Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 Virginia Newt. Frfd'Tic^rmr,! Merctid itjri tbe mer-' ebanie th*re h?ve commenced re^e tin* won i* termed tte bortcnrrencjr,"' ???. the ?m%li?i/ea qnnrer and timf dollar doIm. They kti p4?srd is bofinm trtnittuoia to Iltlnnorf irrr moD'ht pest Tt? etatittica collected by the Freedm"n'* Bureau ?b?w a dinmaiioi in tbe namf?T or n?jr?e? in Virgimaand ia o'her border State*, and an iacr?a-? in certain ol tbe cotton State-. This diminution is Mid to be marked and s:rtklnr in Virginia. TH* Kcckinfrtiam Register gays- Oar farmem generally bate tailed down their pork, preferring to do ibis to telling ai present prices. Tbere ban been a large qn&niiiv thas disposed ?I lately. A paper mill and tobacco factory, in Manebt-Fter, i ppoeite Richmond, were burned down on Snnriav. Insured for |3(i,?*i0 The peopleof Nertolk and Portsmouth are ge'kting np 'charity ball*." IHfu.RAesrrL .VInk ! C'uuRCH?Some very disgrarenii proceedings have lately taken Slace at the Wt stgate Coagregatioual Chapel, erkmondwike. England. One Sunday, after lb* attrriuon service, as the bread in tbe sacram<*Di vu bemg banded rouad by tbe persona appointed, one of tbe trustees seized the plate and requested to be allowed to fill tbe office himself, buttbis was objected to, and a struggle t-D'Qfd Tbe trustee, wbo sncoeeded in gaiting possession of the plate, tendered the bread to i some oi tbe com mo mean is. Another trustee, after tbe gas bad been lighted, turned it off at tbe meter, causing tbe congregation to disperse; and having secured the key, he walked off. In ibe evening tbe chapel gates were broken open, and a reward has since been offered for tbe discovery of tbe autbor of tbe outrage. On Wednesday one of tbegentlemea above referred to, witb tbe help of four men, carried away from the place a number of benches and two tables, thus causing much mcon venien-e to the meeting which was beld that evening. Similar disturbances took place some fourteea years ago, wbicb resulted in tbe tbeu minister of tbe place committing self-destruction. How To PnorOH*. ? A party of ladies and gentlemen were laarhing over tbe supposed awkwardness attending a declaration of love, when a gentleman remarked that if ever be offered himself be would do it in a collected and business-like manner. For instance," be continued, addressing a lady present, "Mi?s Smith, 1 have been two years looking for a wile. 1 am in receipt of about three hundred a year, wbicb ison tbe increase. Of all tbe l.vlies of my acquaintance I admire jou tbe most; indeed, 1 love yon. and would gladly make yon my wife." You flatter me by your preference." jrood-bumoredly replied Miss Smitb, to tbe surprise of ail present; "1 refer you to my father." -Bravof" exclaimed tbe gentlemen. "Well, 1 I --.J > unisir: -mu inf imilfS, in Ji CQOmS. TUB lady and gentleman, (food render. were married soon after Wasn't tnat a modest way of coming to tbe point,1' and a lady-like metnod of taking a man at bis word f Charcoal fok Kattbmisu Tcrkkyb ?"I bnv* made an experiment.*' says a writer, '-in feeding charcoal to fattening turkeys, and the result surprised me. Fonr turkeys were conitned in a pen and fed on m>-al. boiled potatoes, and oau. Four others of the same brood were also, at tbe same time, confined in another pen and fed on tbe same articles, bat with one pint of very tine pulverized charcoal mixed with 'heir food?mixed meal and boiled Cotatoes. They bad also a plentifnl supply of roien charcoal in their pen. The eight were killed ob tfcn tame day, and there was a difference of on* and a half pounds each in favor of thefowls which bad been supplied with tb< charcoal, they being much the fatter, and tne meat greatly superior in point of tenderness and flavor." ! Crinolims Doomed f?1The New York writer* upon fashion are felicitating themselves npon the impression that the collnpse ot crinoline is coming, because tbe p*omenaoee in that city show that the circumference ; a# ln<ii?? ? ? * " v* i?micv emu vo to tvauaciiu^, unci trim j dresses are taxing the place of tbe immense expansion tbat not long ago threatened ts urne male passengers from tae sidewalks into the cartway*. New York,however, is always prophecying. and this may be one of it* many lalse predictions; for crinoline hu been doomed," according to report, qnite often during the past few years. Expand or contract a* the skirts max. the ladies in this mat. ter are the masteT?Tinid 'hey will most probably cling fondly to crinolite. as an old friend that has long stood by them.? I'hila L'dgtr. A Pekilois Kii'e ?The Lafayette (Ind.ana) Journal ?ays a rather singular incident occurred to the U p. m. Chicago train Ou Saturday attemoon. A short distance above the battle ground the engine struck a yearling calf taat stood upon tbe track. I'pou the arrival ot the train ai Lafayette the calf was for.ud lying 011 the platform, under the head lirht formed by the top of the cow catcher, alive and anbarroed. other than that one of it* foreleg* was broken just above tbe hoof. When struck by the cow catcher it was thrown upon the platform in such a position tbat its head was tastened n rider one of the bars tbat hold the cow catcher to the engine,which prevented its tailing off. A Maseiadkon Hor?ki!*ck.?The Wvtheville (Va ) iMspatch relate* me following "A couple came in town last Wednesday, rode up to Parson Sullina* house, and said they de. sired to be joined in the holy state of wed* lock The parson kindly invi'ed them to dismount and come iu.but they declined, saving f im?