Newspaper of Evening Star, January 15, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 15, 1867 Page 1
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(Pbening Star. 1 . - 1 1 rrr? ? : * ' V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY, JANUARY 15. 1867. N?. 4,823. ' ' ' . * ; ? ^ ^ , THE EVENING STAR FUBLISHKD DAILY,<?CHDAY IXCBPTID' AT TUE STAR BUILDING, it cerner Pernand 11tk itrttL BT W. D. WALLACH. T Be STAB is seryed bj taa carriers to U??ir nbecntars la the City and District Bt Taa Cbvts ru win. Ooples atthe counter, with er wltkont wrapper*. Two Oshts each. Pricb ro* Mailiwo?Three months ?On? Dodar and Fifty Ctnti; tlx months, Tifte Doikart, oae year, Fir< Dollar*. Mo papers art eat frc m the off ce Wager thaa paid tor. The W EEKI..Y VfAB?published on Friday acrntPg?Oa< belt or ami a Hal/a Ttcur. personal. f'RNTLKBBN WUO ABB AFFLIOTRD?A ' s cars warranted by an eld Bargeon of twentythree rMri'*ir*rt?Dc? in this p*rtir?lar branch t the profeseien. Charge* moderate. Do aot apply to tiuack*. bat toJ I, GARDNbR, M. D., 1*1 r ef the United States Eioord Venereal.HoebiuI. OBce Me. 'J 1 souta A street, opposite the Ca**tol ? ,aare, south aid*. N B -Bedicinee also furnished at cost. de 27 lm* MB8. CCRT18 IRVING, Ciairroyant, mnd Tut AJtJium. will give life readings, in inJmg Fast, Present and Future at ber office. 420, north side of Petin'a avenue, between IS and 5th streets. Office hoars from 9 to 2 a. m. and 1 to t p. m. ds ? lm* _ AT TUB B1W GBBAP STAMPING BOOMS 4 J9 3th street, opposite Patent Office, Indies ran g*t at our reduced prices, on the Tery bast Wnni aentta? Night |own Tok?e, reaiy stamped 40cts. CI-' nine Yokee, - ?j?ete. 0an4e .Mete. itbcr for i?rftl I or trobrof Jerj, oir peitei a a Are of tbe very itut.'t designs, selected with care in Y era. and being lu rcceipt ot them weekly, we ere at le del') to issue new patterns as well ae make and etamp ?t y pattern broach? ne. 1. O. O Working Cotton at reduced prion*. de la tf J?>HN D OLAkK, ATTORNBY AND OOtfWSBLLOR AT LAW AMD NOTARY PUBLIC, Mo. 12th street west. de 14 ly DB. JaMF.8 T. YOUNG bee removal his office from No. 4 73 10th *tre?-t, to his residence, 5o New York ?* ? ., four doers e*it of 14th lt*itV.AU lett at the Drng Store of NAIRN A B BO . corner 9th st and Pa. eve., during the daj. will be promptly attended te. do IS lm' A, BAB K M STR1NGF1BLD, r CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR. Collects ttrcu. Debts and Claims ef ail kinds. Purines* pla ed in bis haadsreceives prompt attention. References given tfre'iuired Office All yth street, above Pa avenue; residence JO | l street, between 9th and ltfth. N J.?Orders by mail promptly attended to. de li lni' AD1RB IT la ACKROWLBDBBD THAT J the MW STAMPING 1>Bt'OT, on Jth street, 4 39. ha* tbe best selection of Patterns ever offered here, an I the proprietor has reduced the price to ONE HALF that ha* been charged h?rwtefore B*ins a practical Stamper, no rear need be ba<1 of Retting ? Kat will enit you. Go see him. Be wlii make end Mame AMI pattern, de 16 tt ('OK FIPENT1AL ?Young men who have In jured them eel vee ny certain eecret habits, which unfit them for businese. pleasure, or th? dotleeof married life, also, middle aged and old men. who. from the fellioe of youth, or other cause*. feel a debility in advance of tneir years, before placi: e themselves under the treatment of any one. should first reed "The Seoret mend." Married ladieawtil learn something of Importance by pernsiof "The Secret Friend.'