Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Virginia New*. Tt>? residence ?f Mr. Win. Spring in tt( 4i?-?aa *eui?>mer>t near T?rtunow>i, I?o?i< i n roanty, wa* barmen Tt?nr?rt^T. the *> n ?1 l>-r?mN-r. All bu furniture wudnt oTtd and abont three tboneand dollar* in bonds trd miMjf were lost. Tbe firaia ?uppo?*d 10 fcave be* B accjd< Btal. SI. Paal's EptMop&l Parleb in Peteraborcta to bare a tree at boot. to be support*! at tb? I expenseof the pansbioaeTa. TbU acbaol Is to be opened (tail y, at regular b )nr.?, In tbe baeement of the cbnreb, and tbe exercise* will cmpr-.te Infractions to all ibe useful Eaflifk branches. The Cbarlotteerille Chronicle says: "A tiomber of oar fhrsners were beating around < n Tue<day aad Wednesday, hirinf bands far tbe year. Tbe birtbjc vti dona by tbe year. FucVj raifed for good men from MO to tli'D. This would be cheap if money were not so scarce." A constable in SufwdcMttJ, while tatoxica ted. oa Cbrtetmeeere, leaped Into tbe Had paharnoek for the parpoM of drowning hun?fir.but was n??cued alive. HoaittBL* Tiaoidt ?K homhle murder w?? r?*rp#trnrrd cm the ittimor T. L MeCJill Kr *)*?, wbito >7*ng at New Madrid, Miseouri. An old, ma a named A- Wilson, from Illinois, who got aboard the boat daring the night predion*. took treat offroa* at a 1^1 Jownamed Brown, who wore % grav coat. Some paMengerv eaMedthe latter a rebel in con*?(lnne?of the color ot bla wearing apparel. Tea. tertiay morning, vtilftl* b?U wit lying at the tar dine. Mr. W 'Ison loaded a shot *on and wfbt ob the biniAM drrk and Itwllfd the fit at Mr. Brown, who wae at that time con v?r*trif with Mr. Laaktord, of Atlanta, Oa. But a* be waa in the act of firing Mr Brown stepped aside, and Mr. Lankford received the phot in the head, killed him instantly. Wilson then raved like a maniac, raying that ha done God a service by killing a rebel. On* of the pa* tenrers attempted to arrest him, when he attempted to fire acaln, aad several shots were fired at him. wounding him mortally. It up. pears that Mr. Wilson bad lost a son in the , . u. mij. i^kumuru servea in uwume army. C7"Tbr oil ?pnnga of Wwt Virginia arc foiling over at tbe low rate of mvid cents per gallon for crade oil. VA London noon was turned to midnight by a fog, on tbe 'jotb nit. VCaptain Samuel Samcla jreta *5,1*0 for bringing in tbe Henrietta ttret in tbe yacht race ?y"The "IVjuI Heat Clnbe" in New York did roach on Tn*?day to bring New Year's calls into dirrepnt*. Vibe oil in a fnll barre'. of petroleum in now worth le?s than the barrel con timing it. Cause? vfr-f> apply. M ss Hnn-er, of AUentown. Pa.. dw*d suddenly ou Monday, near Krenchtown, N. J., ai tbe' residence of a friend. KTA Detroit man tell and raptured himself, and get K'io from tbe el'y for dotnir it. He Iran ted SIO.UW. A loose plank did it all. tT'Lan.-aMer, Pa, rejoices over home-made hose? tl rem en VA Chicago man. -who lost $40,000 ia oil speculations, cnt bis throat. tOT A vnmtii Kivth -kJ,J * ? ? ? ?r W/ A VUUU 111 uue UI the Londoa police courts. STPatrick Oorboy. aged Pi. wa? killed by fa I lie j down stjurs in Jersey City, oa Sunday. VTUe school books published at the South are great curioeittea. Here is an exampto in mental arithmetic, copied from one of them. SfTfB Confederate soldiers captured twentyone Ynnkffs and divided them equally between them; haw many did eacb have!" fcr A daily newspaper man wbo has jast got out of the traces, jays be is becoming quite well acquainted wrh his h? red ?o bis *nr)rise that bis daughter could play upon the piano. He never bad time to discover the fact before. WT he parties that were boring for oil in Godericb. Canana, bate discovered Fait in such abundance that it is found to be afar more profitable investment than oil wonld have been ^J*"Durincr the past year nearly three hundred Ujc'itand emigrants from Kurope bare landed on r>*r ifc^ree. A? h moderate estimate the agfre^aui sum Ai Iiard cash brought by tb*fn to tt.te country is not much less than twenty million dollars. ^Ul,n?.'.r.naU speeuJaf?'rt>oagtlt 5lateen car o.cuuie and shipped them toMw Yorlrand in a. ont four weeks time sold them and -went on b.s way hone, pocketing three cents a? the entire profits of his work. 7*Fifteen young ladies and gentlemen were poisoned on CbrLstma* night at Stephensburg, Ky . by eating cake, tu which too ranch cochineal ?iu u?e<l' ill ?nir^r*<1 PTwn<<ittiiiiri? ?h several sure still In a vrry critical condition. ?y The Pope his addressed an invitation to tbv Bishops of the U&tholle world to assemble at Kome in tbe m^uth of June. 1H57, to celel>rate tbe eighteenth centenary of the martyrdom of the Apostles Peter and Paul, and tbe canonization of several martyrs, confeMor* and Ttrgin*; y A woman who escaped from )ail in Obi. ta?o *Jj loucd secreted ia a sewer. V A qu^ek doctor in Michigan killed a woman with morphine and laudanum. *VThe little French Prince Imperial apeaks ' three lanrnarea. WA Maine centlrman in Boston Inhaled pa# tor a broicbial complaint, and almost dird. H# says he won't try it a*ain. * C HI P1B1111 *. J BAJUM/rhrs oirr/ m most omeriia bxmbbt ivm csas "In, A foMTin Oaum," to OQMOMMM4IU, OLXMT, M TMIO TOMBS, 4, Oo?h*?l?? MlMitl, M Bil?.ii) Mwwrj, Omtii Am FMi m fa 1U? to JVw m Cm*. T*n wn no irnmU not MT ySSwMt??. iMd hnrvi) la aawysiwia txctoa ?d ChaJrti of <& mma*!