Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1867 Page 2
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TOE EVENING STAR. 1 TUt largest Cirealitioi in the District W. D. WALL A CM, Kiltw iMi PrtyrtiUr. T W ASH1HOTON C1TT: FRIDAY JANUARY It, INT. REA DIN'G MATTER OS ETRRT P AGREES OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. TO ADTIETHERI. TIM following it the official showing of Um circulation of the daily papers of thla city c?Bp?ttM for the OoTtnanl advertising aader the recent act of CJoagreaa directing each advertising to be made tn the two dally newspaper* ol Washington IitU| the largss circulation: Evasive STan 7,71? copies per day. nrmiek 5-? ? 44 MiiftptRifr* ... t3*JI3 *4 44 The eturas of advertiaiag by the oity papers for the quarter ending September 3U, IS??, as taken (rem the hooka of the lateraal Be venae OA cm are m follows: St An |l(,otl IntrUigrneer 13,KM! Chronicle .... T0,200 Krpttblxcan 4,781 THE RECEPTIONS. The White House. The ladle* ol the Executive Mansion, Mr*. { Stover and Mrs. Patterson, at home every ! Mondav. commencing ua the 14th insutnt. The President will hold three levees, the first on the 17th instant, the secoad on the 7tn of February, and the third on the :Hd or Febrnary, on each occasion betweea the hours of 6 and II p. m. The Cabinet. The ladies of the family of Hon. O. H. Browning. Secretary of the Inferior, will receive their friends on Wednesdays, at the residence of the Secretary, on the east side Of Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. The ladies of Secretary McCulloeh's family will receive as usual on Wednesdays. R**si. deuce *<$ H street, between Connecticut aveaue and 17th street. Speaker Celfax. Speaker Colfax's public receptions will , commence on Tharsday evening, the loth inst., and continue every Thursday evening during the session of Congress, from to 11 o'clock. The receptions of Mrs. and Miss Matthews, tbe Speaker's mother and sister, for ladies aad gentlemen accompanying them, commence on Wednesday,the 16th inst., and con. unae every Wednesday afternoon thereafter from 1 to 4 o'clock. General Grant's receptions will be held by General Grant and lady on Wednesdays, the 0th and 2:Id instant and6th proximo, in the evening. At home every Saturday from 2 to 5 p. m. THE LETTER LIST. During the war tbe hat of unclaimed letters at tbe City Pos* Office grsw to each enormons proportions that it became a very unprofitable adverti-ementat the low rates allowed by Goverument, as it crowded out better paying advertisements and encroached materially upon onr news columns. We accordingly declined its publication. It has now fallen back to something like its normal proportions, and though it is still an unprofitable advertisement we nave concluded to resame its publication. partly as affording an indisputable test of circulation oier any other paper in the city; and partly as being of a semi-news character. Accordingly we responded to the call made by the City Postmaster to tbe different papers of the city for a shewing of circulation on tbe 1st of January and have received bis official notification that the publication bas been awarded to tbe Star under tbat showing. The letter list of this date will be found elsewhere in our columns. HOURS Off LABOR la ceneequence of the agitation by the worktagmen in Massachusetts, of tbe question of a reduction of tae hours of labor, State commissioners were appointed last year to visit different portions of the Statei, for tbe purpose of investigating the hours of labor adopted, and make their report thereon to tbe present Legislature. The time draws near for this Information to be furnished, and it is said tba there wiU be two reports upon the subject The majority report, while not controvert lag tbe right of workiagmen to labor for alew hours as they choose, expresses decided op position to any interference whatever by the Legislature oa the sabject; wbile the minority report favors jnst as strongly tbe enactment of an 44eight boar law" by the Legislature. I remains to be seen how tbat b>dy will dispose of aaabject which materially affects tbe industrial interests and general prosperity of the State. SHORT DISPATCHES. In tb# recent dispatch of Kear Admiral j Goldsborougb, of tbe European Squadron from Lisbon, announcing tbe departure of tbe I Swatara, with Surratt on board, for this country, a noticeable featnre was the brevity of the dispatch, ia order to save eable charges, j In the signature tbe Admiral dropped three letters, spelling hie name 4-Goldsboro;" thus aaving one dollar and fifty cents in the aamei Tbe dispatch of Secretary Wells to Admiral Goldsborougb was also very short, and to tbe point, both dispatches costiag about one hun* . dred and twenty-five dollars only. Th? City FaTHsns or Nbw York on , thxix Mcsclx. ?They bad a lively time ia the New York City Council Chamber on Wednes- | day night. Mr. Hartmaa called the President of the Board, (Mr. Brinkman,) 4?a perjurer;" ! another member threw an inkstand at tbe Presidents bead:Mr. Brinkman tbereapon retreated from his seat aad drew a revolver and , his aseailanta rushed on him. when tbe police came to bis rescue, and be was taken before the Mayor who held him on recogaizance to j appear when wanted. The difficulty was a ' political one. Wali'h Onii Hocsx.?A large and fashloaable audience last night witnessed tbe presentation of "Fnsbion," a geod coci?e/t given la excellent style. Davenport's44Adam True* mi" waa hardly a 4ner performance than J. K. Mortimer's "Count Jolimaure," and tbe cast otherwise was very rood. Italian Orana.?Tbe performance of 4'Pra