Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. AaUBBHXBTS. Ac . TO-HIQHT. National i hkatkr?The grand spectacu*r opera. "The Star of ib? North," by the Jliri.^k troupe ibis evening. Wall's Niw (?r era Horsa?Last night of Hon rr Iran It's best play, '-The Eon* Strike," the p'oduciion of which m this city, with all rhe fli.e scenic and mechanical rife' ts, has been a cr?at mrof?a, the bouse being crowded every mgbt. No one abould fail to see it. Ihi and Hall.?All of oar readers should pay at least one visit to the excellently conducted fair, for the benefit of Grace Church, now in progress at Inland Hall. To-night there will b? statuary at tbe fair for taMeans Tbia interesting fair will elate on Monday night next, when the article remain,ug ?ai be disposed of at auction. Ihbtali atiok or Offickrh ?The followtag officers of the Encampments and Lodges of the Order of Odd Fellows in this jurisdiction are being installed this week: Colombian Encampment, No. 1.?T. E. W. Feinour, C- Patriarch; A. Adler, H. Priest; E. Coooman. Sr Warden. E. W. Heach, Jr. Wardee Win R McLean, Scribe; John A. Moulden. Treasurer. Magenenu, No. 4.?W. H. Scott, C. P.: Geo. H Thompson. H. P : John E. Herrell, S. W.; A Matmeson. J. W.; Jos. S. Tucker, s \*m K Richards. T. Ridgety, No. 5 ? William Chase, C. P.; D B Eauer H P . E. T. Parker, S. W ; J H Boyle, J W H A Kidder, S.: Geo. Rhinehart, T. Mount Nebo, No. 6 ?Julius Strobel. C. P.: - Stewart, H P.: John Wahl, S. W.; Joseph T. f ord. J. W.: Thos. W. Fowler, S.; John T. Given. T. Central Lodge, >0 1.?Charles H Johnson, Noble Grand, B. M. Plumb, Vic? Grand; I,ewis Heilbrun, Financial Secretary ; F. B. I.oid jr. Recording Secretary; Benjamin E. liftirtf. Trea>nrer. Washington. No. 6.?T. Bnckey Tavler, N 41. J T W McKean. V.G.; Stewart, F. S.; Jaa P. McKean R. S.; Andrew Jackson. T. Pattern, No. ?.?J. E. Cramp ton, N. (J ; J. I VV . Parker, \ O.. I. Crosson, F. S P 51 Pearson, R S.; C C. Anderson, T. Harmony, No.9?A. R. Mclnturff, N. G.: Wrr. E Chillis, V IP: W. H Scott, R. S.; Jas H Turner. F.S; Wm. Young, T. Columbia. No. It) ?C. C. Oollieon, N. G A J Donaldson, V. G.; R. C. Hewett, F.' S.John A Moulden. R. S Samuel Wise, T. I ni?n, No. II.?J as. E. Bote I or, N G.; A.J. H Carkiu, \ . G.; Lhwik W. Shoemaker, F S Jos S Tin ker. R. S : W. E. Kichards, T Friendship. N* 12?H. C. Espey. N\ G.; William Chase. V. G.; E. T. Parker, F. S.; P H Sweet. R. S B Kidder, T. Covenant, No. 13?J. M Palmer, N. G.; J. O Earman. V.G.: C. H. Lawrence. F. S.; N. S Ertily. R S.; S. C. Palmer, T. Reason. No. 15.?E. D. Clapp, NO: A H Bradley. V. G : George E. Falconer. F. S.; L. B- Allyn. R. s.; N. Mulhken, T. Metropolis. No. 16?H. C Stevens, N. G.; Peter Gtngon. V G T. E. W. Feiuour, F. S W A Vates. R. S .; A. Duvall. T. L F.xcelsior. No. 1? ? C. W. Darr, N. G.; J. G. l*oiirterbacb. V G Thomas Scrivener, F. S.William Cooper, R. S., John C. Shaier. T. Mechanics, No. 1-.?James Ball, N. G. J. I). Robinson. V.G ; Robert Butler. R. s.; John Garrett. F. S.; A C. Prather, T Oriental. No. 19?C. Fber. N O.; D. Pfeil, > G.; J Miller, F. S.; F. Schweiring, R. s Charles Just, T. Char'iii' with Forgkky.?In the Criminal ik>uri, yesterday, betore Judge Fisher, John Moulton was placed on trial for forgery. Tbe evidence showed that the accused bad a claim against the Government for a pension of eight dollars per month, he having served in tbe army, that he prraented to the Pension Office affidavits of two parties sworn betore Thos. J. Myers, which affidavits were refused at tbe Per.sioi? Office on account of not containing the facts in the case. On his application the affidavits were returned to him, and by him taken to the same notary with the names erased, and a request that Mr. Myers should insert other name*, which Mr. M. refused. The accused then inserted two fictitious names, and tiled the -ame at the Pension Office as a part of tbe foundation of his claim. The forgery vu discovered by the Examiner, and the accused arrested and indicted for forgery. Mr. Smithers. for defense, contended that accused could not be convicted of forgerv in tabricating testimony in support of an honest claim The District Attorney asked the following instruction, which was refused, and also a request that the question be certified to the court in banc If the jury believe fiem tbe evidence that the prisoner bad an honest claim against the Government for a pension, and that to obtain aaid pension, be erased tbe nam<4 of the real ? affiants from tbe affidavit mailed and offered * in evidence without the knowledge of the notary public before whom the affiant was sworn, and inserted two fictitious names, town: William W. Billings and Joseph Clancy, and presented said affidavit after it had been altered as aforesaid, to the Pension Office a? the foundation of his said claim, they should find him guilty of forgery. Tbe Court refusing this instruction, tbe counsel for the Government prays that tbequestion may be referred to the Court "in banc." A verdict ol not guilty was rendered. CmtbbMab&bt Io-oai?Beef; best cuts, K lb., 25c.; next,-.luc.; Salt Beef, 15a2t>c.; Dried I 2Sa3oc. Veal, 20c. Mutton, chops, 20c., Eamb, fiUc.: Lard, 19c.; Porfc, fresh, 12*l5e.; corned, 15?.. Bacon. hams, uncut, 20a30c.; sliced, :Xc.; breasts. isaytc.; shoulders, 18c. Butter, 40a 45c.;Chickens, pair, 50c afl.50; Turkies, each,?l I 50; Ducks, pair, 75c .aft. Eggs, do*., 'Ka40c. Green Corn. can. 40c. Green Corn, mear. dozen, 1? cents. Apples, pk, Apple*, dried, 75c. Leeks, bh., 5c. Turnips, 25c. pk. Peaches, dried, per quart, 15 eta. Beans, butter, JOc.; white, 12al5c.: dned cherries, qt., 50c. Radishes, per bunch.,2a4c. Beets, per pk.,40c. Onions, 40c.; Okra, Sue.: Parsnips, 30aloc.; Peas, quart, 10c. Carrots, bunch. 5 cetita. Fish-Rock, large,each, f la2: small.bunch, 4?k;.; Perch, 40c.; Mackerel, 25c. each; Halibut, lb., 25c.; Sheephead, 75af I each: Lobsters, per pound. 15 cents: Sea Bass, per pound, 12 cent*. Spanish Mackerel, flaf150 each. Ky?, per bushel, 95c af 1.10. Corn Meal, ShipstulT, ?oa*>c. Brown ?tu!T, 50c Shorn. 40c. Corn, shelled, flafl.10, in ear, bbl. f4af5. Oats, bh., eoaMc. Hay, cwt., fl 50 f I -5. Straw, flal.JO. Celery, pr bunch, 10c. Erout, per quart, f-c. Cabbage, per head, 5a 10c Mommy, quart, 10 cents. Lettuce, lalO cents. Pheasants, p#r pair, fi.5t>af2; Potatoes, 40c. per peck: Sqirrels. 3d cents each: Egg Plants, Gallic Cbe*rauts. 20c. qt. Sweet Potatoes. 