Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 Riariil Bailer It m owiof to a lack of information of to 1 carelessness on the part of batter raaker* rt?-tf so much of a rancid or inferior character of bolter iinils its way fo market. A good am le i* k* easily made a? a poor one, and tbe former will be fonnd more profitable to tb? mn ufa tnrer. m tbe loot ran. than tbe latter. Tbe butter maker ?D?itld reflect tbat to maic*or prepare good batter is on* thing, and oply a por*l?n uf the busing* It irqa-r** ckre in tbe preservation alter it Is made. It It 1? to be kept any considerable time, it omvhmi 0*7 p?tftru m?wn wud ^rf? care in order tbat ib? air may b? excluded frotn tbe aiiH as nittcb as possible. Cracked crocks or imperfect batter tabs sboald not be used, t>ec*u?e tbey will not bold brine norexcluJ* tbe atmosphere as perfectly ti?ht ou"e will do. Work tbe baiter clear of milk, but <to not tear the (run more than l? absoluWr necessary for rbls purpose. Salt HberriHv and eTenly.-but not for the purpose of selling s^lt ii.s'ead of bottej Pack closely, excluding all the air possible. If not intended for irnayMiate use, cover tbe surface with a strong brine rr a profuse ooatinjr of salt. Over all-pot a tight cover, and the necessary precautions for preservation will have b?*ea taken. >WWna poruoa of a tub or crock is removed for ?*, see that the surface covering Irani int?c? e|?* the action of tb* atmo?rh?r* Will soon impart a rancid flaroT to what is lert, rehd-firr ?t onfit fcr table nee. It is owinr ?f?My to carelessness. in Tnese resp* e?s. thA' so macb poor hotter fiuda its way to the market, fa- I railit f an unnecessary loss upon the ra ui tfm iur?-r?. and imp airing their reputation id the market. j y It will require the sum of 99,180,500 tor The support of the City QoTSrnnien* of New York lor 1M>7. PERSONAL. g ' BNTLKMEN WHO ABB AFKLICTBD ?A J care warranted by an old ^oriwn of tw?ntytbrrs years'eipsrtenre in ibis pat titular branch ?at tb* profttsioM. I'btriiet luoUsrate. .Do not { apt iy to 'ina< ka. hni to J B.QABDN BB, M. D , late^of th" United !*tate? Bicortf Venereal Hiw- | ivai. u?ir? no. vi nootkAitrett, owouM the Capitcl {".oare, south aide. N B ? Medicine* alao furnuhe# at coat. da 77 Im* Maa CCBTIS IRVING, Clairvoyant, and Tor Mr l'vm. will flv? itte rrtdtngi. Including , J|aat, Pretfcut auti Future. ?i her office. 4 <*?>, n -rtfi i ?ide of Perm'* avenue, bet?*?n :H ud 4th *treeta. 1 Office boura from 9 to 2 a m. and 8 to 1?. m. de ?' ln?* D?KTtowl,*. HOMEOPATHIC PHT8I0IAN. Remdebca and office, M<> 4 <?*i 4th street. Office Hoars ?v to 10 a. m. 5 to 6 p. m. <lel9 tf AT the tiBWctia&psrAiftPiNa *o?ist?j 4.1V 9th street, oiH'itt Patent U<ttce,|ili*i can e> t at oar reduced prices, on the Torr ' at ViBMalUJiight gown Yckea, ie?dj a tamped ...40 eta. Ch< miae Y"kee. eta. ' " " 10 eta. Either for trail or embroidery, onr patte> n? are of the Tfrj Imi'sr <1-aunj. aeleated with rare in York, and being Fn receipt ot them weekly, we are al>lc dal'y t Isanf new p?tterna aa well a* make and atamp ?ry pattern Iroaifht aa. I. O. O Working Cotton at reduced iriM*. do 19 tf JOHN D CLARK.. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC, No. '?:}? 13th etr. et weat. da 14 ly Dli. JaMEB T. YOUNG baa removed hie office from No. 4 7S 10th ?tre<*t, to lua residence. No. 429 New York aT<?.,Iour doer* east ot ittti atreet All order' left at t ha Drag Store ( N A1BN a kbo .corner ."h at an I P? are., during the day. mill t.e promptly attended to. deUlru* rHAMR M (ITIIWIBLD, 0?KfcT.\Hti 4NU (OLLECTOB Collect* Bents. D*M? mud Claim* ef all kieda. Ilacineee placed In hi* bead*** prompt attoitlco. l*ft?BCM |)Ttn ifrMQirtd. Uftce All 'jib strwt, above Fa. **enae; reeifence 301 L ?tre?t, UKmh mh and Itfth N J ?Order* by mall promptly attended to. oa l*-lm* LADIES IT Is ACKHUWLKDQBD THAT ; tb? NEW STAMPING DBIOT, an 9th ?tre*t, 4 39, baa the beat selection ol P * :::* ever o ftrad here. at?l the proprietor h*q r*lu?-*d the price to ONE HALE that ha* i?e- u charged h r? | wifore. Beiap a practical 6tar'p<?r. no team*',! . be bad of getting what will ?w.t ynu. Go aao biia. Be will make and *tame AM\ pa'tern de tt Y OU HAVE BEEN IMPBCDENT, but neither Bncbn nor Samaritan buiubuita " icut mik' Ik* iT'T.11 Se? Dr. PABBY, on 7th atrai't.oppi aite O'M >'?llowa* Hall, aau ba cured tuick ?nd permanently. d? 3-lm* I I Ik. a. m TTVUUDIJAI au 'pni'jTw un ? i.e , JL* to Ho. 339 f meet, opposite St Petrl k ? > Church. a? 8 eolm* | ("'( NFIDiNTIAL -Tonnf men who h?n iu- ' > jurea themseiTe* of certain aecrct bkblu, 1 which unfit them for bnwioe*?. pleasure. or th? ! duties of married life; alio, middle m*A ?nd old men. who. irom the folliee of youth. or other : cau?e?. feel a debt lit) in advance of nielrye?ra. before piact c themeelvec voder the tr-attiejit of a; one, hcmld Oral read "The tecret rrieud " Married tad tee will learn something uf importance hj perusing "The Serret Friend. 1 Sent to Any art- ! arees, in aee?led eDT?lo??. t? rtiyiit of 2&rente. Acdreee Lft.CHA* A BTUABT A 00.. ???>?o?. | *aee no 9-lr i Bridal abd fubbb^l wrbatub. bo I QIBTS. CBOBBXS. ANCHORS,BT**8,Ic., I In nemrml form WAX PLOWBRs, HA IK rLuWKltS, and bUAlW?0. bj Mri. I FK1K8, late of Beaton. Ha* removed to Mo. 4 iSt Uth atreet, between O nnd H. oeS <n* LA DIM WHO ABBDB81BOOBOF A oBLlLWfnl and accom?Iiah<4 rhyeiriatt. ehoald cpnanlt Dr HSB&Y MoBTON, 16?? rut Finite atreet, Baltimore, B4. D? Sorton'aaerrlceB m*y I beleoiraff'd In Waahinfton or any other tfty ? by MreMinga* *bov?. oc lJ-Sm* JAMBS OVlLB.jHmUr >? Htwand Setmd kind Fiirat(tn? OR Fnroitare Bepaired, BeaykolHrral and Varnished. lath aad B ata., f near the canal.) Hl?hett yrloa paid for Baoond-haod Feral tare aally* 'BUH1AAS.M.ACK. WHDI.UVOil. C.f.llKtlaw offiob. BLACK, LAMOH A CO., Ooaneeliore and Attarneya at-Law la tba Bnaretae Oowrt of th* Dal tad Btatee. tta Coart of OUIxm, tka Ooarta of the Dftetriet. the Executive Departm?Dta. aod Oommittaea of Oaagreee. Office. 