Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1867 Page 1
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r ^A A 7 ^ A /A^y ^^L/ "j" A / SI ^1 -, H U Vj H V ^B ?^K f H H I BX I I Q * I H y\l B V0L, XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C., SATURDAY, JANUARY 5. 1867. N?. 4,815. * THE EVENING STAR it ILBLISnsa DAILY,(SUNDAY EXCKfTED) AT THE STAR BUALDlIYtl, .V*?:hw< >t tormrr Fenn'a.> and IK* itrtil by w. D. W ALL AC II. TB* 5TAK ?? t>y to* earners to thmr ?ub**rit*rs in the City and Distort at Taw i wvrp r*s w?k. Oopi<"* at lb* vountar.witlk tij without wrapp*ra. Two Cbht* *acb. I'ntca rvR MaiLian ?Three month?, 'On4 Piiiar and Ft/ty < tilt; al* months, Tkrte Deltart; on* T*ar, Five Dcllan. No pap*r? ar? ?eat frrm the off.c# loader tnan paid for. 1 b* W l.KKI.Y }>T AK?published on l^iday cccrmrip?Out Dollar and a Half a Year. PERSONAL. g ? INTLFMIN WHO ABI AFFLICTED? A * * car* w ar rented by an old Surgeon of tweaty three years'**p*ri*nce in this particniar branch f lb* prof.ssieu. Charges ?2 l?1 ftdtIt to ?iii* ti. tot to .1 B. QARyjlK8i M. D., late of tbe United Slstes R cord TfMrnl Bn? pitsl. Office Mo. Vl south A street, opposite the < apilol Pquere. south tide. > il - Medicines also fnrniibed at coat. fT7 lm* \I Rb CI BTIS IBVINQ, C&mi ovaaf. **d Test i*l V.rJtum. will give lite readings, Including Put, Present and Future at her office, 4'JO. nerth me of Pmn % * venue. between 4H an.) fltti etreeta. Vfree boors from 9 to 2 a. m. and 6 to i p. m. tie 2l> * Dk ioWbB, HOMBOPATHIO PHYSICIAN. Besideoc* snd ?*, Mo. 40-J ?tb street. OfTee Hems ? 9 to >0 ? m 5 to 6 p.m. del9 tf a T TMC lllW Od A P~S f A M PIN Q ROOMS A 4 3V 9th street. o?|?<iie Patau' Ottlcs, ladies ibb ret at our reduced price*, on the ?ery best W arneeutta? fclght gu?n Yokes, ready stamped ?0 rta. Cl.?mi,e Yokes. J* eta. Bands ' 90 eta. K tber for braid or embroidery. onr patter ns are of (be very att>t design*, seleeted with care in N.w Y rk. atei being tu receipt ol tneoa weekly, we are at,If dally to Issue new p?tt> ri.s aa well a* a.ske itd stamp ?i.y pattern brought as. I. O. C Working Cotton at reduc-I prioos. de 19 tf J~ FN D CLARK. ATTORNEY AND OOCNSELI.PR AT LAW AMD NOTARY PUBLIC, MB nth street west. de 14 ly I |K. J A 51 k'B T. lol'lid has removed hU office I" from No. 473 liith street, to his residence, S*."* New York we., four do<tr^ e.iat of 14th street All order' left at the Drng Store of N A I UN JL to RO .corner 9*b st an<l Pa ?*?., durtu? tbe Bay,Will t promptly attended to. de U lm* L'HAHR M ?T BI N y 1 K L. a CnNvTAUlK AND COLLECTOB Collects Kriib. D**t ts acd Claims ?f all kinda f-aMtiMS pla. ed id hi* baartt r?-Cfl*? * prompt at ttitli'ti. BrftrtiDres kiyen ifre>iQire<l. JI I jih street, at>ove 1'a avenue, restCeocr 501 L street, l)?t??< n 9th and Huh N J ?Orders ly mail promptly attended to. d*H Tni* 1 jTpiBB IT Is A< KMUWLEDOBD THAT li tbe MKW STAMPING DBl'OT, ou 9th iitreet, 4.TV. bas the I?**t selection of Patterns i-ser offered bere. anl the prt>priaror ban r?dn--ed tbe price to ON K HALF that baa been charged h<-retefore a practical titainper, no tear u?*ed te bad o? getting what will suit y <n Oo aee him He will m^ke and stanie AN Y p%<teru de 15 tf \7W HAVE BBBM~1HPKDDCNT, bnt neither toncnn nor ttamaritan humbugs " u-t.f m ike ik? ir r ' ?ee Pr. DAUBY, on 7th S're^t.opp^ rite O'id F?-llowi(' Hall, an l be enred ^uii k and permanently. deH-lm* UB. H E. WOODBUKY bat removed hit office to Mo. 339 F stre?t, i'pp?site St Patrick a Gbnrcb. dea e>lm* C'ONFIDBNTIAL ? Young mi-n who have in> jurod thamselvea ny certain secret habits, wbicb unfit thrm for business, plpasore. or tb*> duties of married life; also, middle aged and old men. who. from the follies of yontb, or other feel a debility in advance of their years, befer,- piacui* tb?<n?elvea nnder thf treatment of any one. should fir at read "The Secret Friend." Married ladiee will learn something of importance *y Perusing'"The Secret Eriettd.'; tk-nttoany address, in a sealed eLvelop*- ?>n fec^iat of 26cent?. Addrrsa Dr. CHAB A flTUABT A CO.. B?-ton, Maes no 9-ly I > RI F> A L AND FINtRAL WREATHS. BO > QFBTS. t'BOSBES. ANCHORS, !?TAB?*. Ac., preserved in natural form WAX FLOWERS, HAIR FLOWERS. and BRAHtlNQ. by Mrs. FRIES, late of B<wton Has removed to No 4 49 11th street, between 6 and H. oc 3 5m* IAD1ES WHO ARB DKt4| HOUS or A sK ILL-* ful and acc<>mplisbed Physi-ian. shi>nld consult Dr HKNRY MORTON, lm eut Fay?tto street, Baltimore. Md. Dr Morton's services may teleogagfd in Waahingtonor any other city, by addressing as above oc 13 3m* JAMES OL1LD, in .Xtir and Stsond hand Furnitwrt. Old Fctnitnre Repaired. Benp bolstered and Varnished. l?th and Bsta..(ne?r tie rual.j HigUeat price paid for Saooml-baad Tnrnltnra aelly* '?ai*!AH ?. IIKI C.r. BLACK LAW OFFICE. BLACE. LAMON A OO., Cents* Ilcr? ?nd Attarn?*ys at-Law In the Supreme Ccurt cf the Cniiad States, the Court of Claims, tbe Courts of tbe District, tbe Executive Departments. and Committees of Congress. Office, 4?? i?th atreet, (direcMy opposite Wlllards' > de 18-tf CLOTHING, Ac. \| LOSANO, 1*1. MhKCHAyT TAILOR. Corner of 9th aud D streets, Desires to return his tbanka tor tbe liberal_ aa pni?onags l+stowed upcu bim during padt^HB se^eoLs, ani*. at tbe san.e time lnvitn* bis Hi friends to visit his store aud Inspect bis new \fjf and choice selection of goods, which he ban ust purchased tor the Fall aud Wluter Trade Mr R HaBDON. his associate, coox,anes to five his constant attention to tbe stfle and general appearance of all garments made at the as The teat work and moderate charges la our metto. da^lm* F" J. HBVBERGEtk. * _ Buo??aaor te H. F. Laudou & Co.,^a CITlZXy s AJfD MILITARJ >H merchant tailor, Rm Metropolitan Ho Ml lata Brown'a, iff 36B PwimylvanU aTOBu*.my 1 - tf Washington.* D- O. IkEPARTMEET OF THE IHTCEfOB, I " UNITED STATES PATEST orriCK, ^ ^ WMmssTu*. M?v?nh?r SI, li??. ..Pn "? ,?