Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1867 Page 3
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TIIE EVENING STAR. i LOCAL NEWS. _ AlCUlUlIS. **.. T0-I10HT. >atio?al 1 hiatk ?This evaomg tbe Miffi/vli (>pera Troupe ??i '-I^a Sorwiambu la," mull a good rut. on watch occasion Mi?? liiuck viU appear for the last time In thU city. Wall's Kiv Ornna Hot-as.?Mr. ? L. Davenport ta?? ?v#n<a| ia bis great character of HoTar," la *be fine Old comedy of "Wild Out*.'* This is one of his finest impe conations, and no play.goer skoal* foil to see it. Slr/noTT Hall.?Tboi? of our citizens abo tail to attend tbe excellent entertainments ot Mr. aari Mrs. Howard Paul, will have rruvD tonpitt it, as they bare a world-wide reputation as artists, and their coaocrts in cos. tume are unique and elegant. A varied programme to-night. Udd Fellows' Hall ?There was a crowded bouse last night ai the first performance of Father Kemp's Old folks' Concert Com pan/, and will be again lb J* evening, no doubt, as their entertainments are well calculated to pattsfv the most exacting lover of novel amusement* Matinee for families this after, noon at 3 o'clock, and performance to-night. Iilaio Hall.?'The grand Temperance foir, -under the auspicee of Excelsior D vision. No. 6. and Hope Division, No. 94, is still in proBoard or 5chool Ticitim.?The regular monthly meeting ot the Board of Trustees of j'obiic Schools was held in their room at tbe City Hall. In tbe absence of the President Mr. J. P. Taetin was called to tbe chair Pra?. ent?Messrs. Wilson, Khees, Woodward, Fox, Clarke, Johnson and Cassell. Mr Woodward presented the application of Miss I .aura V. fcbert tor position as teacher. Mr Kox presented tbe appltcnaoa of Miss Marion \ . Hazard, both of which were re. lerred to the committee on examination of candidate*. The abstracts af the monthly reports ot teacbers were read, showing the condition ot tbe schools during the montb of December, as follows First District.?Number of pupils last report, 1,101; admitted during tbe inontb, 46; withdrawn, transferred, Ac , 55; number on tbe roil on uie 31st of December, l,0M; applicants, fiti-, segregate attendance. 14,7?l^, aggregate absence, 2,n33*; visits of Trustee*?Mr. Wilson, 41 Mr. Tnstin, 4; Mr. Woodward, U; visits of parent*, 71. Second District?Number of pupils last report, 1,145; admitted dnring tbe month, 172; *i bdrawu, transferred, ic .8], number ou the r??lI .list December, 1.273; applicants, 7S, aggregate attendance, Is,Ui?J*; aggregate absence, vlMts ef Trustees?Mr. Woodward, 149; Mr Khees, 3j; Mr Hurley, I; Mr. Wilson, 6; titlti of parents, 44. 1 hird District.?N umber of pupils last report, 1,337; admitted during tbe month. 41; withdrawn. transferred. ic., 38, number on the roll 31*t December, 1.331; applicants. tt>6; aggregate attendance. I7.ti.fc . aggregate absence, 1.8J2K; visi'sof Trustees?Mr. Clarke, 11, Mr. Johnsen. 3; visits of parents, 2. JtourtU District?Number of papils last report. 1,1^5; admitted during tne month, 10; withdrawn, transferred, Jcc., 23; number on tbe roll 31st December, 1,181; applicants, 94; aggregate attendance, 15.356; aggregate absence, l.tsyfi^; visit Ot Trustees?Mr. Cassell,2; visits of parents. T. Mr. Job .fon, chairman of tbs committee be. fo e Cong vss. said he bad had interviews with the members of the Committee on tbe District of t oli.mbin in the Hons* of Representatives, in e:e: ence 'o proper legislation for the public school* of 'he city and throughout the Distiici. A bill uad be?a prepared by the committee, and would be reported to tba House in a short time. Mr. J. also had an interview with tbe Commissioners of the county scnools. and what liiey desired bad been embodied in the bill. He also bad an interview with Mr. Hyde, of the Georgetown School Commissioners. wbo bad communicated what tbe Geoigetowu schools desired, which also had been embodied tn the bill. Many members of Congress bad complained tbat tbs city authorities had sot treated tbe colored schools in a propsr manner, withholding money due them, ice therefore they were going to p-eaent tbis bili. Two members of tbe committee had informed Mr. J. that if be would ge* '.he desires of tbe School Commissioners fo- Washington city, Georgetown, and county, as far as possible, they would be embodied in the bill. Several members of tbe Board having called on Mr. Johnson to state the provisions of tbs bill, he said they ware as follows:?It first provided for a general board of directors, wbo would have charge ot all schools, both white and colored, but it was not the intention of the .committee to have both the white and colored children together in the schools Tbs Distriot or Columbis would be divided into four subdistricts, with tnree directors for eaob subdistrict. The bill further provided that oaefoortb of the amount necessary for tbe sup. ,port of the schools sbonld be paid out of the national treasury, and the other three-fourths to be raised by direct taxation on the people of Lbe District of Columbia. Mr. Wilson tbongbt Congress would not pass such a bill without allowing tbe members of tbe school board to make some suggestions, and to examine tbe bill before it was .reported from the committee. The Treasurer reported a number of bills, which were approved. The resolution of Mr. Clark, requiring the secrernry to send notices ef the meetings to members, and discontinue the practice of advertising, was adopted. Mr Khees offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted; Ketolrtd, That the Board of Trustees of Public Schools have beard with deep regret of the death of Charles H. Utermehle, Esq , who was so lately one of iu most active and esteemed members, a useful citizen, and warm friend of the cause of popular education. Appropriate remarks were made by Meesri Khees, Woodward, Wilson and Tustm, and tbs meeting adjourned. Divobcb SriT.?Yesterday, Judge Wylie' in the Jujuity Court, made a decree dismissing tbe bill in tbe case of Constantine Drexler (taxidermist) agaiust Teresa Drexler, with costs to the complainant. The petition, flied June 23d, sets forth that the parties were married on the 4th of October, le*j|, m Philadelphia, the respondent's maiden nam* being Teresa Boseribeimer, and charges that she, since ner marriage, has committed adultery in bis own bouse, with one Wm. Walter; that in J uae or July i<*5, the respondent'was canght locked m her room with the said Walter that ? lk*7 J** CAB?t11 the sofa .D. n.f r?im; would give said Walter all the money she could get hold of OB',oc,ca-ion him *100; that on the dayJ3t Ja??