Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1867 Page 3
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T11E EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEW& AMUSKMKHT8. Ac.. TO-NIOHT. Natiu?al Th*aTIR -Opening uignt of Max Miuvtzi-k's jriand Italian opera, when will ??e pr> ???ii n?d tbe celebrated comic oper.? of ** Tae CJobh!?*r and the Fa.ry," with Kubcobi und KpIIock in the leading parts. Wall's New Opbra Hock* ? Bonrclcault's great play, ? The Long Strike," will b<? preM-nte.l tor the first ume tbis evening, with all the splendid scenic and mechanical effects peculiar to tbis rery enrcessfnl pi'-re. including the ? telegraph kc?ne" entire. Tbe cast ineludes tb? full strength of tbe company, with Lawler, Mortimer. Hale, Varrj. Mrs. Jordan, Mr*. (Gilbert, 4c. M-?n. Berry A Wall d?wrv<> great credit tor their enterprise in producing this piece so perfectly. Brady's Gtmsiasii'm ? Exhibition of gymnaatics. toconclade with a "hop," this ev?nu?*. entertainments are generally very pleasant l8LAxr> Hall.?Any of our readers who wi.-h tou*-e how w*ll the ladies of Sonth Washington m?na*e a fair, and now attractive tney arr in person and manner, should by ail means T?it the iair now in progress for benefit of <}ra e I'hnrcb The tine tableaux of Blue B?ard will be presented to-night. # ? .National Kii-ibluah A??ociatiow.?a r.irfiy TiMt.?La.t evening the regular meeting o! th*> Nutioaal Republican Association was hrld at the I nion League rooms. The principal object of the meeting was to elect au ?n-i iiH?e committee, and before the meeting wa- called to order a canons was held, J. JSayle*. Bouen in the chair, at which the member rave their opinions a? to how th? commit t??* snoiiia be organized, and it wnifd that a plan to organize 'he committee with one mem l?*r from each Ward In the two cities, two lrom tbe county and three fiom the District a- large, bad the most friends Th?* association was called to order by Mr. .1 K Llvau", president. Mr. A. (?. H.ill, secretary. The Chair announced, after calling the heads f biiMH*ss. that the election of the executiTe committee was in order, and Dr. Boyd made a motion to go into the election, which w&* followed by numerous motions. Mr. N. H. Miller proceeded to give his reasons for asking for a postponement of the election. He stated tbat this was a most important committee, and some members on the old ccmmitiee bad not done their duty. Dr. Boyd rose to a point of order stating that the question was on going into au election and not to postpone. A Yoi?e.?"Oh sit down !** Mr. Millar proceeded to speak, statins that *- did not mean to apply hi* remarks to some ol the old committee. Mr. Barton?(looking at the clock. 9.01)? I "1 be morning hour has expired." Mr. t'rane a*ked what were the charges against the committee, stating that he was a member and bad performed his duty, and if he had not it was because two or three bad doue what was to be doue without consulting him. He thought the continnal relerence to direliction of duty on the p .rt of tbe members of the committee would werk barm Alter a great many motion* finally, under tbe operation of the previous que*'ion. Dr. Ford's motion to go into au election was loM Mr C. Kar'ou moved that a list of members be publisbed in two city papers. Mr. Miller *sked who were members ' Mr Barton understood that only those who had signed me constitution were members. Mr Miller said that tbere were four or 11 ve persons be had paid the dues for, whose names bad not been appended to the constitution, and be asked if it was lair to take the money while they w?-re not considered members Mr Barten.? Ob. yea; it's their fault, and not onrs. Mr Bates referred to the fact that some members of the commine bad been pretty roundly abased, and ibey bad been denominated dead horses Mr M T. Parker asked if the Insinuation about mince meat wra? not rather personal, for be noticed two gentlemen present who bad been selling mince me&t. [Laughter ] Mr Barton's motion to publish the namea was lost. Mr. C. W. White said that the committee might be elected by ihoae present Young for tbemselvea. A Voice.?That's the way it was done before. Mr. J Sayles Brown offered the following: U. hATABtf thia ? ? .... _^vvibiiuii ib iiu exciosiTPIJ :i wbiw mnn'i association, bat was organized to promote tbe political fellowship and co-operation or tbe Republicans of this District, without distinction of race or color, and to secure to every citizen justice and equality be'ore tbe I law; and whereas it is a matter of public notoriety tbat tbe colored people of this District, notwithstanding their emancipation and tbe subsequent enactment ot a civil rights bill tor their protection, are still subject in a shameful decree to those odious distinctions ana multiplied oppression* at tbe hands of the minor oourtsand tbe officers of the law, which prevailed in tbe Federal District in tbe days of t battel slavery Therefore, Uetolrtd That a committee of two persons be appointed by Ute Chaur, to make diligent in quiry and rvport to this aasociation whether, in their opinion, tbat statute called tbeOivi' Rights bill is duly respected and its provision faithfully executed by tbe lawful authoritie of this District, or whether it is here, at th cnpiist 01 me nation, as it is alle^d to be a*. i>:ber places ander Federal jurisdictioa, a dead tetter. Resolved. That this committee be instructed to make investigation and report specifically upon the following inquiries 1. Are the colored citizens of the District sob ject to arrest, to Ones, or to temporary imprisonment for petty or vther offences,where, under the same circumstaacee. a white man is exempted from arrest or punishment? V Has the colored citizen an equal chance with bis white neighbor wben they are contesting together the rights of property in the rourts of the District, and do juries treat such parties impartially ? 3. Is ih?-re, to any extent, su?h prejudice against the colored citizen that he cannot obtain the best legal counsel at the same price which the white man pays; and is be, in bis attempts to secure justice through the courts, ujrn 10 me extortions of unscrupulous attorneys and vendors of straw bail? 4. In the treatment of colored persons con fined in the jail, workhouse, or station bouses of the District, what distinction is made on account of color* 5. Wbat is being done by the Kreedmen's Bureau, bv voluntary associations, or by individuals for tbe legal protection and assistance of that large clams of colored persons of the District who are too ignorant, too timid, and too poor to successfully enforce their right* or defend tbeir personal liberty in a conrtof law! Rtsolrtd, Tbat tbe interest of every citizen requires tbat we make common cause with the colored people of the lustrict in these respect* for where the exercise of civil authority is habit aally corrupted by prejudice, no man's rights can be safe. Tbe consideration of tbe resolutions wa* postponed uutii tbe next meeting, and tbe meeting adjourned. TH* SHOOTlS?