4A? uth atreet, (directly aaaoaite WU hi*' fcW > ? 18-tf CLOTHING, Ac. 31. L0BAmerchant TAILOR. _ Cvrktr of 9th ud D streets, P?irw to rrtan his thank* lor the liberal . patronage bestowed npen bin during MioDi, t&d it the tame time invites hie (Km friends to rUt hU store and inspect hla new WIT and ckoice selection of goods, which he baa ? " >nst anrchassd lor the Tall ami Winter Trad* lr l BABDOB. bis associate. coatlunee to gWe his constant attention to the style and central aavearance of all garments mad* M the establishment. The best work and moderate oharga* is oar metto. da I-Ira* FJ. HBiBBBOBfc, . , . Bacraasor to H. V. k*?do* AC*.,^ ciTizxtrg Ann miLttamy > _ MEKCHAST TAtLOR, W\ Metvoyolltaa Hotel. late Brown ?, WW > 9 P?MflTUtt M?a?. * iot1-? WuMmw. D p. ,o? n? vwr,, 8t?*el ? Tevern," Virginia. preyInm for tb? uteaston of a MtMi (ranted to him toe lut d?y wf Jrbi u*ry .1*0. for au Improvement la Deal*a for a Sen I dm Machine. lor eeven jear? from the expiralien of talJ patent. which taiM place oa tae Jut day ot February. W67. Itleonlrrad that iba Mid petition be heart at ?"* ? " wj. we ma ami 01 r*-t>ra?ry aeit. at IS o'clock aud All pmm are iiOtln?A to ?pM4t and eboar mom, Ifnny they neta, why Mid petition raght not to b? giaotol. PuNnMyMnf till eitenaieu are retired to 111* In tha Patent Office thair objectloaa. specially act forth in writing, at lea at twenty day a t*>fore the day of haarinr; all tratlmony ftlad by cither pany to be used at tke said hearing moat ba taken and traaamitted in accordance with tha rules of the office, which will kc matched on appliMtiea. Depoeltlona and otnar papera reiiea npoa aa tee ttm<ny aaoat be filed la tha office twanty day* before tha d*? of hearing: (he argamenta. if any. wit htm tea daja after flltair the tectlneny Ordered al*>. that tbie uotice be pabliehed la the JUwabUaaa and tka lnteHigeacer. Washington. 0. C., ead n the Spectator, Staunton, Tir?taia. once a week for three anecearnee week*; the Brat of aaid pabUeatioua to he at leaat sixty days )ren??a to the day Cf hearing _ TrC. TllkKIL w O,n"mi*",on*r of Paieaia. P. Mttcr*of the above paper* will aieaee OM. and aead their Mile te the PaCeatO See. wttft a paver cental alnc thla net lee. a? - 7A MMK Lew ud frectice rfBochre.wvoditi'a, ESBSKaEsra j? myw TATLOK. ' JP LO V B1 w IIP! " Are the only direct leeeivera for Oolde* Bill, J. ?Sa?^rsg tssPKrts fEsssiSfiarffla SttJS * la* Limdm4 F?wntrcl?r. < - ? ^FECIAL NOTICE. WMXTCALFKt) GHAT RHEUM ATlO *fVIl'T la c-ri?iilj th? woa<)?r of tb? Th o?' ?rd?cin tutt'f *k to fta nagic*l !M, ?n<lth? Br?t af rt'>r? r>f thltcity ?r? reo?o???n<Hn? 1* ?? . > urir paueai* ?a inrPDiy fure cure TeT nlonBI* ti?m?T?r kMiti.14 ata. t i 1*7 ?o*w 8. 0. *OBD, A*ent. 99" POET BY HAS IMMQRTALIEEtl THE " MIGHT BLOW*IPC CEKIU8"ia though.s that breathe," And Pkiln tiu r?si)tr?d its eer fnu eJnmorUl in hi* ? elebrated Cfrfume. Thus po?'y aad fhnnl?:rT have united te mtkeltfs m os. and the press ! araftia* Ita pralirs through at the I?-agth and bredth gf the lead. Bold every here ________________ * BBMED1AL IWBT ITU-T E FOB SPECIAL OA8B8 Ha. 14 Boad street. Hew Tork. ^Tall infermatioa. with the highest tittimonitb, also, * Book oa trial Dma.ies, tt a *?ai*d tnvc,a", seat free. 1W Bs sure and >enU/or thtm, yev Vill not regrtt it; for, as advertising phy ! aiclans are generally impo* tor<, without r*fermrt< no stranger should be trusted. Enclose a stamp 1 for postage and direct to DB. LaWBENUB. Mo. 14 Bond street. New Tork m It hiWit MA&ftlAUS AMD CELIBAOT, aa Iimt of Warming and Iaatmctton for Too*g , Im. Also, DIhmm ud Abnaee which proatrate the Tltol yotin, with aare mwu of relief. Bent , ?* of chare* 'q.Malad letter envelope#. Addreee I Dr. J 8KILLIS BeOQHTON. Heward Aeeocta j Hon.Philadelphia. P>. ang H im B*CB*T DISEASE*. Bamarita-iV Oir r ia the aeet certain, safe and effectual remedy? indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever diacorerad. Cmealn two to four dnya. and ' recent eaeea In twenty fenr boura. 1 baiaan, no merenry. ia the aoldter'a hope, and a friend te those who da I net want u be eryoeeU. Mala packagoe, fl, female, ?3. 8a* a ritaiT* Boot asp Hkrb Jr;cK>??A poaltive ar i p?rmaj eut care fer ?pybilie. Scrofala. Ulcers, Korea, Spot a. Tettera, Jkc. Pr'ce 91 18 ^er bottle. Bold by B. O. Ford. Bee advertieement. my I A M0D1EB M IB ACL II From old and young, from f+ch and poor, from [ high-born and lowly, oomee the Unlvureal Voice ef HMV tor HALL'S YIQKTABLK I 8IC1LIAN HAIB BBN1WBB. ? It U a perfect aud miraculous article. On res baldB*M Makes hair (row. A better dreewiiig i than any "oil'' et -pomatum." Soften* brash, I dry ami wiry hair Into Beautiful Silken Trasses, i Bat above all, tbo great wonder Is IM rapidity i with wbich it restores Ok at H Aim to m OmiaiitAX Color. Use it few times. snA PKKSTOf OHAHQB1 > the wbitsst and worst looking hair reaumes lie jonthml beast;. It di>ee not dye the hair, but tliikes at rt>e root aad Alls tt with new life and coloring matter. It will not take a long disagreeable trial to prove tha troth of this matter. The hrst application will do good; yen will ?ee the Natubal Colo* returuing erery d^and.^^ KNOW IT, the old, gray, discolored appearance of the hair will he none, tltiiie ?!?? in Lear.tifut locks. Aik for H?U'a Hi'llian Hair Benewer: to ot|?r article la at all lika it io effect. Too will find it Chkaf to BrT, Pleasant to Tar, Ann Bra* to t>? Y<>c Goon. Tbare are many imitation*. Be inre 7*0 procure the * anise. mannfactnrad only by B P. HALL * CO., Haabna. N H For *al? by all draftfata. :a27 SVMELY, STEADILY, 8VOCESBFPLL T, BMOLAHDBB B BXTBAOT BUOKD U (tUM avy caae of Iisrit BhiaiI. ImatTiH, Obatil, Dam a** DijomDam*, Ifitniut and Paiim In tba^Kacit Fvmali Oomplaixt* and Tiotiin arlatng fro? Ixcusn of amy Kir* OOMB, TB AFfLlOTBDI Til SMGb ANDBB'8. filK vn nTtrcn nmrrw Sold by all A?otheoar1ee. Price #1. D. BABHKB > * CO., Haw York, and BAKBB8. WABDftOO, ' ftew Orleans. Southern Afente. BC&LBIOH A BOOBB8. W bo lee ale BnuMi, Boetaa, Hear, Oeaeral Aiatt. fcbB-tr COLO ATX A CO.