Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR The largtit Circalitioi in the Diitriet W. D. WALLACH, E4iter mmd PrtprtfUr. WASHINGTON CITY: * MONDAY JANUARY T, 1867. %T HEADING MATTER ON EVERY PAGE. SEE OUTSIDE FOR 1NTEEKSTING TELE GEAPBIC AND OTHER MATTER. Tk? following u the offlclei ?b owing of tk? circulation of the duly papers of Uuajitr competing for Uto OovmiMBt idmAiai andrr the recentiujt of Oongress directing 10011 MTfrtiatni to be made in the two daily newspapers ol Washington naving tt? largss ?ireolation: Evanine Stab 7,715 copies par day. CkrnnicU.. S.W " fnitllifmrrr " M Tbe etorns of advertising bj the city papers for the quarter ending September 3u. IBM, as taken from the books of the Internal Kevenne Office, are as follows: fcvnnae Star lA.Otl Jnt'lhgmcer 13,104 Chronicle.,... lO.aufl |?vi ^.un I|7UI THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. A re?pecte* coteir.porary, the New York trentnrj l'vtt, on Saturday last treated iu readers to long chapter arming tbe necessity 6f xweeplrg changes in the laws of this District' founded, evidently, upon an entire mitapprobation of what those laws really are. and the manner in which they are administered. Tbe drift of its article is drawn from innumerable misrepresentations of tbe state of things existing here, which two classes of people have taken occasion to scatter broad-cast. These < lasbes are, first: Those very extreme republicans who. desiring to control all things here for tbeir own personal benefit and advance* meat, are becoming aware tbat tbey eannot < reiy on tbe colored vote to put tbem in our mi. nicipal offices over the beads of tried, faitbful, aad justly popular public servants, and seek to indnce Congress to legislate tbem into the administration of tbe affairs of this Dia trier, without any responsibility whatever to those whose money iney are ambitious of handling. Tbe other class are our copper* head leaders and intense rebel sympathisers. These latter are terribly disgusted because Congress has seen fit to accord the right of suffrage to the colored people of the District. These prefer to resign their own right of suffrage to voting side by side with the new made voters. They are desperately bent on defeating th?* purpose of Congress is parsing the new District franchise bill. That Is: on pre. venting the successful initiation here of the policy of political equality ot all meu not Ineligible on, account of crime or mental imbe. cillty. As wide asunder as tbe poles upon all other points, these bitter aniagonistical ele. ments of our population have joined bands in fh* nrnrl rat inHnntn? Hw -* " " r. V*? W* <uu uviuf, vuu^oea lU ADUilSQ tHO n*bt of tb>' eitixens of the District to govern themselves in tbeir local affairs Their joint aspersions upon tbe corporate (orernmeou of tbe District are destitute ot foundation in truth. We affirm, without qualification, that there are do purer, fairer or more honest ad> ministrations of affairs in hemisphere than tbose of tbe cities of Washinstall &nd Georgetown. Fiscal corruption and official maladministration have effected no lodgment whatever la matters great or small in tbe administration of tbese municipal gov crnmenu. In tbe matter of tbeir treatment of persons of color in oar midst, the Evening Pott takes occasion to do ample justice to their past history, saying truly tnat up to the beginning of the war free negroes were better treated by tbe corporate authorities of the District and by it* whites than anywhere else la the T'nited States; and tbat as a consequence, tbere were nor* well-to-do negroes domiciled here tban is any other American city, in proportion to population, and tbat oar negro population were, a* a class, far better off and better treated than tbat of any other city. Such is the drift of what it has to say on these points. We may not inappropriately add tbat by oar cor porate antnoriues and by all thoughtful white people id the District they bare been qnite as well treated erer since tbe war began. True, a few bitter copperheads and rebel sympathisers am >nc us in velgh against their race as ' the cause of the resfllt of tbe war?tbe success of the Union arms?and here and there lgno rant and brntal whitee, precipitated upon ns from the North during the war, seek to treat , then, in tbe matter of allowing them the priTtiege of sarning their bread by the sweat o their brow as best tbey cad, as they are treated by toe many in Northern cities. Hot these are bat exceptions to tbe general rule prevailing here. Kar more channels of labor are open to tbem here tban in Philadelphia, New York ^'taeinnau, Chicago, or any other Northern City. except perhaps Boston. Oar corporations spend ten dollars of taxes collected from white property-holders and other tax-payers (or the benefit ol the colored race among us? w proportion to the aggregate number of our tax-payers and the aggregate amoont collect- j ed from them?where one dollar Is similarly spent by any Northern municipal government for the benefit of the colored race in their own midst. We can assure the Evening Pott that la thi? District there dott exist ali the many cUmitral* which it mentions as being the doty of Concress to orovide. Thei* u ?' _ _ ruiurce- j