Newspaper of Evening Star, January 4, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 4, 1867 Page 4
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mwwBHMBVHMiaMMMMan THE EVENING STAR. Aw F.itiTii) Mitor?4 few infills agj ihi IT a> or of Hichmond becoinn g annoyed .it the ' con duet of a parc? 1 of b"y?, wb > *i>r< tiring pop-rrarkrrf mid w?r?otii*rwih?noi?Tarenmt ihe City Mall, w?nt i?n-s rt?? to a'ltnouiei ttiem about ihe imprrpriefy of their proceedings, vtu rtupoii a couple of the bali-f:to#n s jpf. fracf?, witbont ibr tear of ibr l>tw or prupir reverence for age. crept up behind him. a*- j Urhfd a park of iti? !?rrlb!# (blnini to bis co it- ; tail. sf?d .ben !ft tire to them This of c >urse 1 divrtedhis Honor s attention from the boys for he bad enough to do fighting the sjutef il littie - red rtfrilv" to ke?p th**in front f rious- i ly damaging hi?* uniform, if not his person. | Kre 'he mi kf of battle had passed away, however, the thoughtles* youths bad made good their rrcape, and his Honor. after a careful survey of the "Held of operations," concluded :i i make the best of a had bargun. and returne I i io his apartment to dream over the fast age in wbtcb *f live i?Th8 Law i> Itai.t?The conflict between the civil and ecrl?-?fa?ticai au'honties upon the marriage question m Italy ha- had o urions reeults. It ha? l?een discovered that certain ladies residing in the 9onthern provinces, the widows or government officials, and who. as such, were entitled to tbe receipt of a pen-ion, bad contracted fresh 1 matrimonial obligations without cea-ing to " ^ke 'heir usual half-yearly application to ihe Treasury. In due course. rUe farte, or p.trtof them, came to light, and the payment ! was disputed The ladies. howe\er. insisted | iha*. as ibey were married simply by a pne?t, i withonf conforming to the conditions of the ' law. wttirh regards the civil contract only as | binding, they were still, strictly speaking, widows, and consequently entitled to dr*w their allowances as before. As no provision h?d b?en made for snob cases the authorities were compelled to sumnlt, and the pensions bare teen paid. MOW THF. lMilA5-< BEIIAVK IN TRXA?.?Th* following recent incident of Texas border life nay perhaps tend todisp?-l aomeof ther-mam- j lug romantic notion- entertained id regard to t e 1 n<!:an haracter Sarah Jaue Lu.-ter was in Texas, with a family named Kobb. During < the absence ot Mr. K<>bb, a band of N i cor all Omant'hes came to the bouse, ami rvere in- , vited in by the children, but refused until sit?*fi*d there were no men there They went in, and attempted to carry off one of the'children. Mis Kobb resisted, "and clang to t?ie child, wbereapon one of the savages went behind! n i/ad b?r by ibe hair, drew her back and cut her throat This was com mined in sight of Mi?e Luster, who bad taken refuge in the up- i per part of the cabin, and was so shocked as to uttar a groan, winch leading to her discovery, she wa? captured, and wi'h the two children, leaving a babe in the cabin, was taken to camp PaTten CAi-iTM.ToTHiSori I! - Last winter the Legi-latare of lennessee chartered the Arosnran industrial Agency, with very valuable franchises The purpose of the company i? to aid in an increased production of Southera ?tap!ek\ bv advancing mouev to farmers ra favorable terms. .Mr M .f. Mclltffie bis recently arrived in 'bis country, commissioned by Urge British capitalists to examine into and report npoa the American Industrial Agency, and is naw making a tour through the V>n'herti Nta're. la company with Col. Benj. h Green Solicitor of the American Industrial Yssojijw tion. to satisfy himself a? to the present and fu'.ura financial responsibility of the people of that section. FiiTniRS,?A fans Journal speaking of ladies' dresses, has the annexed. "Another fashion, of an eccentric character,is appearing It consists of trimmings made of feathers. Korm*rly a pinme or marabout was worn in the bonnet row the whole person is covered ' with tb?-m,juat like the savages of tb?- New | World Sportsmen cannot supply them in si,flici. nt qaantity. heathers of the peacock, i partridges, pintado, phwant, jay, blackbird, and pigeons are alt seued on with eagerness, an# even the ducks of the ponltry-\ar<1 are p!ni ked to satisfy the caprice of our tasbiouaMa ladies.** tty The W ebb Sisters went quite recent!v ro ! play Griffith Gaunt, in Milwaukee. The pl.iy .nuls which tbey had poMed everywhere a-?out j mounted that an inhabitant of the town, ' who had never before appeared . u any stage, would lend them hts assistance lor that night cniy. The excitement was grant in Milwauk:e What inhabitant was s age-6truck.' The theatre *as crammed from top to bet'otn. When tfca f urtaip rose '.he inhabitant of Mil- I *?r.l!e >a Vo tifui r*v<-r ippv*1**1 oo auy *u?ge | v?as Uncovered tc be a Pin! WA fashionable young Kdy uf Lonisville i an<: a no'ed b^ar.ty, suddenly laded to a pale | sad spectre of her former selt No c.iuse could i b** assigned atd at length she was watche.t ! narrowly, and w :is observed to risein the nig'jt and in fier night dre-s proceed to the arbjr in the garden and sit for a long time Her father becoming alarmed approached and spoke to her. when he discovered that eh* was in a ' somnambulic state She is now tinder medical trea xaeiii and will probtbiy be cured. 1 it it \ tRi.isiiA Uvhtsr Law.-Tha Norfolk \ irgin ian thus stigmatizes the Virginia ovstfr law "lhe oyster iaw is a burning disgrace, and ouerous unit unjust to ih< lar,:e portion of our commuuity engaged Io taking and carrying oyster- Its operation has driven fiom our i shores to Maryland an immense trade, while : the whole liberal policy of tae latter is secur- ! ing a targe revenue to the State, besides forming th? nuUeeofa thriving branch of commerce" fc^l'nrmg tbe recen' session of the Eqoalrigb'e 4 unveiiiiou a suoiig-miuded femaie en- : lered a crowded street-railroad car. An old ! gent rose to give tier a seat, bnt asked, "be yen one of those women's.ri^hters''' '-I b-." I ' ^ f,ti believe a woman should have all the rights of a man.'"' -Yes. i do." -then stana op and enjoy them like a man;"* and stand up she did ktln Canton, lately, a yonng lady banged herself because her hucbtiud scoldej ber for giving away sixteen dollars in charity. The person for whom the money was iutended did not get it, and she poisoned herself m her vexation. and a third person who bad intercepted the sixuea dollars, heating that his dishonesty bad . aosed tbe dsath of two others, threw himself into a well A Great abmv ik Hpshia.?The recruiting wbicb is to take place in Knssia froru the -jTtb "| January to the,2T'.b of FebrnarT. a' the ra e of four conscripts per l,wo inhabitants, and five per 1.#uj m certain districts, wil" produce ?