Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1867 Page 4
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JME EVENING STAR. HtA? K Doctor?A WOMAN KIL; EI>. AMD A Ma* I.v*x*.ta Eye? {Hillsdale, Micb , (Dec. CorrrspondeBi'? of lb?- lie; roil Post J?A case ol malpractice oocarred her# yoi'Mav m m-eg. ?hirh re?ul*ed rather ser1.?u-lv t > fccth parties?the death of the patient nr.dtb* arresi and impn?or.itrni ol the physician. Tbefac's. as 1 learn them. are th '.?? ' Al?w <) )( >10 iwo kratriiDi physician* iame here Iron* New Yorlt state and Ktoppfd at the Hillsdale flxchauge On# of them. Dr. Morgan, claim i<|{ ?o be an "eye do-tor," and the other. Ifr W H I. Moran. a "cancer doctor " A Mrs. hnggl-g, ol ;his place, employ-d Dr. M ran t? kill a cancer for bur. the doctor tell, wg- ber that be would forfeit it he did not kill and remove it *iihht five day*. The plan adopted waohe application of a' plaster tocit tfce cancer. and the pain being r*rv intense and ?e\ere, the doctor commenced giving the I'Mier,t m? rphine and laudanum to allay it. Within thirty six hours from the time bemade the first application hi# patient was a corpse. The doctor admits that he gave ber eight grains of morphine and two ounces of laidaoum Physicians say here that it is etoutb to K;ll three or four persons. Dr. M. jpi mediately le: t town, bnt waa followed by Deputy Sh-rifT Kipley, who brought him back and lodged him in tail. The partcer of Dr. Morar,(tbe aforesaid Dr. Morgan,) has had but little better success Dr. Morgan round a patient in Mr. John Bak-r. who Te?ides rear htm. and undertook to remove a wart from a corner of Mr. Maker's *\e the result waa the total destruction of the sight. British Coil Km.M?Tbe leading mining engineers of Sontb W^les have been making m me calcula'ions on the probable amount of coal now in those mines, and the conclusions at which they have arrived are verv favorable. The aggregate area of the coal'bp^n is H*'> square miles, and each acre Is est'mate a. to yield |,2W tens. The lower seams contain the largest quantity of coal, and in order to work them, it will be necessary to go down a depth of 3 11 n leet. The present yield of these mines is about Il.inm.wtj tons aunually, and at that ra*e tee basin will net be ? xhausted for 1.918 years Tbe entire consumption of the United Kirgdom could he provided for, from these mines, on the basis of these calculations for ilii years y The Mrs (irnndysof New York are goss pine over a Jewish elopement. The bride w i- beautiful and wealthy, but the man was not her choice, and so. carrying into execution her long cherished plan, amid imposing ceremony. ?h" stepped ont of ber father'* house ai d by pr-concer'ed arrangement married a lo?erin comfortable circumstances, but not a Jew, who had long possessed her affections. The ir.oUier was a' first mdiguant. but soon resolved to mak?- the best of that which could not be helped. The danghter came home with b?r husband, and to pletis-e m ther the ceremony was repeated belore tbe Kabiii. W??h't 1.ay?Tne following ambslng incident is related by the Denver Ga.xette:?Some days ago a yonng merchant of this city made a bargain wiih a country lady lor tw? chickens. Yesterday the lady brought ihem to bis store, and he being busy, she placed them ou tfce end of tfce counter. Our young friend didn't think that the proper place tor them, but didn't like to say so plainly, so he remarked, as the chickens were trying to jump about: "They won't lay there, will t bey f" meaning that they would likely jump off the connter. His astonishment may be imagined when tbe lady replied: "Of course they won I; they re roosters !*' Death prom a Man's Bite ?A sad occurrence has lost happened at Arth. in France, l.ieu'enant I- elchin was some tim- back bitten iu tbe tnnmb by a man named Muller, hut he the ugh: nothing of the wound, and went next d?> a journey en his private affairs. Un reaching I>a>-le he found his band and arm began to swell, and a medical man declared the case waa one of poisoning from a human bit*. He at once retorned borne la baste, but be refu-"?d to bare his arm amputated. Tne consequence was that the inflammation increased frightfully, ai'.d be died some days after in horrible suffering. Hard Time* ?The fact that these are hard tim?s no one will doubt; bnt it was never more forcibly presented a friend of ours than ujc i. a certain day. not long ago, a creditor appeared to bim with a large col|eetin<r-book in bi ha:;d, ftrnn unted by abuze Colt's revolve/ He said he wanted monev verv badly, ai d thinking per?nasion better than force, lie carr.ed tbe ornament to his collei ung book around w; h bim by way of a slignt argument in favor of obtaining it.?KiAwumd In/patch. The Freaks or Kcrti je.-A young woman living in Pre?ton. England, recently received a notice that a relative had left tier a letnpyof ?.%(*?!, besides furniture and/u.ier tbirirs. Al'bough she had been awar? of hep relatives wealth, and felt sure he would leave bT handsome. she appear* to have been t.ik'l entirely by surprise. She lef; rhe rr. i;i at which she was a winder, aud ha> never been well sirce the intelligence reached ber. *y~A lady recently advertised for employii'i.t as follows: -A youn? widow ladv" wi-hes to "superintend a widower's household and w?uld not object to the supervision of a cbiid " Miss EmmaCohnrn of Worcester, Mas?., to whom Albert 11. lnman, who was drowned ei I'ascoig, K I. a few davssince, was engnged to be married, is reported tusane from grief at the fate of htr lover. *y"The artesian wells at Orenello and P|?. , m F raiicH. enut j'cam?tti?* t?- inperatur# of tbe waters, which come irorn 2,K>ti feet deptb, ing decrees Fahrenheit, whilst mat of ;br atmosphere at tbe surface averages 35 degrees ""A justice in Wayne younty, Y.. united in tbe holy bonds of wedlock'a fall-blooded negro to a while girl. A Boston minister has been preaching against tiding hoops. He says be can't shut bis eyes to tbe abomination any longer. ft^Menkm baa jn?t had a baby in Paris. A orain Mr. Barclay Is Menkin s present DIl^hlDd. yMore than half tbe income tax comes lrom three JStaies?Massachusetts. New York kid Pennsylvania. my A young man of a respectable family in Massachusetts, ?iole a coat at tbe Meriden House, Meridau, Ct? a few days since while drunk. ^"Dnringth^ last year 97,m?r) arrests bav* * eeu made in New York city;*J were for bomKide. MJf Ah infnriated Iran's badly pummelled the local editor of a Columbus paper /"SeveBty-flve thoasaud dollars per week is paid the rebuilders of tbe burnt district in Portland. ttir Copper has been found in Virginia. A quack doctoi iu Macon has eloped with a negro wench. ttr A dollar fl n* for throwing snow-balls in Lynchburg. Virginia */" Traveling ad^ertisemenu in Sf. Louis are prohibited. m noticeable that when the tambourine is tun-ed into a couiribution-box, many of tbe auditors of street m oslc begin to move on. ^ ilmington. N C* . has elected an original V'uiou mau lor Mayor. youug man earned Byers committed suicide at t'olu mbia Mich . a few days ago Trom mortiti anon at being de'ected iu a tUeft! my No siuoking allowed ou Sundays in the streets of Memphis. mjr A son of Mr. WaitCIark. of Albany, waa choked to death in ?w York on Sunday on la. gbiug heartily while eating nuts and canmjr A Hebrew merchan' in Indianapolis has candali/ed bis rai:?? bv espousing an Irishman's widow witbin a f.