orix ArT*8 HoPRB?J. W Bai. ley. res a lira ut keeper, was arrested at 3 j *. ra irs't-rday, for keeping open after hour. He ? as laken before Justice Morsall and was f.t.etl Svftl. ? ATTimrT at Braai-ART.?Between 2 and 3 o'clock ttis morning an attempt was made to enter tbe jewelry store of Mr Alexander. No. Peni 1 vania avenue. The burglars were unsuccessful. l'oLicr. I!ipukth ?Tbe Lieutenants tf police r* i'on but Iv arrests made yesterday in the eu,lr* district, and thrflnes imposed araautited to <?, none of which was paid. In four precincts litre were no arrest;. % CITY 1TKMS. Ini I.rcK ?Uui Jfnkini.dtagbUr ol Thomas Jfukiiif. *>q? residing near Kasteru Hr*nr*> Bridge. hu received quite ?nexp^ct. edn , Uu-OTfh the hunts of John K. Ellis 3w6 Peaysyivania avenue. one of Uhickermg & J*>?? magnificently finished, fall grand act-oa pianos. It appears that months nnce . \m wai solicited by a Boston friend to invest one dollar la a chance in this piano, which had been generously denated by Chick. ?"** * <> * th? treat fair held in Music Hall ia mat city, and at tbe drawinc, which took place a few weeks since, ahe held the laeky number. Jiwiht and eilvr-r-plated Spoons. Forks S .tl*' oa" Hatter Knives, Salts, L*. dies Com pan i ins, Shell Boxes, for only one xi .^kaA ?*'s *'ne Dollar Jewelry Store, "? Penn. ate., near 4 ^ street. Nkw Oeoa* ?The m. E. ttoranch <Jhap?l yesterday inaugurated their new Amwicin orK?n, made by S. l>. A H W. Smith, of Boston. and tnrnished by their agent. ia this city. John P. tills, 3U6 Pennsylvania a venae. Boys' Clothiso is still for sale at tine I rice only on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Coats, Jackets, Pants and \ eats. ? . T>AKoam#.?1? karat Appleton A Tracy American Watches, for f IIS. <1. 1 Alexander. Jeweler, 240 Pennsylvania avenue. *2 DiAKtKfl roR 1^7, tor registering eveuts, an invainable pocket companion, with almanac, blank leaves for keeping a diary of every day m thayear, cash accounts and bills payable and receivable for each month, and with new s>yle erasive tablets; of all sizes and prices, rot sale by SbiHington, Bookseller, corner 4* street and Pennsylvania avenue. 5 Dr. Whit*, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn. ay . hetw?er t]| and 6th street*, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bid nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vaecalar excresences, Ac. Office hour* from 8 a ra. to 5 p. m., and fi to up. m. Established ls6l. i- 1KB-stitchki> Boots made to order, and a good tit warranted for #10; pegged boots, custom-made store boom. #6^0; kip boots, for *3.50 to ?5; at Heilbrun A Brother's, .V.16 Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellow a'Hall. 20 .. , r or Chilblaixa and Frosted Feet, White's Lmbrocation is a specific. Price ?1 per bottle, for sale at 4*.>4 Pennsylvania avenue, between aa d 6th streets. A srrr I*ilk Ccrk ?l?r. Oilbert a Pile in stmment positively cores the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of *4 Circulars tree. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. B Komaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3* Pbmuks can be bad in any quantities at the S'ar office counter MAKHIEU, ?Tl'OK KB. Onthe6'hot NoveniiI't Tu u J. Dr Ames, NOBVaI, m VrTwaii r * "Shington. to Mr. M tttf L. iLlalK.oi Baltimore, Mar/laud. | Baltimore >Uh please ?op> 1 ?>.-hL1S>VN i?11ACKM/N On Ihellthinst .by the Bn. J as. Melsen, ot the Firnt Baptist Church 8L aTM^S??/oVg.1^0* * BlpGLl 1 ? HI NTKB On Monday evening, the 2411. lost ?bi: 1 be residence of tue t.rides p?Fe?t?, B. Evans. A. M .Mi Will. A BIUUi?tcB, D ? ALIU* * HHK ' bu*b of W?whDIEl). DE 1'EUST On the evening of th) 2'itli attar a protrai ttd illneaa. MABGaRET DK itlliST in the 3ith year ot Ber age. ' The'ri'-ndncf the tarnily are respectfully invited to attend her fnneral ?ervic<s froai 7th ?r. Pre-b>terlan Church this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, without farther notice. BOARDING. .A e umber of Kurclsbed , ,? 1th vr *"??Ut BOABO, at No. J-4 8th ?t.. between I and K. deji .it* ^ 1?N 1811 ED BOOMS and HOABD on reanon,. ? ' * terms by applying immediately at No ' " rtniiaylvania avenue, between iitbaud Hth it*. |<to 31 3f J MBS. 0. M. PEEBV. ^ Rk r J',re? gentlemen can be accommodated 7.?7i ?? f!ut wlt^ or without board, de J9 3t*' S' alJ<* 4tefereaces required, BV. }"?-.- A ,cofflfartahla" ETBNIHHKD BOOM to let. with sood BOAEB, at 4a? I street, between OTh and luth at?. de 28 3f P'-l^ANT BOOMS AMD GOOD BOAEH AT b ^ia7.'.Jt.h. }**** betwean O and H-ea? front Koom-nltml lefor an oftict . Thia locality is convenient to the public departments. Tetnrs m >d ^ de 28 3c* T?i>AuF7.o0omn:nulca,,n* BED-BOOM and or UJK" fr' nt B*D BOOM (fnrnishad). with or without Board. dl? K, between 4th and 5th. Ue27 4t* A^* W 8 IMG LB OI8 TLK M*H, or gentle,nl?P.,?!id tneir wlves. can be accomaiodated with BOOMS and BOABD at No.tibl G street between 14th and 14tn A few TABLB BOABU KB acc? mmt*lated. Ttrma mo<ierate. deXT tt' OME rBONT PAELOBT WITH BOAKD FOB gentleman and wire at $60 per month. Back r?arl ,r; Tith.Bo*rd for two' ?* fW- street, above l'th at. de -if, fit mnd "mmn will, MJ BOABD, at i V ermont avenue, between II 6^* Board#ri *^< wiLDo<i*te<l. SIH?L" OINTLEVENroB OBMTI.EM EN I"1_ their wives, can ba accommodated with UUOMB. furnished or unfurnished, with aood Sitfslul**' ,bath.' j??l *D<1 ??,d water. At No. 9*0 Bridge ^treet_, Georgetown. nu ii im' ^ABLl BOABD at Mo. 494 10th atreet.B few m doors north of the a vents Tsrma fa per daHtf PEKSONAL. '|'BE CASE OF LILLA BOLLINGSWOBTB. Wa?hi!