Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR, j Ike Latrtrt Circnlitioi ii the District W . D. WALLACH, Ulttr ft*4 Proprietor. WASHINGTON OITT : THI KSDAT JANU ARY lO, 1067. "" 3T EKADINU MATTER 05 ST SET PAOB. 8KB OUTBIDS FOR INTEBBSTINO TBLR i GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTKR. TO ADTI1TIICBI. Tbe following is the official allowing of tfeo circulation of tbe daily papers of thin oity competing for tk? Government tdmiMi| onder tbe rwmt a?t of Ooagrese directing ncl advertising to bo mado In tbe two dally newspapers ot Washington baying tbo targes olrcnlaiion: \ Ktiiiis Stab 7,71* copies per day. Ckrrm\cU 9.UW " " tnUXHg^kc*r 4,399 ? Tbe etnrns of advertising by tbo city papers for tfee quarter ending September 3u, !* ?, as Men from tbe books of tbo Internal Revenue OftLr* nr* hl fnllnva * fcvKWme STAB IKJMl Intflligrncer 13,109 Ckrnniel? |OtKXI Republican 4,791 THE RECEPTIONS. ThrH'kltr Htaif. Tbe ot the Execnuve Mansion, Mrs. Stover and Mrs. P.itteraon, at bora* every Monday, cummencir* on tbe Utb instant. The Pr<Hidfnl will hnM thru. k first on tbe 17ib instant, the second on the?th ul February, and the third on tb? vf.'d of February, on each occasion between tbe boars of 8 and 11 p.m. The Cabinet. Tbe ladies of the family of Hon. O. H. Browning, Secretary of the Interior. Will receire their friends on Wednesdays, at tbe residence of the Secretary, on the east side Of Montgomery street, Georgetown Height*.' Tbe ladies of Secret*r? M .-i ? ? ?- ? ' J will receive as hmhI on Wednesdays. K?si. dence 3i6 H s:reet, between Connecticut aveDue and 17th street. Speaker Colfax. Speaker Colfo* s public reception? will commence on Thursday evening, the loth inst.. and continue every Thursday evening during the session of Congress, from 9# to 11 o'clock. The receptions of Mrs. and Mias Matthews, the Speaker's mother and sister, for ladies and gentlemen accompanying tbetn, commence on Wednesday, the ICth inst., and con- ; tinue every Wednesday afternoon tnereafter lrcm 1 to 4 o'clock. Gtatrtl Grant'a receptions will be held by General Gfant and lady on Wednesdays, the 9th and 23d instant and 6th proximo, in the evening. At home every .Saturday troin a to 5 p. m. CITIZENSHIP I If MARYLAND. There baa been introduced into the Maryland Legislature a bill "to restore to rights of citizenship certain citizens of the State;" the object being to get ridftohat clause of the Stateconstitution which prohibit*persons who took an active part in the rebellion from participating in the government o! Maryland, but it is uot certain that the reqoisite two-thirds vote can oe obtained m it* favor. If it passes there we may expect to w other sweeping change?, as one or the Senators from Baltimore ha? already Introduced a bill calling a convention to reior? the enure constitution of the Slate, which it will he remembered was adopted as a measure of safety by the loyal men of Maryland during the war. That a constitution adopted in a time of conflict and danger, may contain provisions unsnited for a time of peace, ia probable; but we presume the reforms contemplated will be considered mainly wuh a view to ensure and perpetuate as tar as possible the ascendency of tba politi~m 1 -kl-fc * ?" " -v f?"J wuivu uv* CUUUUII IH<? auit. The proposed enfranchisement bill referred to above dot-e not, it is slated, mee: :be unqual. ilied approval of many ol the dominant party, because, whitfabolishtnf what has baen called ?'tbe iron-ciad oath," it still provides a testUnder its operation, when passad, all tboae who bare been denied access to the ballot, boxes b>csnic thejr bad opposed or protested against the policy and action of tbs Federa1 Government daring Uxe past five years, will be rehabilitated as cittxens npon taking an oath to bear "true and faithful allegiance to the United States, and support the constitution miu una lucirul <U lUf 8DpnOW J&W Ol the land,'' and to demean themselves as "loyal" citizens. Public officers are required by tbe bill to take an additional oath, which contains, among others, tbe following clause?"And 1 do further swear (or affirm) that I will, to tbe best of m y ability, protect and defend the Union ot tlie United States, and not allow the ame to be broken up or dissolved, or the Government thereof to be destroyed under any circumstances. If In my power to prevent It. and that 1 will at all times discountenance aad oppose any political combinations having .w. uujcn ?V1I uisaui uuuil or acitftfiHon." Tbtsr tnt oatba arc objected to becaaae (la tbe language of the Baltimore Gatetit) "test oatb-> sever yet did any good,*' asd neither of tbe two embodied lu tbe bill "Will eecare any man's allegiance to tbe I'm ted State* or prevent bim Irvm ever doing what be other?lie migbt do, nor l? tbe Federal Constitution one wbit strengthened by tbe admiatstra* tlon of these oarns to evary man, woman and child in Maryland " There ia certainly aome lorce In these objections, as we hare had ex. perlenee heretofore ia the disregard paid to 0UVU UIHHIKIUUS oj many wno nave not heat* tated to violas their moat aolcni obi nations. A BAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN TEXAS Communications bart b*en r?c?md at the Freedmen's Bureau trom Austin, Texas, calling attention to tbe wronrs aad outrages towards freedmen in tbe northeastern couaties oI Texas, atating thay are now more oppreaeed and brutally treated than tn tbe daya of iUtmtj. Tbe laab le more cruelly administered man it ever waa, aad Ireedmen wba bare cultiTated land aad raised crops, bar* had all takes from them. Obtragee. from cold blooded murders down, have occurred, aad there la no one to wbom tb-y can appeal Cor redress. A member of tbe Itrand Jury of Red River cowry was heard to