Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. | T1IE Th' R nmored Frr*r?cr of the C. O. I R in ^ e w Y ork?Probably Another t a*e o1 nitlakrn Identity. T i? whereabouts of Head Centre Stephen* ha? been cansmz a go>vd deal of speculation throughout the State* dnrmg the past wc*k, ;> . icnlarly among the members of the organ i*.at cu, as well a* those who have never coatnfu'ed directly or indirectly towards the muvrBrllL 1 t?e breaking out of a rebellion in Ireland h-f >re the eud ol the old year vm to denote his pr. ence ir. that country; bnt having failed, as supposed, to lon e a way through the net work of liiitisb muskets, they have naturally concluded that the whole nmg te as gigantic a swindle a? the establishment of an Irish Recti k tic in Union Square. Th? rumor which gained ground throughout the ?ltj, to the effect that Mr. Stephens was Mill m New Yor*. and staying under the assumed name of Scott at a boarding-house ia Fast 13 h sreet, is contradicted. The lady who rents the bouse allnded to states that a j gentleman whom she could not name had been boarding at her loi a short time up to Wednes- i day last, when he took his departure without i auy attempt at di?gm?e. While he remained there several gentlemen had been in the habit of tailing upon bim, hot none of that secrecy peculiar to conspirators was observed during :lie audiences given them. Heoccupied a parlor and tiedroom on tbe first Hour, and looted hi* bill* in advance. Capt O'Shea, a gentleman connected with 1 the Stephens organization, and an old residect of this city, nas been ims'aken for the C. ' O. 1. K so frequently, tha' he has probablv now began to regard hims?-lf as more than a fcrctbfr" ?o the Chief. It is quite possible thru tbe Captain, perhaps know igly, has b*ten personating the C. O 1. K in i:jth street lor the purpose oi throwing tbe detectives and the Briti? b ConsnI off the track. On a recent tour j through tn<? Western States, he was supposed to be Mr Stephens everywhere he addressed :t:e f ?ple While the Fenian mihtarv Cjnnc.l was m -ssion at Dublin. liefore ' he suspension of ihe habeas corpu* act, this same Captain O'Shea had a trio ol detectives dnggu.g Ills footsteps tor several days, nnfil ttiey finally decided that he was in reality the escaped Head Center, and hired an Italian mo?le| artist" to dash Tip against htm. Upon \ which a pair of policemen pounced on him j and took turn to th^ station-hous#*, wli h* ' wa^, forced to allow hi* tace to be washed *uh ho" water, and bis beard pulled. The modest st.m ? seven shillings and sixpence, sterling, wa- extracted from his purse and handed to the supposed vendor of images, aud ne was ultimately disc barged, only to r>e re-arrested some days alter ny another braceof detectives. Ttie - -iidrten tiepar'ure of J is. Stephens far parts in known 'itiiy he accounted for t>v tbe fact that ' iptain O Shea has left for We w jersey, where tie 'o ao'lr*.-s ? meeting lUis evening. AV to J< rk i.xjrtst. A Singular Affair. [Lebanon, O . (1'ec. v>tb ) Dispatch to the Cincuiiati Commercial ] On the*i4'h nisu.ut, atahout7 o'clock p. m , a e hii supposed to be w. T. McFaddeii, of ? inciniiati, got off of thr Umannati ummbus. at the house of Frank Kirhardson. near tti.s place, complaining of beiug uuweii. iir. Smi h ftichardson, a physician of K tton and <brotb?rol Frank Kichardsoo. arrived at tne same place some time during tbe afternoon. At ball-i as;? o'clock, on the same evening, Fraiik Kicbairisoii came to town and tele, g.aphtd to Mrs. Sarah McFadden as Mllnws " i our husband, W. T. McFadden, died here this evening. Answer " Said dispatch was sent ii, care of B M Batcheldor, at Eaton. He ! prccnr?d a coftin and returned home at ten o'clock that evening. At about 7 o'clock the next morning, three neighbors were called in, as they supposed, to iay cut s stranger, wno .Richardson said had died there the previous evening of cholera; but w hen ttey arrived at the house it. was only to help lead a coffiu. which wa? already close l up. The coflin was sent in a spring wagon, and Richardson started with it, as he said, tor Carlisle Station, to send the corpse to the family olthe deceased. So-picion of loul play being aroused, a dispatch was sent to Fuiton. which brought a mat the corpse arrived there some ourmg the night, and was interred about it; .dnigbt I'Ulcers were sent from here to F itcn. who louno the yrave to contain a codin ni.^d with broom cor seed. Richardson and h it hellor we;e arre* va. It u said that Dr Kichardson is agent lor a hie insurance company. and that the three men w?-re engaged in a conspiracy to obtain monev from the com- I Pany. A Divorce Case. ^The last divoice rendered by the Superior ' Court at Chicago is a peculiar one. The case is :nat ol .Nathan A. v? Kli/ ibetb W. Frink. I 1 he bill wa- fll-d June27th last, three month- 1 and three da vs snb-eqnent to the m irria?e of j tte parties, ium defeudant having changed her name trom Fox u* Frank on ihe -?Uh of tae ! preceding March Tne bill alleged cruelty. ex;reme and repeated on the part of the deienuant during the brief interval of their jom' ! existence, and it further showed "that since ; and during said marriage, hut wife has been i rtiii'v ol adultery and foruicauon. aud ha?= committed the crime of adujiery and foroica- 1 tiou with some man or men to your petitioner ! nnknow-B. etc." The defendant established her own character in reference ta cha-tity by tfce following answer, to-wit "that sue admits all and singular tbe ma'ters and things ai.d allegations stated and charged iu said bill of cciuplaiut tiled in this cau^e to be true in n.bitiucf :iiid(t.act. acd fnrtber answereth not etc. Mgn?d Llizabeth W. Frante." Independent of the proof by this confession on the p.irt ol the Wile, tne Court very properly adjudge.! a decree of duor.e for a woman who would oy her own act. place upon ihe pnbiic records of a judicial tribunal the acknowledgment of her want of virtue, could not, or should not, be allow ed to marry, or remain married, to one, even if he were as mean an she hersell.?AiOanv Argus. ' A San Cask?a father Testifies agamst kit St.%fcr forgery ? We never remember to have witnessed a sadder scene in court than one which occurred in the city court yesterday mormrg J. 1. Foster was presented beiore his Honor Judge Craig, npon a charge of lorgery, having forged two checks on the Citizens' Bank and one on the Secoud National Bank, each for */ai, purporting to be signed by K. J Foeter A Co, wholesale grocers,on Ma n street, between Sth and !?th. The two checks on the Citizens' Bunk were passed ou Stratton A Snodgrass, audtneoneon the National Bank on the Spurrier House The ttrst witness on the stand was K.J Foster, father of the accused, who testified that the checks were forgeries. When asked it he had not paid similar checks for his con, he replied, bursting into tears, that he had paid between 4I5.0UI and 8 >.u,? lor him The heart of the old-man ccuid stand it no longer, being compelled to thus make public the faalts ol his sen. The scene iu the court, as thestont man shed tears hkean ir!ant, was most sad. Judge Craig, after making some appropriate remark* on the conduct of young Foster, required him to e1Ve *'cO tond to answer.