-?io.Ub men. The Knssian army at present ' u umoersHKkCOU men under arms; -t>i i tt> which the produced by the new levy, and the roand number H? 1.?.7ft.i?0men ^a yonng lady, numen Klleu Alcorn, was bnrned so badly by tbe explosion of kerosene oil. which she was pouring on the fire from a oaa ?n Sunday, in Brooklyn. n y., that she died in two benrs afterwards. Miss Anne.te l. Ponten also died in New York ci'y from ibe effecLs of burns by her* taking fire trom the kitchen range. Both |(iru were sixteen years old. gc;.i-*.? An Loglish paper ?a\ > -?a mokt curious Mght is witnessed wfcen a la-ze ateamer arrives in Southamptou Water. Tbe raomeat she comes to her moorings a flock of about two bnndred sea gulls hover av?nt her. to pn-k up the scraps of bread, meat aud offal that are thrown overboard. Henry Knause. residing in Hambnrj: Berks reiatv. i'a . set up a gun-trap in bis i smoke bouse fog the benefit ul rome tbieves who had stolen bia meat. He forgot that be bad set tbe trap, and wan the first one to open the door of the smoke house, wben tae gun was discharged and he was, almost in.-tantly killed. . ur a two year old Maine colt was sold for ' recently Ch bkea- aatir# ?The con?urnption of cheese ) Lncland amounts to the amazing quantity of s21via?j,'*io pound^a year. it ^ Western railraad cempany hits adopted the eight hour evstem in iu machine shops, and the wages of the workmen bave been correspondingly reduced. wsi.iltive Americans who vituperated Dickens for his ridicule of Brotner .lonatban's im-caliartties. had better read about the Betresbmeat Boom at Mugoy j unction, and see how he treats John Bull. %tk very liberal body?George Peabody. vlt was a Dutchman who said a ptg ba4 no ear marks except a short tail: and it was a British magistrate who, being told by a vagabourt that be was not married, responded, -*tbju ? a good thug for your wife " mr At a ?'bristmas dinner given by General n s oerer to his children in Indiauapolia, 1 when the father turned up his plate he found a adar it a deed for tbe land on wbicb his house stood, the gift of bia sons, and valued at three tbwusaad dollars. VI ba remarkable time mad<- bv tbe Henrietta. 'be winner or 'be yacht rai*, may be measured by tbe fact that the voyage was ac- i tually -boner by a day and a half than the ?np of tbe last but o?e Uunard steamer. tb^> Java. Mr Cbeaey, a Uaieernalift tlergyrasa, -peaamg an anker of year* sin e through Tompkins eeumy. ?few York, used to aay "Tbe Orsbox pr>-a b u> keep tbe people out of aell. bat I prea. b ?e keep hell oat or tbe people ' wTheodore Til'ea wri'e* to tbe ladepeadeat. - There is more hilarity among western i ban among Eastern people Work is more of a piay here than at home. More than half the laughter none by the American people falls frem the avulhe of Western wen." rn? si ? n n ? ??i?] The Toklf' or FiiHior-Th* fashion c.< rrefponu*.-1 of the New York World write*, 'fi* ofw fash-oned walkmr ilrei-s ? iovariah! r eounpot>ed ot double >kirt, 'lie underoue v?t U j,g em ugh to escape contact with the pa<?nent, the upper one varying in length >?i h 11??- style anu taste of tbe wearer. The tinder prtticoit may Ik- made in fold* at the eoge. or may be plain and hemmed in any f?Q'H?tic style. It is frequently of colored merino or cashmere, ut> color repeated in the trimming of the bonnet or :n thp casaiue. ! Tonne persons are permitted bright colored p* fti< oats, if ttiey always co out attended by their mammas or a ftynmr ae chamhrr. Tbe up- ' per skirt if cut, 1 believe, in si* pieces.straight | in frtn: and at the hark: uo folds at the waist, ! and almost no fullness at tbe lower edge, which is the subject of a thousand capricious varia'ions?plain. scalloped, pointed Greek ard Jioruan patterns, and wha? not: the edges and ihereabouts set oft" with either jet or ribbon, or galloon, or in fringe. The cufeqa- is the covering most woru with thisstyleot dres?, but it is no longer cut In the well-known sack s'vle. The peplur.t proper is straight in the fron* and >11 the hack, and pointed at. the?tdea. Si.iall hoop?aTe admitted under the walkingdress. Matuiuoky in Italy ?In Genoa there are marriage brokers, who bave memorandum.hooks filled with the naroe? of marriage, ablf girls of the different classes, with notes of their figures, personal attractions, fortunes, and o'her circumstances. These brokers po about endi avoring lo make arrangements in the same off-hand, mercantile manner which they would bring to bear upon al>u?lue*g transaction; and wtien they succeed they get a commission of two or three per cent, upon the portion, with such extras or bon nses as may be voluntarily b? stowed by the party. Marriage at Genoa Is I thus of en simply a matter ot business calculation, generally settled by the parents or relations. *ho draw up the contract before the p?rties have seen one another; and it is only when everything else is arranged, and a few days previous to tbe marriage ceremany, that the future husband 16 introduced to his partner for life Should he lind taultwith her manners or appearance, he may annul the contract, on condition of defraying the brokerage, and any other expense incurred. Drixkikg AT Mbai.9.-When fat meats, or sauces composed partly of butter, are taken, and cold drink directly after, the bu*'erand lar are rendered concrete, and separated irom the rest cf the aliment. This congealed o>lv ma:ter. being then specifically lighter than the remaining contents of the stomncb. swims ou the top ot 1 he lood, often causing heavy, uuea*y, pauUul sensations about the cardina and breast, and sometimes a teeling of scalding and anxieiy at other times, when the stomach regains itR heat, the tatty matter is rejected, by little and little, from weak stomachs, in cily regurgitations, which are very disagree, able, in such cases a lit'le compound spirits of hartebom, with a glass of warm water and sugar, will convert the fat into soap, and give instant rel.el.?[Air Jatutt Murray'* V-dical F3. layi. G7"At a negro ball, in lien of ''Sot transforable ' ,?n the tickets, a notice wis pos*?<l over thedoor ' No gentleman admitted unless he comes his elf." BANKKI{>\ JAY COOKE * CO., BiHIIII, Afttentk nrtet, oppc*tt$ 2Vea??ty, tfeyend eel tenrrent market rates, and kMi CDStShtly on hand, a full supply of all GOVERNMENT BONDS, SEVENTH IRTIE9, AND COMPOUND INTEREST NOTES. Orders Izz PTOCE8. BONDS, Ao , executed, and Collections made on all accessible poh,t?. se l tf JjARROW fc?0, BANKEB8, Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh reet. nxaLKKs UOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SILVEB ij l-tf AND LAND WARRANTS. Hrst National Bank of Washington. H.D. COOEE, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President, ?'