Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVEN!N(]_RTAR. Thf Larseit firrn'ation in the Bislricl W. D. WALLAf'H, Edltir aid Proprietor WASHINGTON CITY : bATI R DA Y JANU ARY IM W R K A DI N < M ATT MR 0!f KVKKY PAO* ski orTsinie kor intkrk.stino tkli GRAPHIC AND OTHIE MATTPR. TO ADVERTISERS. The foliowiuc ib the official showing of th circulation of the daily paper* of this cit competing for th? Government advertiain under the recentaatof Congress directing anc advertising to be mad# in tbe two daily newi paper? of Washingtoa having m? large* Circulation : Kvbmho Stab 7,715 copies per day. Okromclt.... 5.IK6 " Int'Uxgencfr..........XMt ** ? Th# eturns of advertising by the city paper for tbo quarter ending September 30, I%$, a taken from the books of tba Internal Kevenu Office, are a# follows : fcvnniio Stab Intelhgfncer 13,t06 Chrontrlr 10.40* KfyubUcan 4,791 THE MARYLAND >KN ATOR1AL QHR^TIOX 1 be triends of Governor Swaan, of Mary land, who are anxious to secure bis electio to the I'mted States Senate, are moving t effect a repeal of me law requiring that on >?enatur tbail b?- chosen from the Easter Miurr of Maryland. The movement create much feeling on the E:t?tern Shore and tha por'ion ol the St: te talks of sect-ding fror Maryland if the law is repealed. Th* Dento (Caroline county) Journal advocates the tot mation of a uew State, to b? composed of Del aware and the Eastern Shore counties c Maryland and Virginia, and the Cambridg Herald says: ?*lf the project should succeed, loud com plaints may be expected frutn this quartei snd it is not improbable tbat the subject of an nexation 'o Delaware, and a final severanc from the Western Shore, will begin immedi ately to grow in favor among our publi a,oa." THE ARKANSAS DEI.Kti ATHN At the in erview oe.ween the Ark..u?as del egatioa yesterday and the President and Cab met, (Jen. Grant wa3 present. I'mted State Senator elect Andrew Hunter, briefly ex plained the object of their mission to ibe cap n*l. the political situation of Arkansas, an the feelings and sentimen aof its people. At torney General Stanbery in reply remarke hat Arkansas was considered as already re constructed. The delegation dine with the Secretary c State to-day. and expec. before they leave l Have interviews with Measra. Sumner. Koe ter. Wade, Stevens, and others. The majorit of the delegation will leave here to-morrow evening, so as to reach Little Rock in tune t be present at the meeting o! the Legislature o Thursday. NOT MAXIMILIAN'S* HEIR A statement which appeared In the Net York Htrald a few day* since, and has sine been going the rounds of the press, to the effe< tbat Augnstin de lturbide (Who died recentl at the Clarendon Hotel, in New York) hi bequeathed all bis property to his eon now t school in Europe, who was adopted by tb Emperor M^xitntlinn as his heir, is iucorrec inasmuch a* Maximilian's heir is an infar three years ol age. was atill wi*h Max in >I-x ico, when last heurd from, and is tbe child < Aoeustin de lturbide's eldest brother and hi wile?formerly Miss Green, of Georgetowr D. C. FEoMJAPAN The Wavy Department la in rsceipr of tb monthly report of Rear Admiral H. H.Bel commanding tbe Asiatic squadron, under dai of October 3d, 1n*>, Irom Yokohama, japai On tbe 1st of September the Harttord, Wyt mmg. and Wachusett were at anchor o Yeddo Admiral Hell with a number of offlcei from the squadron accompanied our Mluisw in bis first visit to tbe "Oorrogio," which in terviow was very satisfactory. On the rtb t September the Wachusett was sent to Hon Kong, for tbe protection of American intereat in ibe adjacent wa'ers As to tbe war bet wee tbe Tycoon and tbe Prince of N'agaio, it wa thought ibe latter bad gamed considerable ad vantage. Admiral B announced tbat he wool aail for tbe coast of China shortly afior th arrival of tbe atoresbip Supply. The Wyomin bad been detained at Yokohama on acsonnt t tb# ill bealtb of a large number of ber ore w. CONTRACTS AWARDED. Yesterday, bids were opened at the Korea of Provlaions and Clothing. Navy Departmen for ftarniabing l?M>0a ponnds of fresh beef an vegetables at tbe Philadelphia Navy Yar< Mr. L. Sbuster Horaef, or Philadelphia, bein tbe lowest bidder, tbe contract was awarde to bim at 7 9-10 cenu per poand lor beef an 1 6-10 cents per pound for vegetables. Bids were also opened ai the Bureau of Cob stmetlon and Repair for famishing 490,0( ponnds of copper, to be delivered at tbe Wa?fc ington Navy Yard. The Baltimore and Cub Smelting and Mining Company heiug the lo wei bidders, tbe contract wb awarded to tbem i 87 44-101) cent* per pound. DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC LAND. Rsturns received at tbe General Land OM< from the local offl*e at Maryaville, Cal., sho' tbat 7,M0 acres of tbe public lands were di. posed of at ibat office in November la~t, ft cash and for actual settlement under tbe hom< stead law. the cash sales amounting to S9,3uG. CALIFORNIA SWAMP LANDS. Copies of approved list* of awamp lands i Marysvilie. Stockton, and San Eranclaco di: tnat*. California, have been certified to tt Governor of that State, covering in the uin gate 1H.W0 acres. OrnaA.?II Troratire was well pertorm? last night at the National Theater, by Mare *sk's company, bat to a very poor bouse, i on the previous night Maretzsk aeema to I making an unprofitable season of it, bavin bad he uses at Winter Garden, New York, aa in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and now I Washington, as shown by tbe tbin attendant ob the two nights bis company bas appears here. As bis company is really a good oa tbs cause of his bad success wonld seem to I that people find money too scarce to alio tbem to indnlgo largely in ao expensive a lu: nry a* opera. In tbia city, it is probable tbi many have staid away from tbe fact that tt prices charged here were higher than thoi charged elsewhere tbat tbe company hav