> or PoLICEXAX WILLIAMS? further hearing of JcKn Mortimer. ? I ..a* I night John Morum?r . who baa been wveral days in jail upon suspicion of being concerned in shooting ? rttcer Williams, of the 3d ward. tbe morning of Ii?' i-mh?r -Jf>, bad a bearing before Justice Tucker at tbe I>etecu-ves" Office. elective Coomes, wbo ban been investigating the traces of Mortimer, yesterday arrested Benj. Y. Mortimer, who also was arraigned at tlie >ame time; officer 5>bae. (wno was with * illiams at tne time b?* was shot.) and Sergt. Wailing and Officers Itecker and Larrabee. (who halted and examined the men suspected of attempting to rob baum ? jewelry store, and who are supposed to be the two men concerned in tbe shooting of William-,) testified. With a single exception tb*y testified to tba *- .hikj-iiu positive identity of B?*n| larain Mortimer as ibe man that shot Wilf ham*. an.! alio a* on# <t th?* two halted bjr | them after the ai.einpt to rob Haum's stor#. "The witnesses were more favorable for John Mortimer. \nd the Jn.-tue only require i evidence of tb?' truth of hi* assertion that he was i in Baltimore on the nigh: ot theiOth and morn' in* of the vtt'h to di?mi<? the c&: ? atraiiiK bun. 1'poa the Justice saying ?o, a young man who i bad beeu sitting by and was very quiet during I the bearing, arose and d?m&nd?d to be sworn. I K>* was sworn: gave his Lime an Jo* E. TDocnI as. a&0 tea tilled that he met wuh Mortimer at I Sullivan's, ou Kront, between I?mb.pd and | Ptawman streets. Baltimore, on the-jsth : that ] he was there drinli>ng all day, and that witness I met him again there next morning. Detective ? McDevitt, who was in the office, immediately J arrested f bi>ma* npon suspicion Of heme cub* ] orrned in a recent robb?ry. Justice Tuck?r ? ommitied Itenj F Mortimer to jail for a fur-t ' ?l?t bearing: and there b^ing another charge I itnii .s John Mor'imer on which be baa no i"fa tried, ne alio was committed to jail. Tbi? rr.tiri.iUK. the pruonera w?r* ajrain brought out, tiud taken before the wounded Bitr. 10 ?ee if ho roald identity either of tbein ?? the party who bad shot him. Tb?y ?r? brother*, and ?he *otnded mm, after ctoi^ly <.b>ervirK 'bent. ?aid ibat both the men re?en bled the man who ehot bun, but n-itber * a- the man. Justice Tucker dUmiaeed tbe mve **am?t them Tb* suspicion rested npon 'L- Mortimer* by the mention of the name to 't. | ellca ofleVI by the partiM anapeated of 'be attempted robbery of Kantn'a store a tew i&ifiute* before ?be abootiag | Kbi-oht? or mi PoLit a.?Thi* morning the I 'utenHntf of police reported ibir'y-ai* ar| mu mtrrday, tbc iMt aoaouaung to ?yi.9i. j X,' * 7 f i IT? f * oll>L?t 1b h a ritabt8.?a itlw'-q* Ot tblAuociauon wit* held yesterday afteraoon in I he room of tbe School lioard, at ?he City Hall, Col Jonn S 'Williams in tbe chair and Dr. A. Mel?. Daris secretary. Tbe minute* of the previons meeting having be?n read and approved, Mr (Jallan reported tbat tbe appropriation voted to one of the members at tbe last meeting bad been paid over to him. He w\s still very sick and feeble. Several members of the association hereenme lorward and deposited money with Mr. Dalian, to be banded over to tbe gentleman. Tbe amendment to tbe constitution, presented at tbe last meeting by Mr. Brent, providing tbat one dollar should be paid by all persons at tbs time ot entering tbe association, and thereafter an annual lee of one dollar, was taken np and adopted Tbe amendment ot l>r. Blake, offered at the last meeting, providing that on the death of any member of the association the survlvii^ members should attend the funeral in a body,\ vca> also adopted. Mr. AquMla K. Arnold wiia nominated and elected n member of the Association. Col. Williams rave an interesting account oi the invasion and capture of Washington in 1414. tbe battle of Bladensbnrg. Ac. Adjourned until the tlrst Wednesuaytn February. A Plkaaaht Time ?Lasteveninic< a reunion of tbe members of Central Lodge. No 1, i. O. O. F . with the widows and orphans of deceased members, was held at tbe lodge room. Tbe lodge room was crowded with the m?-mber-bip and their families. P.O. Master Edmonston occupied the chair, and addresses ?r!c uimii- dj ran **r?na masters >:nan, Douglas*. Mclean, Grand Master Given,Grand Secretary Sweet and Past Grand James P. McKean. A plentitul supply of refreshments was served to the visitors, and a present to each of the orphars. During the ever inn. P. G. M. Hunt, on behalf of the members of the lodge, presented P. G John G. Robinson with a beautiful gold-headed can?, with appropriate inscription, in token of hi* long service in seeing to toe interests of the widows and orphan* a? one of the committee on education. Prepkhtb koi: Colokkh S? itoom ?Kev. John Kimhall. Superintendent of Colored Schools for this District, has received from Mr. Dwight Hoibrook. of Windsor I^ocks, Conn., a number of globes, object teaching lorm*. drawing ind copying slates, and other articles, in all valued at Mr. Kimball is authorized to distribute gratuitously to the colored schools under his charge 1 worth of these instruments, and the others are to be sold. V A Corr?ctio*.??-Venus, lately the Evening Star. p:<*9?tl its conjunction with the son about three week!" since. and i* now becoming visible in the eafct as Morning Star.".?A'xehangr. No snch thing! we've had nothing to do with Venus, and have no idea of sky-larKing aronnd with her tbese cold nighti for the sake of starring it in the morning. VV'k havk copies ot a handsome calendar for l-?7, sent us by \Vm. H Moore, printer. cittmtems. Aw EvHIBtTIOH OP (J VWWAPTICS, to cotlc'ude with a "Hop," at Krady's <iymn:isium, -4 and Louisiana srenue, by forty of the b?st athlete.*, this (Thursday) evening, at -t o'clock. Th?- yards of admission are SI, for laleatthe door. These delightful entertainments are attended by the elite ot Washington society. ? Thkp.e ark hu I'kicks iu plan and simpl* truth, but all the prices are marked in plain Mrures at Henuinfr's Clothing Store on the corner of Seveutb street and Maryland avenue. Jiwet.rt. ? Bok Wood Setts. Jet Chains, pnld-plated Chain*. :>uo styles Buttons Studs. Ki?g!