Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ) Vlrgiala Flew** A wMow lady formerly ol uifh ?o?l?l poaW njr. an- n.r'^n to commit suicide in Ktchnioed on Wedn*sday night Her daughter DkMO<rnd ber condition una cailei iu a pby? ?icitD ia ns\> iomv? ber life. SIm* D* ilorutsiiy been wealliy, but lost nil by tbe w ir. arid ?intf t ien sh?* and her daugDter have teen eking <>nt a miserable existence. It re said that General Gran: ordered all the troops stationed at Richmond. Ya.?two r?gtrritnn?to be rcmotrd to some other point. <ren? ral Scbofleld replied, a king that one regiment may be retained there. A Richmond paper proposes that a plain monument be plaeed over the grave of the celebrated eld Revolutionary hero, and patriot, Peter Francisco, who was buried near Kicbmond. Sims of the ladies of Staunton last week, sent a box ot "fiood things" to Mra. Jefferson Travis, aa a Christmas gift. The James riTer at Richmond is frozen over. a New Yxab's Stort for Yopwo M*w.? Ac aa incentive to save, and an evidence of bow iapid y capital,judiciously invested, will increase, we may mention a little incident that has jd*i come to our knowledge. A few davs ago the circle of active business men was ?bock? d by the announcement of tbe sudden drain of Edward C. Dale. Esq.. president of the Nornstown Railroad Company, and vicepresident of the Franklin Fire Insurance Compane. In ItOO, sixteen years ago, Mr. Dale retired from the office of protbonotary of the District Conrt of this city, with SI4.OU0 as the net proceeds of his tenure in office, and. as he at tbe time avowed, about all of his earthly possessions. This sum be placed in the hands of Amos Phillips, apersonal friend and shrewd manager of money, without written acknowledgment, to be used as his own. and to make return to him or to his hjirs when called on. Tbe fact of this deposit, thus made sixteen years ago, was known in Mr. D.'e lifetime only to the parties immediately connected with it, and Mr D. having died suddenly leaving no will or other record of this particular investment, from which he bad nnver drawn anything, and which bad steadily increased, his be ire, a son and daughter, on Friday Put, were not a litile surprised to receive from Mr Phillip*. in first-class securities and case, the handsome snm of *5i>.416. Though Mr. Dale had subsequently made and eaved since his deposit ot SU,W*> with Mr Phillips, in 1&30, a very handsome estate, these unknown securities parsed over by Mr Phillips was a perfect windfall. The growth of the deposit was mainly in int-resi? the securities invested in being entirely ol a reliable character. At six per <'ent- the sura would double in aboateleveu years, making, say, #3f>, ?H J, and inse%en years since, about two tilths more would be added to tfce Sav.lH*i, making, without specnlatiye ventures, the sum paid over to the heirs. This nipple transac'ion demonstrates the important Jar-, that fiftpen thousand dollars saved and invested at thirty years of age, is worth as mil jTi a' sixty thousand at flftv-two yars. Thue let the ) ounf remember the important fact of beginning to lay ]> early ?Ph-iln Ledger. tSJT A man supposed to be a robber because he can give no clear account of Qituself, was discovered :ast wsek m the sp r?-of tbe Cathedral a! I-ouisville. where he had a bed and a supply ot provisions and water sufficient to last turn several weeks. He had obtained a false key to tbe outer door, and bad occupied bis cheap and airy lodging for several weeks before being discovered, taking bis outdoor exercise by sight only Iksavk Colored Pxrhokh ? Dr. Stribling, in bis annual report to the director ot the insane Asylum at Stacnton, recommends ttia' tbe legislature should make prompt aud unable provisions lor tbe care and cure of insane colored persons in Virginia. S^Hisbop Green, ol Mississippi, has written a pastoral letter to the Churcii and Eatty I of that State, in which he commands the sub- | ject of negro education. tur A young ki'chen nymph in Eaton. Mi h ?s peTbwps convinced new tba: kerosene is hardly a safe material with which to kindle a l Are. as she burnt herself aud her mistress to death in tbe attempt. ^"The London Court Jonrual announces that ber Koyal Highi'.e>s. tfc? Princess of Waits i* : anu that rLe Princess Helena also is . In th?-first taj-e.'-early m the enduing year,'' and in the latter, "in April," are the specified occasions. 97" \ lexandre Duma-<. Jr., was recently u-..ed, "How h -.ppens it you no linger ijo in o oc n-panj I * "Eu*?w 1 taw company made me mere stupid. Bud 1 cud not make compaay . jiore sprightly." (/*At Miur.eapolls, Minn , a few days ago, tTO cirJ?. respectively ag>'d t,*u and fourteen y His, were Kidnanped on tbe street, while oil :Le.: way to cdurcb, Bud the most thor mi:h tf.ircb since has tailed to discover their where- | B bouts. The Chicago Tim** states that daring the week ending December l'4 tbrre w?. not a tiugle application for divorce before anvof tbe cour in ttir" city, and records the fact a* one of the most reinai kuole things in the history ot Chicago. A^"A leading English jonrnal asserts tha niueont of ten intelligent men of every cauutry in Europe ' miscalculated as to the is->ue ol the American war. ST At the banquet given to tbe congressional partv in Nasnville. Tenu , General Frm^ (_'t> a'ham, late ot the rebel army, when called on, as president of the meeting, for a speech, refused, but offered as & toast, "Here's to the Union." K7"Th*re is generally b severe storm be tw? en Christmas and New Yesr's. A popular ;ectuier who blocked up three suce-ssive seasons between thos? dates, afterwards refused to make engagements duriug the last week ot tbe year. ? ?i? SPECIAL NOTICES. ? ANOTIIBR CUBE ?A lady who had kept her bed for ten months h?s been restored to perfect health by one l.ottie of MaTCALI'K's OKI AT kbit MAT1C BEMCDI It aev<-r Ulls. de il eo2w 8. 0. VOBD. Agent. KT' WHO BBaL>4 AM AMBklCAN BOOB *" is a <iue*tion th?t ha* lotig siuce Ueea trinmpbsotiy answered to the eonfuitun of Its proposer, end the query," * ho uiei an Aaiertc iB perfaiue ' ' can bs eiirtactorily replied te hr Phaion a 8ob The>r { " NIOHT 0BBSU8 ' Is to day oae of rlis most popular extracts tor the handkerchief that has ever beea introduced ia any country. Sold everywhere. BBMED1AL IBSTIT&TB FOB SPECIAL OA8B8, Be. 14 Bond street, Bew York. K^Fuil lafermatioa, with the s><k*si testimonials, also, a Book on Sp'etal D 'tn.-ts, in a -ttl'4 ?m-elcp'. sentfree. B? surt and *'nd for tk*m, and yam wt 11 not rtt'tt ii, fer, as advertising phy BcIms are generally tmpe<tor<, wlthont Ttf'r*nrr* bo stranger should be trusted. Eurlose a stamp lor postage and direct to DB. LAWBBN'lE Mo. 14 Bond street, Bew Terk. ne 12 D*Wly AEBIAGB AND CELIBAOT, an Basay of WaratBf and Iastrnction for Toting Men Also, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate tbe vital power*, with sure meeas of relief. 