Newspaper of Evening Star, January 4, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 4, 1867 Page 2
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m jt i n ??twrwmm? THE EVENING STARrr The larirsi Cirrvatiu ?n the District vr. D WAUUfH. FJIteread Fraprletoe. ' W ASHlNUTliN CITY : mi DAY JANUARY 4, 1*67 a*~ MADI.XQ MATTBR OS K?BR Y PAOK. 811 OUTBID FOR INTERESTING TELE j URAPHIC AMD OTHIK MATTKR. j TO A DV I. KT4AERI. The following i* '.tie ollciai showing of the emulation of the daily papers of this city competing for the Government advertising ondci ihe recentaet of Congress directing ancn Uv^rtiHiDK u> be made in th* two daily newspapyri ot Washington having th* large* | circulation : tvwiiii? Sta? 7.715 copies per day. Ckront-lt... s.imp ?? lnt'lligrnc*T .S.-W ? m Th* eturns of ad vertlsing by the city papers J1 for tfce quarter ending September 30, l*6fi. as | < taicen from the hooka of the Internal Revenue I Office, are a? foilowa: Juvkmiho STAB f1A,Ml Int'Uxgtncvr 13,10? CkrontcU 10.209 MtfmMni? 4,781 CO OPERATION. Although many of the chief necessaries o' life have been aomewhat rednced in price recently, yet the opinion still prevails that owng to the extortion of monopolists many articlfs ars sull mnch higher than they ought to be. A great ronny remedies have been proposed. and co-operative companies formed in N*w York, Baltimore, Troy, and other cities. : We have no., heard anything as to the success ot the N?w York anil Baltimore Associations: but cannot see what benefit tne co-operative grocery in Troy is to stockholders as we learn ' that it does not sell at a less rate than mer- j cbants who deal for cash. Notwithstanding ' this, the sales for the last six months were S*7,Wi*, and for the six months preceding | *-!3.UV; but very little less than that of the largest aiid best established retail groceries. Tne co-operation foundry in the same city s^ems to be a great success, as tne capital In- ( vested in the buildings, ground and touts, is about < , all paid up. and tbey now inventory property between and $:}i.inmi. | Tbiriy-:wo moulders are employed and from 1 to 1,!W0 stores cast per month. All the m< u lu this foundry, who can. work by the I piece, and we are told that the average wages ot tbeir workmen are about S3o per week, avernging abont a* hours per day in the summer. In the winter thtir wages become less per day. Tftis sort of co operation will probably be 1 tuund in practice more advantageous than combinations to cheapr-n meat,coal, groceries, | Ac , which although they teem to succeed in j * eglar.d, do not tor some reason thrive so well , bere In England there are six hundred and 1 ? ITovident Societies,*' established ' on the co-operative plan, and possessing an aggregate capital of nearly four million-* of ' dollars in American money?x7?l,?13. Gro- ' cents, meat, shoes, clothing, coal, flour, and j 'vm farriery, are included iu the plan upon < which these societies operate. The mode of dividing profits varies in the different socie- I tier, but the general rule is to set aside certain proportions for interest on paid-up shares, dividends to members, depreciation fund, re- ! serve fund. Ac. They all appear to be vtry ' economically conducted. Tne accounts are ' in the great majority of caaes audited by mem- > bers, sometimes assisted by a prwfes ;ionaJ ac- I rouutant. Nearly every society throughout ; the list exhibits a balance In band, and the ] assets are in almost every instance largely in , excess ot the liabilities. It strikes us that the surer plan tor house- 1 keepers here would be to practice rigid economy. and endeavor, which almofct the poorest ' can do, to lay aside a small reserve fund* ? which will enable them to bny at those seasons i ' when the necessaries of life are cheapest, and ' in such quantities as to make a saving. The ! | vast difference between bnyiag in large and fn J small quantities is evident on the least reflection It is a eunons fact that for a given quan- ' tity of coal, flour or other staple in daily use- J the poor man pavs a higher price than the rich. * The smaller the quantities purchased at a time, j the higher is the price paid. When it is net j practicable tor one housekeeper to buy In large , quantities a number of families can club to- j < gether and purchase at the cheapest stores, wholesale, thus saving themselves the profits [ mace by one or more intermediate dealer*. > NEGRO WHIPPING IN NORTH CAROLINA. ? A communication has been received at the j ] Freedmen'a Bureau from an officer at Raleigh i N o., calling the attention of the Bureau to the whipping of negToes by the civil authorities i f ostensibly as a punishment for petty crime*, ] but in fack forth* purpose ot disqualifylag 1 them from using the electiv* franchise under j the laws of North Carolina, should that right i be granted to them by the law of th* land. It r is stated that this practice Is carried on in many I counties in the Stale, over sixty having been "whipped 1*1 one county during a recent session of the court. A conversation was orer- ] beard recently at the State House, between aeveral members of the Legislature, when one aaid "We are licking them in our part of the < State, and if we keep on we can lick them all by next year, and none of them can vote." TIE STATE LEGISLATURE**. 't The Legislatures of the following States met I on the 1st and 2d of this month:? Oh-o, (-pecial 1 session.) Near York. Pennsylvania, Minnesota. Indiana. Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan The following are yet l to meet this month:?California, Mississippi, Nevada, and Ohio, (regular e?*sion,) on the 7th. Kansas and New Jersey on the pth; Wisconsin on the 9th; Illinois, Iowa, and Vir- j ginia cn the 15th; aud Louis.una on the 21 si. { Unusual interest attaches to the** Legislatures this year, from the fact thai most of them have yet to act upon tb* proposed Con- 1 atitutional Amendment. ; j DELEGATION Of PKNR8YLYANIAlfS. ' General Harry White, General J. W. Kisber. Col. A. W. Taylor, Col. M- S. t^uery, E. Bil- | i linglelt and Andrew Armstrong, members of 1 the Pennsylvania Legislature, with James R 1 Kelley, ex-Speaker of ?he House of Delegate*. ! Col O J. liitkey and James Black, of Harr aburg, arrived in this city last night, and ar* at the kirk wood House. Their business here is < to look after the manufacturing and mining 1 interest* of Peuri?yl vaxia. ' MC8TBRKD OUT. Brevet 1 Jen ten a it Colonel J. E.Cornelius, IStb regiment V . R O., has been mustered out and honorably discharged. ^ 'Tha Lkvh Si uikk."