say, "They dare not Indict these criminals known to them as haTtng been guilty; an old cmxen would not be per* nitVd to live there a dav w?r? h? ? take any slecs to reQrm these wrongs " Also, a common nation from Austin, Tfxu, reportlBg the murder of two freedmen; one sear Austin, and the other at "Homaby's Hend." by wbit? men. Anoiber case is reported at Prairie l*n, where a freedman was cruelly whipped for aridre<>?tng a young man as Tom instead of Master Thomas Another wae sboa for retusiag to give hie bettle of wbuky to two wbito me a. 1 tie civil oBcari will not take any stepe to bring tbe offenders to justice. Another wis cruelly whipped for having brought a suit for waged agaiust a White man. In Panola county exists a gang ot five or six white men who live by robbing fr> > dnieu. Tbe people are afraid of them, ami tbe civil authorities are powerless because witnesses are afraid to testify against them Ttisee ca??* are reported by raea Who are known to t*? rj-mhfin j - VTbe New York Trxbu%f says: *?Oar Harrubor* di>patcbes <&1icate tbe flection of th? hoi onriifk Cameron to the United States Ser*t? it Is said to be probable that be will have a considerable majority on tie first ballot." Imfka< hhiit ?Tbe New Torb Tribune Of Jan. t> says, s?*n tenuously, tbe following. la tbls country, tbe shortest political road Is tbat wbicb lmd? from a majority to a mi> aority. Our pariy will tab* ibis road wheii It rasbly b*gin? impeachment." 7*()<>n*ral Buthr biu rommenwl a lib*| rnH ?r?iD8t tb? notortonk Vrick Pcmeroy, of 1-a Cro?#e. Witcoisiu. He claim* one baadrrd tLoo?an<l dollar* tOTAecor<Umg to Notr York diapateb** Hon. Ko?,'of CVvikltng bit tbebMt prospect f#r tbe fcx*B*tvr*Lip . t O'i . I ' V >v <4 . i /4 < this mwcrriox at gknkral ?rant's T b* reception ofG#n#r?l and Mrs. Grant. lu' trming, vu a most brilliant and recherche af. fair. Tbe spacious and raacniflcent parlor* of t (Antral were th run (red by tbe beauty an t elite of tbe Metropolis, and maay fr?m dtatn' parr* of the country. The par tort w?r? ?c. | or*>d and perfumed by boque? of flagrant 1 flower*, and by tea o'clock tbe *M*f wa*on-> nf linllltniv anil k*int? iK?? k*ia? five or six hundred persons present TbeQeaerai and bis accomplished lady received their guesis most cordially. Mrs. Grant was beautifully attired in plain green silk, cut with low neck. Over bar shoulders she wore a rich black racft cfpe. and k handsome black lace sash banc from ber left side, ber bair was crimped and dressed very plainly Tfce General was attired in unifbfm. Among las many distinguished persons we 1 noticed Secretary Stanton, and niece; Senator Doolittle, and daughter; Senator Sherman* and bis niece. Miss Mary Sherman; Senator Morrill, Senator Stewart, and ladj; Senator Mor i k&d, and lady: Speaker uolfai, and bit motbj er, Mra. Matnewa: Representatives Faras, worth, Bingham, Washbnrne?o(lU., aad AnfcI lej; General H*rdie, and lady; General Town, j wnd. Generalpchofleld. General Kirby smith, I of Kentncnj, General Dyer, General Miles, General Scbenck, General and Hrs. Bicketts, CoK>nel Drake b<*Kay. and many others. Of (be Diplomatic Corps there were Senar F. S. A*ta Burn a fa, and lady; Senor Sarmiento, Mr. Howard, of the British location, and Mr. Berringion, the private Secretary of Sir Frederick Bruce; Senor Baxreda and Senor Gutierrez; Mayor Wallaeb, and lady; B. B. Frencb, E<q ; Marshal Gooding, and lady; Colonel Ward H. ; Lismon. ?nd lady: Assistant Secretary Ckanrtlu; W. S. Huntington, Esq.; Uoa C?. W. HeLallan, 2d Assistant Postmaster General; Ooverncr Goodwin, of Arizona, and wife, Ac., 4c.c. The dresses of the ladies were rich and elegant. Seiiora Asta Buruatra, the wife of the Chilian Minister, was attired in a magnificent bin* silk, with 27 flounces, trimmed with valentia lace her hair being adorned with bine ribbon. Miss I>e Sales, of New Mexico, woVe a crimson silk, trimmed with white lace, and white lilies in her hair. Mrs. . enator Morgan wore a lavender colored silk, trtmm**d with honitonlace Miss Carroll woie a green silk, with train, double skirt, trimmed with iwans down; hair braided and dressed with white japonica. Mrs. Stephens wore a l rich black silk, trimmed with black velvet. mis out.itu'Iowid wore a white satin skirt and train, a tight-flttmr green silk basque, with lace spencer. Mrs Mayor Wallach wore a white silk dress and lace shawl. Mrs. Geo. Parker also wore a white silk dress, trimmed I withdraw color satin, diamond ear-rines and hair trimmed with flowers. Mrt. Senator Stewart wore a white mjtre antique under skirt, with train, pink silk basque, trimmed . with white lace. Mrs. General Hardie ware a lilac colored silk. Miss McCorkle wore a pink silk, double skirt and tralr, trimmed with j swans down Mrs. McLellan looked beautiful ; in a white satin skirt, trimmed with crimson velvet, lace spencer, trimmed with narrow red velvet. Miss Kelsey wore a green silk, trimmed with white lace. Miss Johnson, of ' Philadelphia, wore a whit? ?iiir ..- w m ? ? v>? "?u<t WII.U | train, crimson basqne, trimmed with white, i hair braided and adorned with mlrnonette : The (lining room had bewn cleared of alt ftir| niture, and soon after the arrival of the Rue?ts tbe sounds of music gave notice that the dancioir had commenced; daring the evening the room was crowded, and this favorite | nmu-emTt was kept up until a late hnar. | Tbe reception was on* of the most fashionI able and brilliant affaire <>ver h?l1 In this city. [r"=P-ATTBITIOH. aiB KHIOHT8 01" 00 LL5 LUMBlA 00*MA?D*JiY. tto. !i! - An ; Ar.oarmd Assembly ot nid Commaudery will be held at tbatr Anflna. TO-MORROW <Frid*y> i SvKHIMO, January 11, at 7 o'clock. SfrRnighs will take da* tic*, and govern tbaoMclvaa ac T. LOMOLBY, Beeirder^ [Tgr- woov foa"thi poob ? MxTni'i Office, i WAam.v~.Tox. D C.. Ja?. 10.18W.C Afyllrtati ire Infcrmd that the Police Hula trti?