* W I N T B R SOAP". Reccmmeaded for CHArF*n man?-; and for (?ener?l toti *tb?? daring c<*ld wiathir. It mar be obtained of all dragtfatB and finer cooda dealer*. feb >-ooly . , JDAJSC1MI. piters j. w. * b. r. kixis dafoiho ACADCMY. ? Peamy Irani* areuae. bet. 6th aad 7th >U.. A Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. wflk 1 Our Academy Is now op?o for the recptUn of Pupils. A ?et?^| cImi 1? nur forming on Wei reed ay Afternoon from 4 to Co cluck, for tHo-e |i *be cmibm nttend onr rttnUt claee**. Ofreutnrs can be bad at J. F. SI lie' and W. O. Metcrrott ? i Oo.^i M w4e Store*. The Mall caa be rented for Solreaa, *e. Days and Htnrrn of TSution : i Tot I^dtae, Mieeee and Masters, Tuesday and Tbaraday afteraooaa, from a to 6 o'elock. Oentlenien'e Olaeeea, Taoeday and Thorsday ere nines. from ^ For farther Information,apply 4?i1*c tb? hoara : ?f t nit too. or aMrt??a not* to the Aca<umy. I with the ttr?r|?wwn. W i M A *1 * V'tT * MABIN1S AdSBHBL Y BOOMS, B, Mvmd 9tb ?n4 1Mb itrt?U, JB Tkla Kidriaf ii noi? open for UwrMp-W tloa of pupil* . , . Dai* ud hoars of tattloa for yoanc l?U*? 1mm ud nMtwi TiiMdtn, TbarwStji and Saturday , from X to ip. m. OfMlemri'i rluM from S to 10. taut fwltgi, M S -Frtnl* in# traction |lrn to haft th? eonTtntone* of tbo poptl ?IS li'/\i>n ? vt\ ' ? "UWAAll IUAL, ^ O A LI GOAL!! AT OBI AT Lit BKDCCBD PBICBS oftj* lbs delivered la *ar of U?ciif. Che.inut White A?b. $7 U,IHor?, MK? l*5" *?*VVLlle A*k' **?'WSSutffc; oa\ iad PISI WOOD oonaUntly on h?nd. fnPt'.Jfcu* " nr AOc?, or it tba wharf, foot of Tthatre.1 8 P BBOWtf B SON * jhf-tf AHM 9th atreet, bctwin I and T. ?OALl OOAlt!! ~ 004LITJ d?U mined to sell * flrat claai arttrJe r>r yo*f Cool m cheap aa the cheupeat, 1 hoae hr <Wi?? m *> #?lft a liberal ahan- of p?blla aT trooaie. Tfco Tool price* %e aa follows- ' M WblTB ASH HUT the tnn ' ?f as BALT1M0BB 0?. WBITE ASH, Kj?r and W Stove a) km . o aa ALLOTHKR QCAblTihSof WBITBiiia Z 04 viaaua v Kin BSD AJJB ? - ^ Tl QKObb WSruHT,ZJ*> LBS TO THE TOM. Alwftf* on b??4 end eooaUntly rrceivin* the h?tt of WOOD of #??^j d ascription, delivered I* ?or peri of A* clip. f c 14(J>| jM-Idi 7th at., batwean B and T at* . leiead. RA. CBOXIBHJ *ASB BALL AMD BKATOBtAL HBAD QUABTIB8, Dealer in Imported Cigars Also, the following bread* of Doaeetic Cigar*: Toll p. Judy, Fat), Bobcrt Banta, Ac. ltUok*epi?ie AMortmobt of Tobecco, Meeraehaum and Brier Wood Fipea, end Fancy ArtlcUa. A lerg* aaaortmant of tfee 8ee?t end ,b?et 8BATBB. ? ? ? jjl boots and otiose. mBL w 2E* 0 * IB ^SVh-^bi0*4 bM?,,*W^??*?*? Mtfcflk lh? fObUc eaaor *l!y that he kH ombmI th? Wr?j?$Xi$to*&** *? 7u.t}cirSu^ OM Fellows Hill. ?b?ri b? h?? on htna t i?d* SfiLSSSBSiflJW1"<* ' ??' . e?r v BOOTB ADO BHOBB. B?acmb?r tb? Iiabtt, 503 7th itrMt. ui4?r New Vb,? Btore' d?*8 OBOBOl B. flUQg. glADITUITH btPATBNT WIATBU Tk* k<t( IktmHm ?t >k. M > troai ?s^ "* *>?"*.<>,a*?tw b. w. hamilton a co. i m o a h~. j? TBB ^TOJA^J^jm^o. CO.bat* m?o?4 to their mtm oflc*. o. *1 loo mi aka atbbuh hnt?mrml?(7lb?, _ _ V I B B 4} TO B ; &? u!i& pps?'lw 2ffc * ifm, tlo. pfm't, ^.^raifssr*" msh __ BOBLB D. LABHBB. Secretary. vrotofbbobbbit" ' ?r ? v ruiv TVBSB 1HO UOUIANK<k4^ M.TA1LUHM IN 18a*. Ifffff OlMU HOW KCT! V*D AT DBMP1KY A U'TOOLB*. Wim sad 8Uw'TSitSxiill&i 4?9 aim itmt, iMtrft. N?tim Wm. Kmmbtt (V, Baltimore. r. Becker dm tu*4 Plenoe for ua *t ear W?reroome, end Wf take tleuvre in tolinf that we oe11* him to b*e comveteat tuner. not! In 1>U*0? ' LABGB . AaaortMeut or St*li wej ft MM' def w. 0. If BTZBBOTT * 00. AUCTION SALES. |JT THOtJ. DOWLlMOJUot ; beorgetewn. POTOMAC FI8IIEBIB8 AT AUCTION. Wll Ve rented* the hlabMt Mdder. at PabUo ' Au5bM??. **U?*8DaY MuBNINir, J?n*%rv i ,8t7- Anctio* Store, Bo. 1T4 Bridie trfft Georcotnwn? Iba Three Flihiac Laadfnn on tha Potomac aknt om mil# above Soorcetowa, kaown at 'Oloud's LaD.tlngs.'' Trnn*. Ore b.?lf c*Mi. balance in fonraaoatha, for no tea satisfactorily Indorsed J. 4. BITCHIV. h THOB.DOWLlHO.Aact. | ** ? fTlme* * Ooarlar] |JY tiliKUi A WIJULIAMtl, Anetienaers , AC0T19N BALK OP^TWO BToBY FBAHE j OnTO*8DAYTf^8tV?a?^jMiairrjl967.at4 | o'clock p.m. we ahall sail, by aubllc Motion. on i jne premne*. aq eic#lleDt two ilory frame dttU ltog feouee, aituated on th* ?n? aid* t>f ?th strnet, i^ar M street ?orth, beiu* >*rt of Lot No. 12, is 1 *??. &* *?>* front of 16 feat 2 inobaa, | and lot 93 feel deep to a public Mey. Tarua of a*l?; One half caab.and balance la alx month*, with iatereat. OunveyaneiBg at coat of pujebeaer. ?fe 31 trt QBEEH M WILLIAMS. A. acta. |5* THOB. DOWL1MQ.AacfcjWeorftoW. "* ?* "WoDMfS^L "T"B '? ' 1 xn&lts! r?co/i,i,f th* Diatrict of Columbia, wt will, an the 8th day of Juttnnry, 18(57. at 4 OTlock p m., i ! expotr for sale, at public auction on tbe arwini I H?. ctrttin ml nuii In Georgetown ettaeted, . I being pait of Lot number d one hnndredend foar, < (104,) in Beall'a addition to aatd tewo, beginning | for the earae ut the end *f 140 feet from Um north rat corner of Green and Heull street*, running east by and with the line of Beall street 42 feet and and 4 12 of a foot, thence north ?i feet, thence wast .and parallel with Iteall street 39 and 4 It feat, theici- north 40fe<-t, thenc" west S feet, theoco sontb 120 feet to the begiuoing, with tb? balld ings. fmproveniente an 1 appurteuaucea te the aaaie belonging. Terras: One half cash: balance la 8,13 and 18 montl a, t? be aecnred by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and stamps at pur ehaeer's cost. If the terms of aale are not complied with within five da; a after the sale. \ resale will be had at the eost and risk of defaulting purchaser. 