Newspaper of Evening Star, January 12, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 12, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. I ttif larsfvl Cmniatioi in the District \t D WALLACH. Editir ia< Prtfrl?t?r. WASHINGTON CITY: KATl'RDAT J AIV VARY t), 18?T. fc K A DING MATTER ON EVERY PAOE. FF.E OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TKLB GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER NO MORE .FIRK CRACEERS. Young A mertca must hereafter be content to c?lfbrt'? (Jbriiinu >id Independence day Without the usual fusilade of Chinese crack, era. The tariff Mil introduced into the Senate by Mr Fessenden yesterday, contain* a clause forbidding the importation of fire-crackers; aad, whatever bill peases, this provmloa will no doubt be or.e of its features. This seemingly trivia! subject is one of the greatest imDortance, as the terrible fire which nearly destroyed tba eity of Portland. Maine, last summer, originated fr??m the explosion of a Are-cracker; and >en*tor Fewuder., whose home is in tbat city, deserves the thanks of the country for taking inftmref *o profit by that leason, and provide a?amst similar calamines in future. DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC LANDS Tfce Commissioner of the General Land Office has jus: received returns from the district laud office at San Francisco, California, show- ' in* that in the month of November. 15.1#,) acres were disposed of by cash sales under homestead act, tor actual settlement and cultivation the cash amounting to #!3,15l, and hes-des the diopo-ai of several lota in petsluma. under tn* town property laws of IM>4 and l-ti.5 K -turn-' trom the Little Rock, Ark, office, received bv the Commissioner, indicate that j in 'be month of December W new ftrmi were added to the productive power of the State, ! by entries under the homestead law Returns received at the General Land Office *bow that an airtrreirare of 23,754 acre* of the public lands were disp<<M?d of during tne month of IXfemher la*t at the following local ofbcrs: FaIIs of St. Croix, Wis, S.-wrj acres- j Stevens' Point. Wis . 5.flgu aires. Wmnebigo ! City. Minn., 3.7*5 acre?; Ironton. Mo.. 7.1l? i acres. The greater portion of the land was taken for actual settlement and cultivation, under ill- homestead law. The aggregate cash . *aie? amounting to ?3.914. THE STEAMER 8WATAEA This steamer, now on the wav to the United ! States, with Surratt, the conspirator, on hoard, ! sailed from Lisbon on the 9th inst., and will arrive here bet ween the -25th and Slat of January As before stated by us, the Swatara was fitted out at, and sailed Irom the Washitistun navy yard ou the I4ib of December, l-*?5. Theiollowing is a list of her officers as reported to the Navy Department on the lat of October last ?Commander, William A. .lef. fers: Lieut. Commanders, James O Kane and Henry Picking. Surgeon. John C. Spear; Paymaster. J De F Barton; Captain's Clerk, C. 34 McLrod; Pavmast^r's Steward. Herman l>avis; Surgeon's Steward, Charles O. Krown: Kirst Assistant Engineer, Henry L. Snyder; IVlid.-hipinen?F M. liendrix, C. W. Breed, F. M. Barber. J E Noel I, s. Hubbard. L. E. Cheney. E. V Rnwe. E. L. Amory, F. S. Newell, and H L Nichols. THE LAND OFFICE DEPOT The report of Hon. Joseph L WiI*on, Com* missionerof the General Land Office, is nearly completed, and will be published in a few days, wi'.b ezsellent maps of the Western States and Ter ritones. By a resolution of the Sena'e V5.0MI copies have been ordered?lo.tmo in the English languare. 5,t*o in French, 5,mm in German, and fcUNt Swedish. The Secretary of State is requested to have distributed at the Pans Exposition 'Jimssi copies, and the others are tor the u*?* of the Senators. It is thought tbe House will also order a number of copies. THE DISTRICT IN CONGRESS Tne Hsuse of Representatives this afternoon passed the Senate bill exempting *3uw in value of tbe household goods of debtors in 'bis District from attachment, distraint, and execution. Tbe action of the House will be seen by reference to our report of proceedings. Final action was not taken to-day on tbe bill incorporating the National Life and Accident Insurance Company of the District of Columbia. THE PENNSYLVANIA SRNATORSHIP. Mr. Stevens, of Penn., is back in bis seat today, and bears joking upon bis defeat for tbe Seuatorsbip quite philosophically. He speaks kindly of Mr. Cameron, but Menu to feel rather bitter toward- Mr. Cnrtin, who, It seema failed to transfer his influence to Mr. Steven* i alter tbe promise bad been given lb: t be would do so. FRACTIONAL CIKKKNCY PRINTED AND SHIPPED. During tbe week ending to-day there baa been received fram the printers at tba Treasury Department S43M95 in fractional car. rency. Daring tbe same period tbera was abipped to tba Assistant Treasurer at New York, ?|tu,u,<i; U. s. Depository, Cincinnati, 1(?aU*<. National Banks, making a ctal of ?m-00.43. " NATIONAL BANE CURRENCY. During the past week tbe re has been issued from tbe Treasury Department fttft) in national bank currency, making tbe total amonnt paid up to date t3Ui,7S5.9ui. From tbls is to be deducted tbe currency returned, including worn out notes, amounting to *2,145,932, leaving in actual circulation at tbis date,9tt9-,ciuo,ftS9 PROTEST AGAINST THE ADMISSION OF COL OR A DO. A despatch baa been received from Denver, dated Jan. It), to tbe effect tbat tbe Territorial House of Representatives have passed a resolution protesting against the admission of Colorado as a State into tbe Union, and claiming tbat they represent tbe last and only legal expression of public opinion in tbat Territory. SECURITIES HELD Tbe amount of securities held by tbe Treasurer of tbe United Statea in trust for National Banka, reported to day, are as follows; For circulating notes, fr{4D.3tw.l50; for deposita of public moules, f3e.W)a,y5t); making a total of 37&,:?9,loO. DISBURSEMENTS. Tbe amount of money dlaburaed from tbe Treasury Department during tbe past week ia a# folio we. For the War Department, 92,94*,. 061; Nary Department, vm.vtl; Interior, 456. "*4.