Newspaper of Evening Star, 3 Ocak 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 3 Ocak 1867 Page 1
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m 1 / V H I B A ^ A A . A A M J -- * _??? V?v.. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY. JANUARY 3. 1867. N?. 4,313. TIIE EVENING STAR 1; f L fcLISH ED DAlt.Y,.SUNDAY XXCCPIED) AT THE STAR BUlLDINvl, .* L '.-.sf corner r'nn'a. aienue c%d 11A streil BY W. L>. W ALLACH. Tbc ST AK 11 served by tae carriers to thoir ?feMhl?r? in the Ctty and District at Tew ? istp vir v. EZK. Copies at tie coaater, wiih it without wrappers. Two Chits each. I'kici for Maiuho:-Three months, 'Ore PUlar and Fifty tlx months, Three Dol,rr>. one Tear. FVea Dollars. No papera are rent fr< m the office longer tnan paid for. The W EEK.I-Y isT AR-publ^hed on Friday morning?One Duiker ami a HaiJ a 1 ear. PERSONAL^ MBS CTBTIS IBV1MO, daircoyant, Tett willjr)'? hf* nar'S Part, Present and Future at her office. ? iO^ertn aide of Pens'* avenue, between t)taaAMh9\tre#**Off ce hours from 9 to 2 a m ami S to ? 9-to, de ? lm' ' D* tuWL*hombopathio pbtsioiah. TU-1 if?Dc* ani * Wee, Ho 40*2 4th ,tr?0J tf OrtK e H c? r ? * to 10 I DO ^t0lj^^jWWU (TTNK ??W"0MIIAP Sf AMPI?? J\ 4.?? 9th street, .r^pe-ite Patent OtBca, ladles i ?:> s et at our reduced price*, on the *ery be?k ^iTight gu?n Vokee, rtaly stamped? 10 ct*. Cl?? aii.e Yokee. ' " aArl!" Ba^.ds " ' *> eta. I h?r for tretI or embroidery, our patterns are of tbe very :*ie" de*i*a?. selected with care in New * rk. ami being tu receipt ot theon weekly. va ar(. able daily t iMac new pattern* *a well Mn?k? aiid stamp i.y pattern brought ua. 1. O. C Working Cotton at reduced pri j*3. de 19tf J~OHM D CLARK. ATTOBNCY AND COFMSBLI.OB AT LAW AMDIiOTAKI PUBLIC, Mo i'Ji 12th street west. da IVly UK. J a SI KB T YOl'MOhae removed hi* offece from No. 4 73 1Mb street. to his residence, Jin 4^? York ?ve.,toar doer* east ot 14th street All order' lettat the Drug Store of N A1 UN * b KO . comer 9'h st an I Pa eve., durlag the Cay. a ul be pion.ftly attended to. de U> 1m* 1/BABK a. ?1 Bl NttKllLU, ~~ r O >BsTAHlt AN U COLLECTOR. Oollecte Uents, Debts and Claims ?f all kiada. Basineae placed in his bauds r?-c?iv?s prompt at tentun. Btl?reuc?s given Ifr#-iaired. iffce *11 i?th ?tr??>t. above P*. aveune; residence rfO I L street, between 9th and l<?h. N . B.?Ordeia by luail promptly attended to. U* U rni* IAD1AS IT la a< KNOWLKDO?D THAT ^ tb^ MW STAMPiH'J l?Bl'Or. on >th *tr??t, 439. baa the beet election of Patternsi ereroffered here, an<l the proprietor has redaeed the price to OSK HALF tb?t h?? oet-n charged h?retofor? Belns a practical Staniper, no Tsar need he had of getting ? hat will suit y?u. Go see hi in. Ee will m?ke aud stame A NY pa'tern de 15 tl \t OU neither Bncl.o nor Bamarltao hambnes " trif* tnak' tr.r tr>r " Pee l>r. DABBY, on <th stwt.oppo rite Odd Pillows Hall, an<l be enred jni. k and permanent ly._ de e-lm DB. H K. WOODBCBY ha* remove! hi-? offlce to Mo. 339 K etreet, ?pp?t.i:e 8t Patrick s Cbnrch. de 6 eoltn* KIDENTIAL-Tonug men who haee in| V jured themseiTie oy Certain secret habits, which unfit them for bnsi ie?s. pleasure, or the drtlee of married life; also, middle aged and old men. who. troii the f?llies of youth, or other closes. le?'l a debility in advance of their years, tefert- placing themselves rnd^r the treatment of any onr.ibonM firs? rend "Tho Secret Friend. Married iadiea will learn fomeihiog wf Importance by perusing "The 8?cret Friend. 'J Bent to any address. in a sealed envelop' on receipt of 24 cents. Address Dr.CHAS A 8TCABT A CO Boston, Maes no ?ly BBIDAL ABO FtHKHtb WB1ATHB. HO QPKTS. CBOS8E8. ANCHOBB, STABS. Ac , reser ed io natural form WAX FLOWiBB, U A IB FLOW BBS, and BBMBINQ. by Mrs. FBIBS. late of Boston Hae removed to Mo. 45i? 11th street, between G and 11^ oc 3-fim* I AIMAh WHO A KB DCSIBOUS OF A 0K1LL1 i tal **<1 acc<>mplisl ed Ph??i.-lan. should consult Pr FEMBT M-oBTON, I6? e?st Kaytftte street, Baltlr ore. Md. Or Morton's services may le .engaged in Washington or any other city, by addressing** above oc IS JAHBSGTILD. D*a!?r sn *inr nnd Stroni hand h*'n*:MT> Old Kurniture Bt-pairrd. Beup holstered and Varnished. I2th and Bsts., (near the canal.) Highest price paid for B*conl-h*nd Fnrrltnr* ? llT 1 BR S V I* H P. BLACK M*ARr> H . L A *?>?. C. P. BLACKLAW Ot'FICB. BLACK LAMOM * CO., Ccnn-wllors and Attorneys at Law In the Snpreme Cowrt of the Tolted ^ta'ee. the Court of Oialm*. ?b?j Court* of tbe District, the Kxecutive Depsrtments. and Ooiumitt^es of Congres*. Office, 46!? lsth Street, (directly opposite WllUrds Hotel > , CLOTHING, Ac. i ^ O t S i)- A D ? I C E . * K That's It '"That't It! Jnst listen a bit From the folks at Smith's Oak Hall Come- a word of advice. So sound and so nice. For the present season of Fall. Button your coat Up to your throat. And see that you re warmly clad; Or wl?h cold in your head Ton Ml be sick in yoor bid, Which will be exceedingly bad. Aud yon 11 stay in bed Wtth the cold i n jonr head. And compdlled to be somewhat ^nitt. Till you've had enough Of the Doctor's stuff. And all sorts of sick folka' diet. Better beuarv. And always take care To be prep?rly clad for tbe Fall, lu suitable clothes, Jnst snch a* thooe Which are sold at 8miih a Oak Hal!. SMITH BROS. A CO.. I1K0HANT T AlLOBB, AMD D?AL*R* IN OBMTB" FCBftlsHlMG GOODS. OAK HALL. 46? SKVBHTH Stkkit. _Ja;".t received the 1 erg oat aDj fluest stock ol PIACB GOODS ever offrred in the city of Washington. Having secured the best artist* in the *?ty, we are prepared to make up In tbe it nest sty le, and at less prices than any other entabilshment. tne U tf] B. B. A OO. I (VI LOBAMO, 1*1. MtHCHAyT TAILOR. _ Corner ol ?th and D streets. Desires to return his thanks tor the liberal ^ pationage i>sstuved upen him during paet^^B ? Beacons, and at tbe saiue time invitee his II "tends to visit his store and inspect his new W# nd chbice selection of goods, which he h*s 12?t PurcBMHS for tbe Fell and Winter Trad# Mr. B HABDOM. his assouat*. continues to give bis coosMrt attention to the style aud general appearance of all garment* made at tb* establish meat. The beet work and moderate charge* Is our motto. deftlm* IS DOLAM. MKBCH ANT TA1L0B, corner 1.J of lith street and Pennsylvania are., cpposite Willar Is' H tel. ha- received s^B superior aseortment of Cloths. Caasimerea, % Vesting*. Chinchllli.s and Kscomaa, for \f# <-vercoats and a general assortment of?