performed, and tbe people of Waahlngm *ro beginning to be tired of this kind of in position. Tbe managers, seeing their mistak now announce a reduction of the price of at mission to correspond with the rates charge in otber cities. To-night, Meyerbeer's opera of "The Star, Forth,'' introducing the young candidal for operatic honors?Miss Amelia M. Hauck ol whom report rpeaks high. Tn? Lo??. Stuikb.?If success is a teat i merit, then Roucioault must rauk high as dramatist, for a very large proportion of tfc meet pupular ac ting plays in this country bj original productions or adaptations of hi LU> latest play. The Long Strike. ' has bee well received in Europe aad America, and n where has it been more successful than In tb city, where the excellent manner in which bfca besn presented at Wall's new opera bom crowd the building every evening. To-nigl its last representation is announced, as Di vesport commences aa eagagsment on Moi day night. Patbktbto bb Ipscbo ?The number of pa enu which will be issued from ibe Paloat Ui flee tor tae week ending on the 15th iastai 1* 'Ml. Dariag tbe pest week 310 application have been made and 64 caveats filed. T?? BSBiDBBt'B of the Secretary ol tbe Inti rtor is on tbe east side ol Montgomery stree Georgetown Heights. Tbe ladies of his famil receive their friends on Wednesdays. # i , sy Krom J. Sbillingtoa, Odeon Bailding, w have a copy of tbe soperb Christmas Bam be of tbe IUvttrmt'd l.tmdon Sews. Prom Hudson Taylor, agent tor Scott' reprints, we bars Blackwood's Ediaburg Msgszins for December telegraphic news. bv u. 8 * eubopkan nkw8 aasooiati in i ei ropean ft iwi. (hy auaatic uane.j ; priace i bristina visits the varlt?-<-?nr. trty of the enslivh yacht clubs ? italy acaikht konif?the pope srrrrf hi* 7 frit mil cow a*. jan ? ?the yachts lying hrro wi*r# i. vi?i?e<i by i'rtrce christian yesterday,who ei. - pressed himself much pleased with these i ip? ine?? ol american pleasure crift. - 1 London, jan. i. ? the visiting american i ^ arbrsmen are receiving ?jreat atteuli ?ns from 9 the i.ondon yacht club*. by invitation of the _ : tinmen ib? \ acliimrn vimted win<l4or (jut|? ; to day the tdimw yacht olub give the * americans a banquet tomorrow. the amerih ci?n re?id<>nts in paris have tuvited the odicora i. of the henrietta, fl< etwing and \>?ta to visit i that ci> j. incase this invitation is accepted they will rive a r*nrt banquet in honor ol heir quests. an invitation to visit russian wa'ers has been received by the america* * arhtmea trom the russian impenai yac&t club s komr. jan 4 ? signor konelli has arnv?d at m definite conclusions with the pontifical (}:> e era men t on several of the disputed pomts between italy and rome the diplomatic corp* paid the usual visit to the pope on new year's dny. his holinrs-, in response to their eoinphmemary salutations, referred in rather severe terms to the want of adherence to the papacy on the part of those he deemed his former friend* ' redaction ol wages. Boston, jan .? several manufacturing a corporations in lawrence have notified their 0 employees of a reduction in their wages often e j pfr cent., on account ot the depression existing in the market prices for roods and the dull i state of the manufacturing interest generally lt flew york legislature. n Albanv, .lan. 4 ?so much of ibe dover nor* < n tnebenge as relays to the holding ot a con veation for the revision of the constitution was referred to the judiciary committee, with power to report by bill or otherwise. p itf* og"*b?atypookafhloal boci ^>-3 *1 k ? a mated mtellnk "ill be held til id i- i '' *vkk1?0, ?t 7s "wk iu th.oo in r_ 1 ci. obaniber. | if | b maciiukbaT.^ s?,' i- i fti- 'oubdby >l e chokch. oornsr litb ll3 and gets-bishop * m will p"^h "t this < hnrch to mokho w '8*bb*th? moknind at 11 o click. pretchfog *l?o at 7 p m. it* c j |( t .?s1,t?a ^ bui ldi p. q associ at io n i w-3 a m n-hly m?? ting of tbao-ntral bulldlan as^tation.fortbereeepiion ofdress, wilibsheid in tbe council clumber ?0 tuesday byeninu i- ibe ?th inst., at 7 u clock. *nl u ?- >*jn _ wm._wmuobi.8ec. 9 ffiTV.f t!tlul?w TfH1B0,AriT0L M""l . ukj5 "0-i!obbmw,?t llo clock. i)r rotn | ton offlcutid*. hui?h?ct of the dieoonrte ? th< - f nation s new year?the spirit of ohrtstiaaitv d ? ? ? permits the preieut to bo fettered br th? , | institution* of the past. it* 1 i ntw orrios or^tim^tttual rma in i 113 8uianci 00 . d ()., december si, '* i eipenscs for tho vesr mm....s1u.m1 04 pn diinni q* t?-r mhi ra* k on haod .. |u njvi |m the regular annnai election lor e?-yen mtntvam ?f will take place ?? mun pat. j anuary 31 b ?tveer tbobonrs of 10 a. m. and 4 p. m ' ' mn ?5*0''** ults818 w a ed, prest. 7 r?g=m-1*-*i0ilth or jan1jabt-1m1 it 0| celebeation n 1 o?- taa fivty second anniversary op the battle of new 0blean8. w tl esday eyen1bo. jandabt ?. 1^67 'm :t oeand banquet ^ at the national hotkl, lt ondsr the auspices of e | the national pem0cbat10 be8ioen7 t, executive committee. t- t'the usrsmonlss op?n the occaalon will coa )f men pr,rt>tljf at Srv*% o'tlork. is cabdb op admission five dollars ?? | to be bad at all tho principal uoteu, or the com mltteo of arrangmisnts. and other promlnonl ; citizens. alto, at tho oflice ol tho constitutional ie onion no. 3c0 e street, washington city, anl i' at tho oflice of the daily bvoaing union, masonl< 'f temple. high wtreet georgetown. i*?3t i rfs2" medical sooibty ?semi .nm.! >- ll3 mtetlug oa monday. january 7 vt "? ff a? a largo a? tendanoe is expected '. *?? a jt * 3t a. p. a. klno\m^ . bocrstarv !r fr3-^?hington skatino oldb -ta '* i 1 masqubbade oaeniyal will )f be held at the bka?lng park aaavon as tlit va&thitr .s 1 ~ra" fo invited to at|. ! . n * msstinn ta l>? ksld at no. 3 ? k st d i j?v7 jtts?"i'0r2c#r' store,en monday. jann! ? ? clo#k p m., for tho iordoi? a/ fnriw " - m f"o???tio?, wkich will declare a g wvideud every aix months ?f i j** ?' jab. w. diitall. j r?g=-to all whomjt mat conoeenr " "'sas" wo9sjiw" m * begiater, d rr^v80*10 'aib-spbcial motiob a th? committee or sh^ lipoimif's will bt held at mibonlfl h a r v i- ff/i'o' ?j'\h abd v tresu on sattbda * bye' n "i?,?