- ? making a total of gei.4Jg.442. Th? Weekly Stab ia now on our counter for sale, and in wrappers, ready for the mails, containing, among much otber reading matter, the President's Message vetoing tbe negro suffrage bill; "The Priest and tbe Peas." a story illuatrating tbe fact tbat all wives govern their husbands, an interesting article on the Diatrict ?I Flew York bride in a scrape; the Eighth of January celebration; tbe bill to rrotect tbe right* of married womeu in thia District; nseful items of domestic economy: Congressional proceedings; Humorous Sketches, with Domestic, Military, Naval, Depart, mental aad Local News; Agricultural and Housekeeping Miscellany; and the latest Telegraphic Dispatches from ail quarters. ConriKMBD ?Tbe Senate, yesterday, in ex. ecutive ses-ion, confirmed tbe appointments Of Albert G. Law rence, Rbode Island, mlnialer resident of Costa Rica; Wickbam Hoffman, Louisiana, assistant secretary of legation at Paris; and H E Peck, Ohio, minister resident. Republic of Hayti. MiKvLiibSaiAToasHtp.?The Democratic and Conservative members of tbe Maryland Legislature were in caucus last nigbt, and it is reported ia Annapolis tbat an understanding waa arrived at tbat Governor Swann aboald be elected to tbe U. 9 Senatorahlp, but the ballot was postponed until Monday night Mi'HT?*iDOrr?Second Lieutenant James Drysdale. ?ib Regiment, V. R. haa been muttered out, and honorably discharged, by apeciai order of tbe War Department issued on he lutb instant. i^Governor Morton, of Indiana, was unanimously nominated yesterday ny tbe RepnMi can members of tbe Legislature tor the United States Senntorsbip. 7"Tbe lt*c?as Senate yesterday uamnlmcusJy rautied the Constitutional amendment. ^"Tbe press of London and Paris warn the American people agauast any impeachment of President Jonbeon. i^Tbe health of the Empress Car lot ta baa greally unproved both ia miad and body. THE TAMPF Th* ?*nff bill rrportfd la th? Senate yester day by Mr. K*Mi?DdfD, from the Stoat* Ki. nance Oommit'ft*. is bared upon tbe bill preI ared bjr Mr. Wollt, tbe Commissioner of R?ten ??-. for which It is a substitute, la bo(t instance# both ihe classification and rstaeof Mr. Wrils bill bnve been adop'ed Tho princijwl Iterations are in tbe articles of wool, sal', and iron. Among Ihe alterations may be mentioned th- following Tbe House rates on wools and woolMt ktr? be-u adopted, raakiug an allow&nea on* wool ens for ibe duties on dye stuff's, whicb bare been plsc-d on the fr?-e list. Oq common forms of bar-iron tbe House rate* have been adopted. b?ing ac increase orer WellV ra'es. Steel, same rate* as Houm bill. Hardware somewhat advanced. The salt duties hwe been Increased, cvtre-pondiuit with the Hon htil. 4/'>ttiyi aod cotton manufactures are generally lh? same as m Mr wells' bill, except that oa coUon webbtug, tapes, (sUosns. Ac.. tOstisiy is CO par ?n'. ad valorem silk ribbon? hive been ad ranced from 60 to 70 per cert. Drugs are enhataatuilly as in tbe Wells* biH. In regard to coal tbe rates of Wells' bill are retained on camel coal, and all hltnminon* enal coming from any place thirty oegrees of Ion gttade east of Waahington, S' SO per ton. On bUaminous coal cnmiar from any place not more than thirty degrees east of Washington. Hi cents per ton. Oa anthracite and all ether coal not otherwise provided lor, 91 SO per ton. There is a drawback on articles of foreign importation to be used In ship building also on iron and s'eei used in manufacture of agricultural Implements for exportation. Wells' free list has been abridged somewhat. Than: Staya bolts, sblngle bolts, and some oth?r descriptions of tnmber, bare been put back on tbe tariff. Col lectors are authorized to take any goods undervalued, and sell tbe same at auction, the I'nued States to par the importer's 10 percent on invoice cost, with charges and commission. The act contains 24 sections, and applies to goods in bond. nrg=?riBST PBESBYTEBIAN CH DBCd.iK Uof , stjaet. Preaching TO MOBBOW. at n a m . 1? Bev 0. B. BoYNTuN, D I>. H* TUB . MOBT~ KIT. ABCUB18 HOI' SI'A LOIN?, of Baltimore, will preach %t 11 0 'clock mass TO -IM OBR^W , Sunday ) MOBfilNQ, in St Patrick's Church. ]|* SOT10K rBeTTFAT k Bint VO ffi aE. B 1 J , President of Georgetown C >11 sea. wil 1 deiivtr a ebarity sermon in t>ebalf or th* poor of ' V.V".v rj^-MlTEOpOLITAH CLUB an Adjourned Meeting of tha members of this Clnb has been appointed for THIS EVENING, at 8 oVI<ck As important business la to be transacted, a full attendance is deeired. It lTTVi^Ci*wL HI4* ?0"?DiN? A3SOC1A HOM ?The stock of ihl* new Building Aseociatlon is now being issned. Any person can s-eure stock by calling oa UBOBOK 9 ODLICK Traacnier. <-orner New J*>rs?y avenue and south B a JWHN80H , decretory . 8?uin b sttf. t. third doer from New Jereey aveane ja i'j-eot>t rr^-A OBAND I O O F. LITVBE. JJ5 ? fobtbk BBBBFIT OK THE LIBBABT, W1*I t)?? hfld AT ODD KKLLOWn' HALL. 7th BTBEIT On MOBDAT IVKH1NQ. fibruar, Tickets One Deliar. Particulars In luture advertisement. jalt-ee3t fB3**ABOmii MOTIOB-A btateii Uouvucation . S*.n . ?0.,intiVJIrD0B *?yal Arch Chapter. Ho. ^ '"be held ?t Cattr *1 Masonic Uall. on MOBDA A .the Hth last., at 7 p.m.. at which time the resolution sdopted at tbe IMi Convocation of tbe Or an I Charter in recard to the separaMoa of the Arch Uhspter of Maryland and tbe District of t olnmbla will be taken into coneiderf'r? All members of the Chapter are respect tolly requested to be present. Bj order of the M U.B.P jalz 2t? Attest-J W. OBirflB, Bec'y. (Y^=-AMBBIOAN COLONIZATION SOCIETY TbsSemi Centennial Anniversary of the abTBEICAN COLONIZATION HOCIETr wi l be beldin TUBS OAT EVENING next, tbe Utl! '"jo clock, In Trinity Church.cora*r 3d and C "treats. The annual Beport will be presented, end Bev JOSEPH TB\Cl, D D.,of * , ,0?? will re?d an RiatorUl Discourse oa the r i? and progress of the Bocletv. Addressee may be eipecled frcni Hon. JOllN n B. LATBOKE L'^ni a0- ** Bev TH'JMAS -'??? * ..?lahop of Bh*de IsUn i The P>a 12 3t*e Invited to be present TT" WoTifte14 IBDMBNT?