Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS! AMUSBMKNTS. Ac.. TOHIGHT. NiiiDntL Imkatkb. ? Laet Bight of the oprra mhub. wbm ib# celebrated opera of /.am pa, or the Marble Urid?N" will be brought oat in icellen' sty le. and with a strong cast, embracing tbe ?*mM ot Senora Pocto, Signora Mazzoieni, Bellini, Mad. Tm a, 4c. <40 %? ai l ? Orrnu Hocitii-llfiellt and last night bnt one, of Mr. K. L. Daftaaport. t?- will appear iu bis fine impersonates ?t-Cbaries Snrirce," In Sheridan's brilliant <oit?ay ut -The School for Scaadal." Mm/.bkott Hall.?Ivut night int one of Mr nan Mr* Howard Panl, la their delightt?l concerts ra costume. M(at;nu Pom>.?The grand Mask and Fancy Drese Carnival 10 comm?i? at 3 o'clock j m , and continue until II o'clock to-night, will be a unique affair, and the novelty will mo doubt attract a great crowd. 1*la*i>HiX.L.?The grand Ternperaace fair, under the auspices of Exivkior Division. No. 6, and Hope Division, No. M, la still in proP*M Tax national cgtal kiohtb LBinri 'Co?t*>tio> or Colorkl* Men ? A meeting ol litis convention wan held yesterday mornIng ai the Union I-eagne Rooms, a^d was called to order by J. M. Eangston. of Ohio. Devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. Eiisba Vit-aver, of Philadelphia. After organizing. the convenuou resolved into a committee ot the whole, and an address was delivered by C H. Eangston, of Kansas. A committee on bnsir.e.s, consisting of nine member?. was appointed. The following vice pres. iderts were elected ?Bishop A. W. Wayman, of Md . W . D. MwhewB, ot Kansas: W Nesbit. of Pa Kev. K J. Robinson, of Ohio. A finance committee wae appointed, and Dr S J Brown, el Md., and R B. Johns, of N. J., with the president, were appointed to draft au address to Congress. After some other business, tlie convention adjourned until evening. A; the evening session, the business commune reported a series of resolutions, which, after a long debate, were adopted. The resolutions declare that the Government has no more - i<bi to deprive a man of bis vote tnan of trial by jury; that all laws which make a discrimination on account of race or color are unconstitutional and void: declaring that the colored race Lave the right to the ballot because they are citi7ens, tax-payers, and patriots, aud it is a natural and inherent right; claim a fair and impartial trial by jury for their race; declare that the citizens of one State are entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizens in several Slates. and they ask the establishment of a national standard of qualifications, which shall he uniform and universal, &c., Ac. Ibe lollowing are the delegates from tbis city : ?1st ward, I>. G. Muse; ad ward. R. (1. Booker: 3d ward S. CI. Brown: 4th ward, A. Bolden. 5:h waid, JHScbuman; 6th ward. W A Nicholson. 7th ward, Anthony Bowen Georgetown. Cement Becket. The following were appointed a aommittee to wait on the Reconstruction Committee of Congress ? O H. Lang-ton, K*n?as, J. W. l?guen. New York, Captain O. S. B. Wall, ol Ohio S G Brown. District of Columbia; aadJ.T Mahyrney, ol Indians. sgcown i>at. The session was opened with devotional exer?.ees by Rev. Elisha Weaver, oi Philadelphia. and Rev. Dr. Grimes, of Boston. A. M Green, of Pa . and W B. Johns, of N J . were elected additional secretaries. K F Snicker, of Norfolk, white, said he m ished to call the attention of the convention to the outrages on freedmen in Virginia bv court* which were all illegal in that State, and especially to the case ol W. J . Hodges. 1 he Chair remarked that the proper course for ibe gentleman to pursue was to lay the subject before tbe business committee The Chair ^aid it was proposed to hold one of tbe greatest meetings here ever held in this city. There were several gentlemen who were very radical and earnest. He alluded to the once Governor of Texas, Hon A. J Hamilton, applan.**:} Hon. George Julian, of Ind. Col Moas. of Mo : Col W J. Stokes, of Tenn.. and Col. K. J Hinton, of Kahsaa, who would be present. Tbe names ot Hon Cbas Sumner, of Mass., \nd Judge Kelly, of Pa., was suggested A committee was app?tn.ed to wait on the gentlemen named and invite them to the meeting to-night. The Chair suggested that as there was no distinction on account ot color, it might be well to elect some of their white friends to honorary membership. The suggestion was seconded, and the following were proposed Senator Sumuer Chief Justice Chase, Hon. Tbaddeus Stevens Judge W.D.Kelly. Gen Gartl?ld, of Ohio Hon Prank Thomas, of Md . Hon. Sidnev Clark, of Kansas Hon T. Frelinghuysen, Col Given, of Ohio, Gen O. O. Howard, J. R Elvacs, of this city: Judge Bond, of Baltimore Gen. Gregory. Gen .1 M. Ashley, R. Stockett Matthews, of Md.; Hon Mr. Stockbridge, of Md., Sayles J Bowen, Postmaster; Wm Law rence. The name of Senator Saulsbury, of Delaware, was proposed by Rev. E. Weaver. The Chair remarked that he could not entertain the name of a man tainted with treason and who ccw ardly falters, and will not squared ry meet the isaoe. Mr. Weaver said be offered the name because be believed that much good could be accomplished by getting their enemies to attend the sessions. The nominations were continued, as follows Col Stokes, of Tenn.; Gen. Scbenck. of Ohio; Fred Douglas. Hon. M Catbell, of N, J. Attorney General Hoyt, of Kansas; Horace Greeley, (The Chair remarked that he could not endorse the Tribane philosopher's peculiar noOens as to free suffrage *nd general amnesty:] Clop. Forney, w W Holden, Finney, of Oberi.n, Ohio; Ex-Gov. Andrew* Major6. L.. Stearns, of Mass , Gen. Van Wyck, Kev. D. A. Payne. Got. Urownlow. Garrett Smith. W. L..Garrison, Gen. Bntler. Senator Trumbull, J F Ceok. John G. Wbittier. ?ReV. H. H. Garnets Carter A Stewart. The names of Gens. Fremont and Burnside were proposed. Mr Thomas suggested that the ladies were being slighted, aud named Misa Anna Dickinson Dr. Grimes, of Boston, asked if the nominations were to ce^ee. and moved that the list be closed with, "'Bad all other true friends of our cause." which clause would include all who had ever giveu a cup of cold water or said *<?od ble*? you" to a fugitive 'following ladies were nominated Mrs F L Harper, Miss Sarah Jackson, H A and Mrs. Slade. Bisbop d ayman remarked that every man thought his own wile the best, no matter wnat others thought?be believed that he hail tbe best wife v no ever lived?and the members would want to elect them. He was willing to give way rtnd hoped that no further nominations be made. 1 he-e named were thereupon elected honorary members. Ai bxasTiria Item* ? We clip the following from th?Gaz?:t# of yesterday The Mayor, actini: upon the order passed by the Board of Aldermen, aud not doubtiug that the Common Council wtll concur, has made arrangements with the Superintendent ot the market, Mr Wbittington, for the speedy opening of a Soup House. A negro woman living in one of the contraband Milages, on the northwestern suburbs <>f tLe city, known as Fredericksburg, was trozen to death on Monday night last Sbe was aged and intirm ' reat caution shonld be used now in skating en the river and creek. Tbe ice is unsafe in :r any places. Two little boys broke in. ou the river yes'erday.and were near being drowned. The report that Richards, one of the I^vle<* murders, had been arrested in Philadelphia, 'urns out to have been unf mnded. The Police B' aku.?Tbe Board met yester<l?y in tln?ir room at headquarters, all the ?