Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1867 Page 1
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'j $ , ? ? * l> i f. Jt? fill . y" ^wc J 0'tm# Star. V2t. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY, JANUARY 10. 1867. N?. 4,319. THE EVENING STAR J ILBLI?HED DAlLT.(*cxday EXCEPTED* AT THE STAR B^'lLDlffO, AoatMe<rt cerrur Ptim'a. avtnue and llih ttrtt. ?y \V. D. WALL AC II. T STAR i? ?erved by toe carrier* to their wibicnUn in the Guy and District at Teh l k>tb fkr wriK. Copies at the counter,with er without wrappers. Two Cents each. 1'ktck row. Maili*o ?Three month?, -One Dollar and Fifty Centt; six months, T\rtt Dol- m larsr one year, Fx it Dollars. No papers are sent from th* office longer than pai.t for. 1 he WEEKLY bT AR?published on Friday morning? One Dollar and a Half a Year. PERSONAL. f'BNTLEMEN WHO All AFFUCTM-1 I " rare warranted by aa old Surgeon of twenty* I three years'eiterieuce in this pat tic alar branch J ef the proftisiea. Charges mr, ^ ?.ot apply to iiuacks, bat to J b. gabdbeb, m. D., let* of the United States Bicord V?mmsJJ? ltal. Office So. tf 1 south A street, opposite the ] Capitol Svsere. south side. V H -Medicines also famished atco?t. de 27 lnr ? MHO ccbtis ibv1ng, Clairvoyant, and Tot M'Jium. will give life readings, Including Past, Present and Fatme. at ber office. 4*J0, nertb *i4e of Perm "a avenue, between ?.'? and 8th streets. Office hoars from 9 to z a. on. and to 9 p. m. a?a ] * db" *owl*aombopathio physician. Be-idence and wlHce, Ma. 40i 4th street. Office Hcuts ?9 to 10 a. m i to 6 p. m. dcl9 tf I At the aiw ombap siamfuo boom a 4'it* ?lb street, oifsute Patent Office, ladies j tan et< at our reduced prices, on the very best WiassnttsrK.ght gowi. Yokee, ready stamped tOets. I Cb< ml?e Yokes. - ? Slcts. ' Bauds " JO eta. i t her for t/rald or embroidery, onr patterns are of tbe very ?.?( designs. selected with rare in New Y oik, ?b<l being In receipt o; them weekly, I | we are able dalty to isene n?>w pattern!, as well su make lad stamp scy pattern brought us. I. O. O. Working Cotton at reduced price*. ; de 19 tf J~oilN D CLABK. ATTOUNBY AND COBN- I SkLl.oB AT LAW AMD NOTABY PUBLIC, . Bo, 534 12th street west. de 14 ly I . H. J A M KdT. YOl'HG hae removed Ibis otlioe I' from No. 4 73 10th street, to his residence; , ho. 4i:?1 New lork ave.,four doera east of l^th street All order* left at-he Drag Store of NA1BN A BKO .corner 9th st an. Pa. aye., during the i day, will be promptly attend d to. de 15 ]ai* F'BANK M hTBINOriBLD,CONSTABLE AND ? OLLEUTOB. Collects Bents, Debts and Claims ef a'l kind*. Baein?st> placed in his hastis receives prompt attention. Beterences given if required. Office 511 9th street, above Pa avenue; residence 401 L street, betw*?-n 9tb and 19th. h A ?Orders by maiI promptly attended to. <! 14-tm* IlDIBrTT It) A''KSO* LEDGE I) THAT j the BEW STAMPING DBl'OT, on 9th street, 439 has the best selection of Patterns ever offered here, and the proprietor has reduced the pri'e to ONE HALF that has been charged h*?rei tefore. Beiug a practical Stamper, no tear noed b>- had of getting w hat will suit yon. Co see him. He will make and stam* AN ? pattern de p_tt \~toL' H A V EB e b n1M P B 0 den T, bn t neither Bncbu i>or bamaritan hambugs " intt make iht inr "' See Dr. DABBY, on 7th street, oppo site o id Fellows' Hall, and be cured mirk and permanently. de s-lm Dbth. E. woodbuby has removed hCi gjfice , U Bo. 339 ? street, opposite St Patrick's Church. de 8 eolm* C^ONFIDBNTIAL ?Yonng men who have in> jcred themselves oy certain secret habits, which nnfit tbem for baeineoe. pleasure, or the dutiee of married life; also, middle aged and old men, wbo. from tbe follies of youth, or other ean?es. feel a debility in advance of their years, before placUig themselves under tbe treatment of any one. should drat read "The becret Friend " Married ladies will learn sonwthing ef importance by perusing "The Secret Friend. "J-Sent to any address, In a sealed envelop* on fertfpt of 26 cents. Address Dr. CHAt). A. 8TUABT A CO.. Boston, Maes no s-ly 1FB1DAL AND PUBERlb WBBATHS. BO > Qff ETS. CBOSSBS, ANCHOBB, STABS &c., fr?-*erved In natural form WAX FLOWElifl, HA IB FLuWEBS. and BBAIBIBQ. by Mrs. FB1ES late of Boetnn. Has removed to No. 4129 11th street, between O and H. oc 3-<?na* I AlMES~WHO ABEDBSIBODSOF A SKILLI ' fnl and accctaplisited Physician, shonld consnlt Dr HSNBY MoBTON, 160 east Fay?tte street, Baltimore. Md. Dr Morton's services may be {engaged in Washington or any other city, by addressing as above. oc )3-3in* JAMBS GC1LD, LHaler in Nov and Serond Kmd Fttrntrure. Old Furniture Bepaired, Beapbolstered and Tarnished, ltth and Bsts..(near the eanal.) Highest price psid for Ssconl-hsnd Fnrnltnrs. se 1 ly* ' laXXIAB S. BLACK. WilOH.UMOS. C. F. BLACK. LAW OFFICE. BLACK, LAMOM A CO., Counsellors and Attorneys at-Law In *he Supreme Ccurt of the I'niied States, the Court of Ciairx*, the Courts i.f the District, the Executive Depsrtmects. and Committees of Congress. Ofr.ce, 46* 14th street, (dlrecMy opposite W!|. Hotel 1 ^e 18- tf DENTISTRY. DR. LEWIE'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Bo. 260 PKNN'A AVE , Between 12th and 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by adminsterlng Bitrous Osyde er Laughing Une. Dr LEU IB has recently purchased tbe bettMSI (. heniical Apparatus in the country 1vr^iJ-La making care gas evsrr day. also, an itaproved Valvular Inlialer. The Ast-ociatiun is u w prepared to make Teeth on Gold, Silver and Bubber at New York. Philadelphia and Beeion prices. All persons wishing dental work done can have tt as rh?ap as in the above named cities. All work done in tbe neatest and beet mani>??. aad warranted to give satisfaction Persons will do wsll to call and examine onr work. de34 tf ^Cb? Is >lalA^pfJStJe Jf tks MIBBBAU PLATE TEETH, attends personally Bis office la this city. Many persons caamfllMp wear these teeth who Manet wear others, 111" and no person can wssx others who sanaot wear Persons salllDf at my office ena Bo aooommodatsd with any style and price or TeotB they may desire, but to thsss who are particular, and wieh the purest, cleanest, strongest aad ssoet perfect denture that art can procure,the BUBIALT1BTH wl'l be more falty wsrraatsd. Booms in this city?Mo 3S? Penn*a avesao. be5?