Newspaper of Evening Star, January 12, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 12, 1867 Page 1
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fflmm ^ar< _ . . * _ - - - . i V? XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C., SATURDAY. JANUARY 12. 1867. N?. 4,321. THE EVENING STAR FLCLISHED DULY,(SUNDAY SXCWIZD) at the star building, *' .corner r<nn'a- a:enue and uu street BY W. P. WALLACH. the star ie mrr?d by tae carriers to their .r.bsoritere la tbe City &n'd District ?t t*i* ( kktp r? niu. Ocplee at the ioontsr,wUii tr without wrappers. Two C**tb each. prici vft* mailibo?Three months, 'One PU'.ar and F\fty Ccafl; six months, Tkret Dotwir?f* one tear, Firt Jfollart. no piper# are tut from the off.ce longer than paid for. the weekly i>tar?published on Friday tr.orn ing? One Dollar and "" PERSONAL. 4 ' kntli MtS who ah* affliofld.-a i* '?rv warranted by en old Surgeon of tw*ntyihr?? year?' nkrwdt?ib ,hi n m^not et tbe pro'ewien. Charge* aptly to but to j b. gabpiieb, m.u., (ateolike Fulled Bicord Venereal Hor r it.i offi.e Bo. *il eouth a street, opposite the tesitol i\aece. south ilil?. n b - Bedtcinee aleo farni*hed at ceet. de i7 lm* Mbs ccbtis irving, CUirroyant, and Ttfl will give i'te i mt, Preeeut and Future et her ?Oca. 440 . north , r ir rf iv-iti a avenue, betaeen enJ #th *treets. office bomrs from 9 to ? a m end 6 to 9 p. m. a> ?? "nil* 4 t tht HaW ohbap sraMPirj? auoxs a. yth meet, uepeme Patent 0?ca. ledtee an ' t at our reduced price*, on the very beet W %tr AIDtti? Itwbi gown Yokee. ready stamped ..40 <*ts. cir aii?e Yoke#, - Bauds " ' Wot*. b ther for erei lor embroidery, ear patterns ere of tbe v?-ry .ai'-'t design*, mImwI with cere in n ? y rk. and being In receipt at them weeRly, e are able daily tolxaue new patterne a* veil #6 make a >d stamp eey pattern i-ro eight ue. 1. o. u. working Cotton et reduced pnaae. de 19 tf John d clark.attobnby a9d counsellor at law amd rotary public, no iui 12tb etree^weet. de 14 ly Dr. j am Kg t kol'so k?< removed bis office from su. 4 73 luth itre^t, to li?e residence, no -t - new York *te.,#eur doers eact ol 14th street All order* left at tbe Drag Store < f nairn a bko .corner 9th et ?*'. Pa are., during the day. will be promptly attended to. de 16 lm* t bank m htbingkirld, constable and colleotor. Collect* Rente, Debts and Claims ef all kinds. b?*inee? plac ed to bi* hands receives prompt attention. References r?*en if required. o&ce all sib strt**. abore pe. arenne; residence 401 l street, between 9th acd 10th. n j.?Orders by mail promptly attended to. ?e u lm' ft aoirs it Is a< know lkdobd that 1 i tbe new stamwso dbi'ot, on 9th street, 4.t*. has the be?t ??leclion of Pattern# '*?er offered ht-re. an i the proprietor ties reduced the prite l?> < >n e u alf tbat h?!? be?-n charged horetefore. Brink a practical Stamper. n>> tear u<>??d tr ba.1 ot g?ttlng el at will sntt yon. Go set* him h* will make and wtame an y pa'teru de 15 tf t'onridbntial? Young men ?'b" hare in/ jured tbemaelvee oy certain secret habits, which ujflt th- ir for business, pleasure, or the dntiea of narrled life. also, middle aged and old men. who. from the folliee of yontb. or other Canoea. fe?-l a debility iu advance of their year#, before placU g t4:eaiselvea under tbe treatment of ftoy one, should ftrtt r^ad "The 6?cret Friend. Married ladies will learn something of importance by perming "The 'Secret Friend, 'i 6ent to any addrens, in a sfaked envelope en re-^rtpt of is cents. Addrtns Dr. crab. a btuabt a oo.. Bo*ott, Maes __ no "!? Bk1dal~a?d fitmbbvl wbbath8. bo gl ets. cb098bs. anuhobb. stabs. Ac , ?re?erve<l in natural form ^ AX baib flowbbs. and bbaibino. b) Mrs fries late of boston Hu removed to Mo. 4il9 11th stree?, between o and h. oc > *ni t ad1b8 wbo absdkbiroosof a skilli j fu! atxl accomplisl.ed Physician, should conrait Pr htsbt morton. 16?? e*st Fay-tt? trreet, Baltimore, md. Pr Morton's services may leiensmieo in Washington or ai.y other city, by addres<in?as above. oc 13 3m" Jambs (ic 1ld, /)?<*.' rr ia Ntw md Serond kn*4 Fttmtimrt. Old Furniture Bepaired. Renp bolstered and Varnlehed. 12th and Bsta., (near u>e sanal.) Rlghaet price paid for Second baud Fnrnltnre selly* 'bkkmiah* blac* war'' h. i.amos. c.p.BLACg. law ohf1ce. black, lamon a oo.. Counsellors and Attorneys at Law In the Bnareme Court of the Cnited States, the Coart of Olaims, tbe Ccurta of tbe Pistrlet. the Executive Departrents, and Committee# of Congress, Office. 4**? lath street, (directly eppoeite wlllards b -tel > de 18-tf " UENT1STUY. D~b l1w1f 8 i'ental association, No. 5l?>0 ck.nn'a ave , b- tw. en lltb aad 1 ;tti streets. Teeth extracted withont pain by admlnstering Nitr us Oxyda -r Laughing tias. LkWIEbas recently purchased the best^b&s < te- ical Apparatn- in the country for^-*'1" reaklng nnre gas ever^ day ; also, ati In.proved Valvr. ar Inhaler The Association is now prepared to mat* loeth on Gold, Silver and Rubber at New lnrk Philadelphia and Boxton prices. All perei/ns witbing dental workdone can have itas< heap as In tbe above-name<1 cities. All work done in the n? ateat and beat manner, aad warranted to give ratisfactioa Persons will do well t? call aa<l examine our work. de J4 tl T * " * M ltjomib.m.d.. the Inventor and Patentee of tae mh1bal plate teste, attends pertonally his olhce In this city. Many persons can wear three teeth who caanot wear others, ? aad no person can wear others who eanaot wear hmm. Persona calling at my office ean be accommodated wltA any style aad price of Teeth they may desire, bnt to theaa who are particular, and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest and moat perfect den ture that art ean procure, the misi&al tbbtfl wl'l be more fully warranted. Booms in this city?No 3s? Fenn'a a venae, between 9th and 1mb eta Alto, boy Arch street, Philadelphia. ocjtMv | CLOTHING, Ac. Fj. blibbbmh. Baeceesorte h ?. Lefdoa aco.._te CIT1ZESS AND MILITARY _ HPKCHAST TAILOR, Wh Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown'a. ma 3?b Pea?yl?