9100 to be paid at the fall of the hammer. Walter 9. cox, CHABLKS M. MATTHEWS, Trustees of the Third Building Asaaciatiou of Georgetown. de fl ee Ada THOS. DQWLIHG-, Aact. |?Y W. L. WALLA OO., Auctioneers. TBUBTKt B BALE OF 1MFOVED BI&L IS TATE IN WASHINGTON 0 By *lrtne of a deed of trust, duly recorded in Liber N. O T.. Mo. (7, page* lit. to.,ol the Latid Records of the Pistil.t of Columbia, we will. ?d tbe Htii day of January, 1817. at 4 o'clock p. n , expose*for ?!< at public ati< tfon. on the premises, certain Real Estate, being Lots No. W and 11, in Battinei Da*Hson'? subdi vision of 9-inare nnrnhered one buDdred and eighty three. 1n Wathiagton city. L? C , wtth the buildings, improvements and nppurt' nances te the same belonging. Terms: On* half <??h. balance in 8,12 aad 18 months. t<< be secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conrey an?'i ng and stain pi at the cost of tie purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with within fire days after the sale, a resale will be tiad at th>- risk and cost of defaulting purchaser Ol'W to be pat<Lat the fall of tbehsaimer. WMjTBB S COX. CH&S SI MATTHEWS, Trustees of the TUi?.l * - - - ?~ arutivNUg aWWlBWUHt VI OeorMtovD. do7 eo&ds W. L. WAI/L A CO., Ancts^ T TH087 DOW LING. Anrt,. Qeorgeto wn. ~ VHY vat.uabli and dbbikvrlk wharf HkOPAJtTV IN GBOBGITOWN. D. 0., AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, Jiiioery 10.1807, at on# o'clock p. in., I will ee%l,OQ he premises, all of that vrt y ??li?b)? ai d d??lrtbl? wktrt property ?>c the oath ?idp ?'f Wat?r street, bdtwean Washington aid Jfll> r?on street*, adjoining the Inmber yards of Jos ft JK LibUy and Wheat ley ft Sous, and now occupied as a wood and ooal yard by J.U. tteietnn A co. Thif property bas a front of about .HO foot on the Potumac river, with a depth of nearly MM feet, fronting *8 feet on Water street, and also a front on Washington strait of ab?at7l feet.aiul improved by a ptit'-taatial ? harf. built this scmod, asii an office fronting on Water street This property .altogether, is the mast dmlrabla wharf propertie^Tor wood, coal, or lumbar yards in the District <>f Columbia. Also, W't *S,ee-tsi<t<>of Jefferaon street, bat wee a W ater street and the canal, fronting SO fret Mi jet feraow street, with a depth of lot feet K iurhei aud inipruvtg by a Frame Brable. All ooav?yantes and ataupa, Ac.,paid for fey tha purchaser. I'osiesfloi &1\ea on or befora tka fir?t Aaril 18> 7. T<-rnn to be maje known on the day of attle, wtirhvill b( HberiL d?h ?ota THQ8- DOWLIWfl. Aoct. |^T THOS. DOWLlNtf, Auct . Georgetown, TUl'StBB'4 BALK of"v ALUABLB BBAL ESTATE. ? By Tlrtn??f t troat n.vlt by Jmbm Bh|dler and wile to the ?*b?-rtt>er, the ttti day of (* T8M. end record** anion* the U-id ree<*rje of 1 the District Ct Colnnibn, to Liber B M.S., No. 7, folio 2i?, Av , I will offer at jmLHc nale, m fl<<nt ?.f the pretnieeo, TilU ttbDAY. tbe 27th Dec-inker. , 13*6. at i o'rlork p. ib . the f-Slewing deacrlhed rra! being pnrt of li t" !lo. <7 and In I'eter B*?tty TUielk'!d and D-akln a addltioa to Ocoigetowa a*l District aforesaid, erroneooil r named In foimer deed* ailota Ho. *# and tJO, Beg:cn?ng for the tame at the end of 87 f?e|6 inth.-s ; rcea4ored on aUne drawn^st from the Interim - 1 tl"n cT the aaat line of Llogfin with tba north line ! of Trcapcct street afid running ttafuce eaat witu i the aertb he* <4 (tr??t to fe*t; th?n e r.nrtb ibiI piratiei-wltn Uu|>i atreat n fe?t ?ur? or lea*. th?iice writ and parallel with Proapect atreet llfMi. tbouca MalkM parallel with Liugau etrat-t iiSfcat mora or,lea* Ut lk? Uaginaiug. Taring of erne Ouo-thin) eaaU; and tua residue In six anrt twelve month*, with iatereat ir<>n the 6+y <4 ali the till* boil g ratal tied-und I full buy rm?nt of tba pnrcb&ee taon-r. If tlie tern>a of aale are n ? compiled with within fbrr-e days after the iwr <?r ?ale the trustee rawer re? tbe right to reaotf. upon threo day'* notice, at the risk M>l coat of the dtfanlttng pflr*haa*r OonTejraaciagand ataaa^x at purrhaaer'a ft 11D0H ('APIRTON Trastao. da lJao THuB DOWLIMO, Auet. ?TTBF ABOVR BALK WAS ?OSTPOSED nntil JIGilDAV, January 7th, lte7, aamw beur aud place. HUGH CAPlBTpJI. Trui tea. de 29-eoAda *j**lTb*Wl? babB. ? Br vMaaof a decree of tba Giroait Court for i - PvinAA fl/j.raa'iPoa**- I#a4aa? ?- ? ?? - ? * ' I. ,wM?Ht?w vwuri 01 m I 111 - I tv, fiMd in the care of Marr A. Markwood &aU Bebocea Dr. rail -va John D BooU and othora, I wtllexpoac to public tale, on TH0K8DAY, the ! 24tb day of Jannnry, 1W7. atlJo'cloc* ir>.,<lffair, tf not, the next fair da? thereafter,) on the premlMe. tbo Beat Batata,of which Stephen Onioaa, late of Priace Georfe'a Geaaty, died, seized and poaiMHd eoutaininjt about afriaoree. Tbia property U ailuated about three mi lea from the Tillage of Bladen?burg, in a most healthy re (Ion of country. 1* well adapted to the growth of U>? nanal prodnotion* of th*county. U adjoins the land* ?f Porry W Browning. the late John P. barter and other*, and the aoil being of a fine texture, la valuable for uarkot purpoaee, baiof distant fr*n Washington dty about eight ml lee It will be told in lot* to *olt purchasers, and thoe* Jealroua of aecurfng a most healthy country *eat will d<> well to attend theaale. Term*of <ale : Flro H?ndrod Oottars onak,residue la oao and two ysnrs. With intorsst and approved aoriirit)'. Titlo indlapntoblo. and on payment of tbe pnrchaee money with internet, the property will bo convoyed to thn purchaaor* in jdfl ttawte M. O. 8TBPHBM. Trn?tee. pUBLfo IIAlil. ~~ B7 Virtue of authority, we will esp?eeat ptibiic on the tmulHi, B*ir tfe? residence of B M tternen on THOll^bA Y. tho P tb day of January ?t I'J>*rl?ek ?.? tw??arcole of LASD. equally divided and coo tl goon ? to tuh other! routaiuiog li* acree. This property ie afiaatod about B*e ml lee frr.m the Cantor Market. Waahtngton city; la acceggible by tho An?oatla Bridn; rontal rm ?n <uiaal quantity of arable meadow and wood;t? o< moat excellent quality; highly prednc- . tire, admirably adapted to market purpoeoa; and baa a valuable ailll aeat and tine baiidlae aitee tljtreoa. It will he aold paratoly. Tv** *-Ot?ol?alf ca?h; reel due la 13 month*, with Intereatand approved aocnrity. Title indieputabie. A? WPtSP 4. VKss&s&r " 'piBITI '? Sib J . By rlrtue of a ^ecreoTf tho Oiroatt Ooor* for Prliico George a Oouatv. iltiiu u - n* K4UUT. passed fa the cmk ?f James 8 Dodton and others ??. John T. Fen wick, administrator de hunt* aoa of John F.Carter and others. I ?U IXPOM to public Ml*, at the lata residence o>f the eaed Carter, on TtttD AY.tbe IHa day of J*auery n*xt, at 12 o'cTook m.. (if fair, if the

