Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. U ^ . . AVUMMEBTS. ftc.. TO-fllGHT. "National i hkatkr ? Anbrr's popular op?? ol ?Fr* Li?tolo," tbta evnlrn, vritb a flu* ra?t I>a*t appvar&nce of MKeliocg. wbo vrtll appear in her treat rnttmt Zerlina," with K. n onti ? -lord Rockbary." Wall's New Up*ra Horn-Tbi? rr??inf will ^ ptfvnicd Mr* Anna Cunt tfawnit Ritchie's brilliant comedy of "Faahion," vrtth Mr E L Davenport in his admirable ianp*r eonaUcn ot "Ai im Tratmaa." and me rati strength of the excellent stock company. Met/skutt Hall.?Mr. naa Mrs. Howard Paol bare ? world-wide reputation as artists, and their concerts in costutn? are unique aad elejrnnt. A varied programme ttwertmaf, rubiacin* many cbuic* lota ot melody and humorous delineations. fn>D Fim omk' H*tL ? Lasf night of Father Kemp's Old folks' Concert Company. Their entertainment* are quite celebrated through ont the ceantry, and oor readers should no t luee this last chance of seeiagthem. iglah 1> Hall.?'The grand Temperance fair, under the auspice* of Kxrelsior 1> vision, No. 0. and Hope Division, No. ?4, is still in progress. L.a*t evening another large crowd was . ? inndinw. who ?nr? *nthnti??tli< in lhair tppKmr orer the members of Hope Division, vb?, in an exceedingly clever manner, gave an interesting charade entitled "Antidote." This evening, a box will be opened, containing partitions for every Division, and at the close of the lair the Division receiving the largest amount of money will be presented with a magnificent silver pitcher and six goblets. mrrtitfo or the Rxpitulicax Aaoociatiok?Another Lively Tim*?I^ast evening, the regular meeting of the Republican Association *M held at the Union I^eigue Room?, Mr. .1 R. Eivanc in the chair, and Mr. A. Watson cting as secretary. 1.. ...... 1. .. wuir IVUI 01 uiv iiuivjiru person* made their appearance. Tbe Chair laid be:ore tbe meeting the resignation of L*. hdwin Dudley a* financial secretary. accepted. 1)t Wm. Boyd remarked that the Chronicle -wished a report of the proceedings, and would lite to be furnished with it as ?ooa after tbe adjournment as possible. A Voice?Tiet tbem send a reporter. Tbe Chair said be liked to see enterprise, and tbe Chronicle, wbich wn in sympathy with tbe a.tfociation, he bad noticed, did not send a reporter to the meetings. Tbe S'ar which, aiibough it bad come out nobly on the suffrage question, wan not fully in sympathy with tbe association, always had a' reporter present. He thought it hardly Air for tbe aseoctatlna to give an air of life and enterprise to a pap?r wuich bad not enterprise enoogb to *-t-uu wm ir|iunri 1U mr uimilig. n<* WOUld HK8 an of the me?UDK as to whether they would furnish this paper with a report under the circumstances irr Boyd rose to explain, bnt amid cries of ' Hi! biT aud Mr. N H. Miller objecting, he toi'k hi? seat, and the matter was dropped. The execnt ve committee here took the names of the following percous who were elected to membership ?A. Paine, 592 10th street; J. T. 4J. Brown, 1ST' E street sonth; O. H Newman, street, between 3d and 4th; H.O.Johnson, 71*2 0th street: F. K. L?ws, 449 l'2th street, colored, and A .Vatson and Amos Pratt, white. The resolniions of Mr. J. Sayles Brown, oflered at the l?st meeting, for the appointment of a commit ee to Inquire whether the civil r?rbt* bill hal been carried into effect in this Ihs'rici, was taken up. Mr. J. Hell Adams slid be cotild not see what good could come of ibis inquiry, ami proceeded to rcit ark tnat especially in the courts were the colled people kindly treated, and, indeed, the judges seemed sometimes u> lean too much towards tile colored people. Iu the station-bouses, with but one exception, he never beard of an offleer performing his duty to the colored man. except in the manner he would have acted with a white man. Dr. Boyd spoke of a case of a colored boy at the Navy Yard being threatened by a policeman with bunging if be did not oontess to stealing Ht, and of an officer wishing that he bari the powr to kill the d?d niggers. Mr A. IJoawel! had seconded the resolnlinns, fhillklii* if innnirw rftrt nn 1 -* m mm ? ^ mm mm J u*M MV ?WU l? WVUIU do do barm. Mr. Hrown spoke of a number of black and white boys c nder arrest at theOity Hall station. the latter who were dismissed and the lorraer who were locked up a few hours. He also spoke of a voting colored man being arrested on the Island by a policeman at a prayer meetiug?he having just been con verted. Mr. Adams said that the cases cited were isolated i ?wi, and be cited n case where a colored mac had been locked np by an officer of the Kr?e<imen's Bureau in the station and kept so for forty.eight hours. He had been called en bj ],l?ut Johnsou in reference to the case, an.l rhn man was brought before Justice Walter, who discharged th* ? ?? ?<? ? sued an attachment (or tbe Freedmen's Bureau officer, i.ltrtlw Walter, on releasing the man, ordered a supper lor him, and paid it out of his own pocket. He could, had he time, cite cases wbeie tbe professed friends had imposed ob the colored man. As for the police force, a het'er one bad never been organised, and tbe majority were loyal with sncu a man as Major Kicbarde at tbe bead, who will see no man imposed ob, it cannot be surpassed. Mr. George Hepburn said no oce can tell htm about tbe police, for he had seem them bargaining with tbe freedmen after they were locked up u> take ibem oat. Talk about their loyalty ! Wby half of them?more than half, -were disloyal. He spoketrom personal kuowledge, for be bad been a policeman himself. Mr. N. H. Miller said that he knew the police force; there were some good msn and some bad, and be bad seen some treat the colored men worse than brutes He, hlBMelf, was tbe inest unpopular man in tbe District, for he woald noi or (onfdi dj mem. we eon Id stand for two week* and ?peak of tbe outrages committed by the police on colored people. A Voice.?Don't commence to-day. They were, however, bard on the ignorant whites. and while me commitee made this investigation tbey should examine as to the