**n ?th aod 10th sts Also, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oc ?-1t OLOTHINQ7*o. LOflABO, MERCHANT TAILOR. _ . A Corner of 9th aad D streets. Desires to return his thaaks tor the liberal patronage beetowed open him during past aeaeons, and at the sauie tlms invitee his It friends to visit his store and (aspect his nsw )fw snd choice eeleotion of goods, which he has ~ just purchased for the Fall and Winter Trade, r. M. HABDOB. his associate, continoes to give his coaatant attention to the styls and general appearance of all garments mads at ths establish meat. Th- best work aad moderate charges Is oar metto. deS-lm* 1? J. BBBIMIh, I I QlhzX&^AND * fa IT IKY10* * ^"^il w MEMOHANT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel. late Brown's, WW 369 Ponnsyl?*nla awne,^ my 1-tf Washington. P. C. 1) f.dcctiok of pbices, E\ B?POTION OF PB1CBS, DICTION OF PBICES, BBU BTIOM OF PBICES. BIDI CTIOB OF PBICBS BBDCCTlUN OF PBICBS. On aad after this date I will sspply to my casMASSET. BVBT99 A OO78 masset. HUSTOB a co.* MAB8BT. HUSTOB A CO.B (Late Masaey, Collins k to's) PHILADBLPHIA DKACOHT ax? STOCK ALB i PHILADELPHIA PBAUQBT asp STOCK ALB 1 PHILADBLPHIA DIACOIT awn STOCK ALB AT PHILADBLPHIA PBICBS. AT rSiLigiLrSii riuc'SI.' VIZ r ] R?ir-2?T 01 X ALI AT an PBB BBL. | DUAtOHT OB X ALB AT |ll FEB BBL. OB XX ALB AT IS PBB BBL. i BTOCK OB XX ALB AT #13 PBB BBL. oods delivered Is ail parts of Washington aad eorgetowa ;?i mf chartf i tbbms CAM. Ail orders promptly attended to. I *^ 1 A.BHIBB, Z^?teV?.UD 0. . pmorjoTO arovu.! zLi? d!*f\ College of Medicine. Yleaaa. *mpeaai Trinsmsr Ifo. 1, Is the sBectaal remedy hr Belaxscoa. Sperssslherraqsa, and Bxhanstlon of fsit prTparatloa to la the form si a moat Sfrao hie LoMaga Bssarsd from the effects 7 ellWaad changes of aimospBsrs. In Hi oases, at 1 ?h, er fear #3 eases la ois for |l, aad la |v cases, thas saving ft Divided la separate dosos as admlatstarpdhy Tafpsan. Ballsmsads. Bona, ?5&irsrj5r,?5?' ,"?OWi": "4 ! VVH|TB OPOBTO POBT, ^ ? ~ " ("Tears of ths Bnoro,') D.rect imaortatlon. .pox suoaz SOB, dsM-t Ming Plaoe, holiday goods. g^UXUBlBB FOB THE HOLIDAYS. BAILLABDB CANDIES AND OHOCOLATEB, CARAMEL'S CREAM CHOCOLATB, DOUBLB VANILLA CHOCOLATE, (For table nee.) B09K AMD VABILLA BURNT ALMONDS, MIXB1) SPGAR PLUMS, an* ASSORTED CANDIES. luit received at K.1NO PLAOB. t 'L M P. KINO A BOB. WB8T INDIA OEANGESAND SWEET BALA OA GRAPB8, Freeh, at K1MO |LACB. >111,01 At KIXO PLAOB. C^OLDEN BCUPPBBNONO WINE. I OUB FlKBbT NATIVE WIBB. Oold coler, full, yet delicate 'flavor and fratr?tice,aad leee thanone half the cost of Imported Wine. KINO PLAOB. C'HOICE NUTS. RASINB. FIG*, 00BRANT8, / Ac., Ac., toauit thia particular aeason. > or aale by Z M. P. BIHO A BON, de 19 King Place. CHRISTMAS AMD NEW YEARS PBESBBTS. A rich and elegant assortment of Gentlemen's Robes <le Chambre, gotten up expreeely tor the holidays. Oold, SilTer, and Ivory-headed Danea, In beantiful variety with Scarfs, Tiee, Gloves. Suspenders. Ac ; with superior lot Toilet Articlee, at reduced prices, at LANB'd Gents Famishing Store, de IS eotf 4'24 Penn. avenge, near?H st. COLORED TOY~BOOK8,"from Lundon^knch Juvenile B< oks, direct from Paris, Laboulayee' New Fairy Tales; Esop. largely illustrated, and many others, just received. de24 ___ FRANCE TAYLOR. \I 1MCE MEAT of excellent quality. iTl M. W. RURCHELL. Corner 14th and F street*. del9 nnder Bbbltt House. ^|ACKKREL AMD CODFISH. 10 POO pounds large SHORE CODFISH. 40 barrels No. 1 MACKEREL. Just received and for sale at oar wharf, at the Toot of Seventh st. 8. F. BBOWN A SON. Commission Merchant!, delJ tf Mo. 463 Ninth ?t., Wet. E and F. UTVO UILKEN8 PIANOS AND OARUABT ?\ NEEOBAM'S PARLOR OBGAMS. All wlil find it greatly to their interest,. ? . to examiie these superb Instruments be-Kwl fore pure l&sing any other. 111*11 Only agency at OEOROB L. WILD A BBO.'S New piano Forte and Organ Wareroom, No. 497 11th street between Penn'a aTenue and E street. A select assortment of new and second hand In itrumente, Including a CHURCH ORGAN, for sale at lowest fectery prices, and on easy terms TUNING and REPAIRING faithfully executed. no 13 6m* hotblstrestaurantst&o, P . A B D WttLARD 8 HOTBL, I Washington, December 1, iM.f Senators, ^preventatives. and others, residing In Washington, who oecnay private apartments, ct?n be accommodated with their MEALS at this Hotel at the rate of ?! W per week de 4 2m 8TKEB. CHADWIOK A 00. IBB WOOD HOCSB, Corner Penna. artnue ani Ttetl/th ?tr??r,Y^T?T Washington, D. C. JAJ&l Htuated In the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post OlBcee, Smithsonian Institute, tc. H H DUDLEY A CO., no 21 tf Proprietor!. F~ RK NCH AM) GBRMAN HOT*L AND R*FTAl RANT, 22S Pa aveopposite A . iA Willard sHotel.CHRISTMAN AhBHL.fifm# Proprietor^.?On U*dnesday next. T'J* 1 'PI establishment will be opened with a luucr*. at which the proprietor will be happy to meet his many friends The Bar will be constantly supplied with choice Lienors, and the Restaurant with everything that the most epicurean ta-te can desire. Boarders by the day, week or month will I.ere rind excellent accommodations at m derate rite*. Als , nicel) iurnls'ted rooms can be ob tallied either with or without board. Call aud see. ja 11m' I?MBI< H b RESTAURANT. JCj No. 333 Penna avenue, near 6th street. P