Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR | THE PRIEST AND THE PEAS. TLere v. *? oi>Cf \ tur? ot SU Opportune, I a*Do was very different from the coat?alioa?l dea ol a ^rieil, t>eing tail, ittm. and delicateIcckirg; a man w?'t? a stoop, thongh he was s'lll young. anl main given lo lawful study U* lived id ar. age which ha* long pa^-^d away. t#t a# was twhtnd it. for h<* held most antiquated opiuuns upon the obedience which ia due fiutti ifivt-i to their ttu?tuud<, aad ?HBfd to consider that what St. I'aai had said upon the object wa? to be taken in it* strictest fftise. that ao allowance could be ! made for the change* which bad ?aken place in the manners and cnntumi ot different iaUcdj, bot that all infrin{rn?B' of ihe rah*? >aid down by the apostle lor the guidance of those in the ha y state was sinful He found his exhortations treated with nnbeccmmg levry, and thereupon became, of coarse. more and more earnest upon the subject, till at laat be laid rather too much stress opon ibis one offence, to the overlooking of otber* But be did not become unpopular upon this account, r*ther the reverse; lor the men naturally telt gieat respect for a pastor who pleaded their cause so eloquently, and impressed upon their wires that suDmiaaion to their will was the first and most solemn duty; while the wompn of bis congregation were glad to hare slight attention paid to the confession of other sin? of which they were ashamed. and 'he full phials of clerical wrath poored out upon one which they had the consolation of feeling assured was shared by their enure sex. But that which most vexed the good cure was the fc-nAow.te with wbich some of the haahanos amo-gs . bis parishioners submitted to the rule of tbe.r wives, and tbe blind infatuation which caused others who were equally tame to fancy that their will wis In w, and that the rery women wbo led them by their noses were their devoted slaves. 1'rov oked by the last especially, he oae day addret-sed bis congregation, after the sermon, lbu?: "My garden has been remarkably fruitful this year, .-specially in pea-s. Magnificent peas they are?the best I h#veyet seen, and 1 here effer a prize ol as many peas as be can carry away with him to any married man among** yon who can mane it clear to me that he is not undir subjection to his wife." P?as were valuable, toe parishioners of St. Opportune w>*re poor, and, as a ruie, confideut in their marital supremacy, so that tnere were mauy applicant lor the prize But the cure, trained by the duties of the confessional, w:t? a keen hand at cross-examination, and nnder his home-th-nsrs and pertinent questions claim arter cUiim wss upset, and the candi da:*s >ent aw!ly abashed and discomfited. At last cane a porter, an obstiuate, sturdy fellow, who '*a? cuuiiamt that be a: least bad the whip baiid of bis wife The cure questioned him c oeely, bnt all his answers were straigh'forwiird and satisfactory. Even upon the reek which had upset the pretensions of many who tad seemed in a fair way to land saiely?ihe he did not split. No, ho went to the vvme-sbop or stopped at home, got drunk or kept ?oi>er, jnst as he pleased. His wife had not a Kurd to say to it. Well,'" sud the cure, am glad that I have one m.\n in my parish who know? bow to be master in his own bouse. Come in tomorrow muinmi, and fetch your peas." So the nexi day th- porter came to the cure's house with a small sack, which he began to till You should have brought a larger ooe." said the enre. ? Well, now," replied the porter, pausing in h>* task, '1 should have done so, only my wife would not let roe." "Ha"' cried the cure, "let my pea- alone. By man!" Bailing bleats. Never put theui in cold water, but plump them into that which is boiling briskly. Tins will coagulate the albumeu on the outside, close the pores, and prevent the water from soaking out the rich juices. If salted m^ats need freshening, let it be previously done with cold water, taking all needed tune, with frequent changing of the water, if it is very salt. Tocgh, chewp pieces ot beef can be made tender and palatable a.- follows:?If salt, freshen a* above Put into the pot with a trifle more water than will be finally needed. Set into the top of the coehing pot a closely fitting tin plate or pan, and till it with cold wat?r. If ibis gets boiling bot, dip out some and add cold water from time to time. Boll the meat until it gets so entirely tender that the bjn-s will drtp ont, even it it takes five or ten hours The steam and aroma or flavor of the meat will b? condensed on the bottom of the 1 covering pan or pail of water, and drop back, ' and thus be retained. When thoroughly don-*, j remove the cover and slowlv simmer down 1 thick enough to j?*lly wh<m cold. Dip out the | meat, remov e the bones, place it in a pan, pour over it the boiled liquid, layover it a large plate. or inverted tin platter, and put oil lo to ' 30 pounds weight When cold, it will cut in*o ! nice slices, and if lean and tat or white inea* be ' mixed, it will be beautifully marbled. The i juice will jelly and compact it firmly together, and ycu will have nice jnicy meat, good for i hreak:a?-t, dinner or supper, and so t-nder that j poor teeth can mastic-ate it. > resb beef, or I corned beet well freshened in cold water, miy 1 1 e used in this way with decided economy, and is far superior to meat boiled m an open vessel frcm which the flavor has constancy escaped, I as you can perceive by the odor all through' the house, if Bridget Uaves the kitchen door open a minute or two, a- she will certainlv I happen to do.?.int. A<j. Hk*i rp.haux from KxTEaCTiwo Tkkth.? Hemorrhage from extracting teeth is not a very : requent occurrence: yet there are cases when bleeding continues alter extracting a tooth, tor one, two. and even three davs, causing much anxiety and suffering. It ia rare, however, hat a case ever proves fatal: yet it might possibly occur, and it is necessary that every person should knew how to treat a case it it should come under their observation. The remedies are few and simple,aad can he bad ia every family. The flrst