Newspaper of Evening Star, January 12, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 12, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. AHU8SHXSTS, Ac.. TO-HIOHT. N atiuml XHtATna.?"The Streets of N?V York," by ibe dramaue company this evetiluf, with ftlr. Fr?l. L. Kent, his firstappearacrf hire, as -'Badger.** Wall'* N?w CriRi HotM-Grsad donhie euiertamin?-nt ibis tfMIti, and last nigtat of Mr. E. L. Davenport, who will appear in two ot bis flneest Impersonations: -Rover," in (be comedy of "Wild Oats," and William," in tbe nautical drama of "Black Eyed Susan," tbe latter being, it is said, a character in which he is justly celebrated. M rrrbROTT Hall ?Tbe last night of those excellent performers, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Paul, whose concerts in costume have given sucli satisfaction during the week. No one should miti tbis last opportunity of witnessing their unique and delightful entertainments. I*LA9t> Hall ?Oo to the grand Temperance fair, under the auspices of Excelsior D. vision. No. 0. and Hope Division, No. M, to-night. ? Cutis Markkt 1 o-uu.?Beef, best cute, Erib..:t5<.-. next,2?c.; Salt Beef, 13a2uc.; Dried ej, Veal, *c. Mutton, chops, 20c., Lunb, a-c.; l>ard, iSp.; Pork, fresh, 12*15e.; corned. . Bacon, bams, nncnt,2>te3i?c.;sliced, _!5c.; brea>ts. i-a-.Mic.: shoulders, 18c. Butter, 4oa tic.. Chickens, pair.otic a$1.50; Turkies, each, 81 <Jeeee.75v.a?l 50; Ducks, pair, 75c.a8l- Eggs, floz., i5*4t c. Oreen Uorn, can, 4t)c. (Ireen Corn, in ear. dozen, 12cen's. Apples, pk, Apples. dried. 75c. Leeks, bh.. 5?*. Turnips, 25c. pk. Reaches, dried, per quart, 15 eta. Beans, butter, a?c.: white, 12a 13c.: dried cherries, qt., 50c. Kadishe*. per bunch..2a4c. Beets, perpk.,40c. Onions, 4t>c.; Okra, 3uc.; Parsnips, 3?aluc.; Pras, q a art. lOc. Carrots, bunch. 5 cents. Ft?b?KOck, large.each. ?la2; small.bunch, ?ue.; Perch, 4uc.; Mackerel, 45c. each; Halibut, lb , 25o.; Sheephead, ?5a81 each: Lobsters, per pound, IS cents; Sea Bass, per pound, 12 cents Spanish Mackerel, 5 la* 1 5) each. Kye, per bushel, 9.3c a*1.10. Corn Meal. Slafl lu Sh'pstutf, ???. Browmtuff, 50c Shorty 40c. Corn, stalled, *la#l.l0, in ear, bb'- f4a85. Oats, bh., ?>i?65c. Hay, cwt., 81.50 1175. Straw, flat.50. Celery, pr bunch, loc. Krout. per quart, fc. Cabbage, per head. SalOc. Hominy, quart, it> cents. Lettuce, laio cents. Pheasarts. per pair. 81.S0a82: Potatoes, 35c. per pevk, Sqirrels, 3>) cents each; Egg Plants, 5al0c. Chestnuts. 2>c. qt. Sweet Potatoes, 75c. <Jrap*s, 25c. lb. Small Birds, per da/., 81.26. Woodcock, per pr. *1. Small Dncks, 75c.a81 Canvass Backs, 83a$4 ; Bed Necks, 8Ia.?2; pair; Partridges, per do*., 84*85; Rotibius, 8150. Babbits, each. 3"a4oc. Chinquapins, per quart, 2?ic.. Cranberries, 20c. Pumpkins, 10 to jvc.each. There was no scarcity of Pork in the market this morning. The east side of tbe scale boose was occupied by country dealers with lot* of slaughtered bogs, and sales were 8^ 50 to 810 lor common to prime A small lot ot country beet sold by the quarter for 813 per 100 lbs. A Fin* Imfrovk.m bst.?Tbe spacious building erected by Mr (jeorge H. Plant at the corner of New York avenue and 15th street, is now so nearly completed that it will soon be in lull use tor (Government offices, the "National Despitary," Ac. Tbe superb store-room fronting on New York avenue, was constructed especially for a first-class grocery for the use ot Messrs. G. A. Hall and A. C. Plant. These gentlemen bring to their business ali the elements of success. Mr Hall, by his efficiency in business matters in Washington, and more recently by the success with which he carr ed on important busi. res* operations in New Orleans, has gained a favorable name for tact and energy. Mr. Plant is the son ot Mr. Oeorge H. Plant, and is a genuine "chip ot the old block" in business capacity. The store is one of the largest and l>est arranged in the city, being 115 feet deep, and hav ing a rear entrance tor tae introduction of goods The spacious cellars are underdrained, and floored with solid flag stones, and afford ample storage room for the err large stock of heavy groceries, wines, liquors, ?vc., laid in Messrs. Hall A Plant propese to deal in nothing but first-class go>ds, and their stock is perhaps ihe finest ever opened in this city. The r display of teas, for instance, surpasses in extent ann variety that of most of the tea "llongs" that make teas a speciality. In sugars, cofTees, and all the finer groceries, the same superiority Is noticed. In tbe way of canned fruits aud" table delica?i>-s frneraliy their stock is especially appetizing. t is very much to the advantage of customers tba' the late decline in wholesale prices has enabled Messrs Hall A Plant to purchase on terms that will enable them to sell flrst-clms goods at low rates. A grocery ot this clas? has been very much needed in that locality. Elsewhere will be found the advertisement of Meters. Hall A Plant. Ths Skatim. Cakjhval Last Etivik; The Washington Skating park, yesterday afternoon and last evening, was visite.l by many persons, the occasion being the first grand skating carnival under the auspices of the Washington Skating Club. In the early part of the evening a 11 umber ot Chinese lanterns were suspended about tbe pond, but the wires of many broke, and it was louud impossible to keep them in place. A number of large lanterns with reflectors were placed around tbe pond, and added greatly to the beauty of tbe scene Many of the skaters appeared in quaint and gaudy costumes, attracting the attention of. and many of them causing great amusement among tbe visitors. Among those in costume were a number as Indians, with all tbe feathers and paint; Old Santa Clans, Old Mother Hnbhard. Brother Jonathan, with bie huge white hat. Hamlet, several as clowns and jesters, and a large number with comical and costumes, masks, Ac., presenting a scene of unusual gayety and pleasure. The Marine Band was in attendance, and performed many excellent pieces of masic during the evsning It is thoagbt that at least two thousand ladies and gentlemen visited the pond during the afternoon and eTening. The carnival was kept up until near midnight, and all retired well pleased with the evening's entertainment. Th?Stay'mtting Ltgil Quntion Tbe Alexandria Uazette ot yesterday says : A very interesting legal question arose in a case in the county conrt ot this county yesterday, growing out of the ?<?tay law." Barlsv A Triplett i-emg indebted, beiore the war, to a frm in New \ ork to the amount of some 8500 or compromised tbe claim by executing their nots for f*<., payable on the 1st of January, 1*66, with endorsers to secure its payment. This note not being paid at maturity, tbe firm brought suit upon the note, and obtained judgment against tbe endorsers, and is. sued an execution thereon, which execution tbe defendants moved 'o quash, as having been issued in contravention of the ??