*?tion or James e. a. gibbs. of Steel s Tavern.'' Virginia praying for tbe extension of a patent granted to him tbe 21st day of rvbru*ry.iai? foran improvement la Design for a Sewing Machine, for seven year- from tbe expiration of aald patent, which takes place on tbe Ztst Uav of Febrnary. l?rr It J* ordered th^t the eaid petition be heard at the Patent OA<*e on Monday, tbe llthday of Febrn12 o'clock M.; and all ??rsona are cotlted to%ppear and show, If any they hare, why s>4d petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extensieu are required to file In the Patent Office their objections, speiially set forth in writing, at le*at twenty days before theda7?f haarlng: all t*st1mony filed by either party to be used at the said bearing most be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rulee of the office, which wlil he farniabed on appllcatiea. Depositions sad otner papera renett upon as t??tlru i.) must be bled in the office twenty days before tbedavof heartug: tbe arguments, if any, wttblB ten days after filing the tenMinouy Ordered also, that tbia notice r>e publisheii In the Bepul lican and tba Intelligencer. Wa?hlt>eton. D V., anl la tbe Spectator. Staunton. Virginia, once a week for three success!ve weeks, the first of said pubUcatlona to be at least sixty 'laya previous to tbe day of bearing T f?. THEAKEB. ? _ __ . Commissioner of Pa'ents. P. B. ?Edltora of tbe ah^ve papers will aiease c- p>. ar.d send their bills to the Patent Office, w tk a paper containing tbia notice. de 19 w>w EW BOORS ?Bhauk's Personal Barollertlons I V of Dis.inguis.ied Generals, $1, Sir Br>-ok Foee Brooke, a novel, by Lever 60 rsuta. The Race ! r Wealth, n norpi, by Mrs J U BMlell <6 cenu, Law and Practice of Euchre,new edition, 91; Bn ithU fnnc pia Valine, part secoul. B| a An AnserlMO >amily In Oernmav. by J. Ross Brown*. Hist.ry of Bie Rebellion, hy John Minor Botts. ?I SO. ?o _Jr_l^Nn* TAYLOB. | kBf ARTMBNT OF 1UI UlAKIua. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ... W a*MiV6Ti?M. December 7. I-Bo IliLtAM COLEMAN and aTa^.n^ t ?tvc?tBEAN. Of Provliienco. E I , .1 .k-J1 }!" ?>?*n*?on of a patent granted te them oa tbe lath day of March, for an >B supporting the tapping lift and "u ??aaals, for seven years puSLiVtha? J"n ^rss*ila.^iT-?t' whlch take* r?T 'fth ^ r o1 * arch, th. r**_,hat the said petition be heard at Vetraf.*0* 0fflr# ?* "CMBAY, the tfth day ef i^u?i5rT B*,t M M and all peraon? are have mad ,fcow <*?? ?. if any Utey Pei?..u7^^ . t,on cn?l't not t? h* grantoff si... 'be extension are required to ^t forth^ln*i#/,'??0 - ,h"r o??J~tloB., specially til dsTVf hr? i f.1 1-Bat twenty davs before J."fall testimony filed by either !iTi trTnmitt^i I ,a><< bearing muat be uken ti!m wlUl the rulee of tbe omce.wtMch wi U be farm abed on application tWov^aii?bllBl^rf iV R?* n!om M ? JoTTtIZE ^f Van1: within Ira days afVr filing the testimony ' ?rjiered aise, that fhia notice be aQf ilshed la tte Republican, and tf e latelligsuoer. WMbinatoB. D. a. aoi la the Jo?rBBl. rr? vide ace. JTI I onee n week for three succossivs wseka; tbs flrat 0 THSAKBB. Coflimlsaioner of PMefla P.B.? Editor* of the above papera will piesUa c?py and send their bills to the PaUat OfBce. with a paps-v contalaing thia aatice. da 13 wSw I CAB OFFIOM. L _ 3T3EBTBEST, A Between Khh and Hth itmU, 1W1 M^NET LOAM EE ea Gold aad Silver Watchee Jewelry. ClethlM. Ac., Ac. D DWNOTAW. de? ?m* Licensed Pawnbroker. TBE CECCHKT COLLAE BOOK. MRS. I Bayie1* Enltted Lace Collar Book, Tba Bwie ntttiag Reek. Mrs OanjraiaB Km! Shawl aad h^arf Hit. Mrs Oangaln a Crochet Baby Oa? P k The Greek aad Kvuiai Lace Booh, Tha Aa taluaiaa HnitUoi aad Nettina Bock . The Winter 'i"UM i' HOLIDAY GOODS. |^bAUJUES >ott TtlC HOLIDAYS. OAH?ii? AND OHOCOLATFS I . ASSORTED CANDIEV roeolatd at KINO PLAtfB 7. M. P. KINO * SUB. vy 18T INDIA ORANGES AND ?r-k -? B*Mr MALAGA GRA PBS. RING PLACB. "VIIMO* MEAT (DoMBBTIO.) . , Juit made, of select materials, At RING PLACE. /'OLDEN BCCPPERSoNG WINK <Lm , i t V.UH r,N?sT NATIVE WINC i'liV fnjL- yet delloate flavor and fra??* * M<1 than one ball the rout of Imported *'n* RING PLAOB. C\VV\?VWl"l riu*- currants, * i?5i *? > 4c -#t0*utt Particular a-.. - ,a r,ft'"by Z M p- KIHG A SON, de l9 Ring Place. fHRlSTMAS AND NRW IIAl'S PIBg ^-1 , . IllTS. 7uMni!i1#l?nt ortment of Gentlemen KobM d? Chatnbr*, e >tt*n ua Mnr-.-ic trZ the holidaja Gold,' J?d V?^r7"t'ead^ Cane. In v.rlety *|th Sc*rfa, Tfea, SK'iV.'rav/.:, frV1..::," '?* r->"? .? ? p;:nf;,;rr /''OLOBBD TOY BOOKS, from London; Preach N JV.? *t"i 'iir,ct fr?m ' " LabouUyee' **u rRABCE TAYLOR. \IIIiCB MEAT of excellent Quality II ? ? W. BUBCHELL. Am Comer Utb and t atrwets. nader Bbbltt House. ^|ACKKBEL AND CODKISH. 10 000 ponnda large SHORE CODFISH 40 barrel# No 1 MACK E BEL. "louJnat received and foraaleatour wharf at the foot of Seventh at. 8 P. BROWN A SON. dels tf Kr. Merchants, 0615 " Ninth at., w*t. E and r fore aurrhasiug an, other ?T .at geohp.b l wild a bbo s KTk I E?rt? ond Organ Wareroom, No 497 a Penn'a avenn*- and E ?tre?-t ?1>r?n!i*nt ot new ?n?* '?CoLd hand Inaale at?o wJ.D?~.B* CUD*,'H OBGAN. for Vrwiurt price#, ind on eaiy t^rma DO IS li- BIPaIHIKQ ffctthlallj bjecqte-l .HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ac. i ' a it IT ? airsv"'^ January 1,1*67. * ,J, s, c A m ?. ?Jii?i METROPOLITAN HOTEL. On arconnt of tbe reduced price of provision*, the rate of Roard at thte Hotel will be roi'R dollars per day from date. JV16t i POTTS A SHELLEY. C A R D_ W11.LA BU S HOTBL, 1 _ Washington, December 1, i8o?.( Senators. B<-prc-entati vea, and oth?ra. residing In H?iliin|toii, who oecuay private apartmeuta, *'"? tb,,,r MEAL* atthia "?ttl at the rate of $!< 50 per we^k 8YRE8. CHADWIOK ft OO. IRK WOOD HOLSB. Ctruer Ptnnn. artnme a?l Twlftk Way^iinstoH, D. C. Sltnated In the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION. Onlj a abcrt dlatano? from all the Departmenta, Patent and Po?| Offlcee. Smltbaonian Inatltnte! elf- H. H DUDLEY ft CO., notl-tf Proprletora. ,,otel and **? . aAHT? ?J?i Pa %?( ODAOflita A a ^ 111? rd a H ote I. C B BI ST M a N ft K ?' H L #/^L4 rV?V'w?r" ~*?*lneedey next, tltlaT_^?T *hrr?!l^K,I"'nt w!11 b? r>??n?d with a Inncu Ji man> fnen^^Th^n"'1 S? to ^t'h.a ailed -| b T P*r wl" be constantly aappuea with choice Llunora. and the keatanrant with everything that the moat epicurean ta?tefan dealre. Boarder, by tbe day. waek or m?J^h rateafiDAl*KC*,,Pn! f?om?'