mrot of "Minatory rules" here. The proof is 1 ii| toe tact that in proportion to population and ue me una of all cla*?ra of people among ua Washington and CJeorgete we are aa healthy and have been for years and yeara pait aa any other cities in the world. There exista bere aa ample and impartial corps of police ofticera and magistrates"?a (loveroment institution, toy the way?wbo discharge tbeir dotlea aa effectively and honestly aa do similar tunc. Uoaarie* in any, other cities in the Union. There is, farther, aa secure '-tenure and ready transfer of land" under the laws ot thia District aa exist anywhere else nader the law* of any Government under the snn. "Manhood suffrage" mil exist here In a lew days aa perfect aa legislation can make it, unless the com. blB&tlA* rtf UannKM? *" "* ?- iuu oopperhetdi and Kebel sympathisers referred to akoT* ncewd > inducing Ooaptu to deprive tk? p?opl? of *11 ncN here of the right ?( wi(-(OT?riaenl in their local affairs, which u the condition in which It U now sought to place them. We assure the /*??( farther, that there Is no more "vigorous supervision and prompt repair ol highways" anywhere, than exists here, whea the amount collectable to that end from our population's means and numbers, and tbe eqaare area of streets, roade. aad avenues of the District to be supervised and repaired, are tafcea into consideration, Tbe Pott will doubtleee realize tbe shameful injustice of requiring the people ot ?be District to pay tor all tbe damage to and wear and tear of tbe District a.kaw?7?, in?mu| irum inn l((rC(tllOO of a military population of between one and two toandred thousand wnli bere, and their street and road destroying operations. Congress bas perpetrated a great wrong on tbe people of this District in throwing npon tbem any portion whatever of tbis bnrdea, which oar mnai. cipal go vera meats and popalauon have bora* maafull*. aad to obviate which they hart xpended and are yet expending every dollar bey can rake aad scrap* together to that end. We have still farther to ass are the Pmt, that >provisioa lor the poor" is as ample aad effl?.lent here as la any other cities ia the world, ia proportion to means aad taxable pop a I alios. It ehoald remember that the war baa precipitated npon our population an additioa of fall twenty per centum of untaxable negroes from tbe Soatb, aad perhaps as many an taxable w|IMm /HI? th* Norffc WHA m a?k It l?*?t thre*-foortfc? of oar preeoat paupers reqoliiac private or corporatioa aid. We trust witk tae Pott, that Congreu will epeedily rrallxe tke jaatlee of makiac son* adequate provitloa for tke aeeeeetUe* of theee < unfortunate* from the irraoirj of tbe cosmos coDiiry, ?&om w*rdi ih?y are in co nmon justice. rather tbao those of the pejpla ot tbe District of Columbia. Again, atill further, we assure to* I'mt that tbars exists hir* liberal provisos of free tcfe^oli supported by tax." Tbere ia do otber city la the world tb it pays to tbat ead a* large a proportion of IU receipts from taxes or otber sources at dost this ao well abused city or Washington, whose aggregate expenditure* for popular edaca humi* is mi irm>i on* nunjrcn lOousand dollars per annum. A lar(? p^r centum of this tottl la d*?ot?d to tb* wluwUM of colored children ; a proportion in exceea of their relative number. and very lar la exceea of the amount of taxation collected by tbe Corporation from prraona of color. Tbe publie acboot ayatem of lb is city won tbe biKbeat admiratiou of a committee connected witb tbe management of tbepnblic ecboola of Massachusetts ?including tbe superintendent of tbe public ecbools of tbe State?woo not long aince visited a* to in* quire into tbe condition of popular education berw at the public expenae. We are justly prond of it, because it is really unsurpassed in lU beneficial results bj any other public school system in tbe world. U/a nvroA with ?ha ?>--# ?Wa* <? ?, v ?w ?? ? ?ur m v??, maj make more or lea* cbauge* in oar law* to pub* lie advantage; bat by no mean* a* great change* a* can be made advantageously of the State law* bearing on iU own ettj of New York. We are a* little inclined to have tbe cities of tbe District stand still while tbe rest of the world is progressing, as w* are to retrogression into the old aloogh of influence* that prevailed in public affair* everywhere before the war set the wheels of progress in motionYet we protest earnestly and respectfully against the scheme of extreme Uepublican party adventurers in our midst, and copperhtad rebel sympathizer*, to deprive the population of tbe District of the rignt of self-government in their local affairs. We know that thi* sentiment is sustained by mne-tenlb* ot our population, white and colored, it is clear to us that no other community has progressed taster ana more soundly than that of this District. Iu property holder# and active business men id all walks of life are as well informed and as keenly alive to the necessities of tbe ?imea in which tbey live, and the circumstances by which the? are surrounded, as any other people under the sua; and they are reliable to tbe end of making the results of tbe war assure tbe industrial and ideal progress of the whole Union as any other population within its limits. Yet tbey