Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1867 Page 1
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, ???? (Stowing 1 .I!.. . .i . ? .... VS1-. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C., MONDAY. JANUARY 14. 1867. N?. 4,322. THE EVENING STAR FIMLISOKD DAILY,(SUNDAY IXCSfllD) AT THE STAR B11L.D1NO, Seu.ku.nt ecrner Fntn'a. and lit* strut bt W. I). WALL A C H. Tb* STAR is wrred by tee carriers to their n>*cr1ters la the City and District at T** C*?tb r*a wni. Copies at tbe counter, with or without wrappers. Two Cutts saoh. l*uic? roa Mai lira ?Three months, 'One Office All Mil street, above Pa arenae; reside dc 401 1, street, between 9th and 10th. N A.?Oriler# by mail promptly attended to. ae 14- tm* ? ADIE8 IT Is At'KNOW LKDQIU THAT ii the MEW ^TAMPINtJ f>* I'OT, eu J?h street, 4 39. hM tbe beet lection of Patterns ever off.-ed here, au t the proprietor has rednceil the yrn e to ON E HALF that has been charged heretefire. Bein* a practical Stamper, no tear need t.? had of iiMtinc itlikt *111 nit too. Go see him. lie will mage aud tlinic ANK pattern. do 16 tt CONFIDENTIAL ? loung mfn who hate injured ihemaeireg or certain secret habiw, wbi?h anflt them for b*?inee?. pleasure, or tbe doties of married life, also, middle aged and old men, who. from tbe faille* of youth. or other Cause*. f*el a debility in advance of their years, i befare plectra them?el?e? under tbe treatment of any on*-.shout- tirat read "The Secret Friend.'? Married ladie* will learn ftometbing of importance by perusing "Tbe Secret Frien.f. J Sent to any ad dress, in a sealed envalof*. on f*r<$iat of 2t canta. Aldresa Dr. tHAB. A. bTUABT A CO.. Boston, H ??i aol-ly pKIPAL AHD fvhkbvl wbbaths. BOi> yi *ts. cbosszs, anchoba, stabs, Ac., irwerved in natural form. WAX FLOW IBB, U A IK FLOW BUS. and BBAIVIRO. by Mre. rfillM. lir. r.f n.rf t m P to Ha. i'iV 11th street, between G and oc 3 6m* I ADlt8~WBO ARB DBtUBOUBOF A JRILL1 ' fnl end accomplished Physician. should con Ut Dr HIHBT UOBTON. 1?? east Pay-He street, Baltimore, Md. I)r Xorton's services may Veier.gagfa in Washington or u.j other city, by MrwiilM iboT? oc U 3m* JAMBS OPTL0. [)*al*r in Tiev and Second kani Fwrmttmrf. Old Furniture Bepaired. Benp bolstered and Varnished. llth and the e anal J Highest price MUd for Seoond hand F craitore. eeily* ?1*1MTAH? BLAf* WAKT>H.LAMON. c. r. BLACElaw orrio*. BLAGS., LAMOH ft CO., Counsellors at 1 Attorneys at Law In the Supreme Court of the Clltei SUlM, the Court of Outline, the Courts of the TXstrlct, the executive Department*. and Oommit'.ees of Congreee. Oftce. 4o? Uth street, (directly opposite Wlll?Tda' Hotel ) de lfrtf L>K.\ TJSI K V. B. LIWIKTi DEJfTAL ASSOCIATION, _ JTo. a<?J l?i:?ii'A AVft , Bet*- fn :atii ana 13tb streets. ^T??th xtr?etfJ *ritbcot p&ln by admlnstering Oiyj* ?r LMiihlnf <. ? . Vr.^a^ ItWlI bu rectn'ly purcboM th? bf-?tC^aJ ik?mlutl AfHrttin io the country Tor"**11' ***'? iu?(?i?wr d?y klM, to inproTM) V*|. vs.k Inhiiir. TIN AiumiUioo i* a<'W prepared to ??ke Teeth <>n fJ.ld, Stiver ?n4 Bubber tt New York Philadelphia ftnd Boeton pricM. All Kr ?> n? wi?hlnp deiHV wrtrk done can ktrv It m * m "* ?bo?? n?i??1 rltiea. All work done in tiCMAtMt ABil h??t mtii r>?*r u. krrftnUI tn *ir% ?ati?factio*' P#r?ong wilT'do WMii'lo call aod Mimiw- oor w?rk. de 24 tf X * * * I.'X^OOMIB.II D., The Invent#*- and Pkt?ite?*f ?ne IIVIKili FLATB TIITB, attend* personally *t^?? bt? oflicciD tlii* city. Many pcnosi ctnlM|l *?tr Uiree teeth whe cunot wear other*, " " and no per eon caa we*r other* who Muiot wnr (1^10, Perum callln* at my office can be accoramodaM with any a trie aad price or Teeth they may <*e ire.bct to theae who are particular.and wiah tae anreat. cleanest. ftrongeat and moil perfect dentar* that art can procure,the MISBSAL. TIITii wiU be more folly warranted. Booms in thia city?Ho. 3S9 Perm'a aveaaa. be Ivmi Hk aad 19U> eta. Atao, 90T Arch afreet, Philadelphia. oc*)lr HBHa^HHaaHaMHaaaHaamaaaMBM nx/iTntvn a VliUtUlilU) OVt jthbjbbbqb*. ? __Jp?oco??ortop. *. iffdOD CJT1ZSS S Alfl' M?LITArY MKmcfrAHT TAILOR, WK M^revoUtan Hotel, tot* BrowBie, WW . ? 3? 8 p*aih7lt>ata eiwe?,**" irr l ir w?hlngtoa. P. 0. Rcductioh of pbicbs, bductfon OP PBICBS, lactiom OP pb1ok0. BBWl'fe'TlOB OP PBICBS. BBDICTION OP PllCts! bbul'ctium OP PB10BB.' On BBd aftor tbfa date I will iop?lf to my cm. toni^r*. aod to ?]| otter dsalera who any faror as* with tbotr MUirg, MASSI Y. BQ6T9H B GO 'S AgSIT, H PSTON B CQ.'S MA8SIT. HUSTON * CO.'8 <L?t? MhN?r, C-OlltM B Co. *) philadelphia draught avd BTOTK ALB PUlLADtLPHU DBa-DOHT asdBTOUJK AJLB PHILADI LPHI.l MIAtTOHT a*d STOCK ALB ?"*>*. - ?? . T<bW ! ?_ ( S. o KtED. Ma 990 hn'. I Miaw ? ?Hf ^LOOil r Bjt O I A fall HMilMil of all iridn chotco Floor for Haa-ra, ?0Alitr *o w " wr Art \t? oair <ttroe* r*c?t*oro for QoMti Hill J H Ouabrtli i not PiapKOi *5.4 Umc?Bor funllr Floar* Is tho Dutfiot At tto Utt?r brand kao nu?if?l? o??ttl?frtt?d isd Mid t* tbU ?Hjr, tnfora tfcooe wloblac tki? flour by uriiMMt with tbo Billon wo furolok U lovor tt?? U esi to otltlMd front tif ntbor oovro* <vo?Mlr iK*t4 to noao. Prlcwafraction loon tkta oUi?r nrot olooo Family Flow. fiockwhati at low rotoo. " """VT ss:rrtfr "* lrtlmi avoMoand IHotroot. ' m u M?r Dtyot. rlASOB ~ , _ LkEGM iMortamt of MaMf * * *iptVLtm aft IW nrwtMi of ImTm **r W. O. MBTZIBOTT AGO. WHITB OPOBTO POST, J*. ("Tear# of Ik* Vaoro,") Bite* i?p?rOUoa. ? _ . r. M. F. Kino * to*, I j*>> Klm? PUo>. ( iOLD * &?A ln? Maertmant of &o!4 Peaa, ! pMU? C??fi, Ac for Ml* ? Mtniftetirw1! , rrt*? f*UJ F1AMCK TATIvOA. | AT rniiiAUKLrtlli I'KH >8, AT PHILADELPHIA PtU'.E?, AT PHILADBLPUIA PB1CI8. 