* of the m?rtl Wnraa have beet designated by the City Counetia to distribute the Wood, M fells we: 1-t Ward-Samuel Drury, Eaq . PeanirlTtila ai en oe, between Hat tsdud atr'eta. ?l Ward?B H Batea.lai., D street, between tltb and lzth atreeta _ I sd weid?Wa Tbompeon, Ban , lih street, beI twe+n D ud I streets. ... 4ih Ward?L. Glber??n, B?a.. Louisiana are! aue, between atb ud 6tb streets. 6th Ward?B. W. Fergneon. Beq , corner 1st street and Pennsylvania n??nue cth Ward?James Oa.ll, Bs?., K street, between 1 8tb aad 9th streets ** ttlCHABP WALLAOH, Mayor. ?* thb uw>D uocFc fiA "' ""f Of the JUUKHKT"?H. if DNIO* will bo htldttOtrSim5 ,llth Btre?t w**t.on THUKSDAT 1V1**r roT^Ktfali^r?jg^eoto4?lto Jtttond***'7 M6m VM BIBOI, B*c.' H ' PMSi*t33"* ???A,T BimviOlS. - WAOGH D D 1 * " y *#v- * ?* D? fa?M, Urateury Loto Fomi it | m. j ?At 7 ?l A^k4^011" MMTIIO, at which : IH.uh,?5,!1 ? A*.0*? 1?? ??? !?. of ?> | ernlbr'frem" Sen ft tor' W*TLL*slf s*d Hoa.'&IBAM I'HIOK ja9 4t* Q^-TO A Lb WBOMIT MAY OOBOBBN. e*r,n.t*r'? Orrict. Jaaaaryj.w. HOT10B 18 HBBBBT dlVSB that iImbmi ! it Tern to Haekittrt, Bftehwi tit ovwri of Do(t j eiylttd on January 1. IM7. sad that mI4 Hwmn Bat be im?*?4 at bu offlee within ton d?re fr?tn ; that date SAM'L B. LOUOLAM, | jaj dtjftl4 Befciiter. >lfc of no* or tub mutual fieb is H3 SBBAHGB 00 . D C., December II, IM4 toim aad expeaeea for the year 18K.?.#U),4M ?o Tr*minis note* and evh oa naad 4V 000 00 The regular tuaitl election for eeyen rr.aoftgera wMl take place en ON DAT. j aanary SI, between . the hoan of 10 a. a. aad 4 p. a | jftfreett* ritfMBi WABPi Preet. y llf B JOBBPH H raaTvrvi.ii \U be?rKoTio?fBT. i UA DIBS' ICB CB8AM * DlBlHQ 8A.LOO*. J 4 9 Pans. Are., bat. i?h an4 1MB ata. Woddlnn. Dinnar or Buapar Portlaa rap?Uad At 1 iSort Mile* with noTaltlea to Pfnmldi. fuer ' itkn, iiai OoifKtiMirlM, Jafllea ; W*Mtai ?ea, but quality. Tobla Ontnttto! t?l%ds, ctmb, Wtwr Im.Bomi PodoIi. bont'l Tar I jsfr,1no, * "* T"k" ' Attendant* ?l?o win ba aaot to attend to all daI tails of armnc*iB?nto. BrttiMi, Wrottbi, aad t"uIuT*gl<0*r4*JO?BPB H SH4TF1BLP. Y|-llTiBLI?_HBD 1???. 1 McPHBBSON * IBBGDBOH, I IT1 Pans. AttxvK, count*. la* mUT? j 0*rrroL Hru, r ^ AVUM k* *'t A1 * " ?So?&**l0kL?' ! Phyaietaiu Proo^SJoao ?? ?*??* ^||| PABLfl Kip OliOYK D1P0T. 08 OOCBVOISlSmi, ALKXAHDSbv. We kkTi J?at r*c*lT*4 trom tb? Amti a fall N?ti ?f th? "ooomToiuam*" u< ALBX* AHD??,9"f*Utar?Ud *ID OLOTB8, la Wfctt*. Lliht. Dirk. Midlia ALSO, kn* BBW OOWJBS jmat fa?orU4 1'rlM '<! ytrvtlr or ft33 ?er dosaa. PARIS KID GL0YB8, good article, at lltiudfl.ftO poryalr, alt Isca ?nd colon. Fin# CaPKBUKD KIP 8L0VB8, fl.M for yolr. Via* CLOTH GL0VB8 itt groal Tarlaty JOB. J. MAY ft 09., 808 PMMflTfaii imu, ia ll-nif betwmb ?tt ob4 lOtfe ate. P^ZSKIIL'8 YIMIBI4 HAIB BBSTOBIB. H*ia B*j*otaraij?Wo imblWk UUa moraing rnasmmam no?tmm? jwlHMd off fee kX^m Tri it j?.T?? m.MM w?"; _ A.HI^JTO* C??T. J>. 0., ? ?. 31. ISM ^^^ggb&.,s3SKte!t VrolB th? tMtinon of aU* Mm4> m. v fSssaubr* ? Mr^s3-n .'.*ij TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BY U. 8. ft EUROp&AW NEWS ASSOCIATION. \r*OM EX ROPE The Refnrai Iftrrmeal?The French ftrmi ?The Bavarian Army, f Br Atlantic Cable. 1 LOV&OW, Jaa. 9-Evaoinft.?It is reported in well informed circle* that tbe British Ministry have decided upon resigning in case too great , a anisore UbrMiAtto bear apon them by the f iends of ttm reform movement, ltissUteU tnaltbey have indicated a desire to (rant considerable concession*, bat are decidedly oj>posed to the extreme measures advocated qj tbe reform leaders. Pabis. Jan.9?Evening?A. report ts enm?nt thai one branchof tbe Government has decided to favor. tbe proposed organization of the French army. It is thought that ia canseqaeflca of roe op posit ton manifested to the measure, both by ibe people and several leadIng statesmen, that the Emperor will not favor Its presentation by bis War Minister to the Orpa l^egUJatif. Mchicr. Jan. 9?Evenin*.?Th? K*???i?n Chamber* hare assented to tbe proposed organization of tbe Bavultn army npoa tbe came basts as tbe Prussian army. Loleoh, Jim. lo.?Kirei twenties, 7i%. New York Itema* Nrw York, Jan. ??.?Several large seizures of whiskey were made in Brooklyn this week. In tbv basement Of No. <B. Water street, 6(10 barrels /*#n found iraproperiy branded. Fify-four barrels were seised in the distillery of Vegarty and Eyrne, in Richard street, and eight barrels in the premises of James Kegan, on Baltic street An attempt to bribe the deputy collector proved a failure. I George Wagner, who wa* tried In October !??'. for Ihu m ..rH.o hi. ? ?- *-- " - --W *WM> w? Mae w HO III J Uiy oi I lie ?amc year, was yesterday sentenced tos be banged on the 1st of March text. Kitty-four keepers ot policy stiops were arrested yesterday, and held to appear for trial on a charge ot violation of the State law. A man named MeCormick bas been arrested for attempting to draw a forged check for Si;.