Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1867 Page 1
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. / 0 (fffrmttg gto. ? ??? V?-. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY. JANUARY 1. 1867. N?. 4,811. i t the" evoFncTstar l> 11 Btimss DAILT.drSDAV EXcrprtoi AT THT. STAR Bl iLMNOt ,?lk , t j: C m'.r F<nn?. ? eniu .nd lift ttrut BY \v. p. W A I.I. A C II. th-STAR is^rved by tae earrt*?* te their Ml,<in the CKj nnd DiStfiet at T?? l k>to i'KR hiu. Copies aUV .oonter.wUB tr v itbou: wrapper*. Two I'ists each. , Kicr 'o* M atliho-?Three months, 'One in Hat 1 nd rsf*y Cent i; al* months, T\rte Dollar one tear, F.v't Dollars. Ho paperB are seat from 'he oCce longer tnan paid lor. 1 he W kKKLY ST Alt-p?Wi?he?J OB Friday morrinf? Onr Dollar arul a tkhsonXL. KFTUBTIVIbfibo, Ctat>*eT?*'. .ggJR* \l*d *m.?III sive life I'm;, Prteent and F ature M he?' o?f?: ?!* ,4 Pfi.n navei:bet *een 4>i nnd sth streeie. Office kcm from 9 to 2 a. m. and * to ? ? ?lie an 1m * I)k ,UWU*HOMBOPATaiO FaTilOIAN. Residence and ?lflce. No ^1,19 tf Office Htoi? to 10 a P- ? ?*i " ? T TUl SIW'CHEAP Trt-. r.?, BmSi ...SO c ts. K h?r for *raHor *mbr idery,oarj1f of the T#?ry !nit ' ielectf'1 wit? car? m N.? Y rk. ana being lu receipt ot them weekly, we are aMr al'> t i-sue new patterna as well *? make ami stamp t.y pattern broaeht us. 1 O. O. Worhimj Cotton at reduced pri jes. da 1# tf ! N D (LABS. 4TTOKNEY AND Opt5NJ MCL1 i'K AT LAW AN D NOTABT PUBLIC, No. M) 12th itreat west. de 14 '7 n hMF.tT Y<>1 NG h ah removed hie office : V 473 luth -tre t. t<. bit resilsnco. No 4 .-Nev. Voi k *\,..lour doer, east of 14th :r^' AH order* 1? ft a: tba Drug Storsof NAIBN a 1't.O . c. mor 9'b *t an. Pa are., during the <U> mill b* promptly attend*d to. de lfi ihi L K.*SK M J.TBlNGrrBLPr r t?N?>TA AND COLLECT0B. C< lects K-nt*. Dehts and Claim* ef all kinds. Ba-inees placed in hl? hand* receive* prompt atttrti n. References given ifrsquired Ml 9th stre?>x, nbove l*a aeenue, realtfenc i" I L etreft,*?-n 9th and lUth. N B ?Ordeis hj mail promptly attended to. rte 14 Tu<' I M?1AS IT la A'ivNUWLKDQBD THAT I j NK.W STA5IPINO DBl'OT, on9th*tre?t, 4.1 *1. ha? the b^tt oelection of Patt? rn? ever ottered h? re, an i the propnator Um redm ed the pri< v to UNI BALP th.tb" fce^n lef re. Beinn a practical Stain per, P?*J? |.e had of pettins *l?at willjuit y'.n. Qo aee hint. Hp will in?l<> and tttme AW T rti d# 15 it \Ol HAVI B KKN 1 M PBDDENT, hat neither Buefcn nor t>aiuariian humbug* " ? '? make i/., ;t p Se. Dr. PA KB V. on 7th ^raet.oppo. ?)te Odd Fallow# Hall, ana be cnred jtilc* and pera.anenttjr. < ?! nR H B. WOODBCBY has removed hl-? offi'-e to No. 339 Y street, opp#Mte St. Patrick s I Churchy de 8 e^lm \ #^ONPIP*NTlAL-Ioun? men wbo hare inV jureti rnetn*elv?-? oy certain secret habits, which unfit th^ra for bnsinefs. pleasnre, or the duties of n.arried life, also, middle aged and old ??-n. who. from the folli?s of youth, or other c?n*fs. feel a debility in advance of their years, teler-- placing themselves uniler the treatment ?f any cue. should ftrpt read "The Secret Friead. Married ladi?-s will learn something of importance by perusing 'The Secret I rfen l. i Sent to any addreos, in a sealed envelop" on receipt of ^cent*. A^dresa Dr. GHAB. A BTCABT A CO.- Boston, I Maes no?-ly_ BK1PAL AND Pt'H IKU WHIATBS. BO gl KTS CBOS8ES AN1HOB8, r^t-rred Id Dfttural form M> A\ FLOW Via IB PL.OWBBS. and BB A1 lei NO. by Mrs FB1&3. late of Boston Uae removed to No. Uth street, between Q and H. oc 3 I A1>1 AS WH(TABB D*S1 BOWS OF A SKILL1> ?ul and accomplished Ph>si?ian. should cousult Dr HF.NRT MOBTON, lb? east Fayette street, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton s services may beiengaeeo in Washington or any other city, by addreseingas above oc 13 ira J A M BS OC ILD, Dealer im .\?if and Second hand h*rn*!*r*. Old Furniture Bepaired. Benpholetered and VArtlahed. 12th and Bats., (near the < anal.) Highest price paid fot Bwsond hand Fn rn i tnr e. eelly* 'BKBMTAB ? BLAC*. WilMl.lAKO!!, C. P. BLACKlaw oirric*. BLACK, LAMON * CO., Counsellors and Atternoy* at Law In the Baprenm Court of the United Statee. the Court of Otaima, tbe Courts of the District, the Executive Departments, end Committees of Congress. Ofhc-, 4 6" Uth street. (directly oppoelte WUlards B^tel ) . CLOTHING, Ac. f ^ O L B A D V I~0^B . T hat's it 'That's it 1 Jest listen a bit _ Trom the folks at Smith'* Oak Hall Tome- a w.>rd of advice. So aountl and so nice, For the present seaaon of Fall. Button your coat Op to yonr throat. And aee that yon re warmly clad; Or wt'h cold in your head You'll be sick in your bed, Which will be exceedingly bad. Aud you 11 stay in bed With the cold la yonr bead. And ccmpdlled to be somewhat inlet. Till yoa*ve had enongh Of the Doctor's staff. And all ?orU of sick folks' diet. Better beware. And always take core To be preperiy clad lor the Fall, In suitable clothes, Jast such as thoee Which are sold at Smfth'BOsk Hall. ?M1TH BB09 * CO., MERCHANT TAILOBS, AIT DZALCBS IS GENTS FLBMlslilNO GOODS, OAK HALL, 464 Skvcjtth STgt*T. Js-t received the largest and finest stock of FlkCE UOUDS ever ofiered in the city of Washington. bavlLg secured the best artists in the ctt), ws ars prepared to make up in the finest sty le. nod at leas prices than any other establishment. Ine 13 tf] 8. B. A OO. \| LOSABO, l?l . SlthCHAST TAILOR. (Corner of 9th and D streets, Deeiree to return his thanks tor the liberal pationage l-estowed open him during past seasons, and at the sains time invite* his la friends to visit his store and inspect his new \Tf sod choice selection of goods, which he hss"-just purchased for ths Fall and Wlntsr Trade. Mr h HaB1>ON. his associats, continnee to give bis ccnstant attention to the style and general appearance of all garmeau made ?t tbe eetab11 ?r:neat. lb- beet work and moderate chargee is oar cietto. Us 5-lm' L' DOLAN. MEBCHANT TAIL0B, corner 4i of 14th street end Pennsylvania a vs., opposite Wi 1 lards' Hotal. has received a>U superior assortment of Clotks. Casslmeree, Vsstlngs, Chinchillas