>. Scarl Fins, Combs, silver-plated Spoon?. forks. Cups. Goblets, Call Heiu, for only one dollar, at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 43" Penn. ave., near 4^ street. 1>r. Whitr, Chiropodist. fcM Penn. ay., between iff and 6th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, buulons, b id uails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. ra. to i p. m , and 6 to is p. m Established 1581. h ike-6titch Kt> Boots made to order, and a good fit warranted for 810: pegged boots, 8^; custom-made store boots, kip boots, for 93.50 to 8-ri: at Heilbrun & Brother's, 5<?> Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. ?" *v Kob Chilblain* and Frosted Feet, White's Kmbrocaiion is a specific. Price 91 p?*r bottle. For sale at 4:J4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4#aad 6th streets. ? ASubbPilb Cure ?l>r. Gilbert's Pile in siruinent positively cnres the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receiptor SI. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address B Komaiue. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3t PniiH ean be bad in any quantities at tbe Bar oBc? conn tar HAkRIIll, t'AMPKELL-MABBHALL. On the 27th *f De ctmber, by the Bev. L?r Chester, st Mr Wm. * - * ?? _?. i chi m iirwi, wa. j, u&IP BILL to Mt?a H1BMIB J . MA 118II ALL, both of Philadelphia * BIKO. WBT7.SL. On this morning, January 1.1887, after a Ions ami painful illneaa, DAVID WKT ZBL, eon of Laznrma and Henrietta We>zel, aged ii |Mrs. Farewell, David, thou art gone. To dwell with him who cave, Another <iulet, happy home, I* shadowed wltn a crave. The faneral will take place on Saturday born int. at It o'clock, from the reeidenee <<f bin father, on the Mew Koad, thence to Trinity Ohnrch. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re pectfnlli Invited to attend. at* PB1CHBTT. Suddenly,en the evening%f Jan. let, JAMBS PATTIKiON. Med two monthe and fifteen daye. Infant eon of Lieat. Commander Jae. and Alice Lee Prichett, D. 8. Maty. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. (J ><%rt\in uno.; ANNUAL (Juneti invito. BALL 07 THB JOCBNEYMKN BOOK-BINDBBS' 80CIBTT, at ODD KKLLOWS' HALL. 7th BTBBET, MOBDAV BVEfllNQ. JAHCABV 7th, 1967. Tbe >ociety, in anncancing to tb? pablic llinr ANNUAL BALL, beg leare to state 9X that every arrangement which the attention of tboir Committees or none? can com faSA Dkud will be Btd* available tor tns comfort and njo> m*nt of our friend* on the above occasion. T.. those who bav? favored us with their pre* enc? at former eatei tainment*. > " from the preparation* in hand we here every in dio;tlon of inakmK title affair aa fleaaant nod ncrwafnl m nuy of our pravton* effort* to aaticfy and pl. a?e The Uit cotillon innate haa been engaged for the occwioi. >opper will ba furnlabed by an eiperlenced (ttenr. Rrfreeb^nta in abvndance. Ticket*, mi ; admitting a gentleman and ladies. Commthfe of Arranfmfmtt. J H DuPaat V. B. liiahop. n.O Eapev, A. O. Hallett. T O Kcti MaTi Jmuee T. McOowaa. jan l-?t 1'KRSOXAL. PKKSONAL.?A gentl-man of *ood poeitlon, whoee time hang* heavily on bis haula alter baalneee lii>ura,tat vlio la erarae to ranging the gauntlet of general aociety, deetrea to cultivate the acquaintance of outer two ladlea of refinement. who era inllarly xttaeted, tor ruutaal, aocial beat fit. Addrrea J'?HN WAbTBU. Star Office. jaSSt AWm B MACBKB. KBAL BOtBtlTIttO ASTBOLOGEE or AMKBIOA, Kroui the poettion anae-pect of the Itera et the time of one'* birth, will reveal aatonlahlng accrete that eo living mortal ever knew beforeTkow to be saccemfal f n all raaaoaable undertaking*, lie telle Bene and Terr day roe marry; describe* the intended companion, end telle all event*of life, good lurk ana long life to vielrore. La lie* 60 rente to 91: gentlemen 1* fall $1. 0allet4?O 13th at . near f, ell hour* until * in tlteeTealeg. de Sl im* y ADII8 LOOK AT THIS. J COLLAR AND CUFFS O IVES AWAY. Keen lii<l]r baring work done et lb* Oil BAP STAMPING KUGM8. 439 Mb atreet, opposite Patent Ottee, will receive trait one Ooller and pkiroi vgili, iUbhi on the ftaeat mualtn, for cl.tin ati< h. Braid or Kiubroidery, niulile for night town? Star Bmld and Colored (Jetton for to? above at reduced irh-w. Initials tamped from one to.ficents. Bt?n prd good* at half the price haretvfore aaked. Be ? tf f'bntlbmim who abi arrliotlo -4 \M cur? warranted by an oM iargeon of twenty three axpeneuce in tliia particular Man eh at the profeaalen. ( harp<-- moderate Do not apply to 'Kiacka. tat to .1 R, GMtPMlB, M. !>., late of the United State* Boord Venereal pitkl. Ofcce B?. u 1 aonth A street. a?#oaite tha Capitol P. oar* . aouth aide. 1. B ? Medicinaa also famished at coat, da n lm* wl. iim* oovpiabob, THl,C. ? 00LJD?iSi? for lal* and rent oa eae? terms. *. Ma. US llth atreat.aboTa PsuasytTania ?7? H 1 umu *? v. KHOliKK ' I r- - j " ' / r * AMUSKMKNTS. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. BBBRY * WALL PROPRIETORS. B B. PHILLIPS? BTAQ1 MANAGES ?? MIv.HT, Ioneicarctt'a Creat PUT. UWU Dim r\ , ? With all tha Peenir aid Mechant<4^* ff?cta Tbe erf At TBLBG :<A PHIC B'UNl -atlre. With tnntr tuenta aoppUed l>y the lo*nUted Tel egraphOo. Noah Learoyd, the Btn<leader of "Th(Strike" and lielegate from lb* United Workin*m*n ......Mr. . varrey Jai.e Ltar<>)d,a Factory Oirt Mr* Brni.y Jurd n PRICKS. Private Boiea, #8, Orcheetra Cbalra. 51; Dreaa Circle. 75 reut<; Par<ju*>t?e, Be cent*; Family Circle, 2o cent*, Coiortd Circle, is rent*. N AT IOSA LTHKATRE. Pennsylvania avenue, near Wlllanla' Hotel, 8KA90N OF BIGHT RIGHTS OF MAX MABBTZBK'h GBAVP ITALIAN OPKRA. THIS THCR8PA?, JANUARY ?,1*?67, OPENING N1MHT. Will be presented complete. 'or the drat time in W a?bir>gton, Bicci a celebrated < omic Op^r* .o foar acta, CBISP1NO B LA COMABI, (The Cobbler and the Fairy.* Friday?11 Trovatore debut of genora Carman Poch. Saturday?9tar of the N< rth, Monday?% ant pa. It ODD FELLOWS* HALL. FOB THBIK NIGHTS ONIT, TUKbDAY, WIDMSDaY. AND THURSDAY BVENING8, JANUARY *th, 9tii, and IOtii, TUB OE1QINAL PATIIKR KEMP. with hi* rel*br?t??<{ OLD FOLKSCONCERT COMPANY, Consisting of LA DIBS AND OBNTLBMBN, With a Splei.di* Orebeatra; *4?isted by KMVA J NICHOLS, THE JINNY LINI> OP AMEBIC*. Admist-ion,'2A ce'it*, reserved ieats, ;>0 cents. Doors >-pen at 7, concert at 8 o'clock.' GRAND MITINBB On WBDNFSBAY AFTERNOON. Jan.9!h.%? 3 o'clock. Children te Matinee 1 A cte. j?3 7t* ^ACBED~CON(JKBT\ Under the direction of ROBEKT HELLER, in th?