Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR ] The Urgtil Circulation in the Histrict W I> WALLAfH. Ulln tai Proprietor. WASU1NOTOW CITY: Ur.DMXDAT JA11ARV 9, )MT< ft?~ftXADIXG MATTER Off BVIRT FAQS. fiv v m'*atr%? tab ? '- vv IV/n IdlMJKIIlilU lll/i GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. TO ADriRTMIftl. The folio wiuf ia tfe* official ihowlnf of fea circulation of tM daily paper* of W* aity compattag for tae Qoreramaat aiWMM| aader tbe recent aa: of Ooafmi dlrteuag aaafc adTfrtiaitf to ba made in the two daily aawspapm of WaabtncioB UtU| tit largaa aircalauon: % Etuim STAB 7,715 coptas far day. CkrmrieU S.M " ? Jnfrlh armsrr S.SH ? ? The tarns of advertising by the city papers for the quarter rnlmf September 30, 186*. aa t*krs from the books of the Internal &?mo* Othc*. are a# follows: ivmiie STAB 916,0m InUlUg'nctr 13, U* Chronicle 10,900 Mtpublican 4,791 R1CKVTTON3 AT TII? WHIT* HOTJ9E A* several errors occurred to our notice of fct President* m nin( receptions published we will state that the firat levee v ill bs beld tbe 17tb of January : the second on tbe :tb of February, and the third on the jl of Kfbrntrjr. Tlw President's daughter*, Ira. Patterson and Mra. Stover, will be at tiomr on Morvday . TT.Y IMPEACHMENT Of THE PRE&IDEN'T Tbe leading Kt publican jouraals do not approve tbe actios of tbe Uodh of Representatives oa adopting thsimpeachmeht resolution; basing tbeir opposition to tbe mens. re mainly on tlie delay in Important legislation which it will probably cause, and tbe dis* Fnvu'cnn.1 u| UB lor DDUeM Ud bQllDNI Of the country o.i prolonged siruggla bftwnn itc Executive aid Congress. The New York Tribune thinks nnhing is to be famed by arcing Impeachment, and adds by way of warning: "May we not pat a precedent upon our statute boobs which will give any Democratic majority ef tbe Senate and House in fatare years the right to revolutionize the Government in the m erest of slavery? Let us walk lowly, and so: vey the ground as we go. Let u? not lay violent hands upon the Executive office until we And ibat no other coprse re. mmne lor tbe bonor of the nation. Perhaps vre are wrong; bnt it doe* not seem to ns that I IXlimafnr Ih. *-- ? - ? .^mei miriullITt UIU COOlf. ' The Timtt says the suject is a source of apprehension and alarm, particularly among business men, saying: "The conrse that has bean pursued npon the smpeaebment business, th? spirit ihal has been displayed in its treatment, aad the progress within a few days In making it a matter of practical legislation and action, have tided greatly to tbeee apprehensions ft la looked npon as such a gratuitous disturbance fit the peace of the country, such prolonging of oar political difficulties, such an i;tcailea ft r interference with our progress towards harmonioas relations, and such au inherently dangerous procedure, that it can be regarded only as the work of tboss who uu uiui: iur id* piioiic weirare, and are intent only op?n their own Mlfl?b cods. 'The formal charges tbat these parties propeer to prefer again.-1 President Johnson in tbeir articles of impeachment are no more tbau Uiose witb which we have become farsitiar from the speeches of his assailants. Nearly ail of them would be dismissed at once by any court, and if tb<y ever come before snch a body as the Senate, we have n t doubt of the dispc> kit ion that will be made of them." M1S90UKI WAR CLAIMS The commissioners appointed by the Pres. id*nt under an act of Uiaptfi authorizing tbem to iivMUiratc the Missouri war claims. Rave made a report, in which they allow the Siat* of Missouri ?7,236,978 34 for enrol* ing, arm lag, and eubeisung troops for tfee V. S. army during the rebellion. From this aw or aeaacieo IN direct tax, amounting to 9?*M?7 33, leaving a balance due the State of MTS.&IOK RETURN OF TBS POST MASTER GENERALPixtoiuttr General Bandall aad lady wil arrive ia the city to-morrow morning, lira itandall arrived in New Yorlt yesterday from Europe on the City of Baltimore, her health feeng much improved. DISPOSAL or PUBLIC LANDS Setorai received at tha Oeneral Land Office from the local office at Humboldt, Ji.aa , a how that *1,248 acres of the publie lands were die grwcu vi uuiiil| IO? mOniU OI lMMUMr last. | S. ?-.i serf* of which were taken for actual sat. UrmfBt and cultivation under tke homestead j lew, and the remainder located with scries 1- ; tural collere scrip aad military warrants. Returns from the local ofBce at Oregon City, Oregon, sbow that daring tbe month of No- I Tfmber 4,101 acree of tbe public lands were <St?poee* of, 3,770 of which were takea under Qic bomeetead law tor actual settlement aad cultivation. TaaUaigva IiItibtaiiisintb of Mr. aad Mrs. Howard Paul, at Metzerott Hall, centiaae to be tbe piquant feature of attraction aigbtly, aad are attended by tbe eliU of the CltJ. ' i How it Wo?k? ?Tb? cable telegrams an ounce a decline of jper cast, in flre-twea> j tie* id Europe on account of tbe threatened impeachment of the President. fpS=?' TBI IBISMVS OFTBIGOOD BOUSE L13 Win "-A meet!as of Ike JOCBBSTKn PAIBTKBS' UN10H vill be held SlOer h Hall, lltb street vest, oa TBC BSD ATBVBelNB Jaaaary 1Mb. at 7J* o'clock Brory ? 1 >r le respaetfaliy rMiwt*< ta mttmmi. _ w. B. UBOWI, President. WM BBBOB . Bsc. jaflt* J fWf^OBBTIBABY SBBVICBS - WAUOB ' OBAPBL, corner M street eaet sad A et. i mmmW* Hr-'t-' Din unwn* * ? ?=_, ??wm, urn, aUn va , uu IIIIM11. dH?W?I M11 a m.. ky ftov. F. 1. DB HAM, OtitfMTT Un Fmt at Jj. ?. AtT* . PLATFOBM 1RTIIO, at wfclek Haa XAKIS BiKLAV. ftxtaeratarr af thi UMri?,?lll wmM>; and rtlmw will b? datt vand ki Haa fartw WILLIYaad Hoa. H 1ft4It FftlCl. ja? 4t* If5? X. O. O. F -OEAHD LODGS -Tka Oaarllj MrOtinuictttoi will ba bald oa WEDVntAI SYBVIflO, Jaaaary 9th, al 7X o'eloek. ktw r. a. iwwt,?. ?. (FT ?^ILS?*MA 4?Sf ?C1 Afiro?%?kohald ?a WlDllBDAl KVBNlFQ.KhlMt .at7** 'clock, lCii?? Lmi?* H?ll. 491 Mkitmt Pnaytat?nd(ae* af ?k>n I* ma?l?d. aa tka ilnMoi ?