Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Tht largest Cirtnlitioi in thr District. ^ - D- W ALLACHi Kditar tid Pra^rirttr. WASHINGTON CITY :~ THIRSDAY JAXtARY 3, 1??T. WMKAD1KO MATTItR 0.1 1VERY PAGE. PEE OFTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHBK MATTER TO ADVERTISERS. Th* following n tb? official showing of U>* circulation of tbe daily papers of this city competing for the Government advertising nndertbe recentaat of Congress directing snch advertising to be made in tbe two dally newspaper* ot Washington having the large* Circalation : Evbkiwo stae 7,71? copies per day. Chronicle. ..5.008 ?. Intelligencer 3.553 ** The eturns of advertising by the city papers for the quarter ending September 30, as taken from the books of the Internal Revenn* Office, are ae follows: EvXBlllO STAB *10,091 InteUiomcer 13. tun Chronicle U?%M? Republican 4,7g| CRAIG AHKAD. Tbe Craig I'nited States and European News Association is beating the old New York Associated Press so badly that the lat" ter is scarce remembered amongst tbe new* agencies of the coun'ry, though once s<* po* tent. The best joke of the season is the fad that the New York Herald, which has been the bitter opponent of the Craig Association, wa* indebted to Mr Craig's enterprise for the newa of the success of young Henpett in the oceau yacht race. The wire land connections with the cable were broken for some days, and Craig, by pigeons, pony express, or some other means known to this news Napoleon, got bis dispatches with the news of the arrival of tbe yachts in Europe, some hours ahead of the >low-going Associated Fret * concern, and had tbe satis.action of sending the 11 rat intor. matlon of his son's success to Bennett, senior. "Who was thus enabled to issue an extra Herald on Saturday night. Mr Benneit. who dearly loves a stroke of new? enterprise like this, uow. It is said, to cut connection with tbe old concern, and bitch horses with the Craig Association. EVEN THIRTY BONO*. An official statement just published calls attention to the fact that although all the coupon bonds of the Government are issued payable to bearer, so that they will pass by delivery and are good, although lost or stolen, when in the hands of a Uma tide holder, the case ia different with the 7.3 ?' , which are issued in blank, but with the words "or order,' instead ol "or bearer," imprinted on the lace. So long as a7 30 note remains thus in blank, it passes by delivery like a coupon bond; aid a bona fide purchaser for value can collect tbe same, notwithstanding it has been lost or stolen. But in case the holder of the 7.3o litis the blank space with hia name, th? note then becomes bis property, payable to him or order; and he ctnnot thereafter be deprived of his title by any Ion or larceny of lhe note, any more than the bolder of a check or draft payable to his order; and this is the law, notwitbetindiug his name may have been so skillfully extracted by acid or otherwise as to leave no trace of the name. PARLONED KKKEL8 FROM THE IMSTRIf'T Tbe following ia a list of those from the District ol Columbia who were engaged in the rebellion, and were pardoned by the Presidert on the recommendations of prominen1 citizens and others ?J. R. Crockwell, John C. Amea took the oath, and promised henceforth to conduct btmself as a peaceful and orderly citizen; Dr. Wm. P. Young, jr., Charles S Wallacb, John C. Whitwell, William H Thomas. George I>. Spencer. A. Roane, J. W Pearce, Walter I). Pearce, Thomas Manry. Albert E. Matthewa, Samuel Lee, Charlea H. Helmead. John F. and E. P. Hlcfcey, W. AOordon. jr., Robert Oeddes, J.Calvert, Wil. Iiam D. Casein. D. J. Costlemau, Richard S- Cox, E H. Cumminga, Lloyd J. Beall, and Jeremiah Boyd. BFSINEWS AT THE PENSION OFFICE. During the past month, 4,fcoi widows' claims and 2.039 invalids' claim a were received at the Pension Office; 2,270 widows' claims were admitted, and 190 rejected; 1,599 invalids' claims admitted, and 190 rejected; making tbe total number of claims disposed of 4,5.-j2; lis warrants were issued, covering 17,560 acre* of land: ,8 original applications were recelvejand 1C2 pensions were renewed. CONSCIENCE MONEY. Tbe Secretary of the Treasury yesterday received a letter from Jersey City, aigned Repent, ant, enclosing ?7o, which the writer asks may be ci edited to tbe Peat Office DepartmentAlao. a letter from Philadelphia, signed J. Careless, enclosing fat?i, for excise rax of goods de and sold, which were supposed not to be liable when sold. A Conbbbvativb Movbmbnt.?It is stated that the lion. Mr. Morris, formerly a member of Congress from Illinois, and other prominent conservatives of that State, intend to meet tomorrow night at Springfield, for the purpoae of considering a proposition to nominate (fen Ornnt for the next President. Some of the parties intend to urge tbe adoption of the proposed constitutional amendment as part of the platlorm in this movement, but this proposition is not likely to meet with unanimous lavor Leading I>emoc-ata ol other States have been invited to join the lhmoians in their meeting. Sbckibo Dam agkp.? Mr. John CL Ryan, who was arrested about eighteen months ago on suspicion that be was John H. Surratt, now seeks damages for false imprisonment. Mr Ryan was arrested in Memphis in July, infti," brought to this city, incarcerated in the Old Capitol prison, some weeks in solitary confinement, removed to Vicksburg, and again kept in solitary confinement uutil November, and then released, without any explanation or satisfaction, aa he alleges. Mr. Ryan is ths editor of a newspaper in Arkansas. WTbe Congreaaional excursion party to New Orleans will leave Lyncbbargthia morning on their return to Washington, arriving here to-night. Trials bt Military CoxmpsmB*. The New York /Vsf, (Republicau,) in commenting on the decision of tbe Supreme Court in the Milligan case, says "We believe experience during the last six years bas abundantly shown the whole country the danger aud folly of extraordinary and unusual methods of administering justice: and hereafter we hope the peopie will oblige their rulers to adbere to the regular form* of law. The I'nited States courts were open in Indiana, and other Northern Spates, for the trial ol criminals. Milligau aud others should have be?