Newspaper of Evening Star, January 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 4, 1867 Page 3
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THE l.M.N 'NG STAR. " lAH'AL NKW8. AML'S*M?Nf8. 4c.. TO IIOIT. National ( uia'XK.?Second uipt of Max MirHsek's grand taiian oyera, aud fir?tap) ;> ranee ot Noo-tCuman Poch, on which < ?asion Verdi * popular opera, "II Tr^W* Core," will he giv n with a good caat. Will'* ,\kw *pkka Housa ? Bourcieault's gre.-u play. Tb? Long S-rike, * prudB?4witt fU(h excrllenceat tbis coay ai-d comfortable j hi? of amu*?inent, would draw f^r some t:me. judging n>m tbe crowded bouse of last rtrnibf hut sunt be withdrawn after this week it will be repeated agatu this evening lor tbe last tine but one, and no one should tail ?o ire ;t Island ILll.?All of our readers should I ay at least ?ne visit to tbe excellently concluded lair, for the benefit, of Orace Church, now in proprt-fs at Island Hall. They will not regret be time imr tbe money it costa. To-mgn* -be beautiful tableaux of ?'Tbe Circassian Slave." and the amusing one of tbe Sboetnalrr ,n L?T*. St Curse*.?The grand concert aid exbiH:u? for benefit of St. Dominic's Sunda* will be repeated in tbe basement of tbe cturcb this eveuing. and St. Dominic's Brsss l>?d will be in attendance. A N?w V<>rk Hkh k ij? a Sceatb.? Inter. ,, r ,r tf.'Aer and Big Brother?A Brevet j7iuUm< Batllv Whipped?A Very Singular Af|| . four weeks ago a youug gentleman. who gav e Ins name a* N*ye, appeared at the N>arding bonse of Mr. Park, on C street, between .u and :jd s? reels with a young lady win he represented as bis wife, and asked to a h- r. <m? The keeper of tbe house ^ bowed tbe pair several rooms, and Anally tj ey etiisf tbe back parlor, into which the young nun bad a piano placed for the lady, aud soon they were living quite comfortably The yonng man, as also tbe lady, informed the other occupants of the house tbat they hadret euiiy t>e<- i) married, and tbat be being a mail couldu'i be borne during the day. He appeared to be very regular in bis habit*, and w.*is at home etery evening, and in a short fiire they were looked upon bv their fellowbo.arrtersas quite an acquisition. Christmas times came, and tbe couple mixed with tbe others in tbe amusements gotten up in tbe Louse. and seemed to enjoy the tun amazingly but on New Year'seve there came a change. Tbe occupants of the bouse had mostly retired about lu o'clock, not feeling inclined '-to watch *be New Year in"?but were destined to have previous little sleep. About 11 o'clock the jingling of the door bell awoke some of tbe o.-cup?nts. and the servant lound at tbe door a stout middle-aged lady, accompaait-d by an able-bodied young man. They informed tbe servant that the lady was the mother and tbe gentleman the brother of Mrs Nye, who tbey wished to see, and asked wbich was tbe room of the couple. Tbe servant des. geated tbe room in question, and started up stpirs, but bad no' gone many steps l*:fore scre-ros of "murder" from the room awoke the house. The proprietor. Mr. Park, sprung out of bed and hastily attempted to change bis night-shirt tor tbicker apparel, but tbe irequeacy ol the cries and the din from tbe room u.diiced him to disregard all laws ?f eti| queue, and down stairs he went to the room in question, followed by some of the boarders. Here thev found that Mr. and Mrs. Nye ba<i l?i-n bauled from bed, tbe former by the big brother and the latter by the mother of the ladv. The yonng man was walking into Mr N . with a stout stick, wbich he used mostly in bis victim s head, and be finding discretion the b^fer part ot va'or, made a break for the window, carrying the greater portion of she window-sa?h "witn him, and took refuge in the stable. While tbia was going on the mother bad ber daughter over ber knee and was applying raw bide to raw bide, giving ber, in tbe language of a witness. "Hail Columbia. Tbe spectators tbinking that there sbonld be moderation in all things, interposed and topped this castigation, and beard tbe explan tions of the parties, from which it appeared tbat tbe daughter bad been recently marridd to a gentleman in New York, and bad run a Way from bim and came here, taxing up with Mr. Nye, who bad been a former lover. The mother and son were induced to leave tbe bo>i6?, and tbe dangbter retired to bed, suffering smartly from tbe effec's of tbe oovrhid.tig, and Mr. Nye came out of bis biding place in tbe stable after tbe coast was clear. The trouble was not all over yet, however, aud in about an hour there was another ring of the door bell The servant was admonished to lie careful who she lei in, and opened the door ajar, when the former visitors pushed forcibly fast her. and immediately went to the room of Mr. and Mrs. Nye, when the brotber dragged the former from the bed and gave bim another tremendous whacking, continuing to apply the stick until be was stopped by the proprietor or the bou?e and boarders, who went to tbe rescue. At tbis visit the mother did not use the bide, but while the son was attack^ ing Nye, gave the daughter a terrible tongae lashing. As before, tbe boarders requested them to leave the house, which invitation they finally complied with. On turning their attion to tbe injured mau, they found that he was badly cut. and took bim to a neighboring drug store, where bis wounds were dressed. Tbe following morning, tbe young couple doubtless thinking tbat their quarters were getting too hot for them, quietly left the bouse, and the following day tbeir baggage was sent for by tbe porter ot a hotel; tbe piano being left as security for the board bill. Albxabdbia ini> Hivaa Niws -We clip the following items from tbe Alexandria papers of yesterday afternoon: La?t night perfected communication between the Maryland and tbe Virginia shores. Tbis morning several parties, seme with boats and some with sleds, crossed the river on tbe ice, without accident. The ice is several incbes .hick, and navigation is for the present, at least, effectually closed. The Washington and Alexandria railroad is now doing a meet successful business. Tbe trams are ceuerally crowded with passengers, and tbe number conveyed from Washington last evening, on tbe last trip, summed up near tbree buudred, it being next to impossible to crowd another ia edge-wise. Tbe report circulated here tbat the steamer Express, of tbe Baltimore line, had been cot through by the ice in the Bay is incorrect, as