?The fine company at Wall * New t ipera House appeared last night to admirable ad vantage in Bourcicault's last and best play, "The Long Strike," and the pertoimauie may be coftaidered a great auccess in every way. The h?use waa crowded to its o'moet rapacity br an appreciative audience, w to were enthusiastic In their approval of the excellent acting and capital acenery which wei* well calculated to enhance the deep dramatic ntereet of the piece. Th* tel. graph scene ia one ot thrilling intereat, and was admirably managed. Tub Wuxlt Star i* now on our counter for sale, and In wrappers, ready for th* mails, containing, amang mnch other reading matterA beautiful domestic story entitled -'The First Quarrel;" as team boat story, which is a spicy description of a very funny scene; Advice tj green skaters; The ocean yacht race; The President's reception on New Yea*' day; ether receptions; Decision of th* Supreme Cvur: a? to trial br Mtli'&ry Commissions; usefnl items of domestic economy; Coagrea tonal piocef diiigs; Humorons Sketches, with lie met tic. Mili ary. Naval, Departmental and Local News, Agricultural and Housekeeping Miscellany ; and the latest Telegraphic Dispatches from all quarWra. ?yWe have received frJm John P. Ellis, music dealer, the following music, just publish* d be him:?"Oh, Would I were a Bird," What does LiHle Birdie say," Young Zepbyrs:" "Tha Life Boa :" Mabel Wallies." TEJ/Fr.TlAriTfr n :*v-\ BV I! 8. A KI" OPBAN \KT< \**>M1 \TI ?N - ? ?. t'ltOM KtROl'E. Tt.? London Times wihU ln*llnii tv >rt? ?tli America -The Caiirra iltrtl on j - Opening of 11ml ortnin rorl? ;iil ? Thr Markets, *r [B| tie Atlantic Cable] Jan. 4, Noes ?The iimii of this morning says (bat the only quedon tbxt K g iJalsitliH prfn-nttinn> it at nl if?T ?lv-*<1 b w j Li otbfr I'o?4*rs, ; re the qn *-iio >? w.ttu ( Icr settlement fcetwMn her and America. It '.ben niges tl>? prompt a.uleraen: ox theae upor a patj?raetory bas s. The Time* also expr*?ses iU beiief tha if the Eastern Question la now approached In the proper spirit, there can be * speedy Mettlement ut it by iii? l'ow?r? of Europe iu the interests ol peace. Yiknka, Jan. 4?Noon.?The pa'enr con. voking ho extraordinary session of the Keicharnm baa had a bad effect in Hunzary. 1-.isp.on, Jan. 4?Noon.?The Kinr opened the Cortes this morning, and urged the reorganization of the array. London, Jan. 4?Noon.? Conaela are quoted at *?,% for money IT. s. 5-a.J'a. 73 k : Illinois Central. Wjf ; Kne.4fit, Liverpool Jan. 4 ? Moon. ? Cotton?The sales ot the week toot op (Vi.iNK) bales The authorized qnoiation for middling uplands ta I.' M d The market is qmet but steady to-day, ar.a the estimated sales are MM**) bxles Kiiaskfort, Jan. 4?Noou ? lT. S. 6-*)'a are quoted at 77%. 1'AitiH, Jan. 4 ? Noon.? Th# Kent#* are q uoti d at (\?f. 83c. Outrages on Freedmew in Tennessee? J roops Applied far. Nahhvii i.b, T?S? , Jan. 3 ?The agent of the Freeitmen's liureau in Kobe*on county earnestly spplie* for troops, stiting that aband of outlaw*, trom Southern Kentucky, bad crossed the f*ta?e line, committing all sorts of outrages on the freedmen, burning their d wrlliugs, etc. Ohio Demorratir Mate Convention. CiactKMATi, Jan. 4.?A I>emocratic Suue Convention will be held at Columbus neat Tuesday. Judge Tburman will probably ba nominated for Governor. Several of the Democratic county conven* lions have resolved in favor of submitting the negro biifirage question to the popular vote. Or ad. Kionuoao, Va., Jan. 4.?A.Judson Crane, ? prominent lawyer of this city, died last night. rf "*plCAL?OOIITY.?Ssrnlanuual Jof meeting oa MONDAY, January 7, at 8 p. tu. A laige ailendanoa is exported J* A. W. A. KIMff. M. p , Secretary. TS=*Tnl YOfr'NG LAL1K8 CONNECTED io with the Wesley Chapel Sunday Scho I. bold * MISSIONARY FbSti VaL. at their Vestry TH18 < Kri-lay) EVENING at 7 o'clock. iLe public are cordially iavlted to attend. It* Yr1 WASHINGTON SKAT IMG OLD?. ? A O^BNIVAL will t>* held :<t the Skating Park itssoon as tha weather will permit. Due notice will be given By order i ] n W CLAQBTT, President J.J Chatman, B?cr-t try. j?4 .It rfa'TH* WASHINGTON 8KATIN3 PARK r^-3 Tbe Park, at the foot of 13th street, will be open daily, (weath'T perm'ttlng,) except Simlay .from * a. m till 10 p m. THIS EVENING a Ine Band of Music will be present and enliven j?r?l to commence at 7 o'clock. Y'S-" NOTICE ?All Olti/nns are iavlted to atJJ3 tend a meeting t? be belli at No. 3i K st . very neon's Grocery Store, on MONDAY, Jann?ry ', at7o< lock p m.. for the purpose of form 511* Asaoclatlon, which will declare a livldend ev?ry six months. i?< ?* JA8. W. DUTALL. J^=-TO ALL WHOMTT MAY CONORRNr" _.*R\ OyvrrK, January 1,1817. NOTICE I8UERIBT GIvAr that licenses I'ven to Hucksters. Batchers and owners of Dres expired on Jaauary 1,1887. and that said licenses nn*t he renewed at his ofltoe within ten days Tr >m SAM'L R. DOUGLASS, j.4 dtjaU Register. Y^-MASONIC FAIR?8PRG1AL NOTICE ? L? A meeting of the t'OMMITTRB OF AS BANGRMENTS will ba held at MASONIC HALL, LT.r2'\r ,,h aB<1 Dstreets,on SATURDAY RVBNI NO. 8th instant, at 7 o'clock. * All persona having Fnads on haadfrom the late t air or Ball will please come ?reparad to aettla. rbo?e havlrg claims are reunestad to ersaant the tame at once. .TH0S THOMPSON. jai-Xt Sec> of Com of Arrangements. rif~BANK OF WASHIMGTOH, Jan. Trustees of this Bank havedeclarel a livldend of three per cent, for tha last six months, pai able to stockholders on demand M JAMSS ADAMS. Oaahler. Y^JOSRPH H kHAFFIELD, ^5 FRENCH CON FECTIONRRT. LADIES' ICR CREAM A DINING SALOON, 34tf Pean. Ave., bet. 12th and 13th eta. Waddings. Dinner or Supper Parties supplied at ibort notice with novelties in Pyramids, fancy rakee, and Confectioneries, Jellies; Wedding -akee, best quality Table Ornaments Salads, Ice Cream, Water ice, Roman Panch. Boned Tar" " d T?rt" Attendant# also will be aent to attead to all details of arrangements. Boa jnets, Wreaths, and :at Flowers to order ja 3 1m JOSRPH H SH AFFIELD. f 5=* A MEETIRG OF THR STOORHOLDBRS J^jof the WASHINGTON AMD GEOBQBrwWH RAILROAD COM PART for the election >fDirecton, will be held at the oBoe of the Com>any on WEDNESDAY. Jaaaary 9, 1887. The RS^.IIUb# <>? ??