>. mt>er? present Francis Colt-Inzer whs appointed additional patrolman for duty at the skatii ? park, and Jouathan M Claw-on ter outv on 'I'll and li>tb st eets, between L and M nortt 1 Le p,. :ird adopted a series of rules f ,r the government of the Inspector of poli. e. which, strii 'ly enforced, will do tnu -h to unpto\e tlie coBititiou ot the entire lulce. r,>T'i? " 't 'be business bad reference lwr ,l,**,rr.- in liijuor Several new applicants were\ed; others who had been previoa-iy rejected were reconsideredOthers rejected A number of the applications have been rejected several lira** Tothb po?.??.? thbThiiii. Ward.-We are Teque-ted b> Inxi. e Thompson lo rtsv tf.alie Will attend at tbe . fflrr 0f ^jr Simnis. c. rnrr,f V| and "th siree'.-, ic in >rro v ?H.tWeen Uie htM.r- Ot in oVlwk a tn. aud i < clock p TTI . t( receive the written ret >mnienita'i. i ot tl M per?< n? who are a,.p.i. WBt? fcr Isash r# o' oihl. Un ter a late an. pr. priario *.-f :? - ? ?'onnt Is * ? t t'.i.v h a; ()< J ?Tbis morning. ihe 1 ??? * rre- entered a n?'U in 't e , a-e* i; - |ir.,^ . .n-ticted t.?r r-. ? eivirg 'olei i tiy, and Wm Thorn**, convicted ol I' r % l'< B - r* i - I ti" nursing the lieut?i 11 ?s of f I ? . ed *5 arrei- s in tlie entile 1> - r )> Very few offence-of B ? ricue ohar ?j |??ar on tbe re ord The fine-in corp?.r.- .<-es aniouated to 11. 1*> aii ?We r? n> announ<*e tbe death f>i<'ay tl 1 Gi t r, |. Renuington. ot 1. i.?t Uarrp'-.n. Ma-- ? rendeo. .. ,>t Cap- K A Hy ther. ii ! j>. vert.e The rein'tin. V?lll be takeL >i. >? Uusel^ iot ILteruieut. Stbalibu a Hoo?Thla noram;, Hillary " Own and Wm. Join, colored, trrei't] t?r the larcwy of a hog. (to property of Charles W. Crocker, on Christmas eve rut, were tak-n St oflcer King, wf the Second Precinct. before nntiee Tucker J?m vu dtemifteed, and became a witneae. It appeared that they went tofether to Mr. Crocker's premieee, Where Green shot the bo* and c*t tt up, giving a part to Jonee The justice crmmttted Green far trial at court, and committed Jones, in default of ball, to appear aa a witneae Thb 8kattwo Park Dfryicvvrr -^To-tHy, at noon, Me??ra W H. Clagett, W W. Parker, W. A. Gray and Capt Henry Rogers appeared before Justice M or sell to answer the charge of aesanlt and battery on Alex. A dam ton at the kiting park. The gentlemen gave ball in the sum of 9200 each for their appearance at court, in order to have a speedy settlement of the whole difficulty. Not Iiipi.tcatid.-1b reference to the "disgraceful affhir" at the poet office, published by nn yesterday, we are informed, on rood authority, that Mies Garcia, the ladr employed in the post office, did not uee any unbecoming language, but endeavored to est out of the way of the female who was abasing her. '*?? ? CITY ITEMS. Jbwblbt. ? Boc Wood Setts, Jet Chains, Pin*, Kings. 300 new Btyles Sleeve Buttons, silver-plated Spoons, Forks, Cops, Goblets, Call Bells, received this merning, at Prigg's Dollar Jewelry Store, Ko. Pennsylvania avenue, near 4# street. a Fra*c!!! Frabc!!! Fkaik !!! sells Gents' furnishing Goods at prices to suit everybody. Gray's Paper Collars >5cents per box, heavy Government Drawers, 50 cents each; oth?r goods cheap in proportion 494 7th street, 34 door above Odd Fellows' Hall. \ leiTORs; from New York and Philadelphia will find clothing at Henning's One Price Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenne, from ten to fifteen per cent. lower than in either of those cities. ? Knr Tor* Houses Wakm.?Brown's Patent Metallic Weather Strips are warranted to keep out Wind, Rain, Cold,Snow, Noise. Dust, Ac., from doars and wmdows. Call at office anti see reference. 3 DoroLAB Moork, 538 7th street. ? I offer a splendid stock of flu? 18 karat Gold ond Silver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry and Opera Glasses, 4o percent, below cost, to close hu<iness. I. Alexander, 240 Pennsylvania avenue. g Dr. White, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn. av., between ?* and Bth streets, continues the sue- I cessful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office honrs from 8 a. ra. to 5 p m., and ? to Np m. Established ls?l. For CniLBLAtss and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 per bottle. For sale at 4*24 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4)|%ad nth streets. We take pleasure in announcing that our old fellow citizen, J. B. Gardner. M. D., has renewed his practice, in which speciality we know he bas had great experience. We refer you to the advertisement column. s A Sure Pile Ccre ?Dr. Gilbert's Pile in strument positively enres the worst cases uf piles. Sent bv mail on receiptor *1. Circulars tree. Sold by druggists. Atfents wanted everywhere. Address.!. B. Komaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Pbmribs can be had in &uy quantities at the Star office counter MAHKIEI*. WHKILEg?JON 18. At Wenlay Chapel M K OLurcfa, on Thursday. January 3 lx?7. by Ke? Job. fc Wteeler, Mr JOHN H. WHIlLCK. of thl" ci;y, to MIm ANM1I M. J0NB8, ol G?jrge town. D. C. 0IEU. o H ABB On the loth Inntaat, at 7 o'cleck a in , Mre OHIlno'bahk aged 3> jrnar?. The relatives and friTnds of the faintly are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her laie renHenee I street between SHth and 21st streets, at s o'cleck, on Saturday, the 12th Instant. 