*ry. 1 she left the p?tiUoner and went to live in tne same house with Waiter; that about two years since she deserted Aim. The respondent answers, admitting tbs marriage, but charges that the petitioner has not been faithful to his marriage vows but on the contrary avers that he frequently treated her with great violence and cruelty, freunentlv cursing her. that in October, 18*5, he khocked her down, cowhided her, and ordered her to leave the house; tbat about the same time be neat her agaia, pulling out some of her bair ,d?WB Bnd kicked her. and continaed until Mrs. William Walter came to her assistance, who held him while she got awavthat on the> llth of January. I9?J, be woke her up aad told her that be did not love her. that they won id nave to be separated, and asked her what she would take to leave him; tbat he xonnd more plessure anywhere eise than at home with her. She declined to make aiv agreement, and he left the bed threatening to kill her. tbat tbe next day he threatened to poisoa her, and she was informed that he told a person that be would give a thousand dol. Jars to havs bar poisoned; that about four ?clock on th* morning of January 13 h?? threatened to kill her with a hatchet, 'and she believes that he would have done so I Had not Mr. J. Glover int*rpoa*<i witti pistol la hand, and ha expressed bis de. termination to do so if be bad to cnt his throat or be hung tbe next mmute adThM*d was iu danger at bis bands, she left the boose and souett ber h T !lt!?J100" of Mr Wm Walter, wb-o Wmh ? 2 BUd threatened to tw ?r* &Kd lf h" did not "tsvaway from bu house he would hire a w e to disgrace !EL,!ttirm,d r,T? *?m* ,0*?? fifty or a bun. dred dollars to burn the house if sbe would not fhrOZJ It* 'A,t*r furth?r charges ot threats and crusltv. she avers that he fre<iaenUy semmiued adultery tha. she contracted a loathsome disease from bar husband tea years since, aad also the tame diseime March. lg*5. She d?m?s that ane ever com nutted adultery with Walter at anV time ^ place, but at all times has conducted herself as a virtuous woman, and baa given bim no pretext for bia wrong and ill-treatment, or for tne tool charges made against her She also dsnias that she was ever caught In a room or on a sora with Walter, or that sbs eyer gave him any irt aey. . ' Tbe testimony in this case was taken before J. T Johason, Esq , Commissioner, a large umber ot witne*?<>a teatifyiac Tne Witaesaes for tbe complainant were bis aotber, s man ramed Kmricb, and Martin, alias Reddy W'el?h. who testified to the respondent having been disessed; bsvlag bean cnucbt with n man lo. ked in n room, also in the Smitheenlan ground* and the Prepagatmg Garden. On the part of tbe reepondent n large number of wit. ne??e?. whose 'Mtimoay tended to Impeach the credibility of the wttneassa for th* complainaat and contradicted portion* ef tbe tectimony. R- > Darts, Kvq.. appeared for the oomPiamaat. ard 3S. Tbompeou, Esq., for r*> s|>ot:dent. # V * v * * |4 M |I**C flJI . .-- -*A.TTO|l4L Abkotiatioh poithi R|. J ^Wo*? AWO held itJPMtJlJTLTu"* this e?sociatjoa was r-f.rtifryur*r?*w*r*t>** ** r?Pcrt,_wbl<!> tbft* Ik* NMtMl donor ,h- /?" ?mean.ed to 9MMm7mmI Sri.f ?*"re ba,??0* * dr.hnrILt IS ?D bamr Of theamonat a iborwd, 9S.5U0 were applied to the purdiMf W" to the liquidation of oM rs S? ASS?*"' - ^ -S3 u??f2fk Pr*~at"d *?" repoet a? seetb/flr* ?i ^TW* , V> Pww?? were tinder ? th* aeoeiBimm >>u* J*?nnryl. it^h/2f.?? tk:^ ? pr*m ?<? persins th?N?l2?*. !? b*?*? were found- ia tbe North for many, others returned to their ,hlm*nTborrtlfwuSSl. fkreof the inmates of the Home is carefully atlanded to, and a day acboel is also in operation The secretary states that all efforts toretaln " ?* ^ Hoaaa the desirable property in Georgetown known as the On estate have been unsuccessful. tne owner hartnc been *?k !M" Dr*P*rt7 therefore restored to aim. As the persons under the aare of ta? association coold no loader remain oa his eso' ??*. -?u 8th *ad BomoZSy ? : WOT" Pnrcto??*>. ?tf the Freedm?a's Huron coromen red the erection of building l?.l .hla<c?m,nodRt,on of the ?ccapants of the asylum, who were removed ta the building In la?b while It was in an unfinished wrn^JL Tbt>nfw?.Tlam.wbeacorople effr will ace?mmada?eabont?50 persons. The seeirV^K*'fowled*.-* the receipt of donations of clothingtram the North, and also from En*. }??. ;? .??* from ibe Unio* Ald *>cietv of this city, the proceeds of a festival given' br that association. b?tco oy The foltowinawere alected offlcers for the ?niirr yw :-Pmi(!Mitt Mrs. Senator Wade W^, *cL<e,,an; Treasurt-rj Cref*ry' *? Hea;ock; Hoard of Manners, Mrs Senator Trumbull, Mrs OhI-.^?nSrroy?\Mrs N*Uon? Mrs. (Jen. O. ^ ,d'Mrs Mr*- Hlanchard, Mrs. Higelow, and Misses Swan and DonaldSOD. a _Co*8MTA-nva Abut abdNavt Ubiow? meeting of tnis association was nrlw .^VK?T<LB,.n* at Temperance Hall, Col. wcretary chair, and Capt. Geise acting as *'*pt- McConnell, from the executive committee, reported a drait of a memorial to Don grees in relation to the equalization of bounL'^'T, ?' afte. som* debate, was adopted, and Col. James K O'Heirne, Col. Alabach (Sprains Gelse, McConnel, and McKean were appointed to confer with the Soldiers' and bailors Union, asking for concert of action in urging the matter before Ci>ngre*a M L. Gape. 105th Ohio, and W H. McCormick, were elected members. The committee to revis-* credentials was discharged. s- 1 Wailes offered a resolution, thanking the members of the band for the interest taken in the meetiaga and their services at the concert, and tendering the assistance of the association in procuring employment for ployed *111 M ?f the baDd al prwBt UDt)B>nj.b??rs?'