-u brought before these courts, tried and punished according to law There is no doubt that they would have been punished if they were guilty; and sueh lawful sentence, by constitutional coarts, would have allayed, while tbe unconstitutional tna? and setrfrMiee by military commissi? ns only excited and exasperated, opposition ai.d hatred to the Government, and thus injured the Union cause " Tuk Whbat Cbopop Yiboiiiia.?A traveling correspondent says Prom Culpeper to Lynchburg there are thousands of ai res in wbeat which is looking unuauaily promising, and the prospects are that the wheat crop will be larger in that section than ever before Prom Lyncnburg to Br tol. there are also large tracts m wheat, hot tbe crop is not as forward es between tbe points first mentioned. One planter in Virginia, near the Tennessee Hue, put in nine hundred bushels of wheat, ai.d expects to make a crop amounting to ten thousand bushels or upwards.?Kick ?*{. Larue Mineral Dbpoiuts in thi Vailbt. In a letter to the Richmond Dispatch, (General Jt'bn D. Imboden descnl>e? mine* of black ? x jde of manganese, sulphate of barytas aud other mineral* lately discovered in Rockbridge and Bo'etourt counties, near the .lames River and Kanawha Canal, from them it is sup. Cosed at least 10.0io ions cau b? s**ut to m\rket y IK7. and this i? valued at f-.ii per too at the least, or ?ytm i*4?. What untold wealth is buried m the mountains aud valleya of Virginia. Al I\AM)KI? AilK VlClSlTV ?flfd th" foilovinjr l'?m? in ibe Al-xindfn paper* of yesierday afternoon: On Sunday ia?t. the congregation at the S*miuti, with rrvher enmm?r??T dismissed in c M?qn?nf? of nomr boys in the ueizhb *rbood .ne put red |*pp<r on un? stove. Bishop Johns was readme thesertice. bat was forced 10 bring th# eervicee to a speedy close. and dt*mlpa ib? eongrera'ion without the usual ser* mon The whole bona* waa roughing, and tboee near the stove. in addition, had tears brought to their eye*. The City Council, last night, passed a resolution requesting the legislature to so am-na the Act, passed Kebrunry Svtb, IW, authorizing the Citv Council to lasue its bond*, in satisfaction of arrears of interest on its fuuded debt, that it shall apply to interests dne on the 1 la? of January. 1-B7. A petition far the establishment of a Hastings Court in thie-clty, for presentation to tfce legislature, now In session, is circulating among the various practicing attorneys in our courts, meeting their approval and receiving their signatures, to a manMayor Latham, last night, aent a communication to the City Council, urging upon that body the propriety of making the necessary arrangements for apening a Soup House, for the benefit of the poor Two tug boats want down the river yesterday. In spite of the ice, to Moxley's Point, and brought with them a schooner, loaded with coal, which started from here on Thursday morning last. night, about six o'clock, a party of nice or ten negroes entered tha grocery store of Mrs. Samuel Side bottom ? whose husband went away during the war?and carried off a turkey and ham. Twenty-one marriage license* were issued by the Clerk, during the past mouth, makinc one hundred and eighty.three for the year 1?6? Corn is in fair demand to-day, at SO to t P3 cents, from 3,6?J(i to 1.000bushels sold at these figures. rf^-BANK Or WASHINGTON Jan 2.1*57 IL '1 Tne Trustees ef this Bunk hsvedecUrel a ' difli'end or three per cent, for the Kit si a months, to stockholders <>u demand. 1 ja 3 3t JAMH A PA MS. Osshior. nr^=-CONSBRV ATIVE AKM Y AMD WAVY Jj LNION.?Begular weekly meeti g THIS (Thursday t B> EN 1ft G. at 7>fr o'clock at Temperance Hal K street, betueeu yth asd 10th. As the election of ofti.eiS will take place, ever/ member is expected to te preoent. Honorably discharged aoldlers and sailors are invited t<> attend and juiu the A-scciatiou By or^er of ] Cot.. J E. O'BEIRNE. President K B. M< K KaN. Corresponding 8ec'y- It nr^? A MEETING OK THE STOCKHOLDERS I of the WASHINOTON AN 1) OEOBOR*e?N RAILROAD COUPAHY for the election of Director*, will l>? held at the office of the Company on WEDNESDAY. January *, |*>7. The polls will be open at 12 o'clock m., and close at 2 o cl 'ck p. m (>BO 8. GIDEON, President. deM td WM 0. GBEKNLBIK. Sec. |rtf=?GBA0I CHURCH PA IB, (Christmas and . *ew Year.)f?r .heheoefitof Grace Church, Island, iBeT. Alfred Holmeal, rector.) Island Hall corner of Virginia avenue ani oth st .will open December 2i'th. Tableaux and other entertainments. Sapper each night. Season tickets iO cents. 1 lot A Rep | de 19 tf fT=r* IBTABLmiD I S 3 . ... McPHERSON A KEBGU?ON. 571 Pus, AVisri, coKKia 1st stkeit, _ , , CJ*pitol HILL, Dealer* in FUBB DBUG8, MBDICIBBS and CHEMICALS, PBBrrVBBT, FANCY GOODS, ' _ . _ INSTRUMENTS, Ac . Ac. Physicians Prescriptions accurately compounded. The Night Bell promptly answered. oe 12 tf List op pboposals received at the Office of the Commlesary Oeneialof Subsist eace for the week preceding January 1,19>7 Messrs Mallory A Gillman and B. T. Pilkinton A Co., of Richmond, Va , offer to furnish Tobaco : to the Un<ted Btatee Army at twenty-nine cents per pound in bond, or sixty-alnp cents per pound, tax paia by them. it 1/IftGlN OIL OP AIX. > PBB8H IMPORTATION. I am new in receipt of new eeaeen OLIVE OIL, dWect from Bordeaux, and am prepared to supply the trade and familiee at HBW YORK PRICES N W. RUROHBLL. ja 3 cor. 14th and P *ts., nnder Bbbltt House. MAILLABD'8 GHOCOLAT8 DB FANTAIAIB, T BONBONS. ALSO. MAILLABD8 CHOUOLAT PAB BXCELI.ENC1, _ . (Triple Vanilla.I Tbia Triple Vanilla CHOCOLATB is superior in <iuality and flavor to any other made in this country,and ia prepared^e^ecUliy for^able nse. corner 14th and P streets, ja3 nnder Bbbltt House, FOB 8ALB-A BOUTS ON THB STAB, nam bering over 701) Sabecrlbere. For farther particulars apply at No 6th at.. Island. ja?3t 9nn. uuo> CEDAR POSTS. 