-^LouuciUe Ptnocrai, i'.tK A (4Cl>T!OJ? OK 1 JITkREST TO J*W8? One of tbe Jews in Bostou who keeps a store, was arresua lor keeping open on theSakbathon Sunday. The case was brought up in the Municipal Court and sent to the Superior Court, the counsel for the Jew taking thu ground that as long as tbe Jew kept what he conscientiously believed was the S.ibbath? which was from li o'clock Friday night antil 'he same hour on Saturday night?he could not be fined or imprisoned lor keeping open his sbcp on the day set apart for worship by the Christians, to-wit, Sunday. I^ast week tbe c??e was brought before j ndge Wilkinson in the Superior Criminal Court, v. ho slated tha*. he mnst confer with his associates. There the matter rests at present. In the revised statu ei ol Massachusetts one article makes it lawful lor any man in tbe State who does not believe in the Chris'Inn Sabbath to worship on such day in the week as he chooses. The Jews of Boston, as a general thing, congregate on Saturday, and services peculiar to their creed are conducted by a regularly ordained and duly commissioned Jewish priest DlftTBBSftiHrt Aci iubmt ib Mivxbbota ? On Saturday morning last. Mr. Melancton Smith, a young man of about twenty years ol age' while walking around one of the va?? in Cnt. ;er, Sepombe A Co.'s paper mill, in Sain: Anthony, mi?sed his looting and fen into a vat of boiling lime water. He went in all over except bis head, and, strange to say,had presence of mind enough to jump and catch bold of the edge of the vat. where he bnng by his left ' hand until bis cries were heard by a negro, who came and assisted him out. His clothing : was taken off immediately, and he was p*cked in cotton batting and oil. " The burn was deep aod. consequently fatal, tbe skin slipping from the flesh on 'he slightest pressure. The yonng man died after a suffering of six hoars from the time of the sad accident. W Ihe Boston poal says; Napoleon ha* a kidney disease; Victor Kmanoei a paralv/ed right arm ; Biamark is sick ; the Km press Carlo'.te era*y ; the hair of both the Kmperor or Austria and the Queen of Hanover nas turned Lray within a year the p.,p# weeps day avid li ght, and Victoria still broods over the past with profound melancholy. ^Geseral Mdlen, Pre*idem of the Fenian n ilt'ary Council in Ireland, has written a let. ter, whiv a tad be *o pnblu bed in the ftuMm papers, in which ne detonncw Stephens as a nombug and a rascal The letter has cre.^d a great sensation n Ireland, althongS by some it n regarded a* a stratagem of the Bri 4dl> GottriiPifBl % K>cp all th? Stock you cart. I The Massachusetts Ploughman in discoursing upon the above subject giv?s tne following excellent and trr.tht'ui remarks, which should be heeded by all our readers: ' There Is uo ? ay to keep up a 'arm so readily, or 90 well, as by keeping all the stock it will ?airly carry, in order to produce the largest possible amount of good manure. Somethin* may be done with artificial manures to be sore, >iu? rhey are to be considered rather as stimulant* to the immediate crops, than as means of keeping up the permanent fertility and condition of the land. We believe in stockin? a farm pretty nearly up to Its utmost capavity. We do not mean by this to rt?comuaeud a farmeT to keep more than his farm will carry well, bnt to keep as much, and if he bastosupplement a little, that is, to bar more orles* grain or hay to help out a rather short crop, he had better do this than to sell his hay for want of stock enough locsu^ame It. In other words, it it> better to sell the produce of the farm on four legs, tban to sell it lu the form of hay aail grain, unlets he has some other aud extraordinary means ot supplying a full equivalent in the form of fertilizers, that will keep up the condition of the land. We have seen hay seld in the barn ia the country, within a week, at thirty-threedollars a ten, and that, too, mora than forty mile* from Boston. Of course the temptation is very strong "to let slide" at such a price, rathertban to feed it out to an ordinary stockof cattle. No one would pretend to say tt Is worth that money te feed to common stock Cattle ought to be ot a high and first rate quality tojustify an expectation that it will pay that to feed out. And yet it is probable that it will go higher instead of lower in the course of the winter. But we must look abead a little and see where wears ikely to land. Manure is high as well a* bay, aud when we begin to look about to see bow we are to supply the place of a large heap of goed barn yard manure in the spring* it is acit ea.-y to tell bow to do it a: any reasonable price. The good farmers of Connecticut valley, many ot whom we know personally, find it tor th? in merest to buy a large amount of s'ock in the (ail. and to buy grain from ne West at high prices to feed ont to it for the sake of the manure They may lose ou the stock, ltmay sell for less in the spring, or, at any rate. for little more tban they paid lor it in the fall. They lock lo the crop which ttiey cau produce with the manure, to take up any loss they may sustain on the stock, and naving tried it year alter year, lbey do not look in vain. They have learr.ed to put confidence in manure, and every farmer who expects to prosper mu?t learn the same lesson. Manure is the basis o" the fanner's prosperity, aud stock is the fertile source of manure. It is, theretore, a short-sighted.policy to sell bay if it is possible to consume it ou the pl*o-? with good, thrifty, growing stock. Much of the stock in our barns is not of tttis description, we are sorry to say. Some of it will pay and pay well. "Some of it will consume a gooa dt-a! of hay and not pay at all. There is a T:vt dillerence between the two classes of stock in this respect. A co"v that is really worth from ve to a bundled dollars will pay be' ter in the long run fur the food she consume* than a cow that is really wortii only forty or fifty dollars. In many cases a farmer had better pay even more than the higlier price, thin to take the lower priced animal as a gift. Thpercentage ot profit on tn?' one will he larg>*, ev-n with the present high prices of hay and fodder of all kinds. The other will pay no percentage whatever, and it may even co-^V about a* much as she is worth to fatten her. What we need more than anything, in our New England system of larmtngisa higher and more profitable cla?s of stock. We ar?