17 : I E'. I OHT O* X All AT 911 PIE BEL. 1'UAlOMT OB X ALE AT $11 PF.B BEL. 80'Tt OB XX ALB AT 4 Hi PBB BBL. OCE OB XX ALB AT #13 PBB BBL. 0<-od* ?t?UT?re4 It all ^arti of Wftsfciutton and GeorgelowA/rfc Qf rkarge. TBBJB8 CASH. All ordara promptly ajttrndad to. K1LBT A. 8HIMN, _ Ptrila<1?lpM* Alt Agrat, ATt_ Ooraer of tittwi mi*4 Oiln itrMtn, ' 4". Uaofgttown, U. Q. *L IK?VIVL TTJIftg PATi^ #cor?d t?T tb* i?tll of the 11 , u"?*1* d* Paris, tod tha IntMrttl <-?"40t?r UadiclM.TlMa*. ' ,.?_rfr>?Hr Mo l.l? U* efvctaal rtwdr for Ba,'s. iftrivu* ^^^"s~?A^5?.ver*a; ilN-k .TJif..<* ??<> * * . If UtOHM, *1 N!*bt |d?d Yokea, ready ?tamped ..10 eta. Ob. Bine Yokea, * ^ eta. ' Band* " H ..JO eta. litbtrfor > r*i lor embroidery, o?r pattei n? are cl tbr tm) ki<<( dnl(B), aaleated with c?r? in Kr? York, and twin* 1u rtceiptot them weekly, *? are atle daity V>iseue new patterna. aa well a* make and atamp ?r. j pattern broach! aa. 1. O. O Working Cotton at r?dnc?u prioes. da 19 tf i 'UN D CLARK. ATTORNEY AND COPNJ HILLOB AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC. N" i'Ji 12?h afreet weat. de U ly OH. J A M KB T. TOU NO bu ramoTpd hia office No. 47 3 MKh Rtre-t, t> hi* r^aideoct-, No 4a* N?* ?ork ?ve.,fonr doera east of Uth Mrrtt. All (rdtr* left at the Drag Store of N A1HN A BKO .corner 9'h tt an 1 Pa are., during the d?y. will be promptly attended to. de 15 lm' L< BANK M >TKINGFlitD, r CONSTABLE AND OOLLKUTO*. t ollecta Kmb, Debt* and Claitue ?f all kind*. Nucmi placed to his rfceires prompt at >at: d Kferencpa tnven ifrepaired. Dmlrr amd Fifty Ctn'.t; tlx months, Tkrte &oiUrr; one year. Fir? Dollart. No paperi an teat from ibe off.c* longer tb&n paid for. The W LLKLY !>TAK?published on Friday mcrnjc#:? One Dollar and a Haifa Tear. ""personal. /'BNTLiCMBN WHO A*1 ArKLIOTBD-TI ?I rnn ?rr?iMi h* to old d*r(?oa of twenty ttr** jeers xperieace tn this itiltcilir briacli i the professieo. Charges made rata. Do not apply to i|UKki, bat to J B. QAUUtiSB, M. I)., ir of the United State* Bicord Venereal.Hoe eltal. Office Mo. 21 south A street, opposite the Cflttot t? ,?ere. south sM?. a B ?If edicioes ?iso famished al cest. de 17 ! * \|B9 rrBTl^ IB VINO, Oairv0nmnt, and TcM i*l will f|T?> life readings, tnclaatad Past. Present and Future alber offlee, 420. nertn mde of Perm a between ami 5th street*. Offiee boars from f to J a. m. and Italt.B, fleJU lm* A^Ml TMC KkW UHIAP ?rA>PlH0 BOO MB 4J9 Mb street, o?p*?ite Patent Office, ladles an *<t at our reduced prices, on the very boat UUTHLS, KESTAURANT8, Ao. P A ? 0 . WILLABB'B HOTBI*. I Washington, December 1, lSM.f Bwiton, Bi|TM?iUtiTw, ia4 other*, reeldinf In Washington, who o?cnu private apartments, ai b? McwBiiioditfd with their MEALS tttldi B?t*l it the rit* of ll" AO per week de 4 Tb BYKBB. OHAPWICK k CO. |^IBKWOOD HOCSB. Corner Fmna. kmuf and TirtlJtk ttrett, WAy Washington^ D. C. IfiAl Situated In the moit central location the cltr, mm?bv #v? WOOD AM) COAL. 0 A L ! OOAlill AT GBBATL7 HEDOCED PBlGEs Gtom t*na of 2,340 lbs delivered in any part of theciijr. Chretnnt W hit* Aah. $7 a5, Bcove, Kxu ?ii'l Kumace \\ hue AiU, #3 90; Bed Ash, SjJ.75; L*ki?h. 99. OAK and PINE WOOD eonatftntlr on band. Ordere rrcfUwl ml r nr <>dlon. or at the wharf, foot of Ttb atreet. 8 P HBOWN A HON. ,aS tf 462 9th atreet, between E and F. /<HAL DOAIj'I "nn.Mi 6tn etreeta. e 1 in rear of tt?- National Hotel. J*? lra^_ |)BA DSTBEET'S PATENT WEATI1EB D BTBIPri, Tbe beet Invention of the age. Exclude* fnew. rain, cold air and dust froiu door* and windows of very deacripfiu*. Tut sal* at Builder's Depot, *68 7th street, opposite Centre Market del? 2w H. W_HAMILTON * CO. LATEBT PAKI8 K ASH ION S OF H A IB DBESBIMO. E. AtXlOT, fREWCH HAI hi- ItHESSER, 3*24 E street, between ISib and 14th at*. Mr. AlMyt, from Paris, ii.tir-Dr ??er, of the celel.rated Ba'hel, wltli whom be arrived In this VOMII), uw now oeen est%Mt?bed for tat* lest eight ;ttri in Washington and Newport, en jowag the patronage of tber.irp* dip,o,n th<in*, and o(th?hlfli(il aocieiy. He h?? the honor to announce that he kki tbi* wuot imported the latest fashion* of hair dressing, and al*o pomades, and everything that belongs to the dressing of heir at v*rj reaeona' le prices. ja7 giu* LOUISIANA AVENUE. j. h. CHANE * GO. Hare on hand a largo and fin- assortment of GOODS, anited to this market, ?nch as BUTTEE cheese, egos, apples, baisin*. figs! 011 BON. NtJTS, HAMS, CSDFISB, MAOK EEEL, heee1ho, SOAPS, CASHED GOODS, ftc. Also, BO Barrels Moore's celebrated CHAMPAGNE barrel or gallon. All the above goods are offered at the lowest mar&et price, and warranted J. H. CBANB ft 00., ja 4 lm 33 La. ?t?.. batw??rn ?th and 7th. rsm B A B G A I HI! Tha aubaerlbara are etoilDg out tha balanc* of thair F ABOY DBB8B 00008 at rraatly radneed yrioci. and lad I re iu want of bandeoaa iMlke. lUfi, M?rin<<M. Poplin*. Plaidn, and In (act, Bar kind of Brdti MiOutali, ?1U find oar irlcti m Irent tndn< emeut, aa wa wiah to oioaa tham ttal* month. Wa al?o hare a* hand an alajrant stock of HlBTIBGb and 8HBBT1N<*8. both Linen and Cotton, which wa ara a*lllu T?n ckM|. All good* nanrkrdin plain fifforaa at the law eat market ratea. w M gHUgTBB 4 BBO., ja7-??5t Ko. 3* Market 8?ace. 3,000 bwjbelTMAlMBKPOTATOBa.ja<t ?rrlwari . m-tui f/.? ??!? ?t ? ' Udi?rf ? it reel. " 8'PhioWN"!"^*,"' " CvmmU?l?a MercktuU. <1* 14-tf Ho. 465 vtb ?t., between I ltd F. ('UOCOL.ATB UUUKLK. VAMlLbN, DB H. MAILLAIBD. Pur Cacao et Sacra. Bxemst de melange. Z. M. P. KINO ft BON, ? Kin* Placa. Corner > eriont arenas and UK street. WKST INDIA UBANttBS AMD SWiiT MALAOA GBAPBS, Fresh. K1HQ Pl*ftU?. C12l^<S-,,IJ*l, KIGB.OOBBANTfl, v. SPICKS, ftc , ftc-< to *alt this particular sea,0J? J?!1*1* ** ZMP. KINO ft HON, <>? Sl tf fajyi pu?. ST. TIMOTHY'S BALI*. HK lltlet of IkU latftlaHaa MM k. i U.UM- '?? (MW.AO., iM CtttlMM tad efrralar ?t the ?idnclp?l bo?katorM of tbia city, or drew tbe prlBclp*!, l.fiafoin. Cbto*Tllla, MS. . boots amp muoaa gjjm' rH. ?iw _bion. The mderatfied bepe iMft to Infora bla frteSa Md the (?Mie NMrtNr thai he hw evened tbe B VW OH ZAP bTORB, Mo. *08 7ib ataeet.tnder Odd Fellowe' Ball. where he hai on hiati|en< sdrsfsstf.'st1-' " ??