Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1867 Page 3
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T11E EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. AimilllTg. Me.. TO-B1QBT. National 1 hsatu.-Only mghiof Verdi's '.iDf opera, whm Senora Carmen Pooh vriU make her second appearance. Wall'* New OritA HoCMt?First mrht of Mr fc L, Davenport, wfeo will appear in bis admirable impersonation o 1 H*miet" in Sbaiispeare's great tragedr, supported br the full strength or the excellent company Manr critics award Davenport tbe palm, as coming nearest in bis masterly delineation to tbe fsLNxcperi.m ideal or the meiancnaiy prince. Mit/irott Hall ?Those talented artists, Air and Mrs. Howard Paul, of European and American celebrity, commence to-night a brief season of six n ghu in this city, of concerts in costume, an entertainment which is by turns gay, eeriou*. fanciful, (croteaque, and always" amusing. Mr*. P. is not ouly a great actress, bat a sinirer of wonderful power, and Mr. P. Is an accomplished actor and rocallst. They bave given irr?at satisfaction wherever they have appeared. 1?lam> Hall.?The interesting fair for the benefit of Grace Church will close to-night, wben the articles remaining unsold will be disposed of at auction. Oni> Fellows' Hall.?Qrand annual ball /if fho l.iiirn.>vmPR pAilr.KinHae..' this evening. Tlie?e en ertainments are alwrays of the most select and enjoyable character, an.l we cad therefore recommend all read* rs of the Star, who practice the Terpsichorean art, to attend on this occasion. Dedication ??r a chcei u.-Yeaterday, the new church of the Erangelical Association, on fith s'reet west, above L north, was opened for the tirst nine, and dedicated, the services during the day being of a very interesting character, and the congregations very large. In the morning, Kev. Bishop Long preached tc?- o|>finri|r "Troon. Key. H. i?ltcer, of Baltimore, pr?*acbei< <n the afternoon, and at night tbed??c y Rht Mr. Neitz, of Heading. !' ? f resent a cboir of aboat for* n >? lead of Mr. Wiillsm "* moat of the singers be. ? * tbe singing was very ' i r \* commenced a few j, which is a very - , * jey. Jacob HartzleV ?r rt was the coatrac? .n ornament to the ,ltit u built. It has jely frescoed, and be. v.ol-room, there are two wilding U of brick, the d brick, and of a neat dek. .iwt was 817,828. Yesterday abon' . . ^ ?kas raised, wbirb. when Daid ? er, wih leave a balance oi about gi.iioo'unpaid which the membership hope soon to W off a Rniwir amd Ooi LifliOM.?Tbi? mornine, about eight o'clock, the horses attached to the carnage of Mrs Woods became frightened while standing near the corner of 11 tb street and Pennsylvania avenue and started off at a rapid rate Between Hitta and Hth street* they ran against the milk wagon of Mr. Qleason, upsetting both the wagon and carriage, and breaking hotb vehicles to pieces. Mr. tlleason was throws oat of his wagon and slightly in. jur??d. tbe milk cans were upset and several gnllons of milk lost, fortunately no one was in the carriage when the horses started, the driver being in a store at tbe time. The horse* were caught near the corner of ll/tb street and a large crowd soon collected, expecting that some one bad oeen seriously injured. Mr Oleason was taken op, bnt fortunately no bones were broken, and he was soon at work gathering np his milk cans, consoling bimself with tbe reflection that it's no use to grieve over spilt milk. lnrAE.tiai.lty or tbi Policb? Decision of rne corporation Attorney.?Saturday, the police of the Third Ward served a warrant upon J. T. Garner, commissioner of the Third Ward, for neglecting to have the ?now removed from the pavement in frontof tbe public school corner of lt>th and E street*. The ca?f was laid before Justice Morsell. who consulted with the Corporation Attorney as to tne meaning of the law in tbis case. The Attorney decided that the commissioner being an oncer of the Corporation was not personally responsible, nor is tbe Corporation subject to snit in the case, as it cannot sue itself. It only liable tor damage* in case any one injured by tbe neglect shall enter suit. Tbe ?ase against Mr. Garner was consequently dismissed. Mxrrixn or the Soldisb Clebks ? A meet, ing of tbe soldier clerks was beid at the National Hotel Saturday evening, Mr. J. H. Stine, of Indiana, in the chair, and Capt. E. K Kean secoetary. Tbe object of the meeting was stated to be to take actioi. on tbe bill ot Mr. Gartleld, inclosing tbe p*y of the clerks, which is so framed as not to apply to tbe clerks who have been soldiers, and a committee was appointed to waiton Mr. Garfield and other members, to urge the claims of so'diers and sailors. Arrrarr at Biiuukt FrChthatbd.? Yesterday morning about 3 o'clock, as Officer rcuirr wu going me round of bia beat, on O street, near the Bank of Washington, he saw two boys at wora at the door of ?.91. Drew's merchant tailor store. Being on the opposite side ol the street, he tried to get close enough to capture them: but the burglars got a glimpse of bim and ran, leaving behind a heavy pick, with which they were trying to pry the door open. Being swilt footed and having a good start aheaa, they escaped the watchmen who joined in the pursuit. Born in Transitu ? Saturday night, as the 30th Infantry were about embarking on a train for the West, the wife of one of the sergeants complained of being unwell, and insisted that she coald not take the journey. She was taken into a restaurant on 0 street, near New Jersey avenue, and a midwife being soon on band, it was not long before a young recrnit made bia appearance and the Mother felt better. The youngster is now on leave of ab. aence, but has already, like a true infantry wu. iriunra now 10 iwrm m> breastwoms and reach the front. Sunr of TBI Poor.?from the 27th of April, 1H66, (the date of toe organization of th apec:al relief commiuion to distribute tbe appropriation of SU5.UW made during: the last Mhion of Congress.) to the 31st of December Iast, :{,637 poor and destitute persons in ibis District were cared for and relieved. Tbis commission was organized by (Jen. Howard, of tbe Freed men s Bureau, with Surgeon R. R. Key burn in charge. FrvmL or Mb. Utirhuli.