*?tow, D, O., Dec. 31. I860. .Editor of tAf Star?Sir If there be a point beycud which patience ceases to be a virtue it is ia Biy fufther silesce in this lamentable eaae. The many mean andj petty snbterfugee of parties cou cerned, ana the incorrect reportaof the press,ematating doubtless In many cases from these, have induced ae reluctantly to appear before the publ.c in this matter. The first assertion of Dr. M is that I consulted my father concerning the i> >. scriptlen. and that he directed me to coiupenud it ?*i A ?* father knew nothing ot the o**? nnttl the child was at the point of death, four or 2ur# a haviog taken the flritdoee. 2d tcur report of the 26th inatant states that in tb?* prescription the *bbre?l4tion appeared ext oelii?n. to*( ?ai rather Indistinct, and on colhparlbg it with ether prescriptions of Dr. M , it was found to r sembie those be aoabtless Intended for elixir of opium " This Is notso. and sm ln, T,del,c*L abbre*l stien in the fatal prescription exhibited no similailtyto Dr. M a abbreviaiim oi elixir, and waa as distinct for ex tract aa in any other aimilar prescription of the ante genii-man.> of whkb were exhibited to tbe coroner and jury. Dr M claimed that the abbreviation was "'elx.,' and not "ext " This islatoo Inc. rrect. Dr. M did not claim that the abbreviation was' elx.; 'he cl.uaed that in the r \x%- ' the ,Mt,e?*r was intended / 1 ? . Thia aiao was not ia evideace; bat, if admitted, amounts te nothing, as "exl." i. not an abbreviation for elixir. And I cet.Bdei.tly chal eage Dr. M to peoduse aaingle prescription en file in this city and certified oa oath by the apothecary who compounded it. previoaa to the 2ith of December, in which lie ust-d "exl vt<an abbreviattoB for elixir. Being Informed on last evening, from reliable aourcea, that Dr. M. is prejndlcing the min is of the community by exhibiting wn?t he calls a copy ?: *b? original preacrlption, but which. If m stated to me. is a despicable frand, I have decided to thue appear in self defence and only tolicit a sa?pension of opinion nntil the case is decided bi the proper tnbnnal. Re-pectfully >onrs, JAMES II. WABSH, It* who OonipeuDded the Prescription TO LADIES?If you reijnirea reliable remedy to restore you.use DB. YBLPAU'S PEBIOD I ('A L LBoPS, a neyer failing remedy in removing a 1 irresulantiea and obstructions. Te MABBIBD LADIES it is peculiarly suited, it will, in a short time, bring on the monthly period with regularity. (Jan it on?These dropa sbeuld nt be taken by ft maiea during the tirst three m ntlis of pregnancy. aa the? are sure to bring on a miscarriage T<> be obtained only at 17 ? south B St.. between yth and loth. Islaad de 3t* J ADIES LOOK AT THIB COLLAR AND CUFFS QIVL.X AWAY. Each lady having work done at the OBEAP STAMPING BOOMS, 439 Mb street, opposite 1 atebt Offloe, will rec eive grati? one Collar aad pair of Cnits, stamped on the dneat muslin, for chain stic h. Braid or Embro dery, suitable for Bight k-owns. Btar Braid and Colored Oettoa for 'be above at reduced prices. Initials stamped from tofiir conts. Btamped goods at half the price heretotere asked de 29 tf |>?R80N AL-PEBSONS H AVI KG LKFT Mil ^..WATCHEB or JEWELRY to repair, if "ot call erf for until the 1st of January nut, they will tf Old. Bepairing done cheap. L ?UldABD, Watchmaker, A * . 131 Pena'a avenne, de ? between 19th and luth streets. i |;kntlemen who abe afflicted*?a 'L,?r* warranted by an old Surgeon of twentyr*'Taars experience in this particular branch I *LJ,_ . ro'esaieu. Charge* moderate Do not fJ?*J J B. OABDNEB M. D., ,cf Onited States Hicord Venereal Hosti -" Mo -I south A street, opposite tbe Capitol Square.aouth aide. " i, ? edlcinea also famished at cost. ue z< im F'OB SALE <>k BENT?A fine tone PIANO, o mooarn st?le, with stool and cever. in_.^as. good order Can baseen at BOSWElL'bShSS eeS-tf0**' 30,1 1 tf"**t. near ltth. nfTn I 1# > AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenue, aur Wlllarda' B?M. B< uutntal with MB. JBFFBBBOfe, for POSITIVELY TIIBBI NIGHTS CELT. lor the purpoee of presenting bin to hU great etiginal character of SA LEM SODDDBB, X Bodelcaalt'a Lrame of the OOTuBOON, which kt< been for many day. ia preparation. and which will b? prrton MONDAY EVENING. Doc. 31. with now ana beautiful Scenery. and all tba original s-i?erb eflects. laclndinc the thrilling acinic aad mesh an i*' Bum in* StMal>Mt. JEW TBABtf DAY, GRAND MATIHBB, At 9 o clock. 9. m., at night prices of admission, except coats. Oa this occaaioa will bo presented the mnMcal bnrlette. THB INVISIBLE PRINCE. full of b?eatifnl music aad wenderfnl tr'^* trao'fornaaaous; of tor which. tho farce of PERFECTION. It WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. BBBBT A WALL PROPRIETORS. H. B. PHILLIPS 8TAQB MANAGES MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 31 Mr. CHANFRAU DUNDREARY AND HIS BBOTHBB, 01'B AMERICAN COUSIN AT UOMK, And in the Drama of tho TOODLB8. PRICKS. Private Boiei, #8; Orchestra Chairs. ?1; Dress Oirclo. 76 cents' Parquette, M cents. family Circle, is cents; Colored Circle, 15 cents. THTK8DAY JANUARY 3. I*6T, Bnncicanlt'e LONG STRIKE, With the < el. brate ! Telegraph Scene. It NATIONAL THtATRE. 