* BOOTS AHJ> SH0B8. SdMBtw the amiaber, Mil 7?h vtreet, ?nder Odd fellowa Hetl The Mew Oh?*? SUre, f#f"SiV ' . wti.ania Till OHOOHET COLI.AB BOOK; MM. 4^&*iMl Sb^ni?r ggm^ So<* lira Oo^afglBttfPBB80BS fUBHIBHIHO BOOKS wiMMT* I dimt and troubl* by calling at 4D&M80|'B. ?W Ninth ?tr*?t. Hit to Ntonlnnli tTmt, who can farnlato tbaai with rea<ly-aiad? Sboota, Bo* Omm, r?aibM aai Hair Pillow* ,Boiatora, 8?r*td?, Blanket*. Matbuwn, Window flJr Oiajk, Tow.! I ?. ???. ?. at m qui It*OB SALB OB BBHT-A 1m ton* PIaMO, o ?A* MUFFS FOB OAXBBB. An ladinoMoblo trtieU for *11 who art ?|OMd to tbo coM. Fo* Ml* b* ^UftSSS^ pHTILOlAB* BAMD IOOB 9W PBAOTIOB it V IBAkOI TAH9I. vr ? Having determined to cell a firat claai article of Wood wild Coal M cheap aa the che*p*at, i hope fey doiaf so to gain a Ilb?r?l aharn ?f public patrcnage. The Coal price* are aa follow*: WHITE ASH NUT OO4.L, by the ton *7 26 BALTIMORE 00. WHITE ASU, Egg and Stove atr.ea h 2# ALLOTHRK QPALlTlKSofWHITS ASH V 2# LYKEN8 VALLKT PORE KID A|H S 7J DIAMOND YMIE RED ASH (*74 GROSS WEIGHT, 2.J40 LBS. TO THE TOH Atwaya on hand ?ud constantly receiving the beat 'jualitiea of WOOD of every description tfeliyered in any pan of the city. V. I' DII1M jX-lm 7th ?t., between ? ??ui Fstt , ItianJ. I WILL OPEN A PKOVI8IOH STOBE THDR8, I>Af, J?n. mtb. ??i7^ ,tr#et? between Q and H streets, whir* I *111 uftve on band everything In the #r,,n?to? lis*, to be sold at the lowest market prices J?8-?t* WM LIN KISS. UKSZBISQ 8 LOAN OfflCS. ** v , EsUblisbo-1 1*62. Ul*?1 advance# made on WATOHZ0. DIAWEABINU API'AIUCL, ?d 11 kinds of Merrhandiee. str ictly ronfilential 351 North C street. and CAPITOL AND PftKBIDUTlAb MANSION, Only a ahort dlatanee from all Mm DoMrtmemta, Pataat and Poat Oflcea, Smithsonian Inatltut?, tc* H. H. DUDLEY A 00., _DO J1'!L Proprtotora. FVaN|0*?w?D HOTKL AND ECSi n n p% IT< ,0PP0lit?A a I A Willar.i a Hotel,CBBIBTMAN^ KOHL. 1.71 T?*.??*t, thi.T IT whSil ?K ? ? '? b* with a luuchT?t Whtcn th* BrABrlainr aill Ka kAn.m?*.rv mm at f. i man) frienJa The Bar wlU be constantly toppltrd with choice Llqnora. and the Uestanraut witb everything that the inoet epicurean taste can deatre. Boarders by the day, week or Booth will here f tid excellent aceornm datious at nudirate rate* Alio, nicely Inrnlahtd rootna can ba ob tallied eithar with or without L >ard. ('all and ae*. ja 1 lm* r MBICH1S Bl 3TAUBA.1VT, ML* Mo. 3iS Peuna avenue, near 6th ?treat. P KM BICH wishes to inform hie friends and the public generally that he now keepa oon A . . a stantly on hand OV8TKR8 lreeh every day, prepared In every atria. His W IMS and LlQl'OBS cannot be anrpassed. Call and (fve htn a trial. ocH tf SPECIAL NOTICES. W?MABB-BBL1BYB BOBBIQN PUTUM18 ? the (tannine b?tmf tieli4?i] brtht onormoii On tie*?flood the *aik?t They are poor imiutiOM if axtracU which in thaoiMltae Arc Itr in* jdcfH^VL^b^IRo'cifactored fr?m the no*t frtirut flo* er ^er aH for yorfnming parpoaea. Sold ererywhere. jtli VMITCALFBU GBBAT BUBUMATIO BCHirnv ! ii? _^ia. ^ ik> ... and* oan testify m to iU aigictl affect, an<l the A rt^doctora of this city tri recommending it to thefr patieats the only snre cure far Bheumatiftm ever known to maa. ja7 eotw 0. O. FORD. AgonC. MABBIAGB ABDCBLIBAUY, AMD TB E IU)|Ibmi of True Maahood.- An Bssav for Young Men on the Crime of Solitude, end the Physiological Krrers, Abuses and Diseases which create Impediments to Marriage, with snre means of Belief. Bent In aoaled letter envelopes free of charge. Address Dr. J SKILLIN HOUGMTMB, Howard Association. Phfladelpoia, Pa. jall-Soa BBMBD1AL IB ST IT OTB BOB 8PB0IAL UMHi It. 14 Bondatraat, Hew York. I^TuJI information, with the it then tutimo*iais, also, a Bo?k OD Sf-etal Di >?<z.?e.<, tn a tea ltd en' elrpc, sent free. tcf 8* >n;e anJ >'*J <??>?, an// you iri'/Z no/ r#?r? ?|; for, at adveitlsiug phjr iciaiis ?re gt ntrt?|l> impoflors, without rtftt'tues no stranger should dp tru?ted. Enclose a ?tamp for po'tatre a*d direct to DB. LAWBBNOB. No 14 Bond straet, Naw York. no II DAWlj BKCBKT I'l.-i.veiS. Bamakiva* '* Q rr is tho meat certain, a?*fe and efiectUHl remedy?indeed, theunly vegetable remedy aver Uiacoverad. Core* in two to lour days. aud recent cases In twenty four hours N<> mineral, bo ttalaam. uo mercury. Oniv ten ?>ilia to be toAun It it the soldier's hope, and a trieml to those who do net want to be exposed. Male packages, f i.fem?lf, 83. 8a? a*ita!?> B<?it anuHkrb Jute**?A positive an?t perruaoeiit enre tar Spy Wilis Scrofula Ulcer*, Bores, Spots. Tetters. Ac Pr'ce $1 26 per bottle. Sold by 8. C. Ford. tM-e advertisement. my SUKELY. STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, molasdibd bxtbaot buobo ib cubino wri c?M of Kidmt BhiuIi Bhvmatibm. gkavkl, UbINABT DiJOBDBBd, wbabwhm Olid Paths In the Back. YkmaLB Oomflaihw and Tbooilb* orl?lng from Bxckmbs of any -Kip*. COM*, T AVritlOTim TRY SMULANDKB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKV. Bold by oil Apothooortaa. Price #1. D B4BNM * CO., How York, and BABBBB. W ABI> A 00., Sow Ortaana, Boo thorn Agenta BOBbBIQH A BOOBBS, Wbolaaola Bragflata, Boa ton. Haaa , Goner*! Agenta. fab 10U COLGATE A CO.'8 W1NTBB BOAP. KMiWn?n<1?d for en ni\iu *n* ??? ???? ! toilet ate daring cold iveathik. It mar be obtained of all drORglsia and fanty good* dealers, feb 9-aoly "dancing. |>BUF8. J. W. * H. P. KMlCltt' BANCIHQ AOADKM f, Jft Pennsylvania avenae, bet. 6th and 7th to.. Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Gfl^ New Closaee forming every evening. Tboee datiring to enter oar claeeea aboald avail tbeintelvea of thia opportunity. PreDftrfttlnnii u ill K* mnaAn 4?