* gradually coming to it. Twenty years of the present enterprise and spirit of improvement will make a great change, and the plan we suggested of stocking our state and town f.u m-i with pnre bred stock will contribute more to bring soout tins result than anv other that we cnn oevi?e. Keep good stock, keep it well, and winter as much of it as you can winter well. It willpay better than to i-ell hay. Gavarwi's East studikh ? Garaml, th* late French artist, bad a passion for aerostatics, and iike Eeonardoda Vinci, had the conviction that aviation or the fly of the bird, was the principle and tue alpha (M aerial locomotion. Be spent the last teu years of bis existence In esp^r:mente and studies on th?* length of the w ing and us level, and be constructed many aparatusea which never answered. K/"The people of the city of Nevada are cra*y over the discovery that their city is probably builto\er gold mines. The I'aliau mine, in the centre of ihe town and nn der the principal street, is being worked and the yield j is very larse. St^"Tbe following is gi\en as the stat.s'ics i of the Prote-tant Episcopal Church in tin* : conntrv. Whole number of parishes, ?,'!, t>. j nnmh? r of clergy, -j.-'ttn: *otal m?-ml??-T->hip. 161,226; couUibutions the past year, S4,051,4k><. OV 1 he storm on Thursday in t he interior of the Mate of New York was the most sever*one since lgtiS T weuty inches of snow fell at Albany and twenty-lour inches at Tr>y and railroad tommunication was entirely suspended. I/"Rst. J I?onghertv. formerly professor of moral theology. at Notre IJame, lnd . jumped from the third s*ory ef a hotel in Cairo, on Wednesday, causing his instant death. H>was a man of br,lliaut talents. ft^The Supreme Court ot New York, in session a' Albany, bas rendered a decision affirming the judgmeutof the last tieneral Term, which sustained the constitutionality ef the Excise law. Two men. named Boms and Looraey engaged in a wiestling match in St. Louis the other day. (in the third round Burns was thrown so Bard that be died in a few minutes from the eflVcts of it. *VThe Kicbmond Whig says that the Manchester Milts, near Kicbmond. having been refitted with first-class English machinery, have resumed operations, manufacturing fine brown shirtings and sheetings. Fine woolen goods are also to be made by the company. S?"Snsan Fisher of Portsmouth. N. H , lately choked and pounded an illegitimate child to death. She ia quite sick, and likely to get justice ia the other world before she does in this. s Kf The negroes near Ooidsboro', North Carolina, refuse, in many cases, to work, and band together to waylay, rob, and beat all the likely looking white travellers. Teams of horses are their weakness, and more tkau forty fine ones have been recently stolen. Advakci is Whiskt ?The dealers in New York whisky have put up the price 15a^ucents per gallon, in consequence of the alleged scarcity or the article, resulting from the extensive seizures of distilleries by the Government for violations of the internal revenue law. ySpoon says the best capital to begin with ia a capital wife. BANKERS. 01LLS OH LONDON, _ FOB 8ALS IN 8CM8 TO BOIT. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BOUGH1 ON FAVOR ABLE TERMS. LBW18 JOHNSON k CO . Banker!, no 14 tf ?94 Pennsylvania avenue. JAY COO UK fc CO., BAIKI1I, Fifitentk strut, appeitU Trtmtury, In7and sel a leurrent market rates, and keep oastaatly on band, a fall supply of all QOVBBHMBBT BONDS, BBFEN-THIBTIBS, AND OOMPOOND 1NTBBB8T NOTB8 Orders far STOCKS. BONDS, *o , executed. and Collections sad* on all ancsesibls totals. sel-tf IfAKROW A CO., BANK BBS, Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh reet. saaLiaain voyebnment securities, ?OLD AND BlfcVBB J, and LAND WABEABTB^ lint National Bank of Washington. B D COOBB. (of Jay Cooke BCo.,) President, W M. B. HPNTINOTOM, Cashier. OOVBBNMBNT DBPOBITOBT ana FINANCIAL AO BNT OF THB UNITBN BTATBB, 1IU iiriM, sH?s?us Us lVsa?m Dtpmrtmmt. Ouisiiawl Beonrttus with Treasurer Catted aUUmmrONE MILLION DOLLARS.^ * s buy end sell all classes ef GQTERNMENl tECV RIT1ESH cnrrsat market rates. FURNISH EXCHANGE mud mmk* CMfUmu on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. W purchase Oovsrnmsnt Youokers oa the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, aad give oarstal im prompt attention to ACCOUNTS 9/ BUSINESS MEN mU FIRMS. and to a ay other bnstaeee entroetsd to as. FULL IBPOBMATION la rsgard to GOVSKB M BNT LOANS at all tiasee cbserfMly fnraisbed VI S HCNTINQTOB, Casbler. | Wsehiagton, March?, M. ma tf AUCTION SALES. JJI TllOB. DOWUSO, Ai^ct ; Georgetown. POTOMAC ?IBUE~i7B8 AT AFCTION. Wt-l be rented to the bieheat bidder, at Pablis Auction, on vs IPNKsDaT MOBN1NG, Jsnuar* 9. lfcJ. O tiie Auction Store, So. 1T4 Bridge street Georgetown? 'Ibe Three Fishing Ltndlan on the P tonte fv. **>ve Georgetown, kaowu m "Cloud % Landings." ? Terms Or>e half cash; balance la four months, for note* satisfactorily Indorsed J A. BITCH IB. ' a *"08. DOWUllO.AMt. de | Time# A Cornier] |JY GUEEN A WILLIAMaT Auctioned AICTI9N BALI OF TWO 8TOBY FRAME ? .?.? dwbllihg H(?r>*. On TUESDAY, thetth day of January, l?i7, at ( 0 clack I 01 , we shall sell, by public auction. on the premisea, an excellent two st?ry frame dwel- 1 ling house, situ a tsd on th< eaatalde of 9th atreet, 1 near M street north. being p?rt of Lot Mo. 12. la 1 Bqusre No sfr*. having a front of id feat 2 inches, ' and lot 92 feet deep to a public alley Teiaa of sale : One half caah,and balance in six month* with interest. Conveyancing at coat of purchaser. de 31 td GBEEN A WILLIAMS. A acta. U' TH08. DOWLING, Anct.;Georgetown. bALB OF IMPROVED BBAL ESTATE IN _ . Georgetown By virtue of a deed ef trust. duly recorded la Liber .I. A B , B o. 109, f*lioe ??. Ac , of tbe land recoidsof the Dtatrictof Columbia, we will, on tfce 8th day of January. 1867, at 4 o'clock p m., expo?? for salt*, at public anction on the preoii e*, cartaln ri;al estate lu Georgetown a!tu?ted, Delug Part of Lot numbered one h Quired anl four. ! U0l?>In Baall gaddition to aald town, beginning 1 for the aame at the end ef 110 feet from the nortberat corner of Green and lie-all afreets. running east by and with the line of Beat! atreet 41 ftet and an<l 4 12 of a foot, thence nortb 80 leet, thence west and parallel with Heall atreet wand 4 11 feet, thence north 40 feet, thence went 3 feet, thence aonth 120 feet to the beginning, with the build- 1 ings, Improvements and appurtenance# t? the same belonging. Terma: On" half cash; balance In ?, 12 and 19 montl a. te be aeon red by a deed of trn.?t on the premises. All conveyancing and stamps at purchaser's cost. If the terma of sale are not complied with within fly days after the aale. a resale will be bad at the eo?t and riak of defaulting purchaser. 310Uto he paid at tbe fall of the hammer WALTBB 8. COX. _ CHABLK8 M MATTHEWS, Truateee of the Third Building Aa??ciatiou of Georgetown. de 6-eoAda __THOS. DOWLING, Auct. W. L. WALLA CO., Auctioneers. TBCSTEEB SALE OF~lMPO?ED BBAL EBTATE IN WABfllNGTOJl D. C By virine of a deed of trust, duly recorded in Liner N.< T , No. 57, pages tS8. Ac., of the Land Becor.lsi'f tiie Distri t of Columbia, ws will. ?u the 9th day of January. 