Newspaper of Evening Star, January 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 4, 1867 Page 1
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' 1 1,1 m ' ?? ? ?^??11 I < I ??? |, . . | II II ?II! .11 ' - ? ... - ? V?L. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY. JANUARY 4. 1867. N?. 4.314. TILE EVENING STAR i. UBL!-UKn DAILY. SUNDAY FICBPTBD> AT THE STAK BI'lLDlNQ. ... .4 it c<rmr frnn'm- ann** ?ad UtA str*<t BY \v. 1). WAI.LAOil. Vbr STAK i* served tj toe CArrier- to their .l;hfriiMn ia the City and District a: Ta* r?*TP I IR * **K. Copte* at Vie ?<jmat*r,wuh t r without "wrapper*. Two Obtt* ?> *? I*?i< * FOR Mailijk. ?TUre* months, '.On* f i-Umr and FxJ'j * enlt, tlx mouth*, rAr.? Dollar t on** veer, *'< "? Di/llart. No papeta are **nt frrra 'he ofT.ce longer than pa d for. The Wl l.KTA* >TAU i>sbli hedon Friday muming? </nr Dollar anri * //a>/ a PKRSOX A L* j\l B8 CXKT1S I^^lulTng de ?' 1o>* |)U TUWL,H(?M*OPATUIO fHTSIOIAN. B**i.leBee *ed efflee. N<> 'tr**}-.n ?f u<f% H < art -- to IS _e m 9 to 6 P m._??? tf , T Till ?1 iWC HBAP SfAMPI NO W?*8 /\ 4 .<' vtb itriH, oppe?iie Patent OtBc*. ladies an t?rt at onr redac?d prices,on the V*ry beat *&i?cftt gown Yok?*. ready *tan?P?d ?c?S" ?*J!*-VSfr ? ct!: K *h*r for iraid or embrol Jery, ?or patter n? are of tt.e ur> .air M^tf'l with rare in H<>? Yi rk. an 1 being fu receipt ot tb*m weekly, mr are etl? dai'> t--i-<sue new pattern* m well a* make and stamp *i.y i attern broight u*. I O. O N* i.rkiUK Cotton at redaced prise*. tie 19 U ___ n.llN D CLABB. ATTOBWBY' AND OOPNJ bkLl.OB At law AMD NGTABf PLBIalC, Ho .VJi lttb Mreet weat. d* IV ly nK JAM LB T TOI'SO hM removed his office from N?. 4 73 Wh .tre^t. t" his residence, ?o 4'.!* N?w York a**., tour doera *a*t oj 1?h street All enter* left ?t the Drng Store of NA1BN A BKO .e.-ruer 9'b at an Pa eve., during the d.,\. v >1. he promptly attend- d U). de 15 in L-kAMi n BTBI a? r IB Lb, r < hN ?T S b ! h. AND (OLLECTOB Collect* Bente. Debts aod Claims ?f ell fcioaS. Pa-it. ess pl*.ed in hii h^eds r -cetvea prompt at tentt- n. Befer?-ace? ffivm trrnnlred. Ufficw All '.nh ?Ueet, above Pe avenne, real* 4euc* iOl l,atr?-?-t, bet*fen Vtb end 10th N ?Orders by mail p:oeiptl? ettendeU to. eel? 1m" I ADIkl IT Is ACK SOW LICDOID THAT I j the BitW STAMPlSii PBPOT, oa 9th street, 4 39, iae the beat selection of Petlems eveir orfeted here. en<l the proprietor hea reduced the price to OSE HALF that he* be< n <:b?r*r<,.I,"rrj tefore. Being a practical Stamper. ?**** ?,? h?-bad of getting whet will suit yon. Be will innke and at erne All pe?tern. de l& w YToUHAV* BUB IMP BO DK NT. hat neither Bnchn nor Samaritan hnmbnea * ?ri|t mike M, tr,r " Se?" Dr DA BBT, on 7th arrest, oppo^ lite Odd KVllowa' Hall, and be coxed euuk and pereiani<&t1y. OR H . W OODBCBY ha* remoT#d hi* office to No. S3V k atreet, oppeetta St. Patrick s . Chnrch. Oe 8 eoltn ? flDBNTIAL Young men wh harelnV/ rnred themaeivee ry certain secret haoits. which nnflt th?-m for beaine*s. pieasnre, or the duties of v errled life; aUo. middle aged end old mf*. who. from the falliea of youth, or other e?asea f*?l a debility in advance of their yeers. befera plecvok tbemaelvae under the trsat?aut ot an> aae.sh4kild *r?t read "Tha Secret Married ladiea will learn votnelblng ef it*porteace ly peresin* - The Secret Friend, i 6ent toeny addreas. In e sealed envelop* on rec?-ipt of -^ce'iU. Addreaa Dt. CHAS A STDABT A CO.. Be?too, Hwa Bo My BB1DAL AHD FIN SB \LI W HIATUS. BOyt'ITS. CBOS8FS ABCHOB8. STABS. AC., ?re*trveO in natural form WAX Fi*0!% BBS* Tib FLOWBBS. and BBATBINO. by Mrs FB1B9 late of B< ston Haa removed to No AJH 11th street, between Q and M. oc3_om I-ADIB8 VmTTll DBS1BUBSOF A SK.ILL* 1 j fo] and ac? oBipliahed Physi -len. shoold coned! Dr R KB BY MOBTON, 1?? ee* Fayette atreet, B-\ltlmore, Md. Dr Mor?on s services may be>ena*ge<i tn Washington or any other city, by addce'singes above. ?c ^'',nl J AMIS OllLD. btmltr in \tir and Stem* hmnd furniture. Old Furniture holatered and Varnlahad. 11th and Be".*., (neer the canal.) price peld tor Second hand Fnraltcre 'HIV iH< llACt. WiR! tt.lAMOIt. C. r. BLACK. LAW orviuB. BLACK LAM OS * CO., Counsellor* e.-xl Atterneys at Law la the Bnpeme Court of the United Stetee, the Court of Claims, the Courts of the District, the Bxecutire Department*. end Cooimitteea of Congress. Office. A** 14th atreet. (directly oppoaite W11larde' Hotel ) ^ de_18-tf_ CLOTHING, Ao. I ^ O U N D A D V I C 1. ^ That1* It' thet'alt! Jnst listen a bit From the folki at Smith'* Oak Hall t'ome' a word of advice. So seond and so nice For tfcs present seaaoo of Fall. Buttce your coet Cr to your throat. A ad aea that yon re warmly clad; Or with cold In yonr head Ton*11 baaick in your b*l, , Which will be exceedingly bad. And yon'II atay in bed With th* cold in yonr head, And ooaapdlled to beaomewhet uutet, till yon ve bad enough Of tke Doctor's atntf. And all *ortt of sick folk* diet. Better beware, A*d utways take cere To be yreperly clad for the Fall, In anitabla cloth's. Jnat anch a* thoae Which are aold at Smith a Oak Hall. SMITH BEOS * CO.. ^ MIICHANT TAILOBS, an* manna ta OBNTS UBNlaHlNG GOODS. OAK HALL. 46* Sivsnth SlU^T. Jnst received me larg?et and fineat stock of PlkOB GOODS aver efinred in the city cf Waehtagtoti. Having aecnr*d the best artist* In the sty, w* are prepared to make up In the finest style, and at ) ** price* than any other eetablish?ent1 [pe 13 tf J S. B. A CO. i\l LOSABO, i?l . MtHCHAXT TAILOJi.