*nla awmina, my 1-tf Waahinrton. d. o. Reduction of pbices, eduction of fbicbs, DUCTloM OF pbickb. bbugtlon of pbi0b8, bad i ut ion of pbi< e8 BfDCCTlON of prices. Ob ard after this date 1 will enpply to mycus tt mers, and to all other dealer* who may far jr u.e with their orders. masset, ht8ton a co '8 masmvy, hilton a < 0. 8 ma88ey. huston a co."8 i Late Maeeey, Collina a Co "*' philadelphia dkai'ght avd 8t<h'k ale philadelphia dbtdght avd stock ale philadelphia draught asd 8to- k. alb at philadblrhia pbicb8. at thilapelphia prd bs, at philadblphia prices viz : pr' t'ght ob x alb at 911 per brl. dlalght ob x ale at 911 pkr bbl. sto< k ob xx alb at $13 feb bbl. stock ob xx alb at 413 feb bbl. q<>ods delivered la all parte of Washington aad Gcorgeiowa /k? of chargr tebm8cash. All orders promptly attended to. bllby a. sh1nn. _ Philadelphia Ale Agent, Corner of Greene nod Olive etreets. * ' Georgetown, d. q. eotbotbd b y* BoraLb,lbttbbs fat *ll . < *aglaBd, aad aecored by the aeala of tbe ?*<*- de Pharmwtle de Pari*, aad the Imperial Callage of Medldaa, Vlaaaa. Trieeemar Mo. l. Is the eflectual remedy for be laxation. BparmathorrBoea, and Exhaustion of ae System. Tnesemar Ho. i has entirely saper 5^,*d the neaseoae uaa of Copavia, CnbeUi. Ac. Trieaeaiar No g lathe Infallible remedy Tor all ** Secondary Spmptotue. tha?obvifsp fisr aad all other deleterious " ach preparation le in tbe form of a moet agree '' cared frem the effecte of ctly.t*1. of atmoephere. la tla caaee, at *a?h_ er four 9s oaeee la oae for 99, aad la $h JSSXnSXSX'JZf' saaaow.s.,i.? te he had also of s. o/foan. mo 9s0 Pean v Beeane.eornar Uthat. *v*u' piiodbi f b b d l ~ a fall aaeortmeat of all grade. ?ho|ee rieur lor Bakers, quality Bo 1, price low Are the only direct receivers (or BoUea Hill, J. h. Gam brill < aot Patapeco) and l lag an or Family Floaraln the di*trl?t. as the latter braud Baa been ex te naively counterfeited aad eeld la thie nty. we would Inform those wtelling thisfloarbr arrangoment with the mi Here we furnieh It lower thah It can Be obtelaed from any ather eoarce. Viuallty secead to none. Price a fraction lees thaa other first class Family Floor. Buckwheat at lew ratee Ail ratee of Weetara Flour n store aad for sale lew by w m galt a oo., Iadlaaa eveaaeand let street, no lg near Depot. Apiabos __ ^ la bob Assortment of Btelaway 9 Boas' Pianos have just heoa received. Piano Stools aad Oovere For sale at bc lflh ie?y pruee at the wereroome of 4sr w. g mbtzbbott a oo opobto poet. ^ _ iuTears of the Baoro, ?) b,m. ,.^.?l..z m , kih)> . i (eat King Place. i 'old pbbs?a flneaasertment of Gold Peas, Pep ii Cases. Ac . for sale at manafactatwr'a "tee |d. uj fbabck taylob HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, *0. C a a p . willabd8 hotel, i Washington, December 1. 18*. J Banators, B*presentativaa, and other*, raiding to Washington, who o*nn private kyirtncnti, c?? be accommodated wita their MEALS at this B?tel at the rate of # 1> Mi per week de 4 2m BY EES. chadwiok A co. J^IBKWOOD BOOBS, Corntr Pinna, artnmt *n i 1\r'l/ik Wakintton, D. C. iLml Bleated In the Boat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PBEBIDBNTIAL MANSION, Only a short distance from all tfee Departments, Patent and Poet Offices, Smithsonian Institute, ate. H. H. DUDLEY A CO., no il-tf Proprietor*. i^bknch and GKBMAN HOTEL ANU bcsr Ta( bant, U'Ji Pa aro . oppo?iteA. . a Wlllsr.t sho?*1,CHBI8TMaN A kbhl.frffm# Proprietor* ?On Wednesday next, thu I '?B I estal lisbnent will be opened with a ioticu, at which the proprietor will be happy to meet his man) frietooe The Bar will be constantly sapplied wifh choice Liquors, and the Restaurant with everything that the most epicurean taste cau desire. Boarders by the day, week or month will here rind sr-ellent accomm-Nations at m derate rates Also, nicely furnished rooms can be ob talued either with or wtt'nout board. Call and see. _ ja 1 lm* EMKOH 8 BUTAUBANT, No. 3ftft Penna avenne,near 6th street. P. EMBICH wishes to inform his friends and the public generally that he now keeps cou A-. a Htantly on hand OY8TEBS. fresh every TkIAV day. prepared in every strl* 1!"H ? His W INES and LI<jl"OB8 cannot be su^asHeTT. Call and give him atrial. or 23 tf AVOOPAXI) COAL. O A L 1 C O A L II AT GBKATLY BKDUCED PRICES. Gross tans of 3.240 lb* delivered In any part of thecliy. Cn-Stirut \* hfte> Ash. *7 16, Stove. Eire au.l Fnrnace W bite Ash, <4 30. Bed Anh.tS.74; labish *?. OAK. aid PINE WOOD constantly on hand. Ordert received it oar <?rtice. or At tbe wharf, foot of 7th stre?t. 8 P B BO WN it SON . jaS-tf ?treet, between E and F. COAL COAL!! COAL I!! Having determined to sell a first class article of Woed and Coal as cheap as the cheapest, 1 hope by doing so to gain a liberal share of pnbllc patrona*e. The fcoal price* are as follows: WblTB ASH NOT COAL, by the f n .... ?7 25 BALTIMORE C?. WHITE ASH, En-.' aud Stove sizes 24 Al-l.OTHK K Wt AL1TI ICS f WH its AsH t? 23 LYKKNSVALLKV IT HE KEIl ASH * 7 5 DIAMOND VEIN BED A8H S 7ft GB08S WEH.HT.2J40 LBS TO THE TON Always on hand and constantly receiving the best malities of WOOD of every description, delivered in any pari of the city. E. C. WAUM. jM-lm 7th st., between E and Fsts , Island. (WILL OPEN A PBOYISION STOKE THUR3 DaY, Jan. loth, ?n Wth street, between O and H streets, where I will have on hand everything in th<* proviso line, to 1? sold at the est market prices jaMC*_ WM LINKINB. HEB/BEBQ 8 LOAN OFFICE. Estabtisbe<l 1<?2. Utehegt advances made on WATOHKS DIAMONDS. JEWBI.HY. WEARING APPAKEL., and all kinda of Merchandise.* strictly confidential. 351 North C street, 4)4 and 6th streets. Immediately In rear of th? National HoteL JH? lm* JgBADSTBEET 8 gTPATENT vTEATHKB The best invention of the a^e. Bzclndes m*v. rain, cold air and dust from doors and windows of every description. For sale at Builder e Depot, dbs* 7th street, opposite Centre Market aeJ0 2w H. W HAMILTON A CO. Latest pabis fashions of haib debasing. E AbLlOT, _ ? fKF.XCH HA1H Dfi ESSFK, U 3.T,r s,r/et- between 13th and Uth sts. ii _"J ffcm P?ris, Hair-Dresser, of the celebrated Ba bel. with whom be arrived In this country, baa now been established for tne U*t elpht years in Washington and Newport, en '1 P*'rona*e of th*cvrp.