1>*7. at 4 o'clock p. m , expcee for sale ?t public auction, on the premises, certain Real Eatat*. being Lota No. 10 and 11, In Samuel Davidson's etibdi vision of Square numbered one I and red and eighty three. la Washington city, IV C , altli the building', improvements and appurtenances te the sane 1 <-loii?lng. lerma One half cash; balance in 6.11 and H months to be t eon red t>> a d> ed o! trust on the pf. miaea. All conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the purchaser. If the terma of aale aro net compile! with * ithin five days after th s*le, a lesale will he had at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser ?100 to he paid at the fall of the haiunier. WaLTEKB COX. - . _ . CHAS M.MATTHEWS, Tmeteee of the Tliir?t Datlding Aflfociatioi. of G?-i;r*etomn. de_7_eoAds W. h WALL A f'O . A nets. |Jf T1IOB. DOW LING, Auct., Georgetown. VEBT VALFABLE A-TTTDESIRX RLE WHARF PUOPABl'Y Ii? GEORGETOWN. D. C., AT On THURSDAY, January 10.1A67. at one o'clo '< p. in., 1 will aell. 011 the pr?mi-es, all of tbat very >?|tsat.l>- and desirable wharf property .n tt-e south ?ide ut Water street, between Washington and .L-d.-raon streets, adjoining the lumt>er yardi 01 Jos A J B. Lihl.y and Waeatley A Som, an l now occupied ae a wood and ooal ) ard by J 0 beistoB tio. This property has a front of abont so feet on the Potomac river, with a depth of nearly MVi leet, fronting ?8 feet on Water street, and also a front ua WiiKhiniiton ?tre> t of about 71 feet, and improved l>y a autstaatial wharf, bnllt this season, and au office trontliig on \\ ater street This property altogether, ia the most desirable wharf properties 'or wood, coal, or lumber yards id the Diatrlct of C'lumlda Also, L?.t <Vt, ea-t aide of .leffereon atreet, betw*ea ? ater ?tie?-t and tue canal, fronting SO f??1 on Jef ferat.n atreet. with a depth of ui| |eet 8Inches, and improved bi a Frame hv?h!e. All cotiTeyaaces and stamps. Ac., paid for bv the pnrthase r. Possession given on or Lefora the hrst day of April 18?T. Teina to b? nia-'e known on the day of sale, which will bo liberal. deiN eots TII08 m)WLING. Auct. |Jf TUOfl. PQWL1NG. AncT; Georgetown^ TBI tsTEE'8 BALE OF VALL'ABLE BE AL E31 ATE. By vlitne of a deed of truat mvlt br James Bhodier wife te the sub-criber thebihdayof Ortol?er. aud rec'irdei! among tue lau<l records of the liUirici 0: Columbia, in LU -1 K M. H., No. 7, f? lio ili., Ai.% 1 will oiler at public sale, in front > f she premise-. TUFBSDaY the *7th December. 1HW, at 4 o <:l<wk p. m . tne foii?wm< describa! real e**ata. teing part of lots No 47 an'l in Pe ter Beitt*. Threlk-ld and Deakla's addltiou to Ge-oigetown :>a> District af >re-aid, erronerja^l i nsn.exi in fo-mer deed- an lota Ho -.9 and ??. Be| gmniBK for the ?an e ai the enl of 87 f< <-t 6 inch** 1 mea-uMd onai'ne drawnetet from t!i Intertei tion uf the east line of Lingan with tbe n .rth line of l'rosi.act atreet and running thence east with the noith line of Prospect street 2" feet; thence north and parallel with Llogan street !M feet more 1 or lee*, thence west and parallel with Prospect str?et20 "ieet: tbence -outh and parallel wltn Liu 1 pan street H3 feat more or less te the beginning Terms of aal One third cash; and the residne In six and twelve months, with interest fr m the i etay of sale the title being retained until lull pay meut of tbe purchase money. If the terms of sale are n >t complied with within thteedav* after tbe day of sale the trustee ref-ervee tbe right to resell, npon three day - notice, at 'be risk ainlcostof tbe defaulting purchaser. Oonvejaacing and stamen at purchaser's c->at , IIUGII CAPERTON Traatee. de 13 eo THOB DOWLING, Auct. *f"THE ABOVB BALE WAS POSTPONED onj 1 January 7th. 1S>7, same nxur and plate. nCGH CAPBBTON, Trustee. de t9-eoAda BT iBEBN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Late Qf re Ntte York Washington I r. t 1 , ? . "?er*?f??'w, D. C.. Nov. Jd, lss<5 I The following oaclalmed packages will, if n<;t t days from this date, be sold ?Mct,on?to * .; & M- J Gardaer, W.W.BJberta, Geo Doolittle, H Btnnley, Edwin 1. Morrill, Wm. Galagber, Mrs. Vharl'te Beward T. L. O'Briea Also, 1 bbl. Varnish, 1 Cooking Stove, 1 broken do . 1 Trunk. 1 C best, without mark. The above packages, now at the late office rf the company in Oeorgetown, will, If not called for, be * ?d at tl,e anction room ef Green A Williams, on BlTCBDAT, the 29th of Deoember next, at 11 o'clocka m., without reserve for cash no ? 2awds QttEBN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. . ff.T.%^B2VI18ALB 18 POBTPONBBUN *al BAl CBDAY, the Mb day of January, 1897,at tbe same hour and place. de^y eo (.BEEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. p U B L l"0 8 A L B~" By virtue of authority, we will exptaa at aablic sale on the premises, near the residence of K M Dsruall on THL'BSbAY, the It th day of Jautiary next at 12 o'clock m., two parcels of LANU, equally divided ami contiguous to each other. < ontalnlag llrt acres. This property is situated about flv? miles fr. m the Center Market. Wash in*tou city, is acsessible hy the Anasostia Bridge; centains an e<jaal nnsntlty of arable meadow and wood, ia of moat excellent quality; highly productive, adn-irably adapted to market purposes, and haaa valuable mill seat and line building sites tljrisco. it will be sold separately. Terma of aale ?One-hair ca?b; residue in 12 ""SUft i'J.11 intereat and approved security Title indiapntable. A * B. C. STEVENS, WM T HILL, Attorns) s lor B M Darnall. a.. * O STEi nBNS. ... W?T?T ,or H'nty W. Daruall. ue X- ilawts (lut? 11 l^encer ) JKOB T B~l '8 BALE^ B> virtu* of a <?ecree of the Circuit Cour< for PrlLce Georges Couaty. sitting aa a Court of 'J1 ln, the caase of James B. Dodson and ot he is vs. Jehs T Fenwlck, administrator de bonis uoa of Jehn (.Carter and others, I will * P?blicsaja.^at the lute residents of tbe saed Carter on TTEBD AT the 15ta day or Januarv next, at 12 o'clock m. (If fair. If not oa aha next Mr day thereafer 1 all tbat tract or p^Sel of laad known as' Mel Boee,?-0f which hediliseltMl and posseseed. conUming about lw acres tAK.t&LX.'ZZ'r* -n" i^?S&Ti!Kftl,,,afJi?."? ? ?-<>' Mel Boasjis most[eligibly situated, being distent from tbe tlllaia of Bladen<burg about t*o miles, JTd w2ihi^?*ilnTVi'# ?" th* B*^iraore and Wsablugton Ball read, about two and half miles, and adjoins the lands of Maaers P. W. Browning and B. O. Lowndes. The soil ia of i fioe * **??*' edmirably adapted to market purpoees; and tberelsayoang and thriving Peach Orchard upon the premises, of choice frait. vrenara The improvemeiits consist of a first 0 &ss Frame Dwelling In exesllent repair, with a largs lawn in front tastefully laid oat, ornamented with shrubb*ry tr? of ISSJP?: kinds: and there is a cotamealout Barn wpoa the premises srected at a WMiderabla expeaee with every neceseary building. Thoee in pursuit or a beautiful, healthy and iW.toSfSM.lKrt 1^S&SJSfSiUSS *5 being kind asd very productive T???