Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1867 Page 1
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# ? I ^B ' ^H ^LfT; ^H ^H , ^B ^ ,^K> ^ft , ? <^H't ^B 1 - B, I I m> M ^1 '""^b I . I ft I .i , in . ., . i ?, V2*.. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 9. 1867. N?. 4.818. l_ | i 1 THE EVENING STAR ] PUBLISH I? DAILY, (SUNDAY 1XCMT1D) AT THE STAR BUILDING, MmCkwtti comer Ft**'*. ?<*? a *2 HA ftrttt bt ? W. D. WALLACH. Th# STAR ta by W>? ?arrtors to tMtr iNcnuri In the City ud District at Tn Cmrrt rn wan. CopiM at th? couatar, with or without wrapper*. Two Cum ?*cb. Paica fob Mailiho ?Thr*? montJw, On4 thOmr aft4 Fifty Ctnlt iti Boatkt, Tkrte Dottmrt; oa* T?ar, Kw DolUrt. No papar ara fit from tha oCet longer titan paid for.' Tb?- W fcKKLY &T AK?pabhabed on Friday taorr. ing?Ont Dollar and a Half a Tear. PERSONAL. ~ (' NTLtMl) WHO AM ArFUUTID -i " rin virnaMd by aa aid 4arg*oa of Meitf tkr*? y*ara'*xMrt?dc? id tkii pat tic alar branch I ik* ptoi?* ?. Ibarm? mad*rat?. Do aot tni; to ?aack?. hat to J B. OMtPMItt, M. D., lal* of tb? Vnlud SutM llieord Vn*r?d.Hoc Dllll uirrr nu * i vma a ?Caiitol Punar*. uth aid#. H B tlio (iniiM ?t cost. da V ] * [*| KB CUBTI* 1BV1NO, ClAtrtayamt, mud Tut 1*1 Mtdmm, will |Im lite reading*, ItcMlot PmI. Fr*m mmd Wmtar* it h?r office, I'iO, aarth id* of pwn i ?t?dq?, b?l?*n 4h im 4th itrMti. Oihce boar* from 9 to Ia. m. aad 4 to 9 p. m. ??? ! * D*10" L*doMBOPATHIO PHYSICIAN. Be*ideoc? ind oSce, Mo 4 02 4th itrwt OflctHogn-stoW ? a. tUitr.a. del* tf At t?b'bTwXITbTTsrampimq booma 4 9th itre^l, PiMot OtBce, ItdlN c?a t *t at our redtutd price*, an the vary teat hifht gown Yokee, ready (tamped 40 eta. OkraiM ToIm, t * " Hcu. r _ Ba*4a JOcta. Mh?r tor ?rildor embroidery, oar MttecM are of it? very deeigaa. ?eleeted with care in BUw York. and betnc In rtceipt ot then weekly. ? ir* able dkity toluene new patterns aa well V Bake ard itaap >iy pattern bronchi ne. I. 0.0 Wvrktii OottM it redK<? pri<*>de 19 tf J~OHN D CLARK. ATTORNEY AMD OOBHBELLUR AT LAW ARD NOTARY PUBLIC, Mo. iUi 12th etreet weet. de 14 ly Dk. JaISI T. TUl'NOhw removed hi* office from Ho. 4 73 lu;h street, to hie reaideace, bo 4^* hew York are., foar doers eaat pf 14th treet All order- left at the Drag Store of NAIRN Jt B KO , eoraer 9th at aad Pa. ave., during the day, will be promptly atteiM to. de U 1m* L'RANK M7MTR1MOFIBLD^ ~ 1 OJBSTABLB AND COLLKCTOB. Collects Beits. Debra and Claims ?( til klidl. Basineea placed Id hi* banda receives prompt attention. Beterenc?a given If required. Office 411 9th etreet, above Pa aeenoe; reel* t?icciOI L airrrt, txtvtra nh aad 11Kb. N J.?Orders by mail promptly attended to. oo If hn * A DIBS It is AlKHOWLCDOID THAT j the h*W 8TAMPIHG DBPOT, en ?th street, 439, ku the beat eelection of Patterns ever offered here, and the proprietor has redneed the price to ON* HALT that ha* Been charged heretofore. Bring a practical Stamper, no tear need be bad of gettiD* what will suit yon. Oo eee him. Be will make acd atame AN Y pattern, de 16 tf \ToThaTI BBBB IMPKDDBBT, but neither Bnchn nor Samaritan hniubage " wirt make i*? trim.'' See Dr. DABBT,on7tt> street, oppo mt' 0?id ?llows' Hall, aad be cared *nlck %ad p?roat)<-Dtly. ds?-lm* DB. B I, WOODBURY hu retnoveJ hit afllce to No. 339 F street, opposite 8t. Patrick's Church. de 8 eolm* (^ONPIDBNTIAL.?loans men who h?i? In jured tbemeelvse 07 certain secret habits, wbich unfit th?-a? for bnsinese. pleasure, or the dntias of married life, also, middle aged and old tea. who. (rta the follies of ynath. or other eansee. feel a debility in advance of their years, before placing tbemtelvee nnrler the treatment of aay one. should first read "The Secret Friend " Married ladiee will learn something of Importance i>y perusing "im secret rruoa. j seat (our aa<rNi, Id n sealed tsteloi*. on Acjiil of 29 cent*. Addren Dr.OHAB. A 8TUABT A GO.. Boston, Im to *-ly OBI DAL AID Fl'HKBtL WBBATB8. BOD QBKTS, CB08BB8. AMCHOBB, BTABS.Ac., nreeerTed In ittartl form WAX KLOWBB8, BA IB FLOW BBS. and BBAIBINQ. by Mr*. FK1I8, late of Boston Bw removed to Bo. 449 Uth street, between G and H. oc J-6m* LA PI It8 WHO ABB DBSIBOBS OK A HK ILLfnl and accomplished Physician, should consnlt Dr HBBBi MOftTON, ISO east F?y?.tte street, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton's services may tejengagni in Washington or any other city, by addreetiDgns aboTs. oc 13-3m* JAMBS GUILD. Dtaier tit A or amd S-cond kand Fursinri. Old Fnrnitnre B? paired, Be a 9 hrIit?TA<1 Bnrl TBrnlahftd 11th And Siti.. fllMP the <**n?l ) Highest pries paid tof Second-hand Vunltar*. ? lly* ?BB1*IaB s-BLACB. WABOB.LA.XOa. C. W. BLACKlaw orrici. BLACK, LAM OH ft OO., Counsellors ud Attorneys it L*? In the Burtat Oowrt cf the United State*, the Oonrt of Claims, the Courts of the District, the Bxecntive Depeit? BKcb. nsd Committee* of Coagreee. Office, 46* nth Street, (directly opposite Wl|. lsrds Hotel ) de 18-tf nr"/vrirfvn. a. VUV A UXil \JV y l?V< LOSAMOl MhRCHAyT TAILOR. Goreer of 9th ui) D streets, Desires to return bit thank* tor the Hhor?l HfoBH*1 beet? wed upon him during past eeaeons. and ?t the Same time lllTltM his B)| friends to visit hi* store and inspect his new Wm and choice selection of goods, which he Iim Sit purchased for the Tell and Winter Trade, r B HABDON. his associate, continoes to give his constant attention to the style and general appearance of all rarssenu made at tba eeUbUttMii. The beet work and moderate ehargea la our metto. _ _ de >-lm* F>a2SS^r^an. - Cinzxirs AMD military _ MERCHANT TAILOR, HA Metropolitan Hotel. lata Brown %, ?f >6i PniirlTult W? ? ? Washington. D. 0. niPABTMlBTOr THE IBTBBIOB, U UNITED STA TES PA TENT OMCB, __ ? ^ w?hu?toii. m*t?m>?r *1, am. ,tb* ? Ja?