Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1867 Page 2
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TI!i; EVENING STAR. > Thr larifsl nira;?lioD in !h: District. V P. WALLACH, Editer sad Prt^rifUr. WASHINGTON CITY: T; I >DAY JANI4RY I, 1*67. v~ reading mattkr on every pagk fkk ottmdr for interesting tele cr.m'bk'. and othir mattkr. TO ADTFRTISERI. Th? following is the official showing of the clTi K latiua ol tbe daily papers of this city competing (or the (JoT'rumcnt advertising rrter ?he recentaetof Congress directing such j ac > .-rirpinr to be made in tbe two daily news- j papers ot Washington having tbe large* Circulation: f van in* Star 7,715 copies per daj. t'kromirlt ............ S.IM8 ? lnt'll\g*ncer 1,534 " The eturcs of ad Tending by tbe city papers for tt? quarter ending September 3u, I8tf?. as i t*kei? from tbe books of tbe Internal Revenue I Oe>rr, are as follows : * vhim Stab fl?,091 lu'lhgrncrr 12. lot f 'krvmcle 10,'?><9 h'fttllican i,7Sl TUB V>;W YEAR. The old year, with its hoped and feara, its joy- snd sorrows, has parsed away forever, | a..?l tbe new year is witb ns. We know wha* J- brought to u> of good and bad fortune, but ! v iu? i an tell what fate if37 may have in store Jin e.'iih and all of us. These thought* nattir- j allv recur at this season, although there is ! reallv no rood reason wny this day more than otliei*. should be set apart tor retrospective a:.d prospective moralizing on buiaan life and its \ iciasitudea. S:i ce time was first measured. however, it 1 !>a? been usual to set apart certain days as a re>tirg place from which to review the past and make good resolution? for tbe future. Let none torget that tbe crowning grace of the year ow just commencing will be (to those wbo lite nil its clote) tbe remembrance of time well pent in promoting tbe happiness of their fellow creatures. Kfw Year s day here has generally been de ?o:ed to innocent festivities, being the close of the holiday season, and a marked leaiure ol tbe ci.1) u tbe practice of making New Year's calls. The President's reception absorbs a full ' erare of public interest, and tbe gatherings present on such occasions illustrate tbe equal. 1 izing tendencies of eur democratic institutions. ! years ago President Washing. ; ton held tbe first Executive Reception, in tbe city of New York, then tbe seat of oar Federal # Government. Tbe President resided in what ! Iia? *mce been known as the Franklin House, where he was waited upon by tbe principal citizens, according to tbe ancient New York custom of social and convivial visiting on tbat day "After being severally introduced, and ! pa> ii. g the usual compliments of the season,'' \ frays an eye witness, "the citizens mutually in tercbanged their kind greetings, and withdrew highly gratified by tbe friendly notice of the ! Pres dent, to mo6t of whom he was personally a stranger.'' In the evening Mrs. Washington had alevee, *nd while speaking of tbe observances of the day fbe remarked, "Of all the incidents ot tbe day rone so pleased tbe General"?by which title t-bealways designated him?'*aa tbe friendly greetings of the gentlemen who visited him at icon.'* To the inquiry of the President v. better it was utaal or customary, he wasauswered that it was an annual custom, derived irom our liutcb lorefathers which had always been commemorated. After a short pause, be observed?"The highly favored situation of Isew York will, in the process of years, attract numerous emigrants, who will gradually change its ancient customs and manners, but, let whatever changes take place, never forge' the cordial, cbeeilul observance of New Year's Day."* When the seat of Government was established here. the Freasb custom of official visits ?n New Year's Day was added to tbe social visitations patterned alter tbose of Gotham I Sirs Madison, wbo "reconstructed 'the slight ceremonials of the White House, adopted tne programme since carried eut. The President Mrst receives the Foreign Ministers, tbe Judges of the Supreme Court, and the officers of the ' Army and Navy, and then the doors are opened lor the sovereign people. Betore General Jackson s day, the cream of : Washington society used to attend the New Yea s receptions, and refreshments were dis. | peused Bat tbe admirers ot Old Hickory took ! possession of tbe White Honse, fighting for the punch, and on New Year's an immense chaese, -which had been presented by a New York dairyman, was cnt up and distributed among them. Since then boisterous partisans, and importunate place-hunters nave crowded and jammed,and surged through the White House on New Year's l?ay, until many ladies are 1 reluctant to entrust themselves and their j teiletu s to the mercies of the crowd To stran- j gers. however, the sight is well worth tbe trouble. Msy tbe New Year brtng nothing bnt blessings to all onr readers, and may the cares and aerrows of ihe past be mere than compensated j by their happiness in tbe future. With Rip Yan Winkle we pledge their good healths, and their families, and may they dil live long and prosper. MT We notice that the "Slow Marriage Or. 1 emony" described by as a few days since is being extensively copied, but without the usual credit. Will our coutemps. please take notice? ?*"The Cincinnati City Council is taking I vigor >us measures against gift concert#, gift i museums, and tbe like, and against gambling, which have been very common there of late. ^"Governer Low is likely to be dropped bv the Republicans la the next nominating con- I vention for Governor of California. *F*Seuator B Grants Brown publishes a \ letter ta the peep)* of Missouri, reeomm?nding ' universal suffrage and amnesty, to tike effect in ln?0. He definitely declines re-election. A New York stock broker bas sued two gambling houses for the recovery of 945,ini<>. firRAFFLE FOB THI SORRKL lljr HORUE, donated to the Maionlc F*r by J P^H**l'aand Oeo. B Price, will take place st HabIii i Bifik BiitAvrtit, C iire+t Tii-Mor *0.