(tka liKaan OvaaittM aad otkar iaaaortaai Milaaaa will ooaao ap Hodi*tlactia>aaada wkat#m oa accoaot of raca. color, or rallgian, to b* coma aarnaoara of ikla aaaoclanaa A good Moral character and a deal r a to alnsc* tka caaaa of ka W>I miiU Iimon IM Ollf l?e*NtT7 reqlKlt* Pnmm tliklu to join Ik* iMCllllOl m eoao ?a?oroon,ora*drMa jM ?t A 0 HALL. ImmUij. alju vhoarr may oomombm. otio* ?iVaUfiiViifWitSL. Mm to Hickiltri. Botcb?r* ?u4 owaora of Do|l ?xplr*4 QiJuuw; I. tMB, *a4 Uit mid Hmm ?bt bo rra?v*4 it Ui vltua too daii from Sit Sktt'L nVVOVQIjAM, jo i dtjoU fcotitor. fff ssKifcSW's systtsssot umn kid *ip*n?i for tk? >??r M *r. mi urn nutf, m<* c?- h on baad t? 000 uO Ttio ropulor *- --! -lTj**'rr f-r rrr-a TniiMtn will uko pine* oa HuJIDifrJMMO U, ketwoon OtbMnof M?.a aad ?a. _ JtltM* 0H*il? TAtP. Prart. ct10,1 f H wvtmcl oeVijtowow bit . UDIII' HJ? OftlAl ft mill* liMOl, I'lU.A*. k??. mk aad IStb tto. I vmi hort aattca with *jv*UIw in PrrtaM*' Sier m as (O^OhM-IHtoaa**. *ta.. ata Attendant* ?Im> will ba Hitt?ilu?4 to*U 4atoitovl ariMc?ai*at?. Bo?.jaeta, Wraatka, m< cat ric*er> to ortfar _ _ J? ? ! JQSBPH H mmilD. wyB 1TABL18BEP 1811. ^ KrfBIMOl I niOQMI. >71 faun mtra, roa?aa lav aiuvr, ; ?*??? . Ho.1., B PpSiTftaf. SJ?1>HJ!MWaM OVBMlCALt, PkrjMa* Fraacri##v?i aacaralalf^Wa^htf. ' a*. Th* AiictK Bali a^a?rad. A* 13r?J ^ JJ ,U.r tM I TELEGRAPHIC NKWK 1?Y V 8. BFBOFBA* MW* AtMOCI ATIOW. FROM EUROPE. Ibipwmk-Aailrita Aaarilx-Tki Lia> Tiara Ik* Alabama llaiaia?Tha Harktli. % # (By Atlantic Oabla) ' ^ LivBnroOL. Jaa 9?Thofcark HarrtaOrrpn, froan SmnMI hnnlH ta Ika n>lll> ka. rank at ih, ud only one person ontof be# erew wna saved. Vibxwa. Jan. ? ?The AfitrtM Qorefn meet bat extended nn am neat 7 to (be preaa tbrongbont the Empire tor all past offences. Loaooa. .Tnn. 9.?Tbe Timet fens snoraer editor si to-day oa tbe question of the sltim* of tbo United Siste? Government for tlis dr precisions of tbo Alabama It express** the hope that ibe attempt to settle tbe matter by sr bit ration will be inrcnlfal. Consols are quoted at 91 for money, firstwenties. TV*. Erie. 46, Illinois Ontral.dl Litutool, Jan.*?The cotton market Is ! flat to-day. nod prises declining. Tbo sales ! are esti mntsd at S.0U6 bales. (Br Mat! from barope) Tk* Journal 4n Havre, ot Dec. 24th aaya The I??Monde believe* that laapiteof his flrat win later, Victor F.raanael hits atcned n treaty or alliance oMaivt and defeneive with i the KnjMiror of the Freaeh. The Opinion Rationale ear* that it* oorreapondent report* that Pope Pal*, the IXth, haa given the aaaurance that he will not quit the Holy See. l.iTR* WHOM MVtirn AMtker Liberal Victory. Naw Youa. Jan.??The IfirmUTi Matamoraa ipftlkl of I>ecember SStk |trn a report of a battle recently fombt near Q udal caster > la tke State of San Lnte Potosi, between Bfejla's iroope and the Liberals under Trevino, resoKtng 1* <t complete victory for the latter. A ar*e number of prisoners were taken. E<cobedo vii making a foroed march to join Trevlno and drive Mejia from the State. Cortina is in pare Bit ol Canales, whom he promisee to thraeh. Oeaeral Berreabatzal has iseaed a decree directing all chiefs and subalterns who have not reported to leave Matamoras with twentvfour hours under the penalty of trial as conspiratere Official news of the occupation of San Lais Po>o*i has been received. Iterreabatzai ha? been placed in command of tbe S*atee of Tamanlipas, New Leon and Uoahulia. Atlantic Httrl la Nerfelk Destreyed by Ftre. Foktkzm Mossoc, Jan 8?a Arc broke out in Norfolk early this morning, consuming the Atlantic Hotel, three stores beneath, and Chamberlain's Banking House. The Or* was first discovered about tour o'clock, and by daylight the buildings ware in ashes. Some > ot the guests of the hotel bad a narrow eecape, many of them loslngal! their valuables, ! clothing, Ac., and beiac rescued from the j windows by ladders. The hotel was valued ! at Jtro.ow, and is insured for S30.00U. A. Q. Morton, the proprietor, has an iBsnnniw m SS.nno on the" furniture, which was valued at <>,(00. The other losses were; Borum's liquor store, >8,ii00, insured for ts.noo. ChamberIain's Banking House. S3,000; cerered by insurance. Vlckey & Co., publishers. ?7,000; insured fbr >3.000. C. O. I. R. Stephens has a Defender. Niw'Yoek, Jan. 9.?At a meeting of one of the ientan Circles last evening, O'Shea denies thit Stephens had broken faith, was a trniior or baa defrauded the Brotherhood. The fund* were all safe in the bands of Col. Kellev and other permanent ofBc?T*. Us said that Stephens is tot a British spy, nor in connivance with tbe British Qovernment. Circumstances compelled him to remain here on tbe di-nartnre of the Istt Fr??i>h ?< bp ?t- without fond*. Gfitr>l Hcwtrd U Soath lartliat () ti. O., Jan. General Howard and suite t> here. examining tb? condition ot the colored people. The General delivered an (iddre"ii lastniehtat the African Cbureb, art vimdx the freedmen to remain where they were; to be indnstriona, and abide by their eoatraca H?-also urged upon tnem the importance of education. Out. Orr u about to visit W actuation. New Jersey Legiilatirc. Trehtom, N J., Jan b?The New Jereey Leeielatnre organised to-day, by the election or Ben). Buckley, of Paaeaic, President, and 11. K. Bordaa, of Mercer. Secretary or tn* (Senate: and ft. W. N. (JarUs, of Camden, (Speaker, and dan. Jordinic. Clerk of tba House. Tba Governor's message was received, in both Houses tat iu reading was dispensed with. The Missouri Saaaterehip. f*r. Lorn, Jaa. 8?Tba Democrat's Jefferson Ouy special says that Got. Kietcber has withdraw* from the Senatorial canvass. Tbls relieve* several member pledged to Kietcher, aad will probably Insure Drake's election, although a strong tide is ssUiag in favor of (*ea. Loaa, member ot Oongrsss from the 7tb Distrut. placepal. Alrary, Jan. 0.?Tba Northern (Jon ren. t on 01 tba Episcopal church held to>day, al* most unanimously in favor of erecting th? Dloem ef Albany: the boaadaries to be those recommended by the Bishop at tha last Convention, Including Columbia Green, Belawares. Otsego aad along the Western boundaries of the Diocaas to the St. Lawrence river. Virginia itjecti the Caastttallaaal Aacidarat. bubmohd, Va., Jan. ft.?'The Legislature bas adopted a joint resolution declining to ratify the Constitutional Amendment. The vote was unanimous la the Senate, aad only one negative In the House. Attempt te t'aasaait ftalcide. DALiiaoKg, .1 unary S.