-SI>EOITL NOT1CB ?All Musical Instraments left i^^orf lo ^ ?nd hare been an celled for for over twelve months, will be offered for sale to coyer expenses, ten days after thia nomil w J?" F 306 pa >tc , near lutb st. Q^^HBBBBW BBNBVQLBNT 800IBTT~ ^S?DA*Y*iowl'Wn't,t>TJ?oclet,T f111 had on ctflUAi nUKIVINO^tHlto ol?ck. At tbe Vei try Ecm of the cotfregfttloo, oa Hk street ttit between H and I streets nortk V"mp| attolid members Is requested, as tbe elecUua m othceri and mioaf?*r? r^men na J'U tt * H MILLKB Presldeat. |'| V' HASHIMOTOB SKATING CLUB-1 ifj.. spe??al mretlng of the membsri or tbe P"w ' 'HJO A "w*eoe?, (Board of Trade Booms.) on ^TUHDAT BVBBIHu Jannar* in evenla?'?t^A 'V '*OD<1 ?'ll be cloeei on that . el* t "I. #T#r? member is rednce their tickets'at th? do^r^Br ordeT110 >r? J. *. S?.r??. W.. fT^"L ? O. F -BIDOBLT BNCAMPMBNT s&. ^ttaiiasiarteigai ssf, ^ A !'^! B. A. KIDPBB, Chairman Com (jy WOOD F 0 B T HI POO*. _ MaToi's Orricx. t WAsni^r.Tox, o C . Jan 10 iU7 C are Informed that thePolkellLriaLi^li'.'rii r""?' Warda have been designated follewe* onBcl" to tribute the Wood, a* "^rv^5K"??P"*"""u mlZXlnf " ?" < ????" t SIm? .Ti.V*'0''' S?-.IU. ?r?t. b.. ?lr..d;,rha7,J,^,'.'cui' s?...s..r?t. k?w?. *? ?* ? ?. ?? * B1CHABD WALLAOU, Maror. {TT" CIHAP?7aby ?*vio?a - WADOH UJ JJHAPBL, corner .14 street eaat and A .t Borth.Capitol Hill, BCJNDAY. lsih luat-sat^ D D M11 * m b* * 8- k&U, Centenary Leva ffeast at 1 n m I ^ MBKTIBO, at which : JAMBB HaKLAN. Bx-Beeretarr of the Interior .will eroelde, *i.d addresees will b^ dellvPBlci WILLBTand Hon. U1BAM # MKS'oS'oo # luM??11! ' anneal ejection fer seven managers ja 6 eo6t* CLYdBBB WABD, Prest. QJ-TO ALL WHOMTT MAY COBCBBN. ~ ^e.D D^ckiteri, Batchers end owners of Dufi ?i ?*'. end that said lleensea !k ? ^ r'**w,d * " offloe within ton daya from ^A^ raii 8AMX BOUOLAB8. ja 4 dtjall Beglster. ((? JOBBPH H MRAPPIBLD. ^3,.., FBBMCe COVrSoTIOBBBT. LAD1EB' ICB tittBAM A DININO SALOON. 84* Penn. Ave., bet 1Mb and 13th sta. Wedding*. Dinner or Bunper Parties snpplied at a^ort aettce with noveltiee In Pyramids fanes ^akee, and Confectioneries, Jellies Weddlaa JS&.Wi ? '~l I""" ' 4 ??"?* * a'"0 w111 eent to attend to all dejj***-.?* Bon !nets, Wreaths, and cat aiowers to order J*3Ha JOSBPB H BH4F>IBLD. Jj-BBT A BLI 8_H BD 1M1. McPH1B80M A PBBODHON. Fnnn. avnacn. coa^nn 1st eiuit, D-I.r.1. U'"1"L BnJ" ,8TO?A"Kvars&W",0AU f Ml?fcl B#tl *? ??* answered. oe ii>tr li^?* ?*LB?A pali of eonnd. wall broke * MOLBB. good farm WAGOB and HABBBB9, #* Iho. coon so end family BOBdB. fonrseat CABB1AQB and HABBB88 far BI7A- ar BPITAW H.0** B and H A BN ls?.' fer ' 10 Kl"*' a'ty." Low Wwia.-??4 isfii I have Jnst received TWO of theee snaerh PI. AB08, one ef thsm In beaaI tl*ck CIb?it cale. II JOHN r BLLia. I\|BBCHABT TA1L0B1N0 Wl IB ALLJTd DBPABTMBNT8. Webeg to Invite oar friends, cltitans, a. 9iaKKmh*MmJ*"? 01 ,tock mI OABBIMBBBi. and VB8T- Rll w; the letoetstylaa. wVlch we will W ' tk* meat aaparlor style of Ibe art, at mwh .heater rates than the asaal s?wJ^L|y*,i>!M * CO . mls-M 33S Fa. ave., bat. 9th aod 10theta. nun: CtOCI t. M. ! GOVIKHMKRT KKf 1 KITIKS. V ahhibotob, January m, 198?. J?y Cookp A Co furnisb the following quo* yfttH/M of Oo\ ernmtnt securities. V Hutting. Silling. t' .re, lu?H liSV ?\S Five Twenties, ibrrt Iu7 1117* U. ?. Five TtrvnlMM. Iu5 lu4k U S. Five Twenties, tm-f IIHV tiov IT. S. Five Twenties. Jau?j'y,'fi5.l<>i Kk| u P I^.T?* Mrtif* -..?** Wk ?T * Seve?*Thirtte?, AbfMt,V..?4 Ifttfc r If- ? Seven Tbirtiep, J i>ne....,.lu4 104* U- S. Mv? Thirties, July lul 104* nsw york fibat board (alu. Coupon*. H*Jt;Five Twenties, I rat. lllTk'Five Twentin, 1^64. US\; Five Twen-ie#I 1*^)5, lOSJf; Five Twenties, January and July. 1"85. lt4jg;Ten forlirt, 991i; Seven Thirties. A:R.M*; do. June, I04*; do. July, 104*; t ^ m ^ ? financial. Lewis Johnson & Co., quote Stocks and Bond* in borne and foreignmarkets as follows Mkw Yokk. Jan 14?1st Board?1 J. S. re*. Istered. lfbl. lt??f: Uo . coupons. 10*<If; S-ars, registered, ; do. coupons, lurfc; do., H 5%; l??-40 s, roistered. 09V: do. coupons, 0i* 7-3f a, 104)<: Ohio and Mississippi Certificate^ 27?; Oho ton. 4S; Cumberland, 92, lluicksilver, 43*. Mariposa, 13*; New York Central, IK*. Lr'e. 64* ; do. prefer'd, 76. Hudson. 13-' Remlinr, US*; Michigan Central. 1M; Mich.' lean Southern, Bi'fc; Illinois Ontral, 119*Cleveland and Pittsburg. 91 \ Cleveland and Toledo. 125*; Rock Island. I ?*; North wee tern, 43V: do. preferred, 91; Port Wayne. 1 uav Chicago and Alton,?; Alton and Terra Haute, 1(19*; Toledo and Wnhasb, 41: W. IT. Telegraph, 46\; Boston Water Power, a* Pa.! citlc Mail. 107* : Atlantic Mail, 1U?*. American gold, 2 p m., 134. the attempt to dkpkat the metro i'olitan railroad rill "ieik" Is the incubus that has heretofore weighed down all efforts at important Improvements for tli? benefit of the District never to be tiffed? Are we to goon forever doing notbiug, and permitting nobody to do anything for us f The city might now be reaping the benefit ol a system of street railways of her own fostering, contributing to ber a handsome annual snra for a city park, as in Baltimore, or to renovate ner exhausted finances. The boon was within our reach, and almost gamed, but was defeated in one branch of the City Councils through the mischievous influence of parties who hoped t j get the franchise for their own benefit. The result was that nothing was done, and the franchise fell into the hands of stranger*. Our ignominious failure to do anything with our franchises lor railroad* to the Pom' of Rocks and to Point Lookout is a matter of unpleasant recollection. The project to put o?r?o|ve? in water communication with New York, was "pooh poilid" and wet-blanketed nearly to dea'b. Birely half the requisite subecr ptions for the enterprise were raised by the energetic committee, who worked un&vailingly until "footsore and heart-sore," .13 one of them said, in despair. Some of these subscriptions were afterwards cancelled by faint-hearted ones, and but for the success of the committee in raising money quiteoutsideof city subscriptions, the experiment would have ialleu through hopelessly. The announcement that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company were prepared to commence operations with t large force upon the construction of the Metropolitan Railroad lrom tb.s