* *V*?iii?.?tT?t'otock"OR ar Mag of the re ^ I'OBLlOAM AWOOlAtlOaof D r ?in held on *uDMK8DAY BVBNINU ?'* tit clock, the 2d Instant, at Union Lcine Ball 48t ChiM ,he ctlon of "eeutlveCwmtlee for the eosolag year will foss ,:rutz b? ,h* *-<"?' ? i*' " * ^ HiM. Secretary. rrr rfnaT^il ?SQi:4,Afc** " ? ?'???e fr at 7 ? clock jTn! , d?3TS? QgQ y K1PWSLL. Bsc r. rfF*TJW!I?TI?J8L1I1hill bu1lu1n(TA8IJL5 SOOiaTIuM will meet over Peeler's Drug Store, corner 3d street east and Pennavlvania aveuue, en TUUBSDAY, January Id, al 7 Ttie first moathlv installaect of ffi aer share will h* ?A>d at that time * fereous doeirlrig te se-are stock are invited to fee pr> wnt 4eRH LIOTOir Dft % SBBLTOB ACKlBZIB Will deliver the Third b -ctare ef thefteltfier* and ha lur? I mon oenrsa, for the l>enetit of tbe Belief 5r?do fJisnrsJ"" **<>*"<>"?? ' Ir4,k Ohsrar'."BMrative wua wit and ha nor. ? "" (salon 60 seat*. Ti"kets for aa'a at the Hotels. Book and Masic Btcre? Post Offce Sews staid, and at the door on event eg ef |e< ture. p.-ws o?*aat 7 o'clock. Lectare toeoameure at So'clot k. _ dell U rr"3=- A MBBTIBO OF TUB 0TOOBBOLDBRS 11? or the WASHIBGTOB ABU QCOMBTtVK RAILROAD OOMPABY for the election < of Inrector*. will Ke h*ld at the o%c? of tks Uea- , panj on WKDMESPAY Jaauary 9. IM. The ' polls h|]| be open at It oYlock m .and close at S ' o'cl'?k p. m geo gideon. PresM-nt. Js .1 id VTJI C. OBEEBLB&F, dec How to Savb Coal.? v ??1, :?< fu-i. >s no. krowa in Pituburg. aad fi?llo*i?? m*. K>iirn( wim ri-itiruif . in- iim* <>f rttl miv IW nd*a IIHCCOU to all ?Sotve ^ u?.'ke"pera. Id :bf msn.iyt men of thei' tiree, a em to snppo?e 'bat sn ado tion of fuel will imnre inereisef! combustion Mud develop aldi'ional h' fit. <V>s?l. anct ettp-cirtlly nntnracte coal, should be aiway turnii-bel with a aoAc ent amount of oxygen 10 Keep tiie tire bright It it obIv snoibt'inf nnd ret?r<1;n(t fje tire ?o pat in a 'bic k layr ot coal, as some do. Kill tbe I lire-box from a Ivr of two inch's of Ik lited c^>al to !: utmost ca >*c?tv with fresh fuel. No n>ore coal shTld be pnt npon .% 1te at one time than will readily ignite and ?:i*e off a pure w b te blase?not a blue ilame. which denote* also tbe presence of unconsu.ned ca?es?and the fire should be undistnrbed r n the top. Another point ot coal economy ?In clearing tbe Krate in be morning tbere is a quantity of unburnt c al. which has been i-xterually aut?lected ?o comnnstion. It is covered with asb, and lock- like cinder, it it> oHen dumped into tbe a?h-box Tbe fact is tbat the lump is only roasted on tbe ou'side. not even cojked. and Is in a bett r condition tor igniting than <be green coal. Never waste it. Attention to these tew bints will save many dollars in a winter? IHtttbury Chronicle. ft^'Ib ie are intb' United States :m, quo miles of raiiw.iy, whicn cost ?l. a i.t*) i. In Europe, S'l.t INI mile*-, coating S3. V 0,(W^.<K) 1. 1c Amenta there t?<iG,000 iuiles ol teie/raph, an S in Europe, fin is 0 j^-y^BATluK AL METROPOLITAN rtANK, BANK OK THRMKTROPOLIS. W a-hin .To*. IWenib'r 2$, Id it. Ala ireetlig of the board t.f Directors, held ibis day. the foll< wio* resolution ass adopted : H' oirtd. That ten per cent, of tbe nel profits of I this Hank for the half year en<llap the 30th instant I be carried to the surplus fnod. a* required by law, and tbst from the remainder a dividend of fonr per cent. < free of tax i upon the capital stock be paid to th* stockholders,on or after Thursday, the Sri of January next. de 17 lw MOHg KELLY, flashier. J TBE CONCERT AND RXUIBITIoN LiJ? OP 1HI ! DUKBABTON ST M R. SABBATH SCHOOL, Gecrgetow d . D C . ? hicb came off so satisfactorily j on Thursday evening last. the V7th mit, will b? I r.psated on HIW YEAR'S KVKNI NG. at 7;, | o'clo?h. de 28 4t* I nTr'OllAOI CHUBCB FAIR, (Christmas and Lk_3 ^-w Ye:-r . ?f-r tbe benefit ol'Crace Church, iBtand. < hev Alfred Holtnea'1, rector.) Island Hall corner of Virginia avenne and nth st .will I open Dec*-< 2utb. Tableau* and other enter- I tamirents. Supper each night Beaton ticsets 40 cents. [Int&BepI de |y tf Q^=?*OTiC* TO TAX. I'AYEKS ! Wamt BtGi,!bar , orr ICK. Ctrv BALL,* ? Neceiuber 11, H04. ( Hwi.ers of lota witrin tbe city, which bind on or touch on any avenne. street, <>r alley, in which a waW main has b^en laid either by theUaited Statee or liy the Corporation of Washington, are ! reminded that nniess the instalmeui of tbe tax now due te paid at this office prior to the lit -f January, tbe property will be ajvertised and told according to law. ?*e la tj^l RANDOLPH COYLR. W R nT5?? 8TABL1 8 B K D 1 9? 9 . j McPHEB.<?ON~T FERGUSON. I 571 PSHN. AVBMirg, COX MR 1st STRKBT. _ , . C API TOL Hll.L, Dealer* in PUBB DBUOS, MBDIC1IK8 and OHRMICAL8 PKBri MKBY, FANOY GOODS. INSTBmENTS, Ac., Ac. Physicians Prearrlptlons accurately compoand- I ed. Tbe Night Bell promptly answered. oe 12-tf ObE THOUSAND LOADS OK I'BIHE M A NUBE. for sale at Camp Kraase. Good Hope jel St* 0BARLI8 A. KB\T7S* CA B D METROPOLITAN HOTEI. \ I have tbis day as?o lated in mr H<> el bn?in?s* Mr. CHAS N. 8HELLIT with me and the B >a?e will b?-rc?fter l<e conducted in thenameaot POTTS AffHULLET A. B POTTS Jaanary 1.1*7. jal-ot Vr ATES A SELBV. No. 323 Pennsylvania avenne, ^ ill covnience oa tbe 1st day of -lauuary I3i7. f? I oBer their stock of Foreign end Domestic DBY GOODS at rednc d ra ev To mention only a few ar'i< lea tbey will sell Andres ogAin 4 4 Bleached MOBLIN at SOc W ameutta do at 3*>c. N. T. Hills do at 40c. a v?r\ "neerlor M Bleached Hhirting at 23-, I Dresa Goo-Is at 2.'c.. ^7H S4J. ?2S. 7i and #1. 