*; S^^iaflfflEHELr BLOOD! BLOOP ft BLOOD IU IMmtTAfM MUUT AH If mm JVWM iiofftntaxmbllemttmwttnn. sa&a^i'4/^.VMtiSfr ffi boh >*uot. krtoin sad rumdy trir wnmuriti ttet tor which rc? mt mi t? ittm fmm' pp hpt dmpaibi _ vRfmm iSn " tJjVfijroMg'froS^ta fg&wrkama utah v wash mm ' ?* *? aowMoa wUk. t? "" ",u ?rntl?tini., VtnMuMAU. >?W1bi, ^ssisMKr mxamme* D"Af;?ffJ?/i5! wmnm CM. WAjm??roa, Piiwtir is. UN. oa ? jmmm of iu?m kauhaU, ?r I*r?*H, M?M., prayiap for th# mtopaton of ? * |NMN N US IM IKS OAF M IftMb. UU, m m htrtnMi ( KaMsiac Macblaoa. for ww? ran Na tk? wyiw<w of hM mm, vbkk tabaa piaea ? lb* Mh daar at March. M67: lltoirtmi tbat tbaaaia ytdta m mm* m lb* MmI 0?moa M*B'Af. lb* Mb day of Fob ttiir int, at n t cloeb Ja ; aad all wiiiim aro aotidod to aafaar aad aaow oaaaa, ff any tbo* ban. why aaM aetittoa ?i?bt aot la aa (ranted. Twim oaaootaj lb* oxtrualoo aro iojair*d la Ala la lb* Patrat Ottco tbafr abjaetloaa, ayadally aot ferta la ?fiUa|, at laaat twoaty a?ra bofero aba do* of boariaa: all fflaaay IM by oUbar farto tebonaad at tbo aaM heart a* aad be tabaa auO tr*uf mttcr<< in accordance with tbo raloa of iba ofltea wblab wilt ba faroWbod oa application. Pa?eeltlaaa aa4 otber papera railed dm a* tea aitblo tea lay* af*er luac lite teetUaeay Ordered. blaa, tbat tbla notion be pab'Whed la Ifce ftepuhl.caa aad tba latelltfMfar, Weeatac tea. If. C - aad la tba Courier Mat , aaM a waob for tbraaaaaan loo vaaba: tba I rot of pabltoetloea to ba at tenet sixty dara aro HHf ?! !?> ? ?H ?tt?. totttavtw HOLIDAY GOODS. j^LXCJUM FO* THB HOLIDAYS. M AILLABD-B OAHJ)i1t8jiI?D OH OCOLATX8. ?H*1STMA8 A?P gW YKABS PBBSassortment of OoBtleaen's Bobee de Oktotkrt, joIMn us uiniiIt tor *> holiday CMd, 81l?*r, and Ivorr-fceaded 'n hiantlfnl itriMf! with Scarfs, Tin, ? w,tto np?i?r lot Tot lot Articles, it reduced price*, it Amm 8tor*. ? 13 eotf 484 fenn. avenge,near4H ?t. /"'OLOBBD TOT BOOKS, from London: Fruch V/ Juvenile Books, ulrect from Paris; bab?ul*ree' few filrj IiIm; I sop. largely illustrated ?-< any others,,uit received. * * ?wn?ea,ana fmct TAYLOR. I\f 1BCB MBaT of excellent quality, W. BUBuhILL, . Oorner nth and W streets, de 19 nxWir St.Mii u.?.. ACKEBEL AND UODF1BH. 10 QOi) ponnda l?rc? 8BOEI C0DP1BH. M harrala No. 1 MACKEREL. J not rtr?lTMl?ad for aela at onr wharf, at the feat oi hmlk at. 8 F. BiOWN ? SON. Commission Iwehuti, dalStf Mo. 46ft Ninth it., >?et. E and W. Otto ^ilknns' pianos and oabhabt A NBBUMAEl'B PaEUUB obgans. All will M It imttr to tbwr l?twt?mm^ tontaiMtheMiiptrb Instrument* U Rml fore parchaaing an j other. "III I Only agency at OEOEOB L. WILD * BBO'8 New Piano Porta and Organ Wararoom, No. 497 UtB rtraet between Pann'a aveana an4 I street. A select assortment of new and second hand Instruments, Including CHUBCH OBUaN, for aale at lowest facta prices and on easy terms TVNINO and BBPAIB1NO faithfully axacntad. no 13 tin* HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. c A * WlLLtAKB'B HOT?L, I Wmhisito*, D??mb?r 1, IIM.< Benatcra. Bepre?entati?ee, ud other*, raiding in WukiDgiot. who omoh irinit t|?rtm*Dti, cm be accommodated with their MKiLI ti this Hotel it the i?t* of #H> ao per week. di(4 Xm BiKH, CHAPWICK k 00. I^IB&WOOD BOOBS, Corner PtMta. artnue m*d Ttr'l/th Wtuktnuton, D. C. iidU Situated la the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PBBSIDBHT1AL MANSION, Only a abort dlatance from ail the Deyartaeati, Patent and Poet Oflcee, Smithsonian Inatitate, etc. H. H DUDLBT *00., poM-tf Proprietor*. r .anun anu uiBlkM HOTBb AND BKriTAL'&AMT, UUi Pa aTH.c?<xlt?i . .A Willurd *H?(?1,0BB1STMAN A KKHL.VMV 1'roprletora ? On WtdaNdiy next, Dili [ "B I MtihllakoiMt will be opaned with a loucu, at which the proprietor will be happy to moet hia man> (ritnoa The Bar will be conataatlj an pplled with c*?lee Llqnora. and the Reataarant with ererrtMaa that the moat eplcnrean taato can deal re. Boardera by the day, week or month will here find excellent aceommudatlona at mo4erate ratea Ale<>, nicoly faralehed rooma can be obtained either with or without board. Call and eee. jallm* 17MB1CH 8 BB4TACBABT. Hj Bo. Zii P??a? aveoae. near 6th at reel, P vvKim -ij?"T*. . .? - - - - ^wt iiw^J^SB.152 orapm A IMP PLACB. flf IBOB MBAT (DoMESftlOJ A J?at mad*, of NMct mtUritli, At , BIMtf PLAUB. f^OLDBfl IUDPPBBHuIO *IBB, , , y.UH "AB8T NATIVB WIBB Odd coljr, till, yet delicate flivor ti^ frifranc*, and l?