*5 K. A. Oi6B8, of "Steel a Tavern.' Virciaia. praytn* for tbe extension of ? HUH granted to him too n*t day ef for an Improvement ia Deelgn for from theexpis:voonf wwch tak- * ? ? ? ? It bordered that tbe Mid petition b? hoard at the Patent OOceon Monday, the llth day of rebrnat 1J o'clock M.; and all Hnoii are iiodBedto eppear and ebow canee, If any they bare, why a aid petition oofht not to be craated. r?rtoM osposiof the exttBsaen are repaired to Die lu the Patent Ode* their objeettoB*. ? pert ally set forth la writing, at least twenty day* before the day of hearing, all testimony filed by aither party to be used at the said heart of mnit be taken and tratummed in aoeordsnce with the rules of tl e office, which will he furnished on application. l'epoettloM and otnor taper* rene* upon ae teetin.. ny moat be filed in the offioe twenty days before the day of hearing: the arguments. if any. within tea daya after flkng the teadmeny Ordered also, that this uotus bo snbliahed In the Be publican and the Intelligencer. Washington. D C.. and m the Spectator. Staunton, Virginia, once a week for three smoceealrs weeks; the firatof aaid publications to be at lonst sixty days previous to tbs day of having ? t. 0. THBAKKB, _ C- nimiialober of Patents *dltor* of the ikon ptptri wHI Dieaao < p? . and Mud the. rMUa to tha>?teBt 0?eo, w^t* ? P?P*r??i?Uij?iB? tbla notico. de lv wsw ffflWSrrtcM. <i?hU>t ""'M" ^itS&rv!ou&iuji, fS? JtSLi K'S^otrJfml'S^S April. IBM. for ad improvement In Sewini Ma.y*? WM from the el pi ration of ??id Patent, which IUm place on tbe lsth dmy of April, It orderadjb? the Mid eetltleo be heard M . -.f"*""4 ?*** ? Moodky. tbo lit day of JKaJtV1, M 11 ocl??k * ; ?*d elf veraonaere on fled to appear and show mom, lf aoj they ai,*?5? oppeein* the extension ara reqntred to ?' Peteot~Offlce their object! one, eeeciall r U*4 U the Mid llMrtlf But he ?->? ^aswraaSRS? .h?^V?t^'A'*ai,.'Sfc?.t*.gi!)"y','? tba first m MM ebllcsOees to bo at <Uj. ?mt1ou to So day of teort?** i*mt LSSiVfSiL 4'-WjtSsa ? Htw coHtt^ti All aottoo. ^Tloetw ^ 17a?M?&?,AND*?arLAT?* FffW 4M lull atroot, boot ft. trttM. &'t>oi yU4m*rm Wm Knob* # Co , Bait i mar*. r aoa mt< PlMMfcmtlotf waro? ?*>? , ?D<1 ? toko ^Iraiaro la alatlaf that wo too* k'*10bo* co"***??taaar. toa-la BW BOOKS -Maafct Formal Bocoll* tlont t' Of DWIKIIIM WIlMlll, 91, Sir ?TX>k v** f r , 1 MNi, krjbi.7.1. MMaC ! i?5|r Ln mm* Prtctk* rflMkn,Mf aditk a, P. faith % fiiMlilt Utlu, part iwm4. $t .at; g^rr iits > ? " m ,UM TATLOl. kA>D-?*oC if AU<moi " fiami *41 w>*. HOLIDAY GOODS. I | pxpmiM rom tb? hudiw! "ssHir BO0K AMD VAMILLA MvitTI ALmSVDB, MIXED SDOAM PLUMP, ul A00OMTMD GaMDIKA. Jn?t r*c?iv?d it B.IMG PL\0M. Z M. P. KINO * BOS. 1*7MST IMD1A ORAXOBS AND V BWBBT MALAGA OR A PES. Freeh. it KIBQ PLACB. (if IMO* *BAT (OOMK8TIO.) J Mt Bidt. Of MlMt BltWUll, At _ 81)18 PLAOB. f^OLDBH BCUPPBBNUMO W1HB. . ? ?0B FINEST NATIVB WIBB. Gold colir, fall, yet dilitii* flavor owl frofranco, tod loeo than obo boll tke coat of imported Wlue. KIMQ PLAOB. pHOIOB NUTS. BASINS, PIGS, ODBBART8, V/ BPltlBH. bc., Ac., toaalt tBla aorticalar aea on. For Bale by Z M. P. K1BO A BON, [ ,de 19 K1m Floco. ('HBISTMAS AID^IIW I BAB'S PBE8A Hck oad oloaaat aoeortment of OoBtlomeii'a ,d* Okambre, joltoa u? oxpr?ealy tor tbo bolidoia. Oold, Sliver, and Ivory-beaded Oanee, lu beautiful variety with Scarfa, Tioa, Gloves. Sufpendefe, Ac , with aufotior lot Toilet Artie lea, ot reduced arlcea, at LAN1N r*?iitB' TnrniiKlna ItAPk d? Heotf 484 Penn. nTenne. near 4H *t. / 'OLOBID TOT BOOKS, from London; French V JqtpdU* Booka, direct from Pari*, LabonUrea' lew Fairy Tale?; Stop. largely illustrated, nod any other*, jnit received. *?U FBANCK TAYLOR. MlhCB MKaT o( excellent quality. H. W. BDBCHKLL, Corner lith and Fatreeta. de 19 under Bbbltt Houae. | ACK1BKL AND CODFISH. 10 008 penndrlar/re 8HOBB CODFISH. 49 barrela No. 1 H AOKBBBL. Jn?t received and for aale at our wharf, at the foot of Seventh at. 8. P. BBOWN ? SON. dels tf Mo. 463 Ninth at., bet. I and I*. Otto wilkbhb' pianos and oabhabt a HIIIMamd pablob obgab8. All will Had It putly to their Inrtrwt^jws. to examine theie tuperb liutramenta be-KWrt forepurchasing any other. II? *11 Only agency at OBOKGB L. WILD Ik BBO.'S Few Piano Tort* and Organ Wardroom, No. 497 lltta KtrMt between Peon'a avenae ao4 B ?tw>t. A select assortment of new a?4 oecoad band I? trnment*, Including a CHURCH OBGAB, for ale it lowest facteijr prices, and on easy term* TUNING and BBfAIBIBG faithfully exec a ted. no IS 6m" HOTHLsTRESTAUBANTS, <fco. C A 11 D WILLABP'8 HOTBL, I Wa8HImgto>, Decembar 1. IMC.) Senatore. Bepreeentatltee, and other*, residing Id Washington. who ombn private apartments, caa b? accommodated with their MKAL8 at this Hotel at the rate of ft in at) per week d? * ,m 8YKIB. QHAPWIOK ft CO. l^l&KWOOD HOUSI, Corner Penna. artnue and Twelfth street, Washington, D. C. UJU Bitnated In the moat central location the city, midway between the f A PITftf. Alin DfttiTnavvvAT. ma warnw . - *vm v i BBoii/annau aianoi'/fl , Onljr a abort distance from all tba Department*, Patent and Poat Oflcea, Smithsonian Institute, ate. H H. DUDLEY * 00.. no?l-tf Proprietor*. AMD 0BBJ1AN HOTEL AND BISTAl'BAHT, i'Ui P? ave. opposite A ? A WiUaM a Hotel. CHBISTMaN A fctHL.f Mf Proprietors ?On Wednesday next, thlal_jBLL eatabllahment will be opened with a Inncta, at which tbe proprietor will be happy to meet bis man> friend* Tbe Bar will be copstantly sap* piled with choice Liquors. arid tbe Kestaarant with everything that the moat epicurean taete can deaire. Boarders by the day, week or month will h?r? ti r*A "?? - ?