8pali>i*g A Baplky Proprietors MAX MsRETZEK'H GRAM) ITALIAN OPBRA FOB BIGHT MIGHTS, ONI MATINEE. ON THURSDAY. JANUARY V IS67. GRAND OPENING NIGHT. First appearance of ih* world-renowned Lyric Comedian, GIORGIO RONOONI When "HI be produced for the first time. THK MOST SUCCESSFUL Of ALL MODERN DOMIC OPERAS, CRISPIN!) B L\ COM A RE^. < The Cobbler and the Fairy,t With a caat iineyn?l!e<l on the Operatic State Miss CLARA LOl I8B KELLOGG. Mlaa FANNY STOCKTON. Signor ENRICO TESTA. Bignor F HBLLI N I. Sign .r ANTONNl* 01. GIORGIO BO NOON I CONDUCTOR Signor TORRIANI OH FRIDAY BVEITTNG. JANUARY 4, \ erdl ' no st celebrated and pocnlar Opera, IL TROVATORK, With an unparalleled and Gre*t "a-t First appearnnce of the celebrated Lyric Tra:edlenne, Sennora ''ARMIN P?0U, Madanit NATALI TESTA Signor MAZ/OLENl Signor BULLINl. Si-'aor F08SATTI. CONDUCTOR CABL BERGMAN ON SATURDAY KVENING. JANUARY 5. First time of Meyerbeer'* romantic aad GRAND SI'KCTACULAR O.hERA. TUB 8TAR OF THK NORTH, (L'Ktelledn Nord,) Wilh ectireh new and costly Dresses and Appoint menu Military Bund, and an Cno'inalled Csst. Katheriaa MlssC L Vrascovia Miea A. M. Hauck Danilowltr Signor Barazlt Gritf-nko Signer B-llinl Peiero Signor Antonnnccl Natalia Madame Fhury EehlHiona Madame Ricardl Oiorgio Skavroask> Signor Berna-dl /-roaelolf Signar Voelden Rermeloff wiunor Mu'ler ttainahlo Signor M tnclnl ON MONDAY EVENING IANI"ARY 7. * irst tune of Herold's celebrated grand romantic Opera. ZAMPA OR THB MARBLE BRIDE, With an Inimitably Oreat caat. Fall partli nlarsolwhuh in futureadvertiiementPRICES OF ADMISSION. General Admission ?1 50 Oheice Seats secured in advance,textra>.. ..100 Gallery , 75 Private Boxes limj SUBSCRIPTION*. For ihe entire season of Eiizht Nights will be re reiveil at Mi G MBTZEROTT'S MUSIC BTORE, MONDAY, Deceiulior Hat. The regular sale of Tickets for Single Performance! will commence on Tuesday Morning. January 1 ?I*.11-tf CLANCY DKBSSES AND COSTUMES r For Tableaux and Private Parties Aaply to MRS. FRANK KRA <Ip "O tit* 44T Hth street. pBOFB. J. W. A H P. RBE1S' DANCING ACADEMY, aA Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th at Opp?alto Metropolitan Hrttel GMk Onr Academy Is now open for tho rac atlan of fnplls. A select class is now forming on Wednesday afternoon from 4 to < a'clock, fjr the^e who cannot attend onr regular classes. Circular* can be had at J. F. Bllls^and W. G. Motierott A Co ' Music Stores. The Hall can bo rented for 8olre??, Ao _ Days and Hours of 7V it ion : _*or Lodies, Misses and Masters, Taesdav and Thursday after noons, from 3 to 5 o'clock Gentlemen's Classes. Tuostiay and Thnraday evonings. from 8 to 10 o'clock. or further Information,apply darlag the hour? of tuition, or address a note to tho Academy. Quarter commencing with the flrat leason. oe 10 WA B I N 1 ' 8 FASHION ABLE DANCING AOADIM Y, AT oa MABINI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOM9, H E. between 9th and l#tn streets, JB This academy is now open far tba roc-aptlou of pupila. Dajs and hours af tuitioa for young ladies misses anil masters. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 3 to 5 p m. Geatlemen's classes from 8 to 10. same evenings. N ? ?Private iDfltractloo given to salt the coo enieDce of th? pnpil MIA GEORGETOWN ADVJER'MTS w OBTH KNOWING. It is worth knowing that the greatest Bargains are to be had at MILLER'S CHEAP DRY GOODS STORE. 101 Bridge street, Georgetown,? C. Iwr*# df Bleached Shirtings and Sheeting, at lower ?H?<* than th?.y h*7* bo^n odd #|Bte the war Blaacfted Muslins, ot lis and IS ct-.;good yard wide do., JO cts., and makes at '2?> and .? cenU. Sheetings an J Pillow ( ottons very cheap. Brown Muslins, U'and 16 eta . yard wi le -lo. lSand 20 cts. Merrimack andetbei best makes Calico. 20 cts. Pine AllWcol French Merino, fl. Winter D rose Goods ^n5,rftlU'.embr,<5ln? P*?>?ns, Kmprees Cloths, P aids. Delaines Ac , at cost. Shawl.. Blankets, Flannels, Cloths and Cassimerea Gloves and Hosiery, at anusually low prices Call and examine hissteck. __*e 31 3w* BENJAMIN MILLER \EW LINK OF STEAM BBS I v roR jpv. ALEXANDRIA, WASHINGTON, AND GEORGETOWN. flBBh THE FIBST SHI?"OF THIS LINE. thk R-C. KNIGHT. (Mulliner, Master.) Will leave Ne* York, Pier Ti, Bast Biver, on ? . SATlBDaY, December:!*) laM. Merchants are re<in?sted to notify shippers to forward goods by this lino. d* 24 6t J^W. THOMPSON, Preoldent. HYACINTH BI LBS, Single or doable, al?o. Hyacinth Glaasee. for sale by F. M. LAZENBY, No. 1S4 Bridge street, _ae 21 St Georgetown, D. C. ^JOAL! C O A L ! 1 AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. ^nd' ^nd we constantly receiving i 2 th# miues, via Philadelphia and verl K??? ?rV,e.' who .iOantitiesof COAL of ttie very best uualitios. tiroes tons of 2,240 lbs. delivered In auy part of the ciiy at the following prices v Locust Mountain. Chestnut, W A , $7.2a. All other sizes and qualities of White Ash. except Le?. 30, from the following miner", viz Lec?*1. Mountain, Baltimore Co."a. Boston Ban, WilktMibarre Coal an<i Iron Co , Plymouth Oo.'e, ? ^Diamond Vein and Lykeaa Valley Bed Aah, Lehigh 59. Cumberland Coal, run of nilno, $7. Cumberland Lurid t'oal, *s so. CAE and PINK WOOD, of the very beet quality, constantly on band. oiJY.? S*P Lut^n,?^, Co,kl the cargo at the lowest Philadelphia prie< s. Now is the time for families to put in their winter's supply. Orders will be received at our office, 464 9th street, between E and F. or at our wharf, at foot of fth street. de 4 tf S P. BROWN A SON^ ?HIHA HALL (341 Poan'a avenue. Established 1827.) NEW GOODS. We have Just received a full line of China, Qlass and Fancy Goods, suitable for the H<>I -mT| days, surh as Dinner. T?a, and TolletS^k/ ware. Glass Tumblers, Goblets. Decanter*, Bowls, Ac . Toys In great variety ; Va>es.