Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1867 Page 1
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ititiig Max, * . -V W-. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C., FRIDAY, JANUARY 11. 1867. N?. 4,320. i tfie evening star PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BUILDING, 8c%&*x?t corner reaa'B. n^nne ami HA *tr*t BT w. D. WALLACH. f be STAR to served by taa earrtors to Ptxbser?*ars in the City ud District at Tbb C*?Tf r? vni. Copies at tbs coaatar.wUB r without wrappers. Two Cbbtb sach. Pbicb rot Mailing.?Thrsa months, fOtU pcllar aad FVly Cento; sis moatba, Tkret Doilone T?ar, /?? DolUrt. Ho papara ara seat from tba oftce loafer tbaa paM for. The WEEKLY fcTAR-pablishad on Friiay morning? Ome Doiimr B PERSONAL. 1 ' /' HTLKHtN WHO ABB AfFUWtl8>i (j (w, warranted by mm otoBar??^ ?^/*reU,rfh throe years'experience la thie partlcnlar broach fil^3s3r?t,?jrs. ssfflftmjijki late of the Baited State# Bioord Yessrsal.H?Bnltal. Office Mo. XI south A street, opposite tba Capitol Pqssre, south side. . ? , . jf B ? is edict Me also furnished ateoet. Se27lm* Mas CCBTIS IBV1BO, CUirrtynt, ntfTut will Mfc readl n?S, N?t, Preaent sod Future el her office, 4?0,Bfrtn rid* of Ptno i kTMM. between 4>a aaa Mb struts. Office hoars from 9 to 2 a. m. sad 4 to p. m. <e? lm* D?. *0WLB^0M10PATH,0 PHYBI01AN. Eeeidevc* end effic*, Mo 4<W 4th street.^ Office Home?9 to 10 a. m." 5 to 4 p. . aaW w ~a T TUB MaWfTjuaaP ?ttMri>a aouMS A 4 iV 9th street, oppetiie Patent Office, lsdies ceo st oar reduced prlcet.on the wry beet Wtmuiitle- _ ^ , Might |u?d Yokes, ready stamped..?..*) cto. C'h> mi*e Yokee. " Jicte. ' Ban** " ** ....... JO cte. Either for oral dor embroidery, oar patterns ere 1 the nrj design*. selected will care in Mew York. and being In receipt Ot the? weekly, we ere able dsi'y tolaeue new patterns ss well or moke ai d atamp ?oy pattern brought <is. 1. O.O Working Cotton at reduce<1 priaee. de 19 tf i J" t>T!M D OLABK.ATTORNEY AMD COOHSELI.OR AT LAW AMD NOTARY PUBLIC, Mo, i-ii l?h etreet weet. do 14 ly IlR. JAMES T. YOUNG hsa removed hla otfiee I# from M<>. 473 loth etreet, to bia reeldence. Mo. 4a* Mew York ave..four doera east of 14th atreet All order* left ot the Drag Store of NAIRN A BBO .corner 9*h at ami Pa ore., during tbe d?> , will be promptly otieodt-d to. de ii lm* L'BAKK M STRiNOriBLD, r CtlNbTABLB AND COLLBCTOB Collects Rent*. Delta and Claims ef all kinds. Bo-ineea placed in bia hands receives prompt attention. References triven If repaired Office ftll ?th atreet, shore P?. Mesne; reel deuce ftOl Letree', between 9th and lUth. M a ?Orders by mail promptly attended to. aal4 lm* 1" AT!ltS IT la ACKBOW LKDOBD THAT a the MEW STAMPING DEPOT, on 9th atre?t, 439. has the teal aelectiou of Patterns ??/?" fered here, and the proprietor hse redneed the price to OME UALf tbet baa been charged h-^retefore. Beme a practical Stamper, no tear ne?d b. bad ot getting what will aait you. Go eee him He will make aod etaroe AM V pattern, de IS tf C^UMPIDBMTIAL -Yount men who hate In / jnred tbenmelTes oy certain secret habits, which unlit them for bnaineee. oleaanre, or tba dutiea of married life, aleo, middle aged and old men, who. from the felliee of youth, or other cauaea. i?rl a debility in advance of tbelr years, before placing tbemaelvea nnder the treatment of any one. abotud first read "Ths Secret Yrlend. Married ladiee will learn eometblng of importance by peruamg "The Secret Friend.^ Sent to any oddreea, in a aealed enrelope. en reoSlpt of 25 cents. Address Dr. CHAS. A. BTCABT A CO.. Boetoa, Maes ao s ly Bbidal abd pvbebkl wbbaths. bo gtETS, CROSSES. ANCHORS, STARS, AC., preeerved In natural form WAX FLOW BBS, HAIR FLOWBRS. and BBAIB1MO. b1 Mrs. FRIES, late of Boaton. Has removed to No. 44V 13th atreet, between O and H: oc 5 6m* LAD1BB WHO ABB DB81BO0BOF A BRILLfnl and accusspliahed Phsalcian. should conrait Dr H1HBT MOBTON, 1?? saat Fay?tt? atreet, Baltimore, Md Pr Morton's asrviews may be (engaged in Waahlngtonor any other city, by oddreeamgas above. oc 13 Sm* JAMBS GTiLD. in iVwuad Setomd kn*d f'wrwtiwr*. Old Furnitnre Repaired. Benpholetered and Yarnisbed. ltth and B eta., (near the eanal.) Highest price paid for Bocond hand Farniture. eolly* ' aiM-.AR a. BLACS. WilVH.UMOH. C. P. BLACKLAW OFF10B. BLACK, LAMON A OO., O^nnsellora and Atterneya at-Law In the Btiareme Court of the Tnited Statee. the Court of Ofalma, tfce Cccrta of the District, tbe Executive Departmenta. and Committee* of Congrees. orce. <?* 14th street, (dlrecMy apposite Wlllarda Hr.tal > da l?-tf DENTISTRY. D~ B. LEWI ES DEBT A L ASSOCIATION, Mo. J4>a PKMM'A AYE , Between Utb and 11th Street*. Teeth 4Btra?ted without pain by adminstering Mltroua ffijde er Laughing Uao. Ur.y^i^ LKWlEhaa recently purchased tba beaMaJaS Cbeiuical Apparatus m the ooantry for^UJ-mt making cure gas every day; also, an improved Vol- i vu!er Inhaler Tbe Asaooatioa Is now prepared to make Teeth on Gold, Sliver and Bubber at New 1 lork. Philadelphia and Boeton prices. AU parson* wlehlng dental work done eon have It as cheap aa in tbe above-named cities. All work dooe in the neateet and beet manner, aad warranted to five eatlefactloa. Persons will do well to call and examine oar work. de 14 tf T B 1 T ^ 'LOOMIB. P., fke loveater aod Patentee of tWe MIMBBAL PLATE TEETH, attends par?onally at^j^ bis office la this slty. Many persons wear three teeth arbo cannot wear others. and no per eon oaa wear others who aannot wear Persons sailing st my office eaa bo asaossssodated with any style aad price of Teeth they aoay desire, bat to shoes who ere parilcatar.and wish the mtert, cleanest, etroageot and most perfect denture that art eaa proenre, the MIHBBAL TBBTH win be ssare fatlr warraatsd. Boobss la this alty-Eo 3S?? Psaa'a aveaae. betweea Mhaad 1Mb its Also, ??T Arob street, Philadelphia. octO-lr CLOTHING, *4. FJ. HBlBEBGBb, * Paccessor to H. F. LfBdon B Co., CITIZEN S AND MTLITA*Y _ MEMCHAST TAILOR, Q Metropolitan Hotel tote Brown's, WW 3S9 Peaasylvsnta avesa*.