*a tbao one half the cost of Imported I * bib? plaub. ' >OTB. BAB1BB. riGB. 0UBBABT8. , V> 8P1UB?. Ac.,Be., toavitthta particular a?a/?w ?? b7 Z M. P. Klflt* A SON, * "> K1m Plata. ?-v" ?? intra nit rrintdi ud tb? ^iiil ^HU WI>* LIQU0B8 cannotbeanrfSST. w.? ib< |h? bin t trttl. ocC tf DENTISTRY. HE. LBWIB't) DBBTAb ASSOCIATION, U Mo. ttOO FKMN'A AVE , Between 13th and Utk street*. Teeth extracted without pain by admlaatering Mtroue Oxjde er Laughing <>aa. LKWIEhae recently eurchMed the beatfefSBni C hemical Apperatne 111 the oonntry forH*J-tn* Kuini coreg*i e?ar> day; also,?n Improved V?1 volar Inhaler. The Ag*ociation ia now prepared to make Teeth on Gold. 8ilvar and Bubber at Hew York Philadelphia and ftoston prlcM. All per oi.s wishing dental work dose oan have It as ( heap as in tbe above-named cities. All work done tn tbe neatest and beat Banner, aad warranted to give satisfaction. Persona will do well to call and examine ocr work. del?-tt KHJAMBMiftb. nmu PLAT* TBlTH. attends personify aty^ his offlceluthis atj. Man? persons cangfH^ ??" nibw <?id woo cudoi wear otuerw, bo peraon eu WW othen who tanaot wmt |k^|g Phmi ealllo* at mj oflM mm he MoonaodsM with ui atjU prtoe of Teeth they w desire, bat to tk?HVh? in particular.?ud with the purest, cleaaeet, ptroa???t and jaeet perfect denture that art can procure, the IIIliLTHTH will be aor? rally wamated. looai ia thle iity?Ho If# Peaa* aweaae, beMb Ml and Mth sta A Leo. t?T Arch meat, Philadelphia. oclO-lr Reduction or fbicm. bdpctiom or pbiob?, DOOTIOH or PBl^MBj BfDLOTION Or Pilots! aloccTiua or pkicbs. Ob and *lte tbia data I will anpaly to my cnatomera. and to all otbor dealers who mar favor Bi* with tboir orders, SiSSS?: 88835 ??8.3 MA98KY. HUSTON * OO.'S (Late Mimor, Coll<a? A Oo.'a) PHILADELPHIA DhACGHT and STOCK ALV PHILADKLPBIa Oft^DOHTaipSTOCK ALB PBILAPBLPBIA DBAG0BT AMD STOCK ALB il fSaiMfefStt fSiSSI: AT PflIi>ADrLPH*lA PBICBS. VI7 . DB'-CGHT OB X ALB AT til PBB BBL. DUAUGHT OB X ALB AT #11 PEB BBL. STOCK OB XX ALB AT f 13 PBB BBL. BTOCK. OB XX ALl AT |l? PBB BBL. Soadi i**ll*?rt4 In nil pnrta of Wtihib|toi ud Srorptowo fret of charge TBBMS CASH. All order* promptly nttoodod to. BlA?BY A. SHINS, PniUdeiphUAl# Agent, Corner of Oroeno nod Oay* etreeu. <?Mn Georgetown, 0. 0. J? L O * Bt f 1101 > ! w?i? wi irud cnoiea nonr tot BsJtttfl; qaality Bo 1; tricelow. Are the only direct receiver! for Golden Hill, J. H. Oambrlil i not PaUpaco) aud Lia?aaor Jamil/ Flour* In Ike District. is the latter brand hu been sntanaieeiy counterfeited apd Mid la this city, we woald Inform those wishing t^U flour by srrsnf >1 with (he ail Here we famish it lower than It eaa be obtained from any other eoarce. Qaalttveecead to none. Frtoe a fraottoa tow than other trst-elaae Family Flonr. Buckwheat atlow ratee. All grades of Weetern Flonr n store and for sals tow by . ? W. II. AAliT M 00., Indiana avenue and 1st street, noli near Peyot. Pionorap IfTu"'"Vittbi# pat sasMSi'a h*? ?ntir?l7 ?w??riUiiiUjMj?? ?wrr m3<S Itfii Itlwiioii ^vsis^^xisr^ .vk? rs ^ToWW^ofltrldBD. lo lHJju^ Vf *DICIH W OIIAPU TlilTII 0B1AV* 1 Ml u< M CO*4 M tk? b?*t lltt|?ltMk^f tu Ilwin M NU4 it MOOIBl Orui IUr?,B *mnwA . 4*Hw MEILflULklB nOOiul Mlt?r W?o Jf '^.cufflST^.K- D 1>#iroT toW U?n?d Ptvtkrolur. W* T. OOLLISB. olptntt MAKER AVD Bmi lui'Miortr, He boot firtllnf?W. u4 wutrnnmi vikl'Ml Old Fargitir* rf all AMcn?HoM, b?l?k' I VI and miM R???ir<??. rphnWunnc ?n4Tan(l?h imt * ?? II ttw? tnrtoat Ko?tk?Mt corny of Mte mm4 I itr??U Hrlk. Mo IS ? 19 * * ai> >^a< AUCTION SALES. ||I W. L. WAI.Ii A PP.. AacUoa?an. Bjf *ir*aa of a 4m>4 of tr?t, duly roe?riad In LttarM.C T , Ha. 57. M.,of ttao Land Becorrtt of Uiatil* of OoloaMs, wa will, on the 9th ?U? of January, 18*7. at 4 o'clock 9. a., n po?a for Ml* at pubiio aucUoB.on tha yraalaaa, w ??** 11,1? v Buuvivjura vi BdQirf narnt>f rr?. OD? i? J?C f?d *'*ht* wraa. fa WaihHtfftaa city, >.C , with Um boildlaf, iatroTtMati aad inpirteuscM to the Mm* brloRnlu ';*rg caafc; Mw la 6,11 and 18 noatkt, lo Nittendbya <nd?( tract on th? All ooavoyanciof and iteait at tha n^tV'nm** 1?aT ?7i L."