^ Coraer of 9th and D street*. Desires to retarn his thank* lor the liberal petionag* te*towad upen him during aeerona, and at tha aaiu* tisa* invitee hia H fr'end* to visit uit store aod inspect hi* n*w is and choice aeisctiuu of gooda, which be baa jnat purchaard for tha Fall and Winter Trade. Mr B UaSI ON . hia aaaociate, cootinn** to elr* Li* locatant attentioa tc the style an i goiiecal of all garments* at the ?iui llsliaent. Th* beet work and moderate charge* 1* oar u^tto. dmSlm* EDOLAN, MBBOHANT TAILOB, corner . of 14th street and Pennsylvania >vi., "pposite Wtllapds' Hotel, has received a^BB nperlor aaaorm?nt of Cloth*. Basal mar ee, MB Yeattnra, Chtnchlllaa aad Bscomaa, for Vtf Overcoats and a general assortment of-^*a Geoti' Farniahiag Gooda Ha bee alao added to hi* stock a splendid lot of first class Custom made Clotnir.g. from Sew York, at lower aricea than can be had tn thia city. He invitee hia friends and thr public to give htm a call, aad return* hi* sincere 'harks for th?4r liberal patronage. oc31-/m FJ.~ H BfPBBOBk, _ Sncceaaor te H T. L^odon A Oo.(>ja CJTIZMXSAMf MILITARY M MPKCHAXT TAILOR, W\ Metropolitan Hotel, late Browne, wT 3B8 Pnwrlrul* twste. y 1 tf Washington. D. O. d^BUYBB A BAB KB c*r*im*T*h FIBST PBBMll M rAMh.LJ SEWIXU MACHIXK8. The beet Family Machine in the market The sa y Manine that will both Sew and Bmtreider They make aa Kiantc that will not break in waahtBjf. I Cell and azamina their merits, at DAVIS A 0AITHBB 8, ne u im JO Market Spece. UBBB IS IT, BUT FIBLBT B t si aowirr irt<n. ' fre can I gat a good cigar s??' f*JSwU ?*v "*?? Finlay. Mast I walk or take tha *?r * ?AS y*e pleeee. uue Ftnley D? yen keep thaftoid^n , lu keed de I. qae' riniey All things In year line, in brief f Come and ae. ioo' fi(iM Have yon Bae cat wrapped !n tin ? Beat there Is, ?uo' Floley. Do yosr meer*cbaam's color wall ? Bay and y.yno' Ftnley. Are they mare shams, made to sell Bary sell , qno'F1al*y Hav* yoa ping of ever? frad*T Bvery grade ?m' FlnTey Please ta* taate aad suite th* tradsr Jest the thiag. ono* Flnley. Bowl* and stem* la *v*ry sty Is r Bvery etyl*. qao' Flnley 1T1 cell there in n little while. ? l?.fc ""i'.VSi rt?.T..?T. M,r .. oifim it, I BTBCIT. /O. Betwe*& 1Mb abd ilth streets, 11 MUBFT LOABBB en Gold *iid Silver Unt-hea. Ch.MM. *? . *? ? Sef in Lice need TU ker. T'BB CBOCHBT COLLAB BOOB, MBS. Ba/ve s Knitted Lee* Collar Beok , The Begin CatuiM Be?k. Mr*. Onngnln* Bait Bhawl and k ??eerf Book Mr* Oaf gala A 'Crochet *+7 Cnp F Beak The 9reek n) Bern*a Lece Book rThe Antiaslaa (d:Wi/ aod Netttnf Book; Tke Winter ;?? !??. " ^'MuKiSnYos** HOLIDAY GOODS. 505 ********505 PBBPABE FOR TUB HOLIDAYS. K ID WELL A~bKNDBBSON Would respectfully call the attention of their frivnds and the public to their large and well alerted a wort meat of WALL PAFEBS AND WIIDOW SHADES, ef the Latest Styles. Also, on hand atlarge assortment of OIL CLOTH8. TABLB COVERS BCSTIC BLIBDS. PAPEB COBTAINS, FIBE BOARD PBIHTS, OVAL PICTUBB FBAMB8. T. getber with CORDS AND TASSELS TO SUIT. All of which they are prepared to sell at the LOWBsT CASH PRICES. Remember the place, AO.? NINTH 8TBEBT. Pour doors above D street, Beaton Hall Ballding. de 16 C'HBlSTMA.8 AMD UltT TEAK S PBBSENT? A rick acrf elegant assortment of Gentlemej''s Rote* de Chambre, gotten up expressly tor tlie holiday* Gold. Silver, mod Ivory-beaded Canes, in beautiful variety with Scarfs, Trad, Gloves. 8u*peiiders. Ac ; with superior lot Toilet ArtiDs, at rednced prices, at LABI'S Cents' Furnishing Store, de 13 eotf 4*24 Penn. avenue, ueur 4)? st. ('GLOBED TOY BOOKs7 from Lendoa: Freacli Jovemia Hooks, direct from Paris;LabooUyea* New Fair) Tale*. Esop. largely illustrated, and many others, >ust received, de 24 FBAWCK TAYLOR. \l INCE MEAT of excellent quality. 1*1 ? W. BURCllELL. Corner 14tb and F strwets. de 1J under Bbbltt House. I^CXCBIES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. MAlLLARD 8 CANDIES AND OHOOOLATK8 CAkAMELS CREAM CHOCOLATE. DOUBLE VANILLA CHOCOLATE. BOSK AND VABILLA BURNT ALMONDS, MIXED ?IIOAB PLUMS, and ASSORTED CANDIK*. Just received at KINO PLAGE. Z M. P. KINO A 80H. WB8T INDIA ORANOE8 AND SWEET MALAOA ORAPBB. Fresh, *t K INO PLACE, Mince meat (Domestic,> Just made, of select materials, At Kixa PLACE. 2OLDEN SCUPPEBNONU WINE. ? . , V.UK PINBhT NATIVE WINE Gold roler, fall, yet delicate flavor and fraWrai.ct, aad lest than one half the ro*t of tinported Wine. KINO PLACE. HOI OB NUTS. BASINS. FIU8. CUBRANTS, \ SPlcEN. Ac., Ac., tosuit this particular seaeoP ,/or *al? L M. P. KINO A SON, de 19 King Place. ^JACKEBEL AND CODFISH. 10 000 ponnds large SHOBE CODFISH. 40 barrels No. 1 MACREBEL. Jnst received and for sale at our wharf, at the foot of Seventh st. 8 P BBOWNftSOB. j Commission Merchants, del.l tf No. 463 Ninth st , Wet. E and F. Otto wilkbnb pianos and" cabhabt A NBEDHAM'S PARLOR OBOANS All will Ind It greatly to their interest, i? ? to examine these superb Instruments be->,fj\i} fore purchasing any other HI III Only agency at GEOBGB L. WILD A BBO.'S Be* Piano Porte and Organ Wareroom, No. 4 9T 11th street between Penn'a avenue and E -trest. A select assortment of new arxt *econd hand Instraments, including a CHdRCU OBGAI. for P'lees. and on easy terms. J5 . REPAIRING fatthtq 11 y executed no 13 6m HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, <fcc. CA R DT~ ~ . METROPOLITAN HOTEL. Mr rnVs N -v'1 ",Jr 11 ii'iN. 8MILLIY with me and the H ? lu ?? K!tr conducted io the name* of |?i .TT8 ? poKLtftl A U POTTH Jaanery 1.1*7. A B D . METROPOLITAN HOTEL. On account of the reduce! price of previsions, the rate of Board at this Hotel will be POl'B DOLL A B- PEB DAY from date. i*!" POTTS A SHELLEY. C A * D WII.LABD B HOTBL, I Washington, December 1, Senators, Representatives, end others, residing in Washington, who oecney private apartments, can be accommodated with their MEALS at this Betel at the rate of Jl" SO per week de 4 2m 8TREB. OHADWIOK A 00. IRK WOOD HOUSE, Corner Pcnna. avtnuf and. TietlftK stTtttMfa^M Wa<kin*toH, D. C. JJLiU Situated In the most csntral location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PBE8IDENTIAL MANSION, Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post Odces, Smithsonian Institute, tf- H. H DUDLEY A CO., _n 021 H. Preprlstors. F"CbU. ^i D M.1!E,*HOTEL AND BES1., UU3 Pa av- ., ossoslta A . . A WHlsr I s Hotel, CJB BIST MAN A K?flL,f<f?4f I roprietor? ?On Wednesday next, tlilsUBT establishment will be opened with a luncffrtl which the_V?Prtetor wHl he happy to meet his 2? 