*" o'clock m., and close at 3 > clock p. m GEO R. GIDEON, President. dej4 td WM O. QRRENLRAF. Sec._ rf*?401 CHURCH FAIR, (Christmas and KB. Year.jfer the benefit of Grace Church. aln '?'* *-.Alfrsd Hoimea.!, rector.) Island Sail, corner of Vlrgiala avenue and 6th St., will 'H? December 80tn. Tableaux and other enterI**"?*,11.1* Bapper each night. Season tiekets >0 cents (IntARepI da is tf J-g^R ITA1LI SBlp 1 ? S. McPHRRSOM A FRRGUbON, Fana. aviisi, cot.iaa 1st stkxet. Dealers in B'"PCBIJWlftgtSJDIOIMRS and OHRMICALS, ?B????AsrASa?oo?.. ^ OS 13'tf IMRPH ?HAfFIRLD>S FRENCH OONFROJ TIONRRY. 34* Pens avs., bet l?h aad lJth 1ft* Jewell s, have agala received a fine and arge lot of Havana Oranges. Malaga Grapes, and French Candles. ja? 3t* ^AR MUFFS FOR aKATRRS. " An indlspenwble article for all who are exposed ot be cold. For sale by NOAH WALKER A CO, ja4-Ctif 18^ Peun avenus. PI A R 0 8?Two more of those bsautlfnl PIANOS, made by Jams* W. . t , uet received, and for sale low, onestrMaSB "as Also, new and superior esven oc * I eve P1AROS, Id rosewood, warranted, for *3*0. ? JOHH * ''LIS. ja4-Jt 306 Pa. ave., near 10th et'eet. UAV1NG ASSOCIATED MR. WM. H. DAL la. TON with me en the 1st 1a-tant, Is Store 340 Pennsylvania aveaue, the businees hereafter will ?e soudnctad under the name aad title of H. BURRS A 00. All nersons Indebted to the late firm of BURNS w ILSON sre requested to make early settlenent o* their accounte at the old stand. 340 Pcnanlvanla avenue, uaar 9th street. ttlf H. BURNS. | AMES' PRESS GOODS. L ADIRS SHAWLS aad OLO A RING OLOTHS, BLACK AMD OOLORRD SILKS. 3losing out cheap previous to takins accounts of it'??k. ... ? .. ?, towel? and'napkins. v a solicit a call from all In want of Dry Goods WM. R. R1LET A BROTHRR, , No. .T6 Central Stores, between 7th aad Sth streets, J** 8t opposite Pouter Market ^OAL! GOAL!! GOAL!!! Hsjiagdetermla^ tTTsll a Srst class article of Wood and Coal as cheap a* the cheapest, I hope t>y doing so to aain a liberal share of pablls pa "cns|?, Tbe Coal prices are as follows: Wb ITR ASH N UT COAL, by the tofl ?7 BALTIMORE C9. WHITE ASU.Eggand Stove sixes 9 oa ALLOTHFR (Jf ALITlRSof WHITR ASH H)| LYKFN8 VALLKY F1NB RRD ASH ." 9 7# DIAMOND VRIN WH1TR ASH 9 74 9ROSS WRIGHT, 3440 LBS. TO THR TOR. Always oa haad aad ooaatantly receiving tha >eet qualities of WOOD of avery description, dsHvMedlaaay partof thsclty. iM-la* Tth *1., betwaea R aad F s^ ^land. 53 LOUIRIARA^ A V RR UR. ^ J. H. ORaRB R 00. lavs oa hand a large aad fine asaortassat of 300DS, salted to this Marks*, sash as BUTTRR, 3HER8R. RGOS, APPLRS, RAISIR8. FIGS,' 31TBOH. NBTS? HAMS. OBDFI8H, M40K BRRL, HRRRIRO, SOAPS, CARRRD GOODS, Ic. Also, M Barrels Moore<b celebrated ORAMPAORB harrslor gallon. All tbe above goods are oCsrsd at tha low set markst price, and warranted to salt, by J. B. ORABR A 00., ja 4 1st 43 La avs.. between 4th aad 7Ch. yxiSS oil ut I>TO1rr I am naw la receipt of aew saaeonOLIVR OIL, dM?a? from Bordean n, and am prepared Is aa?a>r """ "IC" * H W atjaARBtt. a eor.Hth and F sts , ander RbblM Bo?sa. i ill 4 OW'LOCK p. m. (.OVIRNMKNT Si:(l RITIl> w A?i'lMUTua, Jaaunry 4. I-*!*. J?y Cooke A. Co furui?ti the foilu*rmg quola i u-i?e of G?tfrum< nt securities Huyin,/ S' i c' ?- tifbi., >-S. ,7^ ! Hi*' J1. >> frue 1 liir 107w U. S. riTe T^ectles. j?t ltwx im 1 < Five Tiffntie* <?*> lu.jfc luC L'.S.Fif T weniite,.laiiA J'y.'to. lt'l\ H 4 * I'.S Ten Fnrtle* l?hi P ? : c>\pr ThJr?ifr, August.... > 4^ I1. S. Seven Tb;rtie?, June......I04fc luj% U. S. M>T?n Thirties. .Inly lo4\ loj* MW YORK KIR8T HOART> 8AI.K.4. Conpons. 108; Five Twentins. imS2, ni7Fi*e Twentes, K'W, IIAjj; hv>< Tweiriea, IK5- lli)i Five Twenties. January and July, 1N55. Ii3%; Ten Forties, 99\; Seven TUlriie*. Aupus-i. l(io. do. June. 104*; do. July, li>4\. Gold, 134. finamial. Lf*ik Johnson A Co., qnote Stocks and Bonds in borne and foreign markets as follows: Nrw York. Jan 4?1st Board?U. S. registered. IS8I. JUS; do., coupons, 10S; 5-20's, registered, l(i5; do. coupons, 107; do., 1S65* IIS*; 10-40 a, registered. Wft; do. coupons,?.?\; 7-3os, 105: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, 28J<; Canton. 4?*i; Cumberland, 90; Quicksilver, 45*; Mariposa, 1-2; New York Central, li?K; Erie, 67fc; do.prefer'd,85j{: Hudson. 131: Reading, 1(5!?, Michigan Central, 103; Michigan Southern, f-3; Illinois Central, 121kCleveland and Pittsburg. ?0j{; Cleveland aud Toledo. 125; Hock island, 1U3*; Nortbwestern, 4?#; do. preferred, HI*; Fort Wayne. K4*; Chicago and Alton, 109k; Alton and Terre Haute, ?; Toledo and Wabash, ?; W. U. Telegraph. 46J*: Boston Water Power. 29k; Pacific Mall, 171 %: Atlantic Mail, 105. American (Old. 3 p. m , 133*. TDK PUBLIC DEBT. The statement of the public debt on the 1st of January, 1^67, shows tnat the debt bearing coin interest was ?1,400,490,741 .t0; the <ebt currency Interest wai> 9334,379,440.00; matured debt not presented for pavment, #16,518,889.31; and debt bearing no interest, #425,673,334.3*2, making total debt #2,675,062,505 43 The amount of coin in the Treasury was *97,. 841,807.78; currency. #33,'?95,765.04; total #131,737,338.79. The amount of debt, less cash in Ihe Treasury, was, therefore, #2,543,325,172 62, or a decrease ol *G,3? 6,065 .05 since December 1st The increase of coin in the Treasury during the same period is Si,672 751 60. The decrease in currency, *0.300,050.03. The matured debt not presented for payment on th? 1st inst, amounted to#6,086,305.40 leu than on December l?t. TUB PENNSYLVANIA 8RNAT0RSHIP. A committeeof the friends of the Hon. Thaddens Stevens in the Pennsylvania Legislature called on that gentleman last evening to announce to him the fact that the recent supporters of Gov Curtin's aspirations for the T'nited States Senatorship had formed a union with bis supporters, and will give him their votes past peradventure. This greatly increases the chance of his success. It is said that the free use of money to buy votes again*1 him is just now about the only serious obstacle to his election. T11K WHITK HOIJ8K. Te-day being Cabinet day. but few visitors were at ihe Executive Mansion. All the members of the Cabinet were present. The Arkansas delegation, which arrived here a few days ago, were presented to tbe President and members of the Cabinet. They remained in the room but a few minutes. General Grant was also present, and remained in the Library during tbe session. FREEDMEN MT'RDKKKD IN MISSISSIPPI. A