Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. . " LUCAI, NEWs! ] AHCSKUBHTS. Ac.. TO-MIOHT. 1 Natiosal Theater ?Last night but one of i :V?-rson. who will again appear as Salem ^ ud?"er," in the Octoroon. There U the same ? .let power and seemingly unconscious perv.tion of mimicry tn bis "personation of the \ ankee oTmtrr as in bis otber characteriaai ns; and as the pit y is put ou Uie stage with i >?* s?euery, and a yery good cast, none should Jul to Me it. "The burning steamboat'' is an < tf?cti*e scene. wall'* New Opera Hors?.?Mr. Chanir u a* Dundreary and bis Brother," in "Our American Cousin at Honi't" and as "jerry 1 kip." in the Widow's Victim," two of his lii.e*t impersonations. His * Dundreary" and Sam" are delightful portrayals of ecceniruity. atd bis imitations of illustrious actor* are pertect in look, Toice and gesture. 1si Hall.?Any of our readers who w i?b to see how well tbe ladies of South Washitgton manage a fair, aud now attractive tbey are in person and manner, should by all means ai^-it the lair now in progress for benefit of <4 rat* Church jwktk"fo' ita5 iiali..?Special entertaint -a: lcr New Year's, and benefit of Johnny jlrtee. Tn* Kailroad from Alexandria to ?s.-At an informal meeting held h tiir Aoam? Express Company, In Alexandria, on Saturday night last, at which were j ? -em. James a. English, Esq., one ot tbe j f!egn:> ? in the legislature, the Presidents of ii ? two Hoards ol the City Council, and sev ril n.enibers of those Hoards, a number of i, ,-in> >? hut, and two of 'be lessees of the Alexandria .anal, Mestrs. Wells and Dangan. ?cer-tl Wells made some remarks concerning tne material in'erestsof Alexandria, and subrnt ed a copy ol the amended bill to be preh^ijted to the legislature, asking for a charter to build a railroad between Alexandria and Georgetown the amen led bill contains a proviso "that f . .1 railioad -liaii not run tbrough or occupy :mj street in tbe ciiy of Alexandria without ibe consent ol the corporate authorities of said ci:r nor shall tbe said lessees oi those claiming unthr them, construct, build or operate in der'ue previsions of th.s act or the act allowing tbe construction "of branch roads," ar.y railroad wbicb does not commence or ter .nau at the city of Alexandria and provided jiir b* r that said railroad shall not be laid out, ?i nstructed or operated as to prevent the eonaeuient and legitimate use of tbe said canal as :i canai: and for the transportation of persons a. <i property by wafer." i n 'be conclusion of general Wells' remarks. and alter the reading ol the amended lull, 1. 15. Taylor, eeq , at the suggestion o\ tome of tbe gentlemen present, moved, that in i rdi r to ai11 weight and effect to tbe opinions entertained by tbe meeting, it be resolved that ih?- bill as amended met the approval of all whu bad beard it read, and that tbe legislature be requested to grant ibe charter a?ked lor. mr Taylor's motion was seconded by .Major w d. Corse, and adopted, with but tbe > a of the President of the Board ol Alderf i.'ru recorded iu tLe negative. ? wastts?i Potomac Water ? Yesterday, m?-ssr? h Falconer Kicnard Smith aud Stei heu liartbrecbt were arrested and takeu bejore Justice Thompson upon a charge of waiting Po'omac water bv officers Ellis and Rath, cl ih* Third w ard. Messrs. John Mcdlocknn and h. Adler were arree'ed by officer Hows, of the ?ame war*, and taken before Justice Morsell lor a similar offence. Tbe penalty in each case wa? five dollars. The law nnder which the ca?es were tried was enacted to pre -vent the exhaustion of the supply of water, and it also serves to prevent the creation of i.u -anc ?. such as mud puddles in summer and .-beets of ice on tbe sidewalks in winter many persons are in tbe habit ot allowing their hydrants to run all night to prevent them lr? m ireezing. The consequence i* tbe formatu n of ice npon pavements. The ca*es referred to above are not tbe only cases in *he Third w ard Warrant" have been issued lor a number ot otb? r en/ens. who will have to answer Jor (bus violating tbe municipal law. Matrihoeial Statistics ? Dnnngthe year l-?-6, Mr. Meigs (the Clerk of the Court) has issued 2,015 mariiage licenses?1,259 to white couple-- and 756 to black couples. In January tnere were H-* to whites, 11 to blacks; February, 110 white. 32 black: March, 80 white, 46 black April, 116 white, 36 black: May, 104 white. 9T black; June, 1?j0 white. -6 black; .Inly, 89 white, 51 blacg. August, 87 white, 7.} black. September, 114 white, 61 black: October, I 13 white, ?-> black; November, 106 white, 67 i black: December, 111 white, 100 black. The } greate** number issued on any one day was on the 3d of May. when 21 were issued. None were issued on the 14th of December. In is65 there were 1,621 issused to white couples, and 44? to colored, and in the year previous (l%64) 1.613 were issued to whites, and 444 to colored tolks. It is noticeable Irom the above figures that tbe number issued to colored people is much larger than ever before?328 more than daring last year. Fallkn krom or ace.? Saturday Richard Game*. a ir.emb?r ol a colored Baptist cburcb. was engaged in cutting ice, and being occasionally treated, be got drunk. On nis way home be tumbled against a fence near tbe corner of 1st and b streets, and was soon obl*vlous. Serjeant Kelly took him to the 4th w ard station where he was thawed out in the cells, and on resuming bis reason be dropped on bis knefii and made the following prayer o Lord forgib my sins, specially de sin ob getting drunk. I hab been In de fold for fifteen years and dis being de fust time 1 fell from grace, O Lord forgib. me and bressdat ossifer, wboeber he may be. for bringing me in out ob de cold, for he's a kind-hearted gemmen. For de sake of Jesus forgib my sins aa' I'll not get drunk any more : dis is de last tune. Amen." Shortly alter be bad made this pmyer, Jus-ice W alter, before whom he was brought out, dismissed him. m Kiyep. News ?Tbe Potomac is frozen over irom Georgetown to (as is reported) Lower < - dar Point?tbe ice being sufficient to permit kater- of the largest proportions to pass from ehore to shore. There has been no open track in the river since Friday last, when toe schooner Moses ^ an name was towed up by two tne | " a*a. The steamer Express, which left Baltimore for this city, with a large freight, last W ednesday. has aotyet arrived, and is report d to be at Aqoia Creek. The Cahil, also from .Baltimore with freight for this city, is at Annapolis. Tbe Colombia has been removed