whites, lie had known a case where a magistrate decided against tbe evidence of ten witnesses, because he had not oeea paid- oy that side. Mr. C. W. Wbite ?"Give same of that magistrate." Mr Miller remarked that be did not appear a* a prosecutor, bat he had the name. In conclusion be spoke of ta? District Supreme Court tw> a very humane one. Mr V. Barton hoped mat the committee would liqoli* into tbe ewnduet of the ear conductors, who were so urbane and polite In their attentions to colored people?they, with the drivers, never seeing a colored person. Colonel Curtis said that if the facta stated by Mr Adam* were true-, if tbe pretended friends of the (reedmen imposed on them the commit. ftcing president, by importuning tbe loyal Congress to impeach him for many high , cff?Ls?i he has been known to perpetrate, and [ Utti a com > utre of three be, and are hereby, ppo m?ed lor said purpose by the president. The Ohair asked if it wai the doty of the committee to impeach the President. ?L>aughl t*r J Mr Barton moved to lay th? substitute on the table. Mr Totten made a point of order that the mteoi-iAiioa had noihiag to do with the impeachment The Chair d?elded tbe point well Ukoi. Mr Crane appealed from the decision of the Chair Tbe decision at tb?#< hair was sustained ? yeas 15, n its o_aid 'he clause relative to im peacbment stricken oot. Dr. Ho>d mo<?1 tkt) tba rot* be uk?g by teller? Tbe ("b sir '? i that tinder the constitution the object of "*" .v-MM'ianan was "to promote lii*rty aurl t*i- - at the capital." Mr J<>* Willi m?.-How can we ret jqtttc* ^itb A: : ii nt be bead ol tbe tlorernme#t: Tbe r-eoluti Jb, V? imended, waa passed. Dr. B?>\d cfl< . ? J a series of resolutions? itir?* Md . thud pages of closely-written lootoear " ? Mr. N H Mi!I ?I m?T* ibat Dr. Boyd be ! allowed t? prmt Iftercj [l^aufbter | Mr 1' Ha-*rf - I am in f?ror of tb? re sol q 'i^ns, ax) Will TOtf 'or them not as resolut ons, hnt a* w e*?? v <?n tbe elrtl rtfbt* bill Mr (teonre H>6t.rn mo Ted tbnt resolute* be rrfrr"? ? cemaitu*e?a judiciary. ' * * if, m ? ?; , .*>?;</ ir*- iDouia certainly Mappointed. After Mior remarks bj P. K. Laws. (} H. Nfwmar., H. O. Johnson. newly elected colcred members, the reflations were adopted. Tbe c'&"ir appoio'ed J. Sayles Brown. W. Millar, and R. J Hinton, tbe commuiM. Mr. liacoa moved that tbe committee be Increased by the addition of one from each ward; which was adopted, aad tbe following were appointed ? Jotou Boyd, let ward, W. A. Hose, *d ward: A. G. Hall. 3d ward; Asqniib. lib ward; Croee, Stfc ward, U M Haru>n, 6tb ward, Oee. H. Newman, 7tb ward: Mr. Adam*. Georgetown. Mr Joeepk Williams offered tbe following resolution Rtvirrd by the Republican Attoeiation / VUath. fatrm. That his laMiatina action of Congress In initiating a mo vernsnt for ih* impeachment of Iim Accidency. the President ot the I'mtwi States; and also in fhs fsssag* of the D.strict suffrage bill over the resident's veto. Dr. Boyd moved the following as a substitute hetti fd. That we are pleaded to see the prompt actioa of Congress in tbus passing the suffrage bill over the veto by the would-be dictator, Andrew Johnson, acting President, and it is th<- duty of this association to assist in any lawful wiv to briag to justice the said ard th^y he irtine'H ?">*eli ttiem for wrapping paper. [Mi gtl r.] 1'r move their adoption, ni d 1 nm prcp&rti tfcfcprak it* their favor I don't wmi *?.? ?rapud?ao?, aad if tn? gvatle. to*b cannot offer a eubetknte be bad better ?it cfnwn ?' K* <*i Mr. Bacon (of U>? Seventh Ward) mov|d a *i tntllate. approving *h? spirit and tone of (be re*oluu<*? mil; wfeich vai idoptn'i' A(t*r tome further bvi ue^. the association adjourned. Tag Polici Exami*ath??? ?The examination ot candidates for appointment an the Inrrf-AJtari tw^lira Mn ? j a' polite beadqaaxters. employing tb* ?ilmIntDfr comtalsslouera until * lata hour. The crowd of apt>lltant? was very large, aad among tbo?e present we noticed a nnmt>er of rtimnble gentlemen who aan exhibit evidence of entire fliiwe According to the standard of the {fcard of Police, but some preeeated themsei*e? who can hardly subscribe to tbe oath ef loyalty required before enteriog upon the discbarge of dntiee. The examiners are thor. one hi? guarded on all those points, having with them atghlly the lieutenants of the various precincts, whose eyee are fixed opoa every applicant as be eatera the roora, and If he fail* to conae np to the standard, and the record shows it, the chances for that applicant are ?mall. bis own oath and the endorsement of otbera to tbe contrary notwithstanding. A ComplAibt ?'Tneeday, la the Orimiaal (lOTlTt / IndfA V'ishtir * Mr XI nelfl? ? (< ???' the warden of the jail bad interfered with him In the discharge of his business, by endt-avoring to prevent clients from employing him, and recommending aaotber person to those who hud already employed him. He thought that theOoflrt snould take cognizance of 'bis matter, and protect the members of the bef. Mr. Smithare expressed tbe wish th&t the gentleman would make bis charges explicit, to tbat they might be argued in a legal manner Judge Kisber remarked that the complaint was one which properly belonged to the Oo?rt in Qeneral Term. And suggested that Mr. Hurley should make his complaint there. ? ThkOid Folks at thi Whitk Hocab ? Father Kemp's Old Folk6 visited the Executive Mansion to-day, and wwereceived by the President In his office. After a few moments passed in pleasant conversation, they were escorted through the parlors, the President accompanying them Before leaving they sang Old Lang Syne, much to the delight of the company assembled. (irakt>Cak*ival oh Icb ?The grand mask and fancy dress carnival, which will be held at the Skating Park to-morrow, commences at 3 o'clock p. m . and will continue open until 11 p. m. Tbe park will be brilltantly illuminated, and a good band of mnsic in attendance, and ample preparations have been made lor the rem ion ana pieasareor participators and spectators. J-irerai ? Creo. W. Kicgs, Esq.. ot this city, hns erected en his fine larra, in Hladenstrarg district, a neat, substantial and convenient School Houj?e, and donated it to the Board of School f'ommissioners of Prince George's County, Maryland, for the purpose of advancing the cause of Free Schools. Polici Rkvorts.?This morning the Hentenants of the various precincts reported 4.5 arrests in all the District, and the fines amounted to #?2.2P. ^ CITY ITEMS. Jrvr*t.