remedy ia to uae freely of cold water, held in the mouth, and copionaly used on the outside. This, in many cases, will be sufflrieat; yet there are icetaace* when this will not answer, in saea a case take a cotton or lint, well soaked in a strong solutioa of alnm water, rolled up ia a small hard wad, and Press it firmly up (he cavity 0f the tooth, bo as to reach the month of the Maeding vessel, and at the same time close your teeth upon and compress it ao as to retain it in that position, where it should be kept from two to twelve hours withoat being removed. Thie remedy we have never known to fail. It is simple, easily applied, and within the reach or every . person. Western Georgia correapondent says thai aince oe elections in the North the people of that portion of the State are making up their minds to a submission to the will of the majority. The condnct toward t'nion men has changed decidedly for the better. They acquiesce cheerfully in the plan for the education of tbe negro, ai.d devote their best energiea te retrieving their ruined fortunes, and are co-operating heartily in the erection of manufactories and railreads. VHow sweet to recline m the lapse ot agea? that ia, it the ages are about eighteen. 486 ( ????..,. j 48g"> ? L[.""ai'V"D>| 'TUl BEA VTIFUl. AMD USEFUL COMBINED ; PAIMTIHGH AND OKAVINUB A limited bat choice selections of Oil Point!a*? Engravings. Chromos. Wreaths, Bsekels of Flow ers, Ac., appropriately framed. a w OVAii P1GTL B* PBAMErt A rich and varied assortment from the beet man " embracing W slant. Im > I tat i on Rosewood all Gilt. Bnstlc and Carved mifSKf-.t"*1'jartoate. Oard Prames, Ac. P1CTCBE OOBD AKD'TAMILS, WALML'T *BAt KITS. A . and Tassels all sixes sad colors. Bin* Balls, Wslant Brackets, Baeels Ac. FAPBBUABOIBOfl AMD WINDOW bHAOB* A beautiful variety of these goods, smkradug tbe richest designs or Qilt BasWroMered Parlor Pat teras In tbe Flstdct. with a well asserted stock of the cheaper grades, with a large variety of Wla<?w Shades, different sizes sad colors. Orders for Window Shades and Papsrhaaglugs yuactoally dtyor eonatry. A large fortloa of the above Goods were made OecialTy to order, believing the best ths cheapest, ?*S claw of Goods we res pertfully Invite the Public te Inspect and compare our Goods with any la the aiarkei. Term* imt mnablv ra-k, * s. Bo. 4*6 7th street. doM ?w' light doors above Odd Psllows' Ball. DBPABTBBBT OF THB ITTIBIOB, VHITED STATES PATE ST dPFlCE, ^ Washi??toji, Decemberlg.UM. Oa the Petition of MOBBS MAB8HaLl, of . Lowell, Mass., praying tor the sxtensicn of a > sotsnt graatsd to hi a the JMhiay of March. 1M3, for aa improvement la Kalttiag Machines, for seven rears from ths sx pi ratio a of said latent, which takes place oa the /Mh day of March 1W It Is ordered that ths sale petition bs noird at the Patent O flies oa Boa Jay, the ?h day of Feb rnaer aext. at IS o clock M; aad all aeraons are aotiied to appear aad shew eanse, If any thev have, why said petition ought not to be granted Ptraoue opposing the extension are lequired to file In tbe PaUat OBce their objection*, specially etfortbla wmia*. at least twenty days befors ^? 7 n*; <?'1 Blsd bv sit her pam to he used si the said haarfu must be taken and transmitted In accordance with the rules of theeMoe wbleh will be faralshed on application Depositions and ether nepers railed npeaae tes timony ninst be filed ia ihe offloe twenty da/a be * . fore ths da? of bearing, the argniaents. If snr, within ten days sf*er fllfng fbo teetlmonr Ordered alee, that this aotlce he pnh'Dhed la the Bepnblican and tbe Iitelllgeneer. Wnebisewa, D. C.. aad ia the Courier. Lowell. Maee , "17 * V.t* -Ilhr/* snoeeesI ve weeks: the Arst of said publicstteos te bo nt least sixty days ere vtoas te the day af heealaa. , T. O. TPKAKXB, _ _ __ Commissiuner of Pateate. P S. Sdltore of the above papers will please wTf? sod eead their Mile to tbe Patent Of??o with e paper eeaialaia# aoLee. de le-iewTe - I ! BANKERS. I jat cooe? k co., liii lilt f\fi4tmk strut, lHwww. Ml ?i?tTm???rWn*<?. " oadutir on haad. a tail nWll of Ml OOVBBNMBNT BONDS, BITI5 TBIKTIII, AHD OOWOWD 1NTBBBBT HOnS. Order* tn STOCKS. BONDS, So.. eaooatod. and Collection* mad* on all tMinrtto aoint*. m 1-tf jL?ARBOW fcCO., BASK BBS. Corner Loalslaae ?m? aad Sov??tB root, SKA.LIU 111 OOTIMNMENT SECURITIES, ?OLD AID Sll-^SB jy andland warrants^ Fir*t Iitttnl Ink o! Wulingto*. b.d. COOKS, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) Preeldent. Wl. B. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. GOVBBBMBBT DBPOBITOBT *KI> rmancial aqbnt of ths ub1tsb STATB8, Itu str**t, orrtut Uu Trtmntn Government ImrttM wltS Treasurer United States _ BTONS MILLION DOLLARS. JBB W a buy andsell*11 dame* of OOTERNMRNl thCl'RITIESkt current rnnrket ratee. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make (Xllttiums on ALL TBE PRINCIPAL CITIES OHHM UNITED STATES. Wt purchase Government foo?h??"?B 1h? MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful ' mi prompt tltcnHoi to ACCOVNTS q/ BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, end to aay other baelDeee est mated to na. FULL INFOBM ATION In record to OOVBBSMBST LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished ?H. 8. HUNTINGTON, Oaehler. Washington, March S.MS. mlltf LEGAL \0T1CES. IN TUB SUPBKMB COURT OF TUB DI3TBICT Vf COLUMBIA, Thia *.'d da; of January . A. D 1M7. Joba P Murphy, ) va S Eqnity,No.7?5. Ann T. fteary et a). \ William J. Miller, trustee appointei in the above entitle*! can at- to make aale of the rea! estate of Tbomaa Nmry de eased. in th<- proceedI inga mentioned. having reported to the Oonrt th it iu conformity w itk the decree passed In said cau-*-, he on the /7th day of December. A. D. liWri. aola Lot eleven, t11.) in 9<jnare five hundred aod thirtyelfht (.' !*,) ard ti e improvements thereon, conaicting of asmall frame heuae. to William Zanu?r, for the ?un< of twenty five hundred < SS.'Oj) dollar*. and that .he parchaaer has fully complied with the terma ot aale by paying all th- purchase in. ney in carl) to aaid traelee : It Is therefore by the Comt, this'^1 day of January, A D. 1*>7, ordered that the aaid aale and report be ratified and confirmed. unless canse to th* contrary thereof >>e ahowa on or before tbe 8th day of February. A. I>. 