from the line between this city and Baltimore for tne Winter.?.iUj-an^iria Gazette. New Steamohip I.iee?Tbe steamer E C Kn<gbr. Captain E E. Miller, lelt New yo^k <n Saturday for this port, Washington and Georgetown, aud is at this time ice bound at the mouth of the river. Tbe E. C. Knight is the pi.neer steamer of the New Steamship ? ompany wbicb bas been engaged by tbe merchants of New York and Waabington under the name of the New \ork. Alexandria, Georgetown and Washington SteamshipComj any. and to wbicb we have before referred j\ e understand that Mr Henry O Wmship h:i? been appointed the agent of the company at this port.?,-tlex. Journal. a Yorao Thief -Saturday, Officer Brewer arretted a little boy, 11 years of age, named rMnliip Miller, alias Marr, for pisking tbe cket of a soldier named Edward Foley, who *a' about to depart tor a distant military post The little scamp got ?16. and was seen in the act by Officer Brewer. He was taken before Jti--ice Walter, who. In consideration of his age, at the request of the soldier, who could " t, without much trouble, appear at court di-mis?rd the case, and returned the money to iiit* lo?4?r. temi?era!f< # mketief; _l,ast evening the w:?-hington City Temperance Society held a IM'ecal meeting at ?4ueen X Abel s Hall, which ^ *"'"deC. Justice Hollmgeheitd pre^ t"6 "cr"r,""y. and addresses W 7 M'ssrs. John A. Golden. Geo. the ,.r,toer" l>unng tbe course of mbun'b'r Signed the pledge , he.r Si-H ot the fact to present to their famiiiMas new T*ar > presents Markrit** -onr friend Markriter, No. im} " k has for sale ?ome 0rth? m >st desli4: hie pictures for presents at this season to hj. und in this country at tbe pric? ch*rg^ .or them. In lact, bis ^atablishinent ha? be oinean institntion" in iu way One w.i rud there an endless variety of nne en-ravines and oil paintings, framed with exquisite taste which he sells at far lower prices than such thiugs so mounted sell for in any Northern ? at icbseed.? Yesterday James Brannon * ' <rrest^<? by Officer Rossiter, of the i?t v :?rd, for keeping a restaurant without li. ?ei-e The case was investigated by Justice Dtury, who fined the accused ajo Thk Sanitary Policb?Last week there w e foriy-hve auisaores reported to ibe am. !* ? i - lice, who served the regular notice In '"n a.-e. horMr three were promptly abated. !l Le ?um total of the uuisaace fines wa? S3. srt.:ie?? liqrt'r nv the Shall?Patrick u was arre?i^,| yesterdav by officer Yeat >11. .-t tn? Seventb Ward, for selling llunor 'he -frail without license, and was fiued > by J us t ice Bos well. ? ^"Li?e k ifobts ?Tfte lieutenants of police '!">rt forv,t?.d.,y4l arrests m FMstrlCt. 1 n? Corpora'ioa lines amount to SU7.90. Markbt -This morning the marthe notwivbMin.Hnr ronriSuH consequent naeomfurchheond tioaofthe gangway* of the market nnrt huetauTn V??*" 7b" d'a,*r*- bo,h a. n?Ti ^ d I,ro<1a<'"?. offered % t?mp,mr ?" pply ot pr visiona in every departm-ut. and r^on?h?A ?*?h,U ,fOT ?,ouItrJ- wtv a?K>uta, J th"y ,iaT" Wn for lwu w**<? kevs JiJEhy WM VV7 *??*. eep*cl?llT tnrJ,' II. wb wer* sp,1,n* 'or an average cf Th-tf? bont 40 cenu P'r P??nnd for the be.?t. ?hrn?n'!?? ,h?' a ***** dwU of Po?ltr?- wax 0 >nu>m?rket the week preceding ('bnetmas. and dealers were forced to cell ,ow 10 * " ? >"??* from loss. Very ll-.l""," come io market since, and yesterday turkeys Thlh? **"% .Bl cents per lb Tfcebiiikof tn# stock in market to-dav wa* brought from Baltimore. wSk'^l A"nMonday nighl wm R p"?taella, on Capitol ?i <1 robbed of a trunk containing about ?*<> * um?!B'y' j*w*,r'r' a?d Other articles ^d reer lLSnd,? Cal,a?hil,,'0f th<> ' "h <'? ?VlTn r information upon which Henry Campbell, colored, was arrested as the princis^mmifIi!?ia?<!i ^m**1,ne Kapman and Anns ' oolored, for receiving the stolen prop. ,I,V? r?D 'n t,Kation it was ascertained r SL ? . Wa" bnrnt and ,be contents conh ?ra.1 w P?rt'on WM found under tht If,. oT th? hoUf.e occupied bv the females They were taken beforv Justice "Walter, wht committed them to jail for court. +* t"k Skatih? Pond has been cleared o; fiJLT' ,f '? fln,> condition for skating (?rea. pains are taken by the mHnager* to catei for the enjoyment of the skating lraternitr. IT? RK ^ 'cm.icak Association will meet a nion league Hall to-morrow evening. Sf< advertisement. " ? ?? CITY- ITKJIS. 1 < pm* not, friends, to sreal away your hearu 1 am no orator, as Brutiin is. 1 only speak right on to let yon know that Hecnin? still sells cloth, m* for one price only, on the corner of Sev. etith street and Maryland avenue. I?R. Whit*, Chiropodist. 424 Penn. ar? be. *w>en4jf aiiO flth streets. tiontinnes the sue. cessful treatment of corns, bunions, bud nails enlarged joints, warts, mules, vascular ex credences, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. m. t< 5 p. m., a:.u 6 to 8 p. m. Established Ib61. e ! ',w*-ST,Tr?KI>Boots made to order, and s Itood fit warranted for *10; pegged boot-, *-) .nsrom-made 'tore boots, kip boot., foi ? J to *o; Heiibron Jt Brother's, sw . eventh street, one door sou;h of Odd t el. lows' llali. >op. ( fmlulains and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price ?| per bottle iu ?S rt J\! 4J4 ,Vnn*Flvan'* avenue, between *b streets. A Surk Pilk Cf urn ? l>r. (iilbert's Pile id strument positively cares the worst cwe> o piles S>eut by mail onreceiptof fl. (Jircn .rtrs fre?v Sold by drugeists. Agents wanted everywhere Address.!. B. Romaiue. Mana ger, No. 5Broadway, New York. 3?< M. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. < JtmrttII. ,'no.) AhNUAL (Jmnrtiimuw,. BALL or THI JOl BSKVMEN BOOK-BIN0KK8' SOCIETY AT OI>D FELLOWS' BALL, 7Tn STBIKT, MOMDAV EVENING, JAHUABY ?th, l^bT The >oci?'ty, in announcing to the public # ? Mr ANNUAL BALL, teg tesve to state ^4 ^ Jk . ' ai t' K'lt.whicb the attentioii /rlk i;' . ?H",:mi"* * or m^ney c?n com I" * ni?i.d will be made available for tfae conifor^lT? of our friends on the above occ?si?? t those w ho have favored us with their .re. enoe at fornei eateitainrLeijts, we would ? thl from the preparations in hand we have everv d.cntlon of making this afair as pIfM^nt an a"y 0f 0Ur pr,Tl0B# to sit'f o CoM,,"D mi,,C bM Uen e"0?ed for tL tmv f*T.T WU' b* furnish<><5 e*perlence R^rreeh?ents in attendance. Tickets, 92 admitting a gentleman and ladlet Committee of Arrwffmeiu.*. J.B DuBaat, V. B. Bishop. t'a vlti' . A. ?. Hnllett, ? *7' James T. Ucdowaa. jan !-*>? BAND PBI/K MASyUKNADl. THE FIFTH "ANNUAL BALL *a BfBSCBlPriOkl PBl/.B MAS- A VtKKADI QB THE HABMoBY oibclb CDD FHLLOWS'HlL^TTH STBEET Hnh?Vo VEBINO, January lUh. 187 tU and 4h" *P?0,h |^, V* to call s lA!