* wan ?? " ...... V .UU9, ?HU Uigru IBf p?I"*On tO push ul immediately with the ceremony, which ?id. in tbe Lest manoer. *10 double quick t ire, id froct of hi* bouse. tbe show falling rapidly at the time. This marriage, on horee* tack, is lb# first we ever beard of. but premine from wbat we beard that tbe brido and groom went their way perfectly satisfied."' WniSKT.?We nave several friends who ar* fond of whisky, which fondness they exhibit on most occasions. Vor the benefit ol soch we append tbe following recipe for making wbu> wbicb was brought to light in the recent I seizure of the fliew York distilleries. It Is as lollows:?"To forty gallons common whisky add tbirty gallons water, five gallons tincture triunea pepper, one quart tincture of pelftery, two ounces of acetic e:ber, one and a half gallons of strong tea, and tnreeonnces pulverized charcoal." We publish tbe aboTe for tbe benefit of any who may wish to mannf&ctnre their own poison ? Uarrtnton Sentinel. Thi UariLriLLBO Prophecies ?Now that ! >?; has dawned upon u?. the Second Advent. ?sm followers must be very much chop-fallen. The year just closed, they argued, would witness an end of all things here below without fail They might have erred before, bnt there was no mistake this time. Accordingly, their followers confidently listened lur tbe blowing uf the last trump up till the dawn of the new year Hut Dr. Cummiugs and his school were again compelled to announce a postponement By tbe way. he now denies that he has ever designated any period for the eud of the world. SixocLAR 1 heath.?A yimni man named McCracken met with a singular dea'h in oiMwa or. Niinrrlsy la?t. Wmle assis.iu* to chop a huge pine, which had ju*t been felled, a *appling. which bad ae*n caught and borne di ?r by the falling tree, sprung to a perpendicular position again. hurling a broken hmo which bad been caught in its b- ugb- with the force of a hall from a cannon. The tiring branch struck McCracken In the breast, killing him instantly. WTfifc- w?dis a uniTcrnty. TheGalreeton Bulletin oppose* tae protect, and demands the establishment of common schools tirst. mrA young man in Michigan having been O'tec'eu in a theft, poured three ounces of trycbaiae dow* his throat, and speedily became oo more TA betrayed (Rochester. N. Y.) woman attempted to kill her reducer in Meadvillr, Pa., on Friday. She shot at him three times, and each time misead bim. S^Tbere is an enforced exodar of (lentil** from Salt Lake City. Young ba? bought tti?iu and tbeir property oat at 75 cents on the dollar. VA Dacctab lellow says tb* Indiana and ba11-breeds on t there, "can't tall one green back from another, so all oar ones are tens." tar A buman band, wrapped p ia paper was found in on* at the public atraeta in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning. ^"Frederick Taylor drowned himself tbrongh a bole which ba cut in the tee at Thompson, Ct, recently. Matrimony was the came. < | TA Utira paper says that during the fitful faver of b<-r life, now ended, a woman tn that fitf fclH W m*rr??W thaaa mm 1 ^ ' ? ?m . M ? ?? ? I ?UT-?, nuu oaiu DM*Nht kubud vii named Tom pit ma. tBT A * errant ftrl in Memphis ffectaiUlj relieved beraelt ot ibe care of a child left Is iwr chart* bj tdniDl?>frii( to it a do?e of iaodaaum which aent it to its laat alumber. Jonea, I anderatand 70a aaid Isold jod a barrel of cldet tant bad water in itf" j 'No, do," waa tb* rrj?ly, "1 on\y aald tbat juo aold nw a barrel of water wilb a little ei- j der la It." RTTbe corre?pond*ac* of Madrid -tatea tbat ? prim natard r'raaeiaco B?a aaddauljr died r*c*otly wben prraching ia on* of tb? enure ilea of tide. llHik waa ao ma'antaaeou* tbat tbe word be waa uttering remained unfinished 00 kia up*. VA brifbt little rirl, in playful amrar, raufbt bold of an old aayirf, "Now. ]'ll?bahe tbe aawdnat oat of yoa," thiakin; tbe buasaa specie* waa got a p on the aame piaa aa b*r do)). [The FrniiM, mrrm arn-cno witb cowardice. From an early hoar this moraine the b??dquarters of ex-C. O-1. R. Stephens to <'>&&I- i bam street ?nr? crowded Id every part by mtroNrn of the Kenian organization, who r*?. | mamed away from their employments in or* aer to bear from the lip? of (he officiating i clerk* that the > Boas. ' a* he was ealtod, waa or was sot a traitor. A? soon as the troth was known the clatter of tongues, and imprecation* were fearful to listo-n to. All tk? men who bad been instrumental la Introducing Stephen*. and collecting lands cn ibe strength I of the tame, were denounced with an earnestness very ranch calculated to aflWct their nervous system, if they bad only been within earshot. . In the excitement ot the moment S20 bonds ! were held aloft for an instant and tben thrust over Ibe gas until their Identity was lost. One man was loader in denunciation than the rest. He said he would sooner skiver Jamee Ste1 pbens. "Killian Dorian." or John O'Mahonv. \ than Sir Robert Pwl. or Lord John, iKirl Kussell.) It be could only get a eight or SteChens, he would skiver him like a rat, and be ?lteved that there were not twelve men in the country ready to find him guilty of murder for doing each a service to humanity. In the midst of all theexcitement. "General" Gleeson issues from the private apartment occasionally as it were to quiet the troubled elements. lie answers all inquirers that James Stephens was only afflicted with cowardice , that the organization was in a perfect condition. and would not snffer an ioti because of the baseness of the quendatd Chief Organizer Through the day telegrams were pouring in from every part of the country asking if Stephens was or was not in the United States. If answers be returned to all thecommnnications there will be a considerable drain on (he Fenian exchequer?A'. Y.Expreu. A Snaki Five Kkkt Loxg Mii k* a Cow. A gentuman in the lower part ot this city has a splendid milch cow. She ordinarily gives from two to three gallons at a milking. It is a remarkable fact that, for the last two months, she has given more milk in cold weather than in warm. Wnen the weather is cold, her 1 milk is abundant, but when it moderates her I supply is reduced down, frequently to less ' than a quart. This remarkable freak attracted 1 the notice of the owner, several weeks ago, and ever since be has been sednlonsly trying to divine the cause. At first he thought she was milked by other parties than members of his family, but as the cow was confined in a : lot adjoining his residence and closely watched, be became satisfied that no person otner than some one of bis family milked her. During the recent extreme cold weather ber milk wag abundant, bat yesterday (the weathear bavmg become very mncb moderated) she failed entirely. Tbic morning he was op early, determined, if po??ible, to learn the cause of tbelailure. He had hardly entered the cowyard before bis attention was attracted to a rustling noise in some chunks near tbe stable. Presently he saw a huge snake emerge from nnderneath tbe stable and crawl np to his favorite milker and deliberately begin stripping ber teats. The ?nake was at least live feet l*iig, and as large as a man's arm at the shoulder. It was what is known as a cow snake. The mystery was now explained. In cold weather tbe snake lies dormant, hybernatiug, but when the weather gets warm be emerges from bis winter quarters. Tbe gentleman attempted to kill ibn snake, but failed. It ran baik under tbe stable, where it now seourely lies gorged with i's favorite beverage. The gentleman who relates this ?nnke storv is one of out most respectable citizens, and vouches for It* truth.?Xew Albany (Ind.) Ledyer. *7"Tbescenes nightly enacted in tbe open railway arcnes in tbe parish of Cbnst chur.