Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1867 Page 3
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THH KVEN1NG STAR. " LOCAL NEVV& A*CSIMKHT8. Ac . TO HIOBT. Wall's Xkw Oi-kka Holub.?"The Long Strike" will be revived iu aa unproved foria and no one should (ail to teeUuiMti | popular of modern play*, u It mast soon fire ! place to other novelties, which are in preparation Ira tlr?' prodnr'lon here wt*a (treat suc<ese, lid we expect to eee crowded hoanes again while it is performed. National Thiatu?First night of Maggie Mitchell, who will appear in her speciality, iaacboa.' Onn Fklui**' Hall.?Fifth annual Prize Ma-q'ierade Ball of the Harmony Circle this eveuing ? ? Tbi Skativo Club?The >m the Pnna ?On Saturday evening, a meeting of the Washington Skating Club Was held at the room? of Messrs. Clagett St Wweeny, which was very largely attended by the stockholders, Mr. W. H. Ciagett m the chair and Mr. J. J. lltapmsa secretary. The Cb air stated that be had called the meet, ing to take action in relation to the recent onfortunate affair on the pond. On* of the maintiers had violated the rales frequently, and an arremptmade to enrorce the rule* had resulted in the President and some others being held to ball far court to answer the charge of an assanlt. The question was whether the rules should be enlrrced. If they are not to be, there will be no pond. Lie had done bis duty to the be*t ot his ability, and except in this instance had received the support of the members generally Since this occurrence he had recei ved several letters from cilix^-is, expressing their approbation of the manner in which the officer* liad done their dutv. He believed that ;fce public generally would support them, and he intended to see the rtiles enforced at tbe risk cl bis lile. [Applause] As to the order on the pond, he referred to the fact that on Saturday afternoon, witLin fifteen minutes after *be flag had been struck, the skaters, numbering 1.5UH. had left tbe pond. Mr L. F. ('lark offered I. resolution, tendering ?he thanks of the clui to the officers and directors for their promptness in enforcing the rules. Mr. Alex. Adamson sa d that be was the member refrrred to. and proceeded to read from the preamble that th* club was organized lor the benefit ol the metabers. He thought, when he joined tbe club that it was for the enjoyment of members with their families only As for the difficulty, be took a sled ou the pond and was ordered off, bur refused to go. telling them to call a meeting for the club to decide whether be was right or not. He saw the president, and understood from him that Metis iould be used on tfc* eastern portion, but objection being made because they were low, a chair on ruuners was suggested, and be had one made, which he took to the pond, with a note from the president stating that the rules had been explained to him Or the day in question he was ordered to take it off by some of the members near him. He was about to comply, when several persons seix>d him, oneof whom choked him, and he gave him a kick in return, lie had persisted because he thougbt that he was right: and if, as be had requested, a meet, ing had been called, he would have abided bv the decision of that meeting. Mr. K. M Jones offered a preamble setting forth that the club had bten formed for social enje>yment. and 'he rules had been accepted by the members, and tnai Mr. Adamson had set those rules at defl?n<-? and persisted in ungeutl-marly conduct, vith a resolution expressive of tne unqualified disapprobation of bin conduct. A iengtniy debate took place on this resolution. iu which Mr. Adaiasou, in replv to a question, said he was sorry that the affair bail occurred, and tbe Chair ei pressed bis willingness to forpet ard forgive all ihat had passed, if Mr A made a sui'able acknowledgment. Ah effort was made by Mr J R El\an? to dlsrob* the resolution* of all harshness of language, but Mr. Adamson, on being asked if he would abide by the rule*, replied by asking if it was an attempt to buy him off. when Mr. Elvans withdrew bis motioo; and the resolution was adopted witbont amendment. Mr Clark *aid. in order to get au expression cf opinion on the questior, he would offer a resolution requesting tne direct jrs to alter the rules so as to allow the pond to be open on Snnday afternoons. The resolution was rejected. Mr. Patterson moved the appointment of a commit:** to apply to Congress for a charter. A member suggested that it would be best not no apply for a charter, for nnderone thsy could not have such select company as at present. He believed it impossible to gel any charter from Congress unless there was a proviso ??hat there sball he ao distinction on account of rac? or color." [Severa: voices ? That's to:'' and laughter.j Mr. Patterson withdrew his motion. A resolution was adopted directing an assessment on the shares should it be necessary m su-tain the president, directors and members who have been or mav be proceeded agamst in tbe court* on any charge growing out of their endeavor* to enforce the rules. In answer to a question, tbe Chair stated that all charges had been paid up to this tims, and there was a balance of from f to ?7uoin the treasury. Tar Natiohal E^tal Kiouts Liaoue Cosvestiow OK OoLoasn Men ?On Saturday evening the convention assembled at7 o'clock, and after devotional exercises, addressee were delivered by Mr J. H. Harm, delegate from North Carolina; W. 1>. Fortiner. delegate from Pennsylvania: A. J. Hamilton, ol Texas, and tbe chairman, J M Langstoa, of Obic. Mr J H Harris offered a resolution that tbe convention approve* tne efforts of the Edacational Institute of Norta Carolina in aiding the educational enteiprise of that State, and pledges its support and influence in its behalf Adopted Tbe committee to nominate officers for tbe convention reported the following nam?s President, J. M. Langs ton, af Ohio; Deputy President, J H. Ham*, of N. C.; Treasurer, J. W . Lognea, of N Y.; Corresponding Secretary. Prof. O. R Vashan, of Pa : Recording Secretaries, Prof. W.J. Wilson, of N. Y., and Joftn F Cook, of O. C ; Executive Committee, S O Brown, D. C; Samuel Hodges, Va E Weaver. Pa: J. Manorney, Ind . J T Rapier, Ala I?. W Anderson. D. C.; J. A. H. Schuinan, D