30 TO 40 feet long, ani fall sl/.e of tree, fer sale cheap, and delivered to any part of Washington *r Georgetown Address B. A. PHILLIPS, Georgetown. jatSt* ikBB THOUSAND LOADS OP PRIME MA s^NUBB.for sale at Cauip Krause, Goed Hope J? i *' OH ABLBS A. KBAUSE. V'ATES a sblby. No. 333 Paonaylvanla avenue, | Will commence on the let day of January. Hw to i offer their atock of Foreign and Domestic DBY I GOODS at reduced ra*ee. To msatfon only a few ' artlrlee they will sell Androecog?iu 4 4 Bleached MUSLIN at 90c. Wsmsutta do at 36c. N Y. Mllla do at *c. a very superior t-4 Bleached 8hirtiog at tic Drees Goodaat 2?c., *TH. so. UH,75 and fl.^s per yard. jan !- ? ^ O P A BT N IK SHIP. I hare thla day associated with ma In the Grocery Buetnees my brother. J AS H. GULI0K. and the hmlnem will hereafter be conducted by the Arm of GU LICK A BBOTHBB All peraone having unsettled accounta are requested to aettle the same, as new books will be opened from this date G P. GULICB. Washington, D^O^JnnuarM, 1817 We, the undersigned, feel contident that, with our experience aud the facilitita at our command, we can furnish t* pnrchasera. both wholesale and retail, a* large end well assorted atock of Groceriea, Teas, wines. Liquors. Cigars, Ac , as the market Hffords. aud at the moet reasonable rates. Goods tx naht of us delivered free of chatwe to any part of the city. GH LICK A BBO . Corner of New Jersey avenue and B street south. ja Mot VJHITB OPOBTO POBT, vv ("Tears of the Duoro,'') Direct importation. Z. M. P. KING A SOB, de 29-1 King Place. C^HOCOLATB DOUBLE.VARILLB, / DB H. MAILLAIBD. I'ur Cacao at Sucre Bxemat de tent' melaage. Z. M. P. KING A 8<>N, King Place. Corner Vermont avenue and 15X street. WK8T INDIA OBANGR8 AND swbst Malaga gbapes. Fresh. KING FLACB f ^HOICB NUTS, BAlBINS KI OS. OU BRANTS, 1 " SPICES Ac , Ac-, to suit this parttcnUr season. For sale by Z. M P. KING A SON, de 31 tf King_P'ace^ FRBNCH ALMANACH8 FOB 19?7.-Alma nech Comi<iae; Almaaach Pour Ylra; Almanach du Ben-ton; Almanach charivari; Almaaach de la Dense; Almanach de la bonne Cuisine; Almanac n Imperial; Almaaach de Napoleon; Almaaach dea teas deSoclete; Almanach Pollchiaelle, and others, imported direct from Farts, by de It FBABOK TAYLOB. j^MEBSON'l GOLD MBDAL FlABOS, Three of these Superior PIAHOS re-fi^Kfe , ceived to day. "" 111 We have the Sole Agency for this District. JOHN F. BLLIH, 3#6 Peansylvania avenae, deM 3t near ltth street. Metropolitan _ PATENT BTBAM BAKBBY, 347 0 street, between 4X aad?th. Complete In all its appointments, having one of McKentie's splendid Beel Ovens and new Machinery . manufacturing work enperior to anything > possible by the old processes. BOSTON SBACKBBS. A eery superior article, fresh dally. MILK BISCUIT. Fresh daily; sure to pleaae; try them. SODA CBAGKBBS, The best In the markst; a constant supply. WATBB 0BA0KEB8, Of ths best quality, in aay quantity. Together with GBACBBB DUST, 8UOAB > CBACBBBS, N0YBLTIB8. GINGBB SNAPS. Ae., always on hand, at the loweet prlcee. Try and he cenvineed. de^-sw THO. HAVBNNBB. J^BADSTBBBT-S ^PATENT WBATHEB The best Invention of the age. Bxcludes snow, rain, cold air and dust from doors and windows of every deecripflou. rff T1* M ???ot 7th street, opposite Centre Market 'eSiw H. W HAMILTON A CO. W" T- ""-tf.WSXl'.V '""?D Bhow ?e?e llaBnracturer. School Furniture pi and Boasoramisblng Wererocms. New and M| Old Knraiture. ef all descriptions, bensht I f | and eold. Repairing, Upholetering. and Varnlehing done at the eborteet aetice. Soatheast corner of Mli and K etroots aorth. No. 13 de 14 3m* MBTKOPOLITAB PATBNT STBAM BAKBBY. 34 7 C St., between?S aad Mh streets. haybnnbb'sTamily EBBAD Basnoeunal la the market Familiee and Or#cersenpplied deSSSw THO HAVBNBBB. sra cnn in v 4 O'CLOCK P. M. MMFHSrUFST ftBCLKITlKv W asiiuotoi, January :J, 1*67. Jay Cook* \ Co furnish the following quotations of Government securities h ?.yi 17. Selttny r.s.?v i!ob|>ofe, itbi 11,7 1.?^' I'.S. Fl?? Twenties, IU6 10<>X U.S. Fl? Twenties. ifcfit l(r?w 10H II. S. Ftw TwtBtln, ?W> ins % 106 U.S. Five Twentles.JanAJ'y, 65. iug, UA\ V. *?. Ten Forties 91^ |m ?? N Seven Thirti-,., August.... '.4V ..ii, U. S. Seven Thirties June l;4* |ftf* U. S. fceven Thirties, Juljr lu4\ luC?<? >KW YORK ril!8T KOARII 8A1.KX. Coupons.. 10?^; F'ive Twenties, Mi, 106V; Five Twenties, 1-64, 1C5#; Five Tweuie.-, 1K5. 116)4; F'lve Twenties. January ami July, 1*65- 1*4: Ten F'orties. S9X'; Seven Thirties. August. 105; do June, 1047,; do. July, M\. Gold, 1?X FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A (Jo., quote Stocks and Bonds in home and foreign market* as follows: N*w York. Jan 3?1st Board?U. S. registered. Ifrbl, 10",; do., coupons, I9i\;}.ttu'(, registered, US. do. coupons. 100',; do., 1^6.3: "5*41 l?'-40 s. registered. ?9fc; do. coupous, 9 > k : 7-3us, 1<?5: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, 27**; Canton. 4-,}f; Cumberland, -<9*; Cluicksilvn. I>\. Mariposa, li; New York Central 113 Er'c. 66%; do prefer'd, B4. Hudson. Ii9 Heading, H4\; Michigan Central, lie ; Michigan Southern, *2*; Illinois Centra., i >iv Cleveland and Fituburg. ?Hi; Cleveland and Toledo. l-5i^; Hoik Island, llr'?V; Northwestern. 4rt'?; uo. preferred, M?t; Fort Wavne. 1US; Chicago and Alton, 1(W, Alton and Te"re Haute, 40; Toledo and Watiasb, ?: W.C. Telegraph. 46*, Bo-ton Water Power. 29 Pacific Mail. l?-2. Atlantic M&il, KCk. American gold, p tu , i tj^. THK TARIFF. The Well? taritt' bill was iatrodii"eJ in both Houses to-day,referred to Finance Committees and ordered to be printed. It is of formidable l< i t'll, covering seventy-six page.? <juarto< and presents the present tariff, the rates proposed by the House bill, (of last *ssion.) and tbo?e proposed by tbe Commissioner, in parallel columns. The bill propose* a parti*i 11.crease of the present taritt, but a much less advance than proposed in the House bill, and hence it has been tgrmed a free trade protect by the advocates of a high .antt. The bill proposes a reduction on wool of from :w to 4o percent upon the House bill, iron and steel remains the same, vottons a slight advance upon the House bill, and the substitution of specific instead of ad valorem dutiss. The duty upon teas is kept at the present rate of 2? per cent. ins'ead of 12^ per cent., as proposed by the Houk> bill. Spices and toJacco are kept at the rate of the present taritt. and .1 specific taxis put upon liquors of * .? per gallop, Instead of the present rate of ICO per cent. THK PROPOSED ATTEMPT AT IMlTtril MK.NT. ' r^u The id?'a of attempting the impeachment e< the President has met with so little favor from thoughtful Kepnblican members that it was supposed that it had been abandoned. It is now said, however, that Mr. Ashley, member of Congress from Ohio, has really prepared a bill initiating steps for the impeachment ol the President, and intends to introduce it on Monday next. Its introduction must be merely iruiem fulm'n, a* it can have no prospect of success. CON< KK:*.? TO DAY. Congress reassembled to-day with a quorum iu tbe Senate and some i>5or 70 members in the House. 