*" my l lf Wasbiagtoa. P. O. O FDCCTIOM OF PRICES, HeDICTIOM OF PB10BS, DUOTIOB OF PBIOEB. BEI I'gTIQB OF PBICES. BBDI CTION OF PBD bs' BEDCCTIOM OF PRICES. On snd after thla dote 1 will supply to ay cnetom?*e. end to all other deoiere who may favor me with tbelr orders. MABBEY, HC8TM B CO >8 MASSKY. HUBTOM * CO.* MASSE Y. HUSTON A CO. 8 (Late Maeaey, Collins A Co *s? PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT and STOCK ALE PHILADELPHIA DBAOGHT a.H-BTO' K ALB PHILADELPHIA DBAUOHT ajid STOCK ALB AT PBILADBLrHlA PBICBB. AT PHILADELPHIA PRICES, AT PHILADBLPUlA PBICBB. IZ BB'TOBT OB X ALE AT Bit FBB BBC. DbACGBT OB X ALB AT ill PER BBL. t)TO< B OB IX ALB AT ?13 PBB BBL. STOCK OB XX ALB AT |i?PEB BBL Qoods delivered in all parts of Waehiacten aad ?eorgetowa/r<? of<kanu TBBMS CASH. All ordere promptly attended to. B1L1Y A. SUNN, _ Phila .eipbia Ale Aseat, Coraer of Greeae aad Olive streeta. BsMm Georgetown. D. C. PbOTEOTED BY1Ik>l*L*LBTTBBa PATtnt ,of^iif- seenred by the eaato of the Xcola 4# PhAn&icU d# Pirlf. ??4 (Kb ImMviil C?uii?of mm?mm Trt'"*'.f *?-1, to the effectual fsme ly fer Eelaiauon, Bpermatherrhoea, aad ExhaosUoa of ^ ' tem. Trliearner Ho. I haeeatirsly sapor"Tjaah preparatioa la la the form e( amoatacraagSSarS B BAmB0W' f - ^ P- * 0 0 Ht F H B PI A fall sssorassat af all grades ehotoe Floor far Bakers: qnality Mo 1; price low. Are the only direct receives for Ooldea Hill, J. H Gam brill t sot Patapsco J and IJagaaor family Floors la the Dlatrlct As tba latter brand has bee a extensively counterfeited aad sold la this Cit7. WS would laform those wtohlaf thte Boar by arroagemetit with the miliars ws furnish Itlowar than It caa be obtalaed from any other soar so Qnsllte aecead to none. Price afraottoa toss thaa other tret claee Family Ploar. Buckwheat atlow rates. .. , w?r? " w?j*? ixrrSo" I ad I ana svsaas aad tot stresA. no 11 aaar Depot. FlABOB "T", LA BOB Aseortmeat of 8tela??F B Baas' IPtanoe hava jnat heea received. Atoa,^j|^ Piano Mooia aad Covers Par sale at tbe lBH^MB ".'.v"***vs-gfeltott iw' V B.T.ue?.TO?Krr.L Direct tmportatlaa. r 2. M. P. BINO A BOH, a*?t hia( Plaoe. [ I lilaT OF* liBTTACM mncAi*ia? iv thb WASHINGTON CITY POST OTPICE, Friday, Jtiury 11, 1*67. (OFFICIALLY PUBLISH IB IN THB PAPER HAVING TUB LARGKST CIRCULATION ] *y T? obtain My of theo? latter* the Mpllm ?at call tar "Advertised Utttn," |tva tha data of the Hot, and pay ona cant far adfaniattf. VI( tol ctlMtor vtUii om dhU tk?j will ba iant to tha Dead Latter Office LADIES' LIST. Amour Rachaal 0 Mr? Orcutt John Mr* Ural frtuu M RMra PagaOhariieMrs Allen Allan t rasierBehooca Page Y P Mra iaMtiT Mary Graea Sarah Mrs Pool Sarah Mra BtntiiiaKMnbllaa lilea Phillips J D Mrs Bnggs Leal s a Qroaa Mary Plenaonton 0 Bra Green Florence Perry Anna BarrHallieOMrs Mra Proctor Mary Brown Charity Graham John Parria Jnlia Mra Mra-S Power Bit z'bMrs Bell B J Mra GnstbarBBMra Prentiss Joe Brown Louisa PGonl.iing J W Power LtsM Mra Boone Boao Mra __ Palmer B B Mra Beach > Mra Qllaon Mra Bo pa Ettie B Bella >11 a Grason Malinde Jtauh Mary A Brown M 8 Mri Hohner Minnie Hoed Linnl* Bailey Battle DHaai Mary Mr* Bite Francea Butter Bally Bahn Nannie Bohodee O Mra BeatrieLouM Hrck larah Boed Mary Yirg Bert r sad BetallabolbrokBV Mra Boss Bdnah J BlackistonLillieHanson A Mra B?aa Lizzie Barton Bllen liar par Fannie Raseell E'.tJMrs Bristol Bmj Mra Mra Klchardaon Mra Bulger Cut Mrallalloren John Gen J B Banghmaa L Mra Rugbies Jalln L Byera Susan A Hoover Blisa- Bailey henlsMrs Mra both Mia BobinsonBBA Brereton B Mra HewettMerenca Mra ttenney Mattie lHudwell Ader Bo bey Mra Mra Mra Rnssell 0 H Mra Barton Sarah K Hellen A Mra Ramsey M PMrs Mrs! Howard En>ina Stabl H Mra Barton Snllta Mra Stow.inllaK.Mre Bailor Harriet Hawkins Blacy BchelseElloa Mr* Cook Maria HanrahanMrs Small a N Mrs Clark Margaret Holliugsworth 5mlth Ann CrallHstlaAMra Mrs Smith MUs Clark Ella Hsnuund SBMrsScbselSarahMrs Cha?e Pannie H Hai.l<jnesR8Mrs3mlthSB MrsUpt CI rk Bell Heneliaw Sarah Snmn r B Mra Case Eliza lnsbam L M MrsShelden J B Chaae Elizabeth I?dell C Mr* Stewart A BPMri Giark Jady Mra J nson Rachaal Shafer Albino Cyrni> Alice Jackson X EMrsShehaaCothMrs Uulclazer Hattle Job nson N Mra Strawbcr Ann L Mra Jobnaon Sarah Stockton Fennl-r> Cunnlngbaaa XI Johnson J Mrs Sample Mar* * Ion Mrs Jackson Blla Stevens Merria Cooled ge ASMrsJohnson Blisa SntharlodBJ Mr. Cutler H P Mra JacksonT H MrsBlerrybaraVMra ColbyCarieMra r Jot.neon B LMrsButton B P Mra Oavliiar M 'y Mra.l ackaon MSMrsSteran* 8 8 M Cameron A J Jackson M a MraFarr J B Mra Coleman 8 H Jackson Bllen Taylor Era CanniagbamMrsKorr LncrnMrsTbompeonRaahi CumaHniia Mra King C Mra Terry Bmma Campbell Mary Kent Marin Turney 8C Mri J Mra Kent 8arah ThomaaO " Colby BowlnndLehrer LiV MrsTltns Patav Mra H Mri Leach Jaa BMrs TnrnerJ noH Mrs Cacliot Mary MrsLeach L'a K MrsYandegiirr m r Cecil MaryHMrsLamb M'y J ic) Mra Clatlin T Laos Beaale White Ellen A Day Matilda Limerick Bettie White Hattle Dugs Chole MrsLncAM M't 8 MrsWhlta Annie B L'aly John IMrsMau ! Nellie Mrs Davis Jane Morehouse A'g lWood Julia lira Dexter C R Mnfble 8 b M?s Weeks Sowa L Dudley Annie GMageoM'yWMrs Mrs Doglaa Belly MrsMifW Alice Wengh M B Davis A E Mrs Morgan Jane Wirt Maggie Davison N Mra MoseslyAn'oMrsWard H L II Dflan Mar* Minor C A Mra Wrraan L B N Dykeman m BMwog Lilly Mia Mrs Millar May MrsWMiiatusJnoMra Dors'-y MaryX Mercer Srh Mrs Williams Jaa W Bdmonston RoaeMcAnew Lanra Mrs Bfilin Resale? Mci.'lurir PannloWilkinaon Lon Bwin M Mrs McUlelaod Li/le Mrs Plrk P A Mrs McCorru-h LiiiaWarder J B Mrs Pickett Addia 2 McKe u/.ie JoslBWaabiaston Ma Poster ALVMrs cUoniiOll R B Mrs Fowler A J Mra Mrs Wilaou Marin L Fe-fosoD.! McPerm-tt E -fll Mr* Fi?b?r Julii B JJcfirUndOri Williamf So?bi? Fenton AnnieH McLaughlin B B Eraser BUan Mre Wilson Sarah H heth 8 McGnesseeOMrs Mra Fisher Mrs McBride Belie V Young Fannie Fisher Mollie gorthrni. F J Young Soian II Farrow W Bra Norton Rate A Mra Florence Nellie Newman Cor'ltn Yonng An Mrairi Foley WniJMvs O'Keefe Mary Yonr.t S^ie ^ ' Foster M ? K M r? Owen Sarah MrsZimmomianri B Freerenn Marg'tO'itrienSarhMrs MI8CELLANB0LS.?Ada (U NTLEMEN'S LIST. AlexanderArmd Anger Henri* Andrns K Atkinson LtB ArmstrengJnaB Arnold Moire . W H Arastad Jal^aa Archer Hoa3teB A?ple?.yOaptOWAlbert Jno Ab?rt 8 T AgflegateDavid Aadei?on J W Allen Thoa Adams Geo Anthony Jno O Avery W B Bryan AugnatnsBrown Geo W Brooks Jatuaa For len AddisonHaner Ge? W Broeke Hon J M Burr Albert G Brewer Geo J B llman Lewla Becker Adolnh Brega G W Bnrns Mlcbael Barrows AndrawBrown Geo J Bishop Marti 5ra?rar A 8 Blake BG Bead ford Nlch s ??H'*A Boaworth HartRrsslln Lt H Brackeii A I'd PAS Bakar L F Burroughs H 8 BronnarRlcb dR BreokC Bryaat Hende'nBart Silas W Baylor O G Birch Henty llnrtls 8aml Sallows C B Bird BO Bnrrows Smith Bowles Chaa B Bennett H M Brown Baml Blair Austin Baker. InoH Batee Sidney t Biy Douglas Blumkeon Jno Blaachard J M Mloncbard Bd Berry Jno f Barthdaml tens, l^sr/j saBoi*? B B Bed* J W Brown Bag Wm Brooks Ed P BateaJnaM Yonng Ba**" Geo M Brown Jno Brown w Cel S?J?Tf 7 B#',# J D Brown GaptW w rMU^A w Oraigw Jacob J Co V man R B C^i Ids A W tarni wick Jno Oogglui Bam'I S Or seem an Aaa Oroston Gen JnoCanaroniiunriatk Colo Aleiaader Churchill Hon Clark 8 W lam pb el 11. tO h aa ^ Jno B QhildaaBD Cela ACo MaasriOamal Isaao C?oabiBaa1 D Calvert Chna Conant Jno H Clark SamTr ColaurreaaarCapCrlttendenCelJ JCallans Taos Cbilds Enoch L Cohb Jaa B CloiTuiey Thaa C*U<M Hswr UcSS'qu? C"H"'*' * '* Cregaa Hugh Obipman N 8 Clark Wm H Cnrchlll Hon Carr Phillips Clark W n I . ClaaaensBiah dAOogpa W 8 O Coburn Hon JnoOamp Rich'd W Peuham Alex DiUey Jaa Dalaaay Mike VaBow B P Daniel J T Davis P Darling Chae L Uoc l.y J B Diggs Bobt Dt Forest Mens Delata?ter Jaa DounollvBewU ? Oa^t Davis Joa W Dabnor Wkt7 Daria Edmd T DuganLtJaa Dalaon Win Derrick Bdwd Dcrr Jeremiah I'onohertr Wm Dammars B J Dorsey Lloyd DnnVai wT, Dova Hon Goo BieU L H Dotson Wm Dorsey Jes 2 5 sry Benj Bdsall Henry F Bp pa Bobt BVel Chao Baton Jaa Bvans Saml T BdmnndsHon Bgau Michael EvIttlB Goo jr Evans Milo Fmht Aug C PeatonJnoJ PurgarsonMllt'> Fnllaaer Joa B Flessming Mike GarlantfHon AMGomsert/ B Gasklus Rev Mr Gray Aloz T OoodfetlowOHvGrabam Otis K Gluata A Gravely Bon J J Glennan P Graham Cpt A BGIotsl-aehs JosPGantt 8 M Gnillard C R Galick Jno Gurloy Wm Gibl-ons Chas Oarlaad Jaa Grecorv w 8 Gregory Dick Gteeeasr Jno GriMii Wilton (Nwker Dan I Gravelly J Jt (iray Wm Gaillard B B Grendle Iatah Green C J <.ennCptFredB Gibson Jaa 8 Gwiu Hon W M Ganrone 8ig G Hewitt A P Holland Geo Barman Jno Howard Alht Barmas Hearv Har.ell Jas H Hunter A F Hays Bev H H HillearyJaa Haamons Ales Hoy fltnry J Herrity Jag Howell Ang's BillOaptHD Halo John HopkiaaHonBF Hennlng J as Q Back John S'P'i? J * Hoahstadlar JaoHlldreth Lewis HaiahtHonChaaHariglor Her Hoeko Lonla H 5"** -J*cob. Hyatt Lock wo ?d Hodden DanT Henry Jno _ Bewaar MarcelHannan D Hugbley Lt BH Ina C Bdwell Emory Morten Jos K Hall Bov B A BartlngaBB Hewitt Jea W Humphrev Ham 'l Hall F __ Hawkins Isaac Howard TW HonstonBonG8 Harnian Jas L Hamlet W Bougbton O H Berllhy Hon J A Harroy W K Hall GooT J ohnaon A T Johaaon A Hoi JndaonB K Jackson Al?x land. ^ JoaklusThoa Johnson A P Jones J ackaon JoyaoTFllr Jobason Bwcol iJoachlm M J ah n son Thoe JohnMin Chas-3 Jaaaes Bobt L I Jehnaon W J Jacehi Bev J Q KltcbenHonRMSKarn P A Blnovaaa P Kruttll MsosrsMKoehWr Geo Key Thos LAG Am ding M H OB Kennedy Thoe H Kaanel M 0 Kemotkr Jaa Kaabora Thoa I'Xr.'fr'-'is.'i.i.-u.. La wis Chas B Lewla Hearv D Lough bo roagh Isittlatata Boa Litchfield H T Mr , D A Loreil Joe Lochhochlar M Lane B T Lstaderhach J oGLarkln Or land M tuir,-?:!4* ?ss.iri?. tapssi'jJu. Hw&Lai griX-S-'is tesatix,v MeCuUachO MoDoaald Jaa McGrMarB II Morgan^onOW *' '*7 Jaa O Marah Thoa B May Gaa J Varrfa Jamaa Maaaeil Thaa MartoaGoa Moody J L Mlddlotoa Wm 8*M%lrftOp4Gaft M^ndtr Jacob Morton W B toft Gee Morrasey Moor* Hun Wm 2 r?MH???W Mankln Jno W f}?r.[?5 *,? wmiiiChi.r Bliss W J Nash Bobjt Newton H P.ft**1 OshaOto 0*m*8?ft'l 0 Pamognuo O'Be fan Mich 1 Odsn Wft Florence Omil?r Boat PlnmptonA. S Phillips H B Peabodr O D Parmer Chas Pheatt GaptHD Pierce P J rtrow Oh?i Pettit Jno D-2 Peterasen Hndl'ft Perry B A Phaloa Jno A. Price Bieh d ?rli? 8 J Powell* O PottirlJ Porter Ha Lewi* Piater Wa Peaauer Frad'k Palmer Leviok Parker Win H fatt?a Oot front beander Ptaelpi Wm H ' rrtli'fl i Pyfer Melyltle I'earc; Wm ! Bandall A l> Bow Herman Ringer Obed Bandall AbramP Hawllns Isaiah Ba?b Peter I BieeBB ^ By an Jno Kolliae P Ransom HoaC B Blcbards J no Bainby Bam I H Rider hdwd KeedJaoO Richaids Tbon Roberts Bllck Bay Jno BwveTS ! Boot Braatoe Bblae Mr Baneom W H I Roberson Francs Robinson M B Bo bene W 8 1 Ra*?ett Henry ! Smith A Thea Batter O H Bandera B >1 L i Btephen'HonAHBtickney G W Strattoo Theo I Band ere oa A H BeymourOptHD Siulth Th?? Bbriner 0 H B'uard Jno Bnilivan T F Bcott Obaa Bhafer Jno Bulllvan T Sims Chan Col Sutherland Joe Btnrlaus Willi BtevsasOA BtrattoaJnoT Bhoomaker W n I Steele (has Sauadera J aft L Bkeirett Wa h i Bcott Dan Bmitb J W Bayre* Wm | hteward Bllck Bo.itb J 8 Smith Hod W C Scc tt Id?d Btaplea L M Bteele Wm Btratton B B Bnyder M jr Scott M O btilsen O W Bazton Opt M WS'iiithHenWor'n Bcoflout Geo Sackall N A Bides Opt Wm V barg t-ant Geo D Shannon Patk ! Tappan A brum Tobln Cap Ueo Toole Martin Tingle Aniory Trommine 11 Tai lor Porter W Tabor B?-nj Tuner 111r.tin Tyler Stm'l W 2 I Tolaon Ooin'linaTeav H B Thayer Sam IA 2 Thompaon D B Tidball Lt 01 JCTray nor T P Tboniaa HnDROTonkln .Ino W Todd Vernon I, T^Kyck Bev KTomkina J 8 Turner Wm tJ Vosburg H S Van WickHnCH Velaon Wm a I Valentine W j Walker Albert WheedenEugeneWilliams L 6 Weaver 0?pt B Ward 0e-> B Wehn Loui* I J B 1 legate llenry Woif Mih*el WcntworihBrad Wilson H H WontrumpHoaP ferd H Webb ilenry B BWalub Pat'k Wood Bon Ben Jr Whlttaa B<eVd \\ lltoo BO Wildman Jaa 0 Wittmey K I' ! Washburus Gen Wilson Jos R Wilcox ThosG I nr.S S mm nu Waltera Winfi ld I Wlkaff Maj 0 N Wifliama Jno P 8 H1111*"" HWinato'i Hun JAWalcli Wm B Wood O O White Jno White Wm I WiImi Obu Welch Jno Wright W G ' S?r5e? While James Willi ami A P,M War 1 Hon B Wood Jno B D Weaver Captain Wllacn L P Walker Albert Braatua ?A. B C ; Secretary Great I Falle Mining Co.: "Little Mark, ' Editor Washington Kladderadtch; Editors De Bow Review; B, _? B J BOWKN.P M. dancing] J)BOFB. J. W. A H. P. BBBIS' " DANCING ACADEMY, * Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7tb ata . Jfm Oppoaite MejtrepoUUn Hetel. bA forming every evening. Those dai'?l to enter our classes should Avail thf-m I selvea of thla opportunity. auva,a mvm" tbem urM^ffcRffiV* made lnthl-terror Clrenlara can be had at J. P. Ellla'and W n Metaerott * Oo.'a Music 8toree. Wl ? The Hall can be rented for Soirees, Ac. j v .Hour* of Titttion : j a * or.Ladles, Misses and Maatera, Tuesday and I Saturday a'tornoona, from S to 5 o'clock Uentlemeu a Olasaea, Tuesday and Friday e?e- I nlnga. from 8 to lo o'clock. T ?f t2r^rther,5lorn,at,on?fcWy<lnr?