3t* BENNINGTON On the 11th last , OEOB.b E URls N I NGTON . of East Hampton. M*sa , at tbe residence of bl? half brother, fcaptato B A. Byther, on Oeorgla avtuue. between 10th and 11th Streeta east. 1 North Hamptea Gazette ph aas copy. | gg PABIS KID OLOVl D?0T. ^ COCBYOIfllBB'S, ALEXARDBg'8. We have in it received from the Agents a full supply of the "OOCBVOISIEB'S" and "ALBXANDBB 8" celebrated KID GLOVES. In White, Light, Dark, Medium and Black. ALSO, Boms entirely NEW COLOBS ;a?t imported Price 92 per pair or $23 per dozen. PABIS KID OLOYB8, a good article, at ftl 9d and f 1 ?0 per pair, all dzea and colon Vine UNDBE88ED KID GLOVIS, fl 2* per pair Tine CLOTH GLOYB8 in great variety. JOS. j may a CO., 308 Pennsylvania avenno, a 10-ttlf between 9th and 10th sts. (' * O O B B I B B. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Comer New fork avenne and 14th street, I Entrance on New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GBOOBBIES, TEAS. WINES, 1mpobtbd LDXUBIBS, Ac.. Ac., wonld reapectfally notify their friends and the public that tbey have j??t opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article usually kept In a first class Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate onr large, fresh and wellselected stick, we eordially lntlte the public to examine our Ptere and stock, believing we shall not fail to give entire satisfaction to all who may favor us with their patrouage. We call especial attention to our assortment of TKA8 and COFFEES, which hare bee a selected whL great care for pnrlty. Dealers will find a tire assortment to select from, and onr prices to ?uit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city. ,'an 9 3m j/VENING DBES8 GOODS We have on hand a full assortment of the fo!. low lag EVENING DBK8S GOODS, which we ofler at the low .at cash price*, viz : WHITB TABLBTAN M08L1N8, from medium to very fine. W111TB ft* 188 AND fbbncu muslins, all WHl'fV EHPBESS CLOTHS. Lnpln s make WHITB ALPACAS, til ijnalltiti ALSO, ON HAND, vhlchwu purcba?ed|very cheap at auction, some t'Bie ago. g'e pieoee 1) tible Twilled WHITE MEKIMj. with Black and Colored Dote and Fi?ure?, which w. art- eelllng at the vers low fticr of one dollar par y*rd, aad will make a ! e tutiful evening dreas at a very moderate ex P'-nce. All Goods n arked in plain fi?nres at the lowest caeb priest. No deviation allowed ja y eoM W M. 8HUSTEB * 1JBO DBPABTMBNTOF THE INTBBIOb UNITED STATES PATH NT OFFICE, r, .. _ , wai-missius, december 1hm. 0011 WILLIAM OULEMAN and Tt' HEN G COLEMAN, of Providence, B I , for extension of a patent granted to them on the 15th day of March. 136.1 for an impr- vt-nient ia snpporting the tappinB lift and penk halyard block <>f qatl vessels, for seven years fr< m the ?pi ratku of naid patent, whieh takes place on tbe Itth day of March. 18J7 : It i* ordered that the said petition be heard at tbe I'ntent t'ftoe on MONBAT, the Uth day ef Fei rnary next, at 1J o'clock M , and all persons are m tihert to arp.-er and show oanse, if any they have, why naid pei.Jtion euaht not t? be aranted IVraotiit opposing the extenaion are required to file in tiie I ater.t Offli e their objections, specially Bet font; In writing, at least twenty dava before th?- da> of bearing, all testimony filed t>y either part) to l-e nsed at the said hearing must b?- taken an.l trmoimitted In accordance with the rule* of the '.fiice, which will be furnished on application. I'epoaitt'-ua and ther paper" relied upon a? te?lIBi u> mutt be filed in the office twenty days the day of hearing, the argaments. If any, wltLIn ten days after fiMr.g the teetimeny. Ordered alse.that this notice be published In the BepiiMlran and ti e Iu'elligencer W'aahington, r>. C , and in the Journal. Providence. B I., nee a w?-ek for three puc( easlve weeks; the first ' eal-l i nl iiratlon- to be at least aisty days pievii-n t?. the day of bearing. _ T C TEIEAKEB v u Commissioner of Patents. S ?Editors of the above papers will pleaae r p> ar .l ?ei d their bills to the Patent Office, with a pai' r containing <h4a natice. dels ?iv |) E. DUThOW.I'ROWcF. COMMISSION MFRClf A NT, AS!' Wllol Eaat I DBA! EB IN HFTTBB < H BESE . LABD. Ac. No A.> t*f>uth street, lialtitnore. ^"BnSttr packed lor tran<tporta)lon. ja#-" t* amuskmfcnts. NATIONAL THEATRE. fllMflT??t MMU. IMF W I Hards' Motel. LAST NlGHf or MAX MABBTZBK'SGBAND ITALIAN OPERA THW FBIDAT Jttmry II, |?7. _Wfc#n, wtil be KH*1U< Her old's celebrated peracf 7.AMPA; OB.TBB MARBLE BRIDE. Sencr CABMEN Signer MA/ZOIBBI, "" * * nor*T EST A Sl.aor h EL Lin. (Hgnor Ft?<t?ATI , Condpetor..... CABL BEBQMaM ' WAtL'S NEW OfKRA HUVIK. BKBKT A WALL PROPRIETORS B. B. PHILLIPS? STAGE MANAGKB. BENEFIT AMD LA?t NIGHT BTTf OBI Of the Popular AtMiletn Actor, _v ** B. L. DAVENPORT, Who will i?Mir THIS (FBIDAY) BYBBIKO. January 11. In character ofCHABLEB 8CBPACB, in BheildanYn rill tart Coved) of TUB SCHOOL FOB SOANDAL. Bupprrted by every member ot" toe Bneiualled bier Company. To merrcw-LMt nig bt or B. L. DAVBNPOBT. RATES Or~AD MISSION. Pri vate Boaee, #8; Orchestra Chairs, $1; DreM Circle, 76 cents; Parqnette, 60 rcnU; Family Circle, It tents; Colored Oirole, tt cents. METZEROTT HALL. For ft season of TWO WEBKB, commencing THUBIDA Y, JABUABY ITth, and continnine every evening until further netlce Vrand consolidation ef tbree distinct end separate Companies, THB TWO PBAK FAMILIES. SWISS BBLL B1NGERB, And the celebrated BBROBB FAMILY. Yocaliete. Harpists, Violinists, and SILVER CORNET BAND. Composed principally of Children. TWO SOLO HARPISTS. TWO BOLO VIOLINISTS. TWO BOLO STAPF BBLL FLAYERS, Th*> enly Staff Bell Players in the world. 25 PERFORMERS AND 'J"M) S1LYKB TABLl BBLLB. Cards of Admission AO cents Ke-er Ted Seats _..7 ft ' Ticket for sale at Metzerott's Music Store, wkere a diagram ef the Hall may be seen and seats secured tbree da>a in edvanre. SATURDAY. JANUARY 19th, GRAND BELL RINGERS' MAT1NEB. Children admitted to tbe Matin"e for 2ft cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock , commxire at 8 o'clock.