95 being requisite tor a quorum. There was no voting or call of the House, however making a test whether or uota quorum wis present, the day by tacit understanding being devoted to speech making, giving time for absent members to arrive. IMPORTANT PURCHASE. It is understood that Mr. Frederic Seward Assistant Secretary of the State, goes to Haytj to consummate the purchase of the Bay'of Samana, which is a fine natural harbor, and is much needed by as as a naval station for coaling and repairs. An appropriation has been mads to cover the purahase, and the amount to be giveu is said to be Kio.oou in gold. T1IK WHITK HOUSE. The President was very busy to-day, and but few persons were admitted. Attorney General Stanberry had a lengthy interview with him. IMPORTANT OKDKK. The following general ord^r (No. 9fc) has been issued by (Jen. Grant, under date of l>ec 29, 1*06 : 1 'The attention of commanding officers of departments, districts and dosU is called to the prt^slonsof article 41, Revised Army Regulations. series of 1H53, concerning the caw and responsibility for public money, property and accounts, it is the duty or each commanding officer to enforce a rigid economy in the public expenses, and to correct all irregularities and extravagances which he may discover; to see that all disbursements are prudently and economically made: that public property is properly cared for, aud not lost or destroyed through ueglect; to carefully scrutinize all contrasts and disbursement accounts submitted for his approval, and to see that the public interests are in every way fully protected." A VALUABLE CARGO 8AVKD. Information was this morning received at the Navy Department frcm Rear Admiral Palmer, of the No'th Atlantic Squadron, announcing that the schooner Marion. Gage J. Sheppard master, laden with Government stores valued at f325,00U, bound from Hilton Head to New York, grounded on Heuufort bar a few days ago. The steamer Agawam of the squadron, went to her assistance, and after some exertion she was got off without injury to either vessel or cargo. Had it uot be?-n for the timely assistance of the Attain* the schooner and cargo would have been lost. VIOLATING THK REVENUE LAWS. The Commissioner of Customs this morning received|information of the seizure of 2s4,Ojo pounds of steel carriage springs at Buffalo by the revenue officers. These springs are made at the same factory in Canada as those which were seized several days ago, all of wnicb were shipped at an undervaluation with intent to defraud the Government. THE APPOINTMENT OF DlKVBteT OFFICER* Mr. Cragin Introduced, in Senate to-dayj a bill providing that the appoffctment of RegIsterof Wills, and Register of Deeds, and U. S Mari-hal, for this District, shall be here after, vested in the Supreme Courtof the Dis" trict of Columbia. Referred to Committee on the District. w , CONSCIENCE MONKY. 1 The following letter was this morning received at the Treasury I Apartment, addressed J to Gen. F. E. Spinner: 1>e< V. K. X/?nner F.ta?Dear Sir; Enclosed please find check for S3IU, returned as conscience money. No matter how obtained I as investigation will avail nothing In tbe ease' Respectfully yours, J. J.Ostkrhoct. OREGON LAND PATENTS. i The Commissioner of the General Land ' Office bss just submitted for signature *><7 patents, which are to be transmitted to the par ' ties entitled to them for old settlement claims in Oregon, coveriug over 1Kouo acres. Th? Coxormsiokal Excursion party to New Orleans returned this morning is good 1 condition, and vastly pleased with their tieaU ! ment everywhere 1 n their trip. ' Perhoital.?Hon. T. C. Tbeaker, Commis- ] sioner of Patents, returned to this city last 1 evening, having been abseat only three days, aud re?u.led his duties this morning. I Internal Rkvkm k ?The receipts from this ' source to-day were Sl,U97.514.ti3. i^Itiv fe>tred In London that seven of thi 1 crew M'loiifing to the cu&r steamer Ross Wi. 1 nans had l-eeu drowned. K7*A liirbmoud paper says tbe mule is the 1 crowning Ilian of the woes of Virginia. ^Thirty-one bomic.desand sixty-one murders In New York last year;?cheerful spat! yRecent advices from the South state that there is no hope of the acceptance of the Constitution Amendment by the Southern States during Mr Jobus>oa'* term. I 0 CONGRESS ION A L. Thcbii>at, January 3. >?*AT?.-TbH Otinr laid before the Senate a T(^,JfU? lrom ,he **??>tary of the tr^.h a rpP?rt ?< form era bill V!? ,?e.V0,nnB"ii0n,'r "f Internal K-v-aue Oh motion of Mr hw -seen, 2,000 copies of t >r?nt ert?.h*4101 ,h'' 01,1 *>ruered lo be icommuBlcatioB referred to the Committee on I* inane? ?.?/?? * Potion from citi. w*B8 of Michigan, protesting atunit anr curtailment of ilir national currencv Ki<i?rra<i U. Committee on Finanoe. T" K '"red Mr. Morgan presented several petitions from roercbautsoi New York, praying agmnst any incn ase of duties on steel, sugar Ac Hj>fprp? i 1 to Committee on Finance Keferred j K?r' tJra*iB 'OlrodBced a bill ia relation to the appointment of Register of Wills and Register