8eut free of charge ia sealed letter envelopes. Address Dr. J 8K1LL1N H0CGHT9N, Howard Association, Philadelphia. Pa. aug IS-Sin BEUBBT U1SBA8B8. Baaaaivaa s Q:rt is the ssest eertela. safe and effectual remedy?Indeed, tbe only vegetable remedy ever discovered, t ores la two to four days, and recent cases 1b twenty four hears Bo mlaeral, no balsam, no sercary. Only tea pills to be tabea. It Is the sokdlsr's hope, and a frisn 1 te those who do net want te be exposed. Male packagss, #3;female, |j. 8sbabita?*s Boot wd Hxns jcrtcKs?a positive ais permanent ?nre fer hpybllis. Scrofala C leers. Btres, Spots. Tetters. Be. PHoe 01 is per bottle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement ay MAlAV TBOBTABLB SICILIAN IIA IB *B BBWBB Be news tbe Hair. Biul Vismui SiciittiBui Bbxhtii Beetores gray hair to tbe original color. Hall s Vigxtasli Sicilian Baib Bx.vkwkk Preveats tbe hair from falling off. all's Tboittablb Sicilian Haib Bembwir Mafcse tbe hair soft and glossy <Lall% Vbobtablb Sicilian Baib Bbbbwbr Does ant stain the skin. Hall's Sicilian Vboetablb Baib Bbbbwxe Hss pruved Itself tbs^sst^reparatioa fer (he hair PriceBl.'Ve/saU by ?u drugaTsta^'ja 90-Tnly JSVMELY, STEADILY, BVeCMSSFVLLT, tfOLABDBB'S BXTBAOT BU6KU is cvaias very mm of liim PioaH* Bununuii feum.1 VtWAU DisobbBBa. Wbaxrbss aad Patwb la tba Bui, fttui Onruim Mi COBB, VI AVVL19T1BI TIT SBOLABSIB'I. rill NO OTMMM BUOKW. oMbyaUApotheeartee Pitoefl. B.BABBBi A 00.,law Terk, aad BhBBBB, WABOBOO., Bew Or!na? Beathssa A|Wh BVUBUII &C4BB8, Wheleaale BrsesW fnlii. Van., COLCATB * CO.* W I N T B B BOAP. Best amended for chap* to ii a^a. a?4 for general e.lbt bss dariBg cold wtATHia. It asay be obtained of all drnggjrts aad faary good* dealers. MMtlf AUCTION SALES. |?Y GBBBB A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. LABGB STOCK OF CLOTHING AMD GUT'S FURBISHING GOODS, on PsaaeylvaBia bvb nil#, betweea nth sod nth streets, beta* Sure ?* Pnblls Aaciloo, Ob FIIDAT. the 4th day of Juurr, 1857. commenciag at i?> e'elo?k a m sad 7 p. mBad con tiaiag BVSBY EV1N1NG. at the same hoar, until the whole stock is disposed of, having b fine took of Dress, Seek end other Coats, Feets, Ptiu, bhirts Drawers, and other Coder Garagats, which will l>e aold without reserve. u the owner he* to remove on eccoant of property going to be tors dOWB. de?d GRIM A WILLIAMS. Aacts. |JTTHOB. DOWLING, Aact; Georgetown. POTOMAC FISHEBIBS AT AUCTION. Will he rented to the highest bidder, at Pnblie Auction, on WBDNBSDaT MOANING, Jannarv 9. 1*7. et the Aactioa Store, No 174 Bridge . atreet Georgetown? The Three Flahing Landing* oa the Potomac | River. about one mil* above Georgetown, known ae "Clouds* Landings." Ternur Ore half caah; balance la four moat ha, for notee satisfactorily Indorsed J A RITCHIB. THOS. DOWLING, A not. de31d |Tlmea A Courier] gT GUI EN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers " Al'OTISN bALE OF TWO STOBY FBAME DWELLING HOUSE. On TUESDAY, the 8th day of Jaaaery, 1857, at 4 o clock p m , we sball aell, by public auction, oa the premise*. an excellent two etory frame dwelling bouse, situated on th<- east aid* of 9th atreet, near M street aorth. betnx part of Lot No. 12. ia 8nu?re Ho 400. having a front of 16 feet 2 incbea, and lot 92 feet deep to a public alley Term of aale : One half caah. and balance la atx months with iatereat. Conveyancing at coit of purchaser. de 31 td_ QBBEN A WILLIAMS. An eta. |?T GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. We ahall tell at oar Auction Room*, on the cornerof 7th and D streets, on FBIDA Y, the itB day of January nest. 18 7. at 3 o'clock p m , all of Lot No. buaare No. ?2. having good front and I depth.fronting on *:d s*re*t aear O atreet Terms : One tbird caah. balanc* in six and twelve month*, far notes b. arins interest, and secart-d by a deed of trust ou the premises. All convey, aaeing and revenue stamps at the co*t of tho purchaser S2S down when aold de M eoAds GBBEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. |^V W. L. WALLA CO., Aactloaeera. TBISTFS'S SALE OF~IMPOVBD BBAL ESTATE IN WASHINGTON. D. C By virtue of a deed of trn?t, duly racer led in Liber N. C T . No. 17, pages 258, Ac , of the Land Becoria of the Diatrl t of Columbia, we will, en the ?th day of J.mary. 1H57 at 4 o'clock p. m , expose for sal< at public auction, on the premise*, certain Beal Estate, bairig Lota No. 10 and II, in Samuel Davidson's aubdi vision of S iu+re numbered one bncdret an<i eighty three, in Waibingtou i city, I?. C , with tbe buildings .improvements and appurtenance* te the same bclontring Terms : One halt" cash; b>lanc? in 8. 11 and 18 months, to be secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and stamp* at the cost of tbe purchaser If the terms of aale are net complied with within Ave day* after th?> sale, a resale will be bad at 'he risk and eost of defaulting purchaser 91t?) t<> be p<iid at the full of the hammer. WALTERS COX. _ , , OH.\8 M. MATTHEWS, Trn*teee of the Third Building Associatioa, of Oe< rgetown. de 7 (oldj W. L WALL A CO., Aucts. |^T THOS. DO WLLNoTAuct.; Georgetown' VKBY VALUABLE AStTDESIBABLE WUARF l'ROPBRTY It. GEORGETOWN D C., AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY. January 10.1867, at oae o'clock p. ai., I will sell, on the pr?nn-es. all of that very vfinable bi<1 desirable wharf property <>n tbe south eideot Water street, betweeu Washington and .'-'Tierson streets, ad oining the lumberyards ?[ J* i ft J K Libliy ?n<l & Houi, an<l bow occupied aa a wood and coal yard by J.C. lie:st<>n M to This property bas a front of about 80 feet oa the Potomac river, with a depth of nearly MM feet, fronting Hi feet on Water street, and also a froat uu Washington street of about 74 feet and improved by a substantial * barf, built this season, and an office fronting on Water street Tbfs projerfv. altogether is tbe n>?st desirable wharf properties 'or woo.!, coal, or lumber yards ia the District of C.lntuhia Also. Lot <3, ea?t side ot Jefferson street, l>etw*ea Water street aud the canal, fronting au teet on Jh| ; fersoa street with a depth of joi teet 8 inches, a'id improvtd by a Frame Stable. ; All c? nve>aa<?a au<i atampe Ac., paid for b\ the purchaser. Poeaes*i?>b riven on or befora tbe tirat day of | April 18*7. Terms to be milt known on the day of sale ! which will be liberal de-28 oots THOS nOWLINQ. Auct. |^Y TH09 DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. TBPSTFR'8 SALB OF VALCABLB BBAL BS T A T K By virtue or a deed ? f trust n ads by James Bhodier and wife to the subscriber theithdayof October. 1834 aud record. -I among tne land records of the District ot Oolumbia, in Liber It M. H., No. 7, folio21??, A , 1 will n!t?r at fubli-- sale, in froat f ibe premise-, THURSDAY, the 27th December. at 4 o clock p. m , tne following descrit>?d renl en lata, being part of lots No i7 \n 1 t \ In I'e ter B<*<ttv. ThralkoM and Deakln's addition to Oeoigetown an'' District afore aid, erroneously earned 4n fo< mer-teedi as lots N ...'4 and KeI BinniBsr for the same ai the end of 87 feet ? inches mea>ut 1 on a l'ue drawn e'ist from the Intersection of the east Hi e of Llrigan with the north line ot Prospect street and running thence ea-t with tbe north line >>f Prospect street 20 feet, then e i north and parallel with Ling an street <H feet more I or le?