-'The funeral of tba late Charle- H. Utermehle took place from bis late residence on Saturday alter* noon, and was very largely attended, tbe members of tbe bar being present generally, and tbe Washington Scbuetzen Corps in a body. lie?. Dr Pi nkuey officiated,and theremains were interred In the Conrr???mn*i UBrtnjr, Baptism.?The ordinance of baptism continues to b?* administered by B*t. Mr. Meador, ol tbe Island Baptist Church. Yesterday, wvera! were baptised at the church, making altogether about *> since the beginning or the reTival in ibat section ot the city. About 30 ap. phcanU remain to be baptized at tbe tame chureh. lminTiia Lju tl Hi. ? Prof. Howlaad will lector* on tbe science of com man things, at T'ntou League Hall, VI 9tb street, to-morrow evening There will be experiments in chemistry, optica, and projectiles, and tbe wonderlal effects of nitrons oxide oa tbe human aystem These lecture? are latereatiof an* lastructire. Borrtko a Company.?On Saturday moraine. officers Brewer and O'Callajcban arrested at tbe depot John IieHartz and Cbas. beicterta as deserter* It tamed oat tbat tbey belonged to company 1. 3otb U. S. infantry, and bad robbed tbe company of live day's rations. Tbey were turned over to tM military. No Casks ?I>ast ni*ht tbere were no arrests lor disorderly coodnci, drankeaaess, or otber offenses. in tbe Srcond and Third Wards, and the cells of toe Central Guardhouse assigned for receiving tbe Light prisoners were vacant. Polk k Rkpokts.?Tbe lieutenants of police reported for Saturday forty-two arrest* in Ute enure District, and the fees ol tbe day ware -trr^7. ? qcibt Sabbath ?tuis norning. the lientenants of police repor'ed for yesterday only twelve arrerta la U?e entire District, and tn* fines amounted to only SUM. MAJUIIKO, WTOM-POW1H. Oa Thniwisy.Sd instwat, at Trlatt* Est Dr. Kss Ing, ALBK&T a hkwtiin "* "? " JEsfelE M PUWII, d.uxbtar of Jbjb?* j* ** r, of tki> eity UBLIdC;-??R\0 B3 Ob tha tt* IsaUnt. b. *? Dr Fin k.l WILLIAM HBLVU0 to 4M&&JX UBAOBS.alf of WMhiMioacitr. [B?lti?on gm ?U?a copy.] * RIKU. ' IcfBIIRT <> tb? tb ioat .ift?r i1*a? Md painful lllee??. Mrs ANNIB MrSHBEHY. b*lo*ad ?lf? or Mnanoa P. ttctthaahy, ia th? 23d M?rtfh>m? A II* bt ia frooi oar koiNkoll fina. A ?oi<avaioradteaUU, A >lac* it ?MUl ib our aaldat *kl.-h umeu to ftlUd. Tb? friend* mf tfc* fMiil/ in tavf> t*4 to *?r u?f>r?l. from h?r BM?h*r'? r*MHo 139 B *tr?M. Islaad, T???4ar, at half?Mt : O CKH-k ? IBwtoa HHn ffl ' " *1 *U . CITY ITEMS. I OFFtft a splendid flock of flax 13 karat Gold ?nd Silrer Anerjcaa Watches. Iftam ond Jewelry and Upera Olaues, 4'j per caat. below cost, to eloae business. I. AlrxamDBk. 210 Pennsylvania avenue. ( Tbb Fourteen Dollar Iiaunou SniU for Qentleraeu, gray, blue or brown, are yet for Kale at Hrnmnit'i One Price Clotblng Store, on tae corner of Keren lA street and Marylaad avenue. A UaoiKABLB KBRibaaca?We call the at. tention of families wanting a comfortable home to the advertisement elsewhere in onr paper of a bona* aear tbe President's Mansion for rent, containing 14 rooms. The house la nice, ly furnished, is moetdesirably located, and tae terms are reasonable. Snch an opportunity is VMlom offered to househeeoera. aad tboae who wuh to arall UifibmItn of tbia cbsnn bould address Box 37 at this oSce without delay. Haroaiks.?There la lotkini ia a newspaper, (except perhaps the marriage* and deaths) which ia more interesting to the ladies than infsrmation aa to where they can buy cbeap goods The Star endeavora to keep ita readers posted in the latest intelligence in reference to dry-goods, as in other matters and we there, fore call attention to the advertisement of Mr. Benjamin Miller, lul Bridge atreet, Georgetown, whose forte aeema to be the selling of cbeap dry*gooda. W* takspleaaare in annoaacing that oar old fellow citizen, J. B. Gardner, M. I)., has renewed bia practice. In Wbich speciality we know be has had treat exoerience. W? refer you to the advertisement column. b Dr. Wbitb, Okiropodiat, 494 Pans, ay., betwem %% and 6ttb itreeta, contianea the successful treatmentw corns, bunion*, bad n&ila, enlanred joints, warts, moles, vascalar excreaeuces, Ac. Office hours from R a. m. to i p. m., and 6 to Rp. n. Established laGl. Kor Chilblains and Frosted Feet, Wbite's Embrocation ia a apeciflc. Price fl per bottle. Kor sale at 4->4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4X aa d Gtb streets. ASurbPilb Core ? l>r. (Gilbert's Pile in atrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receiptor *4. Circulars free. Sold by druKtristg. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Komaiue. Manager, No. 575 Broad way, New York. 3: Pmm can be bad in any quantities at tb? Star office conntnr HOLIDAY GOODS. J^tXCBllS KOB TUB HOLIDAYS. MAILT. ABD'S OANDI EH AND CHOCOLATES, CARAMEL B CKEAM CHOCOLATE. DOUBLE VANILLA t!HOOOL\TB, (for table n?e.) BOSK AND VANILLA WCBNT ALMONDS, MIX BP pro AB PLUMS, an* ABSOBTED C&NDIE* Just received at KINO PLAW1. Z M. P. KINO A SON. W*8T INDIA OBANUK8AND ^ t SWUI MALAOA QRAPB8. Fretb, at KINO PLACE. Mince meat (Domestic,) Juat made, of eelect m%t?riftla, At KINO PLACE. |~jolden bcufpebkuno win*. ? ... , ol'tt native wine Oold roler, fall, yet delicata flavor and fragrance, aud leal than one half the cost of Imported w?ne. KINO PLACE. pHOIO* N0T8. BAblNB. KIGX, CURRANTS, H'ltis, 4c., Ac., toinit this particular ?< ? eon. tor sale by Z M. P. K.IHU A SON, d* *9 King Place ?HB18TMA8 AHD^HBW YEAB'S i'BJCB A rich andelegant assortment of Gentlemen ' Botes de Ohambre, gotten of expressly tor the holidays. Gold, Silver, and Ivory-beaded OaDPt, In beantiful variety with Scarfs, Tie* Gloves. Buopenders. Ac ; with superior lot Toilet Articles, at reduced prices, at . LAMB'S Uents' Tarnishing Store. W H eotf 424 Penn^avenne, neaMfr et. f 'OLORBD TOY BOOKS, from Lendoa; Vreach V Juvenile Books, direct fr0m Paris, baboulayee' Mew fairy Talee; Bsop. largely illustrated, and many others, juet received. M TBABCK TAYLOR. M.?u. ..AT 0. Corner 14th and V streeti. del* under Hbbtu Uon??, ACKEBBL AMD CODFISH. 