*? Adopted, and referred to CaptKajra06' U"9*' I-leut. Wales, and A resolution, on motion of Capt Geise was adopted, inviting Senator Doolittle to address the Lnion at the next meeting. The Union proceeded to the election of vice presidents, and subsequently the Chair appointed the execut ve committee, after which they adjourned. * TbiSkatiso Park.?This institution, under good management, is a great success. and the shares have advanced to a big premium, ws Sard?' the * u pe"ntenden t, i s in Pron?oting the enjoyment ol . ?, ma,,?,&"?"ng good order. The Skating Carnival ' affair is looked forward to with eager latTeet. We have been requested by some ver> pretty lady-a^aters. whose wishes ?k *. .w ? ,aw' to "W" to the manager, that the correct sort of thing for them todo is ta have plank-walk connections laid between the,on ot the foot, walk on aoth street or 10th street to the Skating Park. Then, br piacing a few lights along these walic?, tb? ?k* be reached at night without wadioi through mnd A ttiflWMI. ? Monday night, the poicemen of the 1 hird Ward, iu order to express their esteem tor Lieutenant C. M. Skiono,, their efficient commander, presented him with I a valuable gold ring set with topaz CITY ITEMS. T " ??'1 frmkly w. mea? I u, that t ranc a ia tke place to buy your Gent'i ?^,,rn^,?*K0(>0-*a' pr,c#"tbatdefr compeI tlon?494 7th atreet, near Odd Fellowa* Hall I beautiful Silk-mixed Overcoats ai Meaning's Oae Price Clothing Store, oa the corner ot Seventh street and Maryland avew?n daPu,d *> ^rly aad late wear, as I well as being very dressy. rJ*00 ?L??d s*tts, *T,p pins, Tip Crosi I pTnJ^^ "t3L,#s Sleeve Buttons, Gents I thi^^ f Pins, Rings, Braceletts?received ^rtVVL-V ?n? Hollar Jewelr, aUeeL Pennsylvania avenue, near I Pabms* A W alkbr are aelliag off their im. cloth' \eetiags and Genu' burnishing Goods at t [fonC-i!^n ?LLWeS,3r per cent- Thev are not slop-shop goods: batgooda of tne finest qualiI S. ?o*n; it will be a long time befor? I m^t?lIn%?TaUllT- Tbei1 I Jr?F ^ elite and fashion of the citv Jnd Kannle k17, tha - i!!"*1" wcr* repeBtedly encored wlr? Sfl. dan<*? of Miss Kate Partingtoi were fluHy executed; the beautiful dancing o ce uT. Vi# Harr\*?u aud King was exma!i? h C? V QQinn, in his banjo solos, hai made a clecided-hit; and last, though net least nsuai^h?hn ; Dny R^ese.was on hand a> hrtlfh f?nny saringa and doings; th? ZfiSfAJSrv'jsss* u <irop ,nc I Mr- Hena* s Metropolitan Hall. I ? I -JY.OVM Wabm.?Brown's Pat I ? MetAinc Weather Strips are warranted u I jL^#Pf??ti^,nd'Rain'<lold'8now, Noise. Host and' see Reference!11 Wlado'"- Woffle. j ^ Docolas Moobb, 53? 7th street. * I n a sP,#ndld stock of fine 18 karai I Gold end Silver American Watches. Hiamonc toft u???* ?J>*ra ?lM?ef, 40 per cent, below j oost, to close bnsineaa. I. Alixandik J Pennsylvania avenue. ' jj P*nn. bt.. be. atreets, continues the auctreatment of corna, bunions, bad nails ealnrged joints, waru, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office honrs from 8 a. m. u 5 p. m., Bad 6 to 8 p.m. Established 1S61. .%?uy.s " -"S AScbiPiu Cubb?l>r. Gilbert's Pile iaJue.meSlr?bv ?i7, CUre" th? worst cases ?f gar, No. 576 Broadway, New York. 3: ?,y,!,7AKltp,ea'or?,n announcing that our old fellow citiaen, J. B. Gardner. M l? h1" practtc<*. in which specialitr we know he has had great experience. We "refer yon to the adT^rtisement column ? aaaigp, I -IKS- ? ?? " BWCiJJ1 ?"V; Vol6Si,c,,ii?j1u5 5Z??ir*K JaM^?*s,<ia5~b?^KpBY' iB.?**W*own, ?a BIKU. oi3?tSS?!i.V,0? M">" '".If'ftU tU'rilV T - SKS. ssjsh iniirai the mth 1 ear ofhsr a h*rt llln*"' ' *be relatives aa<l binds of the famllv an r^ectfrtir tavited to attend her fnner^L to rn*" lew (Thur day ) afternoon at S o'cleck. st hsr lan rs^enee ^hstr^, Osnui &Ul ' ' msmettmm no?a et r oVTttfc iRS TrtJbl?**?r' rer-s^t'ei^gVBtd UiMea?^ af"ua,at*?'ces aSg^waaWr I * ? Te*h ?a?ere please t?n ) ' i *+ r i + ' '' & ! J0?4H '* '(it'et1' ! j ft AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL IliCviRt. hiM?Uui? avtaaa, w marts' Hotel. 11 AMRIft'aat onto ".'" A."?01-AffUWK**! , [nS'B&Mft Aabei brl'laat UFrylaltrt., FBA PBAJKOLO WALL'S ftBCW OCKRA NOU9K. UUI A f Alb PROPBlBffOBS m. b. philiups.?- btagb manages VlPJjllfiATIVBIIIS, January .|?? | Third kl|hl o( Ik* of Im Mir I ABrrleM Ae*or, II 1 L PAVBBPOST. 1 Who will i?|Mr la WM^^ohkracUr ?r I la O'Kaefe'* OtOliOBB Oom-dv of Wilt OATS, BanorM b? the mtlr* jTAlOOMBiiATIOH 8T0QK OOMP*BT. I nomuIT?Mm. Aim (V>r? Ibwttt ItiikU'i I BrlUiabt Comedy of FASHION. BATS8 or ADMISSION. PHr?UBoiN,M; Orcheetra Ob tin. ft: Sriw | Olrtl*, T( rarquette, Ncnii; taMlf OtrI cle,? cents, Colored Circle. 1> cents. I f BAUD 0 A B N I V A L I " _ _ AT *? SKATINGPABK. The public ?rt rwytotfillr Infoi me* th?t a Grtitl lukiM rucy Dreee 0ABN1*AL will be held ?i tie Park. n? FBI DAY. lb* 11th. oomI meacing at S o'clock p. m . ina conAtaue until lip m , (weather permitting. > ABne Ba*d 1 of Maaic will be In aitaadance and the Par* brilI linatly Illuminated. Ample preparaMoae will be made for Befre'haiente. and tka artier observed l.y an extra poller farce. Tfa? price of admlaalon an thla ooraatoa wOI ba I Pitt) Canta each for all camera, mala and female, I DfaUra included. ja9-3t ODD FELLOWS' MALL. POB THBEK NTOHTS 0*LT. TUESDAY, WBDNB8DAT^gaHB THUBSDAY | JANUARY ?th, 9th,'atad 1?th, I TUB ORIGINAL PATH KB KBMP. with hia celebrated OLD POLKS COBOBBT OOMPANY, Caoaiatlos of _ 22 LADIES AjT> OBNTLEMBN, With a Splendid OrcWatra: awieted by BMW A J M<'HOLS, THE JENNY LIND OP AMBBIOA. } Admiaslon. 93 cent*; reserved eaata, BO canta. j Doora open at 7, concert at S o'clock gband~m\tinbe On W1DNBHBAT APTBRNOOW. Jaa.9tb.at1 I o'clock . bildran ta Matlnaa IS eta. ja3 7t* ^ACBED CONGEST, I Under the dlractlon ol BOBIBT HILLII, | la tha OBUBOH OP THB EPIPHANY. O. bat. IStb and 14th atreata, OS ! WEDNESDAY EVENING, 9TK JANUABY, I In aid of the tew North End and Weai End Pro | Uatant Episcopal Ohurchea. A?1m1"slon ..... ONE DOLL A B Ta be had at M*-tzrrott'o and BLis' Store*. ja 3 td METZEbOTT HALL. POB ONE WEEK ONLY. Mesera JABBVTT A PALMEB beg to announce t-> *h? cill/en* of Waahlngton that they hare enk*t;ed thoae eminent Artiata, i MB AND MBS. HOWABD PAUL, I w ho will appear fer tba first time in thla city on MONDAY BVBH1NO, Jan. 7,1857. 