the steamer was at Aquia Creek, yesterday, from wbich port a dispatch was received by Ber agent here, from Captain Kyther. The January term ef Alexandria County Court, commences on Monday next. Tbe session w>ll probably be a short tbe docket does not exhibit very huge proper tions. A petition signed, among others by several members of tbe Cny Council, is in circulation asking tbe Legislature of Virginia to grant a charter to tbe Lessees of the Alexandria Canal to build a railroad from this city to Georgetown. m CONSERVATIVE AEMY AND NAVY UXfOB ? This association met last night. The resolution offered by Capt. Kaga at tbe last meeting, to repeal a resolution referring all resolutions to the executive committee for their action before tbey shall be considered by tbe Union, was taken up as unfinished business. <'apt. Kudeyard ottered a substitute in tbe rbapeof an amendment, making tbe original resolution apply to resolutions of apolitical character;" which was adopted. The association proceeded to tbe election of officers. with tbe following result: President. James K O'Heirne; Tice President, Col. James A Tait: < 'apt. C. W. Kudeyard, Recording Secretary: Capt. Frank Oeise, Corresponding Secretary: Sergeant Jobn Ritchie, Financial Secretary, Dr. \\ m J Cragen, Treasurer. KB?II?BNCB ?OK TBS ATTOBBBT (^ENSEAL.? I We hear that Attorney General Stan berry is negotiating with Chas Kloman, Esq., for the lease ot the magniticent new residence lately erected by bim, on M street north, between 9th and loth streets west. Petty Lakcbst-Yesterday afternoon. Miw?es Daniels was arrested by officer McColgan for the larceny ot a shoulder of meat, and ajso for assault and battery on C. Lanckton, the owner. Justice Walter dismissed tbe assault case, and commuted the prisoner to iail lor the larceny. ? VloW,!,OTH" H*,,w I-aw.?Lontah Janford. John t. Kudd. Jobn d Buckley, and Lewis Kotbchild were arre ted by officer llawea, of the Third Ward, for violating the snow law. They were fined ft.? eicb by Justice Morsel). 1 Mobbv.?At tbe Excelsior Building Association last nigbt (2-tb month) a.tiuo sold at an average of 44. At the meeting of First Ward Building Association Wednesday night (K'th month; 91,000 sold at an average of 55 % Carryibi; Wiafob3 ? Jobn Mortimer waa 1 arrested yesterday by officer ~eepie, of the Fifth Ward, lor carrying weapons, and was fined tf . and sent to ttie workhouse In defaul: of payment Vy Justice Handy. Wastibu Potomac Water ?A. Strauss and Jobn Loliger were arrested by officers Howes he?. i?. 'n for wasting Potomac water. They ^ ere fined 15 aud costs each by Justices Tbompeon and Morsell. SBLLIS* Llsit'OB llY THB Small Pa tick I>e. ly was arrested yesterday by officer W. 11 F*an?. ot tbe Seventb Ward, for selling liquor in qnantlMee less than a pint, without license. Justice Handy fined him *20.93. Ahmittbdto thb Bak.-Yesterday morning. on motion ot H C. Ooodiar, Esq , H. C. I'-ane Esq , was admitted to tbs bar of this | o.?'rict. Polic* Rvtortb ?Tbe police in the lH?trict uinie tbr'y-otie arrr^ta yesterday, mainly for m oor offnif* Tbe tines amounted to * - 78. CITY ITKMS. NoTHfFe looks Bxttkr upon my rerasum that out ?>t tbe Eighteen lK>"i*r StlkMixed Overcoats, at Henning's (?" Price Clothing store, corner ?f Seven lb ?tre*t and Maryland avenue. 1)B. Whit*, Chiropodist, 4*4 *?eun * .. between 4fc and fttb streett, continues the suecersfnl treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joint*, warts, moles, vascular excrete nces, fcc. OOce boars from fl ?. ra. to i p. m., and 6 to ftp. m. Established Isftl. I- iva-aTircBBD Boot a made to order, and a food fit warranted for flit; pegged boou, 96. custom-mnde store boots, *>>.r>0: kip boots, for 93.50 to 95; at Hetlbrun A Brother's, 5i<$ Seventh street, one door soulb of Odd Pel. j lows' Hall. 90 For CniLBLAinaand Frosted Feet, While's Embrocation is a specific. Price 9 1 per bottle. For sale at 4C4 Pennsylvania avenue, between X aa d 6th streets. ? ASubsPiii Craa.?lW. Gilbert's Pile in atrument positively cures the worst ca?es ol piles. Sent by mail on receipt of S4. Oircnlars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Komaine. M.ina. Iter, No. 575 Broadway, New York. ? PmiH can be bad in any quantities at the Star office counter nAKHIKU, HONTBR?BBIDGET On the 3d instant. by the Kev. Father M;Nalley,at *be I'araouage of St Matthew's Chmeh.Mr sNbftlW J. ii t-N 1KB. of Georgetown, l?. C.. to Miss MAOilE BBlDGBT.ot Wsrb sgt 'D. I> O. No cards. BIKlf. Bl SHELL On Thuradsy. January 3 Colonel ALFHKU kGbiiKLt, In the AM year of hi* aga. Hit funeral will tsk? place from his late reddeuce, corner of 10th and K -tret-ts. on Saturday, 5th instant, at 1 o'clock. LEITCH Ksll asleep in the arms of Jesus, en tb< 3d instant, at half past 6 o'clock, in the afterLoon. WlNELUlB JOHN ALBXANUEK Lit ITCH . lu tbe 34lh year of his age. His languishing bead Is at rest It's thinking and aching ia over. Bis juiet immovable brea t Is hoaid by atlllctions no mors. His heart Is no loDger the seat Ot trouble and torturing pain. It ceaaes to flatter and beat It never shall flatter again. His ftlea'JR ana acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend hit fooeral on Sunday ui<>rnlug, tnettli instant, at ten o'clock, from his late residues, N<>. U20 D *tr?et, between 4th aud ?tU sts , Island. * I TKRM .T HLI. On Friday morning, January 4tb of typhoid pneumonia, in fie 2yth rear of tile age.CliABEHW. IT E K M Y. H LB. g* j. Bis funeral will take place ou to morrow (Satoroas ,)nt]o clock p n., from his late rt*lden;e, on 6th street, betwoeu H and 1 streets. WIT/EL. On ihi* morning, January .VIST, after along ami painful Illness, DAVID WETy.F.L son ot L?zarus and Henrietta Wetzel, aged i9 years. Farewell. David thon art gone. To dwell M, it h hiui vim K?t?, Another tjniet, happy home, Is shadowed wltn s grave The funer>l will take olace on Saturday morn Ing at lu o'clock, from the residence of titi father, ci. be New Koa<i. thence to Trinity Church. The fi tend* and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend. 2t* BALLS, PARTIES,lea (Jvadtisvst.) ANNUAL (Jsarli ta sa?. BALL OF TBI JOtBNEYMEN BOOK-BIN DIBS' SOCIETY. AT OI>D FKbLOWS' HALL. 7th STBBET, MONDAY EVENING, JANUABY 7th, 1967. Tbe Society, in announcing to tbe public (ML th?