?. S. HCNT|NQTON, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DBPOSITORf *!?n V1NAN01AL AGENT Of THE UNITBB STATES, 16.'4 jrriet, Mfwui M? Trtamry Departmtru. Ot rerun: en t Securities with Treasurer United States WOXE MILLION DOLLARS ^ H e In y and sell all classes of GOVERNMENT btl'LRITIESH current market rates. t CRX 1SH EXC HAMdE and tnakt Coll'riiont cm ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THB LMTEl) STATES. ^e purchase Government Vouchers on tha MOST VA VORABLE TERMS, and give careful ! ana prompt attention to ACCOCUTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other boalnesa entrusted to ns. FULL 1NFOBMATION la regard to GOVBBNMBNT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished WM. 8. HUNTINGTON, Oashler. Washington,March?, 18W. mil tf LEGAL YOTICES. | IN THE 8UPR kME COUBT OF THB DIS_ . TBJCT ** COLUMBIA, This id day of January. A. D 1587. John P. Murphy, 1 a..* ? , S Equity, No. 794. _A?nT. Baary at al. S . Mirter. trustee appointed in the ? 1 V-rl canae to make sale of the real ee?*eedt Id the proceed* *ha Court that i.^n> ?n??7?w*!, ? decree passed In aald cause, "A0,? wh.* V,^ DecemLar. A. D 1Mb. sola h.V?,f?\(llJ 1?ls'lU*rt-eT- hundred aad thirtyeieht t6M,)ai?d the improvements thereon,consisting of a small frame house, to William Kaaner, for the sum of twenty-tire hnndre-l < 92,'(H> dol"rfw!?? .tb*t th? Purchaser has fully complied with tbe terms of sale by p*> log all the purchase TJ V?; h'J*)4 'W** : l* 1* therefore by h .u'" #f J*??>arj, A D. 18*7, ordered that the said sale ard repoit be ratified aad contna.ed. unless cau-e to th? contrary thereo. i.e ?!o? ? on or before theitb.lay of Kebrnary, A. 1? this order t>e published la tbe Bveniag SUr three ttmex a week ror three snccesslT* ?eeks before tbe said Mb day of February, A. D. IW. ' A true copr _jm S 3td^e. >w Test-B. J. MBIOH, Olerk. OBPHAN8' COURT, I'wmboi 11, IM.-Ulitaici or Columbia. Wa*hi.nstom Cocnti, jo tru ?In the cb*? of JoH*nu? browu, admiiiiatrairix of Daniel 8rowu. deceased, the adminis"foresaid has. with the approbation of the Orphan*' Court ?! Wasttimioh oounu aforesaid, appointed Saturday, the 6th day of J*1Vn",}? ' ^or the Auttl settieaMnt and die tnbutton of tt?e personal estate of said deceased, and of the a*a*ta In haa>i m far an the same tare been collected and turned into tn?a*r when and where all the creditors and UMrs of d*s-?ase<l are nottded to atteud. with thHr claims property Touched, or they may otherwi-e U **cloded fr?tp all benefit In said do i ??? : prodded a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks la the Eve ing Star previous u> the said day. da lS-lawSw* L^^Tria. |)BPHAN8 COURT, Bee. 8. WSa.-Disraie 1 *uT t'OLC**,*^.W,AM,l-*?TO,, ''<?CSTT, Town: If t w'/i ?!' ? , executor of T'ederirk T Wilson, deceased tbe executor Saioraeaid has. with tW approbation of the Or^s Court of Washington County aforesaid, atntod Saturday, the Stto day of Jaauary, U?. for flnaiaettlejnent and distribution ot the personal <Uceaaad. aad of tbe aaaeta la tend, as fiuraa the same have toes collected and turned into ?? ^ creditor, and hsirs of said deceased are natiSed te attend ? * l1*1.1"* Property vouched, or they map' otherwise br law be excluded from all beaeflt la : ProT'<1*<1 ? copy of this ordar be pu Wished Mce a week ror three weeks la tha Bvaning Star, piwHnns to the said day. , , , Taat?JA8. R. O'BBIRNE, da W-lawfw* Beclster of Wills. rkBFHANS'COURT.DxcKMnxa H.18?-DiaTaiCl w or Colcmsja. Wa*uin?tom Cocstt, le-ieti l? the case ot Jaaa Mcttauas, administratrix ?1 *e1**ua. deceaaed, the adminiatratrlx aforaaald has. with the apprebation of the Orphans' 0o?B^r ?*?reeald. ap jointed 1 'i, ?*h dav of January, 1857, for tha settlement and distribution of tbe per "" b1 ot said deceased, and of the aaaeta la 2 m M *he same bave been collected Into money; when and where all th" creditors and heirs of said deceaeed are aotiled to attend, with their claims pr^! sr'y vouched, or tbey may otherwise br law be JI ***2*2? wpiJ eeprovided a copy of tbfa order bo publfshsd ?nos a weak for three weeks la the Bvealna Star previous to tbe paid day 1 mWt Taat:?JA8. B O'BKIBNE, Register of WlUa. ^PltlAL NOTICE?Two thousand loads clrxa p waahsd GP.AVEL, of tha most ialUhU ktC2 for concrete. Also, two thousaad loads 8HAR# SAND and two thousand loads FINE SAND saltar!r.5rcz?ai?^rjM-? ' ???^ *.>>. iwi.IsataiA'ar;, PASIif 72.?" ???go*i?;or.b; r0. Or^D.. Tou'ljaak*iii??ao?^l? ' ?5- Poetiyaes. par Lamsrtias ?a " cents. Becaeillemeote Poetlqaee. par Uamartin? accents Vis de Jsaas, par B?uao ?i 7^,un*r,l0 ?? 'BANC* TAILOB, , AUCTION SALES. |^V TIlUB. UOWLINU, Ayct ; U*or??tawD. POTOMAC fl311 FTRTbS AT AUCTION. W1 I be tented to the hi?b?st bidder. it Pnblls i A'U liJB, on \* EDNEBDaY MURNIS't. .I*'!!! irv 9 HI. *t the aoctioa Store, ho 17 1 Bridge strert Georgetown ? lhe Thrse Fishing Landing* on the Potomac Bn?r. sbeut one nils above Oeorg-towu. known i as "Cloud's Lar lings." Terms: Or? h.df cash; balance in four mouths, for uotes aiitsiactorily Indursid J A BITCB1B. THOS DOW LINO, Aucc. ileM d |Tlme? A Cfioner] |^Y URIC EN A WILL1A MB, Auctioneers. ALCTlfeN BALE OP-TWO STORY FRAME DWELLING HOUaB. On TUESDAY, the 8th day of January, 18*7. at 4 0 > Uck p ru , we shall cell, by public an tiou, on thepremise*, an excellent two story frame dwelling house, situated oti the east side of Sth street, near M stieet aorui. being p?rt of Lot No. 12. ia 8nu>.re No 4?i having a front of ! > feet X inches, and lot ft fret deep to a pnbltc alley. Terns of sale : One half rash. and balan. e la six month* with interest. Conveyaucihit at co.t of purchaser. deSltd GREEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. |^Y THOB DOWLING, A uct.; Georgetown. BALE OP IMPBOVBlT REAL K8TATB IN UEOKGKTUWM. Py rirtue of a deed of trust, duly recorded la Liber .1. A 8 , No l<?y, folios 4&S. Ac., of the land records of the District of Columbia, we will, oa the 8th day or Jauuary, l?i7, at 4 o'clock p m., : ex pose for sale, at public auction on the premi- , sen. certain rtal estate in Georgetown situat-.l, being part of Lot numb-red one hundred and fun r, 1 !0i,) in Beall's addition to said town, beginning . for the same at the end of 140 feet fron the northeist coreer of Oreen and lleall streets, running ' cast by and with the line of Beall street 42 feet and and 4-12 of a foot, thence north 80 feet, theuce west and parallel with Heall street 39 and 4 12 feet, 1 thenc Dorth 4U feet, thencf west 3 feet, thence 1 south 120 feet to the beginning, with toe bnlld ings. improvements and appurtenances to the same belonging. Terms: One half cash; balance In It and 18 niontl s. te be secured by a deed of trust oa the premises. All conveyancing aud stamps at pur chaser's cost. If the terms of sale are not complied with within fidays after the sale, a resale will be had at the eost and risk of defaulting pur- j chaser. arlUO to be paid at tbe fall of tbe hammer. WALTER 8. COX. Oil AHLRS M MATTHEWS, Tmatees of the Third Building Associatiou of Georgetown de 6-ecA<ls THOS DOWLINQ, Anct. \v W. L. WALLA CO., Auctioneers. TRCSTEE8 BALE OF~l MPOTED REAL ES TATK IN WASHINGTON. D. (J By virtue ?