Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING ST AIL ; Tli( largfrt t'rculat.un tn I'it District \V (? WAI.UCH. Mtl?raa4 Pra^rtM?r. WASMtMOTUN UlTY TIUIIAV J A N i; A K V ?, 1?H?T. 8KB 01T."<ll>R FOR INTKKKSTINO TELK GliPRIC AND OTHIR MATTKR TO AOTERTIftERI. b'llowinc id ?.b? official ?DO*lu( of t&(> cHrulmuir >l 'he daily pr?p*r? of >bi? oily eompttm* lot ' ? <loT?rnm*ttt tdTWiwai no?r tb* T*<rntMtnf (1oB(T*u<tirM'tiui ?ocb MiTrrtit-tnc to * mud* ia ?b* t mo dally n?ws. ;?aprr- ot Wn*binfU>n taring tbe arte* urcoiafK'u; STii 7,714 cupteti p#r day t wniwir*' * * 1W 14 J Tb# ettirr* of *dT#rtl?in* by th? city pnp<*r? for ttu t)uarr*r end<o? S?ptemb??r *?. ihwi. w lAlcfu frt-m >b? books of tbi? Icternnl It* venae ')tbce. ar?* ?> follows: tr?.>mu STAB ?TK,i*M Inuiiipncrr 13. It* CkmmeU. lO.^ld H'fub'icon t,78l UFf KPTIOKS AT T11E WHITE HOUSK ........ ...... vvva.ivu lu UU1 .1 Hltr U1 he Pr*-i?ioent's evening receptions published jeeterdny. we wifl state t!kmt the first levee -will be held the 17th of January; the second on tfie Ttu ?f February, and the tftird ou the JMol February. The President's (laughters, Hr*. Pnuerson and Mrs. Storer, Will be at bome on Mondays. . * A DKLFOATIOff FROM WORTH CAROLINA. Hod. Bedford Brown, formerly United States Senator tr<>m Nor'b Carolina. aadOea. Leach, lorm^rl) Representative from tbe same State, havA in thw ?'4 - "* ....... ... ... .. J. ??U mr HI n lll.ira 9. Jurtte Mrrryman. lluo. John A. Gilmer, and P. 11. Winston, K.?q , tbe otber members of the riHfgfttion. art* e*pect??d to airive this evening or to-morrow morning Tbe above-named gentle mm have been appointed by tbe Governor of North Carolina, ia accordance with an act of tbe Assembly, as a delegation to visit tb.s city, to investigate tbe irregular an J offensive collection of tbe United State* tax for Ml, and to look after all matters for the general interest ot the State. They will have interview* with the President, members ot tbe Cabinet, and leading men of Congress. and will remain in 'be city as long as the interest ot the *4 A?arvmaa?4*^ ? ? ? u<u??u>. viui uiuwa was memoer ot tbe I'altrd States Senate for eleven years. And w&* intimately associated witbClay, Webster. Calboun. and many other leading statesmen of <bat cay. Gov. Brown and Jadge Spragoe (now of Massachusetts, bat in l$!9a Senator licm Maine,) are tbe only two living wbo were members of tbe Senate at tbat time. f NEGRO SUFFRAGE as ki! an>n ipaita, me r<euate yes'erday toeld to tbeir heretofore action on the District negro snflYage Mil, and by a vote of *i9 to 10 pund the bill by the requisite two-tbinls majority over the President's Teto. Tbe House to-day will undoub'edly pass it by a two-ihirda vote. Tbe Presidents mes?v? ? s conceded by republican mem be s generally to be a tern perate, dignified document, and not a lew admit tbe great lorce of tbe objections urged to tbe indiscriminate suffrage extended hy tfce bill, bnt do not seem inclined to defarh ?h?ni??l??? " * ?1?*? ...? .ivui ?ur majority WDO burr willed to establish colored suffrage here without quahlication. Congress having tout reiterated ita pnrpose in tbe matter, the citizens owe it to themselves to aequie?ce wita good grace in what is beyond their control, and aid in giving tbe experiment a fair trial. TIIE 1MPK AC BURNT RESOLUTION. Tbe impeachment resolntioa oI Mr. Ashley does not amount to anything more tban a simple resolution authorizing, aot dirsctin*. tbe Judiciary Committee to investigate tbe general charges made by Mr. Asbley, and tbs vote, when understood. does not indicate that tbe Honse will sustain tb? cbargee. Many ot tbone wbo to tad for tbe resolution did so to { get it ont ef tbe war or Into tbe bands of tbe j Committee, where it is believed tbe tbing will die out for want ot proof tosustain tbe cbargee of commission of bitcb crimes nnd misdemeanors, as tboee terms are defined by law and understood by jurists. PAT AT>T?T\ a/IOAAf a www - Mj\J t\ MJ MS OV11W LO I 4I I | Col- H. Neide, iBeprctor of colored schools, 1 bu mad* a report to G?b. Howard, showing ' tbe condition of the fnfdmtn'i schoals la | VI est Virginia, aad a poTtion of trie 9th district, State of Virginia. In Parkersburg there is a very flourishing school under charge of j K?*t S fc. Uolebura, of the Weeleyan M-tbo ' dist cburcb of Obio Tbe building in which 1 tbe school la taugbt was purchased wiin tbe lot by a few freedmen sf Parkrrsburg. Tbe | average daily attendance of scholars is about ! eighty, of ali ages. At Hartinsburg tbere are , two schools with oae hundred.scholars, only ! about six or seven of wbom are over tbe age j of sixteen years Two female teachers are | employed by the Pr?*e Will Hnotim *>?