next fair day thereafer.) all that tract or parcel of laa* kaown as Met Baae.'nC which kediadseUed and poeseeeed, containing about 1*9 acre*. Also, a part or parcel of land adjoining thereto, containing about 12 acres. Also, the undivided third of a traot or pare*! of land containing about MS arras. I Mel Boee Is moat eligibly situated, betkc distant from ike Tillage of Bladensburg about tiro miles, and frem Byaturiile Station, on the Baltimore and Waking ton Baitroa*. about two and a half miles, aad admiui the lead, of Maaers f. W. Browning aadB.O. Lowndea. The soli ie of a Ana leiture, admirably adapted to marks* purposes," and tkore Is a young and thriving Paarh Orobard upon the preueissa. of okoioe fruit. _The Improoamsnts oonaiei of ? a~* ? -?? Dwelling la sxcsilsat repair, with a large l?wn Ja troat tsetstolly laid ral,orMBfDltd with shrnbb*r; and tnti of warioas kinds; and tharc Is connMicai Btrt upoa th? premies*. erseted >1 a most desirable oitantry Mat an straaclr rsoommordfd tn att?a<*. tk? sale, Mills seldom that propor^pesswflagse *esy sdyaateass Is breach* foto market. Ths last named trectls a paresi of laa4 sdjoining the stlists of BladoMOiirv. and by ?0" " Ttrmsofim: On/tMtd cash; resides In oaa aadiwo rears. with Inttrsst and apfrsTsd secori- ' ty. On way wnt of the verebsee-whwy WW Interest a desd la fse will be executed to the pure a*-1 ser or purchasers. MnH aai oonveraneto* It ?_ g > /: :1 m.'\ i 'jst? r=m J ae^BBSm day Bote Agents of Stsloway * 3VU4 GOVERNMENT SALES. pCSLIO BALI oj^rsoriiiiiisa PBOP Br authority ml tlMUhtof ?( ftno-r*. I will AQCTtoa. mt BARPCft* KIBKT, WIM VA ,j)B TUOUDtTj JAIVAHf H?, 1HT, the foffowlu* BBGlMSJB&a' PftUFS&TT, i* : -# Anchor*, weighing from 113 to 700 p?oals ? ?R ~ts7ttl MUflWlwCUH On# ataillo Ufa Boat Two PODTMU Bvttl. Bale to crnmenr* at M o'clock a. m. T.m. ??. l? 0JIJS|?,?7fJ-5h B K of Ordnance, deSltda JOHM EoONOB, AaetiaiMar. k<Ai.i or a lab<;b but or okonanob j ? AND OBDNAKOB HATBBIaL. JIvreau <4 Ordnance, Mmcy Dfpar'men<.l Wa>ki*t'o? CUy. Pacen<l>er B. 1861 \ There will be mid at pnbltc anctloa. to the highact bidden, at Boon, oa TftUBdDAY. the twentyfourth (54i dhy of Jaonary. 1837. at tha officaofine i lnapdctor of Mrdaaace. fa*r Yard, Haw Tort, a l?r?e lot of Ordaaace Btarea. vryicaable and an eerrlceabla, embracing Uanano. fctoot aa<t ttheil. MaaUAnia of varioaa c%ltbraa. Spare Parta of Small A rata, Hop Carriage*. and Miaoallaaeoaa Storaa. The artlelea will be told in lota to aait fnrcbaaeia. Terms: OB* half caih la ttoverament fBnda to he deposited oa the conclaafoa of theaala. a ad tha remainder wltbta tea <911 days afterward, dart a* which lima tha at tide* may be removed from tha n?r niii|?unr?ii?lDir will revert 10 toe ttov??rrim> Bt H. 4. WI3?. dc 17-eoHt Chief of Bareaa. &JALV or OLD AND rffB*BVIf*AL?0\N H HON. SMALL ABM8, AND UI401LI.AtiBOOB ORINaNCI STORKS. Bureau qfordnaucts Navy [)epartm*ni,l Wafhtnrto* City. Dee. 13,1886 f Ob the 10th day of Jenuerj, iw?7. at boob, there will be 'Old mt public anrtio*, la the Norfolk Btvr yard, to the kigbeet bidder, a lot ef old aa4 ubserviceable Canna, Email Arma, and Miscellaiitona Articles of Naval Ordnance The Cannon. Shot, and Shell will M eotd W the Ruti<l, aud the Small Arm* and other It facetneena Articles of Ordaaace In lots to Hit pur? Ikaieri, Terms? One-half cash.1b OoyernBienl faads to be rirpoxttfri on the conclusion of the sele.'a&d the remainder wlthiu tea du>a af erw ?rd?. ouriug wbirh time the article* mnxt be removed from the y ard, other wise they revert to the Onverament. JL A..WI0B, o? it rum tnut ot Barwu. DENTISTRY. Dm. lswies dental assweiatioit No. 260 PENN'A AVE , Between 12th Bad 13th streets. Teeth extracted wit boat pain by admlneterlng Kltroua Oxyde er Laughing Um. LRWllhu recently purch%ted the b>'?t^#5Sap# Chemical ApMrMon in the country for**11 '** i>?klii? paregaa avary day; aleo, an improved Valvular Inhaler The Association is now prepared to make Teeth on (Sold, Silver and Hubber at New lork. Philadelphia and l<??ton prtcaa. All Mreons wishing dental work done can kave ttas< h-<ap es in the above nstne<1 cities All work done Ta the Detest iid beat manner. aed warrauteJ to give ?ati?r?ction Peraona will do well to rail ari'l examine oar work. de 24 tf T * * T ^ LOOMie M. D.. The lnventer and Patentee of tte llfllili PL A IK T**TH, attend* personally at^^fc bla office In thia city. Many per* one caaMM wear these teeth who cannot wear other*. 111 ? and no peraon can wear others who ennaot wear tbees. Peraona calllna at my office oubt aocommoda ted with any atyTe and Mice of Teeth they may detire, hat to theee who are particular, and with the Great, cleanest, strongeat and no?t perfect denre that art can procure, the MINERAL T11TH will be More folly warranted. Koema in tbia elty?No S?