***1 on ihe Fourth National Bink, puiporting to be signed by Jay Cooke k. Co . and committed for trial. The police are ee&rchuig for the author of the forgery. It Is understood that tne constitutionality of (tie New York Excise Law will be tested in the United States Supreme Coart. A telegram from Albany says that in the Senatorial contest, the prospects of Roscw (Jonkllng are decidedly the best. The jnry in the Uni&d States District Oourt, yesterday, fonnd a verdict for the Government in a suit to recover from the late collector liarney, certain duties allegedto have been illegally levied on delaines goods imported. This was a lest case, and involves nearlv a million of dollars. A New Orleans telegram statesthat General Cai> t? I man and Mazimillian have come t? a secret understanding which does not unfavorably aflect the formal restoration of Jnarezto the Presidency by the middle of nsxt montb. The revenue cotter McCulloch,at New Orleans, has been ordered to leave for Havana, on Friday, to await sealed orders. Her mission is tbougbt to be connected with th? mysterious mission of Assistant Secretary Seward. Frsm Missouri? Governor's nt*M|r? St. I^odih, Jan.?.?The DemicrcCs Topeka special, quoting from Gov. Crawford's me? ge, any? that the harvests have tven bountl fn.; every branch of industry successful; mechanics and laborers received good wafers; employers bay* been compelled to s*ek laborers, instead ot labor seeking employment; c ipnal in every branch of business las yielded tnnrisaroe profits many towns and cities barn urnrly doubled their population and wealth di ring the year; and the State is rapidly Ailing up with intelligent, enterprising farmers. The population of the State has increased abont 5 \(x u, and 40 per cent, has been added to the national wealth. In reviewing the political situation the 3overnor says that the attempt to force into Congress the Representatives irom the seceded States Is an usurpation only equalled by tae conduct ol the leaders of the rebellion, and that the President has failed to me>t the exnpruttinna of tha ln??1 a# 1 , ? f- "?'"1 mo uauvu. From Congress to the people the appeal was answered by evry loyal State, with overwhelming majorities condemning bs coarse, and any other ofllcial of* republican Govemmeat woild have yielded to tbe najority aad acknowledged iu authority, bat fram his recent met sage no aucb acquiescence is manifested. Vreaa the Pacific Coaat. Sah Fe ah euro. Jan. ? 'The Hoar< of Directors of the Pacific Insurance Compiny notify the stockholder-is mat tbe Capital stock will be increased from ?7?uwo to S 1,000,<kxj. Tbe Company bare declared a dividend of six per cent, for tbe last quarter. Tbe Yellow Jacket MlmneCnmnun* **?.-?? declared a dividend of fifty dollars,carrying to eurplus 83y,oou. Gov.Blaieden and Lieat. Gov. Stingerland, were lnaaxurated at Oaasen, Nevada, yesterday, with tbe nana) ceremonies. A tarre meeting was beld at Victoria yesterday, which resolved to petitfen for the removal of tbe Colonial Government to tbat place. new ooal nine Is reported to bave been discovered twenty miles above Victoria. Tbe government bas issued proposals fbr the establishment of steam communication trlmontbly between New Western Victoria, Esqulmanlt and San Francisco. Railroad War ia the Illiasls Legislature. Chicago, Jan. lu.?Tbe war on the railroads commenced >0 tbe Moose yesterday morning, by the adoption of tbe following resolution: That tbe Committee on Kailroad* be instructed to inquire into tbe power of the Legislature to control tbe railroad onrimriiin?. - ? - l State by direct legislation on the subject of passengers and freight, to secure tbe private citizens of tbia State from inordinate anfl extortionate demands,and asaerte the sovereignty of tbe people of tbe Stat* on all persons, natural er artificial, witbin its limits lor tbe .general good, and tbat such committee bave power to send for persons and papers, and to compel testimony under oatb; and that tbe said committee be further instructed to report to tbe Honae at tbe earliest possible period, by bill or otherwise. Prepesed Amendment ?f tbe Missenri Slate I Constltutlen.. St. Louis. Jan. 9?A bill was introduced into the State Senate tosday to amend tbe State Constitution by abolishing tbe te?t oatb aa apf>lied to JKiniatera of tbe Gospel, teachers and awyers. Also, striking out tbe word white. It wu rpJLri tw 1 pa ftnrf ?k- ^ tec on Uvutituttonal Amendment*. A concurrent resolution was adopted in. structlng the Senator* in Congress, and re. questing the Members of the House of Kapre. scutatives to org* the repeal of the law appro, prist lug money lor the payment of slaves en. luted in tbe United States service. In the House tb? resolutions providing for tbe amendments to the State Constitution, tbe same aa those proposed in the Senate, were ta. led. Tkt Fealaa PrlMa?ri? _Jwi. 9.?McMahon, Lynch, wd Ht8 oiber tmlu prliontrii MBtcnutd m ?^BnUd to J*ar?' lmprlwa. j in Uit provincial p#nit#nU&ry Tbi ?SSTotE ons: ^SS^kss^vsii uSSTf onb?c!SJg?ii2!SSEflrtifJ *** able counsel to defend the prisoners. Indiana Democratic State Caaaittee, lVDiAXAPOLia, Jan. 9?The Democratic fetate Central Committee held a meeting here yesterday, and adopted the fallowing a* a baTh?l SUff 2 eU,TE eU ' tur*? op: They rwolttd?t irst. That tflfey renew their devotion to the cardinal principles of theOov rnnsenL Second. That they endorse the veto of the suffrage bill. Third. That the preeent troablee of the country were the work of the Republican party Ponrth. That it was sttll the mission of the Democratic party to maintain the integrity of the Federal Constitution I ana. niu. mat tna tat* decision of tbt Supreme Court g&ve them much hope for the fatnri. ' , The I'rMby Opera Hraw Art Aaaeclalien Drawing. [Special to Washington Star.] Chioacks Jan. 8, 1367.?The preparations for the drawl** of the Opera Hons* and Painting* of tbevroeby Art Association are complete' The member* of the committee from abroad wili arrive on the ltfth. The drawing will commence at balf-paat two o'clock in the afterpbon of tfce twenty-flrat (Slat) inet. The whole matter la now tn tbehanda ot the awarding committee. Illlaate IntUrikip. SpsnioriKLu, III., Jm. 9?T*> Kepttblicfta member*,of the Legislature met in (Jaacua *? ?"?; Md twolT?? to poatponie action o?tbe United State* Senatorial question till jbe evening of tins 13th last., by a Tote of <7 to WliNMlfe Legtalatare. MAmPOH,Wl... Jan.O.?TUe R^piiblieaof of Bowen, tb? spaaker or theftat Hot*. Mr. E. U \ Otllt All nAminata^ (na -- "f V?W?. .'U. rji!i ^4' { ' J'i. . I 0 miii ram omuiw mil limit 4 O'CLOCK F. M. s GOVEBNMUT SECURITIES. V APHIBOTOM, Jutvj 10, I9t7.