letter has been received from the Astistant Commissioner at Yicksburg. Miss . atatlug tbat thirty.four freedmen bad been murdered in tbat State since tbe organization of the Ha. reau. These cases were all knows to the SubCommissioner or taken from the record* ef the courts. THB TEST OATH CAB*. Jadge Greer continues to be too indisposed to take his place on the Supreme Court bench, and tbe opinion of tbe Court In tbe teat oatb case will not be given until next week, perhaps on Monday. TUB FREEDMEN AT ARLINGTON?THE DIV NER TO MORROW. A paragraph having lately appeared in a morning cotemporary, appealing to tbe c.tizens of Washington and Georgetown to aid in furnishing material for a dinner to the suffering poor of Arlington Tillage, on Saturday, tbe 5th instant, the following extract* from late official correspondence are published to show tbat the freedmen at Arlington are not suffer* in*, but are well cared for: On the 3d instant (yesterday) Brevet Brig, Gen. Samuel Thomas, Acting Assistant Commissioner. addressed instructions to Brevet ('apt. G. N. Clark, Acting Assistant Inspector General District of Columbia, saying: "My attention has oeen called to a oircular, published in the Chronicle, calling upon the benevolent for donations of food and clotbiug for tbesuOerlng freedmen of Arlington village, Va. It ?s calculated t?make the impression on the public mind that many aged and Infirm colored people of that village are really in a deplorable condition. An appropriation to furnish these people with all substantial necessary articles of food and clotbing was made last summer by Congress. It is tbe duty of tbis office to see tbat all who are unable to care for tbemeelvee have their actual wants supplied lrom thin fond. You will proceed to Arlington village and make a careful inspectlon of and a written report on the condition of all classes of freedmen residing there, with especial reference to their wants as set forth in tbe enclosed article and circular from the Chronicle of the 3d inst." Captain Clarke reports yesterday, tbat be made a thorough inspection of the condition of the defendants freed people, at Arlington Village. v a., and aaya: 'There are one hundred and ninety-two (192) dependents; eighty-three (83) msn and one hundred sad nine (109) women. Eacb person (except in a few cases where families are together) has a separate bed. I examined ninety, one (91) beds without selection, with reterence to the amount and cleanliness of the clotbing. Besides bed sacks, filled with straw, a sheet and pillow, seven (7) of these beds had two (2) blankets eacb; ve, (55) three (3) blankets each; twenty-three, (23,) four (4) blankets eacb; lbr?ei ?L) **( ) blankets eacb, and one, (|,) eight (?) blankets. The bed clotbing is all in good condition. One hundred and nfcy (150) new blaukets were Issued to these people last week. I was informed that a requisition for two bnndred (200) more will be made lmmedimaDy of th* P^P'? were lately sent to the village entirely destitute of clothing, an improvement in their lespect is desirab'e, but 1 found no one actually suffering by lack of clothing, isenes are being made as faatas tbe material can be manfactured by thirteen 113) women, employed in the sewing room, at the II lof r. He then gives statistics of tbe issue of food, clothing and fuel last month, and says ?.?The v ate d.nner to-day while I was present. It con. slstedof well-cooked fresh beef, cort bread, and beef sonp, containing rice and potatoes. The quantity was, in my opinion, sufficient for any one. In rooking, the diet table for hospitals is followed as nearly as practicable Breakfast nenally consists of flsh .?r meat bread, tea. coffee, sngar and milk. Keferrinc to the circular and newspaper slip Taa enclosed. Instead of 4 nearly a thousand there are 504 people at Freedmen s Village. '*11 of these are supporting themselves comfortable except the class above mentioned. Everv in' firm, sick and destitute person outside in the village and its vicinity has been offered an asvlnm at this Home, and It is not known that any have failed to avail themselves of its comforts. After a most careful Investigation I am able to report but two Instance* of eafferine neither of these seven, and in neither had aoSlicatlon been made for relief. In one a man ad no socks, in the other bnt a naar pair of shoes; bnt both these w?nta would have been promptly supplied on application to the matron or superintendent If there have been other cases of sufTerinc which 1 doubt, they were partly accidental The Superintendent has only to make reaulsition for whatever articles are necessarv for theM people to procure them. 1 do not And that be has failed la bis duty In this regard I can. therefore, perceive no necessity for such an appeal ?othe benevolent, ner for snob an exercise of generosity as is enjetned therein The Government provided a Christmas dinner for these people, and I heartily approve Che plan proposed, lo give tbem another in honor of the New Year; bat 1 do not believe It right to make that an occasion to ask for them as suffering poor," wbich ther are not 10 the sense conveyed in tbe appeal?from benevolent people, some of whom, as in the in ?tj?n"? of the rood rhilndelpbta vrtd -<w, rtre litt.e nMe ?o afford it, con'ribtiiions of articles \? Itir.h Hit- (?? Tfr'<inf>nt can and dpr jti it, when n*cru**r\ " THK DISTRICT IN CONURK43 Mr lhKtriuil lucoducfdm the H jum .o-day n b'll ei acting that the original plaaof tkr cl'y of Washington be ?.o modified a* to coo form that portion of tbe city known a* Reser ration No. 17" to its present form; Virginia and Near Jersey avenues and 1st and 2d street* rant having been opened and imirrarHl 1 Kroneti said reservation, cutting it nto four divisions. The several parcels of land into which said reservation has Ik en separated shall be known as -Squares E. F, G. and H;" and thiConm itiener of Public Buildings shall cause thejj to he laid out in lots similar to the other squares of ibe ciiy. subject to !he namn conditions as otber public lots in the city of Washington. Referred to the District Committee. AOUTIIKRN PACIFIC RAILROAD. Tbe Commissioner of the General Land Of. ft.ebas just received from the Secretary of