50c. .Lrapefc' a5c- ,b Small Birds, per dox., fl.2?. Woodcock. p*r pr. fl. Small Ducks, Canvass Back*, *?af4 ; Red Necks. fla?2 2?iT' P*r doz., f4af6; Bobbins, fl50. Rabbits, each. 30a40c. Chinquapins, per quart, 2t)c.; Cranberries, 20c. Pumpkins, 10 to . each. 1 bis morning a very fine lot of slaughtered hogs were ottered at the scale-hou^e, and sold at prices ranging from f 10 to f 12 per 100 lbs. Beef, ftiaf 12 The supply of poultry has improved. and the prices are about the same as last Saturday. The Snow Law?The enforcement of the snow law (as the Act of the Corporation requiting housekeepers and property-owners to remove ihe snow from their pavements is called.) is attended with much grumbling by a few of tbo*e who are subject to the penalty. The enactmeut of such a law was loudly called for a tew winters ago when several estimable citizens were seriously iajured by failing on tbe pavements, but since tbe Corporation has enacted the law, and the officers do their duty with regard to It, some of those who were aioet In favor of it condemn the officers beCBB** *be offenders have to pay for their own negiee'. Yesterday the pelice of the Id ward arrested thirteen partiee for violating the law, and the J ustice imposed the lowest fine in each ca?e, In the second ward three were arrested?one was fined and twe disnrssed. Generally, tbey acknowledged the lustice of ae law. paid cheerfully, and departed. Some, | fined*"' 'erjr Lbe ld,wl ?r Howaed ParL-These justr ?! ^ artists, who will appear at Met^cces^inalf nLWCk haTPac^*ed a decided lermT^nenti fn if"". "1 cities, and their entertainments in Baltimore this week have drawn crowded bone*. The Baltimore papers say they are the most remarkable ever given in that city, and present poinU of elc*fi?nc? never surpassed by any of the present day Mr and Mrs. Howard Paul are both admirable actors, and the lady possesses a eon ralto voice of astonishing ra?ge and ln lhe droll sneezing song" (done in fremch in mi. tation of the celebrated Thereea of the Paris Alcazar, i and the '-Dream of the Reveller" Henry Russell*s famous lyric, she produce,i'? veritable /umri. Mr. Howard Paul give* a taitbful fall length likeness of Napoleon 111, and sings a >>nfio lyric, "The Life of Julias < '^-?ar," with true vim and humor. Their entertainments are nique and excellent. FraoLART?Some time last Thursday night the store of Messrs. W H & (). H Morris.)ii, >n Pennsvlvaaia avenue, rear 4^ street, was entered by burglars, who effee'ed their by cutting <>ui aglass over ibe front door. A quantity of cu'lerv is missing by the Messrs Morrison: and Mr. Prigg, who oecapies a porion of tbe store with a dollar jewelry estahri -hnw nt. loses from four to five hundred dollars m j?welry and fancy articles. # . ^ Poi.ic* Rbforts?Tbe lieu'enaats of ths I ^arioas police prectacts reported this m3rnlng *4 arrests in tbe entire District. The amount i:ap j?ed in Corporation fines wa? SUT 99. -** Alit AHDttiA #. VilBiMTM ?The AlexlitfriMieoiliDie tbHr oppontioo to the proposed Alexandria Md fteorgetowa Railroad, wit* a* energy and persistence, which if manifested to a fair aad maalr competition wita their businessrivals la amghboriag cities, would be likely to par better than th- ?ud,a*or to control or direct tbe channels of trade (always a herculeaa task) erer will. A I'gubrtoua correspondent ef the Alexaalria O ixttte says "If anybody wtsbea to see the tjeeti of only 0" railroad to Washington, upon Alexandria, he b*? but to ataod at tbe depot at tbe corner of King and St. Asaph streets, to which point the cars are most unwisely allowed to come, and notice tbe crowds that lea re bere erery day: men, women, and children; and then r'tum with their bundles of purchaitt made in W.i&hing?on. All the "shopping" possible Is done in Washington, with the '-one hour train," and when the "half-hoar train" is started aloug the (anal bank, Hearen only knows what our store-keepers, retail traders, shopmen, Ac., will do?" The (iaxftte think* these statements exaggerated, and says, no place can thrire if home business is not encouraged. We would suggest that tbe only war for the Alexandria merchants to help themselves is to sell as cheap at their Urals bere. CITY ITEMS. jk.wki.kt. and silrer-plated Ware, Spoons, Forks, Cops, (loblets, Call Bells. Bog Wood Sena, new styles Jet Chains. Cluster Setts, Scarf Pine. Binge. gold-plated Chains. Bracelets. Combs, new styles, for only one dollar, at Prigg'a One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 438 Penn. ave., near 4 \ street. ? NuTwithbtawdino the lateness of the s?afon. new goods, at reduced prices, are constantly arriving at Heuning's One Price Clothing Store, on the corner of Seventh street aud Maryland avenue Wk takb pleasure hi annonncing that our old fellow citizen, J. B Gardner, M. I>., has renewed his practice, in which speciality we know he has had great experience. We refer you to the advertisement column. s ? . 1>r. Whitb. Chiropodist, 4*24 Penn. ar . hetween 4X and ?th street*, contmnes the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular ex-? cresences, Ac. Office hours from S a. m. to 5 p. m , and 6 to Bp.D. Established 1^61. * ihb-fltitchkit Boots made to order, and a good lit warranted for 810; pegged boots, cus'om-made store boots, $6.50; kip boots, for 83 50 to at Heilbrun A Brother's, 506 Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 20 For Cim.blaixfl aud Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price f 1 per bottle. Kor sale at 4'-?4 Pennsylvania aveuue, between 4^ an d 6tb streets. .? a A Si ee Pilb Ccau- Dr. Hubert's Pile in strumen. positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of #4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted evervwhpre. Address J. B Bomaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Pbxhib* can he bad in auy quantities at tno S'arolllcs conntsr ^m MARK1E1), DONALDSON?BBUN NEB. On tha TTtU of De cumber, by the Rev. Mr. Hamilton. Mr. THOU AS G 1 ONALDSON to Mrs. kan NII 0. B RUNNER, both of this city. ? ?????? BIBU. LKITCH. Fell asleep in tha arms of Jesus, ea tb? .id instant, at half pact 5 o clock in th? afternoon. OOBNELICh JO lift ALEXANDER LEITCn.lntbeHth year of hi. age. His I anguishing head is at rest It'a ibinkin* an t aching is over. His unlet immovable hrna-t la heard by aittlction* no mora. His heart la no longer the seat Of trouble and torturing l?Ib It ceaaea to flatter and bxat It never shall flutter again. His frieads ana acquaintances are respectfnlly invitfu to a: ten) hi- funeral on ounday morning, tin- 6th inst., at 10 o'elock, lrttn hi* late resi lence, . ? lrw>1 betwt-.-n W and 4', str-eta, l-iand. Hlx ramaiUH will be carri>-<l to Bt D,>inini< k a rhnrrh. s Tharsdap. January 3, ? 