* Penn'a avenne. between 9th and 10th its. Also, 907 Arch atreet, Philadelphia. oclOly CWBITB'8 (li&TK BHArri?L? 8) * c0nfect10nbby and iob ob1am _ m ANUrACToBY, No, 3s<> 6th atreet. The proprietor with** to Imfora families, hotel proprietors, ?m1 the pdblie generally, tbat be continue* to furniah Confectionery and the choicect Ice Creamat the aaorteet notice, and on the moat i resectable term*. Wedding and Fan* y C*hea, Pimteida of all kioda nod al/aa, Charlotte Bn*ae, Blanc Mange and Jolllea made to order. Partiee, Sapper* au3 other entertalnmenta famished at a ow rate. >1 deiim* Rkdiction or pbicbs, " '? eduction or PBiaBs, duotiob or pbicks, BBI L'GttOB or PBICBS, BBDCCTIOH OF ??('* !. bbductiob or pbicbs. On and after tht* date I will anpplr to injr cnatouiera. and to all other dealer* who may favor im With tneir ora?r?. SMAH8KY. HUSTON * GO 'S AflttEY, HU9TOR k ?'0.1 A8SEY. HCBTON * GO 'S (Late Muiey, CoittM A Co.'n) PHILADELPHIA DKAGQHT and STOCK A lit PHILADELPHIA PR^DGHT STOCK AL* PHILADBCPHI A DRAUGHT a*t>8TOCK. ALE AT PHILADELPHIA PRICKS. AT PHILADELPHIA PRICES, ) AT PHILADELPHIA PRICKS. VIX: PRM'OBT OR X ALB AT All PER BBL. DUAL'GUT OR X ALE AT #11 PER BBL. STU! K OR XX ALR AT fn PRR BBL. STUCK OR XX AWI AT #13 PER BBL. Qttoda deUvarc* In a;t parti oi Wwdinigtoii h?d VI (?UI?C . TSBM8 CA8H. All order* promptly Attended to. R1L1T 4. 8HINN, i Philadelphia Ala Agent, Center of Or^ie end Ollre itrtata, de 7 1m Georgetown, D.C. poElABLB ST* AM NOW**, C ombtulng tbe BMsimti^n of effl?i**cy,?QnfeUltr, ?nd economy, with tbe minimum of weight end price. They ere widely end favorably kndwn, mere than eoo beiag In M. Ail warranted uttifactory, or ne nle. Deecrijtlre circulars seat on application. Address J. Q. HttADLBY * 00.. noS total lUawrencejJJM?. Ubtabtkbbt or thb intibiob, to all yg^.iSit.r sort bed Land Warrants, which an dl?|M to par* fc?*? l?!L?I ??*trojr?d.-iroUco la horebp if Ten hat at tha date followlag the tfeacrl?H?n of aaoh ? " VL ??Ju?o??a o* warrant of Uha tanor jy^be reteaued.lfwfUld objection shonld then JOS. H, BABBITT, Ooaamlaalooar. ^?, 4JJSS far 190 acres af tand, issned under tha act ef Marcii L )?dl. ! the nta* mt Eil.K. R.?_ ud *u gtauted jinurr U, M jiowrrll| 18C7. h'o 13,848. for iff aeree, lwatd nd?r Uw act of larch Id, IIN, ii tlw dm* ?( liory Katiar, and . ?u grant* d April 19,Iff*? February t, 1887. Mo. it 06*. far IK) acraa, ieaued ander the not of March 3d. 1836. in the nam* of Lazarna Harlot, and ?aa (ranted September 17, IBM. February Mo. l*14.794, for iff acre*, loaned aador the art at March 3d, 18'd, la the nana of Bobart W Pie roe, asd vai granted May 12, !8? March 9,11V. o. 99.940. for Iff acrea, leaned nndar the act of March S 18M. in tha aama of Kli.ah D Ball, and waa granted Jnnei, 1811. March 9,1987. PBOTHOTBD B^BUVAI^BTTBBS PAT ant of Bnalaad, and aeenred by the aeala of tha Beole da Pharmacia de Parla, and tha Imperial Oellefe of Medicine. Vieana. _ _ i[imiurnr no. i, i* im mtmiM rwBMf ror wUxation. Bp?rm?tborrUo??, and Kxhanttlon of tbtljitem. Trl?wa?r I?. 1 Wm Mtir?lr Md?d ti? IIUMH IM Of OOMTia, Cabetp, (?. Til?mar Mo I W tli* infallible rMtodr Tor all InpnritiM Md ttocondarr Sjm?tonm, tbuoltn ting ** a*? of nwrnry lad mm and ehum of maoi?km. fa tia chn, it ft each. or tonr #3 ctm In om for #t, and la |tf cMN.tkuHTiu (I Divided in N?*r?t*doNi m dmlaiatanOby THpona. Sallnmaada, Bona, rtJalTby ?r. BABBOW. Bo. 1?? ***** ?! U* WA?Hl!t?TOa.<iOT?Bt>er 1|. MM. On tb* Mtltion of BUHBBT WADD*t,T7of I*iT?r?ool, Kingdom of Groat Britain, ?r?jln( for 1 til extension of a aatoat aranted to bin o* tka ixth d?y of Jim 18i*. automated to April V% liM, aod dated la BaglaadtbeM of March, 19&S, for, a* Imarovomont fa Balaaeo tli<fo Valrea of htoam KaainM. for ntn roar* from the oa- j KM3 AStttP- 'rfftaSWUir ftJS?. ST5S whyiaatdfotHJonoafhtaottobofraato*. , , /W*ou oywMtaf tb? ntoaaion aro roqalrod to dw la tho nmtvfleo <holr objoottoaa. apootalty Mt forth to wrttlof at looot tn-rntv day* boforv tho traaamittod in accordance with tho ndoi or tho %5^^tL?uu^^'U yabliohod i. JT Y., once a week for three, oacOOeeiT* w?ki: too imwma HDii?a?MiDMil tout SUty Ull imlou to tt?4ar of kwrlM. Tn-if?< ?H?r eratduii thU nolle*. diTHwlf E^.&&e&@?? VB4S9X TAT LOB. ? *iiBw*a ??-i* - RAILROAD L1NE8. 1866 FMHBTLTAMA BOCT1 1H67 TO TH* KOETHW18T.SOUTH, AND BOUTS* _ . *INTI*K?HIDULB.| On U4 ?fUr BowmUf 19. 1*6, trUw will 1??T? M fO lOWf W Mb lag ton 7 ? m | Baltimore J !? m. ~ < I .. II i??. m hi iM ilikt Out. with mtxleru iairoTNiwiu, mm savin* from four to twelve boars in time over mry other route. Two hundred miles saved to W eat era tic Control Hew Tark Two Polly Trains to tbo W??. from BalUmors to BOOHBSfcSKaatf without cktui. Paswsgors by tbls route from Baltimore have S? I"**** ?f ??*? * " chonreo fa 01103 DJPOTS ,Kd ao riBHlBd _ Tfckets by tbta roo*e can bo proeared at the ofaee. oorner Sth streef an<1 Pennsylvania atenne, aaAer the National Howl. where reliable iafor ?u?a wit! b* tt t?d at all Umm. rwwii|?ri procuring ticket* at thU office can cur* ajcoDBoditiou in BlMpInt Cart for SI Ira or Pltub?rc. J. WILKIN9. Ticket Afoot, __ Wa?hiacton. D. O. *D. 8. TOUBQ. On, Paw. A|ut, Baltimore, ltd. del It WASH I *<3 TO FT, ALCXANBRIA AND GKORGETOW5I MAILROAD. ^ ? *.!" tails. ?P. tio?emb?* IS, MM. and until further notice. Pa?onger Train* will ran between Wuhtneton and Alexandria aa follows Leave Waph'svstoh. LEAVE AL**ainVia vron M.aTTO<i??e?ot. f??a omr. i>Uke m Henry Local at.... 6.1S A. M. % *ta . Loctl it 4 41 a M TbroaghMail ?:?& ? Im.! A* Local ?t._ 7 00 " ul Hoary <00 9*0 ' Local at_ " . 8 00 JtJO P. M. " 10 30 " i 4 j| m 11 ZJJT _ ^ I) .? * M T^r?v*i1 U?corner ofr M M BnkaAHenry 4.-00 P H. Local cor king and Henry 7.00 " 8UNDAT riBSKkOIB TRAINS PromlM ? v ^KAVn ALllitnilA. I[ fh1 rp*ii" From cor Dak" * Henrr O Wftvtvi n ThroMh HaillNP.ll. on in " \5 F*i/U ?r?*r?iPB??rinU?nd?nt. _? _ W.J PHlLPB.qt-noral Manager. 