Diavolo." last evening, was very satisfactory. Miss Kellogg was charming, as usual, in her role of "Zerlina." To-night 4*Zampa, or tbe Marble Bride," for tbe first time in this city, and tbe last appearance of the troupe. A Capital Ej*tbmtaimmb*t is that of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Paul: brilliant, varied, amusing pathetic, and all sorts. It should be seen by everybody. WT Frcsi Mr. Jcnn D. Brophy, 014 F strew: between K'th and 11th. agent for this District We bave received tbe Ave Marie Almanac,'* a Catholic publication, for ib6;. W' Head Centre ' Stephens is in New York^ anxious to leav? this country for France, but Is witbont funds t^vnable him to do so. Sali or Lookout.?'Tbe Hotel and build nrs at Point Lookout lu this countv, wi b two tracts ad joining,containing 870 acre*, were sold by Meewrs Ford A Odiiim at Truster's sale on Friday, tbe Mb of December last, for ?p,?M). Tnis sal* was made, we learn, under mortgace |u-dp. and tbe sum above oalr embraces a email portion of the araoant paid lor the property, the pur.rba.-er having pr?. 1 vnusly purchased u from E.G. W. Hall f>r CT.UiO Purrbaeer. Judge Birdseye, of ??* \ >rk city.?St Jfasy's UatetU. 1/1 bey call young Bennett now Priuce James. VPit'?bnrg contains 5o0 large manulhcturing ee'ablisbmen-s VA cable direct from the United States to France is talked of One Steiameter of Jersey City is charged with stealing a lady's gar'er. VPeople are walking across James Kiver, ' Ya, on ice. ^ "* la BPBAKBR COLFAXBCCEPTION Tbe residence of rrof. O. D. Barrett. No. * IX street, was crowded Ivt evening with a brilliant and fashionable throne, the occasion being tbe first reception of the eeasoa of Hon.. Schuyler Colfax, Speaker of the House of Boproeentatives, who resides with Prof. Barrett The parlors were filled with 6enatots aad Representatives, with their faAiUea, urn; of. fleers, and hundreds of civilian*. The Sfoaker? with his mother and sister, Mrs. had *V" Mat hewa. received tbe cuesu ia a mMt cofdial and happy manner. Among the distinguished persons present were Chief Justice OhMeJSenator and Mr.. Wade. Senator fog*, brnntor iratgen, Senator Kameey, Senator i Howard, iiot Evans of Colorado, RepresentaJ1,WrJt^1'. Hogan, Kof'n, Orta, j a?i' * ^ D Waehburn. h. 1). Wamhura. A11 wop, Hruderson, MrKee. Randall. Ross, Raymond, Bandy, I Sfku^ w Fb^tthar, Julian, Hart, Kerry, Prlblack, Maynard and Cooper, Oen. Thorn*, (ren Lkm, Assistant Secretary Chandler, and hundred* of others. "The dresses of to? Indies ware rich aad eiera?t. Mrs. Matthews was atnred in a tasteful pearl colored a* Ik, trimmed with velvet of i the same shade. On her head abs wore a 1 S cap. Mim SlAtttaws &l?o was attired in a pearl colored aillr, trimmed with point lye. Mrs. Senator Wade woreaheavv black rtlk, with crystal trim mines atrj General CheUm wors alilac colored silk, trimm^ With cluny lace and crystal, her h*ir dressed Wi'h crimron flowers. Mrs. O D. Barratt wore arreen Irish poplin, with crystal trimmin*. Mrs. Merrlman wore a black corded silk, with lace trimming. Mrs. Hackley, of \ oflr, wore a creen si.k, trimmed with point lace, diamonds and caxn**o Mr* Wallace, of New York, wss attired ,n a mauve colored silk, trimm?d with folds 0f1.8a,,B *rt- l>awson wore a rich black silk, triir.mfd with white satin, and her b iir adorned with fronted lily. Miss Sutton ?n a pure white alpacca crystal trimmiuirs, and a wientn ol white dnUes on her bead, looked charmirr. Miss Weaver, ol Pniladelphm, I was also dre**ed in pure whiu alnacea. with j cr> isal trimmiua. Mis* Nivisun woreahenvv j green silk, tnmmtd with black lace Mrs t J! K?lor"ah**V7 moire antique skirt, , with lac? 6p*uc?*r. H Tbe parlors were ailed with beautiful iadi?? , in Diatnitireui dresses, but tbe want of space I forbids us to give a more lengthy description of the reception and guests. S Jnth'' dining room, below stairs, dancin? *2V.limmenCr,i atnn Mr'y bonr. *nd during ptealure'0* man3r dtfTot*a themselves to the The reception was a brilliant one, and was I kept up until midnight. [ Among the guest* were Hon. Bedford Brown formerly U. S. Senator from North Carolina,' SSV; from^'Vrtln ia ' lSp?SZ j*"-? r. IIBIVQUMT 8U01BTY. irAiYM o RH J1" on ^ w'TaVa^lTr'aiT^'tii -nr, r.f a"BaVben" raalrtLi V,e"d 0,i*b*.2?c*'s aad msna?4sroiM; J!*1" faction ' H^lHLLEm. President Booms,?ou SATtJBDAY'BVBBIBr"i oT Trvl* at ? o clock. Tsa l'ond ?iii ?i >2. era.!., at ? c cLsX , 'hal J nested to attend Mrmk*r. ' r* ? ihair ticket! attto&Vrt" 10 Pr< J. J C ar?a^.ilJy.H- 0Lac"T. Prne^ at ? o clock BrA?a? * "7* i#th luit , frtUroil rinli tn Ma/u. Mrntory to payta? ? ate expected to accomB&n* * *B 'fjted, end f *rJchartered. and will laava^h ''m" land iTcDiit dfDot At 7 nvi/v?t f 1 ? MarjjJ^WOOD ?OB_TH* Fuoi nr mayoe'i Offick # llth and irth sUee?s ' D ,trMt' ^sto^n Vaad**1 *.t!?.?M M?*' ' ,th flwet, be#tb aad 9tb streetsT 0k"' *** * 'set, batwaan Bewail. Bs? , 4H street, near jam a BJCHABD WiLLinH. ss^dT" cbap?^a,t - WAUOH B. ?? '11 " b? *. ?. DB BAM. Centenary Lave Feast at a a. m U? Am/hsmPA11 g*|TIBr,. ?t which 1 1 li?? ,A ^ Bt-jscretarr of ths I'Bici Beaator WtliLBTaad Hon. BIBAM ? ja9 41* Q^=*TO ALL WHOM IT MAT 00N0IB8. BUT ICE UbVmb a eTiVi lmaS9r* .'l,mSg/aBffiim ja 4 dtJSU *. D?UOLAHti, si^S:SS/-:;?Pe!s ImTJi"Or aamas'ts - BaUd ' ie? I*aie' k!^i ^*?m*? Punch, Bod?.I Tor' J.l/r, CharioSTi^, X,"* . toned Tork?y0|a J el*? will be seat to attend to all <t? ?'VUZXTSZ!'- il* ja 3 lm JOI*BPH B gH tfrilLP. J^=-B ITABUMin, IMS, *71 A KKBGCHOM. " s-JfrVaiiifui? Prica.JIOO. *TTTTl ! ?? *f* CAVDLI MAllDfAOTDBIl ? subscriber will be aleasad ta sea all hi. nM frleade and ,nt?