- ?*?? ?? *. ?t 7 o oleck. x%jmkukt i rair otr^h~ rildd* ob h"* rrom the late ' tkesa k?5fijl!l?titaee com* +rmf*r?4 to eettle. * /"* b*ving claims arojroouoeted to ereoent the " ^! ft q-.?_ n*7 tbompbom. it j?* ?* beer of com. of arrangements or wasbibotoe.jan 3~l?7^ #f thi* bftnk kavodeclared a dividend of three per cent, for the last si a month. ,0 "ockholdera on demvnd ?? "? ' 5# j*3 3t jambe adams. oaahier. * f|f% joseph h sharrield i. ll5 pbeegh 0?nrect10nbby :r ladi": dica c"a* * d"'ho sa"5n w an''b,t mh m weddings. dinner or supper parties short notice with aoveu'jiin py"sliss ftl^. *?d ooofectionsries, jellies w'smli* s- w1" & . it to attend to all doi breaths, and '<* j*yim joseph a ebapfibld. ;? hlffi wsbbVwssw. USi. if! 2*.? j' 0">*0e, president. n *?u t* wm 0. obeebleap. sec. z (tf*^ ohubch faib, (ukri.tma. u'd lsrlj *esr.) f*r the benefit of ^irace church e. ii,,??d- alfred holmrad, fsesti'l?la.<( " hef'x ; ?"au- "St AT -"5.'!?^ at 0y? ?t*bti8hed i???. '* j an 9^ej^am^a01l, * pebousoh, ie *t1 * "* ?"?, coiru 1st svkibt, i > . oafitol hill. r? ! dealers la " ^ wi? j^.micau i. ^ ?tgkt bell promptly answered. Of jwt10pmhkrvafsl1'*'8 feb??h oobpbct te its k/a"" v*-? b?t 12th end istfc 7s?a to* of h iw reoel ved aflaeand - ssasfcsiskr" ?"v-- " u" trrj? P puans of jh0" bsautlfn df ? iaeos. made by james w. *? ?, a iu! rn?. i"'' '?r low, on eaerlheb a lso, new and sn per lor seven oc 1''*^ ie ta?e piabob, la resewooi. warranted, for ftjoo re ??i a* d johb f. ellis, , ***! 306 pa. iw? near 10th street. ? m* w?- htdal jla tom with uto eb the 1st lo-tauti ie bkapb tin 10 the huflooee hereafter wll is be eoadacted under the name aad title of it h. bubms * oo. ?r . .yi ars requested to make earlr uttu ment of their accounts at the old stand 34( l. jhhe h. bubnb. | adies' dbebs uwode. ,t 2il2 ?ut eh#*f to taking accounts el ia blankets ahd table libee, j*< ?? oeatrai stores, iat ct between 7th aad 8th strata, w j"" oppositeoenur market vates * eblby, ~ ' slje?f?p?t artmee they will aell oaly a few ettmiiib 5s ytuz h *?'ry superior t 4 bleached shirtucetll ?reaaboodaat?4e..37s 60 U\, Tt aad |i <| per jaa l et Ml B1 : 4 O'CLOCK P. M. tiOVLUNME.1T >t:t I' It I T1I V V a'kinoton, January S, |867. Jay i'ooke A Co furnish the following quoimh ii.- ol Government securities Huf/ing. S'Hin* V. 8. 6> Coufon, i!"?i IIH U. S. Five Twenties, lr#W 107 !o?k U.S. Fire Tweutie?. IM54 tesw h*? U. S. Five Twfntifs. ifWS.l<5tf m?V C.S>. t ive Tweuiles,JauAJ'y,'65.ii?.i^ lHjtf U S. Ten Forties fQ^ 11*>V ?' s S*v??n Thirty, August liH^ U. S. Seven Thirties, June 104\ HKfc U. 8. S*ven Thirties, July UH?f 103* fi*W VOttU TTKHT BOASD HALU. Coupons. Five Twenties, l?-.>, 107*; Fl?e Twenties, 1S64. 1(5*: Five Twenies, 1H">5. 1W?: Five Twenties, January sod July, I"d5. Ten Forties. Seven Thirties. August, I??5; do. June, I04\; do. July, 104\; Oold, IXi t ? <?> . FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson & Co., quote Stocks and Bonds In bome and foreign markets as follows: Nkw York. Jan. 5?1st Board?U. 8. registered. Ir*l. do., coupons. 10*, 5-'.Jir&, reifittered, 1( 5\, du coupons. 107*4: do., 1^65: 1M>)|; lo-4ue, registered. W* : do. coupons, 9 > \. 7-3u's, ltO: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, 2H*; Onion 4-J<; Cumberland, SUV- Quicksilver. 44\, Marippea, li*; Mew York Central, IMS Lrte, ??*; do. preier'd, *4. Hudson. 130; Rending, li5?,, Michigan Central, ION, Michigan Southern, Illinois OntraJ, 121 K; Cleveland and Fnuburg. ?; Cleveland and Toledo. 124; Rock Island, lt>t; North western, 4.',^; do. prelerred. 82^; Fort Wayne. 1( 4 V. Cbu ago and Alton, 109*; Alton and Ter1 re Haute, 4ti; Toledo and WaDS?b, 44 W. U. Telegraph, 4^ Korton Water Pow?*r. 29^ ; |?*. i cific MhlI, 1W Atlantic Mail, h^. gold, 2 10 p m.t 133*. REVENUE KRAUDrt. Hon. Wm. A. 1'arling. chairman of the select committee on revenue frauds, with moat of the members of said committee, are in W Mbi iugtou. They will bold several tensions here ' in a tew days, and then return to New York and Philadelphia. The developments thus far are of such an astounding character at to make it impossible for the committee to telI where they will sup in their investigatisns, there seeming to be no end to the frauds perpetrated The committee have already com* > to the conclnsiou that either the tax ou wtu-ky , must be reduced to fifty cents per gallon, or that the of collecting the tax must be 1 radically changed. The former is regarded as the most efficient mode of arresting the evil. I KKACTION ALi'CURE NCY A N D XM ALL N*0TEX The total amount of Fractional Currency | printed at the Treasury Department last w-(,k was ??5,044, The shipments for the same period were as followsTo the p. s. I)ep<81. tory at Baltimore, Md., in l's and s?'s, tsoooo to the Assistant Treasurer at Charleston, S C ' ?40,0(0. total,SfX'.tKK). in Fractional CurrencyTo the Assistant Treasurer at Fhiladelphia #2P<),ntt): to the Assistant Treasurer at Charles', ton, S. 4"?., SI0,1X0; to National Hanks, |h total, *30",719.10. NATIONAL HANK CURRENCY IS-tCKD. There has been Issued from the Treasury Department during the week ending to-day 13,400 in national bank currency, making the total amount issued up ti date ?300,756,.75] From this is to be deducted tbe currency re. turned, including worn-out notes, amounting to leaving in actual circulation at this date ?W,009,?19. . SECURITIES 1IKLD. The amount of securities held by tbe Treas[ nrer of the United States, Mi trust for national I banks, reported to-day, are as followsAs I security for circulating notes, S34o.3fti.l5o; for deposits, J* 3.1:50. Total, W7tf.?67,100. llEPARTURK OK THE 30Til