C., Chaplain Tnrner, Oa., and Bishop W siyman, Md. * Mr. Eacgston said be did not desire to be elected as President, bnt favored tbe election ol t red Douglas. After some debate, tbe gentlemen named in the above list were eleeted. John F Cook, of this District, was appointed chairman of the publication committer, and the secretaries ?f the convention added to tbe committee. Rev Mr. Orimes, of Boston, offered a resolution recommending the formation of a national association, who** object sfceuld be tbe erection of a monument in this city to the memory of Abraham Lincoln. Adopted After a vote of thanks to the officers of tbe convention, and the people of Washington, for their courtesy and hospitality, the convention adjourned. Okphaks' Corar. Judge I'ureell ? Saturday, the will of tne late Conrad Sherry, heretolore lolly proven, was admitted to probata. >acmi I termehle and Eugene Carnsi obtained letters of administration on tbe estate cf ute late C H. Utermehle; bond ?10.000. Jae. 11 Holmes on estate of John C. Archibald bond frteo. Malinda Davis on estate of Lana Harriet bond WW. Eugene H Laporte was appointed guardian to the orphan ol tbe lata John and Hannah Walker, bond *7U). The first and final accounts of the administratrix wita will annexed of Henry T. Parker administratrix of J as. B Leach, (with account of personal estate.; administratrix with will annexed of Abraham Cook; second of executor or Anna M. Thornton: and flfteeath and snt-ettb of executor of Dorcas Galvin, were au proved and passed. twT ? Wxcnisro IK Hioh Lira?Those who desire to see a true, genuine wedding In high life.wil "Miss Jones's Wedding?No Cards, st Metzerott Hall, next Wednesday venlng. January 1?, at 7 o clock. This is the lo be delivered by Lie Cordova, ^ well-known author and humorous lecturer. ? created quite a aensatiou in wuTirln-VL *****?"HaU, we doubt not, on oocaaioa. The sals of m^sicVt^-^y C?mneBCe ^ ? J Poucs BsroRTs?xne lientanants ol varl- i ous police precincts reported for Satur Jav i" < arms* to tne enure District. S , I against tbe municipal laws wbich were fl^bie 1 amounted lo #l.<7 46 tun imposed. Arre?T?o? ' offences of greater magnitude were few. a* will * fee seen bv the local reports to-day The lie a tenants reported this mJrning thirtv arre.ts m the enure Di-mct, nearly all cominr under tne mamcipal laws. The tine* amoant?<i to8115t??. BMU a , CoLovlzATioN S?? i?rv.?The fiftieth annual 3 of ibe Vinertt au Colonization Society will ba held u-m rrow evening. January 15. at o'clock, in Trinity Church, in this ' cuy. The Amen, an (V4or.izafion Society has received, during fhe past two months* the 1 name* of six hundred and 'btrtv-two colored person*, desiring pa??age to Liberia ? ? Fast ?Yeetarday. Wm Sw.aggart w as arrested by Markwoud ft?r fa?i driving Justice Tb<>mp?oa fined bini f^u .las. ' Pumpbrey and >'erd>naud Butler were arrested by officers Howard and Fraxier for a similar offence, and were fiaea f^>0 each bv JusUca Morsell. i > t'??AITH?UL SttVAIT,?Aboit Ult Mtll of I*cember the room or Ho? John F. iTriggs p,.toYwC ? olen. Mia. Anna V&n ftuskirk, the proDnl.TlViu -\brhr^b^ P?*riOO?\jr Oetecled a I irrenief C*lia Young in some petty SSKFSSS* WT-jkH V&'ZSA?" ** ? ?n it noted. mT^d th" *> * 1" nioP* wu musta. Tbf book was replaced, withoat th# a I a rTv Vn*?V">? ^ sP",<'e ?* paper in it particV5 Tb* r<**? Was watched. t iS 'Bl? the roam 10 ,W**P *?1 oleaiu* . other person entered: and after Celia had [9Jl}b.T room tl** bo*? ww examine!, it had TT. lmm th'" P?*??oo in which it Z,J?X and the marked paper waa lying room w"r" sa-U [)B fh? .V.k"/1 a2 **** 'ObbuiK the house. TiS^v A . 01 tbe room ?cc?pied by Hop. !f? L > ,*? ^ &*&lu ?l?red. and robbM H.J\?oekPt-hooK ?mtdiding ?l? and a qnaai h. aJn?nllU?lf ?o *?? to about 575. V ?V entered by a window in the rear of be hoc*e.and helped himself or waa helped uid waa ia b?d U??otiTM Clarvoe and Mrltoviu >i? \nl^' a~d ** ^tordajr night arrested iena Yotitig. Yesterday ahe had a hearin* Jw'beartatT Tncker' wbo ^,d her for a fu* A Match Bbokrm orr.?This m^rnin* a l?VJ C.fed ??n ' J?"'K ' * u,trJ (*?ardhonee for advice. His r.tVL.,lil,c.52rd W|H,?m?!and h? hal been ' 21* rigb\ mouths with a colored girl ?v" Jobn??"- The okier colored people of his acquaintance v?*ry properly re b^.n* h.Tin'wlth ?h" *" ! without being mHrried, and advised hun to marry her nfnhfrf"!"^' and went 10 work and fnr * house for himseli and his intend-d. and pot n licence as required by law but iUst li uT'0.8 "m* flxe<* ,or 'ne marriage, thv .nrf. r?,n otf and <l?artered vim mother Tfc *J' Kicbard asked what be ought r0 ? w J he advi-ed him to let her elide, hare*" .i".,.,1 'he. r'dda,1Ce> ,or 11 *he ba? K^Jh.rH Ji d, 8he Was Dot fct 10 S* *? Wire. I.irhard was pleased with the idea, and reL1!',r.^; 1 want her very had but 1 thought I had bettera^k yon what tode " ? l.AROK>'TEP ?Satnrday, John Taskev wis arretted by officer White, of the Seventh Ward, icuhnt "y ofKrol[,t'! ihw Property of Jamrs Uce B^awHl l? ba" f?r COUrl by Jui" r?w'-.V ,'.,iher' folored, was arrested by officer CM allapban, ot the Konrtn Ward, upon a Crar1?w01 KrRod larceny, made by 1). H N'ichWalter WaS 9^Dt l? tuT court b7 Justice Aaron Mann was arrested by officer (Vumn of rbe First Ward, and charged hy E. M/Taber with petty larceny. J ustice I>rury held Lim to ban tor court. 1 * amxashkia and(lEOKorrowN Railroad A petition to be presented to the legislature of our State for the grant of a charter to construct a railroad between this city and Georgetown upon the berme bank of the Alexandria canal! is now in circulation among our citizen*, and "umerou.Jy 8ieil?,, by the most substantial husmei-s men ot the city. The p<x i:"K,A.fa4Binf rapid I v, and the probability is highly in tavor of the road becoming a fixed fjiet?Alex. Jonrnal. MV?d" M|{- Sxauaar, tub RankerJlr \\ m. M. bleu art. ot ibe firm of Steuart A? ? ' bankers, died yesterday at his bo irdlue ^' j E s're,,t- Wr- Steuartwa?a K ^ c,,y' !4ud for ma?y years past haa been eujtaa.d in urme of the babws of this city, and a lew years since he former, wtth his brorht r a partnership iu the banking bus! nf?8. ? Ti rned Ovkr to VlROIWIA ArTH?