are aa indisposed to having their plainest right of manhoodself-government in their municipal affairstaken away from them to gratify tbe thirst for ouice 01 extreme Republicans in their midst, u to (ratify the repugnance of sympathizers with the rebellion to giving the principle of manhood equality of rigbta an honeet and fair trial in this District. WALL 3 OPHRA HOUSK. This handrome and comfortable place of amneement was crowded again on Saturday nigbt, tbe attraction being tbe play of "The lx>ng Strike," which has drawn such throngs during the week. Tbe play bas to give plaee this week to the engagement of the popular performer, Mr. E. L Davenport, but will probably be re.produced again in accordance with the general wieb. VW( ore indebted to Hon. Jobn L Smith of the Maryland House of Delegates, for a copy of <be official record in the case of Governor Swann and the Baltimore Police Commissioner*. Naval Obdbk.?Acting Second Assistant Engineers K.Coater, detached from the TaW Upoofca and ordered to the Estretta. Acting Ensign Joreph M. Simmi, ordered to the As? cmney. S7~Klse where will be found the message sent by tb? President to tba Senate to-dar, giving bis reason* for withholding bis signature to the District Negra Suffrage bill. |J~r We bar* received from Messrs. McGlll 4 Witberow, Book and Job Priaters, sample* of tbeir handsome Calender for 1M7. r&^A MBBTIBO OF TUB PHABMACBUL5 TIC All ASSOCIATION Win be held lniu rtuoi. oter Oilman's l)rng Store, TUUDAf, Jsenary S'b, 1817. at 8 p. m. Panetaal attendance is re^nssted Bt oi?er efths President. Ja7 J. C. FILL.Besrstsry. HI rBOjr. jiwv y. .Hpwi<A|jD' or th? buvmuu v*dhi jmaainon, will (i?? a Lectnre ?n the leltntt of Common Thing*, it Vnloi Ltuii Hall. 481 Miatb atrtit, en Tyll DAT MVBMIHO, Jannary 8. There will be ex l?rin?Dti Id Obemwtry and Option, and lllutri i tioo? in U>* law* ef Projectile*. The Lecture will 1 cle?e with experiment* on the wonderful effects of i Mi treat Oxtile en the human jitem. There will be ti e4mt?aten fee of ten o*nt?. t? | ieirti the expeneee of Hell and experiment!. Plonee bring the right chengo with roe. ja7if j ITS*- CIHTKAL BOILDIBO ASSOCIATION. 1 1L3 A H?D<Ur Meeting of the 0*ntral Bnildink Association, for the reception of dues, will be held in theCoancilChamber?a TOBBDAT VBNlBrfQ, the 9tb(iut., at 7 o clock>n>u tmm-mm t? ?. w . mwh, iwc, gJ-1914-BIQ HTH Of JAHUABT-I8S7 OBLBBBATIOB or TBI riFTT-BBOOBD ABB1VBB8ABY OF TBI BATTLB 0? BBW OBLBABB, TUB8DAY BTBNUO. JABCABf ?, 1967. GBAND BAHQUBT AT THB BATIOBAL HOTEL, udtr th? ?niptc?? of TBB BATIOBAL DBBOOBATIO BBBIOBHT BXB0UT1VB OOMMITTBB. VTb? e?r*BonlM ?p?n the occmIod will comm?m.9rrtctMb mi Severn 'tlork. OABM OF ADHI88IOB FIYB DOLLABS, to bo bod it oil tbo (rineiMl mtttee of Arrurn?ti, an4 other irootMit citizens. Also, tt th? offlc? ot th* Coutltotloiil Union. Mo. 3S0 street, Washington city, and tt the o?ice of the Daily eatng Onion. Meeonic Temple, High street, Beorgetown. j*6 St nrs=? Ml D1C Aii lOOUT Y.?Semi-annual LL3 meeting on MONDAY, January 7, at a p. m A laige attendance it expected ja ? St A. r. A. KIMO, M. 1> , Beeretary. iVy* W AbH INOTOW BKATIMO <>LOB - A LL3 OBAMDMASQUBft&DBUAMMIVAL will h# !?? ?Ka J.J.O.AFMA,. SUc"u^A0"T? rFM4^ [jy to all vhomit hat oomoibn. ~ otic. s'jsslwjkr* irj^bsl. give a to U ack?t*r*, Bitehw < >m owners of Doca e*?lr?d oa January 1, u?7, and that aald UoenaM ?tve: m neaernr^-jobiph h ma^iild", "? .o-skmssr.-issi,. ?4t> P*?n. At*., bet. 12th and lJtkata wtddlDM. Diaaer or 0a*p*r Parti*aan?nii?H mt hori sotTc* with a.,T*ltfjrLTVrrUni! fSff ??4 Oonfectlooert**, J*'u^ wVliT.J jms&^r^&rrs ?- ?sj* Atlandaata ||M will i>? HM In >. a. "ACsstcs?1 Josipq a ? \ryiiLP. SSaMHRSfe^ ri?i v ?? *u v,oek ? *& i?* G*0 V OIDIOV, PrMM??t. ? * ?* ?M 0. OKaBMLBAf. g?. BSgsssasea! OM Dtclabu *"? #th * WIU da^ASE-taBis b? issbllfllD I V I I , HcPBIKSOmT rBRGDbOM. 1 Fm*. avisci, conn I?t nun, ; oaHTOL bill, Mlltf Tm,?h f Ittl TAB TBOCHBt. forC??ch*, CoUa ma4 Tkrnt Miimii. SoU kr Inifhk J* T-iw* HLIll ^O'CLOCK P. N. GOVERNMENT ?E< FRITI F.S. V ASumuTOK, January 7,1M7. Jay Cooke &Oo lurnisb the following q notations of Go\eminent securities: Buyino- tolling U.S 6t Oou^oii isti.. .**..tu6g t\ S. Ft*e Twenties, t?4 ltn# 1?m U S. Five Twenties. I8ft4 U5* I0?1{ i;. H. Five Twenties. ?w:. . I06K U.S. FlTt Twenties, JanJtJ'y.'to.lirt* U. S. Ten Forties ...... tn\ 100* IT S4?*eo Thirtmf, August.... I?'4% V. S. S?-ven Thirties, June 104\ 105^ U. S. Mtw Thirties, Jntr .104 V ins u NEW YORK MBIT ?OARD ?iLtt Coupon*, Ktve Twenties, W6i, 108; Fnf TwfnttM, I86i, 1HJ; Fit* Twen*i<?s, lf?5. tt*X; Twrntl?, January and July, 1866- 104; T??ii Kortt^s. S?*en Thirties, An*n?f, 104*; Co. June, 104 *; do. J dIju 104 Gold, 135. ** FINANCIAL. Liwli Jobnson A Oo , qaot? Stocks and Bonds 4a home and lortifo markets as follows: Maw York. Jnn. 7.?let Board?U. 8. registered. 10H, Co., coupons, 103 5-8<)'s, refuterpd, IdS^; do. coupons, 108. do., IsflS; 1U?^; 10-40 *,jjeciBtered. <>9X:*, Or)\7-3ti S. 104 V: Onto lrd Mimumni ; Canton. 4?|(; Cumberland, 90; 'Qnickiuitw, 44 \, Mariposa, 14; New York Central, 1II94 Er'e. ti7\; do. prefer'd, 77: Undaon.131; Reading, 1(5^. Michigan Central, 1'CJf; Michigan Southern, Wlf, Illinois Centra/, IsM \ Cleveland and Pittsbnrg. 