INFANTRY. I The 30th U. S. Infantry, numbering about . Ave hundred men. left the city tbis morning under command of Major Dallas, f,Jr Omtba' via Chicago and Clin'on. HI. Col. Dodge will | join tbe regiment at Omaha. , CURRENCY DESTROYED. Tbe total amount of fractional currency redeemed and destroyed at tbe Treasury Department during the past week was y(Jovernor Bullock's message was sen' to > tbe Massachusetts Legislature yesterday. He endorses the Constitutional Amendment, and hopes universal suffrage will be established throughout tbe country. I Ibtbrhal R?vb*ub ?The receipts from this [ source to-day were flH3.6-2H.jB, making the total receipts for the week ending to-day *6,tt55.297 50. y'l'bfi Kleven b and Twentieth U.S. In. funtry at Richmond, Va., have been ordered , to the Plains. Tbev are the only troops now at Klchmond. my It is stated tbat twenty-three business 1 firms, composed of < ten tiles, hare determined to leare Salt Lake City on accou nt of tbe hos. tllity of the Mormons. I Pxkbowal.?Oov. Crapo, of Michigan, is dangerously ill. CONGRESSIONAL. t Sati'bdat, January 5. Uorei ?The Speaker stated that under the rule adopted yesterday no business could be M-aneaeted, but tbat there should be nothing but debate, as in Committee of tbe Wbole. Mr. Spalding (O ) was assigned tbe floor, and commenced bis speecb by an allusion to the I remarks uttered by bim some days ago relative to certain remarks attributed to bim in tbe Chronicle. For these remarks be was su bjected, I ** was always ibe case, to tbe caustic remarks ?f tbe gentleman from Pennsylvania, , (Mr. Stevens.) Mr.Spalding then read Mr. Stevens' remarks ? upon the occasion, wherein he (Stevens) stated I that tbe doctrines set forth in Mr. Spalding's resolution of inquiry waa most pernicious. The resolution simply directed the Committee on the Judiciary to inquire Into the expediI ency of doing a certain thing. He (Mr. Spal[ dln*} to be perfectly understood, and [ ^OI\l a?a'n ?ay that he would require fiom *uar?u>'?? o?h*r than tbe adoption , of the Constitntional amendment. His understanding of the amendment was, that it was to conciliation between h! ,K U?0.0 h N? ODe 0011,(1 C,*im th*t the Southern States wereenUtled to represent. war?Mt*d *nd they were uot entitled to it now. He would also have all the States South aaopt the amendment Mr. Kelley (Pa.,) interrupting Mr. Spalding, said be bad received letters from sentlemen in North and Sonth Carolina who had noVfw army.and who said they could not themselves pass the constitutional amendment, but that they would ac; 2dop#?d if tbe Northern Leguiatures 1 vp^,n5 *aid ^ad ??? v.ews, but be desired %ome additional *uarnnteeon tbe part of tbe people of the South. 1 He was, however, oppoeea to Mr. Stevens' , reconstruction bill. He deemed it more ad| visable U? wait and seetheaction of the Sontb. . and Jet the fortieth Congress pass uuon tbe offered1'1" iiouUl re,U8ed 10 accede to tbe tertas Referring to the queation of impeachment, > he argued that the people would denounce t such rank and radical measures at this time if we are not content to override tbe vetoes of the President by a two-thirds rote, what would I delM^nei K "e ,Pt,nPww? " ?! I flfHvorfd to burl him from power. : Mr. Spalding also opposed the practice now too much in vogue, of accusing everyone of a desertion of the Republican party who did not accord with all measures 5f ridlcaUeadere. The question of the tariff and of the withdrawal of the currency was made now a radical test; but be (Mr. Spnldtng) agreed with r Mr. McCullogh in his efforts to gradually come back to specie payments, and Instead of receiving the censure be should receive tbe ?f t,M, He believed Mr. piw ** WU rl*tlt m?Q in tbe light Mr. Stevens (Pa.) said be did not desire to "y eoBWoversy with the gentleman from Ohio. He had intended nothing personal, bat nny measure in trod need here wae pnblie nron, er y, and was liable to public entlcism Mr Npaaldlnge views might be right; but he (Mr Stevens) Still thought the measure promised by bim was visions ar.d pernicious. It was an entering wedge ef the idea that the late disloyal States should be admitted to represeata. 110a immediately upon tbe adoption or tie Constitutional amendment. He was aware that ia the receBt canvass it had been argue 1 tint tbe adoption of *ti? im?ndTient v >ulit earn rfprwtMtlon; hnt m hi* ( Mr.Stevens') 3 into*, a mo'f p?*rmctoo? doc r nr h?d never b n prcmuUaied aay where, a* it left 'bq estion oi?*-n the inieit-N>- ih-?t the doors of 0 >n?ress wobij be at once be tbrowo open to r.-bele. - ?<??? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BT U. 8. * KUKOPKAN AAtfOOIATIO*. FROS1 EllROPi: Heavy Sasw Morra in Kn^laad Rumor I Prtildfil Jol'Urkth-EarUijHtkf ! in Al|frii-Thf Mirkfti, kr. IxtNUOR, Jan. 4. ? Pb* most ?fvfr? and th? ; heaviest snow storm which baa been experienced in England for very many jestrs but jnst -visited OB. The storm commenced last Wednesday, ?h?n there was a b-avj fall oi enow It ha* continued witb more or less intensity since tbat time, and a quantity of ?aow baa fallen this morning. Th? weather is very cold, aua tbe snow does not melt, but lies oa the earth witb a bard troxea surface. It m calculated that it has fallen to an average , depth of etch inches. but the dnfia are Tery : great, and the *now is piled m tome places to an enormous b igbt, L^aviug tbe city and glancing aroona the country, farm houses and < old castlea appear to the observer as almost j buried iu snow. In the larger town and cities I high bouse*. and even the church spires look as if rising through a white mantle, under i which the smaller surrounding buildiugs ar? ,