^?fi. "* j UmVT *'? ?re art coai?lfari with within flva day* altar tha tola. waalawlllfca kii at Umrltiiai eoat of dafaulMac ?arcba*ar. #100 to ba aald at tha fall at U>e banner. W\LTER8 COX, Thlr^ BolldRt'KSiKSf'of de 7eoAd. W. Ii. WALL A 00 . A a eta. |JF THOfl. DOWLIftO^A.ot ts!i-?a1ffi.abl1 and DIIIIABLI WHARF AruTfoN ,w <,IOM1ToW*- D o.. AT ? ?Ji T?M8I^T- W. law, tt one o'olock > ,ni-> I vlU mU, on the prtMlM, all of that nrr IT ?k^ DrO*?>Mkhl* wharf property on the jldo&f Water atroei, hOUroen Waahiacton nod Jeffrroon ttreotl, a<l>oinin# the lomber yards of Joe A J. M. Lihby aidWheatley A Sooa. aad now oocapitd as a wood and ooal ?ard h. J n i BCNUttU. Tkia koH^T kM Croat of about 80 feet on the Potomac rlWi with a <??th of nearly 000 feet, fronting < feet on Water itreet. and aleo a front en WwklnitMetrertof abent 74 feet, and improved bynsnbetantlal wharf, belli this seaeon, nod an office fronting on Water street. Tble property, altogether, ia the meet desirable wberf properties 'or wood, coal, or I amber ynrda in the Pietrict of &lemMn. Aleo, Lot a, eeet tide of Jeffereon etreet, between Water etreet and tne canal, fronting at feet on Jeffereon street, with a depth of lOt feet 8 inches, nnd Improved by a Frame (table. , All eonveyancee and stampe. Ac., paid for by tbe erehaner. Pueeession given on or before tbe flret dny of April 1867. . . . , , ' Terms to be made known on the dny of ante, which will be liberal uvxo 0UII IflV/D- WUWLIHtt, AQCt. ^pKlTstBB'd 8aLB. By virt?eof a decree of the Circuit Court for Prince Ooerge'at'ountr, Bitting ua Court ot mli?, puitd in tb* ca-e of Mary A. Markwood and Bebecea Duvali v* Jobn D Heall and etbara, I wlllniwe to public rale, on THUKBDkY, the 2<th day of Jannary, 1M. at M o'rloca m.,<if fair, if not, tke nest fair day thereafter.) on the premia*a. the Beat Bet ate, of which Stephen Oaiona, late of Prince Georg*'a Oennty,died, seized and noeaeaaed, containing a bo at 36 > acre*. Tbia property li titoated about three nH#a from the village of Bladeaxburg, la a moat healtby region of country. It well adapted to the growth of the uanal production* of the county. It adjoinathe land* ef Perry W. Browning the lata John F. Carter and other*, and the sell being of a fine texture, la valuable for market porpoaea; being diataoC fr?m Waabington city about eight mile* It will be cold in lotn to init *urrhu?r> ?nH lh??? on* of aecnring a moif healthy country ?eat will do well to attend the Ml*. Terma of ul?: Fire Hundred Dollars cuh, real due in on* and two year a. with inter eat and approved a*rurlty. Till* Indlapntabl*. and on payment of the pnrchaa* money with mtereat, tan property will be conveyed to the pnrcbaaara In ja >4tawto 1. 0. BTEPHBH, Trgatee. BT QBKKB * WILLIAMS, AucUoneera. TBC8TBF. 8 SALS Of RIAL 1ST ATI. By Ttrtae ot a dead of traat bearing dale on tb* fifth day of January, IMS, executed by JobnOolUna to me for the benefit of Jehu Hasel, end re oord*d in Liber N. C. T., Mo. 57.folio 181, Ac., on* of the land record* for Waabington*ouaty, In the Dlatrlct of Columbia, I will offer /or aale. on tb* prrmtfea. *n FBIDAY. tb* 18th day of January, )867, at 4 o clock p. m . the north part of Lot Mo. la, in square Mo. 8*7, la the city of Waabington, D. C , fronting -18 (t*t and 3 ImkN on eaat atreet, between A and B atreeta north. and .waning at that width to tha rear, together with the improvement*. aunaiating af am all dwelling bouaa and ether buildings. Term* : One naif caab, the balance in 6 montha, the pnrcbMer to receive a deed and give bi* note, oernred Wy a deed of trnat. All feonvey anclng and revenne ataaape at tbe coat of the purchaaer. A deposit of <t*0 required at the time of sale, and 1 tb?? trontf* reeervee tlieright to reeell at tbe coat of tbe purchaser if the terma of aale are not complied with within live daya. JOBS f. WOBBIS. Trnatee. ABEAM A WILLIAMS. Q6 77 zawjda Aqctlone^rt. P 0 U L I U BALK. lijr virtue of authority, *? will expose at public ale ?> the premises, Mar the residence of K. M. Darnell o>> THUBSbAY, thty.Hi day of January ext. at >2 o'clock m., two ?# reels of LAND, equally divided, and rontiguoe* to each other, containing I in arret. Thia property is situated about five milei from the Center Market, Washington city, 1* aceessible t.y the Anatestie Bridge contains an equal quantity of arable meadow and wood; is of most t-xcaileat quality; highly produc tire; admirably adapted to narket purposee: and has a valuable mill seat aod fine building sites t her em. It will be sold separately. Terms of sale -One-bair ca?h; residue lo 12 months, with Interest aod approved security Title Indisputable. W. O ?TKVBN8, WM T. HILL, Attorneys for R M Darnell. N. 0 8TBPHBBi, Attorney for Benry W. Darnall. de 2*-<tawts I lntelhseneer 1 'j' KCBTII'H Si It X. By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for Prlree George a County. sitting as a C >nrt <>f i