*ble, it Terasa or sale :Obo-third eash: residue in one '*0 veare, with intereat and approved seenri1 Oa pay meat of the purchase money with Interest a deed la fee will ha exae.ited to the pa7chaaer or parchasera. ftanpi aad soevevaeclag at ex psaae of the purchaser or pure has era -A* B. O STEPHEH Truatee. NEW BOOBS ?Shank's Personal Becellectlons or DIS ingnls^d ??ensr?U. ^ *91 rVt^k ira i rsuzsr An AmerK^ Family lT<lermaay b, J S^VeSif tST7 CT k,a,oa by Jlte * BBAM0K TAYLOB. > I GU4TT 'XV, } . u t GOVERNMENT SALES. nostpniimkht or sale or govebh* 1 MINT PBOPBBTf at POINT LOOKOUT, maryland. Uuutquarurt Dtpartm4*U of W<uh>n?ton, ) Qfireof Chitf Ouarttrmast*.T Washington. D C., December.11, 1966. \ The auction ?)? of ttoveruaieut Property adver'lsed to takenlace at Paint Lookout Maryland, on fbi dat, diolmhcbis hw.ii p .*tpo>ie<l OLtii 12 o'clock, no. n. triuay, january 4, 18. 7, when the ssle will be made m. i ludib'itor, Col, and cfcm Quartermaster, Pvt Brig Gen. de 31 -4t department of Waihirgtcn Public SALB Of liNtf LB LaAIN w? propKBTY br anthorlty of the Chief of Engineers. i will ell, at Publls Auction, at bupfiu s t ebky, wkst va,on thursday, janpar7 1??, jh?>7, the following BNGlNEERa' property, via: Anchors, weighing from 11) to 700 pounda each

u.-3i pouade Wire Cable One Metallic Life Boat t?o Pontovn b?ata. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock a. tn. Term a caah, la United ritatea fnnda daniel j. vol'mq, M 8 k. "f Ordnance, d--31 tda .'OHM KOUNCK, Auctioneer. i^ramr building at a dot ion. C\uf q%*Ofiujhr* / Waskimion.l d. c., Uec 27, ims { Will be anld at public prii?ay, January 4. 1867. at 12 o'clock ?n?n. under the direction of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Jamea m. Mure a. U. M , On>> Prame Building, 3Px31 feet, and Two Sink* 8ltnale<l on h street north. hetweea 1.1th and uth Itreete ? *. c< ntiguons to Medical Muse im. Terms Cash.?? Oomnmint funds. l>. H. Rl'CKKR, A??ty'r m'r General, <! ?7-7t Brev MajorO'-nera! U. ?. \rmy. Sale OP A LARiiE LuT OK ORUNANOB AND ORI'NANCE material. (f O'dnntire. Navy Department,t W/i . gton City. Decen.her 22.lii \ There will he sold at public au. tioa. to the highest bidder-', ?t Bcon, on thl rsda y. the twenty fourth (24i d?y of J aitiar j. 18e7. at the otflce of the Inspector of t*rdi>ence t>mrf Yard, N?w York, a l-i?e I t of Ordnance Stores. serviceable and un ser\Iceable, embracing Cannon, Shot an I Shell, i-mallArma of variooa calibre*. Spare Parts of Mm a 11 Arms. Ou n Carnage*, and Mfscellan<-ous Store* The articles will be (old in lots to suit purchaaei s. Term*: One half caah in Government funds to be deposited oa the conclusion of the sale, and the reii'b.ntier within teutl;><da?s afterward, during which time the aiticle* mar oe removed from the Navy Yard, other a l*e they will revert to the government h. a. wis! de 27 e..l it Chief of Bureau. I~argk lot op i'n^ervice abtlb quab_j tbrm&8tbr propeuty at AUtiTloN. Chief Ou^rterrrULtttr's Ojfre Depotof Wa*hintton,l Washington, D C.. December 17. 1866. ( By directi? n of the u aarterina-ter Genera', the following desert hod Fl*?RRVl'EABLIC yUAB 1KKMA8TKK STORKS, will he -old at I'uidic Auction AtLinc< In D<-p >t in this city. under the on per* i.-ion ot lire vet Bri^alier General Otiarlei 11. Tootpkinti, Pepnty Ifunrteimaster General, eon menclng on THURSDAY, January 3, at 10 a. iu .: G1.I?5 Grain "erka 3 Cook Rangee If 'ajO llimld Hor*e Shoes l.l'o Blanket* C^Uii Ibe Wrought Scrap l.'?, o Horse aad Mule Col1 ron I irs 3 4(0 II Caat Scrap Iron 1 222 Head Halters 2 ,M*i H s old W aeop Ti t ea Wngon Bodios 1,7J'i Its lion Buti*,a<- 12 Arm> W?K<>ns sorted 2u Two horae Ambuian1 4lfS lb- IiogChain* ces iA ft laige Klro h< *e 20 borne Carts 6oii leet small do. fU W a^ou Wheals 1eet leather do. 2*5 Ainlinl**c? Wheel* j-; sets he# 1 Mule Har- SCyHudrical Steam Ugliness ers 167 sets whe*i Jjjjfarino flacks imii e Harneas lo7 Coal ^tov a 143 sets Lead Mule liar It Otlice dt-aks ness 61 Otlice Obairs 179 Wasoa BriJIas 4u Water Casks 12.'. ri.liug Bridl> < 162 Barrels c* >1 Clellan daddies 2i G:in44tot:es 17 ag? n de. 2t0 Lanteras 1 Arniy Range 1 1 t.a As*ort"4 R.>pe ToKetber with Shovels, Picks, Spates, Axes. Wagon Whips. Cart Harness, Blacksmith*' Tools, Tin Ware, Carpenters' Tools, Tablet, Cocoa Matting . Ac., Ac. lerma Caah In Government fund*. g< od* niHst be removal within t*n days from date of sale. l>. h. rl'critlig Acsi-tant Quartermaster General, de!7 dtB Brevet Major General it. s a. S~ A LK OP OLD AND I'NcKKVI''K \ Ll (:AN NON. SMALL ARMS, AND MI.MJKLLANBOLS OKI > ANCI STORKS. bureau of (J rdnanct, i\aru lb./>aTtm ni.t ir?/?a?ntf/cn City. Dec. 13, imi S On the 10th day of January, i?I7, at u,>oa, there w ill te cold at puMic auction, iu the Nuitolk navy jar i to the hfgheat bidder, a lot of il l *u4 nilserviceable Caution. Small Arma and Miacellaneoiio Article? of Nxval Ordnance 1 he Cannon. Shot, and Pbell will ne ?oi.l ty the ri und, and the Small Aims aniiother Miacl Witt/us Artidas of Orduauce lu lots t^ suit pur* cha'era. Term*' One half reah. In Government fund* to I e d- pof'tt-d i t? t he < onclu-iou ot the asle. aud the remainder within ten days af erw??rd-. curing i which time the fcrticli-s n.n>t be removed from the \ yard, t.tfcer\? tse they revert to the Goverpmeut. h. a. w18 k. de 17 ectd Chief of tfuresu. ~ DEN T[<TUY. Ur. lkwik's kkntal asrooiation, No. rKNM'a avk , Between 12th aud l:ith straets. Tefth eitiacteJ without pain hy a'lmlnsteriug Nitrous t'ayde ?r Laugiiiog oa*. i" law ib has recently purchased the bestTs^Sap Cheuncal Apparatn* in the country for, teakl'jv rure gas uver . day; also, au iu-prjv -d Valvular Inhaler 'Ihe association i* n>>w prepared to make Teeth on i^old. Silver and Rubber at Mew York Philadelphia end Boston prices All persons wishing dental work done can have it as. heap as iu the above-named cities All work done in the neatest and beet manuer. and warranted to give satisfaction. Persona will do well to call and examine onr work. de 24 tf TB 1 T M."LOOMMl.M p.. ^ha In venter and Patentee of the MIBBBAL PLATA TEETH, attenda personally bla office in thia city. Many persons eaaWPH wear these teeth who cannot wear othera, and no peraon can wear othera who eanaot waar tbeae. _ Persona calling at my office oan be accommodated with any atyTe and price of Teeth they may desire, bnt to thaee who are particular, and wish the pmreat, cleaneet, ttrongest and moat perfect deunre that art oan procure, the MIBBBAL TBBTH will be more fully warranted. _ _ . Booms la this city-Bo. 3?? Penn'a aveane. between 1th and Mth ata. Alao, 90T Arch atreet, Philadelphia. RtDCCTION OP pbk'bb. udcctiob op PBICBh, duction OP PBICE8, "uut bbi uctlob op prices, bbduction op prh k8, reduction or prices. On and after this date i will aupnly to ray cnatomers, and to all other dealer* who may favor me with thair orders, MA.s8by. huston * co '8 ma88kt. huston a co.'8 ma8rby, huston a co.'8 (Late Maaaey, Collina a Co.'a) anil APELPBIA DRAUGHT axdBTOCB ALE PHILADBLPHIADRAUOHT *md stock ale PHILADELPHIA DBAUGHT *!it> 8TO< K ALB AT PMILADELrHIA PB1CB8. AT PHILADELPHIA PR1<'BS, AT PHILADELPHIA PBICB8. vi7. : nk> i ght