almost covered In the country the bigtiwavs 1 are all blocked with snow | tad impassable The railroads are paitly in the same condition Vessels of every description are delayed in tbe differen ports and the coast fishery works are suspended. The frost continues, and there is very good ekating on the lakes and the Serpentine. Iu London the streets are at this mom-i.t choked witb snow. No efloita are being made to remove it. although tbeie ;ire thousands of able-bodied men unemployed and anxious to obtain work, w ho could be had at , short notice by tbe authorities, Business iimpeded very much in the city. Locomotion is accordingly difficult, there beinjr few omni- ' buses or calia oil the stinds or plying. There 1 are no sleighs. Tbe principal ra?ans of travel ' and communication for trade purposes is ihe 1 underground railroad. The poor of thecitv sutler very much Several accidents have occurred. Old l.ondon presents the appearau ? 1 of a ci'y situated in the Arctic regions, wi'h ' the additional disadvantage that it is enveloped in the dense winter fog peculiar in itself j and only kuown in this latitude. London, Jan. 5?Noon.?There was a rumor on'Change, both here and at Liverpool, yes- ! terd.iy, tbat President John.-on was dead. It had considerable depressing effect upon prices. I Fakin, .Tan. Ct?Noon.?Advices received from Algeria report tbat a verv heavy ?artnquake has been experienced in that Province, occasioning much iiamage. IjOmiom, Jan. 6?Noon ?Consols, are quoted at Uu\ lor monev: American securities arsomewhat lower; T. S Kive-twenties, 73 Erie, 45^; Illinois Central, Livkupool, Jan. 5?Noon?The cotton market is quiet and easier to-day, without ch*ng<? in prices. Tbe sales are estimated at tJ.tKHl baits. Middling uplands 15^d. FROM Mi! VICO The Imperialiats Can't Raise an Army New York, Jan. 5?A I'uebla (Mexicol telegram, of December *Jt?, says tbat neither the Imperiali&tB nor the Churchmen are succeeding in raising a large army, even with the aid ot the press gangs. Those caught des?rt h-. speedily as possible. Their efforts only result iu swelling the Liberal ranks and in increasing tbe banda of desperadoes. Secret Meeting ( Liquor Dealers. Bo.ton, Jan. 5.?The liquor dealers and leading hotel proprietors of this city held a secret meeting Veaterday, to hear the report of their counsel.George Sennett, who is conducting the lest cases before the Supreme Court at Washington. The report is said to have been vary satisfactory to the association, as indieating Its ultimate triumph over thesapporters of the prohibitory law A prominent hotel keeper made a proposition to shut up all the leading hotels in the city, in cam the proserin, tive course is inflated upon by the authorities This proposal metwith marked favor, but was not finally acted upon. If carried out, the project will cause a sensation. Applications have been made a second time for warrants against Harvey D. Parker, proprietor of the Parker House; William Bmgham. of the Revere and Tremont Houses; and George Young, of Young a Hotel, for Keeping liquor nuisances. Calvin A. Richards, proprietor of a well-knowu wholesale and retail liquor store on Washington street, was included in tbe list. Judge Hord, of the municipal ceurt, relused to grant the warrant, holding tbat the places named are not nuisaacee within tbe meaning or the law, although Judge Chamberlain, of the same court, has already decided differently. Th# applicant for the warrants wr- Nathaniel Richardson, who is counsel for the smaller class of liquor dealers, though not for the association named above. His grounds were tbe same as before? that tbe operations of tbe State constabulary tended to a discrimination between the rich and the poor. Westera News. St. Lorib, Jan 4?The Democrat't St. Joseph's special says that notwithstanding the protest of the citizens, powder and shot were given to the Indians at tbe recent distribution of annuities at Port Benton, Montana, aud that tiaders were permitted to aell these articles to them. Th* mining news is favorable. Tbe Democrat of to-day advocate tbe re-election of t-enatcr Pomeroy as r. s. Senator from Kansas. It also advocates tbe election of Major Ross lor the short term. It is snowing hard In different portions of Kansas to-night. The Democrat'? Jefferson City special aays that 74 Radical members of the Legislature declare emphatically for Cbas. D. Drake for I'nited States Senator. This will insure his nomination in caucus and subsequent election. Waahingtoa New a by way at Mew York. Naw \ork, Jan. 5.?Washington specials state tbat Senator Williams will ou Monday next introduce a resolution of inquiry into the expediency of prohibiting by law tbe sending of steamships to sea for the conveyance of passengers alter they have been in use a certain number of years. Tbad. Stevens will, oa Monday, introduce a resolution instructing tbe Judiciary Committee to prepare a bill, if found expedient, declaring the rebel districts ia a state of seige suspending the writ of habeas corpus, and establishing military governmenta until the States are regularly admitted. Frem Mexico and the Pacific Coast. San Francisco, Jan. 4.?Private advices received to-day give no later news from the interior of Mexico. The French have not evacuated Acapulco. and orders for sappiiea received here indicate that they will remain three montbs longer. Tbe sailors tried for mutiny on board the ship Reynard have been discharged, with one exception. Tbe prosecution is understood to be abandoned. Mining ahares closed as follows: Sarage, 2,160: Yellow Jacket, 1,323; Ophir, 148; Chollar, *211: Imperial, 184. Legal tenders, 74. The bighest quotation of wheat is S1.80 per 100 lbs. Murder in Misseari. Leavenworth, Kansas, Jan. 4.?WllUam Vandeventar and wife were murdered oa toe evening of the tana nit. at Hickman Mills, in Monroe connty, Mo. They were Area upon through tbe window, Mr. VandoTeater being instantly Killed, and his wifa mortally wounded, surviving in an unconscious state until morning. Three negroas and two white men are supposed to have committed tbe murders. They