-b, Jxmdan. are disgraceful in tbe extreme. The o.ter night be inspector of nuisances discoverert fifty persona of all ages and both sexes huddled together in one of tbe places, and tbe sight then presented was enough to cause a i city mlrsionarv t) quiver. Decency and morality were berng outraged in tbe most flagrant manner, tbe occupants of the arcb behaving more like tavagea than English men and women.?London Star. Pkoplk'b Libkakixh i.x Fkamck ?The Minister of Education in Krance, M. Duruy, has ordered people's libraries to be estaolished in :UI the mairies of Pane, lvtrge rooms har? teen nired for this purpose, and they will be warmed and lighted in the evening for the use of the working classes. Dkaoof a Nbzt>le?A few day* since a tailor at Croydon, England, was carelessly bending a needle with hi? teeth. when it suddenly snapped, a greater portion of it pa?s*d some distance into bis tbroat. Severe mflamation followed, and the injury terminated fatally. ( t&~ A lecturing professor of chemistry said recently to a college class near the Hub, "Gentlemen, oxygen is an invisible gas: you see it in these bell glasses." \WkT HITS OPOBTO PORT, * ("Tears of the Bnoro,") Direct importation. Z. M. P. KINO * bon, dent Kin* Place. SI. a C.?BTOVELL'K IB r alliatilauui CUBB, sold wholesale and retail by DUCK ITT A BUCKS. Apothecaries, No. 39 Penn?rl van) a arenas, between Ust and 22d streets, and oy druggists generally. no 19 solos* French almanachs fue i*?i7.-atata Bach Comtnoe, Almanacb Pour Vire; Almanach du Ben-ton; Almanacb Chnrivarl: A Imnaach de la Danse, Almanacb de la bonne Cuisine; Almanarti Imperial: Almanack de Napoleon; Almaaach das jeux deBoclete, Almanacb Pollchlnelle, and otbtrs, imported direct from Paris, bp deSt FRANCK TAYLOR. ^KCKIT SIS J i 8 18. IA M A R I TTM'I OIVT! a am a r it ait a oirrt THB MOB* CBBTAIH BBMBBY BYBB 08BD "TN, A Fomtivi GU*?," for OONORRUOtA, OLBMT, STRICTURES, Contains do Mtnaral, no Balaam. no JBarcury. Onty Ten PxUt to k* lUm to Kfoet a Vwrt, Tbey are udrttr Ti**taDLe, baring no ?m?U not MJ DB?lHWDl yl w *B way la raw the atomacb or bovoU of the aioet delieate. OmrM la from two to four aayi. and rscoot caaot tn "twenty four boura." Prepared by a graduate of fee VulToralty of P?M?TlTania, ana of tba noit eminent Doctors and Cbandels of tba areaant day: no mwi, no tromMtj no ckmngf wkmlfrtr. Bant by aall tn a plain envelope rrtoo-Malepackagea,_tl. fea?te. #7 BLOODI BLOOD! I BLOODfn OBOrCLAi ULCBBtf. BOBB8. 8POTH *?TT>R8< bcal*8. BOILS, SYPHILIU W oa TKNXBBA^ D18*ArfW, Ac. mAHARlTArra ROOT AND HKB-B JUICM Ii offtn< tlxnbUe u t vodttn eirt. B AM Att ft AK TBBEOOT Wlf U BP Jl'loiB ul Km MtMt. certain ud effectual remedy mr preacrlbcd, It mebM and eradicate* er?ry particle ot the venereal foliot.K that the caret* thorough tad permanent. Take, theo,of thle purifying rem adv and be healed. and do not traaaatft It to youi posterity that for whlok j?n nay whbI la after m**- DO H?T DESPAIB I ?SWftRiW B*>JJD*H BBfT^ruta B? W k*Al.B? rBMALKk 11 in r,?nl' aflecUoaa wttk wklcn uamotri of Fe . Ik. ?WT UDJIUI JDIOla mo.1 WSVSJSii '&S&XSJSK. -* BAM ABIT AH Ti WASH Is. In o?waf in< UtouwUoa with mm *Tn?l dlreettooa" jStoa S6 The efficacy of tbaaa remadlee la alike aeknowtwbat re* "Fon Iwmu. Ioit kiiiHiU, Baltimore, Md, Fek. SO, IMt.?"1 kare great aatUfaotlea In tnOai that I kava need Tke Baraarltaa Beoadlee' tor Veneral ihjiw la It* ?o*t oo*Wmary forme; that 1 have need then with judgment, dlaoratMu, Mi properly, and. kara foond them reepoud to ay anticipation* promptly tod affaotkall/T JUkOvlag thair oompoeltlonTl hare tke falleet oonftdenoe la their eAoacf, aa2 aafar May mpegf tkeai exteada. "Awtotaat Bnrgaoa, Mk . ?. TaU. D"*S5532 ?WIS ma. WASH1M4T0M, l>M?mb?r IS. DM. Om the ootltloa o* MUSKS MaESHtU,. of Lowell. Km., pnTtn| for the utMuios of i MttDt ituM to US UM 1Mb 4?r of Mirth. US], for y la?rowMii la Kaltnaf Mtchlan, for IWI tmti (am the H|lrtUoB of aadd patent. Wtoleb Ukd pUNoi lk? lMh day of March, I8t>7: It U ordoroS. tkM tki nil yttldon M Mtt? at tkt PkMat Otto* on Motju, tk* Wh ter of Fob riser sut, ot IS o clock M.; ud oil mhoh or* Mlltd to iwwr ?m mow Num. fr oar tbor Uto, why aalSpetition ought not to to grout ?d. Period orNflif tho tn toqairxl to Slo Is tbo Potent OBco their objoctloM, specially ot forth la vrttlii, M Itut twtatr daya hofoto tho Soy of hearing; all tMtlootr filed bj either yorty to ho oeod aI tho mI4 hoarlag nnat bo taken ?td tnwolttrd Id aocordaace with tho role* of | tho office which will bo farnlebed on application Depoeitioae tad other popera rolled nfoa w too flmony aut bo Bled la tho 0S00 twenty deya before tho Say of heart ec; tho arcaaonta, if an jr. within tea dor* afar Sltaf tho teotiaoar. Ordered. aloo, that this notice bo yab>j*hod In tko Bepohliaaa tad tho Jatolllgeaeer. fatnltf toa, ETC. aaS la tho Gonrler. Lowell, lot, oaoe a weeS for three aneo*? tea wooha: tho I rot ?j sold vahMoattoae to bo at loaot sixty Sara pro "" o. T.UIH. _ Ooemleeloaer of Patent* popor oaotalaias tfctoaottot. Som-)m*? I ' - a * . AUCTION ~8ALEST~' |JT TH08. DOWLIIB, A act.; Georgetown. VKBY VALTABLB AND DB8IBABLB WBABT PHOPABTf IN OBOBQBTUWfl. D. 0.. AT I AU* TIUN. On THURSDAY. January 10.1887, at one o'clock y. Hi.