-ir A.NNL'AL BALL, beg leave to state jn that every arrangement.which the attention /'B of their Ooumnttees or money can com IMmIA mend will be made available for t&e comlort and enjoyment of our friends on tbe above occasion. Ti- those who have favored us with their presence st former eatei tainments, we wonld say that from tbe preparations in band we have every in dicotlon of making this aflair as pleasant and succe?efo> ?s any of our previous efforts to satisfy an ' pl'-aoe The teu cotillon music has been engaged for the occasion. Snpper will be fnrnlahed by an experienced caterer. Befreebmenta In abwndanre. Tickets, 92 i admitting a gentleman and ladles. Crmmittet 0/ Arrant*m*nts, J H . PuBaat. V. B. Bishop, H.C. Espey, A. O Hullett, T O'Neal May, James T. McOowan. jan l-6t PERSONAL. A MONTHLY NCBSE being disengage.!. offers hei services to those who may be in want, or would take charge of an invalid peraon or a child The best of city references can be given. Address Mrs. SWIFT, Star Oflke ja4-2t* PEBSONAL.?A gentleman of good position, whose time bangs heavily en bis hands after business bvors,but who te averae to running tbe gauntlet of general society, desires to cultivate tne acquaintance of oneer two laeles of refinement. who are similarly sltnated, for mutual, socisl benefit. Address JOHN WALTBB. Star Office. jaJSt AB MACBICI. BBAL 8C1BNTIFIC ASTBOLOOEB OF AMEBIOA, From tbe position ana aspect of tbe Stars at the time of one'a birth, will reveal aetoniihlng as crets tbat no living mortal ever knew before; kow to be successful In all reasonable undertakings. He tells name and very day yon marry; describes the intended companion, and tolls all svents of life, good luck and long life to visitors. Lalies 10 ce its to 91 gentlemes in full 91. Oall at 470 12th at . near F, all boura until y In the evening. deal lm* | AD1BS LOOK AT THIS. COLLAR AND CUFFS ?/FEY AWAY. Bach lady having work done at the OHBAP STAMPING BOOMS, 439 9tb street, opposite Patent Offiee, will receive gratis one Collar and pair of Cuffs, stamped on the finest muslin, for chain stich. Braid or Bmbroidery, suitable for night gowns Star Braid and Colored Oetton for the above at reduced pricea. Initiala a lamped from one to .Are oenta. Stamped gooda at half tbe price heretofore aaked. da 29 tf (~ BNTLEMBN WHO ABE AFFLICTED-A 1 cure warranted by an old Surgeon of twenty three yeera'experience in this particular bransh et tbe profession. Charges moderate. Do not apply to <iuacks. hut to J B. OABDNEB, M. P., late of tbe Gnited States Bicord Venereal,Hospitsl. Office Mo. 91 south A atreet, opposite tba Capitol Square, eouth side. N B ?Medicines also furnished at cost. de 27 lm* L"OB SALE-ABOBTKON THBSTAB. nunF bering over TOO Snberrlbera. For further particulars apply at No 8th st.. Island. ja>-3t onn LABOB CBDAB POSTS, 30 TO 40 6t O IF feet long, an1 full size of tree, for sals cheap, and delivered to any part of Washington or Georgetown Address B. A. PHILLIPS, Georgetown iaUt* Y'ATEB A SBLBY, No. 333 Pennaylvania avenue, Will commence on tbe latday of January. ISw. to offer tbelr stock of Foreign and Domestic DBY GOODS at reduced rates. To mention only a few arti( lea they will aell Androecoxgin 4-4 Bleached MUSLIN at 90c. Wamantta do at 33c. N T. Mllla do at tOc. a very superior 4-4 Bleached Skirtlug at ate. DreaeGoodaat 2ac.,37H.&o.MH,7S?nd 91.^. per yard. jan l-6t ^OPABTNBBIUIP. I have tbla day aaaociated with me la the Grocery Bosinees my brother. JAS. H. GCLICK. and tbe business will bereeftsr be cenducted by tba SrmotGLLlOK A BBOTHBK. All persona having unaettied accounts are requested to eettle the aame, aa new bookx will be opened from this date. G F. GCLICK. Waxhlngton, D. O.. January 1,18?7. We. the uadersigued, feel confident that, with our experience and the facilitlee at our command, ws can furnish te purchasers, both wholesale and retail, a* large and well assorted stock of Groceries, Te^s, *lne?, LI<iu<t*. Cigars, Ao , as tbe market aff. id- ami at tl e most reasonebls rates. Goods I < ugbt of ua delivered free of charge to any part ol the city. GBLICK k BBO , Corner of New Jeraey avenue and B atreet south, ja 1-lOt HPHE NEW OBTSTAL visiting OABD, AT PHILP A SOLOMON'S MBTBOFOLITAN BOOK ST0BB. 339 PenneyIvanla avenue. de tl -eoSt bet. 9th aad loth streets. f HOCOLATB DOUBLE. VANILLB, V DB H. MAILLA1BD. Pur Oacao st Sucre. Bx em st de teut^ melange. Z. M. P. KING B BOM, King Piaee, Corner Vermont avenue And 1SH street. Fresh KING PLACE pHOTCB B^Tt. BAISINS. FIGS. COB BANTS, " SflOW ic ,irvto?i4t ikU jitHenlftrHft. MB. z. M P. Kljio M SON, ? ? die 9 - 4 ; / AMUSEMENTS. I NATIONAL THE ITRE. Pennsylvania ?T?aa?, dnf Willnrda' llote SEASON or BIGHT BIGHTS OF M/X MABKT7.CK GRAND 1TALI AM OPERA. THIS FRIPAY, JANUiRT 4. 186T. W1 bBCOlH' NIOHT First appearance in Weahtngton of tbe highly tH.T.'.V'0' L*l,c Tragedienne. Benor* ( ASMKB PtM H. Only night or Verdi a moet cel.-bietod and popular Op> ra, iu fo<ir idi , IL TR?V&TOBE. Wilb an unapproachably gnit tut. franrday-Mar of the North. Mcndij ? ZimM It WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSF. BERRY * WALL PH'JPK1ETOB8 H. B PHILLIPS STAGE MANAOEB. < HANOI! or TIMS : Doors oreo at quarter to 7; ptrfiraiict comniencee at a unaiUr to 8 pre Jeeiy. T<> NIGHT, Boneicanlt'a Or eat Play. LOBO STRIKE. With all the Pcentc *ad M?ch?nlcal BfTecta. The pr'et TKLEGBA PRIC 8''ENI entire. With inatrumeuta sup plied by tbe Insulated Telegraph Oo. PRICK*. Private Bosea, BR; Orchestra Chair*, fl; Dreaa Circle. 75 cent*. Parqueite, Bo rents; ramilrOircle, 26 cewt?; Colored Circle, 26 centa. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOB TIIBBK IUGHT8 ONLY. TUKbDAT, WBUM8DAY. AND THURSDAT EVENINGS, JANUARY **th, Oth, and I?th. THB OBIOINAL PATH KB KEMP, with bin celebrated OLD POLKS CONGEST COMPANY, Consisting of il'f LADIES AND GENTLEMBN, With a Splei.dtf "rcjestra; assiated by EMMA J N It'HOLS, THE JENNY LIND OP AMERICA Admission 95 cent*; reserved seats, ftO cents. Doora epen at 7, concert at 8 o'clock. OBANT> M ATINER On WEDNESDAY AFTBKHODN. Jan. 9th. *M o'clock . Children t* Matinee lActa. ja3 7t* WACRED CONCERT^ D nder the direction of ROBERT HBLLEB, i& the CUDBOII OF THE EPIPHANY, O. bet. 13th and 14th street*, OJf WEDNESDAY EVENING, 9Tii JANUABY, In aid of the new North Knd and West End ProUstaut Kplacopal Churches. Admission ONE DOLLAR. To be had nt M-t7.orott'? ao>l EM*' Stores. jaSJd IJY REQUEST TBE OBANDCONrEKT AND EXHIBITION, Ren*nt of ST. DOMINIC'S SUNDAY SCHOOL, will be repeated On FMBAY ENKNIKQ, January 4th, 18*7, A?7*? o'rlork p