**" Oent-' Farnishiug Goods He ha* also added to bie stock a spier did lot of first class Custom made Clotnli g. from Mew fork, at lower Biicee tnan can be bad In this city. Ue avttes his frirnds aad the public to give him a call, aad returns his siuc*re tbanks f>r their liberal patronage. OC 31 - Zw FJ HBlBKBGBh, Sacc***or te H. F. L<??don M Co.. ^ CiTlZtN'S AXD MILITARY MFBCHAXT TAILOR, Metropolitan HoUl. lata Brown's. W# 3t>B PHBirlttBls amos,^* 1 -tf Washington, 9. 0. (jjBOVMB A BAKBK C*L?*gArKl, FIBBT PkKMlI'M ramily sew/sy machines. The best Family Machine la the market Tbe eaip Mutnu.c that will both b*w and Bm1 rolder ptrffrlly. They make an Elastic Stitch that will not break in wiaklM. Call aad examine tkeir merit*, at , DAVIS A OAITHBBS. ? u > * Market Space. I %Y "*** ia 1T? BCT flUiBI'nr BT Hf WITT KIM. c*n 1 ??t good Cigar ? Oh. coin* |? US. quo' Villi,. Most 1 Walk Ol take the ear r A* yen plea*), oq.- rinl*y Do yen kesp the Golden Leaf* I ad ted d* 1, ?co' Fiaiev All thing* in y*u, nM lB brief Come and km uua' Fiaiev API pea*. If 1 *ro?lu" Do drop la, quo Finlsy. Havo you Sa* cat w/aapad in tin? Beat there it, goo Fialey. l>o your meertc ban in1* color well t Bay aad try, quo' Flu!e>. Are taey mart-shams, made to a*U Mary sell. ?im>' Viator Have yoa plag of every araftaf Bvery grade goo'FinMgPlssse tb* taet* aad suits the trad*? Ja?t the thiMg. quo' Flnley B^? I* and *t*m*ta evory stylar Bverv style, qao' Flalov I 'll call there a a little whilo. ruiTM.1 Between Mth and nth stroeta, 1W1 MbMKT LOAM BB eaGold and Silver Watch**, i...?,,cWU?,l?fc B MN0T1|) deB-lm* Licei.xal Pawabrokar. TEE C'BOCH BT OOLLAB BOOK; MBB. I Bayve'u Knitted Lace Oollar Book; Tb* Bagl* Ikuuiag Buek, Mr?. Gaugain'a Bait Shawl ant t'arf Bock, Mr* (>aasaio a Crovhat Baby Cap s Tbe Qreak ami Bom?u Lao* Book; The AaMtdsa Krittia* ai d Mrlltaf Book; The Winter sy^. ctl ana* HOLIDAY GOODS. 505 mm* **. 505 pbxpabb fob tbi holidays. 'KIDWILL JTHEBDBBSOB W?>nld respectfully o?ll the attention of tbblr friends and the public to their Ittfi anl wellselected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW 8HADB9, of the Latest Styles. Also, on band sllarge assortment of OIL CLOTHS. TABLB COVBR8 BU8TIO BLINDS PAPER CURTAINS, F1BB BOABD PRINTS, oval piotubb fbamb9, To*ether with CORDS AND TASSELS TO SUIT. All of wbichtbey are prepared to veil at the LOWBBT CASH PRICES. Remember the place, 305 NINTH 8tbbxt. Four rfoors above D street, Beaton Hall Building, de U w . ?HBlsTMA8 AM^NIW TEAR S PRBS A rich and elegant aa*<<rtnieut of Gentlemen'* Robes de Gharubre, gotten up exprossly lor the holidays Gold, Silver, and Ivory-headed j Canes, In beantlfol variety with Scar's, Ties, j Glovrs. Suspenders Ac ; with superior lot Toilet AttiiUi, at reduced prices, at LAMB'4 Gsdu Finishing Store. da IS ectf 424 Penn. avenne, near 4>t st. COLORED TOY BOOKS, from Lnndon; French > Juvenile Book*, direct from Paris; Lab >nlayae' New Fairy Tale*; B*op. largely illustrated, and mauy other*, ?utt received. a" u frabce taylor. MINCE MEAT of excellent nuality. N. W. BUKCHELL. Corner 14th and I streets. de If under Bbbitt House. I^DXOJitKS FOB TUB HOLIDAYS. MAlLLARD 8 OANDiltH AND OHOCOLATE8. CARAMKL S CBKAM CUOOOLATB DOLBLB VAMLLA t'HOUOL VTE, ROSE AND VANILLA BURNT ALMONDS, MIX A I) M'(iA B PLU MS, and ASSORTED CANDIES Just receded at KING PLAUE l m. P. king A SON. tMTBBT india ORANGES and ?* SWEET MALAGA ORAPBS. Fresh, at KINO PLACE, |\iince meat tdomestic.) * " J nat made, of select material*, At KIVG placb. f^OLDEN 8CL PPBBNoNO WINE. VI OUR FINBhT NATIVE WINE Gold colar, full, yet delicate flavor and fragrance,and lea* timoM naif the coxt of imported Wine. KINO PLACE. C'BOIOB NUTS. BASINS FIG*. currants. ' 8P10BS. Ac., Ac., to suit this particular sea *on. > or *ale by Z M. P. KINO A SON, de If King Place. ^jackerel and oodfisht 10 000 pounds large SHORB CODFISH. 40 battels No. 1 MACKEREL. Just received and lor s?lt> at our wh irf. at the foot of Seventh *t. 8. 1'. BBOWN a SON. . ,, w ? Oomniission Merchant*, deis-tf Mo. 48B Ninth st , Wet. E and F. Otto wilkens pianos and carhabt a neelhams parlor organs. All will find it greatly to their Interest, ? to examine there tuperi> Instruments be-H^Sa fore purchasing any other. Ill * I I Only agency at george l. wild a 1IRO "8 He* Piatio Forte and Organ Wareroom, nt>. 497 11th street between Penn a avenue and e street. A sele? t assortment of new at 4 ?ecoDd hand In strn&e-uts, Including a CHURCH ORGAN, for sa'e at Invest factey prices and on easy terms TI MNG and REPAIRING faithfully execute ] nc 13 6m' HOTELS' RESTAURANTS, &c. PABD V METROPOLITAN HOTEL. ' thi* <U> aa-<v iated In niy H el bu-in-ss /ii i ^ 8hblle* with m". and the h >ns? ?