1*67: /Voci^rf a fO?y #f thia order l>e pnbllshed in tbe Bteniag Mar three tim?? a week for three ! aocfraaive week* before tbe laid Mb day of February, A. D. 1467. A true copy ja3 3td*eoJw Teat?B. J. MB1Q8, Clerk. OBPHANS' COURT, December 11. 1*8 -Dis tiici or CoLmmiA. Washington Oocnm, To teu .? In the case of Johanna lirowo, admlats I tratriz of Daniel Brown, deceased, the ad tn innI tratrlx aforesaid baa. with the approbation [ of tbe Orphan*' Oonrt of Washington county aforesaid, appointed Saturday, the itk day of January, 1Sc7, for tbe final eettiement and dla tri button of the personal eetate of aaid deceaaed. and of tbe asaets in hand, as far aa th? auni> have been collected and turned into monev when and where all the creditors and heira of aaid deceased are notified to attend, with their claima properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit In aaid deceased's eetate: provided a copy of thia order t>e pnbliabed onre a week for three week a In tho Bvealng 8tar previous tn the aaid dev. Test-J Ad R O'BBIBhB, dolllawtw* Begiater of Witts. OBPHANS' COOBT, Bee. 8, 18M.-Dutiic op Columbia. Wa?Hi..gton To wu: In tbe caae of William M Wilson, executor of Fiedeilck T. Wilaon, deceaaed, the executor aforeeaid haa. with the approbation of the Or phana'Court of WaahinirtoB County aforeeaid, appointed Saturday, tbe 6th day of January, lSrf.for the final settlement and distribution of tbe personal estate of aaid deceaaed, and of tbe aaeeta i n hand. as far aa the have been collected aad turned into me'.ey; when and where all the creditora and beira of aaid deceased are n?titled te attend, with their claima properly Touched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit In aaid deceaaed'a eat ate Provided a copy of thia or tier be publlahed once a week fortbrea weeks In tho Bveaing Star, previous to the aaid day. Test?J AS B. OBBIRNE. de 10-law8w* Begiater of Willa. OBPHANS' WDBT,Dxcbmbik &.1W6? Di*T*ict orCoLCMBIA. Wa*UIN?io!s CoCSTT, I la tbe caaa of Jaua MclSauna, administratrix of Jaaiea McManus. deceased, the administratrix aforesaid haa, with the approbation of the Orphan*' Court of Washington Coanty aforeeaid. apsoiutod Taeaday. tbe 8th day of laaaary, 1(467, for tbe final eettiement and diatribntlaa of tbe per eon el estate of aaid deceased, and of the aaaate In band, aa far as the same have been collected and turned Into money; when and wbere all i the creditors and heira of said deceaaed are aotited to attend, with their claima properly vouched, or they may atberwiae by law be ; excluded from all benefit la aaid deceaeed'a e* tate: provided a copy of thia order be pabliehed once a waek for three weeks in tbe Bvailing Star, previous to the ^LjaB. B O BEIBNB. de 1HS?' Begiater of wllM. 1 BP ART MS NT OF THS INTBBIOB. U UNITED STA TES PA TENT OFhICE, Wasbixotoii, December W, 18S6 On tbe petition of WILLIAM WICKBKfiH AM. of Boeton. Mass., praying far the extension of a patent granted to aim on tbe 19th day of April, 1M3, for an improvement in Hewing Me colnoa.for eeveu year* from Mie expiration of said MM. which takea place on tho 19ta dap of April, It is ordered that the Bald petition he heard at the Patent Office *n Monday, the let day of April next, at 13 o'clock m ; aad all aereonBare notified to apnear and show cause. If any they have, why said petltioa ought not to barren ted. Pereona oppeaing the extanalon are required to file in the Patent Office their objection!, specially set forth in writing, at least ftrenty days before the day of bearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used af the said hearing mnat be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rulee of the efflce, which will be famished on application. Depositions >ad other pjapera relied npon aa teattmqny mast be filed In the office twmty days before the day of bearing;the argnmeata. if any. within lendaya after fiKng the testimony Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Bepnblican and tbe Bational Intelligencer, Washington. D C .and in tbe Jonraal. Boston, Maae , once a week for three succeeelve weeks; tho first of eaid pablicatlone to be at least sixty days protons to tho il?nflj?irii^.[ii _ ComaUsaioner ofPatenU. P. 8 ?Kdltorsof tho above paper* will pleaae copy, and send their billa to the PatentOfflce with a paper containing thia notice. >a i law3w ^ H I H A HALL. (341 Pean'aaTenne, Botabliabod 1827.) N B W GOODS. We have Jnst received a full llae of Ohiaa, Olaaa andFancy Good a, saitable for the HolT-apHTS daya, auch aa Dinner, Tea. and TolletJK/ ware. Glaas Tnmblers, Oobleta, Decanters.m^B Bowls, Aa ;Toys la great variety; Va*ee,^^ Punch aad Sggaog Bowls; Van n On pa aad Baneers. Mags, Waltera.Catlerp, Plated ware; Baa keta. Tin ware. Lampe. and a general aaaortaent af Ooada in our Una. Ooal Oil by the barrel and on draught. We lavite all Ib waat of art idea in oar way to givo-ns a call and examine stock and prices, which we will make aa low oa they oaa bo boacht.whelaaaleor retail. Btoaeware at factory prioee. L de 1a oolw t ppb8bll S SON. MAILLABD'8 CHOOOLATS DB FANT AWIB, BT BOSBONB. also i MAILLABD'R CHOOOLAT PAB BX0SLLSNOB, (Triple Vanilla.) This Triple Vanltla CHOOOLATS la superior la quality and flavor to any other made in thia entry, HI " fo,^. corner 14th aad F street*, ja S under Bbbltt Honee, WPSC1AL S0T1CB?Two thouaand load* clean S3 washed 6BAVBL, of tbe moat suitable klad forceacrete. Aleo. twa thousand load a 8HABP SAB D and two tk oaa and load* FINE BAND, saitable for maeoarr aad pleategtag, on haad aad hr rABtr de I ft earae Mtk streat want and C*itl w?;,. U0LLlv.