\ riip'otnntfiiw, and of the hUhest society. He ha* the h-nor to anno n nee tbat he ba<t this season imported the latest fashions of hair dre-sing, and al-> pomades, and everything that belongs to the dre.sing of hair at very reason a le prices. ja 7 <m * 53 Louisiana A YEN L'b! J. H. CRANE A CO. Have on hand a large and floe assortment of GOODS, anited to this market, anch an BUTTER CHEESE, EGGS, APPLES. BAISINS. FIGS,' CITBON, NBT8, HAMS, CODFISH, MACK EBEL, HEBBING. SOAPS, CANNED GOODS, Ac. Also. BO Barrels Moore's celebrated CHAM PAGHE CIDER, by barrel or gallou. All the above goods are offered at Mia lowest market price, aud warrante 1 to suit, by J. H. cbane A CO., ja 4 1m 63 La. ave.. between ?th and 7th (JKIil BABGAINS! " tha balaoce of thair FANCY DRB88 GOOI'S at greatly r*lu<?d prices, and ladies m want of haudsome Nilks. *?rl??ea. Poplliw. Plaid?, and. in fact, any kind of Drees Materials, will find oor prices a great indm etueut, aa we wish to close tbem ant this month. _ We aW liave on band an elegant stock of 0H1BT1BGS and SHEETINGS, both LI Jen and Cetfoi.. which we are selling very cheap All gooda marked in plain figures at thelawaat market ratea. , _ W. M. IHU8TBB A BBO., _ja < ' No. 3** Market apace. o nnn potatoes. U ba.'hels MAINB POTATOES, just arrived, and for aale at oor Wharf at the foot of 7tb treat. 8 P BROWN A BON, , . ^ Commission Merchants, ds 14-tf No. 4b3 Ith at., betwaen e aad F. / 1 hocolatb double, vanillb' " ^ DE H. MAILLAIBD. Pnr Cacao et Bucre. Bsempt de tant! melange Z. M. P. KING * BON, ' _ ? Biug Place. Corner > ermont avenne and 1SH atraet. i*?IA OBANGE8 ANn ~~ V w swebt Malaga gbape9, 'rMh KING PitAC'B C BPICBa* Ifl N8.- ^8- CO BRANTS, SPICES Ac . Ac., to snit this particular sea ?V b* 2 M P- ,tI?? ? BON, dr 3l ir Kin^ Place. T?. _ 8T. TIMOTBY-B HALL. ? W1'* inatltntlon will be resatned ?V f i . For terms, Ac., sea catalogue aad circular at the principal bookstores of tali city, ar add rasa the principal. T^PABSONS. Catonvllle, Md. |H> BOOTS and bhobs. a b w Tjr o b b . _Thenn(ler.i1Bed bega leave to informhia Tr^Sa t md, JS. Ktaarally that be haa apanad tha ?JWL VpEAP BTOBB. Bo. IOg 7th street,nnder OAd Fellowa Hall. where ba haa on hanaageuaral aasortmantof Lad tea' aad Gantlameu'a, Boy Miaaaa and Ohildranl BOOTS AND BHOBS. Bamambar tha mnrib?r,&0a 7th street, nnder G^d Fellows Han Tks New Cheap Store, formerly K r. Page's (tore. _da 18 ?1QBGB B WILSON. HPHB CBOCHET COLLAB BOOK: MBS A,SS'SJ5.*!1VsV&.ftSJ RS, fja.iv daicslaa Kclttlnr and Netting Book: The Winter . " .atemae'calling at ADAMSOB 'S, 406 Ninth atraet. next to Pannealvania aranae, who can fnrniah them wtth ready made Sheet* nl!sl0?.Vi!?' rv.,b*^ "na VrPlilowa.Bototar.: Blank a is. Mattreaeea. Window ft at he. Owh?. Stair Crash, Towel lag. Table Llaen. Ac. de u din FOB BALI OB BBET-A Saa tone PIaHo, o fmodarn style, with stool aad M rood order. Can be aaaa at BO SWELL'S IWKl " * ?f * ',#a 1 mm uth. mm BIBS. A. Ok OASTOBj aaar Paaaaylvaala avaaoe J?AB MUFFS FOB BKATBBS. An indlipanaable article"Tor all who are sxpoaed to the cold. For sale by . es4r "64" TAJ'S*1 ja 4-Ctif * * Pann avenue. PHTSIOlAB'S BABD BOOK OF FBAQTIOB for IM7. _ ?e 9 FBANCK TAYLOR. ' SPECIAL NOTICES. ^MAKE-BELIEVE FOhBIGN PEBJUMES ? tbe B?Hutn? bvmn excluded by the enormau* untie??flood the rr?i k-t They are poor iaiita- . itoL? ef extract* which in themselves are tar in- I ferlor in odor. parity, and durabil'ty. ! PHA l.OB S N1CFT *LOO?1lNO rf RBOB,"ma .u factored fr?m the me't Tr ig rant fio??er ??*er us~d fcr perfuming puriosva gnid everywhere. jail NFUKALGA AND ALL PAINS in the Hesd or Fare are relieved by on? dose of MBTCALFE'B GREAT RHEUMATIC HEM BDY. jall-eolur %i M A B b I A < E ANDCELIBAOY, AND Til E Happiness rf Tme Manhood.- An K<ja? f>r Young Men on the Crime of S?litu(fO. and the Physiological Frrors. Abuseaaud Diseases which c? eate impedimenta to Marriage, with aure mean* of Relief. Bent in sealed letter cnv< I p<'S fro? of charge. Address Dr .1 - K i LLIN IIOUOHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Sui REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASES, N?. 14 Bond street. New York. SS^Tnll information. with the t?<tnnontai*: also, a Book on Sf rial D'*ia\n, ?>i a st.ilrd tnveiapt, seotfree. W it* <?re an'! j'/i I for them, anif ytru trill not rtgrt it; for, as advertising physicians are generally tmpu'prt, with-mt rrfrr> ! no stranger should be trotted. Eti<'loe? a stamp '.or P?"tai?e a*d direct to DB. LAWBINCR No. 14 Bond street, New York no 12 PAWly SECRET IMSBAeKS ?a*ar!t an '. ? Gi v i is the mwsv certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered Cures in two to lour daya. and recent caeen In twenty four hour* No mineral, uo ba'sare, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It ta the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who fo not want t* be exposeu Male packages, female, $3. 8aa Antral*'*Boot and Hfr? .Incus? A positive an4 permanent ture for Spyfci Ms. Scrofila. Uicera, fores, Spots. Tetters Ac Pr'ce $1 2f> per bottle. Sold by 8. C. Ford. S?e advertisement. my 9 MODEMS MIRACLE I From old and young, from rich ant poor, from high Lorn and lowly, cornea the Universal Voice of praise for _ HALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWEB. It Is a perfect and miraculous article Cures baldness. Makes hair grow. A better dressing than any ' oil' er ' pomatum." Softens brash, dry and wiry hair into Beititiful Silk-n Tresses, llut above all. the great wonder is the rapidity with which It restore? Gray Hair ro its Ordinal Color. Use it a few timea. and PRESTO, CHANGE! the whitest and worst looking hair resumes fla jMitbtnl beaoty. It does not dve the hair, bnt strikes at the root and fills it with n.-w life and coloring matter. It will not take a long disagreeable trial to prove the truth of thia matter. The first application will do good; yen will see theharutal Color returning every day. and BEFORE TOD KNOW IT, the old, (ray. diacolored appearance of the hair will be gone, giving place to lustroua, shining and beautiful locka. Ask for Hal la Sicilian Hair Benewer: no other article la at Mil like it In effect. You will find it Cheap to Btt, Pirasant to Try, And 8rrr to bo Y?