* Afternoon?Doors open at 1H o'clock; commence at IS o'clock: jjsll Pt STRAND TEMPERANCE FAIB vj AT ISLAND HALL. Mrglnla avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. Beautiful Goods, Amusing Dialogues,Charming Mtisic, Laughable Pantomimes, Pleasing Oharates. A Beautiful Silver Pitcher and six Silver Goblets to be presented to the Division receiving the largest amount of money In its respective box Season tickets, AO cents; {Single admission, 1 ft ct;nU. ja 8 6t* METZEROTT HALL. FOB OHB WEEK ONLY. Messrs JARRETT A PALMEBbegtoannounce t<>'he citizens of Washington that they Lave enfeHged those eminent Artists, MB. AND MBS. HOWARD PAUL, ? bo will appear fer tbe first tlmeiu this city oa MONDAY EVEN IN G, Jan. 7.1867. and every evening during the week, in their ORAND ENTERTAINMENTS OR CONCBBTS IN COSTUME, as recently given l.OuO nights in La-tdon and fifty nights at Irving Hull, New York They will appear in lft BONGB AND IMPERSONATIONS, Among which will ht found Henry Bussell's great Lytic, entitled THE LBEAM OF TBB REVELLER. And tbe celebrated Balla<l, "WHEN GEOBGETHB THlBD WAS KING," and tbe celbratad SNEEZING SONG, The whole forming the most unique. elegant and varied Kntrrtalnment ever given in th? United States. For particulars see Bills and Circulars. | PRICBS?Admission, 40 cants; Beserved Beats, 7ft cents. The sale of Reserved Beau will commence at M> txerott's Mu-ic Store oa Friday morning, Jan. 4.186'. Doors open at 7,l?; commence at 7\i o'elk. ja2 tt 1,'ANOY DREMSE8 AND COSTUMBS i A Fur Tableaux and Private Parties, , Apply to MRS PRANK REA, ' 44 7 10th street. | balls, parties, be. , T>HE FIFTH ANNUAL PLt/E MASTER- \ 1 ADB BALL 1 or thi J HARMONY CIBCLB < will be given at tba ODD PBLLOWS' HALL, I On MONDAY BYENINQ, January 14th. 18?T7 \ Two valuable arizes will be given to tba bast , original male ana female maakers. The number of carda far admission positively limited, and ean only be procured at Nos. 311 and 4??*? Pennsylvania avenue up ta flS tbe 12tb instant JIA No tickets sold after that data. HBk ' Mr. Marshal, the popular Costnmer. of Balti- * more, will be at the Germaala Hoiel, O street, be- | tween l.'? and Mh,on Saturday aad Monday. Jan- J nary I2tb and Hth,with a vary large variety of the a latest novelties of Costumes. Prof Schroader s celebrated Band has been engaged for this occasion. ' jan6.H,io.U?t COMMITTEE. ?s????c personal. IVL!T.I<:,* IS HIBIBT OlVKM THAT SiM L ' * LL SAM8TAG has assigued all his i;oods an-I J chattels, stack and took d*bts. and th?r a<?.?>ts, to ' nadersigaed for the payment of his creditors. ! aa will appear ty reference to theaaslgnment duly ' recorded, and all persons are hereby watn-d and prohibited from paying to the said Semstag. -?r ^ other person, on bis behalf, any debts the> may have owed him. January I th, 1S07. , i?H ?* M SIBGIL. | THI OBEAT FRENCH REMBDY-Dr. v7lI pan'* Pttudi'-nl Drop*.?The only certain and sale rentedr for all Utsrine Obntructl >ns, Monthly Dlflicultlos. Irregularities, and all th? other dia ? eases to which th* woman, wife, and mother is peculiarly liable. They will he found the easiest . and most certain cure that can be round. It I* on i account of tnls certainty that they should not ae taken by pregnaM females daring tbe first three months, As iiilscarilage is certain to be brought on. but at <>thar periods their use is perfectlr sar?. J Office 17 9 south B street, between 9th ana loth, ja 11 Jt* ? I |R JOSEPH T HOWARD ~ \ has n-movt-d his titties and residence to ! No. 36? NINTH STREET. ja 8 Ct* between 1 ?ud New York avenu? j J^li. J.FRYK.M.D. J. B.SMITii.M D. . DBS FBYB AND SMITH Can be consulted professionally, at No. 154 PENNSYLVANIA AYENUB, ja 8 et* _ _ _ between 17th and 18th sts, AB MAUBiri. REAL 8CIBNTIFIO AS ? TBOLOGEB OF AMFRIOA, t From the position anu aspect ot the Stars at the * time of one's birth, will reveal astonishing se * cr?*ts that no living mortal aver kaew l><<fore. how ' to be successful In all reasouahle undertakings. " He tells came and very day you marry : de-cri l es the intended companion. ?;.d t ils all events of ^ life; good lock ana long life to visitors. La ties so fi cents to ?1 gentlemen In full 81. Call at 470 I | 12th st . near F, all hours utuil * In tlieevening f dt-Sllm- " I | ADIES LOOK AT THIS. COLLAR AND CUFF'S GIVES AWAY. \ Eacn lady having work done at the CHEAP J STAMPING RdOMS. 4JU <>tb street, oppoHite a Latent Ottoe, will ra<eive train one Collar and pair of O'ntts, stamped on thn finest muslin, for chain stic.h. Braid or Embroidery, suitable for aigbt gowns Star Braid and Colored Cotton for the above at reducad prices. Initials stamped from "ti' tc./if centf. Stamped goods at hall the t price heretofore asked. de 29 tf = ? | | AI'1E8'*DBEB8 GOODS. t LADIES SH AWLS and CLOA KINO CLOTHS <1 BLACK AND COLoBEO SILKS. V Closing out cheap previous to taking accounts of st?ck. . BLANKETS AND TABLE LINEN TOWKLb AND NAPKINS. i M e solicit a call from all In want f Dri G" ?ds WM B. BILEY A BROTHEB. ? No. 3<? Central Stores, J betwecD 7th aod 8th street!, c opposite Centwr Mirlft j ^LEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, January 1, I5ij7. : Havlns given Messrs. GRILLET A CROGAN ' the Agency for the sale of our CRACKERS In tl.e E of CohiDil'ia.ill hanfDeM hereafUr will * attended to by tbem. They can befouuti at No. j 7 ?? Louisiana avenue, between &th aad 10th steels, ! . wliers they will keep on hand a supply of Crackers T fresh front o?r Bakery daily, ri/ Soda. Batter, 1 Bngsr, W ster. and Oyster Crackers,GlneerSnaps. Ginger Cakss aod Sng?r Cakes: pilot BreaS and Cracker Dust; which they will tfsliver at city I bskers' prices. - I jaA-eolw JAMIESON A CO. T'HE GREAT REBELLION by John'Minor 1 Jr . J. $J l?.,^Cb'kr"!t*r and Characteristic Men. by E P Vhla.l.; 81 74. The Science of I W ealtb. by Amasa Wftlksr, f3. Life and Times of 4 Bed Jacket, by Wm. L. Stone: #5. The Sane- I A Story of the 01*11 Wnr. by Nichols; , * Illustrated; $7 Kissing ttvs Rod; A Novel, by , **o?for w? Mrs. ! 1 J.H Blddell, 7t cents. , no 17 FBANOK_TATLOB. ! J 1 A large assortment of I" DIAB1ES, for 1867, for sale at low prices. Ii 0? FBABQK TAYLOR I WANT#. \V d?4?*?4-,a?ood (T-ok. , *?V* ASHEB and IRONKB Nona need apply | hat cacnut bring good refsrsnoes It* 1 IL ANTED?A (JUL f d? Ch?ab?r*i>r^ tt1) J ' ** /*"? ? Aht.i OoUrad BOl Applr at fid I stre>t. betweya Hiti and 1Mb U^_ I It 'ANTBD-a White GIRL a<>out IS or *> years | >?T ?t the ftar Oft at. jail St* I WAMTED-Bf a jiln't family, eoleted 1 lemaleOOOK. Mill be welt ncowlHiM, I mores* Box ?0. My ?*c?. tu H it* l\J ANTED?a SITUATION, by uiwrioii 1 J NMr; cook ?r howtkreier, is i t^o.i bread t?j (Ui b?k?r. Good reference ] :iven. Cell at 3M <tk MrMt, utrH, fjr two c ")' f? U lf | LV A NTED-A COMPLETELY FURNlStiKI) | V Hol'SE, a rentrel location; o?e preferred ] I aV B* Mr,y "Btto* w?ll lake Board. Address j * V P^nn-***& *, ?*mr Slit tt. Hafereaces j xckangrd. jall-eo4l* A GOOD WOMAH WAHTED-Toco^kTwash. J #??*rel housework > ft vary real! family. Good references required. A|>iy ] ;t ?. ** atraat, bet wean Mb aad jOth streets, ja 11 ?t? IV A If TIB-Am tiMrlticxd PBE8i>?,to fmr* c << nisn board for frst class boardsrs. Will J