< CUULC11 OF THE EPIPHANY. Q. bet 13th and 14th streets, on WEDNESDAY EVENING. ??th JANUARY. In aid of the new North End acd West End Pro* hMaut Episcopal Uhnrchas. Admission one DOLLAR. j? 3_td request THE UBAND CONCERT AND EXHIBITION, BenPfit of ST. DOMINIC'S SUNDAY SCHOOL, Will Iim On FRIDAY ENENING, January 4th, 1357, A* 7K o >lo( k p in . in Baaenient or the Chnrch. Ticketa of admiaefan, '23 ccnti. St. Don.inir ? Brana Band will be in attexdarca. ja 3-jt MKT/.EBOTT HALL. FOB ONI WEEK ONLY. JABBVTT A PALMEBbegtoannonnce to ho citi/en* of Wnaiiington that they ha?e encased thoae eminent Artiata, MB AND MB8. HOWARD PAUL, who will appear fer the flrat time in thla city on MONDAY EVENING, Jan. 7.1*7, and evarr evening during the week, in their GRAND ENTERTAINMENTS OR CONCERTS IN COSTUME, an recently given l.OuOnjghta in London and fifty nighta at trying Hull, New York. They will appear in i4 SONGS AND IMPERSONATIONS, Among which will ke found Henry Rueaeil'a great Lyric entitled THK DREAM OF THE REVELLER, And the celebrated Balta l, "WHEN GEORGE THE THIRD WAS KING," and the celbratad ' SNEEZING SONG, The ah le forming the moat unique, elegant and TitriDQ ftuirnaiuaieui ever kitbb in mi> 1,'lillU States. For psrti< ulsrn see Bills snl Circulars. PRICES? Admission, AQ cents' Reserved Seats, 73 cents. The sale of Reserved Bests will commence st M< t/erott's Ma?ic Store os Friday morning, Jan. 4, 1867. boors open st 7l?; commence st 7V, o'clk. js2 It p&era. i. w. i h7"p.krrib' DAMOIHO ACADEMY, gk Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th its.. J1 Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. 68^ nO?r Academy Is now open for the reoestlen of lupus, a Hieci ciim la now forming on W ed needay afternoon from 4 to 8 clock, for these wbo cannot attend oar regalar claaees. Circular* can b?had at J. F. Kllia'and W. 0. Metaerott ? Co.'a Haalo Stores. Tha Hall can be rented for Boireea, Ac.. Days an J Hourt of Tuition : For Ladle*, Misses and Masters, Tuesday and Tbo radar afternoona, from S to ft o'clock. Gentlemen's Olaeasa, Tuoeday and Thu radar e rentage, from 8 to 18 o'clock. For fnrther Information, ppply during the hours of tuition, or address a note to tha Academy. Quarter commencing with the ilrat leason. seJO jyi AKlfil'J^BHJOBABLB DAHC1HQ MABIKnj ABSBMBLY BOOMS, Jfc K, between 9th and 18th streets, This academy is now open for tbo rocep- HBk tion of pupil*. l?ajs and hours of tuition for roung ladies mlaaeaand masters. Taeedara. Thnradav* eud ?*?. urday , from 3 to 6 p m. Gentlemen'# cImhi from 8 to 10, same evening*. N ft ?Private instruction given to suit the convenience of the pnpil. eet5 BOARDING. LT'UBNIBHBD PAKLOBS AND CHAUBBBS r FOB BKMT?With or without Board. Mo. 9 Mleeonri aveaue. jaSSt* | A KG* A N D (JOMKOBTABL1 BOOM8 AH D 1-i 11VAH1) can be had at Ho. 488, (Pendleton Houee. between 4f? and 9d atreete,) Penn. avenue. Table Boardera likewise accommodated ja 3 Ot* MK8 BBYAHT can accommodate a few pereona with comfortably FUBHI?HBD BOOMS. Aleo. weuld receive three or four gentlemen a, Table Boardere Ho. 3?3 Q street, between lSt^ and l?th, op posit. Ohurcti of the Bplyhany. j3-3t. f^UBHI8HBp_ KOOM8 PGR BBRT?With or *. wiiDoot HOABD. B*f?renc?a exchanged. Afply at M?. Vio New York avenue, Vet wet-a tth and lot b rt rcet?. ja 1-H* r J '"A Lt 1 K BOABD it Bo. 464 llth street,a few 1 doora north of Uw m?bu. Twrai #M in moatb d? If-if (J KOia; KT()\VN A I>VKR'MTS. ^OBTU KBOWIBQ. It ie worth knowinf that the greatest Bargains arc to be bad at MlLLBB'0 OHBAP DBT GOODS 8TOBB, 101 Brldn etrcat. fipomtnw. *? " He haa joat received a large stuck of Bleached Bhirtinge and Sheeting, at lower prices theu th?y have l.een aoM aiace the war BlitcM Hailiiu, atltHand 15 ct?.; good yard wide do., Jitcte.,auu the l.em makes at 28 and SU c?ate. Bhertlnga and Pillow Cottons very cheap. Brown Maalioa, 12S and 16 eta , yard wl<le do. ISand 20 cte. Merrimack and ether beat rnakea Calico. 20 eta Tine AUWool French Merino, #1 Winter Preaa Goeda generally. embracing l'spltna, Km preaa Clothe, Plaida, belalnee Ac.,at coat. Shawl*. Blankets, Flannels, Clothe and Casalmerea, Olovee and Hosiery, at nnuaually low arices. Call and examine hlasteck. deS13w* _ BBNJAM1N MILLBB. C A L I OOALII AT GBBATLT BKDDCBD PBIUBS, We have on hand, and are conatantlv receiving direct from the mice, via Philadelphia ana Havre de Uraat , large liuantltiea of COAL of the very beet <iaalitlea. Groee tona of 2,340 lbe. delivered in an? part of the city at the following pric< a Lecn*t Mountain. Shestnat. W. A , $7 28. AH other sisee and iiaelttles of White Aeh. exeeet I.?. nigh,at #8 30. from the following mines. Tlx: L?cm?t Mountain, Baltimore Oo.'s. Boston Kan, Wiikeebarre Goal ait<l Iron Uo.% Plymouth Oo.'s, Ac Diamond Vein ud Lykens Valley Sod Ash. #8.7?. {astwa Joal. ron of mine, $7. Cumberland Lnno i.'oal, * 90. CAE and PINB WOOD, of thOTerrbeit quality, constantly on hand. We can furnish Goal by the cargo at the lowest Philadelphia pries. How is the time for famlliee to puti n their printer' supply. . . . _ Mmm Orders will be received at onr offloe. 461 ?th street, between and I, or at onr wharf, at foot of 7th street. _ _ _____ . d?4-tf 8- f< BROWN A BON, PlABO-r.De foll-stxe Ohlckering Grand Piano, which we have taken le exchange, for sale upon e*ay terms. Price |M, a>IMS the ware room* of me war W. O. MKTZIBOTT * OO , d*7 Bole Agents of Meinwsy A Soae. I^ISDLIKO &HD 8TOV1 WOOD. S>>8 Pem**a art., hei. 11(4and lSUtti. 90S Aiwftf* ? Mad i fail ap?ir of Uwibon-unt article. ?ewed ud ?? en? length end sis* required, end prompt It delivered to en? pert of the District at the LOWB8T CASH PBIOBS. o 21 U TdOS. i. OA.LT. WANTS. W ANT1D TO BBBT-A an*!II Stor*, Dwell lot *!?.."itebU tor e Millinery en^/epcy ju i' "toting porttoalen. Mi So. IS. W 1?*e*?*etoHe Ctrl, SITUATION ' * ek*mH?>rir?id or aari*. G?n4 refirenc* If **?' tlkU * to* Grocery Store corner of ao;h MdJ??to. * jolM* WtXJJOPr* COOK, eOUSBKBBPBB end iDiatsBmtaiitl i mllj. B?r*?n ?rc ferred. Gall ?U?) Mew V rk a**., bet. *thand Ttta sU. WANTED-A OOLORBD BOY for Heneewor* at Sri P itreet west, bet wees 9th and 10th ?ta Ou? with good noountaitUou own get i good home. ju It WANTBD-A good BITCHBB OlBLend LAONDBBbe. wt (be corner of Sth nod D streets. No 477. j* 1 tt*