of Deeds for the county ot Wa^iiiiirinn the District of Columb .y a!,07a*bui fo g sppolntofsi of M,ranal for ill* Di? 2Xw?;:Mw.?Bb'?rrM w ? isas^'srs; whether any action is necessary, either by leg I ^t,?h^O^.C0,^i,,,,,ona, amendment. ,opr5: vent the sale ol persons into slavery bv decree or any civil court. 7 - ae?.ree Mr. Sumner said his attention had been called to'bis matter, and proceeded to read two adsheriff of Ann? A^nSi county, Md? advertising the sale of certain t.egroes for :i term of years by order of tbe Circuit Court lor that coun'y Mr Snmner wished th- Committee on the . udiciary to Inquire into th.s subject and present their views to the Senate. He bad b!. doubts a* to whether tbe Civil Rights hill coth? lr7*r<l '.? ,b" O>??tutional amendment abolishing slavery, he had thought tbe tbcorr tlrU.?T?d, "nb!,?,Py Congress n- doubt *.*? 1,,nu'that the term "involuntary servitude only applied to servitude bv im" prism.ment. hnt as tber- was a doubt In the matter, it would be wise to settle it. In i./sUl^lir' sa'd the Rdv"iisement* read by lie Senator were nothing new He hart i often j-een umilar ad vertisements in Ea?tern of Thi'U.y8' *Vlii."1 non<* mor?* than in th .se of itae s^^nte of Ma?pncbu?p?tp The I,ernK oreof Maryland were now ir session a ,* It would be well to a wait their Mr. Johnson said tbe wVole matter would soon fce before the courts, and he thought it Tid?CafT b"!" ,0 tb<' malt*r *? **tar* tae Mr. Creswell thought if was eminentlv proper tor the Jud.cla.y Committee to, Th- resolution was then adapted Mr Sherman presented a petition arainsr charge of duties on railroad iron. Referred to Committee on Finance. uw ^???KIn0!ioP of Mr Snmnfr> the Committee hl ?T Jl"1,cJarv w?"r" '"strut ted to inquire whether any further leKislatiou is necessary to stop the system of Indian peonage now ore aleni in New Mexico. now preT^billto regulate the selection of grand and petit jurors in the Territory or Itab vrl! taken up, an amendment offered by Mr How ard, and the bill laid aside. Th?* unfinished business of December -ti being the bill lor the admission of Nebraska vas taken up, the question being on the mo- ' rv*m? P?s,?'une and make the special order ajre?d i?"* DeXt at 0D? o clock; *h.cb was On motion of Mr. Ramsey, the resolution to provide for the printing of the last r^p >rr ot the (-omnuiisioner ?f the General Land Of?ic? . rfnch* Uermao and Swedish language* or distribution at the Pans Exposition" w? tiod wns adoptted fe?me di8CO!,Sloa the .nV^T^r^t^oVr^l'Ctu^r^i; surrectlon and puni-h rebellion, wa^ taken up Ji", Vf"'"" on the amendment of Mr' 1? bury, repealing the entire act; but w-ts temporarily laid aside. Mdt.SK ?Tbe Speaker laid before tbe Hon?e i a communication lrom Secretary of Treasure n11 c^ ???catiou from Hud David A Wells enclosinga tariff bill propoaed as a substitute for tbe enstom laws how in force. Keferred to the Committee on Ways and Memorials v ere presented from DakotaTerappropriation* for the codilicaI 1 of said Territory; from Modtana lerniory asking appropriation for snrh841 .Iro,inJtle "am* Territory asking an amendment of the organic act so as to increase the per diem of memoers of tbe Territoral Le?. l.-lature ai.d others. Keferred to tbe Committee ou Territories. Mr S?evens from C?ommittee on Appropri- ' ations. repor.ed bill making appropriation for support of the Military Ackdemy at West Point for the year ending June 30, isW. OrirSoixr'""' "" ??'?' ??? i Mr. Went worth fill.) introduced a reaolu- ! tion instructing the J udiciary Committee to [h110!! *i m".,orM t'' "'WMtry to prsveat i the discharge of tbe assassins of President Lincoln and others under the law of l-?3 I interpreted by tne Sapreme Court, and to'inquire into tbe repeal of that law. Obiection was made, and it was laid over. UDJectlon i Mr Hubbard (Conn.) introduced a resolu. ! Hon. which was referred, declaring that not a single dollar should be appropriated for prop- I erty destroyed by the U. S. army in their ft. I forrs to put dowa tbe rebellion. I ? ls.un<,J introdoced a joint resoluUon to o 'hre<> .territorial governments for Texas. Keferred to the Committee on Terri- . Mr lnsersoll introduced a resolution, which li Inttrnc,,ng the Committee on ! military AfTairs to so amend the law relatinr I ' to compensation for horses lost in battle so as I ^include all lost In the seryice in the liw of ( .a! kT.^k P/ocwi^ to the consideration of the bill heretofore offered by Mr Stevens, to I provide for loyal Stat, governments in the late I ' rebellious States. i Tbe bill was amended in the 14th li ne. so as I ' to authorize the Supreme Court of tbe Disk I ] trict of Columbia to appoint a commission for each of the Slates, who shall direct tbe mode . ot selecting electiveofllcera, Ac. I Mr. Stevens proceeded to explain tbe bill <' and said the recent decision of tbe Supreme Court demanded immediate action on the part oftonrress. That decieion, he said, took away all protection from loyal citizens in the late rebellions Stiues, and the peotile there were subjected to endless persecution. If ! ( ongress did not take some action, it would be liable to the just censure of the civilized world The miliuiry authorities are now powerless to I offer any protection, and cannot enforce the lawsof the country, and under the late decision au atrocious murderer (Watson) had al- ' ready been released. Without the passage ot 1 some such law as this, Mr. Stevens argued 1 that our country was not more free than Per- ' sia or Turkey. i Mr. Steyens then proceeded to argue at 1 length in tavor of the bill, and combatied the ' views entertained by the President. He did ' not consider rbat the adoption of the constitu I 1 tional amendment should of itself entitle the ' late rebel States to representation in Congress 1 impartial suffrage was necessary to prevent * the Southern States from falling Into the hands 1 of rebels. I t At tbe coBClnsion of Mr. Steyens' remarks } ' Mr. Ashley (Ohio) introduced a substitute for 1 the whole bill; which was ordered to be 1 printed. | 1 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ! BY r. g. A Kl ROl'KAX NKWS ASSOCIATION. EUROPEAN NEWS. [By Cable.] OuMKPTown, Jan. 8.?The steamer City of < New ^ ork, from New York, arrived this afternoon, and after landing her mails and passengers sailed lor Liverpool. I London, Jan. a-Advices from Servia areof an extremely warlike character nJi?KD<i\ 1an ?-Kven?ng._The closing prices of American securities are as followstive Twenties, 73: Illinois Central, Wk. The 1 Svjr^noney*''1'1 easier. Consols closed at j 1 i.ivKitpooL, Jan. 8.?The cotton market has < wd" ?hi ti'0*41111, HUd Pr'CM b*^e advanced t ? 