10 000 poos4i lirn SHOBH CODFISH. M barrel* Mo. 1 M ACKEBKL. Jo at received and (oraalaatoor wharf, at the foot of Seventh it. 8. P. BEOWH A SUM. Oommiulon Merchant*, dels tf Mo. 46J Ninth at.. Wet. B and T. rVITO W1LKBNB PIANOS AND CABHABT U ft HEEDHaM'B PABhOB OBGAH8. All will And It greatly to their lata reel- mm i. loexaninttb?Miip?rb Instrument* be-RpHI fore aurchaalng at) other. *' Only agency at GEO BOB L. WILD ft BBO.*8 Hew Platie Forte and Organ Wareroom, No. 497 11th atreet between Penn 'a avenue and street. ft aelect aaaortment of new aa4 second haml 1 a trumenU, Including a CHDBCH OBflAN, for aale nt loweet facterv erlces. and on ?? ? TlMNOind BBPAIBIHO t?lthfaUy?s?cat*l. BO 13 6m* HOTELS, RESTAUBANTSTAo. CAKD. METROPOLITAN HOTEL. I bin tbl* d?r aaaociated la my bua<n?M Mr. CHAS H. BH1LL1I with me. sad the Hon** will hereafter b? conducted in IhenamM of POTT8 A SHELLEY A. B. POTTS J unary 1,1867. ja l-6t p A 9 n~" V w MITB0P0LIT4N HOTBL. On account of the radaeed prloaof previsions, the rate of Board at thla Hotel will bo FOUB DOLLABS PBB DAY from tote. POTTS A 8HBl?LK I. n A n V/ ? WILL ABB'S HOTBL, I Wmhisoto*, December 1, isod.f Senator*, BepranenUtiT**, and other*, residing la w**hingtoo,.wbo otean trinto apertmeut*, cm be icesBmodtUd with their MBALS at thia Batal at tb* rate of (10.00 par week d*4-3m BTKBS. OHADWIOK ft CO. I^IBKWOOO HOD8B. Corner Ptnna. irnw and TiotlftK ?tre?, Vff^W Washington, D. C. JUiiflLL Mtnatw5 in th? mod central location the city, midway between the OAPITOL ABD PBB8IDBBTIAL HAHSIOH, Only a abort dlatanae from nil the Denrtmeiti, Patent and Poet Ofllcea, Smithsonian Inatltate, etc. H. H. DUDLEY k OO., poai-tf Proyrletorf. ' I7BABGH AMD QBBMAH HOTEL AND BBSJT TApBANT, 34ft Pa ave., oaeoilte A . .A wuisrd sHotel,CHB18TMAHA EBHL.JCm* Proprietors ? On Wedneeday next, thli X_JHJL establishment will be ommA with a lonch, at which the proprietor will bo happy to meet hi* muy friends The Bar will be constantly sapplied with choice Liquors. and the Reeteeront with every thing that the moet epicurean taeto can Mr*. Boarder* by the day, week or Heath will here find excellent accommodations at niuderet* rates Also, nicely fnratehed room* can bo obtained olthar with or without board. Call aud oo. . Jal-Im* Cm AP1T0L HOCBE AMD BR8TALBABT, 446 Penn avenue, between lat and M its. Comfortable Rooms, with first class Board. Twenty years experience as chtof cook attbe several Foreign Legations and principal Hotels la urn country abonUl be an Sclent guarantee of aetiafactloa to all who will extead ma thalr piand SUfTKBS at private reeldencee, for^n.- ud de <-aolm* Proprietor. ITMBICB? BB9TACBABT. _ ?i Mo. Ilffnaa aveane, near 6th at re at. t. BMBICB wlahaa toTaformhla frlendaaad the ^i.n?r;r.i snmmu?,?. b. .Mat Gall aad (tre hln a trial. oc? tf J OUT BHOBIVKD YATKS I'lUBTI, Ho. 343 Pnurlioli areon*, A ?|w<ar lot of LADIB9' OLOAK1MOB,which tW; oro offering at wr? low prlooo. MVtf giilioLaiuU _D,ro(tM1 r. X. DOOLBT. DBCOOIST. AIA Oomtr Ptna'i tniiittBd rut 9d Par* m4 fresh Drgn tod ChemlcoU, Perf?ntfrj, Fenoy Articloe olwoya oa hind, in *ood te?ply. do 19tw? OBBBOHS FCBHIBH1XO BOOMS VNldun I imm) i>d trouble by tIADAKAOI'l, ?Od Mlntk ?treet, next tfthbaMlvinit tmu, who con foraiifc tboB with rtt lj moo* Bheeto, Pillow Ooeee, Foot her and Heir Pillow*, Bottlers, sas (^OLDM B0DPPIKH05Q WI*1.(MaUr*.) i^f 4*u?*u w<i?|. pre?. r. CiSJIcIJ-fir 14. UJ ??!Vj|0K lAXliVt TTT..Mf.r 1 ~i U AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. PrnsylTsnl* n?r WtlUrda' Hotel. VAX MiMTZWt?nffiui%UU oriBA ?.?* B'inor AHTONHOCCT. Sifior MIOhVkDi Madame BBIOllABbl. Blrnor BASFKl. Ouo4iirtor _ ... .OAXL BIKOVAS. On TUBBDAY CVBB1BQ Jan 8, ?t 3 deck, Grand, celehratetf ,Md popalvr opera. F AO *T. WBDNBBBAY-Onl* Dtoht of BONHAMROLA. Mix BBALU M. HftPOK.n AMIWA i WALL'S NMW Of BRA HOUSB. BBRBT A WALL ? PBOPBIBTOBS. i B. B. PHILLIPS- 8TAQB MABAOBB. MOBDAJ BVBBIBO, Jkontry 7. 155T. flmt nltht of tbeeugMeaeutofthe Popnltr AmerlctB ACfclC' MB B. L. DAVBBPOBT. who will five hi* abllaw and yowerfai rendition f bbftk e? of/are' loklnt crei?tl-n hahlbt. pbinob of dbbmabk. Supported by the owqtilltd Btar Combination Oomaanr. BAMLBT Mr B L DATBMPOBT. (InTllttDAf EVKNIKO U...M - m tt Shake?peare'!> Olorlout Coni Ady "of"M 6 C H*. A D 0 ALOCT MOTH ISO PBIOK8. Private Btixai, #8; Orchestra Chain. 91: Dre?* Circle, 78 cent*; Pamnette, locente; ramllrUlrcle, >3 cent?; Colored Circle. 26 cant*. THB GRAND T C MP IK A N 0 S FAIR TO BE held at ISLAND HALL. Virglil* aveO'it<, between 6th and 7kii street*. under (DC an?pice? of Rxrelsior Dlvisfoti, No. 6 and Hoae Division R>. 24. will be iuangvrkttd on the 8th inst..wheaa programm* of rare excellence will he offered In addiiiou to au u?u?ually attractive display of S??T*HB REFRESHMENT DEPARTMENT l? In ihe bands of experienced oaterers. whe will use every effort to make it in every respect as at- j tr?ctive ai the season affords. The 7th street cars pass wtibin a few steps of the Hal). Admission. 8ea#'<ii iirkets 30 et*. ?'ny1e admission 15 ct*. ja 7lt* ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR THBIK IUOHT8 ONLT, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY. AND THURSDAY VENINOS. JANUARY *th, 9th, and 10-rn, TUB OBIOINAL KATHKB K IMP. with hin celebrated OLD FOLKS OONOEBT COS1FANT, Censuring of 91 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, With Splendid Orchefctra: Maiatad by BMW A J NICHOLS, THB JBKNY LIN I) OF AMEBIC A Adminilon. 2.1 cent*; reaerved nati, 40 cents. Doera epan at 7, concert at 8 o'clock. grand~m\tinbe OnWBDNERBAY AFTERNOON. Jaa.9th.at3 nVlnak .? 7tt ^ACHED CONCERT, Under the direction of SOBIBT HILL1B, in the GHOBOH or TH| EPIPHANY, O. bet. 13th and 14th streets, WEDNESDAY EVENING, 9Tn JANUART, In aid of the new North Knd and West End Protestant Episcopal Churches. AdmUitlon _ _ ...,OSl DOLLA B. To he had at Metiorott's and Slits' Stores. ja 3 id METZEBOTT 11 ALL. FOB OBTK WEEK ONLY. mvaars r&LaB h D?f to tanonoce tn'heciliztBiof Waabington that tbey bavo engaged those eminent Artiata, MB. AMD MR8. HOWABD PAUL, who will ?pp?ar f?r the first time ia thto otty on MONDAY BVBHING, Ju. 7,18?7, and evary evening during the *?k, in thetc GRAND BNTEBTAIBMBNTS OK CONOBBT8 IB C08TUMB, recently given 1,000nights in London and fifty night* at Irving Hall, Hew York. They will afpeafin 14 BOHGB AND IMPERSONATIONS, Anosi which will he fonnd Henry Bnssell's great Lyric, entitled THE DBEAM OF THB BETBLLBB. And the celebrated Ballad, _ "WHIN GBOBGB TBI T*IBD WAS KINO," aad the celbrated SNKKZINQ BONO, The wh"le forming the Boat elegant and varied entertainment ever jtivea In the United i la tee. For particuLara aee Bllla an t Circulars. PRICBS?Admitaion, 40 centa; Beaerved fceate, 75 ceota. The tale of Beaerred Beat* will commence at Metzerott'a Mneic Store ea Vrldar morning, Jan. ?, 1867. Dooraopen at 7 commence at 7\ o'oik. ja?