* gent to any ad "> a sealed envelope. ?n receipt of 2ft cents. Addreee Dr. CLA3. A. STUART A CO.. Boston, ??" no 9-ly BBIDAL AMD FUNBRAL WBIATHS, BO Ql BTS. CBOS8BS. AMCBOBS, STABS. Ac., ?r!??T,J, fo'? WAX rLOWERS, wb.'wb fL0W,1Ui8' ?nd BBA1M1SO. by Mrs. FBI 18 late of Boston Bee removed to No. 429 IJth street, between G and H. oc 3 6m* LAD1KS WHO ABB DBS1ROUS OF A SB.ILLf^ and accomplished Phvsiclan. should c?n .n,t .PL HBR BY'MORTON, Ibo eaet Fay?tt? street, Baltimore. Md. Dr Morton's services may bejenga^ed in Waehlngtonor any other city, by addressing ae above. oc 13-3rn* JAMBS OT ILD. Utalrr in Stir and Strand ka md I, rv'siisri. Old Furniture Bepaired. Benp bolstered and Varnished nth and Bsts.,(near the canal.) Highest price paid to* Second hand Fnrnltare. sally* ' liMUas iuri wiioh. Livoii. c.p.BLacg. LAW OFF1UB. BLACB, LAMON * 00., Ocunsellors and Atternnys at Law in the Supreme Court of the Tnited States, the Court of Claims tl. Courts of the District, the Executive Departmente. and Committee* of Congrese . 46** u,h ?tr??t, (dlrecM) apposite W11. lards Hotel > 18-tf nKXTFSTRY. DB. LIWIE B L'AMTAL ASSOCIATION^ No. 260 PLNM'A AVE , ^ Between 12th and Uth streets. K7t?1b without pain by admlnsterlng *r Laughing Una. Dr LaWlR hae recently purcba?ed tlie bv*tS^S3 utriiicai Apparatus id the coQDtrj for^^? fei.rfni.T* fee ever> day , aleo, an Improved Val 5. er The A??ociation is n ?r prepared Teeth on <;old. Silver and Bubber at New *?r ^'iadelphla and Ho*ton price*. All per_ " dental work itpue ean have I tee h-a? the above-name.1 clflea. All work dona in the c--?te*t an beet manner, aad warranted tc *** Mafaetian. Persona will do well to rail and namine our work. deu-tf Til tTT i. . lf.LOOBf8.MD.. Patjnlaeof tke BIBBBAL ?,LATR TBBTH, attende personally at^m^ his office la this city. Many persons csntiBi wear these teeth who caanot aear others/**'1 mm person can vear others who eanaot wear ..?er*T?" ealllng at my office oaa be aeeossmoda J"1 any style and price of Teeth they snay de sire, but to tkeee whe are particular, and wieh th? ?1**o*st. Stroageet and moat perfect den -?? Kb*i*rt ???, ?wnre, the BIBBBAL TBBTH will be more fslly warranted . jf*y?^Bo 33" Penn'a*S2jS?t ** *"? *" _ CLOTHING, As. T J. HinBMBk, ahzs^YTw MpLiTAMYlon*??'^M _ merchant TAILOR, 11 Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown's. W ?, i # 36* F*aaay?^a^a avwnee,"*" mr l tf Washington. P- 0 G ? BABGA1MS! thi!'*FahTw/hnZZ^ balance 0I t-?ce. anil iJB? ?O0l>8 at greatly rettKed f. >c**U>n" ?n want of handsome BiUs ? i *eee. Pojllss. Plaids, end In fact am irSt0/ndDnr*" w111 prices ' whfcb are selling vary cheap taarke,tTat,es,n"^k,4 1* ft,0re* %x ,h# ' w 'SlStoAHii. ^ ^ baohelfMVlNfl^POTATOBS. just arrived, aad for sale at our Wharf at the toot of 7tb lr- et. . p BROWN ? BOM, . .. .. _ Commission Merchants. **' 14-tf No, 4?a pth St.. betweea B and F? ( HOCOLATR DorBL*. VABILLB. " \ ^ DB H. MAILLAIBD ' Pur Oacao et Boere. liemat 4e t*ntl aselanze Z. M. P. RING ??B. Corner Vermont avanne s?td*U>Tstreet. \\'?'ST IBDIA oBANOReVMD k Vre.K swbbt Malaga grapbs. >re#h R1BG PLAt.R. ^ hPirf n?2^* . BAfBIBB, FIGS.CUBBANTB. _ w B8 Be - A- . to suit this particular seade ilti "'# b' M * ?*. 3,_l! Km? Place. . BT. TIMOTHT'S BALL ?