EMRICH wishes to Inform hit friends and the public generally that he now keeps oon - A - mm. rtantly on hand OYSTERS. fresh every day, prepared In every style. Ills WINES and LIQUORS cannot besnrpasseT. Call and gfve him a trial. ocOtf wood and coal. O A L I O O A L 1 I AT OBBATLY REDUCED PBICBS. Gross tans of 2.M0 lbs delivered is any part of the city. Ohestaat White Ash, $7 26, Stove, Bag and r?rnace White Aak, fiAO; Bed Ash, fs.fs; Lehigh. ??. OAK and PINB WOOD ooastaatly oa hand. Orders received at oar otto*, or at the wharf, foot of Tth street. B. P. BBOWB A SON. jaS-tf 46* 9th street, between B and F. ^'OAL! COAL! I GOAL!!! Hertag determined to sell a first class article of Wood and Coal aa cheap ae the cheapest, I hope by doing ao to gain a liberal share of pa bile pa tronage. The Coal prioee are aa follows: WB1TB A SB BUT COAL, by the ton 97 it BALTIMOBB CO. WBITE ASU, Egg sad Bteveslzss... 9 3S ALL OTHEB QCALIT1B8 of WHITE ASH ? 84 LYBBN8 VALLEY PUBEBBD ABB 9 73 D1AMOBD VBIB BBD ASH H7i QBOSS WEIGHT, 2440 LBB. TO THE TOB. Always on hand and constantly receiving the beet analitiee of WOOD vf every description, delivered in aty part of the city. E. C. BAUM. ja4-lm 7th at., betweea E aud Fels , Island. P L CTD BI F B B DI " A fall assort nss at of all grades choice Floor for Bakers; quality No 1; price low. Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. B Oambiill (not Patapeco) and Liaganor Family Flours In the District. As the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and sold la thia city, ws would Inform theee wishing this flour by arrangsment with the millers we farnlib It lower than It caa be obtained Cross any other eonroe. Qualitv second to none. Price a fraction lees than other first-class Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates All grades of Western Floor n store and for gala law by W. M. QALT A CO., Indiana avenue and 1st street, no 11 near Depot. VICTOB BECKER. PI ABO TUBBB AND BBOULATOB.? BsTABLISHaO IH 18M. HM OKDimS HOW tfCIIVgD XT DBMPBEY A OTOOLE 8. Bagravers and 8ta498 llth street, a ear Pa. a venae. 8r*(tal NtHmfrm Fm. Knab* t Ct., Balttmor*. Mr. Beaker baa tuned Plaaoe lor us at oar Warerooms, and we take pleas are la statiag that we beBeTe him to be a competeat tuner. aoll-to RA. CBOMIB'B BABB BALL AND 8KATOB1AL HEAD Q0ABTBB8, Dealer ia Imported Oigars. Atae, the following brands of Dcmsetlc Oigars: Tulip, Judy, Puff, Bohert Barns, Ae I also keep a fine aeeertmeat of robacco, Meerschaum and Briar Wood PiH*> and Faacy Articlee. A large aaeortaent of the flaest and beat SEATBS. de 18 It BOOTS AMP BHOB8. [H B W _8jr OBI. The undersigaad bege leave to iafomhia fmSu ksai',voh.iovrir^kr;?56.; Ddd Fellows' Ball, where be has oa haaa a central aeaortmeat of Ladies' aad Gentlemen's, Boy's, Biseee and Children's BOOTS ABD 8HOB8. uibtJi'tM&r a ,*far- 1 aer^B. F. Page's.tore^^^ "wowaassir1 co"Have i amoved to their Bow OBce, Bo. VI LODIB1ABA ATBBDB, t First door eeat of 7th st. gbaa. Eaap, P?\? ^??tf ' ?*?B*dBLB D. LABBBB. Becretary. pBTBIClAB'B BABD BOOB OF PBAOTIOB r^farMV. FBABCKTATIffB. r SPECIAL NOTICES. tar POBTBT HAS IMMORTALISES THB * NIGHT BLO0MIFG CBRECB'io " though. that breathe," and Pktlto bu rendered iu Mrfume immortal in hie rslebrated perfume. That pony aid chemisirv have natlM te make it famous, and the press Is waftiagiu praises throughout the length and bredth of the land. Bold everywhere. ja4 BBMED1AL IB8TITDTB FOB BPBOIAL OASBB, * Ha. 14 Bond street, lev Tork. B7*Full information, with tha Mtkert testimonials: also, a Book on Special Diseases, i? a staled envelope, sent free. Ir Be rurt and send for then, and yo? trill not regret it; far, aa ndvertlelng physician* are generally impostors, without reference* no atrangor should bo tmated. Bncloso a stamp for postage and direct to BB. LAWBBNTB. No. 14 Bond street, Now Tork. no IS DSWly MABB1AGB ABB 0BLIBAOT, an Essay of Waning and Instruction for Young Men. Alao, Diseases and Abuaoa which prostrate the vital powers, with sure meaaa of raliaf. Bant free of charge ia sealed letter envelopes. Address Dr. J. BKILLIN HOOGHTGN, Howard Association, Philadelphia, fa. aug U Sm BECBBT DISBABE8. Samaritan's GirT is the most certain, safs and effectual remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cures in two to tour days, and recent cases in twenty four hours No mineral, no balsam, ao mercury. Only tan pills to be takea. it !? the soldier's hop*, andk* Wend to those who do net want to be exposed. Male packages, $3, female, 93. Samaritan's Boot awp Hkrb J new?A positive and permanent sure fer Spy hi lis. Scrofala, Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ac. Price $1 2S per bottle. bold by B. O. Ford. See advertisement. my I HALL'S TBGBTABLB SICILIAN HA IB B* NEWEB Benewe the Hair. Hall's Vbsktablr Sicilian Hat* Brnr-wkr Restores gray hair to the original ooler. Hall's Vbgbtablb Sicilian Hair Renbwkr Prevents the hair from falling off. Hall's Vbgbtablb Sicilian Haib Rbnbwbr Makes the hair soft and flossy. Hall's Vbgbtablb Sicilian Hair Rknbwbr Does not stain the skin. Hall's Sicilian Vbgbtablb Hair Bbnrwrr Has proved Itself the best preparation for the hair ever presented to the public. Price $1. For sale by all druggists. ja30 Tuly SUM ELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, BMOLANDBBTJ BXTBAOT BUOKD is evaim every ease of Bidnrt Pislui, Iiivvatur, Gravrl, Urinart Dkordrrs, Wrarnrm and Pains in the Bace, Frmali Gokflaijtts and Troublbs arising froas Bxcbmrs or ant Kin*. COMB, TB AFFLIGTBDI TBI BMOfaANDBB'l. TAKE NO OTHER BUCK 9. Bold by SOI Apothecaries. Price fl. D. BABBB8 A CO., Bew Tork, aad BABBBB, WABD AOO., Hew Orleans, Bonthern Agents. BUBLBIGH A BOGBB8, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Maes., General Agents. m 10-1/ COLGATE A CO. 8 W1NTHB BOAP. Recommended for chapfrd hanbs and forgeneral toilbt use daring cold wiatiiix. It may be obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers. feb 0-eoIy DANCING. pBOFB. J. W. A H. P. BBE1B' DANCING AOADEMT, JA PsRnsylvanla avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sts.. Ja Opposits Metropolitan Hotel. J'lsasee forming every evening. Those desiring to enter onr classes should avail them ? * ?