^^^ Punch and Ergnog Bowls; Fancy Gups and Saucers. Mags. Waiters.Cutlery. Plated ware; Bssaeta. Tin ware, Lamps, and a general assortment of <>oeds in our line. Goal Oil by the barrel and on draught. W e invite all in want of articles in onr way to give us a call and examine stock and pri< ee, which we will make as low as they caa be bought,whelesaleor retail. Stoneware at factory prices de 18_eo2w T PUR8ELL A SON. \ RW BOOKS ?Shank's Personal Becollections 11 of Distinguished Generals, f2; Slf Brook Poss Breoke. a novel, by Lever. M cents: Tho Bace for Wealth, a novel, by Mrs J H Bid Jell, 7i,c#5U; V^and Ruck re, aew editim, 91, Smith<a Vrincipia Latlaa. part second. Bi 25; An Amerioat Family In t^ermaay. b# J. Ross Rrow?e. History of the Bebslllon by John Miner Botts, o FRANCE TAYLOR. 1 * \r. WANTS. \V 4 8IBL to mm in *?n?rai " housework. Apply UrthrMdtfMl R? ?! IitrMit, lt? \V 0IBL, tedo b )?? ?? wor* fora small family. Appiy l?th #lrwi,ktwf?iiDMH 4* Si-It* VV ABTED-Tw* WOUM. to nSmilaein the ' * country? one w c <>*; the #th?r aa axr-* *ad

aaamatrees. IWmn m required. A Catholic Church >ory near. Apply at X96H ?t. do 31 St*| \\ AMTED?By a respectable girl, a 8ITU* * ATlON to cook. tMh and iron, or to do ton r*l b?uif?i)rk Bmi city reference gi too If re<iulred. Addrees Box a Star Offlse it* \\' ANTED?Two communicating KWIH, w ith */ Board. In a pilvate family, by a gentleman, wife and child, betwa* a 19tb and ltd streets and I * ' t'eata. Addreta. for one week. Dr. W. B , Mar Office. dp U it Vir A?T??- By oconi|Ht*nt ?e?rher. o nnmher ! T.0' PUPILS to itidr tki LtB(nM?(, i Orrtk and Latin.> Ada roan X. Star efflco. de ? St' VV ABTBB?At .17 I 10th went, betw< ?*n north L ind M, i LAOT to attend a stor? and kwi thebooke. d? 19 it* WANTED-A FURNIPH ID HOU3B within the area ot 10th and J-)th. Pennsylvania are nn?- an<i I street. Addrooa I. L A..'iap?t. de ? St* ANTBB?A fe? f jod I'KMMEN aa cmtmsera for a Direst. ry Ad ir.-en, In own h*udZ,r'UDt last employment and reference*. W . 11. B , thisottice. del< <t WANT ED-A WHITE WOMAN' tor i<eueral hf*Qhovorki "B? who to a ko<>? ctok, ?Kiher and ironer. with recommendation*. w. k. CU aVDLBB. Vermont avenue. between M an 1 M. near 14th street, frame cottage in a yard, de .9 tf WANTED Three of the best NaOUINE OP ABATORS for Groaer d Baker. Wheeler A Wilson, and the Florence Machine*. None hut con.uetrnt hands need apply.. Go >d ??(? . At I theOfceap Stamping Rooms, 439 ?th street, opposite I'aUnt Office. STAMPING at half price. Great Reduction In STAMPED GOODS BBAID and WORKING OOTTON de29-lw UJ ANTED?A FIRST RATE FEMALE cook (a German pn-terred). for a first clans Restaurant, to whom liberal wages will be pud Ap ply ai 12'i Pennsylvania avenno. de.U-U WANTED?A WOMAN, to Cook, w?ih, and Iron for a email family. References required. Inquire at 29tt H street. between 17th and Hth streets. <*>?* WANTED?A WOMAN to cook, wa<h andiron for a small family. Inquire at this office de JT St WANTED?New and Oast off OLOTHING.oId ( OLD and SILVER, or aay other article of value, at the eld e-t?ahli*hed Merchant Pawn* looker's Store ol K Fl LToN AUO.,-*Mtih st., 3 doors north ofPenna avenue Sole Agent for SINGER'S 8 It WING MACHINE, de 22-ly %*/AHTED-IOO LADIE8 immediately. to em v * broider Yokes, Hands, Wrapper Yoke*. Flaneel Skirts. Slippers, and Initials. To good hands who tiring manipleol work, g?oi wages and constHnt en,p)o>tD?nt given. Oall at the new t*t%<np Ing Robot, 4:i9 9th Htr<-et, opp xilto Patent OIBce bTAMPINO replaced to FIVE cents per width de Ifi tf \\T ANTED-tO OOO LADIBS to kn >w that at ? ~ the New Stamping Kiiudu, 4 9th xtreet,oppetite Patent Ottii e. they can lind the beat Rejected ii?s- rtment of Patterns erer ottered here for 'loaks, I epea, Aprona. Joeeya. Waists, Yultes, Bauds. Wrappera, Slippers. Pincushions, and Ini tial" Also, ifestgne for Pillow Oae?-s Ottoman-., Ohair Oorpra, Pianoa. and. In short, every variety ' of Patterns as they are daily i-sned. We have a French Machine and a Pra<-tiaal Stamper, mad have ledured the price to FIVE OBNTS PER WIDTH. We makeand stamp miy pattern t>ron?ht us. Braids, Silk and Working Ootton very low. de H-tf WANTED?A HOUSE, containing fro u 7 io 9 Rooina un<l Hall, in food repair, within thr>-e font tha of a mile of the Poat Offlc- and north o? Pa. avkuue. Rent not to escet-d AM per mouth. H K Mi Y & SEA RLE, (l^ ljtf Architect, cor. 7th and F sts. W' ANTBD-8ECOND HAND FU?NITUBE Alao MIKBORS, CARPETS. BEDS, BED DING and Hol'SEKU RN1SH I N<; OOOD8 of every lexcriptlon. B BUCHLY 4OH 7th street. hotweon (? and H, eaat ^ide LOST AND FOUSDT Q | O RE A ARD?Lo->t, on Cbriatmas night, at v ' the b ational Theater, In dreas circle, a dark FLTK CAPE, lined inside with orownsiik. Pleas<-leave the aame at No Pennsylvania avenue, three doora a> ove Mth st ,oppoaite Dillard's Hottl. It' IOST?Sunday morning, lioiug ont Xew.lersey 1 avenue, to St Aloisiua Church, a lady s GOl.D BNAMKI.ED BRKASTP1N. containing hair mixed w ith gray; pin broken A lib. ra! reward will b.- paid If left with R. COLLINS, Bal timore Depot. n? ^TRA VF:p OR STOLEN, on Satur.lay. Dec.?th, C? two MLLKS. one a mouse-color. one a dark brown. A liberal reward will be paid to any one who will return them, or give information a?' that I can get thi-m, to 91 M street, Island. de 31-2t* JOHN A. Pi LAVEBGNB._ Lost?On Wednesday last, on La. ave., between 4 , aiid tithj streets, a lady r. dark Kitch Fur tippet. A reasonable reward will be paid if returned to Nu.