iave tbe entire central ?f dining room aad kltehn. Leierenoesrepaired Apply at 403 B street, etween Hhend 6tb street*. Rune bat responsible lereoLS need call. it* J WANTEIK-By a respeetabl- girl, a 8ITT A ' TlVM to do housework in a private family V ?ply at tki n?rthwe*t corner of Id street and Uae- avenue, over tba feed atore. ja 10 SI* II' ANISP- By a man ?ho*a<1*ritand( bis bu?l- | '* nees, a SITUATION to superintend a Itrm. i n.>r further par'lcniau-a apply at No. S!*ll7that, | '*pt HJiAENEN'S Bestaurant ja 10 4t* c WANTBD-A SOAI- MaKEB One who tior- i ougbly uuderstanda til? business Nn? oth r i e?td apply InquireofC B JEM KLL.O at. | lortn, between 4th and itti ja Ui St* I W ANTBD- A gOLd BLACKSMITH and 1 ?* WHEEI.WRIGHT. Colored preferred Call t it Bo 17 1 B atreel, between 9th and 10thstreets, 1 ls>and. ja 1/) St* 7 AYOCHG M AH FOBMEBLY TEACHER I and Beal E?tate Ae'nt, want* a SITUATION. J Iddissa "TEAuHEB," Star office. ja 9 31' t W'ANTED?By two young married couples. * f I'BNIBHED BOOMS, within the limits of u Pran. ava ami G et and 11th and 14th at* Ad * Iress W. W G.. Star Office. jay it" | WANTED B0B8EST0 WINTER -TbVsub- J senber, baring good stabling aad abun lance : >f feed, will txke eight or ten HOBSES ?t 910 per I iKjbth. Word lett at S. Bmod A Co 'nature,cor ter 7th atreel and avtnue will be attended to. ja 9-It" B^O OBA^FOKD. n?ar Bladen'burp. i ?; I A1W1 WANTED for twelve month* on J J) I ?SMMJ 910 000 worth of propert). Addrraa * A K j" 8tar Office ja s n* ' WANTEP?A YWlVG MAN. who ia a (oed i draftaman and penman. Heady employment Iddreaa Box 493 I'oat Office, with real name and . efereucea. ja7-lw* ANTED?On the lat of February, an unfnr a '' ni"hed H016B. eontainln? from five to eignt a nrma and ball, with gas and water; in a good a i?-l??hhnrhnod. Belerencei given if reijalred. Ad I Ireaa FELIX, Box No. 3r? Star Office. ja7 6t" 1 WANTED-A OOOK, H0UBKKBB7EB~and I If IBTBkSb in a atHall family. German pr<? f erred. Gall al i*67 Be w York ave., bet. 6th and tb at*. 1 WJ ANTED-Nevr and Caat off OLOTfllNU.old I vv COLD and SILVER, nr aay other article of ralne, at the old established Merchant Pawn t toker'a Store nt B Fl'LTON A OO., AO*i#th at., ' i doora north of Penna avonae. r Sole Agent for BINUEK^ SEWING MACHINK. de 22 Jly | WANTKD?100 LI1IIK8 la?inedlat"|y te .-(u- ? brolder Yokea, Band*, Wrapper Yoke*, Flan I lei Pkirts. Slippera. and Inlti"la To good ban la > ?bo bring cample of work, c -?o I wagra and con- t itant employment given. Call at the new Stamp t ng Boom. 4:<9 0th ntreet, opp Mite Patent Office . t^A MPING reduced to FIVE centa per width. I de 16-tf: j WANTED?10.OOO LADIES to know that at 1 the New Stamping R.x m*. 4.19 9th ?treel,op- i jesite Patent Office they can hnd the b?at nelected ' rtn.ent of Patternn ever ollered here for a Jlnekfl, Okpea, Aproua. Joeeya. Walata, Yoket, Banda, Wrapri-ra. Slippera Pincuabioua. and Ini lain Ala<>. tfealgna for Pillow Oaa-a Oltomaua. Jhair (lovers, Pian< a. and. in short, every variety I it Patterns a* they are daily i^ned. We have a ' rrench Marbloe and a Ptadieal Stamper, aud 1 save ieduced the price to 1 FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. I We make and atamp unij pattern brought as. 1 Brai l", Silk and WorkingOottoo very low. d de H-tf t WANTED-8ECOND HAND FDBNITDBE t Also. MIBBOK8, OABPETS. BBDS, HID 1 [>I K G and HOUSE FCBN1SH I NO GOODS of every 7 leocription. B BUOHI7Y. 40A 7th street. J.??.g-?f l>etween Q and H.eaat side LOST AND FOUND" ] rOBT?On the lotb instant, on 7lh street, be- a * tween E and tbe avenue, or on the avenne. be- a ween 7tb sua 4>i streets, a small POOKET BOOK . :on?aibing a sum of money, also a letter of gr-at raloe to the owner at> a keepsake. The finder will t>e literally rewarded at tbe Star efflce. ja 11 St* { IE FT AT MY STOBB, abont two weeks ago, a a silver head?-d OAN E. Tbe owner is re ineeted i :o ccme forward, ?rove pioperty, pay charges, i indtak- lt away. No. 9 south A str>-et. Capitol mil. jam ft* , BEWABD?atolen on tbe night o( (be , yO" 8Sd of September from the preuiiees of Bladenebur*. a dark brows . HOBsB, marked l?. 8 and I. O.; medium else, I ane and tall aomewbat sunbornt; has a roan , aoee. Tbe above reward will be paid if returned to GEO. JOHE8, I _Q<!__HZ*tj?vllje^PHDoeQsorge's Co.. Mi J BOARDING. j ? ? I P^OB BENT?Handsomely furnished commuui i , BOOMS, with B..arM, for rent at No 1.19 H street, between loth and lltb. jaloSt* namber or nioely FOBNTsHEO I I BOOMS, with or withont BOABD. Inquire II ?'?.V4 lltb street, between G aad H streeta. < Ji 9-ot rwo GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACOOMSO. dated with plsaaaat BOOMS and good BOABD, >* reaaosaMe terms, at 17 1 B street south, oppoute SmithsoalaB; Dve nainntee walk to post office. 1 ja 9 St* J |>0A RDHro.?Ladies and gentlemen can be ac 1 L* com mod at ed with elegant BOOMS and first- 1 laas TABLE, at No. 164 Pennsylvania avenue, a >etween I7tb and lath eta. The location is particularly desirable oi, acconn* of the proximity to tbe Departments. Table Bxard and families famished j kt mo<lerate rates. Transient Boarders. $ p~r l*V- ja8-t,t? , rABLE BOABD at No. 4(ti iutb street,a few f doors aorth of the iiatoe. Terms ? par <i noath del4W FOR SALK AND KENT. ! J'O LET?A large HOUSE near our offi?e,with C erery convenleace, and Furniture for sala; 1 **11 a-tapted for boarding-bouse '.r private fam lr- Apply to D. L. WELLS A fO.. ja 6-6t Corner IOtb and F sts. i FOB KENT?To a private family only. a hand ' aomeiy-furnished HOUSE, coalaialni; four V ;<-en rooms, situated near the President's Man e don. Beferencea required. To a go >d tenant f<>r 1 klon* term, rent very moderate. Address Rax So. 3 7, Star Office. ja7-?t* [JEORGETOWX ADVER'MTS iyyOBTH KMOW1HG."" - I It ia worth knowing that tbe greatest Bargains b ire to bs bad at 3 MILLBB'S CHEAP DBY GOODS BTOBB, a 101 Bridga street, Georgetown. D 0. He liaa just recsivM a large stock of Bleached I Ihlrtlnga and Sbeetine, at lower prlcea than tb-y 1 lave been eold alace the war. Bleach, d Mualms, 5 it 1JS and 16eta.;good yard wide do . eta., and 1 he beat makes at 26 and SO cents. Sheetings ao>l I Mllow Cottons very cheap. Brown Muslins, 12 , 1 md IS cts , yard wide do. ia?nd 20 cts. Merrimack a >nd ether beet makes Calico, 20 eta. Fine All- ai \ool French Merino, fl Winter Dreas Goeda C generally . embracing Peplina, Kmpreaa Olotha, j 'laida Delaines Ac , at coat. Shawls. Blankets, I rlan?iels, Cloths and CaMslmeres, Gloves and ioeiery, at unuauaLII low prices. Call and examine Us stock. d* <1 Sw* BENJAMIN M1LLBB. isOV'B SKATES from 50 cents te So, I L> MEN'B SKATES from 51.10 to SSO. n it tbe Skate Depot. ^ I OULTNEY k TRIMBLE, No. 200 West Baltimore street, deJSJm Baltimore. Md. J I^HE CROCHET OOLLAB~BOOK; MBS I Bayse's Knitted Lace Collar Book; Tbe Eagle I tnlttlug Be?A. Mrs. Caugaln's Hint Shawl and ?