* *his opportunity. onra?n,"l MVy Bal'l * **** " *" for Circulars can be had at J. F. Bills' and W a Metserott A Co.'s Music Stores. ' The Hall can be rented for Solreee, Ao. _ and Hut/ af Tuition : For Ladles, Misses and Masters, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen "s Glasses. Tueeday and Friday evenings from 8 to 10 o clock. si9*.??1rther Information, apply daring the hours of tuition, or edf 'ess a note tftlihe Academy. _Ouarter commencing with tneflrst lesson, ja 8 M1BIB1' VfA'fiKf MA BIN I B A88BMBLT BOOMS, M between 9th aad l?th streets, ..This academy is now open fer the receptioaof pupils. Days and hours of tuition for young ladies ml nee and masters Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Saturdays, from 3 to ip m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, sams evenings. B B ?Private instruction given to suit the convenience ofjhe pupil. aeu M ASWt?BAD?HADHDp FABCT DBBB. iALLS The uadersigned would most raspectfully inform the ladles aad geatlemen of Washington city, and the District generally, that heieat all times prepared to furnish parties with Masqusrnde and Fancv Costume, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at the wsll known fancy establishment of Christina Buppert. Bso Sill 7th street, between D aad B, where he irillU happy te aweit orders. CHABfcES BEBG, late Oostuaser at Ford's and Grover*! >a 8-lm* Theaters, Weehlagton. P. C. |\IMOLUTI?H OF PARTBBBSHIP. - The ' Partnership heretofore existing between Isaac Herzi<ergA Bon is this day dissolved by mutual coBesut. The buslnees will he hereafter conduced by CHABLE8 HEBZBHBO, under the t.ame andstyleof HERZBERO'8 LOAN OPTICS IMAAH HBBZBEBG Jan 1.1167. CHABLBB HBBZBEBO. J as Bt ELTBBZBBBG'B LOAN OFF1CB. Established 1891. JHlghest advances made on WATCHES. D(AMOHDB. JS^BLET. WEARING APPAREL, aad all kinds of Merchandise. Busiuees strictly confidential. 331 North C street.between end eth streets. Immediately in rear of the National Betel. jed lm? frR GRAVING AMD CARD PBIBTTKG^ Orystal and Mother o'-Paari VIB1T1BG, WEDDING AHB AT HOME OABDB for sale hy . HUDSON TAf LOB. Bookseller and Stationer, ja8 9t >44 Psun'aavenue, I^badbtbebt'b weatheb The beet invention of the age. Bzcludes snow, raia, cold air aad dust from doors and windows of every dsscrinfion. For ealenTBufMot's Depot. S69 7th street, opposite Centre Market de 30 tw B. W. HAMILTON A CO. LATBST PABW^JJBHJGHS Of-flAlI E. ALLIOT, nt%MfJtENCH HAIRDRESSER, as l?th and 14th sts. M' 4!'l?t, from Paris, Balr-Dres?sr, of the celebrated Bachel, with whom he arrived la this country, has, new been eetabllehed for tae last eight years la Wash[ngte? and Newport, eaJ?rTlagths_ patronage sf the co>n ai?)? matt que, and of the highest society. Bs has the honor to aanounce that he has this seaeon imported the latest faehiovs of hair dreeelag, aad ateo pomades, aad everything that belongs to the dreeelag of hair 1 at very reseona. le^rlees. ja7?m* A PlABOB. A LA BOB of Btsluway * Beae' Pianos havs just been received. AIm^m^. Piano Stools aad Covers For sale at flao-BjMi tery prices at ths warerooms if der W. O. MBTZEBOTT A 00. pOBTABLH 1 BTBAM ENGIBEB, Coasbialag the mevlmam of eflcieaoy.durability, aad ecoaomy, with the alalmum of weight aad price. Thar are widely aad favorably kaowa, more thaadM beta* la aee. AH warraated satisfactory, or ae sale, Deoarlpttva circulars seat oa , appliftalina Addreee i, O. HBADLBT A OO* M l*9MB JjftWfADMt MpfVr BMOVAL. ! JOHB McBBHMBT, 1 puio ?o?xu-??*S*r-? Wood PIAMO, j sr"? *"?vz.m J SSEStlSVSrtoTT- * ?j Apdroeccggiu 4-4 Bleached HDBL1B at Me. a B."ff?Mllle . do atHol A very superior 4-4 Bleached Shirt lag at tla. 1 Dress Goods at ?c.,37X,it. OK, 76 aad fl.J6 per . yard, jmm 4 TELEGRAMS, fee. I A dispatch from ladianapolis says that in I the Untied States Circuit Court on Tuesday. I district attorney entered a nolie protqui in I the cases of Horace Heffson, Lambdin P. Mil. ligan, William A. Bowles. John O. Walker, i Horsey, and others, known as the I

Indiana conspirators. It is generally be lie yea this was done In obedience to instructions from I Washington. i The Republicans in the Illinois State Legis- J latum hire decided not to nold a caucus on I the question of tbe U. S Sentorship until Menbjr * TOt* of 44 to 56 14 ? >^ated that the friends of Mr. Trumbull favored an earlier day, and the postponement is considered I friends ^ ?D th? parl 0f Qeneral P*ln?er? Rumors have reached Richmond that more- I menu have already been made in view of the I disturbances likely to grow out of the impeach. I ment of the President by Congress. Troops I are now being transported from different points. General Scbotield yesterday left that I city and is now here. 7 The grand jury of the United States court Charleston, S. C, found a true bill in two cases I for smuggling, but they were thrown out, the I testimony being considered suborned by the Custom-bouse officials. ? I The Commercial newspaper of New Orleans nas resumed the defence of Governor Wells I and of the Convention of 1864. If defended the Governor for asking that the present state government be set aside. i.T,l,J??1)K.m#cral,c.fancu8 be,d at Harrlsburg last night *as fully attended, all the Democraticmembers being present. Senator Cowan wai unanimously nominated as the Demo I crane candidate for United States Senator. The steaner Sun Flower was sunk on Sunday evening above Patrick