1,BRduViU.y Ml bitWM5~WAMlINaioil ^^HILADILPHIA AND NEW VuHK. - . . WA?H!!fGTOf, Jll. ?, 1M7. between w*?hlmtoa Md K#w Tork are ow ?an ft* follow*, vii: FOB B iff 10KK. without chance of can. # <Uil7 (except Sunday) at 7:46 a. m. and W? *** TOHK, cbaaxla^ cart at Pbiladel* ^bwv^MIr (except Sunday) at ll:Ua. m and 1 FOB PHILADELPHIA. Learedally (exceptSunday)at T 46 and IMS a. m., and i 30 and 6^0 p. in ^ Leave far Bow York and*Pbifadelphla at ? *. m only. tMrepinc cars for Bow Tark on JO p.m. train Through tickets to Philadelphia, Bow York, or Boston, can be had at the Station Office at all b?nft in tbe day. as wall aa at the new office ft tbe Bankers and Brokers Telegraph Lin*', 3 4V Peoa. venue, ^tween 6th aod 7th street*. See Baltimore and Ohio_Ballroa i advertisement iur Koranix oeiween Veltlaaere, Anna poll*, enr the West J, L. WILSON. Muter of Tranepertatlen. I?- M. C0L1 General Ticket Agent. ? OIO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent. Washington. oc ID-tf DALT1MOBB ADD OHIO BA1LBOAD, ~ Wa?hii?*?to!?, Jan. t, 1W7. Iiiiaw UDIHW1BT are now ro? M follewa. rlr: ? ? FOB BALTIMOBB. .. S1** wlr. except Bonder, at T:0l?, 7.45, end ?:!? n. >., end roe, ?nd < 90. and 8 00 ? m. _ _ FOB ALL WAT 8TATIOS8 . &***?? *ll*? ?*ce?t Sunder, at JM n. m . and a < " raa o OU p. UK IOB. .3 A* STATIONS SOOTH Of ANNiPOLM , JUNCTION. I L*im tt t;li tod 7DV ?. Ud tt I tad 4 > * FOB ANNAPOLIS. Lmw *t a.m.. Mid 4'30 9 m. No tralu to or from AanvpoMa on SuBtor UN (SUNDAY run BALTlMuBB. Lm*? uv4b m. bj.. ana 2 O) id j a 00 p. m. fob Way station*. U?t<? et 7:46 ft w.,?n4 J W fttid ? W|. m. FOB ALL PAHTsJ or TUB WMT, Leave daily. ?ir*nt Hand**- ?t TU? i? * '* S.|?? Ia .... o.9?.8unii?2r!** m only,connectlneat Belay Station with traina from Bal'tmora to Whealta*, Parteirbur*. Ac. THKOCGH TICKBTS to the Waatran ba had at the *a?hlnftn tiiatiou Tick at Oflfc a at all houra in the oey. ae well aa at the n?w office of the Banker* and Broken' Teiefraah Lma, 34 9 Paun. a\*uae,betwoeB 6th aad 7th (treat*. For N?* lork, FhilaiUlBhia, and Boatoa. tee dvortlaement of Through Liea. J. L. WILBOH, Haator of Trau^ortattoi. STEAMBOAT LINKS. pOTOMAC TBAMSPOBTATIO* IilXI. BUT1CX TO 6HIPPXM. The Steamer BXPBKS8, C'Mt. . A.. BTTHBB, Imtm Washington ftte ft. m. and Al ex and rift at 7 a. oa BVKBY 6AT'B|^k^ | UBDAI for&lra?iit,Badd'ir*rn,flMiPB | Smith's Point, Cbatterton Landing, Hanjemor Store*, Mathiaa Point, Ghapel Point. Plow&ent Wharf, Lancaster1* Wharf. Stone1* Wharf. Ourrlomen Bar. Pexwell* Wharf, Haxolra wtmrf, Pinej Point, Point Lookout, and arrives at BnM> more at 8 i.n.oa Snndai * TO T&ATBLLaks OOIMO SOUTH TWIOB DAILY. (Banday p. m. acaotat.J Tha qolekMt tad mm direct root* to Klekanl, T? , ud the Booth. vti the PotomM ^ fir? fro* Btilk Strict VkirfJ|A^ Waahiafftoa, to itnli Creek UohMBd, Fred erf cut> *rf ud Potoatc Kail road, H? entirely ooa?l?t?4 from i?al?Omkto Bleh* eodji. ooaaeotiiig there with tnlM oa the Bioh* moad im PtUrtbiri ud Stcfm?a>1 and DaavlUa Bailroade, for Nhrit?r?. WetoawftnlitM. Match, Qreeaeboro', BaUsbary, OharlaCto aad Cheater.B. O. Bteamera Kinortaad 0. TaadarhOt leave Sixth Street Wharf daily (Sunday ev-alng aaacaptotJ at IM i T> ?>J ?? m.k-.-i 146 j. a. ud 3 90s. m. BioCGH TO SIOUMOHD ? 8EVM HOC *8, If Mllaa ana ihk Hoara QaUkar tfcw my (Htar Hout*. B* Mr* and gat TbiOBih Tick eta 1U Anu Qraafc aad Fradarlckebori, to BlatutoM, * ftba OoB)uy ' Office, corner af Pnu. mm ud ?tk MrNt,oraiSowi?rtt?b?ii. iMMnkaM Wfetf Bum* Wagoaa will be la mdtHHto mnr laaanngaia ul.taa?|i betWMildepot* In Richmond. PwNB|*ri by tkli Una paaa by day tight Mout Verno*. and mar iHmuopiortulty of fidaat aavacal battla-flalda mat Fraderiotaborg by itvt 9 Hy 9iaamhiiiipr imt. /J0LCME1A BMPITAL FOE WOKU LTDIOtUI ASYLUM. Zoertwelb eliaet, < el rcle,) eernw ?f * elrwt, WMhlafton, D. 0. Tkil iMtltitWa hM toon MUUlibd fortkm. oo?tfon wto ato nfr*rt?c troa <SUmm MCUir to tholr in. ju>4 for th? adnimiun of ?ooL featloo m may roqulto tto oo?f?rti of Um rttanto* t? tk?>m<mt Withy y*rtSon of tbi DtitrM, WtWiiiT W ita ova groundi. Omb mm ttortoor tvn fl*o minaua. Term* of ftdslMlon : Jroa ?6 to ?lfl per w?%k. 1-FSH^ Mm be iteialtt to tk* M Ma !a this h? SKKTi-. :^^i?^aia?s^ssrtgt Ji ??k*. TtmOM"jnjTBtnAmMtt: HJUEnw* BANKERS. t JAT CfOiT* llltlll, Afifth twin, ?f*nl? *?7m4 m| > ifurrwt tr>*? num. ?s4 Imi oMtuttj on hasd. fill ?n??ly of ?U OYBBBMBBT BOHDt, BVBB-THIBTIBS, AJID OOMPOl ?D *?as??or flivimo Orders far STOCKS. BOSD8, At , execaUd, u4 Oallectioaa rnad? OB BU eceeealble potato. a l-?f HARROW * CO , IAIIHS. Coraer Lotlitaaa smit aad Seventh rtrt, DtiHU 1*. GO f EMSMEST SECURITIES, OLD AHD BILTSB _jy I tf AND LAHD W1SRAKTS Fint Ratiassl Rank of Yftihinrtan B D. COOKB. (of JtyOook* BOo.,1 PraMest, Wl. 1. HUMTINOTOM. CMUN. OOVIftimHT DBPOSITOBY AMD FIHAIOIAL AQBBT OF TUB UBITBB 8TATBB, itu iirm, trrotut tk? 7V#?**rv ikwf""?n. GotmimbI vltft Timwn CtlUd | btmmmronm million dollars^% W? b?r m4 Mil ?11 cUttM of qoternmf.xt bkl'URlTIESit omrr?M mirkti r?t* FURNISH EXCHANGE mud make C*U*,on< m ALL THE PMiNClPAL CITIES OF THE I KITED STATES. W? pnrrhaM Oovcrumaat Touhfri oa tt>a MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. and pv. ear, fol im yronpt tmntioi to ACCOUNTS nf BUSINESS MEN mmA FIRMS, ad to mf otter ImiImm aatrattad to u? FULL IHVOKBATIOH In r?*?rd to OOVBRB MMT LOANS at all timo? chMrfallr fcral?tw? w m. BUOT^QTUa, Uklbltr VMfctHWn, lutfc M. MB. ? ti tf LEGAL \OTlCES ~ IN TUB BUPRBSK COUBT or THE DM1 TKluT OF ( ULI MBU Thi* M d?> of J.iE?*r>. IsC, FatTirfc Wbtt* and /ud#? J. Jo)C?, COBt UfblDtl, a. Joteph Jnbsion. H tj J?hn . B^nttj < n, Jotm M Hfttiton. Johol FItd ?ad John <? | feBdant* I a ur wi iht uifo is ini iia*<' la <o procott i d*crt? for th* iti? ot eriain p>?ora or parcel a of Riomud and beiua in Waibiu*t..n city, Dl?tri>.t f C inniMk, Mib( L t i mud p*r( t Lot 4. in P^nBro 1,0*j, to axtiaf )> 4 debt da* by defendaBt. Jowph J hiiKon. to ttio riBplafneot* Tb? bill set* forth m ?ab?tance that U? >i1 Joseph Johuaoti ?aa indeti-'d tf Mid comfit'' *ntain the sum of 44V to for jroo>te toil out d?livered by com?Ui.i??:a u> the ?a?d Juwrh I hi on. Tl tl ?t the time of contracting talu dri.i p ? Bid Joseph JoLaaon wb? iei7?d Bud p a*eeend e( the ??id pieces or parcel* of gr ?nl. wlit<-h. ?b i? he *bi to indebted, he i r?nonlrutly con?e?ei t > aid deieEdant. Johu M . Hanaoa. ib tru?t ><<r the ole nee and ' !!