*", Pennsylvania avenue, and obtsi tiinln Tp No tickets can be ob d?!?,%ni y.ur4*r ?n th*evcnin*of the B'?. ~ boarding: F^.,B1NT7uA "lnb? of Furnished BtOMd Ut*wii .BH'thoutBOABU, at No. 384 4th ?t. "~l-*adJL de si atF able1t5 .bk?OOM,?,Md.BOABD o? 'woa 1.^0^PaiSffmi applying immediatelg at Nc '"ff.'yy- r?"Mjnrv7i.y^ ;m 1 WHh Dfeaaant*ltim c?n be accommodate* a*1249?tfT^., MOMA"',k or without board de? Jf " 'b0t- * ,n<1 a- *?f?ences required ( )NB FBONT PA BLOB, WITH~BOABD FOI Pari*?0w?S^*irwifr " SW>*r mf"?th Bacl above i.Ith st " for ,W?' * F?R<?a RnTrA *0E*I8HED BOOM,wit BOABD, in a private fnmilv, wheie therear no other boarders. Front room, M floor,saitabl 81h APPly Immediately at ko. 34' itt -treet, Wetweeu I and K. deSS-t-o3t* WINOLI OBNTLEMEN. OB OENTLBMlti KOOMB,tlfnrnWL!?*' C*? b?* acco??OdJitel witl BOOMB, fornisfaed or unfarnisbed. with ton. b?th hot and oold water. At .No *10 Bridge street, Oeorgetown. no jS-im* TAd!" aorti>Bnf ?h?Wo 4?4 ?treel.a fev aosth ,OTtt ?f U* ,mat T* d!%y personal. ^bkjtraw?itun1t,,r,c " the infer, *Tr d*y ,ou n**"'; describe life .^d i!ifc221f?*IO,,,i,*?d t"11* *" event, o fM.i. in ? .1 ,on,f*? visitors. La lies 6 i?tv ?? v S^tlemen in fall ?1. Call at 4 7 ( " e 31 im'*r r' *" h#urf u"til' ln theevVnipg y0H ' 'iB'rea reliable remed' I()A? T?Ri?pH>on DB v*LPA0'8 PBBIOD a nrre^nflr,1irLB*T?r.f*iUnf ren,<Mly removjn l'"? andol.stmctlons, T? MA RBI El LADIES it Is pecnliariy will. In ashor tit ufnHan0 t ' mo",h,3r with regnlar bV5 7 T drop* sheald not be takei nlacf i th?./ th" ni,t Jhr"- ?- nths of pre* T; lJT?ly"riV9b^u,ftk*B 9tb at,d Mth. Islaad B dXT,*?" ?^ADIE? LOOK AT TUIS^ ~~ " gi?.7/'lLiW Stn CVFFS Q IVES AW A Y. pt amr tso koom 3".'loj?r m! ,h* 0haai i';1"' ^ 'stiow sou ;?.st s *b? abuvT at D<1 U?'or?d O?tton fo 1?n o" "?nArfe^.n^twenTy de " rf"iCiU~ *l'? ?* cost. Q H I N A~~H~ A L L . (341 Pean'a a venae. Bstablished 18XT.? MHW GOODS. PnachikdB-7*/r*?t rartety; V^hJW cers. Mm*. ^iuerJ <-?.V V7 *,d ??n sale or retail ** ?> bonght.wbele Btoneware at factor* pricee At H ^ T PDBEBLt. A anN. i !!?ZEi2%L"iI. er''"' r,v9 AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. BERET A WALL PBOPBlBTORf H. B. PHILLIP*- BTA91 MAN AUK E TUESDAY BVBN1NG, J AN DART 1, Mr. V. 8. CHAHFKA47 DINBBKABY AMD BIB BKWH1B, 01 B AMBBIOAN COUSIN AT HOMB. And In th" Imitation fust of the WIDOW'S VICTIM. PbIOES. Private Boxes, #8; Orchestra Chairs, $1: Drsi Circle, 7( ednt.: Parqnette, #0 centa; Family On cle, 25 ce?t?:Color*d Circle, S6 cents. THCBBDAT JANUARY 3. I*6T, Houck anlt's LONG 8TR1KI, With the celebrated Telegraph Scene. It NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenue. naar Wlllards' Hotel. A HAPPY NBW YBAB. f< rood Might of the B--nns%e>?meQt with MB. JEFFBRBON, for POSITIVELY Til BBB NIGHTS ONLY,lor tfa purpose of ptesentiug htm in his great origim character of SALEM SCUDDBR. in Boucicault l'rema of the OCTOBOON. which h*? Deen fo many days la prepar? which will be pre duc<-<t ?ttb all the origtual Offer ta endScenery. ii eluding the thrilling at.a lo-autlful ?peciality < tiie piece the Put ii in* Rto?n>l>oat THIS AFTERKOON. GRAND HOLIDAY MATINEE. >ATIO>AL THEATRE. BfA! ni>v, A Uai-le\ Proprietor MAX MAB?TZ(KN ; QKAND IT At I a N OPKBA VOB BIGHT NIGHTS, AND ONI MATINEE. on THI BSPAY. .TTNUIRY 2 1 S67 , ? GRAND OPENING NIOflT. Kirxt arpearance of ?h<> w<>rld renowned Lyr ''"median, GIOUOIO RONCONI Vk'tifo wilt be produced for the first time. thk most sn rrsuKnL or all modeb OOM1C OPERAS, CRT8P1N0 I LA OOMABE, (TVe Cobbler and the Pairy,) With a ciwit une<m?l*>d on the Oporatic Stage. HiM C'l AltA LOUISE KELLOiU. Miss FANNY STOCKTON. fcignor RNBIOO TRSTA. Bignor F BELLI NT. fcignor ANTONNI'CCI. GI0B310 BONOON CONDUCTOR Signer TORRIAN ON FRIDAY EVEMNG, JANUARY 4, Verdi's tii' at celebrated mid pornlnr Opera, IL TBOVATOBE. With an unparalleled >*nd Oreat Oa*t First appearance of the celebratea Lyric Trae dienne, l Sennora OA RMEN TDCU, Madame NATA1.1 TE<TA I 8guor MA/ZOLENI ; Siguor BELLINI. ' Sisnor FO^SATT CONDUCTOR OABL BE RUM A! ON ?ATUBP % Y KVKN1N0 JANUARY -V ! V irst time of Meyerbeer'* romantic and GRAN HI'KCTaCULAR Oi' ERA . ; TUB STAR OP THK NotiTfl, (L'KtHledn Nord,l With entirely new an4 costly Ureases end Appoln Dients. Military Band, acd an l'ne<inelled C?st. Katlieriita Mini O. L Kell?t f Praacovia ?...Misa A. M. Banc I'nnilowitz Signer Bar^a J Griticnko Signer Belli petero Sign or Antonnuc Natalia Madame Fbui F.cbiMioi>a....? Madame Ricar< Oiorgio Skavr<>a*k) Siguor Herna*< ? 7-maelofT.. Signer Voald? Kermelofl Hicnor MuH< uainaldo BigiiorManci ON MONDAY EVENING IANUABY 7. First time of Uerold'x celebrated grand roiuant Opera. / A M T A . OB. THB MARBLE RRIDE, With an inimitably Creat ca?t Fall particular! of which In future ad vertisemen PB1CBS OF ADMISSION. General Admission fl I huice Seats secured in advance,(extra) 1 Oal I e ry ....... .................. ?-. Private Boxe* 15 SUBSCRIPTIONS, For the entire a*a?on of Bight Night* will be r cfivt-d at W O MBTZEBOTT'8 MUSIC ST0B1 MONDAY, December .list. The regular sale of Tickets for Single Perforr arci will commence od Tuesday Morning- Jan ary 1 neM-tJ i i^ANCY DRESSES AND COSTUMES d r For Tableaux and Private Parties Apply to MBS. PRANK BEA. de J7 6t* 44? l"th dtreet. pBOPS. J. W. A H. P. KBEIS' DANCING ACADEMY, Pennaylvanla avenne, bet. 8th and 7th sta . Jj Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Ql 1 _?nr Academy is now open for the receptian Pupils. A select class Is now forming on We. , nesday afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock, for the who cannot attend our regular classes. Circula can be had at J. F. Bills "and W. G. Metierott Co/s Mnalc Storea. The Hall can be rented for Bolreea, Ac. Ltajuand Hours of Tuition : For Ladies,^Misses and Maaters, Tuesday at Thn rsday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen's Classes. Tuosday and Thursday ev nlngs, from 8 to 10 o'clock. For farther Information, apply duriag the boa of tnitlon, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first leseon. ae i (VT ABINI'B FASHIONABLB DANCIN i"I ? ACADEMY, AT a* MABINI 8 A8SBMBLT BOOMS, M E, between ?th and ltfth streets, JB This academy Is now open far the recap-Hli tloa of pupila. Dajs and honra af tnitlon for young ladle minces and masters Tueedays, Thursdays and 8a nrday s, from 3 to 6 p. m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, same evening N B ?Private inatrnctlon given to solt the coi venlence of the pupil. sett (i EORGETf?WX A I ) V1;R'MT> Y^OBTH knowing. It is worth knowing that the greateet Bargaii are to be had at MILLBB'S CHBAP DBY GOODS STOBB, 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. D 0. He has just received a large stock of Bleachi Bhlrtlnga and Sheeting, at lower prlcee than th< have 1 een aold ilac? the war Hle?i b> d Muslin at 13H and 16 ct*.;good yard wide do., y>eta., ai the be*t makes at 2b and 30 centa. Sheetings ai Pillow Cottona very cheap. Brown Muslins, 12 and is eta , yard wide do. 18and ju eta. Merrlmac and ether best makes Calico. 