-A man BtmM irancls lAfw, of Montreal, U?nuUt. stopped at Barnaul's Hotel last night, and CSkla morning attempted to commit suicide by wmltT rttttac botk arms with araxor. Melsabent 35 years otag?. From Caliieraia. Pifl Kaavci0co, Jan- 8.-Th? annnal mor. tnary statistics fire the whole number or deaths in this city during the past y?ar as 2,714 of which 971 were children under five years of age. Gea. Ornut Sets a Verdict. St. Lorift, Jan.. 8 ?The case of Qea. Grant, against Jas. W. White, npon an unlawful detainer was decided by Judge Reber by n verdict in favor of Gen Grant for S470 damages, and tl6 66 per month for back rents. The Caaslitatieaal Ameadaaeat. la Mis* ? M,irL. ? ?t. u/tUi J KB. 3.? IB# M*B*UtatiOllAl tOfDdmfDt passed the House to-dar Dy a rots of 85 to 3*. <KATIKG PBBK. ? a raw shin roB bbi?b. laqaire om doer wset of ittk itrat ia4 ParasylTaaia amw II* AlbIT, D street, tetw#ea 11th an4 ltth. asar Star Oflet, by W>. W. I1DI1B. ja t-1?* loura . bhbpvibld'S pbbnoh cow J FICTION BY Bap LAMBS' DIVIIfO HkLOOI8,946 Pa. a?e.. bet. Wth aa4 IStn *ts. Jatt reo*lr?d. aaethor Bae aad Isrje aasorta>eat of mwh ao4 AMrim Ooafectionery, Boa-Bom, Olfiik> M>1 MI fl raiflB i???a Ba???? **e ^?: znrRttSSS&aSfc. ?,?? J* t yiiiliwi strictly eotaintU.^a ]\OTIOB W IIUIT Oivan th*t th? Coa" HltMrfkii b?r?tof?r* ut<tfu aider tha ftr? #f BPBOHtf * MU1HLBI8IN , f thVa.r ??I? HoUI. * 346 0 ?tr?at. tm thli city. kM thla day kMi dta olrad by iPNMit, ami tkkt A?dr?w vroba will b?Bc?fortb carry ? mM bwlum for NjS3^?&iCaaG?S&; & Juaur 3th, 1*7. V B*. TaovtBON. Th* "OWII OD8B" will forth*fotur*,h? >JW?PWfc.WP' JH-lf f T?? ?IB Itnrt IMI Uf* Is th? AMBB1CAW rOfOtll Lir> imCKAIOl M1PA1T ' I" it > i'm t* . v>t* rt ??..-? ? i .**-?? un*u? *m .! ># toaifcsiM ha?????? I O O I I t I I. MALL i FLAIT, J PLAIT* pWl.Pl?. 0?r?4e ??w V?rk ?n4 1Mb Mrtti, ( ?tr?or* oa H?w tort ?r*ou*,> DhImI* fins VAULT CMOIBIII, TIAI, viin, impobt? mvms, Ac. ac? Villi rmMtMlf Ulllfii ftfcliT tri+mAa An! ftk* paHi* that iHt jolt ?hm4 tbtir r?ry Vtora, ?btNou fee oMaliid ur article uiill; kafft lit Ant clui OrMirr Without attonptiag Itmmrtti my targe, fresh mI w?i|aeWcted dock,** eordioll? tavUe the t?tl*c t? nialHttr itere lid etock. believlag we shall MtfiilU|iMiaUie aetlelftctloB to illfktaii fever ue with their ??tne?|e. We eall eeyeeiel attention to ear eeeortaarat of TKAS ead COFriBS, which hare heea eeleetrd with creel cere for tartly Bealer* will Had a aa aaaortaiaat ta ealeat froai, aad o?r ?ri?ei to eult. Ooode deh Tired ?roae?Oy la aay part of the dir. . ?TXH1*64>BBBS GOSBS We ha** on baad a lull aaaortiaent of the fol lowteg BTIllliU ?KUM GOODS, which we oflac at the loweat caeh trices, ni. VHITB TiBUTAI MUSLIMS, frow median to Tory Ane. Willi* 6WI88 AhD FBBMOB MUSLIMS, all qnalltlaa. WBITN KMPBW8 CLOTHS. Lflii a B?k* WBITE ALPAUAB, *11 qualitiM. ALSO, OR BAMS, which w? purchaaedjvery cknp it anotivD, voat l'" ?*?, Ira pi*?.. D"able-Twi!lad WUITB 1 MKBIftO, with Black and Colored Dote and ?Moh we are as; Mag ? the Terr low P^* .J'.oa* dollar par yard, aad will make a boantifol areata* dreec at a Tory Moderate a*peaee. All Oood? marked Ja plain fl*nre? at tho loweet CMkiricec. loItTifttlon illvwei. >k I Ml)! U' M MUVrMTtB A DBA THIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICB, Tbatth* aubeorl 1 b*r hu ohtoimd from the Orphan*' Court of Washington County, in th* Viitriet of Colombia, Utter* or adaalnistratina on th* pareoaal **tat* of Baarr Mettle late of Washington City, 1>. C.. <? ?*M?d 411 persona having claims against th* said 4mmm4 ?r? wrsbr wwbm to exhibit th* sam*. with th* oneh*r* thereof. to th* subscriber, *a or before th* 8th day of January next: they may otherwise by law b* ncliM from ill b*n*flt of th* said Mtat*. Giv*n under my hand this tth dar of JannarT, 18-.7. QBOBGB LAUT??U j* 9lawSw * Alalniafrsur. j^NGMAVlNO AMD 0ABU PBIHTINO ~ Crystal and Mother o'P*ari VlblTlSO, WEDDINO ? ABB AT BOMB CABD8 for ml* by HUDSON TAf LOB. Bookseller and Statina*r, ia?-8t 3*4 Peaa'aar*na*. j^| ASQCBBAWB^ND KABOY DBMS BALLS Th* o|4tni|DMl wanld moat reepectfally inform the iadiea aari gentl<-r*n of Washington r4l? and ?Ka lHa?.ia? a*?aealU * * - *' ? ??w V1>? a<iu<i?<>. <u? ur II ail tiBM KM*r*d ftmlih parties with HMi'icrand Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to order. He haa taken rooms at the well known faccy establWhmrnt of Christian Buppert, B*i , 429 7th street. hetweon D and .where ha will be happy to await orders. CHABU13 BKBO, lata Uostumer at Ford'* and Qroser's ja 11a* Tbeatars. Washington, p. 0. IV8B0LCTIWH or PARTHBB8HIP. - The \J Partnership heretofore existing between Isaac Heritors* Hon i* thia day dissolved by mo tea I consent The bni<B?? will he hereafter con -hirted by CHARLC8 BBBZBBBO, ander the namaMdatylaof BBBZBBBB'S LOABOrriOB. I?AA? RiiBZBBBO Jan 1. 1M7. CHABLB8 HBBZBBBB. , jalit* rjBBZBBBQ'8 LOAM orVlCB. 11 Bitehltahtfl 1VI. Bfjheat adTMOM made on WATCHES DIAMONDS. JBWBLBT. WEARING APPAREL, and all klnda of Merchandise. Bnsinaas strictly confidential. 341 North 0 street, between 4H and #th streets. immediately la raarof the Batlenal Betel. jal lm* p 1 A fl O ! THK LABQB8T~ABBOBTMKHT BLSOART PIABOS In tku city ii?o? ob Exhibition wd Tor Bale at ?sr Btoi*. we k?r?th* sola agency for_?9^^, the fnlloirtBf-ukBOVMH tmonflt th?