tbe Interior, with appropriate instructions, a map of tbe Southern Pacific railroad, filed pursuant to tbe provisions of the act of Contress approved 27th July, 1366, entitled ? An act granting lands to aid in the construction of a railroad and telerrapb lines from tbe ^.tatea of Missouri nnd Arkansas to tbe Pacific coast, running from San Francisco in a southeasterly direction to the Colorado river, in latitude tlitrty-flve degrees." DISPOSAL 0* PUBLIC LANDS. Relurns received at tbe Oeneral Land Of. fice trom the Menasha. Wisconsin, office, show that during the month of I>ecember last 2.112 acie* ot the public lands were disposed of nndi r ibe cash and homestead systems. The sales for cash amounted to fhl'KJ Opkra ? Crisptno t la Comnrt, the new opera of tbe brothers Ricci, was given by the Italian (ipera Troupe at the National Theater, last night, to a thin, but rather fashionable audience. The bouse was, from some canse, very inadequately warmed, which served to take away from the enjoyment of the opera by tbe audience, and also to cause tbe performers to sing under considerable disadvantage. Signor Ranconi, the renowned buffo, made bis debut betore a Washington audience. He is, without question, a fine buffo, althourh his voice has lost that freshness which formerly gave him tbe name of tbe greatest living baritone. Ahsionrd to Doty. ?First Lieutenant Wm" II. Merrill,42d U.S. infantry, V. R. C , having passed a satisfactory examination, has been ordered to Louisville, Ky., for duty in tbe Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands. Intkhnal Rsvknck ?The receipts from tin* source to-day were $?19,215,59. CONGRESSIONAL. Friday, J ajipa r v 4. Skkatk -Tbe Chair laid before tbe Senate a memorial from'the Territorial Legislature of Montana, asking the establishment of a surveyor general's office in that Territorv Refeired to the Committee on Public Lands Also, joint resolutions of tbe same Legist*, ture, asking tbat the organic act of that Territory be amended so as to increase the pay of the Federal officers. inclu<1iug the per dinm of the members of the Legislature. Referred to the Committee on Territories. Mr. Edmunds presented a petition from the Wool-growers' Society in relerence to the duty on imported wool. Referred to theCommittee on F inance. Mr. Morgan presented the memorial of the National Academy of Design and 7<i artists, asking a specific duty ot SlOOon imported oil paintings. Referred to Committee on Finance Also, aiz petitions from railroad presidents, as-King a reduction of tbe duty on railroad iron. Mr. Cattail presented a petition from art-sts of Philadelphia, asking some protection for art. Referred to thetCommittee on Finance Mr. Howard meved that the Committee oa Foreign Relations be requested to inquire into tbe relations now existing between France and the Republic of Mexico, Ac., aa to the power of Maximilian to maintain himself if the French troops are withdrawn. Ac , and tbat they be authorized to send tor persons and papers, Ac. The bill repealing the thirteenth section of the act to suppress insurrection and punish treason and rebellion was taken up, tbe question being on the amendment of Mr. Saulsbury, to repeal the entire act. Mr.Jobnson said that regarding the section which it was proposed to repeal, as giving no additional power to the President, he did not propose to address his remarks to it. The opinions of the members of the Constitutional Convention, and their discussions on tbe limit of tbe President's pardoning power were then touched upon by Mr. J. The reault of their deliberations waa that tbe pardoning power should be vested in the President alone. It could not be conferred upon two departments of the Government, but upon one, and that exclusively. The only power of Congress, as has been decided over and over again, is the lecialatiTo power, tbe power to repeal the law, tbe infringement of whose provision has made the crime. The power of the President to pardon Is granted in terms as comprehensive as the English language wilt permit. How he ia to pardt n and when he U to pardon rests with him. The Senator from Illinois (Mr Trumbull) had said the other day that the section proposed to be repealed gave the President the power to issue a general pardon by proclamation. The usnt.l mode had been to pardon specifically each offender In England general pardons had been granted by proclamation inclading all parties concerned in insurrection. In pursuance of bis argument that the section conferred no additional power on the President, Mr. J. maintained that there had been no neceeauy for its passage, and consequently there could now t>? none for its repeal. In reference to the implied power of the President to pardon,the chairman of the Judiciary Committee (Trumbull) in presenting a petition the other day hai assumed the jurisdiction of Congreee over the subject of i pardons in the la'e insurrectionary States, but the clause on which the Senator bad relied for hut authority intended no auch operation as bad so been maintained by ali the commentators on tbe Constitution. His friead, he thought, was mistaken on another point. In the first section of tbe first article of tbe Constitution it ib expressly stated that such powers are conferred on Congress as are therein explicitly named. In the first section of tbe third article it is stated that the powers conferred on the President areexecntive, and In all the decisions and commentations which have since been made it bas been assumed tbat only such powers cau be exercised as are explicitly delegated. Tbe Constitution was mads for war as well as for peace, as bad been decided by tbe highest tribunal of the land. It mlgnt as well be contended that the judiciary el the United States obtained power independent of the Conatitn Hon through necessity, as that the President and Congress maintained it. He (Mr. J.) had advised the Executive to issne a general proclamation of amnesty, and had endeavored so fai as he was able, to bring | it about; but tbe Executive had not seen proper to do so. Some of the first jurists of the country, many of them members of the Republican party, and seme of the best jurists or England, bad expressed tbe opinion that the moment belligerent rights were granted, the commission of treason was impossible. If this point were brongbt before the Supreme Court what their decision would be could not say, but on tbe otber point tbe right of a State to secede, be did not doubt for one instant that it would decide tbat there waa no right. Ths very history of me