-: tlience w-?t and parallel with Prospect atreet JO feet, thence south and parallel with Litigan street 93 feet n ore ??r |e#? to the t-eginni n.'. Terms of sal?* One-third cash: and tne resfdie In si* ac1 two* ve months, with iutereet fr m the flay ..f sale tl.e tiile bsmg retained until lnll pay m*nt of the purrbas.- uun r. If the tsrivs of aale are complied with within three days after tbe day of sale tbe trustee reserves the right to resell, upon three day'* notice, at the risk an,l ccstof the defaulting purchaser Convejeacing and stamp* at purchaser's cutt HUGH CAPBRTON Trustee.' de 11 eo TBOS. DoWLING. Auct. >STTJI.,!L^B?V* SALB WAS POSTPONED until-MONDAY, January 7th. 18a7, same hour and plate. . ^ HUGH OAPBBTOM, Trustee, de 29-eaAds JJT GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers La:' (ifict j.Yeu~ Yurie ssrf W/i.hiitton l SttnintkiP Company i , ? (rtnrt.foien, D. C., Nov. 28, la;s I (^eo DooUUla, iV ; ... Stanley, Edwin I. Morrill, Wm UalaVher. Mrs Wbarl'te Heward T. L O'Bnea Also-1 bbl. Vatulah, 1 Cooking Store, 1 brok -a do , 1 Trunk. 1 Chest, withoat mark The above paekagea. now at the late office c f the comi an> in Georgetown, will, If not called for. be E?.liftr.t^1^,cl,.ou ro<i'n ?f Green A Williams, on 8ATIBDAY, the J9th of Deoemt>er next, at 11 o clock a m , without reserve foi caah bo 30 2awda GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aacts. ..feTJaHAAn2V,.8ALE 19 P09TPOJBB UNIk CRDa Y. the .Mh day of January, ltJI7, at tbe ?am? hour and ilace. >le:9 eo GRABN A WILLI1MS. Aucts. piJBLIC SALB T " By virtue of authority, we will exp >ae at public sale ub tbe premises, near the residence of B M Darnall on THL'RSbAY, tne l< tn day of January next at 12 o'clock m , two parcels of LAND, equally divided, aad contiguous to each other, coataifciBg ij,i a< res. This property is situated , abent B*e n iles fr m the Center Market. Wa*h , ingtob city; is ace.-vsible by the Ana*oatia Bridge; j contalna aurgml iju*ntity of arable meadow and wood; is of most excellent griallty, highly productive; adn irably adapted to market purpotes and has a valuab e mill seat and fine building aites tbereca. It will be sold separately. Terms of sale ?One half ca?h; residue in 12 mentha. with Interest and approved security Title indisputable. . C. HTEVBNS, WM T. HILL, Attorneys for B M Darnall. s?. M O STEI'HBNS, . ?. V,to.nJ?F for H*?*J W. Darnall. de >-4lawta I Intrlliyencer ] i rp B D 8 tTB'S 8AL i; " By virtue of a deciaa of tbe Circuit Court for Prlrce Georges County, sitting as a Court f Kquitr, in the caqi? of Jaqim B. 1>o?Nob and others vs. Joha T. Feawtck. administrator de h< nls bob of Jehn F.Carter Bad others. I will eiposeto pnbllc ?*le at the late residence of the seed Carter. oaTl1 BSD AT . the lfitn day of Jaanarv next, at ?o clock m . (if fair. If aot.oa the Bext fair day thereafar. > all that tract or parcel of lead known as'-Mel Koae,"of which hediod seised and possessed, containing abont lyy acres. Also, a part oi parcel of laud adjolaiag thereto, containing about 12 acres. Also, tbe undt> ided third of a tract or pares! of land rot. tail log about 22ft area. M-l Rose is most eligibly situated, being distant from tit- y|iiM# of BlAdiBihnri Ab#ut two miloi, aad frem Hyatisriile Station, oa the Baltimore and Waahtagton Rail road, about two aad half miles, aad adjoins the lands of Messrs P. W Brew ai og aad B. O. Lowndes. Tbe enl I Is of a fins tsstare, admirably adapted to market purp>eea. and there is a yoaug and thriving Poach Orchard upon the preaiisea, of choice frai* The improvements consist of a first c asi Frame Dwelling In excellent repair, with a large lawn la troat tastefully laid oat, otnamented with ehrubbory aad trees of various klads; aad there Is a com met! on s Bars apoa the premises, erected at a coaeiderable expwaee. with ovary necessary build!? '? parBBlt of a heaaUfal, healthy aad oa?Ass??al>lo country seal are stroaglv rscommeBded to attend the sals, ae it is seldom that mmmaj *&vmutw*\n broagbt Ihslast named tract is a parcel of 'sad adjoin lag the village ofBladeaeburg, aad hv ludlciauaraltnrecoul' be mads most valnabls, it belag kind aad very prod active Terms or sale; Oae third cash; rsaidss im <>ao ??". with late rest aad approved ssoari 17 On pavmsat of tbs parckase mousy with latersst a deed ia fee will bw sxecnted to the pnVcha ser or purchasers Stamps aad eonveyaactng at the ax pease of the purchaser or ParchM'rs? doM-sstS M. 0. STBPHBB. Trastsa. 0OBToi ana maokbbbl. fg'iTiT^irT^1"1nm Um very ^ MESS MACKBBBL, Baad which rarely And their way to this market, ? nfff ts* home sonsumptloa. As they ? ?rtmimsd of every p.rt bat the mnat ps lata hie, the ktta eootatn vsry maca morstaaa Koilaaatity usually packed. ^ N. W. BdBCBBLL. , , _ Owner l?tb aad ? streets, ander ShMtt Boass. BANKERS. g^ILLS OH LONDON, j FOB 8 A LB IK SUMS TO MIT. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BOUGH1 ON FAVORABLE TERMS. L1W18 JOHNSON A 00 , Bankers, i bo 14-tf tf98 PoBaaylvaBla avenue. * JAY COOKE * CO., 1 1A1K1II. { Af (tenth street, omstU IVttWt ' ?i)ind Ml I ie?n?t urk?t rttdi u4 tmetaatly on band,? fall raMir of ?U , OOVEBNMENT BONDS, BEVBN-THIBT1BB, AMD COMPOUND \ INTBBBBT NOTB8. Order* fw BTOOKB. BONDS, Afl , execute.d, end Collections Mdt ob *11 accessible polats. sel-tf oarrow aco., BANKBB8, Corner LotMtw mm u4 Btmtt *eet, I , obalkksin GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, j< GOLD AND 81LVBB ,7 AND LAND WABBANTS^ > J Fint National Bull of Wuhiigton. b.D COORB, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) Presideat, ?M. B. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. QOVBBNMENT DBPOBITOBT ARB FINANCIAL AOBNT OF THB DN1TBB BTATBS, 1AU strft, orPosttt tke Treasury Department. ( Governmeat Securities with Treasurer United Stfttci mroNS MILLION DOLLARS.4% \ He boy and sell all claaaei of GOVEHNMEN1 i ttCURITIESnt current market rate*. 1 tURNlSH EXCHANGE and make Collection* , on ALL TEE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE , UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on the MOST FA VORABLE TERMS, and give careful 1 ane prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN <i*d FIRMS. Mid to any other business entrusted to us. FULL 1NFOBMATION In regard to Q0VEB9 MEfcT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished , ?)1. B. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Washington, March V. 1866 m It tf LEGAL \OTU3K8~ DKl'AKTMEST OF TH/I^TBBIOB, UNITED STA TES PA TEl\ T OFFICE, 1 Washington, decemhe' 13, 1806. On the petition <>i MARSHALL, of Low ell, Mass., praying for the extension of a patent grafted te bitn (be lMhdar of March 18S1, for an improvement in Knitting Ma bia^, for sevea years from the expiration of said patent, whbh take* place on the fctb day of March, H>7 : It is ordered that the salt petition be ueard at 1 the Pat-ent Offico on Monday, the 2.'