|M0 oldeat and beat makers of or couatry : Ml I11 ('hirkerlaf ft foae, fa. p. Bmaraoa, Ballet, Pavia ft 0*., Jmn W Voaa, Geo. M.BalM a Co., Maftbtl k Tranar, George M Btecke ft Oo.,nd others. fwjT Plaae warraated. on n? Uk..i. ^^.VTuLfS; 1H PaanayWaala avast*. j* 8-?t near 10th atreet. 3,000 b*Jh*U mViNJBPOTATOBS . jaet ar- J riTed, and for aala at oar Wharf at the foot of 7th ?tre*t. B P. BBOWH * BOM, OoamiMlOB Merchant*, de 14-tf Wo. 46? tth at..h*tw? ? wd F. ?H MCFFS FOB lllTBM. Ad iBdfipMwlU article f*r *11 who Mr* ?x|?n4 to the cold. Forilltbr NOAH WALKBB ft CO. j>l W ?8S ffin arena*. jQ B. DUTBOW. I'ROUUm COMMISSION MERCHANT, amd whulkuli dealer ix BFTTBB. OBBBSB, LABD. Ac. Ho. it Booth atraet, Baltiaror*. gy Batter tor tr?M>?tU>lot. j? Mt' A LB1ABDB1A, TlBQIHIA. JntUT 1, 1867. via* gl**a Bmri. SBILLBT A OBOOAH til* Acmct for the ul* of oar C HACK BBS la th* Llatiict *f 0*)oBbla.all ha*4a?e hereafter will h* attead*d t* by tb*a. Tb*y cm b* ton ad at Ho. 18 Loniriaaa una*, between tth ?ad 10th itMta, where th*y will k**? oa haad a aapply of Creckara fr**h from oar Bakery dally, viz: Bod*. Batter, 8*gar, Water, and Oyater Orackere; Qlncer Saapa> Closer Galea* aad Sugar Cakee: Pilot Br*ad a ad Crecfear Boat; which tk*j will dallyer at alty bakera' prices. _ _ JO ? 0(3 J. H. OBANB * 00. IiTf Oft band ft Urge ftod flo? aMortmaat of GOODS, salted to thU avkil, ?oh u BDTTII OSIMI, BOOB, APPLBS, BAIBIBS. FIGS.' OITBOB, HITS, HAMS, 09DFI8H, M&OKBBBL. HBBBIBG. SOAPS, CABBBD GOODS, Be. A too, tt Barrel* Moore* celebrfttod OBAMPAGBB OIDBB. by borrel or C*Uon. All tb* ?boT? food* ftro offered ftt tbft lovMt market price, oad wftrrftHted J. H. OB ABB ft OO., jft 4 la S3 L> betwooa *th ft?d 7tb. LA"" rAS9tMIPm or aAl* M. fliblVT. tUBITCU HAIR DRESSER, 1911 ilmt. Mwhi Iftk and uth at*. Mr. Alltot, frtiB Far!*, Btir Dremtr, of the celebrated Barbel, with whom he krrt*i4h ttal* eositrr. hM now bee* oetabltehed for ta* leet eight rem < WaehlnrtoB ul ewpon, eajovlll the HtraMf* of the corps aad of the htfheet eoc'etr. Bo has tho honor to aaMuce that ho tee (hit imea imported the latoet SSssi' Si? al Tpcy roMona to ?rleoa. Ja7 la' TffM" Uill ft QO.% Tliorot, PBI*C? ft ft-? Mft-HfP far Ml* aM rant oa nqWh. < I?.|M 11th treat, above Peaa^lTafiU areauo w. P. miQBHiioi. ;SiMHl ' - ' ?' ? ' * st r. I ' . . .%*+* *.j?i #,4 ^i>-s4l jiaoolw JAMIBBOB A 00. /^HOCOLATB DOUBLE, VillLbl, V DB H. MAILLAIKD. Par 0?c*o ot Sacro. Bxomat 4? toatl molongo. Z. M. P7KIM0 ft SOB, _ King Plooo. Ootiw Yormont ?nd i?X ibwt. WEST IBD1A OBAM?BS AMD SWBBT MALAGA GBAPBS. rr?h. K1B0 PLACB. pHOIOB BUTS, BAI8INS, FI0S.0UBBART8, v* SPICES. Ac., Ac , to mlt tht? oorttcular too** ? m. p. Kila * sob, deJMf King Plooo. T_- _ W. WJIOTHT'S BALL. m. mm i?u?? 01 nil iniumuon will D? miaM n lHt.U,iM For Km, Me., me etWocm and circular at tk* prlaeipnl boekatoroa of thla addreaa the Briaclaai. ??n I TAlfeH. OatQBTlUa.m. [VTOTlCl. Wajhiw&tok. Jan. 4,1817. A" The conaeetioa of Behert B*ck?tt with tha Petoataa Cbeuleal Maaafactartag Ctaiaar, m anMrlatandant. baring baa a iiiaolTtd, tha etapear hereby notify the pafclic that they will aot he raapoaafbla far any dabta of aald Backatt'a contracting after thla data. ? D. m. B. H1TIH. M?K Vice Praat. P. V. H. Qe. eo LOniHT A A AVIKFTI m 0 4 O'CLOCK P. M. i 11 ?Ti m SC. >GOTBRlriilNT iE( tmiTIES ' * Wk0HiaoTO?, Jutv7 t, l?7. Jay Cooke Jc U? #ur??h th# toitowtmf qootiMM* of Oo?ram?*r?c?rttiM: u.B.ftOoipM.un Jf??{ U. 8. F1T? TwfuW, * 107|f u. s. Kit* TwfiUm. IBM lie# km (} b. FU? Twenties, 1866 106fc 106 k TJ 8 Fire TwentiesJ&aAJ'y.TO. 103* 11* fc U. 8. Th ??rU? .. MX 100 c. K. fliTMl TbttHw, A?ra*t M*x ?H6 U. S. S?T?B ThlftlM. Job* 104% 106 U.S. MTMTbiitiM. J?*r.......lM? MS > *W rMK ?IMT Milt liltl. OoapoD?, luSJki Fi*? Tweatie*, 198*, 107*; j Five Twenties 1964, 105*; Five Tvm'H 4 18RS, 106; riMTWMHw, JaiMTf Utf July, j 1386. 104; Tea Fortle*. 90#; Seven TfcttU-s. Aacuat, 104 J|i do. JtM, !?*; ?o. Jalr, 104*; J Gold, 134X- < FINANCIAL. | mwii jobotob at uo., quota tMoefcs aid i Booda la bom* and foreign markets as followa: IN Km Yoaa. Jan. 0.?lat Board-O S r?t> Istered. li-61 107*; do., coupons, l?^;?.*? a, rsfittsred. lot; do coupons. I07fc; do., 1*5; iu>; lo-4o a. roistered. ?* 99\ 7-30'a. 1iM\: Ohio anil MtMtoaippt OerMeates. j7,s. Canton. 49; Camhsrtaad, 50 h; datoktiU Tt-r. I3\, Maripoaa, 13*; New York Central, lliH; fcrs,67*: do.prsftr'd, 73. Hudson. 13J; Beading, 106# Michigan Central, 10ft; Michigan

Southern. 81 \; Illinois Omlrai, IW; Cleveland and Pitiatmrg. ft *; Cleveland and Toledo. Kock l?iand. 103#; Nortfcwsatern, 45*; do. preferred, 82%; Port Wayne. IKlk; Ubicajro and Altoa, 110; Alton and Terre Hani*. 4f?; Toledo and Wabash. 44#: W. U. Teleriwrto- Boston Water Power. 2#X; Pacific Mail. 1G9. A Mas tic Mall. 1M u. a??i?. cold, 3 p. m., IX\ I8URRATT. Sftrcury Welles thin aftarno?n kcditmI a telegrnm, by cablc, from Rear Admiral Onlds. boroufrk, is command ot the European Squadron, announcing tbat the steamer Swtura l*(t the Sqnadron yesterday for the United States, with Snrratt on board. Should tbeSwfttM-a come by steam power she wilt reach here abom the last of January. She f-ailed from Alexandria, Egypt, on the 21st of Decern Mr With Sarratt. BOCVTY BILL. The Military Committee ot the House have agreed to report the boaaty bill tbat passed the House Is&t se<plon giving eight and one-third dollar* for each month of service?but deduot. i inc local bounties?thas aa?nruv? i?>wkui ! dier and f-ailor a bounty of one hundred dot lart-per annum. It 1b not generally thought that the bill will pass a* there is an iadispo?!tiou to revise the bounty question in any form. THF PTBLIC SCHOOLS lit COKGRB33 Mr. Welcker, of Ohio, to-day introduced a bill in the House "to provide a system ot education for the Public Schools of the District of Columbia." It provide* that the District of Columbia shall be divided for school purposes tato four school districts, the eastern, western, central, and northern; ttoe eas- , Urn district to con*iet of all that portion of the District upon the eastern side of Auacostia. the central of the Corporation of Washington: the weaiern ot llnriuiritinn ?? < i....