Squity. passed in the causa of Jam** B Dodsou and others v*. John T. Ftavtck, administrator de ' bonis dob of J?hn F. Carter and others, I will ezpoaa to public sal?, at the lute residence of tha aasd Darter, on TTBtiD AT. the llta day of JauuarT u?xt, at 12 o'clock m.. <if fair, if not. on tha next fair day tbeseafer.) all that tract or parcal of lead known as " Mel j?r>oe," of which he died eaited and poeseseed, containing a boot 1M acres. Also, a part ar parcel of land adjolaiag thereto, containing about 12 aerea. Alao, the undivided third of a tract ev pareal of land- containing about US arrea, Mel Boee la moat eligibly situated, being dietant from the Tillage of Bladenaburg abent two miles, and frem HyattsTllle Btatloto, on the Baltimore and Washington Railroad, about two and a half itlee. and sdinlna the land* af Maeera P, W. Browning and B. O. Lowndee. Theeofl iaof a toe texture, admirably adapted to market pnrpeoes; and thore to a yoang and thriving Peach Orchard n?on tha pramlaia, of choice frnit. Th? inyrorMMti coasist of a first o an Fran* Dwelling In ssseileat rstair, with a lares lawn la front tastefully laid ??t, ornamented with shrubbery aad trass of varioos ktsdi; and there Is i commodious Barn upoa ths premises. erected st a considerable expense. with srsrr accessary buildInc. Those Inpurtult of a beautiful, healthy and most desirable country seat ire streafly rsosmmended to attend the sals, a* It Is ssldom that property pi??lag so many adrantages In brought into mark st. The last namsd tract is s parcel of land adjoining the Tillage of Bladeashunr. and br judicious culture cotil<" be made most raluabls, it being kind and rsry iroOootlTS. Terms of ssle: Oas-third cash; residue la oaa snd two yean. with Interest aad approved seourity. On parmsnt ofths parch see mousjr with interest a deed la fss will be sxecuted to ths purchaser or purchasers. Stamps aad eoaveyauctug at

ths expease of ths purchaser or purchasers. _deX sotd H. 0 tTBPHha. Trastss. I VlKTMnjlT Or TBI IHTIUOS. raise asoffthe following dsscrliwd Land Warrants, srhloh ace allseed to nars that at tha data fotlewtn* lb* Mcri?t<on o/e?oh variant aut MrtiltaM* or warrant of like tenor will ba reiaeued, if bo valid objection abould than IM. H. BiMITT,Oo?>M?i>w. Ho for IWaeraa of Mod, Uioad ??der tha act af March 3, U*$, la tha mom of Kit*ha Bacon, eod waa inatad January M? UM. January It, wo flM.for 1Macree, leaved?ad?r tha actofc March 3d, IM,Ib tha uaaof Ivory Itatler, aAh waa granted Avtll If, lew?February 1, 1^57. Ho. 4t uM.fer Mu acree, leaned under tha aot^^H March 3d, 1&6A. 10 the name u! La>aru? aadwM rUtM September IT, 1Mb. rahn^HH Mjlo. 104.7*. for MO acree, taeued underJhe KtoM arch 3d, 18 ?. 1? the name of Robert wlTeroe, a?d wee ?y anted May 12.13*. March 9.1?. ^ ? Vo.9919 far IV) acree. Ihomi A. ?? -* I D,rA??frVn stjtS* 15 tS??%wi ct, o.?. ^Tusskirv^jt^ .f liiTMVoot, Kt&toom of Oraat Britain, mTl<m for Ml ImjroTtmaat ra BthK* Stlda TalTM of Btaua laiiBM. for Mvao yaara frwn th? axfctts AatSS?'M'j^chj^.vsss aw*" SSSfe the day of bMrlacr tlw anramenta, if m wJttia irn dmymffr tlluUx tmSSmy. ' tbe'Be'p&tli?a M^I^fflUwMlwu(Mb. ?. g . m>4 ia (h* Tin*. It* Tort ?r?*1oae to toe 1*7 ? ?*rvf*jy THIAKVB, _ Oomniilwtr ?f Nm jr?.^r^vi%!^-Ra.'?3U!'ss HHT e?tataiaattleaotk* 4e7ia<y? rrna HII* ? FtjSuM; haM*. tATLO%. ' GOVERNMENT SALES. poauo 8AL1 or^FaaiiKimija pior. WEST VA , ON XlipEaD&T, J>*(7A?Y l?, 1 WiT. Um JoUowing BMOil!MBS'.flOMU11 ^J^Auebon, weighioR from 110 to 7W fiBodi "M.?31 VOIB* wft? OtUt One Mat^Mc Llfa Bo?t Fo*t6on B??H. galatowpub?bc? ?No^ploat??..' , yrma coah, la |r<H[5^ro, d* a? jo a i Bureau ?J Ordnnnrt. JVat-y fl??rmw?l,l WfctMaf'oo City. BtwaMrM^IIW f There wtt| ha kM at #nbt tc ftqctUa. to U* Wfklsipoctor ef WtdMMc hm fiid, Hw I?rt, ? Urge lot or (MUM* Store*, wnjwrtltwd unaer?lceabie, emsraciac CaBOea.. Shot aw) Shall, ( mail Arm of rarloui ttllbrM.ljMra Parta of Small irn, Oil Oarriatea and Mlapallaoeoua Storea. The article! viU be told la lota to nit porch aaeia. Term*: OttO half caah in Oorarnmant fund* to ba detoatted o? the eoaatnaion of the ttk. ?ni ft? ?"[>*;WW wlthla te? ?ft*r#erd, dntiac which time the trtlcle* m?jbi restored rr?m the I??I Y*rd, other w lee they wllirerert to the Qorerna<-nt H. A. WI8B d> 17'ColM ChicfoTBTcU. W AL* Of ?L1 AMD nRBlBTIOIillOiif. ? HON. SMALL ASMS, AMD Ml"?LLARIOOB ORbKASOl ST0BS8. Burum of Ordnance, ft my JUmnmtntA DirTlcwbUOtBDoB, fcmell Ann*, m! Mleocllencpn? Artlelee of ]!? ! UrdBcuco Tbe Ohonon, Shot, end Shell will M (old W the Kand, end the Smell Arm* end other MieoelDHQI AlUcltfl Of (IrdnAnM in Inta Li nifft irae. ehwtrl. Terms' One-half cash. la Government toads. to be deposited on the ronclupton of the ?]