>BlTIB-i wm Payne was arrested Saturday by offker Thompson, of the Fourth Ward, upon ach trire of grand larceny, perpe'raterf ,n Virginia mace by ? ieor-e Strander The case wa9 laid before justice Walter, who directed theoristies'"t0b* delMered tolhe Virginia authoriViolating Markst^Rbovlatioso ?Saturw y ? N. Hullman. a huckster, whs arrested by efflcer Howes, ot the Third Ward, forhuckstering without license: also, for occuprinr i stand in the Center Market contrary to law Jti6tice Thompson fined him f.5 in each case! KEf'*iviv0ST0LKN(i.x>Ds ?Saturday morning, detectives Cuomes and M.ller arrested Henry Corprall upon a charge of receiving v-^1. 5, ^ 8toleB frwm tb' story of Carter, xatn* A i,o . knowing them to have been stolen Justice Tucker held the accused to bail for I court. UI I SaiLiwo LiyroRoKSi-MDAY.?Thomas Hurlihe was arrested yesterday by officer Crown . qiVir ?" Su??iay, aud was lined iJH by Justice Walter. ? Carbtino Wiapoks ? Wm Mockabee was Ulttt ?mcer Howes, npon a eharge of carrying concealed weapons and was fined by Justice Handy. * | " ' CITY ITEMS. .-,1 ?F*" a splendid stock of fine 18 karat Gold ?nd Silver American Watches, luamond ro.T*,'7 tDd VP'ra(i,a?*?. *opercent below cost, to close bnsinesa. I ? I. Albiakdib, 240 retina, avenue. JBWBLSY. ?Bog Wood Setts, Jet Chains I H n d 11 -4W *ew ty?? Sleeve Huttons, sn?*1' /""'^rf Pins, Bracelets, Lockets, | spoons, Forks, (Goblets, Cups itnJ tbl? morning, at Prigg'g * Jewelry Store, No. 4*? PennsyJ. vanla avenne, near 4)( street I <n^^TL(lL* of apparel more becomes an individual than a nice Shirt, which he can ret ?t"rrs-s Store, 1H TiL 3 cjootb above Odd KpIVows* Hall. ! Dr. Whitb, Chixopodiet, <24 Penn s* Im. !*'" ** and #th streets, continues the sue- I e?tar?LJt of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged jointa, warts, moles, vascular excresences, &c (ifflce bonr. from 8 a. m to ? p. m.. and 6 to * p. m. Established 18?i. For Chilblaimb and Frosted Feet, WbUe s Embrocation is a specific. Price f 1 per bottle renewed his practice, ia which speciality we I know he has nad great experience. We re?e? you to the advertisement column. | ASc??Pil? Cnti -Dr. Gilbert's pile ln?r?mentp?.,uvely core, the worst cases of FarTfre?"^^^ ^ 0n Tff'P101 ? Circuiar? tree. Sold by druggisu. AgenU wanted evervwhere Address J. B Romaine. Mana. I ger. No. 575 Broadway, New York. $ I MAARIKD, j ia/i^T*k1????5?LiX- Oa lh? 7th of October I * ) ik#v. Mr. Fiakle IMi a a ' i y&sg.? P-&TBtoaRJBBitjii DIEU. " j CDBBAN. On Band ar nomine, th* n i> i. stent, JOHN M . child of Stephen M ?n<l Msrr't I T Cnrr.n. |u the?ih year offals age * sz?sr9l,sssj FOBD. Oo the ??n'n? of 13th, afUx a .hertand ^alniul iPae*s, TdUMAH O ?oBO. aged d. sTiTle rord.* ia7*'1*'?ut ??n of J. sUh^ and The fnnerel will take ?laee to morrow mo mint ir ,TO,m th* residence of his father S?.k # i? * ' *h* ,r<en^sand aeqa*iatancee >ftheje?l|y are reee.ctfnlly invited to attend. ? MBECUABT TAILOBINQ ~~ IB ALL iTa OBPABTMBBT8. We bee to Invite oar friends, citizens, te to aa exaainetioa of ?t<.rk isikfe ? ?' 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MITCHILL, in her aaapproarh at-le impersonation of Supported by Papnfar VonagActor, Mr J W. COLLIE*. t.? CM* ?' emlneat fitness embracing many weU Kiowq fftvorilei of Company. DE CORDOVA, The Celebrated HCMOROCS POET AHD LEO TI KEB will route Ma great sensatiouil Feem. entitled "MISS JONES' WEBDIBG-NO CABDS." AT metzebott ball, WEDNESDAY EVENING, January 1?. ?>7. Tickets,!>0, B-scrved Seats, 7 4 ceuts. Reserved tsea?e will commenw at Metisrtt* - Muflc Btore, morning.Ja* 1?. lb>7. roors oian at 7 o'clock; Lecture to commence Bt8 ja U 3t METZEROTT 1iall. For a season of T W O WEEKS,commencing thcbiday, January it , aj d continuing every evening until further nettc* urat.-i coDMdldatiou of three distinct and sep?rate Com pan lee, THE TWO PEAK FAMILIES, SWISS BELL RIN<.*R8, And the celebrated BBRC.ER FAMILY, Vocalist*. IIarplstn, Ytol mists, and SILVER CORNET BAND, O. mpon d principal^ of Children. TWO bOLO HABPlBTS. TWO BOLO VIOLIN 1STS, TWO SOLO STAFF BELL PLAYERS. Tb<- finly Stall Bell Players in the world. Jo PK.BFOBMERS AND J?0 SILVKB TABLE BELLB. Cards ot Admission... ..?.- .....'ifl cnt? Referred beat*... 1 ft ' Tuket- tor xiila at Met/croti's Music Store, wker< a (iiHprAui of the Hall may be seen ,iud seats secured tbrt nays in advance. SATrRl?AY. JTnCABY 19tH. Git AN D BKLL RINGERS M4T1NEE. Children admitted to the Matinee for '?i cents. Doors up?B at 7 o'clock . comm nre at o'clock. Afternoon -Doors op*ii at 1H o'clock; commence at 3S o'clock. jaliPt ft^ANOY DRESSES ANlToGSTUMES t For Tableaux and Private Parties. Apply to MBS FRANK. BBA, jai-?f 44 7 10th street. PERSONAL. JVOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THATTAMT* ^ ~ r. L SAM ST AG has as?Uue1 all his uoods an 1 i Battels, ntuck and hook d>U?. and other a<*t?ts, to 1 i-nder signed tor the payment ?f his creditors, as will appear by reference t" the asslg miient duly recorded, and all persons are hereby B'Bfd and pr. hiblied from paying to the aald Sam stag, or < t1.?Tperson, on bis behalf, auy debts thay may hucowfd him. M B1EGBL. January loth, 1467. ja tl 3t* TBI GREAT FRENClf^EEMllDY?Dr. V,l1 fcTUtdirat Drop-.?Tlieonl> ceitaia and aate remedy f r all litenne 0!>*trnct|ons, Monthly I'?i!.cnltia?. Irrfjnlaritlea, and all thn other ills tHse? to which the woman, wife, and mother is peculiarly liable They will be found the easiest and most certain cure that can be found. It is oil accc'untof ttilx certainty tiiat they should not he taken by i regnant female* daring the first three months, hs mlacariiHge la certain to be brought on but at othar periods their aso ia perlectly salt. illice 179 south B ftreet, Latwcen 9th and l 'th. Island. ja ll-3t* AB. 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WHBATLEY'S PREMIUM 8TEAM DYEING * CLEAN8IN4 EiTABL ISd MENT. Office Bo 49 Jetteraoa at , Georgetown. 8. O. Batablished 1831; premium awarded by the etropolitaa luetitnte, W4;; ret ail; is?