1N8. in the 60th yar of hi* ag?. His tunrral will take place on to morrow afternoon. at 3 o'elock, from his late residence. N? bfl Ureen street, Georgetown. 0. O The relatives ar.ilfi lends of the family are respectfully invited ts attend. > GLOKEY In tils city, on the 4th Inatant fndSu'rf H LOlokeB,BTH- d*U,hUr ?f W,UiMa *' The friends of tne family are invited to the funeral from tbe reeidence ef her parents, on id street east, l^tween H and 1 streets, at 13 o'clock to-morrow. (Monday.) BOON AN -Ob thei 4th Instant, at 7 o'clock a. m., Mr* OATHABIBB NOON AN, In the 90th year of her age Her friends and relatives are respectfully Invl!?d t5^t,"n<1 h#r fnneral, from ker late residence. No, 30, corner of 22d and H streets, on tomorrow (Bandar,j tha Sth instant, at 1 o'clock p m. * FLEMING, I. this city, on the sth instant, JB88B B FLBMlNs, formerly of Harper'* fer. , aged 1J yesre.S month* and 11 daya. He died with well grounded hopea of a blissful immortality. The funeral will take alaee at 1* o'clock p. m , on Sunday 6th Instant, from tbe residence of hi* Barents, no. 234 9th street, between N and O [Charlsstown, Y?? Free Press please copy.] * GODDABD. 9n Friday evening, January 4, of ahronlc dieentsry. BOLOMON GODDABD, in the ?3d year vf his age. Hie funsral will take place on Sunday evening. January 6, at three o'clock, from hie late real'lanceon 10th atreet, near Boundary. * MOSES. Ob the Sth in*t,, SOPHIB TU0KEB, aged 9 years, daughter ef Blmpeon P. and Lizzie T Moaee. The friend* of the famlly.are invited te attend the fnneral, fram the residence Ho. UOU New York avsnns, at >S o'elock Sunday af.ernoon. * BBOOM. Tbl* (Saturday) morning, at 10 o,cleek. BOBBBT H. BBOOM. B.q . ^cood s" of the late lol. Charles Broom, of the Marine ?Hrf?funeral will take place en Monday, the 7th 11 m..frorn tha reeidence of Mias Smith corner of Pa. areane aad 4>? atreet. Frlenda of tha family are Invited to attend. [Ohroniele and Intelligencer copy.] * KIIIKOT. On the.'th Inst., THOMA8 KENNEDY, aged 11 years Ids friends and thoae of Mr. Keppel are respectfully Invited to attend hla funeral, from the residence ef Mr H. Koppel, corner of 8tb and L eta., on to morrow, (Sunday.) tha 8th instant, at lk o'clock p m. The iuneral aerrlces will take place at 8t. Patrick's Charrh. ^ LOUISIANA AYBMCM. ^ J. H. CBANB M 00. Hare on band a large and fine assortment of OOOD8, suited to thi* market, sack as BUTTKB, CHEB8B, BOOB, APPLBB, BAlBlBS. FIOS, OITBOB, NUTS, HAMS. CODFISH, MAOK BBBL, HEBBINO, BOAPS, CANNED OOODS, Ac. Aleo. 50 Barrels Moore'* celebrated OHAMPAOBB barrel or gallon. Alltheabore goods ars offered at the loweet market price, and warranted to aalt, by J. H. OBANB A CO., ja 4 lm S3 La ave.. between 6th and 7th. rjpHB NBW 0BY8TAL VI81TIBG OABD, at PHILP * SOLOMON'S MBTBOPOL1TAN BOOB BTOBB, 33U Penoaylvaala aveaue, jie Si eo.1t bet. 9th aad loth streets. C'fJOCOLATB DOUBLE, YABILLB, y DB H. MAILLA1BD. Pur Cacao et Sucre. Exempt de tent' melange. Z. M. P. K.IBO A BON. King Place. Corner Vermont avenne and 15H atreet. w EST IBDIA OBANOBS AND ~ '* bwbbt Malaga obapes. Freeh KINO PLACE i^HOlCM NUTB. BA1S1N8. KIOS.ODBRANTS, a SPICES. Ac , Ac-, to snlt this particular season. For sale by Z. M P. KINO A BON, de 31-tf ? King Place. ^UPiETSI BJMI 1 P. I have this day associated with me In the Grocery Hueiaeee my bretber. J AS. H. G CLICK, and the bneicess will hereafter he oeaducted by the firm ot OCLIOK A BBOTHBB. All persons baring emettled aoconnt* are re quested to eettle the eame, as new books will be opened from this date. O F.OOLIOK. Washington, D. O.. January 1, IM7. We. the naderslgaed, feel coa&deat that, with onr experience and tbe facilities at onr command, we can fnrnUh te parchaeera both wholesale aad retoil. aa large aad well assorted stock Of Groceries, Test, Wines, Ll ioors. Cigars. Ac . aa the market affords and at the meet reaaonanfs rates. Go >d* hoasbt of ?s delivered free of charge to any part of keeity. O0LICK ft BRO., Ccrne-ofHew Jersey a venae aad B atrseisoath. is l^iftt ^ ( )HD WOYll TAKEN IB BXOHANOE I' lortitwoBS*> , fTOVB^oaATOO, In grant varlsty. sttoH[ etrsea, near tha Brtdga. ?*Bla' OP v 1BGIB OIL or A1B. ^ ' \ ??....m-wvasf BEW TOBK PBICBk * W. RCB0H1LL. a ear. 14th aad Fate, aader BnhluMesi so. P)B 8 ALB?A MOUTB oh THB STAB. nn?herlng c?er 70e Sabarrfa-T* fir fnrtlw pirtisalsfs app4y at Be sxh st., U4aa4. ja! S4 , AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. rHMrlmlt >t?p??, M?r Wlllnrds' Hotel. AX IIA1ITCTK1GBAND ITALIA* OPIBA TUIB toetorday > BYENINo. January i Flrtt and otily time <?r M*t?rbMr^ oslsbra ?d GHAND BPBCTACBLAE OPKIlA. TUB STAB OF TBI NOBTH, WV. K ... K Nort.l ' whioh will be produced in meat gorgetus style, wuh entirely new and toetly dr*NN, appe -itnunte, and nr perties, Greed Orchestra and Chorus. beautiful Pleto-eeon. *ffacts la the GBAND ENCAMPMENT SOME, Daring tbe Second Act, And an unexampled Oast. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. ?*SBIA ...-.PEOPBIETOEB. B. B. PHILLIPS STAGB MANAGES. CHANGB OP Tin: Doors or?o at a qiirtwr to 7; ytrftraiict commenoee at a ??ut?r to 8 precisely. LAST NIGHT of BonelcanIt's Great Pl*?. LONG 8TBIKB, With all th* 8oeni<~ ?ad Mechanical Bfftctt. The great TELBOBAPRIO H'lEHB estlre. With instrument* supplied by th* I an u laved Telegraph Oo. MONDAY, January 7?The Popular Aetor, Mr. B L. Davenport. In bli nnetonlled Impersonation of HAMLBT. PBIOKS Private Boxes, #8; Orcheatra Chairs. 91: Dress Circle. 7? centa; Parquette. BO cents; Pamily Circle, V> coats; Colored Circle, 29 canta. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOE TBBEE TTTGHTB ONLT. TUKbDAT, WEDNESDAY. AND THUB8DAY EVENING8, JANUARY *th,9th, and 1?th, THE ORIGINAL rATHKB KEMP. with hi? celebrated OLD FOLKB CONCERT COMPANY, Consisting of * / LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. With a Splei.di'1 Orch"Stra; assisted by EMMA J NICHOLS, THE JENNY LINI> OP AMEB1CA. A <1 mis-ion. *JS rent*, reservel ?e*ts, AO cents. Doors epen at 7, concert at 8 o'clock. GRAND M KTINEE OnWEPNRHtAY AFTERNOON. Jan. 9th. at .1 o'cloek . Children te Matinee I 5 eta. ja3 7t* ^A( BED CONCEET, Under the direction or EOBEBT HBLLEB. in the CBUBCI1 OF THE EPIPHANY. O. bet. 13th and 14th street*, on WEDNESDAY EYBNINO. 9TH JANUABY, In aid of the tew North Knd and Weat End Pro teetaut Kplacopal Charchea. Admission ONE DOLLK B To be hftd at 5L-t/?