&?.?,t Show ?a?s Manmnctnrer, School FnrnltaraiM. and Beneafnrnlsbing Wararoome Bow and W Old Furnitnre af *11 <leecrtptinne, banab* If I nod sold. Repairtag, Upholstering, nod Varnish 3,000 bnjbeU MAI SB*POTATO B9, jast arHved, and for eale at oar Wharf at the loot of 7th strea*. S. P. BBOWS * BOM, Oommieeton Merchants, de 14 tf No. A S3 ?th at., helwaa* B nad F. dablbk tou8 fbab0ai9; Or. Do Ton Speak k Freaeh tm aeat* Spreabea 8<* dsuwchvlv" Do foa Sseak Oerman 1 n canto. UabU vd beK&ki&'s. sr&.nzp ult. centa. Harn.nniea foet'qose. par I *miiflm. M canto. Becaeillaateitta Poet>?aaa, par Laaaar^Ba; M eento. Vto So Jetas, par BenapjJl 7?. oc SB FBABOB TAVLOB. - . J ? * * h a. k * > ( ^ auction sales. . ; U* TUUB. DOWUIO, A+t i Georgetown. lt auction. wl 1 be rented to tbehiabeat bidder, at Publla emobning. jigurf liiX-atXiAT1" 1,4 I *?.? ^ibr l?"?dlnsa on th? Potomac J'-se. xzz&xxjsz' J.AB1TCHIB. r* ottbbn a willi amu, Auctioneer*. acotiim balk of two 8toby fbame .asw4 y< i8^- ? < i. *ilvbjr ?,,bllc mctlon. 00 tba premise*. an excellent two story frame dwel" hf^nee.mtuated on the eaatalde of?th street, h Mrest north being part of Lot Ho. 12. ta s?dlot h?*ng * ?t pf is feat s inches, , and lot 92 fftt deep to a public alley i'lf?1* = One half caab, and balance la six "urcbaaar inter*-t Conveyancing at coat of ? ? m qbben a williams. Auota. u* thob. dowlinq. Auct.; Georgetown. bali of impbovbd beal bitatb in 1 ... . obobgbtown. "4i"" 1h lulr ir i'n ^ af trust, duly recorded la i*iber j. a s , No. 1m, felioe -uw, Ac., of the land tha^tthv** ?r* p,,trict ofOolumbia, we will, oa 1 the 8th day of January. i9rt7, at 4 o'clock a m.. i^^r^in^l'lvbllc. "^?on " ?ha pretni ? in Georgetown eltuated, ??lfi f.??bfred one hundred and four. (104,) iu Beall a addition to aald town, beginning iri# ??tnth# end #fl4? tmt fr?'n the north?'''corner of Oreen and Beall streets, running 'j^l.b7,h* *,tb "> une of Beall street ti feat and and 4 12 of a foot, thence north so feet, tbeuoe west and parallel with Keall street 39 and 4 13 feet, aontht!l?|0r2i* ww,t 3 fe?t- thence beginning, with tbe build be?onk^lg^ot*rn*nt, *d(1 pwrt?"mnc**l?the Term a: One half cwh; balance In ?, 12 and 19 moot) a, ta be secured by a dead of trust oa the premises. All conve>ancing and stamps at purehaaj-r acoat If the terms of sale are not compiled with within five days afcer the s tie, a reaaH will ba bad at the eo?t and risk of default!ng purchaser. ?100 to be paid at the fall of tbe hammer. waltbb 8. cox, _ 4 , ohables m. matthews, Ge'Vg'to'wn ? lr* buiidlok Asseciatiou of de 6-ecAds ' thq8 dowlinq. Aact. bt w l. walla 0o., Auctioneers. tbcstee's bale of 1mfoybd beal estate in Washington, d. c i m^'nTt n z1 of trn?t. duly recorded in Liter n . < t , No. 17, pages US, Ao , of the Land b? curds of the iUstri.t of Columbia, we will. ?u the ?th day of January. 1w7. at 4 o'clock a. m . expose for aale at public auction, on the premise-i certain Beal Estate, being Lota Wo. $ and imn Samuet Davidson s stthdi vision of s'juar^ uumber?..0n5 ^*"1 i?T ?.ud ^riy 'n Waihingion city, tt. C , with the btiildlngs. improvements and appurtenances te the same belonging term" One half ash: balance in 6. 12 and 18 mont hs, to be seenred by a deed of trust on the ?lr. c"?*eyancin? a.,1 -tautas at the cost of the nurchitser. If the terms of sale are sc :.?^"rirthKwJth1n Hf,<,r thr i.? . ' bad at ,h**rlik and ro?t of defaulting purchaser 8kw to be paid at the fall of the hammer. WaLTKH S cox tr?oe!7getow * thlr^ ?? ^asatiation? of BaT-i.Ads w. l wall a co , Ancts. U* THOb. DOWLINQ, Auct.; Georgetown^ * VKBY VALUABLE AND DESIBABLR WHARF* auction* IW \v. 0.11 On thdbsdat. January 10. 1857. at one o clo. k 1 1 * !*'' on 'be promises, all of that very v.lnable and desirable wharf property ,n tbe south tide of Water street, between Washington and Jefferaen ?yeeta, adjoining the lumber yards ol Joa a j b Libi.y and Wheatley a Sons and h7ien?nap?'o ^ * Wood mni coal ,mri bxJ.O. This property has a front of about HO feet on the Potomac rlyer. with a depth of nearly 600 feet fronting ts feet on Water street, and alao a Iront un mai-hiagtxn street of abeat 74 feet, auti impro\?hi jl*sabataatlal wharf, built this sraaoo, and an office trobtiiif: on \\ ater street. TbH property, altogether, le the meet <leairaMe rMr!K.V,^ Also, Lot 63,ea?.teideor .leflerton street, between Water street and the canal, frontiug so feet .in j-f w'th i**11" ft i0? leet s inches, and Improved by a Frame 8*Uile. pnrcb^?*,aiicr" bnd *c - for by tbe apr^utftv" k4v*d on or b*r?r* th? ^rat day of "" de2? eota thq8. dowlinq. Auct. th08. dowlin^Auct ; GaorgetoVn. ~ tbcstee s sale of Valoablb beal bs ATK. By vlrtueofart^d ,,f truet n!vle by James rhodler and wife to the subscriber, the ?h day of october !?? and record.*! among the land records of the District of Oolutnbla. In Liber b. m. h., No. !'i10 2 public eale, id fr??ut vlih? premiaen, thii bsd \t. tbe i7th December. idea, at 4 o cluc k p. m , toe follewiog d*ecrtt>e<l real -s ata, being parit of lots No. ?7 and tn i'e ter b.atty. Thralkeld an.l Deakln't addition to Geoigetown and t>i^rict ?f re-aid, erroneously named In for mer dted? as lota m'>. .'9 and '*). hagmntnK for the same at the end of 87 feet 6 inc h.3* meat-n red on aline drawn etst from tht? intersection of tbeJa?*t line of Llngan with the north line of 1 roapact street and running thence east with the north line of Prospect street 20 feet, thence north and parallel with Llngan street 93 fiet more -5 d<1. Parallel with Proapect atreet 20 feat, thence south and parallel wltb Lin gaii atreet feat mora or leaa to the beginning Term* of sale : One-third caah; and tba reaid le la six and twelve months, with Interaar fr m the flay of sale the title baing retained uuUl fail ?a* m^nt ot the pnrrhane non**y. If the terma of sale are n t complied with within thr-e days after the day of sale the truataa re servea the right to resell, upon three day v notice at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser ' Oonyeyancing and stamps at purchaaer'a coat hdgii capbbton Trastae.' de is eo tho8 dowlinq, Anct. ujthtmonriavv1i 8alb fobtponed tnd jl*? ' jw,u?rr7tb, 18*7, same haur de29-eoAda O^PBETO., Tru. Ua. rj kl^tbba balb. ' o?y?7u*n#?r. * ^?creaaf tba Clrcvlt Court foi Priuce ooer^e County felttld^ at a Goart of si at 1/ i be care of Mary a. Mark wood and Babaoca Duvall ts John D. Baall and otkar* 1 te pnbllc sale, on THOBBDAT the If *f*.? "."fry '^i867 v*? u ?'cloc* in., < If fair l? .u ? n.