>r Good. There are many Imitations Be sure yen procure the geituiBe. manufactured only by B. P. HALL A CO., Nashua. N H. Foraale by all drurrlata. ; BVKEL Y, STEADILY, 8VCCESSFOLLY, SMOL AN DEB 'S EXTRACT BUCBD is cvrino every caae at Kiorit Diskasb, Kii?hayi9V, Oravil, Urinary Di*obdibs. Wut!ti? and Pairia In the Back, Fimalb Complaints and Trogblbs arlalng from ExckvSh or any Kins. COMB, IB A F F LIOTEDI T BY SMGLANDEB'S. TA?B NO OTHER BUCKO. Sold by all Apothecaries. Price #1. D. BARNES A CO., Mew York, and BABNES, Vi ABD M CO., New Orleans, Bouthern Agents BURLEIGH A BOGBBS, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Mass . General Agents. Ieb w ly COLGATE A CO. 8 WINTBB 8 O A P . Recommended for chapped hank- and forgeneral toii rt nae daring cold wkatiiir. It may be obtained of all druggiata and faney goods detlera feb 9-eoly DAxem;; pRGFS. J. W. A H. P. &BEI8' DANCING ACADEMY, M Pennsylvania avenue, bet. <th and 7th sta,. jtt Opposite Metrepolltan Hotel. fiflL .t?tIW forniinf erery erenlng. Those deUi'~ i?t """"d 0 BSXPfiY, 5iii" 10 Cirsulars can be had at J. F. Bills' and W a Metserotr A Oo.'s Music Stores. Ths Hall can b? rented for 8olree?, Ac. . Huts of Tuition : k-.' aMisses and Masters, Tnesdar and Saturday afternoena, from S to 6 o'oiock. Gentlemen's Classes, Tuesday and Friday erenlngs. from 8 to 10 o'clock. ' ^r'her Information,apply dnriag the hours ^ultlon, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing w ith the first leas?n. ja8 MA MINI'S FASH ION ABLB DANCING ACADEMY.AT ? MABIN1 8 A8SBMBLY BOOMS, A K, between Pth and l?th streets, JM This academy |? now open fer the recep HA tloa of pupila. Da;s and hours ?f tuition for young ladle? misses and masters Tuesdays. Thuradays and Saturdays, from 3 to 6 p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10. same evenings w, B ? Prirate instruction given to suit the convenience of the pupil a?2A MASQl EBADE AND FANCY DRBSS BALLS AND PABTIBS. , TAe undersigned would most respectfully inform tiie ladies aad genthmen of Washington city, and the District generally, that he is at all times prepared to furnish parties with Maa<juer? *u(1 JT ocv Costume, either on loan or mad? to order. He has taken rooma at the well known fancy establishment of Christian Buppert, Es i ?2S 7th street, between D and M, where he will ba happy to await orders. CHARLES BBBG. late Cos turner at Ford's and Grovert >?8-lm* Theaters, Washington, D. C. BOY '8 SK ATES from 50 cents te So, MEN'8 SKATB8 from #1^0 to $90. at the Eknte Depot. POULTNBY A TBIMBLB, No. UOO Wast Baltimore street, del91m_ Baltimore. Md CKATB DEPOT. O LADIBS' SKATBS of all kind*, from 91 AO to 915. POLLTNE1 A TBIMBLB, No. BOO Wast Baltimore street, delS-lm Baltimore. Md. | ^ADIBB' DBBSS GOODS, LADIES SHAWLS and CLOAKING CLOTHS? BLACK ANB COLOMBO SILKS. Closing out cheap prarlous to taking account* of BLANKBT8 AND TABLB L1NBN. TOWELS AMD NAPK1N8. V a solicit a call from all in want of Dry Gwds WM. B. BILBY A BBOTHEB, No. 3H Central St"res, between 7th aod 8th streets, ja< gt opposite Center Market WM. T. COLLINS, GABIMBT MAHBB AND ? w uab4mtakbb, fla Show Vase Manufacturer, School Furniture and HonaefnrnlshioK Wararooms. New and M| Old Furniture, of all descriptions, bought |X| and sold. Bepairlng, Upholstering, and Varnish ing done at the ahorteet natice. Southeast corner of 8th and K Streets north. No. 13 de 18 3m* ggOSTON MESS MAOKBBBL. 1 am now receiving from Boston direct, tha very ftnaat quality of MESS MAORBBBL, Kand which rarely Dud their way to this market, DC U#*<1 Eiofltlf for home contumptioD.' As they ?e been trimmed of er?rj p*rt hut th? mo#t palatable, th? kits contain r?ry much mora than ilia quantity usually packed, N. W. BUBCHBLL. ... Corner 14th and F streets, nnder Bbbltt Honse. JOST BBOBIYED _ YATES A*SBLBY'S, Ho. 3D3 Pennsylania avenue, A superior lot of LADIBS' OLOAKINGS,'which ttay are offering at r?ry low prices. no S tf /\LD STOYB8 TAKBN IN EXCHANGE ^ V/ for new ones. JBB 8TOYBS, GBATES, In great rarletr, atfii IS? 4K street, near the Bridge, d? P In' Cg fOBEPH SHAFFIELD'S FBENCH OONFBC- 1 J TIONEBY. vl4? Pena nv?.,bet 12th and 13th sts . late Jewell's, hare again received a lino and

largo lot of Harann Orange*. Malaga Grapes, Md Fronch Oandi?s. jad-tt* ' T1LE6RAMI. fee. In trie Pennsylvania State Senate yesterday, In tbe case of alleged bribery and corruption, Mr. Lowry, chairman of tbe committee, said the committee baa nothing to report. Tbe names of Senators and Representative* and other well-known gentleman had been mentioned in connection with these, charges, but when tbe persons named were brought before tbe committee and sworn tbey had no'- a scintilla of evidence to give wtikh could in any vs.ay raise even tbe presumption of gnilt on the part of either of the candidate-for tbe U. Sena'orship. Tne charge* h*ve tneivfore not been sustained The committee will remain in session, and they invite testimony. Both branches of the Kansas Legislature have appoiuted the usual stan ding committees. A resolution was introduced in the Sena'e by Mr. Simpson to strike out the word white'' in tLe Mate constitution. Tbe constitutional amendment has beeu ratified in the House by a vote of 75 to 7. Th? Senate ret used to suspend tbe rules lor that purpose. Jam*s Stephens appeared in person in New York Thursday evening at a F??nian meeting composed of e?ntres ard delegates from tbe circles in tb? Manhattan district, and made a statement explanatory of'he causes that bad prevented him Irotn fulfilling bis pledge to commence the fight for Irish freedom last y?ar. The Times of New Orleans publishes &u article In reference to the approaching Legislature of Louisiana, ail vising the calling of tbe State convention to remoael th<- present constitution and present to the people one which being adopted by them, will tw beyond cavil 01 doubt tbe fundamental law. The Governor ot California has been telegi aphed to in regard to a special election