** the boura of tuition, or addreaa a no?e to the AcaJemy llaarter oommencing with the first leaaon. ? 8 ! 3] A B I B I ' FA8HIONABLB DAMCISG V"*1 8 abbbmb'ly booms, Jjfc .... . between 9th and l?th streets. Si uJn Irf Bo"open f#r tb*r#cep" Daja and honre ef tnitioa for younf ladiea 1r* Tueadaya, Tbnradays and Batardays. from 3 to * p m. Gentlemen's rlaasea from 8 to 10. aame evenlnga MD r??? DK?S BlLLa f w?nM moat reapectfnlly ingentlemen of Waahington city, and the Dlatrict (generally, that he is at all I timts prepared tofnrnlah parties witb Masmerman "if* tnsMtme, either on loan or made to I order. He baa taken rooms at the wellknoan ' blishment cf Chrlatian Buppert, Bso 1 42i < th street, between O and B, where he wi|7^>a I ba??y to await order*. CflABLBB BEBG . . , Jfttft Ooatumer at Ford'i and Grnver'a I Theatora, Waahlngton, D. 0. | 1 WILL OPEB A PBOYIBIOB ST0BBTHDB8 ??? . ^ . DAT, Jan. ltnb, O and H streeU. where I 'l-AoU at?he*o*caV'markettpHM>at,T,''0n WM LIBKIB8. UBBZBBBG 8 LOAN OFPIOB. . Katabtiahftd lMt. ?* WATCHER. Dt AM2fL'? ,!.BWWBTt WBABIBG APPARBL. ' klnda of Mercbandlae. Buslneaa atrirtly I 5fk?^'.eD. i * 'Worth 0 atreet.tetwaen and I Mh atreeu. Imaiedlately la rear of the National aetcl? ja8 lm? I I^BADBTBEETB flTrATBbT WBATBEB J r?Tn J'Ji11 T*0?0 Of thea'fe. Bzeladae anew. JStiUirtJnS. S'ioiS.VSKr D* 0, _ ?? H. W. HAMILTON A CO. LATBBT *ABHb^8HIW. Of HAIB HA^foDRESSBR. Ur in? 'tr?*t- bfttweft? 18th and Mth ?ta. ?IUl wko? he arrived la this B0J t^Wlsbod for tae last elgbt years la Waahinvtoa and Newport, en- I jy. J*JHH?wll>te of the rorp, diplomatique, and J~U'IS5K.5Si*& H.l|4|M.a/ ItTit I Ihn WMdw. tnd J J Jthlnif that LtloDfa lo t4i AreiiiBf of Lair I at very reaaona le pruSa " 7 to* " 53 LOD181ABA AVEBUB. fjl J. H. CBANB A OO. HftTft on hand a large and fine aaeortment of G00D8, suited to this market, anch aa BUTTBB CHKBSE, EGGS, APPLB8. BA1SINS. PIGS,' 01TB0N, NUTS, HAM8. 09DFISH, MACK ! BBBL, HIBBING. 80AP8, CANNED GOODS. Be. Alao, so Barrela Moore'a celebrated CHAM- I [ PAGBE GIDEB, by barrel or gallon. j All the above goads ara offered at tba lowest market price, and warranted toanlt,by J. H. CBANB & 00., ** <-lm 33 La. ave.. between <th and 7th. | Q. B B A T B A B G A I N 8 1 ~ ..The subscribers are closing oat the balance ef I herFABCT DBBB8 GOODS at greatly reduced J I?'s *t kaadaome Bilks. ft*1??' *noea, Poftllaa. Plaida. aad. In fact, any kind of Drftae Materials, will find oar prions a I th^i^moStbC*",*nt, " W* wl,h to cloM ant .HT4iSi,'a Cotton, which we are selllag very cheap. All goods market la plain figures at tbs lowsst I market ratss. 8,000 b?>"vTATOn.jut K%&."*" WtSSA'Z&f""' d. ua I CBOCOLAIADO,iJLfi;VtiA,LL.. J Pur Cacao at Sucre. Bzempt da tentl melaase I B. M. P. KING A BOH, j Corner Yermopt avanne and"'^ stroat. I j WBBT INDIA OBAHttBB AND I < v , SWBBT Malaga gbapbb. Fr*"' B1BG PLACB. I 1 C?Pirla?2PvBAl?IB**JO8 <>0BBAHTa, I 1 - " Ktag Plaoft. I toa2tTetlon AsrtU- be reeamed I 1 aad cfrrolar at the -^l'k^bstnrsft*^*^"" I BOOT* ABP BHOBB. | fB iiw |tou. M BOOM A*? BHOBB. I , oBKSK^-ttr'a M*'i,l*r#liB0BGB B. WILBOH. ji TELEGRAMS. fee. The Republican caucus m?t at Harrisburg, Pa., last evening. Speaker Hall was i ho?eu chairman. Tbe caucus remained in session only halt an bour. No speeches were mad** Simon Cameron was nominated for Senator on the flrst ballot. The vote was as follows Cameron, 4? Curtin, 23; Steveae, ~:Grow. 5.

Grow, 4. All the Kepublicsn members were present except two l>ancafeter county Senator*. Tbe nomination was made nnanimons when the caucus adjourned. The Maryland House too* np, yesterday, the bill enfranchising the citizens who hare been disqualified u* vote or bold office under tbe ?< Mstitntior in accoantol participating in or sj mpathizing with tbe rebellion. After some dilatory motions and the offering of several amendments, which were rejected. tbe bill was read a second tini?vuid will no doubt be flually parsed to-day. TLis measare is a virinai repeal of the disqualifying provisions of tbe registry law and of the csnstitution. The (Quebec Mercury of Thursday morning says editorially that the plans arranged for tbe defence of Montreal against further attack or inroads from Fenian or o'iier enemie* baif iees approvf d by b?r Majesty's government in London anrl that fhe imperial Parliament will be called npon to an appropriation of two million pounds sterling for completion ol the work. The Indiana Legislature met yesterday morning. The Republicans having a clear ma.jortty.both branches organized immediatwly by the election of the Hon. U. C. Branham, Speaker, and Cjrns Libi* n Clerk of the House; Major O. M. Wileou, President, and Gen. Tom Brown Secretary of the Senate. The Governor's message will be delivered today. The Wool-growers' Association of Illinois met at Springfield Tuesday, aad adopted u resolution that is cf vital importance to th?* wool-growers of Illinois, and to dependent 01 related industrial interests, tha*. 