*t ? Bog Setts. Jet Chains, (fold Gents'Pins, Scarf rlns, California Stone Setts, Braceletts, Rings. TWO new styles Sleeve Button*, silver-plated Spoons, Forks, Cups, Goblets. Call Bells, Shell Bono*, Ladies Companions?received this morning?at Prigg'a One Dollar Jewelry Store, Mo. 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near \% street. Thb Fersoh* who saw the disgraceful affray on the afternoon of the 8th ob the Skating Pond, among the Directors and Stockholders of the Club, will please be present at the Central Guard Bouse, 11 o'clock a.m. A. A i>am so if, one of the Stockholders Washington Skating Club. Soxi of tii i Fikkht Red Flannel Shirts and Drawers you ever saw at hienmng's One Price Clothing Store, on the corner ot Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Kkif rors Hoctis Warm.?Brown's Patent Metallic Weather Strips are warranted to keep oat Wind, Raia, Cold,Snow, Noise. Dust, &c., from dosrs and windows. (Jail at office aad see reference. 3 Docgla* Moobe, fc)8 ?th street. I ofvbs a splendid stock of fine 18 karat Oold ?nd Silver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry and Opera Glasses, 40 per cent, below cosi, go close business. I. Albxakdbb, '240 Peansylvania avenue. 6 1>k Whit*, Chiropodist, 434 Penn. & .. between 4)f and 6lb streets, continues tbe iucceesful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excres?>ncee, Jte Office boors from 8 a. ra. to 8 p. m., and to dp. m. Established iSGl. Fob CHILBLA15B and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price 91 per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania aveaae, between *a*d fith streets. # AScbbPilb Cdbb?Dr. Gilbert's Pile Instrument positively cures tbe worst cases of ?.???. WTCHV UT mull WU ivvvipl UI <n. oircutan tre?. Bold by druggists. Agents wasted everywhere. Address J. B. Rom&me. Managar, No. 575 Broadway, Now York. 3t Wi TAMpleaaar* in annonncing tbat oar old fMlow cm sen, J. B. Gardner, M. IX, has renewed bu practice, In wbiob speciality we know be has had great experience. We refer yon to tba advertisement column. a ?I?V. O'HABl On the 10th instant, at 7 o'clock a m., Mrs UWIV O'HABl aged to jean. The relatives add frimds of the family are attend her funeral, from bar laie residence. I street between SKh and list streets, at f a'alack, on Saturday, the 12th in ?* BC?S2W? #f r?n?w u*?*' t7,iompr the lata Charles an4 lurgy^ Borrow*, of Washington, D. o., '.ormtrir ot Alexandria, Va. [Maw Tort m?n plaoao ooyy T p., ? ?.: jrs*V5ir** King Plaoo. Ooraar Varaont aranna and Wi itrwt. r'^p!rf?,,5T,VmAlW,r8' "O1.O0BEABTS, V/ 8 PICKS. Ac., Ac., to ?nlt thia particular laa ??* ,f2Ml# by k-M- ? w? * 3oW, 4a ?-?f K?u Plaoa. Ti ST. TIMOTHY'S HALL. HI dittos of Ula iDititatioB will b* r??a^ hmt. 11,1W. I? Urns, Ac., in oaUloaao ud eirenlar at til* rnncijal botkitoni of tali Ysaagfa. OMoiTtll*, Md. LOPIIIAWA Annua: J. H. CBANB * 00. Hiti ob hand a large ad fine Mortatnt of OOOD8, tnlWd to tbU market, inch m BDTT1B 0HUS1, KGQB, APPLB8. BAISIBS, FIGS,' 01TBON, NUTS, HAMS. 0#DFISH, MAOK BBXL, HBBBLNO, SOAPS, CAMMED GOODS, Ac. Alan Ml B>mIi " PAQBB CIDCB, by k?ml or gallon. AlllbtikoT* good* ?rt offered at the love it market price, ud wnrrauted to eult, by 4. H. OBABB ft CO., ja 4-In 93 Lt. are.. between ?tb and 7th. 1 QB1H * A B j?_A I H 8 ! ;; The en bee rl bora araeloaing oct the balance of their FaBOY DBBS8 QOOlfe atwaetl, "lueed prioee, and ladiee in want of hand tome Bilka. K-p-, Marlnoee. Fopllks. Plaids, inl. In fact, anj kind of prim Material*, will flBd our ?rlcae a treat laducemeot, Hwiwlih to dot* than oat thlamoath. r. We aluo bar# on band an elegant atock. of SHl&TIBUtt and 6HBBTIN40, both Li a em and Cetton. whlcb we are aelltaf t?y ck?|. All cooda markr4 la plalalfnree at the lawaat StjftOQ b?rfh?jrilVlMj'p0TAT018. Jaat ar i rival, and lor aato at lS?ioth treat. t B BOW If A 801, da 14-tf Ho. 463 tttet. between B and fr. B. DUTBOW. ?* * ' i'roduce oonmisaioN MMfCHAyr. AMD WUOLMAll DE4I.tR IX BBTTBB. OHBBBB. LABD. Ac. Ho. H South ttraet, Baltimore. 1 ? fckad fqj trana|MMM<41. j* Hf* A LAXA.HDBIA. YIK?1M|A^ Ja?aarj 1, 1*7. ^> hqjrt^th *>fioU. bitr?S?lwif JAJUlMft *09. . ? * ?'< ?l * ^ .->" V* w * * '" ' " ! ' ',J^f A v* H?1' 9&* ,* '* ' , AMUSEMENTS. Wm'l > li? OfkRA ItWL'SK. BKRBT <*#4LL ../:.f**OPBIBTORS. n. JB. FHIVUJrt 3TM?B MAM AO KB. o, MiaaBftiisziiL: Tjare (T B *Kh 1>/V /gVlVl? ?R TJ ?-^1? r r 1 . Wdl h? Mr*. Aim Om* Mowttt Itltck ! KI*jaot Comedy of _ KABBIOV AdunTratioM _Mr I L D?riipoH bspporiad by Mr*. JoM?u. Mri CfnMUQ. MiM BUkehe 8r?y. ?:U* LtniiUr, Mt?? Po?t?*4; hrd Mmti.J K M?rUOi<*r. U. Hkl?, V*rrey, P?rk?r, CMrk* 1 b- mai. K|l?rt. Ac. WVita?aK&jC?S??,,lS51 MM. Oireli. 71 c?ita: PirttviM, M cento, fiailiCk; cl?. y, cent*;C?b>fd Otrcl^ji ~~1 NATIOHAL THE&TftB. ^ PimvItuU irnu, uir WUUrcU' H?Ui. M AX M D ITALIA* OPJBA Minim KttT.nat L?*t i||Mruc? of ^Eofo'lioilOOhf. ?k? mill *H?*r i a hie celebrated role ( LoM Bock"^TBM THUB8DAT. Jeanerr 18?. # Vlllb?|r(Mit?d AaWr'i brllliut Opart of rti PIAVOLO Miaa O IL. KKLLOttO, M'me TIST1. 8<s?or Signer EON DON I Bttfuor BBBN ABDl, Signer fOlMATl Bignor DL'BKBOL, SfoefJUBf JU Conductor ... OAttL BBEflfc AN (jJEABD TtMPBBANOB FA IB ISLAND BALL. Virginia avenue, between 6th and 7th atreeU. Beautiful Oooda. Acinefng Dlelogruc-t, Charming Mneic, Laughable Pnntonimee, Plowing Otis redee. A Beautiful liltir Pikk?r tndali Silver GoV lata to b? praaeated to tha Division receiving the largest am^ani of nioaer la ita respective bo* Beat >n tickets, 60 ceata; Single ad miction. 14 cent*. ja8 54* GK A H D CARNIVAL AT THI SKAT1H0PARK, Tha public are raapectfnilr informed that a Grand Mask and Kaacy Dreaa GARNI VAL will be held at tt.a Park, on FRIDAY, tha llth. commencing at 3 o'clock p m ana cootlnno ?pen nntil 11 p m .