- . town, nod the northern alt that portion of the iMfirict outside the other three Districts. Tha camera district to consist of one school district under control o a Board or three Din-dors, residents 01 the District, aad appointed Annually in J alyby I>vy Court. The entral district 10 consist of four school districts, according to the preseat division of school district* in the city of Washington, uhder control ot a Board at twelve Directern, three of whom shall be residents of each sub-district, and electf d annually in July by the city Councils of Washington. The western district to consist of one school district, under control of seven Directors, elected anno |?IJ ** wmij UJ uwpvnuun UI u?orf*lowi. Tbe northern dUtrtct to consist or five cubdisiricts. according to the present division of tbe school districts in that part of the county, under tbe control of five directors, one of whom shall reside in each sab-district, and appointed annually in Julr by tbe Levy Court. The directors of the eaatara And northera districts shall be allowed for theexpeases of tberr office a snm not to exceed four dollars per moath for each director. Tbe school boards art oooatltoted a body-politic and corporate in law, and la that capacity having control orer school property. A CoromifcMoner of Public Schools shall be appointed by tbe Supreme Co art af tbe IMsrict. for the term of taree year*, with an annual salary of S2.UU, with authority to employ such aasistaaco as his oftcr may require, focb board of directors is authorized to appon' a treasurer Provision if made for the appointment of a heard of examiners. The Board of each district ahall mate an annual imiiunf"? n 1 al v t*f *11 fh? vhiia ?<! ?' red youth, notintr tbim down M>ptntcly, bs- I ivhd a* af 6 and 18, resident in *uch district. designating between male and female, and all nnmarrled youth resident in the District of Columbia between the a?M of ( aad 18 shall be entitled to the benefits of the puolic Hcbools of their respective districts. For the support of the schools there shall be provided annually as follows:?tor the eastern district, an amount aot to exceed if of one per ceat. of the amount of taxable property; for the central dutricMbesnmofSI&MJUD, from whieb amount t10,ux> may be applied annually for the purchase of f round aad erection of school houses; for the eastern district, the sum of llMKMi. The sohool fund shall be raised in the following manner:?In the eaetern aad northern districts a direct school tax shall bo levied upon all the taxable property therein, not to exceed v of one per ceat. In the central and western districts a direct tax shall be levied upon all taxable property therein sufficient to raiee three-quarters of the araouat required; and the remain tar one-quarter shall be paid tn quarterly instalments from the U. 8. Treasury, upon the order of the respective boards. The bill was referred to the District Committee. thi miimnf in rnvdSBM Mr. Morrill reported from the District Oommittto. in the Senate to-day, a bill repealiag all laws in force in the District whlcb make any distinction between persons on account ot color, and tbe authorities of tbe District are prohibited from enacting any ordinance tbat dees uot a Act persons of whatever color alike; also, repealing all laws In any Territory making any distinction on account of color. He also reported from tbe same committee tbe bill in relation to taxing insurance agencies, witb an amendment tnat the tax or license shall not exceed one per cent, upon the cost premium* received. Mr. Wade, from the same committee, re* ported. With amendments, the bill authorising the extension of a lateral branch of the Baltimore and Potomac railroad into and withta tbe District of Uolnntbla. The amendments provide tbat tbe road shall terminate at aacfc point within the city as "may be allowed by CoBjress opuo preseatation ot survey and map of propMPff loeetion ef Mid read," and providing " that Coagress shall hart poww to altar, amend, or repeal this ad." - THI STB AMIR hHODE ISLAND. The fi*| ship Rhode lslaful, ot the Ifoath Atlantic sqnadron, arrived at Fortxese Mothroe yesterday; the atteadanee of Rear Admiral Palmer being required in New York be tore a Naval Court Marrtal. Durvn Putt a* TBI White House.? Cards haps been laaned by the President to the Cabinet officers and their ladles, far a dinner 1 nArfv At tKe Vv*^ntivd Iftniinn enlog at six o'clock. Isthbxaa. Straus.?mcMptaftom this tonrce to-day war* |M0,390M. CONGRESSIONAL. ?' " Tivwult, Jucnry ?. S**AT*?Mr. Ittikdi preseatad petitions nnmeronsly d|B?d by citizen* of > ermoot, asking Jauaailala and fhvorable action on the tariff bill pwnd by the Uodm at the last session. Keferred to Committee oa Finance. Mr. Wad*, from the Uommittoe on the District of Colombia, reported, with amendments, the bill aaihortslnc tha const nfotion of k branch of the Baltimore and Poleihtc Railroad to Watfclafffion.. Mr. Sure net presented petitions from loyal ci ilven a ef Norfolk, Porte mouth, tad tbf adjacent counties ef Virginia, without respect to eelor, atkinc Ooutress to review the present anti-republican form of ceTerumentof Vtrjrinia, whioh Afprhea them of their rights. "Referred to Uommittwe on Reconstruction. A (0, a petition from Rev. Qi^. Wasblatton and 260 other cdloced cuieans of BoiMv, acmntt (he admission el Nebraska with her pr?s<nt constitution. liatrt en fhe table. Mr, Mortal, fro* the Oommitt*e on thefto. frict>f ColnmHa, Oked fbr the mdriidite poaw H ?* ?! >'} > iy "?<; ' . ' ,.oo n tvj4U<mi .d w**4*4 , maU ,?ea?