< ?u 51 B. PAB80 MB. (HRoavtMe. Md. TV "WHIT, COLLAR BOOR; MBB K Collar Book; The Baals i fpS-HK?v i ag. Table JLiaen .Be. POB SALB OB BBBT-A tue^Tpxii^good'onuir "(Ln'lM seeing S?m 5r '30,1 lw uu< I ' IfJOTBjBB BTT THBTBST ~ ^ ^THPB^f PIBB f RRB TAR TROCHR8 r Coi(bi < oldi end Thro*l Distiflsi. doeriai ;r^ ^bjdwTLC b SON, TSTZd xTti drugatats. _ jaft-llt* |,]AR MCFBB BOB sKtTVU . AP 'adjsjsajsMe artlcU far all who are sxpoeec to the cold. For sale by W6AH TALf ,B * ??' *Ba Pwim neenae. OPOBTO PORT, * , ("Taare of the Bnoro,'*) Direct importation. . SS. * P. Bl*a B BOB, d*?l tig PUoe. FBBNCH ALBANACHS BOB l?BT.-AbM aeeki Oomlnse, Almaaaeh Ponr Tire; Alma I &%eh i* Ben-U>n. Almanach Charivari; Almaaacl ethers, imported direct froa> Part*, hp ? *? FBABCK TAT LOB. B i * , , HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. C A . D ^ WILL ABB'B HOTEL, I Washington, December 1,18m.( B?piton, l?|r?NBtttl*u, and others, r?ifiii| In Waahlagton, who oecnpy private apartmenta, cm b? Kc?aiio4kt*d vllh their MEALS *tthii Hotel it til* rata of fiM) M per week de 4 *a 8YKBB, CBADWIOK A 00. J^IUKWOOD HODBB, Corner Ffina armut and Twelfth ttreu, Washington, D. C. ifiJU Situated in the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AMD FBEBIDBBTIAL MANSION, Only a abort distance from nil the Departments, Pa teat and Post OSces, Smithsonian institute, etc. H. H. DUDLBT A 00., no21-tf Proprietors. F 'BENCH and gebman hotel abd bbb> TaI KANT, '2U& Pa avi> . opponite k . . A Wiilani a Hot*l,CHBlBTMaN k^mV Proprietors ?On Wedn*s4ay next, [ 'B| establishment will be opened with a iuuca, at wblch the proprietor will be happy to m*et bis many friends The Bar win be constantly tapplied with choice Liqnors, and the Restaurant with everything tbat the most epicurean ta?te can desire. Boarders by the day, week or month will here find excellent accommodations at m dnrate rates Also, nicely lurnlahed rooms can ba ob laired either with or without board. Call aud tee. jn I lm* EMBICH 8 RESTAURANT, No. 3H Penna avenue, near oth street. ?? P EMBICH wishes to laform hit friends and the public generally tbat he now keept eon-A .? m ntantly on hand OYSTERS, fresh every VffmS day, prepared In every strl* Il??rE 1 BIn W lNES and LlQ 1"OBS cannot be surpassed. Call and gfve him a trial. oc 13 tf WOOD ANI> COAL. COAL' COAL: I GOAL! 11 T T. FOWLEB k CO. Ash, stov and egg si/es, $9 25 e*>r ton. 1,0 . _ ?o $i.7j p?*r ton. 2 240 pounds guaranteed. Orders received at the central offce of the Washington und Georgetown Ice Cwtrpany, (lata L J ton A Co ,> corner 12th aud f ctreets and at vharf, foot of lllth tteeet .aUlm B. 8. LAMKIN, Agent. Q ? A L I C O A L 1J AT GBBATLT BEDUCBD PRICES. Gross tons of 1,5*) lbs delivered in any part of tb*> city. Ohettnnt White Ash. $7 M, Stove, Egg ?n#d'?r?ce White Ash, $6*), Red Ath, #8.74, OAK and PINE WOOD oonttnntly on hand. Orders received at onr office. or at the wharr, foot of 7th Street. 8 P BROWN A SON. ja 6 tf ^ ^ etr*?t, between B an* P. ^OAL! GOAL 11 COAL !M Having determined to sell a first class article of Woed and Coal aa ckeap at the cheapest. I hope by doing to to gain a liberal thare of public pa tn nage. The Coal price* are aa follownWblTB ASH NUTGOAL. by the ton ?7 BALTIMORE CO. WHITE ASH, Egg and Btovesires 9 93 ALLOTHKR QtALITiKSof WHITE A4H ? 