* ~ ? A - - . .u lunqutuivr lor oniannual May Ball. -Circulars can be had at J. F. litis' and W. Q. Metierott A Oo.'i Music Stores. The Ball can be rented for ttotreea, to. Day.i ami Mrurx of Tuition : For Ladle*, Miaees and Maatori, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 5 o'clock. Uentletutn Ut*?s?s, Taeaday awl Friday evening*. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further Information,apply dnr??t the hoara of tuition, or addreac a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesion. ja9 MiKlNl'S FABHIONABLB UANOIMQ ACADEMY.AT A HABIVI S ASSEMBLY BOOMS, Jt _ K, between 9th and 19th streets, TBiBaeM'tny la now open far the recep- fflfc tlon of popile. L'aja a.iid honra of tnltioa for yoonc ladiee nliiMiuil tBMt?ra TuMdtya, Thuredaya and 8at urday a, from 3 to 5 p m. Gentlemen's < la*ae* from 8 to 10. me rvealnga. M ft ? Private iuatrucliou given to salt tbe convenience of the pnpil itis IXlASyt 1BALE AMP FAWOT DUtdi BALLS IM AND P.tBTlBS. The nMer?ignt>d would rnoet reapectfnlly inform tbe lad let aad gentl- men of Waahingtoa city, and the l)t*tiict generally, that he la at all t1me? prepared to fnrnfab partlea with Mas inerade and Farcy Coetame. either on loan or made to order. He baa taken room* at the well knoirn fancy eetahllehment of Ghrietiaa Bappert, Be i'UU 7th atreet. between D and B, where he will be ha^yy ta await order*. CHABLKSBBBQ, late Oontnmer at Ford's and Or?ver'> ja 8-lm* Theater*. Washington, D C. Bui b HniTiB from 60 clou to ft6, MEM'S BkATES from to $30, at the Skate Depot. POULTHBY ft TRIMBLE, o. 90# Went Baltimore street, <e 1Mb Baltimore. Md ^KATE DEPOT. ?3 LADIES' SKATES of all Midi, from 91 w to #u. POULTBEl ft THIMBLE, No. ?00 Wftit Btitimors itrssL _da lfllm BalU?ra, M>1. | AMIS' DKU8 OW)M, LADlBft BH A W US m4 ObOAKIMO GLOTBS. LACK ANB COLOMBO BILK.#, Closing cut chaap praTloat to takin? mcobdu ot BLANK ITS AMD TABLK L1KBN. TOWEU AMD NAPKINS. W? solicit a rail from all In win of Vty WM. ft. BlLiBY * BBOTHBft, N >. 36 Central St rM, batw<?*th aad 8tb ?lr?#U, ]*4 ?t o?frj?tta 0?uUr Market WM. T. OOLLIAJB, OAKIM IT MAKIK AMD UttBBBTAkBB, fj\ bb#W MiBBfAAlumr. flrhiMtl I'dmf#nill and HpuaefarBixhixag Wardroom*. Blew an4 M| Old Furniture, ef ill description*, beaght ) I I and ?oid. Repairing, Upholstering, and VarnWh notice Bontheestcorner of 8th and K streets north. No. 13 do IS iro* ? y'feTOM MEM MAUKKHKL. .1 * wreejfTlDg froa Boston direct, the r?r j BiM Quality of MISS MAOK1EBL, and which rarely find their war to this market, t?lni ueed aoeUr lor home eousnmption.-Aa th-r ?' keou trlnsssed ef erery p*rt hat the moot MlftUbie,.the UM[contain rerjr much more than the quantity aan*ll> packed W. W. BDBOHKLIi, . tM Corner Uth nil f streets, nnder ? > * BbMtt Ho?i?. JUST BMIITID YATB8 f"SELBY S, A i||?rUri^o( "which 1 they are offering a< very l?w prtcee. ao Mtf t \LD BTdVBB TAKBN IN EXCHANGE BTOVBsT OBATBf, In ir?t r?ri?tr, ?t^9[ ltl itmt, DUfftii lfwi?. < V m* R B M 0 T * J? tB. ???? HiTi Ttnv*4t? th*ir It* OtM, Bo. T1 LOV1IIABA ATBBUB, riret ioor eaaiefrifcet. ^ _ J> I BO *0 B : Bcanr D. Otok*. d* f tf aOBLB D. LAM BE. iMrttary. o^Atmm'js.str1 &&3sSSL****i?m (HfiUMn M ?jwrmoa L. WIL? an BO* fes^pT^pia^U; ft ran *nts, 1 sctadt * ? OBUBCH O BO AIT for 1711108 AUIAH AOBB rQE 1MT.tA1m JT utb Oornlqii; Alaiiftb Four Tlr?: AIM Mb da iM-toa; AlMMMftUhartTMl: ifauttb d? It Dun; itauvktek >?? Onista*; Ata?. Htt IaNtwi Almweb 4* IMOMM; ilaMMk 4?t *as d?l?MriMfi Alm*a^h>ollcbJo?ll?, u< tilm. myort?A 41 rm rw* toll FBABC& TAYLOB. TELEGRAMS, fee. From private letters the following Items of Mtiican news are obtained Zacatecas was occupied by the Liberals on November;!?. The t rench steamer Lucifer brought to Acapnlcu the news of the occupation of Maz&nillaby the Liberals. It was rumored at the last-named port, when the Lucifer left, that Cortina* had also been taken by the Liberals. (Jolema advices of December 24th state that the Imperial forces were totally defeated by the Liberal?,

near the city of Guadalajara, which was oc u?|>rru o\ iur murr onciprH'Tifrw r*rrn. The Chancery Court, Judge Campbell, at NasbTllle, Saturday, deckled that the bill of the Tennessee Legislature creating a Metropolitan force for Nashvilla m unconstitutional, on 'be ground that it was a partial law; :bat the commlMioneiv were not constitutional officers; that the law attempted to take from IVasb*ille her 'ranchis*, which could not he don*, and that the law was irregularly parsed, the amendment beine ac'-ed upon without a quorum. An appeal to the Supreme Court was granted. Two families of darter count?. Kast Tennessee, named Hoherts and Johnson, have been waging a bloody wnr hctwwn eaeb oth^r for twenty year*. Uurluc this time fr>nrt?"*n men bflorcmt to the tw* families h-tve lost Their liv^s, and on the evening of the 5;ti inst., in Elizabeth, Tennessee, the sole surviving mal*? ol the two f:;mili?>* enea^'d in an altercation which resulted fatally to both. This domestic war originated about a dozen fence rails. Tan f rr\ ?v. -V- ?" ? - nuui new iur>, j?osion. rnuadelpbia, and Kal'imore have been invited to attend a convention at St. Louis next month for the consideration of measures of improvement on he Hipper Mississippi river. Over s??ven hundred dfleprifes will tv invited ;rom Ohio, Illinois. Mississippi, and Mi-?onri. The Kentucky Uonrt of Appeals ha? decided that Tomppert was illegally deposed bv fiene ral Council Irom the Mayoralty ot Louisv lt?