><1?tlon? at moderate talned I??***1 roonl* c?" be ob ! ! e,tber with or without koard. Call aud jalim* pAPJTOL HOCSB AND RBSTA0RANT ComfortAki*"11 o T#nn*' between lat and Id ate. Keon?a. with tiret rlaaa Board *CS^S& HouuV. DINBERB and SUPPERS at private reatdenra. Proprietor. E"BI??'SA1,p9TADmAIIT' *0, a*a P??n? avenne, near CU atreat. lnform h'* Wenia and the inDlie generally that be now keeaa eon A Z atantly on haad OYSTERS, freeb av^rr Im4 'VT*,17 ,tTl? m(rTMT JUBT BBCE1VED AT YATES ft SELBY 8. Ho. 3<3 Pennaylania avenue A anperlor lot of LADIEd" CLOAKINOM ? hirh tbeyare offering at Tery low prTcea* ?o X tf / 1AP1TOL HILL " ^ DRUG STORE. | - J * DOOLBY. DRUGGIST, AIA Corner I ens a avenueand eaat 3d atreet n,erV>W.fr7hH VrU*". nd Chemicala,' Perfn ^nmhm 09 ArUclaa always on band, in sood -*T-iL da taiw* | pBRSONS rCRNIBHING ROOMS weald aave M~ Diooey and trouble by calling at AD A M80M '8 AOfe Hiutb atreet. next to Pennaalvania aveua?' wbocanfnrniab the. with raaTmade ?ld M.rl*?' teatherand Hair Pillowe, Bolatera* Bed i pread*, filaoksiM, Ma(trNi6i Win 1 ?w tuu Tab?*'lVb(u"* 0wP?t, Stair Craah. Towelinn, xania itiaen, Ac. je ^OLDEN BCUPPBRNONO WINE.?Natlv?T du^l#f the'1' fl*Tor' wUb delicate bo<juet. Pro of North Ca^olir.PBBMONO ?RAP*' de "9 tf Z M P- KI!f0 * 8?N. - King Place. jTLOURI FBBDI h Ativ* ?M ' rfcelver? for Golden Hill, J 2S?r I&SiSJwJSSfc rP^aC;*fraCt,0D ,eM th?Q Buckwheat mt low ratea. ?* *" ? Floor n atore and for aale b' v W * OA^T A OO.. nots Indiana avenue and 1st atreet, ? near Deaot. IjJRATB DEPOT. ? LADIBB' skates of all kiMs, fro? fl ?> to f is. POULTBEl A TBIMBLB. Ho. SlOO Weat Baltimore street, de IS-I? Baltimore, Md. T~ 8T. TIMOTHY'S BALL. " Ji ??. iVrLi'' Ui* ' Station will be reeamed ea Beet. U. IBM For Unas, Ac., eee oataioena ** VtT ?5DCip? bookstoree of ctty er addrees tbe prlaclpai " W B. PARSOBB. Ootonvllle. Md. |^BCBPT10B LCXUBIBS. * uJ.V.t r^2,T*d- ?? wlety of articles ee J*r?ed partltaiarly fer ?he cealng reception eea *"? t. a. r KiBM * boh. d?*o ,, Kin* Place, Of. ?. ?vo. aad US st. D bmovau * V i?H* McRBMNBY. ??d Atmi. ^ *A-w<t j Int. Chron. and Rep ) ( * ?PL.!L 4 Maori jus nt of OoTT Peos, j ' RtAU9f4dQr*r>i trices |AeUj FBAHCh TAYLtfB. - * ? ?<i . I official. Dicirtviiit o? Stat* } wabhihotoh, jan '2d, 186". v Information ha<> been received at tbis Depart itifd irtro Mr. M. I?. I>. Lane, the Consul o the United States at Vera Orny, Mexico, of th ri?ath, on the ?th ol December last, at V^r: Cruz, of James L. Kennedy. for a namber o y srt. ITnited States Consular Agent at Jalapa Mexico. SPECIAL NOTICES. mr POKTRT IIAS IMMORTALIZEW TH1 MIGHT BLO0MIFG CEKEUS'' in though that breath**." and Phal<n has rendered its per fame Immortal in his celebrated perfume. Tha posey and chemistry hare nnlteu t? make it fa m< ns. and the press is wafting Its praises through out the leagth and bredth of the land. Sold every where ja 4 A NOT H BR CUB*.?A lady who had kept he bed for ten months hue been restored tj perrec t>a 11h b? one lottle of UiT^AliFC,>H GREA" heumat1c remedy. It aev?r falls. de 31 eo3w B. O. FORD. Agent. BEMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOR SPECIAL OASES, He. 14 Bond street, Hew York. K^Full information. with t^e nmhr.+t ustimc m'aJ.t; iliO) a Book on Sptcial Distant, it a nalti 'n'* 'op', sent free. A^" B$ sure and sen 1 for them and irill net rttrtt it: lor, a* adverttalng phy Siclann are generally ttnpo.<f?r?, without rifffU'ii no stranger should be trnMed. Enclose a ?t?m for postage ai'd direct to dr. dawbbnoe. Nc 14 Bond street, Mew York. neliDAWly MARRIAGE AND celibacy, an Essay of Warning and Instruction for Yoan, Men. Alio, Diseases and Abuses which proefcat the Tltil powers, with sure means of relief. Hen free of charge in sealed letter envelopes. Addrax Dr. J SKILLIN HHCGHTWN, Howard Assocls tlon,Philadelphia. Pa. aug 13 3m secret DISEASES. Saw art*a*'? G ft is the most certain, safe an effectual remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable reuic dy ever discovered Cnres In two to tour day*, an recent cases In twenty four hours No mineral, n balsam, no mercury Onl> tea pills to be taken. 1 is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who d net want u be exposed. Male packages, $2,f? mal?, ?1. Bah axitaw> Boot anp Hpxb J riCK?-A posltiv and permanent ?nre fer Hpybills. Scrofala. Uloeri Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ac. PrVe 91 9# per bottU Sold by S. C. Ford. See ad vertUement. my A modern miracle i From old and young, from rich and poor, froi high t>oru and lowly, comes the Universal Voice < praise fer HALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENKWER. It Is a perfect and miraculous article. Cur< baldness. Makes hair grow. A better dresKiu than any "oil" er "pomatum." Softens brael dry and wiry hair into BeAntifnl Silken Treeae But above all, the great wonder is tne rapldll with which it restores Gray Hair to its Obisima Color. Use it a few times, and PRESTO, CHANGE I the whitest and worst loakiag hair reattmea i yontbfnl beauty. It does not dye tne hair, b\ strikes at the root aad fills It with new Ufa at coloring matter. it will net take a long disagreeable trial to proi the trath of this matter. The Drat application wl do good, yen will see the Natukal Color returi lng e%ery T()U KN0W ITf the old, gray, discolored appearance of the ha will be gone, giving place to lustrous, shining an beantlfnl locks. Ask for Hall's Sicilian Hair Renewer: no othi article is at all like It in effect. You will Had It chkaf to Bct, Pliasaut to Txt, Ann St*rk to do Yoc Goon. There are many Imitations. Be sure yeu proem the genuine, manufactured only by _ R. P. HALL * CO., Hasfaaa, H H. For sale by all druggists jal7 SVXELY, STEADILY. SVCCESSFOLLY, smolander s extract buobu is ctrxiita very caee of bidwxt DisBakx, Bib?MA*i?