Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. amcmmbbts, M?TO-ikcr. N >ti. ril laum.-Tfe? poptlu op*** c! ? P?v?r" will he given this evening. with tier c?*' ?keilogg M ? Atfgliriuu" JC**jottnt Js " Fw>r M il* Sullk Lobeur(n?r lirvt a* p*?ranee in this city > as * SiebeU" Signor Htt(>ui a* ? Valentine," tad Aoioaiachi as ' M-pbistophelee.** Wall s Naw Orsna Hoes* ? ShaltspeaiVa fraud comedy ol ' Mnch Ado About Nothing" this er-nmg, with Davenport in his great role of -Bra*tU<?." mkt/tKiiT Hall ?Second night of Mr.aiUl ms r? Howard Paul, whoeeconcerts In costume have attracted large crowd* thej bare appeared. Ot>i> Y xi LOWS* llALL ?Tbe original Father Kemp, mill. hi* celebrated Old Polks Con:ert Compm.y. ron.menee a series ol three nights iWaftfadif 1*Labi> Hall ?Tbe rrnnd Temperance fair, under ib- ??--pices of fczeelsior Diriaion, No. 6, and Hope l'i*isiuru No. tl, will be inaugurated this evening, when a programme of rare excellence will be offered, in addition to an tinnsnJlJy attractive display of goods. national hothl ?Grand banquet and cele Mai ion *>f ib- flfty.second anniversary of the Lat'le of ."Ww Orleans this evening, uu-isr tbe saepiceeot the National Democratic Resident 1 lHiitiT* OmoiitiM. Tbta will no doubt be a tfiOat enjoyable affair. i.ill to ru'ltk't thi UlOHTS of mabr1bd wi'hv* i> tuk Lmktrict.??Hr. Morrill introduced a bill ib the Senate, yesterday, providib*i the real and persoual propertr of any u maie mar, hereafter, marry, nod which n- fb:tll own ai tbe time of marriage, and tbe r? i.t-, ij-n-s ard profits thereof, aball no' be subject ro he disposal of tbe botband, aor liable to bis debia. but aball coatiane ber sole and separate property aa if *be were a single hii ile. Tie real and personal property,^*re 1 the rent*, lasnee, and profits thereof, shw.,n 1 b- tuhyfll to tbe disp sai of ber husband, Dor liable tor tit* debta in any manner what*o?ver, Lut thall be ber stilt and separate property aa if sbe were a single female. Adt married female may take, by inberitance, or by rift, grant. devise, or bequeat, from any person, other than her husband, and bold to her sol? and separav use, and convey and devise real and persona! property, and interest or estate therein, and tbe rents, iasues, and profits toere?f, in the same manner and with like effect as ii sbe w-re unmarried, and tbe same shall not be subject to tbe diaposal of ber husband, nor liable for his debta. Section 4 prescribes tbe n anuer iu wblcb snch property shall he conveyed to married wora-n. All contracts made between persona in con'emplaticn of rnirriage at all remain in full fore* alter the marriage takes place. Xvery married womaa, who shall receive a patent for her own Invention, aball be entitled to all ita benefits. Independent of her husband or hi* creditora. A married woman being a stockholder in any corporation, incorporated under the lawa ol tbia LMs trict, may vote at any election for trustee* or directors, by proxy or otherwise. Any bns. band wb" may, hereafter; acquire, or baa ac^ quired, thes-paraie property of bis wife, or any s-parate por'ion thereof, by any ante-nap'itl contractor otherwise, shall be liable for the u?t*s of bis wife contracted before marriage to ibe extent wnly ol tbe property so acquired It shall be lawful for auy minor child to receive pr-amts, iu the form ard of a character of gi.'ts or endowments to such children for their ow ii use and benefit, and tbe same sha'l not be liable to ^ixure for tbe debts of the parent*, and if in their care or cuatody, shall be only of tbe nature of trustee for such child or children. Any married woman sball have tbe right to execute ber last will and testament, devising any property she has received during her life from any source other tbau ber husband. Th-re sball be exempt from levy aud sale nnder any execution for rent, ail neresaary household furniture, beds, bed ding, Ac o? every description used in housekeeping. family books and pictures, and such other articles aa are used iu housekeeping, or lor tbe u*e or education of the fatally, to tbe v alue of f 1 .<? 0, except so far as the same may be liable for labor performed in a family as a domes*i? . which sball be a lien on values over S.j*?. 1 here shall be exempt from aale nnder execution for debta hereafter contracted, the lot and buildings thereon occupied as a residence. and owned by the debtor, aad from any and all debts If purchased subsequent to tbe passsge of this act, tbe residence of the debtor to tbe value of BI,(MiU. Sncb exemption shall j continue after tbe death of tbe householder for tbe benefit of tbe widow aad family. No ancta exemption shall extend to a sale for taxes or a debt contracted for tbe purchase thereof! ? Sbizvkx or Illicit Distillbmbs is 1 l (liuitukiuws.?A few days ago, as Deputy ? Collector of tbe Internal Revenue Addisou v m paaemg tbe houee of James Lydoa. No. vo High s.reet. Georgetown, he thought he heard tbe sound of a sbll at work, and re- 1 ported his suspicions to Collector Clephane tbe next morning. Mr. C , with Mr. Addison, ' went over aud examined the premises, find- , ing, alter considerable trouble, a a mall still, and also a number of racttfytag tabs, which were confiscated nnder the law. Saturday, tbe establishment of a Mr. Cos tar, on Bridge street, was seized by the same oScsrs. who found a tin still on tbe premises. The only cine the officers had was that Cos tar bad a abort time before pare based a barrel of sour beer, from wbich whisky caa be made. <'oetar alleged that be was making vinegar from tbe beer, but nnder tbe law he had no right to havs a still on the premises. Obfhabp' Copbt. Jtdft PurfU?To-day the will of the late Pratner Lea, of Georgetown, was Hied and fully proven. Letters of administration ware issued to Oeorge Lautner, on the Mists of Hsnry Nettle bond f',(??. Catherine Hines was appointed guardian to the orphan of David Hines?bond fi,0U0. Mrs. Mary Fleming renounced ber nght to administer oa the estate of Jobu Fleming, deceased, and lattera of administraiioa were isaued to l*airick Fleming?bond $1,600 The sevoud and final aecounta of the administratrix, w. a., of Hamilton