90; Cleveland and Toledo. 12<l; Kock Inland, HiQ\; Northwestern, 45X; do. preferred, 8-2^; Kort Wavnr. 104 ft; Uhicaro and Alton, 110jg; Alton and Tsrre Haute, 40; Toledo and War?ash. 4">|f; W. U. Telegraph. 4fi\ Hoeton Water Power, ; Pacific Mail. 1701<: Atlantic Mall, 1(6. American rold, 3.45 p. m , 134If. RECEPTIONS AT THE WHITE HOUSE. Tbe repairs at the Executive Mansion will be completed in a few days. Tbe Pretident will bold tbree levees, one on iup lviu January, one on ise <)tu February, and tbe remaining one on tbe of February between tbe hours of 8 and 11 p. m. Tbe President's daughters, Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Stover, will be at borne on Man. days. Opbha.?Owing to tbe renuctioain the price of ticket.*, and tbe attraction of a new pte?e? Meyerbeer's opera, ? The S*ar sf the Noith"? there was a fuller attendance at tbe Rational Theater on Saturday evening than on tbe pre. ceding opera nights. Tbe bonne was well filled without being crowded, and the opera was given to the enure satisfaction of the critics present. M us Kellogg wu charming as Kttherina, Bellini admirably droll as ttritzenko, and Miss Hauck made a favorable impression on her debut. To-night, the popular opera, ? Ernaai." Wht 1mpkach(?In answer to this question the New York Pott, a Republican journal, says ? >-We are glad to see that the House ot Representatives does not favor the project of impeaching the President. Weshonld think that be might hail a movement to impeach him as a measure which was more likely to benefit than to hnrt him." govbbwok CrRTIR'i Positiom.?Ths Philidalphia Sunday Dispatch says. We have seen a despatch from (lovernor Uurtin. denying that he has withdrawn from the >enatonal contest, or that he has authorized any person to eay so. 1 ktjknal KavKMt'b.?The receipt* from this source to-day were f l, 121,330.69. CONGRESSIONAL. mvravaif jauUSI J 4. Sbnatx.?After tbe presentation of numerous petitions, tbe bill suspending payment of moneys to persons claiming services of colored volunteers or drafted men, was taken up and paased. Mr Williams introduced a bill to amend tbe act providing a temporary government for the ' Territory of Idaho. Referred to Committee on Territories. Mr. Morrill introduced a bill to protect the rights of married women. Referred to Committee on District of Columbia. [At 12.55 p.m , the President's Private Secretary appeared and returned tbe District of Colombia Suffrage liill, with his objections ] At 1 o'clock the message waa opened and twa. Hot"8?? Mr. Welker (Ohio) introduced a bill to repeal the act retroceding the county of Alexandria, to the Diet ict ot Columbia, t> lite State of Virginia. Referred to UommiMe oa District of Columbia. Mr. Defree* (ind.) introduced a bill cbanglag the law ol dower in the District of Columbia. Referred to Committee on District ot Columbia. Mr. McChir* (Mo ) introduced a resolution setting form that i' was provided in section K4, of the act to enrol and call oni the National lorces, approved Feb. 24, 1*04, that the Secretary ot war ?>hould appoint a commission iu each of the slave States represented in Congress to award commutation to each loyal owner of a colored volunteer soldier: and whereas, under section S of the act of Julv 'id. into, tusking appropriation for tbe civil" exprn^n of theUoT^rnment for tbe fiscal year ending J one 3d, 1W17. so mocb of tbe coinm m,*uon land as is necessary is appropriated lor that purpose: and whereas late rabels unscrupulously take false oatbs and obtain portions of aush commatation: It be therefore Heiolved, That tbe Committee on tbe Judiciary be instructed to Inquire into tbe constitutionality andezpedieney of repealing tbe laws indicated, and repert by bill or otherwise. Agreed to. Mr. Loan (Mo.) introduced a resolution setting forth that for the purpose ot securing tbe fruits of tbe victory over rebellion, aud in cairying oat tbe will of the people, as expressed at the ballot box, it was tbe duty of the Tbirty-Nintb Congress without delay to take action upon tbe following subject*, v?: 1st. Tbe impeachment of the officer now exer cising the functions of President of the ITniteo Kiates lor high crimes and misdemeanors, of which be is so notoriously guilty, as to render it unsafe to longer allow him to exercise tbe fcxecutive function. *2d. To ahriri** th* era of the Executive so as to brine th?m within lawful limits. 3d. To effect a perfect reorgaa* izatioo of the States late ia rebellion, and to restore tbem to their rights in the Union; and 4th. To secuie by direct Federal Intervention the right of the elective franchise without distinction of race or color, for persons residing in the late rebel states. The point of order was made that the resolution should go to the Committee on Reconstruction, and the point was sustained and the resolution referred. Mr. Kelso (Mo.) subsequently introduced tne ?me resolution, moditted by atriking out the 3a and 4th clauses. i Mr. Davis (N.Y.) moved to lay on the table. Mot acred to. yeas 40, aays 113. Pending further consideration tbe morning hour expired, aad tbe resolution went over. Mr. Achley (Ohio) introduced a paper and resolution impeaching Andrew Jounson, VicePresident. and