>. and he will therefore supersede Lithgow, the present incumbent. The excise law was strictlv enf?rp?ri throughout the city of INew York yesterday The police met with no resistance. About fitty arrests were made for violation of the law. A ynnnjc lady named Christiana K>ut wa= murdered at Dayton, Ohio, Friday. She wan found lying in the kitchen at lier house, wi'h her head terribly shattered by a pistol ball. No clue to the murderer. There is a close match in the Maryland in rrirara 10 tne senator-hip, and one mrmber is said to hav? the cas'infc rote, but tbw chances are all in lavor of Governor Swuiin. 1 he Union Tennessee State Convention to nominate a candidate far Governor meets on the !Nd of February. A number of counties in Kast Tennessee reocommend "he renomination of Governor Hrownlow. The Washington Territory legislature does not recognize the military headquarters of the Nortb, transferred to Portland, and ha* passed a memorial to be forwarded to the War Department remonstrating against it. A dispatch was received at Ottawa Saturday night, by the cable, to the efTect that the confederation delegates in England had decided to remove the capital of the confederation from Ottawa to Uuebec. A large and enthusiastic meeting of the friends of the ten hour system in the factories assembled in Hnntiagton Hall in Lowell, Massachusetts, Friday evening A petition fora license law ?o regulate tlie ltguor irattic is being circnlated in Boston, and but alreadv received al:ir?r? n umkx?? tures. The receipts of cotton at all the southern ports during the prist w?-e|t exhibit a falling oft" ot abont seventeen thousand bales, as compared with the week previous. Patrick O'Neil and Patrick MeOratb were con vic'ed at Toronto of bem* implicated in thi Fenian raid. They will be sentenced to-day. The lower House of th?? Nev ada legislature hatadopted the constitutional amendment by a strict party rote. 34 to i The !>enate of Maine have aereed to take up the constitutional amendment l'or a vute on Wednesday next. There were deaths in Boston last w rri. A company has been organised for bridging the Mississippi at St. Louis. The Ohio river is full otice, and is making navigation very difficult. Cholkkioh a Stkamih.?The passengers who arrived at New York by the steamer San Francieio. Irom Nicaragua. Saturday, report at San Juan <iel Sur they found ~?m passengers from the steamer Santiago de Cuba, of whom 30U were soldiers, who had been left by the Moses Taylor. They found the steamer Sau t rancisco at ureyiown, with o mi monpa?i>?i). jeers tor the America'* retorn trip, being 1,3<>0 in all. Official reports etat? that nine of the passengers and twenty-seven soldier* bad died of cholera. It the America tries to carry them all the cholera is nearly sore to breakout on board. She leftGreytown on January let, aad the next day there were three caws of cholera in tbe steerage, and three other deaths during the voyage. She put into Key West or the 6th. chiefly to allay tne fright of tbe passengers Twenty-one frightened passengers deferred tbe sbip there. Another account says twenty-six soldiers and one officer. Major (Jumble, fell victims to the disease: also. two And fAnr cteamer. Up to tbe time the San. Francisco lett, for forty-eifbt bonre there had been nu sew cases. No women or children bad died. How to obt bid or tbb NaTIOKAL D*bt. There are twenty millions of people in tbe North, lfsacboneof these wo aid destroy a five cent, currency note daily it woald amount to a million of dollars ia a dav towards the removal ol tbe national debt. It tbla were done everv day for a year it won Id diminish the aebtbv three hundred and sixty-five millions of dollars yearly, which is more than the whole internal revenue produces. We know a man who thinks It bis duty ts born a flvscect bill every day on this account it is less than the tax on a plass of whiskv.?A*. 1* Pr.if Thk Kiykk ?'The unbroken expanse of snow and ice on the Potomac, from tbe city of Wutiington to Fort Washington, visible to the eye from tfcia place, continues, and the river is ;ro/.en over below that point, very nearly If not rinite to Lower Cedar Paint. In some plaoes tb? ice is very thick. Onr ice gatherer^ Lave bad a flue opportunity to procure good crops of tine ice for next cummer.? Alex. Uaz. W It was decided in tha New York Court ofCotatnon Pleas on Thursday that the liability of a bafltac* expre**m?t was not limited by tbe words repressed on a check, -Will not be liable for&u amount exceeding W> opon any article," end that tha word "article" applied iu Hi H n'in tn ion contents 01 ue truuK, and not the u-nafc,it?If. Joseph Atwell. colored, baa taken Deacon's order in tbe Episcopal Cburch in JLantncky. II^Two quarts of liqnor wers discovered in an Islana Foed stage: thereupon the liquor j stags, borsas and all were seised by tbe Canadian official*. VTbe city railroad cars in Charleston, S. I f! njm ran /HI aanoalal # the preachers of thaeitj. *" i *TA alee yonng man in Philadelphia robbed nis mother of a SlOu silk dress, and used the money realized from it for liqaer. /"Female teachers hi Hartford live on sal. aries ranging from feioO to 9500. The Frees says it is worse than matrimony. number of Mifflin.county (Pa.) farmers bare bought real estate in the Shenandoah Valley, West Virginia. t&~ The Salem witches performed most of the feats of the mediums of tbe present day. They even raised themselves bodily into tbe air, it ths testimony of mnltitndes of persons at that time is of any valne. w* A colored mu la HonttngdM, Pa., wu poisoned by eating deer. He wired Himself by a emetic. WAi exchange eaye that it ie juet u eentibltnncTe to undertake to get married withoat coartinr, as to attempt any baeinass without advertising; botn often prove abortive.' jKTNeme Dean, the twelve year old skater In Pitteburg, g?u iOUO a weak and her axptnacw. i . .i ' , VTaatb are*topped with sold, aad toayaaa may be ro, likewise. A. aaa with a rub wMa ia often eUeueed by throwing her rneaay ia bit teetb. CTDoring thamootbof Deoas>ber 