^7K, VuS orta.i sail thasu at the lowil c^h^0Ci,,0^2rTu! twsansthi and?th ?"oaa. U atroat^.baQBBAT BA B OTTSST g Oee almoat new OBIOK BBI NO PI A MO.JE=E?fc OfsJtMM P1KBSOK PIANO. A12S Oaa nartgbt GILBBBT. ?liw Tor sals n?on easy Urna at the W?rer. atns of ... W 0 " tkbbottA 00 Jf* Walsway'i Plan?a. aod * 11 tf B^n BJjWiJIn's Cabinet Orgiu*. UT NAOLB A CO., Anetieoeers. *-nBSJh?JWi V?" * ?? ????.oi "o.-u'm.nU. Auctioneers. piOfOSAII FOB OAVALBT UVB8B8. ~ tortm OJU?. \ Be&led S?i?a.v!'n*,7', Januarr ?, 1W7 I iss^ WAWfiSPSfrijSffir ISSUES -T-^ >""' ">?? fal?H kl. H,?,M ??SgJS' ilSzi T}?# }] eflM IDQK ha? (1*11 aaaT/l JlShl^V PO??I dVs,:^ro ,b* -^.uJ alfS^ iT-^l"' reatrslet r "' * ** ?" eoniflsiloa ef Bids will be tador*?d "Fritmiais for e._i SSTai*- ' ,k- ?SS?5i$*S? By order of the Quartermaster Oeneral. Oa?*s,? n<lAA*'V M*DAg ,*ll',3t ?*?"'QearSar??t^ PBSP" * "> ?S5rorriiori5, * ' TUMI. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BT U. 8. ft JL'BOPBAN NEWS ASSOCIATION. v* FROM ICROPE. Tkf'CMMUdatiM ( Gfrniiax ? French TraiiptfM l?lt(4-Tht Tnr.? Greclaa OtfiUM. ply Atlantic Cable ] ( RUN, Jan 10 ? Bismarck baa issued a circular totter to the Representatives of Prussia at for*ifn court*, in which he points to the good feeling la which Prussia now stands with all foreign Power*, and assures them that pear* will tee maintained, and declares turn be will now devote himself to tbs consolidation of Germany. Paaie, Jan. 10.?i?even more transports bavt ailsd lor Mexico. It. is b?li?v>d tie Kreurh troops In Mexico will be ready far embarkation by Kerroary 15. , : 1. Constahtinople. Jan. 10 The Porte has itsred a not* to the different Powers, calling tbelr serious attention to tbe present s'tie of affairs existing between 'ha Ott>m\n Empire and Greece, and savs that if no lavorable re. salt la reached by tbe efforts to maintain peace, tbe necessary steps for tbe defence of tbe Tarkisb honor aad national integrity will be taken. Liverpool, Jan. 10l?The cotton market today continues duM, but closed witnout any further decline, middlinr uplands having been quoted at 14 Tjd Tbe sales to-day did not excoed tbe estimate. Lonpon, Jan to.?Consols closed at 91 tor money. Atmxican securitiesFive-twenties, 72, Illinois Central. 9o*: Erie. 41X. Paris. Jan. 10?Tbe Bourse closed at (wf. 98c. lor Rentes. Fi ORKNra. Jan. 10 ?The Italian Government is stated to be willing to release tbe Church property on tbe payment of 6mooo,ooo Eire. General Beauregard ss the Situation New OrleaVp, Jan 10.?A letter from Genial Beauregard to W. H. C. King, editor ot tbe Time*, appears to-morrow morning; in r?fernre to tbe statements published in Northern papers on national questions. General Beauregard states thai be did not make a speech at Canton, but said, in private conversation, that tbe SouUi had defended what il conceived to be constitutional lights, and having appealed to the arb trament of arms, it yielded to the decision wbicb was Riven against it, and that be believed tbe Southern people were now willing to accept the Constitution as made bv war and understood by the Supreme Court In regard to tbe constitutional amendment, he said be bad little opportunity, except through tbe paper?, to ascertain public sentiment, bat bis individual sentiment was tbat tbe South sbonld not accept it, as its interest* and manhood forbade it. Tbe South was at tbe mercy of the Nortb, but should never do anything which its honor did not approve, or which tails to protect its interest; and lest if be u*ed the word consolidated government, he meant a common Federal National Government, operatine under tb?-Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court. Murder of Freedmen In Texas. Gai-vkston, Jan. 10.?Byron Porter, sub-assistant commissioner of tbe Kreedmen's Bureau at Austin, reports under date of Dec. l-tb the sboottng of two Ireedmen in that county under circumstances ot murderous atrocity, and transmits a copy of a letter addressed to Major Gen Griffin, and signed by sixteen citizens ol Austin, detailing numeious outrages at Prairie Lea, Caldwell county, and asking tbat a company of troops be stationed to protect tbe freedmen and Union men; also, for an agent ot tbe bureau at tbat place. A number of the cltiv*ns of Prairie Eea have also addressed an nrgeut letter to the Governor, asking for milit try protection for tbe Unionists and lreedmeu. Gov Throckmorton's letter to Gen. Sturgis is as follows: Attki l*. Dec. ?7, 1*66?Gen. Sturgis 1 am informed of outrages practised at prairie Lea. Caldwell county, upon freedmen and others. 1 v ould he glad to have you send a part ot a company of cavalry, say twenty men, under a judicious and discreet officer, to be retained there for some time for their protection. I should be to consult with you before they go, and to have them sent within the present week. Very respectfully, J. W. Thboikhoutun. Gov.Texas. The French Evacuation of Mexico Nkw York, Jan. 11.?Mexican correspondence is received, dated Vera Cruz December Oib, and Ciiy of Mexico December tfitb. All tbe French troops are being concentrated at tbe ifepital. preparatory to leaving tbe country. The Krencb transport lihone was in the harbor of Vera uruz waiting to take on board tbe troops wbose time had expired. The Austrian steam yacht Elizabeth from Trieste bad arrived for the purpose of conveying Maximilian to Enrope. Tbe transportation ot troops from tbe interior to Vera Cruz is to commence to tbe istb instant. Max. is s:ill at Pueblo. Gen. Castlemaa and tbe Freneb Minister Dano bad visited bim. Two American steamers from New York bad safely discbarred a cargo oi arms lor tbe Liberals at Mlnatitlan. Tbe town of San Angustln about four leagues lrom tbe Capital was vigorously attacked by the Liberals on tbe 17th of December aad during tbe action bilfthe Imperial garrison deserted. A reinforcement, bowever, raved tbe town acd tbe Liberals retired. Military Moveasenta ia Mexico. Mata moras, Jan. 7, (via. New Orleans, Jan. 111.)