*il 'wr <>?y thereafter.)on the prami^**1 BtUte.of wblchStephen Onions, late of Prince George a Caunty, died, aal/ii and'i^t aesMd.cantalaing about Muacrei. 'o* .v _.,,.l>rop*.rti..u "itnatad about tbraa miles from iwtlr '?0. ?,nf1*t??burg, la a moat healthy re gion of conntry^a well adapted ta tbe growth of The naual prod netioaa of tbe county. ii aUjoins the lands af Pairy w Browsing, the lata John f. barter and otben.aad tba aalilaing or a hoe texture, l? t*^*ble for markat purpoeea. being diatan4 fram Washington city about eight miles It will be sold in lots ta suit purchasers, and tboee dsllr SSVVnVM.%*u4thrfalT,lhr C?"trV ,eat wUI Terma of sale Ftva Hundred Dollars cash, residue inoaaand two yeara. with latoraat and approvtd security. Title indiapatabla. and on pay ment of the purchase money with tnteraet. tb* property wlllba conveyed to tba purchasers |n j* 3 4tawta n. 0. stephen, Trustee. PUBLIC BALK. ?**'in?of authority, we will exp^ae at public ' oi},*ba preniiaee, aear the residence of k m i. ?,n, *w"*a*. ? 1,1 ?f Jsogarr 1. j. iffl#ck ? . two parcels of land< y. divided, aad contlgaoua to each other th'1 property la altuatad fh*"1 ?*e anllea fr.,m the Canter Markat. Waabtr; u 5v**|ble by the Ana*oatia Bridge; ^if i! *#n identity of arable meadow and wood, Is of moet excellent quality: highly nrodnrtltet

admirably adapted to market rnriftm *nd baeaTalaable millk mmd tl2TKlUiZ?'.igi thereon. It will ba sold aeparauV * Terma of tale 'wo&t-half ca*h* reeldtie ib > ~cort" ... . "- "bTL-O"' J. *S?5i?5^t5T' w- D""JL t id it ll'b balil, 4? ?*I p-*t. mt It o'clock ?..*fr^ilr *f not?o?Jtho sissz***.. *" i'*1", Myattaniia Station, on tba baltimore ^ a-aas? artaw -sts51"? couldcraklt umwfillh o!Sn^!!!ijCStotil* HM'iM tfco ollUf O of BlMVuto s S.-MI .. ?wHso?Sr, uc lun*g a?.v |t va* .?^a.aa GOVERNMENT SALES. I pUBLIO SALB ?rb*NOIJIK**I?9 P BOP- . the Chief of lulM?rf,I will f wll.? Pablli iirtltn. it B41PI|'s FIIRT. i?K*T^A<a.Pl,.TI,J,B8DAL jA*oa*? i?*' ' 1??>T, tfce following BNGINBBBS' PBOPEBTy! ? Anchore, weighing frem no to 7? penule I earn tV'jl Miadi Wire Cable One Metallic Life Boat Two Pontoon Bwate. Bale to e?iBieuro ?t 10 o'clock a. m. Terme caeb, In United SUtee fund*. DANIEL J. TUUSO, *' 1M? J OBa KJoWQ?.rAaeM<^?> '^1'"? fadnmrt. iVary D*par;mtnt,l _ ? p11** Deaember a im { 1??I? ^ ?W at public auction, to the hiehf rt2 SIV* "S0."' on THDB80AT tbe twenV /Z2.' a*the offlc- of me T,rd' Tor*, a 0:rd?'"efSteree. serviceable and nnEllif a BI?' *"?lbr*ein* Cannon, fchot and Shell. ? fH i ?J? caltbree. Spare Parta of Btoree Carriage*. and Mieoellaaeoua cbM?'frt,B,e* wl,! MM in lata to Bait pnrTerms; One-hair caeb In aovernment fund* to be deposited on the conclnalou of the aala, and tbe remainder within teatlpydev* afterward, daring which time tbe article* may be removed from the ??f Yard. other* ice thej will revert to tba Government H. A. WISB <?* g-w"* Chief of Bnrean. UALB OF OLI? AMD ^NSBKVICEALE CAN^ KOh. 8JALL ARM8, AMD MIclUILLANBOU8 ORINANCB 8TOBB8. Bureau afo r J timet, Navy UrpartmtniA >.. mtK ^ Ouy, Dee. 13,IM6 ( J*on??. ?W7, at nooa. there win be sold at pahllc anctioa, in the Norfolk navy yard, to the hit beat bidder, a lot of old aad unserviceable Cannon, Small Arena, and Mincellaneou* Articlee of Naval Ordnance Tbe Cannon. Bhot. and Shell will be sold hy tbe nrund, and the Small Arm* and other Mi*cell?t>*eiia Article* of Ordnance In lotatoanlt pur? CliaMTB. Terme: One-half c**h, in Government fandii. to he <?epo*itt<i ob the conclusion of the sale, end the renainrier within ten daye af erw*rde, oaring * hich time the articlee nn?t be removed from the yard, otherwise they revert to the Government. DENTISTRY. ~ hB LEWIE 8 DENTAL ASSOCIATION^ ? No. 2bO fKNN'A AVE , Between 12th and 13th afreet*. Teeth extracted without pain by adminstering *r Laughing Ca,. Dr . w. r*c?ntly pure lived the b <tV?RsJ ineiiiital Apparatus in the country for^-u-l-a l?V?rd?y; also, an improved Val i * ?' Association i* now prepared to niak?> Teeth on (Jold, Silver and Bubber at New icrk Philadelphia and lioHton pricee. AH perd,,nUl work done oan have tt aa h ?p ?bove named cltire All work done in the neatest and beet manner, and warranted t? kive HatisfactiuB Peraona will do well t" rail ana examine oor work. de 21 If T* * ? . ~? L , ^ M LOOMW. M. D., p71*TV"V5^?I^"d P?t*Bteeof the MINERAL ifLATE TEETH, attenda perfonally at hla office In thia city. Many peraons c?nMBfej| *,lr these teeth who cannot wear otheraT^ III tbeee10 ^?r,on c*n ** *' othera who aanaot wear Peraopa calling at ay office oan be aooommoda4 . fnJ tyTe and price of Teeth they may detire, but to thoae who are particular.and wish the anreet, cleaneat, atrongeet and moat perfect dentore that art ean procure,tbe MINBRAL TBETH wlU be Bore fall; warranted. Rooina In tbiii dty-No 3*8 Penn'a avenue, beAlio, 907 Arch atreet, rbiiadelphla. ocJO-1? C WHITE'S (LATE SHAFriBLB7^ CUNFKCTIONBBY AND lOB OBBAM MANUFaCToBY, No. 3?b Mb .Treet Tbe proprietor wlshea to Inform famlllea, hetel proprietore, and tbe pnblie generally, that he continue* to furni*b Confectionery and the choiceet Ice y ream at the ahorteat notice, and on tbe most reaaonable teriuc. Wedding and Fan>y (Lake* I'vramid* of allkinda and al/ea, Charlotte Rn-*e| Blanc Maiife and Jolliea made to order. Partiea, Buppera aad etber entertainment* fnrniahed at a owrate. den im* RKHICTION OF PBICES, EDUCTION or PBIOB8, DUOTION or PBIOKB. BBI I GTION or PRICES REDUCTION OP I'Kd'ig REDUCTION OF PRICES.' Of and after thi* date I will supply to my customer*. and to all other dealer* who may fa* >r me witn their order*. MA88EY, HD8T0N h CO 9 MA3SEY. HCSTON * '"O.'S M A8hEY, HUSTON <fc CO. S (Late Maeaey, Collin* k Co '*) PHILADELPHIA DHACGHT *nd iST'i' K ALE PHILADKLPHlA DBtUOHT A>jSTOt'K ALU PBILADE'.PHIA DBAUOHT ?n STOCK ALE AT PHILADELfHIA I'RK K8. AT PHILADELPHIA PKl- ES, ) AT PHILADELPHIA PRICES. VI7. : DR' I OHT OR X ALE AT .til PER BBL. DUAI'OHT OR X ALE AT |ll PKR BBL. ST<)< K OH XX ALE AT $13 PER BBL. STOCK OB XX ALB AT ?13 PEB BBL Good* delivered in all parte of Wanhii'gtou and Georgetown jrte of rkartr. i TEEMS CASH i All order* promptly attended to. RILEY a. shinn, PhiUdelphU Ale Agent, I Corner of Crecne and Oiive atreeta. ' 1m Ceorgetowu, D. C. pOBlABLB ~ " STEAM BNGIIIES, | Combining the maximum of efficiency, dnrabillty, I and econonif, with the mini mum of weight and I price. Tbey are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being in n*e. All warranted aattafactory, or ne *ale Descriptive circular* sent on application. Addresa j J. O. HttADLEY A OO., 1 noe eoSm Lawrence, Maaa. I |\epartmbbt or the intbbiob, ! sa*j??jsibrscribed Land Wnrranta, which are alleged to have fct?