Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. I' Tte Urrrst firrolalion in tb* District. W- D. WALLACH, K4iUr *>d PrtfritUr. W ASH1N OTOK CITY : WEDNESDAY JA1I .4RY Sf 1MT. KK A DI N(t MXTTBK 0!? RT'RRY PAGR. SEE OrT?IDR POR INTERE3TIWU TELEGRAPH IC AND OTHER MATTRR. TO ADVKRTIIIRI. The following is tb* official (bowing of the Civcn lation of tbe dulj papers of this city competing for the (}OT?rnmMt advertising under tb# recenta?t of Ooagress directing such advertising to be mad* in the two dally newspapers ot Washington aaving lbs large* circulation : tvE?i>re STAB 7,715 eoplaa par day. Chronicle... .5.0(18 " ? fntellxgene^r ...1,552 " ? Tbe atarns of advertising by th* city papers for the quarter ending September 3U, IHM, aa taken from tbe books of the Internal Kevenue Office, are ae follows: Lvkhimo STAB S19.091 Intelligencer 13,10? Chronicle..... 10,209 Mepvbhcan 4,791 FI.ASDT.KOrS ATTACK? UPON PUBLIC MEN. Nothing teni1s more to lower the dignity of tbe American press, and detract trom its usefulness. than tbe indiscriminate publication of slanders npon leading pnblic men. Government cfflcials. from tiie highest to tbe lowest, j are subject to continued abuse and misrepresentation. ana no attention isfpaid to trntb if a spier paragraph can be manufactured. To be enre tb?*re are readers wbo make proper allow. 1 | aace for tbe spirit which is generally the anil ! , mo* of such aseaolts, but there are too manv wbo are wi'ling to credit any stery, however absurd, which is damaging to their opponents. We ha\e been led into making these remarks m consequence of a newspaper attack, which has been widely citculated, npon Senator i Fessecden, of Maine, on? ot the most upright and conscientious of our leading public men. I It was stated that he had quartered almost I every male member of bis family or the pnblic ' tteaenry, and tbe names of two sons and six 1 brothers were given in proof. "A Maine Dem- 1 ocraf." in one of our morning cotemporaries, refutes 'bis charge ot nepotism, and says that Senator Fessenden had three sons in the ! army, wbo entered it at the commencement of ! tbe rebellion, and remained in the servics 1 (with tbe exception sf Lieutenant Samuel Fes- t >-enden, who was killed in the second battle of Hull Kun) nntti the close of the war. General 1 James D. Fessenden enlisted in the first com- . pany of Maine abarDshooters, and was elected captain by his company, and commissioned bv tbe Governor of the State. General Francis 1 Fessenden was appointed captain in the rega- I lar army on bis own application. Both these gentlemen served with distinction and won their promotion without tbe assistance of their i father." The statements in regard to the Senator'* brotnr-rs are thown to be equally unreliable. , The family has been largely represented in the National and State Legislature, and the positions be Id bv the Senator's brothers have been f attained without his aid. This caadid demo. ? cratic correnpondent. from whom we quote < says ' I ?lf the party to which they belong has seen I fit to repose so much confidence in them it is not to their discredit, if we must have Kadicals iu office, may we have no worse." | THE-NATIONAL BASK OF THE METKOPO Ll^(' As a matter of general interest to our citizens < we transfer to onr columns, from the New York Timet of the -29th ultimo, the following: Notice.? The rational Bank of the Metropolis located at Washington city, in the District of ( olumbin, is closing up its affair*. All note, holders and other creditors of said Association are therefore hereby notified to present the notes and other claims againU the Association f for payment. J. B. IIctchissox. Cashier \ Dated Washington city, Nov. 30, 1566. j It is perhaps hardly to he wondered at that ' this announcement should have been first J made in the city of New York, where the pres- " ident and principal stockholders of the bank I are understood to reside. It would seem, however, to be due to -all note-holders and other creditors" here, that they too should be noti. fled of an event equally affecting their interest*. Our readers need not be reminded that the < bank thus "closing np its affairs," alter an existence of about two years, is not tbe good old Bank of the Metropolis"?an institution of | some sixty years standing?now so favorably t known as the "National Metropolitan Bank.'' FROM IDAHO. Tbe Commissioner ot the General Land Offlee has received advices as late as December i 3!th from the V. S. Surveyor General at Boise J City, Idaho. Great interest is reported as manifested in regard to surveys under the late , mining laws. < The Long Strike.?Boucicault's latest sue- ' c cesslul play, bearing this title, and which has | been so favorably received In Europe and the Northern cltie*. is to be bronght out at Wall's ! 1 new epera house to-morrow night, with a flue \ cast, tbe leading characters being the same as I In Albany, where the pisee had a good run. ' t The celebrated "telegraph scene" will he pro- ' i duced complete, and the latest dispatches from 1 Europe and this country received in the the. 1 ater. and read to the audience. ? I Italia* Opera.?The Max Maretzektronpe i will commence their season at the Natioiiai ' Theater to-morrow evening with the most sec- j 1 cesetnl ot modern operas, "Crispino e la Co- < mare." Giorgio Konconi, the greatest living 1 ] lyric comedian, will appear in the opera, with I a cast never surpassed la this country, em- 1 bracing the names (in addition to Konconi) of Miss Kellogg. Miss Fanny Stockton and Signors Testa, Bellini, and Antonnucci. i Pbbbojtai. ? Consul General Hitx, of Swit- ^ zerland, arrived la New York yesterday, in j 1 tbe steamer Peruvian, and is expected in this , city to-day. He comes on a mission from the Swiss Government, which will detain him 1 1 here