<t BALLS, PARTIES, ko. (J unci* in uno.) ABNUAL (/iOKli*SM9. If A Li Li UF Ttll JOCBNEYMBH B00K-B1BDBB8' BOGIITT, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, TTH STBBIT, MOBDAY BTBBIBO. JAKUABY 7th, 186T. Tbe Society, m announcing to tho pnblie M. their ANBUAL BALL, bog ie^y* to lUU 5# tfaet #T?rj arrangement which the attaaUoa /IB of tbelr Committee* or money eon com UHk maiul will K- kvilUKU ?<tr ? ? enjoyment of our friend* on the above occaroa. To thoie who hav# favored u* with their presence at former eateitainmente, we would t*y that from the preparation* in hand we have every indication of mahlnji thte aUair a* yteaeant and uccefefai ae any of oar previous effort* to satisfy MM! plBSS#. The b?et ootilion made ha* been engaged for the oocafeion. Sapper will be famished by an experienced caterer. Refreshment* in ahvadMce. T1aV><> A? /tmlHln. ../I I.JI.. Committee of Arrangements. J.H.DUBtmt, V. B. IU?bo?. H. U. K?mt, A. a. iiullett. T. O'Neal May, Jamu T. McOowan. jap 16t PERSONAL. AB. MAUBICB. BBAL SOIBNTiriC AS . TBOLOOBB Of AMEBIOA, From the position iBQMHet of the Start at thi time <>f on?'* birth, will rtmiat aftonishlmi ? crets thai no living mortal ever knew before: how tobe succoettul In *11 reasonable undertaking*. He tells same and ??ry day you marry; describee the intended companion, and t.lls all event! of life, good Inck and long lffe to visitors. La lie* to cents to fl: gentlemen lu fall |1, Oall At 4 7 0 11th st .near F, All bonrs until vln the evening. deSllm' J^ADIia LOOK AT THIS. LULl.Ati AND UVtfVS UIVKN AWAY. 1Mb I Ml 7 baring work douo at the OHI\P STAMPING BOOMS, 439 9th *reet, opposite Patent OSloe, will r?ctf?t tra'n on* Collar and pair of Onfta, stamped on the finest muslin, for chain stich. Braid or Embroidery, suitable for night-gowns. Star Braid and Colored Oetton for the above at reduced prices. Initials stamped from one to fere cent*. Stamped goods at hair the price tieretolere asked. da 29 tf PI 4 II O 8.?Two more of those beautiful riAMOB mad* by Janns W. T?w? just received, aiyl for aale low, on n?y|E355| letm . Also, new and superior seven oo "*'? tave PIAUOB, In maewood. warranted, for ?300. I ?n*?<?4 to^2?t#u*?P* 0DWKI64 tcconnta ?. I ^r&rtbi.vJi: '** - vfij v^?himt?b D o1*;,.,,^, <Mr golio'A.1" W#. the naderelgaed, feel confident that, with onr experience and the facilities at oar command, ? can farnith t? pnrchaeera. both w&ol??ale and retail^M large and wall aeeorted nbek of Uroceriea, Teaa, Wines, Liquor*. Cigars. Ac . aa the market affords. and at the moat reasonable ratee.* bonxht of na delivered free of charge to aar fart of heolty. . GFLlcf * BID? Corner of Hew Jtrwj arenae and B stum aonth. u / \LD BTOVB8 TAKBN IN BXOHABOB STOVBsT OIATW, In (treat rarletT. itfl I83iXttraet.naartb?Brrd|ta. imVlm* OA VINO ASBOOlATBft MB VM. H. DAL n TON with ma ? tto lit tD'Unt, la Store .140 Pavnul*ftala itnii. tba bu?ln*M beiaaftar irtll W conducted under tba um a ad title of a. BUBB8 ft 00. All paraona Indebted to tba lata Arm of BOBNS k WII.HOB in rHDut.ri to niku >mI> umu. BMt of tliolr Mtoiat* at the oM (tut, 340 P?naaylT?afa a von no, our 9th rtrnl j*4?Uf H. QURNS. BUM GOODS. "M,,ftS?T?*isa8i5'jKaoT"'': dating out akM| prortomi to taklai u?miii o( SL^KK. ?SD w* "m^vwn'iss&ris:' ' JMIt * o??o?tuO*nUrV*rk?t ptTBiniAB'8 HAND BOOK * FAAOTIOl m' . VSillOI TATX.0K. wU9m l^UMI pvi . WANTS. ~ |)RUQ atU WANTS!)?Om who tk*tou?h!f V!*'*. tk* PVMcrtprton b?*ioc>?. Af ?.* ?* Di u* Store ooruar Mm j* ?4#Ui mW. It* W/^T4I-B| luthtri (Irl. i sili& T;uN cb??b*rw?i4. A??l| ?t So 410 Vtti befv.en H ?(! I iu. J*T It* WANTKP-i KIAT WHITE WOMAN, for ftwril hMH?^rk for t family of thttt pe pob? Mot>e but America*or tftrmk. wit-* ?<<>d rtfrridt M no*?t Apply. to M RE. UWHI.NOB No. OIK nrw , bttwww Ktk tad Hit ate. jtl st' A A* BP EOT Alibi iWI'NU LiUV^n r#?1 n ? d clrnioinutcM, ? wiliiiur I* (Ireltilraclitu ? n the i'iiMM-lt?> r?uuni>l>l* i*rat. Ap rl> or .dareM - L. *.,? Kill*' Ha tic Store. j? 7 VV ANTED?By o MrWr h4 nl'tbl* eolerod " B#i.*PI<&OI.I<lk?rt? c??k w?K. d?ire. or u port' r. lie is i ??rj eomMMtt perton, *ud can fivip Ik* be?t rthuitta. Pio?*e *ddr?*ea note LiRui M Ck T ttt.r a? .1 >i. .ill o)~ " ~r?v st WAX CKD?To purcbas* B0U4B7( brtck pre frrred,> b*twND Mh and Wth nr??ti. ?oJ north of th* ai?t b??t ?u m4 water; ?ric? b?t*t*g #4,uiM and f# t <?. TramodUta *>? aoaaiou not required. Addrcm "D." ro j? 46, Twwiry pf?nrtm?fct ja7 St* WiHTID^A (mail H0U8B. or two or tare* " Booms aultol 1* tor boaaokeopiiif. Addraaa, tatllg location aid tar ma, W. H 0 , L<r'i Box draftaman and penman fctaaiy employ ma at Addreaa Box 495 PaitOflct. with r?tl nn? ? id rtfrrencts. ' je T-iw* WAHTBD? On tbe l?t of February, an nnfarm>b*d HUU6I. containing from Ova to eit;at