1 I and evary evening daring the we?k, in their I GRAND BHTBBTAIBMBNTB I oa | CONCBBTS IB COSTUMB, , I a* recently giTen 1,000 nights in Laudoo and fifty , I ni*hts at lr%lug Hall, Hew York. They will ap, I peat in lft SONGS AND 1MPEBSOHATIONS, , I An"ng which will be fouad Henry Baaaall'a graat . I Lyric entitled THE DBEAM OP THB BEVELLBB, I Aid the celebrated Ballad, I "WHIN QEOBGB THB THIBD WAS KINO," | and tha celbratad ! SNEEZING BONO, i I The whole forming the moat unique, elegant end I varied Entertainment ever given la the United I Blatea. For partlcalara aea Billa and Oircalara. PB1CBS?Adinlaalon, BO canta; Beeerved Seata, I 75 canta. I The aala of Baaervad Seata wiU commence at Met/erott'a Basic Store oa Friday moralag, Jon. I 4 1967 1 I I'oora opea at 7hi; oommaace at7\o'clk. jal lt ^jBAND TEMPEBANOB PAIB ISLAND HALL. Virginia arcnue, between 6th and 7th atreata. Aa elegant entertainment each evealag, conaiat, 1 lag or Oaaradaa, Dialognee, BacltaUona, and Vocal and Instrumental Huaic. The Befreahment Boom ta in charga of aspariaaced Caterers. i The display of gooda ia nananally attractive, and > I offera many adraatage* heretofore reaervad. i Tha 7th atraat car a paaa within a faw a tape of the Hall. Saaaoa ticket*, SO ceata; Single admiaelon, 19 i ceata. ja8 St* (7ABOY DBES8EB ABD OOSTUMBB _ I r PorTableaox and Private Partiaa. Apply to MBS VBAIK BIA, ja9-Bt" 44 7 lOthetreot. ! PERSONAL. Y4 ATI DON NAHUB will alaaaa call at 2i$ I IV ?t., bet wee a 17 th and lBth. ja> at* r|B. JOSEPH T HO W ABD ? mJ haa removed hie Office aad realdence to Bo. S?*?B1NTH STBBBT. ja 8 fit* between I and New Yorkavanae. : I ^ C. J. PBYE.M.D__ J.B.BM1TH.M D. t * DBS. PBTB AND SMITH r I Can ba eanaaltad profeniunally, at Bo. 1*4 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB, , I ja 8 6t" between 17th aad 19th ata. - A B. MAUBI' B. REAL SOIBMTIPIO AS? A. TBOLOOBB Or AMKBIOA, ? Proni the poaltioa auaaapect ol the Stara at tha k time of one's birth, will reveal aatoaiahing ee crets that no Uviag mortal ever knew before .how I to be anoceeafnl In all reasonable undertakings. | He tella noma and vary day you marry, descriuea I the intended companion, and t?lla all areata of . I Ufa; good lack aad long life to viatiora. Laliaa to , I cents to SI: gentlomea In fall SI- Call at 47 0 13th at . near P, all honra until ? la tha araaiag. ' de 311m* I^ADIBS LOOK AT THIS. COLLAR AND CUFFS OIVES AWAY. Bach lady bavina work done at the OHBAP 1 STAMPING BOOMS, 439 9tb street, opposite I Patent Oflae, will receive fran'i ana Collar and r fair of Oalfa, a tamped on the fiaaet mualln. for 1 I chain atich. Braid or Bmbroidery, auitable for I Bight-gowna Btar Braid and Colored Oattoa for I the above at reduced pneee. Initiate a tamped from one to Are cents. Stamped aooda at half the I price heretofore aakad. de 19 tf GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. ^yOBTH KNOWIHQ. " 1 It la worth kaowiag that the graataet Bargaina I are to be had at _ MILLEB'd OHBAP DBT GOODS 8T0BB, 101 Bridge atraat, Georgetowa, 9 O. I Ha haa jaat received a large stock of Bleached Sblrtiagaaad Sheeting, at lower pricee than th?y have been aoH alace tbe war Bleached Maaliaa, I at 12H and 1Aeta.; good yard wide do., >1 eta., and the bast makaa at u ana JO ceata. Saaetlnga and Pillow Cattona vert ehaap. Brown Muallna, It's and AA eta , yard wide do. llaad 10 eta. Merrimack and ether hast makea Calico, ? ata. Plaa AllWool French Merino, SI Wlntor Draea Gooda generally, embracing Papllaa, Empraaa Clothe, Plalda, Del at nee Ac . at coat. Bbawla. Blaaketa. Flannels, Clotba a ail Caaalmeraa, Glovea aad Hoeiary, at anuaually low arieea. | Call aad asamlae hia stock. de 31 IW BBBJAMIB MILLBB. DIARO 8.?Two mora of thoae beautiful I 1 PI A BOB. mado by Jamoa W. Veee._-jwA juat received, and for aala low, onaaayBBaBBI . I terma Alao, new and aaperlor aevan 00 I tave P1ABOS, in raeewood. warranted, for SBOO. JOHB P ELLI8. ; I j a 4-St 306 Pa. ava.. near lOtb atraet. \ ^OPABTNB B BH 1 P. I have thla daj aaaociatad with aa fa tha GroI eery Bnaiaaea m> brathar, JAB. H. GULICK, and I tha buaineaa will hereafter be conducted br tha 1 Srm oi GULICK A BBOTHBB I All paraona hating unaettled accouata are re Queated to Battle the aame, aa new books will ba opened froa thia data. O P. GULICK. WMhiagtoa, P. P.. January I. )M7. | We. tha uadaratgned, feel confldeat that, with oar experience and the faclUtlea at our command, 1 | wa aaa furaiah ta parchaaara. both wholesale and I retail, aa large aad wall aasortvd stock of Orocerlre. 1 I Teaa, Wiaee, Liquora, Olgars. Ac , aa the market affords, and at tba moat reaaoaabfe rataa. Gooda bought of aa delivered free af charge to aay part of > he city. QBLICKSBBO, Corner of Baw Jaraey aveaao aad B atraet aoath. t I ja MOt I QLf?r HTOVBB TABBB IB BXOBANGE 1 STOVbST OBATBB, la great vaHety. atMgl< IBS 4H itreet, aaar the Bridge, de T7 1m* ' OABLBE VOOBPBABOA18.Or.Do You Speak ; ? V.': ; . ... .> . ' > e .. H J r .<J ^ . -! i/4 ol WmAmi 9 U A. . ,! * g , Jpjf^Yi .a.t 4 .a.t i . w),? ,?? . Pf> * TTOMii. TSM <? W ' ' ^ iUsd i U4*el :o s:a?i? A ?. :-B ) WANTS. M'ANT*T?_A *?rT* WOWkf < tillc???nrl a pritatara-n'ly r T PartUeiara ft, at the |(M UU>n. jaf 7t* \V **?A **** AID Md l*n?. a\i ? *.** .^P"**?M r*s?M. <*al? it A lUVtf Mft? NKllUT TBACHCB W AVTVV-A MTru~TP?W to MOH tMk u4 J'. '"J M girl kana^i. ???4 tefaren m \ddrcaa Box Be. ?f, Mw Offc* If ' WAStHP.?'L ,w* ?Mfe| aarrM r*n?m J* Pt'BNIBHBD BOOMS. wltMmtka limit' Pens Gjt and llth Mrf ush em Ad diess W,_W O , ja?4t? W Vf?? Wl"'1 W? ?* ??. a UTOA'? TIOH uckuihwuMu4UMlrtM Q *4 >*Ny M He. 32?L .t eet beNm 1Mb and 19 th it*, ;?a *? "T i Mail, litC AT JO* In a private r*m1Ty to cook wa?h w< iron. Oall at theater Office M?mi Mi Wo'tl?ft .,c? Tlinrtt;. Jim 10 it* WAS TIP?A > OUTH. who rwidN with hie parents, wrttw? good kw4 aa* ?ti?k At Bgnre*, will obUta a goad iltniii by applying atM K W&LBH ? (J? .mcIIMMTI, W P?U. ava. corner of lOtketraet jtfi-3t W&NTID UUUBtl TO WIHTBB -Thesab acilbar, having gaod stahMna an 4 abaudancs ? teed will take sight er ten HOB-It 3 at #M p-r mortk Word l?f| at H. Bitot I Oo ' store. oornar 7tli atrial andavaona, ?iU be ntt*>iM*ad it. J*?3t* 8 0 (iBtWnmp.aitr Bladen barg. l?r*K\ A8W1NG AOEHTS WAHTBU "-M J0 Vy PER DAT EASILY MAD It -Wanted, three ait w, e?*ti? BUHCNESS MEN, ta canvas* tor the aala a? ttu newest and moatsaleable cloture in tbe ti|!?, vis:?WASHINGTON'S PBAYBK AT YALLEY POBGB IK THK WINTR* OP 1777. No family, ai seeing thia saparb Steel Engraving. can r* tnaa to eeleot a i cob). The price la wiiMa tie reach of all. 8>ld