7 V.t V i f?*' 1 b* constantly suppiled with choice Litiuors. and the Restaarant with everytlitof that the moat epicuraaa ta^te can $e,,r5 th# w*"lt or m?nth will here hud ex-elle?t acsommodatlons at moderate roomt can be ob talned either with or wttnout hoard. Call aud *?! ; jal-lm* /^APITOL HOUSB AND B EST A U BANT. i iv-f . wV"! avenna, between 1st and Jd sts. Comfortable Raorus. with brst class Hoard. experiencs as chief coek at the lev eral Foreign Legations and principal Hotels in this country should be a sufficient guarantee of satisfaction to all who will extend me their paI r od a jfe J/MB1CB S BBHTAUBABT. A-S No. 3?? Penna avenue, near ?th streat, P KMB1CH wishes to inform his friends and the public generally that ha now keeps con A - "tantjy on hand OY8TEB8, fresh every WlA,% ggBggggft?wjp Labukst stbbb in thi city* TWO STORKS COMRIXED IS OAE ' FUHSI FURS! PUBS! FOB LADIES AND OHILDBBB, I* SltAT VAK!XTY. Having ft rcbased them early this season, we enabled to nail them tf per cant, cheaper than any honse In the city. LABSBUBGU A BBOTHBB, SIS 7th atreet, del 1m _ Intelligencer Building. pisOUBI F B B PI A fnll aeeortssent of all grades choice Floor for Bunn, quality No l; pries low Are the only direct receiver* for Golden Hill, J. 5, ?*".brtJ21 ?S! P^opooo) and LI age nor Family Floors in the Dutrlot. As the latter brand ha* bee? extensively counterfeited and seldia tats city, we woo Id Inform those wlshlag thia flour by * miller* we farnSh it lower n-.u. C*" obtained from any other so arc*. Prioo a fraction lee* than other Sret-clsas Fanrlly Floar. Buckwheat a* law rates. . All gradea ef Weatera Floar n ator* and tor aale Wbjr v W. *. ?ALt AOO., M ladlaaa avenaeaud Is* street, Bo U near Depot. WBATB DEPOT ^ LADIES' SKATES of all kinds, from Cl ip to %u. POCLTBEY A TBI MB LB. Bo. 900 Wast Baltlaore street, * B^ltlaaare, Md. 1* _ T1MOTBY1 BALL. HB etlee ofthts vaetiiutloa will be rmsssi aaSl TTAMorfg. OatosvllU. Bd. COLD PBN8?A Sne aeeertmsnt of Gold Peae, j ' 1 Pencil Cases, Ac . for eale at mannfartnrar1* pttow. IdsWJ FBAJRCK TAYlsBB. e special notices. ay POETBY HAS I N Mo UT A Li ZE "> TH1 M h IGHT BLOVMIfG CBREUB"!* " though * tint bt(iU?." Hid Ph?l ?n ha? rendersd its ter furre Immortal in hi* ? elebrated p-Tinine. Thea pf?ey and chemistry )i?t* ?b|im lo n?k* it tarn u*. an* tb? press is wafting its preiaee throaghoat the leBgth and tfedth of ihe land, Bold every *h?r? j?4 AN ATTIDAVIT.-"!, lutr b Pn<?ib?rrr,*f So IftO North Seventh street, Wiills'nsburgti, B Y.,bsltig duly sworn, solemnly declare tli tt, lest PitnnUr. I ?u ao rarely afflicted with khenmatlsm aa to be unable to m<>T? for three and that after hiving takea ?>utthre? doa^ h af MKTCALKB'S" GREAT KHEUMATK) BEMb DTI wan enabled to walk without aesistacce, and ot:,er-* i?e re to ted to perfect health.'' j?l-ec2w 8. 0. FORD, Atrent. i bemfd1al institute fob special cases, Ho. 14 Bond street, Hew York. i VFnll information, with the kigkest testimonials, also, a Book on SpkhxI Dit*a*ti, in a seaud tnvflof?<, sent free. Hf Be ture and t'nd for them, and you trill nol regret ?. far. a* advertising phy K iaiis are generally t>np>o>lor<, without rtfcrmrts no atrar.^er should be frosted. Enclose a stamp for postage ard direct to DB. LAWBB.NCIC No. 14 Bond street, New York. no 12 DAW If mabriage and celibacy, an Essay of Warning and Instruction for Yonng JJen- Alio, Diseases and Abuses wbioh prostrate the vital powers, with sure means of relief. Seat free of charge in sealed letter envelopes. Address Dr. J SK1LLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. aug 13-Sm BECBET DISEASES. 8a.yakha.nS OirT is the most certain, safe and sflectual remedy?iudeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cnree in two to lour days, and recent cases in twenty fonr hours No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only tea pills to be taken. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do 1 not want te be exposed. Mala packages, fa, female. El. samaritan'* boot ant> Hubs j ricm?a posit! vs and permanent ?nre far Spyhills. Bcrofala, Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters, Ac Pr<ce $1 M per bottle. Bold by B. C. Ford. See advertisement. my I HALL B YEGBTABLE SICILIAN EAIR RENKWEB baa proved itself to be the tneet perfect preparation for tbe hair ever offered to the publio. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. It will Bk*tore gray Hair to its Original Color. , It will keep the hair from failing out. It cleanses the acalp, aad makes tba hair soft, lustrous and silken. It is a splendid bair dressing. No person, eld or yonag. should fall to nsa It. I It is Ricom m KN DKD a .1D U.Rb ST Till FlR?T miptcal Attsoritt W Ask for Hairs Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer, and take no other. R. P. HALL a co., Nashua, N. H., Proprietors. i For sale by all Praggtsta. jatt-Thjy SVHELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, bmolander8 extract bdcku is evawa every case of kismst pisBasB, BlBVMATttM, Gkavil, Urinary Diiobbbbs, vbaihm and Pains In tba Bacr, Frmalb comflaijits aad TaauBLBs arising from Bxcbssbs or any Kiro comb, tb affl1ctbdi tby bmolandbb'b. TAKE NO OTHER BVCRW. Bold by all Apotbeoarlaa. Price fl. D.BABHBB * CO., Hew York, and BABNEB, WABD A CO., Hew Orleans, Southern Agenta. BUBLEIGH A BOGBBS, Who lee ale Brnggista, Boston, Maaa. General Agaata. fab 1# U col*. ate k co.'b wintbb SOAP, Kecomn.ended for cuap'kd iia.nb, and forgenaral ToiLBTase daring colo wbathbr. It may be obtained of all druggists and faney goods dealers, feb ?-eoly n||| boots AND b!10B6~ gjjm ryj new tt ORB. rh Tbe nnderslgned bega leave to inform his frtsrfs gaoerally that he has epened the HEW CHE A P mTOBE . Ho. 404 7th street.andsr Odd Follows Hall, where be has on haua a general assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen's, Boy's. Mines and Children's BOOTS AND SHOBB. Bemember the number, ,'iO'J 7th street, nnder Odd Fellows' Hell The New Cheap Btora, formerly K F. Page's store. <1" 1* WEOEGB B. WILSON. removal. THE NATIONAL rNION INSURANCE COM PANY OF WASHINGTON Have retnpved to their Hew Office, No. 71 LOUISIANA AVBNUB, Hret door east of 7th at, D i B M0~T 0 B 8 : Chaa. Kaap, Praa't, Geo. W. Biggs. Vice Prest, Tbos. Berry, Marshall Browa, Kichd Wallech. G B.