a few days, after which be will re- < turn to Europe to spend some time. i 9T The Alexandria Gcuette, one of the neat, est and best of our exchanges, commenced yesterday lta slxty.eighth year, and mav aow be fairly considered ore of the few "oldest , newspapers" published in this country. Bir>e Opened.?This morning the Postmaster j General opened bids for tbe purchase of waste i paper of the Department for tbe year 1-67. A 1 large cumber of bids were offered. The con- ! tract will be awarded to-morrow. } I 9T The legislature of Maryland meets at ' Annapolis to-day. J Thb Losu Strike at Wall's New Opera ( House to-morrow sven^n?. VThe orthodox Jews In New York pro- ? pose to erect a college. I Lowell is tbe largest New England city c after Boston. c Vliis reported In New York that an organisation is about to be formed in that city for the purpose of revolutionizing Cuba ? WThe radical paper-? ia the South are sup- 1 ported to a considerable extent by freedmen \ ^"Tbedebt oftbeci.y of NswYerkamounts * to $3:^5) 0fe9. i ^"Two-thirds of tb* thirty thousand wo- * men ia New York who are dependent on dally labor for aopport are now out of employ- , meat. WThe Cumberland Civilian says that a rich vein of silver has been discovered near Wells, burg, about twelve mile." from that cl'y, and arrangement* are being made to miae it. i A week of prayer, ordered by the Gene- * al Assembly of the Unltrd Presbyterian Church, will commence among tbe cengregaions ot that denomination the 6th (ths first Sunday) of January. ( 7* Ten horse cars were wrecked and lost to a snow-bank in Troy. ?7*"The Lunching Hyena" Is the pleasing title of a new paper recently started in Tesas. KTA New York congregation of men Is pe- y en liar lor tbe greet nnmber of middle-nged persons wbo bnve bald spots on their beads. ^A writer id a Metbodi*t paper complain ( of the freqsent raid* made at night upon the , tobacco factories since their suspension. s 1' ^ irKYKYSIM ABIZORA AMD NIW MBXICO-J 1 The U.>ir.aitoioQrr of m? iirscral L>nd* Mlice b&> received a communication from the <nrreyor General or New flt?tice and Antons, .it Santa Ke, New M-xico, underta-* it tbe 17th December, reporting that ou tee 15th of December be entered into contract with a deputy furrcjror for the establishment if the base principal meridian, standard partllels, and exterior township line*. The initial point of the surveys is th* point of the in* er e uonor he baae with the (Jtl* and Salt River meridia... It consists of th' conical hit 150 teet m hei(ht. on the aoatb aide of tbn 1 Uila, o, posits its conflueucn with the Saiado rirer. The grograpblcal position of the Initial poin' ia 112 degree* 15 minutes and 46 lecond*. longitude west from f>r?nwich and iU north latitude 33 degrees, a minutes, 57 second*. The purveying contract prorides for the establishment of niasty.three miles of the meridiar, thirty six miles of the principal base line east of the Initial point. The first, second ind third correction lines north, about it* miles running east and west of tbe meridian iroesing H&ssajmpa Aqua Fria and Rio San Francisco rivers Also, for the snrrey of the exterior township lines, embracing Prescott, tbe capital of the Territory of Arizona. The Mtabliabment of the aforesaid Initiatory lines Jf pnblie surrey a in Arizona w?U tarnish the necessary bases for the extension of surveys >eer the region of country north of Gala rirer, mbracingFort McDowell, situated on the Rio San Francisco: town of Wickenburg, and Has>aympa liver. Weaver, Woolaey and Preecot'. Kxi.toiotn Orders.?Austria has 72* montsteries,con amiog56 abbots, 6 754 priests. 210 Bonces, and 1,817 lav orotbers, and 298 conrents, containing 6,19? nuns. Of the religious houses2H2 oelong to Franciscans, 85 to the Sisters of Charily, 00 to the Pairists, 41 to ths Domimcsns, 47 to tbe Benedictines, 26 to the Baitlians, and 187 to tbe Jesuits. ?T"KA FrLE FOR TUB SOBKBL L? BObHK, donated to tbs Masonic Fair br J P. Hamlin and Geo K Price, will take place at H? Bank Bee tea runt. 0 street, To MOlt B??H , Wednesday) BVBfllHQ, ?t 7 o'clock. ja 1 2t^ Pr"M??JJ?B- A Been ar setisc of ths BB. POBLjOAN a&SOOI ATION ef D. O. will held on WaDMBBOAT BVBNING. at 7% ?.h - * ? ,MUnt * Union League Hall 48* r? ? ' . 7"? """"bar of tbe Association is 1 .!? ^ ln ', as ths slection or ..'/ 'T'1for 11" 7?sr will Ssfors the meeting ' P?rtant business will corns Persons wishing to joiu ths Association can corns In person or address ,'%1-tt A. 9. HALL. Secretary. *?JL5BiT ???l7|iAB MBBTING of the If,1.??* WaBD KLILD1NG ABS.JUrA *ihisii.?v /' 1 S^00' House, on 19th st. l?5,S.1,iY* * ? at 7 o'clock n. m , of J?na*ry 1, in coo.pll?nce with ths constitution ds51 -3t OEQ. T. KIPWBLL.Ssc J. 1^*Ta?Ji1LL BUILDING AS X.3 SOClATlON will meet over Dsolerl Drug Store, corner 3d street east and Pennsyivajia^avenne, on TH0BSDAY, January 3d, at 7 The Brat monthly installment of #1 per abars sill l e paid at that time Persons desiring ts severs stock are Invited to >o prtsent. ds 81-31 LIUIUll. Klii . DB K. BHKLTOM M ACKKNZIB * ill deliver ths Third Lecture of the Soldiers and jailors' (lei on ceurse, for the benefit of ths lie Met *? Metzerott Hall. WBDHKSDAY BTIC It IMG. January 2. 18>7. Subject '"Lights and Shades of Irish Character. ' Illustrative with wit and humor. Admission 80 centa. Tirketa for sa'e at the Hotels, Book and Mnaic stores. Post Office Mews stand, and at ths door ou ivsnfng sf lecture. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Lecture to commence at > clock. ds31?t ro=? A MKKTIHG OF TUB ST00&H0LDBBS Jk4f of the Washington ahd GKOBQBBAILKOAD COJtPAMY for the election >t Directors, will be held at ths oiBce of the Gotn??WBDHBBDAI.January 9, i?. The K>lls ?ill be open at 12 o'clock m.,andcloee at 2 >'clock p. m. OBO 8. OlDBON, Preeldent. de24-td WM 0. OBBBBLBAF. Sec. r^-MATlOHAL MKTBO P0 LIT All BANK,' BANK OF THKTMBTBOPOLIS, . Washinutow. December M, 18%. I,V fiJf'ff"* ^,h* Board of Directors, held this lay, the following reeolntion was adopted: Htfolvei, That ten per cent, ef the net pro tits of .his Bank for the halryear sndlng the 30th instant >ecarried te the surplus fund, as repaired k> j*w,aai that from the remainder a dirtdend ef onr per cent, (free of tax) npon the capital stock ** to the stockboldsrs.on or aftsr Thursday, he 3d of Jannary next. de 27 lw BOSKS KKLLY, Caahlsr. T^*GBAOK OHDBCH FA IB, (Christmas and (kS Wew Ye?r.)f-r the benefit of Grace Church, rector J Island " corner of Mrglnia avenue and 6th at . will >pen December ?tn. Tableaux and other enterkon?!I?.n.'# Benson tickets >Q coats (IatA Bep ] de 19 tf JJ-1IIABLI8II? 191} McPHBBBOK A FBBGCSOW. * #T1 Pana. Atrsaca. conxam lsr stbixt, D?tl*n IB H , L' I^BTBUMBNTS, Ac., Bo. ' Cf'^^fFrtfcriptlons aocurately compounder The Bight Bell promptly aaawered. OS 13-tl U1 OB aaL,B-A BOB TE OH THB ST AB~^Tu I beting ovsr 7w Subscribers. For fnrthsr parlenlars apply at Mo ?t?* 6th st . Island. ja?3t ?nn.l??B OKDAB POSTS, 30 Tolo V feet long, anl fnlt sl/e of tree, for sale sad deli eared to any part of Washington ?r Georgetown. Addrees *7 A. PHILLIPS. ?eorgetown. 1 ja2 3t* I^KPABTHBHT OP THB IHTBBIOB. U UNITED STATES PATENT OPVICE, - WasHimotor, Deoember t?, ISM. OnthepetlMon of WILLIAM WICKKB8HAM. # ?*ion: Mj|e" - praying for the extension ? ? pntsnt granted to him on the l?h day of Mr"i '" >. ?or an Improvement in Sewing Ma !hloee.?r eeeen years from ttte expiration of said jatent. which takss place on the 19th day of April, It'fs ordered that the said setltion be heard at . ? Monday, the let day of 0 c,o?k *ad all aersonsare otifiedto amMsr mn4 show cause, Ifany they esfdytitlon ought not to be gran ted. "tension are required to let r^4iTi J objeetlone, specinlly let forth In writing. at leent /treaty dava before :t>?dar of hearing; all uTrinili^ii^t* etth? >srty to be used at the said beariag mnet be taken wansmlttsd In aocordance with the rulee * *'wU<l1 *ni be furnished on npplien, &",tt#?J9d ether napera relied npon ne testimony must be filed ln the office ttosatsdars ore the day of hearing, th# ftrgQn6ittt ijf an. ""htn tenUjw ?fUr nfug tbe titlmoo/ >K WS"T^?,-.*',0? lbf * *kl? notioe be published la ^e Republican and tbe Batlenal intelligencer, Washington. D C , and in the Journal. Boston! m? 1 once % week for tbrai enocoil >i weeks * the first of said publications to be at least slxtV lays prerioas to the day of hearing. 7 ? T. C. THKAKKK, p - .. Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Kdltorsof the nbore papers will please sopy. nidisend their bills to tbe Patent Office with k pepar containing this notice. ,a 2 1ew3w D** THOUBABD LOADS OF PBIMB MA * 0,n,p Krause, Ooed Hope "' ? OHABLKB A. KBADSK. V'ATKS A BKLBY, " J,,, Ho. 323 Pennsylvania nrenne, *111 commence oa tbe letdny of Jnnuary. 1817. to ock of Foreicu end Domestic DBY ^.".theTw^seU^ Andreecoggin 4 4 Blsscbed MUSLIM at 90c. Wamsutta do at Mc. N T. kills do at*)! * ?er r snpsrior 4-4 Blonchsd Shirting at ttc. Dress Goods at Jtc., rm. 62S, 75 and B1.2S per 'd. jan 1st F t? D ^ AM HOTKLABD KB* TA( KAKT, 222 Pa are., opposite A . .A ^lllsru4s Hotel, CHKISTMAN KrUL.t^^f ^W!'ior adneaday next, thlsJLJBLI letahllahment will be opened with a InncU lii shich the Proprietor will be hnppy to meet his nan* friends Tbe Bar will be coaelantly sus lled with choice Lienors, and the Reetaarant sitheverything that the moet epicurean tisteenn ieelre. Hoarders by the day, week or month will lere hnd excellent aceommodatlone at moderate atee Aleo, nicely-furnlahed rooms csn bs ob slued either with or without board. Call and ** ja 1 in* ^OPAKTNK B B 11 1 P. I hare this day aeeociated with me In the GroerwMnaineaa tny brather. J AS H. GCL1CK. and he^ nsinete will hereefter be conductby the knnotQCLIOK A BBOTHBB. 7 All gereonn having uneettied accounts nrs relue.ted to eettle the snme. ns new books will be >pened from this date. G F. GCLICK Wnshington.P.O., January 1, ISIT. We. the uMernlgaed. reel coafideat that, with lur experience and the facilitlee at onr command, re can furalkh te purchasers, both wholesale and etail^as large and well assorted stock of Grocsries reae, Wines, Liquors. Oigars, Ae . ne the maffcet iffora-. nnd at the moet reaeonable rates. Goods wnght of us deliversd free of charge to any part of .. . QBLlcflK A BKOV^ i a?M04 * J*r#*y venue and B street ^oath. LtTtflTK OPOKTO *OBt, '"r. JOBM W UU1. SjUl . ? 30? Peaaeylvauia anaae,MTin de 31 st Mar Nth ^BOOOLlTraij^Ee JLftnc Pl%oe* Oaraor TormentnTeaaa hadH)4 street. LVK8T 1KDIA OKAKGBS AMD FIGB.OUBKAWTi, ^ SPICES Ac . Mc.. to suit thie nnnlcelar eea?" /* *' ** Z ? F. KlfG A BOB, de 31 tf K'ag Plaee. rpHk HEW CETW4L TISmiQ OARD, - ~ * N A raiLP A SOLOMON'S HTIOPOLITiR BOOK STOBB, 339 P?aairlT?nl* ?T*tnt, (lcjl-ectt _b??. 9th an i loch streets. IJ1LI0 10 08 riHIT Received t? dif, Mem. MALAGA GRA PICS, Terr choice. HbunUHAVANA OlAIOli, T?ry Da* and Wholesale and retail, at J. PEARSON, 441 8tii Krwt, deSl-Et near Pennsylvania avenue. IP LANK BOOK8, STAPLE AND COUNTING O HOUSK STATIONERY. We have oow la stack and have facilitte-t f,w making lo order every quality and aire of BLAEK BOOK. PASS BOOK. MEMORANDUM or ACCOUNT BOOK. Aleo. a complete assortment of CUUNTIMO HOUSE STaTtONBBY. IroludiBgCopying Opylng Books. Cooing Ink, Writing Ink. Hrrry variety of Steel Pen* and Handles, Gold Paai. for commercial nee. Foolscap, Letter and Note Paper, all qualities end pticea, Every and color of Envelope*. Printing and Flat Papers, Wrapping Papers and Twine*. Mucilage and Brnsbea. Inkstands, ??en Backs. Ac ., Ac. Brer?thing kept la a first claim Stationery Store, wholesale and retail, at moderate price* BLANOHABD A MOHUN, Booksellers and Stationer!, deli st I Int 1 cor Pa. avenue aud nth at. |yj AF.3HAL A TBAVKB PIANOS Vrsmore of theee BB ' PARLOR OEM" PIANOS HUT1 received; eeven octave. Iron tram-, rosewood, and wairanted, for 9?W. JOHN F. HLLIS, 306 Pennsylvania avenne, de 31 St JBole A cent. F BENCH ALMANACH8 FOB lSCT^-Alma Bach Cotnlqne; Almanach Poor Vire; Alma nncta dn Bei.