J. Smith, deceased, ol guardian cr orphan of Thomas Corcoran of second aad mppiemsntal of executor of Thomas Lumpkin; and seventh income account of executor of John B. Kibbey, were approved aad passed. A Ntw Gold Mimse Company.?a new company has been organized and bas goas iato operation near theGreat Fails of the Potomac, adjoining tbe laada of tbe Potomac Fails Comp*av, in which Jnage Casey and Messrs. i>ei;rirk, Kilgonr, aad o?ber>, of this city, are interested, and the farm of Christian Rappert, Fsq , also of this city. The directors or this company, whose capital is half a million dollars, are Metiers. Win. Wallace, Joseph 1. Lingle, and Clement C. Idler, of Philadelphia, and Dr. J. W Anderson and N. D. Uffutt, of Keek ville. They have already tahaa up some beautiful specimens of ore, and bare already contract*^ for a full supply of machinery a Th* Noov Dat Pt.ayib Hnrmi The noon day prayer meetings, under the auspices of tb?- Young Men'a Christian Association, held at tbe Lutheran Cbureh, are growing in interest daily, and yesterday the lecture-room of the chnrch was crowded. The Aaeociatioa r-opnae to Inaugarate tbeir new rooms ov?/1 24' tzsrott llall, on 8aturday evening next. * ~~ A J acc ii xst ?Yeeterday, aa Mrs. Ei^ra t Leach was getting off near at the comer ?f street aud Peunavlvanja avenue, she was aecidtn tally knocked down by' a cavalry sol. dier, who ass passing at tns time, and was -riously lujured She was lakauinto Clark's urug store, nnd was promptly attended, and was removed to her reeidenc*. a i ai kr Misaivo.?Ten bags of waste paper Lave neer. stolen from the Poet Ulttoe Department witbin the past few day*. This paper L coiis.?t*of old blanks, which are of no use to I tbe Department, and are sold for eight cents I lr- I und. It is thought the miaaing paper has t**n taken by some one employed about th# building, and the matter will be Inrestlfhied. IPHOWOOEAraT?Mr. M. A Clancy, the able short-hand amanuensis tor Assistant Secretary i"handler, ia now forming classes at ladies ui.d geu'iemen for lustrucuon in phonegrapby Mr. C.'e ability aa a ahort-band writer ia well known, and be will make an exoeileat teacher. * e * Givkb lk>m>.? Mr. J. H. Lathrop, recently appoinunl under lbs decree of the conrt re> eiver of tbe Washington^ Alexandrui aad Georgetown Railroad Cnupaay,^aa given Uxr*qmsite hotul of fSiLiMXi, Messrs George w h to and Natban G Kiu^ hemg bis sureties, anaei?iered oa hie duties. Pcn kxt ptcKai) ?On Wedueeday at Aaoapohs .: unction, Senator Compton, while pa*s ac o\?t tbe platform from ibe Washington to ti- A ma poll* tsars, bad bis pocket picked, and l ' Lis wallet con'alnln* one bnndred and CJi-eu dollars.? An-iapnlir S-j>ublica>t. lis Lxvt Ct?vct.-Te hear that th* Preeld?nt b: sapfi uaied Mr. A. R. Shepherd, ol this r?ty. erd Mr B T. Srntti. of tbe county,aa Werrt'^rsef the I>evy CtU ?? place otf Messrs * ^aig-ai aud Say lee J. D^wen. f ". ic* Pxroars -Th? r?*l*ee rep?rt*d this ne ~r. ,rrv?-, a tbe District yearetd^. -h- gut* m Corj*orawan rases, aahtASd m .w u?ai ,s*aAa flse Tu Rivxr?An Arriral fnm Below?Teeter I Mr. tMMintr K-y por'. (iron plated,) Oapt I Holliagstwarf, arrlwd At the 9th at M wbari two o'clock. The Keypori lert Aqnla O Kkoa Saiday monlac. ud oat her w?? p irtdnt'lT. home. bow?v?r. ha""v iiirunM, aid reached Alexandria Sunday night, laavlag t ie latter place early yeaierday Biurnn(, ai a m^ini kw aa above staled. The tea *M qnl'e thick in some places, and considerable damage was done to brr wheel*. In tbo tr ek made by the Kevport. the Kacker (which waa b'owa ashore at Lower Gieabor?' on Than* liyvotk) came, mad anaoaadad in getting to The rlwr In rwwa from shore to ahore ai low dowa aa Matbiaa' Point, rabout 75 milea b-low here.) and off Indian Head the ioe la II , and six inches thick. Thera ara quite a a as her of Teasels below, and on San day twa propellers warn endea i orlng to apnke their way throagh. I It W?a expected that tha track made by the Keyport woaid be kept open, bat this morning it la frozen ever firmly, and it aaama to ha conceded that the beats in port will make no at* tempt to open tba way anfcl wa hare a thaw. At the wharves we bare, besides tha Keyport, ths Vanderbilt and Kennebec, of the Southern line, and the Alexandria Perry Oo , moat of wbtob are Bred np daily to prevent their pipea from freezing, and to be ready to take the ftrat opportunity to go to work O Ciaccrv rooar.-lu tha Circuit Court today (Judge 01m) the case of John O. are mat the Baltimore and Obis Railroad 1* being tried. This ta an aetian to recover da*ta*e? for injuries received by the plaintiff by an action on the main stem oftheroid ahon* two year* since. The v?rdict of the Jury on a 'ormer trial was sat aside by tha court in banc, hence a new trial. a MrsiCAL.?Weare pleased to learn that Heller has consented to introduce Into the Epiphany Sacred Concert, to-morrowerenmr. his initahle organ yxistnrnlt, descriptive of rnnir merry-making with the usual epUode of a storm, which ho renders with telling effec*. ' CITY ITEMS. ThiTwkitt Dollar all wool Cassiiriere Suits are very beautiful at Henning's One Pricenothing store, on the corner ot Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Kkkf tour Hoc?h Warm?Brown's Patent Metallic Weather Strips are warranted to keep out Wind, Rain, Cold,Snow, Noise. Dust, Ac , from doors and wiadowa. Gall at office and eee reference. 3 DoroLA* Mooax, 53t?7th street. O ? I offer a splendid stock of flue 13 karat Gold Td Silver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry ami Opera Glasses, *0 percent, below cost, to close business. I Alxxasdkk, '210 Pennsylvania avenue. 6 Dr. Whitr, Chiropodist, iM Psnn. av., between 4 % and ath streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, en larked jointe, warts, moles, vaacular excresences. Ac. Office honrs from ? a. m. to 3 p. m . and ft to w p. m. Established 1461. For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's K.rahrocatiou i? a specific. Price 91 per bottle. Kor sale at 4*24 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4^ aad 6tb streets. i a A Hrti Pils Curb ? Dr. Gilbert's Pile in atrument positively enres the worst cases of piles. Seat by mail oureceiptof 94. Circulars tree. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted evervwbere. Address J. B Romaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: a Wj take pleasure in announcing that our old tellow citizen, J. B. Gardner, M. D., has renewed his practice. In which speciality we know he has had great experience. We refer you to the advertisement column. s ? Pass ins can be had ta any qnanuuea at the B'ar office counter I B1BV. GRBY80B. In Georgetown.Tuesday moraiag, ef pneumonia. Mrs TJCKBsa GRCVSOC, wns of Thomas Greyso* of Ghicego, age-1 43 years. iHer funeral will tsks place to morrow! We<lne*?y> atter&oon, at So'clnok, from the residence ol <r brother in.lav, Michael Callan, Ks?i , Ho ? Second street, Georgetown. [Ghicago papers lease notice J * ALLY TBGBTABLB BlClLiAB BA1K KIHXWll aa proved itself to he the meet perfect preparation >r the heir ever offered to the pabllc. It Is a vegetable compound, and contains no ialrious proper Use whatever. It will Bxstoxx Oui Baix to its OaiowAi tot. on. It will ksep the hair froasfalling oat. It cleaases the acalp, and ssakss the hair soft, atroas aad silkea. It Is a splsadid hair draestag. Ho person, sld sr young, should fall to nae It. It is BicoMMiiim axdUsxs bt tii fiw (XDICAL Acthoxitt. _ , _ KT Ash for Ball's Vegetable Sicilian Balr Be ewer, and takepo ether. rT __ B. P. BALL k OO., Bashna, B. B., Froprtstort. Per eale by all Draggists. ja \TOT1CB. Washinoton, Jan. 4,1M7. .a Ths coaasetion of Kobert Beckett with th? fotomsc C be nil cat Manufacturing Company, a< in per I ntendent, having bees dissolved, ths com >any hereby notify the public that thsy will no1 >e responsible fer any debU of aaid Bsckstt'i :ontracting after this date. B jam Vice frost, P. C. M. Co. LOP1S1AM A AVBBOB. ^ J. B. OBABB ft 00. Bave on hand a large and 9ns assortment o QOODS, suited to this market, anck as BUTTBB DBBBSB, BOOB, APPLBB, BAISIBS, PIGS 0ITBOB, MBTB, BAMB, OOBVISB, MACK BBBL, BBBBIHQ, BOAPB, CABBED GOODS fee. Also, B Barrels Moore's celebrated CBAM PAQBB 01DBB,by barrel er gallou. All the above goods are effsred at the lowss market price, and warraated to suit, by J. B. OBABB A CO., Ja 4-lm 93 La. avs.. bstween 4th and 7th. QBBAT Bi.^ir.1 The subscribers are closing out ths balance c their PABOT DBB9B GOODS at greatly reduce prioes, aad ladies in want ef handsoms Silks Ueps, MsrInees. Poplins. Plslds, aad, la fact, an: kind of Dreas Materials, will find oar prioes i great ladncement, aa we sriah to close them en i hi 4 mop tfci Ws also bavs *a hand aa elegant stock ? BHIBTIBGS and SHBBWIGS, both Linen an Gotten. which we are aelltng cheap. All goOOs marked In plain figures at tbslowea nstksi rates. .... - M_ ja7 -oSt Bo. Market Space. LATBST PABIDSBit^Sei.K. OP BAIB 9KENCU' fuiR?D)tB6SER, 394 B strset. between 19th and Idh ets. Mr. Alliut, from Paris, Balr-Dresser, of tb< celebrated Barbel, with whom he arrived in thi country, baa now been established for tae las eight years la Waahlnrtoa aad Mswport, en jovlag the patronage of tbeeorj?< diplomatique, am of the highest society. Hs has tns honor to na noonce that hs has this seasoa imported the latee fashions of bair dreseing, aad also posaades, am nnarytbing that belongs to the dressing of halt pjfcmy reasons'l? psless. . ja7 <m* , PBn BBBT?Two Burnished BOOMS, at Bo W76T 19th street between Band f ste. de 14 1 ' pi ABO POB 9ALB OBBAP-A splea^ A did handeomely oarved 7-eetave Bose-|BIHB| w?>od PIANO brantifally Inlaid with",?r pearl, aad bee a swset slag tag tone. Can best si at Bo. fl73 17th st. aUt* s4"""" LADISS'SKATSS of alt klndt, from tl ? to fu. P0CLTBB1 A TBIMBLB, Bo. ilOO Waat Baltimore street, de W lm Baltimore. Md. J UBT KBCBIVBD m , wklcl ther_are offering at very low prieee. noM tf C?ITi.L MU. ^ mn . r. i. sooLSt. raqsain. AT/? Corner Penn'a a venae aad east Ml stress, Pore and fresh Drags and Chemicals, Perfa mery. Vaacy Articles alwaya on hand, l?js? supply. *MWr UBBSOBB rUBBlBHIBO BOOBS wsnld savj money end troaMeby sailing a* AD A MHOB 9 *00 math Street, next to f snnsalraala inns who eaa furnish them with ready - ssade_ Sheets Pillow Cases, Pssther and Bstr Pillows,Bolsters Shad?,%<i*<?leu5re52rpet, s'Sur'crsjh.Towel tag. Table Liaea. As deM dlM ^JOCDBS SOCPPBBBOBG WIBB,(Battve.) d^eVt'2!t7UT*r,**4k bw4' fM w -CtJPPBBBOBG OBAPB, of BorthGarellae. ^IBB 4 BOB, de? if ' Ring Place. C4?nien.?be3istSa^*JaauaiT"M&. t' their stock of Fo.eign sud Domeetle BB1 BOOM at redaeed rataa. To toeation only a fei arttcteg they afil sell . Androscoggin 4-4 Bleached MCftLiB at 90c. Waaiior** atisc. iS'ver'r wipcrtor 4-d Blotched 8hlrtlsg^l*ac. ^BreM W? at ?>. MJ**, ff aad Bl,f ^i AMUSEMENTS. ' rational theatre. MHilnati ivmimnt Willarda' Hotel. AX ffi ITALIA* OPBBA I Tkla TUISDAT BYKNlNO. Ju 8, at 8 o'clock, Grand, celebrated. ?n^?cp?Ur Opera, Which will be prodaoed in'a atjle Mm !*for? eearoached la WMbiif'oa, with INTIBBlY IIW TID C08TIT DBBS8B8 APPOINT*fNT8.A B D TR0PB B TIBS, l 1B0ABABBD (JB0B ? ANi> OROHBSTBA, i . .... ?O*OB0Ti?iri8B XI 8CIMB, ' PMBQBALlJfp0OMBTHB*0>BBATIO BTAOB, WALL'S HIW QfMA HOUBB. BIBBY B WALL .PBOPBIBTOBB B. B. PHILLIPS BTAQB MANAGBB! Beeond7*?ibt of"thf ^dg^sn eS t o7the P?puUi KB t. L DATBHPOBT. Who will umr 'bbiSdkj^*****1" * la ntkmMn1! Olorinns 0os^dy of HUUH ADO ABOUT BOTHIBO, Bnpaorted h? the entire ftTAB OOHBiBATIOB ftTOOK OOMPABY. The Sparkling Corned ^of m_A_A .BATB80JT ADMISSION. A Pri vate Boies, #8: Orcbeetra Chairs. #1; Dress Oircle. 76cents: Pareuette. Nentii Parnily Circle, is c?ata; Colored Circle. 98 coata. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. _ BOB THBBF MIGHTS ONLY, TUESDAY, WBDRRSDAY^AND THUB8DAY JANUARY ?th, 9 t a,'and 1?th, THB ORIGINAL FATHBB f BMP, __ _ _ with hii celebrated OLD FOLKS COIOBBT COMPANY, Cenaiatiag of _ ?<fLAMBS ABD OBNTLBMBN, With a 89101141'* Orohestra: aasiated by BMMAJ NifcHOLS, THB JINNY LIHD Of AMBBIOA. Admission. 