>th flay of Fell- j ruary next. at 12 o clock M , and all persons are ' notified to appear and thow cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted Persons opposing the extension are ie<iuir*d t? tile in the Patent Office their objections, tpeciaily set forth In writing, at leant twenty days bet'oie the day of hearing; ell twetlmouy (lied by either j party to be used at the said hearing must be takeu 1 and transmitted In a' corlance with tbe rules ?l ' theofF.ce which wlb be furul?bed on application ' Depositions and other papers relied upon as tes clmoiwy must be filed in the office tw?nn , fore the day of h<*?Hrg; the arguments, if any, within ten (lays at'er filing tbe testimony. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In 1 the Republican and the Intelligencer, Washington, D. C and In tbe Courier. Lowell, Mm . onre a week for three succea-lve weeks: the first of < mid put Mentions te be at least sixty days prsrious to the day of hearing o thbakkk Comini sal oner of Pateuts. P 8. Editors of tbe above paper* will pleaae ropy , tiri sertn their bills to the Patent Office with a papti containing this notice. de U-lawSw I VKI'AltTMBNT OF TBI INTERIOR, IF UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, 1 WashlNf.ToN. November XI, 1866 1 On the petition ot JaMES E. A GlttB8, of > "Steel'h Tavern," Virginia praying for the ex- 1 tension of a patent granted to him the 21*t day <1 V biu u. f.<r en improvement In Design foi j a Sea Ilk Machine, for seven years from theexni i ration of ssia patent, which takes place on tue 2iai 1 dav oi Fi biuary . J8C7 : It ta ordered the sai l petition be hear*, at I the Patent Officeon Monlay. the II.Ii <l?y of Febru 1 ary next, at 12 o'clock M.; and all persons are 1 notified to appear and htiow came, 11 any ttiey bate, 1 why mid petition ought not t.< be grant*!. Persons opposi ng the exteiiai?*n are required to file In the Patent Office their objection*. specially >et t<.rtti in anting, at leost twenty days before th- day of bearing; all testimony tiled by either I arty to be used at lb- ?aia hearing moat be taken and transmitted in arcoinance with the rulo* of tbe office. which vi'l Ve fnrnisbe l on application. Depositions an?i ottier papers rene?i upt.n ua u stiuu ny ?^?t be filed in th? office twenty days belore the daT of hearing: tbe arguments. If any, within ten days after filing tbe tosMroany t Ordered also, th ?t this r.otice t-e publlahe<l !n the 1 . Bepnblican and the Intelligencer. Wa-hintrton. D. ( C , and ta the Pp-ctstor. ?:?r,nton, Virginia. . once a w?ck for three sncce?"<ve weeks; ttie 1 111*? of said publications to be at least sixty days , prevrtou. to the day of hearing^ THBAKEtt, CommiSftoner of Pa<euts. P. 8 ?Editors of the above papers will aieaae Cory . and seud their bills to the Pateut Office, wilt a paper containing this notice. de 19 wiw |\BPABTMBNT OF THE INTEBIOK, ' U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ' a>h ngtoji, December 7. 18W. o* WILLIAM COLEMAN and STEPHEN 0 COLEMAN, of ProvMence, H. I , praying for tbe extension of a pateut granted to them oa the 14th da? of March. 1361 for an improvemeat la snpportiag the tapping lift and peak-halyard block of sail Ttssala, for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on tbe 16th day of M arch. 18*7 : It is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office ob MONDAY, the Sfttb day ef Fet rnsry next, at 12 o'clock M ; and all persons are Bctified to appete and show cause. If any they have, why said petition ought not to l>e granted. . Persons opposing the extension ara required to ' file In the fatent Office their objections, specially 1 set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of bearing; all teailmony filed by either party te be used at the said heeriug must be taken aiid transmitted in accordance with the mlea of the office, which will be furnlehed on applioatiou. Depositions and other papers relied npoa as testimony must be filed ia the office tweaty days before the dav of bearing: the argaments, if any, within ten days after filing the teetimeny. Ordered. alse, that this notice be pablished la , tbe Bepnblicaa.and tl e Intelligencer. Washington, , D. 0.. and in tbe Jonrnal. Providence, B I., once a week for three successive weeks; tbe first of said inbliratioas to be at least sixty days previoue to the day of bearing.^ ^ THEAKBB, _ Commissioner of Patents. 1 F. B.?Editors of tbe above papers will ploitse copy and send tbeir bills to the Patent Office, with 1 a paper containing this net ice. de 13-w3w I kEPABTMENT OF THB 1NTEBI0B. I' UNI TE D STA TES PA TE NT OFFICE, ? . Washington,November 28.1m6 Oa tbe petition ot bobebt WaDDELL, of Liverpool, Kltigoom ot (ireat Britain, araylug for the extenslou of a patent granted tobltaon toe sixth day of Jaas 186t antedated to April S7, lAU, and dated in Bnglaad the 2d of March. I8M. for an imvrovement In Balanc* Slide Valves of Btesm Engines, for seven years from the ea- , 2).ru j?11 1. ^ I??'' which takes plaoe on t&e 2Tthday of April. 1887: It Is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office en Monday, the 18th day of Feb ruarv next, at it o'clock m.; aad all persons are notified t? appear and saow ranee If anr they hare, why said patitlen ought not to be greeted. Persoas opposing the extension are required to file in tbe Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at leaat twenty days before tbe dey of bearlag. all teetlmony filed by either party to be uaed at the said hearing muet be takea aad i transmitted la accordance with tbe rules of tbe office, which will be faralshed oa appllcatioa Depositions aad other papers rellad npoa aa tea- 1 timony mast be filed in theoffioe twenty days before 1 the day of hearing; the argameau, if aay, withia I ten days after fillag tbe teetimoay. Ordered, also that this aottoe be published la tbe Bepahllsaa and the Intel 11 genoer, Washiagtoa. D. 0 , and ia tbe Times. Bew York N. Y ., osee a week for three sacoesalye weeks : the ] first of said pablloatloas to be at least sixty days previous to the Aay of hearing. T O. THEAKBB, _ _ _ . Commissloaer of Pateats. P B. Editors of the above papers will please ; copy. aad ssnd their Mile to tbe PateBt Office with I a paper coatatBia? this aotioe. ds7-law3w I OBPHANS' cocbt, Bee. 8, ISM.