bygone conspiracy proved such a tbing to be impossible. No proclamation of amnesty had been iasued, and no trials for treason bad taken place. The first was due to tbe President, the latter was not bis fault. A man of delicate frame was now held immersed in prison, who bad been called to preside over their destinies by six millions of people. If this thing had happened in nay ether country, It would have been described as an act of extreme cruelty. Hr. Howard said tbat the person to whom the Senator bad alladed, Jefferson Davis, was capture as a prisoner of war, and now held as such, and was it not true that be had been refused to be delivered ap for trial. Mr. Johnson said If be was a prisoner of war be could not be tried for treason. The President had, however, expressed his willingness to give htm up for trial. Mr Howard said the opinion of the law officer of Mr. Johneon had prevented the trial from taking place. > Mr. Johnson said be was ready to he delivered up to the Marshal of the Court authorized to try him. Tbe prisoner bad petitioned tor a trial, but tbe Court in whose circuit he was. refused to receive blm, on tbe ground that be could not be held la eastody. It had also been said that the Chief Justice eonld not preside because Congress bad changed tbe circuit Some further discussion ensued between Messrs. Johnson and Howard. Mr. Johnson said no matter whoee fault it was, It was a blot on American civilization tbat tbelr prisoner was retained, and if td hts delicate state he sbonld die the nation would be responsible for his death. Had he (Mr. J.) been President be ehould have paroled him long since. Hocen ? Mr. Kassoe, (Iowa.) from Committee qn Appropriations, reported the bill making appropriation for the civil service of the Post Ottge Department for the fiscal year ead[ 3 . ' ' ' b >> *. i ' mr Jure rw, W Oroerert *o h* printed and made tbe #p*-cial onifr for Moi da*. Mr meveiie, Hum C 'lamm-f on Approon* a"on?. re??<>tf?d Mck b?|i to ?*<>nstruci rind ren? r rc;UiD fortifications. Special order lor W?in'- d?f. Mr. Wuhlwni# (111 ) h*r* made the point that under the motion adopted TMterdar no business could bo transacted. The Speaker rnled that business of a per. onal nature muhi bo traaoacted hot that no vote con Id bt taken on bill ffo. 513. which waa pendmc yesterday. Mr. Hubbard (Conn.) introduced a re*olui tion declaring that under tbe circumstance* of i the prefer,t prosperity of the country, the p*o- ' pie ahou'd not favor any measure proposed to , raise money by taxation for the reduction of i the public debt. Referred to Committee of ! y* *nd Mf^ni Mir. Julian introduced a reflation, which waa agreed to, directing the Committee of Ways aud Means to inquire into the expe. dieucy of ao amending ibt tariff on sugar, molasses coffee. Ac . ao a* to discriminate m favor of free and against slave growth producta. r Mr. Ingersoll introduced a bill in relation to reservation No. 17. In the city ol Washington. I Referred to the Committee on District of Coltimbift. Mr. Clark (Kanaas) introduced a bill to prevent and puniah bribery m tbe elect'on of I Senators and Representatives in Congress Referred to the tCommittee on Judiciary. Mr. Schencs introduced a resolution, which was agreed to. authorizing tbe Secretary of J* ar to transfer tbe Qoveroment property at , Point Lookout to the corporator! of the National Asylum for disabled volunteer soldiers. ! Mr. Wentworth introduced a resolution, 1 which waa agreed to, calling npoa the Secre. tary of the Treaaury for certain Information r**1 to 'he payment ot tbe patent claim*. ito*lf ,nl? Committee of the Whole on the Preaident's message, and Mr. I?awrence (Ohio) and Mr. Newell, made speeches. ? telegraphic news. by u. 8. a kljrol'kaj^nkws association. fenian affairs tel. Lynch Speaks Hia Mind. Toromto, Jan. 3?Col. Lynch is out in a letter a column long, addressed to tbe editor of the iris A American in New York, in which he aaya that he has no deaire for notoriety, but he is reluctantly obliged to notice a slinderous editorial in that paper, every word of which is an unmitigated falsehood, and that such vituperation could only emanate from paid hirelings, living on the honest earnings of their countrymen. He states, and challenges contradiction, that from tbe second of June the It0 prisoners here never directly or indirectly received assistance from the Feuian headutiarPrj??ii? "cept s?m from f Bnffal?' for the Huffalo prisof.8'^ states that be wrote to P. t>. Day to call the attention of the Fenian authorities to the case, but nothing waa done and that the r^.-i ln ,JLN'W York Tr*busu about a special agent being sent, who called on the American Consul here and proflered relief had not one word of truth in it. f J.;?,;L'ynctL85y? he ""'"odwireforacoD. trovsrsy with Roberts, and that he belieyes the Ionian organization is the heat eyer established to promote unity among Irishmen in America. This object alone entitles it to the support ol true Irishmen. wrh concln<l's with a sarcastic allnsion to Roberts desire that he should be banted in order to replenish his (Roberts) treasury From New Orleaas. New oklban8, Jan. 4,?a soldier named c. Klein, of tbe 17th Regulars, was dangerously cut in tbe throat by a razor in the hands or Charles Donohue, a private in the same re^i. K'MquJrw."""1' ?COOrrM " The value of foreign arms seized durinr the past year by tbe United States Treasury at this port, and for which fifty suits are now pending in the Lnited States District Court between the Government, amount to aSE The prices for real estate in Louisiana are improving, in spite of tbe fact that there have een and still are a great many suits for foreclosing mortgages and tbe collection of claims In most cases property is bringing its full value, wt-n a year ago hardly one-fifth of t could be get on forced sales. The Congressional Committee did not leave for Washington until to-night, being detained to inquire into alleged custom-house frauds The result was highly complimentary to Collector Kellog, the testimony exonerating him from all blame. No charge of fraud or offlaS mismanagement was preferred. "??ai In reference to the riot*, one hundred and sixty witnesses were examined, fifty of whom were selected by a committee of citizens The testimony, when written out, will make 2 into pages of legal cap ' Freas Europe?By Steamer. new "i obk, Jan. 4.?Latest received in London prior to the sailing of the China by Renter's telegraph. Paris. Dec. M ?Oen. Almonte has recei\ed a letter from Marquez. m which the I. lhat Miramon, Mosia and himself, throne ** 10 reUlin upon the home, Dec. 22.?The Pope has decided to abandon tbe temporal power to the mumcmai authorities of Kome, and it is stated that he has declared bis intention to his Cardinals. Oriaaizatlea ef Missouri Legislature Jkfkirsos Citt. Ho., Jan. 3.