-ton; Almanach Charivari: Alaaaach de In Danse; Almanach de la bonne Cuisine; Almanacn Imperial; Almanach de Napoleon; Alm&aach de* jeus deSociete; Almanach PoHchinelle, and tbera, Imported direct from Pari', by de?i KRANOK. TAYLOB. J^MEttsON'S BOLD MEDAL PlaNOS. Three of tbeee Superior PIANOS re Jctb cetved to day. nim We have the Sole Agency for thia District. JOHN P. BLLI8, 306 Pennsylvania avenne. deSI-Et near 10th atreet. MBTBOPOLITAN PATENT STEAM BAKBBT, 347 O street, between 4H aid 6th. Complete in all ita appointmenta, having one of McKenzie'a splendid Reel Oveus and new Machinery, manufacturing work an parlor to anything poeeible by the old proceesee. BOSTON GRA0KEB8. A very anperlor article, freah dally. MILK BISCUIT, Freeh dally; aure to pleaee. try them SODA CBACKBR8. The beet In the market; a constant supply. WATEB CRACKERS. Of the best quality, in any quantity. Together with CBACKBB DUST, SUGAR CBACKEBS. NOTELTIES, OINQEB SNAPS. Be., always on hand, at the loweet prices Try and be convinced. Qe?-iw THO. HAVBNNEB. 486 ( MA,KliT,E8 i 4Hfi 7u, htt BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBINED M PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS A limited but choice selections of Oil "Paintings Engravings. Cbromos, Wreaths, Baskets of Flowera, Ac., appropriately framed. ' _ OVAL P1CTUBB FBAME8. A rich and varied assortment. from the best man ufacturera in the country embraefng Waleut. Imitation Boeewood. all Gilt. BusUc and Carved Framea Paaaeaartout*. Card Frames, Be. PICTURE CORD AND TA8SBL8, WALNUT BEArKITS. Ac. Picture Oerd and Tassels all slies and colors. Bin* Mails, Walnut Brockets, Easels. As. PAPBBH ANGING8 AND WINDOW SHADE*. A beautiful variety of tbeee goods, embracing the richest design* of Gilt Embroidered Parlor Pat terns In the district, with a well assarted stock of he cheaper grades, with a large variety of Windw Shadea, different afxea and colors. Orders fer Window Shades and Paperhanglngu punctually filled, la city or country. A large portion of the above Goods were made specially to order, believing the beet tbe eheapeet, and aiming to keen that claaeof Gt -via. we reepectfully invite tbe Public to inspect aud compare our Goods with any in the market/^ Terms invmriabiw ra h. J. MABKKITBB.No. ??srth atreet. de 1? ?w* Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. J^UXUBIBS F0? THE HOLIDAYS. MAILLABD'B CANDIES AND CHOCOLATES CARAMEL'S CREAM CHOCOLATB. *** ' DOUBLE VANILLA 6HOOOLAT8, BOSK AND VANILLA RUANT ALMONDS, MIXED SUGAB PLUMB, aad aPSOBTED CaNDIEH. Juat received at KING PLAGE __ Z M. P. KINO A BOM. WEST INDIA OBANGE8 AND ~ ^ . SWEET MALAGA GRAPHS. Freeh, at KING PLACB. MINOB MEAT <DOMESTIG.) Juat made, of select material*, At KING PLAOB. I^OLDXN BCUPPBBHUliG W1NB. . ? ?,Vb rlJiffarr ^ATIVH WIHB Gold coler, fall, .yet delicate 'flavor and fragrance, aad leas than one hair the cost of Imported Wine. KINO FLAGS. BASINS, PIGS, CUBBANTS, v> BP1CBH. Ac., Ac., toeuit this particular seasoa. Eoraale by Z M. p. KING A SON, ^ 19 Klag Place. gBADSTBEET'S gTJATHNT WBATHBB The best invention ot the age. Mgolndas anew SSlg"JtrtiliS 4*"?' da ? Jw B. W. HAMILTON A CO. WM-' 00*}ffAgt:'AV """A,D r?5 r? FurnitureUL and Heuaefnrniahlng Warerooma New and W XJJ i,irn inre-,*f all (ieecrlptlons, bought 1^^ nf' Upholstering, and VarnishLWk Sis sr*5? shortest notice Southeast corner ef 8th and K streets north. No. 13 da 18-Em* fif itbopolitan iT1 2jt fjfmt 8TBAM BAKIBT, 347 0 at., between ijfc aad 6th street!. ?B ^yENNBB'S FAMILY BBBAD thm "?ket Families and Gro ,le THO. HAVMHHH1. |tt| BOOTS AND BH0H8. jS| * B W TT O B B . kegaiaavs to inform his friend a MMW ntReai k* bM apened the nfi i ^1 r^ n A BB-Bo. 609 7th atreet,under wirtT!. Bafl. whare he has on hana a gen1!&S^SaSu?iX^ ?-???*. ? > ? BOOTS AND SHOBB. a?n^af. 60S Tth street, unler Z5TTrt2si.?:.H,w J??*8 MBOBQB B. WILSON. R M 0 v A_J* raa oo?. Have removed to their Mew Office, Ho. 71 LOUISIANA AYBNOB. First door east of 7th st. DIB BTT O B 8 : SpM. KiAPi PrM't? (leo. W. Eicci, Vie# 2 ?i"?5i*rrr' SfffVll Browa, Bich'd Wallach) G B.GMeon, Daniel Dodd. ta ni ' Henry D. OookeT^ ' W"* U,*0B de E-tf NOBLB D. LABNBB. Secratarr. VICTOB BBCKBB. FIAMO TUNEB AND BE0ULAT?B.__?^ BsTASLutaao in IHM. IbIB ? iniii oaniaa aow acearviD at DEMP8EY A OTOOLB 8. Bngravers and 8tatlonera. Ae., SOB Pa. av., bat. tth aad lo^ sU F. C. HEICBENBAOH'S Piano Booaw. 496 llth street, near Fa. avaaae. SptrinlJfoHm from Wm. Knabt f Ch , Baltimore Mr. Beaker nas tuned Planoe for us at aur reoasg. and we take pleasure fa etattng that we bT lleve him to be a,competeat taaer. no Sl-Sm (^OLBlB BOTJPPBBNOBG WINE. (Natlrs. > Rich, fruity flavor, with delicate boquet. Produce ef tbe of HortkcirgSK"^^"* flBAJ*. ? f' RECEPTION LUXURIES? Juat received, a large variety of artielse so