>, andU now by far the largest and most complete eatabliabment of the kiad in this section oroonntrT, with a large stock of the beat foreign and domeatic Dyes and Chemical*; replete witfi every desirable Apparatus, and provided with the best Taleat aad Artiatic skill to be obtained Tbe ant. scribet ia prepared to demanatrate to hla customers that pre-eminent ae may have been hia prevtcus reputation, bla motto la " Bxcelalor" |B Dyeing. Cleansing, and R*fta1shin? Ladles'and G^ntlemea a Apparel, Bllka, Yelveta, Batina. Me rlno. Cloths, Ac., be means to atand nnrivalled Tinly thankful for past favors, heaellcltatbecontir.ned custom of the community. a/" Gooda received and reroraed by Expre*a with tha ntmeat promptness and dispatch, ja 12 lm WM. H. WHEflTLET, Dyer. OBTH KHOWIBG. 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Call and erne mine hla stock ^de31 iw* BENJAMIN MILLBB. ^BOCBRIBS, HALL A PLABT, PLANT'S BUILDIHG, Corner New York avenae and lftth at reel, (Entrance an Maw York avenue,) Healers in fine FAMILY GROCERIES, TEAS, WINES, IMPOBTBD LCXUBIBS, Ac , Ac., would reapectfnlly notify their friends and the pnblic that they have jaat opened their Kew Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article nanally kept la a Ant daaa Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate oar large, freah and wellaelected stock, we cordially invile the public to exazelneonr atere and atock. believing we ahall not fail to give entire aatlafhctton to all who may fever ua with their patronage. We eall eepedal attention to our aaeortment of TKAB and 00FFEB8, which have beea selected With great care for parity. Dealer* will find a fine aasortment to select from, aad oar price* to suit. Gooda delivered prampUy la aay part of the city. jan ft 3m Selling off to closb business. A. W TOWSHBND A CO , Jewelers, ft IS 7th et., between 0 and B. , Having determined to retire from buslneaa, we offer our beautiful assortment of Jaweirr aad Fancy Goods at flret cost. All goods sold gnarao teed to be what represented Whilst closing out oar stock of Jewelry aad Fancy Gaod?. we offer our patious who wl?h to purchaae Watches tbe opportunity of haying them nt wholesale rntes. PB1CB LIST OF WATCHES. Silver hunting ens*, anchor movement*, jewel ed. 9 told. Do. American, Bllerv movements, jeweled, ?i7, fold; D<> Amerlana, F, S, BarUett movementa. ^weU-d, fa, gold; It karat aol 1 4A owt case. Anitrkwi, P S Ba*flftft,nhronometer S-7. gold; 18do. do., f7S. gold, 18 do , Ap p.etca. Tracey A-Oo., ahronomator vnlil fftft.gaid. ARTICLES TO BE BAVFLBb. 1 Ladles'Cabinet aad Chair, papier mac he, inla??id. 1 Ladies' atth soad Sterling silver, ttrst cost, JTjri The whole to he raffled for 9M0curfeaifV' ' A . W TOWNt?HB*D A ?'0 , ioweh ri, , _ . 318 7th street f-w door* t>ei*w j? W ' Odd Fellow*' * . * ? ' < . U i ? i a : i , t * : Bw > J WANTS. WVLT?FPTf f*04 JOCR.NJtkMAh BIS ma v^*.*'wh,U "*? preferrei. Apply at No. 600 H tth. ? 14 *% W AoN?I?D_A ?**? WOMAN J; tp?r>? A^)f to ALBXANHKB A MJ^*^MJLwru^ttT*iid *M*. ja 14 ?t* W akt*d-a competent Woman todobeuae? J,or? * famlHr. Gead reference re!. ?? "!' * " 84B PiiMrUnU irtoM. VV^WT*D_ Implement, writing preferred. Btayoang Miff, Intelligent, well *8ucaled. and m i0(a >#.,meu. Adareee SCRIBE, G?*rget<-wa. jt IP* Wr ANTED-Bi Hit U)trt?a^ first ? ceok a SITUATION. Id * hotel, restaurant, or loerdinghoue- Cm Kite good ricoiiaiuvUtl0Pa: A*Wynt Mo. 8*9 D street, Ul*Mt IJ-h and liS etreete. ja 14 St* %V' ANTED- A cicely ferntahed BOOM, alt*i'l" ,B **atr* of tbe city. Bant not to exceed fio per month. Address L BROWN,Star Offic*. j? w-tf VV ARTIBIMIIBDUTBIT-I mMMltiqS *" HOI hB, unfurnished, from six to eight room*, with |u And water. Addreea, etating term* and location . J D.L.KUr office. < Hit1 %JL' ANTBD? An experienced PERSON,to farvY niah board for br*t claae board or a. Will hM? tli* entire control ef dluing roots and klteb a. Aei*r*aees required Apply at 463 B at real, between (Ikaiul 6lb etieefe?. None bat reepenelble peraona need call. jalS it* \\ ANTBD?A Whlto GIBL about 18 or 19 years " of age to aeststia asmall privet* family. *?ply at theBtar Office. ja ll-St* WANTED?By a priva'e family, a o4on<d female COOK Hint bt w>'ll recommend*!. Addrea* B"X 2G, fctar office. ja 11 Jt* W A NTED- A COM PLbTBbY KCRNISUFD ' ' HUIDB, in a central location , one preferred where tbe party rentlug will take Board. Ad-1r<-*e \\ ..97 Peun avenue, corner 2i?t at. Referanre* exchanged. jail a?4t* W'ANTBD- B> a who en lerstandt his business, ? SITUATION i<> eup*rtnt?n1 a farm. K r further par I nian- apply at No. ftsll 17th el., Capt R HaN N EN S KesUurant ja 10 4t* W* ANTIP- A COOK,-!! <>1*9E EllPKK and '' MISTRE SS in a small family . Oermau pre erred. Call at Jb7 New Yurk are . bei. <ith and TtU its. VV AN TED-New end Cant offULO IB I N U, old ?' COLD aod MLVBK.or aay other article of

value, at the aid e-tebli^bed Metchant fawn btoker's Store ot It . FI LToN A CO , A??-J 9ih at., 3 doora north of Patina aionoe. Bole Ageutfor SINGER'S SEWING MtCHlNK. de ?2-1) W AHTKD-lOO L4DIKS In mediator. ta -m l r ider Yokes. Band*, Wrapper Yoke*, Flan Del Skirls Slippers. ami Initials To eo >d hau ls wbo brtuk:-ample o! work, suol ? asr^a and cou stunt rmplovmint ftivan. Call at th? new Stamp Itig Ri>?m, 4 .19 9th utreet, opp .*lte Patent OfRce STAMPING reduced to VIVE centa per width. delijT WANTED - 10 noo LADIES to kn >w that at th<' New Statupliig Bu< m*. 4 Mh ntrecl.tippevite Paleut 4'tir e iber caii liud tbe btat ?el? :tt>1 rtn.? i t ol Fattem* eeer olfered tiere tor Cloaks, < [? a. Aprona. Joaeja. Walata, Tuke?, Bauda Wrappers, Bllppera I'incnshious. ana Inltlaln Ale?. dealsna for Pillow Ca*?* OtUxnaiit. Chair Covcra, Piauoa. and. In ah?rt, every variety of Patternx a* that ara daily U8oed Webavoa Ftench Ma<hlne and a Piactiaal Stamper, and have ieduced the pric* to FIVE CENTS I'EB WIDTH. We make and stamp my pattern brought nt Btaid?. Silk and Working Ootton very low. da I'tf WANTED?BKt'ONI) HAND rDHNTrDBE Alao Ml KbOKt, CABHKT8. BBDS, HEM D1 > 0 and HOL'BIt PL' KN ISH I NO OUOI?S ol ever/ Jet-cr ptiou. B BUCUIjT 40* Jtb street j>*?'8-tf l>etwean G and H, eaat ?tde LOST AND FOUND. ?f C BBWABb ?Lost, on tbe morning of the 'Ir^nih intiaiit. a MABOON YEPLIN . tri moiel with maioon Mas velvet Tbe above reward will be paid lor its return to No. 4t?l litb at , bat t aid U. it* LOST? 4)a tbe nlvlit of January l tb .? LACB llANDKBK'HIkK, with lace bird a pp. nine. A suitable reward will be given ou lta retui u to J. G CLARKE. Biggs' Bank. ia 12 Jt* LOST?W?