*! will Mil, on the all of that Terr valnabl* atd desirable wharf property 0n tbe oath side of W?Ur (trMt, Mwmb Washington and Jeftereon atresia, adjoining the lumber jar da of Joe t J.l. Libb) Md WkMlley A Sou*, nod bow occapied ae a wood aad ooal yard by J. c. Heieton Aco. Thin property baa a front of about 80 foot on the Potomac river, with i depth of nearly <00 feet, fronting <8 feet on Water street. aad aleo a front on Washington ?tre*t of abent 74 feet, and improved by a substantial wharf, built tins eeaaon. aad nn oflto* froating on Wnter street. Tbla property, altogether, ia the meet deairable wharf properties for wood, coal, or Inmbar yards in the biatrtot of C^lamMa. Alao, lot 69, eaat aide of Jefferson street, between ! W ater atreet and tfte canal, fronting 00 feet on Jefferson street, with n death of 10* foot 8 inches, and Improvtd by a Frame Stable. All coneoyaacea and atampa. A*.,paid for by the Bnrrhu?r ' Pueeessloa given op or before lb* firat day of April >867. Tern* to bo made known oa tbo day of tale, which will be liberal. deirt eote THOfl. POWLIBO. A net. BY ?. L. WBLL8 A OO.. Auctieaeera aad Beal Batata Broken, Hertbweet corner 10th aad t atreeta. We will eell, on FBlDAY.the 11th day of Jannary inataot, at 10 o'clock a. m. on the premteea, corner of 14th aad O atreeta aoath, (laland,) at Public Aaetion? Tbo Lease. Restaurant LI cause .and Fixtures of a Grooery Btere and Bar, with Dwelling of Bve *rooma. Alao. a email aesortmen t of Groceriee. Alio an aesortmeat of Hoaaahold aad Kitchen Furaitnre. ja 7 D JU VILLS A 00- Ancto. BY DOWBMAH A MA0BUDBB, Beal Katate Brokers. W L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. OnBATl'BDAY, January 12th, at 3 o'clock p. m , we will offer at public auction that row of eight email Frame Houses.situated oa K str-et, between 24th aud 1Mb street" weet- Theae bonaee can remain for two years. eabject to n ground rest of one rfollar per montb.or be removed at tbo will of tbo purchaser Terme at a tie. * ' Immediately after will be eold, It* the immediate neighborhood, Lot 6. sqnare 29. lot I&. square 31; aud lot* 6 and C, in square ?? DUWRHAN A MAOBUDEB. ja8 d Beal Betate Broker* GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVEDPBOPEBTV IN TUB NORTHERN LIBERTIES, KRONTINQ ON NlftTH STREET WEST. BETWEEN O AND P STREETS NORTH. AT PORLIC AUCTION. On WB1)N E8HAT. the 16th instant. at 4 o'clock p. m , we ihtll Mil, on the premises, Lots No. 61 and 62. in mil division of Square No, ?, having flood fronts and depths, runniug buck to fine afeys ; the lnprovmrnti consisting of two new three htcry preaa-brlck front Boqim, having tine parlore. bed ohamhera, dining rootna, wide hail*, bath-rooms, pantries. water, and gee. This eale ia worthy or the attention of buvere, as the property la in a good location for private residences. Terms: One haW cash; balaoee ia *lx, twelve, and eighteen montha for note* bearing interest, and eecnred hj a deed ef trust < n the premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. Siw down on each bono* when knocked off GREEB * WILLIAMS. jn 8-d Aactioneers, |^I TBOS DOWLINO. Anct ; Georgetown. TRUSTEE'S BALE ofvALUBBLE REAL B8 TATE IB GEORGETOWN. D. V. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Uonrt of the District of Oolumbl*. passed Be r timber 4. i8J?. in equity cause, No. 7.16, (locket 8, -'Robert F. Me on et al. ?. William Vlrginlus Maeon," I will ofler at public sale, in trent ef the premises, TUESDAY, the lMh day of January 19*7. at 4 o'clock p. m., all that real estate, with the improvements. known M parte ef lot aix. seven en<l eight. In Bolmead's addition toGeorgetownafore a aid. end fronting sixty nineu'.Sb feet on the aoutb aide of Bridge atreet by a hundred and twenty feet 1120) deep, with the exception af a triangle condemned for Aqueduct atreet, m will be shown by di?i 01 ine same. Term" prescribed by th? decree - Oi? third cash; the residue in two equal payments. at six and twelve months. with Interest from th<*day of Ml*. th?* title being retained until the full payment of j the purrbast-money; or, at the eptiou of the parI sbaser. the whole purchase monay raa> b? ??i<1 I n I cash presently after the sale. Conveyancing and stamps at purchaser's cast. * HUGH UAP?BTON. Trustee THOS. DOWLlH'i, ja 7-eoAdbs | Courier it 1 Auctioneer^ |JY QBKKN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. By virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, dated January 2Pth 1863, and recorded In Ut?er N. C. T. No 1, folios 26, Ac., one of the land records of Washington Conoty, District of Columbia I shall sell at public auction, on MONDAY, the 31st day ot January ]8e7. at 1] o'clock a.Vat the auction rooms ef Green A Williams. < orrte r of 7tb and D streets, in the city of Washington. the tract of Land I seated in said County of Washington, named In said deed of trust being part of a tract called "Aaron, 'end part of lot* 1 endm,in Don das ' subdivision, with the improvements thereon. Terms $.1,500 cash, the remainder in equal p:i< ments at 6 aitd V mouths, with inter sT fr..m tl.e <i-i y of sale, the purchaser giving aotes forde t*-rr>-<4 payments. to b? aecuna b> a d?-e<) ol trust on tke premise* Conveyances and cost of stamp* to le paid by purchaser If the terms are .not complin*! With in live da\s from day ol -ale. tIntro nertv will be resold at th? rlik ?n l rnmt >.? I rinfanitiuK purchaser, on Riving thr?* data'no tic? b> adv?TtiP?-m<*nf in ?b-pn'-lic pr>-aa < ( this city. a MA'/. I AH nNDBRHILL, Trustee ja 7 (Int] QBEBN * Wli,HAM?. AarW, OY QBEBN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers TBUSTEBS SALE OrTMPROYBD BEAL K8 TATE fronting ob nontti A, betwen 3<1 and 4tn otre<-t? #**t, Capitol Hill, at Public Auction. Ob WEDNESDAY, tb<* 2'ld instant aHo'eio-k p ib .. 1 shall sell, in front of the premises. by virtu* of a 4e* d of trnat to me from the subscriber, dated tbe 20th day of March. ISii, and duly recorded in tke L>:ind Broorda fwr Washington ceaut), IiUtrirt of Columbia, Liber N. C. T.. Mo. A'., folioa JUS tu?. ftud 205, Imt Bo 12. ID aqua re TU8, froBtlDK 6" feet on soutfc A at wet, running back a goad depth ta fiae allaya, with the improvemerits. The above property will ha aaM according to tha aid deed of trust on the premlaes and title aold jtiat ia Tested in me aa trustee terms: One foartbcMh; balance sixand twelve moatba. fer no tea bearing iatereet, and a ecu red by a deed of truat oa the premises. All conveyancing and revenue a turn pa at the oo*t of the purchaaer #100 down when the proparty is knocked off Lv the auetlone?-rs. 1 BOBEBT BOSTON, Trustee. ja7 2awAds QBBBB I WILLIAMS. A acts. rj>BU8tBB'S 8aLB. By virtue af a decree ef tha Ciroult Court for Prince Ooerge's Couoty .sitting aaaOourt of Ejaity, passed in the ca-e of Mary A. Mark wood and Bebacca vs John D. beall and others, I will ezpaae te public sale, on THUB0DAY, the 24th day of January, 13o7. at 12 o'clocc )u.,<ff fair, if aot. the next fair day thereafter.) o? the promisee. tbe Beal Batata,of wfaioh Stephen Onioaa, lata of Prince Oeorge'a Oeunty, died, sel/eC and poaaeased, containing about at) acres. Tbia property Is situated about tbNtnU*< from the village of Btaden?bvirit, ta n meat healthy region of couotry. la well adapted to the fwvth of tbe usual productions of the county. If admins tbe lands Parry W Browning the late John P. tar Mr ana inner*, ana I lie Mil Mine of ( textnro. is Tsluebie for market purposes; belug distant frea> WHhlDfioi city about eight nllee It will be told In lot* to enlt pnrcbhlart.'aod those deeiroue of eectiriag a noat healthy ooantry scat will de well to attend tbe eale. Tei ni* of ?ale : Fiie H and red Dollar* cash, reel due in oae and Iwoyeara. vtik interee* and approved ?ecurlty., Title ladiapatsble. and on p*?rueat of tba purchase aioaey with latarust. tna property will be conveye<l to tba purcaaaara ia ja 3 Uawta M. 0. 