#tay law." Tbe question was elaborately argued by Messrs. Smoct aad Brent in favor of the motion and Messrs. Willoughby and Beach against it. Tbe argument was interesting and ingenious. involving, we believe, ter the first tim-, the true construction of section 3 of the stay law of 1^66, a question of great importance to debtors in tbis State who have compromised their debts The court refused to quash the execution. and decided that it was a new debt and was not affected by the stay law. Thi V. S. Aobiculttkal Socihtt?The fifteenth annual session of tnis body has been held here during the past week, and It has been well attended by the life members, every section of tbe I mon having been represented. Measures have been taken to revive the active operations of the society, which have been interrupted by tbe war and a committee was sppoiaied to Inquire into the practicability of holding a nation agricultural and industrial exhibition here in May, leea. if our citizens will but take an interest in this proposition. Its success will bring an immense influx or strangers, all of whom will disburse more or less money. Hon B. B. French was re-elected president, nd Major Ben Perly Poo re was re-elected secretary, with the old board of vice presidents Hon. Marshall P. Wilder, of Massachusetts. <.ne founder and the first president of the society, was appointed a commissioner to represent the society at the Paris World's ,ll# ^ricsltural exhibitions in x.urope dnnag the coming year. ? KiNuaaa -We confess a fend*or f*iry-like music produced by the tinkling and the jingling of the bells" when they are sornug as to produce harmony and not dwewd; and the Swiss bell ringers have loag been noted for tbe.r artistic tlnunabularv performances. There is BOW a consolidation 01 the two Peake families with the renowned Berger family, vocalists, harpists, violinists and silver coraet band, and the troupe thus Wmed commence a series of entertainments a* Metzerott Hall, on Thursday evening next. . ? Ckwtxhabt Skbvicj??To-morrow, the rotgregation of Waosb Chapel will celebrate the Centenary of Methodism. In the mornlug fbe Key. ]>r Pe I la-- will preach, aad ia the afternoon a lev?-feMl fto which the Methodists and members of the Methodist Cnnrch in the 1'isirift are invited) will be held. At night a platform rneettug will be held, Ex-Secretary Harlan pr--sirt nc. and addresses will be made by lions. W T. Willey and Hiram Price. I'smx WAR ?'UI>OHKK8* A?*00Iati0S.? TLe regular uiouthly meeting of this association w:?s held a the City Hall Thursday even r.r Tbe foil .?mg officers were elected tor fee ynr Capt Tb >m*s.>n, president. Brig <-en Lassalle and Lieut. Williams, vice pres. dents; Cap'. SHichuer, recording secretary ; Surgeon Cragin, corresponding secretary; Mai. ' ^ bite, marshal Tmtmrm.? Yesterdav Detectives Miller and OoomM arrested Nathaniel Tilghman, George Caster alias Charles Cravey. Albert^Foeter. and Conway Johnson. Xor the larceny of an overcoat valued at fjrty dollars, the property of Frank (Mover. The case was examined before J astice Tncker this mottling it appeared that the boy Obiter, with roster and Johnson. have become notorious as pi|. ferers and passaga thieves thongn neither is over seventeeo years of age. Caster entered the passage of Glover's residence and s oiethe coat, his companions keeping watch to pre eni bis capture. Caster pat the c?at into an old feather sack and look ft to Tilghman. whs bought it tor three dollars, supposing it castoff clothing. Tilghman confesses the purcha*e ol the coat. The boys confessed ttie and the division of the money, and were committed for court. Tilrbmui is a colored man who bears a good reputation, and there being no evidence of guilty knowledge or the larceny when he purchased, he was dismissed. Drcrbr or Divorce?Yesterday, Judge * ylie, sitting in tbe Equity Court, made a decree divorcing Sarah McNeir from bed and hoard with Wm. McNeir. giving her the guardianship of the children and the control ol tbe property; the respondeat to pay the costs of the suit. Tbe petition sets forth tbat tbe par. ties were married in 1357. (tbe maiden name of the complainant being Hefferman.) and that there are two children by said marriage It charges that during the msrr age ne has been habitually drunk, has frequently abused her. and finally, in lt-61, deserted he.r. The evideuce was taken before Mr. Ashford. Commissioner E. Swann for the complainant. Real "Estate Kales.?Green A. Williams. auctioneers, sold a two-story frame dwelling house and lot on 9th street west, near M nor>n. to Wm. Thompson, for f l,&jS; two two-story brick houses and lots, on a lease of ninety years, on 9th street, between N aud O. for A>j.i each. Grand Larcimt.?Nel-on Lindsay, colored an employee of Tarter, Yates A Co.. wan arretted bv officers Leach and Frazier. or the Second Ward, for the larceny or a lot ol dry roods from his employers at various times He was sent to jail for court by Justice Clark. Masquerade Hall.?One of these agreeable entertainments will be given by Harmony Circle, at Odd Fellows' Hall, on Monday evening next, when two valuable prizes will be given to the best original maskers, male aud female. I Sflttso Liquor Unlicensed.?John C. Hinton. colored, restaurant keeper, ws< ar. rested by officer Leacb, of the Second Ward, lor selling liquor without license. Justice Bates fined him B25. A General Mketimi of the Hebrew Renev[ olent Association will take place on Snnday in the \ estry room, at 1U)< o'clock a. m s-e advertisement. ? ? ^ CITY ITEMS. The foy* are yet beinr provided for at lienane's One Price Clothing Stoie, on tbecorner of Se\enth streetand Maryland avenue. Jewelry. ? Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry and Silver-plated Ware Store, No. 4> Pennsylvania avenue, near 4* street?new gooJs received this morning. m a Correction?We are informe.i hy Miss Belle Garcia that the report that she was connected with the difficulty at the Post ()lfli e Department is not correct. She was not present at the time. Gloves, Hall Hose, Merino Shirts a id Drawers. White Sbirts, Tie*, Scarfs, ar reduced prices, at Franc's popular Gent's'Furnishing Store, 4M Tth street, near Odd Fellows' 11 all. Large Gathering at the Park: also at the stores of our friend J R. Foley purchasing their skates for the occasion, which he is closing out at very low rates and has on han.l a laige variety lately received to p|e*s? all I>o not fail to call at once to Nos. '275 l'ennsvlvania avenue, and 318 F street, between loth and 11th streets. AHichsiobd Discovery.?Elsewhere will be found the advertisement of Mr. Napthali F7?Eiel of Richmond, who has discovered a most efficacious preparation for the hair. We are not bald-headed yet. aud have therefore bad no opportunity of testing its merits, out lrom what the Richmond papers say, and the testimonials exhibited by the doctor, we have every reason to believe that it is an excellent preparation not only for restoring the hair, but for the prevention of dandruff, and eaclting healthy action of the scalp. Give it a trial. China, Glash ant>Cro< kirt WARE,ar*to be found in endless variety, at the stores of our friend J. R. Foley, Nos. 275 Pennsylvania avenue, and 315 F street, between Unhand I lib street*. A Iro. Cutlery and Plated Ware. lapan Tin Ware, Lamps. Ac., Ac., which be offers wholesale and retail at terms to soil the public. Pleasing ny the Bell*.?Our readers will remember this interesting event, which took plsce a short time since?tbe blessing of ths bells" of St Aloysius' Church, an event of great pomp snd solemnity, and wbicb called out one of tbe greatest gatherings of our people. ? m. H. Donobo. Esq., oneof our gifted citizens. wr?te upon this occasion decidedly J8- b*',t P0"'"*' production, consisting of Ave beantifii| verses They have been '",I? music by Proflsseor E. Mack, of Philadelphia, and dedicated to Right Rey. m. J. Spalding, and published and for sale by John ?. Ellis. 30^ Pennsylvania avenue. Price 50 cents; sentQby mail upon receipt of price. r r I oeeer a splendid stock of fine 19 karat (Jolrt end Silver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry and Opera Glasses, 10 per cent, belo w cost, to close business. I. Alexander, 240 Pennsylvania avenue. ? Dn. White, Chiropodist. 494 Penn. ar., botweon 4# R?d ?tb streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular exsreeentee, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., and 6 to S p. m. Established l??i. For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 per bottle ?or sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenae, between i)t aa d 8th streets. 0 We take pleasure in announcing that, onr old fellow citizen, J.. B. Gardner, M. D., has renewed bis practice, in which speciality we know he has had great experience. We refer you to the advertisement column. s a Scan Pile Core?Dr. Gilbert's Pile in strument positively cures ths worst ca**s of piles. Sent by mail on receiptor 94. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. B Romame. Manager. No. 57< Broadway, New York. XHKU. ?E wiLuVn ??v 7 o'cloek f. bam** Kins'}. MMLLBT, daughter of th? 1st. ILe reUtivss sod friends of the fsmlly arers speetfally invited to attend her raneral, from tbe residence of ber mother. II street seath, between JK and ?h streais, at 2 o'clock on Mondsy thS Ufa 1 Dsl. a ICHlHflR BudUsnlv, at 10 a. m on Prl ^*hJr"fc,T ' MA*V Cha""^*' p **? St Johns ? WALLING Ob tbellth In-tant, ar*' a aaln Mt? MAKY J AN* ??AL Lib? ennsert of Joseph ? Walling; the only dsughtsrof Mrs JaneCormsn. A light Is frem onr honsebeM ?on? A voice wi l?ve le still; A slsce U v?caat In . nr midst. Which never can be filled. Ber fsneral?lll take pl^-e J o'clock. Ber friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend. No 31 last Capitol street. * O'B AM. 0? thaioth las teat, at 7 o'clock am., Mrs Ott'IK O'BABK sg?.<l 3? years. The relatives and fi? of the f*mtly are reevoctfnlry Invited to attend her fnneral. from her late reairtenco I street botwooa *)ta aa<l list strests, at o'clock, oa Saturday, the 12th Instsin. at* ^ BOOBBllb. HALL A PLABT, PLANT'S BUILD ISO, Corner Mew York avenue and 15th street, (latraato or Mew York ayoaue,) Dealers inline FAMILY OBOOBBIKS, TBAS, W1MMS, 1MPOMTMB LUX0MIB8, Ac., *r , would respectfully notify their friends snd the public thst they have just opened their Mew Oro eery ttoro, where eaa bo obtained any article usu ally kept la a Bret cine* Grocery. Without attempting tooaaEMraie oar large, fresh and wsllselected stock, ws sordUlly Invite the public to esanlnennr store and stock, believing we shall not fail to give entire satisfhctloa to all oho may favor uawitb their patronage. We call tepeclsl attention to our assortment of TKAB snd COPY IBS, which bars been selert?d with great care flsr pu^fty. Dealers will fin1 a Bne sssortmsut to seiect from, ao>l oar prices to snlt. Goods delivered promptly la sn> part ofth<? city. ;an 9 3m AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenue, um W Ulards' Hotel. ONLY MIGHT POSITIVELY THIS fBATU RBAY ? STKK m(j JANUARY 12, _ of tb? BTBmsor IEW TOBK, Produced upon til* mpti liberal scale and a SPLBSRI? OA NT ^HARVOTBES, Including tb? popular tci?r. ?. . , >**. FRED L. KENT. Who hu b**n especially enraged. _ MAi^IB MITCHELL WilUnwr on -?Nf>A V bVBNING next u 1 v a F ANOHON. Eoj sheet row open. WALL'S NEW OPERA lldVSii BERRY * W ALt? I'KOPKl RT0R8. B. V. PHILLIPS lltMl MANAGLB SATURDAY BNENINO. Jnntrary 1J, Lut nigh i of Ike ansa* euieut of 1R E. L71)AV1BP0BT, Who will appear a? ROVBB. In O'K eefe's Comedy of WILD OATS, And as WILLIAM in the Nautical Drama of ? BLAOK IYKD bUSAN MONDAY, Jan. 14 Beproduetion. with Increased B fleets, Bourlc?al('a miccassful Drama, THB LONG STBiB B. BATB8 OF_AD MISSION. Pitvate Boxes, 98; Orchestra Chairs. 91; Drees Circle. 76 cent*; Parqueite. to cents; Family Clrcle. 2ft cent*; Colored Circle. 25 cenU. METZEROTT HALL. Foraaeavon of TWO WRBKS, commencing THURSDAY, JANUARY 17th, aj <1 continuing every evening no til further netlce Uraui coneolldatioa of throe diatlnct aad separate Companies, THB TWO PEAK FAMILIES, SWISS BELL BINDERS, And the celebrated BBRGBR FAMILY, Yocalists. Harpist*, Violinists, and SILYER CORNET BAND, Composed principally of Children. TWO bOLO HABI'lSTS. TWO SOLO VIOLINISTS, TWO SOLO STAFF BELL PLAYERS. The enly Stafl Bell Players in the worlJ. VS PERFORMERS AND a??o SILVKR TABLE bellb. Cards of Admission ......SO cents i r-.fd >i?tf 1 ft ** Tickete lor tale at Metzerott's Music Store, where a 'Miterum nf the Hall may be seen and seats stenred three days lu advance SATURDAY. JANUART 19th, GRAND BKLL RINGKR8' MATINEE. CI lldren admitted to tbe Matinee for 'id cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock , comm-nce at 3 o'clock. ATtei noon?Doors open at IS o'clock; commence at JS o'clock jalipt / ' RAND TEMPERANCE FAIR at ISLAND HALL. > irglnia avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. Beautiful Goods, Amusing Dialogue*, Charming Music, Laughable I'ebtoniinies, Pleasing Charades. A Beautiful Silver Pitcher and six Silver Gob* lets to l?e presented to the Division receiving