escaped with f8uo ia gold found in the house. ?? ? eie ? i LOCAL NEWS. . Thk Dkath or Ma. Utbkmkulb? Meeting the Har.?This morning, a meeting ot tbe members of tbe bar was held at tbe Court House, to express the feelings of the members on tbe death ot C. H. Utermebte, E:q., and on motion of W. 1). Davidge, Esq., Hon. A. B. Clla, of the District Supreme Court, was called to the chair, and W. S. Cox., Esq., appointed secretary. Judge Clin, on taking the ehair, spoke feelingly of the character of the deceased, witb whom bis associations had been most pleasant, stating tbat be had never beard ot an uakind remark being made by tba deceased, aad in many respects be was a model tor tbe younger members of tbe bar. Messrs. Davidge, Mattiagty, Norris, Kennedy, and Carast were appointed a committee to draft suitable resolutioas. The committee subeeqneatly returned, and tbrongb Mr. Norris reported the following reaolutioas: Resolved, by the members of the har aad the officers of the court. That are siacereiy Jameat the untimely death of our brother. Obarlee H. Utermebte, aad hereby express the high apfireciation we entertaia of his integrity, abilty aad sensa of honor both as a lawyer and a man. 2d. Tbat in manifestation of these sentiments we will wear tba aaaal badge of mourning tor thirty days. 3d. That the chairmen and secretary of this meeting traasmit a copy of these prooeodlags to tbe rami ly of the deceased, aad ass are them of our heartfelt sympathy and respect. . 4tb. Tbat the chairman of this meeting lie requested to present these proceedings to the Supreme Cenrt ef this District, and to mare that they be moH on III* minute* Mr Norris ?po?- ot the rtiffl. ullf of the rosmiuee ib expres<iag their feeling*. o?e of 'he? having been an BseociS'e with him in receiving his education. ard another bis tntor. while he himself wiisdbe of hi* closest friends Hs WM a rtevsteil friend and bn.aani, fond father, and in his professional engagements he was prompt and (rfr ready to perform his daiT. Mr Rradley moved that the bar meet at o'clock 10 attend bi-> luneral, which ww adopted. Mr Morsel! spoke of the deceased who he knsw well aa a man who*e cba-acter was finely balanced. Arm, but not obstinate, and ' Who to know waa to respect. Mr Merrick followed, saying that bow a* they were about to any Brother farewell." ' they could look bac* on the past and lind nothing bat pleaenninees. He was a kindhearted, honest man. and no one who ever grasped bus band failed to feel thai he ?? a man. Ihstricf Attorney Carnngton spoke ?r his intercourse with tne deceased as of the m *t pleasant character. He regarded him a* a inxa ' withont a lanlt. Mr R S. Davis referred to the p|e*,ant in- ' terrourse he had enjoyed with the deoeas.-d for years, and was free to confers that h* had "ndYviduallh<< ,r,*ndfchlP for any other .kM!/ B ^ Parley referred u> the tact iha? tie deceased waa one of the first frie.ida be bad made when he arrived ben*, aud snch wi* the character of the deceased, that to be ac<|iia iited with bim was to be a fr end nf.L. ? K Vy?odw*rd "Poke ot the services of the deceased as one of the trusts J{ l)le p"? .ic school, immediately preceding knn and also a Christian gentleman * n* Mr Bradley. jr., referred to the many fla? trtits of character of the deceased, who, in the posy affair* of h*d found tim* to attend to his spiritual being, in beautiful language Mr. I. L Jebnson remarked that he had hart an opportunity to know the deceas-d with wnom, mr two y-ars. he had occupied the name room at col leg,., and he bad at all time-, found him tbegjtme. The'resolutions were adopted and the mating adjourned to it* oVlock to meet u, ait-ud ine ftiurral. ? ^Lrrr,?", ?r MV,OKRH?The following oftrers were elet ted by the (irand I. >d-e 1> ,? Knight. of Pythias, at their la,t ye?iy"om' hQhZ?L'?! "V^-raMe Orand l4r,arCb l H. Ratbbone; Orand Chancellor. Edward UBn, Vice Grand Chancellor. John J Down, Orand Scribe. Clarence 31 Barton Itauker, John H.King,Orand Financial Scribe Wm L Ch.lda; Orand Ouide, Jasper ( rand Inner Meward, K V H*nrv iir.? . Onter Steward, Thorn. W Cook Webster Lodge. No 7. of the same order have elected the following officers -Wor-hv fiance,lor. Jacob Pey,er V ice Chancellor. 0 ^ .. Vv B*nker? 11 L Blout. hmaacial Scilbe, John Meater: Recording Scribe Hiram I* vy; A. Forrest Aliening EOl"ir. " NHth"8 Seward' l'<xtg<>. No. .1. K. ot P., nave elected the follow ing ot officers: Jehn Nmith ir v * M"'"""'" ? u.T iiiTfci&i k s ir ii ;t.D.'"r- ,Pi, K. a II tarrico, b s. K*-pn*?*ntati\ ftSSSL'wX'1S17?" simMk' """ <* fc^AEir?j'JSX? s&s friendship between Damon and Pvtb.a* been but tbiw years iU existence, number Tver H\e hnndred members, and are about organ zing lodges in Baltimore and Pbiladeli tna Many of our b?.t citi/en., are a.^u 'vo * and zealous In its welfare ??r"-t:Anm.-T*> "orniBc. the applicant* for portions mtbe Metropolitan Police "r* hastening to the police h^adquarrera to ^t blanks of the form of application which th-v are required to subscribe to The numbei to be appointed is seventy, and the numner of app icants to select from is very great Thapplication mnst be accompanied by a recoin mendat.on of five citizen , who reprej^f t?e appii< ant as a man of good moral character not a violater ef law, sober, inmp^raie and ,n dustnous not addicted to the u^of intox.(5L ng drinks or other hurtful excesses: ihat thev have never seen him drunk or known of h? hav ing been drunk two yeaTs, nor if his having been guilty of, or nrrested for an J criminal or disorderly conduct or act' ?n i they believe him to be a man of t^tn i'nrJl TemnerUnrt| m'Dd' KOOd nu<1erstanduig.' and Ot temper and manners fit tor a policeman The recommendation must b* 6Worn to by one of the five signers. w* ^h',? About -Play-goer. are familiar wtth the auction going character oi Mrs. Toodlea," who sets h?