(weather permitting.i A fine Band of Mafic will be In attendance, and tha Park brilliantly Illuminated Ample preparations will be made for Refreshment*, and the atrlctaat erder observed by an extra police farea. Th? price of admission on this oc-aaian will be Fifty Cent* each for all camera, mala and female, members Included. , ja9-2t ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR THREE BIGHTS ONLY. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY RVERINOS, january ?th, 9th.m4 1?tii. the orioinal father kemp. vllh hi?c?Ohr*ted old folk* concert company. Consisting of ?* ladies and gentlemen, With * SyUbdid Orchestra: assisted by EMMA J NICHOLS. THE jenny LIND OF AMERICA. Admission. 25 cent*, reserved setts, 50 cants. Doors open at 7, concert at 8 o'clock. orandHTatinrr 0n WEDNT8EAY AFTERNOON. 3 o'clock. Children ts Matinee 15 eta. j?S-7t* METZEROTT HALL. FOB ONE WEEK ONLY. Measri. JABBETT A PALMES beg to annoa nee to the citiiena of Wellington that they have engaged tho*f eminent Artiata, MB. AND MB8 HOWABD PAUL, w bo wiil appear fer the flret time in thta city on MONDAY EVENING, Jan. 7.1347, ' and every evening during the week, fn their UBAND ENTERTAINMENTS om CONGEBT8 IB COSTUME. mm lowHkii |n?u ituwuijau ill upiiuoa una nuy nijrbte at Irving Hall, Hew York. They will appear in , . 15 BONGS AND IMPERSONATIONS, Among which will be found Henry Bttsaell'e great Lyric, entitled THE DBEAM OF TBI BEVELLBB, And the celebrated Ballfel, "WHEN GEOBGB THB TBIBO WAS KINO," and the celbrated BNEEZINO BONO. The whole forming the moat unique, elegant end varied Entertainment ever gives in the Ualted States. For particular! see Bill* and Oircnlars. PBICB8?Admission, 40 cent*, Reserved Beats, 75 cents The aala of Beserved Beats will commence at M>'tzerott'a Ma-ic Store oa Friday morning, Jan. 4,1867. loors open at 7V?, commence at7\o'clk. jaitt l^ABOT BBBH8EB AMD OOBTUMBB r Tor Tableaux and Private Parties. ..Apply to MBS FBAHB BBA, **i lOttrtrwt. - BALLS, PARTIES, <fcc. i A ITd B A l L . THB FIFTY SBOOND ANNIVBB8ABY or THB COLUMBIA TTPOOBA i'HIOAL SOCIETY Will b? calabratad by aGrand Ball it ODD FELLOW*' BALL. 7th atraat, on THUBSDAY KVBBINB. Janaary 17, 1*>7. Th? Committer of ArraBgaaeata k?Tt i??red Bat thar Mini nor expense la thair afforta to aaha tbia thb gbahd ball or tbb sbason. DaaalBC to comaaeaca at 9 a'olark. Btlendld Programme a ad g vod Made. Ticket*. (Including rafraahaants fornlahed to Ladlaa.) ft. Committee of Arrangements: W B McLaaa Tho? Blch 0 M Mnrphaj J 0 0 Wbalay ? W Klaf Win H Bait Q A B McBelr Bobt Panman A J Ponaldaoa Retention Committ??: D W Fljnn W V Bant ' Mam Back Wm Flemming Pater Harr K (J Harford A (Jordan J M ASpotawood J H JDaaaldaon JUL Bagar n Barnard B MacMurrar J R Kavaoagb D Barbangh J H Davla, Jr. Floor Manager?BOB VAL W. KIB6. iliitnaatf.' W W Malonay J 8 Tonllaaoa L F Olameata 8 K Cnlverwall Wm J Banaatt BHTabiar. T B Nolan TtaothyOochUa jalOeoit TBI FIFTH AMNUAL f'HI/.K IH 1 , ABB BALL orni HABMOBY OIBCLB will be fivea it tba , ODD FBLLOWB BALL, Ob MONDAY BVBBlBO. Janaary 14th. 1*7 Twe ralubl* art tea will b? flvea U (h*kMt original aale sod female muktn. The Dumber of cards for admtaaioa aoaUlvely limited, *ad can only be proeared at Boa. ?n 311 IM 469 Fnuilrula erenow up to fl tbe 1Mb laatant. So ticket* eold after that date. BBt [r. Marshal, tbe popular Ooatnmer. of Baltimore. will be at tbe Gerneaaia Hotel, O street, between 4H aad Mb, on baterday ud Maoday, Janaery l2tb and Uth, with a vary large variety of the lattrt no rel ties of Ooataaaaa. Prof. 8cbroader celebrated Band baa been en raced for tbla occaaloa. jan 6?8,10,ll?t OOMMITTBB. PERSONAL. L'ATl DOHHAHUBwiH iImmciU ?t 3d* 1 IV ?t., b?tw?a 17thand 18th. j*?-at* f\B JOSEPH T HOWARD mJ baa runorrd hit Office in4 roaldnnee to Mo. 3?H NINTH &TRBBT. ja 9 <t* b?twe?m 1 and Wow York 1' B. J.JBTI.M. D. J. 1.8H1TH,M.D. DBS. FRY! AND SMITH Can b? consulted professionally, at Wo. 194 PBMKSTLVAHIA AYBNCB, i>Hf between 17th ?A 13th ate. AB. MAOBICB. BBAL SCIENTIFIC ASTBOLOOBB OF AMKBIOA, From tba potttion ana aspect of tbe Start at tha thne of one's birth, will r??e?| astoaishiag eecrets that ao livia* aortal arar kaaw before: how to be suoceaefnl In all raaeoaable aadertakings. Be taHa a am a and Terr day yon taarrr; describee th? Intended ootnaaalon. and tella all events of life; good lack and long life to vlattors. Ladies K cenU to 91: irentlaaiea in fan 91. 0allat470 ltth at . near W. all boara until # in the evening. deal las* AD IIS LOOK AT THIS. COLLAR AND CUFFS BITES AWAY. Bach lady bavin* work done at tba HHBtP STaHPIHO BOOKS, 489 9th street, opposite Patent Office, Will rlcilTt tr*iis one 0oiler aad pair of Wl. ltoaH4 on the, jlmt muslin. for chain stlcb. JfraJtf or Imbroidery, suitable for *Upt_Iown?. Stir Br*l<J and Colored Oetton for the above at reduced arices. Initials stameed from one tnftr cents, Stamped goods at half the price heretofore asked. de ?tf ^OFilTMIB i~H 1 P. -ytass: All persons having aasettled acoonaU at* reqaepted to settle the saaM, as new books will be opened froai this data. O F. OOLIOK. w a."himtoa. p. o,. j map;, rm. We. tbe aadetslcaM, confident that, ?rlth omr experience and th* facilities at Mr?outai< we e?o fqrtiUh t* parcbaeers. both wbotoeae aw retail, a*largeend well-asserted stock of Groceries. Teas. Wfnee, Liquors. Olfars. *e . as Us Manet affords, end at tee most reasonable rata. Goods Corner of Hew Jersey avenue Md 9 street s??th. Tfj , O J * T i) 1 f- ^TSifc . ^ - ,M ft vt' 1 *. ?u?i* o< -5 t ;u WANTS. \\r*By re?t?cteble *trl, * BITTA . ' , Ud? liorMwork iut p. i?4ie Uinitj 'li'll ?' tli? D'rtk?t>l enrnn^ ot 1& itrMl in4 Mm* m?Buc. orer \h* f?d ?toc? j,? It W YV 4B 1? Pf* DI?BV(lOIOl?r?!M4(Bll "?? .tI?*"-?8ITUATIOIHo u^fliM<l ftm. PlfffvlW jtt I niar* epelr kt Ho. 'J?t 17?h ? . 0?( BlUIMHliKMiurML ' WiMlfl-A BOAT MAKEB OM?kiti? oo?hfy OB<1?roUDd? hM bualiiM- tf Bf ott,- 1 r rttd tp>|gr. InqclraofC B. JIWBI<1 , <t ? ; noi tn tetWMi 4th .\i>4 ?th j* l? St* WANTED ? 4 sod BLA0K8HITIl~ ? * WliSBLWBlGHT. Colored preferred Veil *t He. 171 B atreet, between Mb end lfttb*tr?*u. laaiid. j4U.ii' , W ANTED?A >e??ecUble WfllT* VTOBIN t do |be boneewrb < f e prlretefemilr ? or perticoJera ipntlreat tbe Star uttoe. j? # It* \ WABTBD A OHAKBBBMAID eodkATH < DB Bid. Bent refer mi oe required, GeUtt j ?*< t n , rti, imp aa? una." )??n*