\Lmi .VriV '* conducted in the nan.eeof Pi?T T8 A i?H ELLBY A. R POTTS January 1,1M7. ja,.6t A R D . ~ METROPOLITAN HOTEL. On account of the reduced price of previsions, the rate of Board at this Hotel will be poub dollars pbr DAY from date. jal-6t POTTS A SHELLEY. C A B D _ WILLARD 8 HOTBL, I Washington, December 1, lsws.f Senator*. Representatives. and other*, residing in Washington, who oacupy private apartments, can be accommodated with their MEALS at this Hotel at the rate of Bl'> AO per week d*jl Jm SYKEB, 0HADW1CK A 00. J^IRKWOOD H008B, Corner Ptnna. army and Twlftk Washington, 1>. C. Situated la the moat central location tha city, j midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, f Only a abort distance from all tha Departments, Patent and Poet Oflcee, Smithsonian Institute, *c- H. H. DUDLBY A 00., PQ*ltf Proprietors. itbbhch AND german HOTEL and RES TAf bant, Wi Pa ave.. opposite A . A Willnrd sHotel.CHRISTMaN a Kt^^A Proprietor*?On Wednesday next, this 1 'BE I establishment will be opened with a Inucb, ml which tbe proprietor will be happy to meet his many friends The Bar will be constantly suppiled with choice Lienors, and the Restaarant with everything that the mo*t epicurean taste can desire. Boarders by the day, waek or menth will here hod excellent accomm Nations at moderate ratea Also, nicely furula^ed rooms can be ob talned either with or without board. Call aud jal lm* CAPITOL HOU8B AND RESTAURANT^ ?4b Peun aveuua, between 1st ani Jl *t*. Comfortable Reonis. with brst class Beard Twenty /ears experience as chief cook at the several roreiga Legations and principal Hotels in tbl* country should be a sufficient guarantee of satisfaction to all who will extend me their patron age. DINNERS and SUPPERS at private residence*, for paruee aud balls, will be rottan up In the best rtj1* . . CHARLES G1VAI DAN. 4* Aaolni Proprietor. EMBICH S BBWAUBABT. ~ No. 34d Ptana avenue, near 6Va streat. p bmbich wishes to inform hi* frieaU* and tha public generally that he now keep* eon Am. a stantly on hand OYSTERS, rresh every day preaared la every style. IKMT _ *;ls wines and LIQI'ORS cannot be anrpSSS^ Call and gfve him a trial. oc 23 tf Largest st?be in thb city! two STOKES COMBINED TN ONE fub8! rOBll f ubb! FOB LADIES AND OHILDBBH, IS GlUT V A BIX TV. Having purchased them early thia aeason, wa are anablad to aall them Ml par cant, cheaper than any heuee in the city. LAB8BUBQH A BBOTHBB, 7th atreet, del lm Intelligencer Bulldia*. P lou Ml F BED I A fnU aaaortaaant of all gradea cholca Flonr Tot Bakera; quality No ); price low. Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. H Gambrlll mot Patapaco) aud Llnganor Family Flours la the District. Aatha latter brand has been extensively counterfeits* and aald la this city, wa would inforas those wishing this Honr by arrangement with the sailMfc we furuilh It lower ' It can be obtained from any other source. Vfaallty secend to none. Price a fraction leas IkAn other Irst-claa* Family Fioar. Buckwheat at low raSee. All gradea of Wee tern Flonr n store and for sale ? * by W M QALT A CO., _ .. Indiana avenae aud 1st street. o1* aaar Depot. * SKATK DBFOT. ? LADIES' BKfTES of all klads. from fi an to f M. I FOULTBBY A TBIMBLB, No. SUO Wast BalUsaore street, 4e 18 1m BalUmara, Md. T? ^ I BB datlaaof tM* mstitntloa will be resumed ?* Sept. U.lBM Fop tem.a, Ac , eee catalogue and circular at tbe pvtnatpal boekstoraa of this city, er addrees tha priaciaa^. an si _b-fabs0bi, Oatouvliia, Md. 4 *OLD FFNB-A ine Maartma'nt of Sold Pens, " * Pern 11 Caaest Ac far aale at niatiafa^turer *s prices. Ida FBABCK TAYLOB. OFFICIAL. Dkpaktmknt or Stata. ) Washington. December 31, lsi?6. \ Information has been received at this Department from Mr. Aimd Oldwll. 'h# l)unsill of the United States at Hotolnlu. of lb* d?*a'b. on the I'.th of November last, at HonoInitt. of Dr. S. P. Ford. SPECIAL NOTICES. AN A KFIDAVIT -"I, Isaac L. Du*eaberry,of No 1?0 North Seventh street, WlllU'nsburgh, NY ..being duly sworn, solemnly declare ih?t, lsct Decern! er, I win so ?ever?ly afflicted with hheumatitm as to be unsble to move lor three ws*lts; and that after having taken hut three done* f METCALFB'S GBKAT RHEUMATIC BS?r 1>T 1 wss enabled to walk withont assistance, and otnervtl*e restored to perfect health ' ja l-eo3w 8. O. FORD, A<tent. |/-"WHO BBAI>S AM AHEKK'AN BOOK, t" lla question thai hasloig siiiLeheea trti;ii?pi??utiy answered to the coufmlon of It* propo??r, aud the query, " Who n?e? an American perfume ?" can be naiitfactorilr repileo to l?? Ptiaion A Son. Their NIGHT BLOOMING CEKAU8" Is to day one of tbe most popular extract* lor the handkerchief that has ever l>e%n tutrodaoed in auy counn;,. Bold everywhere. REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES, No 14 Bond street. New York. WFnll lnf?rnistiou, wltli the ttstimo *tals; also, a Booh on Sprciat Di**a*?*% *<* t s*aU4 sentfree. B* sure and i end for them, anri you will not regret it; for. a* advertising phy Sirlanrt are generally imp?<(?r?, without r'frr<~nrrs no strstiKer henld be trnxted. Enclose a -tnmp for postage and direct to DB. LAWBENt'E. No. 14 Bond street. New York. nol2DAWly MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY, an Essay of Warning sod Instruction for Tonn* Men. Also, Diseases and Abases which prostrate the vital powers, with sure means of relief. Seut free of charge in sealed letter envelopes. Address Dr. J 8KII.LIN HHUOHTMN, Hewsrd Association, Philadelphia. Pa. am 13 3m SECBBT D18BA8E8. Samaxi*a*'s Gir r is tbe most certain, safe and sflectual renied) ? indeed, tbe only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cares in two to roar days, and recent cases in twenty foar boars No mineral, no balsam, no mercury Onl* tea pills to be taken. It I* tbe soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do net went te be exposed. Male package*, 92, female, ?:i. 8a ?AHTtn> Boot asd Hits J ncx??A positive an4 permanent -are fer Spybills. Scrofala. Ulcers, Bores, Spots. Tetters. Ac Pr^ce B1 25 per bottle. Bold by B. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my I HALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HA1B BENEWEB has proved itself to be the most perfect preparation (or tbe hair ever offered to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injnrious properties whatever. It will Bx?tcxb Gkat Haia to its Oaigisal Color. it will keef the hair from falling oat. It cleanses the scalp, and makes the hair soft, lnstrous and silken. It is a splendid hair dressing. ..... No person, eld er yonng. should fall to use U. It is Bkcom*x*st>kd and Usxu bt tbi itix?t H.IU? H.i, Be ^.?..04U?...?b.,.E p HAtl,tou.. Na?hua, N. U., Proprietors. For sale by all Druggists. SUUF.L Y, STEADILY, 80CCKSSFVLLT, MOLANDEB 8 EXTRACT BUCKO is euKim very cess of BLjdnxt Dis1a.i1. BaaWatism, GkAVKLi Oxinaxt Disoadkas, Wialiias and Pains in the Baci, Fbmalx Ooibflaiats and TnoOBLA* arising from Ileitis ov art Kip* COMB, T B AFFL1CTBDI THY SMOLANDBB'S. TAKE NO OTHER BOCKV. rtold by all Apothecaries. Price #1. D.BABNB8 t CO., How fork, and BARNES, W ABD A 'JO., New Orleans, Southern Agent*. BUBLEIGH A BOG EBB, Wholesale BracgUt*, Boston, Mass.. General Agent*. feb lily COLGATE A CO. 8 W I N T H R SOAP. Kecrmtnended forcHxr^tn hanb- and for general toilxt nse during c?li> whatuii. it may be obtained of all druggiats and tansy goods dealers, feb 9-eoly sAf BOOTS AND 8UOE8. TwS HEW 7t OBI. fw Tbe undersigned beirs leave to i nform his frisn'le and the public generally that he haa opened the N IW CHEAP frTOBE. No. AO* 7th street,an.ler Odd Fellows'Hnll. where he has on liana it general ssHortment of Lsdles' and Gentlemen's, Boy's. Misses and Children's BOOTS AND SHOKS. Bemsmber the nAaber, 502 7th street, anler Odd Fellows' Hall New Cheap Btoro, for"'A* ' ^'"^EOBGH B. WILSON, p i M O V A L . THE HATTONAL T'NION INSURANCE 00* PANY OF WASHINGTON Have removed to their New Office. No. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUE. First door east of 7th st. D I B h"C~T O B 8 : Cbas. Knap, Pres't, Geo W Biggs. Vioe Prss*t, Tbos. Berry, Mar)>b:ill Brown, Bich'd Wallach, G 8.Gideon. Daniel Dodd, Win. Dixon. Henr> D. Cooke. de a-tf NOBLE D. LABNEB. Secretary. \ICTOB BECK EE, PIANO TUNEB AND BEGULAT8B.? ? ^ Hstablishxd I!l ISM. fffvyl OXTIBKS MOW BKCXtrXD AT DEMP8EY A OTOOLE'8. Bngravers and Btatlonsrs, Ac . 326 Pa. av., bet. 9th and Prthsts. F. C. BklCHENBACH'b Piano Booms, 499 11th strset, near Pa. avenue. Sfrinl yotm from TTw. Knahr f Co., Baltimore. H r Becker aa? toned Pianos for ns at our Warerooms, and we take pleasure in stating that we believe him to be a competent tuner. noil -3m A PIANOS. LABGX Assortment of Bteinway A Bona' Pianos hsvs just been received. Alao.^j^ Piano Btools and Covers For ?ale at fac-KBBBI tory prices at the warerooms or 111*11 deJT W. O MBTZEBOTT A CO. BOY'S t>K ATEB from Ml cents te $6f MEN'S bKATHS from fl.'Oto at tbe Skate Depot. POULTNHY A TRIMBLE, Ho. 2041 West Baltimore street, de lB-lm Baltimore. Md PERSONS FUBNISHINO BOOHS weald save mouey and trouble by calling at AD AHBOH 8, AOb ninth street, nsxt to Pennsalvania avenae, who can lurnisn them with ready-made Sheet*, Pillow Case*, Feather and Hair Pillows,Bolsters, Ben Spreads. Blankets, Mattresses, Window Shades, Oil Cloth*. Carpet, Stair Crash. Toweling, Table Llaen, Ac. do 14 dlM ^OLDEN BCUPPEBNUNG WINE, (Native.) Bich. fruity flavor, with delicate bonnet. Frodoc ef ill?MJDppBB||0t,a qeaPB, of Mortk O.rolln.. z ? p. de ? tf King Place. JUST BBCEIVED TATB8 a'sELBY 8. Ho. 323 Peons*laaia avenae, A saperior lot of LADIES' CLOAK 1NGS, which they are offering at very low prices. no M tf ?AP1T0L HILL DIlUG 8T0BE. 1 , F. X. DOOLBT, DRUGGIST. ATA Corner Peun'a avenae and east 3d strset. Pure and fresh Drags and Chemicals, Perfumery, Fancy Artlclo* alway* on hand, in good apply. d* 18Is' I^BCBPTION LUXURIES. Jnst received, a large variety of article* selected ?artlcnl*rly for ths c*^Bgreeeptl?a eeason. Z. M. r KIM*' A sun. King Place, de n Oor, Vt. ave. and US st. R*M?>al JOHH MrKENNBT. Notary Pn/>lte and Insurance *t'nt. Ha* removed trom the Waahlngton Building to Ho. 4*8 7th street, corner of H. ? Beliahle Bew Tork and Oonneotiont Companies. Offic* estahli*hed In 1AM de lUrtt [Int. Ohroa. and He? | IFOtTOH MESA MACKBBBL. I am now r reel vis g from Bo*ton direct, the very flueet un^ity of^^ MAnKBgBL and which rarely And th ?ir way to thi* market, h.-laa n??d moetly for home consumption. As they have been trimmed of every p.rt hot the moat aalatabJe. the kits contain very nach mere than 4?. TELEGRAMS. Ice. . j The monetary panic is increasing at HavanaThe basks har<* ostensibly resumed paymenu J save that known as Bossier's which will probably completely fail, as the assets are Insufficient. There hare be** nigh'ly meetings of I tbe various branches of business men, m^r- I chants, grocers, Ac., which bare been quite I

stormy, and no messnre has been arrived at 1 to relieve tbe situation. Many failures are ex- | pected. Both branches of *he Massachusetts Legi'iatnre organized yesterday. After org*ni* ition | the Governor and members of the Legislature I were escorted to tbe Old South Cbnrch. where I aseimon was preached by Kev. Dr. Warreti, | of Cambridge. Edward T. Walker one of th? two colored representatives, was appointed on I one of the preliminary committees. The in- I inauguration ?f Governor Bullock will take I place on Friday. Tbe Legislature of Maine convened at An- I gnsta, yesterday. Hon. N. M. Burpee, of I Knox county. was elected President of the Senate, tnd Hon. .Lewis Borden Speaker of the House of Representative. Botb were I nominees of tne Republican caucus. Both I ^branches adjonrned until to-day, when Gen- I I Chamberlin, tbe Goyernor elect, will be in- I I augurated and deliver his message. I A t*w days since a despatch was published I re tie cling on tbe Consul of Spain at l'htla- I I delphit. An investigation shows thar tbe I I charge* then made were groundless, and that I I that oBicial bad done nothing more tban his I duty In regard to the clearanceof tbe steamship Stars ant Stripes from Philadelphia lor HaI vana. The dry goods trade in New York is qniet, I I with but ftw sales. The market, notwithstand- I I ing the extreme lethargy, is in a healthy con- | I dition, and the future is looked forward to I I with much aope, but without much speculaI tion i.s to wken tbe spring trade will open. I I Few believe in a heavy trade during the year. I but a bealtby tone is expected. ! The city government of Portsmouth, N. H . I organized New Year's day. There having beenxj I no choice for M*yor at the popular election. I the two branches of tbe government met in I convention, and elected Jona'.han Dearborn. 