*dn<'8day. Jab. ?. 1S7, a dark red OOW.ribort born*, turned In. Eire dollars will be paid lor ber delivery to JOHN COLUBBT, 2d at., near Va. ave , Island. ja 12 It* LOST?On the night of the dlli In-taut at*WalFs Opara Uousa.or on ','tb street, a Ht'KF of mink fur. Tbe finder will receive a liberal re waid by retarnlugit to 4M H atreet. between 9tb and 10th. ja li-St* IObT-A small black 0 I'EB A GLASS, left on -t a stat at tl<-National on Krlday night. Tne finder is reapectfnlly rconeated ta aend his ad dreaa to Peat Office, box No 4 -J**, or to le*>e the glaaa at tbe office or tha Btaror Intalllgencer. jaJJ St* ObT??n tba m- rulng of tt.e loth Inatant, a l j yellow leather fOCKET BOOK. It has my name au It, and eon tarn a a small sum of m>D?y, checks. Ac. Tba finder will h* anltably rewarded by return!og It to tha snb?c?1ber. 8. W. K HANDY, jalS St*_ &*>6 Utb street, Island. IOST?On the liitb instant, on 7th atreat. bet twean E and tba avenue, or on tbe avenue, between 7th ami 4)t atreau, a amall POCRBT BOOK contai a sum of money, alao a letter of great value to the o? ner as a keepsake. The tinder will be liberally raw am ad at tbe 8iar office ja 11 S%' C*0(l BE W A ED? Stolen on tha night of tba yOU tSd ofBeptember from tha pretnlaas ot George Jones, hear Bladensbnrg, a dark brown HoheE. marked P. S and 1. II.; medium aixa. ana and tall aomewhat auubarnt. baa a roau aoee Tba abova reward will ba a?ld If retarnad to GBO. JOUBS. ocl Hyattavllle, Prince Oeorca'a Oo , Md. BOABDING. ~ ROf)M AND BOARD?One aiagle and >ae large ."y?"-nioaly furnished, witn food Board, at J7 1 Pens'a aveune, opposite National Hotel Ttitle Board AM par month. ja 12 2t* L't RMtHED BOB MS FOB HINT ?With or r without Board. Will ba rautad for Houae kaepinf, if dealred. Twa in a rrom. wtth Board, Kaferencaa exchanged. Ho. J I Pa. avenue, betweta Mtb and Utb ?ta. jh!2-3t* L'OB BBBT Two Vuratahed EOO^S,~at Wo f 4BT lmhatraat betwaan E and W ata. de U tf TABLE BOARD at Bo. *#4 HHh atreet, a faw doora north of tb* atenoa. Tama $M par ytb. da ld-tf FOR 8ALB AND RENT! L-OB BALB-A OOCHTBT SEAT AND o\B. * DEN FA BM, within one mile ef the cltv Tiivs property will be sold low and ou easy lernn. or exchanged for city property. Alao, from Twenty to Sixty Acreh ad;otning tha abova. Alao. Farma aud Country Seats in Maryland and Ylrinla. Apply to V.D BTOCKBUIBGB, _ Beal Betate Agent, Hartheaat earner 7th and F atraeta, #Jm* Wat king ton, D. C. L OR BBNT?A three story and baaement Brick r DWELLING HOl'BB, brown frnnt, water and gaa, tearooms; situated en LStb atreet weet, between L street Borth and Maaa. avenue, Be. 3ti9 Inquire at No 'JO' 14th atreet, between 8 and 10 a. m. and 4 and p m. ja 3 tf FOR RENT?Tbe PROPERTY known at' Tbe Commercial Building " located on La. ave.< adioinlng the Central Guardbouae. Tbe balldlng baa a front of about <0 feat, and a depth of 170 feet, running through from tbe aveaae to Canal at. It baa lately been vacated by the National Bipreea Company. Ker terms apply to WM. H. PHILIP. 40 La. ave ., near Mb at. no M eotf J^ISSOLDTION Of COPABTHBBSH1P. Tbe Partnorabip heretofore axiatlng between A. MILLB-R and W. W. REST, under the name and aty la of A. Miller A Co , is thta day dlaaelved by mutual ooaeeit. A. MlbLER A 00. January 19,18?7 Tbe bualneee heretofore carried on by A. MILLER A CO. will hereafter be carried on by t. W BEST, who ia authorized toaettle all debta contracted by the late firm and who la alao author Ized to receive all tbe money dne tbe late Brm. jail-** A. M1LLBE A CO. LIT NAGLB A CO., Auctioneers. mj Salesroom Bo. 895 Penn. avenue. Between ath and 10th ata. NAGLB A CO will give their neraonal attention to the aale of Real Eetate and Houaehold Furniture. Alao, to the ealee of etocka of Orooeries, Wlnee, Ltquora, and Merchandiee of every deaarlption, Burses. Carriage*. Haraaas, Ac. Liberal caab advances made on conalgnmentg. Begnlar Salea at oar salearoom aver* TOESDAY. THURSDAY; and SATURDAY, at 10 ni5 NAGLB A CO, i*11 Anctioneera. Metropolitan BOWLING ALLEY, D atreet, between llthand IStB, near Star Office, by GBO. W. BAUERS. jaPim' f^OTlOE?This ia to give nolloe that tbe Co1" pnrtnerablp, heretofore existing, nnder the name and style of OWBN A THOMPSON, la hero* by dissolved this day by matnal oonaent. 8 W OVVKN, January 8th,ltt7. R r! THOMPSON. The "OWBN HOUSB" will for the future, be nnder the snpervislf>n of the proprietor. 8. W. OW EN . who wtll reoeiVe and eettle all claims pertaining to the busiaeta <4 tbe late Arm. January 8th. iaC. ja9 1w ^VFAITN B R B H 1 P. I bave tbii day aaaoclated with me in the Grocery BnMaees my brother. J AS H.GUL1CK. aad the buninene will hereafter be conducted by the firm of OU it ICR A BROTHER All peraone having unaettled quested to aettle the aame, as new books will he opened from this date. OFOULICE.. Waablngtt n, D. P.. January 1, itMT We. tbe underalgned, feel confident that, with , out axperleuce and ibefacilitiea at our command, 1 wa can furnish ta purchaeera. both wBolesale and refail^ak large aad asaorled atock of Grocerita, Teas, Wines, Liqnors. Cigar? . Ao , aa the market 1 affords, aud at Hi* moat rea.-onat.fe rates Gcotli Ih usbt of ua delivered free or charge to any pa/t of heeity. ONL10K A BRO , Corner of New Jaraey a venue and B street eouth ja 1-Wt 1]SB NO^HINO BUT THI BB8T 1 THOMAS' PINE TRBB TAB TEOCQBS, for Coughs < 'olds and Throat Dlaeasea. Special Areut, KIDVrtUL A SON, aad gold by ull druggleta, 7*8-111* i > . . ; >> ' * FOR SALE AND RENT. TO LBT-FBAMB HOI SB. I room..oa Hot ? tMiW Brnl #20. ra 0. 8. BAKER, corwr 7th tudT. roetn o l?U >?* 1*WO f BAMI H ^Is FuK NT. I*t woon 1 F trnl i> ?irr*t<. ?i *i the rate of 11 **'' ?U-?* I/O 14 BALE ?Cb?4?f >r cmI, to close business. T s TIN BlOP. doing a good buelaeee with Tool* ItHtM, Ao, Avrli M corner of 4th and f , l*l? #* I^OB RBNT-ABOS*!. aootaiBtn? fise room*, r rv?iiii,f|toilK on Tlrfiiiltvt* b*' tth Mil lOth sts b"H ?li?M'Diu|th APplftoHEO *f. HAGI'TBAB, VTTlJth at., bot. B oa? f ?ts lalaod. J J* 14 # | L'OB BALE *>B BBH*-A 1? .-e?-*y coraer r BRITR IloCSK. j??t of 7 roams. a iowl aranrt for Grocery an* Prortsloa boat TP1! at the hoaaa. on 4th, bll*Mi NtidMiii. aoith. jat? * L'OK 6ALI -Twelve yellow riBr PILES. 