_* S Oor. TI.,w!Mi!iyit. KOY'B SKATES from M cents to (, MEN'S bKATBSfrom fl.'Tto fSO, at the Skate Depot. POULTHBF B TRIMBLE. Ba. BOB Wart Baltimore street.. **"'* BalOmora. Md FOB SALE OE EBNT?A Baa toae PI ABO, o mm nil 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GO\ E1NMENT J?B< t RITIRK. W'ASataaroH, January -2. 18U7/ Jay Cook* 4 Co furnish the following quotation* of Go%eminent securities B uying. Selling. U.B. r? Oompon, iwi............to6j/ ue'v V. s. Five Twenties, 1909 tojK mm* U. S. Five Twenties. 1864 114k 10.*>x U. S. rtr? Twenties, ih?5 los* 105* tJ.S. five Twenties,JanAJ'j,'85.Kfls h>4 U. 6. Ten t'orttM. 90h Uhi P S. Seven Thirties, August.... 1(4\ iin,i' U. S. Seven Thirties, June......104* 105 U. S. Seven Thirties, July l?4* 106 hew york fibst board salka Coupons, ltti*; Five Twenties, 1802, 105?, Five Twenties, 1^61, 104*; Five Twenties, 1805. 106*; Five Twenties. Jan nary and July, 1-65,1(3*; Ten Forties, 99)f; Seven Thirties, Oofdliw1^ do June' u**' doFINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A Co., quote Stocks and Bonds in home and foreign markets as follows : Nxw Yobk, Jan. 2.?1st Board?U. S. registered. 1?81, ; do., coupons, ; 5.20 s, registered, ; do. coupons, ; do , 186s ; 10-40 s, registered do. coupons, ' 7-3o's, : Ohio and Mississippi Certificates 28; Canton, 49; Cumberland, 87; U.uirksilrer, 45*. Mariposa, 12, New York Central. 112*Ene,67*;do. prefer'd,83*; Hudson. 133 v Rending, 105*; Michigan Central, lo*; Mich, iran Southern. S3*; Illinois Central, 120* Cleveland and Pittsburg. 01*; Cleveland and Toledo. 1-25*: Rock Island, lo4*; Northwestern, 45 ; do. preferred, H2*; Kort Wavoe 106: Chicago and Alton, 10Hu; Alton and Ter re Haute,46^; Toledo and Wikuk, 44 w; W. P Telegraph. 47 Boston Water Power. 30- Pa oiflc Mail. 173\ AUantic Mail, 110. American gold, 3 p m, 132*. Lohpow, Jan 2?[Per Cable.J-Bonda, 73^ opening price. THE TAKIHE. The Finance Committee were in session to day upon the Tariff" question, and Commissioner Wells was before the committee .n reference to his tariff raport. The Fiuance Committee will on to-morrow report the Tariff bill prepared by Mr. Wells aa a substitute tor the House bill of last session, in order that it may be printed. EXCELLENT WHKAT. The Commissioner of Agriculture has received from Dewitt county, Nebraska Territory. a sample of very superior white Mediterranean wheat, which was grown in that county from teed originally received from the Agricultural Department. It is said to he very tine. During the last season 3<MXX> bushels of wheat were raised in that county, which has a population of 5<?. Commissioner Newton will obtain a lot of the wheat for distribution TUE WHITE HOUSE. The President was very busy in his office today. Secretary McCullocb had an interview with him this morning. No other visitors were admitted. SBirami B Talk ?The Richmond Whig has a leading editorial advising the people to give up the old politicians. ? We are beginning a new era and must have new ideas and new men." Intirnal Rkvkni'b.?The receipts from this source to-day were f2.Hbo.23l 9S. * ?? ??? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BY U. S. A EUROPEAN NEW? ASSOCIATION. FROM EUROPE. >ava! Construction in France?Cotton Culture in Algeria?Opening of the French Chnnsbers? New Line of Steamers. [By the AUantic Cable.) Pabja, Dec. 31?The King of Prussia has sent one of bis officers to Ton Ion in order to stody the Naval Construction of France, which be believes to be superior to that of any other country. Aloibbs, Dec. 'Jf.?The Cotton Supply Administration Co.. of Algiers, has received from New Orleans and South Carolina twenty hogsheads of sea island middling Cotton seed to he distributed gratuitously among the inhabitants of Algeria. Pabis, Dec. 31.?Great agitation exists concerning the opening of the French Chambers, and all the Deputies were getting ready for that occasion. The report of the Minister of Finance. M. Fouid, will, tt is said, show that this year the receipts will exceed the expenaes by about fifty millions of francs. Bzblib, Dec. 30.?The new line of steamers between Garmany and the United States, touching at Southampton, will sail from the Hanoverian port Dnsterminde twice a week. The capital of the Company, which la to enjoy the monopoly of carrying the Prussian mail is 7,0(Xi,0U) thalers. FROM EUROPE TO-DAY. Pacific Address of Napeleaa?Fenian Arrests. Lonooir, Jan. 2?Noon.?Consols, 90*; Fivetwenties, 73,'i; Illinois Central. SI. Pabib. Jan. 2.?Napoleon's speech delivered to the Diplomatic Corps on New Year's day is of a very pacific tone. bblrafet, Irxlawd, Jan. 2 ?Nine Fenian arrest* have been made here, and also a seizure of arms. Vibhka, Jan. 2 ? Noon. ? It is aaid that Austria is about to convoke a new Heichsrath. lor the purpose ot effecting a compromise with Hungary. EXTRA SESSION OF OHIO LEGISLATURE. Message of Governor Cax. Cixcimhati, Jan. 2 ?'The Ohio Legislature In extra session convened at Colnmbus at ten o'clock to-day. Gov. Cox's message is qnite lengthy, and treats principally of State affairs. Tt e finances of the State are represented to he in a fiomsbing condition. The balance in the State treasury on Nov. 15th was overSl.OJI.- 1 (NO. Total amount collected on the tax duplicate for the fiscal year is over S20,870.000. The State debt on Nov. 15th was H2,9l2,ooo. The commissioners ot the sinking fund have paid ' and discharged during the past year over ' 1,097,000, and the payment to be made by 1 them during the present month will reduce 1 the total debt to a little over 811,341,uuo. ' During the coming four years, 95,844,000 of 1 the debt and Interest will become payable, but its discharge will require no additional taxation. The total valuation of property in the State subject to taxation in 1867 is 11,108,208,000. equal to abont one per cent on the wBole out- 1 standing debt of the State. The finances of the < State were never In as favorable condition as now, and the State's credit in the market is not 1 surpassed by any other State or Government In the world. The benevolent institutions of I the State are represented as being in good con- 1 dition and conducted with proper economy. 