s Kerry, on Trinuv river Texas with 5,?Wbales of cotton on boar/ saved * * 101,11 IO,8: tbe 001100 mostly J It is expected that Gevernor Geary will make his appointments for Philadelphia this hl>Ui ' wi" not be announced until after his inauguration. I A Lansing (Michigan) special says that the feeling on .he railroad interest runs high in the Legislature. This will be a marked leature id the session. | The Kentucky Legislature Tuesday rejected the constl.utiunal amendment without argu- I ment. tbe House by a vote of 02 to ?, and the Senate by a vote ot 24 to 7. At a Republican convention held at West Lebanon yesterday afternoon, the Hon. Jacob ISennington, of Lancaster, was nominated lor Con greet. A ciyi.ian reports various cases of lynching as haying occurred lately in Calhoun and Upper Washington counties, Texas. I Three iquor seizures were made in Boston yesterday by the State constables, amounting to about fHO. "u| The Lsuisiana Legislature begins its sessinn on the ttird Monday of this month Tuesdaj11111"01* met at St. Paul's Dry Geeds. I Trade is dull, bnt the prospects of an earlv resumption of activity are improving The extended credit given in so many instances has turned out disastrously. The goods so bought could not be sold, and are not therefore paid loi, and stocks are too large of winter good* P Sf* on ,prln* roods is now being talked of. Brown shirtings und sheet. ingsare very dull, bnt stocks are not in excess and ar? firmly held. Bleached goods show diminished activity, but prices are steady Canton rtannels are quiet. Oood qualities alone artJL17n" str,Pee and t'^ks are dull. Denims exbibi: more activity. Prints are rather more active, and the supply of spring goods la increasing. Delaines continue active and piices steady. Coburgs are moderately active and steady. Broadcloths are lower.7 oSmLwm are very inactive. Clothiers, however, are be. ginning to make inquiry for their early purSHawL8-. ?*Unet? " <*?? Flannels are dull Klankets have become very dull, and prices are heavy. Imported fabrics are all inactive Importations ha#e again become large, preparing for the spring opening. British and Coni1*?1k'.^L*00 . com'nt out at a higber cost, and higher prices than those of last year are it .. .aid, to be asked. A few weeksVJl ? veal the truth. A fall in gold (which is very likely) will prevent any advance in nominal prices, and most likely inaure a decline ? V l* Independent, Jan. 10. Ai.bxattphia Items?From the Gazette of yP?ihrn^.Vrrn??kn 7* cliS the following: . V,arkT' rb0 18 confined in the eonnty jail on several charges, among others for Jail, bnt wy subsequently rearrested, was examtned before the county court yesterday for shooting Mr. Frank Powers, a nighi watchman, but distharged on that charge, on the fawfn? nl?rtnK ?f tol8 honM was unI?rn kl'i^ without proper authority. He is still held in custody on various other charres and for which he will be tried. C taII'a? **r?\WM ar ted and before J ustlce Moore last night, charged with .in his possession a stolen horse, for which, however, he bad a bill of sale V pon an Identification of the property, the aa^ k p 10 J18 ri*htf?l owner, and SSwansbury discharged. The Board of Aldermen last night passed a resolution appropriating one hundred dollars for opening a soup house for the benefit of the poor of onr city. We know of no more efficacious means of supplying food for the poor during the winter than by opening the soup honse. ^ yhe ice blockade is yet complete, bnt the weather is moderating, and gives Indication of a general thaw. A tug broke her way out of the dock, at the foot of King street, this morning, and, with great difficulty, made her war JLp,f* tb* c?*1 *?"u"ves, where she -put In " All else quiet. y The grocery store of Mr. C. W. Nowland, corner of Fairfax and Wilkes streets. ?u broken open last night, and groceries, *c., to the amount of fifty dollars stolen tharefiom It was reported on the street to>duv that Richards, one of the Lyles* murderers has been arrested in Philadelphia. Capt. Walsh h** gone ou for the purpose of identification. Gen. Washington'spew. m Christ Church, in this place, the Southern Churchmen sav originally cost thirty .six pounds ten shillings! Civil Right* Bill?DeciHon by the Count? Court.?In the case of the Commonwealth vi Turbin, a white soldier, charged with an i.' gravated assault ufcon Donald McLean, which was before the Colnty Conrt oflhi.'cTnuty SJ Commonwealth's Attorney of. terfd the evidence of a negro boy, which he Vk? r,cht to do nnder the Civil Rights hill. This was resisted by C. E. St a. art, Lsq., counsel for the prisoner, who con. tended that, under the statutes of Virginia, the rights of ths negro not being Involved in tha case, his evidence was inadmlssahle Th? Court considered that under the laws of Virginla the testimony of the negro In this ease must be excised, as his righto were in no way involved, anfdeclded accordingly. The court was composed or Messrs. McRssisis, PL Summers, Berkley, Johnson, and Col ton, and iUs understood that they stood three to two wa the decision; Messrs. Colton, Summers, aad ?S..rS?wn2 wl *,lOB- Th# ord#r wu' however, entered Gautte*** ****** *?"ntienU.?Alexandria Lanos.?There to great complaint jast now iu same parte of the country about tfco want of employment, la Row England towns aad cities, manufacturers are discharging operaPWUng them on halt time, &c. The south u not the only seotloa of the Union that VJtfffcrtng from the doll times, for the ooto?p _fpo?1 *11 quarters. Worth, bast, aad West. Laboring man everywhere nay bear it in mind, if they choose, there is plenty of good land in the Southern States yiug idle for waat of tabor. If the .conduct of congress keeps theee peopls away; why we An'thelpit. The fault ot this stagnation la rasiaese and Indaatry