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Win. Dixon. Henry D. Cooko. , d? 3_tf HOBLB D. LABNEB. Secretary^ VMCTOB BECKEB, P1AHO TUNER AND BEGULATOB.? Bbtablishbd in ism. kjm ordbrs now reck1 vbd at DEMPBEY A OTOULE'B. Engravers and Stationers, Ac., 32b Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth sta F. C. BElCHENBACH'S Piano Beoat. 499 11th street, near Pa. aTenae. Sptrull Wotim from Wm Knabe f Co., Baltimort Mr. Beeker naa tnaed Pianos ror ns at our Warerootea, aad we take pleaanre ta stating that we believe hlM to be a comae teat tnner. ao II la Apiahos! LARGE Aasortasent of Btelaway A Bona' Pianos have jnat been received, rilin m. Piano Steola and Covers for sale at fae-KMPB tory prises at the wareroona of III ll l * ' W. Q. MBTZBBOTT ACQ. Boy'B SKATES from (9 casta te #6, MEN 'S bKATBBfroa #l.'.oto $50. at the Bkate Depot. POCLTHXT A TRIMBLE, Ho. 200 Weat Baltimore street, dejg In; Baltimore. m4. pBBbONS FUBNISUING BOOMS weald aave aad trouble by cailiag at ADAMSOH'S, AOb ninth street, next to Pennealvaaia aveaae, who can faraHh tAeas with ready-made Bheeta 1 Pillow Casea, Feather and %tr Pillows,Bolsters, Bed Spread^ Blankeu, Mattresses, Window , Oupti, Stair Crash, Toweling, Table Linen, Ae._ _ de 14 dlM ^OLDEN SOUPPEBNONG WIBE. (BaUvs.7 Rich, frnity flarer, with delicate bonnet. Produce ef tbe ?? .w ?8011 PPBBNONG GBAPB, of North Carolina. . ??? Z. M. P. KING A BON. de2# t'_ King Place. JUST RECEIVED YATBS ATSBLBY'B. No. Peansylaaia avenue, a superior lot ef ladies' clo aKINGS, which they are offering at Tary low prlcea. ao as tf I^APITOL HILL ~ V> DRUG STORE. 1 f. x. doolby, dbuggibt, aia Comer Penn'a avenuaftnd east 3d street. Pure and fresh Drugs and Chemicals, Perfumery. Faney Articles always on hand. In ?ood delS-Sw* RECEPTION LPXCBIBB. , Jest received, a large variety of artlelea selected yarticalarly for the ceming reception season. ^ B. M. P IlMG A 60B. i _ King Place, i da ? Cor, Yt. ave. and 15), st. R,BMOVAL-j0hm McKBNNBY. XotaTy rs/iiir and 1 nt.mransi Agent. Haa remeved from the Waahiaxtou Building to Ho. 4A8 7th atreet, corner of B. I KeHahle Hew York and Cooaectleut Oompaniee. I OIBce eatahliafaed In I8M deW-eeO f lat. Ohren. and Bo? 1 ' POBTON MESS MACKEREL. I am aow recelvlag from Boston direct, the very 1 Bnest quality ef MESS MAOKBBBL. I aad which rarely And tbeir way to tkla market, , being used mostly for home ooaanm?tion. As thsy 1 have bees trimmed of every ?urt hot the moat palatable, the kits contain very much mora than ? the ?naatity usually fsrts4 . I M. W. BUBCHBLL. 3,000 ?Vilis*Pi>TATi>sa.nM Oommisaloo Ms reheats. , 4e!4 M He. 4*a >th ft., balaeea B bad F. EM>B BALE vR BBNT?A flae toaa PI A NO, a IL'tiv RS".w"urL';BMk i Faa^More, 304 B street, aear )4th. 'II If" J TELEGRAMS. fcc. In the Pennsylvania Slate Senate yesterday, Sir. Fsfcer offered a joint resolution reques i'ig Congressmen to vote for a bill railing the next Congress together on Rh March next, or as soon i hereafter as possible. Mr. (Tonnell, from the special committee. reported a bill regulating tlie election of TTnited States Senator. This ill conforms to the United Sta-es law, aal Axes January 15 for the election. It wu pushed. A joint resolution was adopted asking lor the parage of the tariff act new before the Senate of the Cuited States. 1 he Ohio Senate adopted the constitutional amendment yesterday?yeas. 21; nays, li. A

resolution requesting the Ohio Senators an* Represewauves to vote against the admission ot any Territory lately in rebellion until a sufficient number of states have adopted the constitutional amendment was referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. IntheHouM a resolution wa? offered to amend the constitution of the State so as to read "without distention of sex or color," and ordered to be printed. The Maryland Legislator* was fully organized yesterday. All the caucus nominations of the Democrats were elected. Oliver Miller, the Speaker, in referring to the na'ional affairs, named and eudorsed President Jounsou, and denounced the course of Congress. The Hen^e adjourned before the Governor's message was received, andlt will not t>e officially published until to-day. About 10 o'clock yesterday morning Wm. Harrison, an engineer on the Franklord and Southwark passenger Railroad, was run over nenr the Fpiscopal hospital, Philadelphia He was removed to the hospital, where be had fci'ih aran amputated above the elbow. Superintendent of Police Kennedy has ordered a strict enforcement ot the excise law m New York, whicti has long been in abeyance. The Kentucky Legislature assembled at Frankfort yesterday. No quorum. Adjourned until to-day. A public meeting is to be held in Ronton on Monday evening next in aid ol the suffering womeu and children of the Cretans. At the annual meeting ot the New England Hi?toric Genealogical Society ex-Goveruor Andrew wis elected President. 