4 ' f??t r OAl.fre* tl 'O Mf**t V Of , aaitable for wharf b tlld*rs an-1 wit' N mM low on arplicatioa t'> W ILllftV O HUNTKB. at Aqredtxt of AliiudrU Cabal, or Mo. 404- SlUh atreet* est jo 14 St* I/I iR KALB?Th^LE ASB. LICtSSK and good r WILL at i irtlh Ittod ?| Grocery ant ProrldoB Store, In * noit el if Ible location. and now dong * mtrd ba*laa i. Proprietor leavpg tk? city sol* eons* *or Milling Inquire it th* i*t%r oft:or. io 14 tt* L'OKRIBT-AU'MtwMtori BBICK ROfsE, r e< ctaiD'ag Bleht ro >m?, with large garlen at'ai te'l siiaa.l?o uu nth street. iMlwetB Mir* lsn<l avenue ttnd B rt'fH. lelaad The he* l;em repaired thr?n?h nt l ->e????r>o given im mediately. A r p I? to Mr*. B ST. CLAIR No 4-J 3 7th atreet north jo 1? St* L'OK RENT-No. 4?# M *tre?-t i orth, now ocnpie<1 by Cnmaasxlere ?mith l>?t?Mi. llth and stn-eta. betBr one i f the three new bouiei lately flittlirii. B< nt ?7S pe- month Hoaseaaion given F brnary firat AUvJC?T KOOII. ? 14 M 140 D tract, near ilHb FOBB4UrORTOBEl4T-Two Rm?M*.suite Me fc>r rkops or *'oro rooms, situ-ted on 0 at., I'Matw 11th a^d l.-tb ja!2 6t* UOOMi* TO REHT, firnliStlor anftir?<?h*1 la .? > ' Pennavlvania avenue. l-etweea Mk Ttb Also. te o ROO M S frontlBtf on B ?i , in the same buiMiag Beat cheap ja IX St L'VH BKNT-Twe communicating offlr? B90M8 I on the lat floor. at V street. between llth and l.t'i. AI?o.other forniihtnl BOOMS lnjuir*on the premi-o* it If M* MOOT DEHBAELF. HOVll A N P FT B NlTl'BK FOB BBBt. No 4?<ltlh atroot I't-t ti and H. ln>jniie at Mia. TL'BPlN** 4?5 12th street. JB|2-St* HttrsB r<?B BENT-On Capital Hill, b*t??*B S-t and ttb atr?>eta. froating un Pann areana, ei* toi.n I t'M and wa'ei lu'jutre at Mr. M? < uBMlCK B Gtocery Bt ire, on the corner. j? It St* 'l'O HT-T?o very plaaaaat coinmanleBttBg I BtlOW?. pecoaO ?tory tit??-ly 'nralxhed, with cr v itl? lit B 'B"l. Also, one tfonble andoaeaiatl< B"OM, 1 J'J IVun'a arenna, l*otwee<i I9tb as<l ?.**tb streets. ja IS St* ?/UR ?ATB-Tbe STOCK. GOOD artd FlXTCBBbuf aUroeery Store on .tfc >tro-t wi!ll>e sold at a barcaln. ftu?lncs? BtoBt fifty ti c>t!*an<l i AAu^tii dollars per ananrn. Addrast MLBVHANT, Washir.gtoB Vlty^h_CL B 12 <??? h-"OH BBBT-Two-atery Krau.e HL&CK8M1TB Had u n BKI.H BIGHT til op en n->rth et le "T N v \ <>rt avenue bet ?itli and 7th atraats west. Id intre ol JOB. F. KKLLtV. Real B?tat- t(?nt Bee .<*<3 Hih st west near North I et. ja'l Jt* H OR BALE- Si 8 0 will l>a>* a nice two story KRAHE HOD-E vith nearly S,<*UU feet of Ground,aa 7tJ> Hieet, opposite the Park liotrl. lerms easy. A'ply to KILBOl'BN. LATTA A CO . Jh IS St* c -riwr 7tli and K streeta L,'OB HBNT-HODSB8Tti7h. Pblia le|rhla Bow, I llth street eaat; half tionr's rtde Irom tlia Tr?a?ury. and four block a from the cars. Tbeae I otiaee hare alt ronveaieBres lauulre of the agent, 3Oft F street, betw?-eu lltb an i IStti. jaU6t* THOMAS M PLOWHtB. i;OK BENT 8TOBE and llWELLIIii. Ho I Aih Pent) a nTO., bot 2d and 3d sta A ( md tand for a bo' t abd shoe store, or any oth-r baa ine*a Beat will be made treiy iuw te a reapoasi bletecant Appl) liext door, to the own r jaltl't" W COM E A B A L^OB BKNT?t>Be three atnry and brick ezteuI sion HOl'oK. 12 rooms, hot and cod water t nth . raiiRea ua- Ac. Crutrally located Woold s> II tniBituio. new Al?o. cne ihr e atoey and basement BBICK HOUtiE.l'i rooms, batb and gas. with farbltnre lor sale Bi-ut Sl.'OO Furniture $2 7>i unite central HlLBuPBN A LATTA. Baal Estate Broker*. ja IS St Corner 7th and f stroei?. LP OB RKMT-Larg. HBICK HOl'bE on r aylvaBln avenoe. ne?r tba Capuol, with It tooies ntid atore r om Beat moderate Tmo BBICK liorsrs >n Mary Yard Fine HBK'K HOI SE <>n 4.** street, near Arse ial BBICK HOU8B No. 'J 1 'J North 1 atroat, between l'.ui. and atli streets with s rnoms Bt.nall RBIOK HOOSB on l?th rtreet vest, with 4 rornis BBICE HOUSB with Brooms, and S F BA M B DorSBB with 5 rcoBn Mi h, iu i.eorgetown. D C. F'<r terms Ac . isqnire ol F KF.LLBV. Beat Estate Agent, Office ?b J Sta street weet, ja IS St* Dear a>*rth 1 straet. f'OB BKHT-A thre^sto7y FB\MB HOOtS, n K street, near 7th street, lajitrs of D PFEIL. Stovo Dealer Ho 431 7th at .a II St* IOLBMBHBD BOOM.-A desirable, well fur 1 nlshid FttON f BOOM t? rent; g?a and furnace lamire 3'JU I street, between 12th aad utk. jalist* L'OB BBNT-A FCBM18HEL' UuOSIt , oonr talnim tlx rooms, within oae block if the cars, No 1*9 jd street, between 11 a<?l 1 atreeta 9 Ml ad ranee jail at* |>OR BKBT-A two story BBICK H0D3E, tire r rooms, ob L straet. betweea 1st and Naw Jersey arenoe For patlicolaia Inquire of Mr. BIJBN8. next door jali st* F'OB BEMT-A tw. story BBlt'K HOCSB.oou- | taicin* 6 room* . opposite the Haw 8t its Oe pertinent on Bstreet. Apalv to P. JOUVBNAL, lMi l?th street, bet Bano T sti. js ll St* F^qRBALB-The STOCK. L10BNSB. aa-1 FIXTl RES of a Grocery aa l Li juor More.arar thance for an eutarprlsiag man with snail capital. Mutt be sold, lajaire at fcTAB Of FlOE. ja 11 St* LPOBiALB-Tbe LEASE. STOCE. GOODWILL r and FIXTl'BBB of oae of the most popular Begar and Periodical Stands to a lint class hotel ta this city; the rent more reasonatle than laaa> hotel. The reason for selling will he explained ob an interrlew with parties wlshtnc to purchaoo Addroea, for on* week. to this offioo jall St JOHN JONES. 0~Y FIOE FOB BENT?Two large Treat BOUH8 u second story. Oae of tbe beat l?catioo? on 7th street *d<lr>l< Boi 715 I'ost Office ja 10 4t* L'OB BENT-One small FBAMB HOL'BE. 7 r rooms. Mo 1**3 ?th street west. b-*tweoa L antl Hew York arcane. G..od locality, laanire 334 B stroot, bet wee B ISth aad 14tb itreota west, ja wst* 171 OK BENT-A large BBICK HOOBB. Oonr talatng IS rooms aad oellar, with gas an.l water; situ atao at tbe corner of 7th street aad Pa. aveaae eort. or eoslte Waliacb School Boose In ^ulreol BKMBY KOTTMANN. llth straet east. jal?Sw* LHtB BENT?A two story BBICK HOTBE on 17 L between 4)? and Cth. Island laqaire of JOHM FBQAM. corner otli and <S streets south, Island. ja^F *t* OB BKNT-A Sr*t class bTABLB and ICE r HOUSB. in saate yard. Apply at 1?-J X st , between loth aad Slrt. jaBlw* |Im?B BBBT-A laqte onfaraished froat PARr LOB aad OBABBSBB Adjoining, eecoed loor. anitable lor huoaekevplBg la iulre at J aorth L street, between ?th aad Mb ja1?t* I70B BEBT?Three Ft RMIsHE6 BOOMS, Ib r a pleasantly situate:, hooae, where there are no boarders or chfMren One block from Capitol, half block from can. Ploaso call at on.