-rott's and EUi-T Stores, ja 9 td MET/.EBOTT HALL. FOE ONE WEEK ONLY. Messrs JARRTTT .t PALM EB t>eg to announce t<> *he citizens of Washington that they have enfcxgtd those minent Artiats, MB. AND MBB. HOWABD PAUL, wbo will appear for the first time in this city on MONDAY EYEBINO, Jan. 7,1*67, and every evening daring the week, ia their GRAND ENTEBTAIHMENTB or CONCBBT8 IK COSTUME, a* recently given 1,000 nighta in London and fifty nights at Irving Hall, Hew York. They will appear in 15 SONOB AND IMPERSONATIONS, Among which will he fonnd Henry Bnssell's great Lyric, entitled THK DBEAM OP THB BEYELLBB, And the celebrated Ballad, WHEN OEOBGETHB THIBD WAS KING,' and tha celbrated SNEEZING BONG, The whole forming the no.t unique, elegant and varied Entertainment ever given in th- United Bi*t?s. For particulars see Bills an<l Circulars. PBICBS?Admission, AO cents; Beserved Beats, 7cants. Th* sal* of Beserved Seats will commence at Metzerott's Music Store oa Friday morning, Jan. 4. 1867 Doors opeo at 7S,; commence at 7\ o'clk. ja2 It psers. J. W. A H. P. KBBIB' DANC1HG ACADEMY, ?| Pennsylvania avenne, bet. 6th and 7th sta.. JjX Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Oar Aoademy Is now open for tke reception of Pnplls. A select class is now forming on Wednesday afternoon from 4 to < e clock, for these wbo cannot attend oar regular classes. Circulars can b* had at J. F. Ellis' and W. G. Hatgerott A Co.'a Music Stores. Th* Hall can be ranted for Soirees, So. Days and Hours of TVtitim : For Ladles, Misses and Masters. Tnssday and Tha redny afternoons, from 3 to S o'clock. Gentlemen 'e Glasses. Taoaday and Thursday evs nlngs, from8 to IV o'clock. For further Information, apply daring tha boura of tuition, or address a nota to th* Academy. Quarter commencing with the flrst lesson, se 10 MAIIII'I FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, AT am MA BIN IB ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M . K. between 9th and 10th streets, This academy Is now open for tbe recep-UBk tloa of pupiln. Dejs and honra of tuition for yoang ladles mlaaesand masters. Tussdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from S to p. m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, sam* evenings. N B ?Private instruction given to suit the convenlence of th* pnpll. sets BALLS, PARTIES, <fec. THE FIFTH ANNUAL PBIZB MAByUEB 1 ADB BALL or TH* HABMONY CIBCLB will b* given at tha ODD FBLLOWB' HALL, On MONDAY BYBNING, January 14th. 1867. Two valuable prizes will be gl\en to thsbsst original mala ana female maskers. ?1be number c*'ds for admission positively Jf. L *"^.5*2 only be procured at Nos. ?ra 311 and 468 Pennsylvania avenue up to B tlK- 1Mb Instant. JR No ticket* sold after that data Mr. Marshal, the popular Oostumer. of Baltimora, will be at the Gsrmaaia Ho *1, O street, between 4>* and 6th, on Batarday and Monday, January 13th and 14th, with a very large variety of the latest novelties of Costnmes. Prof Schruoder's celebrated Marina Band has been engaged for this occasion. _janl.-MU.ll 4t COMMITTEE. (JvsatifiKKO.) ANNUAL (Jnntuinuno. BALL OF THB JOUBNEYRBN BOOK-BIN DEBS' BOCIBTY, AT ODD FELLOW8' HALL, 7tm STBBET, MONDAY BYENIBQ, JANUARY 7m, 1867. Th* Society, in announcing to tho public M. their ANNUAL BALL, b?g l*av* to state H that avery arrangement.which the attention NB of their Committees or m*n*y can oom (uR mand will be made available for th* comfort and nioyment of our friends on tb* above occasion To thoss who have favored as with th*lr presence at former entertainments, wo would any that from the preparations in hand wa hava avery indication of making this affair as pleasant and sdccwsfnl as any of our pravlons efforts to satisfy and pleas*. The bost cotillon music has boon engaged for the ooeaslou. Supper will b* furnished by an *sp*r!*nc*d caterer. Refreshment* In abnndanc*. Tickets, |J ; admitting a gentleman and ladlos. Committee of A^mntemeuts. J.H.DQRaat, V. B. Bishop. H. O. Espev, A. G. Hullett. T. O Neal Mar., James T. McOowan. jan let PERSONAL. A MONTHLY BCBBB being disengaged, off*n her services to thos* wbo may bo In want, or would take charge of an Invalid person or a child, Th* best of city reference* can b* given. Ad* dress Mrs. SWIFT, Star Office )a41t* DBBSONAL.?A gentleman of good poeitlon, K whose tim* hangs h*avily on his hands after business hours, bat who Is av*ree tornnningthe Cauntiet of general society, desires to cnlthrate tie acquaintance of one or two ladles of rsfiuement. wbo are similarly situated, for mutual, social bsnelt. Address JOHN WALTBB, Star Offlce. jaS St AB. MACBK B. REAL BOIBNTIFIO AB. _ TEOLOGEB OF AMEBIOA, From the position anansnect of tbe Stars <U tho time of one's birtb. will reveal astonishisg secrets that no living mortal ever knew before; how to be successful In all reaaonable undertakings He tells name and vary day yon marry, describes tbe intended companion, and tills all svente of life; good lack and long life to visitors. Ladies SO rents to #1: gentlemen In fall SI. 0allat470 ltth st .tiear F.aU hours until * in the evening, de 31 1m* [ APIBB LOOK AT THlT COLLAR AND CVPFS 9IVBS AWAY. BootiJa4y having work done nt tbe OERAP STAMPING Boo MP. 43V 9tn street, onoosi to Patent Offloe, will receive grmtii ono Collar a ad pair of Cuffs, etamaed on the finest mnslls, for chain stich. Braid or Embroidery, nnitabl* for algbt-gowns^ Btar Braid and Colored Cotton far the above nt redncod anoos. Initials stamped from on* to fiv oenU. Stamped goods at half the price heretofore asked. dm tf i fci ??? ' . - -i siiwwii(?sms m pH YBIOIAJT'S HAND BOOB Or PEAOTlOE ds |f FBAN0E TAYLOB. WANTS. W A*T*Pr1LwWU JHrMfMi l&KBHU ** tta.OIUttHrm.HMl. jat-ir U> AMTID-t l?M do IUI*M'*I < .h?t O end R ste Ja*-** WAITID-t auU, Mtftrtabi* MOOSB, la a . 0Q94 neighborh>od. e*tr?nlnt to III !> artoMtats. Beat Bait be moderate. Addraee *91 mh at , aear E at. north. <*??' A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE WISH B04BD J* ?riva?e fa mil 7; where thers are ao ?tfc?r noardara preferred Addreoa B. W. M.. fort Often jrfit' W <ITll-4 COO A for a Boarding Hons* V tndinUa^i bar buaiaaee. anna others need i pply, at Ma. J91 C it . bat. 54 and ?H. jaft-H* , w AHTBD- A gaod BOY for waltiag aad koait