Jay Cook* k. Go ftormsh tt? following qoot&tiuu of Qovefoaa&t sec art um: Buymg. Setting. D. 8. ra Oonpon, 1881 lu? * lug <J. 8. FWa Twanuaa, iWW lift# 107 U. S. Fiva Twantiaa. 18M It 4 u U)j UfS. FWa Tweutita, 1865 lQBtf U. S. Five Twentlaa, Jan&J'jVftS.HB* It* U. 8. Tan Fort*. w* UW 5: MRS B58C tJfcfS? St! it m i-.- ?- - 1 Iff* UW YOIX FIRST BOARD IALII. Coupons, K4; Fit* Twentiss, 196i, 10?)<i Five TwfntlM, 18U, 105, Five Tim'JN, I->65, 186k; Fir* Twenties, January u4 July, J846, lt?\. Ten Forties. 99U\ Seven Thirties. Aiiruit, iiHHi do. Jane, lift*;do. Jul?, 104*; Gold, 13*\. 1 1 FINANCIAL. Ltwli Johnson A Oo.f quote Stocks Md Bonds is home and foreign markets as follows: Niv JorK. Jan. 10.?1st Board?U. 8. registered, Ibbl, 107#; Uo., coupons, 109; 5-2t>s, registered. 106; do. coupons. 107; don 1965; H-SMi 10-40 8, registered. 100;* JMJi; 7-3o e, H4S: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates. iCk; Ornon. 45]tf; Cumberland, 9uy; Quicksilver, 42 Vi Mariposa, 13J{; New York Central, iiv^, Mittwi, uu. Bitot a, 73: Hadson. Ketiding, let jj; Michigan Central, 10?X; Micbiran Southern, 7(J\; Illinois Centra., 11*^; Cleveland and Puisburg, M>)<; Cleveland and Toledo. 122; Rock Island. 102,V; Nor in western, 42K; do. preferred, 80J?; Fort Wayne. H,a: Chicago and Alton, lW>*j, Alton and Terre Hant?s 4ii; Toledo and Wanasb, 42#: W. U. Telegraph, 45*; Boston Water Power, W)(\ Paciftc Mail, 166, Atlantic Mail, 1<*5. American | gold, 2.3(i p. m., 133\. BOSH I Tbe story sent ont tbrongb the country per telegram, to tbe effect tbat ^matters of a serious and grave nature' are now nnder consid* eratlon at tbe War Department and in mill t&ry circles in view of disturbances likely to grow oat of tbe impeachment of tbe President bv Congress," it all boeh, as 1? tbe telegram in tbe came connection that "troops are now being transported to different points, to wbat destination is a mystery ." There is no mystery abont it whatever, tbe only movement of troops baring the slightest significance is that of some regiment* sent westward in consequence of tbe Indian outbreaks. THE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT Virginia and Kentucky having rejected tbe constitutional amendment, Maryland and Delaware will no doubt "follow salt;" and tbe amendment will not be ratified unless It is decided that three-fourths of the States represented in Congress have the power to adopt | it. We ao not question the right of southern legislators to rote upon this and other meas[ u res as tbey see fit, but if they are not disposed to make some sacrifices In order to be restored to tbe rights which they forfeited, they moit make up their minds to take tbe consequences THE TARIFF The Senate Finance Commit ee will proba> bl> not report their tariff bill before Monday next. It is understood that it will embrace some features of the House bill of last session, but will be founded mainly upon tbe Wells' tariff bill. CLBRE8- COMPKN8ATIOW. I There was a large attendance in tke Honse galleries to-day of departmental clerks, in anticipation of tbe clerks' additional compenI sation bill being brought up for consideration. DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC LANDS. Returns received at the Ucncrtl Ij.nrf na?? show that 13,520 a?.ree of tbepnblic lands were disposed of daring the month of December last, at tbe lollowing local offlcet: Topeka, Kansas, 7,214 acres; Saint Peter, Minnesota, 3,601 acres; Sioux city, Iowa, 8,?i? acres. The greater portion of tbe laud was taken tor acI tnal settlement and cultivation under the homestead law. I RECEPTION TO NIGHT. The first public reception by Speaker Colfax will take place this evening, from halfpast " to 11 p.m., ft his residence, No. 8 4# street. Thb Opiba.?Miss Amelia M. Hauck was charming as "Amina," in ??La Soanambula," at tbe National Theater, last evening, and the freshness aud purity of ber voice in tbe beautiful and touching music of the part, and her unconstrained and natural acting created quite a senailon among musical critics, and elicited the enthusiastic applause of the small but appreciative audience present, who were not so well satisfied with the singing of Signor Haragli. Antonnuchi was excellent as "(Joun* Kudolpbe." The substitution of another "Lisa" for Mtss Stockton. k.h flora the pleasnre of the performance. To. night we have Miss Kelltnu "Zerlina," with Koiiconl as tbe ? English Milord," in **Fra biavoli." Pmu-owal.?Ei-Po#tma?ter General Dennw ton arrived in tbe city ibis rauraing. Post, master General Randall and lady arrived here last evening. Hon. Mr. Darling, of New York, baa been called borne by the illness of a daughter. i Thb Fbbmcb Mibirtbb, Mr. Berlbemy, dined with Mr. Snstner yesterday. Ibtbkbai. Kbybbvb.?The receipts from this source to-day were geiu,P3'J.;j7. /in*t/i Tk n^ini /v*t ? r UVU vxn ftJVlUIN A L*. THrKSDAT, JAKI'ABT 10. Sbhats.? Mr. Wade presented a petition from wool-growers of Onto, asking tbe passave of the tariff bill. Referred to tbe Committee on Finance. Mr. Sbermac presented a similar peUUon, witb same referent. Mr. l.ane presented a petition of cigar manataciarers, asking a reduction of tax onclgafs. Referred to the Committee on finance. Mr. Chandler presentedmsmorials from tbe Boards of Trade of several ox the lake cities relative te harbor impro Yemen te. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Sir, Hendricks presented a petition asking that the dmj on flaxseed be fixed at 30 cents. Referred to tbe Committee on Finance. Mr. Morgan presented several petitions in fhvor of the tariff bill passed by the Hoasa at last session. Referred to the Committee on*' Finance. Mr. Sumner presented a petitioa from citizens of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, nsk. lpg immediate legislation to prevent any dietinction being made la the District of Colambi&, tbe Territories, and the t*?n unreconstructed States on ncoount of birth, race, or color. BelerredtO Reconstruction Committee. On motion of tfjr. Sherman,the hill to refund oer am daUee on railroad Iroa paid by tbe Winoaa and St. Peter's Ballrond Company was taken up and passed. "TM Mil fixing the uma for the regular meetings of Congress was taken up The amendment reported by the Judiciary Committee, providing that ho member of n preceding Congress shall be entitled to mileage la going to or Irom the additiohal session, provi w? ?; wo Mill F?, uuirivnic cuscusston, would like to know the mch> tltjr for theptssgge of the hill, whether it vu for the Interests of the country or for p&rUxan objects. It was doe to the country that the reasons should he stated.. . Mr. Polana did not feel inclined to discuss, whatever, of political elgnlfeauce attached to this measure, but could inform the Senator thai It was thought necessary to organise the 40th Uespesi at onee, the President of the Senate, and attar htes, the Speaker of ?h? House being designated after the JTieePteeidaot te ouooeed to the Presidency, when vacated by death or otherwlee. Under the existing law there wonld be no organisation of tbe 4oth Oongteee for nine-month* after iu offlciai term commenced. " After eeme farther dtseuseion the hill waa part-ed by yeas 30, nays 5. Tbe bill prohibiting any denial of Urn elec, tlve frunrhu* or oltur rUht? sin rue or cplor in any fit theXerritoriaibow or* iMMned or to be organized, wa* take* bp, 'I.eaded, and p?m1 hy Ai* m, un 8^ , Mwnfc Buofcatow, JDixea, HendricJu, Johnsob, Norton, Patterson, and Sahtabary. The bill to reftnlate the term of ?Aee waa the* taken Bp aajt z?pd. 1^ / J - lit p?ohltait* the Preeideatfroro Making mmr . reaiorala from office witheat the ooaseat of the seaate. excepting OaMnet ofRoerv] Mr. How? moved to include OaMaetofllotra in toe prori?icrti o f the Mfl ? eoaU ?e? bo tea. H why they were excepted. ' " * * - 4 i . > *4, I 44 * * d#- UK* i rwtlAcaU*M ( M*Mrtal ? < c?m 4a? Th? If* rlrsM Rut To?*. JU. 10?A Q.a**rc , Myt that plus tfHsldod on fur tor iflrfw# ol Montreal, for vklift PfcrliM^at Will b- n>quired t? rou ?1?.?M.0U? Iter work. w.Jl tm. comip<>acb?<l bpxi ?t>am?r. A W?w OtImbi dhfticli My* tbkt JmOzf A 1*11 of Um Uait*d SUMS District Ooort, d?11 rrrm ii>L>mutk> .... ........ wr.m *aipi j vi mi iri? than #900 or mor? than fl.-JOU per aaaum Pmtd. Mr. Alley, from the same committee, reBorted a bill declaring the bridge acros* the Ltacitstopi river, from New Albany, 111, to Cllt^oi'^fowa, a poet route. Mf. Wubbnro* (III.) oppoaed the bill, on tbe groan* that It obetraoted navigation, and was detrimental to commercial interests. Mr.Scofleld (Ha) advocated tbe bill, ao tt waa Beceaaary to open communication with tbe (Teat terminus west of the Miaataatppt. JHr. Alley adrocated tbe bill at length, and demanded tbe previous question, which was seconded. Mr. Alley roee to eloae debate, and yield<*d a portion of bia time to Mr. Farqnbar, <Ind .) r~ ? nlui uib vyjiuieu, uu iooi mf.n spoil the ice with a sled. The rule of the park torbid* the carrying of fcleds upon the ice, bat Mr. A. claimed that be bad written permission to carry the sled upon the eastern part of the pond, where he was going. The managers ordered btm ofT and be refused te go, and tbejr undertook to put him ofl, when a ncht ensued, in which several engaged. Mr. A. was arretted and taken before Justioe Drury, and ruled the case before Justice Morsel I. in the Second Ward, for trial this morning at eleven o'clock. At the hour appointed, tne witnesses not being present, Justice Mortell dismissed the case against Mr. A., bnt beld him to bail fer peace. Mr. A. then bad warrants issued for Wm. A. Orav. W H. Clagett, M. W. Parker, and Capt. Kodgers, fur assault and battery. Theee cases are raled for to-morrow at nine o'clock, at the central guardhouse. where the whole case will be Investigated. a ui80backtul :\wa : k Yesterday morning, about ll)( o'clock, two females. named Belle Oarria and Alice Wolfe, called at tbe Post Office Department. The flrat-named asked to see a clerk employed m the building, and while the waa in his room Alice Wolfe went to the room of another clerc. Wbile sbe was in there a sister of Belle Oarcia, employed as clerk iu tbe General Poet Office, came in, about tbe same time Belle returned. Something was said which raised the anger of one of them, and a quarrel ensued between the three women, during which language not fit to publish was used. The clerks were attracted to the place by the disturbance, and the disgraceful aflfclr was witnessed by a large number. We understand Postmaster Qeneral Randall will investigate tbe matter. Rumor has it tbat tbe whole thing was caused by the green eyed monster. Okixikax Ooukt, Judat fttker.?This morn ing, Francis Brannon, alias Brown, was found guiky of larceny. Tboe. Shepherd, Indicted for larceny, was convicted. before J nstice Morsel 1 this morning. and tbe property being identified m belonging to Mrs. Mary B. Kennedy. Jerry was sent to jail for oourt. SKXTM LIQUOR WITHOTT jliccv?i J. L. D. Lnwisnce. restnumbt ttesper, ww arrested by Officer Ouraud. of tne Fourth Ward, for aril, ing liquor without the Hcesee required by law. . He wna taken before JusUce Walter,who lined htm t25. Fightiwo TV MiUit -Harry Long was arrested by officer McKlfreeh. of the Third Ward, for fighting la 'he Northern Market. ' Juatice Thompson sent him to tbe work heuee. , FoufTALino TUB MiBKiT ? Joe. Fleher. huckster, was arrested this morulas br officer Breanaban, far fnseetallltg the market. He wae taken to tbe Oentral Guardhouse and fined 10. Attain Is Georgetown. VlOLATIW? THI OWFHiTIOS LiV.