-Tbe Senate organized to-day by the election of Dav.d Bonbam, of Andrews county, president, and Col. Dyer, of Pike connty, secretary. Mr. Harlan was elected Speaker of the House by 99 votes out of IIS cast: and Mr. Drane Chief Clerk. All radicals. The organization will be completed to-morrow, when the OoTernor's message will be received. The Condemned Fenians te be Execated. M'imtbhal, Jan. 4?Tbe Executive Council has been setting tbe last three days with v-rv important business ander consideration. The late of the condemned Fenians is one of the subjects engaging the attention of the council and it is believed tbe sentences of the law will be carried into effect. Mew York Items. New York, Jan. 4-The Senate yesterdav adopted tbe V. S. Constitutional amendment by vote of 23 to 3. ?u?numen t, A cable dispatch says that six supposed Fa. nian emissaries from America we rearrested ,n unoun. [ local news. death or Mr. C. |u. utermaxhle ?This morning our community was startled by the anuouncement of tbe death of Mr. Charles H. ! popular member of .?Washington bar, and a well known ciiison District. He died at bis residence, on l "h stiret, near H, at 1 o'clock this morning, Trom typboid fever and pneumonia combined. Tbe deceased was the son oftl. W. Utormaohlo. was loss than thirty years of ago. He studied bis preparatory course for college at nJOB Academy of this city, of which Mr. Kicbards was principal, and entered Oolrrom which be graduated in J ? Subsequently be studied law with Walter D. Davidge, Esq., of this city, and was admitted to the bar on tbe 6th of December. 1S53, and has practiced since mostly in the chancery courts with marked success, in isms be was elected a member of tbe Board of Common Council and served one term with much credit to himself and constituents, who, tbe year following, elected him an Alderman, in which capacity be served a term ol two rears. He served as a member of the B?ard" ot Trustees of Public Schools during tbe years 1"0'> and l;43, and also in 1N& and was a very valuable member. Mr. (Jtermaeble's sickness was brought on by taking a heavy cold on Christinas, from which ho suffered much during the holidays, but on Sanday last be was able to be out a few hours. Mr. Norris announced his death to-day m the Circait Court, and ta respect to his memory the court adjourned. At noon to-morrow a general meeting of the Bar will be held, to take action in reference to the death, and to make arrangements for attending bis funeral, which will take place to-morrow afternoon. Fatal Accipbet?Yesterday ovsalng, about 5 o'clock, a colored maa mounted a horse bare backed, near Joyce's smith shop, on E street, near 15th street, using a blanket for a saddle. Just at the time be mounted, a sleigh passed, aad tbe horse took freight aad r*n away. The rider tried bis boot to restrain the animal, bat could aot, and was carried at frigbtfal speed into 15th street, ttaenea into Pa. ayeana. and tbe horse turned eaat, bis planging and efforts to throw his rider created much alarm. Between Mb ana 10th sweets theaaim&l came ta collision with Mr. Heary Perkins, a dyer, aged over sixty years, aad strack him with sacb force aa to knock bim about thirty feet before be fell. Mr. Perkias was takea to tbe auction room of Mr. Walsh, corner of 10th street, aad Dr. Hall was seat for, bat before be arrived 111* waa extinct. Mr. Perkins was a very estimable gentleman, reading in Oreea, a oar Bridge street, Oeorgetowa. where be leaves a wife aad a soa to moera bis deatb. He was employed by Mr. Q. W Drew, dyer, tM Pa. aveaue, aad bad juet flaished bio work for tbe day and started for hie heme. Tbe body waa laid out at tbe Ueatral Oaardhnaoo until this morning, when it was removed ?e ; bis late residence ta Georgetown for ba rial Tbe borse and rider passed oa at tbe samo tor| .iMfil ^ i ,# < i title speed. unUi near ? ti nrwt, the rdor w%? Tiolently lu?x?wii, serf waa piked up m k senate*, condition hy Defectives K-lly *.?J Miller and p aeed it? charg- of officer Xstjn>,j. : a*r. ot the Fourth W *.rd, unlil h> vat ?u'H m. | fBtly f?co?fr?l to (p> to bis kom?. Boait) or't - > *?'fpht 'h?i K>tr| met id their rooms at u>* Polt.-r Meid 4 a trter, i all it? mntil?r? Tl>? l-i ntrt) Jii|iuwd ! of a very large amount of biicine**. p-ia.-ipilly co??W?d wi'h tk? application* f,>r ||. con see to r?tail epiritous liquors The appointment of Theodora MunifmakT aa addiuoAai private, for duty at the Georgetown A^ti doct. wu rejected The Board passed muc?? time in arranging for the appointment ot the officers railed for by tbe a. t of Ooagrea* n. <r?aeir.e the force, ami tbe following order wa* adopted Persons de?iring 10 be appointed upon the police force Will be required to call on tbe Secretary of tbe Board at |{?artqu?r??r?. opposes the City Hall, ou (Uiar4ay mornine, January 5, and obtain from tiiia a new form of petition, which will be necessary for their appointment Tba comui it tee to ei. amine candidate* will maet at Headquarters on Monday evening. .1 an*?ury 7, at 7 o'clock, ar d continue tbeir se??t,-iri? each erenmc until all are examined Tba Brard adjjurn-j ull next Thvrtday. Crivi* al Cor?t. J wig* FirS-r _ Yesterday Dennis Barrett waa convicted of tr*apaaHerry Howe was convicted of a like offeaca a; alao Bavid FitngeraH. Tbeae partiea weni all engaged in takinc (ravel from tba propertv ot J. P. Crotchet!, for which Ibey were flued bv Justice Walter, from wboae decision tar > appealed. This morning. In tbe cae?. of Wm H Rich. ardson and James B. Smth. indicted far an a*aaull and restating aa officer, a nai> mr?. waa entered. Chacitt ?We learn that the Young<*ub. olic Friends' Society, at their last n^tinn appropriated *:ao for tba purpose of purchasing necessary articles of clothing to po-?r [ children attending the parochial achoola Tb? aociety alao providea for tba free educatioa of j Mtt boys. Mttrical.?To lovera of muaicatreat is ?f. tered ia tbe aaorvd concert announced