5 per I > a? d. j an 1 -6t | C A B D . ^ METROPOLITAN HOTEL. On account of the rednrad price of preTinon*. tbe rate of Board at tbla Hotel will be POUR DOLLARS PER DAY fri n date. jal Ct POTTS A SHELLKY. I L'RINCH AND GRRMAN HOTRL AND RES r Tal'RAHT, Pa av>- . opposite A . . A Will?rd's Hotel, CHBlsTMAN KBHL.,fi?mf Proprietor ?On Wednesday next, thlsX^^UL establishment will be opened with a Inucu, mi. which tbe areprletor will be happy to meet his | man> friends Tbe Bar will be constantly sup- I Kited with choice Liqnore. and tbe Keataara it with everything tbat th* moat epicurean taate can ?i*aire. Board*r* by th* day, week or manth will h*ie tiLd excellent aceommodatioM at u derat* r^te* Al*'i, nicely furnished rooms can b* ob talned either with or without board. Call and | ee. ja 1 la* i ^OPARTNIRIBIP. I have this day associated with me la the Grocery Business my brother, JAS. H. GCLIOK . and tbe bnsin*se will hereafter be conducted by the I firm of GCLIOK A BROTHRR. All Kernone havlog unsettled account* are re- I quested to settle the saae. as new book* win be opened froa this data. G F. GCLIOK. Washington, D. O.. January 1,18t7. We. tbe nnderatgaed, feel confident that, with I onr experience and the facilities at our command, | wa can furnish to parcaaaer*. both wholesale and retail, as large and well assorted stock of Groc*ri**, Teas, Wines, Liquors. Cigars, Ac , as tbe market I afford* and at tbe moot reasonable rates. Goods bought ol us delivered free of charge to any part of I the city. OBLICK A BBO Corner of New Jersey avenue and B street south. I jal-iot I |)IbSOLOT10N OF COPARTHERSHIP. ,*he copartnership heretofore existing between the nnderslaaed. nnda- the naase and etvle ( 1 RAMStili BQ * BBBRT, this da? di?olrid I* mutu?l consent I Jacob Bamsbnrg Is fullr authorised to receipt I In tbe name of tbe hrm for all debte due. and to 1 make pa> m*?t of all elaim? acalnat tbe roacern JACOB RA1TSBCBQ. ? ? . '1'1'IAM RBRRT. Georgetown, D. C., Hov. 7,186<>. CO PARTIN EBSRIP. ; Tbe nnderdgned have tbl* dav formed a <-op*rt I nerahip. under the lira of JACOB RAMSBUttG I A SOBS, for the puryoee of carrying on tlie bmi n-ss beret<> conducted under the style of Raasbarg A Bbert. viz : the manufacture of Buckskins. Buckskin Gloves She pskins, Grinding of Sumac, Wool Pulling and dealing in Dtme?tic Wool. JAOOB R \MSHHRG V. B. B\ MSKTTRG, C M RAHSBCRG. Georgetown, D. C. January 1,1817. It | j^|ARSBAL A TRAVRR PIAOHS tremor* ef tbe*e 1 PARLOR GEM" PIANOS HI in received, seven octave, iron frame, rosewood, ai d warranted, for 03OU. JOHN F. RLLIS, 30b Pennsylvania avenue, deSlSt Sole A/ent. FBENCH ALMANACHS FOR 19?T.?Alaa aach Coini jue, Alniaaach Pour Yira; Alma- I nech du Ren-ton; Almana-h charivari: Alaaaach de la Dan**; Alinaaach d* la bonne Cuisine, Almanac* Imperial: Alniaaach de Bapoleon; Almanach da* jeux d*S?ci*t*; Almana^h PoUrhlnelle, and athera, i a ported direct from Part*, by deSt KRABOK TAYLOR. J^MERSON'S GOLD MEDAL PIAHOST Tbeee of the** Superior P1ABOS re-ti|t| ceived to d*y. "Hit We bar* the Bole Agency for this District. JOHN F. RLLIS, 306 P*aa*ylvanta av*nue, d* SI St n*ar 10th stre*t. V7H1TR OPORTO PORT, w V <"Tear* of the K noro,") Direct importation. Z. M. P. KINO A SOB, de29-t King Place. v If LAB K BOOKS, STAPLE AND COUNTING- , D HOUSR STATIONERY { We hare now in stock eud bare facilities f>r making In order every quality and sixe of BLABK BOOK, PASS BOOK. MRMORANBUM or ACCOUNT BOOK. Alao a coapiet* aaaortment of COUNTING HOUSE STATIONERY, loeludiagOop>ii'g Pressea, Copying B oka. Copying Ink, Writing Ink. Every variety of Steel Pens and Handle*, Gold Pea*, lor commerct*l n*e. KooUcai'. Letter aad Not* Paper, all 'lualttiM ami price*, Rv*ry size an* -olor of Ravelop**, Printing and Flat Panar*, wrapping Paper* aad Twine*. Macilage anc Brushes. loketau<!t, "vn Rack*. Ac , Ac. Kveri thing kept In a first class Stationery Store, wholesa.e and retail, at moderate price* BLANCHARDA MOHUN, Rookaeiier* aad Stationer*, de-tV tt [If?t] cor Pa. avnue and nth *t. OIanos?t'lABOS.?Bin* aore received thia 1 "Soas r. sum. 1am 306 PeaaerlTanla aveaue,'I*mn de Jt !i near 1th. /'HOWL ATIL DOUBLE, VAMILLB, V DB H. MAlLLAlRD. Pur Oecao *t Sucre. Biempt d* t?ut aelange. Z. M. F. RING * SOB. Ring Pieee. Corner Veraoat av*oue aad UK eUaet. WK9T IBD1A ORANGES ABD SWEBT MALAGA GRAPES. Frc*h C'BOK'B NOTS, RAISINS. KIG8.C0BRANTM, ' SPIt'AS Ar , Af . to mlt tbl* aaetlcular **ason*by 7. M P. K1BG A SON. djJl-ff King Pl*c* YY A T C H I a. JBWSLRY, SILVER AND PL AT? I) WARS. RICB PARIS FANCY GOODS, NOLIBB AND AMBB10AN T ABl.B GOT L1RT. F1NB FAMS, OPKBA GLASSES. CLOCK*. BR*)N7.KB. 4 A i so. Bvery variety of elcsrsr t GOODS. BnitoMe for WBlMDlMO AND HOLIDAY PKESBN fS. M W OUT t UBO.Jetjl^. de ?>3t 3i? )'*nu?f iv?uia avenue |) ILICIO D 8 > K \TIT R T?l*?d t? day, 10 cases MALAGA GRAPES. ver y choio'e. CO barrels HAVANA OBANGBs, rery fine and swept. Wholesale and retail, at J PEARSON. 4f?l 8th atreet, do 31-8t pear Pennsylvania avenue METROPOLITAN PATRNT 8TRAM BAKIKT. 34? O street, between aad 6tb Complete in all its appointments, haviag one of McKenzie's splendid Reel Oveu* and new Ht ohiuery. manufacturing work paperior to anything possible b) the old processes. BOSTON CRACKERS. A very anperior article, fresh daily. MILK BISCUIT, Freeh daily; aure to please; try them. BODA CRACKRR8. The bast in the market; a constant supply. WATER OR ACK ER3, Of the best quality, in any quantity. Together with CRACK EK Dt'BT, SUGAR CRACK BBS, NOVELTIES. OINQEB SNAPS Ac., alwajs on band, at the lowest prices T*t end be can vi need. __THO. BAVINNBB. 486 I MARKJRITRR'S. f 48fi "h "n"\ ll"??v BtAVTIFVL AND USFFVL COMBIXTrn . ? PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS A limited tilt clio-ce *electlona of Oil Paintiie* Enslaving*. Ghrnmoe. Wreaths, Bask-ts of Klowe?s, Ac., appropriately framed. 01 "?* OVAL P1CTCRR FRAMES. A rich and ??nwl assortment from the best man . .SiS'ffiL1' tb? con?lr7,, embraci ng Walant. Im itation Rosewood. all Gilt. Rustic and Carved Frames I assepiirtont*. Csnl Frames Ar PICTURE CORD AND TAVBRLS'. WALHUT , ? BRACKETS. Ac. 11 Cord and Tassels all sizes an.] colore. 