-Notice la hereby given wart ant a aeir ** deecrlatlon of eaota " f U9W. ?*rtitoate or warrant of like tenor a#pe*r.r **D valid objeoUen ahonid thra JOB. H. BABBITT, Oorsmiaaioner. J J1mo<,< '"sued under the act ef March 3, I860, in the name of Blteha Bacon wd was granted January 14. MS. Jannar^ ifc 5? Af4?i/?rA,?jkCT**' l*?ued under the act of I March 3d. 1866, la the n*ae of Ivory Butler, and W*? '??-lr?br?ary 1,1S67. ' M ! K"*' i"'I5*o?>der?he act of March 3d, 1866, in theaameof Ltianu Uarloa, I 16 IsSt* 'rMU<1 ?*????ber If, ISM. February n''() v.'t!i,'?a,[0i aeree. Isated under the act of I March j*l, the name of Bobert W Pierce, I "m WSffI*?ted.-?ay 12' ,8rt? March 9,1667. M??. 99.?<0. for 160 acrea, leaned under tbe act of I March 3 lM.ln the name of Ell.ah D Ball, and wa* granted June 8.1?1. March 9. lt*7. p?TB1E8EMAB, ~ BI BOIAL LETTERS PATM>t o( England, and Men red by the eeala of tbe I Trieeemar No. 1,1* tbe effectual remedy fer Be lazatfon. Spermathorrhoea, and Bxhauatlon of Trieeemar No I I* the Infallible remedyior all I *4 i*o?dwy BimpUma. thn* ot-vir ^idUnST^ ?? eiher deleterioa* "iaob preparation 1* lo the form of a moet agree able Loaanga Becared frem tbe effect* of ell- I mate and chanfM of aimoephere. In tlncaaea, at 1 itk'M wVfWMMln one for $9, and la $27 c??HWP **"*> l> Divided In aepamte doae* I m admlnlalaaadby Y?lpeau, SaHamaada, Boux, . o. toao. Be. s*o h?', fanae,earner llthat. oeHr I D,FAS!frWiaa? imVMnc*. ,p. j*a^T9a?T?ss!fcrv? Liverpool, Kingdom of Great Brltein, praying for I the extension of a patent granted to him on the ixth day of Jane 1864 antedated to April 27, ISM, aad dated In Baglaad the -lA of March, 1863. for an improvement In Balance Slide Yalvea of I Steam Englnee. for eeven yean from the en- I It la ordered that the aald petition be heard at I tbe Patent Office en Monday, the 18th day of Peb ruari next, at U o'clock m ; aad all peraona are wo- I tjfled to^ppe^ and *tww canee. if anr ther have, why aald yatftlan ought not to be crantad. _,P**?oj? opfoMnc the extension are required to | ?'e'?Jb? Patent Office their ebjectlona. specially 5** ! writing,at least nr?a? days before the I day of bearing; all taetimony filed by either party De?oaltl?M and other paper* relied upoa aa teetUamiy must be filed In the affioe ivnuyurs before I bearing theargnmeate. If any, wlthia - e<l?STb* rnbllahed la s.w^,raL,%"5rjr,i5t N. Y , once a week for three aaoeeeelve weeka: the Brataf aald anblicattoae to be at leant sixty dan propone to the day of hearing I " ITO. T HEAR IB, Co nun Ml oner of ^a tenia P I. Bdltera of the aha ?e panera will aleaaa I wjwoirtfvj! TSJEfi I Mir4**"' nuaoa tatlob. ! M!5,aIK2^K,iiV5SSSSS RAILROAD LINES. 1866 PMNBtJTWiI ROUTE 1867 | TO TBS NOBTH WB8T. SOUTH, AMD SOUTH* WINT1B SCHEDULBJ OB and aftar November 19. 1**?. train* will leave m followaWashington?7 fi m I Baltimore ... 9 II . m. " 7 *1 ' I " .. n 10 e m. ?-J *a.a. I 10 a. m. TBBQBftAT DOIBLB TB40B BOUTS. with BLBGANT BOBBERY. Pelar* Stateroom 4*7 ind lUbtGm with modern UBirairmrnu, ft bo aavlng from four to tw*lv* hour* In tlm* over ?"7 other root* Two hundred mile* Mnd to Wtiurt *nc OrBtnl Nov York. Two Dally Train* to tbo Weal. _. ? *' " ' North. Tlropih from Baltimore to ROGHBSTSBand P1TT8UUBGB without chaait P***enger* by tbla route from Baltimore here 1 the advantage of making ell chaugea in DM ION 1 D5ZVT* m*A * FBBBIBS. 1 Tftketa by tbla route can be procured at tbo of- -j Bee, corner 6th atreet and Pennaylvenla arm*, i under tbo National Howl, where reliable infor mat ion will bo given at all timoa. Pnaaengen procuring tleketa at tbla offlce can aecure aecommodatloaa la Sleepiag Car* for Bl Ira or Plttabarg. B. V W1LB1N8. Ticket Agent, WaahiHKUiu DO. BD. 8. TOUBO, Gen. Paaa. Agent, _ Baltimore, Md. delly_ WASHISOTOJI, ALEXANDRIA AMD HBOROETOWM kAILBOAD. _ J . tibb tablb. On and after MONDAY, November 12.18M. and until fnrtber notiae, I'eoeenxer Traina will ran between Waahlngtoo aud Alexandria aa followa LunWuit moron. Lravn aliiahriu. From Md. avann*-depot. Trotn oer Duke a Hearr Local at. :!? A *. aU . Local at 4 43 A *. Through Mail a 95 ? Local cor Klag Local at......... 7.00 and Henry ... < DO " " ? 91W Local at 8 00 ' ** *5 P* * " - 10 ? " It a,,,,,,,, 4*J? * a.M m M " ? 38 Through Mail, comer a& > ^?...ll-JO " PukeA Henry I 00 P.M. Local cor Ring and Henry.... 7 00 " j * " u 0 " BUNDAY VA88ENOER TRAINS aw^.A *E? A*H 1 . - ''"i Front Mdaveaue depot. From cor Dnke A Benry 1 Through Mall 6 3S A M. eta., Local at 4 <6 A. M. II .?.T.6if.ioMn Through Mail ? do P M. O. A. 8TEVENS. General Superintendent. . 1? I? W. J PHELPS. General Manager filK.>?l4l? I Wa?i*?tov, n?c ?,iw jjtw*n Waahingtoe and Now York ara BOW I UD M follow*. y| 7,; FOB NEW IOBK, without change care. **p Vfn (*x<?0pt 8unday) at / 43 a. m. ard plTa'** NEW YOBK. changing car* at Phlladel. Leave dally < except Snndayl at 11:15 a. m. and 4:90 p. m. . . . .FOB PHILADELPHIA. Lea to dally i except Sunday ) at 7 46 and U 15 a. I m , and 4:90 and 6 W p m >B BUNHAY. Leave for Now York and Philadelphia at 6 90 p. m only. Bleeping car* for Hew York on 6.B) p. m. train | dally. Through tlckata to Philadelphia. Maw York, or Boston, can bo had at the Mation Office at all J>'>ura in tho day. aa well aa at the new office lj the Pankera and Broken Telegraph L.?u?