-Distbic \ o? Columbia,WasB...sroB OoonTT, Tt wu: 1 la the case of William M Wilson, executor of Fiederlck T. Wilsoa, deceased, tbe executor aforesaid has. with the aparobatloa of the Or* phaas' Court of Washington Ooanty aforesaid, ap 1 poiated Saturday, the 6th day of Jaaaary, l?9.for 1 the Baal settlemeat and distribution of the personal I estate of said deoesesd. aad of tbe aseets la band, as far ae the same have been oolleeted and turned la to I meaey; whea aad where all the or editors aad t Kin of said deceaeed are netlSed U attend, with tbeir cleime properly voached, or they ma> 1 otbei alee by law be excladed from all Vane fit la " said deceased's estate - Provided a cepy of this or- 1 der be pablished once a week for three weeks la the Bvealag Star, previous to tbe said day. 1 Teat?J AS. B. O'MEIBNE, 1 de W-lawSw* Begteter of Wills. Obphabb'OOVBT.DacBMaaa S,1m8-Distxici | or Colombia. WaaBiaaTua Codbtv, i#-?eu Ia the ceae of Jaae Mcksaas, administratrix ' ef Jaotea McMaaua. deeeeaed. the adtalniatratrix aforesaid baa, with tbe apprebatloa of the Or phase' 1 ?art at Washington Ooaatv afaraeald. appelated 1 eeday. the 8th dav of Jaaaary, 18*7, for tbe 1 kl eettlemeat aad diatribeti*a of the per- t eoaal estate of said deceased, aad of the aassts ia I hand, as far aa tbe same have been collected 1 aad turned lata money; whea and where all J the creditors aad hot re of aald deceaeed ara notified to attead, with tbeir claim* properly voached. or tbey mag ?th*r>riae bp law be excluded from all berellt la eaid deceased's ee ' tale: provided a copy of thle order be pnbliabed , ??<-e s week foe'.hree weeks tn the Evening Star pr?one te the ? '? day . I Teef?J A*. B O'BKIBNE, J sell w)v' Register oi Willa. GOVERNMENT SALES. iy%1?l"?j&kl2? sale nr~<;ov*mrMIETLA* ' AT FOIIfT **OOHOHT, Ntadquaritrs D*r^rtmtn.t qf 1Fi<ttag(M?. ) v , . Qftttcf CkttJ QmaTttrma.uti ' Wwiiuiiw, C , December .11, IMC \

The IS(tlun sale ot fl^Ttrnuitnt ProMrtr idrer' *%<*?oMUbSBla?e at Point CookjQt Marylaad >n r BIO AY, DaCaMBEBU H U a^teWli n til 12 o'clock, no t?, FBIUAY, JANUABI 4 8"i, when the itlt ?i 11 ht nitdr ' "'a'* Quartermaster, l??t Rr(I^Gi>n J1? Papartn^at of Wa*biagtoa. pUBLIO PALI Of KNiilBKfcBIMe PROP IBtY Br authority of the Chief of Engineer* I win i?v? .fcAriPN."J,Jl,DAY? JAsoAur 10, r? ' h* fonowlB? SK-ilNBBBS' PB'JPEBTY, '?7hAneh0^,' welgh,0? from "5 to 700 peunds J3/31 ponnis Wire Cable <?ne Metallic Life Boat Two PoMo.n Basts Sale to caiimenre at 10 o'clock a tn Terms cash, in United rtt^tes f>nds Daniel j. youno, .'OHV SOOSofflKSS,.,,. pBAMK BUILDING AT AUCTION. rhttf (J**rUrm*itrr>i <?etj)tr? ,/ W**kin*ion,? w 11. .. D.C., uec n, 1 ms < Will be aold at public auction,on FRIDAY January 4. 1847. at IS o clo^k oo?n. uWder the dlritt rt Bre*ei Lieu It D ant Colonel James M. Moore A. Onefranie Building, 30x31 feet, and Sftuate.i on H street north. between iSth and llth ?tree?e wt at, contiguous to Medical Muse im Tfrmi CmIi. in uurerttnu-iit fundi. D. H. BT GKEK, Ae*'t Q r M'r General, " Brev Major General U 8. Army. VAL* OF A LAB(>K LuT OF ORDNANCE ^ AND OBI.NANCE MATEBIAL DMrtnv "f Ordnance. Wary Dspattrntnt,! tv ?,?, Cu"- DeceBiliarM. ld>> ( 1 1 nt public aa tioa, to tbe bighn? Ili' B;0,B' ou THURSDAY tbe twenty r.^1 . d.H7 i J%* U"T< 18*7. at the ofllceofine I rVe 1 ?r n,l,"u * *> Y?rd< York. a eJvfri'.h" UrJ?*?r*' Bteree. s-rviceabtean 1 an 'mil? a^L.' r# "f Cannon Shot aal Shell. Ui?SII V,?. ?? T?r,V>0" Prite Parte of Stores "" Carnages. and Miscellaii'ous 'baser W*H t>e aold in lota to aait purTerms: One half cash in Government funds to be deposited on the . inclusion of tht- s*le, and the remainder aiifcin ten du. days afterward, during abioh time the artl- las may be removed from the N?vy > aid, other* isethey will revert to the Gov^Bt H. A. WISE de 27-eoiat Bureau IVLOk LOT or t nmcrvi ^ABLIOUAR -JTEBMaSTER PBui'JCiiXJf at auction. Chtrf Q*?rttrm?<ieT,t Ofkcr D'mttof WtskimtoM 1 ? .. ft C"., Dt? ember 17. ]mv> '} r?i!y , tt!'n ,t" Waartermaeter General th? C?t ERVMKAHUg uOAR? IKKMASTK.t HldiiES. will be ?..ld at I'ultlic Atirtlon atLlocolo Depot in thie ritr. nnd< r th? il TorwDklni' tiT!^r lorbpkins, i*?.pot) ','OHrt< r i,a-l^r U^n?ral DonimenciiiK on T^LBSDAY. January J, at 10 a! SI,'.29 Grain farks .* Oook Baceea MDf iiZ'li* Horse ^hoee 1,1 I Blankete jr. n ro:,*ht h,-r,t^, l W?? Horae an.. M lie OolJJ)i.<!!l!?ML8cr*,^!#a 1 "S^Heart Haltera { ii . '? o'd Wa^r.n liree.Wi W agon B .dies |.#2?? Im l:<?o lut", I.' Army Wa^or.s 20 Two horse Aiubulan ? 4<6 Itis Log Chains cea 1. 15 ft lai gH Kire ii >ae 20 Hor^e Carta AMI leet small do. ?) ?a<on Wheels ' '?> ?eet leather do. & Amhnlanc^ Wheels Ie7 aetaWheel Mule Har- 3Cylindrical Stean, Bollcets ers 167 sets W heel Ambu- 2 Marine <'lerfct .'"/" f Harness Itv Coal stove* seta Lead Mule liar 14 Office D<-sk* ro ? , , 81 0,H<*> On .lira .9 W a?oH Bri ;1?? 40 \Vater <;Mk# u* U;i,!|* IC-' Barrels M It-ilati ^aiidles 2i Oiind-tonea 7 wagi ads. 210 Lantern a I Army t 1,'.? Iba Aasorted Rope Iw,,m',U , 8kor?:,. Picks, S?ate4, Axes. *?ton Whir- Cart Harnee*. BUck.miihs T .o|s, rin w ?ik Carp?iit? ra Tool*. Tablea, CocoaMat1 llR sc.. Sc. Terma Caeh in Roremrneiit funds. Goods must be removed within tM> daya from la?e of kale. I?. 11. BIloKEU, . ? . AUMtkl Qnart^r master Uent^Tal, del, dta Brevet Ma/>r General II. S A. i^ALK OF OLU AND l NBKKVI<:E \LV<UN> NON. SHALL A K MS, AND MIVJBLLANE0U8 OKI N*NU| STOB18. Burtnu nj Ijt'lnnnCt, Mary tttpar. tritM.I #i? ?k ? tTasUtnetoH City, Dec. It, ISni ( tin the lOtb day at January, iH.7, atuook, there aillyr sold at public a<ictiou, in the Norfolk navv ?ar.. to the highett bidder, a lot of old an4 nr.erviceable Cai n. n. hn.all Arn.a, ami lli-cell;ue<ni? Article* of N<tval Oiduauce IbeLa'iiion bhot arid Shell will be mi l ly th? |>oni.d, atiu tl.e Bciikli Aita-t and other Miscel ;?i.e?u? Articlesol Oidiianct In lot* t.i suit pur;bar?rs Terme: One h^lf ra^ Gcverrims-it funds, to I e dt ponUtd i ti tl.e cit., i-i.jn < f tbe *<!?, aud threBiMint'rr Wit!.;n *( n da s af < rw >r1*. curing shiili time He ar:!.-|HS mn-t be ren ive 1 fr.>ui tUe lard, other ulse they re\?rt to th? Government . ,* .j H. A. WISE, " _ge_L_*faM Cbief nf Bureau. hKN'lISTIM'. IkB. LEWIES UK NT A L AS8O01 ATIOsT hu. ut.a fi.N^'A \VK , l?el#veij 12th aau ISta Streets. Teeth extracteJ withont pain by alminsterinj 1 ku 11- />x>de *r Laughing (.as. l?r LkW IK has recently purchased the bestWsisaS uemicai Apparatn* in the country for***!1' " ?MtuK pure (THS ererr d ?y: alao. aulu,proved Val riiiar iBtrftUr Th?* A?*?ooia!i??u i? ii*>w prepared rn make T?^th ?n Wold, Stiver and Rubber a* New a P . ^ attd Boetou prices All peril 1 ? dental work done can have It as< h?ap !L? . '?hoT*^"amel cttiee All work done in .UlT'r "A manner, aed warranted to 1 1 atlifaeiion 1 ersons will do well to call ?ml examine our work. de 24 tf t a t a . ? L. , M- LOOM1S. M.D.. ???*?? of tbe MISEBAL *.LATE TEETH, attends per tonally atjsa^ hla office in thla city. Many persons cam4aaE3 wear these teetb who caanot wear othera,<*'T^T peraon can wear others who sanaot wear c*"lng at my office oaa be acoommodawith any style and price of Teeth they may dartre, but to these who are particular. and wish the cleapeet, atroageet and most perfect den-?? ??n procure,the MINERAL TEETH ?m ba more fully warranted. 