ATOMV Nil rOKIIXBLT TBAOHEE nad Real Ectntx ?ant?a SITUATION. Addr?? TNAOHBET" Hm office. ja ?-3t* \ WANTED?By two yonag married couplet, I KOltNIBHND ROOMS, within the limit* of Peak. are tSilOrt nM Ilia ?D< Uttf id 14 dr? W.y. O.Jtw Uflo. jaJM t* \M ANTED-- By a respectable woman. a 8ITUA"" TION a* ehaaiMrmatd and laundree* 0>od rebrtneri given. Anal/ nt Mo. ADO L ?treet. bet?t>n 18th nnd 19th ?t?. jiIS'i WANTED HORSES TO WINTER ?The ?ub cclber, having good atabltnr nad nbnixlance of feod. will take eigbt nr ten HOE^Ed at #10 ?er mn? th Word left at 8 Bmh i Oo V etora, corner 7th street and avenue, Will be attended to. j?Ht* 8.0 OBA wrottP. near Bladea'burt. '/^ANVAHSING AGENTS WANTIU "-|90 V> PER DA J EASIL YIXADR ?WinW immediately, three active. etergetlc BUSINESS MEN. te cotim for tbe aale o7 tbe aeweet Mid nioet saleable pic fare la tbe trade, tIe:?WA?H IHGTON'S PRAY BR AT VAliLBY fOMI IN TH K WINTER OF 1777. N?> family, at aeetnf this anperb Steel EnfrraTinfr. can r*f?ee to eeleot a copy. Th?-?rlce la wlthla the reach of all. Sold only by aubaorljtlon to eanraasers^ niB#* 410 7th ntreet. Three doora eoatb Of Odd Fellows' Hall, ja J IT Bole A|eai for the Pabllahera. WANTED?A good female COOK for a restaurant A??ly at KLUTZ KESTA.CRA.BT G at., bet. 17th and 18th ata. ja 8 St*_ | nna WAHTID for twelve month* on I ,UUU $ lO.OOv worth of property Adrirtee " A K / Star Office je8 6t? WANT KB-A I9CM0 MAN, who ie e ?o*d drefUmen ud penman, hbee ly employment Address Box 495 Poet Office* with reel une end reference*. je 7-lw* WAITID-On ttae^t or rebruery. *n nnfurni*hed HOl'SB. eonteming from tire to eigot rarme end hell, wiv^ gee end water; tn e good neighborhood. Kefueiiree given <f required. Addree* flLIX, Bay So. 3*> Star Office. j?7 ?t* Wanted-a. cook, houssk.bepbb end MIBTBK66-in eemell femily. German pre ferred. Oell Ut>7 Bew York ere.. bet 6th end TUi ete. W ABTB9~Mew end Oeet off OLOTBING, old < .< >L \ eai SlliVBIi, or e*y other eriicle of at ?bt> ?lu e?tebli?bed Merchant Pawn t?oker'a More o? B. PULTON 4CO.,3UJ8ih at., 3 doors ?oith of Penna arena*. Bole Agent for BlNUlK'fc BEWINQ MAOHIBE. degly W7AMTED?100LADIES immediately. to embruider Yokes, Bands, Wrapper Yoke*, Flannel Skirts, Slip para, and Initials. To (rood hands who bring sample of work, good wagss and con Itvnt employment given. Gail at the new 8tamp in? Bo em, 4?9 9th street, oap>alte Patent Offlce, STAMPING reduced to FIVE cents per width, de 16 tf. WANTED ?10.OHO L.ADIBS to know that at the Hew Stumping Booms, 439 9th -tree!, op paaite Patent Off re. they ca n find the but delected a*e<rtment of Patterns ever offered here for Cloaks, Capes, Aprena. Joeeya. Waists, Yoke*, Banda, Wrapper*, Bltppera. Pincushions. and Inl tiaU Alao, ifeatfna for Pillow Oaaea. Ottomans, Chair Go vera, Pianoa, and. In ahert, every variety of Patterna m they are daily issued. We hare a French Marbles and a Piactiaal Stamper, an<J hare tedored the price to riVS OKHTB PKB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern broaght na. Braids, Silk and Working Cotton very low. de IMf WAHTIP?8K-OND HAND PIIBNITUBB. A too M1HBOK8. GABPBTB. BBDtf, BID D1K0 and HUl'StrCltNISH IMG ?OOUS of every description. B. HUUHLT 4 ft A. 7th street. je?6-tf between G and H.eaat side LOST AND FOUND. | IBPT AT MT BTOBB, abont two weeks ago, a J silver headed CAMS. The owner ia requested to com* forward, arare moMrlv. mi r.hsrma. and take It away.' So. 9 south a' street, Capitol Hill. jaio-ft* PSUKD-Oj tbt 18th Dtoember. POOKltr BOOK coataialag a (am of meaej. The otner U r^jONUd to call at No. 423 Pean'a tvtniM. They can obtain Mid Pocket book by identifying it. It* f OST-t) BBWABD?Between the 36th and L ath of Deeembar, 1864, a Ladlea' Gold BYC GLAB8. with the initial* marked on it. The ftpder will receive tk? abo*e*reward and the thaaki of the owner brleaTiiui the tame at 400 nth nt , betweea I and a. ja8 St* QQA BKWABD?Stolen on tbe night of tbe aOU Ud of September from the aremisee of George Jones. Mar Bladensbnra, a dark brow a ilOBbB, marked 0. 8 and I. ?.; Bedlam site. But and tail somewhat sunburnt; has a roan noee. The above reward will be aaid If returned to OBO. JOBB8, ><?^B^^I^atleir111eJ?rlno^2jrje|MDoJM. iSUAitUlNtt. FOB UlT-HailNBMlr far niched eommunicttlDiIOOMB, with Board, for rant at No 439 H itrnt. b?t*HD 10th aad 11th. ja 10 St* PIE BBKT-A nuatkor af niaalr FUBBI8HBD ROOMfl. with or without BOABD. Inaalra at Bo. 444 llth street. between Q aad Q atreets. ja t-8t* TWO GBHTLMBH CAM BB AOOOMMOdatad with pleasant BOOMS aad goad BOARD, oa reasonable terms, at 171 B street south, opposite mlthaoaiaa; five minutes walk to post oBea. ja? ?* OB BMNT-A FfBHIBBBD BOOM. WITH BO ABB, at 'J 4 6 Pean. anna, between 12th aad Uthata. iiO-fl J. H. IHAFPIBUP. BOABDIVO?Oaa single Front BOOK, with O first clasa BOARD References repaired Apply at star Pl?crr 1 jaist* F* OB BBBT-FABLOB and O&AMBBB, connacting,on the first floor. Mo. 4B4 Uth st? between 6 aad B. IABLB BOABD #? par I month. jaa-St* I viAABman * - JI ^ * uuabvmu.?ukjii mm iisutmia na ne acOeomnsocJated with elenut BOOMS and flratctaae TABLB. nt Mo. IN Pennaylranla arena*, between 17th Md 18th lU. The location U particularly deelrabl* on account of the proximity to the DtHrtaeih, Table Beard and families furnished at moderate rates. Transient Boarders, 51.80 per day. ja8-6f rpABLB BOABD at Ho. 46? Mth streams fair A door* aortfc of tha aveaue. Toraa |B per GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. OETH KHOWIBQ. ~ It le worth knowing that the greateet Bargaina are to be had at MIIO.KB'8 OBBA.P DBT GOODS 8TOBB, 101 Bridge itiMti Of o rgeto w , D. 0. He baa joat rwafrM a Ittgt atock