lor Congressmen, asking bim what tbe people desire. He replied "In my opinion a large majority of the people of 'be State do not desire a special congressional election." Governor Patton has returned to Alabama, lie is rather despot.dent, and remains confirmed in his views as to ih<- situation of tbe Sta'e on the adoption of the constitutional amendment Fernando Wood, of New York, arrived at Savannah, Ga., Thursday, and was escorted by prominent citizens to a supper at tbe firemen's Hall. The evidence lor the prosecution closed yes'erdav in the trial of the railroad robbers at Franklin. Ky. The Democratic members of the New York I egislature have nominated Henry C. Murphy lor t'. S. Senator. The Alabama Legislature reassembles on tbe loth instant. Tit? Chesaveake andOhioCanai..?Trade on tbe canal during tbe past season has not been so great as during the season of 1-65, which may be accounted for by the lact tbat operations were delayed until about the 1st of May by reason ot a strike" in the mining regions. Th-' Cumberland Civilian stiows tbat only 336,991 tons?f coal were transported during the past year, showing a decrease of 0,963 tons lets than in 1865. The Cumberland Alleganian, refeningto the announcement in Gov. Swann s message that the State had been offered ?5,(M),<hiO for the work, with a collateral proposition, it she preferred not 10 sell outright, ot a lease lor twenty years, at fftXl.MKi a year, remarks ' If there were any absolute necessity for tbe disposal of the canal, in order to maintain tae integrity of the State's credit, or to relieve her citizens of a galling incubus of taxation, it might afford n valid reason tor entertaining itie proposition. But such a j-tate of things does notexist Our financial condition makes the most nattering exhibit. Applying tbe assets ol our remunerative capital, without the levy of a dollar tax, tj our lniieb'edness. and our obli^a'ions foot up hut a little more than one million of dollars The sole argument, therelore, that can be advanced in lavorof this proposed measure is the impolicy of the State finances being bound up in wotks of iuternal improv ement, and of course this proposition holds as well respec inir th?- State's interest in tbe 1 :altimore and Ohio and other railroads a* in tbe Chesapeake and Ohio canal. " Tbe business of tbe canal is steadily im. prevlng, its revenues enlarging and capacity increasing, and we are justified In hazarding the opinion that the tons of coal transported o\eritin l*6t> will be but a moiety of I the carrying trade tbe enterprise will accommodate in a very lew yea^, deriving therefrom revenues sufficient to make the State a I return upon it liabilities to her. as well as giv- I ing individual creditors tome bope o< ultimate I profit upon their investments." Alexandria Items ?We clip the following from the Gazette of yesterday: I J. P. Agnew, Lsq., agent of I woof tbe Mary- I land Coal Companies, heretofore operating is I Georgetown has leaeed from James Green. I K?quire, bis wharf property, situated south of aud adjoining tbe Pioneer Mills, for five I years, to be used as a coal depot. The prop- I erty is to be improved by the erection of a I trestle work, putting up suitable engines, enclosures, ice., and dredging tbe dock in time for tbe Spring trade. , An inquest was held this morning, by T. A I Stoutenbarg. Coroner, on tbe body of a negro man found dead in tbe southwest corner of I Queen and Water streets. After an examination ot tbe body by a physician, tbe jury re- J turned a verdict oi death from natural causes. I Tbe Soup House will be opened ou to-raerrow at 12 o'clock, aud continue open daily I (Sundays excepted^ nntil further notice. The Forbiuw.iior* residents of New York I amount to 313.201 out of a total population of 726,3HJ. This is nearly one-half, and it is es- I timated that the foreign-born residents with I their children constitute fully two-thirds ol I tbe present population of that city. New York contains 3S,iHK) more women than men, I and Brooklyn I3.UUO. The New York Times says there has been a positive decrease of-7,t?Ki in tbe population of New York city dnring the last five years, and it attributes this loss of population to tbe great u umbers ot people tbat have been driven away by tbe municipal corruption, heavy taxation, bigb cost of living, filth and discomforts ot various kinds for I which New York is proverbial. laisH Superstition.?The remains of Dr. Cant well, for many years Romau Catholic I Bishop of Meath, were interred in the chapel ot Mnlluigar. Ireland, on tbe 14th ultimo, with all tbe ceremonies usual on such occasions A grave was excavated within the walls of tbe chapel, and some women, who had implicit I faith in the miraculous power of the clay thrown up In tbe making of tbe grave, took some portions of it, boiled it. and confidingly drank it as an infallible recipe for tbe ailiments by which they were afllicted. I/"A prisoner in the Rochester penitentiary stabbed himself five times near the heart. Tbe knife was two short to kill. When sent to his cell, be tried to hang himself with his suspender, but It broke. When the prison barber was shaving him, be seized the razor and tried to cut bis throat: but did not sac- I ceed- Subsequently, be endeavored to drown himself in a pail of water; but was prevented. Anathkk Bamc Forgket.?A check for I &6.9C9, purporting to have beeu drawn by Jay I Cooke & Co., was presented to tbe Fourth I National Bank in New York on Monday, but I was immediately pronounced a forgery, and J tbe person who presented it, an Irish bey, but 1 recently arrived in this country, was detained. I He says it was banded to him by a man to take I to the"bank, and his story Is believed. Heavy Gambling in Faris.?Gambling 1 continues to increase in Paris, ai d recent I heavy losses and gains are the subject of mucb conversation Amongst tbe winners Is Kalil Bey, who ou one Saturday evening gained a million of francs. A viscount lost tbe same evening one hundred and fifty thousand I francs, which be paid immediately. i /"Little LiKzte wondered why Ma could buy sucb a beautiful silk ribbon with such I I torn and dirty twenty-five cent bit. | far A roan rejoicing in tbe name of Simple 1 has just patented au invention in England for obtaining perpetual motion. 