WANTBD-IMMBDlATBL*. at No j?J6 O street, between 13th and ltth. a Wuit? Woman, to cook. waah. iron, and uo general housework. Qoodreferences required. jat 4t* AMIii-Dr n re sectable cirl. a 8ITUA TION to do cbamberwork. wait on the table and to aaaist in washing and ironing. Addreaa Bo* No. 31. Bier office. J| ? ?t* ACOMPBTBMT DRUO CLBBK, well ac qnainted with the prescription bnaineea, wanted by WM. A. OKAT, 534 Haas a*e.,corner 4th atrnet. js 1 3t* WANTBD-A WOMAN , who is a good ? *.k. ith A* 9 -.4 A ... -*? charee of the kit*ban ml dining r. om.ln a large bou-a. 011 the shares Addreas, statiug where an Interview can be had. Box ? Htar Offioe ja t at* W ANTtH?A SITUATION by ?(ooo peum ti?, who is just out of employment; would refer to Messrs. Chirmaa, Hosnier A Co.,Claim Agents, oil N W Burchell, Grocer, t?y each of ?k >ra he has been employed. Address '"J, W. City Tost Office. is 1 it* WANTED?Bf a competent woman, a SITUATION a* cook in a private family, restaurant or boarding hou*e. Bbe understands her I n-lnefd thoroughly, and has the beat of references. Ples?e address a ii?te to Hox No. 'J3 >tu Office, and the advertWer will call is^l M AYOl NO M AN W A NTH L> 1NA DAI AT-To feed and tend to twenty Ore rows. Hn<t be a man of s'ead> nnd sober habits, and one who n not atraid of work Highest wa?e? given. At ply immediately to PH.L BROOK*. Eh<i . or K EN DKKS. one and a half mi lei atuve Georgetown, on the TvimllytowB road, for furtuer information. jal-sr_ WASTED?Two communicating ROOMS, with Board, in a prl?at* family, by a geatlentn, wife and ' hild, l>et?"?. o jv?th and 221 streets and I aid T streets. Address for one week, I?. W. B , Star Offic e. _ _ <J?.11-7t WANTED?A WHITE WOMAN lor general hoo>ework, one who is a goodcook, washer and ironer; with recommendations. W. K t'H&VDLEE. Vermont avenue, between M an 1 N,near I itli street. frame cottage in a yard, de ;v tf WANTED-Tbre* of the MACHINE t>P KBATOBS for tirover A Baker, Wheeler A Wilson, and the Florence Machine*. None but competent hands need apply. Oo>l wag-s At tbe Cheap Stamping Booms, 439 &th street, oppo tite P?t?tit Office. ST A M PI NO at half price. Oreat Bed notion In STAMPED O&ODB BKAiDand WORKING (JOTTON de?lw W ANTED?New and Cut-off CLOTHING, old COLD and SILVER, or amy other article of Tftlue, at tlie eld established Mxrchast Pawn i)?eker s Store ol B. FULTON A CO., .?0-2 9ib St., 3 doors north of Penna a*?nue Bole Agent for 81NQKK d SEWING MACHINE de Wl> WANTKD--100 LM>IK8 immediiitolr. t? ?at>r<<idar Yokea, Handa, Wrapper Yoke*. ( ' ?nnel Skirts. Slippers. and Initials. To good handa ?bo bring sampla of work, g?o<l ? and consent employment given. Call at the new 8ta<np lug Bomui. 439 9th street, opposite Patent Office. bTAM PINO reduced to FIVE ceota per width, de 11 tf. */ANTED?tO.000 LAUI ES to knjw that at v v the New Stamping KooOk, 439 9th street,opposite Patent Office, they can find the b?at selected a*-K' rtiiii nt of Patterns ever offered here for Cloaks, <.'ap?a. Aprons. Joeeys. Waists, Yoke-, Eanda, Wrappers, Slippers. Pincushions, aud Ini tials Alio, ueslcus for Pillow Cna^a. Ottoman*. Chair Covers, Pianoa. and. In abort, every variety of Patterns a* they are daily Issued. We have a French Machine aud a Piactiaal Stamper, aad have i educed the price to riVB CENTS PER WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern brought as Braids, Silk aud Working Cotton very low. de H tf u/A?ian>-D*i i'bu mnu ruKOiiuti ?* AI?o. MIRRORS, CARPETS. BIDS, BID DIfr 0 and HOl'SETORNISH INGGOODS of Tery description. B BL'OHLT. 40.< 7th street. J"*-9-tf betweenU and B.cwt side LOST AND FOUND. LOST?By a l*ty,on Thurday, either near the 8th street entrance of Center Market. or on tUr auDOttcam.TMU FIVE DOLLAR NATIONAL BANK BOTES The finder will be rewarded uy tearing the money at 4<?3 12th street, near K. ja 3 3t* ? " BBWABD-LOST, on Hew Year's diy, be J twren L and N streets, through Ooat ai'ey. a POCKBT BOOK, containing Su anl 30 cent*. The above reward will be given by leaving it at Bo 11SL street. MRS. CASEY, jalat* DOO L08T-A liver colored SETTER DO<J, abont two feet hi?h; had on a lea,tier collar. Whoever will return him to 46(111th st , near f, will besoitably rewarded. ja i St* lk I fill ? ** for information Uisl will ?> A *'>" lead to the recovery of my large fine BAT HOB8B, stolen from stable on alley In rear of 114 Bridge street, near Congress street, George town, D. 0., on the night of *7th and 18th Ueoem bsr, 1864. and the captnre and cojvirtlon of the thief; or reward for el.her. The name of my Informnut shall be kepisscre. If so desired. Address K. A. PHBLP8, Qeor??U>wn. _ jtl St" OOA BBWABD?Stolen on the night of the yOU Ud of September from the premises of George Jones, near Bladsnsbnrg, a dark brown HoBtoB, marked U. B and I. 0.; medium site, mane and tall somewhat snnbnrnt; has a roan nose. The above reward will be paid if returned to OBO. JOBS, oo > Hyattsy'lle. Prince Peorte's Co., Md. ? H I N A HALL. (341 Penn'aarena?. Established 1&7.) NBW GOODS. We have jaat received a full line of China, 91m aodPancy Qooda, suitable for the Holi-WMTv daye, such m Dinner, T?a Mid ToilttwA/ ware. Glass Tumblers, Gobi* is, Decfltiters,m^H Bowls, Ac.; Toya In great variety; Va?es,^^j Punch and leg nog Bowl*: Fancj Cops and saac?ra. Mugs, Walter*.Cutlery, Plated ware; Basketi. Tin ware, Lttmpa, and a general assortment of Goods in onr line. Goal Oil by the barral and on draught. We invite all in wantof article* in oar way to giva u? a call aud examine stock and prices, which we will make aa low as lhay can be bought,wholeaaleor retail. Stoneware at factory price*. de 18 aotw T PCB3KLL A BON. C1CB1I DI8KAS1S. S3 A m A n I T A If ? S A I FT I BAMAMttAjra oirrt THE MOST OBBTA1H BBMBDY BYBB D8BO "Tm, A Pomtitx Or**," far QONOBRUOtA, OLMMT, 8TXICTURKS, Contains no Hlurtl, bo Balaam, bo Mercory, (M/v Ten Pills to * Tkktm to Egtti * Cur*. Tbey are entirely TegeiaWe.liaTlnf no amell not nay nn?leaaant and will not in any vtj ti rare the itomach or bot#h of the moat delicate Onree In from two to fonr itaye, nnd recent caeet In "twenty fonr honre." Prepared by n gradual* of the University of ???f the moat eminent Doctor* and Cbemiato of the areeent day, ?asnfiwStrtir cnry."? gout by mail In a plain envelop* prloe-Msl* HckBgw.jn. V?Mli,?|. BLOOD I BLOOD 11 BLOOD IH BOBOrULA, ULC1B8. BOKS8. 8P9T8. """s trfttfil BlUABlTAtrS MOOT AND HKEtB JUIQB la offend the pnbllc m a MdUn nn. BY PHIL 18 OH VKNBBBAL DiSKAtiBg, the BAMAHITAN'B BOOT AMD HKBB JUI01 la a nioet potent. eerUin end effectual remedy ever properl bed; It reachee and eradlcatea every particle of the venerea) poison, ao that the en re la thorough and permanent. Take, then,of tbla purifying rem edr and be healed, and do not transmit It to your poeteryr that tor which ?Cu may repeat la alto *"** DO HOT DB8PAIBI *8sbirsv s^sniism. will remove every vestige ef Imparities from the In many wwuoni win viiot unmoors of Vt. *&e ?nflrer the SOOT AND BMB JUJOisVoI, happily tdtfUd, In Ulcerated Uterna. in Lenoorrh??. in be rl** down, Fellinf of the Womb, Mobility, and for ?U compUlnta Incident to the mx Pent by exprew. Frloe tl.? per bottlo ' AMABITAN'8 WASH "*""m-~n "?"