-w weeks of bis wife's Usatb. mf By the careless handling of a pistol a boj . t seven year-, in New Haven tije other day. -hot his sister iu the hand, and b?|y escaped ,? another in tbe bead. "I /"It is understood that the Southern i<Sta. te?- in tend to peti'lon all theatrical mfln^tj i? introduce a ballet in every play, iipoa the ground that the demand for we||.?haped lek's will increase the demand for cotton. 11 is reported tfcat when tbe Kev'd Scythe deliver- his next discourse upon tbe follies of * endrillon and tfce -Black Crook." be will select as bis texttne words of Saint Ignatius Tbe I-ord taketh no delight in any one's |eg* " mjr A poor little girl in fbe Fourib Ward New York, as she dying, said,-sh? wai glsd she w*. goiug lo die, be.aase now her brothers and tisiert would have enough to CVMount Hoor. * ai plainly seen from SaInn. ( re^cu, uq !&# hiiti, 9**iiduitc forth vols mes Wl smoke, wt i. h puffed upward" like tne st?am from an etbaust pipe. mjrim Toronto.lis: we?k. a voung girl s life t>y ber boop,. wu ,KariQ and broke tbroogt inn ice. when ber boon skirt, brvomiBg inverted, caught on me sides of 'te hole and supported ber bead above wa er until h-?lp came A skeleton rueutiy loand in tbe woods in Needbam, Mas*, is supposed to be that ol tbe man w*? murdered tne Joyce children m Box bury, two or three vears a*o The storv is that be kept to the woods 'o avoid detection and finally perished of stagvn'ion. enough, in oni of hi? recently published letters. te|ls a c*|M ai story of ngsd Calvarnsi woman win. betDg aske? about the l'niversalists, itiii -Yes. ihey expect that everybody will be saved, bnt we look lor betIer :binf*.'" 4 " 1 * * ** ) A few days ago a Mrs. Doughty, of Cnariton County.Mo., committed suicide by shoot. t ii?? h<r elf in the at>d:)Tnen. It is stated h?*r bustard Is a worby farmer and a chnrch 1 member, while ois wife was an "unbeliever." A religious meeMnr h;ul he#n held at their bouse, and another one having been appointed t-he ook i xcp'ions to this, wiieu some rilsaI rrffrnt-nt twi place between the two, which Is supposed to hare been the inducing cause of the ra* h act. K^Ttie Rev. Dr. Stone, of San Franel?<*o, foimerly of Bosto.i, says he is Inlly convinced the manufactureaud introduction of pure t wines into general n=e wi'l not Uiminsh int*n perance h* has been supposed. Full twoI thirds of all the wine manufactured is eon; ?rtrd into brandy, and in the erne-growing | ?ti?tricf? intemperance is or. th? increase, exj tending to the youth of both sexes. i fc^The late Mrs. Amos I.awrence (k1 ! qu*athed SSUtiO to public institutions, to be | oistribnted as follows. Williams1 College and the American Hoard of Commissioners lor foreign Missions, earh ?5,t?i0; foreign Misnons of the Protestant Episcopal Church aud the American Bible Society, each 84,1410; An erica n Home Missionary Society, HJ.uni, with smaller amounts to local societies. Frosted limb*, it is announced. a~e permanently relieved bv one or two applications of boiled lye of wood a*hes, made so strong a? to be qnite slipp*-rv between the fingers. This lye should settle. Be drained off. and have a large handful of common salt to each quart of lye mixed with it. It should be quite warm and the lin bs submerged for one or two houra. K/"The people of Chicago, who went into I eohtacies over the supply ol pnre water reI c>??i My introduced into the city from Lake , Michigan, are now pug/ling their brains with 1 th<- problem of how to get rid of the dirty I Wfter. They are afraid to turn it into the lake lett it will return through the tunnel. ?jr Wolves are desroying large numbers of ) sb?ep in Canada. auctionVAJL.^. Y Ult&hN A WILLIAMS, Auctioceeis. teas. sugars mrms, cans fruit tHir.SK. MULA8-KS. SYRUP. WlNEs ; liqitok8 HnkSK WaQON and IlAttNB.a at pi;ML 10 AUCTION. 4B>K18 On TUDB-Ua y. th<- 3d day ot January, 1*57. at I j if . * 111 ' *? ihali i^ll, ?*b th?* corner of 7tri | aud M -treets north. a tine lot ?t Oro. erir$ wtilf-u I ? ?"*" th* "Mention of tbe trad? to tho above ?ai* Term* cash. de.yd GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. |^Y ORmm A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. LARUE ?T00K Of CLOTHING AND (,FNT a M tiBlSHi>G GOODS. on r?'ina\Ivanix i?\?T an*, totween 11 th and 12th struts, being Sure ho. at Public Auction, " On I K1DAY 1 he 1th day of .Ubjary, 18>7, cot,,n>e' ring at I o'eU k a m. and 1 v at . and J tiLlM; ?V*B? EVJNING. ttt ,ame hour until the ?ho!? stock is dlspogrd of, haviug a Hue Sto- k ot I'ress, Sack and other Co*'*, Vnsti, P^nts M>irr? Dr iw ers, and other Un ler (iarme .u ?vht. >i will l>e sold without rtserve a? the owner hat to remove on account of property going to be torn down. desjd GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. By d. l. wells * uo. Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers Northwest corner lttth anl F streets. ' FRAME BUILDING* AND LUMBER AT AUG On THUB8DAY, the ;d day of January at 3 o cl< ck p m., on the premises, on 11th ?t-e r'. ,.t between li and C sooth, near the Philadelphia Bow, we shall sell at Public Auction? On* Frame Dwelling House Oca Frame Shop Large lot of Lumber of different kin 1s. Tbl# sale is worthy the attention or Bailder* and < wntrsctors. Terms <.a*h. de 29 4t D1 L. WILLS A CO., Au'M. ?BEBH A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TBU8TBK 8 SALE Of REAL ESTATE By virtue oi a deed of trust bearing d?te on the fifth day of Jamisry. l*fe, x?cured i.y J ofin 0<>|i lin* to rue tor the benefit of John Uazel, anl re! c. r .ed in Lit er N . C. T No. 37.fdlio 181,A?. one of j the land rec-rds for Wishingtf n eonutv. in the I>i? trut of Columbia. I will o?. r tor iile 'n ine premises, en KKIDAY the l"th day of Jatiunrr j Uw/. at 4 o'clock p m.. the north part of Lot No | 13, in S-iuare No. 8->7. in the city ot n I*. ( , froniing 19 f^et aud 2 inches oq Hi\th j street, betweeu A and B troet'* n' rtli. hu 1 ruu ii:d^ at that width to the rear, together wit h t ie i inip,ocements, c<>n<i?ting of a small dwellluu kemt and othtr buildings. I Terms <'ne half ca-?h, the balance n C m mths ti e pur. I awer fo receive a ueed tnd give In* not-! , secured l?y adted of trnat. All convcyanclug rtud" , revsLUe stamps at tbe cost of the purchiser A dep?.it cf $.'0 required at the tliae ??f ??ie. and the trust' e reserves tiie right to resell at the co?