20 eta Fine AI Wosl French Merino, fl Winter Drees Goe generally, embracing Pepllns, Empresa Cloth Plaids. Detainee Ac ,at cost. Sbawl? Blmket Flannels, Cloths ana Caaalmeres, Gloves at Hosiery, at nnuanally low prices. Call and examine hlsetock _de313W BENJAMIN MILLBB. HYACINTH BULB8, single or doable; al* Hyacinth Glaases, for sale by ? F. M. LA7ENBY, . Ho. 124 Bridge street, da 71 8t Georgetown. D. 0. {J O A L 1 COALII AT GRBATLT REDUCED PBICES. hand and are constantly recetvii direct from the mines, via Philadelphia at Te*rbe? (1uX;iarge ot ??'L ?< ? Gross ten. of j lbs delivered in any part the city at the following prices: Lecnat Monntain. Chestnut. W. A , ?7.J8. A ?*ber sizes and unalltiea of White Ash, except L high, at $H 30. from the following minea, viz: L 5?f.t. Mountain. Baltimore Co. ?, Boston Bu lA ilkeabarre Coal and Iron Co., Plymouth Co ' i.S -.^'"mond Vein and Lykena Valley Bod As Lebish 9*. Cumberlaad Coal, ran of mine, $7. Cumberland Lump Coal, 3o. OAK i>ad PINK WOOD, of the vary best 'i*alit constantly on haud. 5"P furnish Coal by the cargo at the lows Pbilsulelphia prio -a. N?w it the time for families to pnt In their wi: ter 'a supply. Orders will be received at onr office. 46ft 91 street, between B and F, or at our wharf, at fo a of 7th street. jle4 tf J1BOWN A SON, ^JOLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOMBB LT1NG IN ASYLUM, Fourteenth street ,(eircie,)corner of M street, Waahlngton, D. 0. This Institution baa been established for the r eeptlon of aatlents who may be aafferlag from di eases peculiar to their sex and for the admisaio of ?noh females as may require the Oomfarts of tl lying in chamber. . .. The bnilding la altaated In the most healthy pe tlon of the District, anrronnded by its om grounds. Cars pasa the door every Ave minutes. Terms of admission : From $t> to 410 per wee! fn accordance with the reom required, payable I advance. This Includes Board, Medlafaes, Met leal and Snrglc*! attendance. M * D JO A~L BTAFF. BUBGBON IN CHIBF. ^ J. H THOMPSON, V D., ??o"^ktMiSTKPnHe^ United BtateeVrmx. M* ? ' b'r?#on ?*n#" ^8%SVLBMBDM.rr/^3; Wa.hl.tton , S'bJ I Mm h itafHln to lh? m* M la Ikb k, ltal, (of which there are 30,?oan be obteined i the Burgee* In chief at this olBee, 194 I street.? ?J **dlc?1 atalfaM of the Be vs. Dr Hall.Gurley. Gillette, and Coombs. t Wivee and wldowa ef aoldtera deal ring admissls will apply to the Burgeon Geaeral, United BUti army. 1 Patients llvlnt at a distance whe desire to oen ti to thi. laatltation for treatment ess eecare priva1 room, bg applying by latter to the matron of U " PIABOB. I LA BOB Aaaortment of Btelaway A Bon lanoe have JOJt beea received Also,. ? iano Stocks and Covers For sale at fao- ,9E to*y pricee at the warerooms of ITtVT de7 W. G, MBTZBROTT A 00. WANTS. U iMTID-A LADNI?BK?rWvr^n?^1??V? , * * ?itk?at (be best of refereeoe* Call at N > J3.? T etrret. bet. 17th aad IHk ?ti. j?al-Jt* j A L? t OuK W~A NT II) FOR A Kl^Tv > ' * RANT?A ?h)t* ? (nil of middle age,can 1 n a place .timed a ely at No. 'J'2X P*no?yl j VSLle avcLne, \? tltari ' Hotel. t _- '"* i ERG080N A 80LLIVAN._ j \\>'AN 1 ItD?1 y a c >mpetent won n a SIT I' A i TION a* ci.i.k in a pfinttfkniMr.rittij- I rant or hoarding house. She und?r?tand? h*r j I r.-ine"? thorough* y, and has the beet of refer- j encee. I'lea>e addrras a net* to Box No. 'J3 Mar Off ce. aDd the ad vertUer will call '* 1 St | r. A lOUO MTNWANTBD IN A DAl'ktY-Yo j fa feed an<i lend to twenty-owe cows. Mu?tb?a man ?.f steady Mid sober habits. and one who is not alraid of work Highest wsee* given. Apply immediately to PH. L BROOKS. B*j., or B. END hE8. one aad a half miles above Georgetown, on J the Tenally town road,for farther information. ' WANTBD?Agoo* GIRL, (odo general hon*e work for a ?mall family. Apply 4*i? <>th atreet, hot ween D and B. deSl-tt* 1 ,e %V ANTED?Tw? WOMEN. to go 25 mile? in the il "" country?one a- c>ok, the other aa nnrre .md r >a seamstress. Beferenres required. A Catholic ,r Church\ery war. Apply at a?6 H ?t. de 31 3t* t \\ A RTBD?Two communicating ROOMS, with ( >, '? Board, in a private family, by a gentleman, ? wife and child, betwe? n 19th and ?Jd Uree'e and I 1 and F streets. Address, for on* week. Dr W. B , 1 Btar Office deHI-St 11/ ANTED?B> a c?mp< t-nt tetcber. a number t '* ot PCPIL8 to study the Languagea, i Greek and Latin.) Adsree? X, Star < ffice. de 2i St < ll/ANTED-A FURBISHED HOOSB Within < ' ' tl.e a-e a oi 10th nail Sith. Pennsylvania avenne and 1 street Address B. L A . '^U f st de T* 3t* WAKlib-A feu fuod PENMEN. aa canru- ! eera for a Directory Address, in own band- 1 writing. Muting la.-t employment aud references. W.H. B , t hi a oilice. de V) :U W A NT ED-A WHITE WOMAN tor genen.1 1 housework, one who ia a good c m*, waab- ' er and ironer, with recommendation* * K. CHaNI'LKK. Vermont avenue. between M and

? N . near 14th atreet. frame cottage in a vard. i de .9 tr , WANTKD-Three of tiia L.a?t M aCUINBOP- 1 KBATOK8 for Grover A 1> >ker. Wheeler A Wilson, and the Florence Machine*. Nona but conipttrnt l aud* need ?pply. Oo>d wa(i-i. At t the Cheap ftamplng Rooms, 4 39 9th atreet, oppo i ?lte Patt-Dt ttthce. , STAMPING at half price I Oreat R?dnctiou in STaMPBO G90D8 1. likAlUand \\OBKlNG OOTTON. de2? lw 11/ANTBD?New and Cast off CLOTHING, old i " t.OLl) ?nd blLVKK.or aa> uther article of < value, at the eld 9'tahliHhed Merchant Pawn I i oker'a f'tore ot B F L' LT?.?N A CO., 302 9tb at., 3 Ooora n. ith of Pennn avenue 6 gole Acontfor H1NUBK> KKWING MACHINE. < tie 22-ly ? l4'7 ANTKD?100 L Vl)I KS immediately, ta "aaf v hroider Tokea Hand*, Wrapper Yok<??, Kun, uel Hkirta. Slipper*, and Initini*. To Kood bandi J who tiring cample ot work, gwod ?a<ta and con" stnnt eniplo) w nt giTen. Cull at the oewgttmp ' 1 UK Roxtn. 4.S9 9th *tr< et. nppoaite Patent Office T, f?TA M PING reduced to F1VK centa per width, 1 D deistf. 