1 I Republican, by S3 votes, over Frank Jones, I Democrat, wbo received 9 votes. General Braxtoa Uragg, formerly of the j Confederate army, is on a visit to New OrI leans, for the first time since the close of tbe I war. Lieutenant General Sherman and Gen. I Bragg were intimate friends while serving in I tbe regular army, and dined together on the I 'Jlih ult. The Isle of Wight, around which the AmeriI can yacht Henrietta, and the British yacht I Viking owned by Prince Alfred, are to sail. Is I twenty-three miles long and fifteen miles wide. The sailing distance will be about I ninety miles. ! ?The investigations by tbe Congressional I I committee into tbe New Orleans rioie are conI ducted with secrecy. It was the intention of the committee to close their labors yesterday, and leave for Washington last night. The I testimony taken is voluminous. j Henry Hurd. a reporter of the Boston Jour- 1 I nal. had bis pocket picked of a gold watch I valued at sever ,1 b undred dollars,while view- I I tbe colored procession in Boston, New I Year's day. I The mvstery about tbe four dead bodies I brought to Boston by tbe steamer Saxon from I Philadelphia has beeu cleared up. Tbey were I intended for dissection and were legitimately I obtained. I The Government securities stolen from the I Mechanics' Insurance Company of Newark. I I N. .I., have ail been recovered in Montreal, I I tbrousb negotiations with tbe scouudrels that I carried them off". The Governor of New Jersey offers a reward I I of five thousand dollars for the apprehension I of the burglars who shot Mrs. Aaron Ward, j Jr.. in her own bed-room, in Newark, on the I night of December 31. Tne receipts of cotton at all the Southern I ports lor the last four months foot up 750,ouu I bales It is generally believed by the cotton I factors that fully cLe-half of the present crop I has already been delivered. A man named Watterman was killed yester- I j day morning by falling through a scuttle at J. I E. Cames' billiard table factory, in Court I street, Boston. Joseph P. Shaw, a prominent citizen of RoxI bur}-, Massachusetts, was run o'ser on the Providence railroad in that city and iustanily I killed. I The severest snow storm which has occurI red in Texas since 1?5*J prevailed at Galveston I yesterday. ' The girls employed as spinners in the RoxI bury. Mass , cotton mills areon a strike against I a reduction of wages, and have left work. Tbe Iron-moulders' Intel national T'nii^asI sembled in convention in Boston. New \TOr s I * The Congressional excursion party left I Cbat'anooga, Tenu., on New Year's night,and I are expected here this evening. There is great distress in Havana, and several bouses have been opened lor gratuitous disI tribution of soup. The Captain General of Puerto Rico has alI lowed vessels to come to certain ports of that I island to obtain beet cattle. I It is stated that Capt. O'Shea was mistaken I for C. O. I. R. Stephens, and tbe latter has not been in New York for some weeks. Tbe James river is blockaded with ice from Richmond to the mouth of Warwlch river. Midnight robberies are of nightly occurrence in Moutreal, Canada. The Alkxakkkia and Omroitovi RailI road?How in the Alexandria Council.?Both branches of the City Council w ere in session last night, having been called together to consider tbe question of a railroad along the banks oi tbe Alexandria canal, and which has become a fruitful theme for disputation. During its consideration the city fathers were thrown into a high state of excitement by a game of fisticuffs which came off publicly between two of us sagest members, Capt. Booth aud Dr. Johnson, provoked by an unconrteous remark by the latter, such as "d?n lie," or 'scoundrel,'" we could not decide positively which. Tbe origin of the difficulty, we understand, was a proposition on the part of Capt. B to hear tbe statements of Col. Wells and Mr. I Dunganin regard to tbe proposed enterprise, I which was combatted by tbe Doctor to a white heat, and caused the explosion. The question. after a fair, calm aud dispassionate stateI ment of facts connected with the introduction I of the bill to le^ntive notice, which was very satisfactory, fP dismissed tor the present wi'.bont any de(nlte action. A proposition for tbe abatement of an alleged nuisance, occasioned by the presence of I the railroad on Henry street, was introduced bv one of the over-zealous, but didn't carry, and tbe mover backed, scratching hit head. I A proposition, however, looking to the Improvement of the street, was referred to the appropriate committee.?Alexandria Journal, I Jan. 'id. I LcEsm-Ru (Va ) Items ? From tM Lees. burg (Loudouu county) Mirror of yesterday I we clip the fellow lug: I Tbe congregation of the M E. Church South, I whose house- of worship suffered so much durI ing tbe war, and for the refitting of which a I fair was held last summer, have at last succeeded in completing the necessary repairs, I and It once more wears its aocustomed air of I comfort and modest elegance. I The members of the "Colored Men's Relief Association'' of Leesburg, were out in procession for the first Urns, on Saturday, to the number of fifty or sixty, with music, banners, regal.a, Ac. _ 1 Seventy acres of land, abont two miles from I Leesburg, and belonging to the late Ellis WllI liamt, was sold on Tuesday last, tor *45 per acre. John V. Tavenner, purchaser. Rev. Father Henschee, of Georgetown (D. C ) Catholic College, preached in Cllne's Hall I on Sunday and Monday nights. i Yesterday being the Orst day of January, Colonel E. V. White, sheriff elect of Loudon, assumed tbe rsins of offlcs. ! tgr Eight hundred barrels of oysters are sonsumed In New Orleans In one day. VLyncbliurg (Ya.) negroes glye theatrical I entertainments. America has 00,000 miles of telegraph linee; Europe, #0,010. 