'J A LYKENS YALLKY PCBERBD ASH ?7A DIAMOND VEIN REO ASH S 75 GROSS WEIGHT,2AU) LBS TO THE TON. Always on han 1 and constantly receiving the best iuaiitiss of WOOD of every description, delivered In any part of the city. E C. BAUM. jaf-lm 7th st., between E and Psts . Island. I WILL OPEN A PROVISION 8TOBETHCR3I DaT, Jan. luth, o? 20th rtreet. between O and H streets, where I will have on hand evert tblnt: In the provision line, to be sold nt the lowest market prices i WM. LIMKIBB. HEB/BERG 8 LOAN OFFICE. , Established l?J. ed'fcDces mad* on WAT0HK8 DIAMONDS. JK?ELBY. WEARING APPAUSLi. and all ktnda of Merchandise. Bo-inea-t utrictly confidential. 331 North O street,between and 1 6th streets. Immediately in rear of th* National Hotel. j?a lm* |?BADBTBEET 8 WEATI1KB The best invention of the age. Excludes snow, rain, cold air and duat from doors and wtudows of every description. *?r *S'e at Builder'a Depot, 36'i 7th street, oppoelte Centre M arket Be 30 Jw H^W JIAJI^ONA CO. ( ATlfeT PABI8 FASHIONS Of HAIR LJ DBESSING. _ E. ALLIOT, 1 utENCH hairdresser, 3U4 B tteeet. between TSth and Utb tts. Mr. All lot, from Pirii, UttirDmur, of the celebrated Batbel, wltli whom he arrived In this country. baa uow been eetabJi?hed for toe last eight years in Washington and Newport, enioj ing the patronage of tb*rurp> diplvwatiw* nnd : of the hlghset society. He ha* tb* honor to ant nouns* that h* has thi? season imported the latest fashioiisi of hair 4r*s?tng, and al*<? pomades, and everything that belongs to th* dr*ssing of hair at vry reasonable pricys. ja7 dm* LOUIBIABJ^ATBBUB. J. B, CRANE B CO. Barn on band a large and fine assortment of GOODS, suited to this maxkst, such as BUTTBB OHEB8E, BGG8, APPLB8. BAIBIMS. riG8,' CITRON, NUTS, HAMS. CODFISH, MACK EBBL, HEBBING, SOAPS, CABBED OOODS, Ac. Also. SO Barrole Moore's celebrated CHAM PAGHE CIDEB. by barr*l or gallon. All th* above goods are offered at the lowest market price, and warranted to suit, by J. H. CBABB k CO., i )a 4 lm 33 La sve.. between Ith and 7th. 1 | A1HB8 PBBBB GOODB. f LADIBB SHAWLS and CLOAKING eLOTHS. 1 BLACK ABB COLOBBD SILKS. t Ciosiiig ?ut cheap preTlona to taking accounts of BLAKKBT8 AND TABLB L1BBB. _ towklb abd napkins YYe solicit a call from all in waat ef Dry WM. B. BILEY A BBOTHEB, Bo. 36 Central Store*, between 7th and Sth street*, JB? oppoettoCeot*r Market NBW BOOKS -Shank's Personal Becollectlona ef Dl*tingulsh*d Generals, fl: Bit Brook roee-Breoke. a novel, by Lever, id cents; Tb* Bace for Wealth, a novel, by_Mrs. J. H. Bidden, r. cents. Law and Practice of Buchre.aew edition, !i- ss.'^iyssa'n'^ss^j'isi no FBABCK TATLOB. w m t sav figSi?rB Bhow ?ew Manufacturer. School>urn!tnr?vEL Benesfnrnishlng Wardrooms. New and |M| OW Furnitar*.*f ail descriptions, benaht if 1 and sold. Repairing, Cpholstering, andYarnlshVL?wn*^Cthe shortest notice. Southeast corn*r o rSth and K atraett north. No. 13. delS-tm* POBTOB MEM MAOKBBBL. " . I ^receiving fro* Boston direct, th* very finest ?nattty of MAOKBBBL, u4 which rarely find their way to thie market, being need mostly lor home eooanaptira. Aa they of yrr Ptrt bnt the meat BAlatable. the kit* contain vary much mere than tb*4nantity usnally packad B. W. BUBCBBLL. ^ Comer l?th and T *tre*u. nnder de 1 Jtf Bbbltt Bonee IDBT BBCB1TBD J A* TATBB A BBLBTV, Bo. Ml PsnsMltsia trsase, A anperlor lei of LADIES' OLOaKIBOB, which they are offering at very low prlcee. bo >K D > K O T A lT7~ TBB NATIONAL PBIOBJBBUBABcl COMPABTOF WA8BIBGTOB Hit* r?anv*4 to thefr Bew Ottee, Be. Tl LOULBIABA AYBBUB. Firet door %aat of 7th et. DIB UII* Oil: Cha*. Knap, Pres's, Oso. W.BlKfe, Viee Pr**1, Henry D. Cooke, _ de ? tf NOBLB P. LABBBB. Secretary. (mo WILKBBB PIABOS ABD OABHABT 1 v B BBBDBAJB'B PA BLOB OBGAB8. gjgsa mmm,msms i no U ha* :*1 r ()LD BTOYBB TAKBB JH BXOHABOB ' 'twSL j j . fi4T V Qf ?