>f a deed of trust, duly retried in LiuerN.C T , No. 17, psges Jfts, Ac.,of the Land Recor's oi the Distri t of Columbia, we will, on the 9th day of January, 1847. at 4 o'clock p. m , , exiKJse for sale at public auction, on the premises, certain Boat Estate, being Lots No. 10 and II, in Samuel Da'ids'n's suldi vision of 8 niar. number d on?' tundre't and i-tgnty three, in NVatbington city, 1* ( , with the buildings, improvements and appurtenances to the urine belonging Terms OB" half cash: balance in <S, 11 and IS months, to be secured by a dfed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the purchaser If the terms of sale are net com plied with within five days after the s tie, a resale will be bad at therlik and cost of defaulting purchaser. ?100 to be paid at the fall of the hammer. WsLTKBS COX. GH AS M. MATTHEW9, Trn?tees of the Third Building Association, of Georgetown. de 7 coAds W. L. WALL A CO , Ancts. |^f THOB. DOWLINQ. Auct.; Georgetown. VKBY VALUABLE 4Nl> DE8IR \ BLE WH ARF PROPERTY IN GEORGETOWN. D C., AT AUCTION. On THUB8PAY, January 10.1867. at one o'clock p. m., 1 Mill sell, 011 the premn-es. all of that very v.<1 oat>le and desirable wharf property .,ti the south side of Water street, b?tw een Washington aiid J< fl. rson streets, adjoining the lumberyards ot Jos A J B Libby and Wheat ley A Hons, and now occupied as a wood and ooal yard byJ.O. H' 1st. n a co. This property has a front of about 80 feet on the Potomac river, with a depth of nearly oOU feet, lion ting <8 feet on Water street, and also a tront on Washington street of ab?nt 74 feet and improved by a Mitxtantiel wharf, built this seasou> and an office fronting on VS ater street This property. altogether, is the most desirable wharf properties 'or wood, coal, or lumbar yards I in tbn District of Columbia. Also, Lot t?3, ea^t side of Jefferson street, betweea W ater street aud tbe canal. fronliug ao feet on Jefferson street, witb a depth of lot feet 8 inches, and Improvtd by a Frame Hi-tble AII conveyances and stamp*. Ac., paid for by the purchaser. r?*se>?l'>n given on or befora the first day of Anil it*;7. 7< tns to be nia!e knovtu on the day of sale, which will be liberal. deJ8 eots THOB DQWL1NO. Auct. JJY TU08. POLLING, Aact ; Georgatomn. " TSlrSTBB'd SALE OFTALDABLB REAL BSTATK. By virtue of a deed of trust n-%ds by Jatnes Rhodier and wife te th* sub?crllter the ftth day ot Oc? tol er. 18*8 and recorded atuong tbo land records of he District of Columbia, in Liber B M. H., No. 7. folio 21>>, A , I will orier at i nblii sale, 1 n fr .at of the premises, TUURisDAY the 27th Decoi'i^r. 14(6, at 4 o'clock p. m , the following described r> al a'fc'S, being part of lots No. 47 ua I 4"'. in !*? ter Beatty. IhrelA' Id and Deakin's addition to Geoigetown .ia 1 Dl>trict itl>>re-atd, erroneously earned In fo-uier deed- as lots No. .'.9 and HO, lieKinning for the same at tTTe end of 87 feet 6inches measured on a line drawn east from t!ie Intersection of the east .ioe of Llugan with tUs north line of I'rospect street and running thenar east with the north I se of Pr??pe< t street 20 fe-t; thenee north snd parallel with Llnrm street f?i feet more or les*. thence west ami parallel with i'roseeot street 20 feet; thence south and parallel wltt> Liu gan street 93 feet more or less U the l>eglntiing Terms of sab-: One-third cash; and uie residue In six and twelve month*, with interes' fr at the Cay of sale the title being retained until fall payment of tbs purchase raon- r. If the terms of sale are not complied with within 1bi*e days after tbe dav of ?sl? the trustee reserves tbe right to resell, upon three day's notice, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purc haser Oonveyaacing and stamp* at surcliaser'a cost. HUGH CAPBBTON Trnste*. de 13 eo TH08 DOWL1NG. Auct. mrrBT. above salb w as postponed until MONDAY, January 7th. 1sj7, sauie hour and place. HVGH GAPEBTON, Trustee. de 29-eoAda sTBB'B BALE. By Tirtneof a decree of tbe Ciroalt Court for Prince Goerge'sConnty,slttln?; as a Court of B mi ty, passed in the ca-e of Mfcry A. Mi*rk?>ood and Rebecca Ditvall vs John D. neall ana others, I will expose to publls sale, 011 THURSDAY, tbe 24th day of Jannary, 1M7. at IS ocloc* in., < If fair, if not, the next fair day thereafter.) on the premises. the Beat Bstate.of which htephea Onions, late of Prince George's Geunty, died, sei/.e ! and possessed , containing about .it 1 acres. This property is situated about three mil*8 from the village of Bladensburg, la a uioet heaittiy region of country, is well adapted to tbe growth of tbe usual productions of th? county. It adjoins the lands ef Peiry W Browning the late John V. Carter at d others, and the ss?11 being of a tine texture, is valuable for market purposes; being distant frem Washington eity abont eight miles It will be sold in lots lo suit pur< basers, and those desirous of securing a osost healthy country seat will do well to attend the sale. Terms of sale - Fits Hundred Dollars cash, residue In one and two years, with interest aud ap pr< vtd security. Title Indispatebie. aud on p?y incut of tUe purchase money with interest, the property will be conveyed to tbe purchasers in ja S 4tawts H. C. STEPHEN. Tru?tee. C B L I C BALE . Hy virtue of authority, we will exp ee at p-iblic sale <>n tbe premise*, near the ra-ideace of k H. Df.rnall on THUB-JbAY. tbs 1> th d ?y of January next nt 12 o'clock m., two parrels of LAND, equally divided, and contiguous to e>*ch other, < oiitalnlng 118 acres. This property Is sl'uated about five miles from the Center Market. Washington city, le acovstble by the Ana*ostia Bridge: < ontains an etiaal unantlty of arable meadow aud w. od, is of most excellent quality. highly produc tlve; s<In Irably adapted to market purposes, and has a valuable mill sent and fins building sites therein. It will l>e sold separately. Terms of sale ?One balf ca?h, residue in 12 m mi tbs. with interest and approved eecurity Title indieputable. B. 0. MTKVBNS, WM T. HILL, Attorneys for B M Darnell, M. O^STEI HMNH. Attorney for Beary W. Duru.ul. de 2u-4tawts | Id telligsncer. | 'JUDBT fl'll B A Is I. By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Conr* for Prlece George s County, sitting as a Court of B the cans a of J sates B. Dodson and others vs. Job". T. Fen wick, administrator de IhidIp ?<m of ). Otrter and ?them, I will exiKjee tepnbHc "J*-at tbe Ute residence of tbe ?4 P?Lr #r . Z? Tr*2DAT lke dayof JanatlyeVAosk a.. < if fair, if not. en the next Mr day tbereafer,; all that tract or ^trcel of land kn?wnaa"MelBrtee,"of which he difd seized aud p<?eeseed,containingabont 1V9 acres. Alsc . a partor parcel of land adjoining thereto, containing about JJ acre*. Also, tbe undivided third of ? tract er parcel of lefld contaioing about 126 arras. . >lel[ Boss> Is mostI Uglbly sitnated, being distant from the vIHage of Bladenebnrg about two miles, and frsiu Hyatuvitle Station, on tbe Baltimore and waablugton Railroad, abont two and a half wiles, and adjoins the lands of Messes P W Brawnier and B.O. Lowndes. The sol Us of all aa texture, admirably adapted to market purposes, aud there Is a yoang and thriving Peach Orchard "IS? *? Praises, of choice fruit. The Improvements consist of a Brat c ast Frsme Dwelling In excellent repair, with a large lawn la front tastefully laid ont,ornamented with shrubbory snd tress of various kinds; and there is a com medio us Barn Vpoa the premises, erected at a conslderahle expense, with everr necessary build?ng. Thoee In pursuit of a beanllfnl, healthy and most desirable country ?*at are strongly reocmmended to attend the sale, as M is selYom that property possessing so msuy advantages I- brought tato market. The last named tract is a parcel of land adjoining the Tillage of Madsaahnr<<. aud by Terms of salaf One third cash, residue hi one !L 0 ..,*/nrcha* w?My ?rtth Intereet n deed In the will be executed to the purchaser or purchasers. Btamps and conveyaaclug at the ex pease of the parchssev or pnrehht*rs MdOflf N. Q BTBPHBB Trnste". <Nsi pi,i?o, j Which ws have tahen In exchange, for sale open easy terms. PHoe #3is. a^JBHI the warerooms of UTin W O- MBT/.BBOTT A 00 , * ' ??le AgeLts of Btsin way a 8> us GOVERNMENT SALES. I Public sali ok fnqihkbbisq pbopEBTY