?Ortega is near Zacatecas with a strong party. General Mejia has opened the campaign against tbe Liberals on tbis frontier. Colonels Querona and Lopez, of this command, bare advanced from San Lois to Char* cas Nevtno occupied and established bis headquarters at Malabbela. Escobedo is to leave Monterey on tbe 7tb to take command of tbe army. Beronoxabel bas received orders to march upon Monterey witb bis forces to assist in defending tbe city against the Imperialists who are ;ad van ring. Guadalajara, tbe Capital of the State ot Araua Callenta, is also in tbe possession of tbe Liberals. CUuales is now in San Andrea. Olimenes is on the Victoria road, and bas pronounced in favor or Ortega. San Lots Potosi was evacuated by Mejia December 25tb, and occupied by tbe Liberals under General Francisco Aqulre, of Trovino's command, on tbe 26th. From the Pacific Coast. San Francisco, Jan. II.?Tbe steamer (Joldeh City sailed for Panama with tl.457.80-j in treasure, of which ?1,1172,175 Is destined for New York. She also carries agricultural products for exhibition In tbe Department of Agriculture in Washington. Additional Cbina news state tbat tbe Ore at Hong Kong on Oct. 31 was tbe most disastrous ever known lu tbat city. Hundreds of houses and many lives were lost. Vast quantities of cotton, rice, and otber merchandise owned by Chinese were consumed, tbe value ot wbicb it is impossible to estimate. A piratical Junk bad been destroyed by tbe British gunboat James in Zoo Loa Harbor. Fealan Movements. N?w Yoaa. Jan. 11 A meeting of the Centres of tbe Manhattan Fenian Brotherhood was beld last evening at Military Hall. Gen. Glebson presided. A satisfactory report was received trom James Stephens, ana speeches were made by Generals Gleason aiad Halpine, and CapL Murpby. Tbe meeting is said to bave been barmonions. Tbe Roberts men say tbattbey bave gained vastly by the failure of Stephens, and tbat everything Is ronning in tbe right direction. From Colorado. Dknvkr. Col., Jan. 10.?Intense enthusiasm prevails over tbe passage of tbe Colorado bill by tbe Senate The gold shipments from Colorado for the week ending tbe 6tb Inst., were 1.170 ounces ol tbe value of twenty thousand dollars. 1 be Salt Lake papers contain accounts ol tbe massacre of nine miners by tbe Navaiois. near OollvilJe, Colorado Rnn. Tbe Missouri Legislature. St. Loin*, Jan ?Both Houses or the Assembly appointed committees to investigate the sale 01 tbe various railroads or tbe State by the Governor. In tbe House,Mr. Bnside offered tbe resolution ot Geueral Loan, member of Congress, reeommendftig the Impeachment or Andrew Johnson, wbicb was made tbe special order lor Monday next. Tbe motion to table It was deleated by 44 majority. Tbe Evacuation of Mexico. New Yorr, Jan. 11.?La Franca says that in no case will tbe French Government reconsider ibe order for completing the evacuation of Mexico by tbe first of tbe montb. The Constitutional Amendment Alrana, Jan. lo.?Tbe General Assembly to-day concurred in tbe ratification ot tbe Constitutional Amendment. NOTIOl IS HHKIT GIVEN that the Copartnership heretofore existing narfar the firm of 8PBOB8 ft MOIHLBlgBa, of the Ger* mania Botol. bo 346 0 street. betoesn 4& and ?ih.i,r.u,tn this city. ha. this dtr bM solved by mnlnsl agreement, and that anirew bnrohs will henceforth carry oa saH hnsldes* for bis own acooaat, with all credits and debts . WE^VBIiSLw Wa*h!!?oto*,D O., Jan. B, 18S7 is"St IVOTIC?.-The Popart.. .p heretofore oxistA \ *di between the undersigned, nnder the name "nTm!" "'ffSXie" ** 8fS: JIHttfH M BfWY ? O'CLOCK r. M/> / COVEBN?tNT llCURItlEK. v asjiiroto*, Jaaaary II, tarr. J*7 Oookf A Co faroult the tollovii| quoations of Govecameat securities: ! ? _ _ Buying. Stilt**. 0. 8. 6's Ooapon, 1881 107 lis? x U. S. Five Twwiw, li*'i U?\ 106\ U. 8. fit* Twenties, 1864 lo?X 103 U 8. Five Twenties, 1865 IW\ 105\ ? ? X}TI ZZE*!**"M\ r?' uf ?' *SK^Wf 1(6 n 8 Seven Thirties, Aagast.... W?* M* U.S.?eveaTlurUe*, Jiu?s......uo* 10** U. 8. bevea Thirties, J?|y 104J HBW TOW FIRST BOARD AALBH. Coupons. 107#; Five Twenties, lt?i, 106*; ,04*; F'*? Twenties. 1H65. 104 \ ; iiTf T weuties, January and J air 1*65, It3k; Ten ForUea. Sevea Thirties! a? J"*' J air, 103*; Vl 01(1} 1 t?ij| financial. Lewis Johnson A Co., quote Stocks and Bonds la hoaie aad foreign markets as follows Maw YORK Jan II.?1st Board?U. 8. registered, 1^81, 107^; do., coupons, I07X; S-an's. regi?tered, 10fi. do. coupons, 106 k; do., 19S5104*; lo-40 s, registered, l?*;, #9x 7-Su's, 103*: Ohio and Mississippi Oertifiotu?s. 2?;V. <5*aion. 45; Cumberland, 90; Uuicksilver, 42*, Mariposa, 13; Mew York Oeatral. lilt; Krie, 62*; do prelero, 75. Hudson, 131 Reading, 104*; Michigan Central, 1(J7; Mich.' (Ran Southern, 7?#; lllinoia CentraJ, 118# Cleveland and Pittsburg. 90; Cleveland and Toledo. l'^2*; Kock Island. Iltl*; Northwestern, 4i>?; do. preferred, eo*; Fort Wayne. 102*; Chicago and Alton, li?4, Alton and Terre Haute, 3?>; Toledo and Wabash, 42*: W. U