* Louisiana avenn*. de 29 3t* Taken UP estbay-COWS. Tho owner -?I1 pleaae come forward, prove property, pay chorg.s, and take them away. john fbi/./BL., Stene House, near the Little Falla <te 29 3t* LOST?On the nigh: of 27th la-Unt, a GOLD HAHDK ERCH1BF HOLDER, conilstlng of hand, Huk and chain The finder will be saltahly rewnrded by leaving it at Bo. 1 W?at stye,, Georgetown. de?5t* ?OST?On the 2uth iost.. a well grown black se. J tar PI PPY. with short tail, about h months 0 i A anitable rewaru will be paid for his retnrn to No. i Indiana avenue, oppoeite City Hall, de JOHN B PEYTON. IOST-Betwean the Traaaury Deportment and J.Sil tr*T*? ?? th* ?>*nne, FUR COLLAR. Th# tiu<S#r will b* liberAllj rewarded by leaving It at No 31& P* m avenno, between and 6thaU.,orat Mr PBATT S Boom. Tre >? nry Department. det< 3t* | 08T? Be.ween Metzerott Hall and llth street, Li a Siberian Squirrel TIPPET. By leaving the aame at 3d M atreet, the tinder will te sui.ablv rewarded. de 28 3t* CjOrt bewabd?Stolen on the night of the *3d of September from the premises of Rlwdenabnrg, a dark brown HORbE. marked C. 8 and I. D.f medium aice, mane and tall somewhat aunbnrnt: has a roan nose. The above reward will be paid if returned to . ? ? u*0- jones. oc 3 Hyattavllle, Prince George's Qo , M l. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. OLD VBAB GLT AND NBW YEAR IN THE YOUNG UNITED IN THE FIELD AGAIN. Come one, come all, to the itb Grand BaU of the YOUNG UNITED CLUB, to be given on MONDAY, December 31st, New Year Eve, at the WASHINGTON CITY GARDENS, on New York avenne. between lat and 2d atreeta. The Basa Ball Clnb which is represented most largely at thia Ball will receive a rosewood, silver mounted bat. ball and belt. No Invltationa ?ent. Dancing to commence at<oYlo< k. Ticketa 50 Cents, aimittinu a Gentleman and Ladlea. de 29-2t* ^ b AND BALL l>i AID <>t the MASON 10 HALL FUND, TO BX GIVEN AT THE FAIB BUILDING, Corner Seventh street and Penn'a aveaue, ON MONDAY, (Naw Year's Eve,) December 31, l*?i. TICKBTS, admitting a gentleman and la-iies, THB MARINE BAND, under the direction of Prof. Weber, has been engaged for tae occasion. de ?v3l 100ROUT FOB THEJ (.RAND anncal ball % or thk JOURNBYMEN bookbinders' SOCIETY. Ulfc To take place at ODD FELLOWS' H AuL. on MONDAY, January 7th, 18o7. Particulars in tuture advertisements. By order of the Committee de 15 tf J^IBDLING AND 8T0VB WOOD. Ptm*'a fflfs., bet. Wtkaad \HK .<f.?. Always en nand a full supply of the above-naine article, sawed and split in any length and size required, and promptly delivered to any part of the District at the LOWB8T CASH PBIOBS. "Q" THOB. J. QALT. PEBSONS FUBNIBHING ROOMS wenld save money and trouble by calling at AD A msoh'8. ftOb Ninth street, next to Pennealvanin a venae, who can furnish them with ready-made Sheet*. Pillow Caisea, Feather and Hair Pillows,Bolster-. Bed Spreads, Blankets. Mattresses, Window ?had?. v^n.V,oth ^ Carpet, Stair Crash. Toweling, Table Linen. Ac. de 14 dipt Wl. knabb * oo.-b PIANOsi amd PRINCE A CO *8 ORGANS AJiD ME mm LGDBON8, ?nin for tale and rent on easy terms, a: Ne. 496 nth street, above Pennsylvania avenue ae l eodm' W. O. BB10HBHBACH. C- WHITE'S (late BHaffibld'8) /. CONKECTIONEBY and lob cream MANUFACTORY, No. 3?MS ?th afreet. The proprietor wishes to Inform families, hetel proprietors, and the public generally, that he continues to furnish Confectionery and the choicest Ice Cream at the shortaet notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Weddtng and Fancy C.akee, aremida of alt kinds and sizes, Charlotte Rusee, anc Mange and Jelllee made to order. Partiee, Bnppara a*d other entertalnmenta furnlahed at owrate. telle' SPECIAL NOTICE?Two thousand load# clean C9 washed GBAVBL, oC the most saltable kind for concrete. Also, twa thonaaad loads BHABP tw0 bonsand loadsFIN E SABD. saltable for masonry and plastering, an hand and far aala at very Moderate pi ii ee by ^ ,LP?l?nHT, da 3 1* wr?M lOUi street weetaad Oaaal. FOB SALE AND RENT. FOR BENT?Two FUBNI8BKD BOOMS oa eecaad floor, cininiiiirttliic enitaBle for housekeeping. a j ply at 2i4 6tl? street. betaeea and H. deSlSt^ CU>B BEN T-HOI8B No. *76', 7th traet. be r i?f*a B and Minlud trtint, eoatam'ng mt?d room*, water, anl cm K?dI $M pw ta>uth Apply at No >7*. <1* SI ? LTok BBNT-Handeotuely FUBHI8HBD BOOM. r ib k nt? bou*. vltb iiIiIIm* of bath r*om; will be rented singly or witk Parlor totnmaairi'lii Apply 4 74 H etr?et north, M?w? 4th ud Hh ill. da SI St* IjH'lt KBNT-A large 8ALOWB PAULO* far*r aished wl i h now Bruseels carpet <nd now hiraltore, suitab.e for three or foar geaOemea. B >*rd ii desired. li quire Bt 496 Mtu. avenue, rear 8th atreet^ dOi ?t* FOB KtNT A now BBd comfortable FRAMS UOU8B. in First Ward containing six room*, with wat?r and cm, aituated oa -'ith atreet, bo taeenLand M stieeta, No. 114. laquire next door. do SI St* l"OK BBNT-Iu b central location, three or fotr r BOOMS,completely furnished for housekeeping; water in ktt< hen aad rood yard Torn* mod erate Inquire at No 47a I street, between ^il BBd ?t!r If I^OB bbnt.-a fobniphbd HOUBB of tea L reoms for rent, the o capant will laki board for part payment la, aire alb B street. third <1eor from id street, in tho roar of Bt Charles Hotel. de 3i-3t* RE8TAUBANT rOB ItLB Th^ I.EASE, GOOD WILL, and FUBNITI RB. known as Green's Restaurant, corner 8th and B streets on? of the oldest and best located atanda in the aitr Reason for selling, the proprietor being en aging in another b::am< as. Apply on the promises. deSleoSt* i/ob bbnt? Four unfubnishkd booms, r suitable for housekeepiug. 