< 1 ticu. Tbe of tbf pnople of Martin#- | bore and immediate vicinity was formerly J exceedingly Hostile u> freed men'a scfiooli, bat 1 latterly it baa not b?n ao maaifeat, and if aay . exists it uiot prod active of anaoyaace to tb? teacher a. At Harp?r'a Kerry there are two schools, under charge of female toacber* aeut by the same society as above, wub B?v. N. C Bracketu tbe superintendent of tbe echools of ibe Free Will Baptist Aasociation. , About 70 paptia auend UkM* two acboola. Tbe boatile leelinjr of the people toward freedmen's schools ta fast dfisj out, aad aiihoufa as yet Ao aid baa been afforded tbem by the school authorities of tbe town. It was thought the schools would wod be recognised, and to some degree supported in tbe same manner as tbe five white acbools. On the S9tb of Ktbraary, IMA, tbe Legislature ot West Virginia pus^ an act providing for tbe establishment of free schools, baaed upon and fashioned after the scbool laws of tbe Northern and Eastern State*, providing tbat tbe truetees of schools aboold establish separate schools for colored children when tbe whole number exceeds 30. j At Winchester there are four scboolt under i tbe care ot tbe Old Kcbool Presbyterian Church, of Pittsburg, Pa. All of the schoots are in a prosperous condition, with an aver- | ?, >1 vi i?" puym, m narn>Bur( here are three flourishing achoela, partitlly Mpporred by the citizen* of tb? place. The attention of the ConmiMion^r In called to the itr?at w nn of colored teachers throughout the State of Virginia. E. L DavKsroBT ?This actor it on* ot ths beat on tbe American Stage, and a* Ion* m there 1a a cultivated etas'! who prefer fine eJoentien and qoiet power to rant and lastiaa he will be popular, llis masterly impersonation of Hamlet" at Wall's Opera House last evening wa? witnessed by a large and fash* tunable audience. an>l was enthusiastically applauded, lit* appearance &* Benedick in Mucb Ado About Kolbing" tbis eveninc. will do doobt again nil tbe bonae. as tbe Iff it.mate drama is always appreciated here. ?# Ms a?i> Mn? Howabd Pan There was a large and brilliant audieace at M?t*erott Hall last nigbt, on tbe occasion of tbe first appearance ol Mr. and Mrs. Howard Paul. Tbe par. formanc* was unique, versatile, and imm#ne?ly attractive eliciting alternately sbonta of applause and shouts of laughter, at tbe will of tbe clever conple, wbo, unassisted, managed to reprewnt a great maay varieties of odd people in a wonderfully mana?r. Th>-y r.ppear ?T*ry night tliis week at Metze ott Hail. Italiax Or??A.-A rather thin housa to wi'ant kmant Iwi night, as hroachtoatat tbe ftattamal Theater by IfaretKfe'a Uompany. { Signora ('aremen Pool *ai charming an FIrirt. ; ?ie otbrr performers average, an?i ratfcer lied, appanrutljr, by th? riuallnMs of th? o?*. ? * J I i?rhi. t'au/t. with Mix Keiiogg a? M-tr 1 |ft* York Fti ?rie? o??r t of Mwri. Stf?Mn ?u4 Spalditti u*<* >?on i?ud l*c'ur*s tbe 't-Miii iu 111 b ribaldijr." TKIJ GBAl'tlin NKWs. HT U 8 ? Kt'fril'EA* NEWS ASSOCIATION lion o? I it L.e?t*lat?fe * - (.ovrnsr't kr, Uhkimo, Jhii.7 ? ri?- i,<?fi*ivtire tttBTCii d at >pnii<(lf!d o d r. Kriaklll Cur? in, of rouuir, wan ' ted lk< *r. and < -n~r il t't a*.tJ I,ippine<? . S-cr-t?r<. Govern- r Ojluhv'i ?< *?%*?< iedevo ed .'hiofly j in m W> affair* 1 he Governor repr ?eit? t'e | flnarce* of the S a'* to be ia a - *Maf*rtory condition, and thinks the public d-M will be ^xtin?cui*h^<1 in i lew vi-am. 11- rrco nmea 1* 'he .<d<>p<ion of 'be constitutional amcndmea', j at d rnlla upon the people to revise 'be con itntioa of ibe State, striking oat the odious 1 di?er>ininaUona .icain*i personal liberty, anl in- ke forb other chtnpM ir.d improvement* ' in the constitution aa r?l*cuoi *nd diio??i m ! may suggest. Speaking of an enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and the till, i noie Hirer to the Mississippi, ?be (hivereor ?ay?:? ? I hi* M eminently a National work, ' And tbP NlLinnftl flf?ff?rnmenl nnvlit IaHa ?*?_ i I ypectfally but urgently hmtKMl tbroufth our kepre^entatiTes in Conrreae, ud by every i o her proper and available Influence to make j appropriations at once for tb?* obj-cu" Hot. Oyleaby and Uxa. l.ocan ktrt withdrawn trom the canvaea for the U. S. S*natorsbip, and their iri/ndthiT* nnit<*d on Q?a Palmer. The friends of both Palmet and Trumbull are confident of oucceea. man named J. hn Van Horn, a Russian by ' birtb, an ex- Alderman, *nd latterly a member | ot the Board of Education of thia city. Testerday afternoon abot hia -wife and then attempted to aboot biimelf. The bail entered bis wife'a h?ad underneath tbe ear and came oat ot the left cbeek Tiie physicians th'nk alie will recoTer. Van Horn ?m arreted aud lorired in jail tot vu au ta-rquentiy held to bail in the Him of gLS.iUMt. DISPOSAL Or PUBLIC LANJ>3 K'tnru* recwvHl at ibe General Land Office i for the month of Nocemher Irutt frnm (h? linil office at Kaat Saginaw, Micbigao, ihow that &I.V51 acres ot ik* public lands wr* disposed ol; .V?h? acres ot wbicb vera taken (or actual ??iil>npnt and cultivation noiit*r the bo n?siead law, and tbe remainder located with agricultural college acrip, military warrant*, and void foriaah. Tbe casb sales amouuied to #13.515. _ j KyTfaere been ureal rejsicinc among the I Keuiana in lk?>ton over the uewa of a comm tI tation of sentence of ihe prisoners in Canada, 1 and great Indignation at tbe repjrt of Stephens'defection. rr~E=* I O. O. ? ?GkAHO LuUGl ?Th? <J?*r. ; ILJf teily <obibiuuic?i1ou will fee Mid ua WKU' > a?r?A k KTBIilkU, January Mb, at 7* o'clock. >?? T. H. aWKSr.Ur. e*c. BlUULkK HoBTHLT MKRTINQ .... .-o (r-i'i i"?ir r' oru. at llil : Olij Ball, THIS (Tna*lay t BVCN1NQ, ataevan ?lCt?C> B F BQ18BAP. Bacratary. [Y^=-*MABUMie FAlft-A maatiuf of tha.CoM . IL_3 mitnaof Arrui!?a?iU of tb? lata T*ir , wTTT be fc?Ul <>a TUBttUAT BVBAlhO lib last, I at 7 o'Hcck. at Maaonlc Hall. W Punctual aiteno?uca la earnestly rwiieaM, TttOS. TliOMPSOh. It Secretary Committee. (V^MOTICB.