city to the Point of Hocks has been received in this community with the liveliest satisfaction, and it did really seem that at last this city was about to enter upon the long-hoped-lor career of business prosperity. ^ The construction of this road would not only cause the employment of a large force of workmen in this immediate vicinity, and tbe disburse, ment of a large sum of money in our midst but Ita permanent benefits must be incalculable, putting us In Immediate communication with the r>chMt portions of Virginia. Mary, land, and Pennsylvania; and, with other con. R^ctionif shortening thp route to tti? West more than 12a miles This prospect opening up to ws at a time of unparalleled business depression, was hailed with more universal satisfaction than anything here within our knowledge for years. Nothing was wanting but the requisite legislation from the City Councils giving the road the right of way. and this seemed to be so purely a matter of form that we presume there was not one pertou out of a thousand in Washington that did not feel absolute impatience that a measure so vital to tbe prosperity of the city should be delayed one instant longer than was necessary for the requisite forms of legislation to be gone through with. But it was not to be. The squatting inenbus was not so easily dislodged. J nst at the moment when hope is at the highest and everybody praying for the happy hour when the first spadeful of earth shall b? pitched, in the commencement of tbe great work, our ears are saluted, as were ttiose of our forefathers in the most heroic period of tbe revolution, by tbe dissonant ?ry of "beef!'? "beef!" shouted through the camp by the inevitable speculator thrusting his own selfish interests in the way of the public good. ?-Buy my lots or I'll defeat the bill!" Just such speculators we have bere, bawling their beef through tbe columns of the Intelligenter, and one of whom was bobbing around so Indefati?ably, up stairs and down stairs, at the City Hall on Monday night last, lobbying agalne' the Metropolitan Railroad bill, and canstag marked copies of the InUlligencer containing bis communication to be placed upon tbe desk of every member of the two Boards of the City Councils. Other speculators of tbe same ilk are endeavoring to force tbe removal of the railroad depot to tbe boundaries of tbe city, so as to effect a sale at a big flgnre of their own cheap lot* In that direc. tion; and yet others who own cheap lots upon the street# along the line of tbe proposed roaj, hope to make a good thing by causing tbe bill to provide tor the payaient to them of a winging anm for visionary damages from the cars running In front of their property. It is urged in the interest of this nest of specalators that "our city interesu will absolutely require that the railroad depots shall be removed further back from tbe center of tbe city." Now we hold that it is always for the interests of a city that its railroad stations should be as near Its center as potslb.e. Philadelphia attempted to break close railroad conne ions through ber boundaries, and tbrust the iati?Mg on the outskirts, an error that she speedily rued, aud now that city Is endeavoring to repair tbe evil at enormous cost. To drive tbe railroad eta. tion out to the boundary ot tbe city, *s we have heretofore said, is for tbe benefit ot nobody but hack-drivers, and speculators in suDurban lots. Every business man who has a pound ol freight biougbt by railrcad ha? reason to enrse tbe stupidity that, by forcing the road to stop at the boundary, compels him to pay a dollar or hair dollar additional cartage upon every cart-load of freight taken from the depot. It is not tbe railroad company tbat Is injured by this senseless folly of forcing tbe dropping of passengers and freight on tbe outskirts, instead of bringing them to the beart of tbe city, it is less expense to the company to damp freight there than to bring it to tbe conter of tbe city; tbere is vastly less time coasumed, less labor required, and there is lees wear and tear of rail and rolling stock We think it would be for the Interest of tbe city tbat tbe right to come to the present depot should b* granted even lOBger than proposed by the bill before tbe City Coonclls. if not In perpetuity. Then the business of the eity would accommodate itself to tbe road aud th? station. Permanent warehouses would be erected aloof the tracks, with switches leading into tbetn, as in Baltimore and other acUve business cities. The company would then fisel justified In expending large sn ms of money in the erection ot spacious depot bntldlngs such as we trust wiii be needed for the transaction of the bnsinese brought to tbe city by tbe construction of this road. If tbe company is to be com pelted topail up stakes at any moment w? cannot expect them to bBild aaythinf bat I temporary structures; and we cannot expec citizens will in ???t mun?y in ereotiu* cost. '7 wtrtlioB?M U).n may be rmdrrrd TxlutlHi at any moment. Tbe part of tbe city so occhpied now U better adapted to railroad purpo*e? lb ad any other in the city. It it for the most part an unhealthy, broken ravine, thaderive* all its imoorUnce from iu railroad track. Tbe talk by tbe speculators that the "desertion and desolation andauisaace" there 1 existing to dne to tbe railroad is the pure*' nonsen??. It might just as well be claimed tbat tbe "desertion and desolation and nuisance" further *own the valley, along Jame? Creek, is dne to the railroad ! If this city exUto a thousand years from now, tbi* low. malarial ground along the Tiber, towards the boundary, will always be deeerted for any other than buslnest purposes, such as a rail, rand only rnn create, it affords a natural path lor a railroad, and is fit for little else thin railroad business. As regards the bill berore tbe City Councils *' presume tbat the occasion for its passage is fully understood. Tbe Railroad Company bad determined not to enter tbe city by a direct route from Rockville, but to intersect the Washington branch at or near Biadensburg entering tbis city by their present track from tbat point, tbus saving a large outlay in road construction, ana avoiding the delay o' p'tiing a right of way from this Corpora. Uou. To tbis elbow route" very serious