25 ceat?; reserved seats, 50 coata. Doera epen at 7, concert at 8 o'clock. GRANDIMATINBB OnWBDNKBBAY AFTBRWOON. Jan 9th. *t 3 o'clock. Children to Matinee 1ft eta. ja3 7t* ^ACBSD CONCBBT. Under the direction of BOBBBT HBLLBB. in the CHURCH OP THB BPIPHANY, Q. bet. 13th and 14th atreota, OH WBDNBBDAY BVBNINO, 9th JANUARY. In aid of the new North End and Weat Bad ProUataet Episcopal Oburchee. Admission ONI DOLL IB. To be had at Metzerott'a and Bids' Stores. jaJ td METZEKOTT HALL. FOB OBI WBBK ONLY. Messrs JABRVTT A PALMBB beg to announce to *h? citizens of Washington that they have enfc?K?-d those eminent Artlata, MB AND MRS HOWABD PAUL, wbo will appear far the first time in thti city on MONDAY BVBNINO, Jan. 7,1847, and every evening during the week, la their GRAND BNTBBTA1BMBNTB oa CONOIBTB II C08TUMI, a? recently given l,000 nights ia Laodon and fifty nights at lr*ing Hall, New York. They will apP" ' lft SONGS AND 1MPBBS0NAT10NB, AiK 'Ug which will ho found Henry Baaaell'a great Lyric entitled THK LBBAM OP TBB BBVBLLBB, And toe celebrated Ballad, "WHBN QBOBGB TBB TMIBD WAS KINO," and thocelbratod BNBBZIN9 BONO, The wb<da forming the aoost unique, elegant and varied Entertainment ever sivea in the Uuited Siatea. For particulars aee Bi 1 la an<i Oircnlara. PRICBS? Admlafcloa, 50 coata; Reserved Beats, 75 coota. The aala of Beaerved Seata will commence at Mxizerott'a Munc Store oa Friday morning, Jan. 4,1847 Doors open at 7^: oc mmeaco at 7% o'clfc. jal 9t BALLS, PARTIES, kc. XH* ritTH A adbVaiL IZB MAB^L'*aor THI HABMOBY OIBCLB will be given at the ODD FNLLOWB' HALL, On MONDAY IYBIINO, Janaary 14th, IfiSI Two raluabla art zee will be given to the heal oririaal Bale aad female maakera. The nnmber of carda for admiaaion aoaitlvelj limited, aad can only be procured at Boa. m Sll aad 4b? Pennaylvanla avenue up to the inb Inatant. No tlcketa aold after tkat data. Mr Marahal. the popular Ooeturner, of Ba.tlmora, will be at the Germaala Hotol, O street, between 4H and 8th, on Saturday aad Monday, Jannary 12ta aud 14th, with a vary large variety of tb< latent aovelttaa of Ooatamaa. I Prof, hchrooder'e celebrated Marino Band haa t been encagad for thla occaaloa. ' PERSONAL. AB. MAUBICI. BIAL BCIINTiriO AS TBOLOOBB OB AMEBIOA, \ From the yoalttoa ana aspect of tbe Stare at the time of ona*a birth, will reveal astonishing ae creta that no livltg mortal ovor knew before: ho? f to be auoceeaful in all re^aonable undertaklaga, He tolla name and ve.-y day you maA-r, deecribe* tbe Intended aotnaanlon and tella all eveata ol , llfa; good lack and long fife to vlaltora. Ladiaa M centa to #1: gentiemea in fall |i. Call at 4 70 llth at., near F, all hoara until ? la thaeveuiag. i, deSllm* J ADIB8 LOOB AT THIB. COLLAR AND CUFFS GIVEN AWAY. . Baeb lady having work done at the OHIAF t STAMPING BOOMS, 439 9th atreot, oapoaiu Pateat Oflee, will receive fratis one Ooliar aa? fair of Onffa, atamaed on the flnoat muslin, foi chain atiih. Braid or Imbroidery, auitable foi Bight-gowns. Star drald and Colored Ootton foi tbe above at reduced aricee. Initials a tamper from one ta five cents. Stamped gooda at half th< f price heretofore aakod. 4a S tf i " - ' ~ i, DIAIO S.?Two more of tkoee beauUfa f I PIAIOB. mado by Jaaaa W. Toae- mm . a just received, and for sale low, oa saiylCMS t terme Alao, now and an peri or aoven oc ",M tava PIAIOB, la raaowood, warraatod, for $900 * ? JOHN F BLLIS, i ja 4-tt 306 Pa. ave.. near Mth atroet. t ? OPABTB BBJNI1F. I have this day aaaoeiatod with bo la the Gro eery Baaiaoaa my brotbor, JAB. H. GULIOK, ao< tba baalaasa will hereafter be conducted by tk< Brat of OULIOB A BBOTHIB. All aoraoaa having uaeettled aceonnta are re cjussted to aettla tba aaBa, as aaw books will b opened froa this date. O F. OULIOB. Was bin* ton, D. O.. Jaauary 1,18t7. # Wo. tbo aaderaigaed, feel confident that, wit] a oar oxperloaco aad the facllittea at oar command t we can faralah to parohaaera. both wholesale sn ; retail^as largo aad woll aaeorted atock of Qroceiiea \ Teaa, Wlnee, Llquora. Cigara. Ao , aa the marke affords, aad at tko moat reaaoaabla rataa. Oood t iMagh^of aa dellvare4 free^ chM^e^o^A^part o f Coraer of Mow Jaraay avenue aad B street aoath ja 1-iOt OLD BTOVBB TAKBI IIIXOHAIOM ^ for new onaa8TOYI8. OBATB8, la groat variety, atS| 143 434 atreot, near tba Bridge, dogla" OB I FIAVING ASBOOIATBD MB. WM. H. DAL . AT. TON with mo oa the lat ia-tant. la Store S4I Peanaylvaala aveaae, the buaiaeaa heraaftar wll be oondacted under the name aad title of B. BUBBSAOO. All aaraona iadobted to the late Arm of BUBBI A WIL8UB are reqaaeVd to Bake early aettle Boat ot their accounts nt the old ataad, 341 Penaav Ivaala a venae, near 9th atreot. ja 4 atif H. BUBIB. | ADIB8' DBB88 OOODB. ^lffA,AtI?,3JSS8?57.0LSL.'t"'Closing out cheap prevloaato taking aocoaata a ' SlaW.ahi.^ iS7 ^ S Vx SB Central Storea, * , _ botweea 7th aad 8th atreota, Ja4 tt oppoelte Center Market 1 LfOB BALI OB BBBT?A Boa toae PIamu, a . tggmisssssp*m CBATBBB, ATTIITloB l-Ooto ADAMBOBf ~ W? BIB atraat, aad far 18 centa gat oae of hi Zonave Cape, just the thing to keep year oar aam whoa aaatla8. 4e 17*1 * The ^9lato r pABLBf YQMQBFBABOAiy;Q|.D^> Y? Bpeal " - i -4 WANTS. WAB1I BD-Ario4 (basal .? Own f?r a mUt BLUT/5 BBBTA0BABT ? as . ?et 17 th aad isth %u. ul lt' 11 nnn WABTBD #?r t*?lw mtUn m .?1 r !r" IMW'Wortkrflwiirtf *44mi A K. ,^ ?ur office. rt' WV!TJ2-A seooad kaod FtMILT '-AM, fi'M. App!vt/>WB STOCKBBIDUB , *?,.* r'Bl- * B #OM,#r ** *"4 * *U , \Y A B T B D . *JWT w?U wiit of t ttoro?igb,praetl-?l riffiha si usee should immediate! r #unr COPP8N 0 BUS1N SSS COLLBUB. c >ruer MM the avenue. oa or taetore lk? Mth 1*4 f**"1 urctfcw a Lite Bcholaieblp, Including Bookkeptng, PvaaiMkiy, AiitkmeUo Or*'um-r, Ac., kooo Id all Colleges ef thl* Uiloi Llk*ril aitengemeuts for pa>meat kr iuUlRMti Prof B V BHMir, ki or P. B Spenoer uih >r of the