the largest amount (lf mosey In its respective box 8*taa*<>ii tickets, au cent", Single admission, 16 cuts. ja8 it* L'AHOI DREHSES AND COSTUMBS E For Tableaux and Private Parties. Apply to MRS FRANK REA, jaO-Ct* 44 7 10th street. BA LLS, PA HT1ES, <fcc. ^ R AND BALL. THE FIFTY SECOND ANNIYERSARY or th K COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY Will If c-lehrated by aUraod Ball at ODD FELLCWH1 BALL. 7th street, on THURbDAl EVENlNO, January 17.1867. Tbe Committee of Arrangements have spared neither pains uor exptn-e In their eflorta to make this THB GRAND CALL OF THE 8BAS0N. Darning to commence at 9 o'clock. Hllendld Programme aad gwod Manic. Tickets, (IncTn'ling relreshmeuiit furnished to Ladies.) $2. Committee of ATTftnt'meni W R McLean Th >s Rich c M Marphey JOCWbaley N W K iug Win M Belt GAR McNeir Robt Penman A J Donaldson Utreption Committee.D W Flynn W C Hunt Blam Hack WmFlemruing Peter Harr E G Harford A Gordon JMABpotswood J H Donaldson J W L Eager H Harnard B MacMurray J K Kavanagh D Htrbaugh J H Davis, Jr. Floor Manager?NOR VAL W. KING. Assistant*: W W Maloney J 8Tomllnson L F Clements 8 B Cnlverwell Win J Bennett E H Tabler T B Nolan Timothy Cochlin ja 10 eott THE FIFTH ANNUAL PRIZE MABUUBBADB BALL OF th* HARMONY CIBCLB will be given at tbe ODD FBLLOWg' HALL, On MONDAY BYBNK?,G, January 14th. 18i7 Two valuable arizes will be given to the best original male and female maskers. .The number of cards lor admission aosltl vely limited, and can only be procured at Nos. gs 311 aad 4*9 Pennsylvania avenue up to fl the l^th Instant No tickets sold after that date. 0^ Mr Marshal, the popular Costamer. of Balti> more, will be at the Germanla Ho el, O street, between 4H and Ith, on Saturday aad Monday, Janvary 12th and Uth, with a very large variety of the latest novelties of Coetnmes. Prof Schrooder's celebrated Band has boen engaged for this occasion. jan 6J>,10,12 ?t COMMITTBB. PERSONAL. BYEB1NO STAR 1b that part of the city known as the Seventh Ward, (Island.) heretofore served *r- A. Be son, that the route has passed into ?yJb'Dds.and I amdetarmined to do justice to all. Subscribers will please leave their orders at the Star Office for prompt attention. ? HENRY J. BLL18. Agent. TV S?".1 a1! HERB BY GIVEN THAT 8AMU8AM8TAQ has assigned all hie goods and cutUli, stock and book d*bta, and other asseto, to tbe undersigned for tbe payment of bis creditor*, as will appear by reference to the assignment duly recorded, and all persous are hereby warned and prebiblted from paying to tbe eald Sam*tag, or other person, on his behalf, any debts they may have owed him. January 1 th, 1467. foil* * M 1IBQBL. nPHB QRBAT FRBNCH REMBDY-Dr. YelA w* * Periodical Uraf.?The ooly certain and eafe remedy for ail Uterine Obstructions, Monthly DtnienitlM. Irregulariti?e. and all the other die eaeee to whioh the woman, wife, and mother Is 9* . ullarly liable They wtll be found the easleet and most certain cure tnat can be found. It is on account of t >i? certainty that they should not he taken by pregnant females during the Bret three months, as misoarilage is certain to be brought on. butatothar periods their use is perfectly safe Office 179 south B street, between 9th and loth, Island. jail 3t* r|* JOSEPH * ROWABD " 1J has removed his Office and residencs to Bo. NINTH STREET ja S <t* between I and New York avanua. T B. J.FRYETM.D^ J. B SMITH. M D. DR8. FBYE AND SMITH Can be consulted profesKioaally, at Be Ui PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ja (t* between 17th and 18th sts. AB MAUBICB. REAL SCIENTIFIC AS TROLUGER Of AMERICA, r'ro i tbe poettion ana a-pect of the Stars at tbe tn >h ol one's birth, will reveal astoaisblug se cr <. that no liviag mortal aver knew betore, how to ' r siiccesifnl in all ree?'iitat>l? undertakings. U tells came and vary day you marry; describes iht intended companion. <tnd t'-lts all events of lift: good mck and long life to visitors. Ladies to cenrs to 91: gentlemen In fall fi. Call at 470 l*ih st uesr F, all hours until 4 In the evening. de yi lm* |~~ADIE8 LOOK AT THIS. COLLAR ASD CUFFS GIVEN AWAY. Each ladv having work doee at the CHBAP STAMPING ROOMS 439 9tu street, opposite Patent OlBce. will racelvs rratii one Collar and pair ut Cuite, stamped on tlie Unest muslin, for chain sticb. Brnid or Embroidvry, suitable for night gowDS. Star Rraid aa l Colored Cotton for the above at red used price* Initial* stamped from one to.ftre cents. Stamped goods at Half the price heretofore asked. de M tf GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. ^y uRTH KNOWING'. It Is worth knowing that the greatest Bargains ate to be bad at MItCER'd CHBAP DRY GOODS 8TOBB, I"1 Bridge street, Georgetown, D 0. He bas just received a large stock of Bleached Shirtings ann Sheatlsg, at lower prices than tb?y have lf-u s?14 slaoe the war Bleat bed Muslin*, at 11.H mid 1ft cts., good yard wide do . *icts.,aud the te-t makes at fb and 30 cents Sheetings an 1 Pillow Oettons very cheap. Muslios, It ? and l ets .yard wide do. i9a>id dots Merrimack and Mb -r bast makes Calico, 'Ju cts Fine AllWoo French Merino, #1 Winter Draeg D>ads generally. embracing Pspllns, Empress CJotn*. PUid*. fi lalnes Ac., at cost Shawls. Blankets, Flannels Cl .tbs and Casslmeras, Glove* and H"?ier?, at annsually low prices. Call an<-. <nandne his stork. deSl BENJAMIN MILLBB. FOR f ALE?One twenty horse power uortable B1EAM BNGINK AID SAW MILL, just temileied, and warranted to five satisfaction. Also, ffverai small stationery ENGINBn, new and see. nd t.itod which will be a-t|d tow for cash. Ant>lytuWSi M Bl.LIB A BRO . Basle Iron Wcrfci corner of tfhlo averas and Uth street, Warbiogtou, D. C. lintel) ja7-3?*rJir WANTS. i m II' AKTFp- ft l?rui|6?<l K >v>M, nu It th< ctitrt of ih* dt; H-i t l-? ifH |U|?iawftU, AMimL jftOfl.aur ??fbce. *< W* HTBIt 1IIM BDf ATBbT?A llOtT*B, anfuralshed, from ill te eight room*, with |U and water Address. stating t. rn kiiii locatloa, J~ D. fc. Star office. ^lHT W A**TID?A? *i|?rl?Kr4 MWUK.U fori'l"> l?*>?rd for nrat claee b??i4>ri. Will ?*' lie entire control ( dining ro?e? ui kt?e* eu. I <iereare? required Apply at 4*>3 < aireet, betwt en i Ik aa<l Cth itiMb. Man* bot reap--Betide rtrtni I MM (ill. }? II a' W ANTED?A~ Whlii. Of BL kNwt 18wr M years " ?'? ?? ?o esslatlu esmall private family. ?ply at the tt?r Office. j> H y WAHTIib-Br t ><lu ? famllj, t ?>1mo4 female OOOK luit b??tll recoaameuded, A<JiUh? B?i 86. ^tar office. ja* AOO0D WOHAM WA>UU-r?(o.)i, wash. Iron, and do seaeral hnnifwort is > f?rr ia?ll tunlly Oood r?f?r*nc*i re-mired. Apply 4^9 L lUHl, between 9th aud iOth sweets. jallU* WABTBD?toy a respeocaote girl, a BITL A TIVN tedo howwwsrl tn a private family Apply at the a*rth*e?t corner of id street and Haas aveaue. over the faed store. ja 10 It* IVAHTBD-By a man who aaderttaadc bis busiBees, a SITUATION to superintend a ftra. For furtherpar toilers apply at Mo. ft'il 17th St., Ospt BHABM IM S Beetaurant ja 10 4t* WANTBD-A BOAT MAKER Onewhntnnronghly