objections were felt by the people of tbis city who desiiCD the most direct possible oon' nection with the West, and who dreaded ibat if tbe Metropolitan Koad, instead of coming direct to the city, snoald diverge to intersect the Washington Branch at Blad-ns. burg or Laurel, thnt the trade coining over the road would be diverted to Baltimore instead o< coming to Warhington. Indeed the charge was made tbat tbe proposed divergence of route towards Baltimore was intended for the benefit of tliat city. There was also tbe very important consideration that tbe construction of a new road directly into the city would cause a very large expenditure of money in onr midst, besides affording employment to a large number of our people. Inl)ue-c?d by these considerations. Mayor Waliacb and some of the prominent business men of tbe city made urgent representations t0 tbe management of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Uailroad, asking that tbey would abandon tb" plan of divergiug to Biadensburg. and come direct to Washington. Upon tnese representa. tions tbe management of that road reopen d the question, and after some consideration of tbe subject, and the running of some addi tional surveys, cousented to adopt the direct route, If enabling legislation bv the Councils could be bad seasonably 1 hey very justly asked tbat if tbey made tbis change of plan to snbsei ve the interests of V\ ashingtou that a sufficient extension of time of the privilege ef entering the city should be made to justify them in constructing tbe requisite depot buildings, and in tbe large additional outlay for the construction of the road required bv the change. Tbis is the plain his" lory ol tbe whole proceeding. , It now remains to be seen whether the same blighting Influences that have killed every Kimt public enterprise ever started for the benefit of W ashington shall defeat tbis import ant me?turr. We think thai a very heavy re! sponsibihty will rest upon those who cause iu detent. GOOD NEWS FOR THE CLERKS Tbe bill lor increasing tbe compensation of the clerks and other civil employees m the I^partments. passed tbe House o! Kepresen. latnes tbis afternoon, by a vote of ft; to 42. Bt'slvkkh at Thk paTKntOkiticb.?For the week on the t*.Md inst., the Commissioner of Patents will issue 193 patents, during tbe past week there was 371 applications and 42 caveats filed. I ntirnai Ketbkcb?The receipt* from this source to-day were M25,4o8.27, making the total receipts for week S3,4j9.140.67. congressional. Satckdat, January 19. J Horan?On motion of Mr. Morrill, (Vt.) tbe Committee of Ways aud Means was granted I House**'00 10 *" dunn* the ion of tbe (M'chlntrod a bill provid. ing for the payment of the reward offered by the President of tbe United State, in April *5, for the capture of Jeff. Davis. Referred to Oommifee on Appropriations. I ,w " '"' rke (Kan.) in trod need a bill to secure I y W1'00 ?(,tbe Southern Pacific Railroad Ht?ftfrred *> Committee on Pacitic Mr. Paine (Wis.) introduced a resolution de. 1 etaring tbat tbe principle of the American protect American interests, but if Congress was compelled to allow fre^ agricultural products, it was but just m.nlf* ?r,nc,P'f ?r fr<* trade should apply to K^rred toCommittee of Wavs I aud Means. ' I Mr Stevens (Pa.) introduced a bill to provide for payment of bounties to Pennsylva- I mSSTSaE. R#ferr#d ,u i Mr ingersoll, (in.,) from the Commute en the x>istrict of Columbia, reported back Sen. I ate bill exempting certain property of debtors , in'>he District of Columbia from attachment, I nfrtralnt. ana execntion. (It exempu wearing ri^f^ iaDd b*ddin*. household fur nit are of value not exceeding $;*oo; fuel and lood for three months: mechanica' tools of I value not exceeding 9tM, and f'Aio worth of stock, Ac.. Ac ; and no deed of trust ahall be deemed valid unless wife joins with husband In signing.) Mr. Ingersoll proposed an amend- I ' ment, tbat tbe act sbonld not Interfere with I any contract heretofore made. I' Mr Roea (III ) moved to amend by exempting homesteads or not more than tl.ouo value- I tbh'^nrpofe"011 refn8ed 10 *leld the floor for Mr.Brownell (III.) moved to amend by pro- I vidiug that the officer serving tbe attachment should summon three householders aeapprais. I fX*"' ^^o, 't*r being swern, should set apart J the amount ef provisions and fuel exempt, and if not sufficient, then to set apart the value thereof. Agreed to. The bill was then passed, aa amended. Mr. Mercur, from tbe Committee on the bis. I J"*?1 reported favorably upon the 1 ?>, Incorporate the Natloaal Life Co,n,>"' " * ProP***d ? amendment I . * effecting of any insurance uB. Agreed't P#r eent" haeription to paid. I Mr. Hooper (Mass.) moved an amendment to I make the stockholders liable to the amount of their individual subscriptions. Agreed to I t Mr, Alll?)n(,owa, moved to'confine tha Columbia corporation to the District ef Mr. lngersoh moved to amend bv allowing Ik! to **r?to? ?* fenctien? In all Fendi., V!!r? 10 lh*,locafIaw> thereof. Pending further consideration tbe moraine hour expired, and tbe bill went over. ? <\n. m?t!on of Mr. Oarfleld the House took up the bill granting increased compensation to clerks and employes in tbe Departments, and demanded the previous question?tbe previous Question Dtipg seconded. Mr Benjamin (Mo.) moved to lay the bill upon table, but afterwards withdrew the motiou to allow Mr. Wilsoa (Iowa) to malce a mot, & reconsider tbe vote whereby the main Question wa.? ordered. .KM.r u?arfltd moTed the last motion on the table, wbiih motion was agreed to. 1 he yeas and nays were then ordered on the "" | telkgraphic news. i BY c. 8. * KUBOPJJAN NEWS ASSOCIATION I * I latest by carli. Loudon, Jan. lit?Nooi. ? fite*twetUM< i 72X: p*w do., 71X; Erie, 49; 111. Central. 