7*Senator Wilson's son died of hemorrhage I of the bowels. I syNearly six hundred thousand children I in Indiana goto school. Yankee echoo'ma'am would be more of a curiosity at the Paris exhibition than a I Yaafeee schoolheute. % THE WtW YORK LEGISLiTl'RE. MfMijf ef g?t. FraUa. The great public event of ^ e w Year * Day in Albany, IS. Y., was the inauguration of his frxcellency. (Jot. Kenton, an<t Lieut, (iov. V> oodterd, and the formal organization of both houses ol tbe Legislature. T be proceedings of the legislature were ft'.mott totally devoid of pablic interest, aside fr<m the election of I be regular officers The only ether noteworthy event wa* t*i? attempt on the part of Mr. Wilbur to ruth tb* constitutional amendment on the bouse immediately. Gov. Kenton, In bit message, recommend* the passage of the constitutional ameudment; call* the attention of the Legislature to the measures needed for calling to^eiher a State constitutional convention, lecoiumend* that the number of delegates be Increased to tbtrty, to be cheer at large, and nrges such a reiorm 01 our higher judiciary system as will Increase the pace of justice, which has been halting tor a number ot jears in this State, to the great injury of litigants. He urges strict economy upon the Legislature, advj. es such a reform of assessments as shall make personal property bear it* fair share of Mate taxatiua, aud -bowlrom the report of the Comptroller that the State has been running behindhand (taring the last two years, tb?* expenses exceeding the income. lie also calls the attention ol the legislature to the necessity for wme mevnre to force prosecuting attorneys to do their duty in bringing cnmina:sto justice, and urgee tnat the prisons of tfce state be put in charge of capable men, ai.d tLat they be not remov- I able for political rsust i. lis proposes toput the pardoning power into the hands ol a I bureau or commission. He makes a suggestion lor a board ol unsalaried inspectors (oexamme into the management and couditioa of th? numerous chanties in the Stale which provide or profess to provide tor invalid soldiers or th.> widows or orphans of soldiers. While stating that the State militia had been mnch improved, he urges ihe adoption of breech loaders. H?* also recommends the removal ot all impedimrnts m the way ol a free acquisition of instruction by children throughout the sta'e. Alto, that lurther measures be taken to continue the protection and security lrom cholera this year. The charitable institutions of the State are in a gratifying conditiou of usefulness. The population ol the State is 3. an increase of SGI.UiS from 1-03, which is al. most wholly in commercial aud manufacturing districts The manufacturing products ol the state have increased, since ltoo, from to Si&L,UdO.lXU. After the readiug ol the Governor's message in the Senate. Senator H C. Murphy presented a memorial from Senator C- G. Cornell denying all the charges that have baen made ag.nust him as street commissioner of New Y'ork. and asking for au investigation. Mr. Andrews moved that the memorial be referred to the Judiciary Committee, with power to send for persons and paper*. The motion was adopted Mr. Stanford gave notice of a bill to repeal the railroad free pass act. Pennsylvania Legislature. Harkiubuko. Jan a?In the Senate to-day. Mr Donovun presented a bill allowing railway cars to run on Sunday. Messrs. Loury and Bingham each presented a joint resolution ratifying the constitutional amendment. Mr. Davis presented a resolution a?ktng a reduction of the internal revenue tax on distilled spirits. Upon motion, the Honse agreed to the appointment of a committee to confer with a like committee of the Senate, and report upon what day the election of a United States Seuator will legally take place, whether upon January Mh or Jannary l.Sth, the question which of these is ibe second Tuesday after the day ol meeting of the Legislature being legally undetermined. On motion of Mr. Mann, the resolution was amended so as to require the committee also to propose a bill regulating the manner of election in aci ordance with the act ot Congress. Mr. Mann asked leave to introduce a joint resolution to ratify the fourteenth article ol the Constitution of the United States. A two-thirds vote was required to do tbis: which wta refused?ayes 5tf, ntys .10. Dry (ieods. Business is less actsve, as usual, during stock-taking and settling books. The year is clo-ing under very improved prospects for the spring trade. There is less business this week almost in e*ery braneh, but prices are much firmer, and after the tirst week in January a gradual Improvement is anticipated to commence. Standard brown shirtings and sheetings are steady at qnotations, with a light stock Bleached goods show more activity since the last and recent reduction in price Stocks are large. Drills are in restricted de inand, with an increased stock on hand ; quo- I tatioiis are nominal. The finest grades of Can I ton flannels are in demand and firm: lower grades Unreverse. Stripes are nore active Ticks are in moderate request. Denims are now inquired for, and are looking up. Prints are quiet. Stocks are light for the season aud prices firm. Muslins-de-laine are active, and new styles mnch sought for at sellere' own prices. Ooburgs sell freely in ^mall lots to puit, and are steady in price. I Low and medium grades broad-cloths sell more at the recent reduction. I and tbe fine grades without any reduction. Cassimeres are very dnll and heavy Quota- I tions are therefore but nominal. The lower grades are being pressed for sale at lower pri- I ces. Satinets are without activity, and can be bought to ad vantage. Linseysare only wanted in very small parcels. Flannels meveslowly, and are irregular in price. Blanket* are dull, and lower for large sales Foreign goods are v^ry dull. An early activity Is anticipated for spring goods after tbe first week in Januaryespecialiy in fine silks and all Englisb and > rencb dress goods of good style, which have become indispensable among our rich clashes. I the members of which am becoming more nu- I merous rapidly. Some time of difficulty is. I however, looked for among the croakers Yet any temporary check or fall is not to be considered hurtful: a sparing consumption of goods at one time iasnre to be followed by a lavish consumption at another, and tbe area of trade is fast