168 "ura UP ao-oow bales; Middling ' IsSlS unX ^n?,ed at The stock of 1 fSrBrtlS ??*? . pr'ces of bre*d"tnffs are ^Cd aMs. Td ?, nm hM ^-of ttTmfr* *' "lan 2-"~Th? breadstuff market is I ' IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE Threatened Revel.tle. |? Rmm, j Pama, January 3 -The MoniteBr of to-day contains an editorial annoBBciag that the ea,m" ?" i JiisssiririJisassLsnayi? ! BSiASH ?" 1 i 3-The committee of action lu this city have Issued a proclamatioa Ca4l m ror an early rising of the lnhah.taats Ja, the authorities, and la favor of incomoration with tbe Kingdom ot Italy. ineorS>oratioa , Nienna. Jaa. 3 ?The Austrian aovaramen t has called a special sessioa of the Relih. irath to consider the question or amending the C^onstltntion of the Empire. London, Jan. 3?Noon?Consols are easier to-dav, and are bow quoted at SOU for nnnn ' F. S. 6-QO e are quoted at 73* * m?n#yl.iv*?rooii Jan. 3.?The cotton market is firm ; sales to-day estimated at n ooo baiM Middling L'ptaads. I5*d. ' Cotten. i York, Jan 3.?The ad vance in cotcon ? k penny. I M ?Utmnor rlli and (irarral hhtridt* . Niw York. Jan 3 ?St Domingo advices "> lStb of December *tatf 'bat MT^nl had been attacked by one Cboli, a boatman, l?ho ha* b?>i raptured and executed Tbe correspondence Ix-twwn (Governor WHU. of lx>n.eiana. and General Sheriuan. is published. Well*, it appears. rrqaMird, Sher. idan to enforce Genera! Grant's order. No <1, and punish the rioters by military c jm mission. Sheridan replied tbat ' be would when be thought it necessary. The Stalhtra Hetbedist ( harrk. Richmond, Va., Jaa. 3? Returns from *3 : Conferences of tbeSosUiern Methodist Oburcn bow that the propoaltioa to change ita name ip defeated, and at?o indicate the probable defeat of the lay delegation proportion New lark Markets. N?* York. Jan. 3 ?Cotton firm. with an advancing tendency. Flour Sato cent* higher. Sale* 6.8JO barrel* Stale and western at (t'ti ! ?lo 85:southern Arm; sales -ten barrel a at yes- ' terday a rates Wheat very firm and quiet Corn quiet. OMs steady; western O-iafit cents 1 Pork qniet. sales 000 barrel* new meat at 1 IJI.Kam SO. Beef qniet. Lard qniet and unchanged. Whisky nominal. LOCAL NEWS. ? Tbb w., o. a a. r aii.roah?A Rectwf Ar>. p-nnrerf?Yesterday Jndge Wylie rendered a Oecinon in the cases of Joseph Davidson et al., vs. Wabmgion. Alexandria and George- j town bailroad Company et al., and Washing, tor, Alexandria and Georgetown Railroad I t ompnny ys I). Randolph Martiu etal. which were be.-ml before bint several weeks since. On motions made in each of them respectively tor (in inunction and appointment of receiver and, by consent ?I the counsel, were argued toother on the bills, supplemental bills, answers, nnd other evidence and exhibits tiled there The decision is as follow*: The said several motions having been duly considered by the court, it is ordered aud directed by the court tbat J. H. I*athrop, Esq ., of this city, be appointed receiver, with full authority to ask lor, demand, and take possession of tbe corporate seal of the said company, also of all the hooka, stock-books, deeds, lease-, and all the document* and paper* of whatever kind or description belonging to said coaipauy or any ot the iflUer* thereof as such; also, ot the railroad bed, tbe rolling stock, the depots, nnd all other property, whether real or personal, u-longing to said railroad company or apnurteuant to the said road. It was also ordered that he shall proceed to operate said road according to his beat discretion for the benetlt ol all parties having an interest therein. Tbat after reserviug in hand a I sufficient tnm to pay the salaries or wares or 1 the persons whom he may find it necessary t" employ in operating :>aid road, and tar meetine other expenses attendant upon the same, he shall make deposit from time to time of the -orpins in bis bands in aome responsible bank or banking bouse of tbe city of Washington to the credit of tbese suite, and shall once every month, or oftener if ao required by the court, present to the court bis account a* receiver a* aforesaid, verified by bi* own atfldavit and such other voucher* aa maybe lawfully re. quirrd: but before enteringnpon tbe discba-ge of his said functions, the said J. H. Lathron shall first file hie bond in a penalty of fifty thousand dollars, to be approved by the court or one of tbe justices thereof, conditioned for tbe faithful discharge or bia duties as such receiver. 11 w a* turt her ordered and enjoined tbat etch and all of tbe above-named defendant* do surrender up and deliver to the said J. H. Latbrop. receiver as aforesaid, on demand, all the book*, I paper*, property, ic.. ol the *aiu company, ot wbicb tbe said receiver baa beeu authorized as aforesaid to take and have the possession, and were further ordered and enjoined not to exercise any antbority, control, management, or direction over the organization or the election of officer* for said company or over the affairs of said company or the property thereot. nuul the further order* of the court. Pukhbntationb?t>n Christmas Eve th* pupila of tbe Female Grammar School, 1st Di*. trict. presented Mr. J. O. Wilson, trustee for that District, with a handsomely bound volume entitled "Gallery of Famous Poet*." The ffv leai waa beautifully adorned with a written presentation by Prof. Henry C. Spencer, of tbe Union Business College. The pnpila of Secondary No. 1, lat District, presented to their teacher, Miss Augusta Evans, a handsome ladies work box and portfolio. The presentation on bebalfof the nupils was made by Mr. Wilson " K The pnpila ol Primary No. 4. 