m .in Raaemerit of th? Chnrch Tickets of admission, viA crnta. St. Duii.idIc'b liiasn Lai<d will be In attei><*arce. ja 3 2t METZEBOTT HALL. FOB ONE WEEK ONLY. Me*ara JABB1TT A PA LMER be* to announce to 'he citizen* of WashlnKton that they have enkag<d those < minent Artists, MR. AND MRS HOWARD PAUL, v bo will appear fer tbe firat time in this city on MONDAY EVBNING, Jan. 7,1467, and every evening during the week, iu their GRAND ENTERTAINMENTS OH CONCBBT8 IN COSTUME, as recently given nights in London and fifty nighis at Irviug Hall, New York. They wii appear in 13 SONGS AND IMPERSONATIONS. Aoi"tg which will he found Henry Russell a great Lyric entitled THE DREAM OP THB REVELLER, And the celebrated Ballad, V> HEN GEORGE THB TBIRD WAS KING,' aud tbecelbrated SNEEZING SONG, The wh' le forming the Boat iiniiue. elegant and varied Entertainment ever given in th* Tutted States. For partnmars aee Bills and Circulars PRICES? Admission, AO < enta, R-aerved Seats, 7 ."> cents The sale of Reserved Seats will commence at Mct/erott'a Mo <?c Store on Friday morning, Jan. 4, 1W>7. Doora open at 7V; oommeace at 7\ o'clk. Jal ?t pBOFS J. W. * H. P. KRB1S' DANCING ACADEMY, Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 8th and 7th iti . A Oppoaite Metropolitan Hetel. Our Academy la now open for tha reception of Pupils. A aelect claaa ia now forming on Wednesday afternoon from 4 to o clock, for these who cannot attend onr regular claaaea. Clroulara c*t> be bad at J. F. Bills' and W. G. Mataerott A Co 'a Mnslc Storee. Tha Hall can be rented for Bolreea, Ac. _ Days and Honrs of Teuton : For Ladles, Miaaea and Masters, Tuesday and Thu raday afternoons, from S to i o'clock. Gentlemen 'a Glasses. Tuoeday and Thursday eveninga, from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further Information, apply during the boura of tultton, or addreaa a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with tbe first lessen, se 10 M A * 1 * f' ,AcfAADBBHJ?Y?lSL" M??Q MA BIN I 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, S E, between 9th and 10th streets, This academy la now open far tba recep- MBk tlon of pnpila. Day a and hour* ef tuition for young ladlee mlsseeand masters. Tueedays, Thursdays aud Saturday*, from 3 to ( p. m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, same evenings. M B ?Private instruction given to ault the convenience of the pupil Nt} BOARDING. ~~ l/'UBNISHED PARLORS AND CHABRER4 r I or RENT?With or without Board. N?. ? MiaaouH avenue. jaJJt* I A RGB AND COMPOBTABLE BOOMS ABD INBOARD can be had at Ho. 46S. ( Pendleton 1^* ttD^ ?d atreeta.t Penn. avenue. Table Boarders likewise accommodated ja S (St * MRS. BR YAH T can accommodate a few persons with comfortably FURNISHBD ROOMS. i1'?.' ?[#u'4 ' cei'e three or four gentlemen a. ?r^? No 303 G etreet, between lltk Upd 14th, oppoeit*- Church of the Bpiphanv. jS-3t? FDw^tKLn?*J?na^2MB?*?R REBT?With or Awi V Bofereucns ezcbange<l. ?? PlLl ? 1 MeMr *ork avenue, between 9th and lOtb streets. ja3-?t* Ho. 464 10th street,n few I doora north of Um avenue. Terms MM per deUtt GEORGETOWN ADVEK'MTS. ^yOBTH KNOWING.,n* that the fastest Bargains are to he had at MILLER'S CHEAP DBY GOOD8 STORB 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. D O. ,to?k of Bleached Bhlrtinge and Sheeting, at lower prices than thay ,lBce wa/ Bleached Muslins. atlSH end 15eta.;good yard wide do., S0cte.,and ??d 30 Sheetings and Pillow Cottons very cheap. Brown Muslins, 11^ and 1? cts .yard wide do. Hand iO eta. Merrimack andatber best makes Oallco. ? ete Pine AHWool French Marino, HI Winter Drees Goods generally, embracing Papllns, Kmprees Clothe, FlaJds. Delsinea 4c., at cost. Shawls. Blankets. Flannels, Cloths and Gaaslmeres, Gloves and Hosiery, at unuaually low prices. Call nnd examine bla stack. d*31 3w* BENJAMIN MILLBB. ?OAL! GOAL!! AT GBBATLY BEDUCBD PRICES. di^#b^#0?^4nd' aB(1 ** conatnntly receiving direct from the minea, via Philadelphia and coil-" *> vrcr, i of .if*0"?* Mountain. Chestnut. W. A , $7.J?. All other sisea and onalltiea of White Aah, except Lefrom the following mines, Tlz LeMountain, Baltimore Co.5, Beeton Bun, i Ooal and Iron Co., Plymouth Oo 'a. ' jc ^Diamond Vein and Lykena' Valley Bod Aihl Lehigh 91. Cumberland Ooal, ran of mine, B7. Cumberland Lump Coal, $H so Bow la the time for fbmtUos to put* n their winter toeupply. Orders will be received nt our office. 46C eth strwet, between B nnd f, or nt our wharf, nt foot of 7th street. de4 tf 8 P. BROWN A SON, FBBNOH ALMAHACHS FOR 1??T.-Alma jeh Omnlqnn; Almanach Pour Vlre; Almannch du Ben-ton; Almanach Charivari: Almanach ! Pmn"ti d* > bonne Cuisine; Almanach Imperial; Almanach do Napoleon; Almanach doa jonx de Boclete; Almanach Pollchlnelle, nnd otbere. Imported dlreot from Paris, by PBABOK TAYLOR. . KNABB * OO.I PIAHOBf j. OO_JbO?^? nel-eotm* V. O. RBIOHBBBAOH. HABD-BOOB OP PBAOTICB de r PRANCE TAYLOB. . * A *. . WANTS. | I'.'AMili-Bf ? respectable girl, * MTt, * 'M- ? ' IIO o 14.11 . ?or> alt l g ' I liouiewfi-l H-tvd Iv rrKCft CI ill ?Mtg -it Hi. k*IJ?l*D Jllktod lltkiu. jet if \\ ANT ED-A~OOLOBED TnNaH to cook, " ??"' M ir.? Alio, a WHITE OIHL to i a if an<< do cbinWr ?<rk la juir* it ls>0 nk uhi,M?.? L and New To-k avenue. It W ANTED-A t OLOKED WOMAN U??-? Mid , Mulitln vwkfnvknd ironing Now* ?ut ? . 5P iV'iA.'J1'* "00' fVereacee. need apply to lu 13 Pfciladephia Bow. 11th at **?t. jM St* \\ ANTKD?As experienced ?6*AN. to take j . ..ctl*.r*# ' dining room end kitchen i" a < bonMing*. Such A p?r*eH will find It greatly ? beradvantage to call at 4^1 -treei. t,?t )?1m' lw*<l?tgly Be erence r*q*ir*d ( AP? KTN IB WABTBD-To join the t'rirtlHr D tl* Al < TION AUDI OMMl^lON BOMBESb. A good ??Nm?n r* mired So:neo?plal 1 maefaary One branch of tbi bnslneaa a re* 1 y tood location Adlrese "A"c- 1 tien." fwtCici ja4lt* I VV gentleman deeiret a BOOK with " LOA BD. for himself, wife and aon, of twelve '* ? ptivate family, where there arena I other boarder*, at a reasonable prio*. Board par- 1 w?** or n,?nthlj. Ple.Kc ?ddres? Hex oS4 ? Cltr P. o , stating lowest terms, location. Ac. < Reference enhanced if desired. ;a 4 St*