By authority of of tnilnerri. I will lell at Public Auctio". at H VRPEii-* KBBRY, ?K.?T\i,ON THURSDAY, J A <17 A H i l<?, ix<>7, the following BNCISAER}' PROPEBTY, Vt?.: Anchors, weighing from 11 > to 700 pounds each 43.?J1 pounds Wire < ahle ('no Metallic Lite Boat T?o I'ontocn B??U hale to MRiiiiAur* at 10 o'clock a. m. Terms (MQ. in United Statt-s funds DAN1BL J. ToITHQ, M 8 K nf OMuauce, d" 31 tds .TOHH KlONOB, Auctioneer. wJALB or A LARGE LOT or ORDNANCE AND ORDNANCE MATEBIAL. Burf.rv of Orjpunre. 4Vi?r? Djvar.'T'nf.f I'tty. I'eceui .?r 22. 1HS , ( There will he sold at public auction, to the highest Mdd- rs, at mon, on THURSDAY, the two: tvfonrth 174 > day of Jar uary. 184'. at the office of the Inspector of Mrdrance fravy Yard. New York. 4 l?r*e I t of Ordnance Rtetes. serviceableenl unset viceable, embracing Cannon, ant Shell. Small Arms of varioua calibres. Spare Parts of Small Arms. Qun Carriages and Miscellaneous Stores. Th. articles will tx> sold in lots to snit parabasals. Terms: One half cash in Government funds to be deposited on the conclusion of the sale. ?n4 the remainder within ten < |i>> days afterward, during wbicb time the artli le? may be rsmoved from the Navy YarU, other ?lsethey will revert to the Governm'Dt 11. A. WISE de 27 eo!3t Chief of Bureau. SALE Or OLD AND I^BHVII'CALI CANNON. SMALL ARMS, AND MISCELLANEOUS OHLNANCB PTOBB9 Bureau oforitnnnce. iVat * Department. I W<ishtHKio* Cay, Deo. 13,1964 { On the 10th day of January, %&>l, at noon, there will be sold at puMir auction, in the Norfolk navy yard, to the highest bidder, a lot of old and unserviceable Cannon, fcinail Arms, and Miscellaneous Articles of Naval Oriluauce The Cannon Shot, and Shell alll M told Ly the Cinnd, and the Small Arms and other Miecelref>us Articles of Ordnaace In lots to salt pur* Chft-erS. T< rms: One hslf cash, in Government funds to be deposited on the ( on lusluu of the sale, and the remainder within ten days af erward-. ouring huh time the articles mn-t be removed from the yard, otherwise they revert to the Government. . , ^ H. A. WISK, de ]7 eotd Chief of Huraau. DEXTISTKY. DB. LKWIK'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION, No. 'JhO PKNN'A AV E , Between ]2th >?ad 13th streets. Tefth eitracteJ without pain l?y admlnstering pltr-Mis Oxyde er Laughing <;??. Dr.^^aet^a LKWIEhas recently purchased the lf-?tVfc=3 ( heiiiii al Apparatus in the country t >r^ 1 u d-bHiir i ore gas ??er d.ty, also, an in. proved Val vu ?r Inhaler The \-?ociati- n is n w prepared to make Teeth on Gold, Sliver and Rubber at New York Philadelphia and Boston prices. All pere? iih wDhine dental work done can Wave tt a*. h*-ap ss tu the above-named clti~a. All work done in the Ln-'iiest and best manner, and warranted to give natisfactioe Persons will do well to call and examine onr work. de m tf 'r T m~ 1L . M. LOOMI8, M. D.. r The Inventor and Patenteaof the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, atteuda pertonaliy at^iMk bis office In this city. Many persons c&n%flflanp wear these teeth who caanot wear others, ?? ?? and do peraon cab wear othera who aaaaot wear these. Persons calling at my office oan be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they way desire, bnt to those who are particular,and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest and most perfect denture that art can procure,the M1NEBAL TEETH win be more fnlly warranted. Booms in this city ?No 33f Penn'a avenne. be n 9tb and 10th ato. Also, 90T Arch atreet, Philadelphia. ocSOlr C-? WHITE'S iLaTE SHArriELD'B) j CONKKCTIONEBY AND IOI CREAM ANUEaCTUBY, No. <th street. The proprietor wlahoa to Inform laatllies, hotel proprietors, and the public generally, that he continues to furnish Confectionery and the choicest Ice Cream at the shortest ih tice, an i on the most reasonable tern.s. Wedding and Kan-y Cakes, Pyramids of all kinds and si/.es, Charlotte Busae, Blano Manee an<l Jellies ma le to order. Partlea, Suppers a-jd other entertainments furnished at a ow rate. de 6 lui* R?kduction OK prices, *Drt"T10N or PBICBS, UUCTluN or PB10KS, _ REI UCTIO* or PBIOBS. REDUCTION or PBK E9 REDUCTION OP PRICES. On and after this date I will supply to nty ens touo-rs, and to all other dealers who may fav >r me with their orders. MAS8KY. HD8TOW h CO 'S MASSKT. HUSTON ft CO.'8 MASsEY, HDSTWN & CO. 8 (Late Master, Coll'na ft (Jo.'4) PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT and UToi'K ALE PbtLADKLPHlA DRAUGHT *.>; ?TOCK ALE PHILADELPHIA DBACOHT a*:>8TO?'K ALB AT PHILADKLrHlA PRICKS. AT PHILADELPHIA PHI' E-<, AT PHILADELPHIA PRICES. VIA: KB' 1 CUT OR X ALE AT fl I PER BBh, DLALOHT OB X AL.E AT 9>1 P**" 8TO< K OB XX ALB AT ?i:t PER BBL. KTOfK. OB XX ALB AT ?13 PEB BBL Goods delivered ir all paitaol Washington and Georgetown free of rkurte TERMS CASH. All orders promptly attended to. Rli<EY A. SlilNN, Phil.t i?iphia Ale Agent, Corner of Greene and Olive streets, de7lm tieorgetowu, D. O. pORlABLB BTi;AM ENG1NK8, Combining the maximum of efficiency .durability, and economy, with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known, more than '>00 being in n*e All warranted aatlalactory, or n* sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address J. O. UQADLBY ft GO., nob-eo3in _ Lawrence, Maat. Depabtment or thb intbbiob, mux ... Orfic*. Jnlp 13th, UM. TO ALL WHOM IT MA% COBOE^N Application having been made onder theaat af June23, ltsnti.for the reloaaeof the following de acribed Land Warrants, which are alleged to nave been lost or de-trayed,?Votica la hereby given that at the date following the description of each wart.ant anew oertiflaate or warrant of like tenor will be retaaued, tf no valid objeoUon ahoald then ***** JOB. H. BABBITT, OasuaUdoner. No VI.738 far 1K> acres a< ?and. iaanad under the act *f March 3, the natne of BlUha Bacon, and was granted January 24. lttt. January IS, No tS,?48. far 160 acres, Insaed und< r the act of March 3'1.1SJ6, in the name of Ivory Untler. aad was granted April 19. 