1st District, presented to their teacher. Miss Walker, a nandsome toilet sett, pair of cut glass fruit dishes and salt cellars. BMis* Marab. teacher of Primary No. &, lat istrict, was presented with a baadaome Photograph Album bv her scholars. On Christmas Eve a very interesting enter'ainment took place at Secondary School No ?, 1st District, Miss S. Brown, teacher. The programme consisted of recitations, dialogues, and singing. The room was handsomely decorated and a large nniqi>er of relativea and friend* were In attendance Miae Brown, the teacher, was presented with a toilet aetu ladies work box and a gold thimnle by ber pupil*. ? Eibctioj. of OrricSRS.?The following officers have been elected by Franklin l^od'e. No. vi. Knigh's of Pythias: Venerable Patriiirch, R.T. Lawson: Worthy Chancellor. Cbas. Hut/Jer; Vice Chancellor, John Schultz: Banker, Joseph S. Martin; Recording Scribe. John King: Financial Scribe, Joshua Clark: ftuide, John T. Keithley; Inner Steward, B. T. Kidpeway: Outer Steward, Jaa. Gibaon. Mount Vernon Lodm, No. 5 of the same arder. have elected the following officers: Worthy Chancellor, Barley Daughton; Vice Lvhancelor, Francis Wood*: Banker, Robert Jordan: Financial Scribe, John Daughton: Recording Scribe, George Scbultz; Guide, Sam'l Cochran: Inner Steward, John Hawe; Outer Steward, Tboma? Coleman: Representatives to be Grand Lodge, John E. Herrell, Wm. F. Darrett. F. Stromberger. Lincoln Camp. No. 2, Sous of Liberty, have lected the following officers to serve for the nauing term: Worthy Chief. George F. Col lion; Assistant Chief, Wm. J. McDermott; Recording Scribe, Wm. E. Richards: Finanaial <orlbe. George T. Dykes; Treasurer, F. A. Boswell: Chaplain. Jamea T. Cross: Sergeantit-Arms, George Tice; Escorter, James Burke. m Thb Nbw Gab Officb ?The Gaa Company >f thia city recently removed ita office to tbe lew building on loth atreet, near Pennsylvania ivenue, erected for tbat purpose. The buildng l* a two-story edifice, of pressed brick, presenting a very ueat appearance. The basement story contain* the ?>distribntion office," a workshop, a storeroom for gas meters, Ac., and :be furnaces for beating the building. Tbe flr&t floor contains an office In the front apartment wbe e general business is transacted, a separate entrance being provided lor tbe accommodation of ladies. In the rear is the office of tbe secretary, which i* by far the neatest room in tbe building, tbe wood work being of black walnut, tbe floor handsomely carpeted, and the furniture neat and elegant. The second floor contains two large apartments snitable for offices, and a bath room, wttb hot and cold water. The arrangements of the building tbrougbout are particularly suitable for tbe accommodation of the busineaa of tbe company, and arelar superior to those of the office formerly occuDied. CRIMINAL Cai rt, Jrnlgt Fisher.?'Thia morning, Charles Parker, indicted for larceny, wan convicted and sentenced to two weeks in jail. Smitbers for defence. Henry Osburg, indicted for presenting a false claim to tbe Paymaster's Department, was found gnilty. Smitbers for defense. Michael Gleason, indicted for burglary, was found not guilty. Smitbers for defence. * Dennis Barrett, indicted for trespass in re. moving gravel from the property of Mr. Jamea t Outchett, is on trial. Adams and 1. L. Johnson tor defense. Tbe defendant was arrested reveral months since by officer O'Callagban, and Justice Walter imposed a fine on bim under the act of Congresa, from whose decision be appealed, and thereupon be was indicted. o RoBnnRT.-I.ast night the atore of Wm. H. Mshr, No 131 Pennsylvania avenue, between Hub and -l?tb atreets west, wa> entered by thieves who burst tbe lock of tbe frontdoor, and stole clotbs and clothing valued at about ttOU, and about 935 worth of jewelry belonging to Mr. L. Frieard. ?o FiBB.?Last night, about 1% o'clock, an alarm of Are was souTlded from box 66, caused by tbe burning of a small frame bouse on tftth ureet, between B and C south, occupied by Mich'l Sbugrueas a tin shop. It was entirely consumeo. Loss trifling. AB Howb?t Hacbmab.? Last night. John Evans, a hackman reoeived a company of paslengers at tbe theater, and one of tbem left aa opera glass In tbe coach. The hackman took the glass to tbe Central Guardhouse, and turned it oyer to Lient. Tait -? SBLLIBO LIQVOB BY THB SMALL WITHOTT Licbk**.?Yesterday. Henry H. Middieton was arrested by officer W. H. Evana for selling liquor in quantities leas tban a pint without license. J ustice Handy fined him 9*0. Wabtiwo Potomac Watbb.-Yesterday. Messrs. J. O. Adams and J. B. Oldcott wore arrested by officer Markward tor ytolatiag the water regulations. Tbe cases were examined by J ustice Moraell, wbo fined each f5 59. m A 5al? or th AT?>n Hocus The Amu* H??m, rarirr 7th and t Mrrrii. waa ?oI4 ye*. rCijr by i^rt A W II mi. itaruoaeer#, to Mr. Je??-e B WilioB, far tM.SOQ Coi.p?Ibis ntroini tkt mwcory wvditi te two 0? ? >* Wo* wni. Tlifr* ?u aaother rllgbtfall of >m? lut iicfet. sad the nrwu trr lively will the sleigh Ml* ibH ornif A CVoo* OoHHBic BiiijiT.?Yeetordty. the M le t. 1? innrr w e I rfu?? *#i? leaned toy the Clerk of Oonrt, R to co'orod applicant* Affair* la <>Mr|rt*?a. Caoaht Au*i?.- lb? aotortoae Kara*/ Xcvloadr, wa(i? with attnl oiH*r pit'onera ti? tbe ta'l in Uaintm ano. Md . on to? :?tli Notfinhfr IfK wn mrn'toaod m tap Afar el only after Ibf occarrenoe, r u ham ffspiared by a I'm ted Sia.? driaotiT* In WbM-lmg. Va? and bra been relarr ed ta hie old quart#'-* 1 irsrj * cbnrgcti with rran i lerfftit. ard a latter wb.cb be ?-.n? u> orecfbia fanr j, it i* avWert tbat ka tbinka bi* cbancea of a-qrlttal are verry aarrow. lio war a boatman oa tt a caaai. and did >ot baar a very good uatne bare. Sr<?iLi*o the ?KATf*? ?The ica ratter* at work on Kock creek aad tbe pond* arv (ataering rapidly to fill tbe ice bouaea in thia tick ity. Tbe little aka'era look oa wtib taeiaa cboly face*. and a**ert tbat the police oagbi to atop tbe cailera, who nakr iarge b >t?a iu tbe ice. aad pile ib? akaeim'.** t un'R a?i>O nai> ?Market inactive; roi* ceipt* of flonr or gram repcrted. S\le* li m iteo to anppiy the want* of tb* city trade A Price* one ban red, ard no diapoaitioa i* tram 4 tested by bolder* to eell at a red need rate Poaa ?But little arriving - and tke at.wkin hand* of merchant* very ligh'. Prlra* frn? tbe wagon*, f9 per H*? lb*.; Irons the store. an, I ibT or proposal* or a mihcbllank I / on* cberecer recslved at IU Ofhc* .?( ta~ Qnart*nnait?r General lor tka weak r*4n( i>. c*trber 21. IMC. Michael Orara. Alexandria. Va. offer* to a*' Oba-e core* Pine Wood at |J. aud a* coijs <>%* Wood at #S per cord. hj pAWKDkOKKKT. BALK W? offer at private >?lf the balance of unr? deemed p)?