'h? House tariff bill on wools and woolens, now pending in the Senate of tha I'nited States, or one equally protective, become a law. The condemned Fenians were to be sent to the Penitentiary yesterday morning, but their retention at Torouto has been ordered until after the trial of the other prisoners. The grand jury will not consider the Fenian cases until other business has been disposed of. The amendment to the national Constitution, known as tbe fourteenth article, waj ratified by the upper branch of the Illinois Legislature yesterday afternoon by yeas, 17; nays. 7: not voting, 1. The Republican caucus at Albany, N. Y nominated the Hon. KoscoeConkling as their candidate for United States Senator. CONGRESSIONAL. SiNArt?Yesterday afternoon, the bill to regulate tne tenure of offices being under consideration? Mr. Harris' amendment, to include Cabinet officers in the provisions of the bill, was discussed at some lengib, and, on a vote being taken, was rejected. Mr. Hewe offered an amendment providing that in case of suspension from office by the President be shall require person? appointed temporarily to furnish bonds with sufficient sureties lor the faithful discharge of their duties. Pending the consideration of th< amendment the Senate adjourned. Hot 8*.?Yesterday afternoon ? Mr. John L.Thomas, Jr., (Md.,) preset ted petitions of cigar makers ot the second nd third congressional districts of Maryland, praying for a specific tax of fo per l,Ouo ou all domesuc cigars, for the retentiou of the present duty on imported cigars, and tor a change in the stamp act. The Speaker appointed Mr. Banks (Mass ) and Mr. Van Aernan (N. 1.) to fill vacancies in the Committee on tbe Militia. The Seoate amendment to the bill to fix tb? times fer the regular meetings ot Congr?*s? providing that no member of the next preceding Congress shall Tecel ve any compensation or mileage for going to x>r returning from the place of meeting of thl next Coi<gress. was agreed to. The Senate amendment to the House bill to amend the original aits of the Territories oi Nebraska, Colorado, Dakota, Ac., was agreed to under the operation ef the previous question by a vote 104 yeas to ? nays. Tbe amendment prohibits the denial of the right of franchise to any citizen on account of rave, color, or previous condition of servi. tude. The title of the bill was changed so As to read An act to regulate the elective franchise in the Territories of the United Stales.-' The Senate bill to admu Nebraska as a State waa then taken up. Considerable debateensued. and several motions to refer tbe bill to various committees, Ac., weie rejected, and without any definite action on the bill tbe House adjourned. FROM EUROPE. Lomdov. Jan. 10.?Tbe Rofermers bare come to tbe decision not to make their proposed demonstration npon tbe assembling of Parlia- I meat by tbe presentation of mass petitions demanding reform. They will take the better course of permitting tbe queetion of reform to come before Parliament in tbe customary manner, without endeavoring to force It there by disorderly demonstrations. The Times ot this morning arrives at the conclusion that the proposed impeachment of President Johnson foreshadows a revolution in Uie United States, and points ont the dangers of such a proceeding. Pants, Jap.. 10 ?The rumor has obtained currency, on apparently trustworthy authority, that" Austria. France and Italy have entered into an alliance on the Eastern question, and tbat Russia and Prussia have made a similar agreement. Flokakca, Jan. 10?The report ie current ta semi-offieiAl quarters tbat the Italian (Government has determined to restore all the property ot tbe Church which has been confiscated, on condition ot tbe payment of a heavy indemnity. Razin Bey, the Turkish Minister to Italy, will, it is said, shortly be withdrawn, and'accredited to tbe United States Government. Taixptx, Jan. 10.?Advices from tbe Greek Mediterranean islands state that tbe revolution Ik spreading, and that formidable uprising ot tbe people have occurred la other islands. Cohstawtiwopl*, Jan. 10.?The indications ot serious trouble between Turkey and Greece are increasing, and tbe Porte contlnnes to send troops to the Greek frontier. KANSAS? .Veuaye of tke (lorernor.?The Keneas Legislature convened at Topeka. Tuesday at noon, completing the organisation of tbe House by selecting a speaker, sheriff, clerk, and all other officers. The members of the Senate were sworn in, bnt no organization was made, in order to test the law or Congress for the election of United States Senators, of whom two are to be chosen, to fill a vacancy caused by General Lane's death and the expired term of Mr. Pomerey. Fifteen candidates or more are at Topeka, with large delegations to tbe House. No political significance is attached te tbe organization, it being a senatorial contest. Senator Pomeroy, sx-Governor Carney, General Lee, Representative Clark, ex-Governor Robinson, and Senator Rose, are the most prominent candidates. The House met Wednesday morning, and was called to order and the Governor's aeesage received and read. It reviews the prosperous condition of the State, and says the population bas increased forty thousand in a year, and commends the payment by the State of tne Price raid claims, amounting to S4W.991.63. Al>e, to submit to the people a proposition to strike out the word ? white" In the State constitution and disqualifying freedmen from rights of citizens of Kansas, and commends the adoption of tne constitutional amendment, and cloeee with a scathing review or President Johnson. IB Srxrnns i* Nnw Yonicf?The Irish ( American states positively tbat Stephens, the oi dlsant ?C. 0.1. R-," i? ?U11 in New York city, larking aronnd, waiting tor an opportu. nlty to deoamp. It hints that he will probably attempt to escape to France by the steamer Perelee, which will sail on Saturday, the 14th mat., from pier SO North river. 