| i oj t^e purcha-er 11' the terms of salt- are not com; plied with within five davs. JOHN E NORBIS. Trustee ^ obeen Jc WILLIAMS. de27 SavAds Auctioneers. THOS. DC'WLING. Auct , Georgatowu. TRUSTEE'S SALE OFTALUABL* REAL B3t ATE. By virtue of a deed of trust made by James Bhodier and wite to tl a sub^rrritier the ath lay of <><.. to,er.ld? a: d record "1 among the land records of the District Cf Columbia, in Liber R M H., No 7. frlio 21'., A. , 1 Will ofter ?t publb- ?ale, iu froot of ibe premises. THURSDAY th? 27th December. I8f '. at 4 o Clock p. m , tbe fdUwiag described real s'sre, being p.irt of lots No <7 an i ? . in I'e1 ter Be?ttr. Tt.ielk. !d and Deakln s ad<litiou to Geoigetown aal District afore aid, err-.r.eoasly bamed In fo-mer deeds as lots N ..and 0t?. BeeiLliing for ti,e same at the end of 87 f^et < iu< h?s n ea-ured oa a Hue drawn e?st from the Inters*ciii n of the east ll;ie of Lingan with the north line of I'rcsi ect street and running tbeuce east with tbe north line of Prospect street 20 fe?t; thence uorth and parallel with Lingan street :U feet more ' or Ds?; theuca west and parallel with Prospect Street 20 feet; thenee south and parallel with Liucan street >JS feet more or less to the l>eginning "Iem s of sale: Ona-third rash; and tbe residue In si* and twelve months, with Interest fr m the eay - f sale the title b*n* retained until full narB*nt of the furrhase money. * If the terms of sale are n<<t complied with within tbi ee davs after tbedar ot ??ie the trustee reserves the right t?> resell, upon three day notice, at tbe risk and cost of tbe defaultlug purchaser . Oonveyaacing and stamps at pnrchnaer's cit hd0h C>TpBBTO?. Trustee. dulJeo THU8 D0WLIN0, Auct. ?!!5nTm8ALK WA8 POSTPONED and pi ' J*D0?r>r 7tb' ???? heur de 29-eoAda H,IGH CAP*BTOB, Tru, tee. yT GB11I A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Late O& t St>c Ytrrk and i _. , ? D. 7.. Nov. 28 lain ( Therollowme unclaimed packages will' If not ,k,r" fr?? this dau ? trtl at public auction, to pay ebarges. Ac ? ' M ,#'4 fe; 'u,0 **' * J Gardner, w. WJUiUrUL Dooliitie. 11 Stanley, v ?v ..orrU ' Wm. Uaiagher, si1"* ? T L O Brian. I . LLl. Vatiitsh. 1 Cooking Stove, I broken j <lc 1 Trunk. 1 Chest, without mark j The above paokages. now at the late offira . f the I company in Weorgetown. will. If not called for, he I sold at the anctlon room of Green A Williams on BATUBDAT, the mh of i,ecem*r nei? It U 0 clock a m, wit hoot reserve for cash Bo 3u 2awds QUEEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. ! ..BoArSV?kBALA18 POSTPONED UK tsl 8a1 t BDA*. the ,'tta da> of January, L*.i7tat tbe pame hour and i la>e. lei'j eo _ (i BEEN A W1LLIIMS. Auoli. p U B L I C~ B A L X~. ? By virtue of authority, we will expose at public sale <<n tbe premise*, near the re?id< nee of B M Dsrnall on THUBSbAY. fie H th dajr of January next at 12 o clock m., two parcels of L4NO, e?,ual;y divided an l cnntlgoous to each other rontsiblng lln acres. This property is situated abeut flv? n lies tr m tlo-Center Market. Wash 1 uk ton city, is acrrssi ble by the Aua-oatia Bridge conlsine an e<,oal quantity of .arable meadow arid wi>od, Is of moat excellent quality, highly pr.^luc tlve. admirably adapted to m >rkat purposes, and has a valuable mill seat and tine buildlag site* Herein. It will be seld separately Turns of sale ?One half ra?b. residua In 11 mei fi s. Witt, interestaad approved se< unty Title indisputable. 9. 0 STEVENS, WM T BILL. Attorneys for R M Darnell. j*!-? 8t?fh?bis. ,1. ^ ,or H**?y w. Darnall. de y>-ttawts I Intelligencer. ] rp B l' 6 t 1~B '8~sxhTt~. of * of th** C'rrultCour* for *. i?- ? Ocuaty. sitting a. a 0<?urt o| Equity. passed in the cause af Jsmes B Dodsoo and tbers vs Jo lis T FenwL k. administrator de bonis noa of Jebn F.Carter and others. I will expoeeto pnbllesa e at the late residence of the ; *a?d Carter .on TTE8D AT the let a day of Jaauari> neat, at 12o clock m .if talr. If not. on the ? VI my l^irVtr-' *U tr^:t or Parcel ol I land known ae* Mel B-^ee,' of which h? died seized and possessed, containing aboat l*i acres | AI?o. a part ar parcel of land adjoining thereto, containing about 12 acres jaw, Also, tbe undivided third of a tract ar unreel of ,B5id about 224 a'ree. ! t cji*ibly situated, being distant from ike village of Rladsnsburg abeut two miles, 'r"n' UL*tkV,i.1* oa the Baltimore ahfl Waahlngb'n Railroad, about two and a half mllrs. and sdjoins the lands of Meaare F. W ,\ Brawnmg and B.O. Lowndee. The soil is of a fins ( feiture, a/tmli ably adapted to market purposes, and i here Is a voueg and thriving Peach Oi chard i upon the pre mi see. of choice fruit. Th* impiovamente consist of a first c as< Frame Dwelling in excellent repair, with a large lawu ic Iront tastefully laid out,ornaa.enteti with shrub i beryaad trees of saHon* klrds, and there is a ' lomn.edlous Bern upon the premises eracted at a coueid-j-ab.e expends with every n*cvesary buil.l, j lug. These la pqrsnlt of a hisautiial. Ueal*hi and - i moo* de>lrable ctuntry seat are strowglr reov m'. attend tbe sole, as it la seldom that nioyerty peesassfag so many advantagesi< hr-ught 1 i 1 h* la*J trae.t is a pvel of land ad ?dnlne the village of Blade,,sKnri{ bf j.dic!ou. (nitoreoo-il he i being kind end very pro<*ncti?( Te?*ieof s-ie: tins third epsfe. resides la nsa Md tsn??sr?, with lat< reel ami appr .s?| sesqri ty. Oa rei meat o'r><e eerchaee money with Interest a deed la fee will bo eneeutod tothepurcb* serer lurchasers. fttemps and eonvaraaeiag at tt1* ox?easo of I be pneeWssee or pnrcbapsrs de^eeld M. 0. BTBPBBf, Prustee. BANKERS. | |JILLS ON LONDOHT ~ rOB BALI in SUMS TO 8UIT. FOREHiN FXrJIANOF. BOVOH1 oy FAVORABLE TERMS. LIU IS JOHNSON A OO , Banker*, nolttf 292 PtoDiilunii) it?db?. JAY <00KB fc CO., BlHIIBt, I fifteenth gtrtet, opponti TYe?.?ury, xeyend sel * icnrrent market rates, and kse? i onstaatly on hand, a fall supply of all GOVEBNMBNT BONDS, SEVENTH 1BTIS8, AND COMPOUND 1NTBBBST NOTB8 Orders fcr STOCKS. BONDS, *0 , executed. and Collections made on all acceesible points. ?e 1-tf _ HARROW fcfo7 BANK BBS, Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh reet, DIAL IKS IN government securities, GOLD AND 31LVBB jj f-tf AUD LAND W1RBANT8, Hnt National Bank of Washiaeton. fcl D.COOKB. (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President, W H. 