W*BTED TO RENT?A email Store, Dwelling attacked, an I tab la for a Millinery and Fancy 1 p,0,.e* Address, at*tin< particulars, box No. 14. I ja3 it* \\ AHTED-By a respectable girl, bITITaTToN ** aa cban?l>eimaid or unr*e. <ifv>d reference*' reonlr?d Call at tbe Grocery Store corner of w h J and Latt. ja S St* 1 Wanted-a cook, housekeeper and 1 MlSTBiCSsio asiuall family. German pre 1 'erred. Call at sib? New lork av* . bet. 6th and J 7th ate. j W' ANTED-A 00 LOItBf) BUT far Hon?work ' at 3< 1 f ktreet weat, bet wren 9th and 10th eta One wi:n good recommendations cati get a I g^od home. ja3 it I WANTBD-1MMBDIATELY at Ho si? 6 O j Htreet, between ljth and llth, e \ Woman, to couk. wash iron, and uo general housework. G<-od references require I. jaj-it* " COMPETENT DRUG CI.KBK, welT aT qnamted with the preectptlon business, ?antrd by WB. A. GRAY, 534 Mate are ,corner 4th street. St* j VV'ANTED?A WOkfAN. who te a fiK)d V *< ik. I *' with or wltboot aome furniture, to lake charge ol the kuchen an<l dining r <om. In a large bmi-e on ihe .<bare? Addr e*. siting where ?n , interview can be had. Bos 9 Star Otlic? jal-M' \V' ANTKI>?A bilCA riOH by agooil p^nintn, ] vv who is just outof employment; wnnld refer to Measre Chipm**, Hosnier * Oo.,Claim Agents, and N W Burcliell, Ororer, by each ot whom he las been employed. Address J W. C.," City 1'oat Office. ja t St* \V' ANTED?Two comvunir.atiug UOOHs, with i ?? Board, iti a private family, by a gentleman, i wife and child, betwe. n 19th and v?1 atieete and I I and IT etreets. Addrea* for one week, D. W. B Star Office. de.lUt WANTEU a WHITE WOMAN"for general hnn-euork. one who is a good cook, waeher and ir<>n^r, with recommendation*. W. K i ('HaBDLKK. Vermont avenue, between M an i N . bear Utli street, frame cottage in a yard de ?9 tf WANTED-Threeof the best MACHINE OP EUA1 OBH for Crover A Baker Wheeler A Wllaon, and Ikt Kl>>renre Machine* None but competent bands nee I apply O.. .1 wagee At the ( heap Stamping Bjoms, 4 .('< v.h street, oppo flte |>?t< nt ftice. fTAMI'INU at half price. Oreat Rednction in NT^MPED G8DD8 BKA1D and WoBKINO OOTTOM. deJ91w WANTED -New and Cast off CLOTHING, old i liOLU ami SILViCK.or aay other articie of valne, at the old established Mentiaat Pawo l ioker e btore ot B. FI LToN AOO.,dUU9th at., 3 doors n^rtb of Penna avenue. bole Agent for SINGER'S HEWING II ACHING. C? 22-ly W ANTED-TOO HDIE'S I> mediat?1V71? e.otiroider Tokes. Bands, Wrapper Toke?. flan nel bkirtfl. Blippers, and InitUla. To good bau Is who bring sample of work, goo 1 wagoa a-i1 constent emplojment given. Call at tbe new Stamp ' lug Boom. 4 39 9th ?tr-et, opposite Patent Otlce STAMPING redsced to KlYE cents per width. Ce IStf WANTED -10.000 LADIES to kn^w that at th? New Stamping Bo>'tn*. 439 9th *tre*,,oppailte Patent Olhce. they can find the b?at selected a?M. rtini nt of Patterns ever ottered here for (/loaka, ' ?i ?. Aprona. Joeeya. Waists, Tokea. Bands, W rappers. Slippers. Pincushions, and lol tlsls Also, designs for Pillow Caa^-s Ottoman-. Chair Co vera, Pianoe. and. In ahort, every variety of Patterns as they are daily Isxned We have a French Machine and a Practical Stamper, aad have teduced tbe price to FIVE CENTS I'EB WIDTH. We make and stamp -iny pattern br^ncht na. Htaidn, Silk and Working Cotton very low. de 11 tf WANTED?SECOND HAND FDHNITUBB. Aleo. MIBBORS. CARPETS. BEDS, BED D1 KG and HOUSEK 0 RN1SH1NG GOODS of every description. B BUCHLT 40A 7th street. jeeg-tf between G and H. eaat side LOST AND FOUND. CO(l BEWARD -Strayed or atolen, on Tuee day night let in tant, from the corner of 6th and E streets, Island, a large red NEWFOUNDLAND DOG; fore feet tipped with white; had on a German Silver Collar, faetened with braas i padlock The above reward will be paid upon tbe return of the dog to the ab^ve addreea. It* 8. W MARSH. Ran away, oh ist jamcabt. h*;, wi.h ahafta and barnaea attached, a BOBB?l> HOBbB, with white spot in forehead and con- < detuned mark, that haa l>een attemnte-l to be bnrned. which can be discovered on left ahonlder. A anfflcient reward will be given by delivering to , A. LBE, Feed Dealer, Georgetown, D C . Bridge atraet. ja 4 Stf f OST-By a lady, on Thurday, either near tne Li 8th atr eat entrance of Center Market, or on the a?enne care. TWO FIVE D0LLAB NATIONAL BANB BOTES The finder will be rewarded by leaving tbe money at 493 ink street, near F. ja 3 3t* I kOQ LOST-A liver colored SETTEB DOG, ' abont two feet high; had on a leather collar. W hoever will return htm to 46U 11th st , near F, *iII he suitably rewarded ja I St* & I AA REWABD? For information that will *5? I W lead to the recovery of my large floe BAT nOBSE. atolen from atable on alley in rear of 114 Bridge street, near Congress street. Georgetown, D. G\, on the night of XTth and ?8th Deoember. 1M4 and the captar* and coavictloa of the thief; or EM reward for either. The name of my informant aha 11 be kept secret If eo d eel red. Addree* R. A. PHELPS, Georgetown ja>8t* (OH BEWABD? Stolen on the night of tbe yOU 33d of September from the aremleee of George Jonea near Bladenebnrg, a dark browa HOBbE. marked U. 8 and I.U.; medium alze. mane and tall somewhat ennbnrnt; haa a roan noee. Tbe above reward will be paid If returned to GEO. JOMB8. oc 1 HyattevHle. Prince Oeorge'a Oo , Md ^ EC BIT DISEASES. A M A R 1 Till * I GIFT! aJMARiTAtra oirn THE MOST CBRTA1B BEMEDT BTEB CSED 'Tea, A Foaitiv* Ou?*," far qonohmuima, olket; arkicruRaa, ?, Contains no Mineral, so Balaam, no Mercory Only Ten Pills to bt lbAs* to EJta a Curt. They are eatirely Tegetabie, harlng no amell ooi any nnpleaeant taate, and will not In any way In jnre the stomach er bowels of the moet delicate. Curee la from two t* fpar days, and recent caeet In "twenty fonr hours Prepared by a graduate of the University of.tbe moal eminent Doctor* andChemlsta of tbspreeent day. no $xpotur$i no tr<Mbl4% no cAoaf 4 tfAattecr. Let those who ? l??t0n4 0Br*i> ? rory.trywa Bast by ?all in a ?In!. an^il^. Price?Male packagee, $1 Fame, ?|. BLOOD I BLOOD! I BLOOD f// SCROFULA. ULCEBS, 80RE8, SPOTS. BAMAMITAira BOOT AND HE*B JUIOB Is oS*r*d the pnbllc aa a noaltl ve oara. BT PHIL ISi OB, VENEBBAL DISEASES, the SAMARITAN'S BOOT AMD HEBB JDICB laa moat petaet. eertaia and affectnal remedy ever pre acribed; It reachee and eradicatea every particle of the venereal poison, so that the core ls thoronafe and permanent. Take,then,of thia pnrlfyin?rem edy and be haaUd, and do not transmit ft to yom poaterlty that for which y3n may aepeat la inm rmn' DO HOT DE8PAIBI wfll remove every veatlge ef Impnritlea from the ""?k,arLuJf| ,,u '"WAfisnrhappily adaptedi i? Cloeratad Dterns, la LeuooJ. rbosa. In bearing down. Falling of the Womb, dablllty, and for all oomplalnta incident to IIm aaz BM^by axpraa. Prloe flJI par bottla " BAMABITAN'S WASH sS&z- t*oo*~oa" *?? Fall dlr*ctt*M. Prlo* oanU. The efficacy of theee remedies Is aUke aoknowlWBAt TO !?Jg*>SSftftft??a l?U stating that I hare aaed'The BamarltaaBeiuedlea' for Veneral dfaamsaa la Its moat oaatomary forma; that I hare wedlham wlU jndgmaot, dlacretioa, i and property, aad, bar* fonnd them respond to my anttdpatioM promatiy and affeotasily. Kaowlag their oompeelttonTl have the fnllest oouOdenoe la their efficacy, aad aa far aa my as* of tham est* ada, ' "^rsgsarro-.. : SI. A. C.