to< ma and hell, with tea end wat?r. in a good neighborhood. Keferenre* given <f repaired. Ad drtfta JTKL1X, Box No. 3 ? Star Office je7 6t* WANTCD?A white Journeyman BABHEBat Mo. 4ftJ 10th itrnt. near K j?5 St* ni nnimu?a (T'mxj uinun ao in? KitMmi houeework for a small Tamil, at No. 4 66 iOth t , btt Dand But* jaiti* WANTED?A aaaitll. cjaifortat'le HOUSB.ina goo<1 nrlRliborh <od. coivculeai to the Departments. Bent niuit be moderate. Address <sii l#th at , aaar K at. north. jatlt* AointTkman and wirg wihh boTbd in a private family, where there ?re no other boarders preferred Address B. W. M.. Post Oflica jai->t* WANTKD-A COOB for a Boarding House. One that nnderetatids her boainees; none others heed tffeply, at No. 391 Oat., bet id and 4K. jaSSt* 1 WANTED?A good BUY for w?itii( and house work. Also, a food UOOB. WAHUBBand 1BONBB (whttej Only such that undcretaaii their work need apply, with good r*oomm<>n<letioM. either at3?>l t "treat north, or 411 9th stieetweat. [jaSttl N B.MILl.IB. II7 1HTID-1 mlililU until WHITE UllUlU to take care of smtH children Unexceptionable ief?-r?ucee re>inired Apply at loth it., between the boors of 3 and 5 o'clock p m. ja4 3t WANTED?A OOLOKBD WUHAN to o?ok aud aatslet In waabiuK and iroulng Nona hat a eocd Cook with good re'erencee, need apply-to No. 13 Philadelphia How. nth st. east. jM 3t* \\r ANTED?An experienced WOMAN, to take *? charge o'dining roon and kitchen in a boarding Imaae. Such a persea will find It greatly taberad vantage to call at 463 B street, bet. 6th and nth, Immediately. Beierence required. ja4 3t* W ANTED?A gentleman deairet a BOOM with ' ? BOA BD. for him?elf. wife and sob, of twelve yrara. (n a pilvate family, where there are no other boardere, at a reasonable price. Board payal<lu weekly or monthly. Pleaie address Dox n54 City P. O , stating lowest terms, location. Ac. Beference exchanged If desired. ia * st* WARTBD?Two communicating KOUIt), with Board, in a prl vat? family, by a Bentlemuo. wife an<1 child, betwe* n 19th Mid 221 street tad I ud F street*. Addresa for one week, V. W. B , 8tnr Office. d?317t WAKTBD-A COOK. UOUSBKBB PBB and MJ8TB&8S in * (mall family. Qermau prferred. Call at '-167 Hew York a?#., bet. 6th and Tth ih. WAHTBD-New and Oaat off CLOiaiNU, old GOLD and SILVBK.or aay other article of sine, at the eld ?tabii*hed Merchant Pawn broker's Store ol U VUIjToN A00.,d02?ih it., S doors north of Penna avemie. BoU Agent to) BIHQBB^E WrNQ MA0H1NB. W~ AH TED?100 LkDIEB immediately. te co br<>id?r Yokes, Bands, Wrapper Yokes. Plan nol bkirts. blippers, *nd Initial*. To ?o*jd ban Is who hrinrr >Bmoil ftf vurtr oua.1 ? ??? / ?? t?nt rafloyneut0?:1 tl the new Htimp lug Boem. 439 yth street, opp ><lt? Patoot Office. STAMPING reduced to FIVK cent* per width, do 16 tf. WART?D?10.000 LADIBS to knaw that at tbe Now Stamping Boom*. 4 39 9th ?troet .opposite Potent Office, tbey con tind the beat eolected ihi rtnient of Pattern* over offered bore for Cloak*, Cape*. A pros*. Jose;*. Wain*, Toket, Banda. Wrapper*, Slipper* Pincushion*. and lot . tial* Also, ueaicD* for Pillow Oaae*. Ottoman*. Chair Cover*. Piano*, and. in abort, every variety of Pattern* a* tbey aro daily leaned. We bar* a French Machine and a Practical Stamper. and have i educed the price to F1VB 0BBT8 PBB WIDTH. Wo make and (tamp any pattera brought aa. Braid*. Bilk and Working Oottoa very low. do H tf ANTBD?BBCONDH AND FDBHITDBB ' ' AMOJUBHUHB, UftadTB, BIDS, BID DIf GandHoC8*rURN18HI*G GOODS oferery d?tcri|tl?i. 1. BUOHLY. 40* fth street. jug-it between Q Mil M, east side LOST AND FOUND. TlKIl DP A STB AT?One OOW: light red J. Hoed keck; one eer cropped, toe other eer lit. The owner well pleeeeceme forwerd. preve propeity, per charges, end take her eway. UKOMIBBM AM, Valley street, Oeergetowe. de7 jt* pAMI 10 MY PBBMIBJW, ABOUT THRU v weeks egg, a smell red OOW, with herns, white stripe on ker kip, end white hied feet. Tae owper Is requested to come forwerd, prove prop nifi v?/ (.uwgci, mw wki orr *?, IDMOHDLOBO, jal-Jt* comer V and litb atreeta. OABAWAY r*OM BOMB, on the Uth if Da ILceinber, M10HAIL RYAB, aged 10 rMn; good looking hoy. with blceeyee and light bur. Bad on when be left home a pair of bine paata, patched -land a aoldler'? blonM. Any on* k nowi ug of bis whereabout# will confer a favor and raceiv# the tbauka of hi* diatrenaed father by leaving information at the comer of 3d and T a tree's IaUu in7-tt* JOHN B Y AN. TiilS UP B8TBAT?January 1, one iark JL Iron Amy OOlT, with a halter oh hia head. Tba owner will plaaaa couie far ward, prove prop arty, pay cuatgea. and take him away. J. 8. BCBBBTZ, Clinton Honae, ja B-3t* Corner of 7th and Beandary ata. C|n BIWiBD- Strayed from my prace on ibe 1 " Bladeaer>arg road, od the niglt of tbe31 inataat.two 8TBBRH;one a red Steer. with whit* at ripe running from hta heed to hia Uil; ttie other b white Steer, witb four red lega sad b little red Bbout the aeck aad ahoaldera: both marked ob the back with tar;heavy cattle. The above reward will be mid for the?r re j r-> oraij lafomatiOB by which I may obtala taem. JOS?l*H GB1BR, Stall No. 12 Center Market, or 8tall No 3 N. L. Market. ja Stt* Ran away, on ibt janoaby, isct. with shaft* aad harases attached, a SOBBBL HOIH1, with white apot ia forehead aad cobdamned mark, that has been attempted to be hnrned. which caa be discovered on iefteheaider A auflleifnt reward will be given by deliveri ag to A. LBS, Feed Dealer, Georgetown, O O , Bridge atreet. ja, 4 Jt* ftOA KBWABD?Stolen on tbe night of the yOv Ud of September from tbe premises of Ocnrti J ahm. Itsr Rlad?nBhnrff. a ilnrk hvAwa HOMfel, Mirhi D. 8 ud I. JS.; nudtaa ilu bih ih felt MM'bal eunbnrut; has* roto dom. Tba above reward will be aald If returned to gbo. jobbs, oat IritHTtlk Prlnt? Qton?'> Oo., Id BOARDING. F?B BBMT-A pleaeaat fa rail hod froat BOOH vlth Board Aleo, a small BOOM, enitebte for on? person, corner Id ?traet and Indian* are., Bo.3?W Boat moderate. j*5-st* L'CBNIbBBD booms fob BBNT. WITH or 17 without Board. TbrM Bauuu connecting, >d floor, will be 1*1 tor hcuek*??iD|,if dostrnd, Bo. Ul PannajlTaaia avenue, b?twMu 24th a:ul i*>th treetr jatat* (."0BBKBT?A auruber of Aae large front and r back BOOMS, fa rail bed or nnfarnUbad. wtib oralthoat Board, Bw 361 Peon'* areuua oopo lie National Hotel. ja4 ea3t | ABOB AMD COM FOBTABLB BOOMS ABD BOABl> can be bad at Bo. (69, i Pendleton Houm. between 4k *?d M atrwIaJ p??n ?? ??? TabU Borden llfctwlM accommodatad ja .ilit* TiBLI BOARD m Ir 464 lOtk atrMt,* fair 1 4oon Bortk of tha imn, Terms #* m oath ??Htf GEORGETOWN ADVBR'MTS. OBTH BBOWlBg. It It worth knowiii tht( tk* iratet Btrinu tr? to k had it Mli.LBB'S CBBAP DBT GOODS 8TOBB, ! ! Bride* treat. Georaetava. ? O H? bMjait rMt>T(4 a large stock of Blaaehad Shirting* ?nd SbeMtif, it lower prfoaa than they b?