1 The Governor says that the record by the 1 Ohio soldiers enlisted during the war has i been compiled, and be recommends the pro- 1 pnety of following the example of nearly ail the other States in publishing and making available to the world the only complete and authentic evidence of the patriotic efforts of the State in the great national struggle. In peaking of national affairs, he says of the ( Constitutional Amendment: "It contains provisions, which, in the wisdom of the National Legislature, are necessary to secure permanent peace throughout the country, and to correct the palpable evils remaining in those States wbieb were lately in rebellion?evils J which, without such correction, wonld endanger the n&tonal safety, and be a lasting j source of irritation and strife. Several of the , States have already ratified the amendment bnt I deeply regret that it has been rejected by several ot tbose whose ratification would do most to make the measure the promise and beginning of that fnll settlement of our Internal dissensions, for which we ail long. I am not without bcpe that a mature consideration and "toaraSeetfon will convince even thoae who rejected the proposal that justice, right, and a wise self-interest, alike dictate a reconsideration of the matter and a different decision Maine Legislature. August a, Mb., Jan. 1?The Maine Legislature will meet to-morrow. A caucus of si publicans waa held to-night to make oraliml Inary nominations in the Sen am. Hon N A* Burtsee, of Knox, wna nominated the eandidate for president, and Thomas P. Cleaves, of Brown field, the secretary of last year, was rsnom mated. The Sena* la nnanlsonalv Republican. In tha House, the Hon Lewis Barker, of Stetaon, well-known In this dud other Stales as a remarkably effective stamp speaker, waa choern aa the candidate l0r Sneaker, and Franklin M. Draw, the clerk af Itftvwr, waa renominated by acclamation. Tha House stands 138 RepubHcaas to 13 Democrats. There will be no delay tn the organization. Tha official canvass of votes for Governor at the September election will be made at oace, aad Gen. John L. Chamberlain will be inauf uratod as Governor on Thursday. I a THE PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE. e?ma?i Ctrtti'i HAlBllBt'ie, Jit. 1?(tor Oarng'i mil-. Ji V|i delivered to tbe Legislature to-day fl>? OovrfraOr uy? Th? ritraordnarjr pip. u dilutes iNnai the war and since it* close, in payment* growing out of it, by tbe no'borItjr of the icttof A**e!tibly, bare imouniod to upwarris of Sr>,MX>4 n. which, added to tbe acmal payment* of tbe indrh>dnPM of the State, and tbe money in tbe treasury for that purpose, show* tbe trT?nnf?, above the ordinary expesditure*. to bare amounted to 810,CKi'W), which would all hare been applied to the payment of tbe debt ol tbe Co-nmon wealth tn tbe last at* year" A caro'nl attention to the revenue* of tbe O >mmon wealth, with snob juat and prudeni chances a* may be required IB futnre. and a wise economy ? expenditure, wfll.ln my judgment. insure tbe ea'tre pay. neat of tbe public debt within tbe period of fifteen years Tbe time fixed for tbe redemption of t3,1(*Vtt624 ot the inaebtedness of the Com- I monwealtb having expired, I recommend tbat ' proruiou be made for tu redemption by making anew loan for tbat purpose, paytble at such perioda as the prospective revenues will justity. The Governor recommends tbe adoption of tbe Constitutional Amendment in aa able and statesmanlike argument. Tbe balaace of tbe message refers to loeal affaire. He recommends that proviaioa be made fcr tbe maintenance of aucb of oar soldier* a* are in poverty, and bare been ao maimed as to prevent them from securing a livelihood br their labor, until tbe arrangements proposed by tbe National Government for ibeir support are completed. FROM NEW YORK. Financial Panic in Harana?Failure ef a Boston Rreker?Liqner Seizare New York. Jan 2 ?A Harana letter ot Dec 26 states tbat tbe flnareial panic had almo?t enUrely abated. The Banco Espagnol paid out the first day of tbe ran. 9l0u, *n> m cold, and then replaced it* payment* to per day, In accordance with ttieati'.horiza'ion from tbe Captain General. All tbe bauks except tbat ot Bonier A t)o had resumed payment and it was supposed the latter was kopeiesaly insolvent. Joseph A. Veasie. a broker ia Boston, is reported to bare failed, with liabilities of half a million. All tbe hotels in Brirhton. Mass . bad taeir liquors seized yesterday, while parties of Bostontnns were out there enjoying their New Year's s eigbtng Maryland Legislature?Movements ef Assistant Secretary Seward Annai'OLI*, Jan.2.?Tbe Legislature assembled here this morning. Ouly a temporary organization was effected. A caucus will be'Held a.ter tbe adjournment to select officers to be elected. The question of the U.S. Senatorsh.p is tbe great theme of conversation aud there u much canvassing on tbe subject. 1 he L:tstern Shore members appear te b" greatly averse to repealing the law which entitles tbat section of the State to a candidate for the Senatorsbip. On tbe other hand, the friends of Gov. Swann express great confidence of the success of their champion. It is thought that Oliver Miller, of this county will oe chosen Speaker. Tbe Governor s message will be submitted to-morrow. A very larce number of applicants tor office are in atteadance. Tbe steamer Adelaide, of tbe Old Bay Line being unable to reach Baltimore from Nortolit' in consequence of the ice, discharged her passengers bare this afternoon and tbey went North by rail. The United States steamer Gettysburg which was atbore beiuw here, U understood, been gotten off, but will be unable to proceed on her voyage. F. W. Seward, Assistant Secretary of State, with some ladie?. were on board, and it is stated tbat tbev will* be transferred to the Don. which is reported to have arrived in order to take the place of fee Gettysburg, and is said to be destined for .some secret mission. Frem Alabama. Montgomery. Dec. 3o?Senator Parsons ot this city has returned to his botre lrom his late visit to