aeting Presidentof the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors; in. that be usurped power and violated laws; that be had made corrupt use of the appoinung power, tbe pardoning power, and tbe veto power; that be bad corruptly disposed of the nnKli# ...... vi uc v. mini BIS N; mm dp bad corruptly interfered in leetiont. and ww guilty of other bigb crimes and misdemeanors. The resolution instruct* tb? OummitM on i Judiciary to Inquire whether. in tbe discharge ot bis power and dntias, Andrew Johnson, Vie*-President, and acting President of tbe United States, waa guilty of acta designed to subvert tbe Government of tbe United States, or any Department thereof, and whether be bad been guilty of aucb acts as in law would < be denominated bigb crimes and misdemeanors, wbicb required tbe Interposition of tbe House, and tbe Ooomittee bare power to send for personsaad papers. Mr. Spalding moved to Iny tbe resolution on tbe table. Not agreed to?yens, 39; nays, IU5. abd,f/ ue?inatfl cm prefioui qonUov on the puo|6 of ths resolution, aad it *U ordered. The re?olnt*on vu then umd to by a rot* of 1M yean to 96 nays. ?o ay a voie b?adred and twenty.fonr deaths iron small-pox in Boston daring the last tea years. VTon can't smoke la ihestreets or (lalres. ton, Texas, oa Sunday. WTwo sisters left la a state of niter destu tation, employ themselves in catUne wood and ban ling it to Mobile , ?TA New York mvederer and bis ?<<oom. pilee have been Identified by the only witness i# id? deed. I I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BY U. S. * KPROPKAW NKWS ASSOCIATION. Frtm Ike Pacific Cuit. 81* Fkancimo, Jan. 4 ?'Th?* nnMn of Governor Pickrr nr, Of Waafcington T>rrtt n. to Dm I ?#ui tn * la ? ? ? '?? legreta ihe want 01 a good road through the ( Mend* Mountain*. and recommends iba oa? be immediately Oonstrac'ed. He aave tb* Indian Land titles sboald be immediately exttarulshed to facilitate the settlement or the country by the whitw. Twenty solrte's from Camp Wataon re entljr pmnr ) a bead of predato y nmi- ladiaas, kiiltur lourie?n men, capturing nye women, and reentering some property. Sam FuAROteco, Jen. 5 ?A communication win received yesterday in the U. 8. liiarrut CpprV trom t'hiel Jaatice Obase. appointing Judge Baldwin, of Nevada, to hold circeit court there daring tb? preaeat term. Jadce liealy, of Oregon, will hold the aame court In th?- February term O'neral <Jna?. Williams, n prominent lawyer h*re, was killed to-day by accidentally shootice himself In tbe head witb a pistol. It ia reported tbe f reach intended to evacuate Acapnlco on Christmas day, after arangint with the Liberals for the farety of all peraoue compromised by adhering to tne Imperialists. Sah Fmamciuco, Jan. 8.?Tbe qaestioa of the division of Idaho lb again before the Legislator? of that Tprritnrv. a dli-uiaiinf m-.i. n.?tua Territory is also proposed, with tbe object of creating anew State from tbe couatr?? on Puget Jv>und, and those east of tbe mountains together with a portion of the State

ot Oregon. Tbe people of Oregon are considering the propriety ot mtmoriahztng tbe Home Oovern> ment for the removal ot the State Government from New Westminster to thai place. The pipers from Idaho contain continued reports ot tbe Indian depredations. The Canstltntleaai Amendment ? V. ft. Senator?Whiskey Frauds. St. Lot is, Jan C.?Tbe Constitutional amendment patted tbe Slate Senate yesterday by a vote of '26 106- It will pass tbe House tomorrow ^ Suicide. New York. Jan. 6 ? Charles Sumner, formerly Sergeant in DeKalb Ke^imeat. committed suicide to-ntgbt on accou nt of depression of eptn's, caused by being out of work He .eaves a wife aud four children perfectly destitute. Emigration tf Negroes. Cbaklutoii S. U., Jan 6.?The emirratton ol negroes from thia !Stue continual Tbey are leaving iii large numbers, going mostly to Florida. Aaother Mystery. N*w Yokk, Jan. 6 -The body of an unknown rrian was found in the North Kim to-nijht & uo., 7tD street, near E, about the 17th December Ins-. This morning the partita were breacht before Justice Tucker, and the goods were tully (denuded by tke owners, and the prisoners. who gave their names as George Washington and Henry Heaea, were committed for conrt. They will not be sent over until nn opportunity is Riven to identify a quantity of other goods which bad not been claimed. It appearing that 'he property was taken to ibe bouse where found without the knowledge of the housekeeper she was dismissed. CBABQBOr Robbbky.?Yesterday morning Officer I-eacb arrested Frank Drew and Win. Garner upon a charge of robbing Mr. William A. Prentiss, In Hooker's Division, ou tUe nrrn, 01 uii ou, coai, doou. ana aboat six dollars in money, last Saturday night. Tbe accused bad a hearing last night before Jus tier Thompson, when It appeared In evidence tbnt The complainant went to tbe Kir* wood House In an almoet nude condition. He was 100 drunk to identify tbe prisoners, bat from circumstances connected with tbe case, and contradictory statements of tbe prisoners in regard to tbe localities in which tbey were at the time ot the robbery, J ustlce Tnomp?on considered it bis duty to commit tbea for court. l*be parties were held in oustedy at the guardhouse. This morning another