>2 OFFICIAL. Bf tkt President (Ac United States of Jmrrra. A PROCLAMATION. Wheroas, IB Virtue of the power conferred by the act of Concrete approved Jnne -J-Jd, it?), sections 15 and 24 of which act were designed by proper provision* to secure the strict neutrality of citisens of the United States residing in or visiting the empire* of China and Japan, a notification wu issued on the 41 of August last by the Legation of the United States in Japan, through the Consulates of the open ports of that empire, requesting American shipmasters not to approach tbe coasts of Lucoa and Nagate pending the then contemplated hostilities between theTyeoori of Japan and tbe Daimio of tbe said provinces And whereas authentic Information having been received by the said legation that such hostilities bad actually commenced, a re<ula tien, in furtherance of the afore?aid notification anil pursuant to the act referred to, wa* issued by tbe Minister Resident of the Unite ! States in Japan forbidding American merchant vessels lrom stopping or anchoring at any port or roadstead in that country except the three opened ports, viz: Kanagawa, (Yo| kohama,) Nagasaki, and Hakodate, unless in distress or forced by stress ol weather, as provided by Treaty , and giving notice that masters of vessels committing a breach of tbe regulation* would thereby render themselves liable to prosecution and puuishment, and also to forfeiture of the protection of the United States If the visit to such non-opened ports or roadsteads should either involve a breach of treaty or be construed as an act in aid of insurrection or rebellion. Now, therefore, be It known that 1, AHPREW JOHNSON. President of the United States of America, with a view to prevent arts which might injuriously atVeet tbe relations existing between the (Government ot tbe United States and that of Japan, do hereby call public attention to the aforesaid notification and regulation, which are hereby sanctioned and confirmed. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to b?? affixed. Done at the City of Washington, this twelfth day of January, iu the y?*ar of our [L. 8.j Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the ninety-first. asiirkw johnsox. By the President: William H. Seward, Secretary of State. ? SPECIAL NOTICES. WMA KK-BELIEYJC FOKE1UN PEBI UME8 ?tbe genuine Ming excluded by the enormous dutlis?flood the rra'kit They are poor Imitation* ef extracts ? htrh in tLeu sel v*s are tar inferior in odor, parity, and durability, te PHA LOB 8 'HIc.HT hLOOMING C'B HBl'8," manufactured fr-u. the aioxt fragrant tio?er ever us?d for perfuming purposes. Sold everywhere, jal; *r nkckaloia and all pains in the Hmd or Fa<e are instantly relieved by one doe* of metcali'E'b BHEAT hukl MATIC BBM bdy. jalleo2w uall'b YEtiJkl ABLE bicil1 AA HAIB BE HEW KB Benews tbe Hair. Hall's ybsktablb bicihan hmr Bbrrwrb Beetoree gray hair to the erielnal ooler. Hall's vkgeta?lb Sicilian baib kk.iiwik Prevents the hair from falling off. Ball's Vboktablr Sicilian Him kkikwii Makes the hair soft and glossy. Hall's V witt a 1st. c Sicilian uaih b?m iww