ouly by aubsadptlon teieoTeaaeie Apply to P. J. KBUIW. #10 7tk street, Three doors eoMh o'Odd PellowV Hall, J? t lt* Sola Agaaa tor Hia Pnb)lit?ri. \\" AMTBB-A good fen ale COOK for * re?tan: \ ""i A??ly at KLUT7 BESTAUBABT ?i at , bat |7tk aud iftth *t? ja * st* ft 1 fW>ll WANTEB fJr twelve month* ?a qpB.vMPYr ?io 0?i worth of property Address " A_ B^" 8iar Office ja&M* WAN7EB?A aecoad band FAMILY ntB, i BIAGB. Apply to W B STOCK BBJ DUB Keal k?ta>e Ageat, N B ooruor 7th and F aU WAMTVI^A MBAT WHITE WOIIAS. for genarakkoavaar^rk for a fimlly of thraapar ton* Bloaa ont Aaaarlcaa or UarniMa with go^4 refer*ataa na?dapply, to MRS LAWBENOB, No hi K aires . betareen S'.th and Soto at*. >a7-3t* A^BBSPECTABLB YOIINtt LADY tn7idiT-id ctrcumstaara*, ta willing ta aire inMractian* od tba plaao on the moat reaaoneble torn*. Ap ply or nddrra* "L. Bl.," Kill*' Maaia Btora. ja T ?t* WABTED? By a ateady aad reliable oolared Baa, a PLACB. ait bar to cook wait. d> ire, or aa port* r He la a vary competent pareon. and can (Iva the ba*t ralereaMa*. Plaaaa addroea a note to Bi.i Mo. T, Star office, and the adrertl*-r will c?H. iaf Jt WAN CED?To purchase a HuO^B, ( brick pre ferred,; between 6th and Itta street*. an t north of ti-aatenae; maat hare cu an1 water; price betve* n ft^Oi and 96 0 0. Truaiedlate pos Hhtiou not required Add re** ro >m 7B, Treaaary Departmaiit ja/jt* WAN1BO?A YWL'BO MAN. wbo la a c^ad draftsman and penman t-te*l > employmeit Address Box 499 PostOdlca, with real n*>ne and rtfertnoea. jaf-iw* WABTED?Oa tba 1st of Fehrnary, an unfuraihhed HOL fE containtD* from Ave to elgbt roi>me and hall, with aa* and wator. in a good neighborhood. Betereii'-e* gi?eu if required. Ad drts* PKLIX, Bos No. 3* Star Office. j*7 St* WANTEIT-A COOK. HUU9EKBBHBB and BIISTBLBS in a small family. Ucrntu prr ferred. Call at <67 Hew York are., bet. eth and 7th ats. WANTBD-New and Cast off OUOTdlNii, old GOLO and HILYBIt, or aay other artice of valne, at the aid astablished Metcbaat Pawn looker's Store ot K. Il'LToN AOU.,dU49th St., 3 danrs Bvrtb of Penua avenue. Sols Agent for BlNOBB>S SEWING BIAORIBE. de S-ly WANTED?100 LADIES immediat?lr to embroider Tokea, Bauda, Wrapper Yoke*, Planpel Pkirt* Slippers, and Inltlola To ?o ?d baa Is wbo brine ?ampla of work, geod wages and con stant smplo> meat girsn. Call at the as* Sta'np ing Bourn, 439 9th street, oppnslts Patent Office. bTAMPINQ reduced to PlvB cents par width, j da I> tf. J WANTED?10.000 LADIBS to knjw tbat~at the New Stamping Bo' mi, 439 tta street,opposite Patent Office, thay can rind the best selected ass<>rtu.ent of Pattsras aver offered hare for Cloaks, Capes, Aproca. Jossrs. Waists, Tokas, Bands, Wrappera, Slippers. Pincushions, and Inl tlals Also, desicus for Pillow Oaaes, Ottomans. Chair Covers, Pianos, and. In short, every variety of Patterns as tkay ara daily Issnsd. Wekavea Preach Mackine and a Practisal Stamper, aad have i educed the price to riYB 0BMTS PBB WIDTH. Wa make and stamp any patters brosght aa. Braids, SllAMd Working Cotton vary low. da lMf WANTED-SECOND HAND. PCBBITDBB. Also. BBIBBORS, CABPETB. BEDS, BED DIB O and BOUSE PURN1SHINO QOOD9 of every description. B. BUOHUT dBS 7tb street. jerd-tf between Q and B. aaat side LOST AND FOUND. f OBT?A lady 's BBBA8TPIN, with aettlag aal Lj paadaat oi garnst. Please glva informatiea to tbe ownar, Mrs. B. WAPLBS, at d4? 12th st , between O aad B. or address bar throagk the post oMee U* CjC BBWaBD?Lost, on Thursday light last. V" on 4th or B streets, ia goang from National Hetelta Post Office, a BECOBD BOOB, three or fonr shests writtea. keave tba aame at Tewer*' B?gar Btora. a 14 7tk at ja ? it* tin BBWABD?Lost, oa Saturday, aboat 10 $1 U o'clock a at , a S^OOBBBNBACK, supposed to be lost la tba avaane cars Taa above reward will be given tf rstarned to N B PBBEGOV, FraAklia Hotel, Pa ?Tanae, between Utk aad lBtk strseta ja A?* LOIT-BJ BBWABD?Between tbe 2Mb and Nth of Deeember. 1M4, a Ladlee' Gold BYB GLASS, with tba Initials marked on It. Tke finder will rsoalea tke skova reward aad the tkaaks of the ownsr br leaving ths same at 400 Mth st , bet wee a I aad K, ja 8-St* TAKEN DP ASTBAT-Oae COW; Hght red A lined back; one ear aroppad, the other ear alit. The owarr will pleaae come forward, prows prvpei ty. par charges, and take her away. GBOHIBMAN. Valley straat, Georgetown. da T * fAMB TO MT PBBMISBS, ABOUT TBBBB Vy weeks ago, a small red OOW, with karaa, white atripe on herlilp. aad whlta hind feat. The owpar Is requested to corns forward, provs property, pay charges, and take ker away. BDMOBD LOBG, ja7-9t* corner W aad 14th strasta. f) ABA WAY PBOM HOME, on tba 13th ef De xV cember. MICHAEL BY AN, aged 10 years: good loofctnf koy.wtth blnasyea and light hair. Bad on When he left home a pair of bli?#sati, patch*) Jaad a soldier's blonss. Aay one knowing ofbia wlwreaboats will coafer a favor and receive the tbanks orbfadlstrea*ed father by lesviag iaformation at the coraerof 3d aad P atreete lalaa i*T* * JOHN BY AN. BOA BBWABD?Stolen oa the night of the ?oU SM-af September froas the premises of George 4ones, aaar Bladensbarg, a dark brown BOBaE, marked 0. 8 aad I. O.; medium alaa, maae aad Ball somewhat sunbarnt, has a roan aoaa. The above reward will be paid If returned to . OBO. JOBBS, BOARDING. E*OB BENT?A namber of aiaaly PDBNISHBO r BOOMS, wltk ar wltkoat BOABO. Iniaira at Bo. d4d llth straat. between G aad H street*, ja t-it* TWO GBMTLBMBH CAN BB AOOOMHOdated with pleeeaat BOOMS aad goad BOABD, oa reasonable terms, at 1T1 B street south. opposite Bmitkeonlaa; Ave minatag walk to post oBee. ja? Bl* FOB BBNT-A ri BBISHBD BOOM. WITH BOABD. at 246 Peua. avenue, between 12th and lathete [ja8 3fj J H SHAPriBLO. OOABDIBO?One aingle Front BOOM, with D first class BOABD. Baferanaes required. Apply at Star Office ja B St* FOB BBNT?PABLOB and OBAMBEB. connecting, on tbe firat floor No. 48.5 I3nh st., between G aad H. TABLE BOABD 820 per month. jat-Sf fJOABDIBG.?Lad lea and gentlemen can be acIJ oommodaied with elegant BOOMS and firstclaee TABLB. at N?. 184 Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th aad IMh sts. Tba location is particularly desirable on aoconnt of tba proximity to