30% Indiana Legislature-gev. Merten's Mrs. af?. i Ikdiamafoli*, Jan. li._Got. Morton delivered his mebsnge to the Legislature ia jomt convention thi* afternoon. The meaaasm is )klu!u,J'" showatbe flnanetal coadltron of tbe SUte to be more favorable than at any for. mer period In its history. The total of tbe public debt to i4,396,0?). upon which n reduc? tionof over si,um,um> will be made br Julr next The population of the State is rapidlv Increasing, as shown by the statistics The Jnb5.K t"U iu ,8r? u esi'mated at over a,?W),<?ti. The passage of a registry law and the estobliahmentof an emigration bureau! and tbe sending of agents to Europe to en. eourage emigration, are recommended. He I Tfcommfndi tbe prorlaioa by law for a mat- I form system of common schools, wherein tu- I Ition shall be wltbont charge, and be open to all persons. The school laws should be so amended as to require the enumeration of the color* d children of tbe and such pro* p.>r ion of 'be irbooi f?Bd a< utiall be tu proportion to tbe cplored children be ?et tit de and niplied to i|?r Mnwtion bv ??p\r?t? schools. He arril liberal appropriations tor tbe Sol fliers' and Sailors' Home. On tfer national debt and currency question be says that he I* apposed to tbe present ran. erattoa paying the wbole debt. Tne action or th? Sooth caused tbe flebt la be contrac'ed. and tbey and tbeir children should par tbetr pro. portioa af it, wbicb, in tba destitute condition of tbe South at tbe present tinx", tbey are un. able lo do, therefore be is in favor of reducing t~xattou to the amount necessary to pay tbe current expenses of the Govern meut and tbe interest on tbe public debt, leaving tbe pnacipal until times of more general prosperity. It be preseat generation. alter bavin* put down . the rebellion, shall accomplish tbe work of re- | will bare done well, and may j properly lea re at least part of the debt tor the coming generation. | On the question of negro suffrage be says i that H is impossible to deny foar tnllMoa* of t free colored people a vote ia a Government tbey helped to support. Tazatioa and repre. . ?enta??on should go together Tbe fr%?eb??e is . a national right and should be subjected to re. j strictioas for ths benefit of society. He says tbat the Constitutional nmfn.Jrrvnt bss been fully discussed, aad recommends iu consideration, and hopes tbat it* ratification will sooa be published to ?he world a* a rfe. duration of tbe purpose and spirit of the people of Indiana. | New England Items. R**TO"< Jan. 13.?The commissi a appointed by the legislature to investigate the boars of i labor bas reported Tbsre are two reports, 1 that of tbe majority. (Messrs Walker and H>fle i taking ground against any attempt to regulate ibe hours of labor by |aw: aad the minority (Mr. Rogera) report favoring ten bowra Jor factory or farm labor, and eight hours for mechanical labor, as a legal days work in tbe absence ot any special contract. An immense ten hour demonstration was made la Lowell Inst night. Huntington Hall was crowded wtth operatives in tbe factories and others interested in the sbort-nme move, inert. Ex-Mayor Richardson presided, aad 1" - F. Flynt. from a committee appointed to wait on tbe Treasurers rind Managers ot tbe mills to request a reduction of boars, reported tbe unsatisfactory result of their mterveiws Speeches were made bv J. O. Constantlne, K. Rutterwortb, and Charles Corlev. and resolutions were adopted to continue the agitation, aud to psti'iou the iegi*|.ttard to enact ten hour law. One of tbe speakers commen'eri, m strong 1 term*, upon tbe system of employ ing Treasurers at salaries of ten thousand dollars a vear while tbe operatives ere overworked. Gov. Hnllock was also condemned for appointing men npon labor committees who knew noth. ing of the subject. Illinois Legislatare. Chicao?, Jan. II.?In the Illinois Legislature yesterday, Mr. Foot offered a resolution to amend the Stare Constitution so as to prev?-nt the State Leyislature from releasing the Illinois Central Railroad from its obligation to piy into the State Treasury seven per cent of its gross receipts. It also provides that after tbe exunction of tbe interes'-bearing State in- , debtednesc. existing at the time said company was chart* distribute tbe revenue deri ved from end company, equitably among tbe counties of the S*_ate for educational purposes. It was ordered to be printed. To-day, Mr. Parker's resolution Instructing the Judiciary Committee to inquire wnat |egi?. * lation is necessary to enforce the provision 1 of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, re. quiring all lands remaining unsold at the expiration of ten years, from the completion of the railroad and branches, to be off.-red for " public sale nntil tbe wbole are disposed of. < and the avails to be applied to the payment of i tbe outstanding bonds of tbe Compauy, was aaopted. I Paiaters National < onveatlea?They meet la this City Next Year. I UtrfiLO, Jau. 11.?The 1'aiuttra National i Convention adjourned to-day. after a session of three davs. to meet in Washington, January next. The following officers were elected i for the ensuing year?President, Win F i t'oney. of Baltimore; First Vice President, W. i Cheney, of Newark, N. J , Second Vice l?rea- j irient, \ N Secont. of New Yoi k. Recording Joe. Burns, ot Chicago, 111 ; Treas- i urer. Thos. Barrett, of Kaltimore. An address ' v as proposed and ordered to be printed fur < distribution among the painters. , < Kansas Ratifies. Topika, Kan., Jan. ii.?The Senate to-dav ' unanimously adopted the House resolution 1 ratifying the constitutional amendment. ' Col. Boy, brother of tbe Commissioner of Indian Affairs, is holding councils with ths ' various Indian tribes cf the State relative to ' their remeval to the Indian territory. It is ' expected no trouble in the organization will J exist in this State in a year from now. 1 The Louisville Mayoralty Imbroglio. 