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. ?OVBBNMENT DBPOSITOBT AMD FINANCIAL AGXNT OF TI1B UNITBD BTATE8, I UK 5<r?S(. ovrosu* IK* 7>,a>wry Department. Ooverninetot Beonrlttee with Treasurer United States W OA'S MILLION dollars V^ebny and bell all classes of UOVERNMENJ ?tCl'KITJES*t current market rates. tURNISH EXCHANO E and make Collection* ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE LN1TED STATES. \\e purchase Government Vouchers on the MOST FA VORABLK TERMS, and give careful <Dfl prompt attention to AlCOUNTS <xf BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other business entrusted to ns. FULL IN FORMATION In retard to GOVBKH MhfcT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished WM 8 UUNT1NGT0?, Cashier. VI ashington, March 20.1846. m 21 tf LEGAL NOTICES DEPARTMENT or TUB lVTEttlOK. UNITEO STATES PATENT OFFICE, ? WashiNutos, Ueuwmber 13, iSJ6. On the petitiou ot JloMii MabsUaI.L, of Low. II. Mahs., praying for the extension of a p %t e tj t grar-ted to niui me lMhday of >larch. l-v53, tor an improvement iu KuUting Machines, for sere* years from the expiration of sail pateut, which takes place on tha 16th day of March, li.7 : It is ordered thai the sal* petition be ueard at the Patent Officoon Monday, the i'.th oay of February next, at 12 o clock M ; an<l all p?rsous ars notified to appear and thow cause, if any t!iey ha'vr. why raid petition ought not to be grouted. Persons opposing the extension are ie.juire.l to file in the Pat. nt office their objections, specially Set fortnin wilting, at least tweaty days before the day ot heiirng; all testimony tiled by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules wf the iffice which will be famished on application Depositions and other papers relied upon as tea timony must be tiled in the office twenty days before the day of bearing, the arguments, if any, within ten days ai*er filing the testimony-. Ordered. also, that this notice be published in ths Republican and the Intelligencer, Washington, D. C. and In the Courier. Lowell, Mae? once a w eek for three successl re weeks; the first ol said publications te be at least sixty days ere vious to the day of heaiiug. T. O. TMEAKEB, _ . Commissioner of Patents. P. 8. Editors of the above pap-rs will please copy, Mini send their bills to the Patent Office with a puper containing this notice. ?te 1.1 lawjw DEPARTMENT OF TBI TNTEUIOB, UNITFD ST.ITFS PATENT OFFICE, WAsH!!ft;To?t. November 2i, 1966. On the petition of J a M ES E A. GIBBS, of "Steel -Taiert,, ' Virginia praying for the extension of a parent granted to him tne iltt day cf F t-! nary .18 v. for an inipr ?Vf meut 1b Design for a Sf-wii > Mai hlne, tor SBieu >e?r? from the expiration ot said patent, which takes place on tne 21 ?t da* of > ebmary. JS07 r It ts ordered th ?t the sai l petition be beard at the Patent iiffice on Monlay. the 11th day of February next, at U o'clock M.; and all persons are n< titled to appear and show cause, ir*ny they have, why ?ftld petition onght not to be granted. P- rsons opposing lUe extension are repaired to file In the Patent Ulhce their obj*ctl>a?, spe< ially s< t toitli in a ritiug, at le*st t wenty days bet ire the day of heating, ail testimony filed by either pariy to be used at the s.iia heaiiug must ue token anl tranmiitfid in accordance witti the rul^s of tl.H office, which will furnished on a[ plfcnries. Depositions and other papers reneti unon at tastiin ny must be tiled In the office twenty d.iM In f< re thed.iVof hearing, th* arguments, if any, within ten days alter tilin? the testimony Ordered als->. that this notice be pnbll?hed In the Bepublicati nil'1 the Intelligencer. Washington. D C , ?nd m the ?p?M-tator, Stsnnton, Virginia, once a week tor three successive weeks, the tli si of said publications tn )? at least sixty lays previous to the day of hearing ? T O. THBAKEB, n - _A. Commissioner of Patenta. P. B.?Editor* of the above papers will iioase oc py . and sen l their bills to tlip Pateut Office, w itk a paper containing this notice. d- iy w3w I\EPAUTMBVT OF THB INTERIOR. 1/ UNITE n STA TF.S PA TEX T O FF1CE, w ^eHix&Toa, December 7.1S6>. RTV P??lJTn ^.?LOOLBMAM and 81 KPHIB O. COL1MAN, of Providence, b, I , pr?>iiig for tb# of % patent graoted to them oj the 16th day of March. IMS for an improvement la snwortin? the ttppiDK uri and "fi* of ??ll vtssels, for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the Iftth day of M arch. 18S7. It Is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Pateut Office on MOBMAT, the 2itb day ef February next, at It o'clock M . and all perpoas are n< tilled to aneear and show pause, if any they ??7?i why 0aXa pfutlon ought not lo U ^rnnuJ Persons opposing the extension are reqoir<d to file in the ratent Office their objections, specially et forth In writing, at leaet twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be need at the said hearing must fce taken ml transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, winch will be fnruished on application. Depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must be tiled in the office twenty dnyit beir.Vthe<,*7 ?* bearing; the arguments, if anvwithin ten days after filing the testimony. ..Oruereji, also, that this notice be published la the Republican,and tl e Intelligencer. Washington, D. U.. and In the Journal. Provideooe, B f., otice a week for three successive v>eeks; the first of said i ublicatlons to be at least sixty dUays pre10 "" l~HM T. O. TIUIII, p u bji. _ . Commissioner of P^ents. B ?Bdltors of the above papers will please *P,1 the Patent OfficeTwitb contalalng this netlce. delS-w)w I >KPAMJ^NrT 0F THB ivtjb'biok. II UNITED STA TES PA TENT OFFICE, , P* *he,P*t1.ti?n ot Bo BERT WADDELL. of t'-" K .J.Vd SMS ? 2. Lh# etitlon l? heard at the PatentOffice en Monday, th* intk dav of r?h r^'y next, at It o'clock m ; aad ?ai^are notifled to appear and show cause, i?a^ thii why said petition ought not to be gr?Ttea e.P?,?K?*ng the extension ai%>l,uirrtd to Patent Office their objections specially set forth in writing, at least lH>enty dayVVJ^ ' thi day pf hearing; all testimony filed by either ^art? ' to U used at the said hearing must bl tak?nP .