Spencrrian, Is lnohvp of tki Ptnoaublp Dt pertinent * !? M'ANTID-A HI AT WBITB WOMAN, for ? ? general housework for a t.imlly of ihraa persons. Moaa bat Asserlcaa or tferataa with |o4 references need apply, to MRS. LAW BBNOB. No tl K Itrw . b?i?Mu Wtb aa< Ktt iu. ia7St* A RESPECTABLE YOUNO LADT. la radn'-ed arcoattucM, la wHIlag ta air* (attraction* on the piano on tb? most reasonable t?rm?. Am ply or -ddraes *L. Kill*' Untie Siora. ja 7 st* VV AITID?B; a steady aad reliable oolered > *' ?saa, a PLACE, either to cook wall. dm. * as portyr. Ue la a vary competent persoa, tud caii gl ve the beat refneaoex Pleaee addreaaa nota e Bo* Bo. T, Star office, aad the advert!a r will ia/M WAN riCU-To purchase aHjUil. (brick ?re tarred,i between 6th and iitti atraata aad orIh of tiieavena*; mast hare gas aui wat<<r; price between $ ?.nw ant ?? uw. Immediate ao* session not required. Address "D." *o > T6, Treasary Department ja^_Jf WAN1BP-A YOCBO MAN. who la a coed draftsman and pei>man ftaa<i? employment Address Bo* 494 Poet Office, with real na>ne and reterencea. ja7 iw* WANTBP?Oa the 1st of February. %n unfur Bii-bed HOUSE. containing from five to eigut rooms and ball, with gaa aud water; in a good neighborhood. Beferen<-aa given If reqilred. Ad dress FELIX. Box No. 3* Star Office. ja7 6t* A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE WIBB BOABD In a private family; where taere ?re t>o other board era preferred Address B. W. M. Poet 0fflca jag St* WABTBD-A COO A for a Boarding House One that understands her baaiaeaa, D'>ne others need apply, at No. 391 0 at., bet. 3d aad ja>-St* It iNTED A COOK. MOUBEKBBPER aad '* ISTBfcBS in a small family. German pre ferred. Call at J?6T Bow York ave., bet. 6thend fth sts. WANTBD-New and Oaat off CLOTHING, old GO Lb aad SILVER, or any other article of vaine, at the eld aatabllsbed Merchant Pawn bicker's Store oi K VliLTuN A CO., AU-J 9th at,, 3 doors north of Penna avenue Sola Agent for SINGER'S SEWING MACHINE, da 9-It W~ ABTKD-100 LtPIEB Immediately. t? embroider Tokea, Banda, Wrapper Tok??, Plan nalSklrta Blippera and InltUla. To good kanda who brine sample of work, good wagaa and con ataat employaient given. Gall at the new Stamp lug Boom, 439 Vth atr^et, opp.>alta Patent Office BTAM PINO redaced to PlVE cants per width, de 14 tf. WANTED-10 000 LADIB8 to kn^w~tbiTtTt the New Stamping Bootna, 9th ?tree|,oppeaite Patent Odice. tbey can had the b>?t aelectod a?a< rUbent of Patterns avar offered here for Cioaka, Oapea, Aprona. Joaeya. Walata, Tokea, Banda, Wrappera, Blippera Pincnahiona. and Inl tlala Alto, dealgua for Pillow Gaaea Ottomans. Ghair Covera. Pianoa. and. In abort, every variety of Patterns a? thay ara daily ianned. We have a Preach Machine and a Piactieai Stamper, aad bave i adored the price to P1VB OBBTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern broaght na. Braids, Bilk aad Working Ootton vary low. del*-tf WANTID-BBCOND HAND PUKBI I'DHE Alao MlKBOKS, OABPETB, BBDS, BBO D1VO and BoL'BBPORNlsU IBO OOODSofevery description. B BU"HLT 4fc>? 7th street. jeeg-tf bat ween G and B.eaat aida LOST AND FOUND. Cj \ REWABD?Lost, on Tbaraday night laat. *1on 6th or B streets, in going from National Hotel ta Poat Office, a RECORO BOOR, three or four sbeau written. Leave tha same at Tewers' Br gar Btore. 514 7th at ja 8 V CIA BEWABD-Loat, na Saturday, about 10 tplU o'clock a m , a $50 QBE EN BACK, auppo?ad to be loat In the avenue cars Taa above reward will be given If retained to N B PBRE(iHI. Franklin Hotel, Pa. avenne, between Iitb aad 19tb streeu jaS-St* $60 rT r<rir Rftrvittnt Rendezvous, !?. S. Army, ( 461 C streti, Wiuktngion. D. f., Jan. I, !Si7 ( THIBTT DOLLARS BBWABD will be paid for the apprahaaalon and delivery to ae at tkta Rsndev.vons of each of the following named man, deserters I rem the United States Army: BWBEBT T. BoTD, Private, Company "B,'44th Beglment of Infantry; age V resrp: height l 6 feet; complexion fair; eyes gray; hair light. Tke above aamed man auppoaad to be at tha Waablngton Bavy Tard. THOMAS OABBBT, Privata, Oompanr " B," 44th Baglasentof Infantry; age23 pears; heights feet 7H lachee; complexion dark; eyaa brown; hair black. Supposed to be in the city of Weak1 ington CARLE A. WOODRBPP, It 1st Lleutenaat. ad Artillery. LOST? S3 BBWABD?Betweaa tke iSth and 2Stkof Decembar, 1866. a Ladles' Gold ITS GLASS, with tha InltUla marked on tt. The i ft ader will reaeiva the above reward and the thaaka of the owner by leaving the aame at 400 uth at., between I and a. ja8 3t* tOn BBWABD?Miayad or etolan, oa TuesOaU day night. 1st instant, frois the corner of 6th and B stra*ta. Island, a larje red BBW> FOOBDLABD POO; fore feet tipped with white; had an a German silver ooliar, fastened with braee padlock. The above reward wlil be paid apon the rstnrn of the dog to tne above address. _1 8. W. MABSH. T'AkBB op ABTBAT?One 00W: light rad lined back; oaa ear aroppad, tha other ear t slit. Tbeowner will please casae forward, prove L propeitr pay ekargse, and take her away. OBOf BIBMAN, Talley street, Oeorgetosm. de7 3t* r*AMB TO MT PBBMIBBS, ABOUT THBBI V weeks ago, a small red COW, with horae. white stripe on her hip, aad white htad feet. Tke owper Is requested to cone forward, prove prepja7-St* corner P aad 14th streets. I D ABA WAY VBOM BOMB, on tha Utk of De r ILeember, MICBABL RTAB, aged 16 years: r good looking boy. with blneeyee aad light hair, r Had oa when he leflheate a pair of blae pants, I patched jaad a soldier's blouse. Any one knowing t of bis whereabouts will confer a favor aad receive the thanks of his distressed father by leaving ln formation at tbe oornerof id and V streets. Islaa i jaT-gt* JOHN B?AB. h fpAKEN UP BSTBAT?Janaary l, one dark I 1 Iron Bray OOLT, with a halter on his Bead. Tha owner will pleaee came forward, prove prop erty, pay charges, aad take kins away J.B. SOHBBtZ, Clinton Hense, ja? 3t* Comer af 7tk and Baandary ate. BOA BBWABD?Stolen on the night of tbe SSd af September from the areaieoe of George Jones, near Btadensbarg, a dark brawn 1 HOBbB, marked C. 8 aad I. U.; mad lam else, . mane and tell somewhat snnbarat: has a roan nose. Tke above reward will be paid If retamed to OBO. JOBB3, , jc^^^J^nttrHne^PrinaeBkorj^sOojjM. BOARDING. ^ KpOB BBBT-A PUBBI8BBD BOOM, WITH | " BOABD, at <46 Pena. avenne, between 13th i, and Utk aw. [jaB-M*l J. H. SHAf P1BLD. ; J UOABDIBG-Oae sinale Front BOOM, with J P Srst-elasa BOABD. Bsferiaess raqaired ApPlf Star OBloe. j?g Si* ; ?*r0B BBBT-PARLOB aad OBAVBBB. eonMW necGag, onthe first floor Be. 4|l Utt st, fwween G aad B. TaBLB BOABD $x per f>CARDlBO ? Ladlee aad geatlemeneaa be acJ^5ssirl?*,K.ft5r?'