understands his business Bone other reed apply InqcireofO B JEWELL, O *t DOitti, between 4th and 6fh ja lu Jt* WANTBP d BLACKSMITH ao<1 WHSKLWBIGUT. Colored preferred Call "t Bo. 17 1 B street, bsiween 9th and 10th streets, Is and. ja 10 3t* WANTED?By two yonng married conrles, KLHNlBriED BOOMS, within the limit-of Pean.ave ami O -t nu! 11th aud lith IM Ad dress W. W . O., Star Office. ja 9 4t* C 1 /WW) WANTED for twelve mouth* on Oi 1" WM worth of property . Address ' A K Star Office jagftt* WANTEW-A Yw( BO MAN. who ta a goed draftsman and pennian. htsaly employment Address Box 49.1 l'oit Office, with real name and rtlertncea. ja 7 iw* WAHTBD? Oa the 1st of February, an unfurui?bed HOL'SB. containing from rive to eiirnt rooms and hall, with gas and water; in a good neighborhood. Belereme* gl ten if required. Ad dress FKLIX. Bo* No. .1* Star Office. j*7 rtt* W^ANTBD-A COOK. Hol SEKBEPEB arid vv n INTBhBS in a small family . German preferred. Call at lib7 Mew fork ava., bet. 6th and 7tb sts. %%/ ANTED ?New and Cant off OLO1 U I NU. old vv GOLD and SILVBB.or aey other article of value, at the eld established Men bant Pawn In okar's Store ot B PULToN A OO , 3UU9th St., 3 doors north of Penna avenue. Bole Agent for BlNGEBs. SEWING MACHINE, de 22_ly 1*7 ANTKD-100 L ftDIKB ira uicMllately . (???v* brxider Yokes, Baud*. Wrapper Yoke*. Flannel Skirts Slippers, and Initials. To bo-mI hau ls who briae sample of work, g?o-l wagea and cou stant employment given. Call at the new tttamp lug Buodi. 4 39 9th atreet, ope >sita Pateut Office. STAMPING reduced to FIVE cents per width, de IS tr WANTED-10 OOO LADIBS to kn >w that at the Mew Htamptng Booma, 4.19 9th ?tre?t.oppe?lte Pateut Office, they can tind the b?st aelected sac rtmeut o! Patterns aver offered here for Cloaks, Cspes. Aprons. Josevs. Waists, Token, Bands. Wrappers. Bltppers. Pincushions, and lol tials Also, lesians for PillowCas^s. Ottomsua. Chair Covers, Pianos, aud. lu short, every variety of Patterns as they are daily litaned. We have a Freach Machine and a Piactisal Stamper, aad have tednred the price to FIVE CBMTB TEB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern brought ns. Braids, Bilk and Workiug Ootton very low. de 1* tf WANTBD-BECOND HAND FC KM I TU BE Also M1BKOB3.CABPETB. BEDS, tlEI> D1 h O aud HO L'BE F U KN 1111 N <1 OOO 1)8 ot every description. B BUOHL*T. 4Cr^ 7th street. Jeeg-tf betwean G and B, eaat side LUST AND FOUND. | OST?Oa the night of January luth.a LAOE H aNDKBucHIEF, with lace bir i appli<a>ie. A suitable reward will be given on Its returu to J.G CLAKKE, Biggs' Bank ja 12 St* LOST?Wednesday, Jan. 9. 16>7. a dtrft ie4 OOW. short boras, turned lu. Five dollars will be paid for her delivery to JOHN ColtBiCItT, 2d St.. ne?r Va. ave , Island. ja U tf LO?l? On tl.S night of the ifth in-taut at Wall's Opera House, or on 0th street, a MUFF of uiitik tur. The tiuder will receive a liberal rewind by returning it to 4S4 H street, betweoa ytb aad 10th. ja lg-3t* ttMC BBWABD.? Left In a water cleset at tbe Mational Hotel on 10th Inst , a Gold Hunting Cai>s W A Toll. The above reward will ue paid if laft at the office of the National Hotel, ja H it* CAME"TO~THB PBBM1SBS OF THB 8CBscrlber, a few days slnca.fnnr BEtVHd. The owner will pleasa prove property, pay da'uagaa, and take tbem away. E J. MlDDLEToN, near Port Banker Hill, It* about three miles north of Capitol. IOtT-A small black OPBBA GLASS, left on > a seat at the Bational on Friday night. Tbe finder Is respectfully requested ta sead his ad dress to Pest Office, box Mo 4*i4, or to leave tbe glass at the office of tha Btar or Intelligencer. ja il 3t* LOBT?On tka morning of the Mth Instant, a ysllow leather POCKET BOOK. It has my aane en It, and contains a small sum of niuBey. checks. Ac. Tka fiader will ba suitably rewarded by returnlag It to tha subscriber. 8. W K HANDT, jail St* 366 1 ith street, Island. I OBT?On the luth instant, on 7th street, beJLi tween B and tbe avenue, or on tbe avenue, between 7th end tjfc strsats, a snail POCKET BottK containing a sum of money, also a letter of great value to the owner as a keepsake. The finder will be lloerally rewaroed at the Biar sIBce. ja 11 3t* IB FT AT MY BTOBB, aliout two weeks ago. a J all verheadeil CAM B. The owner is ra-taeeted to come forwsrd, prove property, pay charges, and taA< It away. No. 9 south A stmt, Uapltol Hill. ja 10 ft* 6>Oii BBWABD?Molen on the Bight of the "O" S3d ofbeptember from the aretalses of George Jones. Bear Bladensbarg, a dark brows BOkfeE, marked 0. 8 and I. Tf.; medium siae. maae and tall somewhat sunburnt: basa roan nose. The above reward will be paid If returaed to GBO. JOBB8, jM^^HjattsvJlle^rlnc^eorje^^o^Mjl BOARDING. ABIGON D 8TOBT FBORT BOOM, fnroitbed, with BOARD, for centleaaa aaJ wife or sia . ale gentlemen, at 330 iBth street, between land K streets. lt?RCOM AND BOABD? One slagle aad <>ae large BOOM. Bicely furnished, wltn gooddtoard, at 371 Pens'a aveene. opposite National Hotel. Table Board (29 per month ja 1] 2t* L^CBNIEHBD BOB MS FOB BBNT-Wltb 7r K without Hoard. Will be rented for Hoase keeping, If dsslred. Twa in a room, with Board, ?a. Beferencee exchanged. Bo. *J1 Pa. a venae, between 21th and Utk sts. iaU-3t* P)B BENT?Hundsemslr furnished communicating BOOMS, with Board, for rent at No d3!^H itreet, between 10th and 11th. ja 10 St* DOABDIBG.?Ladies aud gentlemen can be ac LPsommooated with elegant BOOttB aad firstclass TaBLB. at N<>. lid Pennsylvania avenue, betweea 17th and 18th sts. The location la partiralarly deaSrabl* on account of the proximity to the Departments. Table Beard aad families furnished at aeoderate rates. Tranaient Boarders. Sl.fiO per day jag-ot* 170B BEBT-Two Furatehed BOOM8, at Bo. r s67 13th street between B and F sts. de U-tf 'T'ABLB BOABD at Bo. 484 lfth street,a few 1 doors aortb of tka aveaae. Tense fa per da ld tf FOR SALE AND RENT. Fl BMISHED HODBEB BOB HBNT-Ona of 10 rooais, near City Ball, at ?i:0 per month Also, oae of 10 rooms, near the Oapltol, at $ 10? per luo' th * One of 12 roross, sear tbe President's House, for $1Hi per month Oae on 1 th street of 7 rooms, for #80 per month. D. L. WELLS A CO., , _ .. Beal Estate Brokers, JB ^?t northwest corner 10th and F IipOB RENT?To a private family only, a hand souiety-furnished HODSB. coaUiatag fonr t.