^X transmitted In accordance with the ' 0?c*- w.h.'.ch w'* furnished on appllcaUon Depositions and other papers retted upon as teetimony must be filed la tie offios tittnly days Iefo?e the day of heariag; the arguments. If anv within tswday. arur filing the te^imon". 7' " Ordered, also that this aatiA be published in ? * Tku ?/ ncoeesivs weeks; the ;^?ofu^ th.b&i< h^%t u-t ^ & T t. Mltorl of Ou^SSS^KS^'Si. copy> and send tbelr bills to the Patent Office with e psper containing this notlos. deTlawS, ORPHANS' COUBT, Dse. 8, ISM.-Distkic oj Frederick T. Wilson, deceased, the executor ssra.^ na^rssss'a^.ai ?t Mtate of said deceased, and of the assets la hand m fisras the same have besn collected and turneTlito JSP*''? wk?5 where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified te attend w?v f f1*1, * Properly voucneg, or they may otherwise bf In who excluded from aU benefit in said dsesMsl's estate TFrotfded a copy of this or? f 1"fnA""'""TTfrr Pr-ritiiTTi l.irpi DuisITi V ot Oolsmbia. WasHi.ieToa Cnujrtt, ie-te? ? fn the case of Jsne Meal sun-, aduunistratiix James McManue. deeeased, the adrntnlatratiix afore laid Ims. with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington Coanty aforesaid, unpointed Taesday. the gth dav of .laanary, 3w7for the final settlement and distribution of {he asrsonal estate of said deceased *nd of the kssa?b ' hw Ss the same bsre been coil acted and turned Into money; when Uftd kStMlIi the creditors wad belre of said deceased ans I aotlfisd to attend, with their rdmrnsproi? *??-^aBWfek i

k I i V " /r Jtz 412A4 I w-i J v . . 1 . ^ ^ t ? W It B% - .^4^5 GOVERNMENT SALES. Postpon meet or hale~7>1Tao'v a* #AE?LAI?jf MTr AT PuI!iT liOOiwb'r, H*adflu(it+us Q'portmtnt of EVitagtra. ) *uYauS?dl? t'Xritet pnrHiDAv. iuii*Mt f"'*14,' until 12 o'clock. O' ii. FKIi>AY JaMJakv 1*., wi nd the salnftitt fee 1' jA>UAK1 !. ?ll' JMtCkUr Q l*rt nT".r 1 ?r'J''(?;n -' "'t Dep*rttj?-?t ofWa?kl?gton pDBLIO PALI OFWuI^ftlYsU YioPPy authority of th*t;i,j?f of *neliieers I will ^uciii'n, at B i KPlli'i hjr duv' i*ftT.hAiiu 1 THP**P*T'J " WaW**>' l tho ^Uo?In* PKiJKKBT Y . fifhAtCh?r' Wfcighl<K from to 700 pounds I3/SI ponnla Wire Cable rOne Meiallic "Life Boat wo Ponfo n Boat* aV rn ronuiiPiiiv (0 o clork a m lerros v>?fa,ln totted p?rfn' DANIEL.,. T(iUNO, "> ")"? Kt0-.0.?,i", j^BAMK BUILDING tf AOCTIOlT ~~ <*??/ (JumitrrmMjUr't Qju>,L}??,f w*sktmfn I Wi.ib^M JTteSuES.J. uar 4. |V7. at 12 o'clock n..n, uVler the OfB^ret LiMUCQt Colonel James One rrameBcilding.aoui feet, and Two Sink*. ' Situated on H meet north, between 13th and llth W,*t- c< fc,'f ?on? to Me Heal Museum Terms < a*'i. hi Government fund* C?7 7tI>" " &UVKK?- Ae-Jt tj r M'r General, _l*iL7i Br'?T >'?j"rQeneral 0.8 Army. SAL* Or A LAKt.K LOT OK Ok ON A NUB AND OBt.NANCE MATKBIAL. ir?w f '>"i""?u* Xnvv DtpantHtmA There Jii? ? fuK r>*c?n?her 22. 18rf> f ?1.|^ 8?M at public auction, to the highTi: l;7' ou THCBSDAY.the twenty llloectoJ J*nu*?,y. lf-,7. at the office oftfte in* per tor ot <?rdr>aoce f>avy Yard, New York, a JervTeiab^ri ?aDrf " '"'"ableand on " mall Artn.' *P,br,?,n* Cannon fh.?t ?n-1 Sh-ll. sJS aVT. An^r"0' ?"*?? . S??re Parte of ftnrea ' C*rr'?*'? and Miscellaneous ch*ae> r,,c'" wi" ?1'1 In leti to suit pnr\JaT"" .0bp lll,,r '?*' Iri Government fund. to he depoeit<'<i on the conclneiou of the *%ie Hn>J the X?,t'(!#> daja after want, dun!!: N.lJ v J J? uaitlcle* may be remold 1 from the Client ' 0thtrul,!ethp> wl" '""-r1 *' eol3t t hief Qi bar-ftu. I A KQK LOT <?K" i'N^hkviOKjkBT7S~iTii?ro ^ TEKMABI EB PEmKTI "I 4U(?TIO5; C\,<J (/WT>tty,ia.:er>, Omre. Dxpi.tof Wa<k,ntton i II. TompkihH, Deputy Vuarur:.i? !r il.r!ri.V coitmieuciiig on TifUBSDAY, JatmHiy 3, a?10 J.' ??V? ??ck? ? Cook Bance. 1 i i** Shoe* 1,1( 0 Hlaukete lr! n fought Scrap l.?florae and MnIeOol2 t!! ![ ! ! iaa"ii8rrmpiron 1 H altera 1 llVlr 14*^'0 Tires :iV. Wagon K, rJi,e 2o??r " ut8'*- u Arm, W^?a 3 4.t.% lb. 1 ogChaina 30 c~ b?M Aml'a-*? 1. iMtUrge fire U ie M Hor^e Carts *l. |"1*L'd": ? W age a Wheel, IV .'i.?hlrLd?' u 3.;An.l, Wheel, ne'a Mole Bar dCyliiidrical Ste?Hi Buil167 eets Wheel Ambu- 2 AfaOne ( ?!?. k a Ian. e IlArnffin j.j< C'ciai UJ?eteLtaa Mule ilar li Otl.ce Di ska 179 Wa""oH BriJIe. ?) W?er c'aak" EtrrVta1** ji a*< 2.'o?uk,:i;;?.v" JoXr&TuU Shore, Tin'u" <Jart ""L"'**' ltlack?mitha T >oln', o?.Y. Ac*r ' T?bl , ' C^oa ilat1?rn ? Caah in Gowantnt fnnda. jJlLK^r U r, 0?<"*J wUhia i-a .laya fr0m dateofiaU D. ii BU KEB. ? 1.. Asii-taat Onartermaater G?-certl, de 17 ilta Bra*et Mnj.,r tieneral U. S A. WALK OK OLD AND I'NsEBYlr'EAEMlia v ^ ^ON. small A KM" AND ati*tELLANEOIS OKI N\NCI STOBKS. burton nfOr.rntK'-e. !\'rtru n-pnr .1 . "'^hinKlon l Dec. 1.J, Hvk, i wTltVe'Via ? yiY< ^'7, Ht noon, there Tar I ?n ih-'l Pnh' l<5 t?',1.10"' ln th? Norfolk navy ^rvi/elf^ r * T ^1Jr,r'.a ]r>t of -U aud .dt?r\ u eitlf tyteiiDf'Ti fiinAll An..! au-i nepuH Article, ot Naval Orduaace 0e!U ? V.. 1 a"""n. tshot, and Shell will t e <oi | Uy the P?n?>n. "J 1 A m* and other Mi?c l c"a^*rg Articles ot Oiduauco iu lot?taauit purc**h*'? Government fntid-i to p??I..f0!lL? -.Vit'- t???clu?i<,a ?,f the a.ile, atid th. ?>? 1 . .T n erwurds. curing Chi^oftf^e'u. UKNT1> Tii V. I\B. LEW It S I'fcNTAL A.^soci A^;ny ftMN'A AVK , Between 12ih bud lath atreeta. Ni'tr'liH *oiva^?eJ without pain by adminatertng f ki?Viw*>4# *'r Laughing i.aa. mm 1 LkW 1 k haa racantly purchased the b'-nt/MSsaJ 'n t??e c.ontry b.r'^SsT r*ar fnffiIrfM^r>ad4> an tu, pro Ted Val tr The A??oci?tioD ia n< w prepared York Ph^ili!h0lii' ^S,.'.Ter *n<1 at New lofk rhi I id el phi a in-1 |{of>xoti trices. All n?rbb'o The dental work done can kaTe itaa heap fhen Mest e^ r.T'1 C,ti** All work done IE 'j Htest and bed ntanuer, and warrante<i tn aiYeiVn 1 n pfr*?n? win do well t<i call ?t.?l eianiine onr work. je 24 tf T* E E X n . ?? JL. . t M. LOOM IB. H. D., ?f an i?a?5?J.nud the MIEEEAb k< TEETH, atteiida per?on*iiy at^m^ Jar?iC* . A c,wr* *,kn' P*f?on? can^BS^ " ?r 'bw teeth who cannot wear otheniT**'^"* tbe$?? **"?n C*B w***" othera who cannot wear Per'aonacaUlnc at my office ana be eccommoda fr?W?!,? r.??w,ty Vd Teeth they stay de?nif j 1^. wt re ?ertlco1ar. and wlah the i ' and moat perfect denwof he ?"?ore, Ibe H1HEBAL TEETH *? ?e ?or# ivllv warranted 3'* ireiu. be PhnAKhud A1*?-9>7 Arc^^RK.DUCTION OK PBIfES, aduction or peiceb, DL'CTIoN or PBJCE8, BBl UCTIOH or PEICE8 BED! CTION Or PHII'M' EEDCCTION Or PBICES* On and after this date J will supply to my cnatomt-rs. and to all otfter dealera who may farur uie with their orders. MAP8EY. Hr.STGW A CO '? MaB*KY, Ht'BTON A I O.'S MASMCV. HUSTON A OO.'B (Late Masaey, Colllna k Co ' ?