1VT ANTED?10 OOO LA DIBS to know that at " ttiNew BtarnpiiiK K" m?. 4 3") 9tb ?tr>;?-t,op- ( t pawite Patent i)rtii e. they cau tind the h?-at Neiertcd asuortiiK-nt ot Pattern>? ever o(fere<l here for f? Cloaka, capea. Aprona. .loaeya. Walsta, k B?nda. Wrappera. Slipper* Pincnshiona and ini ' tiald Alao. desisna for Pillow (Jaa>-a Ottomans, j Chair Cos-era. Pianoa. and. In ahort, every variety ? of Pattern* h? they are daily t*8ued. We bate a rr French Marhfne and a Piactiaal Stamper, and ?' have leisured tiie price to -II FIVE CENTS PER WIDTH. ?n We make and *tainp <iny pattern brought ua. i*r Kraid*, Silk and Working Ootton very low. ut de l< tf WANTKD? A HOUSE, contairitug fro-n 7 to 9 Roomaand Hall, in good lepair. within tlir-e I fourthaof a mile of the Poet Offlc? and north of ] Pa. a?<.uue. Rent not to exceed J450 per month. HENRY B SEARLE. t? de IStf Architect, cor. 7th and W at*. WANTBD-8ECOND'HAND rCBNTTOBB Alao MIRRORS.CARPET8. BROS. BED I> 1N O and Hol'BEKCRN 1SH IN(i GOODS of ever* ifr description. B BUCHLY. 40t> 7th street. . '? j'-efl-tf between^", and H.eaat Mde g; 'LOST AND FOUND. n- I F THB THiEF OB THIEVES that entered < ij. I the r? aidence of D. J . Cox, No. 4 4 0 (ith st.,on batnrday eveatng, December XH. will retarn the Plicto^rapha and the Picture, tney can k??p the Album and other thin^a or. If all are left at the 8ihip?on Hont-e, corner loth at. and Penn. av?nue, will receive 31" reward, and no question* asked A*! j tin BKWABD ?L<?8T, on the Slat ultimo, i 0 I " about 5 o'clock p. m., suppo-ed to be dropped In the cara while going fr<jm 7th at. and Peun. avenu? to 7th and K atreeta north, a Brown L Morocco PORTEMON A I E. coutaliilne 4 ten dollar bi I Is, S Ave dollar bllla. aud aoiue private pa \ per* of no valne except to the owner The al>ove ?? reward will be paid for their rvturn to U. B. j! 8TOKE8, Boom 4 3, Third Anditor'a office, Treaanry Department. if ( ra ^TRA~YED OR STOLEN, on Saturday. Dec. 39th, two MOLKB: one a mouse-color one a dark brown. A liberal reward will be paid to any one who will return them, or give information eo that 1 can get then, to VI M a,reet, Ialand. id de31 -2t* JOHN A. Dk LaVBBGNB. ^ 1 RBW'aBD.?Stolen from 8. P. Brown a j V'J Carriage, on I atreet. Bear Hth en the JOtli 1 luatant, a larue donble AFGHAN Itwaaaflae knit worated rwbe, eue *ide in variegate<l atrlpe*, in abont rt incbaa wide, the other aide a.^me width atrip, plain colera, trimmed with long variegated ? fringe. 8. P. BROWN, _^e 31-St 464 9th atreet. L1 08T?On Wedneeoay laat. on La. awe., between * 4'2 and 8th| street*, a lady 's dark Fitch Fnr 1 TIPPBT. A reasonable reward win be paid if re- 1 turned to Ho. 9 Lomaiana aveune. de 29 St* j nPAKBH UP B8TBAT?COWS. The owner will t- A pleaae come forward, prove property, pay cbargta, and take them away. JOHN FBI/.ZBL, - Btone House, near the Little Falls <te 29 St* j '' | OST-On the night of 27tk laotant, a GOLD ' . Li HANDKKBOHIBF HOLDBB. conalatlag of 1 - band, ring and chain. The finder will be saltably i J rewarded by leaving it at Bo. 1*J9 Weat atr**et, ' Georgetown. de 2h n* I OST?On the 90th inat.. a well grown black aet 1-i ter PCPPT, with ahort tail, abont s months 1 old. A suitable reward will be paid for his retnrn 1 to No. ft Indiana avenue, opposite City Hall. de 29 M* JOHN B PBYTOH. I OST?Between the Treasury Department and Ml 1 i yth atreet, on the avenae, a FUR OOLLAB. y (MINE.) The tinder will be liberally rewarded is, by leaving it at No 37 3 Penn avenna, between ! ju 4>? and 6th sta,. or at Mr. PRATT 8 Boom, Tre^aJ-l nry Department de?< St* I STOLEN FROM THB 8UB8 JBIBBB-Two I [1. C3 NOTES.drawn in her favor hy Pat'k Laney, 1 1. each dated Aug >0. IMo, for $2i3 H ea<h. p?ya able reap- etively alx aud twelve mouth* after a* date wltn interest. The pnblic are cautioned against a negotiation of theee note*. 1 10 de 21 eo*t* MABGABET MEANNY. | &OA REWARD?Stolen on the night of the COll 13d otlleptember from the premises of ~ George Jones. Bear Bladensburg, a dark browa . HOBCB, marked C. 8 and I. C.; medium aixe, 1 mane and tall aomewhat annbnrnt; haa a roan | ncse. The above reward will be p?id If returned ' to GEO. JONB8, i oc J Hyattavllle, Prince George'a Co., Md. j ^ ICEBI PI8BA8B8. \ SAMARITAN'S GIFT! 3 SAMARITAN'S QIFTt 4 THB MOST CBBTA1N BEMBBY BVBB UBED ie "Yee, A PoetTiw* fer , , GONORRBOtA, OLMMT, STRICTURES, 01 Contains no Mineral, ao Balaam, no Meronry. II Only Ten PiUa f b? JUm U Kftci a Cirt. < e- They are eaUrely vegetable, bavlag no smell not 1 - any nnpleaeent taste, and willnot ia anv way la ' n, ,nre the stomacher bowels of the moetdelioaU. < *, enree la from two to four days, and recent caeei 1 b, in "twenty lonr hon?. Prepared by a graduat 1 of the Uuirersity of PenMyljanla, ene of the mos. eminent DoctorsaadChemisto of theareeeatday; Ht Bent by nail In a plain envelop# Price?Male packages, #2. Female, SI. " BLOOD t BLOOD! I BLOOD!II ' th gcBOFCLA, ULCBB8. 8OBB8, 8P?T8, L BxHA&lTAtra ROOT AND HMB-B JUICM ' Ia offered the public as a positive care. 1 0YPHIL18 OR YBNBBKAL DISEASES, the J ' SAMARITAN'S BOOT AND HBBB JUIOB Iss 1 aioet potent, certain aad effectual remedy ewer pre- 1 scribed; It reaches and eradicate* every particle of the weneT?al poison, so that the enrols thorough acd permanent. Take, then,of thla purifying rem e- edyandbe healed, and do not transmit ft tS your 1 s- posterity that for which y3? may repeat la aflm I te J9mn' DO HOT DE8PAIBI r. ZoVZTjn'isrt&om i rn will remove ewery westlge of Impurities from th* ! iS?KiSS^?St!^!S?sf,'%i ] SAMA BIT AN *8 WASH 8. is,ta oaaee of Syphilis, ased laooanaoUoa with the 1 J. Boot aad Herb Jaleee. 1 Full directions. Prloe SB oenta. J The efficacy of thee* remedies la alike acknowl- 1 : j "" im gaytuftpy ?" , Post Bospitax, Foet Maesbaxl, Baltimore, J * Md., Feb. SO, 18Ft.?"1 have areat aattafaotlaa in 1 ?( statin< that I have ased 'The Bauiarltaa Beinadles' 1 >r for Veneral diseases In Its moat oustomary forms; 7 *. that I haveBsedtAem wlthjodipsent, dieoretioa, 4 Mid properly, and, haw* found them respond to my i ? anticipattMS aromaUy and aSaotaally. Kaowing I M their com peel ttoa, Imts the ralleet oonAdenoe ia 1 5 ( j ; I IA COMPLBTB 8BT OB BBOOND-HAND s 1 j mMwicsur ' FOR SALE AND RENT. h'OE BBBT?Twooi four unfurnished BOOMS, communicating. ?ii.t*blfc ( r k ig. Sprit at '>01 L sir?e?, between 9th and 1A h ool d? i?bb jrhoixl It* FOB EBBT-HOUsE on talking fo^r r#om? an I kttciirn. with gi- and water. N?. 41 l>snb%r "D't'W. Owrt?t,,wB, Apply >pp>?iie No 54. U |ti ytriMiUi j?I B* l/OB KENT?A It HICK HOUSfc. I rooms. stable r end cell kr, t*ii 7?ta street west. t etw??n H m l I etr?eta north. Inguiie at the Oigar 8t?re. No. f'iS 7th street. j* 1 St* H'0BRENT-0?