4'? j L it , )<?t. 9th and 10th, Ida 0 St* /OB BBNT-One FB\ME and one BBICK r 8TABLB Old bo top ior sale. at No. A4(i North M at., i et *th and ?th ata. it 9 St* F'OB bbnt?store next to coraer 2xtli str et and Pa avenne. now occupied a- a sh^e at ?re. In.mire of hennagb A LUTTBKI.L rte ?i tf TWO OK TI1BBB KUKNldtTkl) Oil I N Ki K NISHED roum8 for rent: two on low.-r fl< or connecting, with evoking s.ove, at N<>. <??l 1> .-tieet, between 111 u an i istft. de 2j St* rpOB BKNT?A small FRAME HOUSE, r .ataming four room*, -itiiat.d on Ka' ette *treet Georgetown, D. O Apply J. A BLUNPON, I I i Bridge street.^ d?W Jt* Km h kent?a brick house, situate! on h street. between 2<i a id si street*. uing -i rcoms. w ith gas throughout lnjnire aaxtdoor. de 2r>-3t* [ L'UK ,s?LK-Two KKAMK HOUSES or Moilr gomery ?t . i?et. Dunbartou and B-ll ata.. 40 front ieet. 'JO fa. t deep lnjnlie No 60. G?-orge toWB. delist* i^or bent-One large fbont blh?m. far s li?he.i. mllaiile for two or thr>e gentla-n-n No. 4 1 Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th ^treats. de a St* l/ob bknt?Very ch. ap, two new two-story r hou^ESon north o street STARK A rO., tf 4?*?x rth stre<?t^l>et l> and k. l/l'knisubd booms at 494 e street i th an.l t'ookmg Stove for housokeeBtng if watit<-a. <}ax. Hvdraut. and lockup fwr faei; saitablefor tainilp or single gentlemen, de z9-3t* Rooms fob beh't?Ohe^p, to good tenants. Also, two hrlck htiuses. now in coorsi- of tinish. six reorua each to good tenants ch?-*p for a term of years a ppl> at i>"laware avenge, two panares north ..f the Capitol. de j9 lw I,m>b h&lb several ialHMl mmiw lots in dift^rent ee, tions of the city. Terma, f li*) down. Mtid % lu pt-r month for the remainder For partii nlara. call or addreaa BOGAM A WYLIE, So. ,*w.t 7 th ctraet. de 19-aolia' C^OMKURTAKLE MWELLING.withfonr r .ois / and kltehen, on N street, n*?ar 5tk, for rent, at $18 per month Immediate p<>aae<?lon given. Apply to n. watkln8, 5*?6 h street north, near 5th. _ de-.^2t* F'or bent?Twe neatly furoishvd booms, crmtunnirating. to gr-ntleiu^n, or a gentlaman and wife, with privilege of dining room and k.tehen terms m'?ferat<- Apply at -iao 18th street, between h and 1 streets convenient to cars, de i9-2t' LENT ? A Tw<> story Cottage Frame HOUSE, continuing six room , situated on n street north. between 11th and 15th streets w-st, having a good fr nt and back yard, rent 920a month, pa) able in luiaire of n?. 37 5 14th street, between l and m streets north d. Vt Si* J. P. HILTON P^urnisheTV bow ms fob BE5T-46w d st . between 2d and 3d, convenient to Oapttol at ; Patent Office. Street cars run before the door. Befertacea required. de 23 3t^ li'OB BENT^A three-story BBIOK~HOUSB. r containin. a.'ven rooms, on itb atreet. near U street north, lmjuire 3*3>4 7th street, between H and I sts. de 28 St* l/OB BBNT-A large finely"lighted H ALL,saltF iible for club or society meetings. Also, a few bandaoBiely Fl BNISH El) BOUMS. Apply to BBHEST WEGEBMAN, 391 Pa. ave. de is :;t* li^ob bkmt?hok'sb No i 44 Penn'a avenna. 1 between 17th au<l IMth ttreeta. containing 14 rooms and store Inquire on the premises, or at 403 12th streat. bet. g and ii. de 28 St' F~0b bbnt-Four mw BBIOKllOl ses threa story. en Bhoce Island avenue, between 14th and 15th sts. Apply No. 1*7 K street, between 18th and 19th "treats. deJS if WM.J WILLIAMS pOB KENT OB SALK-A HOUSE containing r tiTe rooms, aituated on Virginia avenue, between #th and H?th ntraeta. n?ar the Smithaooian Institute. Apply to GBOBGE HAL PTMAN. A4 7 13th atreet, near B street. Island. de 29-3t* F"OB RENT OB LEASE?The Large BTOBE and BASEMENT Bo 1*8 Pena avenue. Also, the second, third, an l foarth stories above tbe two "torea. l^in; thr e large rooms, 42 feat wide by 76 feet <^aep and 14 feet high edwin gbbbn, No. 346 k at . de?8-St* 1 Intel.ACkroa j corner 12th St. UOB BENT?First January,one of the two neat a COTTAGES, No. 497 MasaarhaaetM avenue, between Uth and 15th streeu, near the Circle containliii: seven rooms; lawn in front. Bent $39 per month. Apply to J. 8 WILLIAMS, seuthweetcomer Pean a avenue and 21st street, after* o'clcck. de 28 t-C'B BENT OB BALE-One twe etory BRItiK HOFSB. with back building, containing eight rcx nis. dry cellar, Stable. Wagon hoaae. ar ,Bc. Over 8,iW) ieet of ground attached te on B atr?at north, near 6th atreet eaat. Inquire atJOUVENAL S Marble Yard,career New Jersey avenue ana F street. da g-w* L^OB BENT?Large STOKE, with gas and water, a >0. 349 B utreet. between 12th and 11th sts. Isuaire at Paiat and Oil More, next door. de? ?t* WM. RI THBBFOHD. FT BN |Vh"EI> BOO MS iOB B KNT ?L??sirable 1 catioB. Boarding may be obtained opposite. A comfortable HBI0H STABLE also fur rent, 347 Kstieet. tear 13th, opposite Franklin B w, _de 34 8f Drug store for sale -a drug stoke of Ji? years standing, with fixtures complete; new stock. Corner store. g?od location, and beat of reasons for selling. Terms easy. Imjuire of STAKB A CO.1 7th atraat. Bo m No. 13, de 26 2W* L'OB RENT- A new brick STORE and DWELLF ING with fix rmimi. ob Virginia av?nue. between 1st and 2.1 streets west, oi pjaite the New Maikat : first rate place for a clothing atore. or produce and variety atore. Bent of whole building .