> PHILADELPHIA DHAUOHT and STOCK ALE PI11 LADKLPBIA DBaUOHT ami 8TO''K ALB PHILADELPHIA DEACGHT A*n STOCK ALE AT PH I LA DKLrH IA I'BK KS, AT PHILADELPHIA PBI' E?, AT PHILADELPHIA PBICES. VIZ : PBTOHT OH X ALE AT $11 PKB BBL. Dl.MT.HT OB X ALE AT |tl PKB BBL. 8TO< K OB X\ ALE AT #13 PEB BBL. t>TO<;K OB XX ALB AT $ 13 PEE BBL. G >oda delivered in all p*rta ol and Grorgetown/r<e ?< iharge TEKMS CASH. A11 ordera promptly attended to. K1L.EY A. 8H1NN. r_ Philadelphia Ale Agent, torner of Greene and Olive atreets, lm Geuri,'etown, D. O. jpOE'l ABLE ~ STEAM ENGINES, Combining the maximnm of efficiency, durability, nd economy, with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being in n-e. A1I warranted satialactory, or n* Hale. Deacriptl ve circalnra aent on apylicatloa. Add re a* . _ J O. HOADLEY A 00., no8 eojm Lawrence, Uaaa ||IPABTMBHT or THE inteeioe. Sen loat y*?r??hi, which are allege.) to nave that at thedafe ' liven waniU .iSfSlSl1** the oTeaeh will be relMnZt ??7*1*?a** or warrant of like tenor ap?enr. lf * "<* "bjecUon should then J 08. H. BABBITT, Oommlaaioner. ac^ef Msrehi'iiw'i?#^ nnder the 0 isrsftaisai'wa . 52^ srssrtnMi ib??&u^sr,A,n:n arch 3 I860, in the naaae^121^*0 waa granted June8. U|i. H^h? wS"4 'PHI OBEAT BEBELLION by j7hn m^T? ' ' '' ?i EEABEK. TAfLAa ^|EDf0nrB8OHE*rtR T?ir jUO^EAP 1 ^ ( I ? / ? | ^ | <yfjr * Vf y ?' ? ?t i \reu ti'.w J RAILROAD LINES. 1 sco pennsylvania bout* i s67 to Till northwest. south. and sol thw c8t winter schedule ; on and after November 19. i1>i, trains will le? ve 1 o lows Washington 7 0" i baltimore .. 9 1* a ro. 7 * " " . .ii 10 a. m. '1 s w) p- m. i _ . i in r. o, th1 "biat double tr\cr route. with elegant scenkby. 1**1*. f? Stateroom d?v mil nitbl c?r< with modern impr >?^ments, and saving from four to twalve hour* in tine (iter at y other rocte. Two hundred mil** saved to w uttru sue Central New York. Two dally Trains to the w?it. ** ' " * North. throtufh from Baltimore to ROCHEoTEBand p1tt8bi boh with' ut thanire phb*? r.gers by thle rome from Baltimore have u*i ?**v?uiageol n.*k un ?ll change* in union DXPoTS. ai d no klbblel ticket* by this rou'e can 1 e procured at the office. corner 6th street and Pennsylvania avenue, ; , nt.der the National Hot*i. whera reliable intor< matioa will be given at all tiniae. | Passengers procurinc t'ck-t* at this office c*n i accommodations In Sleeping Cam lor kll mir* or Pittsbnrg. r. j. wilkin'. Ticket %gent, Washington. d. o. id. 8. young. 0?. r?n. a|*nt, . Baltimore, Md. dolly was hi jig tom. alexandria and oeoruiitow!! hailroad. . ^ k On and after monday, November it, iau and nntll further not a? Passenger trains will ran betweer Washington and Alexandria as follows lkav* wa?hi!?uroji. lx*v* ALtxavnaia. Fivtu Md. avetiu<- dep..t, From o?r. l?uke ? Henry Local at fl .15 a 31. sts., Local at 4 a m ThroughMall ?:? " lora! cor Ki?,? " | Local at .7 00 " and Henry ? 08 ' 9*0 " Local at ... ?00 i 10 p. m. - it) (si " 4 ? " j (w p h '' ? ? " Through m?il. corner of " 1130 " bukea Henry 5 )0 p.m. Local cor. King and Henry.... 7ix> ' liivf^nday pa8?*s?kb tbaihs * " frjin _ lltavn alEXamdeia. rrom cor Duke a IIeery i * ? s- -,h - l?e*l at 4 (5a.m. Local at .,ur m Through Btail ?00 p. m. v j5 . ??srne-u* sopermt^niei't ro 1 w. j phklp8. 0<n'm*l man-i^r, tp,,ni(.... u. washt*ctoji. d-*e 9.1ws. ^'ngton and Mew Tor* ar? rUD aa followf. VJZ: fob nkw \ oek, without cb ange of car*. 6*'? m y (excepl sunday? at 7:4-. a. m. and plja new yokk. chanting cars at Phlladelleave daily (except Sun '.ay i at 11:15 a m aud * ju p. m. i .,ro* philadelphia. leuve dally , ?xceptSunday)at 7 ta and 11 15 a. m.. and 4 30 and 6.30 p m os sunday. Leave for New York *nd Phllaa.-lphla at 6 X p. m only. sleeping car* for New York on 6 so p.m. train dnlly. Through tickets to Philadelphia, New York or Poeton, can l e had at the st*ti ju ufflc at all hours In the day. as well as at the new office ij ttie Bankers ar.d Brokers Telegraph Lin>-, 34? Penn. | vt-nue. ?'tween 6th and 7t h streets. 8?-e Baltimore and Ohio Kattroa>t adTertlsement ; for schedule between washington. Baltimore, . Annapolis, an<* the west j , i . v> i lh<>n. Master of Transportation. l m. cole General ticket Aeent m geo. s. koontz, Ageil. WasbiMton. oc so-tf 1jaltimobe and OllTo kailkoad, ;t t n.l'l ^nwabhisflton and balti- ' uf'be and Washington and the we?t are now run as follow*. vir _ . fob baltimobb. Leave tfally, except sunday, at 7 90 . 7 45. and 11.15 a tn , and 2 on, and 4 30. and >> 00 p. m. kob all way 8tatio.n8 rot .jay stations 80fth of annapolis jcnctlt/n. p nja** mt # 1# and7?) a m , and at 2:00 and 4.39 ' fob ANNAPOLIS Leave at 7*1 and 7 4S a m , and 4 30 p tn. No 'ruins to or from Annapolis on Sunday. on bimiai. FOB BALTIUuBE. Leave at 7 4# a. m.. and 11>j and 3 00 p m rob way stations. Leave at 1 :*5 a. m . aud 2.0*. and d.uu ?. as. fob all pabts of the we8+ y' e*c?pl sua<li, at 7.44 a.m.. and I o-*w p. Hi. Ob1 Sunday at 8 00 p m only, connecting at tie lay Station with traius from Baltimore to wheeling, PHrkerhbnrs. Ac. thbouob tickets to the West can be had at the ? *-hiugt n Station Ticket Office at all h u s In the aay m w?ll as at the new office of the , ers and Brokers' t?l?-friti>h Line. 34 ? pcun aver ue, between 6th and 7th str?? t?. For New Kork. Pblladalphia. and Boston, see advertisement of ' Through Lioe. j. l_ wilson. Master of Transportation. l m. cole. General Ticket Are-it. oc 30 tf geo. s. koontz. Agent wa.hiu#ton. ???????g s'j'ka m hoatlin rs7 ^teamfu leaves fob ~~~ mount yebnon ^'?r* thub8dat alio a. a. Betnms at 4^ Fare for round trip f 1 ?ne third thisamount ' for use of mcust >eraon Assoviatioa Wa?hington and Alexandria boats leave ea. h place ?!ver> hour, lro*7a m. to 6 p m. ssttho Baa Steamer wawassett can be bartered for Excar?iou. ? j ta* bi8wick. bo27-lm General Sup t p. r. company. i^ob the bastebji 8hobe. The large, ataakek, and o*mxaodions fltrsmrr wilson small. oapt. b. t. le(uubd. leaves her pier o^poslit bmnmc No. *70 Light street trhsrttibsm^^^hi twejn Barro and Leo streets,) Baltimore, every tuesday, tuubsday. aad satubu ay, at # p n tor EASTOy PQIS TTDOUBLE MILLS, OXrORD, CLORA'S PoiST, WALLACU'S WHARF, CAMKBIT)r,E. HUG if LETTS WHARF, CAR IX CREEK. MEDFORD'S WHARr, Md LLOYD'S LANDING. 