5 Walnnt Brackets, Ea?eis A* PAPBkHANGINGS AMD WINDOW SHADES ,iA. b*?"tJfnl T*r,?J,0,f these (rood., embracing the ncheat designs of Gilt Embroidered Parlor Cat- f ??rR*L,n ' ? " 'atrtct. with a well asserted stock of he cheaper grades, with a large variety of Win- I dow Shales. different el/' * and color* Orders for Window Shades end Paperhanglnga punctually filled. In city or coantry. I A '. J*1' portion of the above G?od? were made I specially to order, believing the best the cheap?*'. I and aiming t? keen that claaa of Gnoda we resper.t- I fully Invite the Pnblic 1o In-pect and compare our Goods with any In the market. Term* ini eri/>'/'v ra-M. a 1B 0J. ?*R8K"tB. No 4*6 7th street del8.w Fight rionri abjvu Odd KetIow<C Hall. I |^tXUfilE8 >OR THE HOLIDA*S~ maili.abd s candies and chocolates LA kA MEL'S CREAM CHOCOLATE fc8, I DOt BLR VANILLA CHOCOLATE. ROPR AND VANILLA "CRNT ALMONDS MI \ A 1> MlflAR PLUMS, aid "?8, AhSOBTEO CsHniEs Just received at KING PI.AGB / M P KING A BOM ty EST INDIA OBANGE8 AND V W . oWEET MALAGA GRAP1B. "' h.?t KING PLACE. JYJinor meat (Domestic.) .. J u*t made, of select materials, i At Kl^? PLACE. f^OLDEN BCD P PERK UNO W1NB. <Lu . ? V.L* "NBt?T native winb Oold coler, foil, yet delicate flavor and fra- I rrance, and less than one half the cost of Imported Wln*- RING PLACE. CHaWj?HN2J8-*BAB.IN8; rIG#- ?obbantb. >1 ' tw* P?rtlcnlar aea ??| loFor by Z M. P. KING A BON, ?*U King Piece. I ||BAD8TRRRT'8 ^PATRNT WRATHEB The beat invention of the aVe MzcIikIm ?.. I ""O" "J ?'?"? < ' de = H. w HAMILTON A CO. 3K' ^Sftasaw d Me?*^a,fclnrer' School Furniture ul and HonsefnrnisblDg Warerooms New nu4 Ml I i *>l deacrtptiona. boiuh' r?H?ld- . OpholsESoJ andvarnlsh ing done at the shortest aetice Soithee,"corner ofSthnndKetreeta north. No 1.1 I (VISTROPOL1TAN 34/ASF^L8*"4* BAK1RY, 34 7 C St., between a*? 6th atreete. ___ bavbnnbrb family bread thm m*rk" ?dOrod> THO. HAVRNRBR. |H| BOOTS AMP BHOBB. fj * ? W JTT O B I. M bega leave to inform bia friends Hiv rliiis K'Ofrallj that he has opened tbe 5S"r,?S? MRSMtia,?li,SSi-:SK BOOTS AMD SHOR8. ' B*me?aber the .amber, AOJ 7tb etreet, unier ' 2E?iJK 7"p.M*n .Th# 8tor*' f??r- ' r VoK * p**e'a "tore. _ ?ROBG? B. WILSON. I R M ? T A__L . THB "ATIONAL UMION IRBURAMCI OOMPANT OF WASHIBGTOM Have removed to their Mew Ofllce. Mo. T1 LOUISIANA AVENUE, I ' *irat door east of 7th at. ! TbSJ' Bsrrr' Vice Prest, 1 5 ? n? iV^' Jf*r?hall Browa, JLch d Wallaoh I 1 b oooke ' ^L? if BOBLR D. LARM RR. Secretary. 1 V'ICTOR BROKER, I 1 HAIO Trk M *wn j Kstablishad im ism. teMH DtMpaTV AT I' MP8EY A O^OOLK Mngraverfl And 8ta I 1 vTra&fis XfefnjS&Sa-s* 4#8ilth^t.nne!Ir Pa.'avenaa. J G010'" HOOFFSUWSQ,. , I a.o'yuV"""'"1"Pro- 1 .(S.r.%0K.""01'0 ?"? i.?? Z.?. P. Kmo *SON. ' ? KlOf fUc?. I | {jJREAT REDUCTION IM PRICES ' AT ROTHBOOR-S. i 7,h STRRRT. OPPOBITB PATENT OFFICR | l#icyr'?"V ? heavy stock Q.til epring, 1 have detcrunaed to re<iaae my ???? i npon every description ol French aad AtaeriVm i ?iV?W ?an*UW( MDontisni, Borders. Centres t Statuea ana Medalilona. Fire Board Prlnta it * Window Shades, Shade Hollands, Shade Flxti?f?' 1 Raatic DII ads, +aMe aad SUiro'l I OUth '* * ' ?in e",0HB?.^h0 Mi< "I ?rfthe above artlclee < will flnd li trne economy to oall and examine mr I very teicct aud large atock. e?y de IS tial 4,0 fcn*^a*hCaU-fet, J de lfi tjal opposite Patent Q?oe. j 450 S?^?*TB_?trmt. BOTRROCKS, Opposite Patent Office, Beveath street. > Ssss-'ia*^J /EX2T *Lt!#ry ptlon oa hand and aad* 1 Taaeels. Cards and MaiU. The d* ia 4mSI?BOOK'8? oppotiu Patent ?Bee, de I6 dt<aal Seventh street. Cnn BFBBRL* POTATOES FOB BALB ' ?UVrb,.5 W- HALL, 334 7th .treStTbatwii; D aad Louisiana avenue. 4a 29 St OBCBPTIOH LUXURIES . Jaat received. a large variety of article* se < lected particalarly for the ceaiu reception sea on. Z. M. P B.1MG * go*, < , _ Klag Place, i ** a Oor, Tt. ava. aad l?H at. RpOY 1 SKA1R8 from M cents te $t, IP MEN'S PKATRSfro? #1. 0 to ?, at the Skate Depot POULTNBT A TRIMBLE, Bo. 2OS West Bepimore etreet. " 1IT? Baltimore. M4 f J*" Mar 4 O'tiOCI F. M. THK rRKSIPKNTf RKCKPTION. Tbe reception at the Ex<*<. ntiye M mson today

wm a iuosi brilliant aud elegant air nr. Til* bulls and parlor* were crowded by digt.npuiched tuitesmrt), army and iiiry btrj<i, repteeentative* ol foreign nations, and beann. ! >ul ladies w bote rich and elegaut costumes j presented a scene of grandeur and brilliaucv. Tbe President received in tbe Blue Parlor, which was decorated and perfumed br boquets ol fragrant flower*. A lew minutes before eleven o'clock the members of the Diplomatic Corps, in full i court costume, many of them accompanied by their ladlea, arrived, and were shown to the i white parlor. At eleven o'clock the President, I accompanied by his private secretary, Colonei 1 Robert Johnson, Mrs. Senator Patterson, and j Mrs. Stover, Colonel Moore, Colonel I,ong and j lady. Col. Rives and lady, and Col Mjrrow. ' made their appearance in the blue parlor, and ! the reception commenced First came the members of tbe Diplomatic Corps, among whom we ncticed Sir Frederick Bruce, the British Minister, accompanied by Frederick Autrobus an* J.Hume Burnley. Esq*., the Secretaries < f legation; Mr. Bertbemy, the French Minis. t?r Senor Don Gabriel Garcia y Ta?sar?. the Spanish Minister, and lady: Baron Von Ger? It, the Prussian Minister. and lady: M. Wal- ' dtmnrde Podisco, Charge d Affairs, Russia, ' and lady; Baron N. G., the Swedish Minister Senor E/.eqiiiel Gutierrez.Cbar,re ^ <r A flairs, Cona Rica. J. M Vela, Secret-try Legation, Guatemala; Senor F. S. Asta Burnajra, Charpe d Affairs, Chili, and lady and si n. Senor Romero, the M?xican MihIs'^t Gen. Eustorjio Nalgar. Minister lrom tbe