heioaga to the radicala. DantiUt (Ffc} Register. Uf Before his alleged departure for Irelaad. Fames Stephens tried to hay ap every photo;raph of htmself, to destroy them, so as the Briueh eould not get hold sir his pictare. He ene chagrined to find that he had been photo. paphed while spsaking nrom the Metropoli. ArdoaoBf k" lis attempt to secure the likenesese, of coarse,' 'led. la Ireland he never had one taken ind always refneed to sit for any hero. VBuslnese ot all kinds, save always (ho KU55 tst&zr&ss&st - CONGRESSIONAL. Swat*.?Yesterday afternoon? The bill for tbe admission or Nebraska ?u taken ap, and, after a lengthy discussion. participated in by Messrs. Johnson, Edmunds. Wade, Bu ck ale w, Cowan. Sumner, and others, Mr. Edmunds' amendment, providing that the aet sbonld only take effect when there is no denial of tbe elective frunchlm or other right on account ol race or colsr, was adapted; and the bill was passed by a rote of 21 yeas to IS nays. On motion of Mr. Wade, tbe bill to admit tbe Territory of Colorado as a State was then taken np. Mr. Edmunds moved to add as an additional section bis amendment which had been attached to the Nebraska bill. Tbe amendment was agreed to by a vote of 21 to 18. Mr. Hendricks reminded tbe Senate that the action on this constitution wae eren more irregular than on that of Nebraska, reciting what be claimed to be the facts. He believed tbat in Colorado there were not more than 30,000 people. There was no evidence here showing that it was larger. He had understood tbat tbe Governor of tbe Territory, in a recent message, set it at 29,oa>. He submitted whether it was according to the spirit of the Constitution to admit a State bavin* sncb a small population He believed tbat the proposition of tbe Senator from Vermont fMr, Edmunds] was tbe first Instance of Congress changing the constitution which the people bad agreed to. Considerable discussion ensned. and the bill passed by a vote of yeas 23. nays 11. On motion of Mr. Wade, the Senate took up the bill to prevent any distinctions on acconut ot eolor in any of tbe Territories of the United States. Mr. Wade then moved to strike out all after the enacting clause and insert the following: Tbat in all tbe Territories of tbe United States there shall be no denial of tbe elective franchise by reason of race or color, and all persons shall be equal-before tbe law: and all acts or parts of acts, either of Congress or of tbe Legislative Assembly of any Territory, inconsistent with tbe provisions of this act, are hereby declared null and void. Mr. Williams suggested that tbe language of tbe bill included Indians, large number* of whom were in Territories. This would be a dangerous mode of legislation. Adjourned. Hovan.?Yesterday afternoon? Tbe House took up the joint resolution giving additional compensation to certain employees in the civil service of the Government at Washington. Mr. Garfield advocated its passage. Mr. Farnsworth (111.) offered a substitute, proposing to extend the provisions of tbe law pasted last session, giving increased compensation to the employees of Congress, to tbe employees in all the Departments in Washington. The amendment was rejected. After an extended discussion, Mr. Garfield demanded the previous question on tbe passage of tbe bill. Tbe demand was seconded and the main question ordered. After further discussion, Mr. Hill (Ind.) moved to reconsider tbe vote by which tbe main question bad been ordered. Mr. Garfield moved to lay the motion to reconsider on tbe table: which was done. At this point a message from the Senate was received, stating tbat tbey had passed tbe bill for the admission of Nebraska. The announcement was received with applause in the galleries. Mr. Garfield again demanded tne previous question on the passage of the bill. Mr. Brandegee (Conn.) demanded the yeas and nays. Mr. Wilson (Iowa) moved to recensider tbe vote by which tbe bill had been ordered to a third reading. Mr. Garfield moved to lay tbe motion to reconsider on the table. Wbile these motions were still pending. On motion or Mr. Benjamin (Mo.), tbe House adjourned. [The bill will come up to-day as unfinished business.] Virginia News. In the Virginia Senate, on Satarday. the House bill to amend and re-enact the ?'th section or tbe stay law so as to place Norrolk, Norfolk county, and Portsmouth upon a footing with the otner counties of the Slav, east of the Chesapeake, was taken np and passed. Accomac and Northampton are consequently now the only counties exempted from the provisions of the stay law. A bill has passed the Virginia House of Delegate?, nnanlmously repealing an act passed last session prohibiting creditors from attaching the goods of non-resident debtors brought in the State for sale or shipped through the State to other point*. There were 7,083 hogsheads or tobaoco inspected at the various warehouses in Petersburg during the year lb??. There are now remain^g on hand' >28 hogsheads. ^ Ca*adiak "BincH Loaders."?As we do not desire to take any undue advantage of ear Canadian volunteer friends (or enemies as they may elect to consider themselves,) we direct their attention to aa article from the Irish Times of the t2d ult., which is quoted elsewhere in our columns. From that they will learn that the Snider breech-loading rifles, which have hark served out by the British war department, are a complete fUllare, dangerous onlv to those who use them: and that all those sent to the army and police la Ireland have to he called in ana re-altered. aa the Canadians got the first (and, therefore, most imperfect) or tbe lot, tbe "breech-loaders." sf which their papers made so much bray, would stand but a poor comparison alongside of the "Spencers" and "Berdams" which are in vogue with us here la America, we expect there will be a big job one or those days in Canada, collecting and condemning those fancy weapons sent out by the "home government."