1 Betnrning from 'tie shore," aha leave* , Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. *1., Oambrldfo at 4 jb p. m .,aud Bastoa Point at 8 p m , (tone hi ng at the latermadlau landing,> on Mondays, WodaosdAi s, | aad Pndafi. She has fine stats rooms, a*] all othsr paoseuger | accommodations. #4nal to those af any other steamer on Chesapeake Bay. set-tf 1 pVTOMAC transportation line. hot1cb to shippebs. Tho Staamer ex pbess, Oapt. . a. rtthrr, leaves Washington ate a m. and al- ^a?as^ exandrla at 7 a. m every bat ubday for Olymont, BuddsFerry Hiuitb 1 Point, Obitt?ftoii Laduiqi. M ftDjemof Stores, Mathiaa Point, Chapel Point Flowd?a% Wharf, Lancaster s Wharf, stonet Wharf. CnrHossen Bay, Fox well <fe Wharf, Haxell's Wiiarf, Plnsy Point, Point Lookont,and arrives at Baltl* mors at 8 a. a. on Bvnday _ ? i. ?. bbyaN a BRO , Agenta. apT-tf No. 34a Penns. avenue. richmond^ofmbrdj^ksbwg^nd f9 to tbatellrbs going south twigs daily,(SantUy p. m. excepted.) The quickest aad most dlract route ta Rlohasond. Ya . and the South, via tbe Botomae jpas. steamers from Sixth suom w fl Washington, to a<?aia Creek and^b>mflhbb Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad, now entlraly completed from aunla tlr*mk to rfehmond,Va.connecting there with traluaon the Bich< mond ana Pstarshnrg aad Rlciunond aad Dan rills Railroads,for Petersburg. Woldon, Wilmington, Raleigh, Greonsboro', Sallsbary. Charlotte aa^ Chester. 8. o. Steamers Ksyport aad o VaadarMlt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sanday evening eavaptadt at f 40 a. m. and 7 pm. and arrlvt In Rlehaoad at 1 4-'i p. m. and 3 m a a. through to rich mond 1* sevrh hours. Fifty Miles Shorter ana Hoars Qnickar ttma anf Other Houta. Ha tors and gat Throngh Tickets via Asnla Creek and Fradartcksbnrg, to Blohmond, at tha Company's Office. corner af Psnaa. avaaas aad 9th street, or oa board of t*e boats. Baggage checked through. on nib usees aad Baggage Wagoaa will ha la readlnsss to oonvey passengers and.baggage batvaaa depots in Blehaioud. . .. Passengers by this line paas by daylight Monnt Vernon, and may have an opportunity of visiting several battle-fl elds a ear Fradarickshnrg bjr stopping at that point. _ ? Breakfast and snaoa board of Staamara. oro. MATTIlTGLY.Sn?t.. WashiMtoa, B o. O. E. MATT1NGLY, Ticket^ iynt^W^sWngtoa. a? ? lg Maaeral Paaaeagar Agaat. H t. 00Fjp?r~" mosabbath co t^0 wj?*c/o i s , i^ostoh mess mackerel. i am wv recelvtag from Boston dlract, tha vsry Saaat uuaUti of mem maoe ruiti aad wbiah rarely swa their way ta this mark at, bring uaed asoetly for haaas oonsnmptiou. as they haw been trimmed of every pot bat tha moat palatable, tha kits caatafa very much mirs tnaa w? adaatMg ntaally paskad. >. m. w. borosill. Corner 1Mb aad F steeets. andar de l^tf Mbnltt Hoa?e Wrnti** ? I I PROPOSALS. l)B9rcSALS FOIL 3TITION B *Y~ P<mt "rrin Pit -atrwarr Pec. twn Me ale l Propo-al* ?t|i ? re :e*-i ?t the Office l>e par-ii ei, t a i-rtl tfce *'th day if January. Jl?7. at 12 ? clock, a? d -<>ii. for *amte:,iuc a'etion ery for thi* lepettweal. I -r om jMr from 1 .* t*t of Fftmwj, 1W, Th if i.iik t I7 **ti?factorv teetimonUl* of attlttj to farm aeon txact will not Ie (ot.Mrt' red All the article* must !. ? f tit* v?ry f.?*4 oallty, fltuiiM ?>( ?blcb, cotltiBlM at leaat a tmiii ?f acb kiad of BMt an < n peu) tk# hM>. ani ihf rtr*rtafBt r??mn th? right to reteia and pa) f<pt tli? mb? ii Ih# price staled la ik? ?1*r, ot retarn tb?? af ft* option No Md* will bo eon-lde-ed where tho artf~|ee rcon p?t 7iB* It areaoSof the kind nad luality required by ?he l?epa-tineai ?uo purt na ar tlclcx a ill rulject the entire bid to reieotloa. at the r'^a ar- of tbo Pepar nnrat. Tb* ?uh?eloed Het speclCe*. a* nearly aa can u w 10 <1ob*. tfce amonat. qnaltte. and d-eonptlon of Midi cf tl * kinili ul ?rt4r)?? tbat ?M w nantid; ?.?'iwt<ii?Y ytmnitv i m?'*i f n ik y -., /' ??. <'i ?? (to |- FA PBS. 1. 10 '?imi Foil* P(?t. aatln or plate Italak, faiBt i ned and inamM, to weigh aei leea than 17 pound*. per reaa. 2. 40 ream* Foolerap pla n reacblre. faint lined aa1 trlamaj. to weigh not lea* than IX poBBd* Ber tfMi 3. 10 Irani* I volarap blue-laid, band madr, fatui lined parCeu pattern. coannOBif Vn? h or roiiultr ptp?r. to weif;h not li?i iIihb ^utiteL a iiiadc, Mr rttn * ? l*'1',a*a V?*r'o Post. ma< Mae plain. Ininflifted ihrrt ?idee. per train 6 Sreatia |.e(t Poubb <j*p pvper. plain, por team 6 10 ream* Siti paper, gilt, large eica, i?r reaBU , 7. 5 iearn* Rote paper, plain, largo eite, por j re.mi ' 8. 10 ieam> Soto rapep, ciIt, airall m.e.p.reaai 9. 8 reama Kole jap. r. plain, mbbII *i .- aor ream I 10. 1<X? reama Enrelope paper, yellow or buff royal, per reaui 1 10 roam* Blotties paper, royal, per roam 2. t dojea pree* Copy B oka. not lo?? than '%) page* per do?ea IS. S.OUI extra large aire white adbe*i*e RnrH im? very smooth ai d thick 9J, b) In chea Square. per *iutidro| 14. 25 Wh? IrtiE bnfl adhesive *"nr.|.re? Mnooth and thick. !',!> laches p-r hundred J5. 28^te long w? lteor I af nC|ie>?Te irnTBliiim *rrai d thlik for left* ra and circnler* h , b* i Iih i.e?. p?-r hawdrad la. 3 I' Ul'uft or ?lii!e tobeaive Kiii?i?mp ve y *iri>ntb ai'd thirls, p. r bood'ad 17. 100?*natl rlre white note aihaaiva 1.b\oIrer honored M. 2jp?*l?ice aira white note ad' .-ilve Eti*e! open. p?-r hin dr?d 19 C.Hni letti r ai/a ? bite adhe'lve Bnyelopea V' hundroU Cla?? No.2.?PENS AND PKNC1L? ItTO 2??. at gr<?* Ferry'a niid unillott b--t metal ipi i.a. p? r nr-'*? 21. 40 gro?? tt.otallic P. na. of other maantactore per ^r<?* 22. 1 doren beat <!?M P^na. per dozen 21. V Opa<;ne Qnill* N" >d. per 91 24. fto doren I'atiboldera. a-- .-t<d, p<>r-1nz>>B 15. 26 do/en Y al?r '* beat t.lark L^ad Pi-nrl t cradUAted. p r 4<'/en 10 do/en beat red and blue L-ad Paunl*. per lillM Cl*-? No. S ?IN lb^K ST*Si US, v Al ERM, 27. 12 doren InfcataLdl Kiiux or any patra: lare<< I or err all, per d< rati .8. 4 Icnn inkat md^, ca?t rcn, lar^e, do :b?e. J p?-r <10? en 1 29. 2Bo hottloa Ink, hiark. Mavnar l a Moyea". Io 1 tuart l ottle*. prr liulll* 2R t 11 lea An old a Copping Ink. p??r l?(tu. al. lid'bottle* Parid'a Uarniibe laK, "uiic . ft 1 per do/en bottlea ' 32. 9U lounn Water*, Common alroa, rel. per pound S3. 7ft pouu'a g.alire wax, beat extra anprfine acarlet, p* r pi uad Olas? bo. 4.?COTLEBT AMP MISCELLMtCOtte AKTI' LIS 3t. t do/an Pouknlvea. Bodo-re A 8m a, fonr bladca, buck bom bandlea, Keauioe. a. r do-en T6. 6do/<-n Era-era. Ridgera & Bon iroc> handle*. petinifte. p? r <io/en 4 dorea nff1< e rtheara. It ilfh per doreB 37. 1 ili reu i'ffle >cl*e. r* peru S?? 2o dozen I older*. i?ory. ? inch. per d iwb ?'v d?zi u rrd L.oen l ap- a*aorte 1. per oe. en 40. lu do/.en Mik l?ite, colore and aidiba 111 hatika. per do. ea 41. 2?doten Papur Welabt*. aa*orted. per dor.ea 42. 