?, and the remainder within ten dam ?f'*r?tH?. earing which tin* the article* mast be removed from the yard, otherwise they revert to the Government. B. A. WISK. de 17 ?otd Chief of Bareaa. BANKERS. JAY COOKE A CO., BilKlll, fffltrntk strut, opfVfiU 7Y??i?nr, i o j and aal | leanest market rates, aad keep onataatly on hand, a fell suyply of all OOVBBNMBIT BOHDt, BZYK8-THJBTIBS. AND OOHPOHBD IHTBBB8T BOTBS. Orders for STOCKS. BONDS, So., txtciM, end Collections mode on oil eoceetible yolnta. M 1 tf JJARROW * CO., BABBBBS. Corner Louisiana nem nod 8e Tenth reet, niALine m BOTKRSMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SILVER U ?-tf ABP LABP WABBABTS First Nfllinnnl Rn-nk nf Washinrtnn B D.COOK*, (of J ?y Cooks A Co.,) President, W M. 8. HUHTINQTOH, Oiillir. C0VKB3MBBT DBPOSITOBT FINANCIAL AOBMT OF THB DHITBB BTATSS, 1 ttk oTPositt tk$ Truuuty Dtpartmtm. OoTWUHBt BtnrlitN with Treeanrer United SUtM mrONE MILLION DOLLARS We buy tad Mil *11 cIhm of GOTERXMENT bECURJTIES*t current market retee. Fl'RNlSH EXCHAN GE and make Collection* on ALL THE P&INGIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. Wt pnrcheee Government Yonebere on tbo MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, ?ad give ovefal mi yrompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, u>d to t>T other baatneee entratted to <u. FULL INFOBMATIOM In nord to QOV1BI MKVT LOANS it *11 Utnee cbeerfallj farnlebed WM. 4. UUHT1NOTOS, Ooabler. We?hln?ton, March ?. 1861. m 21 tf LEGAL VOTICES. N THK BUPKEMB OOU&T OF THB DIS I TftlUT ?g OObUMBI*. I This ud day of J enuary. A. D. 1897. Jobs P. Murphy, ) I a. 5 Vanity, Ho. 7M _ AnnT. Reeryetsl. \ Wlilium J. Millar, trustee appointed to the i tbove eotltle-l cause to make sale of the re*! mtale of T bom as Henry de -eased, In the proceedlug* mentioned. bavin* reported to the Ooort that luconfoneity with tbedecree passedfa saldoanse, be, ou tbe tftb day of December, A. D. IBM. sola Lot eleven, (11.) ie Square fire hundred and thirtyeluht itttMand the improvements thereon,eoali-tinc of a urn sit frame house, to William Zannsr, for tbe ititD of tweaty-flve hundred < Sl/OJi dollars, and that the purchaser has fally complied with tbe teimsot sale l>r pa> lac all th? purchase iii< ney In rash fo said trustee : It Is therefore by ti e Court, this 2d day of January, A m. 19o7,ordered that tbe said sale ??d report he ratified aad confirmed, unless canse to tbe cootrary tbsraot be Z?Z. ' rt?orn?ry.A. If. TW : Ptov >df4 a, copy of ttu order bo pabllabed In tbe Bvenlng 8Ur three times ft week for three eocctteivf weeke before the aaid 5th day of r?braary, A. D.1957. A true copy. jaS StdAwJw Tfit-B. J MB108. Clerk. IN Til* 8UPKBIUC COURT Or THE Old1 T&lUT OF COLUMBIA, TUIa 3d lay of Janoary, 1457. Patrick White and Andrew J. i Joyce, (omi'lainatita, t?. | Joseph Johaaon. Mary John-> Kqalty So 87. sou, Joba M Hanaoa. Joha I Fly a aad Joha M*lone, dt-1 feodanta. J The objeet of tte bill filed ta thla caaae ia to procure a decree (or the aaie ot nrula pteoee or parcoia of ?cro?n<l lying a do heiue ia WMhingtoa city, IHitrict of Ooinawia, being Lot i and p*rt of Lot 4, ia bqnare 1,080, to aatlef j a debt dae by. dafrn^ast, Juaepb Johnaoa, to she ooaplalauti. The t ill Mia forth la eobetaooe that the aaid J Beech Jobnaon waa indebted ta mU Aomililn antala the aum of #447.40 for gooda sold atid delivered fcr com pi a lr>? ate to the aatd .loeeph ,Joh?* aon. That at th? time of contracting aaU debt the aaid Joaai h Johmon Waa ael/ed and aodaeaaed at the *aid uicMor BarqeJt of gr dud, which, while he waa ao Indebted, he innauloutty conveyed to aaid deletdant. John'M, "Hanson, fa trnat tor the aole ne?and benefit of aarr Johnaea. wife of eaM Joa JoiiMOB. That comalafna ita obtained judgment ol condemnation of the eaid piece* or p*rk4a of graond In and by virtne of aJ) attachment lasaed out of the comatun law aide of thia c art In tarer ol coiiipiniueota kxainataald Joaepli J ^hna^n and 5raj a that tba aaid daed of trnat from said Joe?ah ahn&oute aatd John M. Hanson aa aforeaald he prodneed beforeihe Court, and the ram* be aaa celled. That the aaid coBfleinanta. after the leaning af aaid attachment aad the laving ef tba aartka Att (Ka uM ap maroala *f owAitbi a*. cortalerd That the a*l? defendant, .foho Pirn, claimed to bar* * lien on the tairt pirn ?r H'MiafitjraBd; that on aearchlng the ImA reoerda j?MiilMfii county. Dutrtct of f|Tombi?. an [ fir uejLut truat ?