7*Tbe man tbat beats time with his feet at tie opera has just purchased a pair of heavy boots, in anticipation of the next opera season ffjr a fast woman in Cincinnati fired seven I pistol shots at a police officer after ftrst slap- I ping him In the face. That was rongb in Laura. I SVTbe New Hamosbire Republican! go for rotation in office. No Governor is allowed to lerve more than two years. I mrh Bonnet committed suicide in New Or- I leans because be "had but littt* interest in the life around him." CONGRESSIONAL. Sehatb.? Yesterday afternoon ,the bill to regulate the t'rmi of office bring underconsideraten, and the question being on '.he amendment ol Air. Edmunds, making it a high misdemeanor to enpport any officer rejected by tue Senate, or pay any monies out of the treasury to sutb parties, punishable by line not more than 9lu,i<ou and imprisonment not mure than live years? >lr. Jebnson snggested a modification of the amendment by inserting the words, ?after trial and conviction." Mr. Sumner thought that aa a mailer of ex. p-diency there should be a n.inimum penalty provided. Under tbe amendment the court mirhthave the discretion to inflict a Hue of only SI. Messrs. Edmunds, Sumner, Williams, and Howard, briefly discussed the amendment, which was adopted by a vote of 23 to a Tne amendment ot Mr. Edmunds, as amended. wa* then agreed to. Mr. Hetidrickfc moved to strike out that portion cf tbe bill providing that no officer shall be appointed in lisu of au officer removed during tbe recess uutil the next session, but 'hat the duties shall be performed by the officer by law authorized to fill the vacancy in such office. On motion of Mr Williams, it wa? ordered tha' the amendments to the pending bill be printed. The senate then held a very short executive stsMon, and soon after adjourned to Mouday ai 12 m. Hovpe ?Yenterdnv afternoon? Mr. Washburn*, (III ,) troat the Committee oil Kuie?. reported a resolution estartli*bing a joint Committee on Public Buildings and Gronuus. Agreed to Mr. Kaymond. (N. Y..) from the same committee. made a report recommending tbe passage of tLe resolution offered by Mr. Chamer, placing the reporters and reports of the Associated Press under the same rules and regulations as those for the Globe. Mr. Ross (III.) inquired if that would reymre them to take an oath the same as the reporters for the Globe did. The Speaker informed the gentleman that the Globe reporters did no swearing in the House, whatever they did elsewhere, j Laughter I The resolution wiufadopted ] and the House adjourned. From >lexic?. Havana. Jan 5.?Advices from Pnebla to Decembers say that Gen. Castlenau and tbe Trench Minister to Mexico had an iuterview there with Maximilian, and thit the result of it was that Maximilian formally consented to abdicate. The steamer sent by the Emperor of Austria arrived at Vera Cruz to take b >me Maximilian, who wa* expected to arrive there in a few days. The French forces were getting ready to embark, and would do so as soon as the fleet of transports from France arrived 1 be Liberals are organism* and arming to take pessession as soon as the French leave 1 here had been little or no fighting since last advices. Matamoras. Jan. Hi.?There l? great rejoicing over the surrender of Guadalajara and the evacuation of San Luis The administration of Jierriozabal, the new governor of TamanlIpas. gives great satisfaction. Brownsville, Jan 7 ?Cortinas has jn<?t arrived with a force in front of Matamoros, and will at once invest the ci'y. A Timely Kepkiivi.?The Liepsic journals oflate date contain accountb of an extiaordinatv reprieve ot a condemned criminal a* the very moment of execution. A tailor, nam-d Kunscher, had been sentenced to death for murder, and on the morning of the |(iq was brought on the scaffold and attached to the plt<uk of the guillotine. Suddenly a cry <>f Stay! stay! was heard, and a messenger appeared bearing in his hand a telegram from the King of Saxony, ordering a respite. The dispatch had been forwarded only tbree-^uaru-is of an hour before from Berlin, where his Miiesty was stay itg, and without the haste employed by the bearer would rrobably not ba\e arrived in time. The man bad run from tbe telegraph office across ihepaik to the prison, and being delayed by the crowds of persons assembled around, he raised the cry which w as repeated from mouth to month until it reached tbe scaffold, when a piu*e was mad* to enable the messenger to reach tbe spot. The official who directed the proceedings then tc>jg tbe telegram from the man's bands, and read aloud: "Postpone tbe execution until further orders. More ample details by post Johh, King." ' 1 Raiwt Wbathee and Mortalitt.?Notwithstanding that rainy weather causes crflds and coughs, even tever, it has lately been noticed, through combined meteorological observations and medical statistics, that rainy years are not so injurious to health as is commonly -upposed. Heavy rains undoubtedly wa?b away many causes of contiguous diseases. Kxperiments in Liverpool, extending over agreat many years, have proved that tbe be*Vier tbe rains In summer the less children die of diarth<ra In Calcutta tbe cholera always diminishes in the rainy seasou there. In the low countries ot Holland and Northern Germany, where fryer and ague is endemic, the number of patients suffering from tbis disease Is very great in dry summers and small in rainy season*. Mr. Rowell baa kept tables trom 164* to l<-06 tbat appear to prove that in years when more rain falls than usual the mortality is less than usual, and Tlce versa In all this there is a hint given directly by nature about tbe necessity of using plenty of water to keep everything clean and wholesome.?rkiladelphia Ledgtr. A ScnoESTiov?The Norfolk (Va ) Journal notices with approval the fact tbat applied chemistry is now tanght at both tbe University of Virginia and Virginia Military Institute, but fears that tew Virginia