and Bscomas, for \KP Overcoats, and a general assortment of J" Gents' Furnishing Goods. Hs haa also *ided to kis ?to* k a splendid lot of tint class Custom made Clothlrf. from Ssw Tork, at lower nricee than can he had In tlu* city. He invites his friends and the pablic to give htn a rail, alt returns his sincere thanks for their liberal patronage, oc 31-2m L' jT H EI-HlBGEa r . Successor te H. F. L?nd011 tOo.,^Ja CITIZEN'8 AUD MILITARY _ MERCHANT TAILOR* \K Metropolitan Hotel lata Brown's, WW 3*8 Pennsylvania aveane, my 1 tf Washington, D. 0. (jjKOYBB a BAKBB cblbsAatbD FIBST PBEMIUM FAMILY SEWlf/U MACHINES. Tbe test Family Machine la the market. The only Matkine that will both Sew and Imkroider t.r'erii?. They uiaA* an Aistiw StucA that will not break is waehHut. Call aad examine their merits, at {DAT 18 A GAITHBB 8, |_no 14 Im ^0 markst Space. UKBB 18 IT, BUT F1NLE18 f bv vowirr Beam. Where can I get s good cigar Oh. eome to'as. quo rfnls* Must I walk or tak? thsUr ' As mjlMM. sua Flnlsy. Do yea keep the ?oMen Leaf ? Indeed de I.,ao'FuJJp*' All things In yoar llts. ia brief T come aad sea. 4-to' Flaley. As 1 psaa. if I drop in f Do drop In. qnorFlnley. Have yon fine cut wrapped in tint Beat there Is, quo' rinlST. D<> yonr meerschaam's Color veil r Bny nnd try,sno' Bin by. Ars tnsy msre-shams. made to aeU Nnry sell, qno' Flnley. Bnve yoa ping of evsry grade f Every grade quo' FlnTey. . . . Pleeee tbe taste aad aalta (Be trade? Jast the thiag. quo' Flnley. IB?>wla nnd stems la every style? _ Every style, 40 ?' Flaley I'll call there in e little wnHe. In.?"* ***?o<4^?>ttHT8TBEET. near B. I OAN OFFICII, I< JT'J B STBEBT, /Da Eetwaen IMh and llth streets, IW1 'NET LOABBPenTi^id ?ad Silver Waiche? " Iry Ciothlag. Ac , Be. D DBNOTAW. 11 * lei" Licenaad Pnwsbroker. 1'Hl ( BOCHET COLLAB BOOK: MSB. I Bky>e's BnltSed Lace Collar Book; The Bagle if HOLIDAY GOODS. JJ07F0B TH1 HOLIDAYS! Jwtncdwd the latest mnrtBWBtnfFrwcli and American BON BOMS and 0AND1E4 thai cannot be surpaaeed In the District. Al*O. A Urge assortment of FANCY SUGAR PLUM BdXl'.JMt rifflTtil from Paris. which I will off*r the pnblic it the lowest possible rates. N ? Large assortment of F4N0Y POCNE an?i FBI"IT CAKES, constantly on hand. Call ?a?alD?. ?t 316 Pa avenue, de 10 lOt* between 9th and 19th street*. 505 5o5 PBEPABE FOB THE HOLIDAYS. KIDWELL JTKENDBBSOM Woald respectfully call tbe attention of theit frlsada and tha pnblic to their larga and wall aelected assortment of WALL PAPEBS AND WINDOW 8HAD1S, of tha Latest Styles. Alao. on (rand a*large es?ortnient of OIL CLOTHS. TABLS COVERS BU8T10 BLINDS PAPER 0UBTA11V9, FIBS BOABD PB1STS, OVAL PICTL'BB FEAME3, Together aith CORDS AND TA9SELS TO SUIT. Ail of which they are prepared to sell at the LOWEST CASH PJhlOBS. Remember the place, 50.? NINTH STREET. Four doora above D atraet. Beaton Hall Building do 18-iw \ I A 1 L L A ED'S i>I CHOCOLATS DE FANTAISIE. BT BONBONS ALSO, MAILLARD'S CHOUOLAT PAB BXOELLBNCB, (Triple \ anilla.) This Triple Vanilla CHOCOLATB la superioi in quality and favor to any other made in thli country,and ia prepare! especially for table nao N.W. BIRCHELL, corner 14th and F streets, de to. under Ebbltt House, (CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAB S PBE9 ENTtJ. A rich and elegant assortment of Gentlemen'i Role* da Ohambre, gotten up expressly foi the bolidars. Gold, Silver, and Ivory-teade? Casee, in beautiful variety with Scarfs, Ties Gloves Sn'penders. Ac ; with superior lot Toile Artiiha, at reduced prices, at LANB'* Gents' Furnishing Stora. delSeotf 444 Penn. avenue, near st. I / 'OI.ORED TOY BOOKS, from London. Freud I V .Icvenila B< oka, direct from Paria, Labonlayea I New Fairy Tale*; Eaop. largely illustrated, an. many others, just received. de Jt _ __ FRANCE TAYLOB. 1 J^OOK OUT FOB THE HOLIDAYSF chr. r upper*, Khiss K RING LB HEADQUARTERS, No. ?2S 7TH BTBKET. BETWEEN D AND E Importer of all klnda of NEW TOYS AND FANCY GOOB3, Adapted for CHRISTMAS P*bENT8. Mr. BUPPERT takes great pleasure to inf<>ri I his numerous customers and tbe public geuerall that be haa jnat received, through hia agents ii I France and Germany, the largaat and beat selects I Farcy Goods, suitable for Holiday and New Yea I Presents, among which we enumerate in part DOLLS of every description, A great variety of PORTMONA1E8, I CARD CASES. WORK STANDS, BASKETS, PERFUMERY, WRITING DESKS. WoRKBOXES. AND DRESSING CASES I C El ESS AND BACKGAMON BOARDS, CHINA VASES ORNAMENTS, _ > BOCK AND HOBBY HORSES And alao atate that in o?d'*r to give hi a customer I increased advantage* aad facility in the examma I tioo of my 8t<-ck of Geeds, have fitted, at nine I trouble, a large apartment in the second story 1 directly over my Stora, where wa will at all time I take great pleafure in waiting nponthoae who ma I fa*>r me with ft call. I LaJi-s who wish to avoid tha naual crowd ar I especially invited to make their selections aa earl I na convenient. de 14 tjal I \I IM'E MEAT of excellent quality, ill N. W. BUBCHELL, Corner 14th and F straeta. I de It under Ebbltt House. II ACKEBEL AND OODF1SH. I " It i?0 pounds large sIlOBB CODFISH. 40 barrels No. 1 fiACKEBEL. Jnst received aad for aala at our wharf, at th foot Of Seventh at. 8. P. BBOWN A SON. I Oommission Merchant! dalS tf Mo. 468 Ninth at.. Wet. E and F. ^OXITH ING NEW. I have jnat received aeveral new styles of Blac I Walnut Caaed RUSTIC FRAMES, made to m I order slxee, from 4xt to 18x14 Theaa are reall I desirable Alao. a full stock of PICTUBE CORD and TASSBLB, PORCELAIN NAILS. BINGB, *< Also. Enamelled BECE88 FBAMES, with an I without Ftewers; a suitable Present for the Holl dava. _ ROTHBOOK, de lB-tjal Oppeeite Patent OfBce. 7th atraet. 0*TO WILKMNB PIANOS AND OABHAB! U * NEEUMAM'S PABLOB OBGAB8. I All will flad it greatly totbeir interest?_j? I to examine these superb Instruments be-RfVM I fore purchasing aay other. 