of Bleached Shirtings asd Sheeting, at lower prlcae than they baTlbMD sold alace the War. Bleached Mnelina, at 1SH and II ote.jgood yard wide d<r ? eta., an<f the beat aakee at 2ft and 30 oeate. Sheetlnga and Pillow Cettoos rer* cheaja. Brown Maalina, 1 2!i and 14 cU..yard wide do. 18and 20 eU. Merrimack and ether beat makee Calico, Jo ?te Fine All nooi itwh aanng, at. widmi urtHUOMl genor?U>, embracing P*yltu, Imprtw Cloth*. Plaid*. Del at nee io.,M coit. SbawU. Blanket*. Flannels, Clot be and Gaeelmeres, OIotm and Hosiery, at nu?ually low orieee. (Ml ud twaiM hllltMI. deJl Sw~ BUi A HIM MILL BE BOY *8 SKATES from M coot* to !, MEM'S SKATESfroa #1.4 to #90, at the Bkate Depot. POULTMIY * TRIMBLE, Mo. EM WMt Baltimore street, delS-lm RtUlmnr. M4 TBI CBOCHBT OOLItAB BOOK; HK8. tanil Knitted Um Oollar Ink The Baale fffeS-SSSsSHS . dtlialia f atttlnff uiliMu Bet*: The Winter Katttlnc Book; An. Ooay*^^oyrsii?Mfr^g. PIIIOIB TUMIIHU* BOOMS weald urt j Mr money end trouble by Ml Una U ADA.MSOM'8, .->06 Hinth street, nsxt to PennMWania ?mi?, wbo ena Vanish the* with ready-node EheeU, SI low Omm, feather and Hair Pillows, Bolsters, d Spreads, Blankets, HattreMM, Window adM, Oil Clothe, Oar pet, Stair Crash, Towellai. Table Idaen. ma. del? dlW COB BA.LB OB BBHT?A fina tone PIABO, a r modern style, with stool and coter, la_ ? ? rood order. Oao beaaaa at BOSWBLL'SEfKfe Vaaey^tere, SOS B atrMt, near 1MB. U11T1 "yMMBMBsa, | | iptu' pans 6wm. i 01orin? o?t cb*?v yrvrlouto tokln? mcoobu of j BLAVKBTS A?? T^5r5^Hp'W4PKlW8. ' w. 0o to Ho. > 0?ntr?! StoTM, 1 batWMB 7th MO 8th atrvMa, )M 1 oyyoftU Ootrtor Mtrtrt jgAJI MPITI FOB <H4MUMk? ' ' 1 An Mlamgibl* artftcta for all who art oiowd ??.JX7R.mU?luiw . 00 . j* * CUf >8** Ponn ** ? ?. im-V n? iwrtMBt of OoM P?u, I I < V I I - 1 - *V | ' . 1 .. -a) ti >Jw :'l j ? FOR SALE AND RENT. I^OR RKb T ?On* (Ji.ll fRABB ROUSI 7 I rooM K? I^S nk KtiMt ?Fit krtw?*a L ><i h?? York ??? . (food Jooomy. la?wrt 334 Set reel, between 15th ?4 14tb?tr?*u ?Mt. ???' rS RK.xf?Oii7tk((ni?t,?U<>'M?r| rftkll HOt'81 with ?M. A??4f to BK&NaSO UA1|S,oon*(4th>a4 Biti w 10 )t* (irrlUft m UHT-Two Urntrtit Bi>0Mt V7 ie eeeoed eterr Uar ?f tk* hoot loctUou* oa ruMmt o4dr<*. Box 114 1'oot j* to ? I^OR R R NT? A rut htae*. If MP'W for wi?fcr la two d?r?-thr*? or f ur UHflkMisUKD KUOtiB ii So* or??r. for huuMtMptii &??>! W?4 l>?i*?are attaaa.M d?wt north cf C itrett. Capitol BiU. It* |7>OB IINT-i Ur|* BBiOK. HOSM. aoa1 U'?U| II r?Mi> u4 oallar, wttk (ukicl Itr ilUtU<i at the evrMr of 7tb tttMi ib4 P? tmBiwr' rxfaiit* Wklltck Sekral Umm la inlreof HKNBY KOTTMANH. ??? llth ?t'?*t taat _ jilll*' I/OB RKBT llTOtOBOKTOWB-4 aaat wv rBAMBHOU8E af room Bo 44 Danbarton urtM, aaar Oraan. Oaa tbro?*b?at and water la j?rd. It*at low. A rerr dastrabl* bona* for raiall fatuity. Inquira oaaoait*, at Mo. ?4. FF ja M tt* m wife kA a rTTZI n?v ki i t an u?1 n^ r coa'aiuiai six room? and kitchaa.ia Baa repair, paring |ii ?tr antl raat. alt jatad oa H MwmB In and M itr??>i iirt.Mir tha C?Tirom*ni Prinilnf OAca. Uk*t? lor c?>k. i??l? to Mr*. BANBiBAMi L itre*l, Mtr tit atrcat. ja 1* St* MARSHALL ADAMS *> ? Inn to tafarn hu frltkdt and tha public that he haa fur real a umaJl HALL, oa raaaoaabla term* aultabla for faatlvtla. fain. Ac , or aaf aalact parpoae Inqoire at Ho. SI 1 &th at, riino and other muaical iuatrnneata, if daair ad. ja It ooU* FOE BBHT-A coMudioo- 10S HODSK in tba rear of 768 3a atraet aaat, botwaoa M atro-t aoath and Baa tar n Biaaah. Aaplr ?a iba preaaia??a, or of J L GATCH KLL Ho _3J 9 Ntwjar ae> avenue Alto Tor rent, a STUB and uwicllilMtt, ooraer of Mary land avenue sad 12th atroot. lalaad. witli an additional private Dwelling adjolniar in good re eel r For farthor InfornMtion rail oa L W 0ON1BK. Lumber Yard, corner of 11th Md B etreeta, lalaad, or of J L Q4TOH BLk, 314 law Jersey av jeluJi* P)?BMT-HOU8I Bo 339 18th atroot; bo fween K and L containing atx room*, with e*.* and water. B*nt )l per month ja 9 2f IV OB SAL?-Tbe8TOCK and riXTURB8 ofa I Store on 7th afreet, near Peun'a; a food old I asiao<a atand. Addroaa O.. Pout offioe, ta*htnetoa, h. O. ja y St* TOLBT-BAKBRT and riXTOBlS 0TOBB and PVILL1NU. dolav irnod hn<li?*i In Hew Jer*j. K?it" JWU. Aifdraas BAKEBY, fctarOlfcc*. * St* DWILLING HOCSB FOB BEVT?Bitaatad in Georgetown. contain* 9 room. g%* ud titar LocrUod hotitLj. For term*. Ac.. ayply at tbia office. j* I M* I/1 OR BENT?A two atory HRKI HOI 8B. on r L l?i?wn 41? and 6th, lilted Inquire of JOHN FEGAH, comer ath and O atraeti ?outtj, laland. ja^ FOB BBBT-BBIOK HOU8B.aU roosa, with iu. water, larre yard, wood ahad Sir . on & traat. between Uth and 1Mb ita., lai ward QUO. A. LANE. j?9-3t* 17 3 K atraet. near Hth. C^OB BENT?The Beaidence of Admiral Dahlia gr<n, coraar Hth and L atrae'a. elegantly furniabed throughout, 11 roaroa, warn nod coM water In alreflDg apartment*. draaaing rooma, cloaeta. Ac.; heated by fire are Pai lora. Library, Dining Boom, and Study all communicating with fol ling do <ra. making the bon?a very dealrakle for recaptiona. Ac Gronnda vary large, nvar 9) uoo ? ,uare i?ei. iron, nnwen, ac rm? fjri. k Stable lor fear hor?r? s?-1 three carriage* Apply toKlL BOCBN 6 LATTA, Beat Eitaie Brokers, corner 7th mad T ata. [Intel ] jtf tt FOB BKNT-A flrat cl??s 8TABLB and 101 HOU8B In same yard. Apply at I at , bttmeen tuth an<3 Jlit. ja8lw* FOB BENT-A comf ruble FBAMB D* UL 1NG on the comer ?,f Cast Capitol ami 9ih streets Inquire at No SlTMbst vest. js8 St* |70K HINT A IIOL'hT partially furnnhed, I containing 9 reoma, water. and *aa. situated on Penn eve . b>-t. 21at and 22d sta , No **4 Apply at No. Kant moderate jaK-St* FOB BBNT?A larg-- unfurnished frost PARLOB end CBAHVBB adjoining. second floor, suitable tor ho?a*-ke?ping lmjulrt at 642 sortb L trtet, between 4th and 6lb. i*H6t* FOB BRNT?At No 1*?4 F ilr?t. 1'th and 18th street*, od? large Oil tMBIK Bath room, with hot and cold water, attached Atsly on the premises ja93t* N1CBLY FURNISHED BOOM8, in saite or slnaly, with or withoot hoard, at 349 Kth street, between I and K sts Table Boarders acKDmeJated Terms moderate. Also, unf?mt*hod oms. If desired. ja ?