(? b?f>wU ilic* the war. Bleached Hotline, at US and l? eta.; food yard wide *a., lActe., and the bant aakH at 16 aod 30 casta. Sheeting* and Pillow Cotton* vary rbaap. Brown aelina, 12'? and lr. ota , yard wt?fe do. IliU ? eta Merrimack and atkar ba?t makea Oaltoo. >0 eta. fine AllWool French Marino, #1 Win tar DraaaQoada generally. eaihraclag Pepttna, Kmpraaa Olothe, rlaida, velatnaa, Aa , at coat. Shawl*. Blnnketa, Plannala Oktka and Onaataaaraa, Olova* and Boeiary. at anwnaliy low prleea. MILL!., yOB 8ALB qm BB?T-AjUy tone PlAMU. a *19 DMf rflBlfTlvlBXI l? UK ATXSt.ATTBHTlOM l-tto U ADAM. BO * '8 p A0<|KAwr,,ud for tt ceutt ?*t on* ?f hU onern rij* jjmI ?I* ttlag ( |M| ronr Hti wnrawlMSbAlac- Ull-V > i *v . \ ? FOR SALE AND RENT. l^OR BKNT-Oo* ti. (torr BEirK HOrSB. I 'oni i ?ar tbs Mm De**rtmMit. Addrr>? J. T ,*f?r oC?o j?T ?l* DOOll VCHNI8BKD 4*t> ORrURNISBBDII Oa rMttwliU torn.*. M^SOdrMt 0*11 WW ? r- ? ? VAC UflVICVAM. j? 4 %" 17 OB IUT-1 two atory Ntll HVV'8* w<7h JT t*ll?r sad yiMM*. on CUmt 1 Hill A?? y t? ... IKKHAkO HIT Ed, J?T *'* Ooruortt* and H iUnU N?'HG*->r>A HHP/TOR 1 SASg-Tht ?el! kmoWn VI88KKT o? tk* Por?m?c rt??r thta ?" ? o- Port Wkibinitm on lb* liniu'l ?l <*, 19 ^ite.k,.?*S!r '* b* A#plT to H. !t. JOHM'OM, Mu S*J hti twii*. M*>?a to. i 61 h it? . oppo?1t? Satlinal Hoti?i ifcT d ? I^OK MLK-Oot t?eot? hor*o po??r toiukl* r >mam vkoikb A*n mill. jn*t f""l l?lfd. ?U'I warranted to flvo Aly, xt**rw Mali iittlMfrr XXtilNBS. now and wvixi band which will k* fW low for < *?(). APH?toWM KLLIS * Bku . Ixli Iron W. rka corwor of |ki? aroaaa ud 1 Jth ?tr*ot, VhklMInn n fi fl.t.l 1 FI BM8B1D HOUHB* BOB BBBT-On. of 10 rMiti.PMr City H?U, at |l(*|trBMth. Alto. od? or 10 rotai, mr tbo OMM, ?i f 100 Krn?*th. One of it roraa. n**r tka Preat*?*t'a Bom* . for t par month Dm on lutbatrMt of 7 r?oM,br|iO??rnoatt. D. L. WBfcLft * CO.. ImI lotto Broken, j?7-it northwaat corner 10th u4f RO0B8 FOB BBlfT?Tw? tin* Btft'HS or rent,in a prlvnt* faaallr. ?n Ooorgetn ?n. ft rniabtd or nnfarnlahod. Farioar trru **n>tt< riij b? aiada If laalral. Bcbraacai rtgairad 41 drew F. G.. 8t?r Offlo* jnTwoSt* FOB BBBT?To a priTata fiallr?ul?.tbto4 aomely fnrDi?b?d HoUSB. eoataiaiag f<><-r trenioonia, situated near tbe Prfiidont'i M*n ton. B?fereaces ra.uiied To a good teueui f >r tloni tinn, rnt ?ery aoltnt*. Addrm Boi Bo. 37, Star Office. ja7-#t* NO. S09, B. W. CORMBB OF 18TH an1 Het . A FVBH1BBBD HOC8K FOB BBNT. jas 6t h,OB KB NT?A OOBBBB 8TOBI BOOM only per montt . Fixtures Oo >4 location, comer of 8t>i and I. not ih ja s Si* L'OBKIMT? ?ix room tJOl'BB. ?itb iiall, ?rr? yard Ac Bant ?r0 la r .?aneo. 8TABR A CO.. 7th el , bat Dang B ja b Si' ^" iKHALB-Tba OttOD WILLand FIXTURE* a. oi a B*ZBr more un at Ho ii' r-n/? avenue, 3d door east of <H street. The H<<u?s ?..r ,ent *^*? -J- jaSSt* F'OB RENT?Two or three nnfuminhed boom 8. two on first floor. cow?>etlng with cookine stove Apply at Ho. 301 P st , between Ittta and 13th sta. la ft-St" f 'OE PALE?(On radiant of a small amount f (JAP 111?Several two story FK1HK houses, situated in different parts ef the city. bTaEK 4 GO , 7ih street, jSt tt' betweea 1) k K. F"OR BENT-A ri<EM18HED HOUSE .( ten r?on s. The eccnpant will take Board for part Jayroent Inquire at No B street, third oor fr< tn 3a street. In rear of St. Ufearlee Hotel. ja 5 ST 'l'O LET?A large HOUSE near our offl <e, with 1 every convenience, and Furniture for eale; ??II attested for t>oardine hon?? or hitiI* f?m. 11*. Apply to D. L WILLS aT;0.7 ja t 6t Corner iOtti ud T at* tr>OB 8 A LB OB BBNT-The tin- an.fTarfe KEPIDBNOB No. 63,corner tith and K ati., with l3rooam. wa'a' and raa, fnrnitbad or on forBtahed . and ftoa garden attached 10 it. la <;uireat 24b Pa. arc., bet, uth and 13th ata jafttt* JO*. H PH.lFFULP L'OR BINT?A part or ttia whole of the new r HOrsB No 3SS Iffth atr?*et. near H containing 11 room*, with all the Modern impr >a rotate; hot and cold water thioack.-nt,t>uh roome, gas, Ac , alio a nice ilde yard. Apply on the prem iftae. ia 8 2t* IV OK BBNT?BM1CK. HOC 31, fire roam*. with F > ard and stable, Ha. 36 |ri -treat. t.etaoen G atre?t and Marvland ava.^Brnt mode rat' to a ?ood tenant, laqnlra of JEBBHIAII O'OON IBLL, corner 1-t and K atreeta north, or BUttKNI DALY, on the premieaa. jaftSt* F'OB BINT-A MBW HOD8B, juat nnishad. with tan roouia. wood and coal cellar, gaa and witfr Sunt mnHfptU \m tHm ? ' 18th ?tre?t, bet*ten lad K sts. Inquire ?t the Grocery Store at the corner. Alto, three or fo?r KOOHStn the corner house, over the store, mutable lor bonseheeplag, with km and water. jaS 6t* Foe sale?a ooubtet seat and gabDEN t A KM. within one mile of the city Tint property will be eold low aud no e??y tera>, or eiclanged for city property A loo from Twenty to Sixty Acres adjoining the above. Aleo. farms eiid Country beats In Maryland and VlrliHa. Apply to T. D STOCKRRIBOB. _ * Eeal E-t?te Agent, Northeast cerner 7th ami F streets, jat tm* Ws*hinrton. D. C. F'tiB BEHT-One 4 toona H008?.(Lr?ck,) S?~T Wtbat., DMf f, Kitchen furniture for aale. (Jail after 4 9. m. jM St* TWO I HrUKMlSBBD BOOMS on flratfloir ft rtit.ialui'l* f?r l<>a>?ktt|iug, ;it 346 Zd *tr?M?t, bet F and O ?ti uorib jai St* POB BlIT-A Ht-irr BBIOKHOUfiiTWttb r brick Stable, 4*6 11th at., b?t. K Mid 9. In qolre at 30* lltb at abore L jM-St* FOB BIRT-Foar anfaralikel BOOM8, c<>ut?Bient for bookkeeping, mirh and water. Bent f18. 493 L street, haiwetB Mb anl lot* J?4-St* |V?? BKMT-rODB HAND80MBLT FCR r BIBBED bUITIS OF BOOMS .nn.lf-l ?,S. hot sod cold water. Ac Alao, ntihI SIMOL.M ROOMS, at Ho *00 Ulk etreat, bdtMa Ptna. arena* tad M etreat. j*? 3t* FNfBEHT-WaUNratafcad mall PAftLOM awl CB A MB KB adjotaiag, far b?u?eteeejtn?, or antlaawa. pleaeant, ea?o*d floor, fmat Cooking toreIt wanted. Uae, hrdraat, and tnel lock n p. 108 M, betweemtbaaillh L"Ul EIRT-U 0*ornt?wD, mU etraot. twa | r HOU8E8.N0 SI and 53 3d atraat, containing ix ro?>ow, at #lft aer month applf to Mo. 60 1'roigM-ct etreat, JAMID BOBIBTdON. Agaat. ? ja Tat* . F'OK BINT-A tbrae atorr BB1CK HOCSB. fnmiahed. on atreet tonth. between 3d ana 3d eaat, Capitol Hill. Apply to t. tAIBFAX. at tka !'? ?<> liaio. 'A..II.1 ?? ?... vwxvj vihw, v?f<?wi Hill, y?iw?rn f a. m aod 3p.m. j> |-?f D AB1 uWliiXM OH1IUK -A party villi 11 little capital mb And bb opportauity to iavest is b Banner that will brine n bmt extraordinary return, by calling on D. L. WIliLI A 00.