0" A romantic writer says the AAabamaenak beneath the waves ' virgin Md modelled by hostile |tread." gyPhiladelphia la going to And oat how many children in that city do not attend school. gjrCyras Fowler froas to death near Newbury port. "Rum did it." WThere is h slight difference between dinner for nothing sad nothing for dinner ?? ?ten Pflt. GIFT CONCERTS AND THE SOLDIERS' UNION ! A Carlea. Expeeitioa. tdx:?r Star ?The aacces.fat perpetration ol * tWDt imposition upon the public and the Soldier.' ad Sailors' Union of the cut oi Washington bM emboldened a ?w of t?eVpetrator. to make another essay upon the rL nature of the public, and sonad a?ain the depth of forbearance, or?aa these schemers regard it?the gullibility of the people. This ?. "J?T' air?rd" ? opportunity of doing what baa been too long delayed?exposing the entire humbug to the victims and to thoee whoee well-meant efforts to benefit them have been frustrated?and at the same time vindirate the Soldiers' and Sailors' Union, a huherto useful association, xrom the odtnm that is now rapidly but surely impairing iuuisIbIcrushing it out of existence. ,?Tb'1r*crBt ?nt*rprisa, se kindly and industriously fostered hy various loyal journals, nr.der the name of ??Tbe National CJift Oon a; of SsSSw ?,SS; and their widows and children, has a history too lotg confined to the knowledge of a comP* 1' 1/ Persons, who have hesitated to xpose the schemes of a ft w art venturer", for two reasons- first. the scheme had obtained a degree of headway before ita reaJ character was *nown. which rendered it difficult if not impossible to control it; and, in the second vas a lingering hope that some, thing might yet be reahred to th? arowcd ,>t,. tects of the proposed charity?the pretext for so tremendausan outlay of labor and money. All associations of the late volunteer armv have a large constituency or /k t.8- anrt ' P?vrished soldiers, a id the widows and orphans of deceased solv"','?-malting a relief fund a necessity. The Soldiery and Sailor*' Union or Washington bad such a fund, and found sueh use for it a> U3 mate its material increase a matter of m^ mediate importance While this matter was the subject of deliberation, and in one of the regnlrr meetings but thinly attended, Wm L. Mcrse offered a resolution that a committee oi three be appointed to obtain voluntary eubih?S Hn* forlihB ef 'be Soldiers" Orphan Home Himtelt and two other members were appointed said committee. Within a ,k -v?ritwc-to tte surprise of all members of the I nion not in the secret, there appeared in the papers of the city and elsewhere the an nouncementof the .?irand National Gift Concert, under the auspice? of the Soldiers' and jailors I nion, for the benefit of the SoldiersOrphan Home, another similar institution, and finally of the Union. The committee of three Monda7ifor a specific object, had ?JL Pdaesday rrown into a fuli-flecfged lottery schemf. with its long list of great nrOe; comPlet*j ehowmg that the whole E\r I h , g meditated, Mr. Kursr drop. * u Relates, and himself expanding into H. A. Hall, president: Wm. S Morse se. retary. C. E. Oapebart and M H llKi (the latter two not members of the Union) announced as the ''managing directors." < >11 the next Monday evening the Union convened, and some of iu members informal!r announced the intention of inquiring by what authority the name of the Union wa? used in connection with the advertised lotterv. Hut the King, not prepared to meet that quest,on, and with their president in the chair as pree. dent of the Union, succeeded in having a motion toadjourn declared carried within a few momen is of the time of meeting, thus securing another week to be devoted to manipulating the members anrt organizing to prevent scrutmy into their action*. At the next mating a resolution was introduced to appoint a committee to supervise the enterprise, composed of citizens whose reputation would be a guarantee against imposition and rive that confidence which insures success. containing the names of H. D. Cooke, of .lay Cooke A Co ; John K. Loans, and others of like standia* It wa* deieatert by a ?mall majority, every I parliamentary ti^dge being resorted to to prei . !lnd lair dUcussion. Elated bv ) this, the plotters then attempted j pa.*s a . resolution endorsing the s? heme and it* man?*"*' but were defeated: and it la to the credit of the Soldiers and Sailors'Union that it has never to thi, day. by any vote, giren its an! proval or endorsement to any such scheme or auUieri*rd the use of IU name. Subeequeutly. iMif affain9t an-v farther movement of that !? V managers proposed a committee which wa? appointed, whose personal reia! Hons with the self-appointed directors or other, to them, well-known reaeons were I sufficient guarantee that they would not too closely scrutinize the management o*- gar too mncu about it. To do themjustice it can ? moat truthfully averred that their action iu both particulara has fully vindicated the confidence repoeed in them by th. King or progresaed. The borrowed or rather ?tolen influence of the nam* of the nn^H Kw,hlon' Md ,h" ?anct,on thus supposed by the public and the public officials, secured their favorable notice in the loval naflT .^ro,ulh counlry- obtained for them id*f of both House, of Co * Commissioner of internal Revenue remitted all cuaa and license fees accruing to hnreau; and if any real gnaraniee of go?d faith had been furnish >d, at- proposed, enough Influence would have been brought to bear to make it a success. But most of thoee who bad cbaraater and food reputation to risk, grad" withdrew from It. A postponement waa made on th? ground that about one-third of the ucketa yet remained unsold?the whole numbei being three hundred thousand. A donation of five hundred dollars was ostentatioual v made to the Portland aufferers. and the full benefit of the adverUsiag thus given availed of The dav of final drasTiug came *The aging directors then announced to the assem5 ^,^Sneana, two-thlrdt of three huuihfeh WM ^^y-'toree thousand, which waa the sum total of all tickets ?old and that they had reduced the number of prized s-iUPre?^?!^|l3r''rKW?0f.lhe ,Plendl<1 houses s ill remained. The first prixe. a house and lot valued in their schedule at ft|&,uou, was hy the mother..n-law of the prveident of the .-Managing Directors," which he "ty*1 ,had- ?onag the davs of an^ wh eh*; *nd**T?ring to sell at tiu,uw, nnd which la by real estate dealers valued now aL '^^ ^""Ctrentof lUut^fpeT owned hr (? m v- ^ ,ot wa? '^er owned by Q. M. \tn Buren, the partner of the aforesaid prealdent, or held by them for aale. Ita value la estimated at 51*1 ni* erf in the schedule at f-.