? Vntl directions. Price % oent?. The efflcncj of theae remedlee la alike Mknowl"" " R:sb%na ,u,u "Fon loeriTU. fo*t Ma.uiu.ll, IMmw, M4,,fefc.?.A.-"l h?? (rat aotiafaetUn la s^sLftff iteurassSsassrsss Ttnli iTmt, >itgiw Hat and Bd tracts, and by dnu<iti g?rally. bo H ol?* Ifi OOMFLITl BIT OV BBOOHDBA.HD 1 U BRASS IK8TBCMBNT8, Inccvvt order. fo? uii(kNi,iiHii w.? mmnm* ob. 4 FOR SALE AND*RENT. FOB RBflT-TfcrM or tamr BBOMS, mt 3?? Utk trrtt.U.tecK K M>0 it tf??U >t) U' PORBKHT-A MW BBldK BOUBB. wiUa^r ?o room, contr 6th ud aoith A itmto. Cap itol Bill; tvo itura from ilr??t cart |l par month Kejr in the cornor houa* jtl ?t* TO LBT?A in rtoa Parnt?h*d BOUBB,earner of O ted ilth iumM. Ia^oirr of u. t. B. B1CBABI SuB, Bo. 473 L iteMt, kltfMn lltu and i?th atraata j?3V* r? .hi.- ?L ? ? r L vtt DftAI-llllftv Btuil. no. 4VW rtau'4 I twnoi, ??fr Par**' Plumbic 8 or*. baltMa >3 * *nd HH- Beat fit per aiofcth. lu^air* of THO" rpfepl.?HtLr*. >*3 w L tk kiM-A Ikrcr unfor*lihed froa: PAR * LiUft ud CH ABBBB *4 o.niug. t*co*d foor. >??r r?r? ?>< VMk?t lagil.iMUS aorth L In ot, between 4th aad 6th _ j4Mt* |>OB BBHT?to i print* hmilT, a ikr?? storr r brick HOUSE, with the fornitnre,coatataiaf II roonxi, *>taxt*d corner U ud 11th *tio*v*. Ap ply ob thA premise*. l*(*ruc**(MHred. J* 3 "03t" FOB BBNT^A *nlt* of ai>rtiraii*h?d BOO Bit for hvwkMpiai, M 499 11th *tr<et, b*tv*ea KtM P. Lo?iti?D ctiirtl tidde*ir*bk. A portr without jomug boy* pref*rr*>l. Beat $ Jo **r month. Also. * salt* of three farnlihod BOOM* Ot ?*? nth *t. ; 3 St* LTOB SALB. ATA OBBAT 8A0BIPI OB?Th* I goodwill and ttxtnr<a of an Obiter House known m OYSTEB BAT, corner of I street nor ih and 9th street w#?t Beanons lorMllinj, am comyelled, on acconnt of itherknd more pr-mm* tensions onskf eniotilo. Btqnira on the yrealeei. j?3 tt* FOB BBMT?New HOTBC. four ro>m?; |>^d yard. Bert 817 per month In-imro at BFBBBK'S, 93 Losiilituaarrnii. jat-5t* FOB BE N T - N e it I y furnish ed B'lOMS. wither wlthont board. Inquire at 334 acta street, *1 door i flow O xtreet a 2 St 4(WJ-Thli STOBB to let on 11th *tr.>?t with laiee wlnd-.w. suitable for a milliner or dressnaker, a few floors from Pa. a*. ja 2 S:* F"OK BBNT-BTOBE and DWELLING No. Aih Pennsylvania annn?, north aide. f.V? per month. Apply next door. j*2 St* F"OB BENT? HorSK 4 14 Uth" street, le'w*eo G hb! H,containing 12 rooms, fui ui?h~d or an ini-hM'#"' ro?te?i?lon lnin>al'itt?Iy. Inquire .>f T.J MK8I0K , <56 Peon*, aveni.J jw?t* FOR SALE?Nor!heti*t c rner N and M'h st recta. ?t* atorr BRICK lioUSK, convenient y %r ranged: ti feet front: < room*, water, Ac In ,nire at the premise* for terms, Ac. j* I 6t" IVOR "REN i-A B hlO K HuUMt. n ?th stree'. 1 near P street. For mf^rmati >n c:tll on JO9.N DAVISON. I" 460 Hum buMtti tvnnt )? tween th and 6th at*. ja 2 jt* For rknt-a fbami nocai. No as*. ?n P atreet, betw?ei; Hih and l'>th It r-onUlna atz r<x m*. Rent 5 25 a month, in advance ja 2-3t* F-OR 8A1.K CHBAP-Tha STOCK asiTlX Tl'KEB of a sma'! Grocery 8t<i?e Al?o the HOUSE for rent, containing seren rooms. rood cellar. Irqnire No. 4*0 A *;reet north, between t>th aud 7th sta. ja?-3t* l^OB REttT ^TcomfomMe rBAMI UWIL1 LINO ?n Oth. n?-?r Koannary ?tract, corral n ing six room*, suitable for a small family. In iuu giuir ?>m uunuini> 01 every if?cri[tion. f l? (pri uk. lc<> pond, ice henee, large orcbaru of well rwctfil frait. In a word, everything colrnl?i?'l to make a tdfa-aiit borne, not mire than two mile* from tbo dry limit*, and ?v?r * good road. The above place will be eold on accommodating terma, or traded (or good city property well lo cated For price, term*. en>1 other Information, In mire of JOHN T. LIODTBH. 476 7th theoffioe of A J . Dietrick.or addreso P. 0 Box *41. j?i sr FfOB BBNT-A large 8ALOWW PARL.Ott.ferniahed with new Bra*eela carpet nnd new fnrni tore, aultatle for three or foar f eniletuen. Board if deaired. Inquire at 4*6 Maaa. avenue, ntfW *th atreet. de 31 UBBI8HBD BOOHS at 4 94 Batreet.betweon 5th and ?th. Cooking Stove for hooaekeeiH ? if war ted: Gaa. Hydrant, and lockup for fnel: aoltablefor family or elngl* geutletaen. deM lr ROOMS FOB BBBT?Cheap, to good teaante. Alao. two brick HOUnBS. now tn conrae of flaiah, eix roome each to good tenant* cheap for a term of yeare. Apply at 490 Delaware areita^ two aqnaree north of tne Capitol. de 19 lw DKUO STOBB FOB 8ALB -A DBCO STOHB of JO yeara (tending. with ftxtaroe complete 22d street?. "" de il-eotf ITOB BINT OB LBASB - The well-known WHITE IlOl'BK or BBLLVOIB. and the OPPOBMM NOB* PI8HEBIK8. on the Potomac river. Cttber or both of them will be rentod or leased for one or m< re years, end If not disponed of by ar before the 10th of January. 1W7, the prlv il?ge to fiah tbeni will be aold for caab. for one or more aeeno is, on tbat day at U mat the auction tere of Jaa. C. MoGuIre k Co. Wood may be had at a reasonable rate on either estate Apply to GKo. II. lioHBKB, Agent fer Sarah Ottert>aok, Executrix. de &-3tawtJan l<> I^OBBBNT?The PBOPBitT Y known at' The r Commercial Buildlnj " located on La ave., adjoining the Central Guardhoaae. The building haa a front of about 60 feet. and a depth of 170 feet, monies through from the ayenae to Canal at. l;baa lately been vacated by the Hatloaal BxpreM Company. Ker terms apply to TM. B. PHILIP. 40 La. ave near 6th at. no 90 eotf ^#in tivistr t1 i !? ' - new stock, oornrr store; ceod location, and beat of reasone for selliug. Terms easy., Ia?aire of 8TA&B ft CO., 7th street. Boo* No. 13. de 26-tm* FOB 8ALB?<Only cash,the balance ou be paid in monthly l natal meats of M,each>? new twootory 6 room HOUSE with passage, side end beck ell?