1 Fraskfobt, K"., Jan. li ?The Court ot Appeals tor this etunty bas virtually decided 1 that Philip Tomppert has been, it now, and 1 will continue tobt until the next annual election In April the T*avor of Louisville vice ' Litbgon. whom the Board of Alderman de- 8 posed. Negro Suffrage ia Kansas. I ST. Louis. Jan. 11?The Drmocratt Topeka J special says that a proposition for an amend. < ment to the consutnuon is before tbe Senate to 1 allow negroes to vote, also giving all persons 1 over tbe age of IP years, regardless ofsox or color, tbe elective franchise, which was """It i the special order for next Tuesday. i Stephens la Disguise. . Borto*, Jan. 12.?It is reported that Stepbens has been in Boston during some portion of tbe past week. It wa? rumored in Lowell yesterday tbat he was in that city, but the story is improbable. ladlaaa Senator. Indianapolis. Jan. u. ?The Republican caucus to-night nominated Gov Morton for lT S Senator. He received ail the votes castfour members not votiug. LOCAL NEWS. L Thb Natiohal Eyral Kiohts LaAora Cosvbwtion or Colobbd Mam ?The eve. mag session, yesterday, was held at the Israel Church, near the Capitol. ( After devotional exercises, the business com- \ mittee reported an address to the colored people of tbe country. ? Tbe president called on Colonel R. J. Hint0D< (white,) of Kansas, who delivered aa address. Prof. J. Madison Bell, (colored,) of San Francisco, was Introdaced, and read aa original poem, which was enthusiastically received. Hon.G. W. Jul'tan, of Indiana, was iatro- I dnced aa the representative American aggressive radical, who was heartily applauded in bis address of considerable length. 1 "The Year of Jubilee * was sung by theau* dienee, after which Bishop Wayman made a i few remarks while the collection was being i taken C. H. Langston, (colored,) of Kansas, thea made a short address, after which tbe con vention adjourned to this morning. THtBDDAT. Tbe Convention was opened with religions exercises by Bishop Wayman. Captain C. S. B. Wall, of Ohio, offered a sense of resolutions for the appointmentof neg> o men of capacity to represent this Convention nt the Capitol ot this Republic, and expressive of the feelings of the Convention on the pas. sage af tbe bill extending the right of suffrage to tbe colored citisens of the District A motion was made to strike out the word negro and substitute "of the class hitherto distranchised,' which led to a lengthy debate, in which several members of the Convention, white and black, took part. Rev. John W. Logan said tbat tbe term aagro was peculiarly musical to him, and hoped the word would be retained. He wanted the term to be retained, for his mother was black and be did not wish to deny his origin. While Mr- Logan was apeaklag be was frequently Interrupted by questions. Tbe Chair sailed the convention to order, saying that tbe members should recollect tbat they were not in the House of Representatives, 1 and therefore they should keep order. I A member urged that there was no necessity for putting oat a sign, for bright in color as h? Was, whan he got into the cars on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad they knew where to pat htm. i Rev. E. Weaver, af Philadelphia, oallad the 1 pretions question, and nnder its operation the amendment was rejected, aad the resolution adopted. Corn* in Obhbbal Tern*.?This morning, I a general term ef the District Supreme Court 1 was held; all the Judges preeent. I Tbe Court affirmed the judgment of the ' Court below, (Criminal Court, Jadge Fisher,) in overruling the demurrer entered ia the case ot Sanford Couover, aliaa Cbas. A. Daa < nam, indicted for perjury before the J ndietary 1 Committee of the House of Repreeentatlvas when they were investigatlag tbe quesUoa as to tbe complicity or Jefferson Davis ia the as- \ sassination conspiracy. i Tbe Court also made aa order that on the ? first Monday In February ot each year, the < Chief Jaetwe shall make an assignment ot , each of tbe jastleee to bold the varloue courts t during tbe year, no )usfece to traaeact or interfere with the business of either of tbe courts I to which be Is not assigned, except on the request af the justice so assigned. Oa motloa of J. HTBradley, Esq, F. A. Dick, Esq., of Ma, was admitted to the bar of this District. Ubcree or Divo???_Y*?t#rd\j. Judge w yha u.nfu. a tfrcrre m ib- tfikf cour parciBg IThib rf# bonde of ntttnat ia v Mvi fc F.rooker with C Hrooker. gisio* Id* e?'m*?bihtant tbe right to resu roe the a%m? *t?bor? before m?rhu? The petitioner eo-s forth th*> the* *rr* mar. r**J*Bnary $?h, t*SI. in full* leiphiv h?r piaiden name brine M tere: cfc-argea this* the re ppOBden! m*dt> no |.f(jTi>ion li>r Ii#r tapport. that br l? hern cmlty of adolWj ib\r m .Inly It*', after tkm,i to take betlife. be cam- iob?r- bour* wiifc tb? avow-i purpes- of taking away her furaltnre, ami as united and crneMy h??t ber The evidence to tbia cm e vn taken hef .re H.Athforo, OnmiNifr-Uradley and liradies lor tbe complains*!. Tiik'Iraik Haii. or m Satan. Were, fer to the hail which will he g?v#u at 0.14 Fellow*' Hall, on Thursday eveuinc t\r%\ eh<- VM innlvrsa-v of ttie Colamnta Typ'graphical Soflflr. *>? Aeetgna'O It bec*ti?* the ?*.?. r*ety, bave. heretofore, aatrly earned rtie distinction of giving Brst class entertain. m<?u'f. whether we consider tbe eoc al atanrtmr Bt those who attest tbem, or the maa erly minspntfut which rtiartowirw nrtertaken by the printer*, from a bop to a itrtke. ? OiRrpiT <Vi-RT- Ohm -This mornn(. the jorv in tbe case of John o Harria aramst he Hal'imore and Ohio Kaiiroad ?action t?? recover damar*** for ra^^itM br the l>la:iittfl at ;he time ot a collision, wbicb the I'laTtilt charge* wa* raaaert by B?gltr~nee_ rendered a verdict awarding M t, damar*? l>n the former trial a verdict of ?.(?>?the rail amount claimed?wm awarded. Tbk Kxavibatiob (tr ArrticAtTti.?The committee to iximine applicant* for p,>* t ?n >i> the police force sat till a Inte boor last ni*bt. Th?-y romplcw-d the namination of all w*?> Dftered tbemeelve*. and will resume the examination n?-xt ftlenday niebt. ?f those ex piinined about one m four came up to ta,. standard of ?inalifleatlnn. Mr AKI> N B$. How Alt* I'aul ga ve a vv~ a I election at the Whit* hnvw to-day ihe President and household. H>? ICx'-etleaev very much t. ruck with Mn Mowir.l Paul** Mdrni of the Star Spu|led Banner which tbe declaim* superbly The Skow L*ir in the skvi\tr Wari?_ Yesterday, the < iffic^rs or the Setenth Ward Police arreMed eleven residents ol waid for ne. electing ?o comply witn the enow law The fines nmouKicC U>?12 several ct>ct b*-iuc Ji.mtseed. ?. *?R*iir> Labcemv.?Yeateiday, Kdw. Smith colort-d. vi> arretted by onicer <irau>, ?t th Fourth Ward, tor the larceny ot a bolt ofaear. 