(*K). The other prL of any valoe which were Anally permitted by the "Managing Directors"' to be awa dej were mainly watches and other article* of jewelry, wheee actual -value bore about the aame relation to the achednle valae as the instances aoove named The total claimed value of the prizes awarded waa ??i,uio. The actual value or to th*m eetimated by the rule of three, with the specified exam pies as a base. The two housea^t tStfr "i?." ation alone amounting to more than one-half and then deducting the usual per can tare alto wholesale dealers when bayiagsuch articles as watches m large quantitii.*Thas we have data frem which the whole outlav k ^ PPro*im*t*?T calculated, and for *hich it would be a liberal estimate to allow ^ umber of tickeu claimed to be sold #fc3.uuu. Of this amount they claim that xq (mo oThU "^ndedw'n *dT*rtlsi.g, chiefly, imd 1 h?1 M commissions were alWU*re thu 'normous amount Fortunately for one of the institutions to t? benefited, tts managers took the Uckeu Instead I of waiting for the money, and by their sale se pr0p?**d,/har*' w At a later Director." rave to the Sou ItF Hom# 5'0U0' ? receipt in full. Thue we are aow able to make SdV. Irohable account: ** ?ut a Mai* received for Uclmta, in round num. P^ld for' advertisiag, clerk* hire, printlar, Ac-, liberal eat 1 mate fciaoou P?id for prlxea, flrat cart ? oou Paid Scltu -r* Orphaaa' Home 3.0110 Orphan Asyloia fjn Paid Portland Relief Oommlttee. 900 Balance naacoounted tor, which bv theb pledge. i. doe to the s a ft it ??, bat fouT partaera to ahare the proita. Bat mindful of the past and hooefai of ,k? fntar^ the announcement at the time of drawligthit thev had eet apart and would rive to the iLrj. ttoa, la whoee aame and on whose had done all twTthe of|S&. It may surprise aome, at a diataace, to lemthat P'"**** ha* not vet found Its way lata thetreaaury of the Soldier, and sZiio?? I. nion; Mr. Moree, in replv to a late inauirv hU ccaetomd coolne^, EVoZJ* hPt pay that aam nnUl he had aasnrancW that ' would aot be, aa it had heea, man gf M / tkr? ? fm, m*?. of claimed by the ''Maaagiac Director." (*3,0*.) were all that ware e?ld, ia a queauoa that ba; the im tiated.aaly, ?bb Tfc?y had pvevtou*. I Iy psWt*ned a uimrai that ?*riy m.u? (tad I H*i already disposed of. There w?? at on* I tin* slight hope* that ?om? of the aecret hi*. I tory oftt* trail faction ntfbi ltf? bworn* pub. 1 lie. bat they b*v# aot yet been reel <tmA. Not I long after tbe drawing, on* of '6* pvrseer* id I itf concern *a< arrested by the other tariM, I for withholding torn* part of tb* money tarn I toad coma lato bn hands?rumor lute the j amount at ?.?)(? He wai quietly r-l-a-^i I alter a few day < onflnement, aad the promised I i?om> did aot com* torth | BariBl tbaa ahovo that tb* Soldier* and 1 Sailor*' Vbkib aa (Bitty only of tacit eabmt*I aiOB to the hambug, aad that from motive* | of concern tor those throws oa u* car#, aad :1 Itself tbe chlaMf not the oaly sufferer, those I of ita member* who care for it* good name and I ita noble object*,?thoa ao long tbrowa aside I that It might be ased for the personal aggran I diaemeat of a fow adventarera. who have un, I fortunately obtained control of iu otcaa-ao. I licit that in* public will aot eoadana it to 1 I bear the odium brought upon it by thia great imposition on the sympathies aad rbaritaatis feeling* of tbe people; but aid aad aesist tbo?* , I wbo ara now tiying to braag back its manag*. 1 I meat to the single aim aad purpose for wbi b it waa primarily organised. The aame cbief ! J engineer of the formar hnmbag ha> m< with J characteristic effrontery alraady coameaoad I another aabeme. and without authority en. doreed oa hla tickata the a tamp* of the Soldier* and Sailor*' 1'niou. we wiab It wall aaderatoodthatlt la without the aligbaal vsstige ot authority or *antion, and that the professions oa which be trade* aa a lobby lat about tba tV?n greaaloual Hall* are a* destitute of hacking a* bis gift concert* Your*, for tha Eight, Mvritii MIVRIM or thb S. A S. I'lTiOB Washington. 1>. U., Jan. lat, 1*6T Ce*r|ei?wa a sunn Is. I Bo a an or Alubbmkh.?Mr. Uyd*. aa the chair, laid before tbe Board a message from the Mayor, encloeing account* of G H Barnard. aad a letter of Commissioner of Publie Building*, with statement of tbe expeadituree tor tbe repair of the Chain Bridge, a*kiag a further loan of t?uo. which were referred to the Council. Al*o, enclosing a draft of me. mortal to Oongreea. Baking tbe pM?age of the ball (or *ome similar bill to tbe one at present penainr) In rwiatioato tbe Alexandria a> queduct. Mr. Thomas moved the adop'ioQ of tbe memorial, and also offered a resolution matructinr the committee before Congre** to present tbe memorial and urge tbe paaaage of the bill, both ot which were adopted. Mr. Tbumat, trom a standing committee, reported a resolution In favor of C. 11 Craigen. guar diau; laid over for one week. Alao, an ordinance aupplemental to the ordinance in relation to tbe repair of footways substituted for Council bill; recommitted with instructions. Tbe following were received from tbe Conn, eil Resolution instructing Mayor Addison and Police Commissioner English to protea: against tbe appointment of any of the addiI tional police force to Georgetown: passed. I A Idermen's au bstltute tor ordinance to repa r tbe arch at tbe intetsection of let and Market streets non-concurred In; substitute recot . aideted and original resolution pa**ed. Ke? olution to open tbe channel of tbe Potom.t. ; referred Adjourned. Combob CocwctL.?Tbe following petiUon*. j Ac., ware referred: Petition of l*enni* Bono* I van, for tbe remiaaion ot a fin* for selling liquor contrary to law. of W. G. Buaey, for remiaaion of a" fine for obstructing tbe *idewalks and bills of P. W Lowe, for rent of engine boase. and of Charle* la?an for repair vl J paper M')l bridge. Mr. Davidson, from claim* coftteiuea, reported ft resolution relief ot J