$21.50 per month Inquire at Lumber Yard, oorner Md. >?ve. and Oanal de -SAt^_ FOB BENT?By tbe 1st or 5th of Janaar?,two new bBICK flOUBBS. situated on 5th atreet weat, between O aad P streets north. Inquire uaxt door. de 24 <t* l/t'B RENT?A handaome STORE boom, No. r a-26 7th street weat, between m and N streets, with shelving, counter* and drawers, la good order Bent month. de 24 ?t* b'OR BENT? H >ndsoLuely Furnishal PABLOBB and BED BOOMS, coram am eating, to be let tcgethei or eeparately. with or without Board. Gas water, ana hath in tha house. Apply at U34 H st..between mh and JUth sts., one sjnare from cars. de 24 6t* FOB SALE-HOI BE and LOTou6th street east, Letween Virginia avenue and G atreet, with aix noma, in tine order, with choice fruit of all kinda. with three different kind- of grape*, within one and a half squares of market and two auuares of city cars, and within swo squares of four churches. Enquire within, to de24-6t* GBOBGE 80PEB. F^OB SALE?(Only $&?' cash,the baUnce can be paid ib monthly iuetalmeuta of .^lS,ea< h>? new tw > ?tory ri room HOUSE with paaaage, aid and ba<k alley, Ac., situate! Ne, 640 G street, " * ?uu>00.. de 1S-2W* 4iWe 7th street, near K. L'OR BF.NT-To the highest bidder, the NORTH r STOBK boom under Odd Fellows Hall, Mh street east. Navy Yard.) fortnerlv occupied a- a Marber a Shop and Magistrate s Ofnca. It ta a good location for bus!ne?s Persans desiring to rent, will pirate send iu their bids (sealed 1 ta the nndersigned.onor before tbe latdayof Janaary next. The Hoard of Trustees will reserve the right to re ieet any or all bids submitted deeuied br them too low. SAMUEL B TI BNER, Sec \ Trustt^e. Beaideace No. #9O 7tti street, between I and G streets, Navy Yard. deiS-thAm?t FOB RENT?The FABM, for the laat three yean the resldsaceof Major Theephllua Gaines, cobslsting of 1M) acres, lying near Fort Mshau.l mile from Benuiag s Bridge. Improveujenta. dwelling house ef 11 rooms, stona stable, aervast s houses, bam, Ac Address "B 8.," 437 B street, Washington, D. C.,or call la person, between S aad 7b. m. oc 14 tf F~T BNlbHED PABLOBS AMD BED BOO MS for rest, from Ad to #16 per asoath A lea, BOARD for Mechaaii'S. At ply at Na. 4!? 4th at., between C and Louisiana av. ao 27 la" RARE CHANCE? For immediate sale, one of the beat located small corner atore GBOOBB1E8 In the city. Stock and Fixtures new Ayply immediately, by letter, to A. B. C.,City Foat Office. BOSS tf F~OB BBNT-PABLOB and BBD-BOOM. suitable tor wo. Board ir retired. Bent $15 a month. Apply at 'JOt* New York aveaue, ween 4th aad 5th ats. d? 17-lw* F'ob bent-The late BE8IDBNCE of hf~?" Fant. 4W D atreet. ooatalatag 17 roams, with all the modera improvements. Apply to CLIFTON HELLEN. J74 Fat nolu-tf FOB BBNT?Large and aaiall furalahed aad ua furnished HOUSES and APABTMBMTS aultabla ior b naekeepiag. Also, For Bale, eeveral small HOUSES.on eaay terma. Inquire dTABB A CO.. 4??H 7th atreet. Boom 13. <?c 14 Sm' P"OB BENT-The BTOBi No i<l D atreet. aaarllth It froata immediately 00 Paaaa. aveaat aad Isoae af the largest aad moat conveniently situated atore rooms ia Washington city. Apply ?0.B. BAKBB. at UeStar Offlee je? tf q AUCTION SA1.KS. _ ciArr Auctum 81*t mm femrtk pa#?.| rn/5 ArrsKfiooir and to mokmow' JJT SIIII * WILLIAMS. AltUMNT . TmAVk*Tw8?^MLJ?r Jtt* PEAMB TBBB ?.? T . ANP 1A>T?. FBoNTINU OB THE ?!!Lfk *TJ!t*ihT,h?" ?L aad north at Public Anctioa JSLSrr^A^^ tr?"M?t?i the lith ?*r S. iZ'A,D.I5a6 r^s rd<^ liUt?rl C T . *? **.X*Mo m M.ttwl ?*>.af to* Lul K*??^k^; District of CoiuaMt, If?'}l T*?BDAYvt*e>l?t daj (?f Dnm< ftt 4 0 clock I B , ||f BraiiiMM Lot No 14 to S^.Vh * 5?> l??Mlo?fl *? ordlQf '? Mkl^d*ed intt "fi# iBirorfiu?'iu ioi>in taZL Wblct! MUM It a ?ro|tlitHtmiit for tAf OM vttfalfti to Br rahaae to BtteBd the aale >w? KrwtN * "? . ?ae balaace im all u<l twolvo I?J \? v." *u* f*"** ' '"Mi.ud M nr^j hr a deed o' tru*. on thr premise* All r?i??, aa iac nd UMIH ? the ?0*t Of tit* fQrrhwr lH<lo?ioi the day Of mi* a ni If th* termo *T *5 COB|Pl'?<i with la (It* day* aft. r the dti of sale. the traatee reoervee the right to reeall tho property. at tho mk ud coot of tho defanltla* *J,rrfc***r? by advertising throe tiaiaeia the I>o nlng Star. B. B TILLY Traate* ?ei roAdi OEEBN A W ILLiABB. An U. Ill M B WALKH A ?0., AacOoaoora~ *-* ho ii*i Podiii eve . corner loth afreet "VALT AHLE SANDBANKS FOB 8 A LB. "* IIIGBLT 1MPOBT ABT TO COETB ACTOBS AND BUILDBBS Ot? MONDAY. I?th in. tent. at S a'clock. ?a ?mith * farm. near 7th street Park, we will rffor bank*'*' *? *** highest blddor. On* Acts of Sand T*rm* to bo male known on tho preia'?*a ?h*i 'be pi yrl) l? off?r*d f?r sale. d??? M. B. W ALBB A OQ . Aacts. "" TOE ABOVB >A 1>E 18 POSTPONED OH 5fS?!;PA ~ ,he in<"lonirncF o? the ?eath*r. as til MONUA1 , the Slat fasten' at S o'clock* m M B WALHH A CO* Auctt. jPYTHOB I>OWLIBG_A.ct . ' sorgotowa rOTOMAC FJSIIBBIBS AT AI OTIOM a I I be ii-cted to the btelieet hldd'r at PnMlo M"KMN-;. Janearv trl^t O^ortetoVj,' 8,?r' *? *'? ?"<* T',L,e*. r,,biB; Landing* o-? tho P t mar t oioudTL^d."'^ W*'?rg?t ??n, known Torino Oro bnlf caah; Walance In fonr moatha for note* ?au-facU>rily la?1ur*td - J A BITf'H IB. j a i THOE. DOW LIN 0, Anot defJE ITIme* A Ooariorl BT * W1LL|A.M?, Aaotloaaora. AICTI#K bALB OK TWO BToBT FKAIIB n?TnrKn.,l,*,U"'u eor?B rKA"" oVi?7fc ?^L ' d*' of J?-?nrr, l??r. at? ??,* " '.! ,,y VaMtc ?n< t.on oa InTJ hrS*a**" *D ,w" *tor> trame dvai i -lr ?i ! . 011 th" ,>4,t #'d? 'f Hh atroot. ?*0J,h- > ? * ?art of Lot N > i: la 5?^a front of 1? feat J inche*. aiid lot S?2 f?-ot deea to a public alley in Ti/IV'?i?f'* .?n' baif < aah. ?n<j balar 0 t* ?1 * ?5rchMe7 C??n?eyanc.hg at coat of /?-3|td* QBE UN A WILLIAM- AncU UBBBM A W1LLIIAM8, Av ction' ?r? ' PkoVk^tv kra,Hf-r) ALL'ABLB IMf'kOVBD P HOPE BT *. PEON Tift < ON H M NoBTE ilonW'eD411 Mh ,tr' *u w?*t. ?t Public Anc i *tD T 2,,t lBft? 4 o' lock n m ll?h*d #'l vr'0,'r.of? <^e?.