8TBPHKH. Tru?te*. fjp ID 8 T IK'S BALI, B7 virtue of a dec re* of tbe Oircnlt Oour* for Prince George a Oouaty. ait Una as a Court of Bquity. paseed ia tbe c??i? ?f Jaaee B. Pod eon and otbeia ts. Jahn T leawlck, administrator da bonte noa of John If. Carter aad otbera, I will expoeeto public eale. at the late reaidaac* of tha eaed Carter, oa TCBhD AT. the lftta day of January next, at 12 o'clock m (if fair, if not, oa tha next fair day thereafer, t all that tract or parcel of land known aa"Hel Bnae,"of which he disd Mixed and poeeeseed, containing about M acres. Also, a part ar parcel of land adiolaiag thereto, containing about VI acre*. Also, tha aadlvlded third of a traot ar paroel of land containing about ttft aeraa. Mel Boee la aaoet eligibly aitaated, haiag distant from the Tillage of Bladaaaharg about two nilee, aad frem Bratteriile StaUoa, oa tba Balttaora and Waahtagtoa Baitroad. aboat two aad a half mi lea, aad adjatna the laada of Measra P. W. Brewaiag aad B. O. Lowndes. The soil ie of a fioe

taxtnre, admirably adapted to market purpoaaa: and there la a yoang and thriving Peach Orchard upon tha prelaee. of choiea frnlt. Tbe Improvements coasist of a ft rat cast Fraaae Dwelling ia excellent repair, wUan laree l*m is trout taetafally laid oat, oroameated with ehrnbbery ?ad treee of varioae kiali; tad tbere It i tummediona Born an* tb? prtaliet. erected it I cnildrrtklt esfoaea. with ?t*7 Mtmit; buildlof. Tboee is parent t of a beantifal, heelthy tad moot de?irable ooontry eeat are atraaaly reaommeaded t? Mtwl the Ml*. M it U aeVJom that property pwwiiiioaur tdTtuUrals brought into market. Tk? uit b?b?4 tnet >? Hretl of lud idjotilii the rflltft of BlodeMburs. tod br lodleioa* culture coul' bo made moat valuable, it MM kind im i*rj produottre. TirnefnU: Oat tklrd eMk: reeidae It one and two tmt*. with litfiMtaad??|r?Tid eeoarity. Oa parmaat ofthepurabaee money with lateroat a deed la fee will bo executed to the parr-Be eer or purchae#r?. wbbh aad ooareyaacing at "dVgSg *?' ^"fc?pK#T??tee. * L0A" 0ffWI' ?T? BTBCVT, Between nth aod lltb atraeta, M?ni LOA?1? aa Qold aad Mirer wjtejf T/u0^' lAr.K ^*. T :00LL^C^MflrAJID Old Vnraitaro of all daaenattoaa. boaoji' If I ond ?oid Roaairfaf. Ppbetrtoriad, aad Taraiebiag 4?ao at the efcorteet a?mi Soatbeeet eoraor ! of Mb ead K etroote aerthVia 1? da Id ?m* I i j I GOVERNMENT SALBSL pUBLlO SALS Or^INQlHEHISQ PEOP Br authority of tfceOhief ?f Bajlneern, I will I eell, at Poblie Auction. *t HABPBB*8 FCBRY, WS8T VA , ON THJJB8DAT, JANOAftT lo lf??T, the following BNGINBBB*' PBOPIBTY is: 2ft Anchors, weighing from 110 to 700 p*utwii tick _ _ SS.431 pound* Wire Cable One Metolllo Life Boat Two Pontoon Bale to commence at 10 o'clock a. m. Terms cash, In VilM Dutre fnnda. DAN1BL J. TOCBO, I B. of Ordnaaoa, de SI Ma JOHB BOOSOB, Aacttoaoor. CJALB OF A LABGB LuT OK OBUNANGB O AMD OBDNAROB MATBBIAL. Bureau of OrdKqntt. iVat y n*partmtntA _ Wa<ht?r'on City. Decemtor 23. ijjm { There will be mold it nhtla ftnrtlna ia th* kith. Mt bidder*, at BAOft, on TBOBSDAY.the twentyfourth (34) day of Jar nary. 1M7. at IhtoflotofiM Irapoctor of drdaance. hu; Yard, Now York. ' lar*e lot of Ordnance Sterna. aerviooable and onaerviceab!e, embracing Cannoa Bbot and Bhell. I hmall Arma of Tirlou calibre*. Spare Parte of Small Am, Qnn Garriagee. and Miecollaacoue fitoreo. The articles will b? told in lota to en It yorcbaaei a. Trrma: One half ea?h In Government fnnda to be deposited on the conclnaiou of tfcooale, and the remainder within ton OV'daya af toe ward, daring which time the articles may bo removed from the levy Yard, other wjee they will revert to the Qovernaent H. A. WISB. de g-eolSt Chief of Pa roan. UAL1 Or OLD AND TTSBBRVICBALB CANH BON. SMALL ARMS, AND MIBUtLLANBOUB ORDNANOB 8T6BBB. But*** of Ordnance, Savv Department,I Washington Ctoy, Dec. 15, IM I On the 10th day of January, i957, at noon, there trill bo ?old at anbllc auction, in the Norfolk navy yard, to the highest bidder, a lot of old and udserviceable Oaanon, bmall Arma, and Miecellaneon* Articlea of Naval Orduaaoe Tbo Cannon. Shot, and Shell will bo aold fcy the Knnd, and the Bmall Arma and other Hieoeloeooe Articles of Ordnance in iotatoanit par* fcbneere. Termer One-half caah. in Government funde. to be drpoxUed on the concla?lon of the aalo, and th? remainder within ??>n dave nfrerw*rd?, onrlug which time the articlee mwaAbe re ran red from tho yard, other w lee they reverse the Government. B. A. W IBB, de 17 eotd Chief of Bnroau. BAN KERS JAY COOKE fc CO., IA1II1B. fifteenth street, opposite TYsamn?, fcvyand ael icnrrent market ratea, and keop onatantly on hand, a fall snpply of all OOYBBNMBBT BONDS, BB. ?IB IB AMU UUBrUUOU INTBRBST HOTBS Order* fsr STOCKS. BONDS, Ac , executed, and Collection* mad* on all aec***lbl* point*. el-tf JjARKOW ft CO., BAHKBR8. Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh reel, dialer* in GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AHD SILVBB )y ?-tf AND LAMP WABBAJT8 First Rational Bank of Wa&hingtoo. U D.COOKB, (of JayOooke A Co.,) President, VI. 8. HUNTINOTOB, Oaahler. OOVBBHMBHT DBPOSITOBT AND riBABOIAL AQBNT OF THB DHITBB 8TATB8, 1AtA strtti,* tkt Trtmsury Dtpartwum. Government Securltf** with Traa*nr*r United State* mrONE MILLION DOLLARS.^** ^ e boy and **11 all cl**a*a of GOVERNMENT tECURITIESnt current market mIm. FURNISH EXCHANGE amd make Cblketumt on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purchaae Go*erna>ent Vouchers on ths HOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and firecareful mi irtmft ittntioa to ACCOUNTS *f BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS. ud to ur other trail mm ntrutid to u. FULL 1NFOBMATIOH In ragard to QOVBBMIIBliT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished WM. S. HUNTINGTON, Oashfcw Washlagton,March ?. Mil. ain-tf LEGAL VOTICES. IN THI BCPBKUJE COUBT OF THB Did TKICT vt COMJMBlA, This -d day of January. A. D. 1S67. JotinP Murphy, 1 _ rs. S Equity, Ho. 798 Ann T. Neery at al. \ Willimui J. Millar, traatea appointed In tha above entitled eonM- to make aale of the rt*a! eai?teof Thomaa Ne?ry da eaued. in the proceeding mentioned having reported to the Coart that in conformity with the decree peeeadla aaidcau?