-y, Ac., sltnatel Me, 640 Q street, neer Mew Jersey avenue. BTABBA00-, de 18-Sw 4BBS 7th street, neer B. jL*0B 1IHT-To a family witbont children a r partly FDBNI8HCD HOUSE, containing 8 rooms, laiflltd with *as end water ; yard front and rear. Apply at ?7tt H etreet, near 18th. de JU 2aw?t* FOB BALB?A quantity of Gold and good Plated JBWKLBY. MI HK AL IN8TBUMKHTS.Ac, at B. Fl'LTON 4C9. S, Pawnbrokers. AOJ I-h street, three doors north of Penn. a venae. bole Agents for Singer's Sewing Machine. _deH-*w ? FOB BKMT?The FABM, for the last three years tbe residence of Major Theophllua Gaines, consisting of ISO acres. lvlat smt Fort Mtkin I mi i? from Bennlng's BrMge." Improvements. dwelling bona* of li rooms, stone stable. servant's bouses, bun. Ac Address "B. 8.," 437 litrMt, WtibI rig ton, D. C., or Mil la person, bitvetoS and 7?. d. oc l< tf RAB1 CHANGE?For immediate Ml*, one of tb? best located small corner store GBOCBB1BB in tbe city. Stock and Flilnns ne*. Apply Immediately, by letter, to . B. C.. City Post Office. no36 tf E>OB BENT-Tbe 8TOBBBOOM comer of Pa. r stsuuc and 11th street vest, in the Star Office Building, formerly occnpied by W. 0. Mett> rott as a music store, and recently as tb* office of the National Express office Apply to 0. B. BAKBB, Star Office^ do a>- tf FOB BENT?Two large and commodious BOOMS (oaoafront room) on second floor, communicating, handsomely fnrniahod and pleaMntly sit U&lAll. At N<1 Pnnn U a**nno Kolaaam >! ?? . vn >&a i ? i wu iirg* mau on* small communir eating BOOMS, untarnished. second floor No. i 134 Penn.aT.,hat IXh and Mth sts. no 28 tf I F'OE BBNT?One BOOM on 1st floor.*and three BOOMS o< Id floor, over Stinemetz's Hit ud Fur Store, 834 Penn'a avenue. Bant moderate^ ncMtf P?B BKHT?Two FurnHbed BOOMS, at Ho. I ?67 j3th street boi?ean B and F m. de 1? tf FOB BBNT-PABLOB and BID-BOOM, suitable for'wo. Board if required. Bent $16 a month. Avplr at SOS Mew York arena*, t>*tw**n 4th and 6th ?t?. de 17-tw |7oK BINT?The late BKSIDBNCB of B. O r Fant. 44** D street. containing 17 rooms, with aH the modern improvement*. Apply toOLIFTOM HBLLBN, 874 F *t. no?-tf FOB BBNT?Large and small furnished and nn famished HOOSBS and APABTMBNTS witable lor h neekeeplng. AUo, For Bale, several small HOCSBB,on easy terms, laqolr* ST ABB A OO.. 4tsBH 7th straat. Boar. IS. oeIMm' CpOB BBRT?The STOBB Bo. Ml D straat, r n*ar 11th. It fronU immediately oa Paaaa. arenit a ad Is one ef the targset and moat eonvaflBPEAMB' OOOBT, December 11. iSM-lm V/ T*1LI OV UOLVMBtA. WUIIMT*! 0o?IT1, Tt> *ct? In tbe ce e of Johanna Brown, administratrix of Vialil B--own. dacaaaod. the idataiitratrlx aforeeaid hw. with the t|prob*lloi 1 of the Orphans' Court of WMhfnfftoa coaaty ' aforeeaid, appointed Saturday. the 6th day ? January, iST, for the Anal settlement and 41a trlbutioa of tbo perronal MUM of MM <Uand of the aaaete in hand. aa far aa the ' anir bare been collected and turned Into money when aod where all the creditor* and Win ef said deceased are ao titled to attend, with thelt j claims properly Touched, or they May otherwlM I by lav be excluded from all baneAt ta aald de wwod'i estate: provided a eopy at thie order be 1 pnblisbed i-nee a week for three weak* la the Bva Bine htar prerloo* to the said day. Teat?JA1 K (I RIIRM. J da II lawtw* Box later of Win*. 4*i11 n ? no. *-** bio mrrei, two a 1 ra n 'rin ot n treet. ja Mt* (M>M KOBTXBLVB RTCK HOUpE sad 8T0HB j t?r rent. on Mb atreet, Mo 40t. near *mI?t Chapel. between K and 0. having wit' r nod g?? Store and dwelling .940 >n advance, without IU? tor? $/8. Inquire aa above. ja 2 it* 1 L'OH BINT-A three story and tiaaeineat Brick I l>WJLLLlI?tf HQl&K. L>r wn front, water &i>u B?j, tfnroom-. litnated on 15th atreet we?t. between L ?treet n rth and Mm Ne. 369 Inquire at No. 203 Hth atreet. betweeo 8 and 10 a. m and 4 and 6 p m. j? 2 tf FOB BKNT?II0l>K <ontniniug four room* and kitchen, with ga*< and water. Ma. 42 I>nnt>ar ton ?treet. Georgetown. Apply Pfoalte. No. 34. At $25 per month. ja 1 St* L'OB KINT-A HKICK U0L8K. 8 rooms, a table and call ar, an 7th atreet weat. I atween Muni N if rcpfa nr.rtt. Inn '< ra at ?Ka .. , ? ... . <U ,uitv m\ ?uo V>|D1 c? I r, i?u, S2S 7tb street. j* i-St* L'OK RKNT?C<>TT A<?E containing eight r ?>ms, r on I street, between 2>1 and Si. ri>?*??aiou imme.Matelf CLAGKTT A sWIRSr. Beal Estate A?enta, jallOt Ho. 4 Market Space. l/OB BENT-FRONT ROOM. hand?oineif fnr I m>-h<d. or unfurnished on Peno avenue, betveeu fath and 7th atreeta etat. Mo. 10. Ca-a M1" the door every three minutes. Convenient for clerks in the Depttrtmenta. jal St* F~H)B _eALl^A_?pTen ,i t UOMB4TBAIV, or UOUNTKY BEAT, situated t.-tween Wash inctonand Bladenabcrg, containing tbirtf a?re?, improved ?ith elegant Dwelling Honaeof twelve roOtriB. and tenant h<>use >>f four rooms; barn, AUCTION"8ALKS. 'rait AfTMMNOOW AND TV-MOMUuW. DI D. L. WILLS * CO.. d _ imunmci m4 bmi mm* broken, HortfcwMt ootmt WU Ud t Itmti. mil BOTLDIHG^AHD LtJMBBB AT AUG Om THC&SDAY. the id dtf of JMitry, ?t I o'duct ? ai..?iik??r*BlM(,N lltk n>-i mm. b~ v?*n B uid O K'*th. Mtr ?bfcoW , W* aha 11 ?9|| at Pabllc A actio* On Trmii.* D??IUi| US?M Ok Frani* Shop Ltr|? lot of Limb*r of dlJTaroBt kin4?. Tltl* Ml* U ?ortkr U>? otualton of BtiMtri and contractor*. imhw, d???t P L WILLS M O., Aurta. B* W. L. WALL A CO . Aoatioooora. Wo will aall. on WEPNB&DAY HORBIWO. January 2d. iM7. at MoVtock, at No ?*0isth atroot aid Pa. *??na?. thud atory , on* nodiaai Oscillating t yllndrr Friitlif 1 'toaa. Mala Pualttv*. Term- i uk r. m. rrftiMuriBLD.rtM?t?t4?. d? 31 W. L. WALL * CU.. Aorta. IT" THE ABOVE BALI '? TOtTPOMBD until THURSDAY ArTIhHC-lM, Jaunorr S. at thru- o'clock. i? l_ |?T OKBBB * WILLIAMS, iicttoBMn LABC.B UTOOK OK < LOTH1M1 AMD i.KSTI Fl MBlflHNiJ UUOU8. ou l'oo*a> Irani* uf, t*t?Mi nth ?nd l/tb atraot*. btii| Hur? No. *>, at Public A acton, Ob K HI I'AT lb* 4th d ?> of JttinrT.IIC .comta?ntinn *t I' o'elo-k a n and 7pm, and c?t? tiLltii ?\ IKY KVrNINO. at tk? ?ama b,ur. until tk? ahnl* atock it ill"po?rd of, bavin* a to* atork of l'r*aa. tack and olhar Co?t?, V?u, Paata, t>hlri* L?raw*ra,and ntn?r Uu<4ar UaracuU which will U told aitbtot tr?rrv? a? th? owoi-r has U rfDo?i on Account of property going to t?e tors d d* W d GRKIN * WILLIAMS. A?rta. BY J. T. UOLUWKLL, ft CO . Auctioneer* tul I".. ?l B?tate Arrnu. ??*rotu utte-t. Ob FBIFA Y. Jeauery ?, I'C. ?t 10 oYloek m will be ?old. on tbe Bfn?i??-e. on Ittti m . ai>w tbe c?n?l. Fume Hieck^mub eurf Wb??l?rrl*bt with nil tb? nee* ?*r> tool, for carrying oa t. e InrlDM*. bvl^sxlug to lb* eetat* of Jacob Snyder, d?rra?ed Immediately after the ????Te will b? "old all the Houwlio d *i>d K itrh< i) Kurate e b-'onelngt^ lbed?-ree?ed at 1.1* late ruMenic, OB bib at reel i between h nod F. TYrn.* cask. ja 1 St* M YOLK, Bieeutor BY H OOLMAM * CO.. Aactioaeer* No. U93 i'eriaa ?.. b<-t. s?lb end 1 <th ?ta Rale* every TUESDAY TB'B^DAY an* SAT UBl'AY MORMM4H.*tll 'cloak, oJknM Fnrritiir? Sf, c*e t'rockery. Ql*aa and Tinware Pry ttooda. Olotbinff. Moot* and Shoaa Gent* i crtr.aMae Ac . Ac A K>'t.*ral n??orimr?t at t h? ?bo*? jn >da tlwiri on hand at pilT?t?H f ?t AUCTION PHI' Is Out do?.r uIn attended to <? t<-Mon?bi? (i>ra<. Bale every SATL KDAT NIQBT at 7 o'clock H *0O.. Aorta, de ;? 