'J? t oiaini* Itoiia Bh' ber. pi ?p?ri d , p??r poau I 43. ft pound* India Babter, uoprepar<\i >,_rpor.od ' p,r 4*. 3*' .|Uarta niack 8an-i. per <inaxt 46. ounce- 1'ouicn.p [ui.iko 4t>. 40 poanda T?in?, lineti. per ponod 47. 100 [oundx Twlue, cotton , pet p UQd la. Cdoreu Bulera, maboitaBf r-oulrrlat Ber dor.ea " w 49. 2do/.en <*utta Percba. roun-1 er Cat. per do/en fto. ft pootoia r^pen^e. be?t. p<-r punnd 81. 10 p-tin la Ouai Arabic, neat, per pound Ti-e Adheelvc Eur?lo| e :uaat be ibicklt KiniTied B ' nrtb i f an Inch ulde arontoi tbe larpeta Ciacli bidder ?>n*r forpl'li with tils profvaala a ean.ple?and bat one ? impie?of eacb articl. t,ij tor I a< h article amat bo bid for, and no mora than Ctie price t.auo d lor any oue nrt'cie. Blaa not luinlot uiiiig to t o- aa^ .er u~?Bi<*nt I will not be e?.i.>ldaied. 1 T: e tern .?nd cnd.tinna < f the ad . erti-emeut j f r riHtloi lyaret ilem otporatel io u?. con- J tract for 8tat wnery. a?d the bead of th? fiepari11 ent ?tll. iu all aae-. jadse wtieihei ttie articled ti B'terad b) the contractor are o! the quality reQuired bp tbe ootiir ict 1 f.a Staticner) ia t - be InrnleBed aa it may bo ordered l y tbe i'epartmenT. a:.d at tto cuna. t pricca, whether tbe tjuabti tlea cxcae-1 or fail abort of tboa?-e?-t.m?ted Bach p:op..?ai be ?ien- by tbe Individual or t) mi reakiLg it, aud tna-< a;'?cif' a , rice? 1 I ?? fin ?tar < :?cb and rift) article iiatned in the -cbedule 8b ?ld any articlea i-e repaired which are ant < rnujeruleu , tbe) ate to l<o furuUhod at the l< we<t market irlcea iftboPei tit tu older them fiom tbe cot.tractor having the con tract for at mllar artli l*o: and If the loat r act ore and tbo Peparttuent C>* not a?reo, thea tb- Uepartmeat may hare the article turulabe.1 by any other lortea or p*ra n* who will turnieh It at a price ioaer than tha. den.arele1 by tbe contractor. Blank tor pro, o*a.- will be turoiahed at tbo Pepart-nent to pereoua a* plying for taem; and. aa without uniformity tb> rein, the Pepart ment would find it d'.fB.ult to m^ke a de iaiuu, n te wlii bo taken Into roDiideiatloB, unleaa aubituUalb aureein* therewith The head ol the Popartmeat wtll, in attrmeee. decide w betber fie terut* of the contract bate been complied with and reaervea tbe p-'wec to annul tlie contract upon Bay failure tv comply iu a reasonable tin e Bon,la. -?ith approve I aeeurKy, are to be irlvea by tbe pereon or p-rao:.? , ontraniuk . an i. In ca*o o( f*t111ft to attpply toe arttolea, tbe contractor and hi* 'cretioe aaail be liable for tbe torfeitara ipei if:ad in anch bond aa liquidated 'amagea TI e contract will be awarded te tbe loweat and beat bidder; the boat bid to lie determined after a caretnl examinatioa for the purpoee vf ascertain iag which bid will. ib tie pi aetical reaul ta, be moat ad eantageou* to t he I iepartm*at. Tbe Pepaatiaent leeervee ta it*oif ti e right to reject any Lid where it is apparent that a part of , ti e article* are b'd for at rery lew aud a port at ery high ratee, without pronoi regard to tbe co*t of each, for the purpoee <4 e4ectlB< the aggregate of B e bida under the eatimata coataii^d in the ad vertiaem> r.t. ALBX W. KtBDMb. jal law4w PoatmaaSer Oetier il. pBBSil BEET AND v BOETABLBd. SklV Uki'iKTMUT, 1 uf PrOfKia*! awl Clotkint,S Drftm''r 11, 14M>. > Bealail prop ?al*. endoraed Propo-aia for ! Fnah Be f nfd > egetablea.'' wlII tv received at thia Bureau until 2 o clock p. m .on theM day o! January, it -7, for the an pplj of h*i ?wu pound* >f . ?BEpP r.EhF aud Jiat.uui p .node of EBEBH > KUKTAI tb- PUILAPgLPtliA BAVT ; \ aB1> AM'eTATIOB. a-re ju.nd The Beet and Veitrtab e* muat he of good jualI ity , and the be?t the ma-k?t afforla, aud each artli le ma?t lieofTared bT ti e ponni. The Beef to be is e ,nal proportion* fore and htnd <ruartera. Beoda with apptovoi! lecurfty, will h* required IB one half the eetluaatod amount of the coot: act, and iw?i,ty per cent in addition *111 be witntieid 1ftm the amuLBt of each payment to be male, ? collateral security for the due performance of tho coattact, which will on no account he paid uatil il ia tally complied wt'h Every otter niade muat b- accompanied by n written guaranty. *iuaed Lyoneortnore reaaonaiide perS 'tir. that tbe i idder or bidden a ill. if bla or their Md be accepted, enter into an <4>iigatiou win in fire da>a. wltii . o4 and aufbcieat uretie-, to fnralch tb?- article* proposed. A9 i*rpp"'il wilt bf r,aitifii?4 Hult-t ,w ><%! .< A fiininary, tr-tii-m t Ik *? tkt l.iidrr a> n rrrnlur ilti/tr ?a :h* *rttrle< prol>n>'4 to*, and kilt I A' /?'*>? regaitf tj "part %) (?a r<*? The Pepartment reserve- the ri*ht to re ect any propo*al uot conaidered adTautageoaa u> ftbe tio?ernment. It ia te be under*tood tbat Ib rae* the atipulated ' quantity of either article *hall he delixered, leaeiag a balance dne on the other article, tneooni tract may lie conaidered aa ootupletod iB f ill, M J tie option of the Popartment. de*4 td_ * pB0P<MAL8 FOB FBESH BBEF. C#rt Depot fO*ti?ni?<ery of Swft*?*t?*rs. I H*a.\Aiia?iaa?, U.C.B?C<*inl?rtl MM.\ Sealed Propoaal*. of the r >rm turniahed by tne BtMieraigtied. will be received, in duplicate, nutil TBCBBI?AT, the M of Jauuary, MB7. at 12 tu , for all the FBE>H BBEF r?quired by the troop* at the follow!u? places, viz ? Fert Waeblngtou aud ! Fert Footo. M<1. all the meat will be cubject to a rirtd in portion: to be of exrel'eat marketable quality aal in j iiiiexceptlotiable coudltton, of e iual proportioaa >f fore and bind ouarters. necka. shanks, and kidney tallow not received. In all caoea. if the meat la not aatiafactory. purcbaaea In tbe open inai kea will be uiade at tha **pe?-s of the coatracior. The contractor will ha repaired t? deliver the meat at tbe store bouve at the plate* "*?*?? in inch qnantltiea. and at each time*, a* the A. C. 8 at those plecee may dtract. beparete propoaala vrill he received foe ropply to/ eltber aftw?"o***aaM piaoss Bidders muat be preaemtat the opsaia^ of ins ^pa'mrnt to benia<le monthly, or whenever there |? fuad? oa hand for dieharaement. All iiueetiowa reapertlBC euallty and c-ia41 tioB wtll be ee.tled by the ofhoer of the SubaiaCna- e Depart meat receiving the meet. The contract will be made from tha l"th at J nana r* antll the SKh of April. 18."7, or each perie-l as the Cemnuaaarr General may determiae Bids mast be ewdaraed " Pr^p ?eale far . " " aad a?Hirseaad P> the nadarviraed da 2S-'t 0 BBLU. H*j >r and O b . P- * K ATEBS, ATTBBTloV '^Soto Bl?AB*? V* 1 *041 9th atroet. and for n ewtt sat ea* ?f his \ > Eoaavs Daps, jaat tha thlai; ts has# y?>r f*r* warm wken BkatlaB- * 11 1