or x ale at 511 per bbl. deacout or x alb at ftll per bbl. st(o r or xx alb at ?13 per bbl. btock or xx alb at il3 peb bbl. Qooda delivered in alt parte of Washington and Georgetownfrer of ekarte terms cash. All ordera promptly attended to. RILEY a. SH1NN, Philadelphia Ale Agent, Corner of Greene and Olive atreeta. d?7 lm Georgetown, d. c._ poBl ABLB pte am engines, Combining the maximum of efficiency,durability, and economy, with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being ! u*e All warranted aatlafactory, or ne aale. Descriptive eirculare aent oa application. Addreaa FF J. O. HOADLBY A co., aoft-eoSm Lawrence, Maea. UKPAKTMBHT or T1IB INTIRIOft, _ TO ALL ^ . Application having been made nnder the aat of Jnn?2S.ltM), for the rei**aeof the following deacribed Land Warrants, which are alleged to nave been loet or destroyed.?Notice la hereby glvea that at the date following the deecrlatlon of eaoh wariaut a aew certificate or warraat t4 llhe tenor will be retaened, tf ao valid objeotlon ahould than JOB. b. babbbtt, Oomaaiaaioner. No 4?,73S far IB* acres laad, laaued nnder the act ef March 3, IMS-in the name of Bliaha Bacon, and waa granted January M. 1M*< January II, 138* No. ?A48. for 1w acres. Issued under the act of March 3d, 18m, In the name of Ivory Butler, aad was grant*d April 19. 1m6?February s, lj*57. No. 42 036. fer 160 acres, isaued under the act of March 3d, 18tt, in the same of Lazarus Harlon, and waa granted September 1/, 1866. Bebruary 16. 18*7. , , Bo. li>4.7m, for 160 acrea. leaned nnder the act of March 3d, 18 t. In the name of Bobert W Pierce, aad was granted Mey 12,186ft. March*, 1667. Bo. 99 24" for 1W icrea. leaned unler the aat of March s 1856. la the name of eli ah d Balljand waa granted June 8.186*. Maroh>, lg67. raTuB qrbaT rebellion by John Minor I Hotu, 92.60 Character and CharaoUrtotla Men, by B. P. Whipple; tlji. The Science of Wealth'by Amaaa Walks r, fl Life and Times of Bad Jacket, by Wm.L. Stons: #6. Ths8anotnary; A Story ?tthe Qlvll War. Jhy BicBola; illustrated; f? Biaaiug tlwa Bod; A Bovel, by Bdmnnd Yatee; 78 centeTBaoe for wealth, By In. Wd#ll; *?Cm*" PBABCK TAYLOB. YTBPI01BB8 CHEAPER TB AB TBB OH BAP?vl eat aad as good aa the best A large stock ran aJ way a pe found at MOOBBB Drug ttora.^E 1 IB Panusylvanla aveaua weat. do6-?w j~ RAILROAD LINES. 1866 PUNBT LTiVll KOUTE 1867 TO TH1 N0BTHWI8T.S0CTH, ANBSoCTH_. west. . WIKT*B WII0CIII On ul I'Ur November It. ! ?, train* will lun m to loa*Washington 7 00a. m I Balt'mor* 111* m. .....JiW " " m. 4 -_1 8 JO P. m. I - ....|0 10 >. m TBEGBBAT DOUBLE TRACK BOOTS, with ELEGANT SCBNEKY. Palace state room d*y and night Oar* with modern itupror^m nti, aad savliig from foor to twelve homo Id time oser *> y other rostf. Two buu<lr?d BiIm saved to W**t*ra*nc Ceatral New Tork. Two Dally Trains to tha WmI. North. ! T^nt,/,h..from Baltimore to ROOH EST KB and FlTTSltl KGU without (hue* 1 by thl? route from Btldiorf hare ' ^advantage of making nil change* in CB10N rSI(JTS- ?d?? *EBB1E5. _ Tickets by this route can b* procured *t the of1 Br*, corner 6th street and PennsjTvanl* *ve?mi*, aider tbe National Howl, where reliable infor j matloa will be given *t all tla?<. Passenger* procuring ticket* *t this offlc* o*n secure aerommod*tioaa In Sleepiag Cars tar El lira or Pi tuba re. B J . WILKIN**. Ticket Agent, _ _ WuhmtoD D.O *Db TOCBO, Can. Pass. Agant. Baltimore, Md . dellr_ washiftotoiv, alexandria amd gkoroetowji nailro vu ^ r. TJ *B TABLE. I *nd *f**r JIOMHY, NotmhIiw 11, IMS. and anvil further notice, faeeeuger Train* wtll ran be| tween Wash)ngton aad Alexandria a* follow* I LXAVX Washihgtos. LEAVE ALkxand*IA ' From Md. avenue dep..t. From c?r I?ake & Hnri Local at?:15 A. M ets.. Local at 4 4) 4. n. Through Mail *:k> Local car Kin* Itocal at ? 7 00 " tod Henry S 00 " ? ? u0 " Local ?t_ g jo " " J 00P.M 10 jo " -~4? ? - .3 OOP M ; ? ? " Tbrongh Mail, corner^* ?~?11 30 " BnkeAHenry 5.1JO P. M. Loral cor. King and Henry.... 7:00 " grndat pashengeb TRAINS * " tllViiH r**'. ? Liivi ALK**iuaia. (toSfh mVK'."'* ?. "o".-iTmva ?a Ttlr""*' * ? ? ' p. *' B ^ J PI1KLP8. General Manager. Tn|wcaH^mj,?T^El^MlMlon Smmmsummm Trtln. w Deo 9.1*1 now folT.w^Vlr-na,OB D'1 N#W T?rk " JFOB VOBK wl'hontfh*ii|*(tfr*ri. $-X)CpVm ' lexcept Sunday) at 7 45 *. m. and 2i\ ORK, changia > cars *t Phi lad el4 ifpTm<,B"' (except Sunday) at 11:13 a m.and for philadelphia. Leave dally (except Mn nday ) at 7 ?5 and 11 IS *. in., *nd 4:30 *nd 6.50 a m OB BUNDAI L^*re for New Tork and Philadelphia *t ?:*> p. m only. PWping car* for Bew York on 6 30 p. m train dally. Throngh ticket* to Philadelphia. New York or Bofetuu, can be bad at the sUtton Office at *11 boar* In I be day. as well a? at tbe new oftice li the Banker* and Broker* Telegraph Line, 31!? penn. avenue, ' tween 6th and 7th itreet*. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Batlroa<l advertisement for acbedula between Waahlngte*. Baltimore, Anna poll d, an" the M eat J , L. WILSON, Master ol Transportation. L M COLE Of-i.eral Ticket Airent GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agant. Waahington oc 30-tf DALT1MOBB ABD OHIO BA1LBOAD, W ' l)'' ' 1,1a ^A8HINaTON AND BALTIMOBB. and WASHINGTON AND THB W*3T are now ran a* follow*, viy FOB BALTIMORB ,,I^aTe except da nday. at 7 An. 7 45. and 11.16 a. m., and 2;0?, and 4 30 *ud ? 00 p m. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. 8aadMi" tol ,:AI STATIONS 30CTH Of ANN APOLHJ It .... J U NCTltrN. Leave at 6:15 and 7 uo a. m.,asd at l:Di *nd 4 35 1 p. tii. . FOB ANNAPOLIS l eave at 7i*> and 7:45 a. m , and 4 :30 ? m No train* to or from Aunapolis on SanJsy. on sLADav. for baltimore. Leave at 7 45 a. m., and l:?j ana - X p m fob way stations. Leave at 7:*fi % m , and 2 ?<? aud b i? p. r?. FOR ALL PAHTSor TUB WEsT a daily, eicejit Sunday, at 7:45 a m.. a?.d 8 ,<' p tii. Ob Sunday at ? 00 p.m. only.connecting at Relay . tarion with train* frotn Balliuiore lo Wheailag, Parker-bnrg Jtr, 1HROLGH flCK BT8 to the Wed %nbehad*t tbe a a-hinrt n station Ticket Office at all b xi'? in tbe day, as well a* at tbe new office of the iUmior and Broken*' Telegraph Line, :14?? Pena venue, between otb aa<l 7?h *tr-et*. For New Yo*k. P' lla :elphla. and Bo*ton, eae dvartlsement of "Throngh Line." J. L WILSON, Ma*ter of Transportation. L. M. i'OI.B. General Ticket A??nt, oc 30 tf GEO. 8 KOONTZ. Agent Wawuinaton. STKAM BOAT LIN Iv< pOTOMAC TBANBPOBTATIOB LINE NOTICE tttSH1PP*R8. The Btaauer EXPRESS, Capt. B. A. RYTHBB, leave* Waahington at 6 a iu. and A1 _mw*b . exandrla at 7 a. m EVERY SAT CRD AY for Olymont, Badd 1 Forr/.flBI^HHh Smith * Point, Chattarton Landing, Nanjemoy Store*, Matbiae Point, Chapel Point Piowden** Wharf, Lancaster* Whan, Stone's Whaif. Oarriomen Bay, roKwell^ Wharf, Haeell s Wharf, Ptnay Paint, Point Lookout, and arrives at Baltimore at la.a.os Sunday ^lOBMUH^yajDJJ^JBBOM AMD T9 TO TBAVELLBBS OOIBO SOUTH TWIOB DAILY, (Sanday p. m. sxoepted.) The aaicksst aad moat dtract root* ta Bokaost, a .aid the Booth.Tta the Potoxnae .m ? steamers from Sixth Street Wharf^^^nA Waahlngto*. to Aaaia Creek ast^B^Mf Richmond, Fradericktbnrg and Potomac Ball road, ow entirely oompleted from Aqnia Creek to Richmond ,V*. connect! \ig there with train* o* the Blchrnond and Betarsbnrg aad Blchmaad and Dan villa Ballroads,for Petersburg. Weldon, Wilmington. Balelgh, Greensboro', Sallshary, Char 1 att* aad Chester. 