'work. Also, a food OOOB. WlBHB B aad I BOH BR. (wl.lte.) Only such that aaderstaad their work need apply, wim good reoomm ?nd * tlona. either at 3*1 F atreat north, or 411 tth atteetwaat. L??5?| N H. M1LLBB. IK7AHTBD-A middle aged WH1TB WOMAN ? ? to take care of email children Unexoeption able references reaaired Apply at *?& 10th at., between the hours of j and > o'olock p. m. ja4-3t WAbTBl>?By a rsspectable girl, a SITUATION to 4a chamber work and ganeml homework. Good re'erences 0*11 tuoi at Mo. 31J1 street. between Utk aad 14th ?u. ja4 Jt* U/ ANTBD-A OOLOBSDWOMAH to cook aad * esMat in washing aud ironing Nona bat a good Cook . ?i tL good raferaaoaa. need apply , to Ma. 13 Philadelphia Bow, 11th ht. oaat. ja4 3t* \\" AMTBP? An exparlaaood WOMAM. to take " charge of diaing room and kitchen in a boarding hoaee. Such a peraea will find it greatly te ber advantage to call at 4h3 E atreet. bat. 5th and itla, immediately. Betarance required, ja 4 3t* AP 4 BTNEB W ANTED-To join the a-' vsrtiear ' tl a ACOTION AMI) COMMISSION BUslNE&P. A good aalesmnn reiuired. Sume cml al n<e??M*ry One branch of tha baaineaa already estal lubed in a good location. Adlreae "Auction." Poat Uflice jattf WANTED?A gentleman denire* a BOO W with COABD.for him.elf. wife and son. of twelve year*, in a piivate family, where there are no other boarders, at a reasonable price. Board payable Weekly or monthly. Please addreea Hex n *>4 City P. O., atating loweat terma, location. Ac. Keferaace exchanged if da aired. ja 4 St* W ANTED-By a raapactabla girl, SITUATION " ae chambermaid or nume. Good reference if required. Call at the Orocary Store coraer of JUth and Lata. ja 3 3f WANT'ED-A COOK, HOUSE K BE PEB and MISTBKSS in a small family. Germ?u preferred. Call at Sltt7 Bew York eve., bet. 6th end Tth ata. 11/ANTBD?IMMBDIATELY. at Ho. U?6 Q Htreat, betaaon 13th and l?th, a White Woman, to cook. wath. iron, and do *eueral botiRework. Good references required. jal-tt* A COMPETENT DBUG CLBBK, well acquainted with the prescription bueineas, wanted t>y WM. A. GRAY, 334 Maaa. aw,corner 4th atreet. ja 1 3t* WANTED-A WOMAN, who la a g7K?d"?^k. with or without some furniture, to take cbaree of the kitchen anil dining room, in large bou-e. on the aharee Addr -sx. ataL ug where an inter fie wean bejiad. Ilox 9 Star Otfio* jatJt' WANTKD?A SITUATION by a good p?omta, who is jnat out of employment; would refer to Messrs. Chipmen, Hoamer A Co..Claim Agents, and N W Burchell, Urocer, hy each of whom he bat been employed. Add res* "J W. 0.." City Post Office. _________ jalSt* WANTED?Twocomanniratlng ROoBs, with Board, in a private family, by a gentleman, wife and < hild, betwa? n 19th and J2J streets and I aad t ntreels. Addreaa. for one week, 1?. W . H , Star Offlre. d?.ti-7t WANT ED-New andljast-off'CLOTHING, old COLD and SIL\ BB. or aay other article of alue, at the aid aatabliehed Merchant Pawn broker's Store of B. FULTON A CO., iOi 9th st., S doors north of Panna avenue. Sole Agent for BlNGEB'S SEWING M AOHINK. de 23-ly WANTED-100 L4HIES immedlat~lTTto ?mbr<ddar Yokes. Bands, Wrapper Yoke*, riannel Skirts. Slippers, and Inltiola. To good hands who brine a amp la of work, good wages and constant employment given. Call at the new Stamp ing Boem. 4 39 9th atreet, opp .alte Patent Offlr*. STAMPING reduced to FIVE cents per width _deU Jf. WANTED?10.000 LADIBS to know that at the New Stamping Room*, 4 .HI 9th atreet,opposite Patent Office. tbay can und the best aeiected a?H. rtmeut of Pattarns aver otfere<l hare for Ooaka, Capes, Aprons. Joaeys. Walata, Yokea. Bands. Wrappers, Slippers. Pincushions, and In! tiala. Also, designs for Pillow Cases. Ottoman-*. Chair Co\era, Pianoa. and. In short, svery variety of Patterns aa they ara daily leaned. We have a Frearh Marhtoe and a Practiaal Stamper, aud have tedured the price to FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern brought as. Braid*. Silk and Working Cotton vary low. de I? tf WANTBD-SKCOND HAND FO BNI TUBE Alao MIBBORB, CABPETS. BEDS, BEP DING and HOUSE FUBNISH ING GOODS of every description. B. BUCHLY 40A 7th street. Jeeg-tf between and H. east ^*tde LOST AND FOUND. rpAKEN-UP ESTBAY-Janaary 1, one dark 1 Iioa Gray COLT, with a halter ou bis head. Tba ownar will plaaaa coma forwards prove prop arty, pay cuatgea, aad take him away. J. S. SCHBBTZ, Clinton Honae, ja 6-3t* Corner of 7th and Baaadary ate. Cf I BEWABD-8 rayed from my place ou the J V Bla<leos<>urg road, oa the night of the 3d Instaat.two hTEBB ;ora a red S aar. with white stripe running from his hatd to his t ill. toe other a white 8 ee~, with four red lags aad a lit le red about t*ia neck and staonldera: both marked 03 the l ack with tar, heavy c ttla. The above re* aru will be paid for thair retn ra or any laforaatioa by whlok I may obta n them. .. - JOSEPH OB1BK. Stall No. 13 C-ante-Market, or Stall No 3 N. L. Market. jaft-tt* RAH AWAY, ON 1ST JANUARY, W67, with AV shafts and harness attached, a SOBBEL HOBuB, with whits spot in forshaad and coademnsd mark, that he l>een attempted to be burned, which can be discovered on leftahonider. A sufficlunt rsward will be given by delivering to A. LBE, Feed Daalsr, George.own, D 0 . Bridge Street. ja 4 3t* | OBT? By a lady.oa Tburday, either near tne 1-i 8th street entrance of Canter Market. or on the avenue cars, TWO FIVE DOLLAB NATIONAL BANK BOTES The finder will be rewarded by leaving tha money at 493 1 tth street, near F. ja 3 3t* SOn BE W A ED? Stolen on tha night of ihe yOO t3d of September from the aremlses of George Jones, aaar Bladensburg, a dark brown HOBSE, marked U. 8 and I. O.; medlnm site, maaa aud tall somewhat sunburnt: hat a roan nose. Tha above reward vlll be paid If returned to GEO. JONBS. ^jjo^^^JIyattajKlIa^rtnojHjMrge^J^JI^^ BOARDING. F?B BIST A ylMiut farni.hed front EOOM with Board. Also, a amall BOOM, suitable for one pereon, corner 3d atreet and Indiana ave.. No. 3t?9. Bent moderate. je> 3f L'UBNISHBD BOOMS FOB BENT. WITH or A without Board. Three Beomn connec.tng. td floor, will be lat for housekeeping. If desired, No. U1 Pennsylvania avenue, between nth an l t th streets. ja?-3f Li10 BN IBB BD PABLO B8 AND CHAMBERS r FOR RENT?With or without Board. No. ? Missouri aveane. ja3 It* I AROB AND OOMFOBTABLE BOOMS AND I-* BOABD o?a ba had at Ho. 4S8, (Pandletou House, between aad Id streets.) Penn. avenue Table Boarders llkewlae accommodated ja 3 ?* MRS. BBYAHT can accommodate a few persons with comfortably FUBBISHBD BOOMS. Iso. would receive three or four gentlemen as able Boarders Ho. 303 Q street, l>etwaan 13th aad 14th,opposite Church of tha Bplphany. j3-3t * (RUBBISHED ROOMS FOR BBHT-With~or f without BOABD. Bafarenca. exchanged Apaly at Bo. 390 Hew York aveuae, hetweea 9th and 10tb streets. j? j.?t? TABLE BOABD at Ho. 494 10th street.a faw A doors aorth of the aveaae. Terma ra par GEOK(iKT()\V.\ AIiVKll'MTS. WOBTH KHOWUO. It is worth kaowlac that the greatest Bargaias are to be had at MILLER'S CHBAP DBY GOODS 8TOBB, ? W1 Bridge atreet, Geortetowa. D. O. H r"? 1 '*4 a large stock of Bleached Shirtings and Sheeting, at lower prioee than tbay since the war Bleached Muslins. ?t ?Dd V cta-:f??d do., so cu., and tbebestmakeaattf aad ? eeata. Sheetings aad Pillow Cottona very cheep. Brovn Muslins, 13', and II1 cta , yard wide do. lland NcU. Merrimack f."