charge was made against them for the larceny of milk from the milk wagon of Mr. Rowzer, dairyman, which ts held for a hearing. Kunbbju. or n> lats Robert Broom ? The tuneral ot Mr Breom, one of tbe elnrksof tbe U. S Supreme Court, took place at aoea to-day. and was very largely attended. Tbe So prune Court was represented by Marshal Quoding, (tbe J udges, on account of tbe buMnees of tbe court, bciug unable te attend,) and by many ot our oldest cltlsens. The funeral ivrflrn wi>r* he B?v W I K??Hn? r"' Itj (Episcopal) Church. and tbe folio wing ftntlemen u<-ted as pall-bearers: Messrs. Malcolm Seatoo, I)r Maury, Fitabufb Coyle, James M. Carlisle, A. E. Perry, and Dr. Mereer; Mr. Kirby belnjr the undertaker The remains were placed la tbe vault at OoufressioMU Oemetery F.l?ctio?.- The following-named officers were lialy elected and installed by Om(? Tribe, Improved Order of Red Men:?Sachem, James K. I?ement; Senior Sigmore, James M. Hail; Junior Sapmore. John Seller; <jQl*f of Records, Wright; Assls'ant Chief of Records, Jnmee Small; Keeper of Wampnm. Thomas Rich; Keeper of Wlrwam. James Whitman. Represen'ati ves to the Iraml Council?John Springman, James Hall, James Small. CRimHiL Ooi bt Judge Fisher?This moraine Taylor Oullms, Indicted fur larceny, was found fnitty. John Williams, for aa assault and resisting sn officer, was courlcted. In tbe cases of Robert Kennedy far burglary; Ft-rdinard Bidelman, for aa aaaanlt and battery; Michael Walsh, for larceny; Kate CJnrner, for larceny, a nolle mi. was entered n * -- un.i,r vmiiiu ngEvunTK'iraoi ue lUCfOT of i lot of rope. Sahitahv kiiwirts-thf otBoers of th? forpn reported 19S doUcm brabu*. m?ni of nniMmree, wnM laar week. All Um nuiMiu'Mrirfpt two or thine war* promptly ahaied A r*ent majority were oaoMd by violation of the water law. Three warrants were (-erred. and the Bnee am on atari to *5 Twenty dead horaea and eowa were removed by direction of the military officers darinc the week. wvt ivdkt.-t? wry uaart ltd not or. |>ltlK lo-dmy, there h*tajr no qooiom ?t tb*8k?U D*pol POOLTMIT * TR1MBLB, Mo 900 fftit BtlMatra MrMl, 4?IIIB BtlttMn.lU I1VIU wui^u .ur.unn auu irtt UU DWD CUt. Baltimore Market*. Pa^imorb, Jan. ?.? Flour quiet; Southern brandlire held firmly; many of the mills are cloted, owing to the scarcity of wheat. salae of Chicago Super at S10.75; Extra do. SUafi'i so. Wheat firm; Southern redtf.2i?iS3 3<>: Southern white ?.) 30a*3.40: Kentucky white *3 25 a* 1 3t?. Corn ate&dy; white flatl.03; yellow 98afl; market poorly supplied with Southern, the receipts being chiefly from Pennsylvania. Oats dull. Seeds luactive. Cotton firm; sales at3J&a35 for Middling Uplands. Co (Tee steady; prme Rio 18 cents, gold. Sugars inactive but steady Provisions yery quiet. L*rd 12k. Whiskey nominal. LOCAL NEWS. The Bcrolabiu.?Several robberies hay. inn been commuted witbio tbe past moatbtbat were bard to account for, Major Btcbard* uti(Red tbe case* to tbe Detectives for investigation. Saturday night Detectives Miller and Conner got npou tbe trail of two colored boys, tbey suspected of robbing tbe jewelry store of Mr John E l'riag. No 43? FenntyI vsniaaveni>e, and W. H. h. O. H. Morrison's book store, No. 440. on tbe 3d of January last, and snout 234 o'clock Sunday morning captured tkem at k bouee corner 2d and C streets, occupied by Jannette Johnson. colored. Upon search lag tbe premises tbe Detectives succeeded ia re MMfe mosi of the property of tbe Mesars. Morrison and Prigg* and also a quantity of pioperty stolen from tbe store of J. S. Topbam Tbe Kadical caucus to-morrow night will Dominate a candidate for Uniled Siate* Senator. It it believed that Charles D. Drake will be the nominee. Tbe election lakea pl&ce Monday. Thirty distilleries have been seized in R*y, Jackeon and Clay'conn ties ot this State tor violation of tbe Ksvenne laws. C. O. I. WL- Stevens Deposed?The Test Onth Decisisn. Nsw York, Jan. 7.?At a convention of tbe Manfanttan Circles on Sunday evening James .. u- ? ? >? cA|iiuura qumiue, and General (>i??eson elected to his vacant position ot Chief Organizer of the Irish Republic. The decision in the test oath case will nut he made until the 14th. The majority opinion will be delivered by Judge Orier, who will be Fn?tatned by Clifford, Olieson, Field and Wayne. The dissenting opinion will be delivered by Judge Miller, and be sustained by Cbas. ?. Wayne and Davis. Judicial Decisioa. L.OCIHV1LI.B. Jan 6.?Judge Hal lard yesterday decideu in the (l, 8. Court that tbe pardon ot an offender for selling cigars without the requisite stamps did not remit any part ef the tine allowed to the mformur Affair* la Grtrftltw*. flock add Okaii nUtitrr ?The Market thi.? mornlBc opened with a fair demand for dole* iinarm Hoar for the ciiy trad#: iran?aoUomwfM limited to ?inill iota at the price* qnoied in the ll?r of TMierdajr malic. Pork ?Ttata morning a larcr aapply of prime Blaoffhtcred bog* arrived in to * n lag wur m wrri ?ufi irom vacoos are r-poned at #9 per 114 lb*., and arrcbaaU ?l ?t? TV BW BOOK ? BUmaota of Art Or'licttiH: Wf * tainoat. D D r?m\>\*r Locturoa <-a loutlfirhat.jeuo; hy8trJ*ba HerocbH flaat ok '?'*? ? M?t?llaT*i?U. aad Aastrora. i j I j a 8il*?r?n.itb. I tail*. a bow bo vol. by t ^ A* H%ftBoi4. AsAricAB fjAAMAg - i _ e?i>>u.i o?Soo4. " ' * * ?. y>i *T TEAWOK TATLOfc. Q A T B A ?