1895?February 1, is?7. No. 4t '>56 far I6u acres, ia-ued under the act of March 3d. ldS6. in the name of Lazaraa Harlon, and waa granted September If, ISM. Eebruary 16. 18o7. No. IK4.794. for 16<' scree, iaaued under the act of March 3d, 18 I. In the name of Robert W Pierce, and was kranted Slaj 12. iSa. March y, 1*7. No. 99.W for 160 acres, issued under tbe act of Match 3 1*6. in the name of Kli ah D Ball, and waa granted June 8, lWi. March ?. 1?67. 0 TJUilWUE, A BOTECTBD b Y BUYAL LETT BBS PATent or England, and aeenred by the aeala of the Ecole de Pharmacie de Paris, and the las penal College of Medicloa. Vienna. Triesemar No. 1, is tbeeffectnal rssnedy far Bataxation, 8permatborrhoea, and Exhaustion af the System. Triusamar Ho. 2 has eatlraly an per seded the nauseoas use of Copavla, Cnbelw, Ac. Triaaemar No S Is the ialallible remedy lor all Impurities aad Secondary Symptoma. tha* obviating the use of ate ran ry and all ether daleterions Bach preparation la in the form at a moat agreeable Loaeage Secured from tbe effects of climate aad chaagea tt atmoepbere. in tin cases, at |S each, ar four #3 cases in on* for $9, and ia Q3 cases, thus saving #9 Divided in separate dosae aa admiaistared by Vaipeau, Sallamaada, Bona, _Wholesale aad retell by Dr. BABBOW, Mo. 194 To^ahad'alao of B. o'^OBD. Mo. 990 Pean'g venue, corner HUhB. ae Mr hBPABTMENT 0> TBB INTBBIOB. U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, Washington, Noveail>er 38,1866. On the petition of BOttBBT WADDELL, of Liverpool, KlkgooTii ot Great Britain, araylug for tbe exteneion of a patent granted to htm on the sixth day of Jane 18M antedated to April 27,1<%3, and dated in England the &] of March, 18&3. for an Improvement in Balance Slide Valv?e of bteam Engines, for seven years rrem tbe expiration of eald patent, which takea place an tee Z7tb day ot April,id87: it Is ordered that the Mid petition be beard at tbe Patent Office en Monday, the lHtb day of Eebrtisry next, at 13 o'clock m.; aad all persona are notified to appear and abow cauae. if any th?v have, why said petttien onght sot to be graated. Peraoaa oppoMnf the extension are ra?aJrad to file in tbs Patent Office their ebjectlona, specially eet forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of bearing: all testimouy filed by either party to be used at the said heartug must be taken and transmitted In accordance with the rnU? of tbe offioe, which will be farniahedon application. Depositions and ether papers relied upon aa teatiuiouy must be filed in tbaoCiae Wore the day of hearing; the argumente, if aay. within tsa days after filing tbe taaftimoar. Ordered, also that this notice be published la the Republican and (be lntelliffeacer. Washington. I). 0 , and i? the Times. New Torlt N. Y . once n week for three snccesetve week*: the lira of said publications to be at leaet sixty dars previous to tbe day of hearing "svaa. P B. Editors of the above paper* will please THs?rsft. ??fs^ij^ssjsa: Bed Jacket. W Va 1*. lit one #6. The Baao""MefrTS w5Si?^Ue* W#Mth'by no 17 * ' PBABOR TATLOB. Vf EDIOlB&WBAPEk THAN TMBu?BA>?'l est aad aisosia tbe heat A large etoc#^^ Ban always be fonnVl at MOOBBB Drug Rlsre,S 1 ! Fe?sylvjiala avenue went de 6-tw OIAB1BS FOB 1H?t.?A large aaeortmentof DI ABIES, for 1867, far eale at low prlcee. B* II rBAJQt lAXIsOI, ? TMK?J?1?????1 RAILBOAD LINE3. [ I 8(i() pknsstlvaViI boots I Hf)7 TO III* NOBTHWEST.SOUTH, AND SOCTH_ WEST, ?_ .. * INTER SCHIDTLE On And ?'l?r November If. 15*>, trains will l?*Tf M '0 lows I WasLingzou 7 OOa.rn I Baltimore 9 15 a m. TV " I " . ..II 10* .a. 8 W> P. B. I - 10 O. B. I ,TBJt DOUBLE TRACK ROOTB. witft XLKGInt SCENERY. P?I? i? suto rooa day and nipht Car* with modern improvements, snd saving from fonr to twelve hours in time over ai y < ther route. Two hundred miles saved to ^ eatern ano Central New York Two Daily Trains to the West. v * North. _{? ? Baltimore to ROCHESTEBand P1TTSBUBGH without change. 'p*?;en?ere by tbla rout* fr m Baltimore have ?v? Bekiag all changes In UBION , ?*fvt8 *md no "kbriks Ticket* by thla ron'e can be procured at the ofnce, corner 6th street and Pennsylvania ar. iaue, tinder the National ii>t>l.wbere reliable information will be given at all Uort*. ra?wnjfn procuring tlcVets at thli office c?a , secure accommodations In Sleeping Cars for K1 - ' Bira or Pittaburg B. J. WILKIN*. Ticket Agent, __ _ Washing tun. D. C. fa 1V1 O. Can. Taes. Ageat, Baltimore, Md. del ly WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AND I <>KORUKTOWN hAILROAD. fiiRHnnm js, s&?5g5$s22k& ??* tween V> aahtngton and Alexandria aa lullowa ! Ltiri: W*?UISGIOI. LKAVX ALEXAMi>aia. From Md. avenue depot. From c?r. Duke * llenrv | Local at 6 15 a h, eta., Local ai 4 is a m 1 Through Hail ? Ss ? Loral cor Kin* 4 "* Local at T oo " and Henry .fin# M ;; i ? Local atr*:!': iz .. " IU?P. M. 10 no ......... 4 # " " 3 ju P ~ ; TkrnoShnMti,j(.:rD^*} Jl.? " BukeaHenry ? .JU P. M. I Lo<aleor. King and Honrr-... 7 no ? twawW*** PA8SKNQKB TBAINS/* " ijFavk Wash igt??n. Li avi Aliihihii Th r *r'"" c?r D"k? * Hfury ' I;J^i -? ? 25 4, S* Local at4 U A. *. Local at ^,^0P M Through Mail 6 ?i P. M. no lo ar l priwt ?"Kriateadent. DO 10 w. J PHELPS. Oeneril Mtoager. thbol till link bktw kkn w tm4< i muthm 1 puiladkll'ul/i *5 nkw f0n BMWlIi 1 I: fi>? *?Kf YDBK,wlthowt chance of car*. !?? ' Sunday) at 7:45 a. m acd ?W? B changing cars ?* Phllad?l4 jQ*pXmam,lr <**ce*t Snnd?y) *t 11:16 a. a. and T. ' ?OB PHILADBLPBIA. i , l!,y < "' PtSunday )at 7:46 and 11.15 a. m., and 4.30 and 6..W p m ON BUNDAT. < Leare for New Fork and Philadelphia at 6 X p. in only. r j Ml? epmg cara for New York on 6 JO p. m. train dally. Through tlcketa to Philadelphia. New Fork, or Boston, can be bad at the Station Office at all honrs In the day. aa well aa at the new office lj the Pankera and Broker# Telegraph Line, 340 Penn. i avenue, *~nween 6th and 71 h atrceta. i See Baltimore and Ohio Ballroad advertisement ' for achednle between Waahlngten, Baltimore, Annapolis, an<' the West J, L. WILSON. Master of Transportation. L M. COLB General Ticket A?cent ? ?lO. B. K.OONTK, Agent. Waahington. < OC 90-tf OALTIMOBK AND OHIO BA1LBOAD, *-* WisUIK^IdK, I?e, . <1, o?T^^TBfAl%TO?VHDaViB'; are now run aa foilews, vir. _ _ FOB BALTIMOBB ii .?aTe ?