-BTOTELL'E IHFALLIBLB AGUE CUES, sold wholeaale and retail by DUCK BTT * BUOKB. Apothecaries, Bo. 49 PoansrlTania avenne, between Hat and ad atreeta, aad by < dragglaks generally. ss lleelm* OLD ST0TB8 TABBB IB EXOHABOE for new once. STOVES, GBATES. in great variety, atCn 1U 4H atreet, aear the Brtdga. de V la* Qe FOR SALE AND RENT. T?D USH K1SHID B?U?ion flat door I r ioai ?n,tsll? I r I i<*4??|i.r|, at 3ib 3o street, bet r and tim coriL j i Jt* L'OH RENT-A S-?? T,? l?RlOk~ll.>L> K w I 1'iiok lllli rt , let It ana F l-i;?t.e : ., ?? M'li at. at >? I. jit if ?, i.u>,.ber of hue at ii? frout ani h?ck ko ;Ui) tury-h-d >- ui.fa. o'tb*>1, wi.h ?r ?ItLoo' '* -a' d Ru 3l>7 P?uii' t?un j nppoilte Hotel. ja ? Ntt F'UK Kkhf?Cvl iinlamiek* I FOOHt*. c iiiti- I Bent lor hn ?kr??luii. ?l b k>< *ui *?ur. *?i $18 493 L afreet, betwe.a 9th and ??<h IU ja 4-3t* x,OB KnhT-FOCB 11 AN I> FUR r M8M1I fUlThS or BOOMS, supplied -i ti l?* I lid old **Ur. Ac Also. ifTtrnl SI *<>i,K Mo 400 nth street, beteern Pene ivenue aid B itrMt. jal-A* I'O BENT AND fDRNITCRl >OR 8AL.RTwo lOOMn UK R ITCH RH neatly f ir ?at>ed .auitaMe for a f*ntl?nnn end wife. R- it !>> per m"Bth House on Capitoi Mill. Adir.-, M.B.'P.O. It* FOB BRAN^-Weil farniabed email PAR LOB and ( FAUBKB adjoining. for hou'?kMfiB(, or reutleroea pleasant, aecoad floor. front. 0joking 'toveli wanwd. lit., hydrant, Bad tool I ckop. 193 k, between 6th and 4th a 4 . IVOR RENT?In Georgetown, on 3d street two r HOUSES. Ho lltiii i3S4itrMl,coi'4lilnt lit rmnt.M fit per month Apply to Mo. fed froaprct atrrat, J AMR J kOBRRXIU^I. Agent. jalV L OR RKNT-A three ?tory KklOk UUOsI, furniahed, on O atreet aeuth, between 2d and Id east. Capital Hill Apply t.. T F A IRK aX. at :be Coast Survey Office. Oapitol BUI, between V i m and 3 p. m. ja 4 St* RA BR bOhTw RSb OH A N c *~A pan/ witaa liitla capital can And an oppoits Lity to iuttwt u a manner that will bring a m >it extraordinary raturn, by tailing on D L. WRLL9 A CO. corner 1' th and F ?treeta. from 6 to 7 p m ja 4 3* CTOBB FOR BBBT AMD FIXTCBB8 FOB ^ SALE?Tba CIO A B bTOBE former;* occu pifd by Jas. E. Power on Louial una aveiiu?, W l< or west o^ the Beaton Bonee. Apply to J AS K. POWKK, at his new Store.,No. 31b Penney'Tan1 a ?* . ja MP f'OB 8 A I K - In i? central lnrmi?n. ? thr?e story HOlBK, contaiaing eight rooma and hall, tupplied with gas aed w ater, a'lay side and rear; I aitbln one square of 7th and Forlufor nation address *' J. A. M ,'' through Wash tug ton Uit? Post Offica. ja 4 ft* I 'OB 8ALK ? The Stork Gonri wilfaod Fixtures of a KKSTAl'UANT and UROOF.RV STORK. L'ftee and license all complete This pla'- will be iold cheap. Satisfactory rea-oos (Ivan tor selling. For further particulara in .aire at star Office. ;a< ?t* $10.0011 ??8st $10,000 In good RB4LB8TATB PAPKB. in auma to mn Several amali HOCSkS for rant: and for sale ll"ii<p? rautnn* in prira from $7.wto If tii.nuo, ati<i Hui Idi tig LoU tr< m 2 centa to $i per a mar* lout. MlTCHRLti 8?>N, Real Batata Broke,a. J* 4 4t* aonliieaat car. Pa at and 18th at. |VOK BBNT-A new BRICK Hi?L'8C. with aat en room* corner 6th and aootb A streeta. Cap itol Hill, twoagnarea from street cara. $! par month. Key In the corner hou?< ja i 4t* TO LRT?A si* r*on Furbished HOUtR,corner of O and lltb atr?,'ta Inquire of O I R. RICH AKU8UM , No. 473 L atroet, batwaen lltb aud 11th atreata ja.tSt* FI^OB RENT? TH1BU STUB*. No. .109 Penn'a atenne aver Kur-e Plutnhini; 8 ore. b<-tweeu ]_s'k IldR??t fH P^r moath. In^aire of THOS KCB8R. at Store l%3St* L'OR RENT?A larg^ nnfnraiahe.] front PAR I i?OR an J CH A MBt RB adjoining, aecmd tloor. Near cara and marfct-t lu julie at b-t'2 north L atrtat, between 4th and 5th. ja3-4t* IVOB BKNT?A aulte of on.'nraiah^d BOOMS for huDB' keeping, at 4^b 12th atreet, betwe-n K and F. Location central anddeairabia. A party without foaug boys pref?ir?-l. B<nt $ Hi per tiionth. Alio, a suite of three furuiahel Uo<?MS at d*?? Uth at. jaSSt* I,'Ok 8AI.B. ATA QRBAT SACRIFICB-Tbe uood will and tixtnrra of an 0>?ter House known as OT8TKB BAY, corner of 1 str*>et north aud ?tb street we?.t Beaaons tor selling, am compelled, on acconnt of other and more prei?iti* basiin as engagements. Buqnira on the premisei. ja3 2t* K'OR BENT?New HOI St, four ro >ai?, g d T?rd; Bei t -*17 par month. Inaiurs at Bl BHBK'd, *.( Louisiana avenue. ja 2-Jl* L'OR RKNT?Neatly fnrnished ROOMS, with o ?ith >nt hoard Ingoire at 334 4th ?tre -t, 3d door t?low G atreet a 2 St >!()()?This 8TOBB to let on lltb street, with laige window, suitable for a mi'liner or drcasmaker, a few <loorafrotn Pa. a*. ja2 3t' F'OR BKNT?8TOBK and OWBLLIHU No" Penna) 1 v.iaia avrnoe, north side. fAU per month. Apply next door. jaS St" li^OR RBNT? HorSK 444 11th atreetT hatw^j I C aad II, containing 12 rooma, faruiahed or aafnrai'bed 1'osaeaaion I mm ad lately. loinira of T J. MK81CK , 4ot> Penna,arenu^J ja2 it' F'OBSALB?Northeast c 'rnfrS and 13th streets, atw.. story BBICK HOUSE, cocvaaiantly arranged S3 faet front: h rooms, water, Ac In toira at tbe premises for terms, Ac. ja2 6t* F'OB BBMT-A BRICK HOCAB. n 4th stree . Patreet. For Infarmation call on JOSN I>A\ 1SON. So 4 bo Maaaa :husatts atenui. be tween 5tb and <th su. ja2 3t* Fob rkht-a framb hodsr. No a??..Tn P street, between 14th md l th It contains six ro<.m?. Bant #2S a month, in advapce J a 2-St* FOB 8ALB CHBAP-Tba STOCK aadlflX TUBB8 of a small Grocery Store Also, the iiOUBJb for rent, cooUiDiBi; mv?d r<K>mi. good cellar. Inquire No. 4**0 M atreet north, between stb and 7th su. ja >-3t* POB BBMT-A comfortable FBAMK DWBL K LING en 9th. near Boundary street, contain inf six rooms. snitable for a sc.all family. Iuinire at Mo. UUU fith street, t?o doora north of M treat. ja2?t* I4*0? three atory and basement Brick * DWRLLIMG HOUSE, br wn frent, water and gaa, ten room-; situated on 13th street west, between L atreet north ?nd Maea. avaoae, Ne. .189 