9,639 aougran j? arrived in New York. Tkr Right ( City f?rp?rati*aa t? Tax VIntIrnn(I CimyuiH. On Tbnraday last, w? learn from the Rich* moii J Dispatch, tbe Court of Apprali of Virginia beard. id that city, an appeal from the Circuit Court of Alexandria, tbe object of which wm to test the power of the Oity Coun? cil of Alexandria to tax the real and personal property of he Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company in tbat city. Tbe Council laid a tax for tbe year l?S9 of one hundred oenta on every hundred dollars on all the property, real ard personal, of th? cfy. The real and personal property of tbe railroad company was as*f??ed for taxation and levied on by the officer: an* 'he company instituted an action against the Council to recover damares forth# ininrr Tbe tacts were agreed on by tbe parties, and tb?? case was submitted to tbe decision of tbe court. The ground* on which the railroad company resisted the tax were: ? |. That tbf act of March IP, 1"V5, chapter .15. (Session Acts of lc55-'56.) provided a mode of taxing railroad companies, and exempted them from other taxes, whether State or corporation. 2. That the council of tbe city hart no authority to tax tbe engine* and other rolling stock of the company. It was agreed tbat the principal rfBce, 'he worlr-shpps. the corporate funds, and the regular meetings of the director* of the company, are all in the ci'y of Alexandria, and tbat tbe engines. Ate , were repaired and kept there when not in actual nee. i Be court (Judges Moncnre and JovneO held, first, that the net of March 1C, 1H5#, did not apply to taxe* by corporations, but w?coutiuej to State '.axes, and therefore the property of tbe ten puny in the city wae liable to be taxfd bjr the council: second, that the enpinpfi finrl rnllinff fitn/ Ir nrura f agreed, liable to taxation by the nty council. Virginia The Petersburg index saj-b:?"From th* district* south and west of Petersburg, and especially in those localities piott remote from cities ar.d tew us. we bear universal complaint ot the difficulty ot obtaining labor among the ' freednifn,'' and the difficulty ^ems to be owinc, in a jtreat meaeure. to the comparatively smill number of those who have chosen to remain In the country. The foolish propensity of flocking to the cities which Humboldt obser\ed in the emancipated slaves of Cnba. has been so reneraily followed by those ot the South, a? to occasion serious both to whites and blacks " The Richmond I)i?pateh says :?"Notwithstanding the uncertainty of the' political status or this State, o;^.iUlif.ts are making somnuvestments in Virginia mines, den Imbodeu, In an interesting letter, gives an nucouraglng muount of the measure* taken to develop some recently discovered wonderfully oxwnsiv? minfs of barytx and manganese in the county of Rockbridge." Unite an animated contest for Mayor and councilmen of Lexington occurred last Saturday. There were two tickets, and (Jovernor I^eicher, for Mayor, headed the opposition ticket?atd that ticket whs elerferf >>? sm?li majority, but the election is to be contested. The gNmeot keno has been decided lobe illegal by the Oommot. wealth's Attorney of Petersburg, and Mr. Thomas R Jeter, the propr.etor of the only establishment of the kind m Petersburg, has been otticmlly noutted of this by the Mayer. A MAN ATTKKi-e A WKKDING and then Sbimith Him sblk.?Jame? Ksrubam, a resident of Williamsburgh, shot himsell at about oue o'clock this morning at his lather's house. South Etghih street, m that eity. near Fourth street, and (tied a short time afterwards. The circumstances, a* they are related, are as follows Farnham's sister was married la*: evening at the house already mentioned, and after the wedding the married couple went to Jersey city, and took the oars fur Pnii*<i?i pbia and Washington. It was after raiding tit when Karnham. who accompanied them to the care, returned to Wiliiaiusburgn, at the hou*e in South Laghth ?treet?it is reported that he bearded elsewhere?be shut himself in a room where tbe suicide took x>lac? No special cause for the act is known to haTe exuied Ftrnhrm conducted himselfsingularly after the wedding, euaccouetof the fac t it was uppo?eu that a young lady whom be had asked to dance with him refused two or three times i u uu ^u. ? - l l 'OSX. Salmon Hatcitikg is Kaptkrn Rivers.? We learn from the Manchester Mirror thattb? sa)mon Sp:twn deposited in linker's river, X. H.. some time ago, by William Little, Esq, wa? doing w<?tl. Mr L?ittle has received word from J Of ph Clement, in whose care the spawn was lett, that the hatching was commenced. A peculiarity noticed by Mr. Clement is that as soon as they batch they work down through tbe pebbles on to the sand, and that it requires carelul searching to find them. There is now only one question to be settled before tne theory or stocking our rivers with salnon shall be established as a certainty, and that is in regard to tbe flshways. 11 they shall b? so constructed as to malra It nrirtirtfclo *n? ? ? '-K to find nnrt paw over them, but few vears will elapse hetore tbe object in view wilt have bean attained. i^^Tbere is much excitement at Norwich. Oonn., over tbe fact that a Spiritualist. named Cb ti les Williams, had nearly starred bis daughter, aged thirteen, by giving her enly one bowl *f grnel per day for three weeks, and for fortr-?ifht boars she bad nothing to eat or drink. The girl bad been kept in elate confinement in ber room In attempting to l*t herself down irom the third story, sha fell, and was somewhat hurt. When the facts were discovered, some selectmen took charga of tbe (11 1. wltOM i#rot?r< la d??h?