?isssirfjia; between 17tk and 18th sts. The location la particI nlarly deelrakle oa acconat of tbe proximity to the 1 Departments. Table Beard aad Camillee furnished at ntederate rates. Tta?lent Boarders, $l.K per tor- ja8-St* ' F%S,?LiA5!TV?^-VSSa;,iKia. ^UBNIBBBD BOOMS FOB BBBT, WITM or y 'ill!??1 *kraa Rsoms conaacHng, Id 6??r, will be let for koasekeaplaa, If desired, Bo. 11 Penasylvaaia avenue, between S4th aad S5tk "trsets jaS-tt* , zntz'jfeL" *"sr XABLE BOABD Mjk^tM BBMne^t Ml GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. yjom BB0wui0._ , It is vrorth kaowiag that tke greatest Barsalae 1 "Vt.yti tRd?dOBBAP DBT OOODS 8TOBB, kava been aoll staae the war Bleached Ma si I as. I SifcylgSii g%*g ^ ^ ? Pillow Cattoas verv cheap. Browa MaaliaST/S and is cts , yard wide da. llaal B eU Merrimack I 8ft 9tr*aamtm WJMB> frlLLBB| POID PBB8?A 8aa assartaseat <4 Bold Paae, ? ? is . ?-,X 41 ^ -j FOR SALE AND KENT. FO? JBBHT-A Brat doog BTA BLB aud 101 HOUBB la yard Apply at t?4 I ? ? '.?k i>4 till jat ?* (POB IlITirW >rtakle fliMI P W ILLr 1NM oa tRe rw?t ?f tMt Capitol MM *k sreets T? iBtff ill> IIT M> i> wwt j?l *? L'Uk MkM .A HOUfB. parti sl y furnished, r containing * rM?, Vatar, ul *u. ?tt??w oa Peoa av* , ki Hat end tM eta , Be * < K PWmlo>1 KMt BOdWtt*. J?*-K' 17*01 UKT-A lirn oafaraisko4 front P4?r lOBaad UB A It SEE >4)? Dli| Neoi4 iouf mittitefor koaoefceeplBg Ia<(iir**l91ita*rttL itrtcl, Nf ?*a 4 th ?4 Ufa. )?* ** 1/OH RENT-HOPSE >0 *?* 1th etreal, ib > rood ardor at.d well located Far una*. Ac., awlrMl r SIM NOB, 3*4 D.kol. l*tk aad Iliaate j* r ?* l/OB RENT-At Bo 1*1 F atree*. Mw*? 1 ik r U4 i|tkitiMti,oMUr|tOHtVlil Both ruoM. altk hot aad 00>4 valor, attaaka4 Aoeiy oa tke pr?mJeee jal-M* NICELY FURBISH RD RimiMS, la oalta ar ulngly. vith or vttkaat b?tr4, at '49 Btl trr?t. between 1 Mid R at* Table B?ardere acroamoJa ted Tom moderate A loo, anrarniehed Bo^me, If drtlr?4 j? ? > |70B REBT-Three Ft RM18MB0 BOOMS, la ? a pleasantly sit listed h mo, vksre there are bo Viar4era or children Ooo block from Capitol half block from ?*aro. Plaase oall otoaoo ot Sua oortk B otroot, kotwooa Peiavare ato and lot oi. jal-?* t'OB BKNT-Oof taroo stary BRICK HOUfB. ituarwi Doar tko Sta'o I>? part moot Addr?*s J. I T . Biar oflloo jaT If I POOBB FURNISHED ABD OB PURBISBBOIV Ob reaeoasM* tera-a. at 4 0 otroot Oall after ? p m ,or before I a m joT^It* FOB BEBT?Alva story FKMIB HOUSE vith collar and puiaio, oa Oei-?ft I Hill A op y ta MKBBARH HAVBtf. ja 7 St* Corner ?tk aa4 H street* NOTIOB-FOfi RENT OR I E*SR-The vol' kB??a FltfHBKT oa tke Poteiaee riear. thia ine 01 Fort Wttblnfli B on the l>r>l%iii <4 1# iriles k> vaior end It by U?d 4ppl? to H a. JOHBeON. Bo. .t?s P?aa imi? bet?-?a ?s aiid4lhota . oppoelte Bati.-aal He?ei itf 4k' F'UBMSHED HOOfBh VOk KBNT-ih of |S rooaie.near *Jlty Hail, st #10 per month Also, one of 10 roome, near tbo Oapltol, at $10 perm lb. ' t'Boof iSrocma.aoar tke President's Boaao.for $M- par month uaoua 1 tk otroot of 7 rooms, for per ianth. D. L WBIiLd a 00.. Kool asiate Brokers, ja7 It aor'hvoot coraer 10th aad F l/OR RHBT?To a private fnatly oilr aUsot r somely-famished ll 'D<B c^telnini fo?r lien moos, situated near tbo PreS'deut'g Man Moa. R*f?roacoi to jolrori To o go >d tenant f ?r along torm, reLt Tory molorato. Aadreee Box Bo. 2f7 , Star <>?ce_ IVjO. ???, H. w- C''KBBB OF 18PH aad Hat* , i> a F1 RN18HBU UUl bK FOB RBNT. joi tt |/OB BBBT-A OOBBBB BToBB ROOM? ooly ?lt por aioBtl . Flxtarta $U. Oo^d location. coraer of 8tl) and L u >rth ja A Si* A/OR RBB t?!"ix room UUl'HB ?it a Mall, targe 1 ford. Ac Bon< $4) In s?vaace. BTABB A 00 ,4*8H7?hat . I^t D nni B jt6Jt* l/0BBALB-TkoOaOD WILL aad FIXTUBB8 F of a H??t.r Store ArP') at Bo tt^Poan's avoDoe, 3d dwor oaet of ?)a ?troet. The H >u?a -or oat aleo. ja > >t* 4,-01 RBNT-Twn or three anfarat?ht?l KUOH8. r t?o on firat floor. eon?o -ting, vith coofcin* tcve Apply at Bo. 301 D at , between ltth and PalU. ia?St* LTOBSAl.R? Ou layraent of a ataall aaonat of F CAPH >?teTeral tvo etorr FRAME HOUSES, aituated In dlflerent na>t- mf the city. sTaRK A GO , 48*H Tih straet, ;a6 ?t* b-t ween l>AK. L'OR RBBT-A FURBlBdED HUW8K -f ten r r~on a The ocespant will take Board for part payment ItMjsire at Bo 27* B arreet. third door fr?m Sd atreot, la rear of St. Oaarle* Hotel. ja5 3t* I'O LET?A large HOUSK aaar o ir offl ?a. vith every aonarnleace. and Faraitore for "ale, w< II adapted for boarding hoa?e or private fatally. Apply to D. L WILLI A < O.. ja S-ftt Corner iota aad F ?ta. h'OR SALE OB RBNT?The rina aai large RE9IDEB0B Bo.*.. vith is rooms, vatar and gaa, farniabad or aafurnlaber ; and Ana gardea attached to it. la uulre at SIS Pa. are., bet. llth sad 13th ata jsaat* JQ6. g ?*H.\FPIBLP LOR RENT?A part or tlie whole ' the new BOOSE No 399 llth atreet, near Bigg*', containing 11 rooms, with all the modern Improaameata;bot and cold aatar th(oochoat;b4tk room*, gaH, Ac , piao S alee side yard. Apply oa the prem tee* IB 5 tt* | OR BENT?BB1CB. BOOSE. Sao ro<?m*, with r >sr4 and stable. Ha. 3b 24 stroat. batwaea^O treat and Maryland s*s. Beat mo4erate to s good teBBBt. Inqnlra of J EBEMlAH O'OOB BBLL, corner 1st and K itreeU north, or BOOEBB DALT, on the premlaos. ja It* f^OB BBBT?A HEW H<?0SE, junt Baished. I vltb ten rooms, wood an4 ooal cellar, gas aad water. Beat moderate, la ths First Wsrd, on 18th street, bat?eea I aad K eu. In^sire at toe Grocery Stare at tkeooraer. Also, three or foar ROOMS lo the corner house, orer the atore, auitable tor honsekeepiag, vita gaa aad vatsr. jaA It* P)R SALB?A OOOHtBY SEAT ABO OABDBH FABM.witfciaoaemlleof tkeoity. This property Will be sold low and oa aaay term*, or exchanged for city property. Also, from Twenty to Sixty Acres adjofalBg the above. Alao. Farms and Conatry Seats la Maryland aad Vlrlala. Apply to V.D 8TOOKHBIBOB, Beal Batata A seat. Northeast career 7tk and F atreeta, jal lm* Wa>klagtoa, P. C. $ 0,000 IBVBST S10.000 itrs. ?aLJSW?.tt'8F'-ss <s? aala Hoaaea rangias la price from #7il to #30,00, aad Baildlag LaU tram 2 oanta to Bi per saaara SSt. MITCHBLi SOiJ, Beal Be tale Broker*. ja4-lt* aontheast car. Fa. av. aad Ilk si. /OR SALB?N on beast ooraer B and 13th atraets, 1? a tvo atory BBIOK HOOSB, coovaaieatiy ar1 ranged; ? faet front. 