-e at a*# aorth B street, between Delaware aee aad HI st. )>? ?t* IVOTICB? FOh REHTOR LMA&K-Thew^l kaowa F1BBBRY <>b the Potomac river, this side ot Fort U aahiagtoa oa the Mary land .ire. 10 a>lles by water and IS by Usd Apply to 11 8. JOHM BOM. Bo. 3*3 Peta amsis. between ?, aad fith sts opposite Batioast Hotel. ja7-d ?' Li'OB BEVT?Tho late BEBIOBHOB of B O r Fant, 4V9 D atreet, coataiaia^ 17 rooms, tstth all tbs modara tmproTempnte. apply toOLiFTOB HELL EN. *74 F st bo* ff L^OH BEMT- Large and small forniaaed and an r famished HOUSES and APARTMENTS eoltalile ior h aaebseplaj. Also, For Sale, several small HOOBEb.oB easy teram. Inquire 8TA RB A OO., 4M?H 7th street. Boom 13. o? 15 Sta* r^OBBEMT?COTT AGE i-ontainlng eight r *nns, r on 1 street, between *1 and Si roeaeaaiwB immediately CLAGkTT A sWEENT. Beal Estate Agents, ja 1 - lot No. Marfcet BpatJO. I/OB 8aLB?Several desirable buildkig I.OTS indiffereat so<-ttona of the city. Term*, |W0 down, and slu per month for tha remainder For parti< alars call or adlreas BOOAB A WYLIE. No. say 7 th street. d< S? eolm* fMlBBAliE OR BENT?HODsB situated <n Booth C street. Mo 244, t*twi?eo 'S aad 6th sta, Islaad lmsire of J netioe BOS WELL, No. 17 3 4>? at. dej7 eolm* F'UR BENT?Two Urge an I eonmodiona BOO.Hi one a fre-.r ri on> 1. second floor, comm anteating, haads.-melj toruishod aud pleasantl) al* ua'ed, at Ho. "3 Penn'a avenue, between Tint and Z?d streeta. deli eotf riOB RANT?Tbe FARM, tor tbe last tbree years r the residOBceof lla^nr Theephllus Gaines, consisting of 1M acres, lying nea Fort Mahaa. 1 mile from Bet uing s ISrtdce. ItnproTemet te. dwelling house of 11 rooms, stona stable a- rrant a toueea, barn. Ac Addreaa " E B 437 B street. Washingtoa, D. G.,or call la person, between 3 aad 7 a. 1. oc 14 tr L> ARE CBaIsOE?Fo? imntediate aale. oae of It the beai located ant%H corner atore GBOUKBIES in the cltjr Stock and Flaiurea new Ap pi j Inimedtatcly. by letter, to A. B.C., City F<et 0i .ee. ao M if F-or BP^T-tho Mswnr oorr er of 1* a. 1 aratiae and llth utret' ? eat, Ib ths Bt?r Oftce Building, forme-lj ccnpieii by W. Q. Metnerott as a tnusi* store, and recLUtly as the office if jfigi National Espraaa oflkx Apply to C. B. BAKES Star Office. do ai-ll r^OB BFBT?Two lar^e a a.'. oae small com mint I eating B ?OMB. nnfirniehed, ae"?>t>d floor N 134 P?-db. a*., bet W'li Bud stub sta. no V tf LTOR BBMT Tbe STO%B No Sttl D atreet. r aaar lltb It fronts Imm^'lately on Penaa area at aadtaoaeaf nhe largaai Bod most sosrsatentl) sltaated store roonta la WaBhtactoa ctty Appl) to C B BAJKKB? tba Btpr OAea. jaM A |W% -* -4>i i - ? *?* * AUCTION SALES. ifcufcw lain | fgtf AFTMatrooir ahd ru-mommy*. |JT TBM) PO%LIBQ_Aa*t tMfiitc.1 T*USTEB* ?4L? or V4LCB?L? U4L Ms _ tATIII ttll/MITOWK P c. i?rJJ .r,V? .* fe* ^ tk*BuBr*aBeuoart*f Ik* District of CclBBb I. psa*ad fl?il??ln i i it*, egufty can**, ft*. T?,555?7 Kilt" FMb aonet al *a William Vtrgtaiaa I til 2&L.t5a fablie sal*, la front ' h* pre*...e. it "?h.*** 7* ' 'I WC . at ? o Otock p m . all that real NUU, with the ! projrincBU. k>o?D w Mrti *f Joi eta. H>.1 ?W ill 'n Molniffcd ixlditiM Id pornici afor* aid *Bd tion11in sti t> old* M (mi oa the south id*of Br.d?-e atreat by baodrad and twenty fM (1101 da**. with iba <r?rtiac -f airMMli CM. deiarw-d tor Aawedoct straat. as Mil be aLaaa Br * ai*t of ik? auM. TM* piMtHM If tk? tecr** Oka luird rwk. Uia residua 1* two aqca patmaau. at aim ta4 twelve n eat ha. with iateraet from tb- day ot aaia. the tftfa being retained anttl tba fall paym-ut of tbe pnrrbaee money. or. at iba ?pti a af tba par ehaaer tba a Bole pitchase mon?? a?< ha wJd la ceeb preeentl> *flar tha aaia Converaitclrg a?d tamps at parcha*er s o?at COB UAPBBTOM. Tr?M?? . . _ TBOS DO Wt,lB'<, ;a 7 eoAdbs ^ |BwHtf it| iottl neer, JBCiTl |'| S A LB. By of a da. r** of tb* Clrcatt Cowr* for ****** George \s Oouitr. elttln* a* a Omrt ?f B^oiry. ? * * It. tba caia? af Jans** B 1M?? xntrtban w Joha T fcaati k. (dmnlnralnr d* bM* no* of J aba F. Carter Mid *?h*re. I am e? ppoo la pabU* aala^ai the Uia reotAeao* of tba * ' >* Tl BSD AT. tba 1M j ilea of J 4(1 if not oa tba P"?' *" *'' * tr?ct or parrel of laadknown mm Hal B?ae,"?| which bedied eeir-d ? i d. contMuitia tbott M ar ra? !*?" T **5!" **rce| land adjoialar t bar* to, containing about jj acrva. A'a?i, tba undivided third of a tt*ct ar nareel of laxid rontalt log aboct 2?f e/re*. M? I Bo?e ta most ellrlbl) eituatad. being distant from iba Wliaia of lile>1en-lur? at?ant tao autlea. and (ram Hyat.avtile Stalls, ?.a tba R%ltlta?r* ail* Washington kail rued. a boat t?o an<1 a half Bllaa, and edjolua the land* of Na?ri P W Browning ahd B. O 1 owndaa The s dl is of a tine te*tore, a>1 oilrakl; adopted to markat pure m? and tb.?ra t? a poan* and ftiHvlnr P*aoh Orchard ?l?n ' rramtaaa. of rbotaa tratt. TJta> itarroramania coaai<t of a Br?t e a?? Praa* puajllnc in aaceilai.t rapair. vith a tarca Ii?? ta iront ta-rafniiy laid oat.ornamantad w ?!i ahrub bary and traaa of ?arlon< ktnd* and tbara la a t ainia*l<Mia Barn npon tba pramt?aa arar-tad at a *** P*-r?ra. vflh avarv laQNatrr hq|'i|. lu?. Th<*a IL pnranit of a baMtirnl. haalrby aial ni.?at darltaMa cx/uatrp a. at ara atr*n?lp raootnn ar.d? d to attant tha aala. a> It la Idwlli I bat rrnparf; i'.-aaa*?irs aon<an> ad?a ta^a.U br .acht f*t*iH*rk*t 1 ba l aft mnad tra<-tt? a aaraal of 5 ti>a vlllaaa o( Bladt-nabtirc and br indiciou.rnltnracoul b. ma.1a moat aaluabla. it balnc kln<i and *ary pr<4iuctiaa Tarma ot aala Oaa tbird ca*b . raaidaa ta <>a* and two Taara. aritb lm?r?at and! avenri ty On payment of tba pnrrbaaa a>oiia> with intaraat daad In faa wftl ba aiacntad to tba rurrba ar or ptirrbaa?r? Htamyi and roarar**clnx at tba a?pai?a of tb? parrb?i*r or r baai n da a*ao? H O BTKPHBB Traataa. BY BAGLB A OO . Anitinaaara 29.> Paartaylaani* aaanaa. ^TCIIDAYJ.-ar, 1Mb at lw a'olock. wa at*'I iall at our ! ! tOuia a variat) of Oracarlaaand Liijnora Br. obi, Whiip- Hackala,01otb*a Pin* (( boiaa Bal?tn* ;u U*. Ctrfarl )?0 balaa V iritlni a Tobacco, ke. Tba ranr.ainiBit took ot a*d?aiar, rh Cloth* Uaaatmaraa Salary. Woolar. Oool. Vrockary Ware, Bouta and ^bo04. 