> GXAVBL, UxlHAXT DlSOKDBAS, WXAKStBSS ai in the Bace. Fbmalb Complaints ai Tbovblbs arising from Ex c km as or art Kip*. COME, TB affliotedi TRY SMOLANDI&'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCK V. bold by ail Apothecaries. Price $1. D.BARNI * CO.,New York, and BARNES, WAB.D ACQ New Orleans, Southern Agenta. BURLEIGH ROGERS, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Maai General Agents. ^ feb 10 If colgate a co. s WINTMR B O A P . Recommended futchavftn iian?~ and forgeneri toii.rt use during cold vvkatubb. It may 1 obtained of all druggists and (aney goods dealer feb 9-eoly WOOD AND COAL. ^ U A III C O A L ! I at gbbatly reduced price!) Gross tans of J ,Mn lbs delivered In any part the city. Ch*stn?t White ^h. $7 2#. Stove, Ei and Farnace W hue Ash, 94 80; Red Aih.$S.7 Lehish *?. OAK aad PINE WOOD oonstantly on hand. Orders received at our office. or at the what foot of 7th street B P BROWN A SON. ja^tf 4?f 9th street, between E and F. ^'OAL! OOTL": COAL!! Having determined to ?ell a first clasi article Woed and Coal as cheap as the cheapest, I hoi by doing so to gain a liberal share of public p tronags. The Coal prtc*-n are as follow*; WRITE ABH NUT GOAL, by the ton $7 S BALTIMORE CB. WHITE ASH, Egg and Stove st/ee 9 S ALLOTHKK QCALlTIESof WHITE ASH * S LVKENS VALLV.Y PURE RED ABU ? 1 DIAMOND VEIN RED ASH ?1 GROSS WEIGHT, JJtO LBS TO THE TON Always on hand and constantly receiving tl best inalities of WOOD of every description, d livered Id any part of the city. E. O. BAUM. ja4?lm 7th *t., between E and Fats , Islan l RA. C RON IN 'S AHE BALL andskatorial head quarters, Dealer in imported Cigars Also, the followlt brand? of Domestic Cigars: Tulip, Judy, Pni Robert Bnrns, Ac. I also keep a fine assortment Tobacco, Meerschaum and Briar Wood Pipes, ai Fancy Articles. A large assortment of the finest and be SKATES. deH lm gA. BOOTS AND BHOB&k fW NEW TT ORB. The andersigned be^s leave to inform his friend and the public generally that he has opened ti mew CHEAP BTORE, No. dOtf 7th street.undi Odd Fellows'HaM. where be has on hand a gei eral asnortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen's, Boy1 Misses and Children' BOOTS AND SHOBS. Remember tha w?mber, .'>03 7th street, unit Odd Fellows' Hall Tha New Cheap Store.foi F-""a.O.Gl B. WILSON, ^PATBHT WI AT UK The best invention of the age. Btcludes snes rata, cold air and dust from doora aad windows < every descripfloD. . _ For sale at Builder s Depot. 663 7th street, o| posite Centre Market daao-fiw H. W. HAMILTON k CO. r??B MOT A L . THE NATIONAL UNION INSDBANOB OOM PAHY OF WASHINGTON Have removed to their New Office. No. Tl LOUISIANA AVENUE, First door east of 7th at. DIB BTT OBI: Ohaa. Kaap, Preet, Geo. W. Rlggs. Vloe Pree*< Thoe. Berry, Marshall Browa, lbch'd Wallacl O B.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Win. Dixon. HJe 3* tf' ^"nOBLB P. LABBBB, Secretary. ICTOB BECREB, PIANO TUN EB lND REQDLATGB,-_i? Bstablishad in 1ua. rf^r obbbbs mow bbcbjvbu at DBMPSBY A otoole's. Bagravers and Bti tloners, Ac., 3*6 Pa. av., bat. 9th and loth sta. V. C. REICHENBAOH's Piano Booms, 49? 11th street, near Pa. avenue. N?tmfrom Wm. Kmah* f Co., Balttjnort Mr. Beaker aaa tnned Pianos for us at our War* rooms, and w? take pleasure >a stating that we tx Have him to be a com?eteat tuaer. no :i lm "PIANOS ~ _ LARGE Assortment of Stelawaj A Sons pianos have jwst been received. Aleo._-j^^ Piano Stoole and Govs re For sale at bcB^n terv Brief# it Ik# vtrtfoooii Hi V. Q. MBTZBBOTT A 00. ? 0 i TELEGRAMS, fcc. j From accounts received tt would appear I tnat ibe troops massacred at Fori Pbll Kearney were surprised at such a distance from f the fort that the re was no escape. The attack e was made just befere daylight, the camp being % surprised. The evidence received fasten the f I itcill upon the Cbevennee for all the murders of Smoky Hill. The Sioax and Cbeyennes ' have combined for war against the whites, I and are encamped between the Kepablican I and Platte rivers. Alexander Mitchel and .lobn Campbell,

I white at work on the too of the new Catholic E I church in Cambridge. Mw, Thursday afters I noon, Ml to the ground in consequence of the riving way or the staging, and were seriously I and probaoly fatally injured. It 1* believed that the negro who shot Mrs . I Aaren Ward in Newark, N. J., on New Year s I night, has been arrested. Wis name is George I Brown. A portion of the property taken r from Mr. Ward's store was recovered from P I him. ; A daring highway robbery took place TbursI d.iy evening near West Hoboken, New Jersey. I E. H. Faker was robbed of a watch, diamond I pn, rings, about a hundred dollars in I money, and was besides nearly murdered ; The Komaa Catholic cnurch of St. Thomas j Manor, Charles county, Mary land, built on? * hundred and litty years ago, one ot ttie oldest ' I structures in the country, was destroyed by ? I fire last Saturday. P The final meeting of the Common Council ' I ot Boston, was hold Thursday evening PresiI dent Story delivered a valedictory address The new city government will be inaugurated g I 011 Monday. o The Gardiner will case, in which a large t I amount of property Is involved. ha<? been de? I cided in the Court of Appeals in New York, in '* I lavor of Mr. Gardiner, the brother ot Mrs. ExI President Tyler, and against her. I It has transpired that by directions from d I Fngland the sentence of the condemned ? J Fenians has been commuted to tweuty years' d I imprisonment in the penitentiary. ? I Weather clear, in Richmond, and the snow o I and ice are both fast disappearing. Koth river t- I and canal navigation will probably be reI ?umed on Monday. * I Brownsville papers ol liecember 23 make n(J i) I mention of the death of Escobedo.and the report I is evidently unfounded. Canales will go to I Tampico, proclaiming Ortega by the way. New YoTk harbor is filled to a considerable ?f I exten' with floatiig ice. Interfering with the I rapid transit of ferry boats and other shipping Beth branches of the Massachusetts LegislaI ture met in convention at noon yesterday, and * I the State officers elect took the oath of office. jg I Snow fell to the depth of two or three inches ?' 