L'm- ! ted Slates of Colombia; D. Brun, E?q? Haytia.i i secretary of Legation: M Ro-st Von Limburg, | tbe H ;lland Minister; Mr Cantagalli, Charge ' d'Affairs Italy, together with a large numtier rf attaches of the various legations. Next i came Secretaiy Stantou and lady, Secretary ' Biowning and lady. Postmaster General Ran- f dalT.und Attorney General Stanberry and lady | Following them came Chief Justice Chase, i Associate Justices Wayne, Nelson, Gre^r. ! Clifford, Swayne. Miller, Davie, Field, and I) W. Middleton, Esq.. Cleric of the Supreme ' Court of the Pnited States. Next came A**?, elate Justices Fisher, Wylie aud Oliu, of tbDistrict Supreme Court, who were followed by tiie members of the i^evy Court, of this I?i8. met. in a body. Tbeu came a number of Senators a- d Representatives, among whom were Senators Sherman. Johnson, Doolittle. Morgan and lady. Cowan and lady, Dixon, Stewart and lady, McDotigal, Williams; Repressrati ves Garfield and lady, Weutworih and lady, Ni black, Hill, of Ind., Trimble, and Maynard' Th?n Mayor Wallacb and lady; First AsMstant Postmaster General Skinner; Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Chandler: J. C Cox, Esq., Chief Clerk Interior Department, and lady; W. S. Huntington, Esq.; Edgar Welle., E-q., Chiel Clerk Navy Department, am* two sisters; Hon John Wilsan, Third Auditor; and many other distinguished men and beautiful Indies. Next came the officers of the Navy and Marine Corps, in uniform, who werepreser.ted by Radford. Among them we noticed Admirals C. H. Davis, Striblmg. and Smith Commodores Jenkins, Harwood! and Smith: Colonel Zeilin, Majors Nicholson and Uranam, of the Mariue Corps. Then followed the officers of the Army, in uniformheaded by General Grant, who, with General Thomas, pre*ented the officers to the President Amonir them W?je General Canby aud stall, General Rucker, General Ekiu. General Townseud. Surgeon General Barnes.Cluartermaster General Meigs, Paymaster General Brice, General Rickette, General DelaUeid, and a large number of officers of lower rank. The Presidentoccupied a position near the entrance to the blue parlor, with Marshal Go* ding and Deputy Marshal Phillips on his left, who presented the visitors. Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Stover occupied positions near tbe centre of the room, with B. B. French, E?q.. Commissioner of Public Buildings, on their |?f?, who presented tbe visitors to them. MrsKives and Mrs. Long occupied positions to the left of Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Stover. Mrs. Patterson was attired In an elegant black silk dress, witb tight.fitting basque and ? bite lace collar, the skirt and basque being handsomely embroidered in white. On her hair ?Le wore a spray of white mignonette. Mrs. Stover was also attired in a rich black silk, with tight-fitting basque and white lace collar, tbe ekirt and basque beiug heavily embroidered in violet and trimmed with black bugles. In her hair she wore a pure white Japonica. The ladies received tbe distinguished visit, ors in a courteous and graceful manner. The large parlor w&s densely crowded, and maay were the groupes about the room wishing each other a happy New Year, and pausing a mo. men' to witness the elegance of the reception. The President looked very well, and received his visitors with ease and dignuy all of them cordially wishing him a happy ! New Year, and continued health aud happt. aess. ( The reception ot the Diplomatic Corps, I Judges and Officers terminated about twelve o'clock, at which time tbe gates were opened and the citizens received. Hundreds were waiting to greet the President, and from tbe time tbe doors were opened nntil two o'clock 1 continual stream ol visitors were parsing hrongh. , Tbe Marine Band, under Prof. Scala, were ' seated in tbe centre ball, immediately to the 1 lelt of the entrance, and during tbe reception ' performed many excellent pieces of masic. Tbe police arrangements, under the charge < .?f Lieut. Harley of tbe 4th precinct, were very well conducted, and excellent order prevailed. ' But one colored man visited the Executive , Mansion, and be was taken by the band by the President and kindly received. BECKl'TIONg TO DAY. Among the dignitaries who received their Friends to-day may be mentioned the followB': I Postmaster General Randall, at his residence >n New York avenue, near 14th street, waa < united between the hours of 13 and 4 o'clock. >y a number of foreign nations, army and lavy officers, and others. ' Secretary McCulloch. at his residence on H itreet. near 17th street, with his accomplished ady. received a number of distinguished per- < >ons during tbe day. Secretary Stanton, as his residence on K St.. near 14th, received between the hours ot 1*2 ind 3 o'clock, and was visited by members of 1 he diplomatic, army and naTy officers, and I :.tizens. ] Secretary Browning, at hie residence In < Georgetown, was visited during the day by a I arge number of persons. I Attorney General and Mrs. Stanberry re. ;eiv?d at the Metropolitan Hotel, and "were i be recipients of calls from many distinguished i persons. < All of tbe above earned gentlemen enter- ] ained their visitors la a very elegant manner, i rabies were spread and the guests refreshed i nith egg-nogg and other good things of the leason. \ Senator Dixon aad hi* lady, at their residence >n New York avenue,near 14thetreet,received | heir lriends, and were visited during the day i ?y many members aad Senators, members of he diplomatic corps, army and navy officers, ind citizens. General Grant and lady, at their residence ju I street, were visited by many army navy officers. Senators, aad members. < Ht?n. Montgomery Blair, Wo.S. Haatiacton. < Esq . C. W. Walker, Fifth Auditor, also re- I ceived their lriends. NBYADA. Tbe Commissioner of the General Land i Office has just received tbe bond of Wm. B Thornburgh, tbe newly-appointed Surveyor. Ge nernl of Nevada, whose office is at Virginia City The surveying machinery for this great mineral-bearing State will soon be ia full operation. tKT The Legislataree of Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware meet to-day. The Legis. latarej ot Maine, Massachusetts, aad Mary, land, will meet tomorrow.' I LIST 0* TilE I'\RDO?IKD. Th?" list >e i,a?or-, n.?mbe:> of ihr late rebe' Cor gr. ss. pfl, ere of the U. S. Army and Navy wUo joined 'ha rebellion. S-antor* ar.d n^o. hers of the I'. S Congress who left their u?u, and a m.aiberof Genera la of the ieoe] army wko has been pardoned by the President, kv been ccmpleted, ana will be aeut to the House 01 Keprt aen'atite* in compliance with their re-olution The list contains -.