extending from season to season. Every dealer who does not trade berond bis eapital is safe, and sure to do well Inde- I j endtnl, January 3d. Tl'Bkkv amithkCh histians.?Tbe discoa- I tented state of the Christians in European provinces of Turkey, and tbe heroic efforts wbicb some of them are now making to throw off the yoke ot their Mahommedan oppressors continue to furnish matter of queasy speculation for European politicians. The conduct of tbe insurgent Candians. especially In connection with the bio wine up of the monastery of I Arkadi. by wbicb Its defenders sacrificed them- I selves and inflicted a severe blow upoc their toes. Is exciting much admiration in England and It is thought that tbeCnristians most have received some assurances ot help, or they wonld not hold out so long against tbe power of Turkey. Bassia does not fail to expres her sympathy, as usual, for tbe struggling Greexs, but it does not yet appear that she will take any active step to aid titem. All the aid that they have at present received has been from a few parties of Garlbaldlans It is thought that the Emperor of the French is anxious to gain time before the grand straggle for tbe division of tbe sick man's estate begins, and this will also afford him time to complete bis reorgani. I zation of tbe army. A Good losa?So many destitute travellers pass through Chattanooga. Tenn . who spend the night huddled together promiscuously without either bedding, fire or food, at tbe Union passenger depot, that tbe Nashville and Chattanooga railroad company propose*, in conjuctlon witb other roads centering at that point, to erect buildings, fitted ap witb all needed appendagee, purchase food, hire coe?s to prepare meals and watchmen to keep up fires throughout tbe night, and in this way relieve, to a considerable extant, the snffetinr now experienced by destitute travellers. Mithodkt ?The Southern Methodists regard tbe Missionary efforts for tba South or the Northern cburcbesof tbis deuom nation with disapproval. Tbe Nasbvllle Christian Advocate condemns the appropriation ofgTiL. I tW) to Southern missions by tbe Caarcb. as an Invasion of tbe South. I mTA. lively married man in Memphis ricked bis wife oat of doors, and allowed her to die of exposure. y Nearly tea thousand persons in Cbili arc physically or mentally helpless. 9TA maa witb tbree wive*, the other aide of tbe water, wasseateaoed to sis month* im- I prisonment. Cheap. j KTLadies wonhfrm&ke good traders. Tbey never get shaved. WOm distillery la New York * cbargei J Witb defrauding tbe reveaue ol tea tboe*and I do liars per day. Kiirt. iMiiiury Conflict aa4 Uk?ml tartn?Prrctri*ii UtutUi ef lk? l.aprtcr NkW OKLBAMt. Jid 1-Aa Imperial Mexuu dtcrr? of l^MmWr 15 order* a a?er enrolment of ah real *. <t prr* n il, to be taxed for the support of the Govern men'. l'be tax eMabl i - bed by the decree of l>fiemn?r , to p> rMianre whereof these riroisi s:> uv ord<t?c, rnux be paid within tbe Ittnud lo o of evtry month. Maximilian's Uaternatat is fully e*. abltebe.l ?t Puebla The city council presented him an add res* h.m to ike city. The Cabinet * atill fKgacrd upon tea satject if a Mar uauoual cjnicie>?, but ao account of their deliberations Lac yet been rublisbed. Tbe French Minister and (}?*cr?i asteinau are also at faeMt A sanguinary coi.flict uci urr> d at tbe bridge Ixila bet w?-eu a small furc? of Imperialists, conducUug a convoy. and HBO Liberal*, wherein the former su?lered severely, their colonel being made pm. oner and the a hole company missing The Imperialists bad . aptured ai.d ?but oue Cel. PijiTO and three other Liberal chief*. Havana. I?ec *<?.?From Mexico we are having mere decided news thaa t.?r som* time. Tbe large steamer Florida left Vera Cruz on tbe Ifcth with I,U*i French troop*, an t wbat i* of more importance, with a lull cargo of arm* and am mum t ioc. A French war vessel arrived at \ era Cruz on the lijth, from N'ew Orleans, with cable dispatcher trora Napoleon saying thnt all the transports woald arrive there la January, and that ha expected ail tbe French troops to be oa board within three weeks after their arrival. Everything indicates that the French are hastening the evacuation. Maximban was at Fuebla, on his way to the City ol Mexico, aud will doab le < re. main a.u-r the departure of tb- Preach troop*, when ha will probablv attempt to leave. Tins will pro\e a hazardous *tep, a* even hi* present friend*, accomplic**, v? tbe Kstafette calls them, will 'hid upou bin). Vera Crux, and la fact tbe whole country. I* lull ol rumor#, and it I* antic ult to get at the trutb. Tbe Liberal* are ready, tbe moment that Marshal Baxaine Wave* the 42aty ol MexIco. to threw in 8<iu> or lli,ou? troops, aad it is even reported that *o great is Baiame's anger at Maximilian and bia wife, that be will connive with Juarez to prevent the Imperialist* from succeeding. It ia aUo reported that a qnantity of mu*kets have been condemned and secretly sold tu tbe Liberalist? as beii.g useless on account of tbe difficulties of ?ranspt>rta'ion over the mountain* to Vera Crux. Thie seems probaMe, a* Bizaine wishes to revenge himseli on Carlotta for tradu -iag bim at the cour? o| France, and will do what be can to annoy Maximilian and prostrate hie plans. Marquez and Miramou are trying to raise men and money, but without success nor is it believed that they will accomplish anything. The Libera:* are almost in po?se*. tloo of the road irom Mexico to Vera Cm a. tbe mail* are captured and the horse* taken irom the stage-. and It is supposed the march of the French troops to tba roast will be much harassed, though no visible enemy will make any opposition. A detnebmeu* ot French troops were attatked at Arrozeyan. and twenty to twenty-five men were killed and woanded, according to the French accounts, which *av tbat the enemy's loss was greater. Another detacbmerit, under Heekeven was attacked at Cerantillan, and Heekeven woanded in tbe thigh. EIROPEAX MEW'S. Lo*t>o>. Jan i._Tbe London Times, ia a leading editorial