- <. ... *? muuiuvuiuihii II mjaNtn rate# Alio, nicely furnlebed room* can be ob talced either with or without board. Coll and we, ja l lm* ' rmicH b bbstaubaht. ?i No. 3*3 PeaDa avenue, near MM itre?t. P. KMBICH wlahet to inform his frlea la and the public generally that be now k??M con B ?. m xtantly on haad GYBTBBb. (reeb every VpaftV day. prepared In every atrie. UJU Hii WINB8 and LIGCOBS cannot beaurpaSed. Oall and gtve him a trial ocC-tf DENTISTRY^ ns. LBWIB'8 DBBTAb Ab8?ClATI0N. U Mo. 860 PLMM'A AVE , Between Uth and Uth atreeta. Teeth extracted without ytln by admluaterlng B'^rone Oxyde er Laaghiog Gee. Dr./?a LIWIB has recently p?rcba*ed the badMSB Chemical Apparatus in the country lor**" malic* fare gaa every day; aUa, aa Improved Vairaltr lnh>1? ? - ' ? tfgagi?wRiCTBsarta6gg|g York.PhiUdal?hl? and Roaton yrtCM. Alitor o*! wishing dvatal workrloa* ean hov* It oacbeaa u IB th? tb?Tt-iuMd dtiM. All work dona in tbonrataat txi boat manner. ud wirruM to atlafoctioa. Paraena will do woll to call and axamina oar work. JcHtf Xho UT^Ji^?p2uSi MIMlRAIi PLATS TIVTH, attouda portoaally ?t^|M hi* office la thia alty. Manr ??roona cuMS wear thaao tooth who otuot woar othora,^" end ao iinw caa wear other* who oaaaot woar Paraoaa ealllnf at mr office oaa bo aeooaaodatod with oar atyTa aad trie? of Tooth thoy nay de(Iro, bat to thooo who mo perticoUr, and with tho sxttfxz; ;ssr^atf.r?<Kia will boaori foil? werreated. Boom la this ?ity?Ho. 3SS Pean'a areaae. bo^eeatthand 10th eta. Alao. ?f T Arch etreet, Phllodel phi a. oc Wlr P edoction 2E ?**?!? r"Bsu"fesR? kw*!?w 1 I i2?nut&XEK ? ?RSS5 tt" AT 1-UILAUKLPH1A PBICBP, AT FHLLADBLPHlA P&1C18. VIZ: DBlCOHT OB X ALB AT All PBB BBL. DUACOHT OB X ALB AT ill PKB BBL. BTOCB OB XX ALB AT f IS PBB BBL. ST OCX OB XX ALB AT *13 PBB BBL. Qooda <*l!T?rt4 la all ptrli of Waahiafton aod orgetowa frtt nf charge. TBBKB CASH. All ordori maytlj attondod to. ? _ Corner of GBaoao and OiIto atroofet. Ma Qaocgotowa, P. 0. pLODBI IBBDI MA^faM Miur^ijt of>njr?dw ?tHw Ploar for ii If prvcviuw. A2 <"*2** raaalTaritor Oaldaa HID, J. S 0*abrtIl<Mrt fiUnco) and Li Mac or Family flaarala tha Dl?utoC As tha latter brand**. fcf*n axtaaaiTalj aannterfeited and said la tSrfa j|Sww3^ jxr ***.*. mail 1W1? II'ISKt'leiTeie FA*. TES?T5P?EKCTEBT355 sata ggfes?n?am fsxassssssss SPECIAL NOTICES. %T FOKTRY HAS lMMOHTALIKKB TH? * MIGHT BLOttlUVG UBKB08" in tboafh lh*i br?Mh?," and Phalra ku rwtortd iUjtr foBitlBmorttlln kit rtltbriM Mrfnat. That po#?y tl4 eb?ml*try MiM ta m?ke it U on. ud tha ?r*M U wafliag iu ynlm througho?t tha Icagth aid bradth of tha land. Bolderwy whera ja 4 BBMXB1AL IBiTITOTB BOB BPBOIkL OA 8*1, Mm. 14 Bond tract, Bav York. KTYuN MtrmtiM, with tha hifktst tutimontalt, alio, a Book ob?kmJ Ammuu, ?* a ??/?? envelope, aaat fr?*. Mr Bt tmrt ami Umd for tktm, J WM vtii mot rurtt it; far. a* advertising physicians ara generally i?N>l?ri, without rtftremett ao atrangar should ha truatad. Boclaaa a staaip for aoataga aad dlraot to BB. likWBBBOB. Mo. Id Bo*d atraat, Bav York. aa 13D*Wly KABBlkOB ASP 0BL1BA0Y, as Baw of Waralag aad laatruotion tor Young Man. Xiao. Dtaaaaaa aad ibua which aroatrata tte tltel Mnran, wltt sure aMM of relief. Bent |m? of okun 1b sealed letter wnlo??. AWrm Dr. J BKILLIN B0OOHT9H, Howard Aeaoolatton,Philadelphia. Pa. HI 11 am BBCBBT DIBBABBB. Samara ah'a Oift it the meet oertaln. safe tad effectual remedy?indeed, tbeoaly vegetable remedy ever discovered. Caree in two to (oar days, and recent caeee In twenty four hoars. Mo Mineral, bo bake*ib, no mercury. Only tan fills to be tafcen. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who do net want ta be exposed. Mala paokagee, #1; female, 93. Bababitan'sBoot asdHmb Jric*??A positive and permanent ?nre far Hpybills. Bcrofala, Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters, Ac. Pr<ce 91 so per battle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford. Bee advertisement. my I BALI'S TBOKTABLB 8IGILI AM HA IB BB HBWBB Renews the Hair. Hall's bobtail* Bicilia* Hai* Bbxbwb* Bastoree Cray hair to the original oolnr. Ball'* Vmcbtablb Sicilian Mai* Bbnbwbb Prevents tb? hair from fallinBoff. Ball's Vbq?table Sicilian Haibbbnbwsa Mikei the hair soft and flossy. Hall's Vb?btablb Sicilian Haib Bbnbwbb Dom not stain the skis. Ball's Sicilian Vbsbtable Haib Bbnbwbb Hu proved Itself the beet preparation for the hair ever presented to the public. Prlee#l. Tor sale by all druggists. ja30-Tnly SUMELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, MOLAHDIB'B BXTBAOT BUOKU ib cvkhm every cam of Kisnbt Bwbasb, Bhbvhatism, Obavbl, Ubinabt Disobdbbs, Wbaknbm and Pains la the Bace. Fbkalb Oomflaints and Tbocblbs arlsin# from Bbcbbsbs or art Kir*. ?vaa? Mm kfriilViaVI TIT BHOLAIDIB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKV. Bold by all Ayothaoartw. Prl?*|l. P.BiBlU *00..>?V York, andBABBBB. 11ID400., Bew Orleana, Boa thorn BOBLBIOH A BOGBBB. WkolNlli Drsiflitt, Boa ton, Hid, Onertl Agenta. MB-lr COLGATE * CO.'8 W 1 N T B BOAP. Recommended fo'rHAprxD han?? and for general toiht ate daring cold wkathbb. It may bo obtained of all dragglata and faney gooda dealera. feb g-ooly DANCING. psers. J. W. A H. P. BBBIB' * DAH01HQ ACADEMY, Pnuilnalt ?*dm, bet. 6th and 7th Mi., A Opposite Metropolitan Hetel. New Claesas formlac evsry eYening. ThoM desiring to enter our clauei ehosld Avail them elTca of tbla opportunity. Preparation.