Washington. He Is still decided 1 in the expression ot bis opinion that the S ate 1 of Alabama ongbt not to aecept the amend- ' ments and urges upon the Legislature and 1 people to stand firmly by tbe President, and trust to him for a finally satisfactory issue 1 The Northern people, he save, will yet see tbe wisdom of tbe Soutb in refusing to accept the 1 amendment, and when once a correct view is taken tbey will adopt sncb measures as w.ll secure tne restoration of Alabama and all tbe States to their political equality in the Union 1 Moiiile. Dec. 30.?It is officially announced 1 tbat the visit of Governor Patton to tbe North is not of a strictly political character, but that ' he proceeds thither at tne request of certain 1 bondholders, with a view to arrange, if pos- 1 sible, for aa extension of tbe time required for ' the paym<fet of interest, and tbns save tbe ! credit of the State. Independent ef this, how- ' ever, Governor Patton was delegated by the meeting at his home to proceed to Washington and confer with tbe Preaiuent and others up. on the q a est ion of tbe amendment aa applica- < ble to the restoration of the state. The Fa* Disappearance-Less ef Blooded Horses? Death frem Celd and Hanger. Naw Yoek, Jan. 1.?The myatertons disappearance of Mr. Lewis Fox causes great anxiety to his friends, who entertain the idea tbat he has either committed suicide or been foully dealt with. Tbe loss of 34 out of 39 blooded hnrsns shipped by Mr. Cameron on the steamer Hel. vetia. which arrived to-day, cause* consider- 1 able feeling among turfmen. Tb* disaster i* attributed to their having been placed on a ! screw steamer instead ot on a sailing vessel ' There was no insurance on the stock. I The bouy of the man who perished from < cold and hunger on Sunday night tn Wash- 1 ington avenue. Brooklyn, haa been identified * as that of Joha Dnrand, a native of Nor- ' mandy, aged i5 years. ' The Philadelphia Murder. Philadelphia, Jan. 2.?Toe man who was found lying in an insensible condition In the area of a house on Congress street, third ward, 1 yesterday, died yesterday at tbe nospital. He 1 is about five feet seven inches high, black hair * and large red goatee. He ooald give nc aceonnt of himself. His name is supposed to be Laurence Logan. The no^t mortem examination sbowed that he had been beaten and thrown in the cellar way. < The Weather. Philadelphia, Jan. 2?Noon Tbermome. ter 29 deg; wind northwest: weather clear ind cold. Baltimore Markets. Paltimoks, Jan. 2?Floor quiet but firm. 1 ft rain very scarce?tbe bay and harbor are closed; prices nominal. Seeds dull, Clover 8agt< SO. Coffee firm: Rio in good demand < Sugars quiet and steady. Provisions inactive: < :ut meats heavy. Whiskey inactive and irregular. Cotton firm; Upland 33ka&u. Buckwheat meal t3a*3.2.<5. * New Yark Markets. New York, Jan. 2.?Cotton firm but quiet Upland*. 34*: Now Orleans, 35*. Flour five rent* better. Sales 5,000 barrels State and western at #8 80a#12.15: Ohio, ?ll.2ttaSl3 :o loutbern firmer; sales JUU barrels at til 'juasi?' Wheat very firm and quiet. Corn one cent 1 better; saleeof bushels at Si. 14 afloat. Data steady; western 64a6S cents. Pork lower, ales 1,200 barrels new mesa at glS4fiiy.i& Beef dull. Lard dull and unchanged; sales 100 barrels. Dressed bags quiet. Whisker lull. 7 ? ?e?e i LOCAL NEWS. ; e i Criminal Cocrt. Judgt P\$her.?This morn- i ing, Joseph Taylor, indicted tor larceny, plead guilty, and was sentenced to the penitentiary i for one year. Smithers for defence. Wm. Anderson was eonricted of the larceny 1 }f chickens, and sentenced to fifteen days in I jail. The motion for a new trial in the case of ] Petesto Carlo and Henry lvU, convicted of robbery on the lith nit., and tbey were sen. tenced to three years each ia the penitentiary at Albany. Mary Glaaco, convicted In two cases of lar* ctny, was sentenced to one year in the Albany 1 penitentiary on each offence. Ellen NolAnd, aliaa Ellen Ale, was convicted or keeping a disorderly house. Elizabeth Jones, indicted for keeping a haw. | dy house, was found guilty, and sentenced to fifteen days in jail. ? - , Another Ccttimo Avrata?About half, past nine o'clock last night, two yonng men, Thomas Bye and J. A. Ay res, met in the house of Henrietta Parkbnrst, in the row between 13th and I3M, on D street, in the Second Ward, 1 known as Fiddler's Bow. Rye was in the act 1 of whipping one of the females, and Ay roe told him aot to heat the womaa to death. Rye 1 tamed upon Ayres with a knits, and eut htm him in the arm, severing four arteries. Uye 1 wae arrested by Sergeant Pierce, of the See- . ond Ward, and was taken with the wounded J man te the Central Qoardbouae. Dra Liacola , and Keaaby were called upon, and drsassrt the i wound, but would espreis ao opinion of the probable reanlt. This moraing, JnsMce *o rsell had a preliminary heating in the ease, and committed the accuaed for a farther hear ing a Potomac Gold Minna.?Gov. Curt in and (Jen. Ingalls have recently organised a mining company, which is expected soon to go Into j operation near the Great Falls.' j AeciHBWT-T?ww*ty, nhomt two fo?^ ?P J2 " * "" wbo#e ?*. fr?? p%T? n If! IT? pereoa. IS ??r?pi>?fd to be MrVg ' w*e toned In ft* caail wa*r p ,.r?.. smth and lar street w^o. by Mr Daal i s?m. wbo ''ripped kniwll and w?nt in to naT# the man, and ?nb<b? UM-Unnnof Mb?n *# b moniiiril r*rnM htm to bit (<tw*eaey'si ??n.I!fi?n/1 *o far as possible i, L.e nLMlL_AJ>f,rra" ta tb* ??r1om W*< OS. talned tr?m Major Wallacb, wad thennrorta. uf otiwai taken there for f-rrtbir treat. ment, bol he expired at o'clock last. ti?v If i? 