>TTA<.E oetsining eight mom, on 1 bet*tfn 1\ tU'i St. f mmedlately CLAOETT * >VMIHT. B<a E-tat? Amu, j* l-10t No. 4 Htrkitflpu* L>OB BIM-J BONT ROOM handsomely for I m*h<d. or unfurnished. on Penu itrnnc, h??;? een nth end 7th street* ?est. No in. Ce'S p*-* he ?io?r even three minutes. CJonvente-t 'or Ink# in the Departments je 1 5t* f H"'Oh~fiLI-A splenoi.i HuMI-IlAL}, ot OOrSTKY KlAT. -ituated bvtve*n W a - a re ton and Bladensburt. containing thirty e<re?, n.?roVbd with (ilr(>tlt Dwelling House of t?>'lft corns, and tenant house ef four roonis; b*rn, table and other out building- of -very deecrlpI'D. f i ?pri ng. Ice pond, ico heuee. largo orchard >f w*11 selected fruit Id word. everything ca1-ulaifd to make a plea-ant homo, not nirr than ;wo ii:i 1 w> from tbo city limit*, and wver a g > >d md. Thr above place will bo sold on accomm vlatjng i*-rit is, or traded for good city property veil lo rated For price. term-. and other Information, la mire >f JOHN T L1GHTBR. 476 7th it.,in 'be ..(tee >f A J Dietrtck.or addres- p O Box **21. jal St* L'OR RENT?Two Fl I.OOM5 .n second floor, cemra unicating. suitable for housekeeping. Apply at 224 oth street, oet?rm M act N. dr 31 Sl*_ fj^OR BENT-HOUSE No 47 0 , 7tU street. be tween B and Maryland aveiue, couta'Olng >even reomi, water ami gas lUcit $JS per month. Apply at So. 57*. y d* Si St* I^OB BBNT?Heod*oit,rly ?CRNISUED BOOM, in a new hoof*, with privilege of l ath r?oui; irill be r>-tt?-d singly or with Parlor <onimuni-aitr.e. Apply 574 H street north, between ith Mid Stb sts. de SI St* LH)B RBBT-A largTSALOttB PAKCoR tir r niahed with new Bt use?-lscarpet and new fcrni lure, suitable for thre. or four gentlemen Board i! desired. Inquire at ISb Mmi, avenue, near fth treet. de St ?t* I^OB K*NT?A new an 1 comfortable 7KAMK I HOUSE iu First W .rl containing ail rooms. iMtli wafer at<d gas, aituatt-d on Jith street, be tween L and M ntreeta. No. lit. lnjuire next lo?r. doSISt* L-OR KENT - A rOBMCBBD HOlBI of t7n I reoma lor rent, the o cniant will take h>?rl r< r part payment ln<i?ir>? ^76 B atreot. third 1onr Irotn id atreet, iu the rear of 8t Chtriei Hotel. da.ti-St* REhTAL'BANT EOB B&LB-Tbe l.K \8E, (W'U MILL, and ri KNlTI Kfc known aa (iieen'a Kett?hrnnt, c< r#> r 8th aud E atreet*. one jf the oldest and bent located Ma rids 111 the City. Iteaecn for *elli ng, the proprietor being en -iging in another bnalt, aa. Apply on the preoiiaea. de 31 eo.1t* I/OK BENT?lour UN K( BNI8I1 K t) tOUMS. suitable for housekeeping; 49^ L at , bet. ?th ac<l lUth. ! 2;i Jt* IV<>B KENT^OnV TRAMK and one BBICK ' STABLE One do top HO'ilil for sale, at No. Alt) K< rth M at., l<ot ->th and yth ata. Si* F,OK KENT-8 1 ORE uext to corner 2oth street and Pa. aveure. now o curie'. .? a shoe atere. IDijiilre of H IN N AGE .4 LUTTBKI.L deSPSt* TfOOK TllhEBK0BN18UEU OB U Ml B N18HKO BOuMS lor rant, two on lower fl or connecting, with c >oking a'ore, at No. <??l l> btieef, between ljth and iSth. de ? St* I^OR BENT?A ?n.all FRAME HOU*>B, codI taining fuur roonis, fituaw d on Ka<ette street. Ser>rgftow n, D. C. ApplyJ.A BLUB I>ON . 1 I -J Bri<lire street. de ? St" F'OB KENT-A BRI(JK Hi>USE. sltuatel <,n H street, between 3d and SI street", cont?i nlng i , oonia. with gas throughout. In mire Hevtdoor. de2y-St* L. U K Sa LE?Two K KA M K ~HoT MEM on M^-nt gomery ?t.. Ix-t. Dnnbsrton and B**ll sts., 81) rront feet, 90 10< t deep. lu^ui.e No. bO. O"oreo l< wn. de in St* L^OB BENT-One large KBON'T~b7uM. Tur I il?hed, suitable for two or thr?-e gentlenen Ma. 41 Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th treet". deTi St* L'CB BKNT?Very ch>ap. two new two-?tory r UOUsES on north O street _ Q STARR A CO.. de 29 ..U 4***" ; 7th street, bet D and E. I/UBNI8HBD B90M8 at 4US E str^etTbetween 1 thaudt th. t'ooking Stove for housekeeping I; wanted Ga?. Hydraut. and lockup for fuel; i~: ' 'efor family or single gentlemen, det# St* ROOMS KOK KKHT-Cheip, to good tenants Also, two brick HOl'fES, now in cocrs- of Diiish.six rooms each to good tenants cheap for a term of years. Apply ?t Delaware avenue, two s.jnares north of the Capitol. de w lw* 1,'OB SALE-Several deeirable building LOTS 1 in different tactions of the city. Terms, jl->i down, and *10 p?r month for the remainder For particulars, call or address BOOAN A WYLIE, so. 3*29 7 th ttrset. deS9-aolm* f^VR RENT ? A Two-story Cottage Frame HOUBB. contalblng six room . situated on N street north, between 14th and 15th streets west, having a good front and back yard: rent 9Ma month, payable in advance lmairo of Be. 374 Uth street, between L and M streets north de M St* J. P. HILTON. L"OB BENT?Large STOBB, with gas and water, 1 No. 340 B street, between 12th and litlists. Inijnire at Paint an4 Oil Ptoro, next door. de X 6t' WM. BUTHBBFOBD. Drug store for sale -a drco store of ju years standiatr, with tixtures complete; sew stock, oorner store, good location, and best of reasons for selling. Terms easy. Inonlre 0f STARR A CO., 7th street. Boom No. 13. de 26-2w* L'OB BENT-A new brick STOBE and DWBLLl INQ, with six r??ma. on Virginia avenue, between 1st and 2d street* w-at, opposite the New Market ; first rate place tor a cl ihin^' store, or prodace and variety store. Bent of wholo bnild ng $21 JO per month In.uireat Lumter Yard, corner Md. ave. and Caual. d> 2o-tft* FOB SALB?(Only 99inj cash, the balance can be paid in monthly instalments of each >? lew two*story 6 room HOUSE with passage, aid" uxl ba< k all>-y, Ac., sitnatel No, 640 0 street, near New Jersey avenue. STARR A 00, del*-5w* 49MH 7th street, near E. FOB BENT?The FABM, for I be last three years the residence of Major Theephllus Gaines. conliating of ISO acres, lying near Fort Maban, 1 mile "roni Beuning's Bridge. Improvements, dwelling Douse of 11 rooms, stone stable, Cervanfa houses, >arn. Ac Address "B. 8.," 437 B street. Waabi gton, D. C.,or call in person, betweeu S and 7 a. n. oclVtf KABB CHANGE?For immediate sale, one of the best located small corner store GBOOEHIES in the city. Stock and Fixtur.