Telegraph, 45* . Boston Water Power. 27; Pacific Mail. ifc-)<; Atlantic Mail, loG*. American gold, ? 30 p. m., 133*. THE DINNER AT^TH* PRESIDENT'S LA9T Th' first Stat* dinner this season of President Johnson took place at six o'clock yesterday afternoon in the state dining room at the Executive Mansion. There were present the President and Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Patter.' son and Mrs. Stovei\ Secretary Seward and Col. W. H. Seward, Secretary McCulloch, Charles A. and Mrs. McCnlioch, Secretary and Mrs. Stanton, Secretary and Mrs. Welles, aud Edgar T.Welles,Chief Clerk Nary Department, Attorney Qeneral Stanberry; Postmaster General and Mrs. Randall; Secretary and Mrs. Browning, and daughter, Vice-President Foster, and lady; Ex-Postmaster General Dennison; Geaeral and Mrs. Grant; Senator Fewier Hon Horace Maynard, and lady; Hon. j. W Eeftwicb, and lady; Hon. N. G. Taylor, and pdy: Hon. J. R Hawkins, and lady; Hon. W B. Camptx ll and Hon. E.Cooper. The party separated about ten o'clock. THE TAKIFV. It has been stated in some of the morning papers that the Senate Finance Committer would report their Tariff bill to-day, bat MrFessenden is not in his seat this morning, and there seems no good reason for supposing thai the bill will be reported before Monday. Th-* bill, it is understood, will adopt the rate upon wool lixed upon in the compromise between the wool-growers and manufacturers, and wilt be more lavorable to the iron interests than th Wells' bill, but will be framed largely from the Wells' bill. AN INVESTIGATION. The Senate Committee on Printing has com menced an in destination into the charge made by the Soldiers and Sailors' Union that Superintendent Wendell has discharged soldiers trom situations at the Government Printing Office when they might have been retained. ORDERED TO SOUTH CAROLINA The colored regiment recruited in this vicinity has been ordered to South Carolina under General Miles, formerly jailor to Jeff Davis at Fortress Monroe. General Miles will have bis headquarters at Charleston. FROM THE W1XOO8KI. The Navy Department has received information from Commander Cooper, of the Winooski, asnouncin' the arrival of that vessel at Pensacola, Florida, for coal and provisions after receiving which she w*uld sail for Havana via Key West. TH* NEXT CONGRESS It is believed that the President will sign the bill fixing the time for the assembling of the Fortieth Congress on the 4th of March next. PaasoirAX.?Major General O. O. Howard* Commissioner of the Freed men s Bureau, has returned to the city from his recant tour of inspection through the Southern States. Ixtbrhal Ravaaca?The receipts from tai ource to-day were 8512,651 ye. CONGRESSIONAL. Friday, January 11. SairATS.?Mr. Sumner presented the petition ot loyal citizens of Ark!in^,ft8kiBg the superceding ol the present State government, and Congress to declare ihetwenty-flv-loval States only oompetent to pass upon constitutional amendments. Reterred to Committee on Reconstruction. I Mr Wade, from the Committee on Territories, reported favorably on the bill to amend the set organizing the Territory of Idaho. Mi Lane introduced a bill to amend the act to provide for the enrolling rind calling out or the national forces. Referred to Committee on Miliua. Ua motion of Mr. Grimes, the Committee on Naval Affairs were requested to inquire into the expediency of closing the Noriolk Navy ^ ard and ulacing the public property there under the charge ol the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Mr. Wade introduced a Mil to amend the act to provide a temporary government for the territory in Moatana. Referred to Committee on Territories. Joint resolution passed appropriating 8100,< 00 tor the removal ot the wreck of the steamei Scotland, off Sandy Hook; proposals to b*- received for the work from New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. I)n motion of Mr. Ramsey, the District of Columbia Committee was instructed to inquire into the expediency and legality of pending ordinance beiore Washington City Councils granting the use of certain streets to Baltimore and Ohio Railroad until loio, and report bv bill or otherwise. The bill to provide for the payment or pensions -was taken up, amended, and discussed at length until tha expiration of the morning hour. The bill to regulate the tenure of offlde was taken up and amended. Mr. Edmonds offered an amendment, making It a high misdemeanor to support any officer s<,tt*t#t or pay any monies out Oi UX6 trtUIfy to such part lea, punishable by Hue uui niuin man 810,000 and imprisonment not more than five years. Hot**.?Mr. Hubbard (Conn.), asked but Jailed to obtain leave to Introduce a resolution authorising the appointment of a select committee of five, with power to send tor persons and papers, and to examine witnesses and to laqnire into an alleged deficiency of wrought iron rilled cannon for the U.S. Navy, of a calibre used in European navies; to ascertain it any experiraenta have been made with a view to securing such cannon; the result of fuch experiments, and also to inquire whether any contract has been entered into by any Department of the Government lor wrought iron cannon Mr. Hidwell (Cal.) introduced a resolution, wlilcfa was agreed to, directing Committee on Poet Office aad Post Roads to inquire into expediency of authorizing ecean mail service for printed and other matter, between San Fraucibco, Cal., and Austriaaud Portland, Oragon, so aa to make direct mall communication between those points and New York city. Mr. Garfield (Ohio) moved to postpone all prior orders, and to take up the bill grauttag additional compeasution to clerks and employees in the civil service. Not agreed to The regular order of business having been demanded, the Speaker announced that to be under the rule the consideration of bills of a private character. Mr. Delano, jOhlo,) from Committee en Claims, reported a lot of private bills, with an adverse recommendation, and they were laid on the table without reading. A number of other private bills of aofeneifel interest were considered and acted upon Mr. Delano (Ohio), from Claims Committee reported favorably upon the bill for the relief of Jamea Hooper, of Baltimore city. It authorises the Secretary of the Treasury to par the claimant the snm of tl6,000 for the Iom of the bark Gen. Barry, which the Government bad chartered trom him to convey bar aad straw trom New York to Fortran Jttaroe in IBM, and wtiich vu captured and destroyed by the rebel steamer Honda. A lengthy r?