1 in New Orleans, Thursday night. This is ih? iy I first heavy snow storm there since 1832. L I mere was a quorum in the Virginia LegisI lavure yesterday, and it is understood the conI stitutional amendment will be rejected to-day I The House of Representatives of the tihic '* Legislature ratified the constitutional amend' I roent yesterday by a vote of 54 to 25. re I It is reported that General Sheridan is abont U I to lead to the altar a fair daughter of Louisi' I ana. 1 The Russian Admiral TegetbofT visited the lr I Mayor of New York yesterday. id I I St. Thomap Manor ani> the Chapei. anh I the Chi b? h at Chapel Poist, Mt> , 1>k| htroyed by Fire ?We regret to learn that the I ancient colonial mauor-house of St. Thomas' f* I Manor, at Chapel Point, Charles county. Md , I together with iu old chapel and more modern I church edifice connected with it, have been I destroyed by fire, the particulars of whicn we I have not learned. The manor-house was builr, I we believe, in 1733, or thereabout?, and the I chapel contained a relic of the times when I Maryland was not as tree in matters of con, I science as her founders made her, for from it, ( I to a neighboring valley, there was a secrei ' I subterranean passage lor the escape of the 1<1 priest if surprised by the agents ot the law id I while celebrating mass. Had the buildings I been fully insured, the loss of so fine a speciI men of colonial architecture, and so interesting I a memorial of colonial times, would have b^en I a great loss to the people of the country and I the State; bnt there was not a cent of insurance I on the thousands of its value, and as so large IB I and elegant a mansion is not now needed at i.t I that point, St. Thomas, as a seat of baronial ' I hospitality, is probably numbered with the I things of the past.?Alex. Gazette. How to iHixrci ExiauATtoa.?It is stated | that a farmer of Tyrrell county, in this State, I being possessed ot a large estate, and not b^ing I able to obtain labor, adopted tbe following I plan to induce laborers to cultivate it. He si I measured oir ten lots of fifteen or twenty a^res )# I each, and built plain but comfortable cottagea I upon them. He then went to New York and '* I easily obtained ten good men with families I having offered to settle them upon his estate ? I upon tbe following conditions _Th?y were uj I work for him at a fixed valuation for than I services for tour days in each week until then ~ I wages amounted to the value of their lots ol I land with tbe bouses thereon. The otber twe I days they worked on their own account and I this time was ample to cultivate whatever they of J could raise, the employer furnishing the team< rg I they ueeded on those days. These were th? '5; I chief points in the engagement. The result ol 1 this contract was that tbe farmer's lands wen j I better worked, and with lees trouble to him ' I 'ban they had ever been, and he never made I such crops before.?Wilmington (\. C.) l)tt I patch. I The Maryland Leoiai.atcke ?Yesterday I nothing was done in the Legislature beyond J* I the announeement ol the standing committees, I and the introduction of bills and resolutions, !5 Senator Earle introduced a resolution to pay all expenses which may be incurred in conse I quence of proceedings against judges undei |* I the civil rights bills. This is supposed to refei | to the case of Judge Magruder. Mr. EarU proposed tbe appointment of a committee ol ten, five from each bouse, to report a bill foi he I tbe enfranchisement and restoration of certain I citizens A message was received from th< I House proposing the appointment of a com I mittee of five from each house to prepare a call I for the constitutional convention. In th< I House, and also in the Senate, measures wert I introduced looking to tbe repeal of tb? law I providiug for the sale of negroes as a punish I meut for crime. If I A Sad Story ?The report ot a coroner'i ! inquest >.riugs to light some startling l.-tcti i I connected with the means by which a large I class of I^ondon workpeople strive to get a I living. A man named Hone, and bis four chil" I dren, who followed the occupation of artificial I flower makers, had an extensive order for I I wreaths of artificial flowers for one of tb? I I Christmas pantomimes. Night and day for <*i I I hours bad these poor people stuck to their p I work, so as to have it ready in time: and this I the father states, he has been frequently comtr I P*>llp<1 do. in order to earn bread for his i. I family. At the ciose of the fourth day their a, I labors were suddenly put a stop to by the npI setting of a candle, which simple accident reI suited in tbe burning to death of one of the ic unfortunate man's children, and the destrucr tion of tbe whole fruits ot the 06 hours' conI stant work. - I Creuclity.?Tbe Nashville Banner learns B I "on good authority" that a gentleman wbo , I was recently identified very prominently with ,f I tbe oil interests of Tennessee, and who held a I high command in the federal army during the >- I war, lost over fifty thousand dollars by loca. I ting wells under the direction of water" or . I "oil witi hes ' So Implicit was bis belief in I this ridiculous superstition of tbe nineteenth I century that he was compelled to return home I' I an utter bankrupt." VTbe British govern men t recently invited I the Pope to take refuge in B&alta should be I leave Rome. The French Government, how* I ever, having intimated that if auch an offer, I coming from a Protestant Government, were ; I carried out, it wonld be a reproach to the ' I Catholic world. Lord Stanley, without with* I drawing the offer, has instructed the British agent in Kome to express publicly his hope ' I that tbe Pope will not adopt It. I | They are rather blue" in their cbnrcb ' I laws yet, down in Connecticut. Mrs. Woolwortb, of Winsted. who. at a late term of k* Court at Litchfield, procured a divorce from her husband, (no defence beinc made) last week was divorced from membership in the Second Congregational church, on the ground i. I that she applied for and obtained a divorce y I irom bar husband without Bible cnuae. t- I ? ! tV John," said an engraver to hia clerk. I "take those visiting curds for New Year'a ?