-A Begolar Mating of tha ElILJ i'URLI< ?N tHHwUlATION wlllbahellnn tKPN BSD AT BVBNIHQ.nhiast ,at7H?'cl^k, at tnlan Ls%?oe Hall. 491 9thatraat. Prompt at' tPDftani eaf members 1? reqnaated aa tbaalactloa i cl tte Kiecatlre Committee and othar important , bu-icpta will conia up. Modiitinctiat made what 1 ever on accon Lit of race, color. ??r raltglaa, to be coma niemter* of thla association. A cood moral : character an<1 a desire to a* vane* the cease of ha1 Biiy and freedom the only nroeaeary reqnUlte. I r-r?oai wit-hit.? t? join tha Association can cam* in person, or eddreee ? | jaa at A. a. HAH. Secretary i Y^-UBaMD TAMPKBAMUB tAlH I I8LAB l/HALL. 1 Viigtuia iTtBu*, bet*Nu Mb u>4 7th atreots. An elereut entertain Beat each coailrt: of Cbtrtoxi, Pin'o?aea, BeciUtiooa, ?nd Toi caland IxtrHin^ntkl Mmlc 1 be k?(iNhant boon is In otonrge of e*peri en< rd 0?t?rer?. The display of goo4? ie anasnnlly attractive, nod o'VTiDiDr advantage* her?t?tere r?Mn?l. Tm 7th street cars yaaa within k few aUpt of the Ball. tie aeon tickets, AO cent*. Single ndmi?*lon, 1 ft cenU. j%i U* Vb^UDIHIANA LBYBBb Board Spteiml Commiistoners Louisiana L*rest,I 19 Camp street \ The Bp* i?l Commissioners of Loaialnna Jrt e*?, Ti* J. Bdnaoaetoa, Bon. Wm Hawes Harris H I KiTrrs. Geo Y Brott.H W Wetmore. T Bballer jr . will, on the 10th instant, tabmit to Couvrwee the "naoele'a m?m?r??i" ---1 ce ruing tb? Im'tm* of Lomiiiat l"" sl Tbe' bill" ia tbly draws b? by a diatiBcutahad aUteaaaa, ud ao??ort?d by important ntMurti p*4nt of vlaw, will, ii la beliarad , rec?Ta Um rarorable ouoaideration Mkd afiroTil of 00BfT?M ? i bdmohstow. * OhalrmMI ? ?. U L r%~"A IIBBTIMO OF TH1 PHABMAOBU L3 TKJAL ASSOCIATION will ha bald It Ha r*om.oT?r Oil mm'a brm# HUra, TOBdDiY, fa rajVaati* BtUadano* By ordar of lha Fraaidaat. J.O. mi.tairatary. rr^-Mo*. b p. howlabd. or tub ilJ I?wlw4 DaaUl AiaadattoB.wlll girt a I LMira ea tba Bclaaca of Oaoaaa Thing*, at I ?*^mvSfPvwik*llf 481 "traat. om Tuks | DAI B> BHIRO, Jaaaary f. Thar* will b? ex B*rliB?ntalB Cbamiatry aad_0?tl?i.and lllaatra i Hon* in tb? Uwa af Projactllaa Tfc* Lac?ura will ?5?*wU? 'SKrtBMBto OB tba woBdBrfDl affacu of Bltrona Oxlda oa tba boisu ay atom. _ Tbara will ka an admlsaian r?? of iu ? (array tha axpen??? of Hai)~a?d~ oxwlmaau! Plaaaa bring tha right rhaoga with joa. ja7 2t* iTer* GBBTBAL BUILDIdO ABBOCIATIOM. U A Mni'hljr Mae ting of lU Onlral Bulldiac An.oclation, for tha raoopaoa of doer Will ba hald la the Council Chamber on TOIIOiT IVISI1H0, the 9th inat., at 7 o'clock. ... ? jit-it WM W. MoOBB.Bac. j-g=?l?l?-*IOHTH or JAVUABT-18C7 CEL1BBATI0H or TBB ] FIFTT-BBCOSD ABHIVBBBABY OF THB , B ATT LB OF IIW OBLBABB. TUESDAY BTBKIBO, JABDABT S, 1967. ijj[ " - - -?* ^vm/na. i'^m^n'.mfV.iSa.:nSS fi?& 1 K"H!" " ^tewaHF J ?HH?f. | ,Y^JOMPH H HH4TFHLD, "?.*? ?? ssarate, *1b P#*f At., b.t mh aM 13th iM. 'Ingi, Diaaer or Suapar Pmrtioa anDBti?l tt bort hotico with aoveltlM in pViTT^M # M "I 0.?tetSSSrtS. ji&'fefiffi *?'u Tark" ' . Mt,^5d*BU *,"? wl11 k* *ent to attaad to all dassvssswBr ^ J081PH B gg ar?IBLP. Swi2j,'\sss.?"f s*v?' ?& -SKS sao? knwaawIw t,th* of tka Corn?r,,I _?T|, J**DW?lnAIa JitQftry #t 1M7. Th? fit!1? ^ ??en ** " o'clock *, aad chm at I " V.'qIDKON, Pr?atd?nt. ( de-atd WM O. OttllllKr, 8?e. < nrfr?eB4QB CBUBCH PAIS, lUhfUunaa aad ' 11.3 "* Tfttr.JNr tha benefit of Graca Otarch. \ Wind, (Be*. Alfrod HolmeaJ, ractor.) Island < HalT corner of Vlrtlti* avanna and 'ith at , will 1 ona Dacaabar Vtl. Tableau* nod other antor- 1 tuniooiiU. B??aor aoch night. Sooaon ttokeu Octau. [lnt4Boy| do lit tf Y^p? ITAfi LI 8BID 1M1, ' HcPBBB80HT FBBGCSOH. t 571 Pan*. ATKMCB, COINSR 1st HtUT, 1 ITOL I" F0 *?&&&?KWt SSo'ffif"""' 1 lWlTBO MBMT8, *0., *0. nnidaai Proarrtpllooa Mcaratolr compouudad. The Night Ball yrom?tl7 ana war ad. o? lltf D~~BJn?BFHTB0W4Bb , boa removed kii OOleo and raat4?aca to > Ho. ?4*B1NTH tTBBBT. jo $ fit* batata* 1 aad Naw York itaaa<'. l'HI MII'MMn WIT* i THOHA* P1MB rui Ttl TWKJBM. ' isrrkj^; E??W: O WHKKt.BR. J* 9 It* 7th 81 ?ud 0?n >1 Brni*? I GRAND BABQUBT AT TUB K ATIOHAL HOTEL, \ nader the ?upie?i of TBB BATIOBAL PBMOCBATIO BBSIDBHT 1 BXBOUT1VB OOMMITTBB. , B^The CereaonlM i??b the oecaalon will comSMC# prittith/ ml &v*n o'tlork. OABDS or ADMISSIOB TITB DOLLABS, 1 to t* tad at all tt?a principal llotola, of UtoOom- ' ' vi arru|( niBU, lad other prominent dtizex. Aleo, at the office of the Constitutional ' Union. Ko. 330 X street, WuhlifttB dlf, and at the office of the Daily Bveafng Union, Maeoale Temple. High etreet. Qeergetown. >%5 St_ ' (w=?to ali< vboh it- ?*v 1 SilLMK I \ 4 O'CLOCK P. >1. GOVERNMENT SEC'VRITlFS w A4II1SUTOK, .l*uu try IrC?. Jay (\k'k? K tjo lurniob Uie following quo(HtiuDh of Government 6eeuri<i>-* /tuning. XtUing t .-?.*?? lAliffUht t?. S l' * 1 wrutiee, 186a iorj% l??-> U s*. Kivo 1'wenuer IHD4 1- 5^ itf II S. Tw*BUfJ. \?i H? MR; % U.S. Kit* Twt?nUPS,.!an&J,y,,G5.H>1\ IM?# IT ?. Ten 90 K Km ^ ' 1 TbirUfc. Aumt ni4t -usu IJ. S. Seven Thirties. Jun?. 19lj< 105* II. 8 ^e^ven Tblrtie*, .Inly 1u4j( 105 HBW VOIK riRHT BOARD MALKtt Coupon*. *"'?ve TwmI m, ishi, 107 Jf; Fl\e Twenties. 