<, he. on the 27th day of December, A. D 18V. aole Lot elt-veu, < 11 ) in Square flTe hundred and thirtyelitbt. ( .*>*,) and the improveuif nta thereon, coaaiftlni of a small frame henae, to William Zaaser, for tha aum of twenty Are hundred < dollar*, and that the purchaaer haa fully complied with the term* or aale l>y paying all the purchase n>cney in t seh to said trustee : It la therefor* by the Court, this 2d day of January, A D. 1S-S7,ordered that the aaid aale and report be ratlfie-i sad confirmed, unlets canee in the contrary thereof be ahewa on or before the Mb day of February, A. D. 1867: Prfn-tdtil a copy of this order be pubHehed lo the Evening Star tbres time* a week for three fcrcessive weeka before the aaid 6th day of February, A. D.1S67. true copy. ja3 stdAeuSw T??t?R J Mima m.-w In tub supbbkjc court or the Didtbiott>f oolombia. This 3d dtrof Jiiury.UT. Patrick White ud fndti* J. i Jojee, complainants, I vs. | Joseph Johnson. Mary John > Equity Bo. 8V. aon, John M Banaou. John I Flyn and John Maione, de-1 fend ants Tie nt.jeet of the Mil filed in this canse ia to procurea decree tor the aale ol certain piece# or parcels of ground lying ana being in Wnahington city. Di'tri< t of Ociunibia, being L>ot 6 aud part of Let 4. in Pqunre I.MO, to satisf> i debt doe by defendant, Joseph Johnson, to ttie complainants. The Mil Beta forth in snbetance that the said Joeeph Johuvo vm indebted te said complain ants in the Bnm of 9447.40 for foods sold nod delivered by complaiusnts to tbe said Joseph John eon. That at the time of contracting said debt the eald Jossj h Johnson was seized and p*?eeeeeed of the said pieces or paroHe of groan*. which, while be was to iudebtee, he iranaaieutly conveyed to eaid defendant. John M. Bauson, in trnst tor tbe sole na*and l>eueflt of Mary Johnson, wife of Bald Jos. Johnson. That complainants obtained judgment of condemnation of tbe said pieces or parc-le of grontid in and by virtue of an attachment issned out of the common law side of this oourt in fever ot complninents ssainst said Josspli J<>buson and 5rays that the said deed ef trust from said Jo*?sh eiiiisob to said John >. Hanson as aforesaid be prodsced before she f.'onrt. nod tbe same be oan celled. That the eaid complainants, after the isI III* dhf mJ4 aitnrli?inff * maa^ (ha Iavi?? *UM oath*Mid pieces or paroala of ground.mcertaiued that the aald defendant, John Klyn, claimed to bare a lien on tho Mid pieces or parcel* of (round; that on sMrohing the land records ?f WwblBilci county. District of Colombia, no lion or d?od of trust ?i? roeorded in Mid land rocordi, but thnt after finding of the jorj and judgment of eondomatfoa on tho itld attachment*, the nid recor<a were tnli searched and n dead of trust from Mid Janoph M?na t? John Maioae, to seen ro John Flin for tho na of (I aun, was found recorded. That the Mid dood of tmtt waa recorded noarly eleven aonCHa aftor tho date thereof. and over two months aftor tbe I Mains and Itriig of aaid attachment. Tbat tho aald attachment 1* a prior Hen oa the Mid piaoM and pareols Of crownd. before tho Mid dood of ftruat. Frays a diacoTorytof tho amount atilldueaaa napaid oa Mid deed of traat. aad prara a aalo of tao Mid plocti or parrel* of froaad to Mtiafy tho domaada of the complainant* and other orodltor*. and for aa injunction againat aald 4afsndaata. Joaoph Johnxou, Mary Johnson, John M.Hanson, Joba PI) a aad Joba Maloaa, aad their confederates, whoa diaooTortd, to rMtraln aad prohibit them and tboir amenta aad sorrant* from soiling or disposing of, or ia aay nflsanor further Incumbering, the said plooaa or pareala of ground: Itiathoranpon. thiaadday of January, 1SC7. adjudged ano ordered that notlooof thtaeultbeglToa to tho aaid aonroaideat dofoadaata, Joseph John aon. Vary Jabnaou. aad John tlrn, by publiahtng aoopyof this order In the o?4ng Star, a aowaconaocutlT* wooks. warning aald non-rialJMt de> 5?. <gpTd:Jsv?&Z: ahall appoar at loaat four month* bote* aald first an4 ^.n^sgessr* DUIO-Om Ikll riu Ohitkiriit Oru4 Plus, Lj^^usrMtBMm UMfirMMMM. _ . *? Imf fi WTHfffTTi *y if i RAILROAD LINES. 1866 FMN8TLV ANlI BOUT! 1867 TO THJ KOBTHWK8T. SOUTH. AND SOUTHWBHT _ .. WIMT11 WHIDCtl.l Ob u< aftor NoTembar 19. I*u, tralaa will l?iwu to;low* Waafclagtoa 7 00 a m I Baltimore f is * m. " 7 ? " I " 12 1? ft. n?. THH "ii?4T DorBL* T**CK'iouTfc.1*' wit* BLBGInT BONN SKY. Palace 8t*t? room < ! ?#< ?(kt Oftra- with modem imair>ve?*nta, MM aaring from four to twalea hoar* la time ovar ary otbar route. Two hundred mile* tared to Waatara aac Central New Tork. Two Dal If Train* to tho Waat. _ - - " ? North. Tkroifh from Raltlnn tit RIWIRHTIlu^ PlTTffbCmQH without chan/a" ~ ~ " Pmmbiwi by thU route from B*ltlmojr? bar; U>?idTiDU|?ofBtklUkU cktn|M la 01108 DBPOT8. and bo FEHflBd _ _ ? , Thk*ti by tbto ron'e can M ?roeiw< it tho offlee, coraar 6th meet ud PMMrinilj d4? tilt Ittltul Hot*I wh?r? reliable lafor natloa *IU bo (! # ?t oil tlmos. PMMiftn procuring ticket* ot tfcl? offlco con oocnre oocomnodotioM 1b SlooplBf Coro for El U* or Plttibtrt, ^ . , M. 7. WILE IN*. Ticket A?ont, Wnahiagtoa, D. 0. KD. . TOUBO. Gob. Pooo. a goal. , , BalttMore.Md. Jo 1 ly_ WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AND GEORGETOWN bAILBOAD. _ ^ * TIM On bb4 offer MON DAT, November IS, UM. and BBtll farther Botioo. Pooooager Tralua will ran be* twees WoohlBftoa and Alex audrla oo follows: LKATB W*.?UIJ?OT0!?. Luri ALIUldllt. Piob Ml BTOnae depot. From oor. Duke ? Heary Local at-j...... $:U A. M. ?t?.. Local at 4.45 A. M. Tt ronaA Mall 6 Ss Local cor Kiag Local at.....? T OO " aod Henry 6 00 " 0.00 " Local at- 8 00 IN P. M. ** - l$n$ * 4 J0 " g go p | " 6 30 TbroughMail .corner of ** 11.0 M Bnka&Uenry AW P.M. Local cor King and Heary... 7? " " '* U JO M BUND AT PAB8IR01B TBMNS LSATB WaB'MTOS LI4VB ALIXtKDIIi. Proai Md HTeaae d?*pot. From cor. Duke A Henry Through Mall 38 A M. at* , Local at4 *6 A. M. Local JO P M Through Mail 00 P. M. O. A. STEVENS. General Superintendent. M10 W. J PHELPS. Oeaeral Manager. THROUGH LINB BETWK?N~WAMllNQTOM Y0R1L Train* 1-u w w* ??" _ ? -".V " HU 0?W IOTK Ul o* ran m follows, m: FOB BBW 10EK, without change of oar*. ?