* I day up immediately 10 Major Williama. Now a harry; be may be made a bridadier general by | I brevet before yon get there, and theB they'll I be left ob onr hands/7?>V Y LU. < ??. I CONGRESSIONAL. Si*at* ? Yesterday afternoon? The bill repealing tbe ;3:n section of the art to suppress insurrection and panUb treason and rebellion being up. the question betng on toe amendment of Mr. Saulsbury. to repeal the entire act, further debate ensued after onr report cloeed, wben the amendment of Mr. Sanlaburj was lost, and the bill wu then read a tbird ume and passed bv tbe following vote i'ttu?Messrs. Cattail, Chandler. Connese, Cragin, Cresswell, Kdmondr, Fessenden, Foster. Fowler, Henderson. Howard, Howe, Kir*, wood, Lane, Morgan. Morrill. Poland. Ramsey, Ross, Sbermaa, Stewart. Snmner, Tram* boll, Wade, Willey, Williams. Wilson-27 Aayj? Musri. l>ixon, LtoolitMe, Hendricks, Jobr. son, Norton. Patterson, Saulsbury?7. Mr. Wace gave notice that at tbe earliest possible moment he woald call up tbe bill Axing the time for meeting of Congress On motion of Mr. Ldmnnds, all other orders were postponed to allow tbe consideration of tbe bill to regulate tbe tenure of office, whereupon Tbe Senate adjourned to meet on Monday at 12 o'clock. Hot e*?Yesterday afternoon? Tbe House beinK in Committee of the Whole on the President's message, speeches were made by Messrs. Wentworth and Orinnell Mr. Hill (Ind ) introduced a supplementary appropriation bill for the year udmg June tw, l!-67, and for other purposes. Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Adjourned. (Glycerine and its I ses. Tbts article is among the comparatively recent discoveries of science. Glycerine, in a pure st&te. is a clear, colorless, syrupy liquid, of a very sweet taste, being the sweet principle contained in oil and fatty bodi?s. Its first introduction into medical use was in the year lt-44, in the London Hospital, for disea>es of tbe skin, it keeps tbe same moist and soft, and excludes the air without evaporation. The Russians apply it to the face and ears as a protection against intense cold, as it does not congeal at any temperature Iu ophthalmic surgery, frequent and extensive use is made of glycerine, also in certain conditions of deaf, ness. It may be used as an adjuvant to tbe bath, softening the skin pleasantly, and hi? a high reputation as a lotion for tbe complexion: but lor all these purposes it shoo Id be perfectly pure. It was not known in a pure state , until tbe discovery of Mr. K. A. Tilghman, of Philadelphia, patented in JeoL There are two manufacturers who make the best and purest article?one in London, and the other, of equal celebrity, in Philadelphia In tbe arts, the uses of glycerine are manifold in keeping the colors of organic bodies in photography, to keep pictures in an unflaished state. At the museum of tbe Faculty of Medii cine at Pans, trlycerine has been recently i adopted as a preservative fluid for flowers aud tresb plant*. Mr. Tichborne has thus kept flowers for two years, aud then made from them a water, with a perfume equal to that of tbe flowers of the season. Mustard may be | kept for any length of time by its admixture Manufacturers of chewing tobacco find it valuable in maintaining the softness of their products, while imparting sweetness to the taste. ! rsquent efforts have been made to use Riycerine in tbe manufacture of toilet soaps, but without success until quite a recent period, \ when a very beautiful article has been produced.? rhtla. Ledger. i A Ma* Smooth a Woman Aocii>xhtallv A>n Nf 1.0*^1 BKTLY BhliXISl Mahiac.?On i Thursday afiernoon, at about 3o'clock, a m ?st dlstressfng case of accidental shooting occurred at tne laundry building No 139 Hudson street. It appears that t woof the employees of the establishment named Henry Leslie and i Anna Agnew, were engaged in a conversation. , when the former pulled a revolver from bis i coat pocket, and pointing it in the direction of i the girl, playfully remarked that he would shoot her, or something to that effect,wben one , ol the chambers were discharged and the contents lodged in the girl's shoulder. She fell to > the floor with a loud scream, and at the same ' moment l,eslie fell also iu a swoon, liom i whuh he did not recover for nearly an hour. When his consciousness returned he ventured ; to ask tor Anna, when cne of the other girls i who is employed on the premises thoughtlesslv I answered, "she is dead." Upon hear ng these t words he at once l>ecame a raring maniac,and > so continued when last heard from. Itis feared l by the physician that bis reason will not reI turn to him. Tbe wounded girl was conveyed i to the City Hospital, where her injuries were pronounced severe, although not likely to prove fatal. At last accounts she was a? comI fortable as could be expected.?.V. 1*. Times. Fall op Cribolink?Two years ago anybody who had said that crinoline would go out i of fashion, and tbat stock in the companies bv i which it was manufactured would cease to be i a good investment, would have been considered a crotchety cynic. The fashion seemed settied. The eye bad become accustomed to the > pyramidal configuration which a woman pre. i sented in tbe street and the drawing-room as the female form divine. Seats in all public places were, or ought to have been widened, f to fit the expanded loveliness. The wonder ? waa that Venus herself, born as she was from I tbe sea, did not bring with her some of the whalebone of the element from which she i sprung, in order to shape herself according to > the true ideal of beautiful form But now tbe r whole thing has collapsed. The fashion in i Paris at this moment is a dress which fits close to tbe body, and having a train behind. > Queen Crinoline has had a sudden fail as King Cotton, with small hope of being reconstructed. "The thing of beauty" was not to be a "joy forever," and Fashion s "noblest product'-was not to be "its last."