-en rooms, situated aear the Preeidentti Man eloa. References re mired. To a good teaaat for a lotig term, rent very moderate. Addrees Box No. 3 7, Btar Office. ja 7-8t* Fob balb-a oodntby seat and gabDEB FABM.withia oae mile of tbe city. This property will be sold low aud en ea?y term*, or excl hnged for dt/property. Also, from Tweaty to Bixty Acres adjoining tbe above. Aleo. Farms aud Country Beats In Maryland and Yirtnla. Apply to V.D BTOOKHB1BGB. Beal Betste Ageut, Nertheast corner 7th and F streets, ja ? lm* Waeklagtoa, D. C. ^OfABTMBIIHlP. 1 have tbls day aaseclated with me la the Grocery BusIbsss my brother, JAB. H. Gl'LIOk, aad tbe buainese will hereafter be ceaducted by the firm ot QULlOK A BBOTHBB. All persous having unsettled accounts are re quested to eettle the same, as new books will be opened from this date. O F.GUL10K. Washington, D. O.. January 1, 1867. We. the uaderslgaed, feel confideat that, with our experience aad the facilities at our commaad. we can furnish ta parchasers both waolesale and re tail, as large aad well assorted stock of Groceries, Teas, Wloea, Liquors. Cigars. Ac , as the market aflotes and at tbe moat reason aula rates. Goods boaskt of us delivered free of charge to any part of becttp. oeLlCK A BBO , Comer of Hit Jeraey aveaae aad B street south, ja 1-lPt | TBB NOTHING BUT THB BB8T I THOMAS' P1BE fBEE TAB TBOCHBS. for Cong ha Colds aad Threat Diseases. Bpsclal Ageat. KIDWEbL A BON. a^ sold by all druggists. jaMlf P1ABO?One full slse Ohlckeriag Graad Piano, which we have taken la exchange, for sa<e upon easv terms. Prloe |I4, a?HM| tbe warerootns of 11 * W. t. MBT7.BBOTT A OH , da 7 Sole BfenU of Stein way A Son*. FOR SALE AND UENTL L'OBhtLIUUTU RENT?Two BOO MS. suite Ma for ?hnp* or v * i.omi.iiUt ?4oaO(t , bftttM IIU ?Mi ntk jelitt* IICOM-TO KmTt faralaha* r nnfar* ,h?1 H %v* no#. between itk and Ttti AU?.t?o ROOMS (n?ba| oa B *t , in the Mm* baildlag ltd chH) ja II It h'OB BENT-Twe c. mmunkatli g oBr > B90M9 n? lh? lat flvr. < 4?? V h?tw?>en il'b atvU >. Al*n other (irtitM BOOMS leqtilre tie pretui>e* I* |f st* AMO*T OE'IBABLE HOBSB ANH FURBITUBK rt?H BIBT, Mo. * * < 1MB street l-t W aod B. UtilitMlln.TOBl'IO'l 4<t Uikitmt. ja It-It* |VOB BBHT-BBICB HuUSB. eixrooaM. *uh sas. water. large yard. wood ehe-l Be . on K trt-et, between lfl'h mod l?th et* . is. ward 0B0 A. LAN* It* 17 4 E street, near tith. Hoi si FOB BENT?On Capital Hill" bet weoa M and 4tb streets. froatiag *0 Pann ?T?aq?, six '<x ma via *sd ws'er Itmnira at Mr. Mc t'OBMICK S Grocery Store, 00 the corner. ja IS B* 'fO LET?Two very pleasant communicating I B<?OMl?, secoao story nie*ly fnral*hed. with or w ithout Board ilan,ottlonblt> and one slagl* BOOM. 139 Penn'a avenue, bttWMD leth and nib streets. ja 11 It* fpo~B BALB-Tbe ST.?CR, GOODWILL, ant FIXTUBBSuf a Grocery ||nr? on 7?b atra*! will be aoM at 1 bariala RikImm aboit flftr It ousend 1 l(?,??i dollars per annum. Add rest MKBCHANT, Was) ington ()lt?. B C. a 12 at* F'OB BEBT-Two story Frai * BLACKSMITH and aHBILWKIOHT SHOP an a>rth si Is of New York avenue bat th and 7th streets weet. loqolte of JOS F. KELLBl. Reel B-uta t?it oBca .tfc3 81 h at wait, naar North I at. jai2 It* L'OK 8A LE- f' H 0 will bay a nice t?o-story r I KAMI HUDsE. witii ncarlv 3,0110 feat of Grand, #.n 7th stieet, opposite the Perk Hotel lerms easy. A-plyt" BILBOI RN.LATTA A CO , Ja IS 21* corner 7tb and F >tr??t< l/'OB KIKT HOUSIg in the Phlia l-fi bta *?w. a lltb ilrrtt ran. hall hoar'a rid* from th Treasury. an<l four block* Oom the care Tnea* louses bar* oil convea'eaces lauelre of the agsn* . JlOft I atrrtl. b?<tw?en lith an I iTtn j* 12 41" THOMAB M PLOWMaN. I/OK BENT STOKE tod DWB LLTBl;7 Bo Penn'a at*., bet 21 And Id sts A g >?>d atand for a boot and shoo sf??e. or auj other bn* iness Kent will be made t?-?y low to a ro-pcDsi H#tn>?iil, Appl) liexl door, totbaown-r J* U-it* W C O M EA E A._ HOUBK ANI? ST< >BE ) ?H RENT-Nn. 4 4* Peiini) ivania betwoeti Id and 4S al?., a t?tj proniiaent baalneaa at?ud rnaaeaifou Kiven February lat. Apply at (Mm# M?l|. P WALLAI'H, ja!2 eotf C ornar ?l ami Pt-na. avrBoe. L^H KENT?OBe three story and bric^ eitanI aioa HOCdE. 12 room* hot and co d w?ior Watb.rasgtta. gas. Ac. CrDtratly located Won Id i ll fntnitaie. iiew Alto, one thr-e itiry and batemeiit BRICK BOrkE.Ji r<Minia, batb and (ra?,aith furniture loraalo B*-ut Sl.'On Vurnrtnre ?jmia cantial KlLBoTBN A LATTA. Beal Eitate Broker*, ja 12 St Corner 7tU and T atrot ta. L'OR KENT?Ltitgv UhlCK HOCHE on I'eun 1 aylraula avenor. n ?r tba Capitol, With li rootua aiid More r nra Reat moderate T?? B BICK liocsre -ii Nary Yard Fine rtKICK liOCBE on t:j ?tre?t. near Ant ial BRICK HOI SIC No *^IVMort^Iatreet,betweoB 19th and mtb atreet*. with A r?omi biaall BRICK HOUSE on 14th street ?e*t, with 4 rooma RR1CB H"UHE with Srooaa, and! FRAME HOl'BE8 * 1 tli 3 roomx each, In Georgetown. D C. For terms. Ac., laquire of I KELLBY. Baal Batata Agent, Office 363 mu atraai weal, ja 12 3t* near north I afreet. F'OR REHT-A three atory FRAME HOUSE, ?n K street, near 7th ?tret*t Injaire ef D PFE1L. Stove Dealer Mo 4 31 7th ?t ja 11 St* 1/OH RENT-A ri ENISHBD HOrSBTTf ten I roeniK No. U71> B ?tre?t, rear ef St Ch?'l-t Hotel ja l| 2t* l/URNISH EI? ROOM.?A deatrable, well furI slikid F?ON r ROOM to rent; |{*a and furnace Inquire 394 I street, between 12tii and !??> ja II 3t* L^OR RENT-A FURNISHED H )USK,con1 talning aix rooms, within one block 1 the cars, N 1 **9 ijd street, between li au.l 1 atreeta 9:Q advance. jaliet* ^"OR RENT?A twi atory BBiCK HOUSE, rtre I rooms, on L street, between 1st and New Jersey avenue For pmrticulaia Inquire of Mr. BlKNS, next door jail It* r^OR REHT?A tw. story BKlCK HOl BEV'titaitiinK 5 room*, opposite tue New St tt? Oepartmeiit on b street. Apply to P. JoUVENAL. INi llth street, bet 8 au<T T st?. j* 11 |VOR SALB?ThaBTOCK.. LICBNSB,aad FIX Tl Hits of a Grocery and L1 mor Store, a rare f ham e for an enterpri?loic man with rm?ll capital Must be eold. In julre at &TAR urFlCB. JB 11 it * FOR BALE?The LB ABB.STOCK, <;000W1LL and FIXTURES of one of the most popular Segar and Periodical Stand* In a first cla^s satel in this city; the rent more reasonable that, la Bay hotel. The reason for selling will be explained ob an Interview with partiae wishing to purchaee Addrees. for one week, to this offioe. JB li lt JOHN JONB9. FOB BE>T?On 7th Street, a two etory PRAM E liOrSE. with gBa. Apply to BERN ABD HAYES, corner 4th and H sts ia 10 5t* OFFICE FOB BBNT-Two Urge front BOOMS In second atory. One of the b*st locatiou* on 7th street. Addr?a? Box 713 I'oat Office. j? 10 ft* |/OR RENT-One email PKA MB HOL'SE . 