-YWterdsv. W. O. Husev. merchant, ?m arrested upon tbe complaint of John W. Grose, for ex poetn* goods for sale on tbe pevemeut, bfeyoud tbe limits prescribed by tbe ordinance. Tbe cam was taken before JneOee Bnckey, wis fined him 15 H. Mr. Bn?ey than bvi vtrruu served upon A. J. RadQilffe, James Vaoderwerken, Joseph Jackson, Jenktn Thomas, John Biley, John Liddana. and Jas. M May. upon similar charges. They all appeared f) tbe Justice this morning, and Mr. we^'dfimtsaocL^** *** c**rf8*' U>e Len PavrnOBh.?TMterday, a white named Henry Brown, was tried befctre [ Justice Backer for obtaining roods and money ' from a colored mas named Wat Reader*. *t three d liferent ttmas. The first operation was obtaining a cart under the pretenoe of (trine a note, which be did not do after getting tbe cart. ThU MSt 1 (Mltalu ? SBff33B?wi??5& Tbi BCZt WU (OttlDC ll/KW) SatdH'l Wife, on a Ilk* jmmm. Juatioe Backtj Mat Mm to jail for court la a+eb eaaf. Flo it* aid Qaanr KaakaV.?The market coatianaa to bo d?lL la fact ao market oaaaot be otherwise aattfe tba tea brnaka ?p and tbe river route raopaa%*. Tbo demand 4a aololy for blab art*aa far tba local tra^a. and tba IranaadUort ore unimportant, at,tbe pricea last quoted. There ara ao valet of grata npoa which to baao aaatatlona; bat tbera ara ao ladlca-loaaofacbaagaof thepttoadtat 5a?3 wacoaa at. 9M0. and from atorrn at SM*# par 100 Iba. A daoliaa aiaoa yaatorday. ^ .-<1 , ' iKUJtX a?**** ?6 wm. J. Martin, indicted for larceny, was found guilty of petty larceny, and received a nominal sentence. Smithers for defence. William Henry, indicted for larceny, plead guilty, and in a second case a nolle prot. was entered. Annie Brown, indicted for the larceny of *45 from Mrs. Ruppert wee convicted. MYRTUtiorsLT DttarpnaBAnoi. ? Some days ago Captain Ignax Coben, formerly a Captain in the rrth Pennsylvania volunteers, cams to this city in reference to a claim against tne Government. Since his arrival In the city be baa bad but'little aoaey Recently his claim bas been settled, and about SKJO rtanris to bis credit, bet he suddenlyxdimppe&r*d two days ago; tbe last seen of him was in Klou's bowling saloon, Pennsylvania avenue, near 1 2d street, about5o'clock p.m.,Tuesday, where be pjayed a game of bagatelle. Sbkt to ALna?t ParrrwrriAnr.?Tfce tollowing prisoners were sent to the Albany /wwnuaj vj narufn DTOWD, OI th? jail: Henry I Tell, robbery, 3 years; Potesto Carlo, robbery, 3 years; Wim. Field, assault and battery. Intent to kill. % yeai?; James Coleman, Henry Etgrr, 1>tI BnUer, Stephen Washington, Joseph Peyton. Philip Lancaster, Wm. Smith, Charles Kennedy. Joseph Tarlor. Joseph Kobinson. for larceny, each en* yearMary Olaacoe, larceny in two casee, a year in each case. Jail fob Corn*.?Jerry Johnson. the pasaaice thief arrested Tuesday night ?y Offlc?r Steele, of tbe Second Ward, (and the atolea property found in bis Bossesion.1 hHrl a. huHn. wtio advocated tne report of tne committee, and expressed surprise at the objection of Kr. Washburne. of III. The committee bad carefully examined tne subject, and were satisfied tbe bridge did not in an j particular obstruct tbs navigation of tbe Mississippi river. Tb<* bridge bad been standing for oyer two years, and yet no vessel was ever obstructed by tt. Mr. Wasbburne (111.) characterized sach legislation as tbis at outrs?con? ??<i in of q^H>polles. He reiterated bis assertion that tbeonage was aa obstruction; and those who said it was not, were merely interested witnesses. He had no doubt the gentleman from Massachusetts (Mr. Alley) and tne gentleman from New Yor* (Mx. Davis), whoso' persistently advocated the bfll, bad an Internet in it. Mr. Alley denied having any pecuniary interest in it. Mr. Wasbbnrne, ta continuation, said the bridge bad injured the coirraerceof the Northwest to the amount ot over hall a million of dollars. Mr. Farqubar further advocated the bill. ? ?mam LOCAL NEWS. IMrricrLTT at thiSkatiho Park ?Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Alex. Adamson. oueot the stockholder* of tbe skating park, went tj the tbe riot*. iu qaotlnclbw to ifeo* tk?t u>' coarfBUoaot ls?0i wu n illegal MirablM* is 196#. Frta New Orlraai tfmw Ouuii, Jan V.?WwUtr rent ao 1 loppy. Tb* muumftu tm ttoe iim'oi ?r? quite limited ttf?at comptmnis h%*? ^ Mil* la the interior of Ixmiiiaaa ot tb* ta*ir. 1 Truce of the fwda?n to mk? contract* lor tb- ouniot year, their U|t|?nfuU aetoc bielly by tboe* who remain wiUi their f irmer maeWre Tbe holiday beinr orer. there mure wiUutaneM to eicaco in work Nakfii <oi ? ? > l**w rlrtu St. L<Mria, Jaa y?OoJ. Montgomery. of Utf State Militia. who was arresteo m lyiii(k?t. by M. 8. Wallace vai released u>-<uy hy a writ of habeas corjmt. issued by th? U. ft District Uoart Several other parue*. I acedia* tbo Sheriff of Lalayette coaaiy. and the Mayor of Ltunfioa. are ta the casiody of um Marshal aad Will proceed to 8L l,ouis Tor tnst before Judge Trea'.of the U.S. Oircatt Unn Ualtiau News. Maw Yoaa, Jan 10 ?A flaw Orleans du patch says that arraacemenu hate been mad*to hare all tfce colored troopaoat of l?ouisiaaa t-ooa. Goreraer Well* will mcsnaead to tar urimogir^l I'UDllUf "?IOi, ID* employment of Penitentiary convicts in tbe constrnc tien of nulroeds and other public work*. FiMsritl N?Tf?rat West. St. Loci*. Jan ?Several of tbe Na'ioaal Banks in tbis city bare agreed to unite m ? memorial to Congress. asking that tbi-re?tinii be no contraction of tbe curreacy. and no pro. hibatioa of tbe National Bank* allowing