1HU, 1?5J(; Klvo Tw*n*i-?j?, IM?. !?>*: Five Twenties, January and July. I?tt. 1)4%; Tm Forties, Kit); *even Thirties. Aiifnot, i(H\; do. June, 104?; do. Julr, lUtH; Gold, 134. FINANCIAL. Lewi* JoUnson A Co., quote Stocks and Bonds in boms and foreign mark?U as follows: . hKW York, Jaa. 8.?1st Board?U. 8. re*? ictered. Ifbl. It*4\do., coupons, Wh; 6-*??'s, rivl?tt<ri>dl l?>\; do. conpous. 107$; do., ISM; 1K>H; H'-40s. registered. !H>*; do. coupons, 9>V ? >i s. 104 V Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, \?7\; (.'anion. 4-; Cumberland, 90; Quicksilver, 43#. Mariposa, 13#; New York Central, 1 4 ? fcr'e, rto prpl?*r'd, 78. Hudoon. U ?: Heading. Michigan Central, 107Micbiicbb SoBttaern, HI V- Illinois Central, liw; Cleveland nnd Pittsburg. S9jf; Cleveland and ioiiuu. ron iniann. ioj ; North wea. tern, 4?: do. preferred, 8*)(; Fort Wayne. Ui3V: Chicago and Alton, l?rt?. Alton and Terre Haste, 3V; Toledo and Wabasb, 44: W. U. Telesrrspb. 4i)| Boat on Water Power. vi? . Pacific Mall, I6b. Atlantic Mall, !<*]{. American gold, 2 p. m., i:>4\. TOE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS Fifty-two vears ago to-day General Andrew Jackson, by a decided victory over tbe British invaders, virtually terminated our second cont<<twith the mother country. lnthetever and hurry of the present we are apt to forget tbe pnet, and so startling and momentous bare been the event* in our bistory for a few years pa*i ioki we ditf not oeen anowea time :o re. view even the most recent occurrences. But retrospection is sometimes a rood thing. and the lessons and warnings ot the past, it properly used, may save us much painful experienceHad the South studied the lessons ot history, and been content with her fa>r chare in a victonons and prosperous, becaWl united country, instead of selfishly plotting to build up an exclusive and aristocratic empire, she might have b?en spared her present humiliation; and the thousands of lives and millions of treasure squandered in her reckless struggle lor supremacy saved to our common country Had the memory of the common dangers through which the North and South passed together, and the gloriou* victories they achieved, standing shouider to shoulder, been cherithed as it should have be*n. civil strife would have been impossible. Th* old recol ictuuus ouvwiu tn- I * ? i v?"J, BIl'J OUT national holidays ? they are but few?faithfully observed throughout the countiy. The 4tb of July commemorates our first victorious war, and the bth of January tbe second. We are therefore (lad to aee that tbe 5-2d anniversary of the Battlr of New Orleans is not to pass unnoticed. The national flag is to-day displayed In many places, and to-night th<>re is to be a banquet at the National Hotel in honor of the day and of its hero, "Old Hickory." TilK DISTRICT MJ?RO HCFFEAG E BILL IN TliK HoLSK The galleries of the House were fiiled to-day by much the largest audience of tbe year, the matter of interest being tbe consideration ol tbe District uegro suffrage bill, vetoed by the r> ?> ?~ v-f"" ?" ?"ubiu?iob oi ia? reading of the meaaoge, Mr. lngersoll, of Illinois, moved t&? prevloua question, and tbe Houae at once proceeded to vote upon tbe bill. It was car. rled orer the reto by a atrict party vote, (with tbe exception ot a tingle member,) standing 113 ayea to 3$ noes. Tbe rwuli was received with applaaae in the galleriea. TBI PENNSYLVANIA .?KNATORSIIIP Mr. Stevens baa gone to Harrisburg to look after bla interest# in the Pennsylvania Sen. atorebip. Hia letter to Harry White, (published in the papera tbla morning,) making al. legationa in regard to the corrupt indnencea governing Harriabnrg legislative action, is considered ratber injodieiona by hla friends here, and la likelv In lrm? him inn,. ? ? w W^Of. THE IMPEACHMENT QUESTION. The Judiciary Committee bare decided to enter at once upon the investigation ordered by Mr. Ashley's impeachment resolution. Mr Asbley bu been ommoned before the committee to give evidence, at lOVclock to-mor. row mo ruing A SMUGGLER CONVICTED Tbe Commissioner of Customs baa received information of tbe conviction of a smuggler named Harrington, at Tonawanda, on tba charge of burning tbe bam of tbe deputy col. lector at that place. He was sentenced to the pnuu-uuai j lor six years ana two months. A DEFRAUDING REVENUE OFFICER The special committee of tbe House of Rep* reeentnti ves, of which Hon. Win. A. Darling * chairman, has made a report to the Secre- 1 ?rj of the Treasury, recommending th? renoral of Oalbonn M. Derringer, the assessor >f tbe 'id district of Pennsylvania, forattempts Lt fraud and a gross violation of duty. TUB WHITE HOUSE To-day being Cabinet day. no Tieitors were idmitted at tbe fcxecotive Mansion. All tbe nembers of the Cabinet were prmnt except Postmaster Oeneral Randall. The session :ontinoed until nearly three o'clock. j THB BAST ROOM. The work of repairing the East Boom of tbe ? Executive Mansion baa been nearly com- j tleted, and It is tbcngbt tbe room will be tpened fer visitors about the first of next week. 