Inquire at Mo. 303 14th atreet, betweea 8 and 10 a. ru. and 4 and 5 pm. ja 3 tf l^OR RKNT?No 7 7 Bridge atreet, George I town, containing eeven chambers, large far lor, dining room, with dimb ?ai>r, two kitchens with water, cellar, milk and vood-hense, water-closet and bath room, and gaa and gas fixtures throughout. Poeeeeaien given Jaa. 10th. Apply to Dr. OH AS. hToBAGIN, No 134 Dunbarton atreet. ja 3 eoSt D KSTAUBANT FOB 8ALB?The LEASE, IV GOOD WILL, and FUBNITUBB, known aa Green a Beataarant, corner 8th and B streets: one of tbe oldest and best located stands In the city. Beason for selling, tbe proprietor being engaging in another bualneaa. Apply on tbe premiaea. da SleoJf ' F'OB SaLB?Several deairable building LOTS iMBiffereat aecttons of tbe city. Terms, #10t> down, and $10 per month for the remaiader For aarticnlars. can or addreaa BOGAM A WYLIE, No. 33tf 7th atreet. de 29 eolm* I?OB SALB OB BBMT-HODSB aitnatadTon ft Senth O atreet. Mo. 359, between and ?th sta.. Island. Inquire of Justice BOSWELL. No 173 4* St. del7 eclm* IVOR RENT?COTTAGB containing eight rooms, ft^ on 1 atreet, between *1 and >1. roaaession immediately CLAGKTT A bVVEEMT, Real Batata Agents, J* not Mo. 4 Market Space. DOOMS FOB BBMT?Obeap, to good tea ante. II Alao, two brick HCCaBS, now in conrae of finish, aix reoms each to good tenants cheap for a term of yeara. Apply at 390 Delaware avenne, two aquaret north of the Capitol. de 39 1 w* Drug storXfor sale -a drug storb of 30 years atandlng, with fixtures complete, new stock: eorner store ;geod location, nnd best of reasons for selling. Terms easy. Iaaulre of 8TABB A CO , 4St& 7th street. Boom No. 13, de K-tw* IVOB SALB?(Only |8iv cash, the balance can r be paid in monthly instalments of J8j each ? new two-story 6 room HOUSE with passage, aide and bnck alley, Ac., sitnatei Ne, 640 G street, near Best Jersey avenue. STABB A 00. delS-8w* 4W*?>> 7th street, near E IVOR BBMT?To a family^ wit boat chiMFen^a T partly FUBNI8HBD HOUSE, containing 8 rooms, supplied with gas and water ; yard front and rear. Apply at 3T6 H street, near 13th. de au 2aw4t* FOR SALB?A quantity of Gold and good Plated JBWKLBT. MUSICAL INSTBl'MKNTS.Ac , nt B FULTOM A 09.'S, Pawnbrokers. ft03 |:h street, three doors north of Penn avenue. Sole Agents for Singsr 1 Sewing Machine. de22-2w * FOB BBMT?Tbe FABM.forthe last three yean tbe residence of Major Tbeephlina Gal nee. consisting of ISO acres, lying near Fort Mahan. 1 mile from Benntnt'a Bridge. Improvements, dwelling house nf 11 rooms, stone stable, servant's houses, barn, Ac Address "B. S ," 437 B street, Washington, D. 0., or call In person, between S and T p. m- ocl6 tf U ABB CHANCE?For Immediate sale, one of ft k the best located small corner store G BOOBBIBS in ths city. Stock and Fixtures new. An? immediately, by letter, to A. B. 0., City Post ce. no M tf FOB BBNT?The 8TOBBBOOM comer of Pa. ft^ avenue aad 11th street west, la the Star OAoe Building, formerly oecapied by W. Q. Hetterott aa a mure store, aad recently as the office of the National Bxpreas office Apply to 0. B. BAKBB, Star Office. da 30-tf FOB BBBT?Two large aad oae small communicating BOOHS, uafnrnlshed, second floor . Mo. 134 Penn. a*., bet 19th and ?h eta. no 38 tf l?OB BBMT?One BOOM on 1st floor,%nd three r BOOMS 01 3d floor, over Stinemetc's Hat aad Fur Store, S34 Penn'a arenue. Beat moderate. ao3Ttf PIB BBBT?Two Fnrnished BOOMS, at Be. ?67 13th street between E aad F sts. de 14 tf fVOB BBMT?PABLOB and BBD-BOOM, suitr able for>wo. Board ir required. Bent #38 a month, A*?ly at 308 Mev York aveaue, between 4th and 6th sts. de i7-3w* FOB BENT?The late BBSIDBN0B of H. ?. Fant. 438 D street, coatainlng 17 rooms, with fejli&fi0i?'ii.'y.rvy''u-tn" sair |?OB BBBT?Larse aad small fnrnished aad anr fnrnished HOUSBS aad APABTMBBTS suitable tor h neekeeplng. Alao. For Sale, eereral small HOCSBh. en easy tenas. laqnlre STA BR A DO.. 488H 7th street. Boom 13. ecl8 8m* IVOB BBMT?The STOBB Be. 831 9 etreet, r near 11th. It fronts lasaadlatelr en Peana. avenpi and is on a of tbelargeet aad meet eoava* AUCTION SALKS. euar A+cu m Smut im few i * fi#? | rir/j ArTMKirvox akd ru-muMMum. IJT otlll A VltLUMK. itftioMMt. wa shall tell *1 onr Aiclioi Kaom?. on tit* ?or o*r t?f 7th aad U street*. oa f K1DA t . the ?ta day of Janu*r> nezt. 10 7. ?( s ? ru , all ,.t ui No. II. la B^aare Ru. St. Litiu^ |j?d froat a?d cee'h. frosting on ^.'d attest n*w U etre? t Tm?i 0?? third caaik k*l?h<?lgiii Mdtnln m <atb?. for D? t?? bsrla* 1 nuratt. and ?e. wr~d ly a deed of tmat oa the piennnee. All ancing aad rouut ?<?a*r* at the oo*t of U> par (bu?r. #14 Java wh*o ?..Id da fteoAde GBEEN a WILLIAMS. A a eta B* A WILLI AMh, Aaoilaaaafv LaBCB BTOCK OF CLOTHING AMD GBMT FlKlltBiMlJ UOOI'D, oa e*e di', litk ?ud ifth atraeta. beiag St?re No. at Pnbltc Auciloo, Oa I BlbiT. Ik* 4th day of Jaanary, 1U7.commennag at m e'elo-k a ir aad 7 p m . aad awa xitiag aYEBY BVHN1NG at the uaw hoar, until the ahoie stork la dispoeed at, having a Im tort of 1<reaa. Bark aad other C<>ata. VmIi, f aau, hblrt* Dr*?er*.and it her Cedar (JaraatU. vhlrk will !> cold without reoerve. a* tha owbt ha* t? remove on account of property going U ka tora dowa. _?'?? GREBN A WILLIAMS. Aacta. B\ W. L WALL A OO . Aacti >aeera. Original Horse and Carri-ig* Ueeaer, 9* Loc>ai*na avaaue. ALB OB HOB8B0. CAKHIAOE9. HABNBSI, ?B ,?AT,VEr>A7 H^BMNO.Jaa A.etlOeVIV we will aril, at tbe Bazaar. a niabar ol noddle Carriage and Work II*rsea, afall dearriatloa at aala. * comprising about? nrrr bobbes Many good W.?rk.6addle aad Heme** Horaee. j^Lio ' Aall' Bala ?f elxteea fiae Work aad Baddla nurMC Bight Doabl* aad Blnrle Biare?a Wag oa Seventeen Bette Double end ft ogle Hsrneea, Ac. Bains the working itixk of the National Bi pr.7rVnlTr"-^r^??n C*.npai,y . allot wuich will be peremptorily fold. Auo, A lar^a collection of New and 8*coad baad Bag ?}** B'ckiwaje.Cerrlagee. Wagoaa. aad other Vehldea Tw? new Jennv Lied Wagon*, built la tkia city, Baggy aud Hiruee*. - - Also. New aad Second band Itarneee, Baddlaa.Oarrlagaa. Ac . at pri rate aala. Repnlar **>? de>*. Tueeda>a. Thuredaya. aad Saturday a Carriagee ard Heroes* always on private aala ja ? W L WALL 4 CO . A acta B1 W. L. WALL A CO., Aactiaaaara. U 8. MAB'IULS 8 A LB or IS BOBSES. ? BXPBEoS WA0ON8 BABHIII, Ac .Ac. In virtae < f ho ordar ot aaln i???m froai tba Clerk' ortta if tba Supreme t onrtol tba Oiatrlrt nf Coliiaibia M.d to me dire<-l?