- will b? made in this quarter for our annual May Ball- _ Cirsalara can b?had at J. F. 111a' Ud W. 0. Hmarott A Co.'s Misk Stores. Ths Hall can be rented foe Soirees. As. Days and Monti of Tuition : For Ladlee, Mtases and Masters, T need ay and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen sGlaaeee. Tuesday and Friday evenings. from 8 to IV o'clock. For furtbsr Information, apply dnrlnf .the hours of tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the flrat lesson, ja 8 MA E! HIA FA^HIONABUI DAMOIJIG M AB1KI 8 ASSEMBLY KOfiM* W K, between 9th and 19th street*. ' Thla acadetajr la bow open for the recef- |B tlom of puplla. 1)?) and hour* of tattloa for yoaac ladlee ml mm and mait*n, Taeadaya, IharaUn and Saturday a, from 3 to 6 ?. m. Gentlemen's rleases from 8 to 10, sama evenings. II B ?Private inatraotlon given to aalt the convenience of the rapll. ae M WOOD AND COAL. ^ O i L I O O A L II AT OBBATLT BBDUGBD PBlOBs. Groaa tana oft ,340 lbs deMvarod la any part of the city. Oheataat White Aah. $7 U, Stove, Keg and Parnate White Aah, #8 BO; Bed Aah, #4."; Labi ah. 99. OAK aad PINB WOOD eoaataatly on hand. , Otdjrs r??cetved at oar offlc. ar at tha wharf. iw? wi iig ?ir?fl. b. r. bbowb * son. " i ja 6-tf 4<> 9th atreet,betweae K and T. ^OAL! COAL!! OOAL !! Hevlnf determined to sell a firit ciui article of Won) ?d4 (M m ekm M tbe chNfNt, I bope by doing Kto ?%in a liberal abareof pnblie patronage. The Coal prloM are M follow*: WM1TB ASH NUT the toa fT 38 BALTIMORE OB. WHITE A?U, Egg and Stove aizaa ...... ? 9ft ALLOTHER <JtJALlTlBSof WHITB ASH ? 3ft LYKBH8 VALLEY PUBBRBD ABB Tft DIAMOND ybib bxd ASH 8 7ft bbobb WB1GBT, J J 40 LBS. TO THB TOM. Alwaya oa hand and cenaUntly receive the beat jniUitiea of WOOD of every description, delivered la aay part of tbe city. ^ ^ BAUM ja4-lm 7th at., betwaaa b and t art , Island. RA. CROJUMS ba8b ball AND 8KAT0&1AL HBAD QUARTERS. DMitrig laywM Cl|?n. AIM, tfe* following brand* of Donoatie Ot|in: Tulip, Jodr, ftff, botmtbvm, Ac. 1 olao koop o loo oaoortmoot of Tobocco, Hooracboum ood Brlor Wood Plpoa, ood fancy Artlclaa. A lorco oaaortmaot of tOa fiooat ond boot SKATBj. do Id too BOOTS AND SHOW. fn a w Ttoii. HH The oodoralfnod bo?o Iooto to loforabto frlonda ond tbo public gooorolly tbot bo boa oponod tbo BIW OHBAP STOBB, Bo. AOS 7tb atroot.ondor Odd Followa' Boll, wboro bo boa oa bona m ??nornl uaortmont of Itodloo' ood Qoatlamon V Bof "a. *** *?i4 ? ? USSn A.HO 8H01S. ]Um*Bb?r tb? B?mb?r, 303 nil atrMt, under Odd r*llov*' Hi]] T?* M?w ObMff TOore, f*r> ^r..n,rt.w..|0lill, WILW, jglADMBUT* M?jUIT VUIUI ?irjarjftaten>? &. iis'sia.*K^ * Fer nil ?^BuiM*r'e Djyot 569 7th atraat, o?IMlt* 0?atr* ltrkit _ _ ? (SaUw H. W. HAMILTON * CO. n B V o T 4^L . ' " thI iTTMAIi nimv inn** nnat O* WAMilGfb* " WV"* in to tktlr lew OSc* Mo. 71 LOUI1IAIA ATUIOl, Mint door oaat of 7lhtt. , ^tf' ^*?10BLB P. LAMU,'iocwfry. A WiMl. Mitu M 9mm* Kssssza wriJTNM m wmm w?wm? ? mi i ? * w. ? MITIIIOTT *oo. port ABU ysaii nrtfnn, ?jzs!z2:x?zr??25-?s?zi trie*. H*r ?? vtMf m* Mtnllf hwi, MttOuCNMailiu* AaiwnkMn^ lMto?7,?r mmI*. Punlytfw olrcmliiw mt ? "Tjm ***""* * ?V***, f[ TELEGRAM*. Ac. More than half a block of business buildings, including tbe confectionary establtthmeai of VfHls A Townsend, Ltf'i music store. Culler's stove store, and Allen's me*^ market were destroyed br flre at Qaiesbui g. 111., on Sunday last; loss, *50,000. . On Sunday afternooa ft passenger train going south on the Illinois Central railroad was thrown from the track near Hendota, Instantly-killing a Mrs. M. Wilson, of Acfcerson, and injuring several other passenger*. ThP M itflAn n VailUala Ka<i #??- -- tonal caucus at Jefferson Uity Monday night, and adjourned till Inst night. Tbe opposition to Drake seems to grow stronger, but bis triends are confident of bis election Tbe bollermakers of New Bedford, Massacbssette, are on a strike on account of a reduc Kin of tbeir day's work to sight act a half koars, and a corresponding reduction of prices. James Betsy, in St. Louis, Monday, was ptntenced by the United Stats* District Court ts five years'imprisonment in tbe penitentiary tsr counterfeiting. The Illinois Legialatu re met Monday and organized by tbe election of officers nominated at toe Republican caucus previously reported.

A private dispatch from Qnebsc says tbe Governor of tbs Province has refused tbe de rafind of Mr. Seward for the papers on the subject of tbe Fenian trials in Canada The beacon lighubonse in the harbor of St. John's. N. B., vai burned to tbe water's edge Monday morning. The bill to repeal tbe territorial test oatb of IK4 parsed tbe Lower House of tbe Colorado Legislature on tbe 31st. Benedict Arnold, a bacraire.master, vat in. jured in a railroad collision at Tanutou, Mass., and baa since died. The loss by tbe burning of Vaucleuse mill in South Carolina will be about f250,ooo. Insured for 1115,(10. Governor Crapo. of Michigan, is thought to be dying' Tbe new city government of Boston was inaugurated Monday. CONGRESSIONAL. P**at*.?Yesterday afternoon? Tbe bill providing tor tb?? payment of pensions was discnssed until tbe expiration of tbe morning hour, wben tbe President announced tbe special order, the bill lor tbe admission of Nebraska. Tbe question was on the amendment of .in. r.umunas 10 inai ottered by nr. Hrown. Mr Wade hoped the Senate would vote it down, being substantially the same aa tbat voted down last evening. Mr. Sumner thought it better to bave this amendment out of the way, so aa not to complicate the matter, and tbat it would be better to take the question on Mr. Brown s amendment. Hf subject led to a general discussion, which lasted for some time. Mr. Johnson suggested some verbal amendments to the proposition ot Mr. Edmunds, when he yie'ded to a motion to adjourn, which was agreed to with the under?tanding (hat a linal vote should be taken at 3 o'clock today. House ?Alter the passage of the District Suffrage bill, yesterday afternoon, as reported in the StarMr. Kasson (Iowa) rose to advocate his pending joint resolution in reference to the action of courts in some of the States, in selling negroes for crime, when considerable dis. cussion ensued thereon, and it was then passed oj ? fuir wi no yrw vo 7* nays. The bill was changed so as to read. "A bill to enforce the 13th amendment to the Constitution of the United States." it provides that any person ?tr persons wbo shall beieafter sell, or offer lor sale, or attempt to sell.anr per?on or persons whomsoever within the limits of the United States, or wbo shall make or issue any order for s ucb sale, or wbo shall in anywise participate in such sale or attempted rale, or wbo shall hereafter bold in servitude any person so sold, shall be guilty of a felony, ana, upon a conviction thereof, be imprisoned for a period of tune not exceeding ten years, or fined In a sum not exceeding S10.INIG, or botb. in the discretion of the court by whicb such offender shall be tried. i ue nuuee snoruy alter adjourned. Kjw Jkk*kt? The Governor't Mtttagt.?doy. ernor Ward's message was delivered to tUe New Jersey Legislature yesterday. The deficiency in the re^noe last year was tl7U,OUO. This i& owing to the extraordinary appropriations made by the fast Legislature. This year the deficrancy is estimated at S6o,uao, which bas been net by the State tax. The Stat* war debt is $3.3M.V<ti. The United States Government still owes New Jersey S7T7,310 for ad. vances made In equipping and transporting soldiers, and thera is in the sinking fund irfmi tna ? ? * H-'KAWO. m?w V.W1CI uvt invuiuwuui uew UX law*, and speaks well of the educational and charitable institutions of the Stat*. On national attains, be says tbe President's departure from tbe line of bonor and principle has been signally disastrous to tbe country: bnt for hi? treachery to tbe principles of the party which elected him. we should betore now have been a united people nnder a restored Union, while there U to-day scarcely a semblance of ital loyalty throughout tbe States recently in rebellion. He also advocates protection to home Industry. TBI Ekglibh kkporx Qcmtiob.?It is announced that conference* bare recently been beld in London between tbe leader* of tbe Reform party, in which i: was arranced, in view of the probable proposal of a Reform bilj by the Derby Ministry at the approaching hhiod of Parliament, that the Reform*r? should organize a movement having in view a general refusal of the payment of direct taxes by those tax-payers who do not possess the right ef suffrage. This aotion is to be based on the principle of "no taxation without representation:" but the good policy of sncb a course is quite questionable. The exteasioa of the suffrage to the English working elasaee is sure to come, but it will be by gradual steps; and a movement of this kind Is more calculated to stir np bitter feelings on the part of the ruling classes than to conciliate them in favor of Reform. TB* lsniA**? The Ckeyenn t on the War PmtK. A party ol ISO Cheyenne Indians, -on the morn inc of the let instant, surrounded the telegraph office at Sweetwater Bridge, killed and scalped the operator, named Callicott, and burnad the station. Three soldiers were with him, one oi whom wai found dead: tbe others have not been heard from. The Cheyenne* have heretofore been peaceful, and their taking the war With the Sioux s will make matters much worse tor tbe small number of troops in this Territory. Aa expedition, commanded by Majors Van Voort and Oorden. started from here a few days ago to punish the Indians who committed the massacre near Fort Phil Kearney. General Palmer, commanding here, is wide awake to the Importance pf tbe eitua. tion. TBI Co>8TiTrTlo*ax Amhdmkst.-Nearly all tbe State Legislatures have met or will meet during tbe early part of tbis year, and luc uiwihw uigifiOD SDOBv Ut (JOnSlltUtlOnai amendment will probably soon be knowu. Alt tie Sonthera Legislatures that bar* con sidersd the <abject ban rejected tae arnsodmenr, notpuaf Tennessee. Delaware and Maryland will probaMr also reiect it. All the Northern States will, no do?bt ratlty it. The Constitution requires that three-fbarths of the State Legislata res shall ratify an aataadment in order to make it'n'portion of that laafrnmant. a ' > > ^ Who Fowl*.?Thf runners about Havre de Grace and tha head of Chesapeake bar are. we understand. doing bit little. Shooting this season has, ap to this time, not been Terjr profitable. Uutw back dueks are MUin| at 43 a pair, and red naeks Mil at ri, bat are erj scarce, On tbe Potomac more wild geese hare been killed usnal.bnt can rat backs, red necks, *o~, ars scarce.?Xlkton (Jfd.) Dti*o, , , T?* Yacht Rao*.?Tbe Nsw York Citizen nom iuatea Captain Bennett, of the racht Henflett?vfer Major of New York and Oorsmor of the Stale. Hfrbs brave captaia is tbe fcero of tbe day in tba metronolis. There are six oil iion^nV'to W. T.'^^tdiSTroair^or ^VtflJSn!