-, 34* Penu. avenue, **tweon 6th and 7th atreeta. See Baltimore and Ohio kailroad advertisement for achednlo between Waahlngtea, Baltimore, | Anna poll*, anr the West J, L. WILSON. Maator of Tranaportatlon. L M UOLB General Ticket A Kent _OlO 8. BOOHTZ, Agent. Washington oc 90-tf OALTIMOBE AND OH IO BAIL BO AD, " J Washt.ioto*, Bee. 9, IW. & mmm Traina betweon WASHINGTON AND BALTIMOBB.and WASHINGTON AND THB WBST are now run aa followa. vir.: FOB BALT1MOBB. Laave daily, except Sunday, at 7*>, 7 45, and 11 15 a. in., and 2 ov, and 4 90. end < 00 p. m. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. 8un<,?"' ' 7 ? ? . and 2 Hi ado 8 00 p. m. FOli .. Af STATIONS SOUTH OF ANN APOLIB w JUNCTluS. p m*T? ** 618 aD<1 7 W *' "110(1 4t *nd 4 * * ' . FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 7:00 and 7 45 a. m , and 4 SO ?. m. No traina to or from Annapolla on Sunday. UN OL'NDaY. FOB BALTlMuBB. Leave at 7 46 a. m.. and a ?u ana 9 00 p. a . FOB WAY STATIONS. Leave at 7.46 %. m.. and J.Oii and ? w p. m FOR ALL PABTS OF THB WE8T. ^?*T6dmi,y' **cept Sunday, at 7.45 a. nod 8.uu p. in. On Sunday at 8 oo p m. only, connecting at Relay Station with traiug from Baltimore to Wheollng, Parkertbnr*. Ac. THROUGH TIORBTB to tke Woat can bo had at the *a*blugton Station Tlckat Office at all boora in the aay. aa well aa at the lew office of the Bank era and Broker*' Telegraph Line, 34* Peua vei oe . between 6th and 7th atreeta. For New York Pbllaloiphla, and Boa ton, aoe acvortlanneut of ' Throoah Line." J. L WILSON. Maator of Tranaportatlon. L M. COLB. General Ticket Agent. oc 90 tf GEu. 8. KOONTZ. Agent Waahington. STEAMBOAT LINKS. pOTOMAB TBAN8PORTAT1QB LIMB. BOT1CE TO 8BIPPBBB. Tha Steamer lAPBESsTu^t. B. A. BYTHBB, loavea Waahington at 6 a m. and AI ^ oxandrla at 7 a. B EVERY 8AT-i^^^^^J% UBDAY for Olymont.Badd'a Ferryj Smith's Point, Ohattarton Landing. Nanjomov ! Btoroii, Mathiaa Polat. Chapel Point Plowdent Wharf. Lancaater a Wharf. Stone1* Wharf, Ourrioaoeni Bay, Tax well 1 Wharf, Hazeli'a Wharf, Plnoy Polat, Point Lookout, and arrlvoo at BalM. mora at a a. on Sunday ..... J* TO TBAYBLLBBB GOIBG BOOTH TWIOB DAILY,(Sunday p. m. axoeptad.J Tha qulokeat aad moot dlroot route to BMmm, Ya , and tbo Mouth. via Um Potoma., ar*? . teamen from Sixth Street WbufBA^W^ Waahln?toa. to Aaala Greek Blohmoad, Froderlckaburg and PotoaMa Bail road. >ow entirely completed from Aaala Oroek to Blchmond.Ya. oonaectifig there with traina on tbo Bleb* mond and Petarabnrg and BlcCmond and DanvlUn Obtctor S e O. Btaamer* Keyport a ad 0 Yaadarbilt laava Sixth Street Wharf dally (Baaday evealaf exoeptodi at 40 a. m. and 7 p. m. and arrlra la Rlnhaaond at 1.45 a. a. and 9 Mn a. RI ROUGH TO BIOHMOBD IB SB YEN BOOBS, fty Mi lea Shorter auti IS Boura Qulobar Ibaa any Other Route. Ba rare and cat Through Tleketa via Agula Crook and FrodoHckaburg, to Riobmond, at tho Company i OtBoe, corner of Penan, aveaue and 9th atreet, or oo board of the boat*. Baggage oheoked through. OanlbuMM and Baggage Wncoaa wtU ba la raadlneea la aonvey paaoongon and .hacgaca batweea depot* In Blchmond. Paaaengar* by thia Mn* yaa by dayUght Moo at Vernon, and may have aa opaortunlty of vlalflag eevaral battle field* near Fradertctabnrg bp Mopping at that potat. ap Hp Beaoral Paa*ongor Agaat. /JOLUBBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOMBB LYING IN ASYLUM, Fourteenth atreot,(elrcle,(corner af straet, Waahlagtoa, D.O. Thl* Inatltntlen ha* boon o*tabll*b*d for tb* reoeption af aatlenU who any be anffering from diaoaaea peculiar to their aos. and for the ad vision of *aah female* a* aay require tho ooafart* of tha IrlM in ohaaber. ^ Tho building la attuatad in Ue moot healthy portion of tbo Dtatrlct, surrounded by iu own ground*. Car* paaa tha door everv five minute*. Tora* of adalMlon: From ? ta #10 per week, fn accordance with tha raoa roqulredder able In advance. Thl* Include* Board, Madlafnaa, Medical aad Surgical attendance. IBDIO A L STAFF. ooil b6 l^ibTg1 tsTc i a? s^anII's drgeo nb JOB 1LBABBSS, M. D., burgeon Ooaoral, DiSK?VVr7?2: w-hiMf. A.T. P. Ga?**TT. M. D.jBaw Yorkavaaaa. Ord*ra for adalaaloa to tha (ra* bod* la thla hooaltal, (of which than ara 9B,) aaa ba obtalnad of ^rss^? wg's: ? liSgwatVMg"'M|a|g| nhh^alaa ^ JAa ? ? ? - - ? Band. _Traatlae_.?a Iatnnebmen|?; by Llppltt. ' A p , h ? % a Jal ? | t i | PROPOSALS. \ pEBFOBALB FOB 8TATIO>1Bv7~ Fo?T Pi IKTM?1T Si. |mm Healed Probata wih !> re ?d? .? ?be Po?? C>Bi? Department ?i til lb* **h d?> r ! inDiri Ia7. it IS o'clock. M aooa, for farnitMng Elation * f> tt? Dapariweet lor our )Mr 'fiM . 1*1 Of F?tTB*rT, 18^>7. Thoge i.Dft IMi . r gdttafactory tMUBADul> of ability te ruifll aeon (?Ml Will not la roneid?f*d All the article nut be < f the nrj b<*t relit* aaplaa af which, coBtaialag At IfMt a ?,n, y^PM ?f rioit^ui > h" hid*. ai J tbe Departaent r???fr<-i the right to mala am pay ffcr the ia?? at the prtoe lUI^ in ibe ->!? or retara thni at it* or Man. No l id* will bo coa>ldered where tbe article. aeons pan flag * areaotef the kind ?uJ-laalu# reeaired lj ?he Depertaeat and apurl.-ue ar. tlcle? wilt itlUKl the on tiro bid to ree Uoo >t tbe plea* are of tho Departmeat. Tbf tab.'oiatd llat apedfiee. aa nearly aa can r, ? ?edone. tho aaowat. qnallty. and d--ecri?ti?>e t each wf tie Utiik of articloa that atu tw ? aai?> www/#./ fur (*. ^ar it*m. Ci am Bo 1-PAPBB 1. 10 ream* Folia P.<at, aatln or plafn fm.h taiat lta?-d aad tnaaed, to mvigb not .e?e than 17 ponad*. par roaai 2. 40 reaat* Foolacap. plaia. aacblaa, faint Haed and triased, to weigh aot looa tLea n poend? ?rr n?a 3. 10 teea* Foclecap Mae 'aid, hand ma.fat n* Meed . garden pattern, roan oi r knowa aa Di??*t-h or Conaular MP'r veitihaot laea thaa Msteea ponaA*. per 4. 1?# renae yaario Poet. Tcarhla?<, alaln, fatal Hood tbr?e p?r ream 5 S reenie but Double ()*| r. j lain. ttr 6. 10 tf?a? Kata ?ap?>r, flit. large etaa. Mt r**m 7. 8 raama Bote paper, plain, large *ite. per A win Wk 8. IP reea* Nete paper, gilt, >n>a!l Mae. a" ' ream ' 9. 8 reaai Bote paper, plain. iima'.l*.,* roam ' r 10. 100 reaai Enreiope paper, fallow or b. " ro? al per ream 1. ?0 reaa* biotting p*p*r. royal, per r? ,jh t. 4 doren praaa <\>py 8>k* not lee* tba., ?ai pagee per doren ** 11. 