? The Iritk American. 4 salks er Real Estatb m vinoruia ?The Leesburg (Loudoun ceunty) Mirror reports the following sales of real estate On Thursday last, b p. Noland, m. hamson. and c. b. Tebbv, commissioners, sold the farm, heretofore adtertised in this paper, known as the "Trap," and formerly owned by tbe late John k. Littleton, for ?50 per acre. The tract contained 147k acres, and was purchased by "mr. Townsend Fraxier. A farm belonging to the estate of the late Abraham Skillman. near North Fork, iu this county, and containing 153 acres, was sold fast week tor tfl p?r acre. Seldoa m. Gibson, pnrcbaser. Messrs. Henry Heaton, b. p. Noland, and Matthew Harrison, commissioners, sold a lot belonging to the lite Jonathan Tavonner's estate, in Philemont, on Wednesday last, containing iv acres, for fourteen hundred and flfty-four dollurs. Miss Karia Tavenner. purchaser. The same lot sold in ls*l for nine hundred and eighty-three dollars. Cheap Litis? nr Texas.?a friend writes ns follows:?In Colin County, Texas, pork sells for six cents a pound, butter at twolve and a half cents, eggs at ten cents n dozen, wheat one dollar a bushel, and flour four dollurs a hundred weight Corn is rattled off at fifty cents a bushel. These rutos are for specie. In that portion of Texas one dollar of United States paper currency 1s worth only two-thirds of a sliver dollar. In Busk county, mast fed pork readily brings six seats, oorn fed seven cents. .There is an abundant supply of food in that region, particularly of hog and hominy. East Texas is unquestionably one of the beet countries in the world for raising pork. Fdto*ac Rxvafc Pilots.?We understand thai application was made on Saturday night to tae'ftn? oeaMUttee for the servloee of one or Urttr employees, who was acquainted wtth the dnatlef tbe Potomac ?o Washington from ? p. mjtlll tint hour, to tnkn a national veeeel np dff Potomac, in oensequeneo ol (be limited number of employee*, the fsrry company wus unable to comply with the request which, under the clreumstuness,they would have been most happy to do?JTw/ett J?mnl. Tauaus Load o? Bucks.?The San Fnaeleoo Timee of llov. Wta. nay*}?"Q.uMo n crowd of people wore collected ia front of the Bank of Onllfonia iwtardny, watching tbe struggles of a powerful team of horses la their attempts to move h wagon load of silver bricks. S! o *3? ?**!? tSS j2?u!y rSiS. several if*the"!jSSew. tbetoa^eiartjthe load, which eoasistsi of about oae hundred large silver brickaftom the tttate of Nevada. jsa sBsaftKHSrsrua MtryltM Lr|i?Uiarr. AMAFOMa, jaa. U?In the Senate to-day Mr Bowie, of Prince Georgecounty, prev-n'ed the^ folio wing, which wit referred ? bereaa tbe Co?|'?m of the I'aited S him, on the 24th day of February. l-?+. ^>x led hr tbe twenty-fourth mk-iwn ol the a. toenr.fl no call ont tbe national fotce?, ?nir *?-d February 14, lt*|, tba: tbe Secretary Jr War abonld appoint a ronmiwion m ?*. * ,,t too In** Stiu* rvprwfmed in CuL^rtcit, U) a-jr&rii compensation to each local cwbfr of a p. 1 rvd volunteer soldier, and wherea* und-r e. .-Hoa second of tba act of U?|wm ?t tb?r * b oi Jnly, itMS, making appropriation* for the ?itiI expenses of the Goffrnmrnt for the ft* ?al J year ending auth Jone. i-?r. so mn.-horrhe commutntion frnd an was neceeaiy aw ki>. proprlated for that pnrpoee; aad whereas Coagress at ita present set?ion baa passed a joint resolution prohibiting tbe payment of ary portion of MUd money nattl tbe farther action i of Congress, and hereby delaying paymri. u> tbe army of tbe United Stair* therefore, be it ?*r'*[rf4 'f**r Oenrntf At remit) of Maryland, | That the paymct ot bounties to slaves as provided for by tba act of tba Legislature of Maryland, parsed on tba ?th of February, J?4' cb*l,u*r 15. aection 3. be suspended bv the Comptroller ot tbe State until tbe further action of the Legislature of Maryland. Ma. Wilson presented a bill repealing tha 74th aection of tbe : 5tn article of tbe Code la rela ion to tbe election of U- S. Senator, woich provideo that one Senator saall always be from tbe Eastern Shore This la undentood o be preparatory to tbe election of Governor I DWIBD. I ..** "bmltted yesterdsv regulating tbe time for holding elections for Mayor and I Councils in Hal'imore provide* r0r an election on the first Wednesday in Febrnsrv next. This is designed to set aside tbe pre sent cifw efecfe"' ?' il ** clajm,>d. were Illegally A canens of tbe democratic member* i? he. I Ing held to-nigbt in regard to the V s S*natorship. Gov. Swann will undoubtedly be nominated. ' The bill for calling a constitutional convention provides for the voting on tbe question of calling tbe convention and ot electing deleI gate< on the second Wednesday in April next and in case tbe majority of the vote* cast shall be in lator of calling the convention, the same shall meet on tbe second Monday of May nex* to revise the conatitntion. I Tbe propoaiuon before tbe I^egialature to I impose a tax of five cents per bu>hel on all oysters arriving at tbe ports ?f this State fl. I cites much opposition on tbe part of memt-er* from tbe Eastern Shore. AsMiroue?11 p. m?The caucus ia still m session. It ia understood to be an loformal meeting, and there is no prospect of an a?ree ment being reached to-night. The Ea.