*oapt Sunday, at 7.1?, 7.45, and 11.16 a. m.. and 2 On, and 4 SO. and 8 06 p. m I FOB ALL WAY STATIO&8. ifr?U ?L''mxctpt 8undv'at ? . FOB%5 AY STATIONS 90 OF ANNAPOLM p^m****4 618an<17:(W a. B.,and at 3:Onand4J| ' . ,, 'OR ANNAPOLIS. * J and 7.45 a.m., and 4 30 p.m. No traina to or from Annapolia on Snnday. < ON BUND&Y. FOH BALTlMuBK. I Leave at 7-45 a m.. and 3 i>> and 8 00 p m . _ .. POB WA* STATIONS. * Laava at7:?aa m., and 2:0o and 8 Hi p. ?. . . FOB all pautb OF Till WKBT. , fl k*?T??la,!y, except Sunday, at 7.45 a.m., and o 'V p ni. ' Ob Sunday at S1-0? p m. only.connecting at Belay i , PtaMon with traina from Baltimore to Wheeling, 1 Pitrkerhburg Ac. ' 1HKOI oa lIOKBTBto the West can be had at ' the a-hiuKt n Station Ticket Office at ail h >uia < in tti? aty. aa well aa at the new office of the Banker-. and Brokers' Telegraph L ne, 349 Penn averue. between ?th <?nd 7th atreet?. For New York. Philadelphia, aud Boston, aee adTartlaement of Throngh Lin?." J. L WILSON, Maeter of Tranaportation L M. COLl General Ticket Ag-nt. ocaotf GEO. 8 KOONTZ. Agent Washington. S'J EAMUOAT U\T>\ i pOTOMAC TRANSPOBTaTlOB LlNB MOTILE TO~SBIPPBB8. The Btaavar EXPRBSS, Oapt. B. A. BYTUBB, leave# Washington at 6 a m. aud Al Jrmm exandrla at 7 a EVkBY SAT UBDAY for Ol) aont. Budd a Ferry Smith a Point, Chaitarton Laoidiug, Nanjemoy Stores, Mat hi aa Point, Chapel Point Ptowden** Wharf, Lancaator a Wharl Sto..% Wka^L o" rioBen Bay, Foxwell-a Wharf. Hare 1IV #h.irf, Piney Point, Point Lookout, *nd arrlvea at Balti* more at 8 a. B. on Sunday .' ? _ * VrSiMSS.. TO TBAYELLBBS OOJLHO SOUTH TWIGB DAILY,(Banday p. m. axoapfd.; I The quickest and Beat direct roata la llttaaal. a .and the Soath. via tka Potomae w^? . i ateamera from Sixth StrweC Wharf Washington, to Asnla Creek Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Bailroad. bow sntiraly ooBpleted froB Auata Creek to RickBond.Ya. connecting there with traina on the BiefcBond and Petarabnrg and Blcbmand and DarWUs Bai lroads, lor Patorabnrg, Weldon, Wilmiagton, EaMgb.gGreansboro', Sallsbnry, (JharlotU aai Steamers Key port and O YaadarMlt l***a Sixth Street Wharf daily (Saoday venlng aa a'at?d) at 6 40 a. .and Tj^ m and arrive In BUkaoad at THIo^OB TO BIOHMOBD IB EBYBN HO DBS. Fifty Miles Shorter ana a* Hoars QuMkar ttaaa any other Ronta. Ba ??rs and gat Throng h Tickets via A tats Creek and Frsdartokabarg, to BialuaoM, at tka Company a Office, corner m Pnana. avaaue and 64k atreet, or on baard of thakaata. P'gg~gt through. OBnlbnssss and Baggage Wagons will ba la raadlnassto convey passengers and baggage be> tBsea depots la Blcliinond. Pasaengara by this line pass by darUgbt Sonnt Vernon, and may havean opaortunlty of vlaitlng several battle-fields near Fredericksbarg by stopping at that point. . Breakfast and ana on board of Btnasn, GBP. MATTINOLY.Bnpt.. Washington, D O. G. E. MATTINGLY, Tlcke^iynt^ JWiUgtOB. apHy BeaeralPassanasr Agent. ^OLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOlll LYING IN ASYLUM, Fourteenth streak,(air?le,)corner of M street, Washington, D. 0. Tbla InetttnMen has beaa established for the reception af aatlents who may ba suffering froaa dieeaeee peculiar to their sex. and for the adnia?ton of sncn females aa may require the cooafarte of the lying in chamber. The building is situated In the aost healthy partlon of the District, snrronnded by Its own grounds. Oars pass the door evary five minatas. Tenns of adBlsalon: Fraa $6 ta #! par weak, tD accordance with the room, required, payable la advanoe. This inclndes Board, Medlsiaee, Medical and Surgical attendance. lIDIOlT" STAFF. HBGBON IB OHIEF. J B THOMPSON. M D.. A. Y. P. UARNBTT. M D . New York avenue. ?i?'^s#WLufc^tessssi. W. HOW AMD, M. P., F street. Ordsrs for adalasloa to tbs (res beds la this hospital, (of whioh these are JO.) eaa be obtained of the Burgeon in chief at this offioe, 1*4 1 atreet. or of aay of the Medical ataff. and of the Bevs. Drs. Hall.Gurley. Gillette, and Cooab^ Wivse ana widows af soldiers desiring adaiaslea will apply to the Surgeon eneral, Uaitad Sutes aray. Pstiesh Ihrtag at a illatoaaa whe desire to aaaa to this iastltatloa tor treataent eaa eacare private 1\JWW BOOBS?War OUlBanfs Guide,' >y Gao. teraatiaaal Law: by Waolasy. new aiitioa. AaC " PROPOSALS. 1 |>Bt?rOPAL8 rOB?TATKMKBT~ P?'?t Orr ri r* Dtx- Si twu Pealei Pno^al. will ha teviv^i ?t tt>* Pott Ofbc* i?rpar<ii.*i.| <uF cf jAftntrfa 1^7, mt 12 dock. at d ?o?, fur fvciaiuu* 1iiuvi,* ?r7 > L t*la ??r**tw*at. tor Oe jear fromt;.* Febroary, l%-7, There '^a- c mp?vr ie*i 1 v satisfactory testlmonUla of tMilt to falhl a con Iiact will Dot l? consider- d All til* article* mui b*< J the *ry best .uallty. sampleaaf yfcich, oatainlog at least a rwu '( each kind of paper. mat acc? j the bid*, and the Department rffrtci the rig* to retain a: i Wj?* ,h*/ "*. * ?* ?rle* *xm+4 1n the offer, or return them at it* prion Mo Mi? will be con*ld?'?d wh?i- th* *rti< t?? accompanying it are Dot of the kltd and qaalitr r?t,niioJ L; the Department. and arir|. na *r tide* wll! subject the satire bid Ure-ectiiu at the p!ea- ure of tba Department. Th? s?l>i*iD*d If at ap*< ifle.s, aa n**r> k. ru 0 v 1 e done, tbe iDi'Rit. quality. and dwrriptio* of eacli vf tt * kinds ot articles that witlo* wanted ; Eftimatrrt iwmmhtv * ?*'"# fee lA'*ear /"w. Claw HO 1 -PAPBB 1. 10 *eams folia P It, satin or pidn flniah faint lined and trimmed, to ?m? not t ban I? pounds. par ream 2. tf reame F?m lacap. pl*m twachlra. fBnt lined ktJ tHmm*d. to waigh But law than a2 p? uo^f p4 r rfirn 3. ) v+an*? Vocltraf. t !u* aid, haid mid# pattern cptii, only known aa IMapat. h or Ccniiltr p.per t? we?h Dot laaa th.a el*t**n p< uDiV plr 4. 12? ream. y?arto Poat. machine. pl.iB.u,ntlio*d tbrf# p?-r r^tQi 5 ? r**nJJ Doable Oap piper, plain par 6. 10 ream* Koto paper, flit. I art* at so. per | 7. 6 roam* Soto paper, plats, large si mi *er ream ' 8. 10 iesm? Koto pape~, gilt, -mall tt/o.aresui '? 9. 6 remoa Koto paper, plain, small ai/e n., ream ' t*rr 10. 10W reams Envelop* paper, follow or buff royal, per ream " 1. :o ream* Biottlog paper. royal. par re,, 2 6 d< res preas Copy Books. aot le?. tn.,, ,M pages per deren IS. 5,w0 eitra tarresi/s white adhesive r < ne? very smooth and thick W* t v < ... rhea a^aare. per IniDdred '<"*iu14. 2S.0?O lct?g bafl adbeal - a I DTelora* . U,Ck' J '* 'm (lea. per 15. ?S.or* lor.g wMte or t adheMre Ki.ial er/ ?m?x>th and tbirfc for letter, an ^' atilara r , br haa. per hnndre.i 1?>. 3 0 ? bu.l or ? hit? ?ah?aive BnT?|#M,. _,,w mootb and ItiicK . p* r huticJ -ed 17. 1 OO'i ?n alI aire white note ajheaire i D\el epea, par Luu '.r< <3 It*. J omMtrge aire wbfte note adheatve opoa. par finndred TWI 19. 3,W? latter alt# * bite sdboaire BDt' lorei n. e bnndred ' ' Ci.a<* No.t ?PBK3 A NI? PBNCIL.? KTr W- ?U,,,ott ? b~? "^Ullio 11. 40groaa m -tailtc Pena, of otbar manafartne. per gr >aa "ire, N. 1 doicn I'tat r.old Pent. p?r <So/.en It. & 0 Opa na Qui!la, K >. *i, per M 74. 6" doreu reaboldar*. a?- >tt< d. per dozen 25. 15 doran Faber * beat black Lead PeiL'riU graduated, p.-r d^zen ' 26. 10 do/an beat red and bine Lead Pencil# per No. S-INK, lfi K8T AN DS, UaktrA?1. WAX. *rEB8' J7. 12 dot^o Iiikatai da Kuuxor aoy paten: larvn ot amall, per dciai. iarg? >8. 4 doreo li.kat^Ddh, caat iron, large, double 1 per <ioxea U 3. JO'1 bottlea Ink, blmck. Maynard A Norea in ,uart I Ottlea. per bottla ??*ea , iQ K". 2t bottlea Arnold * C..pyti,.r Ink. p?r l>ottie 11. 100 bottlaa Havid'a (Jarm.ue lhk,<>DDc n. i per do/en bottlea 12. SO poanda Wafera, common alzoa, rod ear pound * r 53. 75 pvtinJa Scaling wa*, boot extra aoi rfine acarlet. per p< tmd * Class No. 4,?CUTLIRY AID MlbCaCLLANE Ol'B AHT1<'i.KS. 54. 