?d b^stjaakea Oalioo. M ate- Fine AUWool French Merino, tl. Winter DreeaGoads WfT * .embracing Pspllns, Kmpraes Clothe, Plaida, Delalaea Ac., at cost. BhawU. Blsaketa. Flannels, Clotha aad Oaaalmhraa, Gloves aad Hosiery, at nnnsually low prlcee. Call aad axaailaa his stock. de 31 Sw* BBMJAMIN MILLBB. pOSTOH MEBfl MAOHEBlLu I am now reoflvlag from Boston direct, tha very flaeat quality of ? _ MEBfl MACKEBEL, and which rarely Bud their way ta this market, belag used mostly for noma consumption. As they Lave been trimmed of every part hut the moat paletaSe. the kita eon tat a vary much mora than the quantity usually packed. _______ _ H. W. BUBCHELL, Coraer 14th aad F atreeta, ander dejjtf Bbbltt House. |T?BENCH ALMANACH8 FOB l??Y.~Alma A aach Comique; Almaaach Poar Ylra; Almanachdu Ben-toa; Almaaach Oharivarl: Almaaach da la Danae: Almanack da la bonne Cuisine; Almaaaca Imperial; Almaaach do Hapeieoa; Almaaach dSM jeni de BodeSe; Almaaach PoHchlaelle, aad etkers, imported direct from Pari a, by dslt FBAHOr TAYLOE. ^1. KB ABB * 00.1 PIAHOfl, ' raiaoa a jgstfthiifs so 1-sodm* BBIOHBHBAOM. BidshM*. i(mh CnrtiSm * ob. for salk and rknt. NO. 3?9, B. W.OOBSBB OF * - anlloS*. A lUISmmpH r*"> " ? * - L Ull MB A 1 e \ ^ (l B M?? "\J\J ? 1- o?l| $ii i?r ?K?ii . N&iiir?i |ii. <* 4 ?. c?tioB, torier L lonk i? #i* L'OH ElBt-,<ii r? iA uOl'el. ?'u? u?ii.' arc* y?rd *< Ben' ?*? m aovano- STABBft , hx P and I i? t it' WTORB FOB HBMT ?*!> FiXTf Baa FOB * 8AII-8TQ1I >U< Ftn?'> ?t?d ia. Iniilrt il6orlS'*r* n. 11? F'tJhSALB- Tbe OfH>I> WILL aad FIXTUBB* <t a Serar Storn App:> a No ' 'Faen'a 3d door N?tof <H rlrwt. The Houee ?<?r It-Dt ftlflO js 6 St* I^OB BENT?Two or three anfnrnished BOOMS, ' two on first tfcor. competing, with cookin* tar* Apply at So. 301 Dot . between ink and l.tthau. * I St* F'OB 8ALB?(Oa payment of a email amonntnf CASH '?Several two iwrf TB A M B HuCbES ituated to different parts af the elty. . ... STABB A 00., 4?!?s Tihstmst, WMt brtwMB D * K. tfOB BBNT-A FUBNISHBD HOCii of tan 1 r-orus. Tn<- eccapant will take Board for part pay meat Inquire at No. tf7S B street. third door frrm Id atraot, la roar of St. Oharlaa Hotel. I'O LBT?A large HOUSE oaar our offiae, with every convenience, and Furniture for sals, wall adapted for boarding house or pr tata fan lljr. Apply to D. L WELLS A ? O.. jaB6t Corner 10th aad F iti. FOJL?l? ?? ???*-T^ AnJ largo BBSIDBBOB No. ti.l.corner j?th an') R ats. with IS rooms, watar aad eai, furnished or an' furnished ; and tine garden attar bed to it. la qnireat 846 Pa. ave , bet llth aa-J ltth sta J? 8 *t" JOS. H J*H A VTlBLT> IV'OB BENT?A part or tha whole o* the new HOU8B No :<9# l*th "treat. a?ar Big?s', containing II rooma, with all tha modern Improvementa; boi aad cold w aler throughout, l>?tb rooms, gaa. Ac . alao a nice alda >ard. Apply oa the pram ___ ia 6 2t* F OB HINT?BRI' R IIOU8B, i?a ro<iia<, with >ard and arable, No. 36 24 street. between 0 atreet and Marv'uid ave B?nt moderate to a food ttrant. In^nire of J ERKH 1 All O'OON NBLL corner l?t and R street* north,or EUGENE DALY, on the premieee. jak.1t* (?0B BINT?A NBW HOTSB, jn-t Bala had. 1 with ten room*, wood and coal cellar, gaa aad water. Bant moderMe, la tha Flrat Ward, on 18th street, between I aad R ata. Inquire at tl a Grocery Store at tharorner. Alao. three or foBr ROOMS in the corner bonH.otar the store, suitable lor honst-keepiag, with gaa and water. jaS 6t* IT OB BALK-A OODNTBT SKAT ABO GABI DEN F A BM. ? i thin one mile of the rlty Tt.ia pioparty will be sold low and on ea?y te m?. or exchanged for rlt) property. Alao. from Twenty to Sixty Acre* ad olnlng tha above. Alao, Tarma and Oonatry Seats In Maryland and Virlnln. Apply to V. D 8TOORBB1PGB Baal Bstate Agent. North?att corner 7th aud F atre-u. jaSlm* Washington, D. 0. RENT-One 4 roonTuTTuSBf(brick.11*7 I 10th at., near P. Ritcben furniture for eale. Call after 4 p m ja4 St* TWO C FUKNISHBD BOOMn on flr'st flolr I A for toat. aultablt for h n?ekaaping. ?t SBS Sd atraot, bat. F and tf ata nortb ja? St* POP BBNT-A S-.t ry BBIOK HOUSE, with r brick Stable, llth at., bat. E audi In inire at 3b4 lltk at tboia L. jat lt* f'OB BENT?A duTiber of fioa larija front and back BOOMS, furaixbed or nnfamlahad, with or a it boat Hoard. No. 3bT Pa on 'a avanne. oaanalte National Hotel. 4 aatt' f^OB BKNT?Four uufarniabal BOOMS, cooTed ant for hontek?>oplng. with gaa aad water. Bant $18. 49-J L atreet, betwe< a ?th an I l.nh ja 4-St* L'OB BaNT-FOUB HANPSOMBLT FUB r NISNKI* pDITKS OF BOOMS, anpplied with h< t and cold water. Ac. Alao. aevaral >IN'.i,R LOOMS, at No 400 nth atroot, batwoea Perm aTenno and B street. iat-St" FOB BENT? Woilfnrniaaad anaU PABLoBand CHAMBKB adjoining, for boti?*keeping, or itontletnon pleaaaut, ?e> oc i floor. Iruat. O.Hiking atoreli wanud. Oas, hy) rant, aad .a?l lockup. 4 ' U E, between 6t h and 61 h jr4 Jt* R'NT-ln Georgetown, on 3d atreet. two HOUSES. No 51 ard 53 34 "tree., containing ?ix room*, at $l.s per m< nth Apply to N?. bO Proap ct atr. et. JAMBS BOB BBT4 ON. Agent. ja4 3t* L (m RKNT-A three ?tory BBU R HOUsjK. I fumiabe-l, on O atreet aeath, between 2d and 3d eaat. Capitol Hill Apply.oF FAIRFAX.?t the Coast Survey Office. Capitol Hill, between* a. m. and 3 p, n. jat-St* RABE Ul SlaESS CHAMOB-A party with a little capital can find an opportaaity to invest in a manner that will bring a m >*t extraordinary return,by tailing on L> L. WELLS* CO. corner 1' th ar.d F > treeta, from ri to 7p.m. ia 4 St ^TOBE FOR BBNT AND FIXTUBBS FOR SALE -The C1GAB 6TOBB formerly occa pled by Jas. E. Fewer on Louisiana avenue, 3d door west o' the Seaton Honsr. Apply to J A8 K POWER, at hia new store?No. 34b Peanaylvanta ja 4-lf L'OB SA I.B? In * central location, a three atory A HOUSE, containing aight rooma aad hall, anpplied with gaa aad water, alloy aide aad rear, within one square of 7th and K at. can. For iafor mation addreaa " J. A M.,' through Waahington City Poat Office. j? 4.fl? l/OB SALB?Tke Stock. Good will and Fixtures r 01 a BKSTAUBANT and GBOCKBT 8TOBB Leaae and llceuae all complete Thla place will bo old cheap. Satisfactory reasons given for aelliag. For furtbor particulars inquire at Star Office. $10,000 INVBST SI 0,000 In goot* BBAL ESTATE FAPBB, In anrna to salt. Several small HOUSES for rent: and for s la Hoases ranging ia pr>oe from #714 to fio^iuo, and Building Lot* froa 2 cants to #4 per e iaare foot. M1TOHBLL A SOB, Bail Broker*. ja 4 4t soothe 1st cor Pa av and l?tk at. F'OB BBNT-A bow BBICK HOUSE, with eev . S,'?0"'*' orB*r ?