*. pi rt ircomfiBifd the bill. Mr fTenijimd when a com mi ft 4 reported * bill M tbta character and It Idtoit^ but 1 few btmdTfd dollars be would not oppoeejit; tut ibis Involved a lar^e amoont, and m farnl ft wetld be taken aa a repre tentative fraee. AiMr. Ddaael auflntioo the bill was laid over and piabed an tbe private calendar. Mr Kooats (Pa.) introduced a bill supple, m salary to Uie joint resolution of July *s, ]M ?? ineorporaio the Young Men's Cutisttftn Association of Ihe city of Wubmfioa. Re It- r red to Committee on District of Ooiumbla The Speaker laid before the Hoaae a com* mnnlcation from the Po?tma?ter Oeaeral, ta answer to resolution of December 10th, relative to the oceaa mail service of the Bra. cilian steamship line. Referred to Post Office Committee. Ai*o. laid before the House a commumcauon from the Secretary of war relative to claims presented to the Quartermaster's Department by citizens of Indiana, for horses loat during the John Morgan raid of Ifttt Referred to Committee on Military Afftirs The Speaker also laid before the Moase a memortal>of the Legislator* of Dakota relative to a military road la that Territory. Referred to Commit lee on Territories. On motien of Mr. Delano, the House resolved itself Into Committee of the Whole on the private calender, Mr Broomall (Pa. > ta the chair. # ? ? a LOCAL NEWS. o Tra IIafhtbd Mocaa tjr South Waoiiim.tow.?Kor several nights paat a hoase oo south E, near lOth street west, occnpi-tJ by two colored families, baa been vi?tt<*l by peraoaa from all aectleua of the city u witness weoderlul thinga, which could no' be accounted for except by ghostly theories The colored residents ta the vicinity, except tbose 11ring in the part of the bono* where ta? wonders occurred, declared dar's ghoses in dat boose," and there were some persona ol apparently more intelligence, whe expressed similar opinion*. Tbe performances commenced regularly between * ana 9 o'clock, opening with a corkscrew jig between the wood ax and a straw broom; taea followed a trot of a flat iron over the Hoor; lumps of coal began to fly abont. to the peril of the head- o! tbe company, one piece striking three peraonin tbe room. The cookiug pans jumped ol! tbe stove and skipped over tbe Moor, and many such things occurred, causing the eyes .-tad mouths of the greenies to expand with wonder. They sent tor some spiritual medium* to come down and see what *degho?es wanted." Tbe spiritualists went over a lot of flummery, calling upon different spirit* ?o tell what was the matter, and trying to get rappmrs from tbe table, and succeeded la getting one rap furnished by a bystander. The crowds visiting the place attracted tbe police, and they went in to see tbe sights and keep order. They detected two or three little colored children slinging coal and shying pan?, and threatened to take them to the stauon If tbey repeated it anu catching a white man in some suspicions movements, accn-ed him of hoaxing the people. He said he had nothing to do w ith it at flrst, but catching tbe children, and finding himself hoaxed, be determined not to be aiore. and sometimes lended bis assistance in keeping up tbe hoax. The lieutenant of the police and bis men will pay attention to the pIaoe hereafter; and alter bis declarations to Major Richards, we will not be surprised to bear that the "ghoses," and probably some of their visitors, are locked ep in the station-house. It seems that tbe portion of tbe house where the gboetly manifestations occur is occupied by a colored individual formerly from Boston, and it is tboaght not impossible that be is ringing in some ol his exj*rieuce? in Boston spiritual circles to astonish tbe Washington darkies The house previously occupied by him w*? troubled with the same sort of visitations, and bis little daughter seems to be a "medium as sbe Invariably sees a black sat enter previous to tbe physical manifestations. Heretofore visitors from the spirit world have been rather exclnaive, confining their attentions solely to mortals of the Caucasian persuasion but perhaps there is come etiquette in the spirit world forbidding association with mortals of a certain interiority of sphere. Perhaps, as the colored people of the District have recently been raised several pegs in tbe social scale, by the action of Congress, their status in the spirt world has improved correspondingly, hence tbe polite attentions of 'h?gbosts in vi&iting the colored quarters near Desmond's alley. Gbakd Laai km v.?This morning, fcdward Smith, a colored boy, in passing the dry goods store of S. W. Wmmngton, 4th street and Massachusetts avenue, took up a roll of spun clotb and made off, Mr. Winnington pursued him and caught him, taming him over to officer Grant. He was committed to tail tor court by Justice Walter. CiRcriT CorRT, Offn ?The case of John U. Harris against the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company for damages, by rmson ol the plaintiff having been injured hv a collision on the main stem of the road in 1-44. was this afternoon given to the jury. lyaaoLPTioa or oopabtbbbship ?Ti/iiFr*?8#r,!ilVfc?