>d. 1 will a ell at po Iaale. fur caali, at Wall A Co 'a Bazaar. ?a Loa Iaiana a?enna. between *th ami 10th atre?u la tba city of W rfahiug'oB. l? ('..on 8ATCBWA Y next, tbe Mh da> ot January. 14-7, conitnenrtng at It o'clock a. ru., tbe following g oCa and .i.avtlea, to wit. Tli: ]< tine Work and Bldleg Horaea k Doable and f ih?ia Biprraa Ua<oii. 17 Donbla ao<1 blDftla Liariea*. 1 old Wagua, 1 LaBpa. I Catting Box, 1 J ack, Sei?e.i and levied oa aa tbe good* and cbattala of tbe National Bxpraea aad Traa?portat|on <)?? I **> . aad mill b* *?>ld toaallafy attachment N? S.029. In Supreaie Court, D. C ,in favor of W. W. Olern. D 8 OOODINO .U 8. Marshal. D. C ja3d W,L w ALL_4^CO . Ancu. |?T OBBBN A WILLIAMS, AncUonaara. Lait Qfir, >TW YotL a%l Wa hincion 1 Steamship (\>napaay, ( a. D. C. No? M. 18>5 | The follow , ng aaclaimed package* will if ?.?? takeu wltbi d tklrty dav* trom this data be tod at publicanctioa,?o pay chargea, Ac.. M J.?; rduer, ^ ? Bob*rti, Geo D?o Ittla, * 9fmg?r' ... H Btarlay, Briwla 1. 5l ?r-ill, Win ttalacbar. Mra.tfbarl'te Howard T L O'Briea Alao. 1 bbl. VaiBlali. 1 t'ooklng Btore, 1 brok*? do . 1 Trunk. 1 Cheat, without mark The abuTe package*, now at tha late olfica rf tba company la (ieorgetown, w n, if not called for, ba ac id at the auction room ?, i eon A Williama. <>a BATCBDAT. tba :9tb of December u o'clock a m . witkmi re*er?e for caah Do 30 2awda QaBBN A WILLIAMS. Aacta. By*THB ABOVE BA LB 18 P08TP0NBP PRtal 8A1 CBDAY.tbe jth day of Jaaaary. tbe camt hour and rlac?. da^eo ( BEEN B WILLIAMS. Auot*. J}* JAMBS 0. McOCIBB AOO.AucUoneara fcALE IN PBONT or TUB AUCTION BOOMS BATCBDAYMOBMING. Jauuarjr Mh, at io o c'ock. we aball aellan aa* rtiuent of good fioau hola rur&lture. oompriatng? Haircloth Parlor Beta Walnut Bed at "Ml*, Bure?ia and Waabataad* A bookcata and Sacratary Cane aeat Cb.'ir* Hair and Huak Mattreaaoa Bruaaella and It.gram Carpet* Backiaf l.ouae Ooantar aaa Caaea Bra ma. Baakata. Ac. ?nree groas Blacking arlor and Cookitig Storaa. Ac.. Ac. _I* J. C. McOUIBB A CO.. Aacta. BY NAQLB A OO., Aactloaeera. " Pea i j *y Irani a aranaa. BATCBDAT. January 4th. at 10 o'clock, at oar Salrarocm, will ba aold, without reoerra? 60 wbola and juarter bo zee Balxla* K l>o*e? Peeper. Bricea. Maatard. Ac. 100 MU? ' > rulU aad Oondea*ad 35 package- bolca Toaa boxea Boap 5t,900 prima Oigara 3u0 pounda Virginia Tal-acca B barrala Cider Vlnagar A barrala Tomato Cataup SOdemi.obn* aaa a r ted Liiiuora A lot of Bromi, Blower Pal la, Market Baakata, Aa. ALaO, At II o'clock? MU dozen Toilet Boap* aad Perfameriea M dozen Bock Oauntlatt, Hoaiary aad Wooiaa Ooo4? Jtc It HAGLB A CO., Aaeu |jY FITCH A rPX. Baal Batata Brokera. On THUB8DAY, JaT^ary lOtk. 1SC7, at foar 0 clock p m.. we ahall Public Aacttoa, Lot No. 17. la aguare 468. an 7th atraat aouth, betwcea G and H *WeeU, 24 feat front by 1st faat deap Term* af aala- 9400 caah balance In alg and twelve month* secured by a deed of traat oa tho premlaea. or aatielactory aacuritr. J C. McOCIBB A CO.. Aacta. gALirf B 6ALB. Take notice that by virtue of account of diatraia to ma dlroct fram Baraaru Ban aa agaiaat. tba go da aad cbattela of Chacoay Leaard, I have poized and tzkaa tba following rooda ana cbattala to satisfy ground roatdae and ia srreara to tha aald Barnard Ban. ta-wit 1 rraino Bai'dlag, contaluins3 r . ma, I Baaka.B L uaga. 1 Table, llBtove and Pipe. 1 lot of halra 1 lot of Crockery, Ac., and 1 haraby five notice thataaid go >da aad chattel* will be aold at public anctioa, for caah. ta the blghoat bidder. on TBI'BBDAT. tbo 10th ia atant. at 11 o'clock oa tho aron<iaoo. New York avenue. l.etwe?n 13th aad lata eta., aaid baildiag ta ba retiiov d by tba 90th d-> of January. 18V jafB W A. BOB8. BaltiT. gY GBEEN A WILLIAMS. AucUoaeer*. TWO TWOSTOBY BB1CB HOU8BB AND LOTS, PBONTlaG OM 9TB 8TBBET WB8T Bet wean M aad N atraeta aortt, at Public Aactlon. On THrUBSDAY. tha 10th fattant, at 4 o'clock p. m , wo ahall aoll.on the promjaeo, balaf part of B>ruare Ho. 3U9. with tha improvaioata, eoaaiatiug of two *aag two story Brick Houoea. oa a ninety yaar'a laaae, which will afford a Una chauco for any odo wiahiag to purcbaao a a mall private raatdenco. Tarma One half caah; balaaoa la all aad twolvo mantha, for aetaa bearing lateraat. aad aocurad by a deed of truat on the premlaea. All coavey aactag and ravonua at am pa at tba aoat of tha pnrchaeor ?fl# down wbea aold. _ja3 d OBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aacf. |^T JAB. O. McOL'LBB A CO., Aacttonaera. ADMIN ISTBATOB B SALB OF BIX 400 DOLLAB BOBDB, 1 aau ad by tha Ootporatlon of Alexandria to bnild c al wharvea, lateraat fram Jaaaary 1. Ml: at tha Auction Booms, January 7th, at 4 o'clock. By order admlaiatretora Will be addad? ?f00 Corporation Wa^hlugtou aiw Par eaat uaarter'y Btock ja2 dta Hat] J C. McOCIBB A CO., Aacta. gT GBBBB A WILLIAMS, Aaottoaoara. TBDSTBE 8 SALB OF SIX FBAMB TBBB MBNTB AND LOTS. B BON TING OB TAB Allay batweaa Ml: aad 7thatraet* wen aad L and M oorth, at Public Anctioa. By virtue of a deed of truet, dated the Uth day of Jniy, A D . 186#, aad recorded la Liber N.C.T , Ho. ?. folio 333,334,3a, and SM.o; the L;.ad Bee orde of Waahlngtoa v ouaty. District of Oolumbla, 1 ahall aell.oa MuNDA Y, the lit; u* of Deoem bar, at 4 o clock p. a .at thepremiecc. Lot Mo. U. In Square He, 449, with the dune ia e je accorulag to aaid deed ef treat. Tbe Imp ove aau of alz Frame Tenemeat*. which > .kee u a profltable inveetmont for aay oae wiahing to parchaee to attend tbe aala. Tonna: One half caah: balance in ais nad twelve montha, for aotee bearing iatnreat, aad aacurad by a deed of truat on tha premlaea All cooveyaaclng and revenue etampa at tha coat of the parohaaer Mudown oa tbe day of aala; aad tf tbe teran are not complied with in fivedaj* after the day of aale, the Truatee reaervag the right to reaall the prop erty at the riek aad coat of tha flefaultiag per Chaeer. by adverttalng three tba^Evanlag de 8 eo Ada G RBI HA WIL L1 AMB,Aaota. tST THB ABOVB SALB IS P05TP0IBD OH accoaat of the weather, until MONDAY, the 7th lnataat. same boar aad place. By ordar of the Truatee. ja Z eoAda GBBBN A WILLI AMS. Aacta I^IHDLING AHD STQVB WOOD. 949 Pfnm'a ava., b*i. \Uk mm,4 IMA ,U. BOB Alaaji oa aand a fall aapply of thoaheve aame article, aawed aad eplit la any leagth aad aiza repaired, aad promptly delivered lo aay part of tha Diatrlet at the LOWEST CASH PB10BS. noMU THOB. J. OALT. . t ^ ?at#l 4 ^ .U m I