'bosfbi that tj?e dt-re.ved U dtachiuv d foldier, and tbat he |ct into tbf canal acci dentally. ' ' " * Pick Pockbt*.?Yeoierday. tbearh there i? po> deabt a large number of prof*e?t.?Bal thieve* In ths city they bad nad but little on por'un<ty to apt-rate in crowd* at tbe Prwii. deBfe M?mion and otbor residence. opene.i for tbe receptioa of the public. The only ca*? reported i* ibat of general t Sp'aa-r Treasurer of tbe United State., who, wbile 'DdfarorlRt to wort a little girl from iniurr by tbepre.sure ol tbe crowd, bad hi* wm/t taken from bis pocket. containing bMVf?n seventy Bad eighty dollar., a pa.r or gold sleeve bn'trno. and a vartetv at pattera. Ac c* In* to bim were also taken from bit pocket OTrrasa ?If any of onr r-ader? tbink tbat the *u*prB?iun of narration in con?ft)Bfnw of the closing or tbe P.v?? Xr t?v lea bas Interfered with tbe oysior trade have obIt to call at HirTe?'i, of ||t{ und t Hfceu, (old f,.rt Dellauce.) to be con I ineed to 'be contrary M- sands at tb ? J moraine some ot tbe largest, fate.t, and flaest flavored bivalve* tbat we bare *een tbis mi eon. aad ha* pleaty more of tbe ?am- ?rtr." wklcb he Is eervlnr to b?a customer* r<iw roasted, steamed, fried.or stewed His PaluW roast is a great achievement in the culinary art. G?i*DLiRCMr ? ^>-terd?T,Daniel Wars. arr<**,*d b? officer Marrm, of tbe K,r?i V ard for tbe larceay of 1(4 horse *h,?* ,r hi i?lh *h?P ?f Karl * S,OT"- A portion 01 !T^TrTVd fr?n smith sbop of^m Scott Tbe case was inveattgatad j,r Justice Drtiry. who sent Warn* to jail for larceny; and Scott, for receiving the stolen property, to await a trial at court Aob*sabt.b SVBriUM -Ye-tarday mornin ? ?1T* i"s5" Mead,or? 'beesteemed pastor ot the Island H&ptist c hurcb \va? cnlled np?n a: bw residence, and, in a neat little speech by I.itin fh h ?i*,aiP' K*q " ,n b*'ha,r of th* memberk .? the Bible classes and the Sabbath *chool ot tbe church, piveen'ed with a heaatifol arm-chair and a Bible handsomely bound __ Affair? la Gearfetswa. Trb CVeToB H<ick( ?Tbe repairs and im provement ot tbe Custom Hons;, which haTe been protres^ing for several weeks, are ap proacbiag completion, and the rratifrin^ change for tbe better in the tnterioris remarked byevary visitor aware of the former ie^u I he ola roof has been removed, and a new om of copper has been constructed. The wail, of the main hall and ante-room, havei^i ^ h?vt*d of lb ? frescoing, wiiick w%* of o j rr#?%i a th" cl'rk'' 'rhen the sky was ^ waM^i T ariTar ' n^w drw._u? JT" M Trt JL ?i'' P"Lk,v<2r whst U known to paiiitersas the peach blow, and the ceiiiucr nurn white, all in kelsomiue. Tke rooms of tu? col. lector will be r?*turnisb?*d aad carnetea Th? hall win be lighted three iVr^Tbandt? Iiers in place ol the simple stems and burt^r, hitherto In nse, aud the furniture of the coroo ixsrsrz h*n ' b,,|n? ,n,ulr *? curre^od with tbe new arrangement. The roof w* Mr. Mi.n.das Wort^Jw workman. 1 he nam ting was done under tt?'r!^. of f ; Abbott, mtater pn.tor ?u under tbe supervision of A B. Mullert *t'.I tectol the Trea-ury IlepartiS ?rii^E^LJLCA," -|>,lTn<-k Ooldin va? fd veaterday by Officer Seba^naa. f? disorderly conduct, and was lined n or Justice Buckey. M.cbael Mullen waiarre^ ed by special officer Nunemaker for th?* l^r c?y of coal, and tor disorderly ZmSLt & larceny case was difcnaisa?-d. and Justi^ cooa^fcL "? a..?ra?w PLOCB A?D GraIB MABKKT -The m.rlr.. IS dull: demand luatuve. and irna.acnoaaonlv 'n limited quantities, to satisfv the uanta /> Uiedfy trade Holders exhibit no dnpo?i'ion to dispose of their stock a. le* thanXfT lowing rates ?Supers. 113^13 51 eatras,1^ l^Tir.y NoJj^r WM^nomlnaVly^ * qooution. Cor. dull, S-ljo ^.me were t*ke? at but others wsrs be| j f? higher rates. Ther m?*rchaut8 sell at sin n.r iwi lbs . la small qaantitiea t10 P*r P"RT or OkOHiiBTuWB -No eBtriea or clear- k tnces ban- been rerord?-d at tbeCust im unil M .mce tbe *.th of December Tbe river .s rnrn ; pletely blockaded with ice. and thu* far I^LAHK BOOKS ~ AMD MBROANTILB 8TA*10?1?T FOft TBF KB?r YBAB. At FUILP ft BOLOIOBB, ?t # Matro^olltaa Book Stors, J? 4*31 3<io ^. I HVoVd1???, i???Toi? tsttXJtJZ^aisS?" I to c?Dfrfttalftt? him qdod the nLhii^T friend# w/ear, whsa ?r tb* to ??rtak? of a colla??BaadJ^t?5? 5i"M>?r r#0<" the following wall knowa <!l?m Ji,rKilh?M t>f Taaver of Georgetown Bit., ? r.TboBijs Barnes, of Ceater IbrkM H,r,H*arf? Ssorge Hl'lsr. of Baer Tatd rdti, ^ ? "rButler'. Bestaar^t. hi2l di^U 5.r r s'tiir" ,h^ * tisrsssf UY A CO.. ^acaoasera. U m3BLttiM^toKi55r ;on?is?ing af- i**' * l"*?. Llqnors.Bc.. Dry Goods. Skeetlnga Cader Clotklaa, Haetery 1# Oo^U, Halloas, kc.. Be " * WB A CO.. AacU. Ws L. W AI ' ^ CO., Aicdoi#*n .k Btor? 31 d %iid 3| 7 * doatk earner Psana,Irani; ^ Mh ? i fo. if ? 1 esse* Jockey Omb Bitter* 7J tibia. Whiskeys, dlffer?at n&rt a.. 16 quarter ca.k? Brandr rBrtflis li boxas Baislas, new croa Mt'easaa Condensed Milk RrIr;Si;,isas!r^?1?',"b* ft,c ?Z T*?^^r* - * ?J??sa la'oMf. II Glass Gucbtrr Oaas ii ,h* Oroo-ry lias, all of rhlch will be peramMonh sold J" W L. WALL B CO.. A acta K? ^ ^L V'ALL B CO Anctl asers, origin ojjru^ Haaaar. IALB or HOB8B8, CARBIA0B8, UABHBDI, TarrtiiTlii i * ! S* ' ?e?bar of Baddke, y good Work!'lSaddie'aa^Uaraaaa Horses, Work aad Bb44Js i Kight Doabla aad Siacle Ira rasa Vmdm ^JTi'?*tu ?o?kls aad Single H trnans, A J -tlitr w?rt!Bg stock of tha Batinaal Bi iVi*VTranspart-itlon Oaapaay , all of whirs sill be raremptorlly^old. Two new Jenny Uad Viism, bat It la this dt. Buggy and Hareas*. M Aljo, Nsw aad Second haadBaraaas, SaddUs,CarrtMes. Ac . at privateaaie. iJSSiS ?"?? ? f.r ?- "" R/.cswiui^ B4lt AMD BXAYOBXAL JIB AD QDABTBBI. Dealer la laporkad Cigars Ala*, the following braads of PoasaUc Cigars - *allr Jady. Mi Robert Baras, Ac I alaa keep a las assortiaeat >f Tobaoco, Haerachaua aad Briar Wood Fipes aad Faacy Articles. ^yn assortmeat of the,.fiaaM aad^ best de fl tf Ma. 463 ?t "at''biaTw^cIt and ^ Plllnw Caaas. r?a?her aad Ha'r nhow., Bs.tera, I ifi&af^'^Tsapsu 'iaa: ag, Tab la Liaea. Bo" ' ds it dtM