4c Tartu# raat.. 11 N\*tbB k Of.. Aarta. ^ B Lltt Iba CO , Anctioo>*art 1BCBTBB8' 84LB OB 4 WBOLB STOCK OF W Eb?iranlviOUVB.AT A" CTIUN WEDMKBDa) nest. January 16. at lOoViok. ?a ?bali sail at 307 PaBnarivaaia a vamue. alar-a su,ck ol Dry Oooda.anr b aa pi a. of 1 ra?i Marino. AI par a.. PapllTicli licoaa 4 ( . Lit i fin, lit?aiiigi, SblrUti** B*l?i Mufllna I a!iui.ra!*.Tn*aliB?? l.a.)ia? tiarm-ou. Hoaiarl a Trtn aiui Bilk* Tnreida Dam n V * ?? Ooodi. Valeau Kit. :ttVfi' gY OEBBM A WILLIAMS. Anctlooaara BOIBIHOLD FI BSITLBK iTTUlOOBKaa or t,TH 8TBK FT WtsT AND f aritir JjOBTM AT PI: 11 Lie ACOTION 6 Klt*T OuTfltBrfDA\ tba 17tb inat.. at 10 oVlo. k a ; VaraUaroTvt 436 " K',i,eral ^t.a.t M ' G*a??a* Chair,? Oentre Ttblea and B*data*4?.'Praaai*c Bureau*. War iror.ea ( arpet*. tk atbitaada, and Toilet *ara Dicii.g Tat Irs and Cane Beat Cbalra Crockery act i.laiaware. Corking and otbar bt-.Ti ? And a lot of kitchen ra.,al*ttea. aad aatif oibar artlclaa a hicb we deem nnaacaaaart tc> anuiuerata GBBBX A WILLI4 M ?, Amrt\ III D. L WBLLB k CO.: " ?i^5nctl**?,,r# K*^J *"t*U Broken. Mortbweat corner loth and I itr*au LABOK AMP KXTBBBIYK SALE OF ICPK BiOJt h CBNIfl BB OIL P4IBTIBOS *r W? vlllaell.aa b BDB tbu4 Y UOkNIMe aa*t Januai, I7.xfc7. at i?o clock, at patihcncuJa . n tba | r*tt.i?n, No 41H nth utraet *a*t b!-' tween PenuavUanla ai*nut aad K atraet n .r?S ^ ^?'k?vod Houh. tb. affaer.^, dacllnln* k. Baakaapiaf, to wit J In of- 8aiU'' ,D a*Jrci<vtk. T?tf bpfaa B**y and Side Cbalra, SpHn* mi Rorkaa. Mai bl? top Center a d Bide Table* "ockera I'amaak, La.a, andather Ouriaina ^' " ala. iBgraln, Hair, and Venitian Car >eaeral rjrr fine Oil PaUtiara, Gill > raiuaa Gilt and Maha?*-.y frame Hlrrora M?uiflOruBnifiiU, >iH?, 4c Marble-top Materaay Dr^ialsf Bur*%?a aad W aabatanda Three rery Urge Habocaay Wardrobe* klabogaay Walr.nt ai..| Oak Beditrada Caae *aat aad Wiadaor Chair* 1at;attSota. Hair Bosk, ^B.l Sprlac Mattreeee* Feather Bade. Pillows and Rolatars fheeta. blankets, t. omfortaulea md Oooaterpaata T?slv*-ioot f xteaaion Diuing T ibles a d Cn?irs Cvokitf. Parl*r,abd < b Bb*r Stove* Latge assortment of Chlaa, Olaaa. aad Crockery waia Kitrken Be^alattea, kc. Together with am) other article- not aaomerateo. One OroTar A Biker B*wtna Marhla*. jamt D. L. WBLL0 A CO . Aacta B* JA8. O. McGl'IBK 4 CO., Aactloaaera. CBANCBKY BALB oFTmPBOVIP l ltOPBB Tt H Mk atreat aaat, betweeL B aad 9 streets, First Ward. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme foort of tho District of Colombia, paaaed in caoae Bo tot acuity . la vblch 1 hoaiaa Coraa ia compiamant aad Jane HcHaaos, et al ara defendant*, the oader mcoe.1 trostea, will aali. la front *rt*a premla** at 4 ? clock p.m .on TL EBbA Y, tba 1Mb day ..f Janaary, iaatant. part of Lot B?ai?re* *,<?,? in fevjoare BBmt^rad one buaJrad and tveaty two. 11'^i.i commenting oa aoatb side of aatd Lot Are, aad raiialagnortb ia a lli.* with, and froatlac on Twentieth atraet we*t 9P teat S la. h tbeaca eaataaidl) lie feet and Ml Incbea, ai >re or l*aa. tb*a * s*utbuaidly X.* feet and thence waat wardly lib feat and It) tacbaa, mora or laaa, to tb* place of beatanlag. Terms of sale preacHbodbr the decre* Oaa half caeh and tha balance la l>a paid ia twelve months, for which tb* purcbaeer will b* ra^alrad to gie# hia pr< mtpeory aota. bearimt interest from Bate, eodorae4 to the eatisfaciion of the trust* ?r tba t'orcbaser mar. if b* ao da.irea, pay the whole of the pnrchaa* moner cash. or onebalf cash, and the balano* <? the ratification of tbe sale by the court. Title to be rotaia*d natll the whole ol the purchaa* money ia paid aad the aala i at I bed by tb* court Conveyancing and stamps at the co*t of tb* **rch***r BIGEBE 0 4 BI'SI, T roe tea jas eokds J. 0. HcGl'IBE 4 CO . Ancts |^Y OBBBB A WILLIAMS, Aactloaoen. TWOSTOBY FBAMB UOCSB ABP LOT. with a b*e Store Boom, having Bow Wladows. li.'Biint. on Uth street ea*a. near Mary lead ara . B tba Iaiaad. at Public Auction On TR rBSDA Y, tha I7tb loataat at ? o'clock p m , we ahal! aall. on tb* premise* part Lot Bo 7 mature B> 468 bavin* la feet froat by pp faet 1(>S incbea ?'eep. with a good Dwalliag H*aae aad Bt< r* ail In . >mp|a(aord*r A In* chaaaa for a profitable inventiMent. Terma Oaa .,uart*r caah. balaao* Inalz, twelve, eight* en. and twenty fonr mentha.for antaa b**r tng lBter*at,aad aernred by a d*a<l of trnal on U.preanaea All coBveyatkcing and rewaaa*atamaa at the #oet of the pnrcbaeer Jtlld GBBEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. UBPAHTMKBT OF TI1B IBTBBIOB, ^ UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, _ WaaaiMeToM. Bovaaiber M. IBM Ob the p*tltloa of BOHBBT WADDBLL. of Liver?..o!, Kingdom ot liraat Britain, pear lag for the *st*naion *f a paiaat mntod to bimoa tb* aiith oay of Jnne iaM. antedated to April ?*. litJ. anddat.d In Bsglaad the sd of March. 1863. for ao lniprovani*at In Balance Sble Talvep of htaam Baglnaa, for aeeaa yaara frwrn tb* u pi rati a of Bald patent, which take* piaaa oa ta* tfth day of April, 1M7 : It ia ordered that tb* aald p*tlt1*a ba heard at the Patent Off* c* en Monday, the lath day mt Feb ruary next, at It *'oiock m , aad all paraoa* areaotlfiad to assear aBuw mm* If sat tiu> why aald p*tit|*p oBght But to b* graated _ Perrons oppualag Use *xten*b>n ara r*aalaad to file In the Patent uSo* tb*lr ebjactioaa ap*i gall aat forth ia leant twestry dajra bafere tb* da? ot beartaa. all ta*tii?e>ay IM by *ttb*r party to b* us.d at tb* aald boating meat ba tak*a aad tratieaiittad In accordance with tb* rml?a of tb* ofhc*. which will b* farulabed oa appUcatloa. Dapo*it1??a aad other paper* relied apoa a* tea ttlnoay must be M*d la thar-lbo* /?p*a'pdar* before tb* day of h*aria|; the araaaanata, If aay, witbia tea days after Sitae tb* mSbnt. Oidarad. al*o that thk* aetice bo pabllahad ta b . Y , one** w**k for three aarnaaatra wsaka taa first of aald aablioatloaa to be at least (tit) tfay* pr*vloua to the daj of bearing . rO. THBAKBB. . *s^s? - ^ JNwAm of Pateaii. P B. Mdfter* of the abov* pap*re will p.aaaa copy and e*ad tb*lr MlU *> tb* F^teal MBoe wlU paper contalalBg tbia notlaa deT ?aw?w ^H. KHABB * OO -8 P1ABOB. for uia aad raat ?w?aar\*nH ?: B*. 49* nth "UftSS'* ' "'" rV.TBfoasssio*. i