ths Departments. Tabls Beard and families furnished at moderate rates. Transient Boarders, $IM per day. js4?t* P)B BINT?A number of fine large frout and back BOOMS,furnished or nnfurntsked, with or aithuut Board, He. 36T Penn'a avenue, opposite National Hotel. j*i esSt' | ABGfifANDCOMFOBTABLE BOOMS. AMD I-> BOABD oan be had at Bo. d69, (Paadleton House, he twee a 4H aad M streets.) Psnn. avenue. Table Boarders likewise accommodated ja 3 fit* TPABLE BOABD at Bo. d84 UHh straat,a few * doors north of the avenae. Tama #BB per oath. da |g-ff kpOYV SRATB8 from M cents ta *6, I> MBN >8 SKATES from ?l.v to ?B0. . at the Skata Depot. POCLTHBY A TRIMBLE, Mo. 800 West Baltimore street, de 18-lm Baltimore. Md ? THB CBOOHET OOLLAB BOOH; MBS. 1 Bayie'a Knitted Lace Oollar Boak; The Bagla Knitting Beak: Mrs. Gaugatn'a But Skawl and Scarf Book; Mrs U an gain's Crochet Babr Cap Book: The Greek IM Baman Lace Book;The Aa13EBSOBS rjIBNIBRIBG BOO MB weald sava fnonty and iroabl* by caillag at AD AMSOB'8, 808 Ninth straat. next to Pennsylvania avaaaa, fix. tun; *?. d. n dm l-K J r ? <> a <H| I _ / FOR SALE AND UKNT. e'OJIIBlT-li(H'?l Mo BB* to*s *rN u Iwti k ?k4 L iwt?tkl*|l(i 'MM, with iw kuj ?airr Iktt |) P"T aeaa'Vi i i # L'OI BALl-Tha STOO* -w4 rfXTOflB-e?a * aa 7 h a m mh Pean'a a?*a<j?. a fo >d atn l iuw-? anfeifl. A(.iii?w0 .r?<(" JV, V h C_^ ?e ? aBd rtxtnsBs bt<?be 1 an* l'Vll.l.llA g**d ta4k 'i h br? J*r#p Beat |.?m Addraaa BAKSBV, ja**<* I h"WBL LlWHOF SB rei'BHT-9<t?kte? la 1' Baorgetowa; oi-atalae ?*i>oao fti ? '. UxmiM bMltLr r?f l(tau.ic..M>ll kl tbieoBtee. ja Jt* LM'B BBBT?-A twoatory BBTCK HOI'll, oa 1 ft h*i?M and gth. Betaad 1?i|?ir> of JOHN firiAlortwrMh aad O itoMU-oat*. Mh<. ) * ? I L M BINT?BRICK BOrSB atn r?Mt,*1tk *aa. whaer. laiga pard. wo?d ehed Be . oa K i"wl. UltMi U*i lad ink at* . in ward OBO A LAMB <?>*>* ITft&itrM[.mrl!:k I^W BSBT-Tbe BeSidewre of Admiral Bahlr gPrm. caroar lath km L etreo>e faraaeked throaghoot: 1? rooma, vara aad col * wat -r laeleeplac apartment*. droaeleg rooma. elaeete, Ar.ikMMk) fareiok r?iltn,Llkr?n, IMkiac Bwa, k?4 Btidr all coaaialcktlii| vita folJtui *? ?? akMn| the baa** vary .leatrabte f?r reoejttloae. Aa Oratinde very laage. ova* M (BPe iaar* fa*t Halt, flower* Ac Pit.* Brink Stable for Mr ho roe* ant tkraa nrtk(M 4??lr ta Mb BO CUM A LATTA, B>m B<ut? Brjk?ri,e? nor M aai r iM. [lutak | jai ? , f'CB BKNT?A Brat cla?e BTABUB and IOB HOUSE iklkmeiuA Apply at 1 ?J I ( , Beta oea B*h aad Slet. jaSiw FOB BENT-A comfortable fBtMi O* ELLINO ua 'h- row if kul eau k *>r?u 1p at No >17 6th at weet jafl St* I L'OH KIM -A HOUfB. partially fnronNed. I coetaining a reorwa. water. ua 1 caa. *ituat-d oa 1'eun i Zlat aud S2-1 eU . No - A?atj at Bo +S. Rent ?* .derate ja8-Jt* B70B BENT-A lar*.- aa'nratebadfroat PAR LUBkSd CB AACBk *4 olbliig eec>?d Hour euitefc.leforhooe'i*?piag la mire at ? >2 north L i etr**t, betwrea ?th and Mh. an ?t* L'OB BKNT-At So 1*1 F iiir*' h-twwn | ' h T and I8tb etroete, oae lufrCHkM RBB Bath room, with bet and cold water, atta< hod Aaeiy oa tba pr*mieae ja? n* NU BLT~?UBBMB BD BOOMS, la aaYta or Ir.cly, with or wirhont board, at 349 Mth shfkt, Ix't*een I and K at*. Table B >ar.l*ra acmmmu latf-d Terma nod a rate. Alao, ucfarni?Hed Bern*, Ifdt-elred. ja H 1?* f^OB BENT?Three fUBMlsHBD B<?()?S, Id a alancantl/ altnatrd boaka, wh?r* thar? are ao boardrra t r cbii-lran Ota block from tkflM half Mock front rara Plea?a rail at oar* at northB atraat, bataroaa Dalawara ara k&d lit it jaAM* l^OB BBNT-Ona ttiraa a'orj BBIOB BOl'^B. I ?1tuata<1 near the cta'a ^apartment Addretk J B T . Btar ofBoe. jaf-St* ROOM8 PUBBI8HBD AMD OVFOBMIBBBI>? On reastaahla tern.*, at v*4 Q etreat Call alter 4 p m , < r be'ora a ta ja7 4t* L'OH BBMT-HOrSB Bo 4A6 12th atraetTTn < good order ar>d ?ell lorated Karterma. He . apply ta X r BlMPbON.3tf8 D.bat 10th .nd iItii ata ja I St* POB BENT?A two atory VB\ MB HUU0B vltk I cellar and paaaaga, on 0?ett I Hill Arp * to BKBMABU HATBfl, ja 7-3t* * 'oriiar ?th aad B atraaks (VIOTIOB? FOh RFHTORl E4SK-The wall 1" kaowa PIbBBRT <>a the Potaiaar rl?ar, thla s'da or Port U aablnifton on tha Mariluid ?M*. 1<> "il'k k> water and IS b? l?%d Apply to H S. JOHNtOB, No. 3>3 Peaa arena*. kat??aa aa>l 6th ata . opposite National Botal jaT-diia* Fl BNI8BKD BOUHBa BOB KBMT -On- of 10 room*, near Olty Hall, at $i:o par month Alao. on* of 10 rooaia, aaar the Oapitol, at Al?i per d<o- th. Oae of 12 rorai, aaar the Praaldaat'a Roaee. for 9 tti par niuatk Oae on l tb atreat of" rootaa.for BSO per m >ntk. D. L. WBLL8 A ?X>.. Keal Kaiate Hrokera, ja7 (t aortkwaat coraa.- loth and f. ft^OB llBBT?To a private familj only a tiand A aomaly fnrniahod HuCSB coataiaiag foav teenioona, aitnaiad naar tba Prea.deufa Man Moa. K'terences ra mirod. To a (o-d tenant f>r along term, ret t vary molerata. Addraaa Box Bo 37, Btar Office ja 7-4t* IVO. 3fc9. H. W. GORNBB OP lsTH aadllatv, II A IT KN18HBD HOl ttB TOB BBST. jai et F'OB 8ALB?I Oa tajmentof a ina!l amoont f CASH ? SeTaral two ator* PB AME UoUBBS, aitnaUd In different part* of the city. BTABB A OO . ??hs 7th atraat, jaiil* k^twean l? k E. r|'0 LBT?A largo HOU4E aaar our ottl ;a. with 1 erary oonTealaaca, aad Parattare tor aale; w<II adapted for boardiof boaa* >r private family Apply to D. L WILLS A ? O.. jn 5-fit Corner lutb aad P ata. LTOR BALK OB BBBT?The tine and targe r BBBILBMOB Mo. b.i,corner jsth aad K ata., with ISrooma, watar aad gaa, farniahad or taforalabod : and baa tardea attached to it. laqulra at 94B Pa. arc., b?t. ltth aad 13tk ata ja? 6t* JOB. H yH aPFIBLD. B^OB BBBT?A MIW HOD8B. jaat flnlakad. K with tea rooma. wood aud coal cellar, gaa aad water. Bant moderate, la tba Pi rat Ward, ac Mth atraet, between I aad K ata. Inqnfr* at the Qracary Store at tkecoraer. Alao.tbreeor fw?r BOO MB la the corner kouae, over the atora, aaltable lor lioflaekaepiag, with gag aad watar. ja? ?