this morning, predicts tbat the new year will be one of reneral peace The revenue and trade returns of Great Hruain are very sat isfactory, and indu a e that Mr. Disraeli. Chancellor ot the Kxchequer, will be able to exhibit a surplus revenue of nearly X2.?UD,(Mi sterling. Ibixste. Jan 1.?Tbe King baa accepted tbe resignation of hit Ministers, and appointed a new Cabiuet. Flobbhoe. Jan. 1.?King Victor F.manuel, in bis speech to the diplomatic body to-day, expressed his belief that peace was likely to continue for a long time, but still urged tbe reorganization on a better basis of the southern army. Rumored Fenian Outbreak in Ireland. ST. Lot is. Jan. J.?The Herald publishes the substance of a despatch from persons connected with the Stephens wing Fenian heartquarters here, anuouncinr that a Fenian outbreak. headed by Stepbeu* in person, occurred in Ireland Christmas Lve. Prominent Fenians here claim this as a genuine cipher despatch received by the cable, and profess to believe that the Lnglisb Government baa suppressed the news. There is certainly a strong belief among the Brotherhood tha: an outbreak Las really occurred. EKKBCT or TUB KBrORT. Philadelphia, Jau. i-Oicat excitement was created to-uight in Fenian circle* in thia city by tbe despatch from St Louis announcing the active movements of Stephens in Ireland. It is generally belived here tbat active movements nave uiken place. Confk<i-io# or Hrtnck Three colored men have been arrested and have confessed tbe murder ot Mr Samnel Hewlett, at Metierrin depot, on the Kicbmoud aud Lianvilie railroad, lust week. Their name* .-ere Ua?c Yarbrougb. Bedford Stokes, and Boa'. Monroe. * liefort Justices William Y. and A K. Neal, M Meberrin, they made a mil confession. 1 hey say tbat the plan for committing tbe murder and robbery was arranged by Isaac YarbrouKb. and that be aad Bedford Stokes went in>o the store under tbe pretense of getting a drink, whilst Boat Monroe remained at tbe door to watch and give information of the approacb of any one who might come up Mr Kowlett got up. and whilst endeavoring to make a light, was struck three blows on tbe bead with an axe. his skull beln* split opea and badly mas bed. He make only one cry after receiving the first blow, and died almost instantly. After finding tbat lire wa? extinct to tbe unforturnate young man. they lighted a candle and proceeded to rob tbe store They rifled the cash drawer, and stole besides a large quantify of food of various kinds. Mr. Kowlett was not more than eighteen years of age, and was highly respected by all who knew him. His father. Mr. William Rowlett, lives near Price s depo', four miles from Meberrin. The Cattle Plaocb.?In Lngland. tbe latest report of the cattle plague that of the week ending December a, is tbat there were during the week fourteen animala attacked?a decrease of eighteen, as compared with tbe previous week. Thirty-five healthy cattle were slaughtered during the week to prevent tbe eprcad of the disease, aad the number of animals attacked since the diseaae Oral appeared is reported at 8?3,7i5, whilst 52,486 bealtby cattle have been slaughtered to prevent the plague from spreading Although the rejieri of the plague Is but a small one weekly, the English journals all tear that tbe diseaae will break out again, and the owners ot cattle are In constant dread of Its reappearance. In Holland tbe disease ia maamg serious ravages, aud ibe number of animals attacked ia oonstautly increasing. During the week ending December 4, there were 7.102 animals attacked, as compared with 3,267 for the previous week. They have not in force in Holland the stringent legislation which checked the plague in Lugland, and that entire country seems just now to be a prey to its ravages. In Belgium, where the disease bas not as yet appeared, rigorous measures are bein; taken to prevent its crossing tbe frontier from Holland. The Marine Coara ?The Philadelphia Bulletin says tbat ?the marine corpse! the I'nited States now comprise* three thousand men. in a state ot tbe highest efficiency, in all respects equal to the much-vaunted marine service of the British Government, and form. lag a moat important and reliable arm ot national defenses. The whole of thie force, which, from the nature of its peculiar duties, is scattered all ever tbe world, is aader tba command of Col. Jacob Zeilin. aa officer ot loug service and high standing in his profession The extent of this command, aad the wide ramifications or its compHeated datiee, demand that it should be placed oa a higher grade as regards the rank of iu officers An independent and important arm or tbe servioe like the present marine corpe should be so organized as to be nnder the command of a brig. adier general, thus placing it apoa the same tooting with commands of similar dimenatona and importance in tbe army." Sally, bow do you like your new placef Is it a religions familyf" Well, I rather gaeee it is; they always have beans on Suaday." VThey didn't shoot oat tbe old year ia Harrisburg. The Mayor wouldn't allow it. Sensible. WTbe pawnbrokers' favorite time of year? the season of Lent. 9^A Davenport boy went into a barn and found his father hanging dead from a rafter. VThe laws of South Carolina de not an. thoriae divorcee: a divorce baa never beea granted in tbat State. ^A number of Right Honorable* ia London have come to the conclusion tbat education is necesenry tor tbe working claaaea 7*A happy bride ia Louiarilte was deserted tbe very day after tbe marriage ceremony waa performed. VTbe fathers of Generals McCtellaa, Grant, Shermaa, Sedgwick aad Maasfteid were born ia OonnecucnL KT A marriage notice in n Richmond, Va, exchange, instead of tbe common nppeudage "No Cards," baa "Mo Tickets " tUT Dr. Page, of Wincbendon, Mae*, waa toned dead m hie bed on Wednesday morning lust. As be slept alone in bta otfice tbe eanse is unknown. mrK noy of two years, in Jericho, Vt., was killed be a lug rolling ov-r him. and a man la Hristol, by a lodged tree falling upon Km Lt ai, A