111*1 Only agency at GEOBGM L. WILD ft BBO.1 I New Piano Forte aad Organ Wareroom, No. 49' I 11th Ktreet between Paan 'a aveaae and M street. | A select assortment of new anti necoad hand In I atrnments, Including a CHUBCH OBGAN fo 1 aale at lowaat fartery prtrea and oa eaay terms TI N IN G and BEPAIB1MG falthfally executed no Ul 6m* || O LI DAT GIFTS' ! If y?u wiah to give yonr frieada a useful an I valuable Chrlataaa Gift, aall and examine th I geanlne FBEMOH COB8ETB | imported by Mra. 8TBBN. Satisfy yourself by coming immediately to Mri I BTBBN'B Hoop Skirt Fact ry and Coraet Depot I an 7th atraet, bet. D aad 1 ata. da Il-Uaal OEACTIFCL BOUJUET". FLOWER BAS DkETB. HANGINO BASKETS, OHE18TMA I 1BEES. At at JOHN SAUL'S, 446 Hh atreet I opposite U. 8. Pateat Ofloe da ItsMt Largest bt?be in thm cityi FIFO STORES COMBINED IN ONE! | F U B B ! rDBB! rniai ; FOB LADIES AND OHILDBIN, I 1* OB EAT VAKIBTY. Having purchased them early thla aaaaon, w are enatlad to tell them fiO per cent, cheaper thai I aay house la tbe city. ! LANSBOBOH A BROTHER, ' 113 7th atraet, I del 1m Intelligencer Bnlldina. LO 0 B I F II D I I A fall assortment of all gradee choice Flour foi | Bafcera; iiialib No lj price low. Are the only direct receivers for Qolden Hill, J B Oambrlll (not Patapaco) and Llaganor Famil] I Floars la the Dlstrfot. At tha latter brand ha I been exteneively counterfeited and eeld la thli I city, we woald tnform those wishing thla flour b] | arrangement with the milkera we furnlah it lowai I than it caa be obtained from any other aourca I Quality secaad to none. Priceafractloa leas thai I other first claaa Family Floar. I Buckwheat at low rates. All gradee of Weetera Floar n store and for aali I law by W. M. ?ALT * CO., Indiana avenae and lat street, no II near Depot. JCBT BMCB1VED Mo. S9.1 Pennsylania avenue, A an peri or let ef LAM1M8 OLOAKIMOS.'whlcl *hay are ogarlag at very low peleee. aett tf CAPITWL HIbL ^ DBUO BT9BE. 1 ^ JT. A. DOOLBY. DRUGGIST, AT/ Oorner l ena a avenue aad aaet 3d street,^?* Pare aad fresh Drags and < Uau?icals, Perfa I mery. Faaqr Articles alwaya en hand, ta goo? deMtar* 11BCIN OIL OF A1X v, ?... dlsect from Bardaaax. aad aa prepared to aappl] a. I de 17 a . t4th nd G ?r? . auder Ebbtti House pC?? BOW LB I u? I "SafeWi iWWUa, r SPECIAL NOTICES. * AS A FFIDAYIT.?"I, Iimc L. Duseaberry.of Ko 160 Worth Seventh im?t, Wtlll?ni?b?r<h, H.Y., being duly a?erii, solemnly dMltrt ihnt, lut Deremter. I *n ao aevertly afflicted with Rheumatism m to be unable to mov* tor thro* r we*ks, and that after h*vi ng t alt an but three doaee ef METCALFE'S GREAT RHEUMATIC HEME DY 1 was enabled to walk without aeoiataoce, and . otterwlae re?toied to perfect health." ja 1 ec2? 8. 0. FORD, Agent. *7-"WHO BEADS AH AMERICAN BOOK ?? iia question that haa long since been triatnphaoUy anaweted to the ooafnaton of itn propo.-er. aod the query. " Who new* an American perfume ' can be setUfaotorily replied to by Phaion A Soil Their > MGHT BLOOMING CEREUS' la to .lay one of the moat popular extract* for the handkerchief that haa aver been Introduced in an y country. Sold everywhere. RE11EDIAL INSTITUTE FOR SPECIAL OASES, He. 14 Bond street. Hew York. ^"Full information, with the kukest fstimo*ia If. alao, a Book on Sperial Distases, tn ? staled en'-e'epe, aentfree. W B* ,?itre nml tend for them, antl yov will not rtgrtt it; lar.u advertising physician* are generally impostors, without reftrmrtt no stranger thonld be treated. Enclose a stamp for po-ta^e and direct to BR. LAWRENCE No 14 Bond street, New fork. ne 12 DAWly MARRIAGE AND 6ELIBA0T, an Easay of Warning and laatruction for Young Men. Alao, Diseases and Abuaea which proatrate the vital powers, with aure meana of relief. Sent free of charge in sealed letter envelopes. Addrees Dr. J BK1LLIN HOUGHTON, Heward Associatlon, Philadelphia, Fa. aug 13 3m SECRET DISEASES. Samaritan'a Gi ft is the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cure* in two to lour days, euti recent cases In twenty four hours No miueral, no balsam, no mercury. Only tea pills to be taken. It Is the soldier's hope, and e friend te those who do net want te be exposed Mala packages, #2;Ie' male, ?.{. Sam abitai?'< Root ant> Herb Jnc*??A positive an* permanent *nre far Spy bills. Scrofala, Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ac. Pr*ee fl 25 per bottle. Sold by B. C. Ford. See advertisement. my I BALL'8 VXOETABLE SICILIAN HAIR BK NEWER i Renews the Hair. r Hall's Yboetablr Sicilian Hair Renr<wkr 1 Restores gray hair to the original colnr. . Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Rkmwkr t Prevents the hair from falling off. Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Rrnrwer Makes the balr soft and glossy. Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewkr ) Doee not stain the skin. Hall's Sicilian Vegetable Hair Aknivik 1 Has proved Itself the best preparation for the hair ever presented to the public. Price #1. For sale by all druggist*. jaSO-Tnly SURELY, STEADILY, SVCCESSFULLY, BMOLANDER 8 EXTRACT BUCRD is cuaiite every cape of Bidnky Disbasb, R?ii*at:sx. Gravel, Urinary Disobdbb*, W barn ess and Pains In the Back, Fbmalb Complaints and Trovblb* arising from Hzcxssbs or any Bii?b. COME, Y H AFFLIUTIDI ? TRY SMOLANDER'S. I TAKE NO OTHER BUCKV. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price fl. D. BARNES r A CO., Hew York, and BARHES, WARD A CO., Sew Orleans, Southern Agent*. BDRLEIOH A ROGERS, Wholesale BrnggUta, Boston, Mass.. General Agenta. - yj.jj COLt.ATE A CO. 8 WINTER SOAP. Rfccmmended for chapfe:> hanb-: and for general i use daring cold weathbr. It may be obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers. fet> 9 ooly 1 HOTELS, R EST All HANTS, Ac. I C A * D _ WII.LARD'S HOTEL, I ? ? Washington, December 1,18)6.f 1 Senators, Reprenentatives, and others, residing in Washington, who oecnpy private apartments, e ?.*" r* accommodated with their MEALS at this y Hotel at the rate ot J l>< IK) per week 'I* 4 ?m feYKES. CHADW1CK A 00. J^IRKWOOD BOtbE, Corner Penna. annul and Tiflftk street, Vi?|^# W<minn'on, 1). C. JUiiflLL Situated In the most central location the city, midway between the t CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION. Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, tc- H. H DUDLEY A CO., b noai-tf Proprietors. r f^APITOL HOUSE AND R EST A U R A NtT f Penn avenue, between 1st and Id sta. S Comfortable Reoms, with first class Uo.ird. Twenty yean experience as chief cook at the aevd 2Ef1 *or#l*n Legations and principal Hotels in I" if 5??ptry should be a sufficient guarantee of eatislaction to all who will extend me their patron age. DINNERS and SUPPERS at private residences, C fot parties and built, will be rotten up In the best "I1*-" , . CHARLES OIYAUDAH. da 6-eolm Proprietor. | PMRIGHT* HHdTAUBAHT, ^ Mid Ro. 34J Pmiia avenue, near 6th street. 7 P. H1IBICH wishes to inform his friends and the r " fo'swaiwirswa ????. b. ?laH I Call atd gtve him a trial ^Bn ?e ' gjytf ' RA CBONIH'S HASH BALL i AND SKATORIAL HEAD QUABTEBS, a Dealer in Imported Cigars. Alao. the following brands of Domestic Cigars: Tulip, Judy, Pud, Bobert Burns, Ac. I alao keep a Hue aseortmeut of Tobacco, Meerschaum aod Briar Wood Pipes, and I. Fancy Articles. 1 A large assortment of the finest and beat BKATEE. de 18 lm ^ I^IHDLINO AND STOVR WOOD. Pen^'aart.tUt. Uikcutd 12<A sts. *+* Always on nand a full supply of the above-name article, sawed and split in any length and six* required, and promptly delivered to any part of the District at the LOWEST CASH PBIOBS. QM-tf THOS. J. OALT. 1JEB80N9 FURNISHING ROOMS weuld save trouble by calling at AD AMSOH'S. ' i'jnthB^treet, sext to Pennsalvania avenge, who can fnrnish them with rea<ly-made Hheeta Pillow Caeea, Feather aud Hair Pi Hows, Bolster*! Bed Sprtftdit Blftoketi, Msl|ress6sa Window * Oarpet, Stair Crash, Toweln ing, Table Liaen. Ac. de 14 d!9t WM. KNABB A GO 'S PIANOS, and PB1HO A GO.* ORGANS A,<II ME-||fH| ^ L0DBOHS, HT1T1 for sals and rant on eear Ursa*, a: He. 49S nth street, above Pennsylvania avenue tel-eo4m* F.C.BEICHBHBACB. C WHITE'S (LATE 8HAFFIELD S) CONFECTIONERY AND 10B CREAM AHDVaOTOBY, Mo. 3M?th street. The proprietor wishes to inform families, hetal r P/oprieiora, and the public generally, that ha con tinuea to furnish Confectionery aud the choicest lee Creem at the shortest notice, and on the moet r reasonable terma. Wedding and Fancy Cakaa. r Pyramid* of all kla4* and sixes, Charlotte Ru<se Blanc Mange and Jellie* made to order. Parti< * i Supper* aad other entertainment* furnished at a owrate. desim* a T ST. TIMOTHYHALE * 1 1 HB datlee of this inatituUon will ha resumed en Beat. 13,1** For terma, Ac . aee aatolMna and circular at the principal boek^e* of thi! eitT,e?ad?re?AeprlBclJal. 01 tllU ?? H. FABaOiE, Catonvtlle, Md. |> ElfOVAL. * li . JOHN McBBNNEr. . _ , A*a*y rublir nnd Ituuranrt Atemt. deW-eotft I Int Chron. and Rep ] ) GBATB DEPOTT ' LADIES'SKATES [ of all kinds, fro* fl to fl5. F0ULTHE1 A TRIMBLE, Ro. SUO Waat Baltimore 'treat. d* 18 lm Baliimerv, lid. f pi A HO?One full *lxe Chlckaring Grand Piaao, which we have takes tn nckswe.-W for sale upon easv terma. Prloe |M, a*MB the ware too ma of III 1 yi V. W, o. METZEB9TT ? OO , de 7 ^ Bole Agent* of ?t*iuway 4 Bon*. GO LB PENI^-A dneaaaertment *f Geld Pea*, Pencil Caae*, Be., for tale et mannfentarer'* tlMS, Ids 14] FBABOA, TAYLOR. TELEGRAMS, Ire. The thirty.two Fenian prisoners remaining in jiiil in Canada, jet unditpus^d ot. will be tried at the next assizes. commencing on the 10th of January next. The pr.soners have been notified that no delay will be contented to by the Crown unless some special cause be ?bc* n on offidivit. It is .Tactic* Morrison's term for presiding at the approaching county assises, but in oraer to exp?<iiie tne proceedings

two judge* wili conduct the assizes,fitting in se| araie chambers. By one the usual assize business will be conducted, and before tae other the Fen inn prisoners will be tried. Tne Grand Truuk train, from Toronto to Sarma. on Saturday morntngran off the track near Park liitl. A passenger car went down an efr.bai.kment about twenty feel, making two resolutions in IU descent. The conductor and several passenger* were more or less injured, accident is supposed to have been caused by the spreading of the rails. A revenue collector named Brown was waylaid nt Du vall's Bluff, Arkansas, on the nigbt of ihp *J0th instant, shot through ihe jaw, and ?<*>hed of a gold watch and #15 UUi. Hli con tf on ts critical. He bad drawn the money in Memphis, and it Is supposed he was followed by tbe robbers. No arrest have been made. The (Quebec Chrvni< I?, in an editorial on the distribution of the relief fund, asserts that three.fourths of the population of the burned district w ere Tnvde op of professional and occasional he*pars, and that a liberal distribution of the fund among those classes would he nothing more than a waste of money. The newsboy, Isaac Dewitte. alias Max. of New York, who was engaged with the two boys Krown and .1 acobs, previously arrested in tlia' city, in the forgery of a check for upon he Fourth National Bank, was arrested in Ph.ln >el]>bia (Sunday night, and taken to New York by detective Golden, or that city. Tbe body of James A. King, formerly of Illinois. and lately a planter near Greenville, MIsm sippi, was found in a canebrake |j?Ht week. He had heen shot through with a shotgun. There is no clue to the assassins. W f.ije discharging the steamer Saxon at Boston. from Philadelphia, two boxes con'aining four dead bodies were found. Tbey weie takes to the dead bouse. The Warren Connty Infirmary building at Ijebinon, Ohio, containing lui inmates. was destroyed by tire at noon yesterday. Ix?es, insured for 8l0,uo. No lives were lost. The ferry boats between Cincinnati,Covington, and Newport suspended operations, owing to the heavy ice in the river The Cincinnati suspension bridge, although nor fully completed, is to be opened for vehicles to-day. The ground at Wilmington, N C, is now covered with the heaviest snow that has occurred there in twenty years. The Park House, Newport, R. I., was damaged by tire Sunday to the extent of ?ix thousane dollars. A Prescott (Arizona) letter of December 10 says that the mines are prosperous, but the Indians are troublesome. The South Carolina railroad have deposited 12b, ion iu London to meet the interest ou their ioreign bonds, due January 1. It is reported that the recent storm damaged the Central Pacific railroad to a great extent. Memphis is inlested with thieves, who are daily becoming more bold. The Report of the Treosnrer of the I niteri Slates. The report of Gen. F. E. Spinner, Treasurer of the United States, for the fiscal year ending June 30, l> 6, has been made to Secretary McCullocb. The report shows the balance of cash on band from last year was 8fe5*,3iK?.15; add trust funds, 82,217,732.91; total, 83,1)70,(42.08. During tbe vear there was at ihe l'r??asury from all sources, S7,32fl.ft%,3tr-.:ll. From this was paid < ii account of the public debt and expenses of the Government, 8l.l9ti.7t4.S89.23, leaving a balance oi 8 132,-^-7, 549. 