*tofor* existing between J!? i i W. #181, aadsr the name ltd style of A. Miller A Oo..ia thiaday dieeeived by mutual oonseat. 1. MlbLBB A OO. January ?, 1M7 Tbe business heretofore carried oa by A. MILnf ?' 7,U h****fter be carried on by P. W RBbT. who Is authorized te settle all debts contracted by the late Arm snd who is also aathor lz.d torecsivs all the money das the late firm. J* U-tt A. M1LLBB A CO. /\BPHAN8' COURT Jan. 8. UM.-Dz^ntat yj ot Colcxbia, WasH,.voto!? Oocutt, To?ni if Blskely, ixectftor .i HT. deceased, the executor aeststs of said deceased, aad of ths assets In hand, as far as the saihe have been collected and turned iatc where all the creditors and deeeaeed are notified to attend, with their claims properly venchea, or they may therwlse by law be excluded from all benefit la said deceased's estate: Provided a copy of this or der be pnbllahed once a week for three weeks la the Kvenlag Star, yrilla?i to the said day. ? , . . Teet-JAS. R. O'BBIRHB. ja 11-lawSw* Register of W Ills, MAYOR'S OPPICB, - . .. ? ?ITT Hall. Jsnnary )Oth.lS67 Sealed Proposals will be reeei ved at the Mayor s Office nntil 12 o'clock m.on MONDAY. the 21st Instant, for psvlof. curbing. Ae.. for the veer commencing April 1st. 1867, for the sevea several wards ofth* eity; no contractor to have more then 0D6 mrd. Specifications caa be aeen at this offioe, also at the office of tbe CotnmiM<ora#r? #f Iksbfto t?^e Basement of the Weet Wing of tbe City um. Rp bid will be received which dees not Include anbfleefer each separate item of work aad matt* rt aI?? By law tbe Mayor Is prohibited from awnr.ling contracts tor tbe above work to any person ,1 persons whe are not practical pavera Tbe Mayor reservee to himself tbe right to re t jectaay ?.r all bids eboald he deem It to tbe In tereet of the Corporation ta do so .. RICHARD WALLACE, ja 11 -eolt (Intel,] Mayor. PROPOSALS POR SOAP. QfctDrpM CommtMam of Sub'utfites. I "atkingion, D. C., January lfi. \m.\ Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, of tbe form fur dAlPRPAT, the S2d instant, at 13 m., for aap[ lyiLg the Subsistence Departmeat wlta PIFTBBN THOl?AVD( 13.0O0) I'OCBDS OF GOOD BARB SOAP, 5? b' tTom only good maiterials, free from clay, soluble glass, or etber adulters tions, to have aci unpleasant odor, to contain not SL LVi !!i t*enty-f!ve per cent, of water, aad to ^rled before paeaiag. : One-third i S) on or ?i - ilu one third < K / on or *n<1 *he remainder on or before Be ifitb ?f March. 1?C BaniDies mnst be furnished with the propeeals, te *blchacepy Of this sdvertlseraent maat be attached. Boxes to be well strapped with hickory #i5*R:J^Ti ?'lhe ooatracior. date or Iran* ta'M we" as the coatsots. with cross, tare, and Ji -Li?.**a,nljr erh^d on eveiy pa-k bo carefully inspectedmefore v ico"P*red with the retained & i 1?L., ^ 0cation of weight of package will L^n Mdeal red by the nndersigon, whe ty and ccn' ltion "Uh ???? ???'a? anon as th- article is retwenty-five percent. pKtw^hVtSSdf',uUI th*comh^see11 ln^^^MW^Vl^h'e Subsistence Store SS$}??^ 11 rt Major aad c 1\ ~TKlg. ! to ?lv? not tee that the ii e. heretofore existing, nader the jMo.ry Btfa, 1M7. Bl IIUllWI. '? uu,? J senary 8th, 1M7. jai-i? cjratb dbpot] c LADIBS' SEATBS i o* aliunde,from fl Mtofis. POULtBBl A TBI MB LB. Mo. BOO Weal Baltimore stree>> <* Baltimore, Md. JOej^B E. SMAPrtBLB'* FBBNOH C lN i nns^sas? 4"? L^DIBS' B1MIMO SALOOMS, IM Pa. avs.. bet isth aad ISta eto. Ja"? aad large ass art went o! aad Amerioaa Ooafeotiortery. Bew-Boas, Carmele. Malaga Orapes, |?r(e Havana Oranges, te. jafi it* Affair* IB fl??m?. W?lwwlM nxm ne T. l>*wtlnf. sicUaMr.wid the tbt>o Baher oe' \ 040041'* **? <*???. loca^d tteti ,>? alle abov^tne Aqwedwrt No. l.toK S,m. won a, for *??, No. a, to W. Muktm for an r No. 3, to W Sudboii, far 12^,. The b?ia?b Landmf WOO eohd to Jwrph Harp?r. J'' *J** ?ro ony of tk? rifbt t? wprk.^flM?ftl?i.7aarlM? ft*, will ? rotr^-n* itcNfto ?o>oay itn lot miu Md Hi* a?o*k in hand kM rapidly Buaiaifhed Sale* from VVOM are repori.J at te^n, an 1 fft>m ?t0TM Al WK*? J1 per 100 >b* To? L.ICBHDM ? Tfcn mamiag. tw ! arreefed tweaty omio crt'mna fur ranni t? fcidfl WttbOBl bavtBf ObUUMtf to* Wano?f l>q aired by the law Many of tfeo** arrested Sad antfertod to take oft tae m ih-s bad dono formerly, aad (o Hww r??? jaM I Backer laspoaed toe lowest Sue. si *5, ogh-ra bad sever ukw a ltcooee, aad war* fiaed fw 14 aach. Tb* fine* amoaaied to over BSO Bui K*tat? RaU?Thoa Dowliag. aar. tioaeer, aotd bona* aad lot on I'r ??p*ct. D*%f Lrfagoo stieOL to Jaaie* Oarnty, Iot.?37j flock aougbajn mauit?tv aurkn OoaOnaes qaiet aod dull. The demand ta aeainty for hifb rmaeefioar forthe lormt trart*. aod aalee in Maall louat tb* price* laet quo-^j by tb* Star. Grain.?Noaalee of era in reported, and prio?? nominally a* laet quoted Tbe dnHnoee of ti>? srark*: baa bo effect apott hold*ra,wao eahitMt no anxiety tolpart with tbeir atork at Bay r> daction of ratea. EtEBIBB DBBBS GOODS W* ha** jnat retara-d from I*? Tork. having p?txba**d there at *ery low price* alaro as?o<t meat of FIBB TABLETON ICIUIB, twe yard* wide, ta Wfeite, Bv*e, Cherry. n?* i Line. Black, an 1 Lemoa t*-4 Fine White French OBQ ABUT. ? 4 Flea WMta Parle BUSLINB P.4 Fine WbiU India MUSLINS 4 4 aad 4-4 Fine Whit* Seles Bt SLIBS 4 4 aad 6-4 Flaa White ALPACAS. Fall supply of tbe l>*et make of PABI8 BID GLOTB.n, ?rioe, f J par pair. PALMOEAL 8KIBT1NGB We ores to day the largest and beat aaeor* meat of BBOLI8H AID FBBBOQ BKIBT1BQ* *?er offered ib this market. Alao, a l|r|? at?ek of BBIBt TBIBB1BGS. Ot low price*. JOB. J. BAY ft CO . JO* Pennsylvania aveaae j* 10*2t between 9th end I thaU U Celling ovf to closb busibebs A. W TOW8HBND A OO .Jeweler*. 