7 E rooms No 1*>3 4th street w?at. between L and New York aveaue. Good locality, lojuire 334 B street, between lltb and 14th streets west, ja IV It* fpoR RENT-A large BRICK HOV8E. tontaming 13 room* and cellar, with gas and water, situated at the cirnerof 7th street and Pa. atenae east, opposite Wallach School llou-e In uulreof HEKBY KOTTM ANN, A3 J 11th str-et *aat ja io iw * t/OB BALB-A frame DWELLING^OUSB, E coatalning six rooms and kttcbea, in nae re pair, pai ing ?ia ptr month rent, slt iated on H atreet between 2d and Id etre<->? eaet, near thGovernment Printing Office. Cheap tor ca*h Apply to Mr a. H aNRAHAB, 1* atreet, naar 1st treeL ja W It* MAKSHALL ADAMS bsrs leave to Inform his friends and the public that he baa for reat a small HALL, on reasonable terms, suitable for festivals, fairs. Ac , or any select parpoee. In ! <ioire at No. 311 8?h it. Piano and other musical instrumeats. if da IrnJj ja 10 aoit* L'Ok RBBT?A eommodl >v* ICE HOUSE in the r rear of t tt** 1*1 street east, between N stre- t sou tli and Beater n Branch. Apply on (be premises, or of J. L GATCHELL.No 119 New Jer ?ey avenue Also for rent, a SToBI and DWELLING. corner of Mary land avenne and 12th street, Island, with an additional private Dwelling adjoining In food repair. For farther information call on L. W CONNER Lumber Yard , corner of mh aiidB streets. Island, or of J. L GATCH BLL. 319 Bew Jersey bt. ja u) It* F^OR RENT-A two story BBICK HOU8B. ob ?nJ Island Ing a Ira of JOHN FEGAB,cornsr ath and O streets south. Island. ja ? ?f F^OB BENT-A Irst claea bTABLB and ICE HOUBB. in same yard. Apply at 1*9 I at, between loth aad Mat. jaBlw* frOB BENT^A >arg_j uBfnralshed front PAK* LOB and CB AIM BR adjoining, aacoad rtoor. suitable for housekeeping la<iulreat?39 north L street, between 4th and Mh. ja* ?t* FOB BE NT-Three Fl'BN IsHED ROOMS,~Tn a pleasaatly situated hooae, wh-re there are no board era or children. One block from Capitol, half block from cars P leaae cat I at oace at SUA north B street, between Delaware ave and lat st. ja sAt* D 00MB FUBNISHEt) AND UNFUBNISBBD? II On reaacnable terms, at 939 G street. Oall afur 4 p m., or before ? a. . ja_7 ?t* NOTICB- FOK REST OR LEASE-ThawaiT known FISHERY on the Potomac river, this side of Fort Waahington on the Maryland side, lo miles by waief and 13 by la>d Apply to H. . JOHNSON, Bo. 3?3 Pean. avenue, between ts and 6th sts . opposite National Hotel ja7-dim* L'OB RBNT?A three story sud oaeemeat Brick r DWALLING HOI be. brown frent, watar and gas. tearooms, situated ea ISth street west between L street turth mid Haas, avease, Be. 3K9. Inquire at No. 903 lath street, Wetweea s and 10 a. m. aad 4 and 3 pm. ja 2 tf IB BEST-The late BE81DBMCK (ft fl Fant. 49** D street, coatelalng 17 rooiua. with all the modera Improvemanta. Apply to CLIFTON BELLEN. 974 F st. bq? tf FOR BENT?Large and small furalafced aad nn furnished HOUSES and APARTMENTS suitable tor h aseheeplag. Also, For Sale, several small HOUSES,on easy terns, laquirs ST ARB A OO.. 4^>H 7th street. Boom 13. oc ||-3m* |^0R RENT?COTTAGEcoatalnlag eight rooms, I on I street, between >1 ana 3i. Poeaesslou immediately CLAGETT A SWEENY. _ Beal Estate Agents, jAlOOt No 4 Market Bpaoe FOB 8aLB?Several desirable buildtog LOPS la differeat eactions of the city. Terms, tl* down, and S III per month for the remainder For Sarticalars, call or address BOG AN A WYLIE, lo. 3W 7 th street. d< tS eolm* ITOB SALE OB REBT?HOUSE situated ~oa r Booth 0 street. Bo. 93B, betw?*a W and 4th sts . Island. Inquire of JasUee BOS WELL, Ho 17 3 4k at. del7-eolm* |7?OR BENT-The FABM.forthe iaet three years r the reeldeaceof Major Theeahllna Oaloee. con sts ting df 1M acres. tylnE near Fort Mshaa, I mile from Bennlng's Bridge. Improvements, dwelling house ef 11 rooms, stone stable, servant^ b^'isee, bara.Ao Address "B B\" 4 37 B street. Wa*h Ington, D. C., or oall la paraoa, bet wee a 3 eod 1m m. oo 14 tf RARE BAN0B-F?r immediate aale on* of the b^t located small corner store OROi'E BIBB In the ctty. Black and Fixtures aew Apply Immediately, by letter, to A. B.C..City Feat Office bo* tf I70B BEBT?The 8TORBBOOM corner of Fa. a avauue aad 11th atreet weet, la t*e Bar OAce Building, formerly occaplad by W 0 Hetrerott as a mnsiaetore. and recently as the office ef the National Express oMoe Apply to C. B BAR EH, Star Office. da in- tf P)B BEBT?Two large aad one small ommonlcatiBg BOOMS, oafartilshed, secoud floor No. 134 Pean. av., hat 1* h and ?th sts. no 5? tf |?9B BBBT The BTOEB^No. SxT Dstreet. a aear 11th ft fronts I mmedlately oa Penaa aveaet aad Is oae of ths lergeet and moat coave atently st tested store rooms In Washington city. Apnly to 0, B. BABBB. at the Btar Offlss js? tr AUCTION SALES. this arrumnoom ijirp'To-uoumow' Bt downman t itttim'ti Meal litom Broker* w l wall ft co , &?<i tmn OaliTUlPIT, jtmtry |mk, ?l 8 o'clock p . ws wilt offer at public auction that raw of eight small IrMK m k itiKM, m?t?? mlk m4 imk iitmk ?mi Tbe*~ k??im ran rrmtu (or i?? >Mr?,ii^?cttu gr..?n.1 rm| of or* dollar p?r month, or be r*jtww ?t um will of the ygr< h?mr t ?mbi at 0 ?|#, i?after will be aotd, in tk? ImmetieSe t?i|kkorkno4.bol l.?gMrt n lot u,*<iMr*i|; and Iota6 aad (, to 13 poWbman ft migbcdkb. ja ? 4 1**1 ktlti" brokers Br ft. k walsh ft co . a.rt.or^r, no Pa. coium loth street btbn1bg auction balks. Oa this b> en ino we will eoll. at oar Kmc w"> Boo*.*, cowmen- log at ? o'cl >rk. no entire look of Woolrf, uoorta. btapls and Fw?;?-y |>ry Good* cempristag '*?! oeeortmenl. him to city trade. al9^ ?x Fleet Clothing. anck as flo* bhit kmrr and Pilot Overcoats heck. Dr? *s. a*d riihum< Poota. Vmu. i'b :?r?t'ifu tad Drawer* Together with ? (Nitril variet* ( <>th?t (Kx?1?, which will te p< ret.ptorily sold lur cm, to < lose cur w later stock m7(l m k w&luli ft chi.. AucU._ yv w. b li* ib ft co., Au-tloneer. mttkbior clothing at au7tion th lb kilning, aiid every eteuing *hii *e?k. at Bt re Bo. # * ? PenMrlita>? eve , we ahall aell oil tne *tock nf superior Clot lint and Fnratsbinc t?o<>-t?. eml rac'ia rvixli o' every description for aien and bote' w. ar jal St w b. lbwib a oo.. Aucte Roabtkd am' r " n d k ' ic corrkb at i'lblic AtVTlOB govbbnmknt balk of hi fti kl's una. m'tim;! stork*. 8. j. bopkr a co., Auctioneers irKitiuri oiiicc, b. ft.. | Co-ne* ttmUers'im nnd G*mnt r-el., \ ur^ii h*l?,?',f. *d . Jannarv |? |8<7 \ Will be sold ot public section at warehon*e on l.aidriMon ami Uraiit etrecla.timtnotiaiel) tn rear Tiiranni v t1 y* at ii o clock. o. mi rcra t jhlq r> )7v 1> >* a %t>.?ut 69,4 71> polmij or ruafttkd and grol'md .rw. ? xrt lm* i Tni? Kye it *<?Wi n? I <* *>f ooffrnn^it Th* b^r?u *r?? ?%w *??1 f?llj tit>+4 ill*** *d<) 111 pf i njf htf Aliif or^f _ X' Urn* li I U ftold a Urf?- lot *lt a | M ba0k8. tnd alot of kmpft lukuilfi TerBi* ( tali, in Ouv?