1 be Supreme Court of Ohio metat Columbus yesterday, and all the judges were presentMr. Stevens' Enabling Bill. Hon.Thad. Stevens yesterday proposed in the He use of Representatives an amendment in the nature of a substitute for House resolu- 1 lion 543, to ena/?le the ten States lately in re- i l>e 11 ion to form valid State governments. i which plan of reconstruction is intended to take the place of all former propositions. The State go* ernir.ents are by this plan recognized < as government for municipal purposes, until the same shall be duly alrered, and their le- , gislative and executive officers are recognized i as such. Each State is to hold elections in May to choose delegates to form a State gov- S ernment. A commission of three persons is to be chosen for each of the said States by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, who shall select the election officers of the election districts. The President and the military commander of the district are required to provide such military aid as the commissioners may deem necessary to protect the polls and keep the peace. All males, including the blacks, of legal age are to vote for delegate*, and also upon the ratification ol the constitution of the State. The blacks are to be eligible as delegates. Ttie constitution ot the State, when framed, is to be submitted to the people, and if ratilied by a majority of legal votes, shall be declared the legal constitution of the State. The sixth eectton excludes all persons who were in any way connected with the Confederate (ioveriuneiii from the franchise and from i ffice until five years after they shall have filed their intention or desire to be reinvested with the right of citizenship, and then only upon taking an oath that the service rendered bv them to me Confederate Government after March 4, 1HV1, was in voluntary. No constitution Is to be presented or acted npon which denies equal rights to the black* ; and, finally, no Senator or Representative shall be admitted into either House of Congress until Congress shall have declared the State entitled thrreto. MAINE?iNACei'RATIO!* OF GOV CltAMUERLain.?Gen. Josbu L Chamberlain was inaugurated Governor of Maine yesterday. His address is a lengthy and ablv-written document In regard to national" affairs, he says that, while at tbe close of the war the secession element was disorganized and broken, the spirit of the rebellion is now revived to the hopes it had abandoned. The terms proposed to tbem were neither hard nor humiliating lu reference to the constitutional amendment, he remarked that It is imperfect, and hazards one of the fruits of our victory by placing it In the pewer of the South to introduce a disability on account of race and color, but is at least a step in the direction, and was a declared issue In the canvass, and good faith requires ub to support it. He did not regard its rejection by the South with regret, as thereby it became again an open question. He did not regard reconstruction a matter for hasty settlement. The funded debt of the Stat* on the 1st of January was #6,001,600. The sinking fund amounted to |k.'4fi,w.0?year's operations. Thk Roman Qiktiom and Napoi.koh ? The Cardinal Archbishop of Rouen, Mon?eig- i neur de Bonnechose. having addressed a letter to the Emperor asking for the continuance of i the French occupation of Rome, his Ma?esty, i the Nouveliste de Rouen says, replied to the , following effect:?"The Emperor feels as warm an interest in the Holy Father as his Eminence. For the last sixteen years he has used all biB efforts to bring about a reeoncilia- < tion between the Papacy and the Italian pop- i ulation. His counsels have always been given to that end: but ha differs from his Eminence on the means ol protecting the {Sovereign Pon- , tiff. The French expedition, very legitimate when it was necessary to put an end to anarchy, cease* to be justifiable now that the sitnation is changed and that profound peace reigns in the Italian paninsnla. His Majesty has entire confidence in the loyal execution of tbe convention of September, and considers that treaty as a complete security for the exercise ot the divine mission ot the Holy Father." Tux English Collieut Explosives.?It is announced by the last mail from England that the caute of one of the recent terrible colliery explosions in England, that which occurred in Staffordshire, has been discovered. The blacksmith's safety lamp was found with its top off; and it appears that this workman, who usually attended to his labors in the open air near tbe mouth of tbe shaft, where there wsa no danger of an explosion from bis naked lamp, had strolled into the workings with his lano. which bv igniting the coal-gas caused the exploaion. Much sympathy has been expressed throughout (ireai Britain for the unfortunate victims of these fearful accidents, aad meetings were being held in various parts of the country to raise funds for the relief of their families. Large amounts of money were being collected for their benefit. It appears that the exploaion in Yorkshlre made 160 widows and 330orphans, whilst by the other explosion in Staffordshire t>4 lives were lost. < ST Elopements, divorces and crimes are so nuio'n>ng that the N. Y. Sun thinks the whole continent is incontinent. j WA Radical paper in New York speaks of i a new society which aims to make the negro industrious and self-reliant. 1 W A California paper tells of a lady in Al- 1 lOiama who became a grandmother on tbe day < she was twenty-four years old. . 1 WA bill of fare published in the Savannah ! Advertiser announces green peas among the antrees. J Wit is reported from Montreal that trials of , the Feniaosat Sweetaburg, lasting four weeks. , tiave cost the Canadian government ona bun- j Ired thousand dollars. , WThe Oil City Register rays: The business j >f tke oil region is now being conducted mora 1 legitimately tkan ever before. J Wit is reported that a schoolmaster has 1 seen arrested at lrvlngwm for '-mildly" whip- 1 ping a boy so that he died. t WA man attempted to spell crockery, and 1 bus proceeded,? expired ' in a >pa*m before be could mhkt a y, with ' which he mteQded to end tke world. 