1 w B. B. BROOK IK. Jr.,Sa1>-a<nan IJT SKKKH * WILLIAMS, Auatlooeara. TWO TWO STOBY "BBICK HOUSES AMD LOTS. moMTIftO 0* ->TH BTKBKT ? K?T Betaeen M ard N atreetn north, at Public A action On 1 HICB8DAY the !Oth Inatant. at 4 o'clock p. a., we (hall aell. on the p>atui?<?e. >>eia< part of t.(uare Bj i99. with the inpiotmoils, con?latlug of two eon* twj utoi y Brick Huna?a. <>n ? nicety ye*rV leaae, which will afford a floe chatice for any < tie withing to parchaea a email reai den ca. Term* One half caah : balance In all and twelra n eutf.a. for antea f ear riif ia'*-raet, an>1 e??<ir*>d by a deed of trnet on th>- aremiaea All ao i n? and ititun* itiapi u the coat of Ui* purchaser Si<J down when so'd. j?S d GB1KS k WILLIAMS. 4ocf. 0 SALf By virtue of th? Olmit Ceort for Prince 0<h jgr (Conuty .aittifu titOoart otlniif, p???* . id tLe ci of Mary A M?rk?ood md helecra lMivall Tt Jobn l> Koall ei.d other*, I ?lll t? put>li? ?l?, 011 THUH8D1T, ih? 24th day of January, ISo/. at IS o < loca tu? (if fair, it not. tbe next fair day thereafter. i <>n tbe preoii Ma. tba Re?l ftftate of whi- h Stephen Oo*om . late of Prince George Cenuty,died, ael/od and po* terted containingabout 5j acre*. This property W aituatel about theeo ailae from theTillneeof Blaien-biirs. la a mft he*ltfey re (ion of country. it well adapted to the growth of ttif uaual production* of t ie county . It *ijo<na the land* ef Perry W Browning >ia late Jobn f Sorter a>.d otbrra. and tbe eeilbelog of n tine teiture, ia valunbie for nmrknt purpoeea bcim diatant fr?m Washington city about eUht milea It will be told in lot* to anit pur haeer*. nod thoee deeiron* of MM-uriBf a most healthy country a**at will do well to attend the Bale. Terms of ?ale fl*e Hundred D liar- cn<h. realdne in one and two year*, with intereat and ap proved security. Title iudiapet-tie. a ltd on pay nidltl Af !?* ?"?-k ? ?'** ?. ... munr) wnn ini?rf?. IM 'Operty will be conveyed to the pure baser* < "> I 4Uwf H 0. BTBPHBII. Trn?t?e. |^T GBBBB * W1LLIAMB, iuduDwri. We shall Mil at oar Aaction Boons, on tbo corner of 7th and D stroets, ua 7BIDA Y. ths ?th day of Janaary next. 187 . at S o'clock p. at., all of Lot Ho. 11. Id Blears No. ?J. tarluc food front ui depth, fronting on street lev O street. Terms : One thli^d c**h . balaa e tnsn end twelre month*, for iotas barlax Interest, and wnwi by i deed of trgst on tb? promises. All conveyancing nod revenue stamps at the ooet of the par* chaser f ? down when sold de ? ooAds QBKBM A WILLIAMS, A nets. BY W. L. WALL A CO , Aactionoers, Original Horw and Carriage Basaar, 98 Louisiana arena* 8 A LB Or B9B8B8. CARRIAGES, HABBB88, Ob 8ATUBDAT M0EKIN9. Jan. ?. at 10 Vl'k, we will sell. st the Bazaar, a itmbtr of Saddle. v?na?rMIO won Mtrw, (a full description It J comprising nbont? riFTT H0B8B8 lur good Work, Haddl* ud Harn*** Hor***, Lao, Mtnhill'aSsl* of ilitwB tine Work and 8*441* Bnm Bight Doable and 8in?l* Biprtn Wag n*. e**r?t?*ii Sett- Double and 8'nf I* H -rue??, te. Being t>ie working *to< k u( tie Hatiuc J Bxpres* nn?i Transportation Company . nil of which will be peremptorily.?ola. Also, 4 larg* oollectioa of N*w and Second hand Baggl?*. Brcknwny*, Carriage*, Wagon*. and other Vehicle* Two new J*nny Llnd Wngon*. built in thM city. Baggy a Ltd Haruest. Alio, _ New and Second hand barn***, Baddlea.Oarrijg**, Ac., nt private *al*. Begnlar *nl?* day*. TaM4ay*. Thursday*, nai Saturday* _ ^ . v bi hum boq mnM ii wsf? on private sale. j mi W. L. Wi.LL k PP.. A bom. |^T JAB. V. McQClBB k OO., AucdoM*ri. ADMIN1STBAT0B S BA.LB OF SIX ?00 DOLLAB BOM DA. Iuutd kr the 0?t|iurtU?B of Alexandria to bat Id ooal wharvee; tntereet from Juitir 1, Mil, ?l the Acctlon Boom*. Januar> 7th, at 4 o'clock. By order admlntatrrtora jaidta tint| J. 0. McOPlBB k CO., Aqctt. |JT OBKBB * WILLI ABB, Auctloaeer*. TBCPT*K'8 SALB OF SIX FBAMB Till MBNT8 AND LOTS, VBOBTING OB TttB Alley l>?tween 6tl. and7tbetre<*ti ?Mtud L aod M uotth, at Public A met ion. By virtue of ? deed of irual, dated the 11th day of July, A 1? . 1*4. and recorded la LitorB C T., Mo. 19. folieSSS, 33t, 3M. mad 3J6 of t e Lt.od Beeurda of Wa* -.idgton county. DUtriet of Columbia, I ihkll Mil n? HIillDl V ?._ ? " . ..... , ?a SBVBIVH a I ?UC #101 I. wi yvcvm l.or. at 4 o clock ?. m . ob the rremi* , Lot Bo. U, in friuar*- N . uv. with the dial so* according toaaiddoedof tract. Tbtlmp ott imti count Bfoiz CrtintTwiafg J, vhli >i attNlt profit ibl? iBTNtoMit lor any on* wULi 'j to ponhaeo U> attend tbo sal*. Torau: Uno h?lf cuk, biluco la six an4 tvolrt nooihi, for aotee bearing loMreot, u4 Mcoroi by o deed of trust on tbo premiooe. All conveyancing iD<t revenue ?tam?e at tbo coot of the purobater. |1? torn on tbo day of aale and tf the term* aro aot complied with la fire days aft-r the day of tale, the Tiuatee roMTTM tbo right to reooll tbo aro*-rtj at tbo risk and coot of the detanltiug aor:ha*er, by advertising tbree times la the KtooIu S?ar H H. TILLY. Trustee drSeokds GBEBM * WILLIAMS, A acts %jr TUB ABOVE BALE 18 PO?TPOS1D OH iccoant of the we tiner. ontu BOKDAI, the'tb ia^tKDt . ranie hoar ana place, oy ururr ui lOf irDPlM. JBf eoAde GEKBN 4 WILLIitcu Protected BI* BuVaL*\.bttl bs pat?nt or Euflaad, ud aacurad by the t*tli of the icole de Phartnacie de Paris, and tbe imperial >llefe or Madiclae, Vienna TricMBir Do 1. t? the tStctikl rawdr EoUkltoi, BfermttkorrhoM, to4 Exhaustion of ihi IfiUm. Triiimit Mo. ? kM MUrtlr *?V*r>edad tb? iiiiwh dm or Copavla, Oabahat Ac. rrteaemar Mo a la the Infallible raansiT tor ail Lb pa title* ltd gacoodary 8impU>me. thn.obviitlof the im of Barmry aad all other diMtrtou a* redleata TUcb KeMrillei hi In Ua form at a mom wm ible Loaeage bacared frarn Ike eflacta of dlHt! ud ckniH of alaoaikMa la Ua oaaee, at 13 each, ar four #9 ea*v? la on for #*, aad la f* MM.ttuiaTliif |l Divided la ae pa rate doaaa ia admlalataradby Taipaaa. Rallaaaata, Boas, n *hit?m ilitl mttviamii I/." OOBK1CCT l~ON IBY'aN uTbl' 0KB4H ABC FACTORY, BO. ?*? ?U> ITNI. A* KO|>r1?tor rakM h> tafora (*bIUm,mM iroprlotork. *n<1 lb* foblfe gt-DoralW, thtt ho cootlanoo to furoikh Confectioner j kua tbo cttoicoot loo CraMn ?t tb* ohorto?t notlco. aa<l oa tbo moot -oaoaaobla tormo ?o<Mtag ami F*? t r*l?, of kll klkdi kk< drM, Chorlotto Kino, Bibbo Mum mH JoIIIoo aario to ortfor P?rt?oo, IllHrt and otbor OBtertaiMOkU ftniiM a ? ,xcaiK"i 8TOTB8 GB&TU, la tro?? fkrtotf. at^fl Ift* 4S otroet. Door tko Bridro teff la' pnTOilf HA ID-BOOK or FB ACTIOS 4of?r F*ARC* TAT LOB.