^ Tkc tud cmUIm ikott two kiidnd u4 Nvaty>ftm Mrw.?Dtrdutttr (JM.) .Ytw. ITOofd m? crop ttii yur. Celebratiea *1 tbe Ei|ktl sf Jaaury. tPBici or thi piniDnrT. Under tbe auspice* of the National Democratic Resident Committee. the flfty.Mcond anniversary of the battle of New Orleans was celebrated by a banqoet at tbe National Hotel last evening- There wsre about *50 gent.emea present, including many persons of sots. Tbe aiiruiuiru IB uir psriors OX Ul( BOV1, mod were received by the committee appointed for ibst parpoM-tol. Tbomu B. Horence, JadreUbtrlri Moot, ud MeMn. Jonah D Hoover and Owen Thorn. Amonc iho^e present w?re Senator* Doolittle, ot Wis.; McI)onKill,of Oal.; Cowan, of Pa.: Saulsbury, of l>el.; Hendricks, of lnd.; Representatives A. J. Kocera, of N. J.; John Hogan, of Mo.; Kerr.of lad.; Humphrey and Winfield, of N.Y .; Fmck. of Ohio; Gloasbranner and A neon a, of Peon.; Trimble, of Ky ; Niblack, ot lnd? and other Senators and Representatives; Hon. P. P.Blair, Sr., Hon Montr ornery Blaii\ Judge Black of rruDsj iTama. uon. uoorge Taylor of Mrooklyn, Tdohh J. Henley of Indiana, the Tcxu delegation, Mr. Wheeler of N. C., ? U. Bangs tbe actor, and Judge Merrick, Cornelius Wen* dell, J. C. McGuire, N Cailan, and many other well-known residents of this District. The press was fully represented by delegations from the city papers here and oorreepondents of the prominent journals North and South. About 8 o'clock tbe guests tiled into the large dining-room ot the hotel, which was haud.?omely draped with tbe national colors, aad teaied tberaoelTes at tbe tables. In addition to tbe long dining table there were a number I of fide tables, sufficient for the actommodition of the entire nomber present. The tables were handsomely decorated, and the banquet was of a character to keep the company busy with their knives and forks for an hoar or more. During its prof refs the Preeidentof the United States entered the room, when all rose to their i feet, and greeted htm with deafening applause, wbich lasted some time after he bad been conducted to his seat. The toasts were read by Uol. Florence. : The first?-The day we celebrate, and the ' great event wbich fla* made it a cherished national anniversary"?was responded to by | Hon. F. P. Blair, who first read a scrap of ku: torj. in review of the cause, consequences, and results of the war of 1S12, and then nro ceed?d to discnst tbe later ambitions des'igns of the French Emperor, concluding as follows. "Tbe victories of Qraut In tbe South extinguished all tbe Yisions of glory with which be was flattered. His trausports are bow fitting out in France to carry borne tbe wreck of his army, bis Mexican Empire, bis Emperor, and 'tbe ascendency of tbe Latin race1 over a domain wbich was to enable Franee to contend with the maritime aacendency of England. Jackson conquered Eugland's conspiracy, Orant that of l ranee. Tbe patriot heroes are inseparably united as having arrested tbe domination of tbe two great r?|>vnn>vi uuiu|>r, auu muing immortal the flat pronouncedffrom tb?- cannon's moutb: " The Federal I nlon must be preserved f" The second regular toast was tben an. nonneed Tbe memory of Andrew Jackson? "Tbe Federal Union, It muat and shall be preserved," wbea Hon. Montgomery Hlair rose and said:?I break In npon tbe regular order of tbe proceedings to announce that 1 am delegated by tbe committee of arrangemeats to propose tbe bealtn of tbe President of me ?. nuea oiaies. 1 ue toast tu drunk amid great and prolonged cheers. The President responded as follows"Gentlemen : It is not my purpose in rising to make an address on tbis occasion, and 1 shall try, at tbis opportunity at ieasi, if 1 bare not, or cannot, in others, to imitate tbe example tbat bas been set by tbe distinguished and illustrious man tbat bas been alluded to here to-night by tbe chairman of this meeting, to respond to tbe demonstration yon have made tbis evening by merely proposing a sentiment: "No State of its own will bas tbe right, under the Constitution, to ren'ounce its place in. or to wiLhdraw from the Union. fCheers.l Nor has the Congress ot the United Stated under the Confutation, the power to degrade the people of any Stale by reducing them t j the condition of a mere territorial dependency upon the Federal head. The one u a disrapt ou and dissolution of the Government: tae other consolidation and the exerciee of deapotic power. The advocates of either are alike the enemies of the Union and of oar Federal form of Government." [Great applause.] Mr. Florence read the third regular toast ? 'The Federal Union, It must be preserved,'' which was responded u> by Senator Heudrtcks, of Indiana, who said the noble sentiment of Andrew Jackson is good to be exnraased on tbe anniversary of his cthimi military achievement Thrice in his history did be aid in preserving thai TJnion. Tbe speaker tben reviewed at length tbe three occasions referred to- the battle of New Orleans, when be overcome tbe foreign loe, aad bis successful efforts to deteat first consolidation, and tben dismemberment which.threatened the National safety. Tbe fonrth toast:?"Andrew Jobason, the President of the United States He is now receiTtng the full measure of that vituperation which was once meted oat quite as lavishly to Jefferson and Jackson," was responded te by Senator Doolittle, who spoke of the only two dangers which have ever threatened or can ever threaten oar Government, saying: "The one is the tendency to secession, the other a tendency to centralization of power m the Federal Government, which ia bat another name for despotism over tbe people aad tbe States. [Cheers.] la the Providence ot God, Abraham Lincoln waa inaugurated for tbe purpose of conducting this nation during the struggle, when it became necessary te put down the tendency te separation. Now that ubs vnii vTcrcuiuv upon ua mm* nvici. la order to do it we bad to centre upon in is Goteromeut powers which were never dreamed ot till tbie war began; bat when the rebellioa gave way it left tbe Government in poesession of those powers, and the question is now how to resist tbe accelerating tendency towards centralism which the possession of-these powers has intensified.1' Mr. Doolittle closed with aa eloqnent tribute to tbe patriotism and ability of tbe Piysident, dwelling on hts integrity and parity of motives. Tbe toast to "The Supreme Oourt of the Vnlted States" was rasDonded to h? 1 n><M Black, who reviewed its action in the case of the Indiana conspirators. whe fee said were innocent men unjustly condemned, and iUustrated the attacks open the Court bjr the old fable of tae viper biting the file, only be characterized the assaults as coming from a ? nest of vipers," and said attacks upon the Court would only result in barm to those who made urn. The tout to "the conservative members of Congress" was responded to by Mr. Wmfteld, and that to '-the army aad navy" by Hon. A. J. Rogers, of New Jersey, who spokeof the daty of the Executive to uphold the flag with iu thirty-si* stars, representing that many States, eves (I be had to use ths army aad navy to do to. Ths toast to " ths flag" was responded to by Jndge Merrick, and that to "ths Federal Constitution* by Hou. Montgomery Blair, who spoke of the irrseponmble rump Congress, [cheers] aad said!