-r hu-band frantic' oy buying all sort*. trum|?ery, second.hand fhL I!*' h Ac , 4c.. aud finally caps the climax by bidding off a door plate bearing th? name of "Thompson,-,(witn a '!> ) think -ng it would be .o handy to have it Im ibm 5 Jn ca8e tb^T should have a daughter and ThUm n"lrr)rMI by ,be name ot Thompson. It would seem. now. that Mr Too has *one into the auction business a man supposed to be Mr T himself, atfetdmr "? of unclaimed freight by the Old Steamehtn Line, bid briskly upon a corpulen' Mong box, and it was knocked down to him at a good figure. On opening it he was disguated to llnd its contents to be a metallic ?To?en?- * ton,b ,lon* the name of Okphaiv Cocet?Thla morning, F E ^Vhnl," 'pointed guardian to the orphans The h>s?-.nrt ? V7 1>wyeri (kond tMMfc) Theflwt and final ncconnta of the gnardian to the orphans of Jos.ah Barron, of execn tor oi t. T U ilK>n? of the admiBbtratriv fourth individual and fourth geri^ral of the guardian of the orphan, of John ShreVi aS seventh of guardian oforphana of Richard B ai were approved and passed. ' | Thompeon, Kaq., announced the death of Charles H. I 'termehle, Esq , and after some appropriate remarks, the Court adjourned. Th* Eiuhth or Janlaby?The grand ban. quet in honor of thej-.'d Anniversary of Ihe battle of New Orleans, will take place at the National Hotel on the evening of Tuesdav next, and promises to be a grand affair The moat complete aud perfect arrangement* have been made, and the President and bis Cabinet. MY.^X*^T,d*nl^ 04:n',rRU Uranr, Sherman. Meade, Hancock, Tboma*. Kawlmga. and Blair, and other distinguished officers bare bf^n invited. The Hon. Francis P. Blair, Sr . will preside on this interesting occasion ? Con. In ton. ^eath m?' Kokkkt Bbosk. Koq ?This morning Mr. Robert Broom died quite sud denly at Miss Smith s boarding.hou-e, jj. street, of disease of the heart The deceased Col. Broom, of the Ma ,k ' ? f?r many TWb bad been engaged !>f the 2f tbe Saprem* Court of the Criminal Court in overrnling the demurer entered to the Indictment of permry against Sanford Conover, (in false iwcirmr before the Jndiciary Committee of the Houaf 18 argued before the i i!r? ? prem'" V.oort ln **n, ra? term. J udges Olin, Fisner, and Wylie. R*aL Estatk Salbb.?(Jreen k. William, auctioneers, sold a brick houae and lot oa h street north, between4th and 5Lh west, toCJ.C B. Mitchell, for S550: a lot adjoining the same to" Ben. Nertou, lor '.ii cenu per foot the Aveuue House and lot, corner of 7th tmmt and Lomslana avenue, to.J. B. Wilson, tor lot li squared^, on tKd, near C street, to J R 7. merman, for 2 * ce.t. per fiou Z m Cbimival court. Jy,d9t Fitktr.?Yesterday Eggero. alias Henry Taylor, iadicfli for larceny, waa convicted aud sentoaced to one year in the Albany pealt. nUary 10 dea h^^'rton announced tbe 'hartesH. Ctermehle. a member or adjourned to his memory the Court I?iaoKD*Bi T tw Chi^u h?Last night, John Wo'<1' colored, were arrested by officers Brewer and Hill for disorderly conduct In the colored ctiurch ou L. l?U mornin* J?*?Uce Walter flned tbem f lo and S5 r^pectirely. FBR80NAL.?John Hitz. . Mif noiml^r Consul Oeneral of Switzerland, arrivea this morning from Swltnerlaad, where be and his family hnre been on a visit for some monthshaving left Geneva on the I9ih ot last month ?# S'CS":'"' MneicAi. ALU a vac.?J no. P. Ellis.** Pe?u. i sylvaria avenue, hna jnst published a musical ??~ur ?? ? Thb Rivks ?Arrivals from below state tbat ' P^nVV/Je r:er ^y#Bd Mwyland Point, some m miles *oa here, sad that there lee bound. [U0TI01. WAsBmc.reM. Jaa. 4.1W7 The oeaneetioa ef Robert Beekeit iHth the >ioe Prest. f, u. 0e. 1 Affair* ! Oftriruwi. Thi Muekit Hot'fl QvMTIoi The option in approa.hinf. aa<1 tb* oM qaoetioo r? Uve H> th* to on market ud in* bn< j*r ? mark*' i- Mtvn being brongti befor* o?r -<(4. ?**? The que-tion n?iaiy dit. u*>r<l M rtoi, "k. il" l'OTp?r*t)o? U?< rigut uo>r 'he rbtr'w t. regulate :\nd control market*. v hefor* bai, ie 11 jn*? ??? p?r?i that tb* legitime a r*v?%rue* Of tl>* Corporation shall o* |>iva ty nrtva e irdtvidnaii* ? Nora* ol th* m<uno*r? cm t 1* CJ01 noraiiun favor aubaaitting it to a row- at ta* whr> p*opl* This i?obj*-t-d lo by oth-r*. I wbn favor 'b* tfi>raHloii of lav po<nt? m ! vuliM 10 the dirpit* about ttf m%rk?tt by iv e urtt. Another party deeiree thai ih? qa<w t ? n b* kobmlt'N to the taxpayer* la (t? Council, Ttnr?day night, th* ? object wa? intre rtnffd ib two fonni, a poo both of wbioh -a* Hoard wa* about equally divided. and on* ?f tb* proposition*?lb at of the Ald*rm*a. to rag olat* t|-e market? wu ref*rr*d to a commuw? t he k i v ik amd cabal .?The i.^e h^tinf effectually c osed navigation of the n?i>r and . anal there bav* b*n do ?rri?M? ot d*t>a-iuree of veeeels or boats by *itber root* I n* bu?it>eie about tb* coal wbirrw ta doll. tb*r? heirg nothing to do roor* 'ban a f*w alight repairs. mad* n*ce?*ary by tb* wear and tear I of the i-a*t reason, \ud tb* arraagem**t of tb' office* of tb* agent*. in anUcipati > of tb* resumption of navt?at>on. The mills have not suspended operations, hot are , employed in iriid^i up ib* supply of grate - in their p?k*fw n. Tb* m*rchauia on tb* I ri?? from bav* been do>ng bat littl*, roan par. t atively, dnrirg this week Cirru usually at'ending tbia ?*a?on of ?h* v*ar bav* , bad tb* *ffect to cb*ck trad* witb tb* tntori tr i of tb* n*ar States. and tb*- shipping having 4 been suspended. transactions ar* mo**ly or a local character and comparatively email Th,, condition of 'bines ba? 00 depreesiac *tf'*.-t open lb* merchants, wbo ar* cb**rfo1ly lo.