-* f^OB BBMT?Three FCBHISHBD BOOMS, In B pleasantly situated hones, where there are bo Boarders or children One block from Capitol, half block from cars PIssue call at oace at north B street, between Delaware are. and 1st st ja84t* R O^JUB ^CKNISHED AND UNrUBNIIHBD? >< uu rvMoniDiv iern.a, H ?4*!< U IRM Utll nfter ? 9. m., or before a m. ja 111* (V OT10 m-FOlCR KB TO R I.EA SB?The veil 1* known FI8HBRY <>b tW* P?t*a?r river, this tde of Fort Weehington on the Merjlend side, 1J Mile* by water end IS by le?d Apply to H 0. JOHNbOH. Bo. 3*3 Penn arenoe. between and <tb sts . opposite Hetionel Hotel. je7-dtm* Fl RhIBHBD UOD8IR fOK KBIT?One of 10 roome. neer City Hell, et #1M) per month. Alto, one of 10 room*, near the Oapltol, at flon fer One of 12 rorma, near the President' House, for $MC per month. ? , One on mth street of 7 rooms, for #10 per month. D. L. WILLS * CO.. Beel Cstete Brokers, js7 lt northweet corner 1th end s. JT"OB BBBT?To n private family oelr. e head V somely-furnlsbfd HOOSB. coatainine four teen looms, si toe ted neer the Preeideuti Men slon. Beferencee reqelred. To ? good tenant for along term, rent very moderate. AJdrees Box Bo 3T, Btar Office ja 7-df NO. 389, B. W.OORBBB OP 1STH and llSU.. Ari ABlBBBDHOl'BBrOBBBWT. jai?t )BBALB?(Oa payment of a small amount of CASH Several two story FBAME H0UBB8, situated In different parts of the dty. BTABBB 00, Tth street. ^ 4 "" -wm u a. k. TBO LIT?A lun HOUSE Mu|>nr offlae, with cnrr (odt?m*k?i and lo&itare for feala; w* 11 adaptad for boardlof-bonaa or family. A?ply to D. L. WILLS * OU., >a i-6t Ooraar 10th and T rt?. F'OB BALI OB HIT?The tiae aaJ large BHIDUCI Mo. 63 .corMriithudliti., I with l) rooMi ??Mr Mi gaa, fa mi abed or aafiriiiM ; and fine garden attached to It. la ?olraat 140 Pa. are., bet. iSth and 13th ate jallt' JOB. M BHarrilLP. I? OB HIT?A IIW HOUSE, jaat flatahad. r with t?a rooma. wood and coal cellar, gaa aad water. East mod era to, la the Flrat Ward, ?u Mtta atml, between I and K eta. Inqwire at the Oroeejy Store at the coraer. Alao, three or fo*r auvaoin corner lout, OTtr lb* More, tuitabla lor hoaaakooptte, wltt gM aad wator. ja? <t* 17Oft 8ALB?A OOUVTBY SKAT ABU Giftr DBS FABlf, within oo? mil* of the city. Thlt property will b? Bold low aad oa iw torma, or axcbaacod for city property. Also, from Twoaty to Sixty Aoros adjofclag tho abovo. A loo. rum and Conatry Boot* la Maryland and Ytriata. Apply to T.D STOCKBBIBOB. Ml BittM Anal, Bortheaat coraor 7th sod V otroota, jaH?* Wathlnftoa, P. C. Li"OB BBBT? A throo rtory and baaomaat Brick f DWBLLIBO HOU6B. brows front, water and ga?, tea rooui; aitaatod on l*.h atroot woot, botwoaa L atroot aortk and ttaao. avaaaa, Bo. 369. laqutroatBo. 20S l?th atroot. botwooa a aad 10 a. ta. aad ? aad I p. a. jal tf l/OB BaLB?Borera! deal r able building LOTS r ia differoat aortiona of the city. Toriaa, BlOO dowa, aad $10 aer month for tho roaaaladar. for Aa -A A IinAlH A WI f raw&sg aaa-s'^'yg- m F^w^t^svjsaji'jrisssif.o's rtttlu ?r W MTM.triil Mar Fort M?bu,I all* Yom Bennlnr* BrHp. IasaroTvmeata. 4va!Mn? feoaaa TUroow, too? ata&la, nrvMt\ fcoaaaa, ftara, Ac Addraaa ,7l7iTT" 4ST ctraat, fut !B|tofi,9. 0.?or?llUMti?l, k?U?M S M< r ?. a. ? Utf U ill IAI0I-F?f laiwdtate Ml*, tat of IV tba kMt local>4 ?all oaraar tore 8K00IR1Mlath*city, toek aa4 rtitare* ww kp?lr laaailitil?, kij Uttar, U A. B. 0., Oitr P>?l Ettca. . . aaMif P? 1UT-Tk? STOKIEOOH coraar of Pa. tvaone aad 11th treat waat. la tha tur bfflM Bnikllac, formerly oeca?i*d br w. 0. atserott m ? bomc store. Mi recently m tie oBoe of the Hetionel Kx?ree* cJDce Apply td 0. B B 1KB ft. < i?. V?I iiviiaifibaii va MIUIBN uvvaa m w a MAS. No. 380 1th itrNt da ?-aolia* (?OB Bli.1 01 B1HT-H0DSI iltuM od r Death 0 afreet. Ho. 849, betv?#n tad ?tk to., Ielaad. loqaira of J actio* B9SWBLL, Mo. ITS 4H*t. ?otroo>?* FOE BBNT-The late BIBlDlHCf of H O. Vatik, 48t? B atr?*t, ooiMiiii 17 rooma. Mtk ibla tor h aaaka^ylof. Ala*, For Bale, aerertl amaU BODSBB.oa aujUraa Inrnlre 8T&BB A 00.,4&&K7thatreet. Boom 13. oalHa' DO?IU FOB Biff-Two too BOOHS f,r 11. rant,i? a arlvate family, la G?orr?towa, fnratabad or nanintiahad. Fanner aiimaawtt may be made If deal red. Bafereaeea reqairad. A4Iraaa F. Q.t?lirOjBoa j?r-aogt* C'OBBMT-COTTA.GI conUiBiM imht room., kmmtdUUtr*' ^O'LTO jaMOt r\BUa STO&B YOB BALl-A DBDO BTttRB Ir of ?e run itandlag, with flztarM complete: WW atock. sarn?r aiorejnod location, and baat of sffisgjkfa& t&kSU fe. - AUCTION SALES. /< ?iW*M <?J<I <M r??"? rmiIrrkiiidoW^aifd tq-ViIkmow. Of THOB. MWLIM. Anct., tiap? VKET TALCABLK A vTDKIIK tRLR WHAir lKOPkBTT Ik QBOKOBTOWM. D C.. AT iPl TltiM O* Tul' KBTA Y. Janaary I*. ItT. *1 on# s'siftk p. m.. 1 will ?II. ? the ymm. *11 ef ?k*? fry vtlvtblf ao* 4??inM* wharf property ai U>s Math ?>4* ut VMfT Krtrl. VtikiMUii Hi JrflrrMB *tr?*U. lMkiO| tit* llmlirr f Jo* A J p Ltbt>> *1)4 A R*u. a?<1 mv ocrupitd m a ?m4 a ad M*l J?r4 by f. 0. U(kli*K|?rt) b?i t frost of tfent f?K cm ths Potonsc lirsr.aith aapth of nearly ma fast. fieiUM <B fMt SB Water tfMt. aoS sls? a frost m WatktlitM tr**t?( aba at "4 feat sou tm?r< ? * hva????Matlal wharf, tatli tkli arsaoa. ud as ofcea froatin* os w Mrr atrsst TMa >r?f*rty . ?ituf?t bar, Is ths mast dss: raMs vbarf ans^artia* for wso4,c? Ismbsr Tarda titkf uiHrtciof W??Ma A |? |^>n .. . - * i * L-' W?Ur MfM m4 M (? ) ?a j7 foraoa ilmt, ?iU * 4??th of 1C? Im( ? IbcUm m4 lntroTid by m Fram* ?<Mt All eoiMiucN Mi (Ua^a. Ac , ??ld for k; tho fXIT CMMf, r.??m?toa k1 T?n ?b or Mur* the flrat day of April IW7 t?rw to b? maHo k?owo oa tk* day of Ml*, wbirb will b? UUrtl drtSaot* THQ9 POWLUO. Aaot. | |JT OAKKM A WILLIAMS. A?? TWW TWO STOBT HRICK HOUtKt ABB LOTS. PBOBTIAQ OB ??TH STkBKT WB&T. B**?aaa B Bad 0 atraet* Bortb, M Public A acUOB. On THCBSPJlT. th? 10th tBataat. at 4 o'elorfc y. m., w* shall Mil. ob tb* txuar part of fe<ji:ara Bv 399. vl'h tta? impru*m*at?. oon?l?4Ins of u? idb| two ptoiy Hrirk U?u??. < > a ninety yaar'? lea**. which will afford * fin. chaooa for aa? on* wlthiaf to yarchai* a aiuall inuu rtaldaaca. larni One half caah; balaaraio ?1i aad twrlva mantbc. for baannt tat*ra?t. ta ao-nrwd by a Mr a o- vru-? ?u tnr A II -onvai and ra\anoa tluupt at tti* ia*t of tka forofcaaar. 