5??SJb S^T-Ho 389 Pean'a aveaaa. be 5Hf 1#th Alio, SOT Arch street, Philadelphia. ] ocSO-lr RKDUCTION OF PRICES, IDUCTIOH Or FRIGES, DUCTIOM OF PRICKS, REI UGTIOM OF PRICKS REDUCTION or PBK'ES REDUCTION Or PRICES.' On and after this date 1 will supply to my customers, and to all otbar dealera who may favor lie with their orders, M A8SEY, HU8T0N A OO '9 MASSKY. HUSTON A fO.'S MASfEY, HUSTON A CO.'S (Late Massey, Collins A Co.a) PHILADELPHIA DHAUGHT and STOCK ALE PHILADFLPUIA DBiUHHT AN:I8TO? K ALE PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT and STOCK ALE AT PHlLADBLcHIA PRICKS. AT PHILADELPHIA PBI< E<*, AT PHILADELPHIA PRICKS. VIZ : DR'.l'OHT OB X ALE AT Ell PER BBL. DUAC011T OR X ALE AT #11 PKK BBL. STO? K OR XX ALE AT PER BBL. bTOCK OB XX ALE AT i!3 l'EB BBL Goods delivered In all parts of Washington and Beorgeiownyrrr of charge TEBM3 CASH All orders promptly attended to. KLLEY A. 811 INN , Pbila-lelphia Ale Agent, Corner of Greene and Oiive street*. de7-Im Gaoritetowu, D. O. poRlABLK STEAM ENGINES, Combining the maximum of alBclency,durability, ind economy, with tbe minimum of weight aad price. They are widely and favorably known, nore than 600 being in u?e All warranted aatlsactory, or ne sale. Deecriptlv* circulars sent on application. Address J. 0. HOADLEY A OO., no 6 Lawrence, Mass. I kEPAKTMBNT Or TH E INTEBIOE, " ?r<? ... Fbnsios OrricK, July 13th, 18M. a-Im WHOM IT MaV OOROSiN Is?. MCSlfy having been made under tbeaat of *1*>0. for tla* reissue of the following deKrlbed Land Warrants, which are alleged to tiara ?1 ^ 'treyed,?Notice ia hereby givea ^Me folluwiag the deecrlation of each 5_n,w. oartlScate or warrant of like tenor !pplar. ',f *? TkUd object!on^bonld than JOS. H. BABRKTT, Oommlaaiooer. ,???# *cr*# tf mnd, issued under the 'MarchS. 1865.1a the name of Klisha Bacon, ^ was granted Jannary u. 1??. January lx, lotted undrr the act of J'" ! ; ,",the hameof Ivory Mutler, and *? * S ?iad 1,( ,8M~rebmary 2, 1VJ7. M.Jik ii iaf?r ?w ??* ' i??ued under the act of A?rcb3d, Ji^6, in tbe iab? of La/arus iitrlou, *1^7* ,rilB September 1/, 1850. February No. 'W.734. for 16* acrea. issued under the act of March ^.1 18 in1 the name of Robert W Pierce, ii?<1 was cranted Ma> 12,18 .1. Msrch t m?7 No. W 24U for 160 acres, issned nnler'the act or Sa>ch 3 lW6-'n the name of Kli ah D Ball, and granted <1 une 8t 188', March 9 1^67 : i',?*??^ng tM Rod; A Novel, by off rRANCK TAYLOR. MEDiqiNNS CHBA FEB THAN TM E GSSA#est aad ae nod as the beet A large ?*> * ' V>*'?mmr* * f*?"d *4 S Drug Vtore.flf 13 Pennsylvsalaavanne we-t de 5-tw 9 [RABIES JOE 1 *?f57 .?A large'a?ortaaa? of DIAKIKE,t?rlK7,for aala at Inwprteee. m FKANOK TAYftOK. -e 1 >< ? ** I ,?..?*! , 1 RAILROAD LINES. 1866 PBBNSYLYAVIA KG DTK 1867 TO THB KoBTHWBST.SOUTH, AMD SOUTH* W KST WINT*B BCHEDULB.l On ud sttsr Novsmber II. 1?' . trams will iesVe SS lo'lOWS Washington?7 00a m J Baltimore I IS ft m. .....TM " ...ISM ft. a. _ " ?fl wl?.p. ... 10 10 ft. m. THE ORBAT DOI BL.B TRICK BOUTB. with ELEGANT SCENERY. Palo* stateroom d?r ?d nlfkt Otro wirii modern improvements, and savins from foor to twelve bom? in time over a*y otber root#. Two hundred mile* saved to I WMt?ri ftnc Ceatral New York. T?? L)fti iy Tnlu to ttift WmI. " North. Throneh from Baltimore to ROCHESTIB and PlTTHBl'BOH without change. Passengers by thle route from Baltimore have 1 ndventageof making nil changes in CHIOS j D*Pt>T8. ft?d D? ? CBR1BS Tickets by thta route can be yroeared ftt the of- ! Be*, corner 6th itreet and Pennsylvania ftxise, under the National Hotel, where reliable infor- j mat!oft will be given at all time*. Paaeengers procuring tickets ftt this office can j Niir* tfronnadftiian in Sleeping Cftra for Elmire or Pittsburg. B. J. W1LK1N9. Ticket Agent. Washiagtcu, D. 0. ED. 8 YOCBO. Can. Fass. Agant. ^ Baltimore. Md. l ly WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AND OBO?W?TOWN KAILHOAD. glUM . Till TABLB. On ?nd ftfler MONDAY, November 11, ism, ^,<1 until fnrther notice, Passenger Train* win ron k^. ; tween Washington aad Alexandria as follows liEAVB WaSMlMOTOJI. LKAVX ALUASDl'ti. > iom md. ft??nn' 4> p,,t. Fr?m oer. l>uke a Henrv Local ?t........ I 15 a. M. ?t?.. Local ftt 4 ii A. 1. ThroughMftil < S6 " Local cor King Local at 7 00 " and H.ury . 6 00 " ** 9 W " Local at_ 8.00 too P.M. 1000 4 JO j 00 P. M. " " Through Mail. corner of 11 30 " BnkeAHenry S.'JO P. M. i Loralcor King and Henry 7:00 " " it d SCNDAY PA88BNOBB TBAIB8 ^J0" ? _ Lsavn Alrxa^T'BIA. Ir?? 'row cor. Duke ? Henry Through Hail < 31 A M. ata.. Local at 4 46 A. M. Local at P M Through Mail t 00 P M O. A STEVENS. General *uper ! nolo W J PHELPS. General Manager. S&mm&zsmimm ... WA?HI*CTO!t. Dec 9,\m. _r " between V* ashington and Bew York era Dow run m follows. vIe; FOR MAW 1 OBK . wittioat change of earn. <!a,,y except Sunday; at 7 a. ni. and o 3u p. m NEW YORK.changing car* at Phtladel4 i)***!#'1*"' "xc*pt Snn,1*T > ?t 11:15 a m. and r PHILADELPHI A. ? except Sunday jet 7 46 and 11.15 a. m., and 4:30 and 6 *1 p m "N SUN i'A Y Leave for New York and Philadelphia at C SO p. m only. Sloping car* for Hew York on 6 ? p.m. train dally. Through tlcketa to Pbiiadelpb i. New York, or Boston, can be had at the Station Office at all Jionrs In the day. a* well a* at the new office in the Benki-rs ai d Brrkera Telegraph Line, 349 Penn. avenne, *-?t*een 5tb and 7th street*. 8,-e Baltimore and Ohio Rallroa<l ftdTertlaninent for erhednle between Washingt^a. Baltimore, Anna poll*, an" the We?t J , L, WILSON. Matter of Transportation. L M ''OLE 0?!ieral Tlck?t Airent _ OEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agont. Waabin?ton. oc Sft-tf IJALT1MORE AND OHIO BAILBOADT A-? Wa?hi*.)tos, De. . 9,1M0. Train- betweon WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORI.and WASHINGTON AND Till WBST are now rna aa follt?wa. vtr FOR BALTIMORE cn'lXt ?capt 8nn<iay. at THi>, 7:45. and 11:16 a m . and 2 0?-, and 4.J0. and v.iQp m ^ FOR ALL WAY STATl(?NS 8uBday' **700 m iOL .. A? bTAT'OB^Ul^TH OF ANNAPOLIS Leave at 6 16 and 7 iw a.m., aad at 1:<*'and 41ft p. m. * FOR ANNAPOLIS. at 7 on and 7 ?5 a m , and 4 30 p m No traint to or from Annapolis on Sunday. ON bCMDAk. for Baltimore. Leave at /-45 a. m., and 2 ou and a <10 p ia FOB WAY STATIONS. Leave at 7:?d a. in., and 2:flu and i :w p. r>. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE VPlCaT c*cept Sunday, at 7 45 a m.. at.d , o w p m On Sunday at S1?0 p m only, ronne, tine at Belay Station with tram* troin llalUuiore to Whwelixg, Parker*nnrg Ac. iHROLGU 1'lCh BTS to the Woot t an be had at tbe ? asbingt >n Siatiou Ticket Uffita at all b-.qrs in the day aa well ft* at the Bew offlce of t he Ifctakar*? and Brokem' Teiegraph Line, .14 9 Penn avenue, between 6tii aad ~tii streetFor New Yoik, Pniladalphia, and Boston, sea a?vertl**inenl of " Tliiough Line '' J. L WILSUN, Master of Traasportatfon. _ L. M. COLB, General Ticket Agent. oc30tf GEO. 8 KOONTZ. Agent Wa^luuatoa. STKAMIIOAT LI MX j ^"OR THK EASTBRN SHOBE The large, ataunrh. and cemmodious Steamer WILSON SMALL. OAPT B. T. .11 ^ LEu>* A RH, leaves her pier oppMlta^^4miE No. ?7? Liight street whart, tween Barre and Lee *tre?u.i Baltimore, every TCKbDAY, TdCRSOAY. *>d BATCBDAY. at < p ni., lor EA.sTOX 1'OlXT, HOUBLK MfLLS. UXfU AD, CLOKA'S J'OINT, W il.LACH'S WHAHt', CAMBHlDd F. HU<i HL ETT'S VTHARF, CAFIS CHEEK, MEDFOKD'8 WHA Hr, aad LLOYD'S LAXDIXU. Returning from **THB SHORE " sha leaves Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4 Jfl p. m.,and Baaton Point at 8am , (touching at tha Intermediate landing,) on Mondays, Wadnea4ays, and Fridaya. She has fine state rooaas, aod all otbsr passenger acoommodations. aqual to those of any otbar steamer on Cheaapeake Bay. se 5-tf POTOMAC TBABSPOBTATIOH L1NB. BOTICE TO SHIPPERS. The Btaamrr BXPBESS, Capt. B. A. BYTHBB, leavea Waahlagtonat* a. m.and Alexandria at 7 a. m EVERY:BAT- Ba4^bA BBDAY for Uljmont, Budd s Kerrv,^^*M^BBfc Smith's Point, Ohattarton Landing, Nanjemoy Stores, Mathlas Point, Ohapei Point Plowden s Wharf, Lancaster's Wharf, Stone's Wharf. Ourriomen Bay. Foxwall1* Wharf, Hazell's wharf, Plnsy Point. Point Lookout, and arrives at Baltl> mora at 8 a. m. on Sunday _ J.B.BBTAN * BBO ,A?anm. BP 1" Ho. 34ft Penna. avenue. RIOHMOND. FBBDBB1CKSBUBQ AND t9 TOM AO RA1LBOAD TO TBAVBLLBBS GOING SOUTH TWICB DA1LT,(Sunday p. m. excepted.) The quickest aad moat dlraot route to Bichmond, Ya . and the bouth via the Potomae a. ((earners from Sixth Street Wharf,b^k|^ Waahingtoa. to Aeula Oroek uid^^^BBl Richmond, Fredericksburg aad Potomac Railroad, now entiraly completed from Anula Creek to Blrhmond.Ya. coniecung there with trains oa the Bichmond and Petersburg and Bichmond and DaaviUa Railroads, for Petersburg, Weldon, WUmia^toa, Raleigh, Greeuaboro', Sauabury, Charlotte and Chester, 8. O. Steamers Key port aad O YanderWIt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening excepted) at 40 a. m. and 7 * a. and arrlva In Richmond at 1.46 p. m. and 3 90 a m. ? THROUGH TO BICHBOBD IB SBYBB HOURS Fifty Miles Shorter aaa a.S Hours quicker Ihaft any Other Route. Ba sure and gat Throagto Ticketa via Asuia Greek and Frederlckeburc, to Rloha>ond, at the Company 'a Office, corner Peana. aveaue and 4th street, or on hoard of tkaboats. Baggage eheokag Uroigh. Oniplbuw and Bmafe Wag oat will U 1b i readiness to oonvey paaeengers and baggage between depots In Bichmond. _ Paaeengers by this lina H" ST daylight Easit Vernon, and may have an op?ortanity sf vMMng several battle-fields near Fiadetlcksaurg by stopping at that point. . *0 O. B. MATT1NGLY, ^ke^^nt^WjmhUtto*. JjMjF BaaaralPaasangar AjWt. j pBGPOSALS FOB COPPBB. Ba.vt BXPA.XTMXHT, 1 Bureau of CoHOt**cli?H and avsir,} December 19.1814. \ Sealed Proposals to famish 400 000 pound* of la cotOoppar. one-half " Lake " beet quality, will be recaivM at this Burean an til i o'clock p. m., of January!. 19C,at whioh time the prsposala WTba?ro?ooaiii mast ba addressed to the Lk"f*f the Bureau of OoAsttuU<o? and Ktfair* Jfucj Dt ptrtmrni. Washintufn." and beandorswt" Pra^o tals for Cuter." that they may ba dutlagnlshed from ather baslnasa letters, and must be made in compliance with the '* Instruction* to btddert ma kin* nftrifr tuypHtf to ?*? .Tar? tnent '' which can ba obtained from the Oowniaa<laat% Office at any Navy Yard, or frem the Parchaslag PaymaaUr at any Naval Statloa, oc from this Ttocoppwto bs iuh?ect to the neceaaary test and inapectlon of the proper officer of tha Washington NaT* Yard, whers tbo whole ^aaatlty Is to be delivered; 1? Ojl ?ouads to be denverad oa or before tha 1st Febraa-j. aad the remainder cn ar before the 1st ApHl,18w 4a SI tawlw ves"* ?>.. AI 0 A - 4 # PROPOSALS. ' J>B?PO?ALe FOB UTITIONHBTT P' ?T OflK g p? ikTKOT. D?. Jl l?tg. Heale i Propoxate will be iexl*t<d >l the |*u?t Offc? l>e pari men t n: til I be jlith day of -l en ery, 1*7. at 12 o clock, at a -oh. for fnmiahiug station ery for tfcii liepart n?et. for Hf year ftom (i>* let of Ftlirur;, 1?j7. Thi?? uu< companies aetiefactory ImUb..bIiI? of ability to hill * cw trad will not l-a round' r. d All the article* moat be cf tb? ??rj biet qaalltp. i aamplaaaf which. coa'alnfcg at lea*t r?.?m ,,f ach kind of paper. meet erc<>npeL) Ik" bid*, an 1 1 tka Department raeerv.* lb* n?ki to reula and pai for tha aaar at tka prlca atated ia tka ofl?r, i or ratara them at Ita option Mo l>M? will b* coa*ldered where the article* accompanying it are not of tka kind tu1 ml t, repaired by tba Departmeat tad aperi ne ar tlcle- will alv??l th* aatira bid to rrj*ctioa. at tha plea- are of tha Departmaat Tbi n' gained Mat apacifiee. a* aaarljr a* oaa aow I e doae. tbe amount. quality. and d-ecnptio* ot each of the kit.-la of artirlaa that w1<l be waatad <?*??/ :? Iranted for th- t*<u Item. Cl.?* Ho 1-F4PIB. 1. 10 raatne Foil* P -at. a at in or plain ftm*b iaiatlined aad triane't, ta weigh aot !~e than 1. pouada. par raaai 2. 40 reama To< lacap plain machlna, faint lined awl trimmed, u neigh not laaa tten 12 poanda per r>tn J. M tnai Faolaeap Mae-laid, hand mad*, faint lined, garden pattern, conmonlt known aa Diapateh or Ooaaalar paper to weigh not lea? than fcisteen p. u->da mr roam 4. 123 ream* vaarto Poet, macl lae alaln faintlined thr a ?|i1m . per ream t 3 ream* beat Doable o?p paper, plain, Mr < JO reama bat* paper, gilt, large air*, per a ream k 7. 6 raama Hot* paper, plala. larg- alia, per 5. JO ream* H?ta paper, gilt, mn *j F|.b ream 9. 5 reama Hate paper, plain, email ai,e Mr ream '1 W. HK) reama Enralop* paper, yellow or buff royal.yr ream """ 1 I0ieani? Blotting ftP'r royal, per ream J. 6 down pre** Copy Book*, not laaa man ta peg.*. per dozen II. S.OM1 extra large aire white adbeaive Kntel cne? very atnooth and thick 9', by ?>. cbee *icare, per hundred It. S3 0W long bnfT adheel<? Fnv?'r>ree ,.r, mooth and thick. ?>,!,, S'%in'he,. pit bandrtd 15. 25,cut long tbltf or lufl adfe??ive tmvwt r~very amooth and thick, for lettera an I eTr-' cn??re r, b? 3>. In. he*. per bandred 1?. S 01? bnn or whit* acheair* ltn**iaaa. .... amooth and tl icR. per hnndred ' 17. 1 00" ?mall *1 re wilt* note allien te Intel epea. per hundred 18. 2.W large eita white not* adhesive Pnrel opea. per hundred 19 3,(U? letter air* wblte a<iheai\* Barelonaa ?r hundred * 'p^' Ci.?"< Ko. J.-PISS AKL> PCNCILH ETC *i. M gr.aa Perry V ai d Uuillott* b-?t* ruetali.r pena. per groa* ' II. 40 proa* Metallic Pe?B, of other n?nufafi.,. per gro?a ' 21. I d?'/.en l-eat licld Tena. per doren 21. Opa-rna Quill*. No ?, per at 24. 5t> doren l'*uho|d*r?. aa> >rted. P*r dozen J. H do/en Faber'a beat viack L< an Penrlla graduated, p-r d..ten 1 n""'X. to d<>/*n beat red and blue bead Pancila car dar.en ' Via-* Ho. S-IN W A 1EKJ> IT. 12 doren Inkatai da Kno* or any paten:, large or amall. per docau A t ao/*n iiikatauo-, caat Iran, large, double mM per no/en w 29. 20' tiottlea Iiik, black. Maynard A Hoyea to tuart l-ottlea. per bottle ?>. IS b' ttlea Arnold a t'- pyiiig Ink, per bottle 31. 10" bottlaa I'aTid * Oar* ue lag.ounc Hv i per dozen bottlea 32. Hi ponnda Water*. oomm?n a1/e?, rei. per pound 33. 