* B/OB 8ALB-A OOUBTBY SKAT AMO OABr DKB PABM. wltkla ooe mile or tke city Toia property will ba aold low aud oa aaay tera?, or axenangad for city property. Alao, from Twoaty to Slaty Aerwe adjofalag tba above. Alao. Parma and Co a airy Beat* la Maryland aad Vlrlala. Apply to V.D BTOCKBitlBOB, Beal Batata Agent, Bortheaat corner 7tb and P atreeta, JkB ! * Wa^iagtop, P. Q. L OB BBMT?A tkraa etory and baaaueat Brick * DWBLLIHS BOl'bB. bmwn front, watar CB gaa, tea roome; altnatad oair.b atraat weat. twaon L atraat aorth and Maaa. arenae, Be. 369. laqnlre at No. 20B ltth atraat, batwaaa 8 and 10 a. m. aed 4 aad B p m. jaltf |TOB BBNT-Tha lata BBBIDBBCB of B~Q. r Paat, 489 D atreat, coBtaialag 17 rooma, aitk all the modera Ifaarovemaau. Apply toOLIPTOB HBLLBM, 874 fat. aoBPtf F9B BBNT?Lara* aad a mall farntehod aad aafaraiikod BOC8BB aad APABTMBNT8 aaltable tor h aaokoeplag. Alao, Por Bale, eeveral aaall HOCBKB.oo oaay term. Inquire 8TABB A OO., 498X 7th atraat. Boom IB. oo IB-Baa' OBMS FOB BBBT?Two fine BOOMS f.i a private family. la Oao r goto w n, faraiaked or aafaraiabod. Partner arraagameat* may ba made if deal rod. Befereaoaa repaired Addreaa P. O., Btar Ofllee. ja7-oo9t* 17OB BBBT OB LBABB - The woll-kBowa r WBITB HOUBB or BBLLVOIB, aad the OPPOBBCBB NOBB PIBBBBlBB.oatbe Potomac , river. Bittaor or kotk of tkom will bo ran tad or leaaed f?r oao ar more yeara, aad if aot diapoaod of by ar bororo tba Mth of Jaaaary. 18&7, the priv liege to flak them will bo aold for caab. for oae or mora aaaaona. oa that day at IB m^, at the auction atora of Jaa. 0. McOoira A Co. Wood may ba had at a reaeonable rata oa either e a la to Apply to OIO. H. bOHBKB, Agent far Barak Ottorbaok. Bietatrli. da 8 3tawtJaa lit Cj^OBBBBT?OOTTAOBcoatalning eight rooma, r on I atraat, botweea fld aad Si. roaaaaoion Immediately CLAOBTT A bWBBBT, . ? Baal Batata Agaata, jal MH Mo. 4 Market Space IkRDO STOBB rOB 8ALB ?A DRTO STOBB B-P of SO yeara etandiag, with flxtaraa complete, aew atock. enraar aiore. good location, and boat of reaaoaa for aolllng. Term* oaay. Isguire of 8TABB A OO., 4?e*% 7tb atroot, Bojb No. IB. de J4-2w* |7OB BBBT?The PBOPBBTT kaowa aa The JT Commercial Bulldlag " located oa La. are., I adiafalag the Central waardboaaa. Tha baildiag < haa a front of abont 00 feat, aad a depth of 170 feet, I raaalag tbrongh from the aveaae to Oaaal at. Itbaa lately beea vacated by the NaMoaal Bz- < preaa (.'ompaay. t Karterma apply to WM. B. PHILIP. 40 La. < aye . naar 6th at. ao BBeotf P)B BBBT?Two large aad eommodioae BOOMS (oaaafraat room I on aeaond floor, coamaaieating, haadeomelr fnrniahod aad ptoaaaatly *it ] aated, at No. ?3 Pean'a aveaae, betwaea :i?t and 2fld atreeta. 4e lleotf K?OB BKNT?The P ABM, for tba laatthr<?a yeara r the reeideaoaofMajor Theophtla* Oaloes,coariaflog of U4 acroa, lyiag aaar Port Hahaa, 1 mile ] from Benaiag a Bridge. Improvinenta. dwelling hoaae of U rooaaa. atone atabla, aervaat'e houeae, barn. Ac Addreaa "B. 437 B etroot, Waah- 1 lngtou, D. O.,or call la peraoa, batweaaB aad 7 a. m. oa 14-tf RABB CB A NOB?Por Immediate aale. oae of the beet located email corner atore OBOOBB1BB in the city. Stock aad Plgtorxe aew Ap^ immediately, by letter, to A. B. 0., City Pu*t ce. ao flfl tf CH)B BKNT?The BTOBBBOOM corner of Pa. I r avanae aad lltb atraat waat, la tb* Star OMce Baildiag, formerly occupied by W. a. Metserott a? a maain atore, aad recently aa the office of the National Bxpreaa ottce Apply to C.B BAKBR, ( Btar OfHce. da ju-tf i F" OR BKNT?Two largo aad oae email commaaU eating BOO MB. nafaralahed, aocoad floor No. ' 134 Pena. av., bet l?ih aad aoth ata. noMtf COB BBNT-Tho BTOBB No Sal D atraet, ' r near 11th. It fraata Immediately oa Peaaa! aveaat aad la one of the largeat and moat cobvoaleatly el tn a ted itorwrooma la Waahlagtoa city, Apalv ao Q. B. BAKBB. at the Btar OtBee. joOO-tf f OB BALK OB BBBT?A Baa tone PI A BO, o I AI>1KB' PBKB8 GOODS. lAP8BS?IB?RS*mao Oloalng oat cheap praviooa to taking aacoaat* of BLABKBTB AID TAULB L1NBN. TOVk RLB ABU NAPK1B4. Vi eoliclt a rail from aTl la waa* f Dry O -ida. W*. B. miLBY B BBOTHlB, , No SB Central Ptoraa, i brtwf- arth aad Bth atreeta, | jat Ct opp atte Ooater Market ( f OBKPB BHAVPtELB'B PBBNCH OOBPSa J TIOBBBY. *i4S Peaa avo , bet Wth aad isth ata . late J?waU'a,bave ag?la raootved aBae and ( larpe lot of Ilavaaa Orangea, BLalaga O rape a. and ' Vrattch Oapdlta. yaalf | wt?at ak .ac -c aa4i J ni^i t 1 ?? AUCTION" SALES. * * <?*or Jwtmm 0Mm ?? rw>^? w*#* I rw/# Arr9Mtn>bi~A?i'ru.m<>*Mun~ SfW.l Waul i,N.l.AMUWMit LSTAB* 0ALA OK IMPOYBO kBiL U _ T?f? I"* h u By .f * S?*d of lr?<i,dilj rec?raed I* Lit*t fc . t T i Mo. V. pagia M. Ac . o? th? L?>4 we will.?a the *t? day of Jeruary.laV at 4 oMo-k p. m . rxpnae tor at pat?lc au< the gorta?a fend tout* M*v? Lotefce u? ?nd 11. la Patriae. Pavtdanr ' ?uMIH?lo? of Siuare U1>i| rd Mf kw<n? MP N(' t| Uim la WMklxiM cHiVf t *Mli tl<* hollduin 'tir rwuii >|>nrtrb?><?* I* the eame b -lonvlug TKB* Oif kalf 1 aah. Mmc* la 1.11 u4 M moutha to be eacured by a d<*d of treat na iW premlaa* All ?>nT)7ia?iu mm) ?UaM al IM ?*> ? ?* Burrkaear If tke frmrn aTaula are net rim*** with within Ave 4?< aft?r the Bale. a raaale will b? had at 'W rWk aaa eoet of daTM2-. - .* -.e*<rr*ton. de 7 Midi W. L WALL too, A acta. RT M. K WAL8H ~A CO., AMowan "* No JH| pa. are , coruer Wik atraat ? TJWJ*? ABMTIOW BALES n?1 Tn 18 BYKM IN<A ? will rail, at oar Aw ! -*^12- commencing at 7 a ei.x-k.aa entire fi?!!5 ' Woolea Uoada. BUylt aad f aacy Dry cltTuada *"1 " Ma* 1M ia A | |^, Ml ri*rwOlnlkln|.aa'k mm riaa Heavy Beaver tad Pi I at " iT'lt Dteaa, a* d Muaiaaa- < oata Paata Va?ta. Ca-ieraMrta Bad Drew era Togathjr with a ?eat pal r?rl?ti 01 ttorOtMl, ukch aill be p?-remp>?r11y aoM for each. to cloaa oar wtatar ?tork Jo7 ? M. B WALSH AJJO.. A oata. pOBLlC IA L^B . By virtue of aatherity vf will ti'aa at publte ale oa tka prrnilaea. Bear th* rMtiac* of It MDarnall on THW *>r Af tie l- th da> of Jaoaarr It ' !** ?i., 'wo parr*4? af LAND, equally dnlCxa aad contiguous to aacb otter. rotitaltjlag lift acrr-a. Tbla property la diu?i?i *b? at It* ftlt^ fr an lb? Oitu Markat. Wc?k Inctoa city , la arwwihlt M tka Aaa*oetla B'i4?a cot, taina aa *<iBal auantlty of arable maMawaad wood; la of aaoat rxcalleat quality . highly ?r?dae five. adn-itably adapted to nutrkat purpoeee aad h aa a aalaahla a.Ill eeat aad fine bu.ldlu iu> tberera It will be eel". aeparately. Term* of eal- ? One half ca?h; reeidue ta u moot)* with tat*r?at*ad af^r>'Tod r arity TUIa ladiapatabla. . O HTKVBN&, * M T BILL. Att roaia lor K H Paraall ,M H C1 ITirBBft) da V Hat. WnV f?r "*?" W flt S-lltvti | Iat?lli?aac*r 1 I^ALin MALI Taka rotlca that br Tlrtna o'acr ^ant of d atrua ta aadiracl tram Baraard Baft aa ac^wat tha so da abd rhatifla af Chaaety Laaard, 1 hava ati?d and taken tha fnllowlac K<?od? aad rhauata to eatlxfy kr< und raatdae xad m arrnara ta tha aaid tint Da rd Bafl. to alt 1 Fran.a Ba.idla*. Cotit:iiulrg J ri'i'Bi. S Daaka.l L?auff, 1 Tabla I'Mot- anu ttya, l lot of C kalra 1 lot Fcraokar r' Ac., and 1 heraby fi*' not! ca t h?l aatd (o .da aad' rkattald wl?