<?44 ?ae*4#a pWW> of tfca bill retail *c *o MaiMiM of pvtrpMioiiKtMkoi^uu Qraaod. Tto felU U piofi4t far i*a p*jaitt of pea ioaa waa 4a*??i ap, aad after rftaoaaaioa, paat *Tfca Mil ftorttha-admtwion of Nakrtaki waa thf-a UM op. Mr. Jofct-on addraaaed ik? Soman ta oppoaiuoatotal* prndlflff amrndmrnt, coateadihff "p"-* Tbr deba?* vai furtker roaUaaad by Haaara SniMK. Wad*, aad o'krra Horft?Mr (Xun introdaaoed a reeolotiim, Wbicb vti><n?d to, Mtkonuic tbe Serfaaat-ai-Araia to pay to Haa. 1> W O.ceft tbe otnoant ot lacreeaed pay la# h a a? number of tbe 39th Coagreaa, ap to (be date ot ale realgnatioa Mr. Bidwell (Cat.) introduced a Mil r?ep*ctlag town litn U ?be town of Sbaata, Calitor ?. Rfl?ri*d to CoaniUM on Public Luds. Mr. Ktut-on (Iowa) introduced t bill to re tore 4b* jariedtcUoo of ?ba Ham* of l?4?| Aflhln to tbe Department of War. Raltrrat to Oomnaittee on Military Affaire. Mr Welfcer (Obio) iavoMeatf m bill to provide a ayetrm of adaeatton in tbe publ<c acboola ot tbe Diatriet Of Columbia. Referred to Malaat Committee on tbe enbiect Mr SpauldtMt (Obio) introduced a bill laatruaUng tbe Committee of Commerce to laqu tret a to tbe-expediency of priat increased com) enaation to keeper* or lig bl-booeea and ligbt-vee?eia ia tbe United State*. Arreed ro on wuo((i. i.| lainnicM moiviioi (? qacsting the Secretary of War ' Inform tM Home, if any, and what a taps bare b**a tafcea to n-move the vrc> k of <ke atMmw Scotland, an i>k In New York harbor. Itc. Agreed to. Mr. urinaell (lo?ra> introduced a radiation rat, of it ioc tha Secretary of tba Interior to taiorm tba Uanaa U any modification u u?-otaaary in ib? third article ot tha treaty with the Olioctaw and Cherokee ladtaas, ratiftod Hi June, 1S6C, whereby 4.uVinegroee la the country ol eaid Indian* eaa have their rightaaa citizeas detlt?-d. Agreed to. Mr. Maj nard (Teaa.) introduced ? resolatioa to modify the resolatioa of Mih January, iMts airecUng the Committee of Olaim* to refoae to consider all claima preterred by citizen* of the late rebel States. ao that tbe aame enail not apply to the claima of loyal citixeaa of Teanettoe. Mr. Waehborne (111.) objected. Mr. Taylor (N. "k ) introduced a resolution direciinr tbe t'ommittee oa Naval Air?ir? m inquire'into the rxpwtifHCjr of *o aiipadlnc the appropriation biH approved July IN. I><W, u to allow to teamen and marine* ot the p. s. navy the same bounties an are allowed to seldiei*. and nuder the same limitation*. Passed. Mr Uiillon fill > Introduced a resolution iDMnrrttnt the Committee of Ways and Jfc>?aiM to inquire into tbe expediency ot so amending tbe revenue laws as to pro vide that all incomes under shall be exempt from taxatioa, and all over that subject to a tax of Ave per cent. only. Agreed 10. Mr. Chanler (N. Y.) rising to a question of privilege said be was recorded in tne report of tbe Associated Press as having voted nay on Mr Ashloy'a impeachment resolution, lie bad voted aye because be desired a full lovastigatio* uf be t bnreet preferrett against tbe Presi. dent- Mr. Obanler concluded bis remarks by Introducing a resolution placing tbe reporters on lur nwr oi m iiouh on im same looting as the Globe r^portm. and inbjMUd to un? re?trictlons. Referred to Committee on Rule*. Mr. Alley, ( Mast .) from the Committee on Poet Offices and Pcwt Roads, reported a joint resolution directing tbe Postmaster (general to adjust and settle tbe claima of tbe ocean steamship line between New York and San Francisco, via Panama, and allow them eqtittable and Just compeuaatlon lor carry In* tbe maiia during tbe interruption ot tbe overland route by Indian boetilitiea in 1861 and 18G5. After consideration, U*e bill was laid on ibe table. Mr. Alley, from tbe same committee, reported n bill authorizing tbe purchase of tbe lover portion of the Cuy Hail Park, New Yorlr. lor tbe sum oftfMMiOO. for a post office and U. S. ca atom-bouse in New York, in accordance with tbe report of tbe commissioner*, s.- submitted to tbe Postma-ter General and Secretary ot tbe Interior, and the building to be need only for offices for tbe C. S. Government. [Tbe commissioners to pvrchase tbe site are the Postmaster at Nsw York, the Mayor, tbe 1'. 8 District Attorney, tbe President or the Chamber of Oommerc*, and Jack?on S. Sbultz, Charles 8. Ru**ell, and Mo*?t> Taylor .] l ie Mil vu considered and passed. Mr. Hooper. (Utw.) from Committee on Banking and Currency, reported back Senate bill No. 177, to incoporate the National Satoiy f'nnd Company of Washington. D. C . with *n amendment, te prevent tbe Corporation from eve* becoming a Trnat Cuaptny. Passed. LOCAL NEWS. WaOHIVCTOW AMDdBOKOrrOWM RailboaT). At tbe Meeting of tbe stockholders of tbe Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company, to-day, tbe following director* went elected for the ensning year:?(freo. S. Gideon. VTm. A. llarltnc, J. C. Matbnry, Cha?. Kaap. Chas. C.Nott,Crosby S. Noyee,WilliaeaOram. From tbe report af the Board of Directors for tbe year 1806, presented at tbe stockbold. er*a meeting, we learn that tbe receipts from all sonrcea dnriag tbe year were. .sst&Mu.M Expendtlures dannr same neriod 330.437JU man* During rnr IMS ths receipts were. .?456.727.*5 In 1966 they were 339.5iu-V? . 