>36 names. s? tollows Alabama, :3. Arkansas, District of Columbia, 2.,; Florida, S; Georgia, Is. Kentucky, I".': Louisiana, it- Maryland. 3 Mississippi, IS. Missouri. North Carolina, IT: Sooth Caro- ' linn. 21. Tennes*ee. 15, Texas. 13, > irginia, *<?, I and West V irginia, ?. Thia listdoea not con- ' tain the names of a larpe number who were pardoned under the *-W,?<W clause The rec- I ommendations on which they are pardoned ' accompany the list. *? TELKGKAI'IIJC KKWS. BT t:. 8. ft KUROPKAN WKW-t ASSOCIATION". FROM EI'ROCK Burning ef the I rystal Palace-The Aby. rrell- iTV ' ~rfkl"Mt rUU Gr"r? ' < retan Refugees?Turkey and Oeorgln. [SptciaU to New York Herald.) Stiiikhab, I>ec. 3u.?The Crystal Palace ia now on lire. The coo tl agration broke out at two o'clock in the afteruoou in the north wing, , and waa first seen to lesue from the section set apart lor tropical*contribution*. The EgypN 'nereh conrtaof the Palace ar- now .tlmost destroyed by the tlaaies. The northern to we. ib letinandiup. but th- ga? pip,.> and heating apparatus bemg broken, the flaming ims Is ft-caping fiom it* summit, firing som- ot the surrounding material. Ember* of the srU.r^rKr,WOOd *r* faUin* ,ron? ** u.w.r and scattering over and around a gap of too feet in vrid<h. which has been made by tbe inn arcbes and supports giving way SVI.1KHAM. I>ec. 31 ?The fire has been exiingoished The damage done tj th- building half of SSiST " ~Un,a"d at a a Faults. l>ec. 31? Letters, dated Magrowah S';:1' that the English Oo.sSl Cairercm. Mr. Kos-um, unit friends. known tor -F't'V p":t " Abvsmnian caputs who had just been released from a protract.-d imprisonment, have been again placed m irons by the order ot the Emperor Theodore .)?^R!KST^ ;JW ?Irota Athens of tbe <?th was that there was a Cabinet crisis, the Ministers of 1 inance ar.d Public Works havinc tender,d their resignation, and m. MiwJ hesitating to receive tb-m The ?wo 0ffl~er? insisted that ,h- y should be accept Gov" ernment affairs are ,n a troubled and excited condition in Greece. Money very scarce and 8hnd Plosions of ai: State offl er- are'f^f months over due. News from Corfu t, the *>th received. > our British war v*s*|.s to^k h?rr?Ue,0n^ a,ter b"lnK <?Hy fitted out <n if Cand'.a ,mn,"dla*'v tor the Co*-t ot landia. I he insurrection in Tbessalv ? Inch it is supposed is fomented from Greeoi-' s progressing rapidly. The insnrgenr. hare uader. * ?Wk t?,OD*', r,am^ Velias the.r I'"*!'"*, December 31.?It is siid fh*? miral (Joldshorough.or the American Navy has asked permission ot bis Government to transport the Cretan refugee* in a warier t OStaTAKTiaoPLB, December 3U?1 n special dispatches forwarded from France, the Lmperor Napoleou ? outidentiaily and in a friendly spirit advises ibe Porte to yield all the demands r, r ref< rtn in Government air,,?, ,D<i i redress ol local grievances made by thep^oire oi /eroia l he nench tmperor .tdde that the j urkish roler should try to pacifv his subjects 1 he r- commeiidarions of Napoleon are luelv to have considerable effect, for a? if to add weight nnd crg/ncy to his words, advices are received here itom Candia auuonacinr that the Cretan insnreonts have be?*n reinforced bv volunteers from abroad, and are making activa TiTr|Tish' troops!" anot'wr ,D*ajerr ent with the I By Steamer.] Hai.irAx, Jan. l -The Royal Mail 4-.lm ship China, trom Liverpool on Snrurdav D ^VVLr'n'tOWn -{d- arr,ved here at uta?' o Clock this morning. She hns 41 for Boston and 11 tor this por S No further Fenian arrests oi luportance had occurred up to the China's d?- .r-'ire. The news by the t^hina is g^ceralir antici pated by the cable tel^rams. anuciThe total subscription in England to the fund for the^relief of the aufferers by tiie great Q"*bec had reached thirty thousand pownds, and it bad been resolved to close the subscription list* ne The Paris correspondent of the London r.ww, of tie *s?d, say a the opposition of the press to the army reorganization scheme was arowuiK so decided, and public opinion was generally so adverse, that it was rnmored 7?terday it would be withdrawn. FROM BOSTON. < heap Ga??Ceiebratiea ?f E?m*eip?UoB 1>hy?Masaachasetti Legislature. *rc. rtfIi<r,T0N' ^.1 3l rAt a me'tlng of the Board n, fi . K ?U a'ternoou> -be committee who ha\e long had under consideration the sublet of gas. reported in favor of the appointtnent of commissioners to consider the exne ^lencyot the city manufacturing its own gas The report was accepted, and the whole ?nb?Ter tbe n*w c,t-v government. The hrmint) C .mmrrcuil. formeri v the Ca?r. tfr. announces this evening that it haa sua. pended pablicat.on It has been a losingconcern for some years, although lormerly one of tbe leading papers of the city. To.morrow will be celebrated as the anniversary of emancipation day. There will b* a meeting at Tremont Temple, at which Fred Douglasa Gen. Bntler, Phillips. Boutwell and * bompeon are advertised to apeak. 