't grit is six years sines ths banks suspended specie pay men t. WTbe Naolea Botherhild. has mired from hi sines* with a fortune of IMUO.tN. ? ITll is eta ted that iodlae plated In a small jox -fclth a perforated ltd, destroys organic 1 poison ia rooms. flErThe Syrians had tbe most brllliaai die- 1 plly of meteors oa the date whea Amerleaas rere disappointed at not witnessing tbe ph*> i tomenon. I CONGRESSIONAL. Nbhatk.?Yesterday afternoon? On motion of Mr. Sunnfr, tb# bill introduced by him to putisb false and fraadtlrti representations to negroes, Jcc., It r the purpose ot reducing them to a condition of peoaage qr slavery, wai taken ap. and amended by substituting the word 'involuntary" for the word "virtual," before the word servitude." He read a despatch from the American C-onsaI a: Pern to tbe Secretary of State stating that a perton bad left Peru for the purpose ot procurir.g negroes to be used as coolies Tbey should, as lar as they could, provide against such a contingency. Mr. Hendricks moved to so amend the bill as to provide that snch outrages should not be committed on any person, so as not to legislate for classes Mr. Sumner said tbe Committee on f oreign Relatione bad considered that point. Hut it was tbonght best to introduce ibe words negroes, mnlattoes, Jte., in order to give Lb em warning in particular. V\ itbont taking final action on tbe bill the Senate adtourned Horflk.?Yesterday afternoon, the House being in Committee of the Whole on the President's message speeches, were made by Meesrv Kelley. Pike and Holmes. Mr Garfield, of Ohio, from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported a joint resolution giving additional compensation to certain employees in the civil service of the Government at Washington: which was ordered to be print' ed and made a special order for Tuesday nest. It provides for an increase of 2u per cent, on all taiaries not over 9:1.5m1 per aunum. Mr. Lldridge (Wis.) asked leave to offer a resolution that llonse bill -M3 i? clearly in violation of tbe spirit of ibe resolution introduced by Hon. Thad. Stevens, December 4. lt-62, and that the same does in fact assert, or at least admit, that secessionists and rebels were successful in tbe dividing of the Union, and destroyed certain States of the United States as such in the Union, degrading tbem into Tern, tones; and that the Hon. Tbaddeus Siemens, in and by the introduction advocacy ot said bill, has manifested a mind and heart disloyal to the Constitution and the Union of tbe States at they existed at the time of the rebellion, and is guilty of the crime specified in said resolution, and therefore deserves tbe reprobation of this House. Mr. Ashley 'Ohio) objected to tbe introduction of ibe resolution. Mr. Lldridge said he did not desire to press it. as the gentleman named in tbe resolution was riot then in his seat. [Laughter.J It was laid over. On mo'ion of Mr. Ashley, the House resolved by unanimous consent that Friday and Saturday of this week should be devoted to debate, and that upon those day* no vote should be taken. Mr. N'iblack (Ind.) asked leave to offer a resolution Instructing tbe Committee on Public buildings and Grounds to inquire into tbe fxpediency of providing for the erection of a new Executive Mansion, and seiung apart tbe present one for the use ot the Department of State. Objection being made, the resolution was laid over. MARYLAND. Message ef Ciovernor Swim. Governor Swann in his message to tbe Maryland Legislature calls attention to the gratifying ispect of financial matters In the Stale, showing, by a careful array of figures, that, notwMutandiag the heavy outlay demanded of Maryland in the war toeustain the Union, the Jifference between her "productive capital" u d tbe public debt is but a little over one million of dollars. Making recommendations is to the best methods of dealing with a large mass of "unproductive capital," he argues that with ordinary good management no State could desire a irore prosperous condition of iffairs in regard to its finances. In connection with this matter, he very properly recommends the establishment of a "State Bureau" I in lialiuuore, by which the Slate c^nld collect I its share of the taxes through it* own officers Following this, he devotes a brief space to tbe subject of * a building for State purposes m Baltimore city." The Governor next takes up the lately exciting topic?the removal of the police commissioners?and discuse?8 it ai length. He contends that be was thoroughly justified in what he did, both by the law and tbe expediency of the c.-tsej and "he in?i?ts that the Legislature conld never bave contemplated the disfranchicemeatof so many persons as were excluded from an opportunity of voting in the muni- | cipat election: aud he puts it to tbe Legislature to determine ".how far it may be csiapeint, under existing laws, to order a new election for Mayor and members of the City (Jouucil." I Not doubting the power of tbe legislature to deal with tbe case, he expresses the opinion tbat tbe continuance of the present Incumt>euts in office, under the circumstance* of their election, " would be a libel upon free government, and a gross and flagrant injustice on an outraged people." Amongst other things, m this connection, be thinks the time will be opportune to "revise the whole system of laws relating to tbe city of Baltimore," and particularly to throw additional safeguards around I tbe city treasury." Next he devotee considerable apace to the I matter of "immigration." and after warmly I commending the Commissioner for what he I has already accomplished, aoix urs with him in recommending the establishment in Haiti- I mere of an Immigrant Depot, with an officer in charge, to whom passengers from abroad I should report, so that they may be protected until able to act lor themselves. Passing to tbe I Bubject of internal improvements, hs commends ihe "libearl policy" Indicated by the President | oftheBaltimore*;Onto Railroad, andcongratulates the people of the State on the general prosperity exhibited by theiT Interests of this kii<d. Even the Chesapeake k. Ohio Canal Company is giving evidence of moreeneour- I Hging results, and be looks for something still better In the tuture Coming to the existing subjects of "the ne- 1 gro population" and the "Kreedmen's Bureau," I he takes up at length the charges of cruelty and unkindness exhibited by the people of Mary- I land towards the colored people, oondemuing I with earnestness the