8. O. Steamers Kay port and O YanderMIt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening excepted) at 40 a.m. and 7 m. aad arrive In Blahmood at 1.46 a. m and 3 Ma m. JHBOCGB TO BICHMOBD IB SEVEN HOURS lfty Mile* Shorter aua IS Hour* uaickar thaa any t>th*r h.out*. Ba sure and get Through Tickets via Aania Creek end Frederickabnrg, to Biohmond, at th* Company '* Office, corner of Penna. aveaoe aad fth street, or on board of the boats. Baggage cheoked through. Om nib usees aad Baggag* Wagoas will ba in r*adineesto convey paeanngeia and .baggage between depot* In Richmond. Paaeaoger* by tbi* line paw by daylight Mouat Vernon, and may have aa opportunity of vial Bug several battle-fields near Bradertckabarg by stopping at that point. _ ? Breakfast and sup oa board of Steamers. GBP. MATTIHOLT.Bnpt.. Wa?hingtoa,l). O. G. B- MATTINGLY, Ticket^ A^eot^Waab^ngton. ap S-ly eaeral'Passenger Agent. pBOPOSALS FOB COPPBB, Navy Dii-artmkwt, ) CuTtau of Conotrmcton 'in4 Ktpmr,} Decemb r IW. > Healed Proposals to famish 4UII ?*' poun.U of Ingot Copper, ' ne half " Lake " beat quality, will be rexeitad at tlil* Bureau until t ?'cl? k p m , of January 3,1<*E\ at which time the prepoeals will be opened. . . . Tbe proposal* mast be addressed to the "C*k?/of tht Burtau of CoHntuuton and lirp>ur, Vary lit pmrlmmi. Wa.-h mtton." and be aadoreed " Proposal! for Corvtr." that they may be di*tingai*hed from ether business letter*, and mast be made in compliance with the " l\ truciions to btiidr.rf mtkiot offrrs for tujTliif to the .Vn> |f I)o^>*rtm'nt.'', which can be obtained from the Oo?niian lanfe Office at aay Navy Yard,or frem the Parchaalng Pa>ma*Ur at any Baval Station, or from this Bui**u. .. . ^ A. Tbe copper to be subject to the aeeeesarv tost aad laspectioa of the proper officer of the Washlngtoa Navy Yard, where the whole qwantity I* to be delivered: 1 An.U00 pouad* to bo delivered oa or before tbe 1st Febraary, and the ramaiader on *r before the 1st April, IW 4* t> 2awiw H T. OOF FEB M06B8 BATB8 e&tSVWcWk. |1W OiUiM. tgnmenta. MB B* omilAL MOT1CE?Two thousand loads cieaa & wathed BRAVBL, of the most sal table kl nd tor ceacrete. Alaa. twa tkousaad loads SHABP LAND aod two thoasand loads FINE SABD.ealtable for maaoarv aad plaateiiag, oa haad aad tor F4BBY. gel la aoraa 10thstreet wsat aad Oaaal. NBW BOOBB?War Claimant's Guid*; by OeoT W. B*ff- Bl*meals of M*dical Chemistry, by Baad. Treatise on Intrenchmenrt. by Lippltt. Hand Book for Miners, MsUllarg^t* nnd Aosayara; by JaUn* Sllv*r?altb. IntrWaction to lateraatioaal Law; by Waolisey, aew edition AaC a^. of a Qaiot W.ighborh^ MacDo^d b OABLBZ YOUS FBABOAI8; Or. Do Yoa Speak Jt Preach t ? ceats Spreoboa Sta Dentach; Or, Do Yoa Speak German ? M cants. Hahla Yd Bapagnol: Or, Do Yoa Speak Spanish' SO cent*, rarlato Italian*; Or. D<? Yon Speak Itallaa t 60 ceats. Harmonica Poet'qnea, par Lamartias. M cents. BecoeUls?rms Poetlqass. par lisaisruaa? "rS* yAss3:'41tu>,. ' ^ i i ? . W *^?^| f *? * *s4t 1 I PROPOSALS. J 1 pierosALs roB8r\no.?ii.v. Po?t Omr* p* i(tr*i?xr. w tt jv.g Sealed Propo-aia ailt t>e re .)* 1 ?t the P-.t Cffi ? Depar meet n lit ibe autb ?i f > * . *r y 1v7. at is o'clock, at a.sMi, f,.r fart. ?hiu< i on' try lor thii Depart-ue?t. i??r on- ear . t # ut I Fetruary, 18. T. T> otir*. ?*i or aatiftfhctory ? Union) <li of at-lln. t . fBtft. ? I tract will not bo coueidtivd. All the srticha matt he , f ?he >>r| lt?- ?t ..rall-r anu'eeef ?Wch, coBtaltlng at lea ' a reai-i f each kiad of paper , pnaat ar oir.aab) thel.i<l*, and 1h? P?i?rtB'?t re*er?<-? the right t, re ,laanl pa) f-r the t*a? at the rrioa elated *n the offer , | ?i tftam tkrmal ita option. So MJ? ? ill be con-lrfe el where the<triM<? accompanying It are itot of tke kind and ,**j ? I required by the Peperrai'-lt aa1 arurl u? ?r ticlee will "abject the entire hid to rejection at the rlea-are of tlo Peparf -at. The rah.ieined li?t apectre*. aa nearly a* r*n n w , 1* <lone. tke amount. quality. and dm ripttoa <>f each of tl e kltole ol article* tkai will ? ? aait 1. Ktiimuled * ??'.> rii'W f<ir :k- r< ir h>m. Clam Wo IPAPEB I 1. 10 ream* F< lie p. at. aatln or plain finiah fain I Bed and Dimmed, to aetah Bot le?a than I" pound*. per ream 2. 40 reatue Fc* ietap plaia machlre. faint llne-l aad trin-mad, t*> neigh a?t lea* 12 toned* n,r ream S. 10 i >. n.? r'oolecep. Mae laid, hand male fat at lined. gar<**n pattern, commonly known aa PiapaU-h or Coaaular paper, to ?n?h not laaa tbaa aixteen poari*. e.-r paaaa * ^ 4. 1?jeaaa Q?arto Poat. aa<Mir, plain. taint MnH ihr?'^ rHni 5 Irmi DoulJ** Cap pUln. r#r rfkiu 9 ? 10 re.mii Kate parer. gilt. large aiaa, per ream 7. 8 roeme Kote paper. plain. Iarp- aiaa. per ream a 8. 10 iaa?* Note papcr. Flit, email ai/e, . " ream * 9. 5 rf?m Bote pap.r, plain, ama'.l aire reatu 10. ICO reewe Erzelope paper, yellow or buff rojal peri?-am 1. ?? team* Blottli.g paper. royal. per ream I ( dozen preaa t'opj B oka. not l?,? ih?,. <m page* Mr dozen j U. f ,'JW extra large aire white. ?dhelv* ?, Vel caee very atnooth attd thl k a-. ' , .-he, aqoare. per handr I ^ , 14. Sf ?*? lent hall adheai CaTelcpa* .#r_ emo. th and tblck, $>, b? aj,?n<he.. mZ hnn ired ' rr 15. lent White or haff a?*hefciTe rii%eh r?"? Ter, ?ri.o. th ai d thlrk for lett. re an I cTr* CBlara r, by J II ee. per ha0ureS ! 16. 3 halt Of ?hite ^obeaire Rneai#r^, T#._ moo'h and thicii. per hundred 9 17. 10>H'-niall aire ulite t.ote t'hrdtr Knvel pee. i< r hundred M. ?.(??' larae aire white n te ad oalre En?el ( pee. per hundred | 1# 3,W* letter alia v bite B^kealve Buy* laaea n. r bandied r^,p'' OI.-I.. I-HMI ANP P*NCIL?.KTC 20. ir gr. ?e PereyN and Omllott , b--t n?t?inn peu*. per (r<>aa ? 21. *0 jroee u . ta lic Pena, of other aanu'artnr* per ?rosa ' 1 52. 1 dozen heat tiold Fena. per dozen ti. R 0 Oi a,ue Qui 11a, So. Su, per M 74. ? ' dnren I'euhoMer-. ae? >rted, rer .l?/.e? J>. -a doren Kal.?r'? heat black. L-al Pan Vila raoaateid. prr doten 'tenjw. 36. 10 do/.en heat red .iud blue Lead Pen< ila par <l?xeu ' Ci,a^ No. S-IKK. 16' K ST A N PS Vt A FEKS AMU WAX. ?ra.i?a, 27. 12 doren Inkataida K# Ji?r ?uy p?vn; larr ? or email, per ' i eg. 4 d< r?n Inkatands. caat Iron, larae, d^ut le per no/ea a 5?. 20t< txittlea Ink, black. Waynard A Noyea'. in if* >iuart I ottlea par bottle a| i UK 2i hottlea Arnold a 41i>p>in? (ak, per l?*tr|e i SI. 100 bottle* l'avM'a tiaraiiue laa.ounc - j j,? r do/en h-'ttlea 32. >' poauua Watera, conioion al/.e?, red. per ponnd S3. 75 p nn4? S- alir e wax, heat artra iBLrSne acariet. per poued Clai< No. 4 -tTTLkUV ASD XlMEUtNi OI'8 &KT1' LE8 34. J? doren Penkiii*?a. KoO^r^ra A Sen a foar bladea. huck born andlea, renuine. Mr do.ea 31. C dozch Kraeera. ftod?era A don a ivory ban diee, genniae, per uo/ea ! 