- corner l?tb nod Fttreete. from ttoTp n. jb4 St 1701 BALI?In a ceatral location, a three story A HOC8K. contaiotag eight rooms and hall, supplied with gas and water, alley side and rear; mithta oneaqnareof7th and r st . ears. Forlnfor mation addrees" J. A. M.," through Washington City Post Uffice. ja t 3t* $40,000 ih7S?T $10,000 In good BB&LJBBTATB^JPAPKK. Iq sams to aun. gciwu hiwi nvvoBa lur rant: tiia ror ul? lioncM rtniiu fa arioe from ?7st to $30,6/0. and Bulldla* LoU from 2 canta to per a'lntra foot. MITCHELL S 80H, Eaal Batata Brokera. ja < (t* eootheaat car. Pa. aT. and l?th at. RBNT-A saw BBIOK HOUHB. with mi d roome, corner (th and south A atreeta, Oap itol Hill: two a<joaree from atraat car*. 91 par month. Kay lnjfre ooraer honaa ja3 4t? |/0B BBHT^A large aafaraiahad froat PAB m. bvsuo untKH Uj?iUn(.McoM Ktor. >mi ctriiM lulut U?Blrt it IM aortb L str*st, bstwe*a ?th and Mb. j? J it ITOB 8ALl-Norik**iteura(r S Bud 13th streets, " stw>> story BRICK HOUSR, coLToulestiy srrsossd; U fast frost; Sroosns, water, Ac. In* airs st the pr?miscs fur turns, Ac. jslW L'Ot HIMT-& tbrns *orj sad bssetnsat Brick T DWELLING BOrttS. brnwa front, wstsr sod |M, tea rooms; sitasted on 13tb strsst west, bstwsen L n rth_ai 0 M .?s btsbb*, Ms. j?3. imiuiri ling <vi itu lUNl, MIWMI g and 10a. m. an4 4 and S p. m. ;al tf L^OB BINT?Mo. 77 Bridge iitroot. 0**lt> 1 tcwn, roittialDg mtm etiabwi. Ur(? par lor. dining room, with damb waiter, two kitchen* with water, collar, milk and wood-b*a*a, watar-cloaot and bath room, and gaa and cat fixtarea throughout. Poeeeesion (1t? Jaa. itth. Appl> to Dr. OHAS. H. CBAQ1N. Ho. i?? Dubbarton *troot. jal aoff F-OB tAlil-Owtrai doairabio building LOTS in different Motion* of the city. Term*, QlOu down, and 51# far month for tha ramaiadcr For particular*. caU or addraaa BUQAH M WYLIB, No 389 7U> troot. da?-a?lm* FOB SALB OB BB<T-BoPSB gttaafriToa Booth 0 it root, Bo 3M, between 4k and 6th ata t J mAumfv ^ VI*. IDIMW. iW|VIIVUI 4HIVIOV DViJWaUU, RQ. Its 4}j K. <1<I7 <0IV' |^OB EKHT-GOTTAGK cMUiaiap drtt root*., r ?B 1 etrMt, b*t*?*a H Ml M rtNMlM immedUtelf CLAGBTT ft bWIIIT. *1 Batatn Age,its, jal-lOt l?.l HirktlHpMi^ r\BGO BTOBS FOB 8ALB -A DRUG BT?BB IF of ? y?araatatrtlag, with flstnrM complet*. mw atock. mrMr Mora;Jf?A location, and t*at of rtiMU for Mllinf. inom *m; lu<iuir? of 8TABB AjOO.t 47th atrMt, Boov Mo 11. at B. FILTOM AOV.'f Pawakrokara, AOsI fth *tre?l. tbr**> doora north of Pun. aTtaaa. 8rl? Anati for Blotar'a Sawtiu BaakiM ?>0m KKHT-Tlw rABM. for the lest theee r?M the mUiBctailUlor fhtMUIwOttMi, oobtfnc of 1M eoeee, villi ?**r fort M eheo, 1 alto from Bennlnft Bride*. Im>rofeaMBti.4f*llli| bonae of il roona, atone ateble. mvuti lonm, fcua.t* Ad4(Mi"iri/' 43T litrMt.Wuk lagtOBrP. O.tflltoWWL k*t??wl?wiri. . oc M tr UAKI ClAKOI-Tor SSmM* nl?. ohof H ttie bwit located aaaall corner rtorf BOOBBIBB In the city. Stock and Fixture* new iy. ply immediately, by letter, u A. B. C., City Poet Mm. aawtf L'v* ?????* Diuuauva wnirM ri, r MMWiaillthatrMt < (,] tin 8tw OiflM Bui Id las, formerly occc^iwi kf W. O Mat*?-roU m ? mu?l- atora. ud rtcutly h tha aSm of tko Nuiloui Kik*M u>ct Ap?lr to C. B BtKIt, Btar Ottca. <i?tf FOB BBBT?Two lotvo oad mi ?all ? ! c?Um BOOMS. M?ralafcad,ooaoo<? floor. Mo. 1*4 F?b?. ., tot fit m< flth ate. ooM if Far Btcrt, U4 P*m'? iTMaa. Boot mo4*ftU. 7 ?*?'f l.<AH HINT. Tk* HTORI N? Ml B itn*L t AUCTION SALES. TBia ArTEEirooN and to-mokmvw. RT 8IUI | Vltu&u. HVR'lijtftMf t&Alttl/?? Alley b?(w??B mi4<lbitrMti ?n(u4 L ftu4 north, at Pabttc A?<-t Iob. mi nnwot? mh n irWidMM n?ntk iir ?r Jalr, A I)., lm. mm* r?cor<i?4 la UMr MOT. ? W foil* SU. SU. Oft. Mil IM ml UmUwIBm onto ot WitklDitM r?iatf . DlOrlct of OoltaU*. 1 afeall Mil, oa CUtiBAT.Ikt ol 0*f?m bar. at 4 o 'cluck v.a .oa Utlo. it. laH.nirc N*. ?ff, with th* mannoM aac?.r<tlnf to mm d*?l af tra?t. Tit iai<?f*M?au coattti ?(mi rrflMTw*nxali,?hlwaMkNiia ?roB i ab> laTMtawt for aay oitt> wishing to p?rda>? to fttUnd th# Miii. Tama. Uaa hUfoaah. bal*aca la aix anJ tw*l v? bob the, for aotM baarttf lutareat, u4 hr a deed of trnat oa tba praaitaaa All ?onr*T?ooin? ?r,rt rn*du? aUBK at tb*. oaat of th* mrchmr IV Co n OB tb? d?y of Ml*; u4 tf th* tarw k MronrlMvitk ti Indifi liter lk? day ofaai*. U* Tr?*tft nurtM Ik* r?g M m raaall tkt k*> rt* *t tb? rUk Mxi eoM of Um h' i>wbr. by MlvarUalDK tfcryf Um* Ui tho KtboIq* Star H B. TILLT,Troiu* <*StoU? ORCBN A WlLLiiM, kmc * 09-THB ABOVE 141.1 IS FOSTPOBBO OB uc?iDtofih* IOHUAI, th> Ttta tMUst. hoar tad ilac*. By order oftb* Tfottw jaS eoAdi 0E1BM 4 WILLIAMS. tirU |^T JAB 0. McOCIBB A CO.. Aacttoaoor* ADMIKIBIBATOBs 8\LB OK 8IX 400 D01. LAB BOtfDtt. Iwnod by tb? Corporation o'_ Alfitndrl^tn baild [><W ?i?:n Dirrai ir*m Jtinir* I . Ml, ml lli* Accttoa Booai J?mnr> 7th, ?i 4 o'clock. My order rtmiDi?tr?t<>r? Wiilbr $f00 Cot poratiou W*?ta?niton <uk P?re?nt Qurw?r stock JAtdU 1 la 1 J.C. McGl'IRK * CO., AnsU BT M. K. WAL8B A % ?., Aortt'-n^'.. No ?* * rtDM ?t? ,oorMr Ml aUwt f KAMI HOC8B, CONTAINING BOO II8. AT AUCTION Or MONDAY A rTIMool J- ? ? o'clock ?? wtll ? !! ft Frtni* H<>aa* roottlmn| MTftitMiii. No. - nd itrtft b?tw??B G sort II Itrteu, Virat *?rl, now oociiH k| Ma?. Lynch Terms mitt kinvn ?t Ml* j M. K. WALSH A OO . Anr-ti |JY JAS7C* cttUIBB A OO., A?cUM??n. CBAKCIKT BALK OFIMPBOVKH PROPBB T Y ?n JOtU iitMi *? ?, U.?mu ud T itrt-u. Vint Ward. B> virtu* of ft d*cr?e of thft Bi * r*m? Court of the District ?f Oolumt U, pimmI .u (.Mi? Mo. t>.tn which '1 honift* < ocm it couipmlt.ftot. ftod J?d>-McMbdok. *t ?l tr? d*i?ha*iitt, to*- <>ftd*r lift ed. ti aatet, ?tll nfll. Id trout of thr protnWix ftt 4 < clock | in , i D TUBMIAT, th- I6tb <U? >( Jftrnnry. instmnt. ??rt of LotDial*r*d 8*4<iftre nunl>?-r?<l on* haodrod ?od twenty two, (122.) c<iDini?>DctDK uoftoatb ?ldft of tftld L<>t fi??, Mil roiiftincDOitb in ft lint ?lth, ttd (rui.lti on Yw rutttih nr??t wei-t Sv feet % tab, tlie: ce ea?t w*rdl> 156 iMt and 10 inch-*, mjre or leaa. U?u ? opU * a dly *' feet aod H lacb, and tki<nrew??t vardly l&sfcat and 10 lnche?, more or leaa.t) the place cf beglmtng. Tonus ut sale r>r?? ribad by tbedacraa One half caik and th? bolaocc to bojMld in (vein moat he, tor which the purc'arer will b? re^airad to kit* his pr< miset ry m te, baaria* Interact from (>u, endorsed to the satisfaction of tta? trust* or lk? purcbs**r ma*. if be oo <te*ir?a, p?