for ae*? Wedueaday evening, ia ibe Church of the Lnipbany. tinder tbe direction of Robert H?l ler, already tamoua in Washington. and, ladeed. throughout the citiea of America, aa an organist. - Affaire ia GearfeMwi. Port ok Geor<;rtown. ? The harbor of Georgetown ia effectually closed with ice, and as there can be no arrivals or departures tue clems of tba Custom House are u-ing the favorable opportunity fjr arranging their book* and documents preparatory to the resnmau oa of navigation. A proposition was made last night by the Common Coti ncil 10 appropriate #JW< to open the channel, and to-day the ravs of the sun are doing much to make such an undertaking successful at small coat. Pork ?Tha receipu of pork from the coon, trr con'in ue to be very ligbt, and the pricea re. mam about as quoted yesterday. Mercbaata an'icipa'ean increswof supplies during tha coming wees. FLora AHD Oraii Market The market is quiet and transactions are limited to the local trade, and sales of amall lots at pricea J quoted last in the Star ?re reporter. A K^kE.MT_0?*4?,I>.?T B(i081.fbrick., a?7 1 Mlbat.. near P. Kitchen furniture for aale Call after 4 p n ;ad St* V\ A?JPI>-A middle aaat WH1TB WOMAN vv to take cara of amall chil Irea Uusxoaptina able rsferences required Apply at 10th at between tha hoars of 3 aad 0 clock p m 14 it ' BI M. K WATJ5H * CtTTAuctioneer* h'o Pa. are , coruer 10 h straet FUBMTCBI, BBDS^AN P BKLDIBG AT ADO On BATCBDAY MORNING, January tth at ia ^chek. wa will sell ia front afoul A wtloj Bureaus, Beds (sads 4'aos and Wsod i*?t Chairs Featber Beda and Baddiag Stoves. Carpels, Ac ., A t-ao, . ?* ?1 o'clock, a large assortment of Wool len Goods, SOU flexes seasonable Clothiag aa4 Sewiap Machine,Traaks, Ac. " Terms cash. ? M B WAL8H A CO., Aacta IN TH* BCPRBMK CODBT or TUB Did I TBICT OK COLUML1A. This 3d day of Jannary, 1C Patrick White and i Joyce, complslnants, I va. J?sa?h Johnson. Mhit John r B jnlly Bo. 4X7 on, John M Haaaon. John I ?lyn and John stone, defendants The nbjeat of tha bill filed la this caaae ia to procara a decree for tbe aale of certain pi anas or Pfrceis of ground lying and belagta Waahlngtoa city. DUtrut of O'XUkiMa, beiag Lot a and part of Lett, in tWuaral.UM, to eatler a debt dee by de frndaat, Joseph Johnson, to the c- Dplainante. A The bill eeU forth in eabsUace that the aaid f\ Joeepb Johnson waa indebted te said complain- ' xatala tbe sum of ?447.s? for goods eold and delivered by complainants to tbe s .Id Joseph .1 ha son That at the time of contracting sale debt tbe said Joeeih Jobasou was seised and p ??aesed ef the ??ld piece* or aaroels of gr out. which, while he was " indebted? he trauauleutly convened tj aaid deterdant. John M. Banaon, la trast forth* eole nsaana hen-fit of Ma-y Jehneoa. wife o.* sala Joe.Johneoa. That complaloaits obtali ee jndgnieat of coidemnati >n of the aaid places or parc-ls of groand inandby Tirtoeof laaae.i oat of tae coBissoa law side or this ? art in fever of comalH.nents sgalnst said Joeerh John* n and prays that tba aaid deed of trast froa s id Joseph Johnson ta aaid Joba . Haaaon as afo"eeai<l be the Orort. aatf the eame be eao celled That the said complainants, after the is satng of said agtachaeat and the levin* of the eame oa the said pieces ar parcels of certeiaed that the eald defendant. John riyn, claimed to have a lie i on the aaid pieces or par ceieof groond; that oa searching tha land records ef county. District of Oolembi?. no llan or deed of trust was re-erded in aaid laad records, but that after finding of the jury and jadgm?nt of condvmatloa on tha aaid attaenmeata, tbe aaid recorda were acem eearcbed an ! a deed ot J st from said Jeeeph Johnson te Joha Melon*, to secure John Flvn for the earn of ?| fkr we foand recorded. That the aaid deed of trust wa* recorded nearly eleven moatha after the dat thereof, and over two maatbe alter tbe i teniae an 1 leviag of said attachment. That the aaid attach ment Is a prior lieu on the aaid piecee and pa. eeU of ground, before the eald dead of treat. Prays a dlsaovsrrtof the amonat etllldueano unpaid on aid deed of trast, aad prays a aale of the said piecae or parcele of ground to eatlaf/ tbe demands or the complements and ether oredltors. aad for an injunction against said defendants. Joseph 'shn-on. Mary Johaeon, Joha M.Hao- in, John If*** Jokn Balose, aad their coarederatea, l^corered.\fi reetratn aad prohibit them k aad IBeir agents and servants from sailing ar dis Sl\ or 1" M> lacnmberlng. tBl?aaid pleoes or parcels of grannd : It is thereupon this Sd day of Jaaoary, 1W, adjudged aad ordered that notlae of this suit begivei to the said noa resident defendants, Joeeph Jo... eon, Mary Jabneon. aad Jaha riyn, by pabliah nc a copy of this order in the Bve- lag Star, a newsr, > *he city of Washington, in the District of OolnmMe. three timee a week \or six consscntivs weeks, waraing said noa reelden. defendants to be and aaaear, in person or by solicitor, at rnlea to b? held In the office of the Clerk ef this Court.on the first Tuesday of June. A. D. ! *?' to answer the eald Mil of aasaplain.; otherwmalka eame will be taken p~v comjew a?atn?t theas: Provided the firet puhttcetlon of thie order shall appear at least four moatbe before sa<d ftret stattag tha object eud subotauco of said bill of omplaiat. A. B- OLIM, AMorlats Jastioe, Ac. _ A true copr I J. MKIOS. Clerk WM. J. MILL KB, Solicitor far oompUiaaats. ja? Stawtw pAWBBBOK111 BALB W* offer at private sale the balence of acredeeaiod pledgee, ooaaiatinf of fine SOLD and St I VBB W ATCB KB of all dsscrt ptisns. Solid MOLD CBA1BS, JBWBLBT. DIAHO* Ac. Ac .at ereat barralaa. to PAT ADTAMCB1. aad OC AB ABTBK every article sold to be as rapreeented or tbemoney retarned. B OOLD1TBTB A CO., jaS St Pawabrokers. 34 11, etreet w IBTBB DBBSS GOODS. A TBST BABOB ABB CH01CB BTBCK CLOSlBO OUT OBBATLT BBDCOBD PRICES. J JOS. J. MAT A OO . | 309 Pennayleania avenue. a S-2tif between Pth and lUth ?u fl g| "?r ?Si COCBVOISIBBTJ, aad AkBXABDBB 0. In White, Light, Bark, aad Black. Prtoa, ? per pair. *7*Good KID OLOVBA at ?a.SA aad 01 * per pair. S#*Undreeeed BIB OLOVBt. Bl ** 9*r ***' JOB. J. MAT A CO . BOB Peansyl vanie aeeane. ja g.Jtlf bstweas 9tii and l'th -t? || LAB K BOOKS ~ AMD MBBOABTILB BTaTlOBSBT IOB TBK MBw TBAB, At PHILP B SOLOBOBt*. Metropolitan Book Stoie, a SAt JJdPeea.ove BAKBBT, l? C at, between aad ?th streets. e TKO. ATM1? t b* id ? i