-ern Shore membera, it is aaid, decline to be pledged | to abide by the decision of tbe cancua. From Mexico. I Ou.viitoh, Jan. 9.?Tbe steamer Thames Capt. Swift, with VeraCruc passengers, nut I in here lor coal, bound for New Orleans An intelligent gentleman states that the enure l-rencb army ia moving toward Vera Cm,, the rear guard being at ljueretaro. Marshal bnaaine has issued orders that the last French steamer should lea\e by the 44 of M&rcb. Positive advices from Saa Luis Poiosi, 1M| cember 15, left the French commander tbere with a well-appointed force. Tbe Liberal army under Turno wat. about i,t<* strong, but I scattered and levying enormous contributions on Haciendos. Mejia said he would wait until the rear of tbe French train and treasure bad passed, when he would attack and drive tack the Liberals. Maximilian keep, vary close at Puebla Tha French expedition is bound to Tampico to clean oat the place I before embarking. Tbe French soldiers numI but &t present fb^rv &r# only two transports and taree frigates including the Austrian vessels, at Vera Crux. The Imperial Mexican force adhering to Maximilian will ntimber *^KKi. all armed from tbe trench arsenals. The Kmperor Maximilian has not the slightest intention of abdicating Tbe French have used great severity toward parties at vera Crni who proclaimed for sherman and Campbell on their arrival there l?apaine, the commander, is charged wub approving the abuse of individuaia by tbe French The commauder-in-chief of the French army lately imprisoned Charles Morebead, of the I firm of Davis k Co.. at San Lu s Potosi. in a loathsome dungeon, and ordered a poor con| federate teamster named Polk, from Texas, to the punishment of three hundred lather for protecting himself from being rua over by a *r?>cb officer ***' ? bis horse by tbe bridle. Tbe guerrilla* threw a railroad tram from the track on Thursday, the idol January, not Jar from \ era Crux, ta, king tbe train and catI ting up tbe French oldiert en board. Amiucas ! IKA5CE.?Tha? a government | which one year ago had no internal revenue a: all, whose tax gatherer never came to tbe home '^rvened in tbe dealings ol tbe people* should be able to raise SMMUJM) or any such snm is a miracle In any otber country the tare attempt would have cansed a revolution But in America these taxes are borne as naUently as taxes are ever borae in any country. There Is no more idea of resisting them :ban of declaring a monarchy. No eudeavor has been made to sweeten the impost bv nicety ol adjustment or by delicate selection. Congress simply laid a tax upon everything it could I think of and let it bit whom it could. Yet this I financial decimation of tbe people excites little I murmuring. The Americans are litcle apt to I imagine that tha facts of their government can I be tyrannical. They are the acta of tbe persons for whom they voted, of their agents, and there ia no semblance of tbe bi'ter feeling which I prewaila in most countries at taxes imt>ueed bv a superior authority felt or fancied to be other I tnan tbe }>eop]e. The Amenoans, too, have the money, eierybody is well off, and everybody I wishes that tbe government >bonld J be well off also ?London Eocmomiti. 1M6TE*mi?o UecrmMHCE.? Oa Wednea. I day last, while a couple of yontbs, named respectively Thomas Turner and Edward Jasper. were out bunting in Chesterfield county. I about ten milea from Richmond, tbe former, iS tol* co"Panl?" >? 'he lower I part of tbe abdomen, thereby inflictinr a I weund which it la feared will prove fatal it aeems that in tbe cenrae of tbe bnnt tbe two J boy* *ot separated, and after a while Turner I perceiving a rustling in a damp of bnahee' I raised his gun and fired, but iastead of tbe Qbjfct being legiumate game, it happened, nnfonnnately, to be his friend. The parents of tbe yoatba reaide in Cbeeterfield. aad by tbia I sad occurrence are much distressedu* I mond Timti I ^ I ^Avi hi Shoxs?An in teres ting incident I occumd yesterday, we aaderstaad, at our County jail, which goea to illustrate tbe fact !** * b**rt palpitate beneath a I bosom of onter darkness, it seems that a colI maa named Henry Wilson, wbo bas been some time confiaed tbere.anjusUy it is tboaabt I on seeing a white man about to be discharged T1!* ?hpeleaa feet, was touched with a "tender feeding tor his infirmity," made him a tender of bu own comfortable shoes, which were accepted, leaving his ewa pedala without any enyelope whatever. This noble act was noted I of, ^ ,Mt"ot|on, wbo will see I f,11 He?rT loner by the operation. | Airxtndn* Journal. I . IkHicTiciin Kx^ixst?Oovernor | Andrew says that the Massachusetts Commissioners to the Paris IKxbibitioa bave been I nested to Bead over a Maeaachoaetta school I house, with teachers, scholars, furniture, Jtc., I in order that visitora may aee oar educational I Jn ope ratio a. Tbe Governor I u wUI ** impracHeable to oomply J wita the request. I Eittalib* ?Bishop Mcllyaiae, of Ohio, la I oat with a fierce Mast agaiast Ritaaliam ha the Eplacopal Uhnrch. HU reverence apeak* or I ?eae High Chnrch practices an '?ahomiaaI Hons," "follies," etc., and the peraoas wbo I practice them, whether deriear or lay he aya, are gallty of treason to the Chnrch I w A Richmond doctor aajra robbing with J kerosene oil will care rhensattam. r?ckM> ">?" VHoeton la Lagland is more thaa tea de| *reea farther north thaa Baainn la America. ,n,w ?1 la Nashville I the other day. STTbe philadalphla mint to producing I about 2,0M,0W piecee of the new Uvea per a ID OH f n t I A marketman ia harriebnrg baa maaaractured a sausage fifty feet aiae laches ia length. yA W eaten paper obeervea that tbe tamiliar term "aigger^ to paaaiag oat of aee. VA Mnanachaeetts town bas been mdictert for not Miai Ito publu schools open nia months last year. STArtemna Ward will clear fifty thousand dollars by his visit to England fo!^?TW " a chBWk None tat the brave fieeerve the fkir " No, and none bat the kmec can live with eome Ol tlf WThirteen Quinti em-til are williac to aacoeed Pomeroy or Roaa ia the v"-~?i Seaamrahip, whieh expiree March 4. W#w York organ ptg^tn talk abort t a protective aaioa. ? ?*?? kJCSm! Jo" ' . ! ho miefortnae tor a nioe yoeng lade lo IOM ber good name, if a nice yeang gentleman (ivee her a better. f