'et ojxra cloak do'b. the property ol ') \v WinniBKtor. The prisoner wu seiit to tail lor court by Justice Wat er Fikei> ? Edward Coridou was arre?-e,t by f >llicer?? Ft aba of the 7th Ward for a< llm* lifjtior without license. Justice liaudy ticeJ him (25. Police I. sroRTs,?Tbia morninr tbe l^ea. leiiants of police teported 1?1 arree'a yester. laj.moftof them violation*of the Uorport. Lion laws. The fine* imposed aiamiau>d tof jwi Gentlemkx ai:e ICk^i bsted not to throw the t-tnntps ot Ifyer A. Co.'e - L.ittie lieit c:<arV >n the skating pond, a* th?y mcomiaode tne -kater* Affairs la Ueargetawa. The H iitr.nit?The prop??.ibon totpi>r>pn. ?te?J? lor upeniujc the cliautiel, as offered tn ibe (JoaniM Cooncil, a* explained by the au. ihor, ie not for an immediate effort to op-u the way tbroutU the ice, but in anticipation of th^ breaking up of the ice on the river. 1 be id** npcurstoWto await ibe rotttnjt of the ice, arten the sum appropriated will be sumcieo' to employ a tug aud open tbe channel to the drawer of ibe Lonj Hridfe. in the hope mat the pnsMipe of tbe ice ihrougb that chanuel Wiil have tie efl.-ct to deepen and cl*nn?e it, snd thereby benefit tbe harbor. Should the Appropriation be made and ibe experiment prove eucce?*lul, the advantage will Lave b?en cheaply purchased. Flock anuOraiit Market?The market eluMd to-day with the dull, i^uiet condition which has prevailed durmr tbe wnek. on cbanped. Flour?Supers are qnoted at ?li, rut extra *1* to 913.50. extra *13.75 to ?l? io Liraiu.?Very little wheat amvtnr sale* fioro wagons are reported at ? ?ta?3 for red. and WrtJ 'JU lof white. Sale* of corn from stores it ?5c a?l per buebel. Tbe transactions are olely with fhe local trade. The IiELtN^rEWT* ?The licensee for vehicles under tbe Corporation laws having expired he police have been engage* nBee ve*terd*y (noiiiiBg in brincmr up the d-MmouenL* During the day the arreeta numbered 37: the otal nmoont of Hd^ wu 41. The Market^.?The provision market* wera well supplied this morning, the farms aud rardens of tbe *arrounding country being well epresented. Tbe prices ol prortsions have raried but little during tbe past two week*. Fork.?We nouce a uainber of lots ot prime ilauEhUTBd bo^s tn tbe market tbie morning iale* from wagons at JW 30, and from tbe stores n small Iota, twt'iii per lut ins. | AD1EBOI T PHOMICHADINU, BHOPFIhO Li or renraing lioroe from Tbaatrea and Owa:?ib,w..QM (i#w?|| t,f g.<iag to BUamiLu 8 rrsach Confectionery and uialag haiooa k4* Penn avonna bet weea lxtU aad iath street*, for ketreobmanu. CoBfectiAaery, Ac. 3l^ LULBCorri iiLLiMu orr _ The entire stock of Ladies', is***Jhiitirea a. Men s. Boy 'a an J V eotb * BOOTH. BHOBb ADD OA1TKU Will be sold at Brivate sale at aad bBLOW OUST PB10B8. JOHN AbuBKMAMM, 40J 7tb street, between U ast E atreets. ja 12 1m* OBBosite Odd Fellowa' Hall. ^yBBB A BBVBKUOK UATB PBtLBB ISHKi* TUB1B STOCK. Of ^Ba GBlk A, Mil CBO^KBBT, and Hi OLAS8HABB, Mn?e the Helldaya. sad are again prepared t* far* ilsb ?yery thing in their line, of the beet tlaes, tnd at tbe lowest cash prices ja It ?* WKBd A BEVKBIPQB ^KO. J. J0HBSON A CO.. Will coaacaee on MOBDAT Best to ruaofl tbelr Ltlre stock of DBY GOODS AID CABPET8 AT OBBATLT BBDD0BD PB1CKS CLOAKS at l?aa tbaa half price. JOBBSOM A SUTTOM B OLD 8TAVD, ja IMP Ail Seventh ?treet. niBTLBMBB'B BEAD? MA1>E CLOIUINtt I ABO rUBNlSBlBU OOOD8 Oar stock eaibracee a large variety of tbe tiaest iBd best uaalitr of OVBBCOATB, DBBSS SLITS, ind BCSlBBbS SUITS, aver offered in this utj, shlcb we are closing ont at leee than B?w York, trices. Ab opportunity is b?? offered eor eesomsrs to supply themselves at tbs lowest rstes. WALL. STBPHhNS A CU , 3'Jb Pennsylvania atenue, ja UStlf {I a tell ) betareen ?th and HHb sts WM I. WH BAT LEY'S PBKMll'tt 9TLAM LYEISO A t'LEANSINii ESTABL isd BENT Oflce Bo. 4** JeiTerean et . Oeorg?t o, D. O Established; prewiaas aaardelby the Metropolitan Inatitnte. IA&7; ret.ailt 18 ., ?nJi? now by far tb? largest and aiost o>>mpKte asiat lishmeut of tbe klad in this sectioa o! country, alth a iartce stock of tbe best foirigs aaJ doiueslic Dyes and Cheniicais; i eptets witti every da*ir sble Apparatus, aoJ piovitled with the be?t Talsat aao Artistic fekill to be obtainwi The *u?> criber is prepared to deaMBstrate to his csstonars that pre eminent as map have been his rr* tloas reputation, his awtte is " Bxoeieinr' is Dyeing. Cltaasing sb* BeftalsiiiB^ Ladle*' sod Gentlemen s Apparel, Silks, Vel\eu, Banns M? lino. Oiotb*. Ac., be nets* to stand nun telle! Truly thankful for past fa tore, he solicit* the cob tinned custom of the community. By Goods ree<'lv?-d and retaraed *r Bapre^s nlili tlis nlnssii in niaptusn in1 1r?' *~ k j* H-Ub WM H. WHEdTLtf. Pyer. I J^ISSOLUTIOB OF OOPABTBBBSU1P. J The Partnership heretofore exWtiag between A. M1LLKH and P. W BEST, nader the ueia* sad style of A. Miller A Oo, is this day dise-ited by matsai coLseat. A. MlhLEB i 00. January M. iW. Srie bndnees heretofore carried *a by A I L* B A CU. will beieafter be oarried on b> P. " BBhT.wbo is aathorlaed ta settle all 4el>t? contracted by tbe late lira sad who Is ai*o aether laed to receive all the money dae the lete nrm. jall-M* A MILbBB * CU^ T I G . The nndereiraed wonld respectfully anaesece lo the pnldlc that the* c?utinue the bBaeaaaeo' the late trm of C. B. JE WILL A Co.. ttrancbea. aad wonld solicit a centiuaanoe <>? patroaage extended to tne old rm ^ MOBGAN A BBIhBHABT, ja 9 tawlw G Street W liar __ S"^ C B. dBWBLL. OAP ABB CANDLE MaBUPACTCBl.B The subscriber will be pl*es*d t? see all ?'? 0,1 rri'ndsand 0QStom*-ra at his new piece of bu?i aess, G street north, bet sth s;id Atet'' shore he will keep i nstantly on head bts pre mlum Bosps aad <'aadl?s, and will reotinue to ell them at the lowest cash price*. O stre? t.beiween ?th and 5th jail-em |J11 AT BABG_k_IMSf Oas Bleawl Bew OS 1CB BBIN 0 PI A NO One JAMBS PIKRS0N PIAB0. ?1? &?u5^L^"X.^.Mh*Warer oma af BWBBM 'IfSfcsBBttTT * OO., aols Acenrn lor Stelae ay^ Vian.-e, and ) Ja 11 tf lain A HbsUb's Oahihet Orgeoi. f m