*** ! < *<*?* Bunday) at 7:45 a. m. and ^J^B MBW TOBK, changing cara at PhlladalLeave dally (except Sunlay i at 11:15 a. m. and 4 JO p. m. ? .JOB, PHILADELPHIA. Leave dally (except Sanday) at 7:46 ant 11:1* a. ?..aDd4:?and?^,.B^i)AY Leave far lav York aad Philadelphia at IB ?. m only. 8l?-*pia* car* for Baw Yark oa 6 JO p. a. train dally. Thronth ticket* to PUIadalfbla, Maw Tork. or Boaton, can be had at th? Station Office at all hours In tb? day. aa well aa at the new office In the Itankera and Broken Telegraph Llnv, J48 Penn. avenne, *?tween 6th and 7th atreeta. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Bailroad advertisement for achednla between Waahlnftea, Baltlmare, Anna nolle, an<^ the Weet J, L. WILSON, Maatar of Tranapartatloa. L M. COLB General Tlck-t Agent ^^OBO. 8. BOOHTZ, Afoot. Waahlnctoa. DALTIMOBB ABD OHIO BAILBOAD, U WuHi!i?TO!i,Jaa. t,Mr. ISkmi mmm Trama between WASHINGTON AND BALTIMOBB.and WASHINGTON ABD THB WBST are now rnn aa follewa. rlr FOB BALTIHOBB. LaaTe dally, exoept Sanday, at TUn, 7:48, and 11:15 a. m., and 2-Om, and 4 90. and s 00 p. m. FOB ALL WAT STATIOM8. lc?aBd8 00l,',,ee,t ?undM' * * ' >? and fob vi at Stations south of ahbapolh JDNOTIOH. I Laava at ?:U and 7.W a. and at ?? and 4J8 * FOB ABSAFOLIS. Leave at 6:15 a.m., and 4.? p. m. No tralna to or from Annapolta on Sanday OB nUADAf. FOB BALTlMoBB. Leave at 7:41 a. m., aad and 8 00 p. a. FOB WAV STATIONS. Leave at7:46a. m..ana2 0uaad840a. m. F?B ALL PAKT8 OF THB Wl?. .Ji^a** daily, except Sanday, at 7:45 a.m., and 8 00 p m. On 8nndar at Stop s, only.connecting at Belay Station with tiraina from Baltimore to Wheeling. PltrbcKhnrw " THBOUOfi TICKBTS to the WMt can be hid at the ? aahinrtoa Station Ticket Office at all hoan to the aey, m well m at the lew effice of the Bankers and Broker*' Telegraph bine, 34 9 Penn. vetme, between <tb iid 7th atreete. For New York. Philadelphia, aud Boaton, Me adwUieineut of "Thronsh Line." J. L WJL8UN. MuUr of Trauportatloa. L. H. COI.B. General Ticket Aftnit. OcSPtf OBO. ? KOOHTZ. Agent WaAiinatoa Steamboat links. POTOMAC TBAH8POBTATIOB IdBBL BOT1CB TO BH1PPBB0. The Steamer BXPBBBs7ca?t. B. A. BTTBBB, leavee Washington at 6 am. and Al exandria at 7 a n BVKKY SAT-fefti^^^ CBDAY for OliBo&t, Bndd 'iFerrr.^BHiiiHl smith'm Point, Ohatterton Landing, Nanjeuor Store*, Matbiaa Point, Chapel Point. Plowdaav Wharf, Lancaster^ Wharf. Stoned Wharf. Oarrfoataa Bar, Foxwelll Wharf, flazell'e Wharf, Plney Polat, Point Lookout, and mini al BaM. man at |i.a oa Sanday aar-tf ' ? TO TliTKLLlM OOLHQ BOOTH TWIOB DAILY, (0a ad ay p. m. nctiM,) Waahlngtoa. to Aitlt Ornk bcI*H^W Blchmood, Frederlckibarg and Potomac Ball road, ow entirely aoaoplatad froa Aqala Omt to Blchmood ,Va, coaaec ting there with tniai oa Ikt Kickmood and Fataraborg ud BlcEmond and DanrlBa Ball roada .for PeUralmrgTwaldon, WllmlarWe, Balelgh, Qreanaboro', Ballabary, Charlotte aad Ob cater, 8. O. toamara KtTfort ud O TiadwMlt Inn Mitt Street Wharf telly (Saaday evening ucaytodi at A#B a. a. and 7 a. a. aad arrive fa Mnfca?i< at 1.4?a. a. aad 3 Ma m. ? THROUGH TO K10UM0MD ?IITM HOOtS, Fiftf Mllea Shorter ana IS Hoar* QaMkar Uaa any tnh?r Bonta. Ba rare and gat Throagh Tteketa via Aaala Oraak and Frederlcktbcrf, to Eiohmoad, at tha Company'a Office, oornar aT Paana. areaoe ut ?th etreet, or oa board of tha boata. Bacm?ah*oM th roach. Omnlbnaeee aod Baggage Wagoaa will ba la raadlaaaa to coarey fMMDfan and baggage hatweea depota in Blchmoud. Paaaengera by thla Una paee by daylight Moaat Vernon. aad may ha re an_a?fortonlty of rial ting eevaral battla-ftalda aaar Fredertckabarg by ?a?m* Hia? M?mt SCTU b o. o. B. MATTINGLY, Tlcke,0^nt^JJ^jw?. jUJWtr liMiii hiwur ifwt, QOLDMBIA BMPITAL FOE WOUB1 LTlMO Ui ASYLUM, FoartMBtfe?tr*?t,(?lrc)o,)conMr of M atraot, WMhlactoB, 0.0. Wi iMtttotln ki? kNO Ntabllib?i brMunMfttMi of aatlenta who mtr b? faff tin* from 4ii. HM ywnnw to tbolr ? *. ?n4 for the ?d >! ?( on of taoo female* m may roqalr# tk* tosferti of tkt ItIbmId chaaibor. . *5S tmiIdinc fa 4twM la tk* Moot boatttv ?*rtton of tbo District, aarroandod br tta ova crouds. oui mm tho doo* mit lw mlnaU? Tonu of adatetoa: From f6 to f 1* pr wt+k, tiaeeorlWMvttktk?r?ni adTMDoe. Thi* inoladM Board, IwlilaM, Hadleal aad Baxtfeai attoadaaca. ",mtoft?. 00M^L^i^SHTsWl?Nl8 AHBSCBQCOVB. J08 k7~BABNB8, K. B.i ftarfaoa Aaaaral, Ort*ra for admlwloB to tb? n*? tea* ta tua ?mg^-aasstis will mtj u>tw Iu|mb Om?r?l, Uutod ttotaa ?!? PROPOSALS. 1 pBOFOSALS FOE 8T&TIOMBBY. ~ Po#t Otticb DintTuu D?c SI. ISM I M?t Pro^owU win ba r??lv?4 ?t tha Poet Offlc* Df?ir iii?ui antll tba wth day of Tan.ary, 1*7. at IS dock, at *oa, for faratabiaf Vaiion r| fir tbia I*?part>?eat. for oo- r**r frorn tha lit of February. |M, Tkotr uurcvapMitt br aatmfactorr ldtlM>l?li ( abUlty fe folbi acoatrtct wltl aot la cohi^iM. Atl the artielra But ba if the rtrr b*it qaallty, mdi|In ( which. ooa'ataiaf at Unt > r*ta of rack ktnd of pajx-r, ant the wd?. and tha DtparMfit raa?r??-a tba ri?M to rotala aa* H) tha aaaaa at tba arioa iiaM la th* oSar. or ratarn thrm at i?? option. KoHdi will h* co?fl?*rad whara tba artl |?? a?o?parrlB* H ara aot of tba kia4 awl <i?alitv r*qatra4 by *ba D*?aiHMat. aad ?PUr1 na arI ttcla* will fskjuct thaaatlra 114 to r*^clloB, >t tba plaa- Bra of tba Wapar tu.aat. Tha (Bb^alaad !l?t apaeifiaa. aa aaadr aa caa bow ba doaa, tha aaoaat. quality. and a*acr1?ttoB of each of tba klada of artlrlaa that wtil aa ? aatad Kstimaltd q*mmlit* imnltAfoi tk* ?<?r Item. Cum Ho. 1-PAPBB. 1. l? raama Folia P.?at. a*un or flala flatah faint liaad aad triauiM, to wal?b Bat laaa than 1? lnrli4a Mr r*?m j. 40re???Fool*-.? b>bib t?*chlB?./ InMlofd i?4 tn?m*d. to ?*i?h not ton Ubb 11 yov?ds B*r rewn s 10 trtBf Fool?c??. bl?B-lBid, k?*l m*d?. Utot Hood. *?rd*B P*ti*rB, cooimool* kanvi M * Ocu?il?r MHT. ? wrick not Im? tb*? tlxUaa pound*. p*r 4 I7?r"r?#? g??rto Poet, n??rhla?, plats, lalulUa*d tire* ?<<? . Mr r?am 5. | reon but Double Oa? ? ?". ?lala, 9? | 10 'rMM B?t* H??r, ?H?. I?M >? . MT 7. ? rNmi Hotiwr, ?Ula, tor?? *it?, pw 8. 10 To*** H?ta MMr. *l". ?*11 ** ? rwf 111 t. | r< >f'i plala. Mr 10. !<?**" *i>t#1om Ht?r yallow or buff, 1 Jt r'e*m? *Tottiu*"?\Mr. rojal. p?r ream 1 6 doifB Com ?*-ok?. not Ibm Utaa :,m t mfr tl OX* D 1 u. MW??tr?ton*m^\t* In**l oaan r*rr ??ootb Bnd tbfck ?s by ?s in chM qaaro.Mr huBdivd 14 25 ?0? Icog bsfl Bdh?B??B FBVrlopea, vrj mofth BBd tblck, 9*. by Jj? >o?b??. Mr 15 2SjD?B^on?*btt* or baff dtaap?T?