| ba aold at anbllr ?urtl<>a, for caak ta tha klfhaat bHdtr on TU1BSD A Y?lr<a luth 'ia atant. at II o'clark on tha piamlaaa. k?-w York ayaana,l?twa*n IStb and 14th *u . < Ud haildiac ta ta 1 HLvtt d by tka Mk djy of Jaaaart 1 j?? ? W A COdS 'Bailiff Baili r r >8 8ALB or th uikitt he a tal' bant anu nimaa d a loon By yirtaa of a writ of ma diractad. I ka*a tala da> aired anu larlol 000a all the aooda and rbattela rltuatrd In tha liooaa ar d aramlat-. Bo Ul^ IT atraat north, between 14th aad imi, ttaota aaaat. to aatlafy houaarant doa and mar taata br Jaaa< M Hoe to Ohrta ( aojmark Jand I bareby glaa notica tkat I will axaoaa ik* aan.a for aala to tka hi*haat bttdar, for eaah It tnl.ilc aurtivn. oa TBUB0D/ Y. tke 10th dar of Jan nary Inttant. at 10 o'clock in tha foreu ?y a. thaaald pramiaoa No Sl?? T atroet. to aai'ur. aaid raat. ao dne and in arr-ara . ? AB. Bailiff, ja 6 4t for Ohriaaaabar Oaouaaak Jr BTWB LKWI8 A OO., Anctlonaara riNB GOLB AND BILTBB VATfHIl JMW .At**'' *c AT ACCTIOB. ' W" THI? BY BB1BO. at 1 a'elock at Hto a Ha J9t Pec.t:?y Iranta aret.aa aodar National Hotel wa *1 ?* aly*a atoak ad Ana W ate baa, Chaiaa Jawalry aad Fano Booda. * B LB Wis A CO . Aaeta BT NAULE A OO., Aactioaaara ~ 29i Paaitaylrania aranaa riEiarTOBT jj? or froo^or cao.o. Oa THTBBDAY , Jan 10th. at 1" a'clork. at oar aJdT,tr^-ur,e,tockot S caakr Braady % Sherry Wlaa | W,B ? ta*A Port wiaa 2 baa re la Old Bya S barrala Old Bourbon WkAaky KKiVSi" -sr- "ft" " ui."????"'"* rh'*1 ****** "* >WUIU >. it caaaa Burfuady Wiaa Wcaaoa Hock Wina, Ac.. t.BM priaaa Clean Alia, A Tarioty ef Orocarlaa, Hal tins, B?icaa, Ac.. Ac Tarma caak Bala allkott reaorva. It (latalACkran) B AOLB A OO . Aaata gt'W B LEWI! A OO , Aactto^T" POBTABLE BCHOOlTiibuSK AT AU0TI0B FBIDAY aaxt, at Ua'clock. wcahall aall. at tha School Hoaaa. aa 19th atraat, naar Baw York arena*, a l?t of Bakaol Deaka, Ohaira, rtxtaraa. Ac Also, tka Buildla*. wklch caa ba raiaarad or kapt aa vary low (roaad raat ja9? W B LBWI8 A OO . A acta gl QBEEB A WILL IAMB, Aacttoaaara ADMINISTBATOB'8 sals or A LOT or OLD LUHBBB at tba corner of >M aad H ata. aortk, at Paklic Auction. Oa BBIUAT.tba 11th 4 o'clock p. a., wa a hail aall on tba praailaaa. by ordar of tba Bui Orpbaaa' Court, of tha Btatrlct af Colaaahia, boloudlnt to tka paraaaal oflacta of tha lata B. *or (aa, dacaaaad. Tama caak. By ordar of tba Admlalatratrix. jaP-d 0BBBB A WILLIAM*. Aucta B1 W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctlaaaar<7 Storaa 314 and 31T, Boatk caraar Panaay lraala araaaa aad 9tk at. BALE OB DIAMONDTTWATOHBS, Ac.. Ac. On FBIDAY OBNINU. Jan 11 tk. at 11 a olk. aa will aall at oar Auction Booaaa a very valuable col tec 1 t >a of DIAMONDS. LADIB8' OOLD WATCH ES. bad othar artlclaa of Ana Jawalry, warrautad Bltrktaaa karat. Tarma caak. jaf-d W. L. WALL A CO.. Aacti. APT W. L. WALL A CO., Aactioaaara. B "^OTr^saRisssha^ OaSATUBDAT MOBBIBO, .Taaaary 11.1SS7. it WS.o'clock. I will aall, at Wall A Oo a Bazaar, ana Baw Top Wa?Ob. mada to ordar for Joka Freeman, ir , who, hartac fatlad to aall for It, will ba aold for kia aecouat. C MTBB. ja W. L. WALL A CO., Aaeto BY j t. ooldwell a ootf " Anctlonaara aad Ooaaral Agaata, Bo AOB.'t Baraath atraat. Oa SATOBPAT. Jaauary 12, at U o'clock m , will ba aold at aactloa. oa tha pramlaaa. Bo. 4S4 K itraat aauth. opp-?lta Bavy Yard Marfcat, a Frame Bouik. coutaiaiax four rooai. kltakaa, Ac , and lot fronting id faat S iackaa oa B atraat, aad It faat oa Virginia avenue coataiaiag about fouruaa buadrad and alx aqnara faat. Tarma: Oaa half caah, balaaca ia tlx and twalva ontl a. aacurad by a daad of traat. All coava> MiclLg and at am pa at aaaeaaa of purcbaaar. AM loaa a kaa tka froaartr la knockad off ja 9 ** I T OOLPWBLL A 00., Aucti. |JT OBBBB A WILLIAMS. AaoUaaaara. rBAMB H0C8B ABU LOT. WITH A GOOD STABLB BACK, froatiag ou 0 atreot aorta. batwaan 2d aad 3d atraata waat, at Pabllc Auc Uoa Oa FBIDAT. thalltk Inat . at loViockp. m . aa ahull toll, oa tha pramlaaa. part of Lot Bo Ifl. ib a^aare No AAA, haviaa 1? faat g Iackaa froat. irltb a good depth, aad tha Improvaomau, cob tinting of a aaag kouaa To ba aold witn<>at reaerva for caak All oon rayaadng aad revenue at tha coat af tba larchaaar. f^odown wbau aold. ja?-2t QBBBN A WILLIAMS, Aacta. BI W.I?. WALL A OO . Auctaoaaara. Original Horaa and Oarriaga Daaaar, 98 Louiataaa a venae IALB OB HOB8B8. OABBlAOBS, HABBBSA, Ba 8ATI'BOAT MOBN1NO. Jaa lS.atlAa'cl'k. aa wilt aall. at tba Baxaar. a number ot Saddle, Carriage aad Work Horaaa, (a fall daacrtptloa at mla,) oomprlwiag about? . ? *1"* H0B8BS Baay good Work, Saddle aad Horaaaa Bona*, Aiao, k large oaUoctloa of Hew aad Seooad kaaS Bag . ?hawaya. Oarrlagaa, Wagoaa, aad other Vrhlclea 1*0 aaw Jensv LI ad Wagaaa, built la tkle otty. Baggy aud Harneaa. Aim. Bow aad Socoad kaad haraeae. Saddlaa.Oarriagaa, Ac., at private aala. Begular aalaa day*, Taaadaya. Tkaradaya, Bad Batardaya Oarriagaa aad Haraaaa alwaya aa Btiaato aala ja w!l WaLL a 00.. Aaata. gT OBBBB A WILLIAMS, AaaMaaaira. TWO TWO STOBT BK1CK HOCSBS ABD LOTS, FBOBTIftO OB ' TH STBBBTlWBST. Between N aad Oaututi aortk, at rakitc Aactloa Oa T HUBS DAT. the Mth laataat, at 4 aVlack ? m.. we ahailaall, oa the pramiaea. beiag part ef Fguare Bo 3M. with the tmarovmaau, riaalai lag of two caag two atoiy hriak Houaaa oa a ninety year*! leaae, which wlM afford a Saa c%a?oo for aay ?ae wtahlag to parcbaaa a aamll private rtfldtDOia 1 arma. Oca half caab. kalaaca la alx aad twelve ratae tf*r<Bgta'eraat.aad aemrod by ? deed of troai oa the a^-tntaea All ooaveyaariag ?Bd revenue atampe at tka,oat of the parakasiF. h.1# dow-ti when an d JO? * aim * WILLIAMS. Aaou OOLU PEBS-A Saa Baeottiaent od Soli P??. Wr'Tris* mWtoHtfcsi'' B Kt| .1 w' ', *?< Yv ??w t -Jb?".- idt ?d?t? 11 1 a ?'S: at' <[ lt | m w 1 m ? ?d! 1. l*A Bfe tLt<* i ' ' I