'COLIC LANDS IN ARIZONA AND NBW MKXICO Tbe Commissioner of tbe General Land OtIce hae just received from tbe Surveyor Qea? ral of New Mexico and Arucona. at Saata Fe, Vhw Mexteo, advices of a contract entered Dto by mm for tbe extension nf ik. m -- >? ?? > orrecilon lines WMt of tbe principal men- ? I inn, aud lb* survey of exterior lines of | een township*, all eitoated bttwMn Fort rhorn, on the Rio Orande del Norte, and Fort | ?V?t, on tbe upper waters of (lila River. i Tbe br*|oln( surveys embrace tbe Santa i Sua copper mines, Pluos, Actos, Fort Bay- t ird, and a portion of tbe valley of Rio Mim- \ van, headlof in tbe Sierra Mofptlion. Tbe i ocaiity or tbe surveys is on tbe road from Kort Thorn and Las Graces to Fort West, via ' i Jooke's Spriugs, all situated in tbe sootnwest < >ra purt of tbe Territory of New Mexico. \ MUSTKRKD OUT. t Rr*T?l Tiriw ll.n.r.1 ? ' ? Uih U. 8. colored troops, hu b?u mm tared jut and honorably discharged. Gen. T tie ma* , kas been on duty for| aome time passt aa AxtuiK Assistant Adjutant General to Major , t*-neral O. O. Howard, or t*o fc'reedtnen's , Bureau. Gen. T. was mueterod oat at bis own ] equest. I FROM TBI STEAMER SACRAMIRTO. ' Tbe Navy Department has received in forma- ] ion from Oaptala "W. Uolllns, of the U. 8 < jearner Sacramento under data of Doc. 3d,' IMC, from Horta, Island of Faral, announcing i Di? artival at tbat port oa tho 29th of Norem- , i MUSTERED OUT. . Second Lieut. James S. Power, of the l6tb , V. K. R , hae beensnustoredout and honorably 1 -?,rw4 a I * u m i gru . THB HOCS* POSTAL COKMITTBI &M dfl- J rtdrd to report in fkror of incrMainjr tbe pay jf route assents to an amount not exceeding a 1 iiUajy of ?1.*X) per jr?*r, aud to authorise the J purchase of ihe lower end of the Oitjr Park* tfew York. u? *or* pom oflc* for ihitt ;?ij, ?,cy?t o; g->t more th>n fjw.w?. lVT*M?Ai. avint? ?be 're'ckl t> t* fVnte rbt81 i wore# to-day were 1,701 s*. M 1 CONGRESSIONAL. TrhiiaV. Jftnnarv ? Senate.?Tbe Vbkir Ind bffor? thr Senate h roemortal Ironiim Hooker aari n'h?rolcr? of the army, aaklnc tbat retirfd oOgrn Wallowed the |i>!i|t*? i'y raticm K?r?rr*4 to COM* mi'trt on Military AfTkin. Mr. lanr ptt??n^ * m??"?nal frjtq the : Soldiers and Sailors' Untorr of WtshtincxJn. in i re1?>nnreto <b* employment nf printers in tbe " Government Printing Office. Referred to | Committee on Pnn'inf Mr Hare preeentod a petition from wool I rrower* of Wwoii-m, asking that tba provt- I ion in the tariff Mil pawed by the House ai ibetrtiion relative to forega wool be ineorpo> rated Into a law. Keferredto Committee on * i na n#?. ? v " * >> ?'IV / 1 f Mr. humner presented a petition of certain coloied citizen* of Massachusetts against the aamiMion 01 neoratka while the word white ! remains in ber constitution. Mr. Knmonds pirwniwl a petition from rttirens of Vermont tftlnit any cnrUiiment ot j the national currency. Referred to Conaiu i tee on fc'inanoo. On motion of Mr. Williams, it was resolved | tbat the President ? requested to communicate to the Senate whether any violations of I the provisions ol the civil rights bill bavo com* to bis knowledge; and if so, wbettor any action bas been taken to protect those persons

whose rights have been infringed npon. Mr. Howard introduced a hill authorizing , the payment of the award* fox the capture ot Jt flr?ri>on l>avie. Referred to tbo Committee ] nit Militarv Aflkirs Tbe bill 10 provide for thepayment of pea. gicrp vm then taken op, and some discussion occurred, in wtilcb the removal of }ffle?ri during tbe recess was alluded to, and Mr Sherman stated ttaat b Intended at an earlr any to introduce a bill makiag It criminal 10 attempt to tbwart tbe constitutional power of the senate over appointments Mr. Hendricks said it was simply a question ot bread and butter. ?A B)(>m(e was received from tbe Striate, announcing ibe final passage by * bat body oi tbe sufliage bill for the District of Columbia. Mr. Niblackrlnd ) rising to a question of privilege, said tbis day was the anniversary of trie battle of New Orleans, a day whicb had nerally been observed as a holiday, and he mri nuir UiU > ru turn uii nvw ikujuuni. HOI a#reed to. Mr. Jobn L. Thomas introduced a resolution, requesting thi Secretary of War to transmit tutuis House ail information in possession of the War Department relative to the coils'rurtion and completion of the ship canal of the Patspceo river at Baltimore, an<1 particularly whether the MiimittM and survey* ordered laatresrion have been completed. Afreet to. Mr. Hubbard (W. Va.) introduced a resolution, which w*s agreed to, directing the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds to enquire into the ba?t and most economical rnoue 01 ngnting tue public buildups aud ft round*. Mr. Kandall (Ky.) introduced a resolution directing the Committee on Indian Affairs to inquire into tbe facte of the massacre of U. S. officers aad soldiers, bj Indians, at Fort Phil. Kearney on December 21; and to inquire whether these Indian outrages are In conse. quence ot or have any excuse or palliation by rt-aecn of tbe arts of any Oovernment officials or citizens; and furtber, to inquire into tbe expediency of transferring the superintendency of Indian Affairs to tbe War Department, and to report by bill. Agreed to. Mr. Lynch (Me.) introduced a resolution directing tbe Committee of W?vi unrf M??n? inquire into tbe expediency of so amending tbe lax law as to allow a drawback of all duties and taxes on articles