9M dowu ?b?n <> <!. ja3 d 0K1EN k WILLIAMS. 4?cU. BI K WAl>H k CO., A*-tion?>r? Mo Pa. ??., corner lOtk atraat. KVBNIKG ACUT10M SALES On THIS EVENING ?* will m>.i, *t o?r Aa> Iiob Boon i. ro?Bi<<n<-(r( at 7 o>l x-k n, rt.ti r? took of Woolen Oooda. hu?l? ?b< fuor Dry Ooob.CABrrUiM a larga aaaortaact, acil*! ta city Irade. Ititi JtO Placaa Clothlnf. aack at FlnaHrarr Braver tn< Pilot Ovircoati Park. Droaa. a*d Hua-naa* <oat? Panta. I'd terahnta and Dra?w? To?albar*ltha gaarral ??rt?t? oi <?tb< r Goada. akich will U aold for caak. to cloaa our viator ?tc?k ja" 6t M. K.JWAL8B A Cq^Aocta._ |JY W. B LIW1B * CO., Aartiooacra ?>B GOLD AND 81LVKK WATtfHES, JEW ELB*. Ac . AT AOCTIO*. THIS EYBB1BQ at 7 o'ttock at Blot* Ho. IS rc&nerlTanlft aretce. ?ndrr Nattura! Hotel. we hall Mil.* large ?t*ck of flu* Wtkkn, Chain*. Jewelry ud Fancy ? >od?. ;? ?-* W E LEWIS A CO Anctv DT D. L. WELLS * CO.. U Aoctlea**r? ?n<l Reel Eatat* Broken, nertbweat corner 10th uo V street*. We will eel I, oti FBI I>A T. the llth 4*y ?f Jan Wf instant, ?l 10 o'clock m on tbe prem>ee? coruor of Uth and G etre?t* eoaib, Public Ancxlon ? Tbe Lve**. Beataurant Liters. aid Fiiture* of a Orcoery Store ai d Bar, with Bweihuf 0f aT. room* Aiac, a imall ??-ortmar, t < Urorrl* Alao. md aa-criuiPBl <>( HoaaahoM and Kitckn Furniture. ja7 D_L WELL8 * OO . Aacka. BT V. L. WALL * CO.. Aortloaoara. fttnraa 314 ??d All, S nth rirut faiu;lTuli avaaaa a ad 9th at. BALK Of riAMONPf7wATeei8. Ac.. Ac. t?r FRIDAY MOUSING Jan llth . at II a'elk. wa will Mil *t our An tlen Koomi a ttrj aaluatila collection of DIAMONDS. LADIES' OOLW WAT< HKV ud other ar tic lea of no* w*rrHt*il eUbteea karat. Termacaah. _ ja 9 4 W. L. W ALL A CO^ Aorta. |^T W B LKW1H A CO., Aoctioarera POBTAPLK 8' HOOL~HoC8I AT AUOTIOK FRIDAY next, at 11 o'clook. lreehaU aeli, at the School U u?a. on 13th etrret. near Hav York avenue, a let of 8<h-ol Deake, Claire, litcraa, c a wo d 'i nam wniea rtn M nm*TM or k*?t on TNI l?w jronid r*?t ji9*t V B LEW 18 1 CO . A?cto |?Y W. B. LI WIS * CO.Antlopw 8UPKBIOB CLOTHING AT AC0TION TB1B BYZHlNti. *??4 ??m? tpqiqc this week. *t Bo. wa ahtli *?li *11 toe stock of itp*ri*r Clot itag and Fornlanlflf #?od?, emLrac' eg roods o: e*?ry description for ?*ti ftBii oOjCw^r }* if St W. B LtWifl A 00., Aicti 01 J. C McaulBB A 00 , Aactloiw? TWO riBBXBIBI OH~THB POTOMAC BITER AT AI'CTIOM We will Mil. at acctiec. on TBLEAD&Y HOBN IHG, Juikri t4tb. 13 o'oloek nr?. .n , rooms the privilege ?o fl?h for one orainr" mods, tbs two well kaowa fteberles *hn. Boom or Bollrolr, ti>4 the 0?;o?a Das* l!orh tltaeted ob the I'otomac Blvor ' Jli?1 mmJ ** *% m r*??a*hXm ob either T?MWk. yi JAB. 0. Mc?|}IU? oo.. ?-im ? ?*0C1BIE8 AT AUCTION ObMOBDAT MOBNIBG BOEt, JBBi?rr Ut? st It O'clock. Bt the aorthvost corner ofVth B*??M we will eeiI the stock MitSnl&Xl A Oo . Who are deottalair bastaoss, aiifo. *" rsoa tttf Block Too*. Etc* ^ Green end Burst Coffee Cross* A Blackwell'e Assorted Pickles teffSUWi A""*' T': Boies Soap and Merck. Bpiees rr?noB-iri*TonD| Utivtf Scuk CurrtBlf Caanod vy*?or*, Fraite tad Huti Largo lot Ruit anil Scrub Brmthoa Tub*. Back*ta. and Broom Small Platform Bcalto Tegothor with tbo uiaal MMttMIt of Grocorloa. Tor ma cub. do K) J AS C. McOCIBB A PP.. Aarta. UT D L. * ELLS A CO., Aactloaoara and A**i D Batata Broken. H. yr. coraw 10 th ud t atroota. | LABGB A*D KXTKN8ITB S ALB or nnnit HOL? PIRIITCBB ? Wo will Mil, OB MOBDAT MoBBIBO Mil ** 10 o'clock a . public auction on tho at Bo 3tJ ?tb wont. between I and K. M*r th* Bortk* ' ^ ri52uaii^?T dialog HoiMkM^nn, !*; ?wo ? Parlor Purnituro conainting of Walnut Bel* and ?is Chain. ipfaol?*r?Mii Taint Walnut g??rntary and Bookca** J1 ^ {.Whatnot, Parlor C%r?ot Sjwnw Ojlt Pram* P ranch Plato Mirror Mart?!*-to? Ooator Tablo Throo Cottana ( kamtwr Seta Sis Oak IMranjc Chain Carpet on f( nr room. <newt Cook Stora, with P ixtmrn complete Hall Oilclotk. Stair Carpet and Craab Walnut Ma-tie top and otkor Bnraaaa fcrjvsaj'sjfjaBa^ss:"" Single and Doabla Bnir Mattrcaoee voisurs, nuews and BIWKM Six Bstrrlotk Walont (Tbftirs. ens Loiift Om Tste a-t?-te Ked Plash Bofs Wood Mat Backers sad otkcr Cbslrs. Tolls* Bets, Io|*ttaj stil ? |,D,r,| assortment of Hnmhold sdq El-.cben rornltsrs. sot ensnareied. Terms ens a B.?Ths Hows Is for ml j? 1* f I lit) _ P. L. WBLL8 * OO . Ane?s gt OBKBR * WILLtAMB, Auctioneers ADMIBIiTBATOBf BALK OF A LOT OF OLD LI MBBB ?t the eerier el Oi end H sU norlb, st PshUc .taction. O* FBI DAT. the Uth fastest, at 4 o'clock p. m , we idmi iMi en tne yttBiNt ay order ?r th* Br. a. OrifcW Court. of tbe Pietrlct of Oolutto.k*longing to the personal effect* of tlie Uto B Mf ( , deceased. Rrmi i mIi. order ?f tbe i4aiaiitr?trti. ja?-d ttllM * WILLIAMS, iith |1* W. L. WALL * CO.. iieflMMii O Origin?1 Bono and <arriirr Btiur. I La IT., hetweeaath tai 1Mb oto Oa SATURDAY MO&MIMO, Jaaaarr It. 1M7, at 10H o'clock, 1 will Mil, at Wall ft Co ' Btuti, one lew Ti p Wago<?. made to order for Joha Freeaaa, ir . who. having failad to veil 'orIt. will be aold for his accooat. C HYII. ja9 W L. WALL AOO , AacU By j. t. coldwell * oo.. AocUmmti bb<1 G?r#ral A(?iu. Mo 4?e)il*f?oUi Mrwct. Ob 8ATVB9AT. Jbbbbt/ u, at IS 'clock . til b* nU *t Mrtlra, on tM ?mnt?, jlo. ?S4 K Nntb otindu Bitj YtN HukM,> frMM coLiAiafa* fo?r roo?a kitsfc?B, *e.. hJ lot froaUu* lC f?t?lack** ob h. Wmt,M<l 16 fe*t ob Tlrcinu inn*. coattikibf ?boil (ovt ?b knildrM 4tu) >1 X HUI T?nsi: Ou? b?lf owl ; k?l?W* t? rii ttd Bontl . MrnrM t jr m trimt. All coifT) Uicii.l till MM1N ?( IttjkllM. *sw?- TCTtaStfavS>.. nu tsrovn Tuuuniilim ^ \J f?ri?voM( |fll STOTBA. flUTM, to *r**i vartgty. ?t 1AI Mmt. D??r iht Brfdn. ? ?? la* VK C55 5 "1 ?. V DOOUT. DIOOOUT. AIA Oornr No*'* irrjo# ud tut 3d street.v^*w hn ud (t?k Dri|< iM ChtatoUi, NifiSSfef* Arttcl" ***1; ??.??* J* mninoiowira. of a<*tfcC*rolta*. 4eZ?U ' * 2i*t?lZr'? ? < ." * " ? * .? ? ? ? ? . * ?n . I J?IJ