-. 1 did not intend to say as much, but 1st ms redall to you and to the world that Mr. Jobasoa is threatened with impeachment (or standing by hts oath to support the Constitution, and to support it la that seass ta which he aad his illustrious prs. dsceesor understood it, waea they were know lady elected by thiaaame revolutionary party (ehMti] who iMi proateed to ?tasd by him. Tbo tout "to the right of representation la both branches of Oomwh" *u responded to by Senator Oowan; Oat to "the State* of the American Vnlon"by Mr. Iflblack; "the right of coercion" by Mr. Flack; "the reto power" 5r Hon. John Hogaa; "the preae" by (M. lorence; and "tfce wo?a of AnMrloa" by Mr. Stronee. After a fbw remarks from Senator McDoagall, tba party broke np. WUMI iwiTea iron secretary Welles, Hon. S. S. Cox, Major Hoffman, of Mow York, Got. Svnuu, of lbrylMd, Hd oa. Joha P. Stooktoa, of Haw Joreey. That from Hocrataxy Wellee waa aa follow*: -wimkoTor, Jaaaary t. ? ?. ? Oeatlemea; ll will be dlflnltferlM la a* preeoat at your haaoaet tkia aaierte eao?ipemoratioa at Ua flortoae ehtottaiaaed patrio#'who. |a tit* words of JefkiMb, "tilled the meuare ofw coaati^t boaar," aad who hmaolt declared, at a later day. -rh? Federal Uatoa, 14 apt he yimud;" hat mj beet wtehee are with *01* aad ad trae Tfmiom wea. Do bi* the teTW, while rxcatlu m j ah eaao. to accept the followtat rralimcnt tart believe we, tery reepeetftlljr,, AaiMen MiluiHUmitthi oeeuloa by (SMilMt mmUc thrai|feoat ttr vraiBfi *N tK |M*i <'??'?'< MPMWUj MUHiMMvitli Ifc? MttrtoiMMAl EIROPE4N NEWS. Xx?Don. Jan 8?Tb* Daily NfwtdraMte?i a* un Kin ta? proponed pmcBlAlMD to Paritynant of mt?i pttiUnn* Kohe. Jaa ft ?Th<- Italian aiah? a dor. H?caor Toarlli, baa flaailT mum ike qa??u<>o? relau** to the faiaraaiaioa of ivitfuMM nu wr? id nrrar unnrr in* liantc rtfmu Tbr Papal C?h4nrt have a?r*ed mat h?re?rt*r lb* tppoiimtnt of btsbops ibtll be m?d? by bm HtflilMI UM Pop#, the Mid IpfOUiUMM to recoire tbe v&DcUua of the King *ud Govern. m?ot of Italy. Bun*, Jan.*.?The *l?ctio? of tbe m?mWn of tbe new Gti'man Parliament bu bffa | ordered to take place February It [By Sewner J PABim- Dx *6 ?Tbe btwt bat Count Kismarck w shortly to viut Part* m without l*>oa1 dation. Be will not Imt? Berlin before tbe i opening of tbo German Parliament. It U not certain that be will go to the soutk of Franco on aecoaat of bin health. Ml* hmm. the <ferroan Democrats, are wdtcbing hts motsmente, ana wo aid no doubt avail themselves of his absence to conspire against kin, and force h m to leave tbs Cabinet, it Lhsy were *?VHK riiu?|H iV go >V I ur JUVWOUIlJ II that he will remaia la Praeaia and abandon tbe Mm of Ttaitin* France l*o* i*?w. Uac. ? -Mr Duranu tbe Mei cm minister in Ix>ndon. baa fone to Paria to coaanlt wim Almonte aa 10 tt- poller to puriu* ia tii* Mexican Imbroclio Tne Mexican embaiij in Ltondon t>xi?u no loader. Tbe Mexican Conanlate UfBnil attend* to til tbe buaine?? here. Piiim Dec M?La Patrte of to-4a7 aaya aeveral (omfi aewapapera ha*e laumated that the faat newa rfcuvd from Mexico con ceraingthe indectaion of Maximilian won Id Inflaeacetbe reeolution of tbe Krvaeh U?ternment tn reference to brinfinc back to France the French Mexican expeditionary cor pa. W* again aaaert l bat tb? sraiarM taken for the evacuation are poaitlvo and car* tain. Tbe execnton of the* meaaarea ia la no wayMbordiaate to tbe reeolanoaof tba Ooan of Mexico, and tbe return of oar troop* w>ll take place at tbe appointed time and la oonformi'y witb tbe diapoaiuon already made, which will remain uninfluenced by the de viciwii VI uir DiujTrur ui mruro Froot Mriiro MmvoKA* Dec. *? ? Uutltiud his command. insiead ol going UtObihulbna to report to Jnarez and answer charges pending against hire for bis actions in Matam >r >*, pronounced against the Juarez (rov?rnm?nt when aboBt twenty-Are miles froat Matamoraii and marched upon Victoria or Tampico to torn li enor Panor, who trr a?v la i>beUi^>a. t>?i beco Miit Cortina* after him. aad weal bim?elf to Monterey, wbere he arrived oo tbe J3d. Mejia i" at San Lais Pntnei wltb aboat 5,<*K' troope, including l.ouo French On tbe 16ih preparations were on foot for a large e*. pedition, supposed to bs intended lor lite Kk> Grande frontier. Matamokao. Dec 31?The Nauonal Oaard : recogbis?tf since yesterday. Tbe or*vr was given shortly altei tbe arrival of a courier from Monterey yesterdat. Ku newspapers or letters have beea received from there: every, thing baa be>n stopped, and it is therefore sap. posed that the news must be important and against Juarez. General Msjta being atck. General I*abara. ex-Minister of War under Maximilian, wiy take command of bis dirt, ion. It is currently reported tbat with tbe approval of Juarez, bscobedo has ap. pointed Cortinss Governor of Tamaulipas. Cortina* It expected to arrive shortly. Or. tera's address to the Mexican people Is here. Ortega, it is reported. Is now at Seacaticao, bis home, at the head of a strong party. The Rio Grande Courier publishes official communications from Krencb representatives in Mexico, in which tbey say tbey were si ran* Iters to the conference beld at Orizaba, and as a consequence of the deliberations of that con. ference tbey will return to Francs ia Lbs shortest time possible. Maximilian bas called a Congiess, where all parties are invited to attend. Passports will be given for that purpose. Tbe Congress is to decide whether the Empire is to subsist or not. Gat-vaeTon. Jan. P.?Tbe U. S. dispatch steamer Blackbird brings lirownsvills aed Matamora* dates to the .'