<1 ? th A streets. Cap itol Bill; two sqaaraa from street ear*. |fi per month. Rey In tko corner houae ja 3 4t* TO LBT-A six reoaa Kuralshed HOUSE,corner of O and llth atr??-to. Iaquire of O. F. B. BIOHABDSOB.Na. 473 L street, katwaaa llth and lltk streets. jaS St* FOB RENT-THIBD STOBT. No. 3?? Paan'a 9T" Furao' Plumblag 8 ore between jath and lSH Beat # 11 per mouth, ln^aire of THOS FUBBE, at Store. ja 3 H* FOB BENT-A larg- unfnralahed froat P.iT LOB and CBAIMBB a4jo4nlng, eecoad floor. Near car a and saftet. laqoire at 443 north L street, between Uh and ?th . jaS-4t* ti"OB BBNT?to a private family, a three atsry a brick HOUBB, with the furniture, coatalaiug II rooms, situated corner G and llth streets Auply on th* premises. Bsfereace* required. ja3 eoSt* FrOB BBNT?A suite or unfurnished BOOMS for hons. keeping, at 48B ltth street, between E and F. Location central and desirable. A party without yoang boys preferred. Beat 930 per month. Also, a suite of thre- furnished BOOMS >t 4SB lSth st. jaS St* FOB BBNT?HOUSK 444 llth atroat, between ii aad H, coatalainc 13 rooms, farulahed or un fur*'cbed P.xtaeealoa Immediately, ln-iuire or T. J. MB8I0R, 45b Penaa. avenue j jat 4t* l^OB SALE?Northeaatcorner-N and 13th streets, f atwo-storr BBICK HOUSE, convenient.r arraosed, 36 faet front; i rooms, water, Be. lu inire at tne pramls^s for terms, Ac. j? j $t ?4 OB BBNT?A three atory and basement Brick T DWELLING BOUSE, brown front, water and gaa, tearooms, situated on 13th street weet. between L street n-rth and Mass. avenae. No 3S9. Inqnlre at No 90S ltth street, betweea 8 and 10a. m. aad 4 aad ? p. m. JaStf Cj^OB RENT?COTTAGB containing eight rooms, r on I street, between 31 and Sd Poeaeesion Immediately CLAGETT A sWEEHTT^ ROOMS FOB BBBT-Cheap, to good teaaats. Aleo, two brick HOLSBS, sow ta coarae of finish,six rooms each to good tenant* ckeaa for a term of year*. Apply at 290 Delaware avenne, two aqaare* aorth of the Capitol. de 39 lw* Drug store for salb -a dbug store of 30 years standlag, with fixture* complete: aew stock, aorner store: good location, and beet of reaaoa* for aelllng. Terms easy. Inquire of STABB A CO., 48?k 7th street, Booa No 13. de 34-3w* L'OB SALE?< Oaly SSuo cash, the baianoe can A be paid la monthly instalments of #31/ each 1aew two-story 6 room BOU8B with paeeage, aide and back alley, Ac., situated No, 640 Q street, near New Jersay avenue. 8TABB A OO., deli) Jw* 7th straat, near E FOR 8ALB?A quantity of Gold aad good Plated JBWbLBV. MUSICAL INBTBrMCNT8,A<- , at R Fl LTON A 09.*8, Pawnbrokers, iOi S.h atreet, three doors north of Penn. avenue. Bole Agents for Singer1* Sewing Maohiae. deg-tw* IT OR BENT?Two larga aad commodious BOO MB r (oae a freat room) >>n sooond floor, communicating, haadaomely furnished and pleasantly sftuatea, at Bo. 83 Fenn'a avenue, between list and ad streets. dell eotf F)B BEBT?The Fa RM, for the last three y ear* the reaidaaceof Major Tbe*philns Gaiaea, ooaristtnc of U? acre*, lying near Fort Mahaa, I mil* from Banning1* Bridge Improvement*. dweUing bouae of 11 rooma. itona atabla. aervaat^a houses, barn, Ac AAdra***)B. B.," 437 B street. WaanIngtoo, D. C.,or oall In persoa, betweea3 aad 7 a. oe 14-tf ABB GBANCE?For Immeolate sals, one of 5^ tha beat located small ooraar store GBOCB1BB in the city. Stock nod Fixtures new Ap< ^^immediately, by letter, te A. B. 0.. CUj^P^t P'M BENT-Tbe 8TOBBBOOM coraer of Pa. avenm and llth street weat, la the Star Office Building, formerly oocapted by W. Q. detsarott as a muat'* store, aad recently as the wMoe of tbe National Bxpraa* office Apply to C. B B AKBB, Star Office. de jo-tf I70B BEHT?Two large aad oae nsall commaair oaMag BOOMS, an4ruiehed. second fioorlle. 134 Peaa. av., bat 19th and HtU eta. no tt tf J>OB BBNT?Oae BOOM oe l?t fioir.'aad tkrae BOOMS oa 3d floor, over SUeeaetz a Bat aad nr Store, 834 Penn'a aveaae. Bant moderate. aaB-tf POB BBBT?Two ViraKksd BOOMS, at Bo. r ?B7 I3tk atrdwt be??eaa E and Faao. Bafi tf able tar h aasksaptag. Alao, For Sate, aeverai small BOUfBB.on easy terms la jtrtra STABR ft CO., 4-fSfcnhetraei, B??m 13. tcilla' AUCTION SALES. this arfmmirooir and to-mo k mow. jjt sun * wiuiiia, LAE?B*TOCK or CLOTM1BO AND lilfTt PbUUliKfl OOOU8, m r*?ki; I mil tvi "Be. b*twe*B llth aad mi II.-MU, kt.B, IkM, *o. *?,?! Fitill AmiIoi, Oa FBIDAT. Ikfttk day of Jaaaary,it?r, co? ciM at KeVlOak B lldr I m , Mi dm tinlam BVBBY IVIKIPO. at the ?r, BUI th* whole KMk i* tIanM (. ha nog a Im s*ock of I'rasa, Seek ud other Coats. Vmi, paaM, dTJw^S'm- oifc* OoderOec?*ets whir* ill k? n!4 vltk*at rn?rw, as th? owaer kM la OS aoouunt of |m?i U k* un ?*?d OBBBN B WILLIAMS. Aieia III M. it. WALSH * ?0., AmUmnh 1* li. 9*k Ptu* it*., toretr ||lh ittM. PBAMB BOUBB. CONTAIN HQ SBVBB _ M BOOil8. AT AUCTION O* MONDAY APTBENOON itnirr ;,m 0 clock. we win Mil ? f ri? Hotw. r?aMl(tM ?**? reoai*. situate-i N >. - tad urnt k*l*M|d sad H ilrnu, First Warl, bow occapled kr Mr*. Lfrfi Tarn* BKM kH?g at Ml* M. E WALSH A OO , Ao'tt gT J AMIS O McQUIKB A 00.. Auouvneers TBIBTIK 8 BALK OP LOT ON TBI NATT _ , tabu of ISO . and r*roi lid noi? tt.? Land ft* coidein Liter E M H., No !P tuaio ifl Ac ( MONIMY "A rTlWooW."Wbira'arV oVIeck P m . oathe pr.mi ee, part of Lot He la Square No. fa, tyiag and being oathe tut id* ot Btb street ?Mt b*lw*?a I tenia etenue and K -treat eoaih. boginrtng far the tame at the i?utk?*>t corner at all 'ot, r?aP/??r 9 Jack**, thai oa eoet llw feet 1 lack, theno* north to feat i tech** tl ec a a i ?t lO-.<fe*t 1 lock U th* place of bag a ftlfil ?f * * preecrlbad by dead of trMt (ash. #M> af which will ka repaired at liaa of |arc. a?a All coaveyaaciag aad revense tamp* at coat of aurch'ser. B K Prirr. Truatae Ja..?.?j?^,- -"cO,,,M*O0-A? |{Y J A8. C. MoOCIBB A OO . Aacuoaeera CHANCKKY BALK OK IMPEOYKD IKOPBB i. w?l. between K and P ?tr**-ts. nrit Ward. By yirtaa of a decree of tb? Su areme Oaart of the District of Colutnl la. raased in raua* N (Magaltv.lB which Ihosaaa * o*an component. aad Jane McManoK. et al ar? deiendanta, tea i ader nne.1 tr oater, ?|1) nail. In front of tba prefaiises at ? o clock p m . oa Tl'BiI'A T, tha 1Mb day <* January. iaatant. part of Lot nuia>>er*d B*a *? , in Bjnare noiiiN rrd oat hnpdrad and twaatr tw> (I?S.)coniDieticiBK on south aidaof atdLothaa' and rnnaing north fa a Hub with, aad fraatlnc cm Tweptlakh B'raat wo?t faat s lack, thaaca aaat watdlr 166 f< at and 10 inchea. mara or lee* thaa<? aontkwaidlr-T> faat and S inch, and tbenra waet wart)ly 166 ftat 10 lachea, more or laaa Ij tha place of brrlnnlnr. " lorma oraale praacrlbod br thedocraa One kalf caeb and tb? balance ta be pal A is twelve moatka, tor which tka purcbaaar will be repaired to (tea hia pr? mlBaorf note. I earin* intareat framdau, andorerd to tha aatiafaction of Iba t< u?ia. or tba purchaaar maj. if be bo de?ir?a, par tha whole of ike ptirrkeeo monev caah, or one half raak, and tba balance ?n tha ratiflcatior af the ?al<* by tfca coart. Tola to be rataiaad aatil tba a hole of the parcbaae moaay la paid aad the i<iala ratified by tha coart. Conrayanciac aad atainpa at tha co?t of the pnrchaaar BUG KM C C i ftl'SI, Traatae jas anAda J. 0. MrOTlBK A OO . Aacta. |^T JAB 0. McOLIHKjA OO.. AMOoaaer* ADMINISTEATOB S BALK Of MX *00 DOl. LAB BONDS. 