11 in the Treasury. The Jeciease 'n the expenditures below those of hist year were ?V-fts253,5|H.?7. The receipts from the Post Office Department during the year were t3,624,i>ll>.18; expenditures, *3,7*1. 235>7: amount withdrawn uncovered in latt repor'. t3.?0o: suspended overdraft on Charleston tS61.8?3: unavailable?Merchant's National Bank, Washington, 81,330, balance to new account. ?".,372, t23.ll. New currency, in amounts a? follows, were received, counted, and issned during the year. Compound interest notes, legal tender notes, 834,378,1*0; fractional currency, old, 92,737.273 75; fractional currency, new. 815,114,347. Total. 89ti.r29,72<'.??. Certificates ot indebtedness to the amount of 854,31 ti.OUO were issued during the year, being ?74,44'i,nO<? less than issned tbe year previous. Curiency, in old issue demand notes, new issue legal tender notes, one aid two year five per cent, notes, sia per ceut. notes, gold certificates, and fractional currency, to the amount of 8211,221,762.05 has been retired, counted, and destroyed: on which amount there was a discount for mutilation of 817,813.36. In this destruction 9w.715,77l seju rate' pieces of paper money were counted. Oh tbe 30th day of June the outstanding balances of the various kinds OT United States notes and fractional curreucy were as follows: Old United States demand notes, 825^,121.00; new United States legal fender notes, 8400,7j5.930.ti5; old postage enrrency, *7,811,730. t8 ; old issue fractional currency, 87,034,502.11; new issue fractional currency, 8l2,olS,luu.6o: one year five per cent. Treasury notes, 8A151.2*; two year do., 8J.2tW 3l5.00; two year five j?er cent, coupon Treasury Botes, 8l-'''78,55<i.Wi; three year six per cent, compound interest notes. 8C2.3?i9,511.00. 1 be present number of national banks fully organized is 1.643. Tbe total amount held on the :?>tb of J une, pledged for the redemption of the circulation of these banks, was 8327.310.350. The number qualified as depositories of public moneys and financial agents of the United States is 3t-*2. and the total amount held as securities for United States deposits. 83ft,177,500. Under the 41st section of the national currency act. 83.TM1 ^4*l duty has been collected from bese banks during the year General Spinner says:?"Agaia it becomes my duty to present to you. and through you to the Congress of the United States, the" great difficulty in tbe w ay of the proper conduct and management of this olfice, on account of the utterly inadequate pay awarded by law to its officers, clerks, and oilier employees. It is exceeaingly difficult to procure the service* of persons of the ability, capacity, and proved integrity of character required for places of such great responsloillty, aud when procured U is still more difficult to retain them" (in the subjectof female clerks Gen. S. says: 'The experiment of employing females as r.lerks has been, so far as this office is concerned. a success. For many kinds of officework, like the manipulating and counting of fractional currency, they excel, auo in my opinion are to be preferred to males. There Is, however, quite as muck difference in point of ability between female clerks as there is between tbe several classes of male clerks, whoee equals seme of them are. Many of them are able to accomplish more than twice as much and with greater accuracy than some others. So, too, some of litem incur great risks, being responsible lor making mistakes in count, and tor counterfeifa overlooked. Many mike restitution for these errors, which takes a large percentage from their salaries. Such should by every consideration ef justice and fair dealing be paid according to their merit*, and the risks apd liabilities they incar. So. too. It is desirable that their ambition should bt stimulated by tbe prize of promotion lor well.doing. The preseut horizontal salary ia unjust and pernicious. It pays the merely tolerable as much as tbe very best. Instead of inciting the poorer to emulate tbe best clerks, It tends to demoralize them, and brings them down to the level of the poorer class. It is therefore earnestly hoped that tbe needful reform of classification may be authorised." ' J ?l - Angler* use cotton for a certain kind of fish. That's the way some of tbe young women angle for their prey. 9* Looking at tke modern ornaments the ladie* wear. Cynic called a bevy of girls a chain gnng. , 9TK KomanCmhollc Church, exclusively for colored people, is t? be established at 1st. Louis. KTAn insane lady in Nebraska strangled herself with bar garter. ST A lady at Cheltenham, England, a few weeks ago, round thirty-sia pearls ia a dish or oysters. VMame paper* are bragging over big hoc*. Why is crinoline like an obstinate man I Because it often stand* eat about trifles. VWith fifteen millions of inhabitaats in Spain, only tkree million* can readaad write. MILITARY COMMISSION. Derision of the Supreme Court la the Millignn ( ate. The decision of the Supreme Court id tbo case of Milllgan uas iu?t been published. Mr. Justice l>avi? delivered the opinion of tbe court. On the 10th day of May, l-<io, J^ambdin P. Milllgan presented a petition to tbe Circaii Court of tbe United State* for the District of Indiana, to be discharged from an nlleged unlawful imprisonment. Tbe caw made by tb** petition is this: Millifan is a citizen ol tbe 1'ntied States; bas lived lor twenty year* in Indiana; and at tbe time of tbe grievances complained of wt.s not, and never has been in tbe military or naval service of tbe United States. On tbe 5th day 9f October, 1N>4. while at borne, be was arrested by order of General Alvin P Hovey, commanding tbe military district of Indiana, and bas ever aince been kept in close confinement. On tbe 21?t day of October, 1HVI, be was brought before a military commt*sioii. convened at Indianapolis by order of Gen. Hovey. tried on certain charge* and specifications; found guilty and sentenced to be hanged; and tbe sentence ordered to be executed on Friday, the fWh day of May, It*? On the id day of January. 