Does not stain the ekln. Hall's Sicilian Yrobtablk bair Bknewkr Has proved Itself the beet preparation for the hair ever presented to the pnblie. Price 41. For sale by all druggists. jaJO-Tuly tr MABBI AT.B AB DC EL IB ACT, AND THE Happiness of True Manhood. ? Aa B??a? for Young Men n the Crlw< of Bolttude, and the Physiologic al Errors, Abuses and Dis. aaes which cieate Impediments to Marriage, with sure wans of Belief. Bant in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr. J >KILL1N houohtoh, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. ja 11 3m BFM1DIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL 0A8B8, Be. 14 Bond street, Hew York. VFull information, with the ktlutimoNtalt; also, a Book on Sptrial Dhtases, tn a sealed e*r?!of>', sent free, Bt sure and tend for them, and rev icill not r*$rti it; advertising physicians are generally tmpottors, without refer mres no stranger should be trusted. Bar lose a ?ta&p for postage aed direct to DB. LAWBBNCB. Bo. 14 Bond street. Mew Tor*. ne IJDAWly BBCBBT D1BBABB0. samaritan's gut is the meet certain, safe and effect nal remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Onres In two to tour days. and recent oasss In twenty foar hours. Bo mineral, no balsam, ne mercury. Only tea pills to be taken. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do net want U be exposed. Male packages, #1,femnle, f J. Bam agrtar's Boot a!id Hbeb jcicbs?a positive sad permanent sure fer Spy kilts. Scrofula, Ulcers. Beres, Spots. Tetters, Be. PHeo f 1 Iff per bettle. Bold by i. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my t SVKEL.Y, STEADILY, BVCCEBB9VLLY, BMOLABDBB B BXTBAOT BOCAO as miM every case <* bidrrt Pislui. KaVMAnm, obavbl, cbihabt Disobdbbs, wbaenbss sad Pairs la the Bacr, Fbmalb OoxrLAiim and Tbowblbs arising from Bxsassas op aby Km. 00MB, II AFF LIGTBDI TBI BMOLABDBB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BVCKW. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price #1. D.BABBBB A 00., Bew fort, and BABBBB, W ABD A oo., ew Orleans, Southern Agents BOBLBIQH * boobbs, Wholesale FnES**. Em**, Mass., Seneral Agents. |pt> lB-lp COLGATE A CO.-B W 1 N T B B 8 0 A P . Uecoameaded fer enappro h an ps and for general toilbt nee during cold wrathbr. ft may be obtained of aU druggists and faaey goods dealers. feb >eo!y DANCING. pBOFB. i. W. i B. P. KBB1B' BANCIBO ACADEMY, JM Pennsylvania avenae. bet. ?th and 7th sts.^K Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. New Classes forming every evening. Those desiriag to enter our classes should avail them selves of thle opportunity. S.. ? tbls tuarter for our annual Mag Ball. Ctrenlars can be had at J. F. Fills' and V O Metserott A Oo.*s Music Stores. The Ball can bo rented for Bo!roes. Bo. _ _ Dap.* and Hmtrt of JStiiim: For Lodles, Misses and Mseters, Tuesday aal Saturday afternooas, from S to S o'clock. Osntlemea's Classes, Tueeday and Friday evenings. tromB to 1* e'eioek. 7 /.?T.JnrU,,t durtaf the hours of tuitloa. or address a aoto to the Academy. _ Quarter commencing with theflrst lesson, ja 8 AA AB1BI' B^ FASHION A B LB DABOIBQ abbbmbjlt booms, a. _ . * between Hh aad letb streets, to *0* *9*1 tin the recep A vealoaee af the popij se? .^"tMSLS&ssa city, aad the Dlstriet gsaeralnr, that he is St aU tints* prennpod to furnish nHfae vM Masquer' ado aad Jfaacy Onetume, either on loaa or made to iszJ&ixjir., ^sas.