8 doreti PenktilTe*. K. .igera A leg , c,,nr t>ladea, bock Darn l.andlea. geuuiue n?r do/oa 1 " ' M. 6 dozen Braoera. Bodgera A bou a i\*rj baa dioa, nenuite, per uo/on S?. 4 dwxen Office Mie?r?. 11 I ticli pe r do< ea IT. 4 dc zen Office telaaora. per dor- n IS. > do/en Foldora, ivory. V inch perdoztD S;*. 4?? rod Linen Tape, aaoorio I, per ao/<-a 10. IP doran filk Taate, colon and wi ubs n Lauka. pertoira 11. 2t'dczen Paper Weiaiita aaeortad, p? doxen 12. at pounda India bwt her. pteparrd. per pouu I 43. !) pout.ds lncia BnliLer, uupiepaxtni. t?r pound 44. suarta Plack San I. per quart if. if auncef Pontic*, per vnar? id. 4(" poanda Twine, noen. per pound 17. )U> pounda Twine, cotton, per pound 48. a?.o/.en ftiilet*, m?ij?>it?aj r undnrrlat per ciorea 19. 2 do/ea Gutta Percha. round or flat, p*r Bit. 6 poutida Sncnge. te*t. per p"Bi.d 51. P' netin la Gam Arabic, beet, per pound TI.e Adbeilve Bnrelo^e uiuat beti>lck!> ganimad it' nrtbof hu inch ?i>ie arcOTic ttie L?piK-!e Back tobWr n;nat fat ni?h witfe hi* pr >? *'?! ? lample?and bnt one aaaipio?o( each article bid lor. Lach article tnnat bo bt<l for and no mora tbaa Diie price itaiiied tor aa> one arttcke. I'.lda iu>t tullf c?.iiloruiiug to t!>e advcrti-eaont will not be *on-idei?Kl. TLo terms and Cv>ndttror.a of the ad> ertiaement fli ror stationery are tu t-o incori>..rat?,1 in tfi - com tract ior Stationery, and the he?,] of lie |??part nent trill, in all asen, I'tAtie whether u>? articloe tenoersdby the oontr*ator are of the <juality required by the cuiitraot. Iho Statiouar> is t. br faroithed a* it may bo ordered 1.y the uepaitment, and at th- contract 11ices, whether the inanti ties exree<! or fall short of those eetiniated Bacli pt opaeaJ meat be ricn^l by the I udl ridual or Dim leaking it. aad am*tapsatfv a i>ri< a?aid h?i,>n* pt? ?l?r each and every at tide uaiaed iu the echedule. Bit aid Hny articles la required which are not ennmerateo, they are to I* furnished at the towa^t market prices if the Department shall -ee tit lo ordsr tb??t Irom til* contractar having the coi. tract for at oilier articles. and if tna oMtractors and tl e DepaMmeuidu not agre*. ihea ti.> De partmeBi uiay have the arUclo tnmiahed Uj ?ny otbar i erren pr pers n? who will lurnish It at a price lower tban that aeni^ndet by the coatra^tor. Bli<nk torais far proi o?ai? will i>? furnished at Ibe Department to pe eona applying for them; and, as without uniformity Ui. rcin, tbe Depart meut wo aid find it diflicnit to make ? iWiakxi, none will ba taken into < oonidei atiou, uuieas sni> stantiail) axret-ia^ tberawltk The head ot the Vepartmeat will. In ati cases. decide whether t!ia term* of theroatract have bee t compiled with and reasrraa the p..war to annnl the contract upon any Mtara to eompty te a rea so nab I e tim?. Bonds, with approved security, ara to ba given by ttie person or persons contracUnf. and, la case ol failure to supply the articles, the contractor and hl<- sureties shall ba liable for the forfeitn e specified In such boad as IKioiAated damagia. T t<a can tract w ill be awarded ta the ioweat an1 best bidder: t be best bid ta I deter mi n*4 after a caretnl examination for tka purpoee of aa< wrtatn ag wliicb bio will, ia its p> aaucal rasuits, be most ad vantageons to ths IVpartment. The Department ressrves to itself the tight to reject any bid where It le apparent that a part of tl.a srtiofes are b'd foe at aery law an4 a part a*. very high rates, wtthoat proper regard fc> the co?t ot each, for the parpoae of eflartiag tl?a aggregate of the bids under the estimate contained in the ad vartlsement. ALEX W. BAMDaLL. jar law 4 w Poatntaster OenerAl. pBBBH BBBr AND \ BqBTABLBB. Navy BifAinttXT, 1 />*r?a?a/ Pnrv**ioi>t and CietkrM.S D<CtmOfr Id, 1846. \ Bealod aropoaals, eadoraad Propo-ais for Frtoh Beef and Vegetables.' will be received at this Bureau patil 2 o clock a. m . on theM day u( Jannary. IStT,for the supply of loo,W0 ponnds nf FHBbH BBH.P and lOt'.fe' poands of BBBBH % BUBTA BL< ike PH1LADBLPU IA N A V T YABD and STATION, asramatrvd. Tba Beef and Vegvtablaa mast ba of good goalIt), and th* be?t the aaikot affords, and earn article utn?t be- flared br the p sod The Beef to ba laegaal proportions, fore and btad quarters. Bonds with approved lecurlty, will 1* required In one half tbe eatlaaatod amouat of the contra-1, end twenty par caat In additioa will be withheld :rum th< amount of each paymont to ba made, aa collateral security far the due porfomance of the contract, which will ca no aoconat be paid aatfl it Is folly complied with. Bvery cfler niade most be accompanied by a written gaaranty. sicned br one or more rasp, u eible peiaona, that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their hid be accepted, eater into as obligation witbia five days, witii k -oa and sufficient sureties, to furaisb the articles propoaad. So proposal trill bf roHfulertd wntosf aernmpanint by ?*'h t <tn*amy. nnd by ?ari\fnrtory tkai th * biddrr t> a T'tu nr dr-tlrr t? li? oeriWvt ! *?po>rd.tor, and kas tke r?firf red by*: 4/ Co* gr*s->. Tbe Department reserve- the rinbt ta reject aay proposal not considered ad vautageoas to th* Gvvernmeut. It Is to be understood that In case the stipulated quantity of aitber article shall t? delivered, leaving a balance dne oa the other article, the coa tract m.-iy t>e considered os completed in full, at B tbe *ptiou of tbe Uusaitm*at. d*t4 td m pBOP?8AL6 FOB VBS8H BBBF. QfUt Depot Owimt?sr? a/ Sufcstsun.i ( WathtHttom, D. C., Deoeruber 21 |W. \ Sealed Proposals, of tbe form torntahed by uia nnderslgried. will be received, in duplicate, anttl T H C BBDA T i the Sd of January, 1%7, at it m , I1* all the KBBaB BBBP r?q?tr*d by th* tro p? at the following piacea, via Fort WashiBgt. n aDd Fart Foota. kd. All the swat will he subject t* a rigid mspsotion. to b* of axcoDaat marketable quality and to unaxcepttonabie condition, of eonai proportions <* fore and hind quarters, seeks, shanks, and Sidney tallow aa* ranltsd. la all cwae. If tka meat ia not saUsfactory p*rchasea la the opaa amrkal will he made at the ex>w? ? meat at the store boosa at tbe piacas saae-,. Insnch quantitiea. and at each Umea, as the A C. b at-tboae place* may direct. Dapwsls prsposals will b* r*oei ??d for snpplytma either of tne abovamusiad atacM Bidders moat ba praaSat at Via openinc ot taa Payment to be niada monthly, or whenever tbera ia fnada on hand for dlabareement. AM <40**ti*ae reayeetlna gaaltty and c<>*d?jon will b***stled by th* offtoar of tke Bohaiateme l>*partment eaoaivtaa the aiaat. , . MThe contract will be ma<le from tl>a i' th * Jaaaar> antll the SMh af April. 18 .7. or au,h period aa tbe Cemmtaaarr General may determiae Bida mnst ha endwrsod " Prepo^la f*r .? Bad addiwisad t* the aoderaigyd., d*2J 7t U. BBLb.. Maj r ?id C. ? . C-B A. ^ ?K ATBB8, ATTENTION -9oto ADAMBO**S II 4 Ob Vth atr**t. and for 2ft cei ta ret o*a ef hie Kouav* Cape, jnat th* thiau; l? keep T?"" **r* warn vkaa BkaUn?. * **