used in tbe consi: notion of steam or saling vessel* Agreed to. Mr. Wentwortb (111.) introduced tbe followinir Whereas there is a difference of opinion upon tbe subject of impartial suffrage; and wbereas It is legalized only in the District of Columbia, and Is to be madea test here: Therefore, hetolrtd Tbat the Committee on tbe District of Columbia be instructed to inquire into tbe expediency ot providing by law tor an immediate election ot all officers in aald District. Mr. Randall (Pa.) objected. Mr. Arnell (Tenn.) introduced a resolution, wbtcb was agreed to, instructing the committee on the murder of Union soldiers in south Carolina to inquire into the murder of soldiers {n Tennessee. *Tbe bill granting impartial suffrage in the bis trictof Colombia *m tak#n up. and, on motion of Mr. lngersoll (111 ), the veto message wiu- read. Tbe reading of the veto message being eoneluded, Mr. Ingersoll demanded tbe previous question upon the consideration of tbe bill. Tbe yeas and nays were demanded, and tbe bill pasted by a vote of 113 yeas to 38 Bays, as follows: Ytat Messrs. Alter. Allison. Ames. Am#n D. &. Ashley, J. M. Ashler, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barker, Baxter, Beam an, Benjamin, Bid well, Bingham, Blaine, Bout well. Brandfee, Bromwell, Broom all, Bnckland, Bundy, B W. Clarke, 8. Clarke, Cobb, Cook, Cnllorn. Culver, Colfax, Darlimjr, Dawes, Delrees, Delano, Deming, Dixon, Dodge, Donnelly, Drifgs, Kckl*y. lesion, Farnsworth, Farqnhar, Ferry, Garfield, Orlnaell, A. C. Hardmp. Hart. Hawkins, Hayes, Henderson, Higby. Hill, Holmes, Hooper, J. H. Hubbard, J. K. Hnbbell, Inprtoll. Jenckes, .lolian, Ka?fod, Kelley. Kelso, Ketch am, Koontz, O. V. Lawrence, W. Lawrence, Loan, Longyear, Lynch. Marston, Marvin,Mayaard, McClurg, McKner, Mercar, Miller. Morrill, Morris, mjvn, pbwpii, u nfiu, urin, run*, fatterson, Perbam, Pike, Plant*. Price, Raymond, A. 11. Bice. J. H Rica, Sawyer, Scbenck,Scofleld, Spalding, Starr, Stokes, Thayer, Francis Thomas, J. L. Tbomas. Trowbridge, Upson, Vaa Aernam, B. Tan Hern. H. Ward, Wir. er, E. B. Washbnme, Walker, Went worth, Williams, J as. F. Wilson, 8. F. Wilson, Wm Wlndom?113. y?yt?Messrs. Ad cons, Bergen, Campbell, Ubanler. Dawson, Denison, Finck, Glosbrenner, A Harding, Hise, Hogan. U. 1). Habbard, Humphrey, Hnnter. Kerr, Knykendall, La. tham, l?eftwicb, McCnllocb, Niblack, NiehsU ton, Noell, Phelps, Radford,S. J.Randall, W. H. Randall. Rilter, Rogers, Ross, Sbanklin, Stronse. Taber, N. O.Taylor,N.Taylor,Trimhi. A U Var/I OlinH.lH TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BY U. 8. * EUROPEAN NEWS ASSOCIATION. FROM EUROPE. The laprcii CarlotU ? The Aaericaa l'acbtuiea?The Threatened Oatbreak la Ipaia?laaur recliea ia taadka luppreued ?The Eracaatiea ( Mexice by tbe Freacb ArnirsiiM is me uinmi tut pre ftird?Freack Fleet te rcaitla ! Mexi* iaa water*?Garibaldi?The Markets, Ac. Tbimtb, Jan. 7.?Information received from Klramsr reports the health of the Empress Jarlotta as somewhat improved. Lomdok, Jan. 7.?A banquet was given oa Saturday to the American Tachumea by the ioyai Thames Yacht Olnb. Lord Alfred Pift' )resided. Speeches were made expressing the nost friendly feeling towards the United Kates. Pakib, Jan. Advices received from Madid state that the Government is making ex ensivv military prrparmi om to arrest UM bretttDid ootbrru in Spain. covitabtivoplb, Jan. 7.?OAclal accounts (caiTtd here by the 0*Ternm?nt from Caniia announce that tbe insurrection baa been tolly suppressed, and that no armed opposiion to tbe Tnrfcisb Govemmeat now exists, ixcept br a few straggller fore letters wbo is re escaped to tbe mountains. Lohdoh, Jen. 7.?All tbe transports deemed for Vera Urn* to bring back tbe French irmy now In Mexico, bare sailed. Tbey are inder tbe convoy of beaylly armed iron-cleda o protect tbe fleet from anticipated trouble rom privateers, alleged to bare been pnt ill oat by tbe Liberal Government of Mexico. Livxnrooi*. Jan. 7?Evening?Cotton?The market baa been steady dnrinr tbe dar. and :ioees with sales of 18,000 Mm. Middling lpludi 18d. The breadstuff's market has been an let and >tead y to-day, without any change la q no talons. The petroleum market ts steady at le. 7d. Paw, Jan. 7?Evening.?'The Hoarse has Tiled qntet to-day. Rentes close at 68. Lowdow, Jan 8?Noea.?The Timet of this norntng says that It has rood authority for itattnr that Sir Frederick Bruce, the British Minister at Washington, has heen requested to isk the United Status OafsmMnst tn aeeent of u-bltratton in the AlabamacliiimBquestion"" Jt>- &?N000?Tit Preach fleet in Mexicaa water* hare been directed to raaaia hers, so as to collect the castoma da tie*., Jan. 8?Noon ? Adrlcea hare |mt *en receved ftna Uor*t, stating ?h%t the ? reach troo^a haTebarnt the Palao* and Qo * vrnmeat bo nee* at Kaa?tew. All attsuiiJU at aerotlatloae with the Uocvaat had fhiied. flohsbcb, Jan.8?Noon.?It t* reported that 3aribatdl will Rtve Ala aid to the fl met, more* eat in regard to Caadin, if the revolt m that 1*land lasts a fortnight loafer. . Loanon, Jan.8?IVooa^-Ooaaota are qaoted S-SirlSTsTSfuu"oto Liv aa 00a.~The cotton mar ??i m *M wauy. it II WUOHN IBU iie m)m TO-d?y will Mil 8.080 Mm. M>4 itnpr tpludi in q?oM u lSd. I Pr?a N??Mhl. i>e*? will be the election or M Utted gWMi; senator. <1. ^ v*i? ?.