endeavors to breed ill- I feeling betwixt the two races. He asserts that I "there te not a single free State where a more | sincere sympathy is felt for this unfortunate race, sr where more earnest efforts are being made to improve aad ameliorate their degraded I condition." Tbe message next deals with the I >iuesuons connected with Federal relations aad their bearings upon tbe interests ot tbe State* I of Maryland, especially, in the recent threats held ont to reduce her to tbe condition of a "territory." He winds up the me?age by noting tbe necessity which appears to exist for tbe call of a State Convention to revise the I Constitution: asserting his determination to continue to frown upon all extreme measures I bearing upon the destinies of the State. j Delnwnre?Orgnnl/ntiea ef the Leglsla* I tare?The Governor's Message. The Delaware Legislature organized on the I M instant, aad tne Governor's message wa? read. He says that he m grateful fbr the absence of many grievances affilcung the people of other States during tbe civil war: tbat it is attributable to the wisdom at the legislation of tbe General Assembly. Ho discusses tbe hanking system nt length, pr?lerring tbe Suae to the national eystem. He advises that no oth -r State debt be contracted antu the preseat one, assumed for the relief of persons subject to military duty, to cancelled. Approves the railroad improvements as works of incalculable benefit, and commends the Internet to I friendly legislation. He says that the State Laws, by tbe interference of the General Government, are inefficient to puniah crime commuted by free negroes, hud sdys that the sale 91 tble class into' slavery as a punishment is be most saltitary restraint against crttM- Ho I leu bis the wisdom of enacting ihe civil rights I Mil, and says ho will not shrink the du*y ef | >nforcing the State laws not adjudged by competent autberity to be unconstitutional Be I Jenires restriction upon the immigration of | negroes from other portions of the country, I Many of whom are indolent and worth teen, I miA few exceptions being fugiti vee fro* ether I States. Ho recommends the construction ef a I senttentlary, where, by a judicious system or I nbor, criminalo eon contribute te their'OM* I mpport Referring .to the qo*?ltuUo*at imendment. the Governor snys: "Whatever I rV.ftVt^?r Vn V?nSn?? U ' !oormi, to* rfwenon or tnif voitDavsm ? i lemanded aHVe by every consideration or jus- I lee, patriotism ahd humanity* - . * . 1 ,,?: 11??? 11 :| tOT A Minnesotaed>'<*r pleads for eld-lasb J tff Ai V innat ic asylnms in and noor Len lon ape fall. i MTA man wserehhed m St. lonis whilorft,mg up witit a?ic* petno*. Via Hacltoh servant Who had aapropnMd lee doimra to huaoeW which h? had ?o>ectod for his sw'e* cut his throat. ecropean news. Jan 3?Tbe HMKiKltip Kr?m?n sailed to-day lor New York. Among her pa?ssnger* were ?oiC' of the American vacht?m?? A heavy mow norm prevented her departure yesterday. * Miuiio, Jin 3 ? Tbe t*amtbip Tornado which was captured off the coast of Spam' *? tee mmttii nocf on suspicion of kriu 4 Chilian priva'eer. has h?en condemned a> a lawful prise hy the Spanish court. Four m>>re Sranlsb iron-clads are to be Mat to the Pacific. Co**ta*ti*opl?, Jan 1?The Porte has received newf from We?*ern (Vele stating that a heavy battle had been fought hftwN>? tbe Turkish army and theCretans, which r< suited 10 a total defeat of the latter. Two hundred Cretsns were killed, and the whole army tied in disorder to the eea. where the creator nnmthe remnant enhvkfd on 1 esseis for nfitj. Q'?r(f|??B Cerpsratisn Affair*. OioRfiiTovN Coram.*.?The Hoard met lan evening at the usual hour, the Recorder, Mr Mathews, in the chair. present n*?r?. lboma*. Simins. Hrde. lie is ton. and Cropley. A communication was recei\*d from the pn>praters ol tbe Oeorgstowii Courier. asktug a renewal of the contract for publishing the Corporation law* referred to the lower Hoard. 1 he standingcommittee reported hark the hills lor the relief of Charles Burroughs u< K K. Sbtckei A. S?i; both of which wen pawn d A. communication was received Jrona ibe Mnvo . s a n.g that a team lire engine ba.l bee* conn-acted for. Ala?, a com mti meat ion from the Mayor announcing that the repairs to toe Cham Bridge had been complete without. Interruption to travel. The reeolntim from the lcw<*r Hoard directing the Street <k>mraissioner 10 reuuiue the on Lincoln ll'Zh-** ProT,d?"d ??> a.ct of 1 December 7., i^.?, a a* passed A message waa receiveJ from the lower Hoard, announcing that ther bad foncnrml ia the amendment tn the m i regulating tboCoroaer'a donee. A.ljourn-d Cosmo* Cci aciL.?The following ne?uM lrom the Major were read and referred ? lu answer to inquiries as to the progress of aw ; tire commissioner* toward the procurement ?' * steam lira engine; anuoertcKig that a steamer baa been ordered, ta relation to repairs or !tr station-bouse, and asking a consultation with the commi'tee m reference to the subject: relatire to the repairs of the Chain Bridge. and announcing their?<>mplet?on without obe trading travel by that route tranaimt?L?f ?