*ritMi* nt tuna*. Five di)? to r?iM ?b parcfxiAf thomas, brevet Lieot. Col audC.b .c b a . i? 11 4t _ Brovel B(Ik t?en Vol*. |jt jab. 0. mrorib2_a oo.vftoctlo.^ ? qbcm bhikh at auction Oa <)*?.ay mohnibu neat. ?.0aart lith, at 1u o cio. k. at tl*?* DonliBBttcornrr ofji'tfiaii l h troru u ? i the mo. ii of " a co , wbo aie <1?c lr) ? l'u*mn*iia laoi n>CJreen aud Bla< k Tea*. Uico Green ar,<1 Bnrnt Goffeo Ooaao ft Bia< kweli'n a??ortel *'rklea b; ukh ab<1 Beady, b?t*r?l and ft ?ry lo'jacca ft ke*? aaK-rted NalU * bi<ie? >?>*? and ftnrt'h. Bplcea Preaton ' ? laaoriug latiat* *? caak Carrkuta cauued oy?t<-r?, Fmita ?bd Keata Large let Buat ai d hcmb Biaakaa Tuba. Eockrta, and Broom* email Platform bcalea ^ j*f?iktr*lthtU ntual aMortoinnt of Gr?coTerma c&ab. **ft j as c. McOlIBB a co., ao-ta. B* ? l hkli> a co . Anctloaeere an4 Beol ?. Bat a to Broker*. b. w . coruor ltmh aad w atreeta. labgi ani? kxtknmvk stlkop qoobk holu ft BMiri bk me will a?|i ?>n ko.mut bobfibg nut. Jai>uar> Htli.lM.*, at 10 o clock a tn . a' public auction ??" tha yremiae*. at No 34.. 8th atrMot wt-at. botweoa i iit.4 Knar the Northern Liberty . 'ti h"u?ebr m Kflocta of a veatloaan 4oclldldk' lidu't'ktv'liltig, %i/. Parlor Fdiallure ron?fatlntr of Walnut bofa aaft -1* chairs wpho!rt< rod in w* jret Walnut Secretary ao l b<?kca-e ns ?luat ? batn ot. Parlor C*roet Larg? Gilt Frame French Plate Mirror marble toy Cot t^r Table Three Cottage CLaciber 8eta bti Oak diaing Chair* Caraet on fnor roam*, (now) Cook Btora, with f i*tar?* complote H?ll Oilcloth, htatr Carpet and t'raah Wxlant Marl lo tf and other Bureau* Large lot af Crockery at>d Qlag.wara Leaf Tablea, WaJnwt BfdataMa Bingl? and iinikle Hair Mattrraoea Bola*?r?. Ptll"wa and Blanketa W? Balrrloth Walnut Chair*, ano Lounge One Tete a-n-te Bed Flaah Bofa Wcod a<-?t km-kera and oth<-r Chaira. Toilet Bote, Together with a general ^*-ortca-nt vf Hoaae hf Id ano Kit. ben Furniture, not euumoratad. Term* raah h . b.?The n ouae ta for rent in 10 |lnt] d. l. wkll9 ft co . Aueta gbbbh ft WILMAMb. Aactioaaera two btobt framk hocbk and u?t, with a me Btorr kcoa, baring Bow Window*, fronting on llth atreet eax. near Maryland a*e . on the i*land,at Public Auction. On tbdbboay, tba i;th it ?t*at at i odock a ni., we aball aall, on tbe prtBiiri part Lot n<> 7, tn e^uara Mo. 31 n baring la fact front by wtoot lt?s inch^a deap. with a good d?elltag hoa?- and Btora all in ?mpl< te otder a too c&anoe for a profitable lnee*tn>ent. Terma Oae ytartor caab; kalaaco In gti, twelve, eighteen, and tw*nt> four montba.f r aatoa hoaring ini raat, and aecured by a dood of trur. on tn? reniikM All coneeyaa4inf and roronaoata?p? at tba coat of the vurchaaer j^lld orbkn ft williams, ftucte. u t orkkm ft williams, AooUoaoora. TffcW??BSi,t86ti?S,".T4?ST.,'K: AT PBMLM?S?otf """S "SlOn tbcrbl'a y. SUtinat . at is o'clock tn . i ahall aoll. on tba yramiMa. by virtue of a dead of traat, datod the 1mb orfeptembo'. a. d. 1-js. a ad duly rocaraod id Libar r m li folioa ib). 171 and is, In one of tba Land Records of Washington Coun'y. in tba Diatrlvt of Oviainbia. baring m feat freat l y 1m fret doep. to th- plac* of ?>^ginnlog.witb tbe iuipteveairuts.conalatlnf ofa two atory Frame Bouaa. Terma: Ga?h All c>nwyaacla| and raaaaue ?tamp- at tbe coat of tba purchaser. dawn on the day of aale. and If the trrans er* not o<?pliad with within flre daya aftar the day of aala, tbe tru*tee reserve* the riiibt to rea?|| the preaisesat tbe ri<k and co*t of tbe defaulting purchaser. by advertising three time- In sobs news pat-er published in Waabington city. robbrt clark. Truatoe jall eo gbbkn ft williams. Auru. |jy gbkbn ft williams, Auctloa^ers tbi stkb's balb of impbovbd bkal kb tatb fronting oa aonth ft. botw>?t 3d aad 4tft streets aa*t. Capitoi Hill, at Public aa<-tiwa on wiumbfibst, thr X3d instant, at ? o'clock p n? . i sbsll sail, in front of the pronlse*. by virtue of a 4e*-d of trust to *e from the aubacribor, date<l the !Vtk day of March 18 4 and duly reoorded la the Land b-corda far Wai-hington ouatr, i>iatrl< t of coluaibla, LlUrN.l t . Ma m, folioa bo km. and rtlJ. l t Ma 13. in a4nar? 7s8, fronting b- feet en aoath a atreet. running back a good depth to Baa alloys, with tbe Imprtve Bents The above ?ropertr will bo seM naoordlag to the said deed f trust thr yrrmlstis anluLis sold that i* v-sted in be as truatea Terma One fourth cash. balance six and twelve months. f?r notes b-arlng interest, aad eeevred by a doed of trnat ?u the promise*. All ooavey ancmg and revenue (taaaps at tbeoostof the purchaser bios down when the property la knocked off by the aastloneer*. bobmbt b Off tow. Trustee ja7 Saw Ada gbkbn ft WILLIftMB, a acta. Ill naglm ft oo.. Auctioaoera. j Bale*room Bo. sua Pean. avenue, Betaeoa ?th and Mth Ms. naglb ft ?o will give their pora~>nal attention to tbe sale of Real Batata and Honaebold Furniture ftlao, to the sal*s of stocks of Orooertei. Wiaee. Liguors. aad Merchsadips of every da ari ption, Hor*es. Oarrlage- . h %ra?o*. ftc Liberal caaft advances made oa consignments Regular Bales at oar salesroom averr tobbdat. thcrsdati aad BATURDaT, at iv o'clock. maglbftoo, j?11 a net! oarers. j^/kbibl b virginia ua1b mbbtobbb7 Hatb BiMovATia.?We rahliab this moralag the advertisemsat of onr well kaown townemaa. i. Br.ekial, who Is the proari*t.>r <>f the w*l|known sad widely wed >' Mrektei'a Hair beato roe." tiiis preparation Is an new proparatioa. bat put up by a geutlemaa of kaown probity aad a native of <?wr city He has la his poss s**oa oar tiBcate* fro?a lesideata of Bichmond which He will pablieb. The-e recam'neaOatioaa are kmii >ds. and place his preparation ahove ta- qaark nost: un a aalmed off aa hair roaU.mrs. Try tt. audi you will aavejour kmtrKiekmo*4 Titr.t , Dec. 10, mm. WxsHUicToa Out. d.b., Boa. 81, ims pfaep e lam gratified to see that you have again(vtuaeaced the mauafactnre of yoar " Hair Beetorer " fn? the testimony of ma ay friends who kava need it. 1 have ao hesitation In *t*m*f that 1 be Itai elf toko the most efficient compound af tbe kino ever presented for sale. io*ast. many of thoee wlvo ha.e tried It assure mo that Itattenly ?l>anses the scalp per'^ily. bat aaftoabtodly rvStorrs tbe ftrowtb of 'he hair Respectfully. Ac., j t- n b/asiki - Rlcbmoad, Va. f?r - ale hy ail Dregaists Orders add re*sad to dbmab^babmkb ft oo., Park Row. Maw Fork. 4H0 CBBTRftL loaSmIFFIOK. 480 Mo 4*0 lvt hstroot. oae door below Pa. ava ftin 0eloaa o? Geld*ead Silver watohbb, diamomdft, clothing, aad mbrgbam BlaB of every daecriptiea je 8 Busin?*as atrictly is?H8smMsl j) ^oldbn bcdpfbbnofo wibb. (BaUvo.i Bleb, fruity flavor, with delleate bo?aot. Prodace af tba _ bocppbbbomo GBftPM. of North Oaxwllaa. - ea.r i, m. p. bibm ft sob, dstttf Klaa' Plaos.