~ - *f * * '1 )&?N XfW YORK. Op:>?*itfen ? 1|f iMfMchmrit Mtrrmrit r9f*iir?a aa4Caaa*tan Nf?s. *r. ii?? !?? j " o?i mm muruinf papvn nto al'Oppoeed to (ft* lapCMMti mor-iifti iu Ccn?tt*? Tk? l r>bi eoy? ?'?at tftor# la BO ft Bf buw to he Itlnnl la ttrn tmpt hment i t Pirtidrni .lobni-oo. so MOlttr how mucftkt d^rTWiL Tfti He raid Bay* u?i Pmidtat J oftdmb basftrea gatlty of iiotftiag mort lh&A bi* portlxaa predeceeao*b bore, from Jaokson down: Tbe Tusbb my tftat the chargee ore notbicg more Ibaa have b*oa ??aied or?r aad over again in ep*ecbea oa the floor of tbe Hooae, aad believe tbat tbe Senate will tbrow | tbtmoot. Tfte World feaa bo remirka oa tbe ; object. Toe Her*ld'a Vera Orox correspondent eaya ' tbat plaximtlliaa had a erjr aarruw oarape from capiare by gaerriflaa?tbe? beihg oaiv , two boors ftoftiad. lapurauii, tbroaxft Olcatstao. Tbe Imper oilau had boa>b r<t*d Perow . T ha UaeoMf- Caaa V nu VW. ?i . dent Mji Ibat Me)Ia had levied rM*.b?r forced loan on IvreUnrn and native* ai ke Oaaalea | rebellion at Matamoraa vaa baviar a di? ia troaa effect, two oiler Liberal OktM < b trine ! declared for #rtega. A Herald Montreal dlapateb i?t th\t Sir Joka Michel baa received no Intel Ifiuce cf I tbe romawtattoa at tbeoenteacee iIt >* K?- , niaaa. Tbe L/on federal ton bill wa? d?-.t*d by a large majority mPriace Ed wari' I -i*ad. I Tbe Hera Id'i New Orleau* ppecixl mvi th tt It i? reported tbat * bad propoaed <be ' evacuation of San Loia Pot ??l ra- citizen* opposed a fljht and bia troops were disafTecu ed. The evacoauoa may therefore be occurring now. Tbe freight train a collided on tbe Hndeon Kiver railroad on Sainrdav. Several para -were throws eff tbe track, tf? one kort A tratn on tbe Great Pilln If H. Railroad was thrown eff tbe 'ra< k and a passenger ear. coiiUiuiog So per?o??,harled dowa aa en osak ment thirty-flre fert in height. JoUaKirtr, fl run * n, was kilted. Char. Perry, engineer, fa. tally injured, and several ol the passengar* n.ore or Ins* injured. The shock ot au earthquake was dwtiacily felt at Liviugstoa county, New York, oa Sun*^he Supreme Court of New Jersey has ;? '* cided that a liquor hill is not a legal debt. Attempt te Blew l> a Sure. J ST. l^'Ute, Jan 7.? Tbe Pemf'Crat'i St Joseph's special save that a a'tempt wa< m vie last night to blow up the clothiar storeof Isuc Rosenthal A Co.. corner of Third and t>1ward streets. J. I>?-mond, who owned the building, and occupied tbe upper story as a residence, smelt something burning late in the Bight; being convinced that it was in RoMriih?f? store. h?- broke down the door and entered iu*t in time to seize a burn mjr tu6* leading to a k*e containing abeot one hundred pound* of p > w dvr. Had the explosion occurred, a larre smonnt ?f property and liven would have h-en destroyed. Rosenthal, whose roods are in ptired Isrrtly in excess of their valuation, and SamnH Levi, his partner, haTe been arrested on eutpuion of being concerned in the matter. # _____________ From the West. Chicago. Jan. 8.?a lack of n?w is complained of in Wisconsin, and it i? feared thm tbe winter wbeat will h?* injured A bill to repeal tbe Territorial ?e?t oath of IM* parsed tbe I^ower House of tbe Colorado Legislature on tbe 31?t ultimo. LOCAL NEWS. CnmiWALCocUT, J wig' Fuker.? Yesterdav, Jobu Williams convicted of resisting an officer received a aomlnal sentence; a* also (leo., convicted of larceny. Joseph Kor>in?on was convicted of larceny iv vii-- jtoi u me munnf pPD 1teatiary. Ttney Carroll wu tried for larceny, bat tbe jnry failing to Agree, wu discharged. Francis Bnngart. Indicted for larceay, was found ?ot tuilty,?in tbe aecond case a nolle pros, was entered. Mnrr Turner, indicted for larceny, wu fonnd polity. John iiolloban, indicted for a lik* offeree, was convicted and received a nominal sen| tencs. Eewis Gordon, indicted far larceny, was found guilty. la tbe case of Joseph Duncan, indicted for burglary, a nolle proi was entered. Elizabeth McCormh-k, impleaded with her bnsband, Tbos. McCorasick, for keeping a bawdy bouse, was found not guilty. Drary for defence. Tbi Polic* Applicawtb?Last night, tba committee, consisting of Commissioners English, Normeut and Mortagb, commenced the examination of anniiMntt for ? the increase police force at headquarters. Tbe rush was midden and impetuous, and tbe squeezing of arm* and catchiag of coat-tail* bctwetn tbe doors was rather dangerous to candidates. Tbe namber preaeat was estimated to be overSM), aboatflfty-eix of whom were examined up to lljf o'clock. Tbe requiretneuts ot physical condition, stature, moral character, Ac , will no donbt rule out many of those who bare applied; while those who possess all the qualifications required ought to make excellent officers. Quid Likcist.