6.0?>e*trn large aire white adbenfre rn??i < ae<e tery emooth and thl.-fc ? > j., '* chee eqaare. per tmndrad * 14. UJM Un* tuft adbeatve KaveloMa 1#r_ Bo*th aud thick, 8>,bf X\ iaah?a. 2ir hnndrad r' 15 . 28.00" long white or balf adha'fve tnvel ?. rer/ ?BO?th and tbtrk for I. tt.-ra an 1 IT,' cnlar. r. bv 3?. It., baa, per band Ifi. 3 0< 0 buff or ? hi*a ?oheai?e F.n*oieDe? ?. _ aBooth aad tblca. p. r barorad ' 17. IftOotBall alra wbita note alheaive ap< a. par bnndred 18. 3 COM large aire wbita aota adiiaaiva Eavei opaa. per honored 19. 3,00>i latter alta ?hlta aobeaive Cnvel( Ma n..r hnndrad ~ ' ~ Cl*? Ka.l.-PBJiB ASP PENCILS KTC 50. M gr<?a ParrjrV and Uutiiott a b-?t t >ena. per grcea "c 31. 40 groaa no-tallic P> n?. of other manafartnr. par gr^iea Tl. 1 doren l^at Hold Pena. per do/en n. .v 0 guiila. No. ^t. pet m 74. (U> doren ranboldar". aborted, per -!o/en :s. 26 doren Faber'a beat black Lead p-r.V?i, grtdnated. p-r di /en ,iJ ' 3S. 10 do en beat red atid bloe Lead Pencil* per ?a f.e n * Ol*-? No. 3?IN K, 1KKSTANUS, Wavkrh AN 1? ?4X. ' V. 12 doren Inkatai da Knos or any paten; larae nr ftuall. per dutan i 28. 4 dottn Inkatsutd*. caat iron, larae, doul le 4 per dozen A 29. *" bottlea Ink, black. Martiarl k No>e? n B# ijuart l ottlea. per iK.ttie ' 30. 25 bottle* Arnold a Oo^yitie Ink. per l>ottla 31. Itw b<?ttie? I'aTil % Carnima Iat, noes ft j per do/an bottle* 32. >0 poao'la Waf?r*. common alio*, red. per poitnd , 33. 78 p. nn4? Bealing wat. beat extra aorrfine acarlet. p- r pouad OLaas Bo. 4.?CCTLBKY AND M IbCELL \ m OI 8 AKTIOLBB BI" >4. tl do'.en Pettbtii v?a itodgera k Ron a ?0 bUdea, back bom naodle*. genuine ??. r do tea r 38. 6 dozen Braeara. Bodgera A Bon * i >arr tia d!aa, genuine, per aoren 4 dozen UfTice l*bear*. 11 inch. per doren 87. 4 doren Office Ccieeor*. per dM> o 3H. 2M doten Polder*, ivory inch pardozen 3J. 4i? dxcen red Linen Tape. *aooria.l. per a^/?n 4b. Iw (K ren Mlk Taata, color* and width*, id baiika, t^r dozea 41. Sudeten Paper WeUhta. a??orted. par dot. a 42. 2?> pounrla IntJia B?l let. prepared, per pout. I 43. 5 pcunde India Bttbler, unprepared, prF P^una 44. ?? (iiaria Black 8an I. per jaart ?I. 3 ?uiiCff Pounoe, per otiooe 46. 4b p?and* Twina. tioen. per ponnd ?7. lOn p>nnd* Twiue, cotton , per pmud 48. edorati Kulera, mabogaar roanJ <?r fat. p. r dcaaa 49. 1! do/ea Gutta Percha. roun-i ar flat, per dozen 8?. ? ponn4? Mpoore. he*t. per p'Und 51. 10 p?GBta Unm Arabic. i*eat. per poaad The Ar be*i ve BuTeloi e in net be thickly gnmiued a I"itr i h < t an inch wide an aim the Uppei* Each bidder inuat fui ai?b with hi* pr.>t>ueala i aniple? and bat one a;tut#le?of each article t i I for Ka< h article mnat ba bid for, and no mora than Obe price tiatned for any one article. Hid* nit fully conform in* to tbe a<i v?rtie*aetii . will not > a< n-1dara<i. Tbe tai-ni* and coiKlitmna of tbe ad?ert wneit I for atatlonery are to I a incorporated a tbe otiu rr. tract lor fetatiouery, a?d tbe bead of tbe Liepar r j n ant will in all. aae-, jad^e wtielhei tba ?r.l. lc? tendarct' by tbe Contraptor ara of the 'tualily re- * iinired by tbe contract 1 be Stationary la b' be fnral?Bed aa it a?y bo ordered .y tbe l*?parta*Tit. ?u4 at tue c.utract jricaa, a bather tba 4nant. Uea eico*! or tail m?ori of tboae ektimated Bach (topoaal Baat be tigae-l by the indlvldaal or hiui toaking it. and uia?i*p*clf. a ine*r vi prt'rc?tar each and every article named tu the schedule. 8b< alo any articlaa l?a required which are n t et.uaarutad, they are to i<afaralahod at the Iwe-t m?rket | rlcea. if tba Dei artaxant aball ?ee ttt t ? order tl0m froB tbe contractor bating tba con tract fo-alBllar articlaa: and If tba coatractora and tba Depart Beat do nut agree. th?n tUe l>e partBaat may have tba atticla torulabe-l u> any other |4>rkea ar para n? wha will faralab it at a price low at than thai damao.lel by tha Cuoi'i tar. Blank Krtna tor proi'Oaal* will be farut?had at the l^aparttnant to paraona applalag for tbeu. and, a* withoat nniforaity the ret a, the Depart aient would And It difficult to aaka a deciat ?n. nona will ba takea into conaldatatloa, anlaw *a> tantiall agree lag tb< rawith Tha toa4?t the Deparuaeat will, in all caae*, dacide whether tba term* of tbe co a tract have be* i compllad with aad reaareaa tha powar to auanl tha contract upon aay fallnra taooaply ta a r* a aonable time. Bon.ia.with approaad aacantp.ara to ba given by tba peraaa or pnooa contracting aad, la ea-e ol tallure to aapaly tha arttalaa, tba aoatract r aad hi-* taratiaa aball ba liable for tha forfaitara peclfied la >ach boad aa liialtfatad damacaa. Tba eoatract will be awarded ta tbe taweat aad beat bidder: tba beat Md to fce determined after a carefal eiamlnatioa for tba porpaaa of ?carta'a lag which bid wiH. ia Ita P'aatlral ao*t adraatageoas to tha I^epartaeat. The Departaeat reaarraa ta ttaalf the right ta reject aay bid whare It la appareat that a part of . tha articlaa are b?d far at very low and a part a k Terr high rataa, without proper regard to tbe owl } of each for tbe parpaae of effacttag tia aggregate af tha b'da aadtr tba aatlmau coatained in tbe ad rarUaaaeat. ALBX W. RANDALL. jal lawtw Poatmaater Genet*: ^|C BIT I> I 8 B 8. ItBiBITaR'l SIFT! MAM AM.ITAIT 8 OlTTt THBMOBT CBBTAIB BBHBDT BTBB C8ED Ta, A Poatriri i?u," far OOltOUMHBA, OLMMT, MTMJCTUMES, *. Oantalaa no Mfaaral, ao lalaaa, no Marcory Ontv Wb ? *a TbAaa a Afw a (V?. They are aatlreiy aw?akaaa, baTtag ao aaell nor asSsssKWS-'- iCAsia I,?* w.ity'tw IwMUn? rf tba Laiaaraitf of Paaaarlraala, aaaof tu? m ^ wxinent Doctora aad CbawitaB of ttt prewal day. , ^kssr ? *" |ijt|t|? fj11 F?^a BLOOD I BLOOD II BLOOD lit ?TPHuf^h*"**b'jftAL*DIBEASC8, ta |'at it IT AN *B BOOT ABD UBBB JUICE la* Boat pa tact, eertain aad taal riaidy erer prepcnbe4; It naaba aad eradicate* evwrr panicle 4. Si?s2i.r',ar??.jf,usiSwssi^ ady and ba^baakad.^jd1 do not Jraaealt ft to yoar DO NOT DEBPAIBI k nsnunn rocnsniraftsvo. * will re mere arary raatige af lapantlaa froa ijglgp ^^ LABTr^'B^W AgH^ ^ ^ ^ w?at t?. BarBtaa'" "*" r .*i" ? .MMBMBBEI ?| : I