1 he ShawGuards, a colored militia eompnuy, etuel Hal? p,u"a(1'' W(1 bold a levee at FanThe Legislature assembled on Wedneaday. bnr is not the slightest Interest or excite. meat over the event. The old presiding ofliters of both Senate and House will be refleeted without opposition on Wednesday The afternoon will be occupied in listening to 'be annual sermon, and Got. Bullock will not deliver his animal message unui the later part ot tbe week. It has been snowing here quite bard since noon. Snow now about three in<.h*s deen with good sleighing p' FROM CANADA. Frightful Railroad Act uleat-Absceader Arrested, dec. Homtrial, Dec. 31.?A collision occurred rrn?V(Urila^ ojfbt. between the express train rrom house s Point and a freight train drawn by t wo eugiuea from the Weet. The trains ran lutoeach other with frightful force, the engine iif the express traiu running on top of that of the freight train, at once billing the engine driver, named Newbold yesterday, at the sofa factory of Kersbaw A Edwards, in Fortification lane A large quantity ot machinery :tud tools were destroyed. The residence of Hon. James Leslie was burned laat night. Lieut. Colonel Brown, late Deputy Assistant Adjutaui General ol militia, who *oni* time Hgoafcaconded with a large am<>uniof money belonging to the militia department, arrived yesterday, in custody of the chief of police Ihe detectives have bee? seeking Brown for ave months, over Great Britain and tbe coutinent. and captured him at Hamburg, Prnssia He was committed for trial at the next Court of qu?i i.'s Bench. The channel on the other side or St. H?!ena island is blocked up w ith ice. Appearances denote a speedy freezing up of the river. FROM NEW YORK. IJaeer Story about C. O. I. R. Steve&?The New Orleas? Riot?Movement. ?f the Secretary of State. N*w Yokk, January 1 ?Th? Tribune announces that James Stevens was in New York hoarding in 13th atreot, under the assnmed lame of Commodore Scott, until some i^w Jays ago, when he suddenly decamped H? lad been paying jMo per week lor bo.?rd and edging. A special New Orleans Msgram to Ihe HerUd says that Gov. Wells has submitted to the -lot investigating committee all the correspondence between htmaeir, Generals Shoridan aud liaird, and others, which, the dispntclr says -elleves Wells from responsibility for the nonpunishment of instigators ot the rlat. An Aaaapolis telegram says that the gunDoat Don leaves to-da.v or to-morrow for the South, with Assistant Secretary Seward on ?oard. Two clerks of the State Depart-nent iccompany him. Jndce Magrnder iWlcted. BaLTiMORK, Jan. l.?Judge Magruder. of Annapolis, waa btougbt before f. S. Oomims- i itoner Brooks this morning on ?c indietment igaiast him for a violnuon of the civil rights bill. There are two Indtotments against the Jadffe^the first uwUctment tor refusing to reeelve aefro testimony; the second ia for sellmr rolored persons into slavery as a pnaishment for crime. Th* Judge gave bail in tbe snm of tt,uu> to answer the charges before the U s court at the spriaf terra. Business is generally suspended here to-day. , flew Year's Day Nsrth. Philadelphia, Jan. I.-Business wnsentirely suspended to-day; tbe Stock Exchange. Porn Exchange, banks, and most of the stores being closed as ns?at on tha ist of January Yona, Jan. 1?Bosineas is eattrsly suspended to-day, and the u>ual New Year's conviviality progressing. Attempt t Aaatiiailf t Brigadier G*beral IliMim r .'in I.?A private letter trom Ral Igh. K c, gives the psruciiUr? i>f tn v mpfttereon the i:ith ult fo as??>*in*'#- Be? Ilrif. O'B Hrady, of ibr Kr*fdm*>'? Kurrt*. by m mac \? bo ojx i y proclaimed bis intenUen in the drinking saloon* ot ttoo to w n. urnc h? bad cctne U? have hu n*T??f? (or trMiiifnt be ret ei\ed durine bis imprifomncnt on * cb ?rge ol b?-mg a spy, alleging that the partes to whom he alluded bad treated him badly while a provest marshal l b<? man railed *' ib? private r s of (}fn Brady. and a* be eatered ais rjota, turned tbt' key ai dset/ed Ilrndy by tbr throat, dree a pistol and avowed bis purpos.- *o murder him A fearful stTaggle then en*aed. Brady call ing for help, but ms cries were m.fceard Fiaaily tbe assassin said be perceived brajy wa? a MmoD, and promised bis iutended victim it be released bit band in wblcb be held the pistol be vimU make no further attempt on bit. life At rbis moment thepistol dropped on 'he fljor, and tbe man availioc himself of the exbaw*. 'ion of Bradr. unlocked the door aod ea. crtped. Tbe civil authorities of said. refused to take action in the matter The aao escaped Finances and Schools oi kastas ST. Lena. I>ec.3l.?Tbe Democrat's Jopeka Kansas special de?pa:ch says tbe S:ate officers aanual report* ate in the baud* ol the primer 1 be total of outstanding State bonds are kj|, <m ; rat standing State territorial and military vi arrant*. *5f>.(K 0 The asset* of tbe State coosir: of Lax levied and uncollected. *trc,uOu, and claims against ibe Federal Government tor equipping troops. Ac., which is sufficient to cancel all indebtedness and leave a surplus in ;be treasury of tbe State. Tbe suprnn en>ient of common schools re. ports 51.children between the a?fe? of Z a?d Jl years in the Stale. The value at schotl bouses is S319.HXI. The >>boul tax amounts to *IM,oOO There are twelve academies and am\e rallies and tigbty-three scbools - ? ' " Frightful Explosion oi an 9il Refinery N?w Han bp-, Dec. :tl?An explosion tn Cowries A I^eei's coal oil refinery, in this t ity. to-dav resnl'ed in the des truction of the works by tire and tbe oevh <>r Frederick Thompson, assistant superintendent of the work*, win was blown into the air fortv or fifty leet. and into the street in front of the works He was instantly killed The iron cover of one ol toe l*rge oil 'anks was blown a distance of iliu fe#t l?o*s to Insured. Vsar* in Raltiaiere llAiTtMOKK, Jan I.?Tbe Corn Exchange. S'ock Hoard, and public offices ar.? closed t.>. day "1 Here is a general susjiension of busine??. 