> the whole of the purrh's* moner caah. or one half rash, and the balancaoa tt.e ratification of tr,e raH by tbecontt Title to b?- retained utiK! the whole of the parr baa* won*) la paid end tt><tale ratified by tha roart. Conveyancing and itaiiipa at the co?t of the pur. baser BlGEMl Otirtl, Traat-e jaSeoAds J. C. MrOL'lBK * OO , A net* mi itr i. sii.i I)?* -u? ? Take notice that by virtu* ofaecoBt of di?tra:a to ned?rei> from Barnard tt*ff aa ajomtt, tbe go da and cfcatteie of QJkaaccy Leaard. r ha?e eeti.<>d a<><l t*k*n the following fuo4( ?ai rkttt?.i to nll?(? f rontid reotdae ud id trrtert to the aid Barimid Bart. to-wit 1 Frame Building. contHtniLgS nx-ma. S Deaka.S L uoge, 1 Table. 11-tor* are fig*. 1 iotof fhaire I lot of Crackeiy, Ac., and t L?>reby g>??* notice thataald go <4* and cbeitale wi'l W eold at public auction, for caeh. to the hlgbeet bidder, on THl'BHDAY the l<Kb ia atant, at 11 o'c'ock on the Bew York avenue, between 13th and )4th ata . taid baildiac ta La temov<-d by the H*b <!*> of Janaan . |%." J?4 It W. A. BOM. BaMlf BAILIFF'SSALBOr TBB "BVBBBTT III TACBABT AND DlfilBQ SALOOM By virtue of a writ of diatrtin.te mo di ractad, I have tttla day ?ait*d ana larlad npoa all thafooda and cbattrla altnaled Id tha t<aoa<- ?n4 rnniMi Bo.SlSJiirtM north. Mteig l<tb tbl istk atreata weat. to B'tlafy houpartot i*nriH ia r raaia l.y Jamai M Bo* to Ohrli Oaniatack. Jr., and I barrb) gl??> aotica that I will ex? jaa ,ba aama for aala to the bifhaat biddar, for raah, at Jablic aoctr.n. an THuBBDf T, th? i?b oar of anuar* tuataut. at 1U o'clock in tbe fon-n ot . n? tbaaaid prrmlaea. ho Sit* ? atraet. to taiUfy aal.l rant, ao due ?u.i In arretra J P. FBXIMAH, Bailiff, ja ? 4t For Cbriatopbar Camnack .Jr. Dt SUN ft WILLIAMS, AacMoaaarT TWO TWO BTOIT BBICE HOUSES AMD LOTS. FBONTlftO OB "T11 STkBCT WBttT. Batwaaa H tad 0 atreeU aortb. at Pobllc Aactlon On TBDB8DAT.Ua 10th taataat. at ? otlork ?. aa.. w? ahaii aall, on the ?r*mi*aa. batat Krt of tinara Mo xn. with tba naaruTts?nu, oonmit tug o! two mi| tvu i>U>iy Brlrk aoaiM. oa % d1m.I yoar'i ie?M, ? kloh will afford * fin* cfcaauo foraa> oa* wiahiag to yarcbaso a small r?aid?*c*. lorm* r On* half cub, balaaca la tlx aad twalv* nwUia. for a*to? baoriatf Ix'rrMt.aoil aecurod by a dood of iron oo the aramtae* All coaror aa?a* aad r*vaaaaatam?*attt>o?o*t of the tarcaaaer. |et down whoa ?o>d. ja > d OBBEM A WILLIAMS. Aacta DT 8IXKI A WILLIAMS. Aaettoaoora. TBLSTEi: 8 8ALB Of BBAL B8TATB Br vlrtaa of a doad of traat baanoi data aa tha fifth day of Jtnsar;, ! y JoOaOot UM K> < I or I tie DfMBt ud re corded In Llbor B.C. T.,?o. 67JoLiol?l,* or the land r-c?rd? for WMbinftoiMaatf, in tto W# trtct ot Columbia, I will offer for sale. <> the pwrnl-M on FK1D&.Y. the littbdir of Juouj, iW. at 4 o'clock v. ra.. tbe north tart of Lot NC 11, in Square Ho. tbe city of Waebm<ton. I). C . froatiaf II feet ud t Imm oa Mats' ' ih treet. b?fa*a A atd e.reeta aorih, ud vt sing at thai width to tha roar, vtth tbo ikprovobmbto. oobo'mIbc of a amall dwelling boaae and other baiWIngt. Tonaa : Obo half raah, tha bahaw ia aoatki, the punbaaer to mei>? a dead aad glra lua uot", fwcrrd by a deed of traat. All aaawyacct? and reveaae ataa>M at tba ooat of the aarrhaaor A depmit of QbO required at tba tlaie of *ale. and tha trneUw raaerraa tha rif bt to reael! at tba coat of tba porcbaeer If tba terma of aala are aot com plieti with within fiva day a. J OH H M KOKKIR. Trnitu ~~ ?BBJUI A WILLIAMS. iactloM^n ^IMDLltiO AID STOVB WOOD. ?M Pnr'm art., bet. Wtk amJ \11M sU. 8!>? Always on oud t fall hmIf of tbaabov?-aaa? artlcU, sawad aai ?lit la any leafth and rtu r? qaired. and promptly delivered to any part of U?e D'atrlct at t*? LOWK8T CASH PBIOM. , a? M-tl THOB. J O ALT Sf.VX ^ WiiaiMTOR, DnmI*r is. im ? the MUttw a MOttBH MAESHaLl, of Lowell, Mm., praying for tU mimmIvd of patent granted te bin the 16th dar of March UU. For aa improvement ia KUtung Machine-, for Taara from the expiration of eairf patent, ?Wch takes place on the 16th dar of March. Mu7 ; theaaW petition te tMrt at the Patent Office on MoaSar, the Sbth ftay of Peb roe*/ next, at u ?clock M ; aad all pereooe are aotlfed to appear end ihow eeuee, it anr thar bare, why eald petition ought not to be granted Per^OB* oppoeiag the extenalon are required te file la the Patent Office their abjectioni, epcir tally et forth in writing. at least tweatr dam batare the day of bearing: all tectiatony filed by either yam w> twoaod at the Mid heart n* mu?t b? ta*? and tranaaltted In accordance with the rnlM of the office which w1> be firnUtiM on attlicatw*. Depoeltlooaand other popora relied apoa aa tei ttmony matt be tied la the oAoe twenty dare be fore the day of hearlcr; the arcamenta, If oar. within ten day after lltng the tatlawi. Ordered, also, that thla notice bo pablWhod la the B^pobbcaa aad tho Inielllcoaoer. WaafciacI ton, D. C.. aad fa the Cnnrltr, |ha , ' #IF? thr** niM: tho fm o# Mid iwbHoatloBa to be at loaat rfxtr daya pro tlou to tho lai af hoarlna. T. O. TPI&KB&. ? ?. _ _. Oommlealoner of Piaati F.8. Bdltora et the abo?r p*p*r? will pleeee copy, aad poad their bt Ua to the Patoot Offloo wiu a paper containing thla ootioe. do yO?TOH MU8 MAOK?ML. I Mi wow recatrtag froia Boatoa direct, tb* wnr *??'"""Iw MifhiKIL. aad wbJcb rarely Id4 tbalr war to tbi* mark at, Bill u*d moatiy tor boat* tonMapboo.' &* th-y ? bom trtBBtd of ???ry ftri bat tb* ?( palatable. the kiu oootaie vary mucb mm* Uu ?* ~;*v .iraUL, Ooroer Mb and F atraata. aaitr . daltf ?b*H> H?? 1 fT'ESSOH X.MAV40BS #Ol F maeb OobiI?m; Atmaaaob Poor Vtra; Alat Bach 4a Bfiiw; ilktuch^birtTtrl; itowtrb d* U t?tMa, iliMi'f b d* It b?aD? Otitlt* Aim* acJt Imperial: iluuck da ** -?"*T TT *daa janx <le Sooiato; Almamaab f?lkb>?l|a. aad Otbera. iaportad dlrtct from ParV. n daH . TiLUt* tAJXOE 1VB. K1A1I oo * ri&IOt, FB..C1 . ? -nm to rwrtj *. litk * lTTo. MWB?1AOH. "Sm" ? ? ??'^HiKnn tki Bnoro,") " W"n'">?,B,,,,l UIQ ft BOB. Klu PUoc I>'.; -t i??; ?<i -3 * * i v