34 4 dozen Oflice dheara. 11 inch per dozen (37, 4 d? zeu UIKce t>claa( ra, per S?. 2*1 donen Foldere, Izxry. P Itith perdJz?n XI. twdazen red Linen Tep? . aaaortel. p-r?l -.en 40. to no/on Mlk Taata, colore and widtha. Id iiaiika. per do.ea 41. tOdizen Pwper Weichta. ao-ort.-d, per dozen 42. ii I'ouu .? ln<.ia bt' ti t. P' epai. d p?,.| 43. ! ponnd, India Kulter, uujicp?r?.i, p?r pound 44. ?? <marta Blark f?an I. per gnart *5. :< aui ce- Pounce, per ouuee ?6. il> poanda Twine, linen, per pound a7. )0u (onads Twine, cotton, per p?uad ,S. 6 do/* i. ttuler ?, m?:..>ftnn . rouu i or ri^t. per 1oz?B 49. * do.,-a Untta Percha, ronnlor :'at, per dozen { ?u. fpeeM'l'Knfe teet p?rwl i5l. 1<> a-1 n l* Guin Arabic, neat, per poand The Aobetlve nveloi e mult be tIilck.T> Kuuimed B I'/nr^b f f an Inch wide ukuh tt'e tapp<.l?. Kach nhl?ier muat furai?l. with hi* pr.?p iealp i i aauipie?ana i at one aauiple?ot each arti l- ti 1 lor. Ka> b artich meat he bid for, and do mora than one nrl^e named tor any ok? article. Bids not fully corilorn ii.* to t ? aJv^rti amenl will Bt.? be et iii-idere.1. Tte tame Bad con Jitieoe of the advertieement foi ateth o ry are to l>a mc-ori>or ate<l in t*- coo A trtct for t*l?tlonerr . and tue head of t?? l?ep?n> ft i.ent alii, if all i a?r-, jodee wtiatber tne at* lea tunlet* ', h) ti.r ci ntiactoi are ot itie 4aa.ur re | <ii-ired l.y the contract. 1 he Ptatlorary ia t !-e fart-lehHi aa it aay bo ordered I y the I'epartment avd at th>- outracc 1 ricea. wnetber the >taaati tlee "?c*e.| or fa.I ahort > of tb< ae eet mated Sacti pu |.. *al OKia* be rigBeo hy the indtetdua' or r. n. making it. aad i..h~i ?i? cif. a i rice? ? i ' Ml e> / ft'?I?r cacB and tvtl) article named in 1 tbeeclednle bb aid hu> article? >-a repaired which are nor eriumerated , they are to !?e tu e?|*hed et the lowe-i Mi rket i rtc. a if thB Decartmeut aba I --ee Tit t-> I order tB* in Irom the tontractor bavina tne con | tract fel aiuillai articlea, and tf tba contractor, a lid tbe lie partinen I do Dot acte*. lbe? Hie Ue I ; HTtnunt n.ay Lave the article fnrule'.ia4 t?> any other ) arefB or pera u* who will faruieh it at a price lower than that deni*n.le1 hy the eootra. :or Blxnk forma for vroM?eaie will l>e fuenmhej a' the Pepartment to peraona Bppleia* for them. and. aa altboot uuif rtn.fy therein, the Depart inant would tind tt dilbcult te ?:tke a daciaion. Bona ell! be t*Wea Into con?ideiatiua, unleee nut? . etantiHll' n^raeiaa tb? re*itk. The head ot tbe l>epartnaeat will, in all caaea, | daddew bethertl?aterm?ot the coatrect have been comi'lie<l wltb aad reaareae the p>iwer to annul the cob tract upon Bay failore ta comply la a rea eon able tin.e. with appro zed aacunty, are to be steea by tlie peraou or peraoua contracting, and. ia ear* of failure to anpaly the articlea, tha coatraa t -r aad hi* earetiea ahall ha liable for the forfaitare ape, I tied In pack boad aa It.ttiidatad laitacea. Tha coairact will t>e awanial ta tBe loweat anl beat bidder; ihebeat hid to i>e datarmiawd after a carelal eiaunnation for the purpoee of aacertata lay which bid will, ia lia p actical raaulta, he Moat ao vantagecna to tha Pepartan at. The iVpartmeBt raaareea ta itaelf the rl?ht to reject ear bid where ttia apparent that a part of tba erttclee are b>4 for at very low and a part at eery high ratea, withoat proper regard to tha ce*t a of each tor the pnrpoae at eflacttac the acfre^ate of ti e bida aadar the aatimate coatai .ed in tbeadvartiaenent. ALEX W. KAMDALL. jal laatw PootmaaUr Oaoaral. BEKF AMP VEOBTABLBS. Mavv Dbpabtmr<?t. I ??rt4iuuf i*roci.<iee? e?</ Clotkt**.} D'Om^'tr Hi. l*tf. V 6< ala-. prop eala, endoraea Propo?aia fur Frcah Baef and Yegatablea.' will w receired at thia tJareau until -.'o'clock p. m . on tbadd day ef Jaaaary. 18 7, for the pu pply of luO WH poau<!? f fr fetch I'.Bk.r aud n?> u?> poauda of FBCBK \ tbe FHlLaPBLPtl IA MA VT Y Akl? A ML' eTATlOh, a* repaired. The Beef aad Vegetable* muat be of good quality, and the beet the aieikat aftorda, au.l each article mart he offered bz tne poaa.1 Tbe Beef to be la e [Sal prop..rtlona . fore ana bind qaartera Bi nda with approeed ecority, will 1>B tequireil IB oae half the eettieatad aaoaat ?f tbeooatrait. aad twnty per ient In addition alii be witaheli fr? m the atnouat of each eayueut to he male. ?a coliateial aecurity for tbe due pertoraiaace of the coatiact, wbleb will on bo accoaat be pei i until it la felly compiled wl'b Erery offer made muat be accompaaied by a written guaranty, atcned hy one or m?re re?p >nait le pera- n*. (hat tba bidder or hMtfera aill if hia or tbeir bid be acoepte*. eater lalo aa obligation witbla five da>a, witn goad and aaOicieat anratiea, to futniab the articleapropoaed. S'o propfxll will be routtdtre*i ncrumpan'tt by such tunrmmt, ? </ bw nut?/artorv ere'ra^e tke btdder a* , eere/ae (fee'er te ?' ariirtri preto.'td ror, and Aa? tke /a?a.?e rt?aiared try mrt 0/ Com gre?t The Papartaient raaereea tba rlaht to redact Bay propoaal Bot couaidered adyantageoaa to iha Ot??ernment. It la to be naderatoad that Ib caae the etlpalated loantity of either article ahall l? dellrered, leazlag a balance dae on the other article, tae eoatract aayb* considered aa coni|>letad in full, at tha aption of tbe PopartBient. da tt-M V pEOPOBALB FOB FEE6I1 BEEF. I QJLrt Depot Commtnnry tf SutiuMK*. I Wafkttuto*, D. C . Peeembar XI 16M.I Sealed Propoeala, ot the torn tnraiahad hy tae anderaijmed, will be receive*, in duplicate, until TBrBBPAT.tha 3d of Jauoarr, l?T at 12 m.,f? all the FEEaU BBEF r?*uirad hy the troupa at 1 tba following alaoea, ? Fert Waehiagtoa and Fert Foota. M l. All the seat will be (abject to a rigid inapectlon: to l<a of excellaat n ark- tat le quality and In unexceptionable condition, of euaal propordoaa 01 lore aad bind onartera, aecka. ahaaka, and kidney tallow not receizad. ' la ail caaae, if tba aieat ia not eatiafactory. parcbaaea la tbe open tuaikat will be made at tbe expeaea of tbe coetractor. The contractor alii b? repaired todelirar the eat at the atore bonea at the placaa La?eJ. ia aach gnai tlciea. aad at each timee, aa tbe A. U. 8. at thoee plaoea may direct , ? Separate propoeala will be raceized for aappty lac eiibar of trie atMVenaaied piacee fiiridera muat ba praaeat at tbe opemag ot tna bide. _ payoient to be made nmnthh ,or wbeoezer .nera i la faada oa haad for diaharaen aat All qoeatioB* reepeeting uBailty aad coel' J^a will ha settled by the officer of the Babaiateace Department 1 e<oi> 11.k the meat. ,. . The contract will be Made froa tl?* h'tk af Jaaaary antII tbe 30th of April. 1*7, or aocb paned aa the Oeintniaaarr Oaneral may determine. Bida n.n*t ba ei?dor*ed " Prepoaale Ur * "aad addraeaad ta th* auderaignad. do 29-7t B. BBLla. Major aad 9.B.9.9 A. tt* ATFE9, ATTBHTIMS 3 B06 ath rtreat, and for 2S r*nta get ??aa ar ftlt a y.uuava Capo, jnat tha thia' ti ? *? V"' W ' wara wLbb bkatiag. da H-k