| carf Book; Mra Uangaln a Crochet Baby Cap fi look . The Greek and Bonian Lace Book; The An- h alnaisn Knitting and Netting Book; The Winter b ^sitting Book; Mrs. Cosy's Art of Dressmaking. Ii FRANCE TAYLOR. n l>EBSONS FUBNI8HING BOOMS wenblsaTe I I money and trouble by calling at AD AMSON S, * '06 Biuth street, next to Pennaalvaula avenae, a tho can fnrniih them with ready-made Sheets, b 'lllow Cases, feather and Hair Pillow#, Bolsters. r led fepreada. Blankets. Mattresses, Window 1 hades. v>i| Clothe Carpet, Stair Crash, Towel- P tig. Table Linen. Ac. de 14 dl9t L^OB BALE OB BENT-A flue tone PI aNO. o \ I modern style, with stool aud cover, in?-*m_ I ood order. Can be seen at BOSWELL'SIIESBeS ' "ancy Store, 30*2 E street, near 14th. 'Mill a oc 26-tf u II BS A. G. GABTON. \ U FHKNCH lilLLIHERY, I BOOMS AT 4 4b EIGHTH BTBEET, * la* near Pennsylvaala avenue n pAB MLFF^FOB eKATEBS 6 An mdlepetisst le article for all who areexp>4td I 0 the cold. For sale by NOAH WALKEB A CO. B ja 4 Ctif S6?? Peno avenue. J kLD STO\ ES TAKEN IN EXCHANGE ^ 8 * for new ones. STOVES. GBATEB, In great variety, atjhwV I d3 4S street, near the Brldtre. deZ7 1m* QC I 1 OSEPH SH AFFIELD'S FBENCH CONFEU a ' TIONEBY . *24b Pena ave., bet 12th and lith | t" . lat. Jewell'a,have again received a fine an 1 a arge lot ol Havana Oranges, Malaga Grapea. an 1 n rieccL CAndlea. ja 4 it* 4 ~XOR SALE AND RENT. POK BEMT-A threa-atorF FEAHE HOUSE, 11 r ?tr?rt CMr 7th itmt rsjilrt ?f D rrilL. Burr* Dealer. Mo. 4 31 7th at ja U K* rO LIT HOVm SOlTt Hre*t~b?t we* a Mb aad 10th ata ; immediate poaaeaatoa, containMi"? Aiplir it & koaio. it* l^ob mmmt^a FtRwisMMo ftovat of tea r roams. fo.tTtBitrwt, rear ( M. UUrM loWtT n w pCBMBBMb fcOOM.?A d*lr?h??rV*ll far I Biab*d Fbont BOOM to real; g*a ud fur iaaa. looalra 194 I atreet, Imivni Ittb ud sih jaii nL"?OM Ult-A FOMMtSHED HOOsi, con l UliUi ill room*. within obs block ?f the Art, H? 1*"9 ud atra?i. between U and I atreet* I;? advance jell at* L^OBBEMT-A twustary BBfCK,~Iee I "** . on ! itrwi, b?t???D lit ?gI N?w ?"?ai. For fitticnltn lnqaire of M.r. JCBBS, next door. jiii st? F^OBBIhT-A tw. etory BB10K HOC BE .one taialBg ? room*. the Maw St ate Oa i^aantaaBatreet. Apply to P. JOUTEMAL. lt?t> 14th atraet, hat. BmJ T at*. ja 11 St* PO* 8AL?-Tfce STOCK .LIOBMSM, sal fTxI TUBES of a Grocery and LI j?or t?tora, % rar? haac* for an enterprtatng man sHtb small capital Mcatbeaold. Inquire at STAB OFFICE. ;a 11 at* L"0B BEBT-One in all FBAMB H0USB.~7 I room*, ho 1 "3 4th atreet weat. between L m<l Maw Yoik ??*n?a Ooot Nraliif. lain ire 134 B atraat, Betareen IKli and lith streets weat. ja iv 3t* OB SALE-Tb?LBAdfc,STOCK..GOODWILL and > 1XTURBS of oae of Iha bm< popular Stgar and Parl?dlc?l Standi in a first class hotel B this ci?> ; tbc rant more rraacc?! l? than than) aotfl. The raasoa for aelling w ill ba ex plaiaed )B an Interview with parties alahiBf to ?archaa? kddree*. for ona week. to tkla ortioe ja 11 St JOHN JONES. (j,OB II>T-On7th atreet. a t?u atorr KK\MK r hook With ma. Apply to bkbnaED d AYES, corner ?th aud H at* ta 10 3t* r tFrioi rok RKNT-^TWo large trent B'JOMS i " in second etory (>ar of tne leit I >cttton* un th atreet Addna* Box 712 I o-t Offic- ji i?? it* K^OH BENT-A large R RICK iToUSETawotafnlng IS ruvBi and callar , with gaa an 1 ? a er. situated at tha corner of 7th atraat and Pa itennneast opaealte Wallach School House In lulreol I1ENBY KOTTMAMN.ftdJ lltbetrnet aat. ja j^Sw* h*OB RKNT Ih QEOBQF.TOWN?\ neatnew FBAM B HOUSE of live rootra . Mo 4 4 I'ui. >arton afreet, Dear Crwn. Gas through ut Mid rater in >ard. Rant low A ver. desirable louse icr email family. Inquire opp,aite, at No. >J. ja lO tt*_ h'OB BA LB?A Irame DWbi.L1MO HuU.hB, containing hix room* and kitchen, in fin* re?air. marine $ is (tr m mh reat, ait iatad on H tr??t batwacn Id aud 3d atreeta ea*t.n<*ar thi arernment Prtntins <?ffica. Cha*p for c*>h kppl* to Mra. H ANBAHAN, L atreat, near lat treat. ja to 3t* L'OB KENT- A commodi n- It B HOUSE in the I rear of 7 br* 30 street aaat, between M ?tra t oath aud Baataru Branch Apply un t!.a preml< n, or of J L tiATCHBLL. No il-J Nov Jer ey avenue Alao for rent, a RT'tBB and IW'FL.IN(i. coraer of Maryland and lltli atr?at, iHBd. m-itti an additional private Dwal1in? good repair For fnrtfier Inform-itl.-n all on L W OONNKB Lumber Yard, corner of 2th and B atreat*. Island, or of J L OATCH ILL. 31Haw Jersey ar jalUSt* i/OB SALB?The STOCK a7d_F I \ TUBB.-< of a I htore on 7th atreet, near Penn'a itraB'ia; a :0"d old l asiBa-astand. Address 0., PostOtlio*, Va?!ilD(tOB, h. 0. ja 'Si* rO LBT- BABBBT aad FIXTUBBS BTuBB and DHKLL1M0. dolfcg tt >od ba<iD-ra in Sew Jersey. Boat 5J00. Addraaa BAR CRY, itar Office. ja?? st* IkWBLLINO H018B FOB BBNT-Sitaated in I" Georgetown . contain* 9 r^oms. gia and wa ar. Location healthy. For terms Ac . apply at ins office. ja9 3t* L^OB BENT?A two atory HBI< K OOBB.aa I L liet?wu and 6th. Island In;uir? of IOHN FBQAN. corner oth and O atraets souta, l?nd. ja 9 6f L'OB BBNT?BB1CK HOUSE ait rooms, with I ipas. water, larxe yard. w.?.?d ?he !. Ac . on h treet. Latweeu IstL and I'.'tL ats . lai ward . G10. A LANK. 1T4 K street. near isth. Ep()B BBNT?Tha Efaidcnm of Admiral P*hl1 .*1 nL' corn*r l?th L stiee'a, elegantly rurnshed throughout. 15 rooma. warm and col I w ttrr n sleeping apartments, dressing rooms, closets, kc.; heated b> farrace Pai lors. Library. Tining ioom. and study all communicating, with folding lO' rg, tnakl' g tha hou*e very lealrahle for racepions. Ac Oronn la varj large, ovar 30 flO s mare aet. fruit, flowers. Ac Fine Brick Btable for onr hones anlthrae earriage* Apply to KIL SOUBN A LATTA, B? ai B?ta:a Brukera. cornar tb and Fata. (Int?l| jai .tt FOB BRNT-A Brat cla<a bTABLB aud ICE HOUSE, in aame yard. Apply at l?i 1 st , Htween 2uthand Jlst. ja 8 lw* FOB BENT?A large unfurnished front PABLOB and CH A M6BB ad oining. aecoad floor luitatle for hooaeke?plng Inquire at Hi t north L itreat. batweeo 4th and Stb. jai St* pOB BBNT?Threa FI.BNlSHEL) BODMs In I a pleasantly situated bouse, where there are no boardara or chil iren One Mock from a pit i,l. half block frota cars Plaa?e call aton-e it 3'i4 north B atreat, between Delaware ave ind lat at jai-?t* L> OOH8 FUBNT8HED AMD CHFCBXISHED^H On reasooabla tt ru.s at Xi J O atraet. Oall rfter 4 pni, or before J am. ja7Ct* ROOMS FOB BENT?Two Una BOOMS f~i rant, in a private famil>. In Oaorget iwu. for uflhed or oonirfiiihed. rurtoer arr?Qf^m*Dt4 nay hemadaIf tfaairad. Beferecces rejnira.l Ad Ireaa F. 0.. Star Office ja7-eoSt* VOTICB? FOh~R~h XT OK 1.BASB-Tb* wel. LI kaown FISHER* on the Potaaac river, thla I ide of Fort \V aahlngton on the Maryland stle 1<i aiiea by water and 13 by la>d Apply to H S IOHNBON. Mo. 373 P?nn avenna. between tl, I ind 6th ata . opposite National Hotel ja7-di?n* LM BNI8HKD HOUSES FOB KENT?One of ! > I rooma, near Ulty Hall, at fito per month Alao. one of 10 rooma, near tba Oapltol, at 8li> er north. w One of 12 ro<~ms. near the President'a Hooae.for 1'Mi per month. Oae oa inth atreet of 7 rooma.for ? 