-s new. Apply immediately, by letter, to A. B. G.,City Post vfiice. no 26 tf j70B~BENT-The STOBBBOOH corner of Pa. I avenn<- and 11th street west, in tbe Star Office Building, formerly occupied by W Q. Meti-rott is a nuisi- store, and recently as the office of tbe National Bxpress office Apply to C. B. BAKER, Star Office. de 20-tf F'OR BENT?Two large and cosatnodious BOOMS (one a front room) on eeooud floor, coutmumrating> handsomely furnished and plesMantly sit sated, at Mo. ^3 Penn'a avenue, between Ulst and 3d streets. dell-eotf hj^OB BALE OB BENT?H003E sltuaWI oi South 0 street. Mo 449, t>etween and 6th its.. Island. Inquire of Justice BOS WELL, No. IT3 4* st. del7-eolB* l/OB BINT OR LBASB - Tbf well-known II WHITE HOUBB or BlLLVoIB. and the 9PPOB8UM NOBB FISHERIES,on the Potomac -Iter. Either or both of them will be rented or eased for one or m -re years, and if not disposed >f by ar before the 10th of January. 1867, the privlege to fish them will be sold for cash, for one or no-* seasons, on that day at 11 in., at the auction ere of Jae. 0. McGuira A Co. W ood may be Imd it a reasonable rate on either estate. Apply to 3EO. 11. BOHBBB, Agent for Sarah Otter back, I?ecntrl?. de 8-StawtJan iu U'OB RENT?Tbe PBOPBRTT known^s^The I Commercial Building I oca tee on La ave., kdioinlug the Central wnardhonee. The building lae a tront of abont 60 feet, aqd a depth of 170 feet, unning through from the evenne to Canal st [tbaa lately been vacated by the National * ress Company. Far terms apply to WH. H. PHILIP 40 La. tve., near 4th st. uo SO eotf L^OR BENT?Two large aad one small communii eating ROOMS, unlumished. eecond floor. No. 134 Penn. av., bet li??li and ?th sts. no t* tf F^OB BENT?One ROOM on let floor,'and three BOOMS oi M floor, over Stinenseti's Hat and fur Store, <434 Penn'a aveuue. Bent moder?4e. no 18 tf FOB BEBT-Two Burnished ROOMS, at Bo". 467 13th street between E and F ate. de U-tf LMJB BENT?PARLOK and HBP-ROOM, sni>r able for'Wo. Board ir raguired. Bent f 29 a nontb. Apply at UOB Mew Tork avenue, )>etween th and 5th sts. de i7-2w * F*OR RENT-The late BEBIDENCE of H 6 Fant. 4 2?? D street, containing 17 rooms, with TA"r'.T?"' i"" Wi'JFOB BBMT?Large and small furntshad and nnfurnished BOO BBS and APABTMBMTS wit. A,*?' r?r 8'1-- several mall HOUBBB.on easy terns. Inquire STABB A X>T, 4*BH 7th street. Bootn 1>. oc lt trv* |?t)B BBBT?The BTORB Ho. 341 D street r near 11th ft fronts immediately on Peua ?? l?rgeet and moet oonveilently situated stare rooms in Washington ritv Lpply so 0. B. BABBB. at the Btar OSm. jaM-tV N*W BOOBS ?Bfcank"s Personal Becollectlons of Distinguished Generals, fl: Sir Brook roae-Breoke, a aavel, bT Lever. M cents: The lace for Wealth, a novel, by Mrs. J. H Bidlell rw?.0f *? editlr.; _?o fBABOK TATLQB. g I. A. C.?BTOTBLLB IBFALLIBLB AOCB ^ CVBB.eoMwbaleeale and retail by DU0K BTT B BiJOBB. Apothecaries, Bo. Pannsylranla avenue, between tlet ssdtN streets, aad by iragglsls geaerally. no II eolm* R<0*.8AL,? V* toM PI ABO, a r modern style, with stool and caver, *t m rood order. Can beeeea at BOBWELL1IH8B Pancy Stare, 304 B street, near uth. mTTTI oaW-tf AUCTION SALKS. (/*?r etkrr iMtm IcUi im/mtU page | riirvg ArTMMyooy ANU FU-jfo**cn?~ |^T TBOD DO^LtiiO, isct., i>??r;?u<?ii HOUSEHOLD Fl RNITCRB AMD HFPIOTlt AT ACCTION OhWIMIMPaV MURVINU,Jknatrr 24 IW ?t 111 o'cla< k. I will Sell it N' 7 ? Brl4|f il'Ml krtweCoBgrae?and JefTersoa. a general asao-t !? ot of Household Furni lorn. belcg tbe u ef * tantieme? declining bOQMk*' Ping, CoasntlBg 01 Mahogany Bprlrg Kit Oha*ra and S-? as k'.ah. gety Desk ?ao Iv ? Obt r Ltrce Gill F rtmti ?bi ether Mirror* Mahogany BB I otter Bedsteads, tad Mattiaeeas VardiobM. WfibiUB<l,T<>ll*l War*. Ar W alnut 11 tension Tnble Carpets Oilcloth ani Cro kfi) Gass W?r? St"*'! And many artcles not meatloaei Tofnii c tib deSv TliOS DOWLINO. An <4 gY W L WALL A CO . IMBNWri. w r will aril ?b W~E7?NESDAY MORNINO. January?ri, 1067a at lOoVI.k, at t"? ivk aid Pa strati*, third eto'v, on* iua.ii<na Oscillating Cylinder Pr in tint: l'res. Bale Positive Term- i?h F X 8 t'KINGKIMLD.nonstable de SI W'. L. W A! L * fO^Auett BY B COLM AK A ?'()., Aactioaeers No U'J3 Tana*, ar.. bet Kb and 10th st* Sales *trry TC BSD AT. TH C B<? DA T Bad SAT I RDAY MORNINW8 at 10 oVsloafc . ofB< uphold Furniture Moves <'tch kery . Ola** and Tinware Dry Gocia, Ciothing Boots and Shoes GfDlK Ictblal iBK Uo?lf Ac .Ac A c<-bfral assortment ef ttoe above goods at way* on hand at prltal* aalr at ACCTION PEt'*E> Oot do r sales attended to on r??BS?neble tersne. Bale every SATl'BDAY NIGHT at 7 oVtock H 0<>L,M AN A O Ar. ta. de I* 1 w B B BEOQEEE. Jr .Balesmeo BV J.T. COLD WELL A CO~ Ah lioneara ??u K- ei Eatate Ageats. 4?9'i Beveatb etre-t On FRIDAY, January 4. 1C. at 10 o'clock a tn.. ?lli be sold on 'h* on IJth ?t . near tue canal. a Ft tnr Bla< k smith and Wb??l wrlght bbop, with all th* n< ceeeery tool* for carrying ob tie tusinese, Irl.y^tiif t<> the estate of Jaoob Snyder, dcfatfi Immediately alter the above will b? sold all the Household mn kitchen Furniture Br otdti t* tbed<cea?ed at tls late real leuce, on 1th street, (I "lard ' between E aad F. T> rni* caah. jalSt* Ft . VOLE. Iterator |JY TIJOS DOWLIMO. AuctTaaorgetowa \ Al t API K IMPFOYKD LOT. ON THE COE NEE OF BRID< E AND UKIKN bT K E V T S, IN GEORGETOWN, V. ? . >OU PALI AT AD< TI?V By rlrtn* of a d-ed of trust from P O 'Doanoghae to the mil#-rr:l , r ma!e the Ith da> ot October. Is6o *td <3niy recorded, I ala'l ofler for tbllcuuctl n to the Mshe 11 mder naWKI'MtSDAT the id day of Janutry nnt. at 4 o clock p tn . IB fn nt of the ptemsaee. all those par^ of ttie two Lot" of Ground, numbers one hundred sad eighty-thrcv and one hondred ai.d eighty tire of B<all\ Addition toOeorgttowo af ratal J. bvundej a- follow*. t ? ?1tBeginning at ibe iOathwstt of Bridge *td Or*en aires'" of aaid George rirs, and running thence ob the eooth llae >f D1 Idge ktrerl ?.*t lorr feet, thenco aotith and parallel with Green atr^et l0t>- tf feet to a t-n feet a id* alley opening Into Green Street; thenr* with taid alley east t?int> Teur t>-et to t.reea Street, and thence with th* w*?t line ef Greea utreet north ninety feet, to the l>?? Lulng.together with tie la.prov?meets there n. nau-< ly ? A Frame House orcat>ied a* a reetaurart. aad a Brick B<ii!d:ag IB the roar. As this propert? is sitnated in at. improvlBp neictaberliood.and front* on two principal at tret*, aad is roannlei t .0 th* cent'-rs of trade it is a ?np<nor sta'd for buaiB***, avd OfTere llidutsu entsfor a ^rofltable iarrataieot Iti r> a! estat? It adjolas th" warehouse of Alfred Lee. the ? holesale and retail dealer in bay.cota, oats meal. Ac Trrme: One foartb cash: aad the residns in tbr?s egual installments, at six. twelve, and eight-'ea BioLtbs. with iuter<*st from the day of sal*, aoteefor the de'erre?l ?a>mente. aith approved secarity ther-on to be taken from the enrchaaer and a Ilea r served on th* pr? m1?e? antll the pan has* .no j*y befa'ly pa d or. at the option of the parrhaser, the whole pun base tnon.