intereat on deposits, and should oaly be required to redeem their note* at their own couu**rs. The Pennsylvania IrMUnkip. HiliixBcin, Jan. > ?Mr. Jno W Korn?? arrived to-nigbt and baa a loag later view witn Mr. Steven--. Tbe contest for tbe Senatorialu i* exciting intense iatereaf ad a apacalaiiiMi* are rife tbat someextraordinary derclopta-nu may take place to-morrow. Frta CaaadaOmwi,C. W , 3an The Cabinet Miai*. ters are expected here to-morrow The Board for Public W.irfca aJvertioe f.?t proporaie to deepea tUe Corrillor and tfreea \ille Canal* Malae Le|iilaur?. Ai*oc*ta, M? , Jan The Stale I*egula. tare have Toted to continue Lbe IngaJtzauou ?! tbe suspension of specia payment* by tuBanka until April 15th. I9(K Elertiaa of fceaatar from Miit??ri. JxrvcKPOif City Mo , Jan. to.? Hon O D Drake has b??en elected l*ai ted State* St-uaU/r from Miaaouri. Baltimore Market*. liALTmosK, Jan. 1?? Wheat aoarre ?onth. * era nominal; Kentucky white. 3 J- Can quiet; white, l.iQMI u5< yellow, Sl.iKtaSI u< OaU and seeds doll Kloor firm, witb an sport demand. Groceries are m (air dcmto I and steady. Naval stores inactive. 1'rovisi ?n= doll; sales of old cl*ar, bacon sides at ti^aj-Jc new do., I'Jj^al^^c. Lwd auoaiaal. t\?uon doll; middling upland, Whisky Inactive EviMNtt DBK88 GOO?8 Ws havejast returned from Ksw fork. bsria* ?nrchas*d thsrs at vsrj low priow a large a?-o.? meet of FIHK TAELITOH MUSLIMS, t?i la Wh*to, ft **, Chsrrr. Plat Bias, Slack, aad Uaea colors. H.4 Fios Whit* Franch OMOhMDT. 9 4 Flao Whlt? Ports MUSLIMS ?.? Flos Whits I Mils MUSLIMS. 4 4 aas 4-4 Flao Wklla Swiss MUSLIMS. 4-4 aad 6-4 Flos Whtto ALPACAS. Fall supply of the b?st maks of FABIS BID OLOTfts, prlos, fit per pair. BALMOBAL SJUBTIMGS. Woopsa to dor ths lorgsst aad host assort moat of BBQLISB ABD FBMMOH SKIBTlMOS rrsr ofisrod ta this marks*. Alio, i?r|* hock or MIBT TftlHMIVOS. i lo? yrf?M. 106. i. UIIW, SOB PM>i|l?Uil ?TM??, j?l? U between ?ih oad l'Kh ?U ^ILLIHO orr TO OLOSB BUSIWBM. i V.TOWlUID * 00. Jeweler,. 416 7tk C, k*lMH Dudl. H?t1i|liUmlstd to retire from offer oar beeatlfal Meortxn-at of Jewelry Ml VtKi Good* ?t lilt ooel. All Modi mid hum toed to be wfeot rrftecentod. Whi lit cloeiB* oet Mretock of Jewelry u4 Wrnmcj GockU. we off oar HtiMH vk* ?Uti U yircbtM VttckN th? opportunity of buy in* then at wholaaale rttM. PE1CB Lift Or VATOflU. Hmbutlu cw.tKbir ;ewa' AMi. nit; Do. Aaaartaoo.Btiarr swnnti, j*w?Ud,lir.?ol?; J>* America?, r fl.Bartlett moT?i??*ta. joweled, fit. tolg; 14 karat ,t?t. o*h, A.Baric*n.P t Bartlott. chronomater v?d.. f ?7. cold; Bdo.i" , 09VBc>*t.' IS 4o .&i pJatoa, Trace? A Co., droMitirn!., fW.goM. ABT10LM tO Bl BAFVUID. 1 Ladtaa'Cabinet u4 Ct*lf.>Mtot aacfco.Inlaid with COM, tut tfaaold. 1 UJim ' Work Tiki*. Hfitr hum, latJd wtth Harl; rat coat, f7* la void. i fcoaowood Drwatag Oo?, aaooalo* allk aoU4 Itarliti alitor, &vat coat, f J(W 516 7th treat few toora M?f jo 10-1W Odd rellowe" Hall QBOOBBIB8. HtLL * PUIT, PL4R1 BCILVIM, Conn Bow Vwk Mnae Mi 1Mb atraot. (Batraac* on Hew York aTaaaa,) DmWtiIi fine FAMILY QB0CBB1BA, tIAf> WIBBS, IBPOBTBP LT7XUBIB8, Ac.. Ac . vo?M raapectfally notify thair frtend? and ??> faUtcttiAH>*T h*M jwl c??M tfttir K?v cm llHi, wbera eaa l?a >HilD?d any article m U? ke?t la * first eliy Grocery Without atttmptlac teeaaMrate oar lergt, fraah an4 wall elactcd itock, wf cordially iiTiit tha pabltc ta tiulit oar aUr? Md Mack, believing wa ball not fail to giva anttra XliBctlm ta all who at? favor oa *lth tk?ir patreaag*. WeeeH w|?di| attnllm to oar aaaortRi*-rt of TEAS aad OOFFBB0. which bare beea M>?*' < with |mt rarvftor parity. Dwltn will ?ai ? m mtrn<?| >? ??l?at from. ?i o?r ?rlen to uit. Goods 4altr?rad h*b|Ut U Mr part of tlx city, jan Mai .| WILLOPBI^A fKOVlfllM STOEBTHOtS oa 10th ilrMt, twU'MI "ill A **? whurt 1 will bava oa koi ?<kla? la ik*?r"t<loB b? told at tfea lowcat atrktt jrlcn. jaMt* WW ifm? fVOTIOI -Th?- < op?rtn?-r?l i p bwiMin ulil 1* tat batwaaa the uaiaioifaad. aUir ikr d??? u< My I of 0 B. JawcM M Oa.. mm* 4lstokr+4 Jmm aary 1 |MT THOMAS P BOBtiiH. GEO KHIMKUABT ,? &-*! c i. awm. S"'""" u.n .un. or all kit*, from tll? tofts rontin * TftinBL*. Vo *00 fut B?ltlaoroatrM?. d? 18 la IM _ EL*. MiftBiul. It S?6 0?rt*t, Utr*M <!. ?< ttrtrrete.lB tfala city hM tkla <Ur WiilUtaNl, I. ! ?? V tu .. f : ? r ?j|#f * fcivii, * <f Houea.?Mr. Upton (Mick.) introduced a rwo'ntion rrqonunc the Committee on Commerce to inqa re into the expedivacy of makin* aa appeapna^uor. for the repeir and comuoa ot tbajkaxbor pi St. Jowpb, on Ltk* ,Mrftook fill,| latroliwd a molauoi direct tag tbe Committee oa Military Affairs to aqatn >a?o Ike expedieacy of proeMtag by law. Hit all ctnaiHioatd oflcere and an Hated mea wao aertrad la ttae army aad navy of tbe Uaited Statee duriaf tbe late war. and who were aeparated from their commands or rrgtmeats ae priaonera of war. or wbo were doubled by wounda,or wbo were oa detailed or detached aerrk-e, aball, npon tbetr mnaier nni MAA.ara fn II ? ? v, .vvvkv ? ? j auu ?|IVWMCre ap vo the date of their mnner oat or discharge. and to allow them the usual commutation for travel and rations, and to allotr them full pajr far the time they were subject to military authority, and thereby deprived of entering La to any other employment. Agreed to. Mr. fcojer (Pa.) waaaf hfl own request ex. cased from isrtUr nttio* apoa tu gemmatee on tbe Militia. Mr. Cooper (Tear) presented credentials of lloo. Tbos J. Foster and Hon. A.M. Branch, who claim to bo Rap raeentatiree respectirely from tbe Sixth Alabama district and tbe Third Texas district. Kslarred to Ooaauttee on Elections. Mr. Alley (Masa.) from tbe Post (>lire Committee. repoated a bill authorizing the Poetmaster General to pay to roate agents of the Pf??t f hnn?Mwtant ?0