1 he brMness change* at the opeumg of the New Year are very numerous, the past ye*r having prcved >?ry disastrous to many new firms Fire in the Oil lle^-ien IT COLU. C W , l>i?r Ul ?The hotel k?pt by Jttnes Symington, on the Wvomiug aul till Spring road. was 'destroved by lire nit;bt A child belonging to the family wa? turned to death. i | LOCAL NEWS. .N bw Vlit rCalls ik tub OtTT.? V large number of tbe lnends ot Mayor Wallacb waited upon him at tbeCouncil Chamber, City Hull Among others were many of tbe oldeat citizens of Washington, and a number of dt*. tuguiabed officers, tJovernmeut officials, Ac. Mr. .lohn A Smith, former clem of rh* court, received tbe congratulations of numerous friends at his residerce on C atreet. Oeorge Savage. Esq., received the visits of many at bis reaidence. on K atreer, this afternoon, many of tbe temperance pej. pie calling to pay their respects The city nottmae'er. Say lea J. Bo wen. Km) . wa- waited upon this afternoon by the attache* ot tbe poet office, the m*-mber? of the Levy Court, and others, all of whom were handsomely entertained on temperance principle*. J C. MoCiuire received bis friend* in bi? usual hospitable manuer. at hia residence on E street. Joe II. Bradley. Esq., was visited at fcia residence by number* of warm fri?nd*. who were received it. genial style by tbe esieemed bead of the asbmgton bar. Samuel Normeut. F>q., received bisfrieud-i is handsome styie. at hi~ residence on Mia?ouri avenue. Mr. Clepbane, the Collector of Internal Ke venae, and Mr Forsyth, the City Surveyor. did not keep open bouses to-day. the former on account ot a recent family bereavement, and tbe latter on account of lilae** in bia family I Chief Justice Cbaae received bia friends at I the corner ol 6ib and L stree;a tbia alternoon ? Among others calling were the associate )<aa- f ti<ea of the Supreme Court, tbe staff of <ien Gran', (ienerais Augtir, Denaiaon. Kucker. and others. Mr. and Mrs. Senator Sprague are speudin? tLeir New Year at Proviaeuce, Rhode Island. Bon Isaac New?on. Commissioner of Agn rl nre. was wared upon in tbe courae of the y by tbe clerka of bis liepartaentand many frieno>. who were handsomely entertained Chief Justice Casey and Judge Peck, of tbe Court of Claim*, were the recipieata ot tbe hearty congratulations of their friends. The Pbi Cbi Association received the membera of ^ arious other Association, and their friends gvnerally, at their room. N > <3 Intelligencer Building, where tbey bad a tine collattt n spread out, with a plentiful aupply of drinkables. J. B. Hutchinson. Esq., A. A Hosmst. EsqFranklin Pbilp. Esq.. and many of our flrsi citizens, kept open honses do ring tbe day. and were visited by numbers of friend?. Police A nr. a no km Birrs r?>K thb I>ay.Tbis morning at 9 o'clock titty men ot the Metropolitan Police force assembled at the Tth precinct station. City Hall, in fnll uniform, in obedience to the order of Major tticbarde, Superintendent, tor services at tbe receptions Thirty men. under Lieut. Hurley, of the 4th preciiict, were detailed for duty at the hxeculive Mansion, and the remainder were detailed as required for service at the residence* of tbe Secretaries and o here, where it waa mpee'ed 'hey would be required. Tbe new n?lorm of the forte is very handsome, and on parade tbe force looka well, being drilled to march aa a military organization. ? ? ? f Wat. h Mmrrt^GB ? Laet night being the closing night ot the old year, aome of tike Methodist congregations held watch night aervicea.'* At some of tbe cbarchea there were large congregation*, and tbe aervioea were rloeed at 1-J o'clock, 'he congregations ainging the covenant hymn a? tbe new year came Tbe<?e meetings were beld iu nearly ail the colored churches. ?* ? Affalaa im t>?Mg?waa. Thb Kbw \kar?In conformity with an old custom, tbe office* of the Government and many of our banka and places of tiu-^cnea* have' been closed, in order to afford opportanities for friendly!visits and greetings Coii krt akd ExuiRiTioa.-^Tbe delightful concert and exhibition of the I>uabarfc?astreet (M.E) Sabbath School, whlcb was so successful on the 27tb ult .will be repeabe? this evening. Okavd Lakvrkv.?1Yesterday, officer Sherwood a rivaled WmWrinneli. a boatman upon a charge of stealing several bags of oats from the canal boat Little Bob. <?&pt. John G. Fleming The property was not recovered, but be was caught in the act of carrying off other oats from tbe t-aine boat. Justice l*?c?<rv aent htm to put tor court. Icb Haevbst.?The ice ca iters are making as much as possible of u>e ice apoa the ponds and creek* in this \ icinity, ]?reeeut indication* not being very favorable to Its Kong continuance From ?ome of tbe ponds ice hve inches tliick ba* been gathered, bat en the creeks It is not generally ao thick. B* W L W ALL A CpTAaiMi"11m~ tores 311 and 31T, S- ntb truer P*nn*ylvaat> sveaae and 9th at. i CI.O?I*G orT sALi~or KIOB AKD TALO ABLB ri'KS, BUBEH Ac .liY CATALOUUI. oaMONDAY MOKM1MO, Dec. ffi. Bvery lot w-arrantei perfect aad trae to the name, and to b* sol i without ivaarva, at our aat tlca rooms, < omuieurlag at ! o'clock, couyrisiag the largest and must c >*tly lot of Fara ever efl?red la Washing!** city b> catalogue,eaabratlag real UO90ON HAT RHaWLS. Vanufsctartd iatbe latest aad meat faabloaa-.'!* styles ef r*f8, noLLtnmi. CAPlfl. ALSO, _ A fellassoitinent of 0ents Gloves had Maffiars. I'&iViiorrfJ.JilfiAft: f\ ' BL'Fr ALO . AACOOOH. _ . tbnri. A large variety ef fine Driving Glove* ?sf ???' lets. Tbey being a oeastgnment from ons of tn* Importing and sanafacta iag boa^e ia , W? invite esrecial atbeation of hayer* to lb* sa'e of valuable Far*, a* the ?tick Issf this maee (acftira aad ace tree to tbe name PAL* ruSlTlTB A portion of tbe meet desirable Ceo4? re**1* 'H""*"" VJ. *U.L?oo..ieu WTKX ASOVB IlLl I? rMTSWIO 0* M tfoajVif "?.??" I