78 p^>in<<a Sealing w?i, baat axtra anprtioe acarlet, per pouad Ko. t.-fLTLEKT AID HlM'KLl.iNr Ot ? AUn< LI.H " 34. ^ do/eii P<bkiiiTe*. Kodgera A Son a. foar blade*, buck norn andlea, genuine brr dozen K 31. 6 doien raaera. B.-d?era A Sou a Irory ban dlea, gennme. p-r oo/en 3j. 4 dozen Utlice bbeara. 11 inch per dozen 37. 4 dozen Odb e Scltatra, per doc u 38 J< Oo/en KoJder*, ivory. 9 inch, pai down 39. 4<%i dazen red Linen Tape, aaaorta I, per <o^en ?v. in doren Hlk Taata, color* and ?<diha, in baiika. per do/ea 41. Ct'dczen Paper Wetihta. aa?or*ed. per do/'n 42. It* imaihla Inoia fta?>ber. piepar*d. per ponn4 43. 5 poucila India Bui ber, unpirpar< 1, p?r pound 44. J< inarta Hlack San 1. per iuart 6. J anrce- Poniice, per mii'M 46. 40" ponnda T?m?. linen, per ponnd 47. itxi pound? Twine, cotton, per p >uud 8. iilo/en Bulera, mabugaay ronud < r n?-r dau* 49. - do/tn Gutta Percha. rouni or flat, per dozen B". t poun*'.* J?pcn*;e beat, per pound 51 1?? p- enla Ooni Arabic, beet, per pourid Tba Ao|j?aive Bnaebif e r;n<at b. tlilck'j gu^me a i nnh of an inch ?lne ar< a f tin i.iy pLie Each nid(*er innat f?ral-h with bla pi >p aalp i aaiiipie?a lid i>ni one aejtpl*?ol each articl bit lor. ha. h articl' mnat b* bi t f< r and no mora tbac ore price t arred for any one :,etie|?. , Blda not tnlly conforming to ti e a lverii-*naan? will not b*a< n-idaied m lie tern a and conditioua of tbe ad v erti-?n>*ti' *A for aiattonery are to ! * i ucoi *oi at*-.1 in th' con ? tiactfoi btat.ou. ry . auJ the lieai of ttie L>apari l. ect will in all aae-, judge wUetbe: the articled ter>dtr<<! b) the c n'ractor are of tbe <tuality re i|i tred by the r??iitrnct 1 he tat- l-e turciaked a* it may be ordered by tba i-epartment. a!id at tro- iontract prioaa, whether the <iuanti Uea ticaeu or fall ahort cf tV' .ee e*tim:ited Bach piop< aal anal be ri^ne ' by the IndlTidtia' or mm n.aking It. and in*-* af?ctf a rice? Lul nn> rr>''?l?r each and every article named lii tbe ectednle. Sb uid tu) article* l e ra-mired which are not ernmerated. the\ ate to "a fr.mlabed at iL< lowaai nit. rket i rlc- a if tb* I'ep?i ttnent aball *ee fit t o < rder then- trotn the contractor hating the con tract for ainillar arttclea. and If th* contract ra and the liepai tmeut d<j not agrea. the* thr 1?.parttueii way hare the article tarnlahed ny any otbai pcrtanorpeia u? ?k? ?ill furnieh it at a price lower than thai denianoei br the e n era lor Blank t< rtna lor pro* oaal? will be furniabed at tbe Department to paraona a:<plylng for thru. amt. aa aitbout uniformity therein, the Depart meat would find it diStiult to Bake a deciaion, n'.ne ?ill be taken into rouaideiation, nnlea* aat ctartl .il agtaeing tb< ta?ith. The head of tbe Department wfII, in all caaea. dacide * nether tha term*of ilie contract ha\e bee coinpliad -villi and reaarea* the power to aim I tbe contra.I npon any failnre ta eooiply la a rea onable lime. Bonda.Hfth approved aacuntj , ara to be gtren by the peraoii ot p^ contractlnr an 1, In ca>e oi failure to atipply tha articl**, th* contract r and bi* anratiaa snail ha liable for tha forfaita a ape. ifird In *nch bond aa liquidated .lamac*. Tbaccntract will b* awarded ta tbe loweat aad beat bidder thebeM Md to Im datermined after a ? arelul examination for tka pnrpoae <>f aacartam ng wlticb bid will, in 11* p< aotiaai moat aOTanta<eona to tha Department. Tb* Dtrpartment r*a*rae* to ifaalf the right to reject any bid where it i* apparent that a part of f the articlea are b*d for at aery low and a part at rery high ratea, without proper regard to tb* cu-t of each for the pnrpoae of effartinc th* aggravate of tba bida aader tha aatimat* contained In tbe ad vertiaement. ALBX W. BAHDALL.. jal laaia PoatiaaaWr Gener l. ^BE8Q BEST BHD VlOfTABLHl Hxvv DtraKTvgKT. 1 Bttrtu* */ Prori.' ion* anU Cloth int., Ihctmt 'r IS, 10j6. \ 8< ala i prop<?ala, ea4v>ra*d *** lor Fr<?h Baet and Vegataoie*,*'Will be received at tbia butean until 2 adock p. m . on the Pd day of Jantiary. lA7,for tbe *u pply of loo W0 poum-* f KKkfrb BBkF and lou.uui' pound* of PKESH the PBILAD AcPdlA bA* T YARD AH D bTATlOM. aa rauamd. Tha Beat and Vegttablaa mnat na of good .mailt y, and the be#t t h' maiket afforda, and ea. h article mart be .-flared by the poaaj Tbe Baef ta be in a^nal proporliona. fora an* bind guarter* tfnda ? i th approved security, will la tegaired lb ob* half tba aatimatod amonnt >f the contrait. aad twenty far cant in addition * ill be withheld tr? m the amouat of aack paymant to be maie, aa collatai al aecurity for tbe due perf. rmin - of ike coatiact, wblcb will on no atconat be paid until it ia fatly complied wiih very ofler made muat be accompanied by a written gearnnty. auned by one or more ra*a uattiie per*"B*, that th* Mdder or bidder* will if bia "t their bid be accepted. enter into an . ligation within Ave daya, with and auftico-nt auratle*, to fnrnlab the artl.-lea propoae.1. M*propewl iftU kr roia??<<erea ?< <*>? ftp *?d aaatawvp, na<t ftp read<a'? rat thf htdtirr (< a r'fllMt rfea.eT ta thr nmrlf preP ?rd Jot, aHit hat th* lum>t rtimrcd 6p art f.Hi grtli Tbe Department ra*err?f tha rlrhl to re;act any I propr.aal not conalderad ad vantage, ua to Iba (lot ernment. It ia to be underatoad that In raae the atipulatad iinaiitity of a<tbar article eball !> delivered, lea*- . lag a balance doe on the oth*: article, tba coa- 1 tract may be con?id?red a* complatad ta full, al I th* aptlon of th* Doaartment. d*2itd ~ pBOPUSALS FOB FBBbH BBBP. Q0lcC Depot rommiocy af Suhmtrn ? I ITaiiA'agtoa, I) C.. Beoemhar 21 l(d I Sealed Propoaala. of tha form tarmabed dj >b* nnderaiaited. will ba received, in dnpliuate aatil THCBST>AT,tl?e 3d of Jannary, l?T. at 12 m . W all tha FBBali till' rvauireu by the u?jv* 'j tbe following placM, vli - Part Waahlngto* and Port Poota, Ma. All the meat will be anbject to b rigid Inapection, to ba of azoallant marketabla quality and in unexceptionable condltioa.of e ma< proportloa* '! fora am Mad -ooartara, neck a ahanka. aad kidney tallow not received. lb all caeae. If tha m^at I* not *ati*factory. MJ rbaaea la tba apaa markd Will ha made at tb* np?n*a orthe coa tractor. . Th* contractor will ba repaired to deliver meat at tba atare houea at th* J^^TTS" iaanch quantities, aad at each tiaaaa, aa tbe A. W. 8. at tboae place* may diract. _ . Baparatr propoaala will ba recel ved for ?M f tag eli bar of tne abovenamed piacea Bida*r* mnat ha ?raaaatat to* opemag of tti* "payment to ba mania monthly, or wheat vet there | la fnnda on haid for dlabnraeneet . M All Qttcetieaa respecting ?UUt) *nd1.^? V l)* will ha ae.tled by tha oOaar at the SnbaigUme v part meat receiving tha amat. . f , The contract wfll ba made from tha l^h> ary antll tkeMhat April. 1W. ar *a?b per a* the Can>mig?ar? ?aaeial may datermiae Ridi iiiusl (HkMPKid " pptpoM^ . " and t" the nr>der?ir?^|, , A g da?M tt. ?Uk Waiar aad?. t-K^Tm* aTTf?TI"Vl -^toAOAMSOd^ # o. ^ hut, nth atraat. and for cr jr*? ? i Ponava Cap* .net th* thing fa \ . 1 I warm wb*b bkatlac " " 1