1^63, after the proceedings of tbe military commission were at an end, tbe Circuit Court of tbe United Slates J or Indiana met at lndlauapoli* and empaneled a grand jury, wbo were charred to inquire whether tbe laws of the United Stales , had been violated; and it so. to make presentmenu. Tbe court ad journed on tbe 27tb day (ft January, having, prior thereto, discharged ( from further service the grand jury, who did net find any bill of Indictmeut or make any presentment against Milltgan lor any offence w hatever; and. in fact, since bis imprisonment, | no hill ef indicnient has been found, or *?. , ?emment made against him by any grand jury ( ol the United States Milllgan insists that said military rnmmu- , slon had no jurisdiction to try him upon the charges preferred, or upon any charges whii- J ever; because he wa? a citizen of the United , State*, aud the Mate of Indiana, and had not been, since the commencement of the late rebellion. a resident of any of the States whose citizens were arrayed against the Government, and that the right ol tiial by jury was guarau- ^ teed 'o him by tbe Constitution of tbe United States. The prayer of the petition wa?. that under the ?ct ot Ooucress. approved March 3d 1-61, , entitled '-An act relating to kal-eas crpm, and . regulating judicial proceeding* in certain cases.'" he may be brought before tbe co*rt. and either turned over to the proper civil tri- . bunal, to be pro< seded against accordiug to the law ol the land, or discharged from custody al- , together. As to the disposal of tbe special ca?e before the court, tbe judges unanimously agreed. On the facts presented. which are briefly rehearsed in the opinion of Justice Davis, it was agreed. first, that Mulligan was entitled to the writ of j habeas corpus; second, 'bat be ougbt to be discharged from custody; third, that tbe military commission which tried bim had no jurisdiction. But four ol the justice*. Chief .Tustiee Chase and Justices Wayne, Swayne, aud Miller. dissented from the majority by denving ' their construction that it is not in the power of Congress to authorize military commission* to trv civilian*. The opinion begins with a clear, brief statement ol the facts involved, and the three points certified to the SupremeCourt from tbeCircuit Court of 1 ndiana. It disposes of the objections raised to tbe jurisdiction of the court. There is no question about tbe dntv ol the Circuit Court ;o entertain the application for the writ. The objection that a certificate of division between tbe judges can only occur in a cause. and that this is not a cause until alter issue of the writ and a return is conclusively set one side. Any prosecution of a remedy which the law allows is a cause, and Milllgan pursued the only remedy which tbe law afforded. The act of March a, 1H1.J. under which Milligau claimed bis discharge, is shown to be applicable. The controlling question is stated to be. Upon the/act? stated in Milligan'a petition, and theexbibits tiled, "had the military commission mentioned in it juriflictwn legally to try and sentence him Naturally it enlarges on the importance of such an inquiry, and recalls tbe history of the struggle to preserve tbe iil?erty of tbecitizen The provisions of tbe Constitution are claimed to be too plain for doubt. Jury trial is guaranteed expressly in the original instrument, except jsi *a*es ofita- | peaebmeut, while the amendments secure exemption Ironi unreasonable search and seizure, presentment by a grand ]iiry, and jury trial under conditions most likely to sscure justice *nd prevent oppression. The Constitution is designed for both peace and war, and no more pernicious dogma was ever started than that any of its provision* can be suspended durum any of tbe great exigencies of ( the Government." In tbe case of Milligan tbe Constitution was infringed. 1. By a trial by a tribunal not ordained and established by Congress. 2. By denying bim a trial byjury. ' The decision aflfrms that notonly was the commission illegal, but that'-no usage of war could sanction a military trial tbere (in Indiana) for an J oflence whatever of a citizen in civil Hfr in no wise connected witn the military service;" and it goes so far as to affirm that prett could or ant no tuck j>n%cer.* There was no ( necessity for tbe coamimoo. a* the courts i were open in Indiana, and though military i court* are neceasary for men In the military j or naval service, yet to all others the Consti- < tntion guarantees a trial by jnry. -This is a , vital principle." "It 1* not held by suffer- ( ance. and cannot be frittered away ou any of < State or political necessity." ( The plea of martial law is untenable. It 1 wonld sut?6titute the will of a soldier lor the j authority ol law. and If accepted, would make republican government a failure. The writ of habeas corpus may be suspended, bnt the Con- 1 stltu'ion goes no further It does not permit 1 interlerenoe with the right of jury trial. The saiety ol tbe country cannot be pleaded is be- i half of such a suspension, tor a country preserved at tbe sacrifice of ibe cardinal principles 1 of liberty is not worth the sacrillce. Bnt no i plea of safety can be raised in this case, for tbe | courts