416 7th at., between 0 aad B ^ Baring determined to retire from bnslneo*. vs ofler our b?antKul essortm-nt of Jewelry at F*ncy Goods at flistco*t all g<v 1? *d<i go arm, tee?t to * hat rrare??otad. Whiut cloelnR <?i onretockof Jrwelryaeil Fancy Gaol* va of-r onr patrons who wl?h to purcbase 0T*t h-? tt,? opportoafty of baying tlietn at wboleaale ratw PB10B LIST OP WATCHES. Bllrer hnntlug ca*e. anchor movamtiiti, javo'ed, ft9. fold. Do. Amerlean, Biierr movema^tn, jeweled, Bl7, gold; 1) American, P 0 H*rt-tt movement*, joweled, 9ti. gald 14 karat gol IS riwt.caee, Aaierican. p B Bartlatt cbronom '*r > 1 8e7, fold; lRda. do., 4"g.g'?!d. Hdo.A; pietoB, Tracey A Co., chronometer ral., % J6,>.i ABTI0LB8 TO BB BAFPLBD I Ladle*'Cabinet aad Chair, papier aacha idlaid with pearl, firat coat, In fold 1 L> ??' Work Table, tapier aiache, inlaid with pan, flrat coat, ftTsi gold. 1 Buaewood Draaaiag t,*t , mounted altb ao.ld Bterling aiirer, first coat, a. r la yold Tb* wbol* to be raffled for *8#0 corrency A . W . TOWNMUEMD li I)., Jewal?r?, Alb 7th atreet. few doors Mo* j* 10-lm* Odd Fellow*' Ball 480 CBHTBAL L.\fA8OFFIOE, 4 HO No. 4**0 11: hatraat, one door below Pa. are BIO Ono tr loan on Gold aad Bilrar WATCH I? DIABOMHS. CLOTHING, and BEBCBAN MbB of every dee riptiwn ja 9 OyBnaiaeaa atrictlp conftf rati at (VIBTBOPOLTT AN ~ l'E BOWLING ALLBT. D etreat, betweon ilth and tnh near 8tar Ott a by GBO W BADBBS. ja * ia' ^HC KIT PI BE A BIB. ' lABARITaR'l Biff! 4 SAMAMiTAira mini TBB BOBT 0BBTA1B BBBBBVJITBB USED '?**, A Pomiivb ?aaa,*far 90IfOBKH(KA, VLMMT, MTMJOTUMMB. Contaia* oo Mineral, BO Bala?.a* Bereary On Ip T?n FUis is A* Tkhtm te Mitt a Cmrt Tbay ore oaUrely rafetawa, fcaylng a? imU not aay naplaa?nt taate. Bad wlll Bot la aar wa> ta mlFa the atomaob at bowele of the ma* deliaat* Cnreata fra* two tefov days, aad rac*at eaaa* la "tweaty totir hoar a Prepared by Bfradcau of tbe Ccireratty ot Peaaaj laeala. eaaof the moei aadnent Doctora aad CbaaMi of Ua* ar*a*atday; no tryaiwi, no i??**W, * thmmgawAolarw. l^t tboae who havedeapotredof fatdr.g oared. or whehaTebe*af?rf^?mBalBaaCoBaTiaor Bar earv. try th* BABABITAM* 01 FT j! Beat bymaUtaayUlBeBTelope filee Bale package*, fl. V*HU, BP BLOODr BLOOt)ft BLOOD'If ??52JlTL^A.WJ,*?1.jPOBBB. BPOTB. ""'Sv.'&iKv gAMABlfjura BOV? TMffBhff JUJCM 81 P&iiaJB*0B*^^ftAtr^MBBAbBa. th* dABABITAB-8 BOOT AND HIM JCICE I. a Btost petaot. certain aad effactaai ramady aver areacribed. It reachea and eradicate* aver* particle of tbe venereal palaua. ao tBat tbe earala tkorr gt and permanent. Take, tbau.of thla pniifrlng rem ed> and ha healed, and do not traaaait It to yooi poaterlty that for which yui aay aapaat la alW y*%r* DO BOT DEB PA IB I will remove erary vaatigr* af ImpariUae from tb? sysK.^ssatiwsSaTJisar^ i happily adapted, la Cloerated UVarna ia Lea<w rbaca. In bearing down Fail tag of the Woaab. da BABABITAN *8 WASH fcsawfesr.-"-"""?Fall dlrecttaa*. PrtoeSieeata Tbe eficocy of tbeee ramedlee la alike aeknowi WHAT TBI fSJSVEJfiftas jtatiBg that 1 have aaed 'The Baaantaa Bamediea' tor Veneral Staaaeaa to Ma ant eatoaaar) forms, tbot 1 hoeeoaed them wttA jadymeot, dlecrab>? and property, aad, hoe* foand tLem respond to at BBttdpatloB* Broaiatly and oBwtooib Eaowiai tbeir oompoeltloaTl bawa the fall eat oonAdaao* la their eacacy,aaAa*fara*aty wa?f them eateada. BoMhyB. 0. FOBD, oeraertttfc street aad PanarhBPABTBBBTOF TBB IBTBBIOB. li UNITED STATES PA TEMT orritF. _ ? wiMUMTon- Navaml-er 11, On th* pedtton of J a UBS E A. GIBBi of "Steal'sTawn," Virginia prayiaf for the *i tecsioa of a patent franted tu him toe list day of F< braary.lMg. for an improvement 1b Design for a SewlBf Bachiae, for eeven years from th* si -iration of aotd patent, which takee place oa toe Jist day of Feb*nary. 18*7It la ordered tbat tbe eafd petition be hoard ?t the Patent oBceon Bonder, the mk day of Feb-s ary next, at it o'clock B.; and all peraoa* ?r* s notified to appear and showcanaa.lfany th?T ka<s. E wh> *ald petition oaf bt not to be f ranted 1 Peraone oapoeing tbe e?ten?*o arr repairs*! ' ^ file In the Patent O?oe their objertfoaa. epe^al^ setforth In writing, at le?et tweotr deyabel"-* th** day of bearing, all testimony Sled by party to be need at the aaid bearing mnat he ua-s and trauatnitted in accordance with the rate* " tbe office, which will befaratehed on spr^ ee*l? Impositions and other Panere renaa n[?* as tea tlniony Boat be Sled tn the office before tbedaT of hearing, the aigameate.U at?. within ten days after IIlfef the teetlnjeay Ordered alao. tbat tbls notice he poMfsbe*! In tt>?Bepnblican and tbe latelligencer. weshlwrtviu. P CT, and in the Spectator, ftannton, vlrfte a once a week for three aocreame weeks.' ? Bret of *aid puiillcations to fw at leaat afity da pre none to tb* day otb*nn?gr Tgg \ KEk Oommiaalooar of f* P. B.?Editor* ef the abov*- pasera eop>. and aead th*ir bill* to tbe Patent a paper coutainlag ihia notice. ' NBW BOOBS ?Shank % Peraoaal Be^ * of Dletlnfclebed General* I' 81 r. r Foee Breoke. a novel, by Lever * , Baca f'tw ealtb. a ncvaf. by Bra J H km 75 cenu. Law and Practice of Euchre, n^w am fl; Smithfe frmclpia Latina. part aacontl I Aa Aaerlcftg Kamily In G*rmaev bv J h ? Browne, ftv, Bietory of tb* Bekell- ?a ?>* ? ?taag Botta. fl.?. y^AHO* TftTL^K DABLXZ TODS FBABCAlS. Or. DoJKoafr^ !. ftraSiTo's?.. ?fc7??^"?rv V Sift. " cent*. Harmonies Poet ouja- * cent*. Becaeillements Poeilgoea par Uemartio^ "?? Tu ' "rMisoiriTbok _ I