?Btilon Traa1 tcrifl. Am U*p*okitahl* Blmhks* ? The Hartford Conrant gives a list of fifteen of tbe soundest and most wealthy insurance companies in the country,for thepurpose ol showr mg how unprofitable the insurance business t baa been of late. In this list, representing r 13,0Mi,UU> of capital, only three have their capital unimpaired by losses, and they have i only a surplus of about ?7h.ia<0. on a capital of ? about *l,0W,(>uu. As an offset to this it must be remembered that tbe insurance compauies 1 have nntil recently, been making large gams, i and tbat their present capitals represent earu> inga declared on stock dividends. t&~To lose a pocket-book containing greenbacks In unlucay. If a woman cuts ber nails every Monday, It ia lucky?for her husband 1 *^The Connecticut River la frozen over be. 1 low Hartford, and the heaviest teams cross tbe ice in safety. 9TK man has been fined in Detroit forkickI ing a dog. W<J. W. Bartlett committed suicide in St. i Louie, last week, leaving a note attributing i the deed to the misconduct of hia wife. J-A lady in Springfield made her loving husband a very appropriate present of a fine lively boy on Christmas day. The Union intimates that there wa s a stocking bang up on the occaaion?which accounts for it. A woman In Brooklyn felt so bad about her husband haviag another wife tbat she ?ommitted a larceny tor tbe sake of getting locked up by the police. W^he young ladies of Dover. Me., have to clear their own sidewalks. The Observer says they are getting np a levee to pay the expense of the job tor the winter. IVThe health of the Empress Carlotta ha* not sensibly improved. Her Maiesty draw8 and paints: she takes frequent walks in the park of Miramar, but her mind ia always diseased. Her distrust for every one still persists, and dixxiaess la frequent. *7"When the new route of commerce to the eastern world la opened the first article that California will export to China will be deceased Chinese. This singular people Cannot bear to be bnrted In foreign soil. VA son of 8. E. Hantington, of Norwich, Ct., was recently very badly bitten by a ferocious dog belonging to Oliver L. Johnson, aad a jury have jnst returned a verdict against Mr. JohnSon of SHUV?probably the moat severe verdict ever returned by a jury in that State . for such injury. 7*A new bull-ring has been opened opposite Havana, it was inaugurated on Sanday fifty yards from a church. The prayers of tboaa who worshipped Ood and the yells and prolaae oaths of tbe bull-ring freely intermingled. VA had tempered woman in Toronto, on last Saturday, ia a fit of frantic rage, threw a kettle of boiling water over a neighbor's child, a title girl, scalding ber ia a frightful manner * M^The Bricklayers' Association of San Francisco have determined to work but eight Lours after tbe Qrst of February- Tbecarpeaters, it is known, hive adopted tn<? ey?ten>. and a San Franolaeo paper says the eirbt hour iden le gradually gaming grcuud among all lass** of arUritae. - 4 * . % * I I- ROM UROPK. I>Tkliw. Jan 3?Six suspected person* w?re arrested ber? lul night by the polio* 1 hey can* to this city from Liverpool, at wmrh port they arrived a lew day* ago fr >m hstvrica. It Is supposed they sre rnitHrie* o? ikr Feman orfEtniniWD id that country KAtlf, Jan. 4.?A* an evidence of the biflt appreciation in which be was held by Lb- K*nperof Napoleon, the lauer in an aat.?r*,>b Ie?ter to Mr Bigelow, the retiring t'ui.?*d t?tatee Minister. presented btm with a c ?p> of bis works. Tbe letter was couahed ih very flattering term*. M(i*cot, Ru*?ia. Jan 4?Tbe Gazette. ,n it* it sue today, ha* an important nrti le npon the political situution ot Russia, and tr|M at length that tb? ODerou- conditions i:npo*>-d npon tbe Government by tbe renal!* of ;be Crimean war should be removed, and Ku??.t thus be relieved from certain burden* tbe abrogation of whicn would materially enhance tbe progressive civilizing power of the hmpire. Tbe article excites considerable attention not only tn Government circles but has received tbe aitentive perusal of tUs foreign diplomas nt St. Petersburg, who havs ad vised tbeir respective Government* relative thereto. The Czar bad issued a nkase extending the furlough* of officers of tbe array Brri m. Jan. 4 ?Several of tbe North German Governments have formally concluded that Parliament sbail meet on tbe I5tb day of February next. Tbe Prussian Government is Ukicf active steps to hasten the elecUon of delegaies to the Parliament prior to tbe 1st proximo. Tbe Greek question in tbe I'mi is tusuming threatening proportions.and its final settlement is looked upon as involving ?eriou* complication* Some solicitude is apparent in recarrt to its bigb officials. KKCSfKL*. Jan 4 ?Tbe Etoile Beige m tin issue to-day says that tbe effort* of the Frenco to form a quadruple alliance with England, Prussia, and Asstria ha* entirely failed I state!* that England favors an allianos wub lTutsia, provided tbe latter will guarantee :b independence of Belgium CmuiraK* ? A correspondent sends the Pall Mail Gazette tbe following information, whicb will be comforting to many of oav country women Ladies whs we tr chignons will be glad to know tbat it is not true that tbe hair or chignoa* is procnred from the corpse* of people wbo die in hospitals and other public institution?. When death ensue* tbe hair become* brittle, and cannot be curled and twisted into form. Marseilles is tbe great entrepot for the trade in bnman batr, more than 4n.uu> pounds weif bt of tbis commodity be<ng imported there annually, chiefly lrom Italy, and more particularly from Sicily. Maples, and tbe States of the Church, while a moderate quan'itv cornea lrom Spam and certain departments of Kran e. Tbe French provinces which y.eld tbe largest. supply are Brittany and Auvergne, and buyers go round on market days when the yoaug demoiselle who wi?bes to dispose of her lock* mount* a wine cask, and. looseniug iier beaddress, showers down her hair An active bidding follows. As the weight of bair in an ordinary cblgnon does not exceed three ounces and atialf, the annual quantitr 'mported into Marseilles alone would be sufficient for upward* ot IMMMio bead-dresses. A large quantity of tbe bair arriving at tbia port is there made np and re-exporied to Algeria and Spain The bair-dresser* of Marseilles, all of whim are more or less engaged in the cbtgnon trade, are something like 4<?