farmer* ha\etbe means at present to send their sons to these Institutions, even for tbe shortest conrae of lecture*. In view of this state of things, it makes a ?ug gestion : -What wepropoee is this ?There will be found in almost every county some young physician well educated in chemistry, who could give instruction in those portions of tbe science applicable to agriculture. Let the State employ some ot the moat talented of these to deliver lectures ai central points in the various Senatorial districts. A course ot geology might be added?not very extensive, it la true, but enongh to show the farmers that the lands of Virginia contain mines of wealth almost everywhere." Sam or Pxwfi is Hbney Ward Bbecher's Chcrch.?On Tuesday evening a large audience assembled in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, for tbe purpose of renting the pews of the edifice for tbe present year. T"he higheat premium tor tbe first choice waa given by H. B. Claffln, who paid 155". Various other premiums ranged from t4o0 to 9175. The total amount of premiums on tbe pews and sittings was about t37,000. Tbe addition of the rentals gives a total income, it is reported, of S4a,tJ6. This is about 3i* per cent more than the income of last year, when the premiums were 416 and the rentals 912,15*. Tbe increase is tti.tfM. 'Severe Accident.?Mr. Tbos A. O'Bryan, living npon tbe farm of the lata Dr. Gardiner, near this village, (Upper Marlborough, Md .) met with a severe accident on Tuesday evening, by being caught in the machinery of the mill, where he was occupied at the time. His right arm was dreadfully lacerated. Dra. Osbourn A Scott were called to see him aa soon as possible, and assisted by Dr. Saascer. amputated tbe arm above the elbew with such skill as to give all tbe relief possible under ao heavy an affliction.?Frinct Gtargxan. Thb "Black Crook" ih Borrow?The -Black Crook" waa flrat exhibited to a gaping Boaton audience on Monday eyaaiag, at the Continental Theatre. The play, says a local reporter, went off only moderately well, however, on account of the ^inexperience of tbe performers and stags assistants, and It waa nearly twelve o'clock before the entertainment was finished. Tbe costumes of tbe ballet girls are said to be of the most elegant description, a* Ihr as they go. Catholic Bihhom in tbb yirrao State* The Catholic Mirror corrects tbe statement la tbe cable dispatch some days since relative to tha increase and number of Bishops of that church in tha (Jaitad States. Instead of eighteen Bishops to ha increased to twenty-tsfe, tbara are already forty-elgbt in tbe United States, with a prospective addition of at least fourteen otbara. Light Hour Labor ststrm A Mil has been introduced la the lower House ( the New York Legislature favoring this movement. It anaoaam oary to a provision that right hoars shall constitute a legal day1* work, in tha absence ot express conditions to tha contrary in tha contracts batweea eaaployeaa ana employer. ElKOPEA* NEWS F? BTLA?r>, Ml, Jan. 10?The steamship Help an. (rem Liverpool l^cmNr 97, and Lot ..i ndt. rjr Iiecrmber 29 been deu l^ at J?? latar port by a iioim, armed b rt t# da*. At ?he railway *uon in Bnblin. l,ord l.*riford as bu arrested for having in bia po* r?fioa an uble.barreled run in I a quantity cf naimum .on. without a license in carry ;bc s.irv.e in tbe Dublin diftrii" Gladstone bad been n.ff-nnc with a severe tnroat affection, in Rome. but was ccntale*cent Tne Krrnd Oamb-'M will open In tbe *ad of February Ti e new* i f tbe failure of tne Kr neb ?n Com confirmed by telegram via Kiackta, Siberia, which repbrt tbe e*pedttion a? a total failure, and tbat the native* were greatly elated ai.d European ? much damaged It ia reported at Pari* that tbe Turkish (h?. eminent has re.t-c'ed the demand of Srrvia for the eTacnation of tbe fort re ea of Belgrade An accident ?>n a branch of tbe Lyon* rail, way bad resulted in tbe death of fourteen persona. Prince Uortethakoffs health had caused fcttx" aiarir. sut ail immediate danger hat* paaaed away. The Journal de St. Peter?burg deatee tbe reporta current in Oalicia of the frontier heme threatened by Russian troop*, and decl.-trea. on the contrary, that the Russian torcee in Poland are on a peace footing, and tbat tbe effective lorre ba* been reduced. Humor* ot imporant ministerial changes m Austria were ngam rife. Candia advices, via Athens. to l>*cemh?r 14, confirm tbe news that Mustapha Pacha h*d attacked the position of the Cretan*, near Caroe. and bad been repul?ed with great loea Mustapha wa* said to be retreating, the defeat bavin? prevented him trom accomplishing l i* design ot advancing into tbe province* of Selim. Arson and Attempted Paleaa b> a \ Ng Girl?A Ainjiulur lukian.eoi lufratitadr iinil < rime The Ko?.he*ter Fx press of Saturday evening contains the following particular* of a re. n.aikable caseef m*rati.udeand crime, wbicb, it says, hat been kept a.- secret a* poaaible A uiii.g girl named Kate, about twelve or fourteen v.aisold. wa* adopted by Mra. Crosby, a widow lady, in the to* n of ( J reece Her mother was living, but she had lived with Mr#. Crosby several year*. and bad apparently b?iotne warmly attached to her. a* she hat abundant reason to be. tor Mr?. Crosby had given her a good education, and *be bad attained conaiderable prodciency in ioumc and in writing -lories >otne time last Jul* Mr*. < rosby'sbain wai< burned under nrrumiuin. cea which strongly indicated that it was the act of an moeadiary. No suspicion. however, was attached to the girt, who profeeaed grea* regret lor the mistoitune Sometime alter a woodshed adjoining the house waa dn>.ever*d to be on lire. The alajfn *ju, given by tbe tailing ot a string r>f tsrfi*.-*"! before mub damage bad been done. A* Uiere waa a.>body but the and the girl in the bouse, 'he gill was aent to alarm the neighbor* She waa gone a long tune, th<.ugn tbe buu>c waa only a few roda distant. When help arrvd the girl apologized |?.r the d?