*?? ??rveyor s certificate of w. rk Oooe by Mr narritty on Congress street. The Mayor a I communication. a?kn.g instruction as to how many of the Increased police force fS desiretf by tb. Corporation to be detailed for service in Georgetown, was laid over. The following matters were referred ?Accounts of lenkiu Thomas for work done, and ol J. Heistou 4. Company for coal furnished the Corporation the petition of J. p. t'-sliaban lor remission ol a fine, and the petitions of K L McPberson and (ieG. H'Bobrer. waich were withdrawn from the files lor the purpose Mr. Ctabaugb off. red a resolution appropriating fJUifor opening a < barmel through the ire in the river, laid over. Mr. Fuwlcr introduced & resolution dir**cMhit ttip reguiitr lighting of the lamps ia front of the post office. Mr Barrett. from the claims committee, a-ked to he and wits discharged from consideratioa of the claim of B. II. Burroughs. Cafinisbed ^"^'n'^s was disposed of a* loilows The resolution in favor of J. C. Heiston A Co waa taken up, and on motion of Mr Clabaugh 'he claim wae referred to tbe trustees of the poor and work-bouse for payment. A revolution, submitting the question of equali/.mc j the rates of licenses of dealers In the market of the town and the butchers' mark-, was taken up. and. after a lengthy discussion. was rejected?yea* 4. nays 5. Business from tbe Aldermen:?A.n amendment to the resolution of this Board relative to the Coroner"* dtittes. concurred in A. communication from Mcttill A Noland. a?king a renewal of the contract with them for publifehing the laws acd enactments of the Corporation. and a communication from W 1> llughe?. asking the publication of the laws ia bis paper, were referred An ordinance to amend an ordinance lor she government of tks market, was aken up. Mr. Fowler moved to amend by inserting a proviso that the sam* shall take effect after the 1st of April next Mr. (nahnugh morsrt to layon the table; lost yeas 4. nays ?. Mr. I,ibby moved to refer tn the committee on tbe market: lost. Mr Fowler moved to refer to a joint commntee of :he two Boards: lost. The ordinance was put upon its passage, and rejected?yeas ?. nays ?. Mr. I.ibby moved to reconsider, agreed to Mr J*ibby moved to refer to the market ofhrait **" agreed to. A resolution in favor of O. v! Palmer was adopted. Mr. ftcddsrd offered a resolution instrncttng the police commissioners from Oeorgetown to prote-i, >n tbe Hoard ol Police, against the apporuonmerit of any number of the iucreat-e of uie police force tor duty in Georgetown, which wae adODied Adjourned r What a Eiviusb Ukktlsmah Sava '^.tl<l^T i?i?i ?The Kev. Henry Ward Beecber. tn a recent sermon in New York saidv-'?I>o not hesitate to danee among yonr own family and friends, und.-r the suppoeation 'hat it is wrong, it ia ceruunlv your Uber'.v and it is right and wholesome. Souie youua ladles asked me, ?Who may we reckon an within the circle of onr family?' Whoever Is near enough to salnte you in yoorown, and all others may he safely considered as not in your xamily. Vom| brothers, sisters and cousins, and like nnto those which exist in the household, you may regard as wnbin yonr fami!} circle Hut I think that, if a tadv wants to know tbe *ruth. sbe will floU no diRK altv la making the proper demarkauoa tn the regard." After thi Battle.?An official report of tbe barTTe of <*ettyshnrg states that twentyseven thousand five hundred and thirty-four tuns were picked up on the field afier lbs agagemenf, twenty-four thousand of which were loaded. Ol this nomher one-half had two loads each remaining unflred. one.quarter had three loads, and tbe remaining six tbon?and contained tea loads apiece. Many were faun A having from two to six bulleu over one charge. in others the powder was placed above the ball. One gun had eix cartridges with the paper uutorn. In one Springfield rifle, twenty-tare* separate and distinct charges were fouad. while one smooth* bore masket cuntaiaed tweaty-two bullets and sixty buckshot rammed, in promiscuously. I'Uiti Dkwh.-Madame Demoresw Vbo is considered good authority on female dress ia general, thinks that the underwtnents aad covering of the feet lack proper attention and speaks feeHugty of ? a^C WwTk^l the stockings up at ch? knee" as Impeding th? frae clrculattcn of tha blocd. while ? the rash ion now prevalent of wida-apreadin* crinoline demands, tor tbe take of naodeaty as well pl*nUful anpply of underclothing. It It to be hoped that sensible and modest women will follow Madame Demoreet a advice, and wear looser elastics' at ths knee, thicker underclothing and more of it. and thicker walking-boots. These are tbe processes which make women happy and undertaker* miserable. Tbb Por* akt> Napol?o? ?The Paris corre?pondent of the London Olobe writes: -The Papai Oovernmeat is having printed all its f?/X7pond">c*w,,h ""Preach 1.mirror from 1^48 down to the preeenf fime It has alwavs been believed tn France by a large porn en of the public that the Emperor, shortly altar his accession to power as President of the Republic, took certain engagements of a delicate natare towards tbe Pope: aad that the esteteaoe of them explains why foe along time the ?? *?* '* 1 ranae were hw warm supporters. The correspondence now printing at th?? Yatiwl"""r TrRrnTim yao* PrraoLac*.?We nndernaad by a letter from l^ondon (Engiaad) that scientific experiments made there have resulted In extracting turpentine from petroleum. The proceee is said to ha a safe one aad it is added that tnrpeaune obtained bv ft ^n be produced at oae-third the price that haa been heretofore paid for tbe aaae article from U?e two (Carolina*. Thia would seem to b* confirmed by the fact that the painters in this oountry have, since the war begun, used naphtha?one of the products distilled from peu-o **m?for parpoean to w/iieh tanwauns waa formerly applied. .J^JJl3rAua ?> Mercer expedtuon to Oregon, la which several New Eaglaa* youag ladies went out into the wilderuesa, la reported by a Pacific correapoadeat to hava been the finding of a "lodge" by most or them. with a man In it. A lady In Covlnron. Ky., while walbthc MlkVuiiy 00 dew* her year old bat^whAah aha wu ?Irrylag her arms. ^ VA Preach farmer hi ike dmwthait of the Two Sayres ?e dUnaywad to hava tm*na4 his, rwe wiyas, and his aaw ea n-ial. fr"irh ?*ted that ma Baltimore aas Ohi? page st Httper'a ??w, ao as to avoid paasia? aader the laea ef tteoilT, and get room 1tr h double track TT*' r<K>" 1 EUkwarth American ehroaictes a aaer reat of arena way herse ta the streew of W tawi. Tha horse jumped leagthwisa evn-aeow. haocalng her down aad laiatiac her mil so that amputation of the member mS aiMfiary. She Will not fully realise her oe??avkment hatil fly time. * ^5? n4"f w#r* r??*atly shipped through Lynchburg aa expraas freights A maa ia Chicago who had loei th ail tpemlauoa* eat in throat. I e I