> in number. CHl'sc'lief- ix theCity ok N kw Yo?k -The New York News ha* & fall and complete list ot all the cbcrches in tbe city of New York, with tbe names of tbe several denominations to wiuch ihey belong. The following synopns will give some idea of U>e state of religion in tbat great emporium ?There are 66(including '2 colored) Protestant Episcopal Churches, 45 Presbyterian, (including n colored, > 4e Methodist Episcopal. 32 Roman Catholic. 29 Baptist, (including 1 colored,) -J6 Jewish Synagogues, k20 Dutch Kefermed, 9 Lutheran, ?; United Presbyterian. S Congregational, S Reformed Presbyterian. 4 Universalis^ 3 Unrarian, 3 African Methodist Episcopal,3 friends, (Quakers, ) 1 Methodist Protestant, 1 Associated Reformed Presbyterian, and 19 miscellaneous. Total, 319. This mav be considered a ratber moderate number of place* of public worahip for a population ot a million, being no more than one for abont every three tbouaand inhabitant*. Raii.roap Rights ?A gentleman travelling in the West, lately pat to tbe te6t one or tbe exercises ot "discretionary power"' which conductors in general are apt to carry to an extreme. He had pnrcha*ed a first-class ticket. There were but two cars in the train one for smoking and one for Indie- The gentleman ii> question having no travelling companion of the tender sex. was directed by tbe brakeman to go into the smoking car. Ue remonstrated, and demanded a first-class seat for hi* first-class ticket. The conductor being appealed to. sustained the brakeman; and the traveller refusing 10 give up hi* tick* till he bad received tbe equivalent demanded, b*:h officials combined to forcibly eject bim from tbe ttain Tbe gentleman immediately made bis way back to tbe office ol the railroad company, and tbe managers made tbe amtruU ken. tnrolle by paying him liberally tor hi* loettim*, dismissing the offending conductor, and promulgating to all itsemployees tbe sensible role tbat iirst-class ticket* convey a rigbt to cla*a seat*. To Lioht a Dark Room ? The Ixisdou Builder recommends a plan for lighting a dark room in which tbe darkne** is caused by its being situated on a narrow street or lane. Tne Builder says it tbe glass of a window in such a room is placed several inches within tbe outer face at the wall, as Is the general custom in building bouses, it will admit very litis light, that which it get- being only the reflection from tbe walls of tbe opposite bouse*. If, however, for the window be substituted another In which all the panes or glass are ronghly ground on the ootside, and fltish with tbe outer wall, tbe light from the whole ot the visible sky and Irotn tbe remotest parts of the opposite wall will be introduced into the apartment, reflected from tbe Innumerable faces or facet* which the rough grinding of the glass has produced The whole window will appear as if tbe sky were beyond it. and from every point of this luminous surface light will radiate into all part* of the room. Wabmth aid Y ewtilatiok.?There is no advantage, as to health, in sleeping in a very cold room, cold enough to have ice formed in it daring tbe nigbt. Thousands of persona who have gone to bed in perfect health at night have waked up in the morning with ' pneumonia." tbat ta inflamation of the laag*, and have died m a few daya, because tbe room was too cold for them ; to say nothing of the debilitating effect of breathing an atmoepbere more or less loaded with carbonic acid ga*. whicb deprive* the system of it* ability to re*i*t the approach ot disease. Had tbe room been well ventilated tbe attack wonld be lee* severe, or there might have been none at all: because tbe breathing of a pare air would have given power to ward off any ordinary attack of sickness ? Hal*t Journal */ IhmiiK Ear Riwoa Withoct Ear Piercihh _\ way has just been discovered in London by which persons may wear ear-rings without having the ears pierced?an operation not relisbed by many Tbe fastening is managed as follows: Tbe roeette in front of the ear-ring top is the head of the screw, which, by being partly withdrawn, allows tbe wires to separate, and. on being screwed back, when adjusted. presses the wire* on tbe loop of the ear; tbe wires are *0 constructed that they do not nn comfortable press tbe ear; in fact, the fas . emng. instead of entering tbe fleah, clasp* it. Two MrLLioKS or People i> Pari* ?The population of Paris, including the arrondi***m*nt* of St Denis and Soeang. according to tbe census of', amount* to *,15M4?, whi n is an increase of 197,-.<S6 above tbe number given in tbe censns returns for IMC As the annual expenditure of the city of Pane now amount* to upwards of 9u.iWO.(luO francs, it follows tbat the local taxation is tan franc*, or eight shilling!, for every head of the population. fBTNew York want* ten new public eehoole. */"Tbe Hon. John Bell, of Tenneesee, is in failing health. VGen. Washington stood aix feet t&ree 10 his slippers. , ^"Revivals ol religion are taking place at various pointa In the South 7* A negro in Mississippi was lynched last week by some of bis own celor for stealing a watch. MrA large number of love-sick beaaues were left behind when the French evacuated Rome. KTSomebody baa discovered that photograph" is al wrong. The word ought to bo "pbotogram. ' or the same principle a* telegram VA New York murderer and hie accomplice have been identified by the only wuneea to tbe deed. Wlfyon ate in a bonse and hear a baby cry. It is a sign of marriage, or If it isa't, it ought to be. WThere were arrest* in New Tort oa New Year'a day for drunkenness aad disorderly conduct 7*Tbe latest style of displaying handsome shoulders 1* to wear a low-neck dree* and keep a small silk shawl in constant agnation over them. /"Two sisters left in a state of utter d**utntion, employ themselves in catung waod and baaliag it to Mobile PnoaiBtvORY Laotet atio*?A Portland paper says an effort will be made m t.Re i??.?. lature of M'ine, now in eee?ion, ta pn' a s'op to ihe sale of liqaor* bv drncgl*ts as metftciM, eves when prescribes d> pbyii.taae. a . U