/nl * rnade an assault oi? Williams, who delended himself witU an axe. The authorities interfered, aiid he has been locked up for trial. A Sad a*i> SisiovLAii Accideht?The Richmond Times of Wednesday say* ? Yeaterdaj ! morning a singular and distressing accident occurred, bv which Oaleb Qaarles, aged tire years, the s3D of Mrs. Indiana Canaries, of Maddux Hill, lost his life. The child put inte bis mouth a email sea shell which it had jnst takeu Irom its mother's work basket, when me shell, slipping down its throat, lodged in the windpipe, causing almost immediate suffocation. tvery effort of the frantic mother to relieve the little sufferer proved ana ratline, it Mine ioudu impossible to reach or dislodge the shell. %f A Canadian paper relates that as Dr Hamilton, of Sutton, Brown*county, was returning from visiting a patient a few days since. Ills hordes took In*hi and upset the vehicle. The doctor was thrown oat, and the horses continued their mad career: bat the doctor's dog. seeing his master lying motiouless, ran alter the Dorses, caught the reins, which were trailing on the ground, with hi* teeth, and succeeded Hi stopping them?nor would he let go till hie insensible master was uiuupui w iar tanio^. iuf a o ever ay re* covered from bit injur*#*. W Winter sporta?sleighiuf, abating, coach, ingt, sneezing, blowing your uom. flourishing your handkerchief, buying lozenge?,overtho*? and awaliawtcg -'couch candy,'7not to speak of cayenne peper tea, hot whlakr punchy horse.hlarVers hi tha day time, and old atockinga around your throata at night Boston ElOTIVIKT ?Th< I.vifthhnr* V... ... extraordinary elopement took plaec from tb? neighborhood of baavill* a day or two sine*. A r>7 and festive voutb of the tender age of eixtjr wmmm, ran off with a dulciaaa of twenty Tbe maa left behind him a wife aad a large number of children. ^The New Orleans people bare bMn la. duljrisg in the novel sensation of enow-ball tug. . tbrA fellow in Harrlsbnrg, who was chas. ing a party of girls upon the ice, fell and broln bis iom. T'One of ths novelties of the London sea son is Kangaroo Bams, imported Horn Amtralla. VTh* emissaries make tar greater effort to get women than men to go to Utah. t&~Tbr new Tycoon of Japan ? >uud Siattabaseie. CP* An American cttisen i* now taxed about four times as macb at a citizen of England. yGeneral Phil. Sheridan denies that ho is abont to g? married or ron for the Prasidency. -WTbeHail MiiU at Lewieton. Me., tarn oat f>,0PO,<XM yards of cotton cloth per year. */"Tbe Ktcbmond Enqntrer has made the discovery that Now England tamers "are generally poor, Ignorant and unintelligent" n.tng 01 uauomey tnu hU subjesu M if they vex* flia?. Some ago were recently sacrificed to Mm cod of war. JSTL^. P^MC-, ?? * the JW. ,.. J . 4 VI York county man rot an**? With hfk . wife and attempted to throw her into the Are. ????1^???? FROM ETftOPE Luidov, Jan. 1.1?The OloW hv id #4ito> rial in wkich it says tbe Euwn que*?ion ha* hetome ?o pressing that it demands lh? im me. dittf uwi'ioi of lb# European power* It to the opinion of tbe (Hob* tbat a general cor Terence of ibf l?adiBg p^vcr* wilt tx>proptw<1 oa tbe subject. Ail*ice* from the (last report ibat n insurrection is on tbe point of breaking oat in Bosnia. Fakir, Jan. ii.?Tbe jA|*nnr raibawv baa arrived in ibis city, and w ill shortly lea \? lor Amen a. Several of tbe yacbt club* of t rance propose to confer medals of boaor upon Jaan Gordon Hennett, Jr., tbe owner of tbe successftil ya<bt Henrietta KOma. Jin ii.?An inirrain dm M^n aid upon the continuaace of reli*iooa tarvtcea in tfie Seot?h Krotwan! cburcb it tbla ctly by ibr Papal antbonUea. and it in aaid that th?>y tbreatrn to pot a atop alec to tk? service* bald in tbe American chapel. Bkiu i*. Jan. 13?Tbe North German (iaaetta deniee that Kunarrk baa laaued any diplomatic circular, a* waa recsatly r#port#d. I'EHH. Jan. 13.?A motion baa been introduced into the UBBfanaa Diet declaring that h?- decree lately laaued for tbe reorganisation the army ta void, and all who order ita execution will tM> punished for trsaaon Fakir. Jan 13?Events* ? IHapstabea from tbe East report tbat a miattieriai crista baa taken place at Conatanuaople, and also tbi.t tbe Port# ku recalled hi* ambassador from Atbent.|lt is also reported that a targe number of reinforcements tor the (iitek liiuriMit have b? en landed in Caadia from Greek *bips, and tbat tbe CrrUm are receiving fresb rappiles of arm* again S?T. PtTiR'KVto, Jaa. 13 ?The Oaar and -he members ot tbe imperial court were present at a ball lately (iien in aid of tbe suffering (anilies of tbe Cretans. Lowpoir, Jan 13.?Advlceu from China report tbat a great tire bad occurred at Yokeb&ma, Jxpan. causing a Jos* of fi.otuW'. Lo*n>i, Jan 13? Evening.?Reports from M&drid state tbat Garibaldi bas (oae to tbe island of Candia. Lo*t>oi?. Jan It? Evening.?1The Times of ibis morning ha* a long argumentative article on tbe sublet ef the impeachment of the f resident ol tb? l'iiited State*. and sa> tbe scheme look* like & fauil blow at tbe Constitution. Cestii, J?b 1* ? M Ileal* ha* issned an ad? dres* in wtiicL tie condemn* the patent lately ietued tor (be reorganization ol the army. He vays tbat tbe carry in g cat of :bo scheme will cer'amly prove fatal to tbe arrangement of tbe present difficulties. and ad)nres ibe f.tnpeperor to concede tbe claim* ol Hungary Mai iiii. Jan. 12?Tbe proffered mediation of tbe I nited Mate* in the difference* between Spain and Chill i* regarded a* almost a certain forerunner of honorable and permanent peace. Vias>*a, Jan. 12.?Tbe morning journal* of this city to-day contained offi ial announcements that the'Sublime Porte all*,m?*n into service to qnell tbe Greek insurrections in tbe Mediterranean. Tub MiTnonifT tri^coraLCHi rch Sooth. Ttie General Conference of this church, at it? session in New Orleans, in Mar Iv-t, approved of a resolution for changing tbe name ot tbe miiicu vu Episcopal jueiooaist t'DurcM." and also adopted a measure providing fo lay delegation in the Oeueral aad Annual ConIcrfuccc. lb* rote on both these measiues wan c?