>? ing tor a >pe*dy removal ot all obvtrurtton* ? trad* IoiWttis# ?Tb*<lr*at Falls IcoCompaay have j?st commenced gathering ic* at in* Kails. Tb* mow wan cleared off. and block, of lienuUlul ic*. nine iocb*K thick, ar* h*:n< stored Tb* company haves*v*n ic*hou?e* \t their d*pot. ?ompe?en. to stor* l.iidu ton* *an. though tb* quantity to b* harve?:*d ky th-'n to fill order*. will b* more tban doohl* <b*t atnoun' Th* company 1* alao rutting ic* >a J .it! I* nv*r, back ot Anatoxin laiand, vVr> the clour ic* i> about s*vrn mi h*s 'bit k 1 ti* company propo*-* ?o*r*ct a ntm tiroao l.tMl* ri\er. from tb* laiao<l to tb* Virpaia ?h >r? n*xta*a?OB. t?o ae to b* abl* to lock tb* wat?r in at high tid* and k<**p it lork*<l in un'il th**y ha** doi.o cuttiac My thi- m*ai.? ihny *ip*n to improve tb* ic* in purity. w*i| cr*a<-* iti> thickD*x? Tur Mahkbth ?As asnal at tb* clos* or ta* w?-*k,oor proxision mark*u w*r* w?u att*ndfd this morr or Tb* attendaoc* m country d*al*rs wr? larr*nban waa *ip* >4, aiid the litfBtfd d<*i?|i*rs w*r* all at ?n- .r snds, in both th* N*w Market and ?* liutcber's Mark*t. Tb?* provision* 4 w*r* of PKC*ll*nt quality, and th* supply in pi* To* pnc*(. *ire r^neraliv abot tb>- am* a? tbos* quot*d in th* Star tor tb* Wa?biog;oa tnarkfts last v. *^k Flocr a?i? Hkai* Makkit -Th* marKH tbis Wf?k bas hwii mart', v Tfc* city trat* manrt improv*d to-oay. and will no doubt t* mor* actiT* and r*cuiar during th* r*. ,1 1..Binder cf 'b* wmt*r. Flour supers ar? flaj r-noted at ? 11 ,'M to B|2 cut extra, bit to HIT j > extra?. >14 to *14 7.V Wh*at?R*d, 9* <*, to % \* bit*, fj to |> I j Ooro?Laat ?.al* at nr, p*r bbl Fbtit wt.-R?ir(*a Fo?r*ll. colored, waa arrested b\ od: cer Fndl*r. for the I ween y of a lot ot Iron from Kay's docks. Jbuii* Huckey sent him to jail lor court Fork ?Some v*ry tt 11* lots ot alaoi;ht*r>-l ho^s arrived at the marK*t last ni?bt and :h ? morning- Salef. from tb* wagons ar* reported at per to*. lbs., and trom tbestor** at bi<. ^ ^ M AP"A? HK-4KTT* A VKAIRH ?Tb* I<*Clklatur* of &la.'-farbus*tu met Tbursdav. and Oov*rn ?r Hulloik. of that Stat*. s*nt in "his annual me?t,xg9. The present State debt is f 11, tt haymc be*n increased during !-"??>. $4 :il?.41. This increase ha? been mainly caused bv loans to various railroad corpora;.one Thwar *xp*nditur*s of Mwsa. hu-ott*. amoun ted to OT*r f5(i h?).oo?. of which the I'm tod stat-? is charged with and of this amount has alreadr reirabursod Massachtis. tr* :t.. ?5'1. 1 be school system of the State cost last year f I... aad the to al ex;H>nditnr*s for !-?7 tor all purpoa*? ar* e?tiBiated at Tbo OoT*rnor di-cos**s tb* poliucal condit: >a of tb* coontrjr at rr*at l*u*th. and *vid*ntiy looks to a basis of recoostroction beyond 0* Constitutional amendment now awaiting ratification by the rariooa Stat* legislator** PIAHO roE 8ALB CHBAP?A did hao>t*oB*ly carved 7 octavo lon-HB w?K#d PIANO brautlfolly inlaid with"' 1 P^v1' smgiOK ?<>ns Cao i? -.? at h<> 473 I. th st. ja 1 tt * j^AB Hcrre roB IKATUS ~~ A An iodtayeosaM* articls for all ?Uo aro ni xig to th* cold. For sal* by HOAH WALKIB A CO. ja4-4tif !? > Poao.avooa*. |y I. DDftOV, PRODUCE OOMMISSfON MBRCHAXr. * :> WHOLKSALB iv BBTTIK. CBBBSI. LABO. Ar. Mo it bou'.b atroot, Baltimors. <y*BatUr parked for tranarortaiioB. ji Hf | ^LBXABDUIA. TIBQIBIA. JaaBary |. ???7. Having given Hasan. OBILLBT * CBOOAB tke AgoBcr for tkaaala of oor OBacBBBS la taa Llatrfcl of Colombia, all boaiaaso boroaftor will bo attend ad lo by tkMB. Tbe> caa be found at bo 79 LooislaBa avaons. betwaon Mb aad Ittbataats. wharo thay will ke*? <>a haod a aatbly of 0r*< ksrs freah from oar Bakery daily, vie: bod a. Batter. BBgar, Water, and Oyetar tb-aekars, Ologar boapa. Ginger Oak ea. and Sugar Cake*: tt lot Bread aad Cracker Baat. which tba> will dallver at city bakara' prlooa. /as aolw JAMIBbOB A 00 TIJ1 CUPAkTb BBBHir berotuforo exist)at bttwMB oodtnlfMd, under thi ilf ! uf ODOMBOOHUB A HdYlB) . waa disaolv^d by mutual coaseat. on then day of Janoary. Peter J. Horley la anthortsod toaettl* tba buai aeas of th* lata firm. P1TBB ODOb'BOOBLB pktbb j. hcblbt. Tbe BBderalgaed <-?atiB?? the baataaaa at tbo old stood. Bo. 30 Baat Market Apace, on "wn ascoont, and reaae. ttnllv aollclta a oootinu ance of the patronage heretofore extended to the old firm. (jB6 3tn 4. BUBLBY. BAILIFF'S BALB OF TBB "BVBBBTT KBSTACBABT AMD DlailBO BAIK>OM. By virtne of a writ of bio directed. I hav? tnla day seized ato levlad a?ol all tha goods and cnattela situated in the hooae and aremi*** Bo. X19 F street north, between l?th aad iittti atreota we at. to aatlafy houaareot doe aad in ar rsaia by Junes M. lo- to Ohria. Cammsck Jr . and I her- t y give notice that I will exooee tha aaaa for aale to the hi# host bidder, for oaah at Snblic auction, on THUttbli.' ^ . the Mth day of anuary Instant, at 10 o'clock to tb* foreo ot oa tbeaaid ?reaue*e. Mo ?tt> F street, to aatitfr s*i<i rest, so do- an l in arrv-ara. _J- F- FBBBMAM. Bailtfi, ja i 4t For Chriatoober Oaiantaek Jr BTMOPULITAM . PATBNTSTBAM BAKBBT, 347 Oat.. betaeendS aad ?tb streets. hatennbb-sTamilt bb^ad Baa no agoal la tha market Famtfies and Bracers aupplied. THO. AVBBBBB 505 " "J?"" 505 FBBPABB FOB THB BOLIOATD. 'KinWKLL B~HKMDBB80M Wonld reapectfally eel I tb* attention of their friends and tb* ?obMc to their latge aad well aelectad aaaortmeat of WALL PAFBBB AMD WIBDOW BHADBI, of the Lataot Sty lea. Alao, ob baad a#erg* assortment ?f OIL CLOTHS. TABLB OOVBBS. BUST TO BLIMDB, PAPBB 00BTAIB1. FIBB BOABD PBIMTS. OFAL FIOTOBB FBAMBS. Together with OOBDS ABD TASSELS TO BUIT. All of which they are prepared to eel I at the LOWBST CASH PBI0BS. Be member tba place, 0* B1MTH STBBBT. | Four doora above D atreet, Beaton Hall Bvlldiog do ia ,w llOI *B 8KATBS from M casta to BC, O MSB'S BKATBSfront ?1.0u ?B. at tbo Skate Depot. POCLTBBT A TBIMBLB. Mo. iH Weat BBlMMaraatroet. *? >? Baltimore. M? San toae FIAM0. e alB|S UKAJBBB. AlFBitlOk !-O^ADAifb?% P15b tth etraei. aad for 2S centt go-*oe of hia *? - w mr ...It.W.IKlStfW.. _ BrSSRSMA-s: ssK > at ie a vegetable oompoaad, aad oeatnlas Be l?l^t'wiu'lKm roaatl'am ia its Oaiemat. iy&tejliSSVmMii awiiu -r ^ mnhmt.^ f itiiiiw. Kaabna h B pr??netora A For aala by Ml Drdggtsta ' ^? Tn.lg