8 rooma, water, Ac. laqalra at the premises for terms. Be. ja S It* LTOB RBBT?A three story aad aaaemeat Brick r DWBLLIBO HOUBB. brova frent, vatar and gaa, tea rooms; aitaated on lSlh atreet veal, betveea L atreet aortk aad Maas. avenae. Ha. 369. laqalre at Ho. 90S Utk street, between 8 aad 10 a. m. aad i aad I p. m. jaS tf rpOR BBHT?to a private family, a three alary r brick HOOSB. with tke farm tare, ooatalalag II room*, aitnated c. raar Q aad Utk atresia. Apply oa tke pramiaea. Bafereaoee repaired. j a S-aoSt* IT OR RENT?The late BBSIDBHOB of H . r Faat. ia^ D atreet, ooatalalag 17 rooms, witk all ths mod era Imaroveawats. Apply to OLIFTOB HBLLBH, 9T4 V ot. aajMf |?0B BBHT?L??s aad small faralsbad and un T furi>i*hed HOObES and APARTMBBT8 aitable lor h oaekaeplag. Also, For Bale, oeveral Mall HOOBBS. on easy termo_ Inquire BTABB A QO? 4SSH 7tk straot. Boom 13. 00 U-Sm* DO?MS FOB BBHT?Tvo fine BOOMS f .. ll rent, la a privatefsaulr. la Ooargetova.faraisked or aafturaished. Fartaar arrangement, may be mads If desired. References reqaired Ad I dreM t. C.. Star Ofllce J*7 >4i* I |?OR SALE?One tventy koraa power eortable t4 BTBAM BHOIBB AID SAW MILL, ju?t I ' empleted, and vsrranled to giae saUsl^ctioa Also, ssvsrat small otatioaery EHOIHBB, new snd second-hand vbick VlU ke eold lav foe ?aah. ArplytoWM M ELLIS A BBO . Ba?le Iron Works, coraer of ?kla aveoae aad ISth street, Waskiagtoa, P. 0. [Iatal ] IsT-Uvtv P>OB BBBT OB LBASB ? The wall-kaowa t4 WHITE HUC8B or BBLLVOIB. and tke OPFOBSOM BOSB FISHERIES, oa the Potomat I river. Bitker or kotkaf Ham will be raaUd or leaeedfor oaa or more yeara, and if n-.t diapaead I of by ar before tke 1Mb of Jaaaary. Mff, tke priv I liege to lak them vlll be 00id far cook, for oaa or I mora aaaaona, oa thai day at U or, at tke aactioa I a tare of Jaa. C. McOaira A ? o. wood may be had I at a reae enable pate oa either eatata -Apply to OBO. II. BOBBBB, Ageat fer Sarah Otter hack, Execatrlx. de S-MawtJaalQ I70B 8ALB?Several deolrable bo 11 ding LOW I r in different aectyaaa of tka olty. Terms, BM9 teSghragr So. 399 7th atreet. da M-eolm* ^OR RUT?COTTAOB coatalaiag otakt roomo, r oa I straet. betveea |Taad ST joaaMaion CLt#KZ ll'KV I jal lOt Bo. 4 Market Bpaoe. new atook. oaraer atore; good locaUon, and best of mrt /Sofe ntzzsiL. Mv.01 de!4-?v* r^OR SALB?A oaaattty of OoM aa4 good Plated | ggptMgwSCBi. | pA.^SKiasiS'aS?: Mm. ao2l tf nOB BEHT-Tke BTOBB BOO* corner of Fa. I r avaaav oad lltb atraat areet, la the atar O.-Bce 134 Peaa. av , bet |9ib and 4Kb -ta. no ?< tf Fuv Store, 934 Peon s avsuae Rest modsr i it?. n > m it MiHT ?be ATOBB He ?9I 9 ottaoS* j ar t! mi .t *- -*?aS-"-? AUCTTON SAT,ttS. rais ArrmMjruon |^T THOB. INiVliMO. Airt.;v*M|*w?? Su or intra ia ByHrtae af ?J?d *f Irwt daly f^o-ded 1a l,4b#^.J ^ t ?. ? of :keiead record* of the ft.ati let of U'lliaM*. we will.-a IMUkferf JtMirr, l?S ?l * o'alerk p a. >N^ t* aala, at pahifc aa< bw Um ?rMU eaa.cartaln rekl ?Ui? la Ororgeu.wa eitaetad. Wu.iirt of .Lot mm. r*d Mr ha ad red Ml f nr, nto.tlu b*ait?edditi .a to*aid uvi. far tk* mm at the *ad af I4B feat from the aortk nt#?rMf aad Heall alre-ta r i*?ttf eaat by aad ?<?h the IIm if Ntil itml C Um J Ml IS of B foot, tbMn sort k SO feat . lk*bM tcm *4 parelWJ With HmU at root 44 m< 4 II M. theaor Mirth 44 fort, tboae* weet I f*ot Umm (Mtk IkfMtH the ktftlim. ?llk Ik* ball* *** MHrtMMM.UlkMI Taraa: Op* half eeah, balaace la 4. It aad V MHi,takiNr?rMbr k M of traat oa tke preadaaa All cMT*;aada| m4 etampa u ??. ObftMl ^ ftuH. If (W UfBl of n)f q.i? nf ?IW wttbanthio tarda ye after tbe eala. a re-ate win bo had M the eo.t aad nek of defeating ??r ckaeer. |?tok? paid at tkofell of um kamr. WaLTHB 4. VOX. _ _ . _ , WkllM M ttfRIWI, Btt"d4M da4ot>Ada TB08 DOWLlHG. iwt gr OKIIM A WILLIAMS. i,otnilw, ACOTIOH tALB or TWO 8T0BY PBAHB rwlLCllO BOT7>? T0MI4I, tke Rk day of Jititrr. i?>T. at < kVleek 9 , ?? ahall aati, fc> |ahit? oa tko prrixtaoo aa e>< -ttowa too at ry aa-dw?l Itng kiw.MUaiM oa IkeaMlnl* <fnk at . rat. soar Ma.rootkotth.boiM MtUf Lot Bo i* la "JiT*.?? ?*' baai.ig a uoai of |ifeetliixb?e, and lot tt foot d**p to a ?ah||c alley Totmb of ?al? Oa* half -aah.ead halea-e la all Berth* With lalotoat (VtforMcU( at eo-t of yarrhoMT d*41 Jjd OHBB* * WIUUK?. Aaeta. |Jf TBOO DO*' LI MO A aot ; Ooor,*t .w0 _ POTOMAC riSUKftlBK *T AdOTION Wl I h? iruted to th* hi heat t,ld-r at fnhlla Au< ti. n, on H BDMbDsT M -k> 110 Jauaarv ?. 18-* at k'o'(|.?|. at tha At tiot Store, ho 17 4 Bride* Georgetown ? Tha Thtee Fuhlnf tan^lnt* on tha P<ttaac BMer al>aat on* n.Ha above Ge. rg toaa.kttaa aa "tnoadla Lan.Iinga " TerM? Ot>a half ewh; Halaaoe la fouraeatto, for aoioa aa Itfertortly lodore<d J A BITCBIB. ^ a,^ THOB.rOHLlBO.AA* <1* SI A [Tlaoa A Oooiior | BT M K WAI J*H A CO , Aittl?n?*ra Ho Pa. ??* . corner I4ih atroot IVKNIlie AC TION BALKS O.THI8 IV1BIN0 aill roll, at oar Aac ti?M Bcrj. maararUi at ? a cli^k, an aatlro look C.f W.OVB Oooria. Marl' ond fawf l>r? ?"'* ' oaaortaoat, auiaod to cllj trade A L<^ a Jhi PIwm Clothfut. am i w FI?o fluty L?a?fr and Pilot Orarooata ^ark. Pimi, a'<] Bu*iu?om < oa*a Paoto V?,|| r? 'aratilrta aad Draam Tofathff with > rar.? ral aartaty ot other Ooo4a, which alii h? p< r?My>rllf a>M for eaH, to cluoo oar > 1 at?r >?o?k JkTjt M K VAL?H A OO. AboU. I^T OBBBM A WILLIAM8 nrtliaaaiaT VALPABLB IMPBOTKOPBOPBBTY IB THB MOKTrtkBN LlHBKIIBh. Ft <>NTlBO OB MMH 8THKBT W4?T. BITWBBB O AMD P 6TBBKT8 KUBTH AT PCBLIU AL'OTIOB. A I'M* AP AI. the ith <r *t*ai. at 4 o clock p. m , wa ahall aoil . on tha pmailaoa. Lata No at and *2 Id hi. I di ?! !.,u of ^u?r? Ba, ?, hatiu aood froau an i dortba. raaniiiR back tnlMN laja; tha la|ro?<-araM ccl<uni of two >*v throo *t< ry ?i<-*a-brlck front Bon#oa. hariaa tM parlora. hrd ouami'-ra, dialag ronaaa wtAa aall?, i>ath-ri oaia, aaairioa wator. aad aaa. Thia -Mia la worthy uf tha attratioa or hnwra, aa tko propm'I ?a Ik a food location for prtT*t* ro?ilance?. Ona hal* ewh; balocca IB alt, twrlao, aad elghteaa asoatha for ?a*aa baariBf laimtt, and aornrad ?y a daod af truat <> ?Aa aroaaa* All convaj ?ik"B| and rctraia niaaH at th? aaat of tha acrrbaaar Bion doa a oa oach hoi*o whaa knockod off GALKB A *1LLIAB1. JO *-4 Aartioooor*. B1 D. L WBLLB A OO. Anetloaoera aad Raal Batata Brofcars, Horthwaat oornar lutk aad f atraata. Wo will aoll, on FBiFIy tbo 11 tk dar of Jaonary Inatant, at 10 o'clork a ib on tka pram aoa, cornor of Uth aad 0 Btrorta aoatk, ilalaad,) at Public A action? Tha Laaaa Brataaraat Licoaaa. aad PUtoraaaf o Blora and Bar, witA D?