*/ retarded is ?Md laad rac-> tsi? to Mc?r* John Flyn for tha asm of |l tun, vw toud recorded. That 1 ha aaid deed of tnwt ?M reeerded Marly eltaw aatttii altar tha daw thcroof. and nr?r two noaftha attar tha laaniag aad lartng of aaid attachment. That the aaid aUacbroent to tfdor lien oa the aaid pieoaa and parcel* of ground, before the eatd deed of traat. Praya a diecovemof the aaoaat atlll due ana unpaid oa aaid ?M of traat, and fnyi a eale afth* wld aieceaor parcel* of grouad to aatiafr the of the complsiaaan aad other oredltor*. aad for aa lain act ton agalnataald defeadaata, Joeeah Jehacoa. Mary Johnaoa.Joha M.Maaaoa, Joha Flyaaad Joha Maloaa, and their eoafoderatea. utaw JES ?i JmSiffiSf yi" IMRM fMS5JS?A%o iSi^F1' *? .Waoliitdt.ln tb? fitt&Sm?3M%k Ph ni Mmr*4 A tm 4*7 w*liwti *fimamm *?wl RAILBOAD LINES. 1866 1867 ,, *Q TH**oaia^ 1ST,SOUTH, AWT) SOCTtt? - _ .WIWTB1 WHillDM.l leSLTtiCS^ VW*Br 1,1 Ut6' tr-B" w#il 1 W^ZifiiM. -/ 00 *.m I lAKlBor* 1 li ft a. . ^ t^uTrov can l? freewrel el * # ^??WW<$ i?M MH PmirlTtitomaM, ?HWtt?lM?Mi Hot?1.V%*T*NlltbU lifer* r B>?Uoa wtii ? ** ? ?c ?tl n?w. Pmwmhi n*cwl?l Mtkrta %X (kiMflwen ^rV*r*Rtt25miM*Be '* N***'a* 0mr* *1). ?, TOTOO, Ow?. Nh A**ot, t?MD WaablBctoa m4 Alei.?udfi? M follow? Vro? lid. ".V'-**'! ?m ??r **? Itocal M.... . MO ' tad M?ary_-. Ml '? :: ? is !? ? ^ IMP M. ;; ? MM M ..Mill iK ( {D Z - ,f" *J J^? *"??"* U M " p.H, 1?<* *lcor. ft 1m ud Henrir.... 7 "0 " ?U*DAT PAWBROKB TBAIH8 * " ASHIWTO!l. Vvtrv At txavtiita*?!"?"***2 Tt<T??r Thro^hM^l.J.A *. .U,. A.M. f 1*? J?*^ lOEK, wlthowt chance <rf can, (.jj*? ^*ilr (ezceyt Sunday) ?t 7:*8 t.m.u< , m'l* MBW TOM' can at Phtlaial L*a*e dally (except Scnday) It 11 :U a. and 4:30 m. . FOB PHILADELPHIA. Lsara dally (except Bandar)at 7 .45 and 11:1S a. Leave for New York and Philadelphia at ? SO ?. 1 m only. Bleeping cars for Bsw Yark on 6 JB p. train | dally. Throngh tlcketa to Phi lad *1 phi a. Maw York, or Bocton, can be had at the Station Office at all honra In the day. aa well ae at the new office tn the Banker* and Brokers Telegraph Line, Si? Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7th street*. See Bsltlmore and Ohio Bailrotd advertisement for schedule between Washlngtaa, Baltimore, Annapolis, an* tbe West. J, L, WILSON, Master ot Transportation. L M COLB Qeneral Ticket Agent OBO. B. BOON* 2, Agent. Washington. ocM-tf DALT1MOBB ABD OHIO BAILBOAD, U Washimctos, Jan. ?, 13?7. TnwtaUM^HIROTON AMD BALTIMORE, md WABHIMOTOM AMD TBM WM>T re now ma m folWwa, rlc: _ FOB BALTMOBB. Imt? dally. exM?t Bandar. at Ttl, 7:43, a ad 1116 n. m , and 2 M, and 4:90. and 8 00 p a. FOB ALL WAT BTATIOMB. Leave dailr. except Bandar> at 1M a. a., and 3 < 0 and 8 00 p . m. FOB a AT BTATIOMB SOUTH Of ANMAPOL1B JONOTIOM. Leave at S:l? and 7 00 a. a., and at lA)and4ll T ?OB AMKAPOLIB. Leave at 6:15 a.m , and rSo p m. Mo trala* to or from Annapolis on Bandar.. va Dinu&i. . _ FOB BALTIMtHII. A. ?eapt tmndar, at r*fla.m., and THKOUGH TIUKBTB to the Wwtcw be had at tbe ? esblnffcro gtatten- Ticket Office at all ho art , In tbe any, m well m at the new afiSce of tbe Beak- I ere and Broken' Tetefnnk Line, 349 Peaa. etine. between 6th nl rtn itr??ti. For Bew York. Philadelphia. and Bnaton, eee advartleeinebt of "Thronab i?ine " J. L WlbBOB.rfaeter of Transportation. L M. COL*.General TH*rf Alent. o^Ot^G^V^^BO?Bftj^^entWa?iUtton. STEAMBOAT LIN FX ! POTOMAC TBAHBrOBTATiOB^iaiT i MOT1GS TO fiBlPPIBS. Tke Btaarmr BXfEBBB, Oa?t. U. A. ?ITH, j leeveeWaahlngtonatea.*.ai4Al- I exandrta at 7 I. BVSBTBAT CROAT forU*jnone,Bndd a Pe rrr hmfth'a Point, Ohattarton Landing, Banjemor Buna, Mat bias P<x*t. Gnapel Point. PlowdenAi Wterf, Lancaster^ Wha<T. Stoned whWrfj Onr riomen d?j , i mwhi n tM. JBMell ' Wharf, Pin?? Point, Point Lo^ont. tnd trdrM it Mutator* it 8 ?. o? S?nd?y R,6?"0?D*^lHS&5E* JMS-n TO TtATBLLlffljK)rtr? BOtTTH TWIGB DAUT.(lnjUrp,B. n? iildUft ai Hurt PHti ?> 1 Blpoi, , and tfc?ioatfe. t%? Pctenii wind!V?. connectStyr th?r? witK tntio*o* tbJfuiofc. mood iu Pet?r?banrudBtUMd ?Bd D?t4H* B^su^'s&^bgBafS JteSifflljOWtMl 0 TiaMMt lMTl BtMi ^ttisjsssiosfttsiiK5?at oJK?w sr& Oomptsy% OflN,wtMrN^nt. ?w?n? ul 6th Btr*?t, or boar! of Ihtbtito. B?UM?chMk(d <ktealb?M? Nd B*n*?* Wm?bm wtfl ho la NMMMtO OODTOf. 1?MBf lU .b*|nn hOhriei depot* In Richmond. PuMBftrt by thla Un* )Mi Itr dartlfht Hoaal #iai nMBi a naaaif A T. vn> irnii > fonrtMBthatf*?V?(?lrcU,)cora?r ?CM ?tH|B } ? W?hlatoa.P.O. *|HlMtltatteahM torn wWbUaM for tfc?r*-S Hf&BtfMttalivkg wy ! nfftriai (m ? > mm muv to tMr ni. ml br tttaMMoi '*The tmfldiBvta ?* ?* < t^MwtlMAltkf iw. &S^SSkSSSSi |gv Oujk, ? JMMaeaaaiisgsfflf PROPOSALS. I- Fcmt Ovvic* DcrABTDm. Sl. im. Is ?* . * iLr^**4 *,tk* Pj,t , Oftc* P?|ir in?it i?HI t).( Mfl of J?B>i?ry. 1 w7. at II 'etock, ?t #"??. fur ftorniatiiag 9'*tt?o ' n f r ibl. IttMrtx ?at. lar ooa ixt fr... . . l trftct will not ' C0b*id' r< 4. F RSfSK.H.!S JT*,c- * * ? ? Vide will b? CO?