-dr?-. con*i?ting of hn? uaLI) aad HI I, VEB ? 4T' II F.a of all dearriptien* bolld ttHLii CBAIN8. JB* KL BY. DltMOIIK, Ac..a- .at ?reat barrain*. to P A V ADVANCE* anlOUaB aPTEK ?Tfr> art! I* sold to t?e aa represented ?r tbe money returned 0 OOLDSTBIM A CO., j a S St Pawnbroker* '<4 street [OfcEPH B HUKKTLP. <J KRkM'il CoNrECTIOSBRF. LAD> KS' ICBt HEAM A DIKING SALOON, U4h 1'enn Ave. bat Utb an4 isth at* Wet din ?a Dinner or 8upp*r Partlea supplied at a>or notice with n-vel lea in Pyramid* faorr t-'akaa, ard Confectioneries, Jellies . Wei Mas Cake*. Ixat onality Tat.l* Ornaments Salad-. Ice t ream, Water Ice Boniaa ranch. M ia*1 Tar key. plain . Eeo"loped Oysters. Boned Turk-y ia jelly. Obarlotte etc.. etc Atleadsat* a No will be aent to attend to all da tail* of arrangements. Boo ineta, W r eat ha, aad cnt riowern to order .a Jim JQ8BPB B BUtFFIBLD^ W IMTIB DBEM* OOOI?8 ^ A f IBT KABOK AB? CB01GB STOCK. CLOSING OUT A* OEKATLT KKDTOBD PBTCK8 JOB. J. MAT * CO . 30*1 Pennaylvania arenaa. ia !-?tif between 9th and 10th ata. g? D1POT. COCBVOI8IBB S, and ALBXABDBB 8. In White. Light, Da k. aad Black. Price, per pair. BS~Good KID OLOVM at $1.H* and fl J9 per pair. VCndrea<^d KID GUOX'BS. 91 .-JA par pair JOB. J. MAY A CO., 30>* Penanylrania avenue. ,al-.tlt between Mb and 1 >tk kU. |^T W. L. WALL. A CO., Anctioaeera. r 8. MARSHAL'S 8 A LB (ir l? BORSBS. a BXPRkaS ?A?UMS HARMR88, A( . Ac . In Tirtwa of an order ot eat* laenad froai tbe Clerk 'a ottue of tbe bupreme '.ourt of tbe Diatri(-t ot Coltiisbia and io me directed I will aall at pni>lie aale. for caab. at Wall A Co *a Baaaar.on Loa iaiana avenue, between 'tk and Idih atreeu. la the city of W?sbing<on D C'.. on BaTOBMaT aaat. a tbe tth da> ol January. 18-1, comaienci;i( at le A o'cb-ck a. uj.. tbe followlag Bu<^? and uliattlea. to wit. tit: l# fine Work aad Bldlag Horse*. ? Doable aad Wail* Eapreee Wagoaa. 1~Double and Blngla Hartaas. 1 old Wagoa, l Laaaaa. I Cntilag Box, I Jack, Belied end levied oa aa the food a and chattel, of tba Batlonal Bapraaa aad Traaaport?i|oa o>apaay . aad will b? aold to aatlafy attachment Mitt, in Supreme Court, D. C.,in favor of *. W. ' D. I. ?CODING. D B, Marshal, D C. ja 8 d W . L tt ALL A CO. A acta. IN TBK 8CPBEMK COURT OF TBI DISTRICT Wt COkUMBIA, Tbia ad dap of January. A. D. 1*67 JohaP Murphy, J ea. S Kqnity. Ho. 7H. Aaa T. Boary at al. > William J. Miller, traataa appoiate-i In the above entltlod eauae to make aale of tba rea! estate of Tbomaa Boary aereaeed. In tbe prw^dlaas mentioned, having reportod to th* Coart that la conformity with tbe decree paaaadln aatd eau*?. be.ontbetfth day i f Oecambor. A. D 18*> ? >la Lot *le van, i II .) ia Square 8 ve hand red and thirty e1(ht (U8,)aid tba improvement* ?h*r*on.coaaisting ofaamali frame bene*. to William ?*aa*r, for tbe ana of tweaty-fiv* h nod rod (dol lara, aad tbat tha purchaae? ha* fully complied With the termaof aale by pe>lag all tke purckas* money In raak to *nid trnateo : It Is therefore by I bo Coart, this 2d day of J anaary, A R. 1B^7. ordered tbat tk* said aa'e aad report be ratified aad confirmed, unleea cauae to the coatrary thereof ha sbowa on or b*fore tbe 9th day of Pebraary. A. D. 1667 : Hrortdrd a copy of this order be published ia tba Bvealac Star three times a week for tkree ancceaaive weak* before tkeaald Mkday of Feb> raary. A. D.H67. A true copy. ja S ndAeotw Test-R. J. MB1G8. Clerk. I^LAHK BOOK! AMD MBRCASTILK 8TATI0HHHT FOB TMK VI* THAR, At PiiILP A SOLOMOB8, Metropolitan Book Store. ja 2-St 3" j Peon, ava. 486 I *???? . s 486 " 7th street. \ arraopaiaT? rom fTth street. ALL SBASOB8 BEAUTIFUL AMD USEFUL COMBINED. PA1HTIBOB AND BMORAV1HOS A limited but cbotoe aeloeUoaa of Oil Palnti or*. Engravings. Ckron oe, Wreaths, Baaket* of rioeera,Ac., appropriately framed. ?TVAX F1CTURR PBAMB8 A rich and varied aaaortment from tke beet maanfacturera la the ooantry embracing Walaat. Imitation Rosewood, all Otlt. Hnotlc aa?l Carved p ICT?RaT^Ria0"kli D*T A'BBRLS 4walbi*T BRACKIT8. 4c. Picture Card aad TaMele all at see aad color*. Bin* Nalla, Walnat Bracket*. Raaela Ac PAPBRHANBlBOS abd window shadrs. A beautiful variety of thaee goods embraHng the rlcheat designs of Oilt Embroidered Parlor Pat t*rns In tk* Plstiict. witk a w*ll asserted *tock *f the cbe*par grades, with a large variety of Wiadow evades, different alee* and color*. Orders fer Window Hhadss aad Paperhaagi ng* punctually Sited, la city or country. A large portion of th* above Good* were made specially to order, believing tba beat tbe cheapest, and aiming ta keep that claee of Oood* we respectfully invite tbe Public to inspect aad oompare oar Goods with any In the market. ^ rsrttatV.. deI8 .w* Eight doorn above Odd PeHows' Ball RA. CROBIBV WASH BALL | ABD 8KATORIAL HBAD QUA^TBHB, 1 Dealer in Imported Cigar* Alao, tbe following brand* of DomeeUc Cigar a: Tallp. Jady, Puf, Robert Burna, Ac. I ateo keapaBae nasartm^at ><f Tobacco. Meerackanat and Rrlar Wood Pipes aad Fancy Articles. A large aeeortzneat of tka Saaat aad bsat SKATES. do W 1? D1"""" ?f/4S WW?W?. WiaiMToi. Deoember is. Mm. On tbe Pettttoa of MonBS MARSHALL. <* Lowell, Maaa., prnging far tka astaaaioa <** Btent granted U aim tae lath day ad March 1-". r aa impaaaanaaat la KUttiag MacUnes. for seven years from the expiration ef said pa***1? which takes plaaeoa tba 1Mb ?nr ? March. W*. II Is ordan?d tbaa tba aala r^doa he aaera at tba Patent OMoeoa Meaday. tba ?th aage< ?ea roar* next, at If aatock R ; aad all rersoae oVaoeiag the !%1im ^Tii^r-am file in tbe PaUntOBloe tb adrotyec u one. aet fartb In writing, at tanat twewty d?>s beto*^ the day of bear?nf; nil tasttmeny 8*ed J'; *^ta*r pert* to be u?ed at tbe said heariagaaostb?Uk aad transmitted ta aooordaaee wfth tbe ralmsf be office which srlh be fnrwtabad ? applicative. DapoaHion* and other papers relied npoa as tas^ imaav must b* filed tn the ofBaa wea?*dar*h* foretha day of bearlrg; tba ergnmsnt*. If ear. within tea day* aCer filing tb* te*timea? said publleatioa* M be at Ie?at *i*t? daya rv vloasutkeday sfWl^ q^tHBaJIRR^^ ^ rop pfJtka? Jir,btl5Wh*fpSS?V.*tat5? a paper containing tbl* aotle*. d*l?laalw