-la\ by say ing tbat tbe tamily Lad ail gone to bed. and were asleep. so 'hat it w as a long inie betore *he could a wake them 1 he family, on the other baud, contradicted this, asyitig tbat tbey beard her wtien she tirst opened the gate, and that ah* did not knock at the door until some time afterward-1. Ibis aroused suspicion. and tbe girl being confronted by the lacu, acknowledged thai the had not only fired the n use but tne ni n, which was burned in July belore. This condition ol affairs. ot course, reudered it necessary that the girl should leave the family, bat .Mrs Croaby concluded to search the trunk ot the girl. She bad missed several article., chiefly valued as presents trom friends Sh? found seme of these articles and also an open letter, bearing no postmark. an<ljiddre?s?d to the family living across the street. Tbi* she considered so singular that she read the |et**r and found that it purported to bave been written by herself, annouuciug her own suicide bv poistn. Full directions were given for her funeral and the deposition ol her personal effects, a good snare of which were directed to be given to the young girl, the writer of the letter Mrs Crosby was still almost unwilling: to believe that so young a girl could seriously meditate such a terrible crime, aid waa yet disposed to regard tbe letter as some flight of fancy to w hich the girl ? imacinative temperament waa prone: but on looking further into tbe trunk she found tbe bottle of p i*on with which the crime wa* to be committed. Instead of hav mg the girl arrested ;ind taken care of. -he was ?-ent to ber mother, and the matter has thus lar been kept quiet, so that no legai proceedings have been instituted against ib, guilty party " Hew APKA tr St |. ill* is K<h kyili.K. COXB A man named W il*on commuted in Hockville. Conn.. Saturday night, under the following -u.gular circumstances ?He bad been traveliug. in acconlaoce with the advice of bi* pkvc lcian, for > i bine* of s^euery. an & had returned from Kostoa. He ^a^e bis money to Mr keeney. aayiug, '-There ia enough to pay my funeral charges, and the balanc* to go to my lriends."' Then be went to a Mr. Crane, giving his r?al name and the residence of bis relames Then be went to his phyairtati and told him he had been bitten some roou'ba ago by a mad dog. and bad such a horror of h vdropbobia tbat he preferred to die by laudanum He was advised to do no snch thing, aud some powders were given bun. w hich he look borne to bis boarding place, but be said on reachiug there tbat be would take aomethmg else, and gave orders not to disturb h:tn iu tbe morning. On going to his room late Sunday morning be w as found in a deep sleep.evidently caused by some narcotic. l*pon examination a paper waa found, labelled in bis own bandwnting. Twenty grain* of morphine poison." Irnder bis pillow was found a razor, wliicb evidently was intended to finish np the job if tbe morphine failed to do its work Attimrt*r> wir* mi kdir aid Siticidb i? Chicauo.?John \ an Horn, a member ot tbe Board of Education ot Chicago, and an exAlderman, was arrested Sunday upon tbe charge of attempting to kill his wife. During this afternoon he severely maltreated one of hit children, who fled to a ueigbbor's bouae tor protection Tbe enraged man followed her aud waa about to renew bia punishment when bis wife interfered. Some angry words passed between them, when he auddenly drew a revolver, aud, placing the muzzle againat ber bead, fired Tba ball paa*ed beneath the lady's ear and through her cheek He then attempted to blow bi* own brains out, bat waa aeired and secured before be bad effected bis object Physicians think bia wife will recover Mr. \ an Horn is a Kussian bv birtb. and fifty, six years of age, while bis wife is thirty-si*. He is a man of most nngov^nable temper, and has maltreated her and his children?nine in number?on many occasions. He has been held for trial in ball A St'GOE^Tion.?A prominent New Jersey abolition is* advises the Southern men to give the vote not only to tbe blacks, but to the women also He suggests that if they should do thia they would take the leadership of the party of progreaa: and be adda that in bia own State of New Jersey women aud negro** voted for thirty one years, ' precisely on the same tooting with white men. and no catastrophe, social or political, resulted." ?"Tbe city institutions ol New Orleans are supplied with beef at four cents per pooad fc^The only white sbirt belonging lo a Wisconsin editor was stolen from a domes ime on Christmas night. VC. O.Clay a property baa been libelled for confiscation. A Philadelphia broker baa tayaterionsly disappeared. tV A man dropped dead ia tbe theatre at Baltimore Wednesday night. VBrigbam Young's la*t wife is said to be an imperious-looking young beauty ^"General John S. Preston has returned from Europe to bis home m Columbia, s. C *"A Cmcianatiaa complains of water dog* catfish and other fisbe* m bia dnncing water. "Mr. John W. Morgan, a ciUaen of Kicbmond, V a . died auddenly of thai city on Monday. ^ A ballet-master toaufled in New York tbat it was hie duty to examine ballet-girla' teat and legs. yThere were nearly 4,UU>,UMJ poanda of wool gathered in Vermont laat year K^Tbe price* of leading article* of consumption are ninety per cent higher at tba present time than tbey were before the war. VKiebmond, Va.. i* indulging ia ataigbiag on three incfiea of anow. Tnraontt coat from S3 to f 10 per hoar. ^The fourth ward in New Yart city ia packed at the rata of *M,u? peraona to tba aquare mile. VTbere ia said to be great unanimity ot senumentin Alabama In favor of repudiation. tfTA thief la Chicago stole SPOu and wa* let oat on tell of five fcundred, being n clear gala of fOur hundred dollar* to the thief. WThe people of Georgia are gathering ica four inche* thick It w very rare that ica form* so thick so far South. VTberewere -5 railroad accidaat* ta the Ualtod State* in the year ja*t ended, caaeing the lo** of 115 live*, and the wvunding 607 parsons. It little matter* how maay scruple* make a drachm (dram.) tf scrapie* are rig my enforced before ibe dram to takea i^Tbe New Haven people urge the running of horee-ear* on Sunday on the groand that it ia right to break the tan co mourn omenta to eerve the Lord.