.th instant. General Kscobedo has appointed Cortinas governor of Matamoras, who bas issued a proclamation assuming tbe command. Ortega bas issned a long pronunciamento, setting fortb hts claims as President of Mexico, and calling on the people to rally to his standard. The Liberal* have retaken San I?nls Potoei. Mejia u (ailing back to the City of Mexico. Alexandria Itbms ? We clip the following from the Alexandria papers of yesterday afternoon % In the Connty Court Monday a?rand Jory was empanelled, wth J. B Smoot, as fore, mas, who retired to their room, aad after a time returned tnefollowing indMivnu to the Court, against Noble Simms. lor obtaining money under Xalae Dietences, a true bill, against V> m Tnrley. for a^sanlt and battery, a tmc bill: againtt Jobn O'Laary. for receiving stolen gooda,a true bill againet'Caasins f .L<ee, for wilful trespass, a true bill against Ulan* der Alexander, for petit larceny, not a tnte bill; Bgamst Reuben Kairtax aad kdward Tyler, lor petit larceny, not a true Mil; and ( luai iito> " iiiiuni ior pent larceny, nut a true bill and the fraud jury was discharged. Com. vs. Noble Simme. cbarjred with obtaining money under false pretences?a nollt prostqux wuentered Albert French, charged with hum* a portion ol Wm. Stepney's bow, wu examined and discharged. A burden train on the Loudoun and Hampshire Kaliread, ran off the track yesterday evening in the neighborhood of Carlm's Spring. doing considerable damage to the engine. At* ter considerable delay tne train was restored to its position, and arrived ia this city last night about 2 o'clock, in charge of another angina. The accident was attributed to the accumulation of ics upon one of the rails. Willi* P. Henley, grandson of Mr J. T. Evans, of this city, who accidentally (tot himseif ia the hand on Christmas day, died last aight from lock-jaw, produced by the wonnd. Up to Sunday night the wonnd was considered in a favorable condition, hot lockjaw aaparvened dnring the evening, siaot which time h? was m constant agony. Mildred Washington, colored, habited ia men's attire and walking the streets as snch, was arrested last night br the watch, and coa VI WW wm% l ll|'lll* H "WHOIfl. ? Krrbf Dublin garriMB is rwdy far a r?Ma college. ?TA craaty bukclor object* to chuatar. muds bNHN tbey om mora hair au thaa mi me*. ETerybody u getting married ib Nut iUe. VFiae itrtwbtrhu is Stmul. VTIm Ubarieeton Xarevry say* utt At Radical* arc powerful aad compact. 7~ Criminal* la Chicago mmi to bar* tba sympathy of tba jadgea aad graad jariaa. Oallqaity of Tisioa. 7*a CibcIbbbu yoath Ml dead wtitfe driakiag a glasa eftlqaor. KTTbomaa R Antboa, Walla, Farroh Oom* paay'a agaat has bees arraatad ia Saa i'raaclaco. charged with eiabaMiiag WMWt ITiOlaaaoad worth twMiy thouaaad dol. Ian 4a geld ia aa ealubitloa 4a New urtoaa*. VMlarteea weAdkaga tetfc place at Ooaoord, M.1L,m OkrMaa* tarVA geatleaaa ftwi Moataaa teat ?M?o la Philadelphia wfcll* drlaMagagftaM at watakj Wiu? a "friend TTfta dtoeerwyeitfce A**to*y efaaewbora ^uto?A? 4aa at Harrlatarg otatte Tl Mil Aas beea latrodaoed la tfca **aomrt Hmn ef Mefatfe te rtrtfea tAe war* ' wAtt*" ftem the Stat* Ooaetttattoa. ITi. T. Swwtrt will ooa ttaao U buiMn. Ho Horwt ^-Richmond papal* ?y im u?tw> ?. MM a mpictifUr Mi Ml 106 yitn. V& ?m ?M Mot la Memphis fl* otter day. Mdt>?r? ww,^ii|ij||Mf ^iHwM MUV Tkt My of ? m? wtMaat Mad* i ar lot* was fooa* twHai m Mo 1M ft tot, at Now York, oa SaaAay ooiaf. fined Id tbe watcb-bouae. Tbu morning ate was taken before tbe Mayor, wbo diac barged the offender, upon tbe payment ot fine and coeta, In aucb cum made and pro Tided. Tu Rohawc*Ok Va.T?Jferrie*a, A?rand Re-Marriage.?A few yean aiuce, a Tory respectable lady, li Tin* not a hundred mi lea Irom Winona, called apoa one of oar leadanc attorneys, and desired bia aervices la proMrinc a divorce from her bnabaad, wbo bad left bar eigbt or ten yean ago, and daring all tbat lonr ume abe bad beard notaing of bim. Tbe lady waa taking tbe step with reluctance, bat It waa neceeaary to transfer some land. Tbe oaaa of desertion waa ao atrong tbat Little dittcalty waa met In procuring tbe divoroe, and tbe lady made tbe tranalbr. On tbe evening or tbe aaae day tbe attorney waa in Miloa'a barter a bop, wben tbe lady in question entered, accompanied by a gesUem&a Sbe uttered an exelaaauoa of earpriae ae abe met tbe gaaeol tbe attarawy, and, taiing a aeat by bia aide, aaid to bin "Do you know tbat gentleman wbo came Hi Wltb ?*? . ?"i iTuiini uu sugrDfj, "WML, It W my husband. He came ap tomtr on the boat, and we shall be married again this (Tttmf. The attorney suggested the propriety fhia being present at tbe wedding, but while tit lady was willing be shouia witness tbe ceremony, sbe yet thought that he had been a little too instrumental in separating them. Why the husband was so aileat dunaf his king slissii ss wa know not. Let that remain amonr the mysteries? Winona (Minn.) HepubUcan, IX*.?. WThe Lynchburg (Va ) News still speak*