_* 1Mb * kiMl of Drw* MafrUU. .HI iBwii" mrtimTl f~U?kr*m'mt' ?" *+*> *~ i?r7.t gJsrffo.'sj n^si.'isarws'j (Mton wkhk w ar* Mlltac ry cUi ift?me?7ar^ ,Ui" i,mr" * ih* ? ? * j_T rott w. m. MOffii a no, ** HMMUrktt J^ATEST 'AEM^ASBWe Of HAIH ^.L*s*cS' MA/' ?** fiSER. Mr a,.?V # #?"*i isth uth ata ' T,tfl w^o? hoarrf*adln tb*? count! y. has now b*oa MUblUhMl for ta? loot **4b* ?"** ' Waahtn*toa m4 Maw York, oo of the highest ocl?ty. H? b*? tb? b<H? r to ao doudco ttat hf ba? thla huod iaiorM tb? l*to?t foohionii of fcilr drN*laf, u< tlun Matiln >>a< rnrithlni; tbit b?lnft to tk? drtulBi o' itlr at tot* ro?on* I* prtcw. jo 7 6m * FiliyjPr^ ?nrnt*h^l ROOMS. *t No 6T 13th atro?t Mwmb K r Hi. do Mtf .. W*?Hi|ir.T?ll. Jao 4.1M7 4. . Th* oajaaoet>oa of Kobort Brckott with tho Potomac Obomical Manufacturing u??nar m iMjfMBUnilint. h?rlD| boon 4iaa<>!vol. tho com fi T tb* ?Bb,le lh? * > * Will oot YU." '*Oo. 53 ItOPIHIAMA. ATllPi: J. H OMlMI A OO on. z. M P lisi; A SOB, K?a* Place. * Oor. Tt. ?t? ud 16S !. Rbmotal. JOOB McKIN NET. Hotary Public nnd Insurnnrr At*nt. 2** J???!*- fro,n lh* Waabiagton Balldlng to Bo. 4*8 7th itmt, corner of B. Bellable B?*w York ?n4 Connecticut OobimIm. Office established tB IHH de M-wSt [Int. Oftron. md B>? | IU&BPH MHAFriELlTS BBBBOU OOSPBO J TlOHIBY.aifi Pn? ??., b?l l^k iud l]th ta . lot* Jewell's, have agaia received a lino and '?rf* of Havana Oranges. Malaga Ura?e*. and French Oandlti. ja 4 jt? YATBB * 8ELBY, Bo. 383 Pennsylvania avenae, * HI co?msace oa the lit day of Jauuary . 1(J?7. to olar their stork of Foreica and Donwlic DRY GOODS at reduced raioe. To mention only a few article* they will sell Androscoggin 4 4 Bleached MUSLIN at 30c. Wsawntta do at too. N. T. Milla do at Me. A Van anaavlAv A.A Klaaoka<l BLlrtl?a 4 meftar But; which thar will w(tw *t city bakera' ?rl?M. >*.vaolw JAMIK10W k 00. TUB COPARTNERSHIP hrratoforw uUttac l*twa*a tltindtnltatd. sudor the atyla of OTOVMOGHUa A HUtLKY. w*a dtaaolrad by mutual consent, ob lb* in day of Jimi?, ws. Peter J. Hnrlt-r la lathorlui tu tattle tha buai neaa of tba lata firm. _ PBTBR O'DONIfOOIUB. FKTII I. HDKLIT. ? Tb*nadaralgBBd will roatinwe the baaiseea at theo'd aland, tie 30 B*at Market hta own account, and aolidta a cnntioakfcrfcofthe pa'ronag* heretofore ax tended to tha oleflrm. (jtft St' 1 PBTKK J. UUBLKT. 505 cnc pbbpabb ro* thb holidays" v" E1DWBLL i~HEWD?mf?OII WmII rMKCttilly e?ll tba MUBtitn of tholr friawto ui tbo ysbllc to th?tr ltr(i ui will nIkm4 uxortmrat of WALL PAFEBB AMD WIHDOW BHADBS, of U* UUit Sty'm. a loo, ob iid4 i|ltr|? kNorUint of oil cloths. table ooybbs acbtio blihds pap kb 00ktaih8. pibb boabd pbibts. OVAL PICTUBB FBAHBS, Toootbor with OOBDB AID TABSELt) TO SUIT. All of vbiehtbor oro nNr?4 to ?oil ?t tb? LOWBttT 'CAtH PfelCM. l?Mabn ik* ?! ??, ?M MIHTB STBK1T. Fenr doors ohor* 9 strcot, Beaton Htll RtlMlai 4# 18 .-w oTEPHBB 0.C0LBM4W, of FrorMeoo* H. I , proline for IM u tension of o potent fronted to Umb oa the Utb doy of Mnrch. i?l for H iBiprufmnt It mpportinx tho tannine lift and K?k bnlyard block of soil Ytssoli, for ntm years (h* ths expiration of sold potest, which tot** platoon tho 1-th doy of Boreh. 1SS7. lit* ordered thst tho ?sM ?"Uttoo ho hoord ot tho Fotoot OSes oa MOM BAT, tho tfth doy of f etrnary mt. ot 11 o'clock M ; and ?M nersonc or* otlfisd to aeneor oad tko* BUM if tail the* have, why aaftf petition ought do! to ' ? ?xeat*f. PtnoMoirmlu the esteoeion ?<? r??alr?4 to HI* Is the rtuntoflc* their objection, l)?clklll Ml forth In vrlHti. *t Mlt twenty dart before the da* of hMriu: *11 tddM*r IN br wither party te be aeed M the ?M hearing aut b* tahea tid truialited la accordance with the rote* o4 the oSkce, which will b? fnrniahed aa a^lieatlea. impositions end < ther paper* relied aaoa ae tea* tiaoai aut be lied la the eflta t weaiy dare before the day of hearing: the arc*weal*, if aay, within tea day alter |Ud? the U?tia*r Ordered alee, that this notice be poblUhad la the Repoblieaa, and tie Intolllrwx-er waaUactoa, D. 0 and la the Joarawl Preytdraae. g I.. a week for three meaaln weeks; the tiat of said labiicattaas to be at leaat ilitf days pce teas to the day of haartf .f 0 TllJLKB* a paper ooatalala* this aagea. iei^tit K8^K^taSS?J2?*yT.r adiatDtox the Oeatral Oaardhoaae. The ha I Id lac has a front of aboat feet, aad a depth af l*t feet, jr^'tu.r,?Kek. ^Hv/unJTVpply te Wm. M. PB1LIP ? U. a?e.. near 6th st. ae ? eotf pom EBMT-T Urg* m4 tirnmiHtm BOOMS r ItHlfrMl rtMlM MwTiMr.MMIII CltiU,U*4loBtlj finllM ud fit ftt II*. M ?* * * ** ?*, Htm Hi *n4 Dreei <2 oofU'et lieI'v'm' tiS." 7 J wTd~# Lis per yard. j?nl? 3,000 tuM?>iii?is*i>UToas.j*? w ast*- " 8~p*?'s2w*iii'fcs f"? OoamlMtoa Merchants. de14tf Ho. 4<i tth it .bntwMi K n4 P, jgAft HUFFS FOB ftKATSBS. A* taltiHUil'le ertiole Mr *11 who are cxpoeed to (be cold. For ?oio fcr M04H WALK*! ft CO. jiKUt Pmi ?wdm. n > DOTMOW. "produce commission merchant, ABC WHOLKtLl DBAL8B IB B8TTBB CHBB9B, LABD. Be. Mo 53 South street, Btltiaon. iyBatter packed for tr>M?orU)l>?. i> m*| ^LBXABDBIA, TlBOIBlA, Jmiry 1, 1?T. Harta* ctTM Mmrt. QBILLBT * OBOOAB the A|*m> for the aale of oar OBaOKBBS ia the l'Utrict af OolamMa.all bulaM hereafter will be at'eoderl to by them. Ther can be found at H*. 