50 per m nth D. L. WELLS A CO., Beal Eat ate Broknra. ja . 6t northwest corner 10th and F. NO. 3S9, N W. OORNBB OF lMfH i^lfatT. A Fl'BNlsH ED HOI SE FOB BEMT. jai * LX)R SALE? Oa payment of a small- amount of r CASH ^-Several twojstory FBAME HOUSES ituated In diflerent parA ?i the eity. STABB A CO , 4SCS 7lh atraet, ja5 ?t* between DAK. I L"*OB SALE OS BEMT?The Tine and largr RESIDENCE Bo. t>3,corner 2itn ani K. st* . ritb 13 rooma, walar and gas, furnished or nnoraisbed : and fine garden attached to it. In iuire at 446 i'a. ava., bet. 12th and 13th ats ja 6 at* JOS. H pHaKFIELD L^OB BENT-A MEW HOUSE, ju-t Onished. L with tea room*, uood aiid coil cflltr, khs aad 'atar. Bant moderate. Ia tba Flrat Ward, ? , Pth atreet, between land K ata. Inquire at the >rjijL?rF s*t?r?j at the corner. Alao. three or f Br tOuMS in the corner bouae.over the store, euitble tor honaekeeping, wltn gaa and water. 1 ja5 6t* I L^OB SALE-A OOUNTBY SEAT AND^TB i DEM FA BM, w ithin one mile of the city. Tina iroperty will be aold low and on ea*y terms, or xchanged for dt) property. Alao, from Twenty 0 Sixty Acres adjoining tha above. Alao. Carina lid Country Seat? In Mary laud and Viribla. Apply to V.D STOCKBBIPUB. Beal Estate A<eut, Northeast corner 7th and F etreets, ja 5 1m* Washington. D h'OB BBNT?A three story aud haaement Br>ck DVtkLLlMO HOUSE, br. wn front, water nd gas, ten room*; altnated on lS'.b street west ietween L street n rth and M *sj aaanae. No. !t>9 Inquire at No 2V1 l4tb atreet, between 8 nd 10 a. im. and i and S p m. ja 2 tf L'OB BENT-Tha Tate BES1UEMCE of H O. 1 Fant 4'2M D atraet. contaiaini; 17 rootus. w|ih ill the modern Improvements. Apply toCLlF:OM MBLLBN. W7 4 F ar no30 tf_ L'OB BENT?Large aud amail furnlsbed and un r furnished HOUSES and APABTMENTS anltble icr h useke plng Al*', For Sale, several mall HOUSES.ob ensy terms Inquire ST\BR A IP.. 7th atreet. Boom 13. cc IS 3fB * l^OB BEMT?COTTAtiE ontainlug eight rooma, L on I -treet, between 2d and 3i. roa^ession mniedlately ULAGKTT A RE8IV. Beat Estate Age'.ta, jal-10t No 4 Market Space IkBUG STOBB FOB BALM -A DRUG STORE LP of 2" > ears atandlnc, with fixtures complete e? stock. corner atore. F?o<i location, and best of eanona for aelllng. Tenia easy. Inquire of TARB A CO., 4*?)t 7th street, Bo^m No. 11. de 26'3w* i L/OB BENT Tw > Fnrntahed ROOMS,"at Mo \ L 4b7 |jth atraet between E and F ats de 14 tf , [pOB BENT?The FABM , for the laat three yeara r the rraidanreof Major The?phllu* Oalnes. c n latin* of IM acres, lying near Fort Mshau. 1 mlie roin Bei ning s Bridge. Improvements, dwelling t'Use of 11 r.K>ms, stone stable. a<-rvani a hoiicos, am. Ac Address "E S ," 437 E street, Wa*b ngton, D C.. or call Ib person, betweeu3 and 7 p I. oc 16 tf yOB BENT?The PBOPBBT\ known aa The : l ConiUiereial building " located on La ave., i ( dioinlng the Central Ouardbouae The building aa a front ol about fio leet. and a depth of 170 f-et, uuniag through from the avenne t > Oaoal at. 4 tbaa lately l-een vacated by the National Ex ress Company. I Fer terms apply to WM. H. PHILIP 40 La. To . near 6th st. no 3t notf yt)B BENT?Tw- large and aommodious BOOMS * l (one a frent room) on aeoond II ?<r, comnmuiating, haadaomely furnished aud pleasantly sit aied, at N i>. ~3 Penn'a avenue, between ilst and < M street*. dell eotf , > ARE CHANCE?For immediate sa!< . one of ] 1 the best located small corner store jBOCE 11ES in the rffy Stock and Fixtures new Ap- ' !y Immediately, by leUer, to A. B.C..City P<>?t ' 'nice. no36 tf [.' OB BENT-The STOBBBOOM corner of Pa r a?anue and 11th atreet weat, in the Star O tica tulldlng, formerl) ocenpiwd by W. O. Metr. r. tt ( s a musi" store, aad recently a* the office of the lational Expreaa office Apply to CB RABER, tar Office. deJO-tf ' ^OR BFNT?Two large aad one amall rummuni- ? l CMting ROOMS, uulurnlsb^l. ae ond floor No 34 Penn av , bet IV:h and Altb ata. au ft tf L^OB BENT~Tha STORB No ~iil D atreet. I r Bear llth. It frouta 1 mm?llately on P?nna ventu and laoneof the largeat and moat couve- f tently altnated atora rooma In Waahlngton rlty i lP9I| ao C. li. BAKEB. at the Star Olfiae. jeVJ tf < AUCTION SALES. ?a/tartApfci thja artku-soaa aito to -mo b u g w\ B.o.?n A VliLUU, UttliMWi tA*?f 4 0? OLD LUMBAR at tha e?ru~r *f .m Mid If vta ?onh. I PaMtc tictiN Oa FEluAY.tfca llth laatae ?a dark p m . We hall Mil OB the by (tr4*r of l.*ir H a Or?haa*' Opart, of tb* Nmrl tor Ct?<*mt.i*,t~ longing to th-prraoaai artectaolth. uu B. Mor '^Vrawcaff' Bf ?rt?r oftla Ai1aialitr?trtt. yaS-A tiBSBM t WltLIiMt A art* 61 I I WALhH A CO , A?ctu>L*?r* Ho i?l Pa. aw , fonr?r lath itrNt ETBN1BO ACjTION BALIS On TH If KVIA HO. ?# aiU ?*W, at o?r Aac tioa Boom*. <o?m*i>'lag at T a aloe k .an eatir* toek of Woai'B Ooctill, Cto^l. and raurj Dry Goods cempriaing a larg? a**crtment, auitad to city trade 4i.??i 2fl* Piece* Clot Wing. each aa Ftaa Hftfj B?>rrr ao4 Ptlat Overcoat* ^a<^^. Pre.*, ard Bumnea- ( oa<? Panra. Tf?t*. Ub'erahirta and Prawera Tcfttbtrvltha tfotrtl tarlftr ot otk*r Ooadi, which will be peremptorily aold for rut. to cloM oor viator *toek ;a7 M M K WALSH A CO.. AacU Btw . B LEWIS A CO., Auctioneer* riNB GOLP ANP SILVKR WAT6IHB3. JEW AT Al'CTIOfc. THIS I\BNllfO at 7 o'elock atStowKo 3-*4 PenneyIvania a**uae, ntiCar HaUtial U ul. >alall **11. a lar?r ?t?k ol tu* Watchea, Jewelry and Fancy t?o<<i* ja? St W B LEWIS A CO . Ani* W B LEWIS A CO , Aa?tl ineer* SUPEBIOR CLOTHING AT AUCTION THIS EVENING, aid (fur; Mining ?hia wetk. at Btora Mo. J?# I'tDDirlttiu av? . we ahitll eell ail trie atock of anpfnor Clot .ids and Furn(*hinrOoo-1?, enil,rar>nk rood* o' "eery dwcrlpilon tor mer. and l.oy*' arar ja P-S? W. B. LBWIB A CO.. AaMa. BY W. L Valla OO . Aictluaarrf. Original Horae and Carriage l.aaaar, V?