were unobstructed; and though necea- l sity. as in case of foreign invasion, may compel the substitution of the military for the civil arm, ve| martial government, after the courts re reinstated, is usurpation ' It la equally 1 usurpation 11 the courts have never been ob- ? structed. and it must be confined lotbe locality ot actual war. The opinion cites several pre- ' cedents both from English and American hi*- < torv in suppart of these views. ' The Chief Justice and the three who agree i with him say. "Congress is but the agent of the nation: and does not tbe security of individuals against the abuse of this, as of every other power, depend on tbe Intelligence and virtue of the people, on their zeal for public and pri\ ate liberty, npon official responsibility se- j cured by law. and upon the frequency of elec- . tiot s. rather than upon doubtful constructions j of legislative powers J" , J jrTbey haye a skatorial queen in Wheeling. I tar in Fn gland they are reviving the old custom el bury tug suicides during the night aud ( witbout religious ceremonies. ( tOT A new play Is entitled "Played Out," and a lady yrote it. , tUT A Louisville paper says to take of the t ship of State in Kentucky, means to get the Senatorsbip. 1 A French statistician has ungalianily t stated that ?5,uot) ladie* in Marseille*, France. I wear fal*e hair. %T An Indianapolis paper says that Parson I BfVWUlQW took a eevere cold on the occasion I ol having his ahirt washed. 7" Fair weather lrienda are not worth much; 1 but wet weather with u morel la* to lend are friends Indeed. 7*l<ast Monday, a pretty young lady of > seventeen became mother on the acoomsaoda- * tioa train when near Northeast, Ohautauqne county, N. Y. * WThe price of gold baa fluctuated more * this month than during any December sine* the suspension, except in 18M. 1 9TAnn Hinee, about ninaw years old. committed suicide at Thorn peon rilie, Ot., on Saturday, by taking poison. ETTbe contest in the dramatic world la 1 getting to be between dramatic crudities * and dramatic nndttiea, neither of which tend 1 to elevate tbe character ot tbe American stage M^The telegftph continues to bring details or tbe se> erity of th* late atorm. It appears to 1 haye been felt wHh severity all tbe way from Halllax to AUanta, Georgia. 1 ST'At tbe CbrHttinaa performance of tbe > ..Hfulah" at a Baptist Church in Newark, NJ the Advertiser aaya "tbo pean a teuton wtre I out in lull fore* and with active jaws." ? tar A Wisconsin physician ie en trial for having administered Spanish flies to n yeaag I lady and then outraging bev. 1 ELROI'EAN UHK. Mere ahsut the Tarhts and Yachtmea? Bni ett's < ha I lengr takrn up LokdoI, Dec ?Noon.?The extensive department of the Crystal I'altcf at Sydenham, uevoted So tropical productuns. was burued last right, Involving a loss of i!3n,MNi. LOSHOX, D?c. 31?Evening?Tbe l'?mtdi?n delegates, a;ter a series of conferences vita -be Eagiisb Ministry, nave finally agreed upon a et nfederation scheme :or tbe British Narlli American Province. LtvRRreoi., l>er. 31?Evening.?Tbe Xm*r Va. h: Club ha?? 1? Id a m?rUn( at their kml< qusr'ers In ibi? city, and extended the bo?pi. tattle* of the rlub to tbe member* ot the New York Yacbt Club, now in Eegl<?h waters. Amour tne festivities in honor of the Am>ri. cans, the Mersey Yacbt Club will five a (rand hall, to which invitation* hare been extended to the^yachtmen of the Henrietta. Fleetwtng, and Vesta. The ball will begtvea in this city. CoWES, Dec. 3D.?Yesterday tf.e three yachts, Henrietta, Fleetwing, and Vesta, upon tbe invitation of 'he cjueen. sailed upOsborne Bay. Her Mejesty cam**down to the beaeh and spent some t'me in witnessing the various maateuvres of the yachts As the winner of the great race, ibe Henrietta, pa?*ed by she saluted it with a wave of her handkerchief. At the fraud banquet given by the citizens of Cowes last evenire the hall was profoselv decorated v itb the British and 1 niled States I1ac? and the pictures ol th*? contending yachts, while the walls were hung round with friendly mottoes Sir John Simon. M P . presided at the enter. tairroes.t, and the grea'est international good feelm* prevailed among the guests Toast* were drank, amidst great enthusiasm, to the Queen, the President, the nrmie? and navies ot the United States and Great Britain. peace and prosperity to the Vmted tftatee and Old h r gland, and the New York yacht squadron; the health of Mr. J. G Bennett, jr.. and a host of other toasts of a friendly character. Major Gen. Seymour, by command of the Queen, expressed her Majesty's interest ana her thanks for the compliment of the display during the alternoon. At a dinner given hv Lord Ix-nox. his Boyal Highness, the Duke" of Edinburg, accepted the challenge of Mr J G Bennett, ir . and agreed to sail around the lsleof Wight next August for a prize of XlUi The Dale will sail bis own yacht, the Viking. This announcement has created a great sensation in yachting circles. The Viking is considered one ot the fleetest crafts belonging to the Koval Yacht Club. J Paris, I>ec.31?Noon.? A decree has been finally abolished, after the first of January, 1W7. all tonnage dues upon vessel* arriving at trench ports, hut except* from it* provisions i-uch vessels bailing from connine* which impose differential dues upon the mercautile marine of France. Haver, liec. 31?Noon?Thirty transports have sailed tor Vera Crux from Cherbourg, and the remainder are uuder orders to leave by tbe ?th of .Tap narv. Paris. Dec. 31? Evening ?La Liberte of this morning announce* that Mr W inchester. an American, is urging npon the French Government tb- adoption ef bis new guns into the military and naval service. I.rf.wgR Colorado?The Colorado Times Rives a condensed statement of the eondition of aflairs in the lower portion of that Territory. The crops in the Arkansas Valley have been generally good. Considerable smut ap. pea red among the wheat, and large quantities bave been injured by sprouting. Large portions of corn were caught by early frost, especially the American