7 * bonis! at a aeeiae. between 9th sad loth eteote, where ihey will keef on heart a supply of Creek ere frt-eh from oar Bek*rr 4a*Ir, tIz Ma. Batter. Bagar, Water, and Oyster Crackers. Qlnter Saape, Gin?cr Cakee aad 8< var Cahee, Pilot Breed a ad Httt m band i Itrp and flae aeeorlmeat of OOOD8,taiUd to thin market, aach u BUTTBB CHEESE. BOOB, APPLBS. B&I8IBS. PIGS,' C1TBOH. BBT8, HAMS. CHDKISH. MACK BB1L, HEBBINO. BOAP3, CABBED GOODS, Be. Also. M B*rrela Moore' calabratad CHAMPAOBB barrel or falloa All tbe above (oodi are offered at tbo leveet market price, and warranted J. H OBABB A 00., ja ? 1m La are., between Ctb aad 7th. P'AHO FOB BALBCHBAP-A-??!? jU carved 7-octava Ko<l ||j|B wi>od PIANO, b ?ulif?llj iulaid JT'J.V ??g tone. Can ?><? (.*?,? l Xlrt. d# J i/tB ft. VH ) * ttKATB D1P0T7" ? LADIB8* BKATB8 of all klnda. fro* 91 tfi to $ is POULTMCl ft TBIMBLB, Ho. <00 Waat Baltimore atroat, 4* 18 1m Baltlt ra. Md T8T. TIMOTHY Ts HALL. HB datlta of Ikli matltatlon will b* reaamad n B??t. 13, IMS for urn*, fte.. wo eaUlofna and circular at the principal bookatoraa of tbla addraaa lha prlaclaai. MSI B. PABBOtfS. Gatonrllla. Hd. I^BCBPTIOB LPXOBIBB. . Jaat racHvad, a larga Tarietj of article aa irlMl urt< fnr IK. r.mln* BII. L WILLS * OO. tocUn?w ?d4 lUftl Batet* Brofcort. IfttktMl wtmt Ittk Mi W etrwu w? will mil, feidat. ?h? nni4?t ?f j*. tftrf lirktMit, ft! MoHock ft m m tta* r ?? *., cur??r of itih ft Ml 0 ftlrftftU wtlk. il(lftft4j ti Public k?rtlon ? Tb* Lmn R??tft?rftBt Llcftsa*. ftftd PlltarM or ft br-MTl IN*rf h4 Bftr. witfc l>??ilift| of a*. rftMtf AIM, nM0Tt??at0f Or*c?rtf?. *f H?a*?ko.d til Kitch^ Firiiltn. j*7 P L WILLS A OO . Aurt. BT NiOLX A Ow., tHt<v?*?n *94 Peamylv*tii * itM? TCMtfM.XiPirf 1.1ST, At ??r telMrtoa. ?r1l1 bo ?>m wh?. oat ntrrn * <! ?MI* IMM BIIOh tt boif* JP'CM , IlkolN Owatd lk?U, Tnttt, Co?4mm1 Milk 6c. i* bciM rholM Or??n wd Block T?m IOImiinHmi Riwck. Be MMckoie* Cifmn 7VQ pootwia Viriini tooMtl T?b*cc? tliMU)*kaiaM?rM L4??ort. Mr., * ILMi UrtnlniololranB. Wouiut^ Vllln..... I *lt' " If AOLB ft OO.t Awu DT K WALSH A CO., AWHIoiimh D Mo v?i P?. cor jor MtA itmt BTimHO ACTION SALia Oa THIS BVIttlMQ ?|!l aall. at o?r Aar liom Boo'v., omnrv in* a? 7 o cl?k, aa aatir* look of WMlri ObMti, ?tapir and Tmocj Drr 0? od* c??prtatu| m I arc* aaaortaeat. aattal U city trade. lu*. M Wkk nothing. atirfe m FIm Umtt Btaier and Pilot OftroMli eck. Dreaa. ard luntoi- Coata Teffotbt r with a ral *irt*ir of oth*r mhch ?ill l>* rrrrmptortlr Mid for < aa&' to cloM our *l?Ur >?rk .? 6t K Villi I W.. iacti |^T BUN * W1LL14BB. Aeetloswre Fy *lrtM of of trait to Uir ?ibirrlk?r dat.<i Jmur *#il> IM. and rwwdjd 10 Li'ot n' O. T. Mo I, f<lio? n, Ac. ud* of tk? l(o4 r? rn ot V Ltu*?o? C'Hrtr. District of Colum >u f tall at public taction on MONDAY CLa* lin n, of January IW7 at n o'clock si .at the au -tua rooik>?( Orori ft W llUmi rtrwtof 7th an1 11 tr??t*, It th?cll> of Wkihln(toB, the tra t ,f Land locatod In *?l4 County of Waihin^ttii b*bi?4 in itld d?'d nftrnat l>?inf part of a tr?et tklW " Aaron and wt .?f lot? l ani ?, |a n m d M ' nbd I vision, with tha im proTemanu tharaOB. T?ra?: cash. tk* remainder in pa> Monti ot C and f months with InUr-at f ,a the day of Bale ibe purcbaror giving ao-?? t?i ri torrid payirents. to h? cored by a doo* oi tr?,.t on ti.? premises < >nTeyanre? and coat of ata np? i ' rr Ptia ny yarcniivr. II XOP ?rin| tri not eom?ll*4 with ib lt< days iron d?y of ?si?>. titt roporty will It* resold at the risk ud co?t of ths defaaliirc yurchasor, on clvla^ throe di>? no tire by sdverti?<-ment in tkesahllc of thu city. AMAZiAU I7BDBRBILL. Tra.t~s jal_ flntl URIIN i ? iLLIABft. As. u |^Y OBBBH * *ILLIAB?, Auctioneers TBrHTBB*8 8ALB OFTMPBOVID BFAL KB TATB fronting south A. bstw?on 3.1 sod its streets ** !. Capitol Hill st PuMIc Aurtion Ob WB1>MBPI?AY. th-lid fastest it ? o clo k | B . I sknll ssiI. in froat sf the sisiatssa. by ?ir tue of a 4e-d of trust to trie fr <ta ths sakaerthar, dated ths 4tk ("ay of Msrrh 18 <6. and duly i -cord e<1 tw tke Laad B-crd? f?r Ws-hfn?ton c?ojty, iMstrlrt of CoifB.lla. LlherM.C T . Ho u>, to Uoe W3 Ml. and 2ft). L>t Bo 12. in sqatr. 7n. fronting b> feet oa teaih A street running h-cL a |H*<] depth ts fins tilays, with the impriTme nil. Ths at?o*s r?Hrty will b?s*M wrsnilai to ths sax; dsed uf trust ob the premises sa l title sold that is stsd in Be hs ?iustea irrnii UB* I I?nn ?"H iwl?l<< t III IDO tlr| ? ID<'Blbt. far llotM b<-?r)ui IttfrMt, uJ l*r?rr| \ y a daad of trust Ob tbr premises All c?u?-> anrttir and rt*#uut stump* at tbaoo'trf the pu ckaotr |IW ?l?wn when the praparty la knok-4 09 by the auctioneer*. ' ROBR&T B09TOV, Trostaa ja7 Tnwids QBKBH A WILLIAM*. A?ru |^T TBOB POWL1MQ. Anct ; Onorf atosrn. TBU8TBBH BALB oFvALCBBLI BKAL 18 TATB IB UloBOKTUWt. |? c. By virtue ol adacraaof thaBup amat <>art< ! :ha District of Colamtla. piaaod 8aitamt-ar ?. <8 >0. la squtty cmse. No. 7"", docket S. ' K bert F Ba son at al as *I II?b V.retains Maa<-n,' l?' ot'er at pnbita eaia. In traat a? the pr?a >??, TUESDAY. tba lUh day of Jannary i??t ? o'clock p m .all that ra*l aataia, with th? 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