| of trait Jated tho I lbof j A "%I ifc \V: **'' dtl,? rO orH la ' # J A P , ft 1\., folio* Us. 2r>? 27 I %I1<1 J7? *Ba Laad E?> ?rda for W'aahlB<'to>i 0 u ty ta the l'^*trl> t of < 'olutn*>ia, beidk the we-t halt of the w**t molo-y of Lot N,. ?. E j mh tr-ntitig on H etreet n rih . f f, ?# wlfh ih* !r%.k ,' *t *? ^'naliintt. n atroot! jjnh 'Ii . inifr. %eii.eiii* c : *i*iibc . f a thr. e itorr Md0?*?1*"*4" Balldinc-. having water Term- m;.,le known on tho day of *alo All coa anciug and n-Mfcoc Ma >,p* at the ??t of too pur< baaer #!? df.wr In the hand* of the A or t.or.e-ra ,.B the day of .ale and If the te^m. aro not roniplhod with ? ithin ti*o day* after th* .lay of kiila, the Traxteo le^r > o* the right to r**?ll the property at the r?k and coat of th* deSaalUag pun ha- t t y a?l?tr'la;ug 11,- aair thr-. tluaa in cme tiewrp,p. , oubliahad in W aahlnKL-n citv ^ , THADDEI'S B PBECBH Trontla de 1 eod.t* OH BIN A WILLIAMS. An^ KTTHK PIBCHA8BB HAVIB-. FAILKD la?ut? ?i^ i 1 ***rru# of maie on tba Hot MttAt tba above property wlllbeaold on nuNDaY. tho Sl*t inatant, at 4 o'clock th* pnrchator*' r<"k C0,t ?f th* . THADDBTB E PBBUSS. Tra?teo deff d QKBBN A WILLIAMS. Anctt. ^"tiie abovb sale is po tponid, oe ^ ??! Wl 'RKM'AT. tho I rZLt0 th* *m* hoar ?!id pla e. I By ordor of tho Troita* I d*MA OBEM> VILLIAMvAa to I JJT OBEKfii A W1LLIAME. AM oaoor*. ~ I TEA8, BI OAK- OOFFEB8 G?N<4 rarer I ?bEBkB. BOLAi^lS "hlP WIHE?' I L1QDOBB. BoB^B. WaGON ASb'lJ AIIN K<m I AT PUBLIC AUCTION. ' 1 I >,.*5^THCEbDAT. to- Sd day of January. 1*7. at I * * abal I aell, oa tke oornrr of 7 ta I and M atroota north, a Sno lo? of Qrocori?? whira I nagg* ?< <" sa.seSmmSb I d.Md OBEKN A WILLIAM8 Anru I yv GUBBE * Wlt-.-raa*a j inin^nTi. I *1884181 ttagVPKLJSUBSS I Oa f E1DAT. tho tth day of Jaanarv i*r I at l?i o'cloak a a an.I 7 d I SKHafflSSEseS? I will bo sold wtthont reoervo, a* the ownar haa t? I SowdT* on ccoHnt of pro>*rtT lo&rJ'zx I d*?d OEEEE A WILLIAMS. A art. I DT D. L. WELLS *Vo7. I w? 5ncH*"^r' and *?t?to Brokers. I Northwoat coruor lath aad * itroeu. I FBAMB BUILDIEG6 AND LGMBBB AT Al'O- I Oa THUE8DAT, tho sd daj of Jaanarv at S I o cluck p n> , oa thr preala^a, on 11th trtTt'a^.i I betweon B and C a.mth near th. pkii i i ?? I Bow. w**haUo?II a^Pufcll^^-^1*4-^ I 5r*In* Dialling Hoa*e I Ona Pram* Shop Tkhtr**i,oliof Lnni,'*ror diff?rant kind*. I aad c"ntractor,T?rt & ^'U?D of I Termacaah. P. L. WELLS A CO . Ancta. I |JT THOB. D?W LINO, Aact.; Oaor^town^ I BOCSEHOLD ^M^TDBE AED BFFEOTS I .0,BnW,!D^,t?^Y *?K*INO.Janaarr -d 14K7 I at 10o'clock. I Will aoll. at Eo. 7 7 Brlrf*. atroot I betuoen Congro** an 1 Jo er*oo. a reneral a*a<?rt I la. n; of Houaehold Pnrc.tnre. boiag taoelToctaaf I ^I'utletnaB declining hou?eke. piu^, cvaai-tmg I Mahotnnt Spring aeat Chain aad Bofae I Mahogany Daak aad Bar Chair I Large Gilt Frame aad other Mirror* I Mahogany anj other Bedsto id*, a id MattreMaa I Wardrobe*. W etbitandl, T Ilot Ware. Ac I W atnat Bxtenaioa Table I Carpets Oilcloth aad Matting Croi-kory, Glaa* Ware. 8tov?-*, And many articles not BMatioaed. I Term* cu b THOS. POWLIBQ. Aoct. I BY H COLMAN A CO., Auctioneers. I No. U93 Penaa. av., bet. 9th aad li*th *ta. I Sales every TUESDAY. THCBSDAT and 8AT- I UBDAY MOBNINttB.atlBo-elook.of- I Household Furniture. Btovoo Crockery, Olaasaud Tiuware Di > Good*. Olothlng. Boou and Show I Gent* Faraiahiag Goodc. Ec . Ac I A general a*aorttnoat of the above good* alwaya I on hand at privata aale at AUCTIOB PBK'BB. I Ont do. r aalea attended to on reaoonablo terma. I Bale eTery 8ATUEDAY N10BT at 7 o'clock I ^ _ H COLMAN AGO. Aactt. I BKo?hg|t- Jr.,Baleaa?aa I TOR SALE AND kKXT. I F?A-5ffr? OOUNTBY I B BLBlIiBftCE and FAEM , altuated oe^r Bla- I deaahnrg. Mar} land, altbin filto<-u minutei waik I o> the depot The whole property contain* bo- I twoendO and AO acre* wttk two Dwelling Boaao*. I w blcb render* the aatne *n*ceptlble of belrg dl I Tided in two places, w.ta Stable, loo *>toao and all aecejaary oat bnildiag*. tofo.her wl ka haw I assort aont of Fraits. nrapa., Ac. Po* eaaloa I givon Imme. lately Mr. El chard HI II. Ihlr g oa I the pljc*. will show tbe pr*niaea. for earticu- I lars a?a?iy to TIIOMAS L Hl'MB. I a *t .. ? jof Hall E Humo.l d*!? ? Grocers. E?. 40 Market Space. f^OK BALE?A in^ntltv of Gold aad eood Pi.imI I i IrrLToB I1 wBWm2?, I ml sl^T^ O'f 1 Pftviibrok?rc JOi ft h I thr#? doort north of IVud i??LQt I r 'OB f??Uy * it boat chiHroa a I PO'tly FIENI8BBD HOUSB, c ntaiairig s I rooms, sapplled with gas a??d water, yard froat I dl ?*Jawft* at *7<> U *'re#t" ***r l9th- I l^OB BENT?The 8TOBBBOOM corner of Po. I "ftd 11th Mtrr^t ? oat, ia the Btar O-hoo I Bolldlng. f.>rmerl) occapind by W G Mett?roU I a? a muslr .tore, and receoUy a- the office of tba I **?' * oBce Apply to C.B BAB BE, I Star Ofhco. de JU-tf I L^OB BBNT-The PE'>PBHrTk^oTiIas Tho I r Crf>?JB?ercial Building ' located oa La avo.. I ad wining tbr Central Guardhoaao Thobuildlaw I haa a froat of about ?v feat, aad a depth of I7i foot, rnnnlngthrongh Iron the avoaae to Oaaalat I It hag lately ><oea vacated by tho Natioaal Ex I prras Company. Kor term* apply to WM. H. PHILIP 40 La. I ?? . a* 9? ootf I F'OK BFNT?Two large aad oae small mbbibI. I en ting UOOMB. nntu-nlshrd aecoad floor No I 134 Penn av . bat it h and Wth atr aV? tf I BOOM on lat floor 'and throe I BOOMS oi M door, over Btio*aett's H*t aad I rur store, 834 Pean a aveaae Beat moder- I _ao?tf I^OB BEET-Two Forniahed BOOMB. at Ma* I T ?B7 7m* at a*t h-.-ae. g a,d r_*t. 4* " I i o ifiirffiunji; hmi ?ab? I ii. ili iU "\i.V a*fiMEs^ri oo'" I I * I