varieties. M\uy new raim6 have been opened this year. There are now six flouring mills in different portions of [he Valley, allot which are capable of furnishing a superior article of flour. Three saw mills Una remunerative employment,and the Valley is well supplied with threshing machines, two of which are run by steam. Several large corntellers, capable of shelling I .out* bushels per day, are owned by the large farmers. The prospect of disposing of produce at remunerative prices is very small. The contracts at Forts Garland and Union were let belowfat r pi ices, and one farm supplied all the corn lor Fort Lyon. The Denver market scarcely pays anything above the cost of freighting it. The Hsual markets are closed, and produce bears a nominal value. Little encouragement is given to plant crops another reason, especially a* the grasshopper scourge will likely attack the early crops. There has been a great deal of etock run off by thieves the past season. When the Pacific railroad reaches Denver, an event tolerablv sure to happen during next July, there is little doubt that a branch road will be started southward, along the base of the mountains, towards Santa Fe. This would bring the rich farming country of the Arkansas Valley into easy and cheap communication with Denver, and stimulate its agricultural productions immensely. This valley alone could supply a population of several hundred thousand with breadstuff*. A FaTHRB At CIPBSTALLT KILL* HIS CHltD. On Monday last, Mr. George Wise, of W>-st Bethlehem town.-hip, Wasbiugton county, P.i. accidentally shot and mortally injured hi* rh Id, and severely wounded his wife Mr. Wise was shooting hogs, and had exploded a cap, and w*? resting his rifle npon his arm to cap it, w hen the gun was discharged?the ball passing through the head ot an infant iu the arms of his wife and lodging in her breast. The child oied in a few hours, and the ball was extracted Irom fhe breast of the mother, and she is likely to recover. Of cosrse language would fail to express the grief ot the unhappy husband and father It is another warning to be careful when handling firearms.? I'xtttburg Dispatch. Brt kwhkat Cakis. ? Hall's Journal of Health save buckwheat cakes, properly b.tked. ire very healthy and nutritious. They should be put on the soapstone griddle, over a good tire, and turned once only, and the sooner 'hey are eaten after baking, the better and healthier tbey are. When turned over more than once, like wheat cakes, tbey are spoiled, and instead 9t being the most nutritious of food, become the most in digestible. Some housewives, not knowing this fact?which u really a chemical >*e ? spoil this favorite food. Soapstone rriddles require no grease, and never burn the cakes. VLast Friday a lady in Boston went to A dentist : bave a tooth extracted, but although two applications of some description of gas ireremade, none of them affected the desired result, and the tooth was not drawn. On Saturday she was about as usual, but on that evening she was suddenly prostrated as if in x flt. and although every effort was made toward her recovery, she remained in an insenubie state until ldonday evening, and symp. toms of lockjaw were apparent. Her recovery Is not expected. Flogging m thi Boktox Schools?Dr. J. P. Ord way, one of the Boston School Committee, stated that during the past nine months 13.714 cases of corporeal punishment has been reported by the teachers of Boston. This would make the number for the year about I*,?i0. We have beard something of the way in which knowledge was flogged into the rising Feneration at the "Hub," but did not know that it was carried on at such a rate. Iktfm i'isakci akii Idiocy,-In the latest edition ot "Cat pen ter's Physiologr'*lt is mentioned that out of 359 idiot* in England, the condition af whose progenitors could be ascertained, 89 were children of absolute drunkards, and a large proportion of the parents of the remain. rter were more or less intemperate. Of the 330 idiots IT were the children of parsats nearly related by blood. Wobkihombh'r Savibgs ?In some parts of England the workingmen save money. The savings bank la Sheffield have on deposit ?tou.UtO. There are some co-operative societies both in Sheffield and Birmingham. The workmea ire found enrolled in one or other of the nuv freehold land societies, and many ef them live u houses of their own. The friendly societies ire very numerous. ^Winter bonnets are to he tied wfth wide jroc&de strings.| Win Brazil large pine apples cost toor ents each, oranges one cent, bananas six for a ent, cigars ten for a cent. t0r A isdy eighty years old attempted sui:ide la Louisville. Old enough to caow beter. 7" Near Sullivan, Indiana, a son of Thomas Rusher, afflicted with St*, being left alone In he house, fell into the Are and was literally oasted to death Vlt is officially announced that aJl mala >ipeds who respect themselves are to appear hi* Winter draped in the ample folds of someblag between a Spanish cape and the old miliary cloak. WAt the recent funeral of a clergyman la range the sermon which the deceased had irepared to preach on the very day of his sudlen death, was laid on hia coffin. K7*The acquitted Fenian prisoners thlak of t laimiug damages against the British Government for Ihlse imprisonment 7"A clergyman gave a toaat that was net rery gallant, at a late firemen'* celebration. Our lire engines?may they be like oW maid* -ever ready, hat never wanted" Vice catting will eooa begin la Kaias. Immense ice-bouses are located at Faralac1 ale, Pitts ton, aad Richmond. buidtag from .5,000 to *0,000 tons each. VA young Englishman of rank has grieved iad angered his pareau by elopiag with tb* 2 and so me cook. VA ciaxy fellow in Illinois proetaiate taat ?e has been commissioned by hwaven to kill all be women aad children. V A oompany of American capital***, with III .MO. are aboat commencing the maaafBeare ot paper cellars ta St. Jvha, N. B. W Snails, one of the priacipal Paiialaa delcartes, are said to bave almost sapplaated , 3 rogs la that market # ( -- ' - M