-Yesterday, Chas. OolMns, white, and Augustus Simms, colored, arrested sev? ral days a*o by officer McC'olga.i. on tbe charge of robbing tbe show-case of Munck's establishment of several pistols and guns, were brought omt before Justice Walter. Several new charges were preferred; that of robbing Joseph Taylor of blankets and clothing, Joseph Burnbam of a dozen pair of shoes, overcoats, underelothing, and blankets: Joaepb Fugitt, of wt?on bameaa; liuc Wager ,f of lot of boota. Tbe harness was recovered, aa also a quantity of shoes from De Wolfe, pawn-broker. The prisoners were committed on each of tbe chargea. Committed von Court ?Thia morimig Edwnrd Hathaway and Martin Wefah, wbo were arreatrd two weeka ago with the bursters toel* that opened tbe burglar proof safe ef Fielder M. Magruder & Co., on the 23d December, had a bearing before Justice Tucker, who committed them to jail Ibr court. Alexander Ferris, who was arreated on suapicion about the same time, proved that he coold not have been with tbe party who committed the robhery, and waa fully acquitted, Mr. Morris appearing for the erence in dm c<u? . Elsotio* of Offickro ?At tbe ?emt-annnal meeting of tbe Medical Society ot the District of Colombia, beld last evening, tbe following gentlemen were elected officers of tbe Society for tbe year 1967:?Preaident, Dr. Liebermana; 1st Vice President, Dr. Tbomaa Antisell: Corresponding Secretary, Dr. Loais Mackall, Jr.: Recording Secretary, Dr. A. F. A. King; Treasurer, Dr. Wa, Marbory; Libra* rian, Dr. J. W. H. Lovejoy. Boardof HraLTH ?The regular meeting of tbe Board of Health waa beld yesterday, but no bnsinesa, otber than tbe nana! routine, waa transacted, excepting tbe appointment ot a tuDiiuiitn (i'i? iuuu mju rrnwiCK, ino nr. Wilson) to revise the present list ot noisadces, and to report at the next meeting (1st Monday in February.) ? KiLiir or tbi Poos?The special relief commission of wbicb Surgeon H. K. Rejbarn in charge, authorized to distribute the appropriation of $25,(1)0, during the past week disbursed tl,6?9.7!: the total number of pareons relieved being 064, both white aad colored. * T WILL OFBV A PEUVI8I01 8T0&K TUCKS I DAT, Jaa. 10UU ob 20th strott, b*tw?*n Q md H Wtr?tM, vbm I will bav? cn hand ***rrthlt| M tb??romloa "gta?'"vy tsigfa... |\IOtlOL-Th? C?|>rttTihl| NriNftw wlrtII lag bctwMi the nadanigMd, aadar the aid ?tjl? of 0 B J?w?Il * 0o .wvdl?wl??4 Ju ??. mfflfe" p I A H 0 8 KM| On* baautifal 7-oct?T* Ro?wood ABO. la pcrfec: order. nearly a*w: warraatad, tor too A n~? r ttLa> 1? SBC Peaaarlraaia avoaaa. p 1 A I O B1 THE LAKOBBT A9SOBTMXVT LIOAIT FIAMOt la Uii* city t* aow oa exhibition aad For Bal* at 5:,xv. TT Vaaa Old?? IM HH?III WW 6HHiy : '? *?' * ?S?8Ki3^ Inn riHomnuM. 1. ' .. ,t m K?~? ' "/ft.VTVrS; ' IMFmulnnltMHii. j?M> twWb OTOHIOGBBI ? HDILlt, dlMolvw) Wf nlBnainAITTa off trm^m Wf h*PirArB V.^PWiThr.11, Affair* la (Vitro* Afro* or iimk isto** *? < *< * ?f f ? <'j.< rn ?Lwt Btcai uft" It^ard* >< 4i v itca akii i^mnutn C<>u^v- ; axritii"* I u j? it H>rM ( n itaf C"0tl I fhiTVr f?r <? auftl * rction of ofll.-r? ml >ft? lltrpvrtuuii < , i i uiiniii? 'i?iifc i*- * > " " Mr Hjrtr, pre* drai ot 4l<f'P ibf ol?r, *?il Mr U>r4. Ukrt vt m ion, n.i?u a* a**-r? la/jr To?- flr? b.n < ir oid?r tH-ibc tb# ri. K-nyti o< R-. ord-r. <1 HI Sla'hrw*. H?i , *4* pn??< ) ?< >wa'- Mi< mminaird U< aniniwou?ijr vfc*ct??l. iro?(? II I ?W? 111' Clt?4f d>-t?r%JO 1 VldVmait Vbonu to aoufjr Mr. M whe?r. ?j><1 c?*%duct Mm to tl?o fh?mVr. Tt awt of ? fearta* b"? Mmint '+t*4 fc? Ifeoaiat. KrortW M .ia?w? fcrw-flf r??r?H ibaok* for tfe? aaail*?L*iion of ?h- run** joo Of rtof <' p^r-i OAil i r ..? j . iv tn^ iaj.-? ?be candidate* /or Hactioa > to* fullo* n< 1 orlrr: For (>I-*b Laird; unanim?n-17 (Irrud Kurr'iuiiT ia???e(or?Zackaritk Hakei.4; J. It Rotonaon, II; a*a?*?* ?r, 1 ntr Kub dmb ?a> d.clarod rloctsO Kjr ??/?* f apiritotti liqucn and impoctor of ?tiu4 IrotifwM-J. C. JolntOA Vii i tu oUtod by a mrmBxr thai Mr. Juttwi bod booa riMird jnrt la mrwun iind btd not )?t qu* .J?d. Tl*n>uua l?ut: iM litdhiiUWM <b<i?( |iti. U4 Ik oOivdori totptj. Ob moMu? of AM? Si in mo, itop oiocMoa wu po?*pjuod. k\>r Tax ()oliMor-llN?r? O. 1?. b'nick. V- K sbfkrlf, U A tldiaomt**, oad Z. . UfvU, vtrf toaintM. Aftar tlv bum ktilx ii? Kt-cordor aoBnouBcad far C 1) WHcb.Svotoo, for C. F. SLokfU. 8, tad doclarod Mr. Su?k-tl et^teu ( ollecor For ttarkoi Moolar? R L. McPborooa, W. O. Taaaor. ui. J H K ynoi it- t'poa Ik* third ktl luuuf air. rteur r?c?i?#a 7 ?w-? and Mr liryitidi to. ud IW uiur *?< d?. dtrfd *l?cu-4. For 1 a* pec tor of l,uiab*r? V> n. Mama wa? ri?cM For Wrtfcr ( H.Ur?i(, I*; H. Ci. K>tvr, t, Mr. Uifiif waa ftti't**) tor Wood Owrder?JJ n'J^trj-, ?o toIH; J T. Burr, t. H Bar- , rowf ba. 5; Mr O L?-arj vt< rt-c?arvri otortM F?-r Tru?t?* of iti?* t'oor?M. V y \uU*k: John M Stake, 8; Mr. Hackly wan d>. rl^rrd run-tod. lu?p*-c or ot >'tr? bi(tn>->~ Tho leeion poatp?i???<1 'ill dpi) mw mj of tlir bf intt For H?rb.?r Bvur-K ft ltro?n. ?0 vow. Joini Shat kriford. I: Mr Brown w?? declared r.rcu-d. t or i;b,uju?-jr jwMp?Sia'l P.Tr?il?r, 1.1 loWf.fl^ctiil. (f W Cnantwt. lain. f tor sorT*jor-H W Hrrwr *u elpripd wltlioui oppoaiuon For Stiv^t C-'H nh^ioiirr-k. h ^brtcHia.t voin Haurtr Ad oim'U, W; Mr Addison *na declared Ha-u*d 11 bf cioaaneaa ol tlii* tot* c*o** 1 eonutlrrtu* comtU'iit) For Poltc* Magistral* ? !H V )<u<kry, 10 vat* a. H Wh w, *. K B. B*-rr>>:, i, Mr. HiifHi-* wa? t-lrcird Fur Jud(<<? ol Llw 1 homa* uov*d to putipuor ib? ?i#r. tk>u, in virw ot Uie sign* ol (U?* tBft, I o*i 1 Lf lollowtn* namrd |?u,lrm-u vriv rl^c i-1 F'l'-iWard?J.t.Brch, O W Stroud. J.l' <i**mood. Sfcoiid Ward?W H Kirch. <5. H I mar, W. 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