117,217 MO Showing that the receipts of tho company were 111.317 09 more In the year 186S than they were in 1666. This, we presume, is owing to the great reduction of onr popnlatlon since the closs of the war. ? A Fimt with tbi Solmbbs.?Yesterday afteraooa Lieutenant Johnson, of thsSd precinct had a lively seuAle to capture three men of Company D, 13th Infantry. A widow warns named Noonau, wholivs*oa7thstreeL, near Boundary, h^p two little boys aboat tea and tntlve years ot age respecu velj, and when the goes oat to her daily work she locks them tty in the house. About two o'clock the three soldiers broke into the house, when one of them seized a little boy by the oar aad slaag him asonad, another seized the other boy by tbe threat aad saspended him in the air, choking him badly, while tbe other brave, thinking ho must do something, kicked one of the boys. Tbair screams started the Lieutenant to their aid, and the eoldiers tried to sscapa. The officer followed and took one himseii and left tbe other two in the hands of citizens whils bs IOC km HI* prisoner up. Upon hit return Um soldier? fend whipped off the eitisens ut Mi. The Lieutenant followed them into a house to the second story where they hid under a bed. They were broncht out and a desperate ftfhi nsued. one wu thrown down the steps aad the other fought desperately, but by the free use of hie fists the Lieutenant secured his man. The old lady of the house weat to the relief of tbe soldier with a firs poker, hat she was soon q dieted. Fortunately two o# the privates of the 9d precinct came up iu time to capture the oilier, wio wu making oir as rut as be could. One nnmfd Thomas Marven ?u turned over to tbe military. Joseph Sonoot and Michael Sullivan wer? taken to the headquarters of police for uial. Cokvicta Discbabobd?On the loih of D-naber last tbe President ordered that Uni*?d States convicts In New York prisons be 6laced on a tootiuc with the State convicts, y a law of New York a commutation of ?en. : teace is allowed to tboee caavietc who condact themselves in an orderly manner durt,nc their lapnsoment, so that tboee who are sentenced for one year, by |o?4 behavior, cat a one month, two years, two months, three years, four months, *c. Tbe Warden of the penitentiary at Albanv havta# naiilnd th? silw. ney General that the following aimed prisoners convicted in the Criminal Court ot tbis District were entitled to have the remainder of their sentences remitted oa account of rood coaduct, an order for their release has beeu transmitted: Henry Warner, On stare Re?. sine, John Brien. Uoyd SmiJer, George Dixon, Henry Madison. Robert Mosier, Armstead Hedilla, Jobn Cavannaugh, Sarah Smith, Thomas O'Conner, Ohfrrlea Walj?, Jam** Ma* on. Henry Cra wfo rttfJ oh n Lanlgan. John Roilms, Richard WillfWe, Heney Jackson. Elisabeth Boose, Charles Gordon* William Johasoa, Robert J. Johnson, Martin T. Stowell. Clinton Smith. t Okavo ltakcbut?About a month ago, the fnrnitare of a house and kitchen, on 14th at., near Ooimbn College, keiiHaint to John Scbropt, was stoles dtrlat the tkmn of A* owner. Suspicion fatteaed upoa his houtkMper, a woman named Henrietta Lapp, and SwimbI Franklin, of the Third Ward, wen: to work to recover the property, which he fonnd at hoaoe K9 M street between 4th aad 5th north. About Nlf o'clock Monday night, officer -Shea, of the Third Ward, br direction I of Sergeant Franklin, swcceeded la fta4hog and arresting Henrietta Lapp, and took her to tha central guardhouse. The evidence ahowed that stoe en ployed a wagoa tegetothehouee in Schropt'a abeeneeaad remove the gooda. She i declared in her defence, that the prosecutor wanted to marry her, baf aha told him to wait a little. This Schropt denies aad aaid ahehaa a husband tn prison in Virginia asaswb*r*. She declared in reply that Kchopt hae a wlfs afed flee children la peaaevlvaata. Bath parties are German, and their statements we? * made through an interpreter. The Justice held u*r iu ?bh liw r??u. ?,, , FM.T01 HBrORT*.?TW UMtMUU Of tbf rlou? prectart# reporVd tbto moraine ?6 ssaswaar t ,r *, * ? A, %4 * v .,. M mi * .WQav?n t?; 1 m^TT4 I -. ? _. #*' T 5f" 1 ; * k i '* '?W7v l ** 1 * ?<1?* .l4uaT* - AMarxT with IrtiTr to Kill. -Teeter. 4k; torelac. tfeoat V o'rterfc, t eol'?r*tf men i name* Aa4r*? Hoabray, ?m( fe e ho*** te of All?y. fli and ?*fc ae?l H I rr*+t* euttk, Mil eatied for * mm piM?d Wm (??*. Orpw ?fil an ? k*p. u? Ire 4fre a pixol from bi? pwfer'? ani it erplndktf idt tMrrritir blf bead feadty H* va* wfi'M >?ti?(iwly by ??e*T MrElfr^fk. of ttM Third Ward. and. r%ken Vf?f> J p?ttc* Tbohp*oii, ?l?k it f* tl<?u? tkat Bestir** and I'roer Had pra?-?f??<?ly quarrelled ?*eaf ? vmh. ?*a? Jhmfrrer ?u threat eaed to take Urua 't life. aeii fh*i w ' o 9mm iptkt a> id * thrMt*ti||?iuiMr,t??UoviMpf -bt' vfa&i bo latrodMi bun. wu in tb? art or Mnp<ar from bins wbfp (to* pitlol KplrOt. JaaQeo Tbcaipvon ttalth* prtaooor to jail tor coart. CKimvii ta? (tw f J?ta Hart a*? Wat. Hru??, ia4icted for laro?ny, a ttMt prt. aat oot*roU. Jam?? Colrnu, ialMtd for IW liren; ?t a |M, wm oMrte^i, aatl ma?n J to oh y*r ta ta? pNifritary. la ta* cam of Wm. Jmmm, 1mIici<4 for aa aaoaalt aad battery. Qwrp William*. tin. Wm J oar*, for UTtMf, fewMprvi *uti Mrti. Iteutl Wira*r,ia??Nfir Inly. KBilty, Mad vu itopwliMtitrr I Albany lor o?# ymmr Mary E Broat, iadlrM tor booptac t ! ? dy-boaw, va? foaad aotfailtj. ffctihp* tor dMMI. TaaTivriKAMt rm aav M?c toMal l?laad Halt arsa aoceeoafnll w ia%?(urat?d la? r*rata|. A ?rry laif* aadwac* amaM<i is (set. befor* iSo lodraa VManaly to roootro 1 h?-m so pwi was tho <??tr? to to|?a oporattosa. SevrraJ mom art a of Ei?Ht<ar D?v???oo isti is very fln* stylo s WoreeeSty rood t*mjmaw drama, ibr arrfufsw* a?:n? r>prntf-dly applaadrd TSIa tuaiM arrorml wint# of Hop* l?vtaio? |t*f ? cbarada u MlAINon to ft wry UsctuM* putomim?. Nim Clara Hafcer, ft Iad? pinnwr a rote# Y niBiuftl power aaft nn iniw, will favor tbOM is auenAanca with several choice aelec. tioa*. rAMftnaTHiKva* ?LaitBirnUo^cer Steele, of the Second Ward, net with two colore* oorn carrying handler, and their ao??m?iu o* cited the ottoer't aaepicioa that they were carry in# off something that 4 id not b->lor g ui them. Ha halted them, and w? Micmiul m securing one of the me a, tamed Jerry Johnaon, aod obtained from him a I ad res' cloak a blaek cloth coat, an opera rloftfe, aad a ailh handkerchief. all new The arttcWi were wolea from the passage of Mr W. H. iriiiimrr, r?v. r aireei, ?m DnM(M U> Ikdlf* and wbo wre thm The prisoner ia held for a bearing. 