*illu of Bra BOW Alao, nam all aaaorttaootof Oro^wiaa. Alao aa a?urtaMt of H naotioid aad Kitchoa rural toro. jo? D L WBLLB A OO . AacB. |^T QBBBB A WILLI A MB. Aactlnaaara By rlrtaaof a drad of traat to tka Babarribor, datrd Jaaaary l*k 14*4. aadracordad la Libor B. C. T. Ho 1, folio* ft, Ac., oao of tka land roc.>rdo ot WaaLiacton Coaaty, Diatrtct of Colaattla, I ahall at publtr aartioa.oa HOB DAT, tka tlat day of Jonaan. 1M7 at It o clock at . at tka aacttoa rooMa of Oraaa B Will lama, coraa r ot 7th aad D Btroota, la tbacity or Waahla?uir. tko tract af Lend located In a aid Oouuty of Waehiurtoa. named In aoi 4 da?d of traat belac part of a tract collod "AAroa. 'aaB port of lota 1 aodt, la Daa doa ' aabdf rialon, witktko iaproromoato tkaraoa. Toraa f.vwo oaab, tbo ranatadar la aaaol pa>aont? ot a aad t moutka. with Intortat frwa tha daj of aala the aarckaaar girlna ao.aa far da ferred paymanta. to ka aocore/by a daod af traat on tba pramiaaa Coaaayaaroa aad coat of ataapa tokaaaid by parcbaaor. If tko tonus ara aot compiled with iA Aro daya froia day of aala, tka r>roporty will bo raaold at tba rtek aad coot of tbo dofaaliina purchaaor, aa AtalM tbrao dar* oa tic?* b> advertaacaoat ia tka aahllc praaa of tkia city. A'lAZlAK CHDBBHILL. Truatoa jaT [Ib.j OBBBH AWILLIAMS. A acta. |JT OBBBH A WILLIAM. AartiaABMa. f^^BTwVA*!! AUCTlol 8TBB*T#- AT POBiaii By vlrtaa of A daod at traat to aa. datad tka Mtk of HoTBBbor. A 9.14e4 aad raeordad la Lit>ar B M. H , Ho. *,lolloa 4(9,470, aad tfl. af tko Load Becorde for WatAincioa eouatr BlatilM of Oolaabta. I ahall aell, ooTHCHBOAT. tka rtk day Fokm*7 noxt. At I o'clock p. a., aa tko preatoaa. oaat half of Lot Ho.S.ta Heoorrattoa D. a^ulau two tkoaaosd aoaoa kaadrod aad tklrty-Btx rutit feet four aad 1 balf^aekoa^wUk tkolMproaoaaata. oad aao&r tw^^rTyraaaa HouoftaatUf oaT^ ^ardarrf^ha'ocart B'oporty to boaali aa **TaraA;rOaa half caak. kolanca la aix aad twolao aontka. for aotaa boarla* lotaraat. aad aaaarad Br 0 dood of traat oa tka proaiaaa. All anjaoiilaj aad roaaaao atoapt at tko ooat of tko parchaoaaa. flOC down oa tko daf of aala; aad If jha taraa ara aot coapUad with Ib Ato day* attar Cka day of Ja.tkaTnutaa raaorra tba rlcbt to raoaU tko proporty at tka rlak aad ooat of tko dafAalttac purchaaer, by adTartlaln* throe flaaa la tba HatloBBl IntcUlcaaaar. . _ 9 A. BOB WILL Traataa _ OBBBH B ' 'LLL1AMA, A acta, ja 7 Tn.TbAda I lata'11 *-v-. ||T JAB. O. McOCiBB A OO., Aaouoaoora. CHAHOHBT BALB OP 1MPB0VBD PBOPBBTY oa Ah Biroot wwt, kotwoan H aad V Btreots, PI rat Ward. B) virtaa of a docroo of tka Bbpraaa Coart of tko Dtatrict of Ooioatla, paoaad la caoaa Ho. 4M ogally , in wklchlhoaaa Cocaa ia coapiainaat. aad /aaa McHanoa, at a|. are dofendaata, tba aader ifaod. traatoa, wlllaolT Ib froat of tka proaiaaa, at 4 o clock p. a., oa TCHADAT, Ua 1Mb day of Jaaaary, iaatant. pkrt of Lot aaaborad Ara, (*,? n Stioaro aaaborad oao b a ad rod aad twaaty two. 1122.) c<>inaanciBC oa Booth atdo of said Lot Ara, aad ranalBCBArtB ia o Una with, aad froa a( aa Twaattoth atroot woal SP laat H lack, taar e eastward ly 144 St aad 14 Inchaa, aora or laaa, tboaco ?oathwa>dl? 49 feet aad fc laca, and thane* waatwardtf U4foot aad 10 lacbas, aora or laat, to tko Oo?-telf cak aad the balaaoe to be paid la twalra aoatha, for whlck tka parchaaar wfll ba ro^alrod to flea kia proalaaory Bote, bearias iataraat from <tu, eadrreed to tko aatiafactiOL of tka trnatae; or tke purchaaer Bar. If be ao doalraa, pay tbe whole of the purcbaaa aoaav caah, or oaohalf caak, and tka balauca oa tha ratification of tbo aale by tk* coart. Title to be retained natll tka whole of the parckaaa aoaav ia paid aad tko aala rati tod by tee coart. CoBTeyaaclnc aad atainpa at tka cojt of tko parcbaaer BCGBMB OABL'Bl, Tmetre, ja 5 eoAda J. C. MiGCIBB B 00 . A acta. |JT OBBBH A WILL IAMB. Aaatlokoera. TWO TWOBTOIT BB10K HODBB8 AHD LOTH, PBOHTIaG OH *TH 8TBHBT WBST, Hotwoek H aad 0 atreati aortb, at PakUc AkcOa THCBBDAT, the 14th laataat. at 4 o'clock B. a., wa ahall aell, on the praauaee, baiacportaf Noara Ho an. with tbe lapraaaaati, coaaiatinx of two a bbc two a tot y Brisk Hoaaea. oa k ninety year'a leaae, which will afford a Aae ckaaeo for aay oaa witklag to parckaaa a aaall private reaMakco. laraia: Oka half caah; halakae tk alz aad twelve menthe.for aataa boariat la'rraat.aaJ aocured by a dood of traatoa the kraaiaea. All coaaey aaniaa aad raroaaoataape w tha ooat of tha ptuohaoor. *4 dowa whaa aotd. ja I d OBBBM B WILLIAMS. Aorta i^ALlFPTJ BALB. Take notice that by vlrtao of aocoaat of divtraia to aa direct from Barnard Bail aa agaiaat, tka coda aad ckattala at Ckaaoay Lea aad. 1 hare aelard a:.d takaa tka fillowloa guoda and rkattd4a to aatlefy crouad raotdoe aad ia arraan to tha and Bar aard BaC. to-wit l BranoBaJdlaB* cont inu e 3 ruoaa. A Peaka.l L- aago, 1 Table. IK tot a anu Pipe, 1 lot of t kilra 1 lot af Crocket y I Ac., at).11 hereby five tkat aald gooda aad chattota wiH be Bold at public aoeltoB far caak, to the fciffheet bidder, oa TBLBSDAf, tka 14th tart ant. at 11 o clock on the praalaaa, Bew Jork ss&.TrJZ&ir' ja4 ft 4r. A. BUAk. Baliif. By virtae of a wrtt of me directed, 1 bava tola day r el rod aao !e*le1 apoa all the good* aad raattrla dtaatod la ttd hoaae aad areata aa Bo xl* P Btroet aortb. bat wet b ltth aad utk altrota aroat. to Batlafy honee rent daaakd fa ar reaia 11 Jaaoa M. Hoe to Oktia Oaaaark. Jr., and 1 bat< i>t five ao?toe that I will ex poo* tba aaa.e for aale to tka b<al>*?t bMder, Ipr oaah, git pnl iir auction oaTHCJBBDf Y. tke Mtk dar Of Jan cart Inatant. at Id o'clock in tke foroatoa, oa tie tak) praaBtoo* ho Bl** H atroot. to eotlefy a alii rant, ao da>* P^u 1a arr ara J P. PBBBMAH, Belli*. )a.|? l; tor Ckr.etophar Oaataaak Jr. 1 "j * 4