*--?lderablr over two-htrds. Ibf requisite constitutional majority in ail organic chance*. Hut before they could pass irito laws tbe ratification of three -fourth* of the member* of the Annual Conference* present and rottng wm neceasarr Theee questions bare been submitted to ail the Annual Conferences except the Baltimore, and they rota*arecirea in the Kiebmond Christian Advocate of thia week, from which it would appear that both measures hare b*en loat. The footing up of the rotea of the Conferences ahowa tbe following result For change of name 1.(49 Against chanre of name lib For lay delegation l,M6t Against lay delegation.. 40?) Lay delegation lacks 33 * votes to make it a law. and there are joj| votec to be overcome to effect a change in the nam* of 'he church. The Advocate save ?The Baltimore (inference le the only une now to vote, and it is not probable that the result will he materially altered by the vote of that conference Both measures, therefore, may >>e considered a* lost ttteriburf Indrr. ?"Tbe statistics from the census return* for the Metropolitan district show That New York has not reached so large a fignr* in it* population as ha* been supposed. Instead of having one million of inhabitants. New \ ora .n? tain* hardly ibree quarters of a million. Brooklyn bac a little less than her boa-ted three hundred thousand?the two cities t?re*her footing up ltl/JtT44. The total population of the Me. tropulitan district is l,2tM,^7t<. In New York th*-re are more women than tn< n, and ta Brooklyn the excess of women is 13,S5?. Attempt to Ron a Boerosi Bank.?Adarifcfr attempt to rob one of the State street banks was made in Boston ou Wednesday A gentleman dome bnvnes* with the bank left a trunk contalninr bonds to a tare* atnoan: behind the connter. A few minutes after the trunk was missed, and at the same moment a iiu wuwru iuiu( uaiueooor wiuk it under bis arm. An alarm was given, wbrn the :hief quietly put the trunk down ana rs oed tbe HTML vktrc be was soon lost to vmw SritorLAR L>?aTh.?On Krtdu moruiug last, a eon of Jobn Ride, late of kawannock township. Mercer county. Pa . started out to look alter bis rabbit traps, and not T?inrn?njj for a considerable bin*, bis mother became alarmed and proceeded te look for b>m. Tbe barkmp of bis doc directed her steps, and ?be soon found bim lyine dead on bis laoe at tbe loot of a tree with a rabbit in bis arms. 7"Klne theaters were bnrved in 1066, whicb is nearly double the Iom of tba*. year piauuiDK vnwia lor fouowinf is a list Cf theaters burned last year: Piae's Opera Hoom, Cincinnati: Academy of Music, Metropolitan Theater. St Loon. Academy of Muaic, Cincinnati; I,oui?viIie Tbenter: Kroadway Varietta*, Nashville: Pbormx Theater. Petersburg. Va ; Orleans Theater. New Orleans Maw Bowery. New York. Ineredibl* aa it may appear, there are tenements in New York city for Hi and 160 families which are occupied each by at least ?Uj uereona. These houses do not coutain a single roan burins proper vennlatior, and are so dark, owing to adjoining Mnetneat buildings. that on a clondy day the 1 dob a tea can neither aee to raad or aaw without aruflcial light. 7~? Frott, afeni of tbe Children's Aid Society of New York, ha* arrived in St. Loaia With a enmnisr of fnrtv lm?? twin nA tr. IT -- whfNioniM will be provided tor them T&ey were picked an from the loweirt dreg* of the populace in New York, bat bar* been well cared for. aud pretest a neat appearance. They attended chnrcb in St. Lout* ?u Sunday, and attracted much attention. UMXAXI'LBD Costbihut i of The Metfeodiat Centenary collection now foot* ap over #3,8(0,0011, and is not yet ail in. It will undoubtedly reach #4.000,000. or this inn Daniel Drew of New York, faee gMu,?iO Mr. Baldwin, of Ohio, luu.tioo- Mr. Rich, of Ho?toa,S7&,twu. aad many other* from to k50,000 each. fc^Mr. Cbarle? Reed, ot L<ondon, the wellknown inthar of "rtrifflth Ctnni nr 1 ousy." and also of several other works of Action, has commenced an action for libel 1a in* Supreme Court of New York again" Mown. Charles H. Nweetxmr. Doreey Gardner aad Henry Sedey, the proprietor of the weekly known a* the Kound Table. TM plttbuf iaya bis danaiei at fiiuuuo. STA young lady from North Carolina waa IcU temporarily in charge of ibehoaaeof a friend in Norfolk on Saturday evening. Soon after the family loft shediacovered a man Iwk. tag in the yard, nnd not liking hi* looks ib? took np a gnn aad shot him, bat whether dan. geroosly or a* <, the waa not abla to any, a* hagava oaa tremendous yell and left. VThe New ?ork police aoooped forty gamhl?r. in ....... WO*n Wood thinks om dollar and a half par men lb too modi (or taacfaiag tbe colored idea. t&~A Berffea (New Jersey) cow died be. can*e a live toad sad got batwean ita lights axd. heart. KTMon people bare died i* the world of starvation than of aauac pork.?Bctton Pert 9 Taa thousand people lira ooder tb? pavemeau la New York. Wbaie ball on laa ta a new Wrinkle. 7*Ex-Governor LitcHtr ii talked of for aext Mayor of Lexington, Va. %r Franc* exported 11.M4 watermile" laet VTbere la inaajr aa Lre tempted by Saua in oar dry-goods windows. arnte Mississippi Biter ha* beeneborteaed eiffbteea miles -by a cat-off. ITTbii is tb* season to bsap eoale on year enemy?if be if. a poor mu.-?MtM Pit WTwo Venetian priest* are candidates fbi tbe Italian Parliament. tsar A woman ia Loadoa beat ber bnebaad to deatb witb s polrer becaaee be failed to bring KTA Bnmtwr of milkmen In KltBabotl), N J, have refseed to servo tbeir cuiimm ob baodaja. ?lli? white folks of utarfcohqr*, W ??y are raisinc funds to build a cborcb for tbo colored lolfes of that tows.