> EliVBlopM, T?r) imooth ?wl tbifk for lftt?n Md cirmUn ft. by S*. ?" *' 16 S frUburt or erht'e Enwelapee, very raiooth ?^d thick. 9-r hundred i 17. 1 Mo until ?** white note adbeeive Karathiu.i per baodred 18 ) K?l*t|r aire obite not* kdbMlM IdtcIop?i, per hundred u. s,?w'7et?er al*e * bite adbeelre lnrelopee, jer hnndred Cr ami No.f.-?NB AMD PKHGILB. MTO. JO y grciK Perrj '* "'-d ouillott'e b-et metelllc mdr, |er fTOH SI. 10 f roM metallic Peac, of other mtnuUct ore, 1 a 1 doaen beet ('Old Pene. per doty* H* s | Opmb* Qollli. Mo. SI, >?r M m so do/en Penholder* eaeorted. oar doaen. ? doVen Faber* beef black Lewi Pencil.. trtdmtC'd. f 38. loloren beet red end bloe bend Pencile. per taa 0La?. No. S_IW*fclKSTA?DB. WIPERS, W 11 deaen Hb?i or any paten*. Iar*e V' or e??Jl.?erdc?eu og. 4 dor.en lnketanda, caet iron, large, doable. 3 jpo^ttleTfnk, bleeh, Majnard A Hojree', In quart bottlee. per botUe . ... SO W bottlee Arnold e 0*>pfln? Inh. par bottle. ll. 1?0 bottle* David*Oaraitae Ink,ounce.Bo 1, ner do/.ea bottlea . 52 ao poaade Wafere, common tUee, red. per 53 76p!>un4e Beallnr ?*. beet extra ruprfiae, eearlet. per pound ?" <^'tVr?S.",,C,LLA"* ' ttSVtUJ'K. 'KSS.Vi-i/K St. 6 doren Braaera. Bodgere ft ton * i?Ofy betdlee, genuine, per aoaen 35, 4 do7*?n Office 8br?ri, U-loch. doz^o 57. 4 doaen Offlce Sclaeora. PJ'fS**" do?_ 3s 2H dof.en Foldere, trory. 'ncb. por dozen 39! ?uo deren red Linen Tap*. eeeorte^< **r*oa?ft 411. id dozen Hlk Taeto, colore nnd widihe. in bauka. per do/ea 41. 20d K?n Pawr WnUhb uwrud 43. M) pound* India Eul^ber. prepared. per pound 43. 5 poctdi ladia Eabter, unprepared, p?r pound 44. ami <4n?ru Black 8anl. per -jaart ?A. S' ounce* Pource, per ouace 4*. 4*> poanda Twine, linen. per poand 47. Mi' poand* Twin*. cotton, per poand 4d. 6do/.eu Eulera, mahogany, roand or flat. per dorea 49. 2 dozen Qutta Percha. round ar flat, per do^ec to. ( poand* Sponge. beet, per poand 61. 10 Hnidi Gum Arabic. teat. per poand The Adbaaire Bnreloj e mnat he thickly gammed at<>artht>f an inch ?lae aroaod the lappel* Each bidder moat fnraiah with bia propxala a ample? and bal one earn pie?of each article bid tor. Kaihartlcb must be bid for, and no n*r* than one price named for any one article. biae not fully conforming to the ad verti'?naent Will not be ecntdderari. The tor nil and condition* of the ad vertiaement (r>r etatKn<ry are to La incorporated in the eon tiVctldr HUlioDttr. and the head of the bepan n<eat will, in aii<aaoe, judge wMtksr tfee article* tendered by the contractor are of the quality re\ quired by the contract. 1 he Stationery it t< be fnrniaEed at it aay be ordered l>y the Department, and at tte<- contract pricea, whether the ijaaati tlea ?xc?ed or fall abort of tkoae estimated Bach pi opoeal auit be iiea>* t by the Individual or him making it, and iua?t ?p?cift a (.rue?an / i vhnt rr?>.?tor each and turf article named in the Fcfcednle. Eh aid any articlea t-e required which are aot enumerated, tliey ara to be fnrntehed at th- lowe-i iiii ra et price* if the Departakant ah all aaa ttt to order then trom th* contractor having tae con tract (or atrullai articlea. and if tba ooatractora and the Depaitnentdo uot agree, tboa the Uepartmeat may hare the article fnruiahed oy any othar partes ar per* oa who will foraiah it at a 1 price lower than that aematulel by the ooatractor. blank form* tor propoaals will ba formatted at the Department to pereona apply tag for them, and.a? aithoat aaiforaity therein,the Depart _r.nM it Aim Afilt Ia aa uWa *a J*. a ! ? ncue ?lll be taken Into coDf-ideiatloa, unless ?ul ttantialiv agreeing therewith The bead ol the l>eparuarot will, is tlloWM, deride ahether (tie teruitof the coa tract have bee:i complied with and reewrvee the power to annul the contract upon nay tailor* ta comply In a reasonable time. Bouda, mlth approved security, are to be given by the person or pereone contracting. and, la oaeo of failure to supply tbe artietee, the ooatracu>r aad M? saretiee shall be liable for the forfeiture eperlhad ta each head as liquidated iriiipi Tbe contract will be awarded ta tbe lowest aad beat bidder; tbe beet bid to be determiaed after a carefnl examination for tbe purpose of eacertataiag which bid wilt, ia Ha p> actical BMt advantageous to the Department. The t>f partrr.^ r.t reserves ta iteelf tbe right to reject any bid where It la apparent that a part ef the articlea are bid for at vary low aad a part at yen bigb ratee, without proper regard ta tbe co?t of each, for tbe purpose of efiacttag tha aggregate of tbe bids aader tbs costalned lr tae ad vertfeement. ALEX W. RABDALL. jal-la?4w Pnetmeeter General 486 | *?*?"?? \ 486 Tth street.S arpaoratara roa {Ttb treat. ILL elteuil. BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBINED. PAIBTIBQS AND BBBBAVIMOS. A limited but cbo>oe selections of Oil Paiatiage. Ingrayinga. Obroiaoa. Wreaths, Baabetsof Flow era, Ac., appropriately framed. ?VAX PiCTCBB PBAHBS A rich aad varied essurLtaent tresa tbe beat maaalactarere ia the coaatry embracing Walnut. Imitation Boeewood. all Gilt. Buettc and Carfod t ICT"??"S,<KrD*'*Al'KD"TY8aa3: *W A LM l"T ?U<EIT8.*c. Picture Oerd aad Taseels all Stses aad colon. Bing Balls, Walnat Brackets, Baaels. Ac. PAPBBHABBIBM ABO W1BDOW 811ADB9 A beaatifnl variety of tbeas goods, embradag tbs ricbtot acniM ot uiit Kanroiaereo r?nor r?i tors* li tkiBMrtft, vttk i well own rind track or tbe dMMr |r*dN, vitk Inrgororioty of WU do* 8ho<Jr?, different ?!?< >? U4 ooloro. Order* for Window Sooden ud P*f?>l* yuMtakllr llltd, la city or country. A Iwa* lordoB of ttt tboN Good* wore nide p?*ci*iry to ordor. believing Ike b?nt U>? ebenpe*'. nod tlwuU leo? that clean of GooAg. we rwyoctfullr tnrite tbo Public to Inennct ud Naptrt nr Good* ?tyb fcT17 > th' Btrkn, Term* ??rortahiv o??4. J. MkBKBlTBft. Wo 4M 7th etreet. da I8 ?w? Eight door? abort Odd Boll. Q B II A Iri L b. (341 Pna'MTWU Bntnbliahod 107.) | B W GOODS. V? btnjut nmInI a fall llneof Ohioo.Oioee ondFnacr Gooda. aoitoble far tbo UoIi-mA day*, aoeb m Dinner, Too, ood Toilet f^/ wore. GIom Toablora, Go biota, Deennters.m^F Bowl*, kc, T->yi in erect variety ; Vn*ea, Bv Punch nod Bggoog Bowta; Fancy Onpe and Beo ton. I?i, wniter*. Citlwf, F (oM wore, I?m w?? |iu n*o noli nod osmoIm eteek nod ?ricon,wWcb we wtll atnkn na low m tboy non b* booght .wbele nolo or retell. etonoworn nt factory yiioen. de 18 ootw T FDUiUdtO" . M ilLlilP'l IT J OHOOOLATS DM * : uV&sra L^'^Jfcfers;; jmt IW? Hww. is&sm&sarfiF