-y m?v be paid ia "ash. Cpoa atailare to comply with th* t*rm< of sale wtthU three days after the sals, the property will be liable to be resold, after five days notice, at the ri?k and cost of the deUaqumt purchaser. Beventie st?mgs and conveyancing at the "tpvas* of the par* baser Title r?rfe< t B. CRAW FOBD. Trustee 4s?: d T. POWLlM'i. Aact. |^Y GKEEN A W 1LL1AMB, Auctioaeers TBrSTKE'B SALE OF VALUABLIIMPEOVBD PBOPEBTY . F BON TIN *} ON H 8T NOETH. BetweeB 4tli aad 6th streets west,at Public Aac tion *?b FBIDAT. the 21st instant, at 4 o'clock p a . I shall sell, by virtne of a deed of troat Mated the 11th day of June. A B 1-tt- aad duly racord?d la Liber A B , N .. folios 2^. 169 JTo and ri. one of the Land B<vord? for Washington O unty, in the Distri> t of ?'olam?*ia. beiag ths we?tj?aif ot the west moiety of Lot Mo 6. in Square Mo 6H. fronting on B street n rth ? f.-et and ^ of aa iach, rnaning back that widtn to W ashiB?toB street. with the improvements, consisting of a three story Brick Hous aad Back Baildinr>. having watar and gas. 1 era- made knewn on ths day of sals. All coave\ ancing and revenne stamps at the cost of the pari bsser l?si down In the bands of the Aactieneere ob tbe day of sale, and if the term* are not complied wttb withia five days after tbe day of sale, tbe Trustee re-wrvee the rignt to resell the property at tbe risk and cost of the de/anltiag purclia- r by advertising tb>- sale three time* iu some newspaper published in Washington city TBADDMOK K PBEUBS Truatea. del eodA* GKEEM A WILL!AMB. Aucts. FTBK PIECBA8EE HAVING FAILED to comply with ths t> rtus o( sale made on tbe list instant the above property will b? Sold ob MONDAY tbe Slst instant, at 4 o'clock p m..oa ths premises, at the risk and cost of th* defaulting purchaser, , THADDECS K PBEUBS. Trustee d. r d G KEEN A WILLIAMS. A acts. *^-THM ABOVE BALE 18 POBTPONED. ON account ?f tne weather, antll WE DME>DAT. the Jd day of January. 1?J7, at ths aams boarand place. By order of the Tru?t*e. de 31 d GBEBN A WILLIAMS, An ts 0T GEEEM A WILLIAMS, AactUaaws. TRUSTEE S SALE. Cndsr aad by virtue of a dacree passed by tba Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, in a caaae depeadinctherein.and numbered V3.*>iuity. in which Zepbaniah Joaes I* complainant, and Horace Btrlnrfellow and othet> are defendants, b aring date on the Id day of Jnl>.lHi4. w* will ofler for sal-, en WEDNESDAT. the Si day ..f January next, A D. l-C, at 3* o'clock p m . oq the prsn.lse", parts of Lot* Bo 1 aad II, la 8,uar* No * ??. as foil' ws Beglanlng at the southeast east corasr *f Square No. Vrt. aad rnaaiag then* weet *7 tret and 2 Inches, thence nortb M fe#t: thrnc* w-st S3 feet and H< inr ,** thence north 15 feet and 4S inches; thenc? east luO feet to 7th stra-t west, snd then e. with said -treet, to the begin alng; together with tbe improvements, coo-i-tint of ths bmlding ssll kaowu as the'*Av.<nn* House." The terms of -ale, as prescribed by th* decra*. are Oa* third of the purchae* moaey to b* paid In cask, aa.l the residue in two e juai Instalments payable la six and twelve mo th'., for which da* ferred payment*, with interest from the day of aale. tbe purchaser aball give his note*, endorsed to tbe satisfaction of the trustees Conveyan iug and stamps at cost of purchaser. If the terms of sale are not eompliad with In He* dave the trustee reserve* the right to resell at th* lisk aad cost of th* defaulting purchaser, upoa on* ?r*k >- artier by publication ia tba National Intelligencer A THOMAS BBADLET, i WILLIAM Y FENDAL?.,( TrMU?_de g s,ta th GEEEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts |J? THOB. DOWLIMG^Aast . tiawiMawa. POTOMAC FISIIK~BTbb AT ACCTION Will b* rented to the bicbeat bidder, at Publi* Auction, on WEDNESDAY MOEN1MG, Janaarr 9. 1S-7. at the Auctioa Store, Mo 174 Bridaa street Georgetown ? Th* Tnr*a Fishing Landing* on tha Potomac River, about one mile above Georgetown, kaown as "Cloud's Landings. ' " Term* One half cash; ' alancs In tour months. for notas satisfactorily In lorsed J . A BITCBIM. rf-at,. ITi THOB.DOWLING.Auet. ue SI d |Ttmei A Ontritr) BY GREEN A W ILL LAMS, Auctioneers Al'CTIBN BALE OF TWO 8T0BT FBAME _ Dj^BLLlBG HOCsE. On T0E8DAT, th* 8th day of January. 1H47. at 4 o . lock p m , we s 1J1 sell, by public an^tiaa. oa the pramjaas. a 1 eit?l>ent two story frame lwel Hag hou?K situated oa th<- east slds of ?th streat. naar M -<Mmt aortb. b*'.n? part of Lot No. 12. ia baaia^ a front of 1? feet I inches. and lot 91 fMt deep to a public alley Tei^ts ofAalo : Oa* half caah, aad balan * la six months, arllli interest Conveyancing at cost 'A purchaser. de 31 u\ GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aact*. IJT THOS. DOW LING^Aact.;Georgetowa BALK OF IMPBOVED REAL ESTATE IM ? . , GEOEGETOWH By vlrtae of a deed *f trasi. duly recardad la Liber J. A B ,Ma. lW.feliostSK, Ac., of the laad racords of th* District of Columbia, w* will.oa the 8th day a{ Jaaaary. I8?7. at 4 o'clock p m., expoe* for sale, at public aacUou an the preml ses, certain real estate In Georgetown situated. beiagpart of Lot aumber?d one hand red aad foa r, (104,1 In Baalfs additloa to said town, bagianing for ths same at the end af 14* feet from the northerst coraer of Greeu and Beall streets, ruaalag east by and with the lias of Baall str^st 42 ft*t aad aad 4 IS of'afoot, theaca north 80 feet, thaaoe weet aad parallel with Beall street 99 and ? IS feat, north so'a t, thence weet 3 feat, theace south ISO feet to ths bWiantng*, with ths balld [ lags. improvements aad appurtenances ta the same belonging. Terms: Oae half casb; balaace la ?, IS aad 18 moail s. to be eecured h> a deed of trast oa tha preBilsaa. All coaTe>aadng aad stamps at par cbaeer's cost. If tba terms of sale are not com I plied with wttkio flar days after tha aale, a Aeai? will be had at the eoet aad risk of dafaaktiag purchaser. #100 to he paid at the fall of tfce hammer WALTEE 8. COX. CHARLK-M MATTHEWS Trustees of the Third Baildiag AsssclaUaa af G< rtftost. de eoAds THOS IK>WLIMQ. Aact. k*PICIAb NOTICE?Two thoaeand loads claaa O waahed <>RAVEL, af tha saoet saitahle klad forceacrete. Also twe tboaaaad loads SHARP BAND and two thousand loads FINE BAMD saltable fdr maeonry aad plasteriag, oa hand aad far aale at very moderate pi 1 es hy THOMASFAMBT. As 1 lm car as |0U street west aad Gaaai. . i