*J??r*d wb?r? tkt article f e^T2n^"f.iL "*u* k|?d ??* SitT I tlclM will * object the tire bid to rejection it l ^ ?P* Mrt>)ftaed tin t^dSa*. u D?*r1/ M cu _ ' *" d??e. t?e MU>aat qaantr. ti.<3 d"*criaUob Z I mk*( tt?IW?cf artirl** that ?IU tx ?UM 1 Estimated 9*mmlrta ?-a*teti/or tkr ?t#r. htm. Cum lo 1-lAPIft. 1. 10 fttmi Toll* Peat, tin ox plain and trt?ni<-/J, to JSftaL than 17 ftonnif n?r raam j. w f"rl FooiTw. llw-M. fetat Hoed. g?rcj? l+F'r\ know M ?! ? ?"*> *r CoiinUr MP^r.lo wrlffh Ml m* tk?? Kl&toM kibm, p*r 4 mVtUii Qn?rto Poit.Mrblw, ]ln?4 tbrr? **r '* *? D a rr.B.? vrm\ <J*P p?p*r, pUia. p?r I. 10 rMM Vat* rn*r, (lit. Urge tfsa. p*r 7. t Mm* HoU paper. plaia. large * ?, per ffi^l 8. 10 rw*me Vff HHr< ftlt. 'Ball ?f, per vt4n 9. r*aa? *ata paper, plain, malltiw. p?r raaM , jo. 100 r*ap? *o*?lop? papar, pallav or baf, rojal.PfT ream 1 90 rM?i p?p*r. roTal, p?r ma I j. ? tfotea prMB<'?PT Booki, aot ta?.. ? 11 M?? "? wWte o4b?4'i? CiiTeltMi <*r? avootb ??<j thick 0S bj t\ tom~ <riiN Kivkrt.Mr ?.uodr?-d .i.irrd jo |cn? t?r *4be?l<o Varrloroa. T*rr v?fcooth and thick. 9% tjr ^iMhn, ??r '?*' fcnwJrM 16 Ion ?Mt? or t?fl enTiil<fM| T(>r ? ,nioo?h ???o thick for \rttm ud elrc?l?r* 8*? br 3*? lorboo. Mr hon?r*? 16 100hnfi or ?bit* ??b?*iro Koroi?po? ltrj ' urnootb and tblck. ?*t h?n4ro<l 17. 1 Offt ??r?U ?i*e tMtt Dote adfaMire Knvol*?? , p*r bsBdffd 18. IjWIIW|t whit* not? MboilT* Enrol 1?. l^n!(tWMlU?hlM dbo?lr? BovlopM per h?adt*d Clam No.t.?PKH8 AND PENCILS, ETC. SO. M (ruM forrj** *n4 uolllott b~?t m#t?iH/* KU>. W1 !">? SI. 40 KroM BiriMlic P< u. of other BUatectan, per gron ^ T2. 1 doren bMt ??ld Pent. 9+r d?7en fl. !?OOr?iii? QbHIb. Bo. SO, >er M u m4?m PwhoMtn. M<KM,Nr4oi?ia. % 2k dozon fib?r^ beat black Lead Pencil*, gradaatad. fr doior 38. lOdoraa teat red aad bine L?id Pencil*. par doaen ?LA- ?o. S-1**^ UIK8TAHDS, WiFIBS. ? i: doren Infcatai.4a. Knoa or any pateai, large or taall, ?er dcaau M i antr* li.kauwli ? aoobl*. do/.en ?. bottle# Ink, black, May turd A Norm', Id qaut per bottle 90. U bottles An,old C. pylug lak. per hettle. 31. 100 bottle* David'e OtmiM lak- umcr. Bo. 1, tor dozen bottle* 92 90 pooods Wafer*, common sites, red. per pound 93. 7???on*s Sealing wax, be? extra raprflne, carlet. p?* pouad ?law MO. 4.?CUTLEET AMD MI80XLLAMK OUB ARTlOi>M " 34. 8 doreu Penknives. Ind|?ti A Bon a, foor blades, bock born beadlce, INUle, ptr dozea 91. 6 docea Krastr*. Eodjjers M Bon a ivory ban dtw, eenuine. per aozea 98. 4 doten office Shear*. 11 inch. per dotes *7. 4 dote* OBIre Pclseors, per decn M4omd rohlera,l*?ry,9 iecb rerdoren 99. 41W deaea red Liaea ta??. aaaorte i. per ftnten 40. 10 dot?B 011k Taate, colers aad widths, i* DfttlKI, JHrr doit* 41. 50 derm Paper Welfhta. aa#ortad, par doza* 41. an poatioa ln<51a fcaM??r. prrpaod, p?r pouna 43. 6 paunda India Butber, uoprepar'-J, p?r peuod 44. ft* tuaru Black Ban?i. per <mart 46. ? aiinee* Post c?. p?r ?u?f* 46. 4ft poinds Twin*, umb, per pound <7. 100 ponnda Twin*, cotton, per ponnd <8. 6Buler*. mahogany roan 1 or flat, per 49. !do?ea Gntta P*rc>ia. ronn<i ae flat. per doren tu. pmo4i Spcnxe. baat. per pomd II. 10 p?u??la Qa?i Arabic, beat, par poand The i?kNlf? lo**lo|v aiact b? thickly cammed ? lonrtb of an lncb wMaaroano the Uppeto. Kaclt bidder uiaatfaraiah with kl< propuealt a Mnpla? and bat Me a?oi?le?of each articK bkl for. c. .>. ..< -1 ? I. II J ? - r.a< ! uvir ui?l n UIU lUf, MM dv IM ore lUaQ Oije pnc? named for any ot>* article. Kid* not fully conforming to the advertioeBeot Will tiwt be ewl tidar e- . TLe tern * and condition* of the ad%ertUemaat for rtatlop<>rj are tj be liiior?orete<i in tti>- con (Irect for Stationery. and the bead of the D?ptr?I ?t will, ib *11 rate*. judge wbrthw the article* tendered by tfce contractor w? of tl>? uu*uty required by the ooi.trbo*. lbt6utioy*r> i* to he (snliltoi u it May be ordeved by tbe De>aito?etit, and at the contract l rlcta. whether the <iuaati tiea exceed or fall short of tb?a* Mnsttod arti pt?*<>*al ailt be?ig??l by the individual or firm njekinp it, and ma?tap*?tf> a price? > m cnt rrf t? t?r t-acb and evtry article tested lu tbaecteedoie. * Bbu?ld any article* be repaired which are sol f nutiitratM , tbey aie to !>a fcruWbed at tbe lowest market t rice* if tba Department thai I nee fft to order tbem from the eontractnr taannf the con tract for *1 mllar article*, and if thm cant raoi ore aad the Ite pan meet do not a tree, then the l>erertmefit mar have the article tnrnlahed hv air other i-or??n or pora 'D* who will IcrnUh It at a prlw lower than tiut ?w*Di<-l br tke contra tor. 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