1* ALBXAwnftia TO saiLs A?ai> '?Tar AI?aandnnni> keep up (be war against tbe pr.?. poM-d Alexandria and Georgetown railrmd. \ on ton pl?n that ft ia only a *rb*ra to divert all the trade to tbit District, and lea re them 1 out in the cold. "Uant.oa," a corrnpoodrii in (fee Omwtttt of yesterday, pathetically i?latne - ihe rue as follow* :?** With the canal opea, Alexandria will again am tie. bat with a rail, road along iu bank* tbere trill be little bope left It, and den per gloom will Mtilt upon iu pro?f?ect#." A Mmtaki ? We learn vba' it ia an nrror that the steamer Key port wu * trained or lajtired in coning np the river tbroncb tb? ice We baar ibut altboagb ?he forced her way through from cis to eight incb?s thick, from tb* utaocbD^H of the bout and the rare, fill meaner in which she wu atitc*d by c*pr Haiti mheiid, the reached ber wharf without receiving a particle of injary. Captain II. deeerye* credit for bringing her through so mccaecfatl}". iWTALiiTtoi or Orncaita ? At a regular comtnuaira ion of Acaci* Lodge, fto. IK Pr?? and A?< eptiNl Mat-one, held Tuesday evenmc. Jan. !? ?, the following officers were dwty installed for the eacuing Maeonic v?%r Jo* B. Will, W. M.; K. K Ltmklt, J. W;T M Hanson, treasurer; Cbaa. B. K. Ooll<-dge, ecretary. Tbi Po&ies Kxaj(i*ATioan.?Tbe exaown at ion of caadidatec tor tbc police fore* was continnea lt>t ni?h?. at nnli?? Tbe commii t*# were it attendance till eleven o'clock. T.l? tnab?r of applicants ia artee<?auce *m qtti'e larfe. much (re?.t?r than cowid be examined. PlOTiiCTi? Mkktino.?A floe martinet* in profmti M the East Wublactoi ML F fhuroh, (Rev. James Thompson, par tor,) bavin* been commenced on the 1st lonitnt. Tbe pastor ie atsisted by lie*. Mesare. H?ese, stiermer, and other*. Music Si.?There is s rrand re-union of the two celebrnted families, -Peak* l^ll-Kinrer#,1* wbo, in coijaiction with the Merger troaq>e, will commence a serte* of tbeir splendid musical entertainments at Metterotr Halt, oo Thursday evening, l?tb Instant. Iiocbli Viol avion.?Patrick English ?m arrested by ()dlc?r W. H. Evans, of the See '- iu wmm, lur miin( uqaor witnout lirnn?? Uto, wlllai oa Sudty. Jaibce Handy ftaed turn tao.Sk.1 iv each ease. Laicbit?Joan Alien, colored, was arreeted ls?t oigbt by officer Boy le, of tlx Seveatb Ward, tor thelaroeay of a muff, tae property of Jalia Wilkaai He wu cent to jail ft* court by Juuce ".aadjr. Affairs la Georgetown, j On lc*.?Ye??erday. the creek aad ponds ia tbe ticioliy of Ike town were iu excellent oon(iitM>a for skating, and tbe bnadreds of expert skaters of bo lb sexes residing in town, and a large representauoa iroro tbe city of Washington, profited hjr the opportaaity jto rtjor ' tbe exercise. Beck Creek was tbe favonie : Held. Tbe large cats opeaed by tbe iee-cwu ters were firmly closed again, tbe surraae be, ingas smooth as glass. We were pleaded to see aaoBf the skaters sotae Teaerabl** gentlemen, cast tbree score vmti of who ?.f? the juveniles, were as marry as coo Id he, an 1 tneir expert skating was rnadk admired by 'ho lookers on. One of thrs^, an old ciuwsof Washington, remarked that he had not beea on skates before lor fifteen y?-ars. Tbs Pboplb awp thi Folic*.?Althroch u was sail in the Common Council at a former meeting that the people of the town dot u -t want any additional policemen assigned for dnty In Georgetown, the applicants tor poettioas on the fosce find no difflenlty in obtain: ing aigners to their recomendaUons. it ths I people do not nast thom. would it no: he con- . ustrnt for them to refu<e to sign any recommendations f The assertion in the Cbounl mutt usir?cT? uiauv una?r > rai*n?i'r'n??sion, for our ctrizea* certainly do not want to select mum for Wuhiifto* to upi>ort when that city h? to many worthy ciuxea? who will bo |M of the position*. Poaa ?Tu-d*y wo noticed a much tarfM upply of pork ia the market than f?r am* S? pa?', and a consequent d*cliuo ? the >m. W? quota from tt>.5oat? p*c ?<* 1m a wafon*, aad l?.5oa$i0 at retail for food slaughtered ho*? Tub Omlbcto* Elbct?Yesterday. bv aa accident, we won Bade to announce 0 K Shekell aa the aaceesaful candidate for tax collector. It should hare boon R V Edaonaton, who was elscted by a majority of ose TOSe oT*r O. i?. Wolch, lata collect s TuiUouiDor Opaamaaa or School*.? l -i ivi. wu mimi ?? " | dlau mi ia tbe Oonaeil Chamber of tb? cuetorn-borne, and w#i* orfiniiM by tbe elec'.io* of Anthony Hjde. E*q . pr?**id#ab ud W L Dunlop eorctary. W. C. Mac** w** ***tn cboma to np?rintead aUmiMioa* to the aclioote. The btttiMH o( tbe frwim *n>'f not>p?cial important after reorpnu'iou. "?d tbe board adjoaraMl. Fltci awd Gsam MiiKifT.-The msrltef ? qaiet; demand moderate, an<t saie? only at eboic* cradM Eonr in limited qaaatinet w tatury immediate wants or the caty trade ><> reeeipta Pncas ancbanrad r\*P4RT**WT OF T? IVIIKlOt. U UNITED STATBS PATENT OFFICE* WasbinuTo?, Jaauaty I. Oa the ?atfttoa ot UURISTOI'Hl.K VXJ t . WOBTH.or Moant Oarm?l ticit, irtrW I | far the nt?n<io? of a f*tml |nnM to him ?a kl twHfc 4?f *f Jim*. J8--3, t?r an improv?r.ont in w WntU? But Hub ia l*con? fur h>tm fiva *a azpiratoaa <4 Mid patent, wUofe |ak*< pit* ? tba ?tb day of Jaut.lM : It ta rdarad Mat dm aaM MltiH t? beaid * the Paw-at 4>ttc? oa Monday, the vl <*? of Jim next, at If o'clock and >ii are northed * a?p> ?r and ahow can*. * ?* hare, why aald petition oogbt ** *"Pw( D? avyooiaf tha fthoirfoi are retired to la th (ha ra?at (>itoa their eb;r?aone, a* forth in-wrftlut, uttenat tvmrrdaj? fcwr?A? d*?<rfhaaclaf: Al tMtlmaay f?le<J by atth?r m*7 W M <lt*t tfih* Mtl b'tHut Bu>t be tak?b * trantmlttad in at**>r<i?ix* with Ibe ruU* of (be rf , Ike. which will befxinu?te4 oa aarlicati.-fl Daajeltiona and otber papers relied "?oc "? ttfcoiy ainet U tied la tha^ flea ftr?f? <t?T* * i< r. t> ?r da> of bearing. tha ?riw?a. " **J' TWWTSrTBS 1 !? K?( nbllcu and th? lartlUtrartr. * DO, tad ta tk? hUMiwi, ?V*? "" srwaaa^^S'srst^n tel. rr.H?.I.B4y7yrt^H|a|| XlMBa><Mlon?r I ^^^r'tu.'tU.VKi. ??"?^ M>H ooauiklBi dCaottw. yiwuoiL or All iamT1T,o, i??wter' .* tjrjLT-tm* ;? ?