c. Heiston A Co. A meaaag* from tbe Mayoi. transmuting a petition to Congress urging tba passage of tbe bill reported in the Senate rela* tive to tbe Potomac aqueduct; a resolution in. strutting tbe committee before Oongreea In preaent the aaad petition, were received from tba Aldermen. A resolution relative to the chaa* nel of the Potomac river, and a resolution re. funding to tbe Catholic Temperance Society certain money paid for rent of new market hall, were adopted. A resolution for lighting tba trout of (he poet office wau referred, a* al?v> I were tbe account* of G. B Barnard A Co., aad a communication lrom tbe Commisaioner of I Public Buildmps relative to the Chain bridge l Mr. Bavidson. from tbe claims committee, re| ported a resolution in favor of Jeakiu Tuooi| as: also to pay tbe billa of tbe Georgetown (Ita Company, and of K. E Talbott. Mr Cia* i bau^h. fiom tbe waya and meana committee. I reported a resolution authorizing tbe publication of tbe law*, as heretofore, in tbe George, town Courier. Mr Kane, from the grievance commitee. reported a resolution for relief of G. W. Bobrer. K. L Mcpherson, and P. J.Callahan. Mr. Fowler offered a resolution to pay the Aldermen lor services to be rendered ia enrolling tbe qualified voter* of ibe town under the late act of Congress, laid over temporarily. Mr Dunlop. from market committee, reported back tbe Aldermen's ordinance amending an ordinance for the government of the uew marJ ket, with a recommendation that it do no', pass. | Ob metaoii of Mr. Kane, tbe Aldermen * resolution making apprepnauon lor repair of tbe ar?.h aud seu sr on Market street. near 1st, waa taken up and rejected. Adjourned Frsai CeBlral aad South America. Nbw Yobk. Jan. 10 ?The Britasb bark Simon Hobiey was sunk in a collision off Oap? Horn by the American sbip Star of tbe L'mon, I crew saved Chili is said to have positively refused tbe proposed mediation ot Franceaud England in the Spanish question, Ex-President Paget, of Peru, aud Cabinet have been sentenced to fifteen years' banishment a* traitors, and mulcted'in a fine af fifty per cent, of tbe f l.WO'M'paidto tbe Spaniah minister in Gen. Mosquera bas resigned the Presidency of Columbia to tbe Supieme Court, giving as rea*on* that be ia unable to replenish the ex* ! bausted treasury, which baa been robbed of milliotia of dollars by false certificate* that the clergy are in rebellion ngalnat tbe Executive. and that there ia a general deaire to make way with bim by assassination, if necessary. The Supreme Court has refused to accept tbe resignation. Advices from Valparaiso state that the allied squadron aaited for San Juan Fernandez on Dscember 7, to practice tbsir gaua, aad would 1 then return. Tbe proposition of General Mos] quera- for a new American Congress was favorably discussed ib Cbtli and Peru. Senor 1 Gaua has left Chili aa Minieter to Washington. I Tbe bark Faame bas arrived at Valparaiso I frosn New London,with fourteen Parrottguns. purchased an lbs I aited State* by Seaor McKenna for tbe Chilian Government Tba I I'nited States Minister, R. H Rousseau, bas j bees received by tbe Houduras Government. Honduras snd Nicaragua have e ate red lato a j treaty of peace, amity, aad fraendabip. The 1 cotton crop of Nicaragua ia saffcring from worm*. The coffee crop of Central America is j tuiuinr out well. A terrible explosion acI curred iu a powder factarv in Honduras, Oo?ta Rica Five women were biowa to atoms. Tbe explosion waa canaed by a man droppiag the a*bea ot a cigar into tbe powder Tbe dry season bas aet in. Tbe roada are ia fine order. Tbi EriscoFAL Caraca ib ViBsraia.? Episcopal Parish acboola have been sstabiished in Alexandria. Eeesburg, Norfolk, Kichmond. Petersburg. Lynchburg, and other places in tbe State?'aitbtuliy attended and coaducted by tbe ladies of the congregations The Southern Churchman informs us that there are twenty.two candidates for Order* ia tbe Episcopal Church, in tbe Bioceae of Vir> I ginia. IVFAVTicioB.-Mra. Henrietta Hartel. of New York, was arrested Saturday on a charge of inlanticide. sbe having placed her aew-bora I infant in a wash uib. where it waa found dead by tbe buaband, whom ahe wished to deoeive. Coroner Schirmer held an inquest, when tbe I jurv excused tbe woman oa tbe ground of inability to take care of tbe child arter it* birtb To Tut Gold ob ml via- Metals purport ing to be gold or silver, may be easily tasted by motateaing tbe metal and rubbing lunar cauatic oa tbe wet part. If tbe metal ia pure the mark will be faint, bat If it ia aot pare the mark will be darker ib proportion as the alloy is greater, aatU Ib tbe case of coaaterteltor base metals tbe marka wall be quite black. 7*A clergymaa in Detroit got f I.*00 as a New Year's present from his pariabioaers. 7~AU tbs contribution boxss were stoleo from a Reading Sunday-school tbe other day. VTbe Baptists are very generally moving I for open communioi. Tbe world moves. VAfter the 1st of Janaary, IfTO, tba gamblisg saloon* of Baden-Baden aad Spas are to be closed, by order ot tbe Government gyTrov baa a "Praying Baad." Its mamI bers go wherever they may be lavltad to pray. I VC O. I. R- now stand* for a Cuaaiag.Obdurate Irish Renegade^wbo Comes (it) Over I Irish Republicans. I ITHob. W. L. Gogrln is named as a eaadiI date for Governor of Virginia. T'Tae New York papers stats that tbas w I tbe dullest seaaoa of tbs year la a?4a, and tba gayest la tasbioaabie careles. I VA lottery Is advsrtaesd aa Maryland for I drawlag comlortabls berths ia a boryiag I groaad. CTTbe mysterious burning of a eaaal boat baaeaeated Ricbmoad, Va. KTA aegro la Mleslssippi was lyacbad last week by some of bis owa color for stealing a watch. ITA New Yorker complains of a hage rat I staring bim la tbe fboe while b* was diacanaiug tbe viand* ia a do wa-town satiag aoass. It wa*B*t cooked. 7"GoverBor Orr baa bad to send a military company to Ktagetiwe. South Oarotiaa. to step tbe tbieviag aad robbery among tbe frsedmen I there. ' gyTb* Supreme Conrt of New Jersoy ha* I derideo ibat tbe liqaor law of tbau State it not I '* *!.