*? Loaiaiana arcrnr ALE Or H0R8BS. cTkRlAGES, H A HN ESg t?n SATURDAY MOBli IN?. Ja* H.atMaMV we will N-II. M the bi ur * Dumber ot . < arrf ***> *n<1 Hnk t!#r?e?. (mfa!I d*?cr1pti ^>l et ele,? compri-lnir ont ? FIFTY HORSR9 Mar?> food Work. teddle end Hemee# U iri^ _ Al?<>, A Ujf# CAilectio? of N*ir *o4 Hwood fetod Bur fvhlcli Jk,,a> a, Carriage* , Wagoua, aad otber Two new Jmtjr Llnd Wagon*, built la thia city. "?KHi and Hamas*. ? _ Atao. Pew and Second hand Harneae. Saddle*,fcania?Mi Ac., at private aala. Bagdlar aalea data, Taa*da>a. Tnaradaya. and Patorday*. Carribgea and Harna^a al?ay* on priaara aala ja9 w_l wall a oo a act* BY J T C0LDWELL A CO . Aui tioneera au 1 Oararal Aceat*. No t??!, OtteBth On 8ATDBDAT. Jamary 12, at It o' lock ra . will !> aol i at am-tian. on tna rra?"??a?. No ?14 K atreat aonth. opp >alte fiavy ) ard M <rkM, a Cr?ai? Bona*. coutamlaa foar r<>o?i*. kit?tiea, Ac , aud lot frontl16 feet 3 in< hea on h atreat, and |.; tea' on >irgmfa aTanna, coutai^in? about f^urt ?* lundred and alx ?,nn? t??t Tarnia One half caah; b?laa<*e la els nnd tv lra tnonJl c a?rure<l l>> a da*d of trw?t. All roav?r anclrg and atampa at axpvta* of purr.iiaa?r ?su doaa ?beii tba aronwty |? kfiockad oft ja 9 St* J T OOLDU ELL A CO , AurU BY W I WAI.L I ( it . Aartioneera Ortglaal Horae and Carriage Hftiaar. H* La. a*., between Mb aud 10tb eta On SATURDAY MOilTlHC.. Jaaaarv IS. Iv.7. at li?H ?''cl>jck. 1 will eali, at W ale A Co a Ha/a?r, one New Top Vagot.. made to order for John Freeman, ir . who, having tailel to eali for It, ?ill be told for bia arrouat. C MVKK ja9 W. L. WALL A CO , Aacta BY NAULE A CO.. Auiti< u?era. 2W Peaneylvaaia avenue. Oa 8ATTRPAT, Janaarr 12th. At i0o>|Ork at our Salesroom. to clo?e coaaiKnment. a Urge'lot lUooma, Wblapa, Clotbea pins Pa-keta. Biaiktnc Paielna. t*picea, Clgart, Tol ao> o witiea ana Llquora Ac tt.wi, to do-en Park Gaantleta 75 dozen Sn-aer d-r? Pry Oood- Hoatery and Woolen tale witbeat reaarve. Termaca?b J1 NAGLE a CO ,Aacta B1 M ^ ?!AL?8H * Ancuoo^erho. a*i renna. ave .corner itnti atraat Fc?BiTr?? irriori bett < ottagt Farnitare. ronalating Brda'ead. ureea B>,rean TolletTable, Batlaaed Wa*l.atand 'our CI.aire and Ko klLg Cbair Feaiber Pada. I'l l >?? and Bolatera Comfort*. Oullta and 8he tLot Tabla LId*b. To?ala Ac Badateada, Pnreaua, Mattre?ae* W ard rot a. Oane and Woad Beat Cbaira Cook Stovea. Parlor Itaret La'ge lot Crookary Terma caab. H UK WALSH A Oa , Aa-ta |JY J Ala O HcOCIEE_AOO . Aactlaaaara. ""01 "KliW# MP"Tu? W a will aall. la front of oar Aactl n B >ama an TBMOBEOW Safari, BOBB1HO J.7aa?" 12th. at l? o clock a. ? . a goou aaaortm?ot ?r H? uaehold t 0?k Mai Mm to|> Si'lebo?rd Walaatcaae w beelar A Wilaea Machine, iBaarly B**w) Walant -nJ other P*det*a?a L'o Bnreana and Waahatand F?aihar P^da. Bolatara and Pillowa Hair and Hn?k Mattr?>aea Oomforta Marble top Tabiae. Engravlnga Praa-ela and Throe ply ''ar |*ta Cane and W od t*eat Cbaira Lat Fioer Oilcloth Thr?e Fran? b Plata Mirror* Lot Cr?<kery and Olaaaware Cookiag. Parlor, and Chamber StOT*a T?oOak top Par Coaatera, Together with the nana! aaacrtment af B caa bold aud Kitchen PorBitura. Tarma caah. It _____ J. C McOPlRE A CQ . AacU |{Y GBEEB A WILLIAMS, AactloBeera. TWOSTOBY FRAME HOUSE ASP LOT. mlth a tiaa Store K<om, having Bo? W1n<l>w troBtlmt on llth atreet ea*t. near Mar: land ave vn the Ialand at Puollc Auction. a On THUkbDAY. tba lTtb tuataat at ? <Tclock p m., ae ahall aell, on the | remlsea. >art Lot N< J. maijaare N>> 35.V havlua' 16 feet front by Mteet IU>i inchea <*eep. with a ^ood D?ellii>r Hon#, and Bt-re all In lotnpl't* order A tna chance f?r a profitable iavoatment. Term* Oa?* quarter caah. balance In aix. twelve, tightten, and twent, foar tnactha.for a<*U>? bear iniz lnt'-reat, and aecured b> a deed of truP-. on tnpreti.iaea All con ve> Bcciag and reveuca at am pa at the ?oat of the porchaa?w ;a 11 d GBEKX A WILLIAMS. Aorta gY OREEN A W1LLJAMS, AaeUoaeara T?ll>TEK'8 gALB OY HOUSE AMD LOT FBOBTING i>H &0UTH G aTRv IT Ht TWIEM l-'TH AND 1.1TH BT RS AT.- KAsT. AT I'BRLIC AU< 1 ION '' OuTHL RtiPAY. 31-tiuat . at 12 o clock m .1 shall sell, on the prami?ea. t y virtu* of ad-od of trH*t, dated the lJth off>ept?ial<ar, A P. I- r<, and inly recaraad in Liber R M H folio* ltj. i:i ?ua 1*2, in on* of the Land Btrcrda ?f Waahington roun' tb* I'latri.t of Colsmhla. haviag ?>? raet fr*Bt |.? lSu f>-*t deep, to tb*-place of beiinDing, with the impravem< nt?. conauting ofa two tory Frame Roue*. Term* Ca*b All conveyancing and raven11* 't*mp- at the coat of the pnrchaaer f.%0d>?n on th< day of eale. and If the trrma are'oct c m pliad with within five day after tb- day of eale, the truatee reaerve* the riirht to r~ae|| the pre* sea at the rl?k and eost of th? defaulting pur :haaer by alvertiaing three time- in aome newa pai er pnLliahad in Waahlnrton rltv K HURT ? LAbK Tru.te^ jail eo GBIKN WILLIBMS, Aim By lownman a maurupkr Real Latate Broker* W L WALL A OO , Auctioneer* OnSATl RPAY, January mh. at * o't'ock p ii . we will oder at public auction that row t 'ight ru ail Fraiif H ou?ea. aituated c>u K etr -et. I f tweei. 24th and 25th atreet- west Theax hou*"* an ren a'ia for two ) ear*, subject to a ground r-*t >f one lollar per month or t?e re:n..*ed at the a ill of t be pur ha*er Terma at *?le. Ininiediately after will t?e a-.Id, in tb- nnnie4 *te Del^ht>orhoo<l Lot ?. ?jnire lot 13. a,<iaie 31. ?:id lota b and 6. in *<iuare 2~ POWNMAN A MAGRCPRR ,a 8 d Bail k?ta* Hr k?r? ^'O PARTNERS 11 IP I tiave thl* day taaociated with B>e la th* <lro ;ery Hli?ine?? III) (Tetter. JAi> H.GCLICK an I Ibe bu*in?>a will hereafter l>e cauducteJ b? th* Irni ot Gl'LlCK A BRuTHEk All person* having unaettied a<-roants are re jntKtwl to a?-ttle the saDia. ai new book" will be opened from thin date O F OL'LIOE Wa-hingti n. D. C.. Jaanary 1.147 We. the uadaraikTBi-d. fe?-| c ardent that,?ith jar experience ana the facilitie* at our command. ae can fuinl*h to parchasera both wb-'lesale aud retail,aa lars-e and well a?*orted stock ot Orocerle*. reaa, 1Aiu?-?. Llgnors. Ciaata. Ac , as th- niark-t ?f rd? and at the 'uoat rt'aeouaole atea G . -ds h usbt of u* delivt r?A ' ree ot charge to aur p irt of be city. OP LICE A BRO , Corner of New .'araey avenu* aud B -1 et-1 a <uth. ia 1-IOt ^OLDEN SOU PPERNONO WINE. (Native t Rich, fruity flavor, with delicate hoqnet Proluce af the BCUPPEENONO OKAl E, jf Nortk Carolina Z M P. EINQ A SON de 29 tf h ' n? Place I * SE NOTH1KO PUT TH E B?-T I THOMAS' PIStt f K K K TAR TRO<"li ??*, orCoughs roll* an<t Thrust P1a?a?ea special Atent, KIPWKuL A SON, and aald t>* alV IrtigLl-t*. ja a-'It*