1 a* ad by the Corporation of Alexandria to build C"al wharvca. Intrreat from Janaary 1, l?i, at the Auction Eo . January 7th, at t o'clock Uy order aamiBiatratnra. Will ba added 5800 Corporation Wahii.^ton ?it BaroantQaart< rly Stock ja; dta | Iat 1 JX. McQCIEB B^CO., Aaota. JJT OEKBN B WILLI A MB. Aaotloaaara. TED-TKK"S SALB OB BIX PBAMB TBBB MBNTS AND LOTS, PEONTiNO ON Till A lle> l>atw can -th and 7t h atraata wa?t and L aad M uoith. at PuMlc A act ioa. By virtue of a 0?ed of trust, lata ! the Utkday of Jnly, A D . 1S65. and recorced in LI bar B 0 T. No. S?. folio MJ, in, Us. aO'l VM of the L^ad ftee<>rdB of Waahin?toa ornty Diitrtct o." Colatahla. I akall aall, on MONDAY, tbe ?!?t<f y of Decern l^r, at?<> clock p . on tbe pratniaaa, Lot Be. U. . in 8<i>iar- We. w9,witktk* itiaeBK'OM aocwrdlac toaaid dead ef traat. Tbe impioaeBieata coaaiat of aix Frame Tea< meets, ?ki h aaakaelta prott able inveetiiieBt lor any ooa wiahma to purckaaa to attead tbe eale. Term* One h?lf caab, balance ta six and twelve motitha. for notee bearinc Intaraat, aad ?a< ara-l by a deed of tmst on tbe premiaee All conveyaacina aud revenue atampo at tba .-oat of tbe | orchaeer 920 do wq on tbe day of e?Je; and tf Mia im?? are not compliad wirh ta fivedaya aftar tbe day <>f aale. tha Tmatae reaervra tbe right to raaell tbe proparty at tbe rtak aad coat of tbe detaaltinf parcbaaar, by advertlBinK three time* ia the Kveaiaa Btar H H TILLY . Trn*tae de 8 eoBds OBBBN B W ILLt AMS, Aacta ?V THB AB0VB BALB 18 PO^TTOBBD OB accoant of the veatker, antit MONDAY, whe 7tk iaatant. aame hoar and place. Bp order of tke Troatee jaleoAda OEKBN B WILLIAM8. AacU |^T PITCH A FOX. Meal Batet* Broken. On THCB8DAT, Janaarp 10tk. 1M7, at fear o clock 9 m we ah>11 ae'l, at Public Aactioa. Lot No 17. la Mtare 4*8, en 7th etreet aoatk. be twcea O aad H atreeto. 25 feet froat br la faat deep Term* ef aale 9MM caah. balanca la Mx aad twelve meatks eeenrad by a dead of t'astos tke premleee, or satiafcetory Bocarttv. ja 4-eoat J McOUIBB B CO.. A net* |?ALIPP 8 8BLB. Take notice that by virtoo of aoooaat of dietma to me direct from Biraard Ball as acaiaat. tke ffo*ds aad chattelB of Chancer Leaerd, I ha*a sotted and taken the following coods and chattel to eatlufy ground rent dne Mad in arreara to the said Barnard Baff. to-wit 1 Prams BaiMlag. oontatnina 3 rooais. I Deaks.t Lr uags, 1 Takle, USto ve ami Pipe. 1 lot of (MM. 1 lot ot Crackory. Ac., .ad I hereby five not'ea that said go-ds aad chattels will be aold at auction, for caah, to the hlBbas: bidder, on THl'B8DAT, tke 10th iaatant, at 11 o'clock, on tfte areuilaee,Baw Turk aveane, batweeB ISth aad Utkate.. anid balldlag , to b* removed by the JOtk dnr of January. lf?7. JH4 et w. A. BOBJ. Ballff. gT OBBBN B WILLIAMB AacUeaeerB. TWO TWO BT0BT BBICK BOUSES ABD LOTS, PBONTImG OB ?TH STkBBT WB8T. between M aad N street* nortb, at Poblic Aac- * tion On THrUEBDAY. the loth lastaat. at 4 o clock K. m , we ahall sell, oa the preiaiae*. beta? part of inare Ho 309. with the ImprovaaaU. coaalBtIng of two anag two atory Brick House*, ou a ninety year'a leaae, ? hick will afford a fine ckaaca for any oaa w;*kla( to parchaae a small ?r1 vau reeideace. Terme Oae half caah: kalaaoo In six aad taralve montka.for aetee boariag int-reat, aad eecured by a deed of traat oa Ui?- premies*. All coave? aaoaag and rovenna ataaape at tbe coot of tbe pure baser. 9AO dawn wbea sold. jaSd QBBKN A WILLIAMS, Aacta. B1 e"" B WILLIAMS, AacUoaeera. TBCSTBK S BALB OP BBAL B8TATB. Br vtrtae of a dead of trast beartag date oa tbe fifth day of January, 1M0, executed y Joba Oollina to n,e for the boae'it of Joha Hasel, aad re corded la Liber N. C.T , Bo 67.folio 181,Ac .one of the laod records for Waabtngtoaeouatr, la tke Dtatrlct of Oolaiabta, 1 will offer for aale. oa tha pramkee. oa K BID AY tke lKth dap of iaaaary. ISC. at ? o'clock B- sa.. tbe north part af Lot Ma. 13. ia Square No. 8*7. la the city of Waebiaatoa. D. C , froauag It faat aad i iacbaa oa OMtilath atreot. between A aad B a.reeta ao. .h. aai* ran Blag at tkat width to tbe rear, toffot^or aalth the Impraveaaents. coasiatiug of a mall dweUlac houae and other bcildlaga. Tsrms . Oaa half caeb, tba balaaoe ia t bob tba, the pun baser to receive a deed aad give hia note, aeenred by a dead of trait. All ooaveyaaclng aad roTeaae atamp* at tbe ooet of the parcbaaar A dcpoelt of #M> required at tba Mm* of *al*. and tbe traatae reoerve* th* right to reaell at tke net of tb* parcbaaor If tbe term of aale are eat ooa piled with vltbla five days. JOHN B. NOBBIP,Trustes _ OBBBB A WILLIAM. deglawkds Aactloaoara. FOR 8ALB AND RENT. FOB BBNT OB LBABB - The woli-knewB WHITE BOUBB or BBLLYOIB. and tbe OPPOB*rM NOBB PIBHKE1 KB. oa the Potomac river. Either or both aT tSem will bo rested or leaaed for aae or mora years, aad If aot diapaaed of by ar before tb* 10th of Jaanary. 1K7, tbs privilege to fish them will be aaid for caab, for oae or more saaaon*. oa that day at Urn,, at tba aaotloa store of Jas. C. McOalra A <"o. Wood may be had as a reasonable ra*e oa oitfcer eataU Apply to OBO. H. UUHEBB, Ageat far Barab Otterbeck. Bxecattlx. de ?-3tawtJaa ifl LTOB BBNT?Tbe PBOPBBTY kaoara as ~4,h* r ('. n.mercial Building " located oa La a*e.. adtalalng tLe Ceatral Onar.-lhouae. Tbebuild ng baa a front of about SO feat, aad a depth of ITS f**t, rnnaiag through from th* avaatt to Oaaal at. It has lately be* a vacated by tbe Batfoaal Bx arM| CoBMIT . Far terms apaly ta WM. B PHILIP ?0 La. tTr.. tear 0th it. ao SO eotf C*OE BKNT-Tt.e lake BBBIDBB^B of H. Q r mTiill D street, eeetaialaa 17 room, amh all the mod era isajyroveaaeBte. Apply to CLIPTOB BBLLBN. BTd P at. aefttf J^IBDLIN? ABD BTOYB WOOD *?? P?s"'e or*., ket. 11(4aad ISA s(i. SM Always aa aaad a fhll sap ply of tbeabova-BMBa article, sawed aai split la aay Isagth aad aha re?aired, aad prsaptlr delivered Oa aay part of too Diatrlct at tfta LOWBBT CABS PBIOBB. / . I aato-tf TBOB. J. OALT WHITB OPOBTO POET, '"Tears of the Baere.'t Direct isaportattaa. t. M P KINO A SOB, de?t a.iag Place. I