< fit of Mary Johnson. ?ito of ?ai4 Joa. Johnson. That con pieii.a ita i-tained . aden.ent of condemned in of the aaid piece* ur pare la of gr ami In bi 4 b> virtue ?f >n attachment la* ad t"irun?u IBW KIQV MI IDII c un ID lATAr ?>l ColuBlniiifOta tol ?t (Kid .l.aepti J h>? a .1 rr??? that th? Mid 4**4 of tru?l ir.>m naid ph J?hi M>u t? aata Jobs . Kktton a? aforr??i 1 t>? l>rodaced t*forotbe oart. to4 the Mnir b? cm celled. That th>-aaid oBflalnaou. after the lading of taid a4ta<bment u< the Icviat'O' tbo punie oathoaatd plocea or parcels of ground, ascertained 'hot the md defendant. Tobr, Kl?n, rliiotd to ktTt t . ienon the e?id pieoe* or parcels <-f ground. that on a?-aTchiug tbo iand records ?f *osbioe?on c> unty. District of lion or <i*od ot trust ?? reoerd.d id sold load rorordt, but tbat after finding <>f liit nrr and <nictm nt of r< nd?matloo < n tho naid HtTachtnt-na tbo taid rocords wft at%in i>earrhed und a dr?l ?r tr?ilfr<?wiil JaHph ir>hm?it* J"ha to itrir* lotan Flj u for the earn of ?I a*> ? m foigd recorded. Tf ?t th<- said 'i*?d ol tr?rt i< recorded MUlr ele?en n oat'ia after the dat-? ttw-ieof. nud over two moat * after the iwoiaii ?u 1 1e*trjrof ?atd attachment. Ibat the aatd attachment it a prior Tien oa the paid pf?-ree and rw*li of ground, before the *eJi dee I of trust pray a diseoveryfof the nmotuit trill dae ana unpaid on Mid dtrtl of tmit. at>d t"T? a ale of the ami pterae or parrela of grt uM to ?atnf> the d?Bi:< ' ol the < otuplaiuante aud other creditor*, ant for an iOjum t|. n .call at aaid dofeudaate Joeei.ti J?bn-<>n. Mai? Johnson, John M Bnu" o. Jam Kl nacd Jobn Malone. and tlielr . ?nfe :w? "t, ?h?-n d' restrain and prohibit them aad tteir agent* and warrant* fr >nn re'linc or 1Npoetng of. or It an manner farther lucnmtvertuk, ibeaaid piecea or pincrti of araand : Iti* thereupon tbia ad <iaj of January, \afij. adjr.d?:td ana ordered Vhat nutier of thUanit lies veo to tbe iftll son re*ld<nt def.-otant-. Jo*eph J So on, Mary Jahnvon. aad John Jljn, by yubliatiiia I atABf Af thii nrdar In tli? ti?- inu Mt>r m > fMT ?ablM*d In th? citr ef Wa?t>tart?n. ir t ? l?*tr>ct of 0?IobMi. thrx* tlmM t ?rek for pii coiimcnti v? ?mki. varalng taid dob tnm?d^ d?irndHti (u U urf id *? r?jn or bf?j Itor. at ralea to b* held In tba oTtce of the Clerk of thla Court, on the tint Tn?a<;av of Jou, A I'. 1*7. t? ?B?wr ?he aaidMtlof o?m plaint. oth r*1m the lux will he taken pn rm <? aeaic?t then Provided tha firat publication of thlaorier halt appear at laa?t foar oioaftha bafera cud firat Tiie*4ay of June. i? 17, ana atatlnc tha ofe act and aubataiice of aaid bill of complaint. A. B. OLIN, A??o iata Jnatice, Ac. A true copy K J MFIttS, (Vrt *M.J MILLER, Solicitor for complaiaaata. JM WWW fkBPHAIB'OOUITtDicuBKi S.IM DtiTi:rf \J or Oolcmbia, w*.?u:h?toi? OocjiTf. vift- ? la the cam of Jim MtMun, e4arinUtr?trti of Jaaiee MiImm. diei? d. the adml aie*r?tMi (fonaM ten, with the ef the Or?h? Court of W*iklB|tM Ooooty ifmitM. lytbiLWl Teredey. Ike Kh 4mj of Jenmr?. 1867. for tbe ftael settlement ud dietrlbeti.ii of the p?-r oat! Mtato of Mid licmii. tad of the mwu in hand, H ftt M th? MOM DAW b*M oollsctM and turned Into mtonmr; vhn Ml where oil the cr*4N?n ood Mn of ?M 4mmi*4 ?r? Dotifl?d to attend, with (Mr claim* properly Touched, or th*r Mr etberwtee by low bo excluded frvov oil botiekt In sold decoeoed i eeto to provided i co?y of tUiorter be published otot o week for throe weeks lathe Ivoal&f Stor. prerloos to ths seM day _ imjAS. w Dti*??. (HlHrt*' of Wills. 486 } ???"" \ 48? Ttb MPMC.S arraopaian ro?. / Ttta atreot. ALL BK4IOII. EEAVT1FVL AND USEFUL COMB IMF.D. FAlftTLBQ* AH# BM AAA Via OS A llimud bat cbotoo of OU PaintmM. lacravlnfi. Okromol, WmtlH, BiiltU of Flowon, *?., afproprlatojhr framed. OTAX PlCTTBB VBAMEfl. A rieb and Tartod aasortagont. froa tbo boot bm nfactororo la tbe conotrr eaabrariac W?laat. Imitation Eo?rwoo4. all Otlt. Bottle and tar??d ricrrc mi'ktora Card and T?aa?la all ilt*i and colors. yMJhtil'jtite?* BrBckete, SweW. Ac FAf**HAH?l?<W AMD W1IDO* SHADES .bsaMffnlvariety of thw roods. mkraslQC tt?? nchtat dasifp* or Gilt Smfcrotdar** Parlor Pat taras in tfcaDistrict, with wall aaaarud stock of the rtMNr CrMl??. with a larga ran at j of Wis d<rw Shades .different sli ? iM colors. Ortors far Window Shades and P||?rhtn|iii(l punctually fill*.Mi city or cooatry. A larjre^portion of ^ the bora Qoods ware mads prcmir w vnnr. iipiminj ut past UH (nnr?'i ?a< ilalof to kr?p tb*t dm of Ooodo. ? rwr ' fully iDfit* u>o Public to fa*ooct and comporr our G?od? with inf in the atrkn. 7rrm? ??ran?6/|! <* *. _ J. MARKBiTIB, So. *W 7th street do I8-4W llffct doon obore Odd Follow" H ?M. ^ H I 1 A HALL. . (Ml Paan'ooroaa*. Botafcliobod ltJ7.) V I V GOODS. Wo fcavo )wt roeei ?*4 o full itao of Ohtaa, ?Im* aodFaacy Ooods. oaitaUo for tfeo Uoll-Mr\ oayo, aohao Dliitr, I<?. u4 T*U?tJK/ Were. Glao* To abler*, Oobl*t?. Dooauterv.m^B R wit, Ac ;Tvitl croot T?r1*t> , Vttei. ^ aek Md Bcfoof T**cj OipiMd ? ? oon. Imi, Walton. Co tier*, T hM vtro. Bw koto. Tto onro. Lupi, sad a roc oral aeoctme?.i I U?NI IB our 111*. OmI Oil by the barrel and ou 4nubt. Wa invite all in waat of art idea Ta oar way five n? a call and axamiae a took aa4 arleee. which w* will make aa low at thay oaa ha bought. ala or ratai 1 Btoaawrata at factory ?ric*a. d? 18 aoiw T PPMKLfc t BOS_ M A 1 L fc/oWLATSM FANTAIS1*. T OWBOSB ATM a MilLliBD' ' aa aaB T tlPl ? -raarfsiir. Thi? Tri?i* tmiih imnirni itt I li|Ult% M< lavor It UJ ?tk?r '<? ' ! MMUT.tSM ?r^"im BL*1' gagsa?^aaanr?raig?g able hr bhoiit ia? plaited**. bm>d if" **" 'r"?iU? run. ? ! la . MfM mu >tr?l wrn? mTom*? _ ' XJD M. T. OOLLIMa, 04B1KT MAKM MBiw