%sst kt " w;" telegrams, he. A telegram received at Jackson, Oregoa, says a terrific earthquake wa* felt at Fort Klamath on the 6th instant. The shy was darkened with ashee. and the air filled with sulphurous vapors which came fn*n the direction of the Klamath i*arsh. Klamath lake bed fallen.abent six feef, and Crooked creek was completely dried up. The acconni pur ports to have been written by order of the com. mender of Fort Klamath. 1 he steamer Sunny Sooth. Tanning between Montgomery and New Orleans, with a cargo m! of cotton, was entirely destroyed "land Unrtiag, on the Alabama riverf on sio^fnin N O . Th,*bo!lt insured for MO.UO in New Orleans. The larger pcrnon of the cargo was for Mobile, and was f?liy sured Two passengers are missing. The passengers lost everything. The Republican caucus of the General Assembly of Illinois, which convened yesterday ",7tn.ia.K JOT tbe purpose of nominating a United States Senator for th* ensuing six years, have renominated Judge rrnmbull by acclamation. The vote on ib? first ballot stood: Trumbull. 47; Oen John .?. Palmer, 29 The vote was finally made nnanimors. T?T.^0,!**r ,n 7" ***tton*s sie.vm plaster mill

in Philadelphia, *xplod?*d jeaterday atter* neon, entirely destroying tbe bu.Minc and killing an employee namei. A. Alvord lustantf',k u"flr-va'f Mr. frallagber, the foreman of the establishment, wer* severely injured. In \\ altham, Mass., on Saturday night, Mrs F orbes, the wife of Dr. C. F. Forbes, fell as "" roing down stairs, breaking a kerosene lamp which she was carrying in her , *h'c. <"'t her clothes on fire, and sUe was so badly bnrned as to cause he? death. The 2Uh United Stales luiautry and six hundred and filty men lately stationed ai Kichmondl,a\e arrived at Nortolk, to embark ?n the steamer Missouri tor New Orleans to relieve the eolored regmaeuw that have been musteied ont of the service. Three Hawaiians were recently bru'allr murdered at Pitt'# Island (Sandwich l?lan<4s ) No violence was perpetrated on tbe minion""""w im,s b>' 'he th* llew line of s^amers w^k rn Anti?.r ??PHe'13 flxed &t ouc*-verv i ^T.h Anfwerp, and once every ten days u> Southampton and Havre. ??3,?ere We.r<L "eTerai liquor seizures by the ^Saturday y ,a *?iaaehusetts, FROM MEXICO. Approaching End of the Empire. By letters, dated December vein, from the City of Mexico, we have the following important intelligence : The French troops are "ft" l? Veru Cru* General Cast enau leaves the city serne time during th? month of February. General Castleuau, the F rench Minister, went to see the Kmpe-or at ruebla, and obtained from huu the promise of abdicating 111 twenty days. It appears thai he answer of the Liberal Chief* tot he in vitatb?'m co-operatiou leaves no hope -kh114"88 can b"d, and the KmperSr Mm! X??v notwithstanding. In the meantime, the Lmperor is governed by his conte-=. sor, Pere Hscher, who h^is asfumed the reins uMarqutz M.mmar are seizing men and hor&e? wherever they can lav hands on them, in order to fill the rank. of Xt? IV^a Liberals are all around the city. 1 he Americans are all desirous ol getiU,JL'lVlfay' and ar,> a'' tHki?g passports, l he liberals must get pos;e?8io? ot the city before long, but It is the last effort of the reactionist and It is feared it will be a desperate oue * Kate letters sent by messengers extraordinary, who lelt.the capital Dec. 2?Uh, state this is important, and leaves no doub*. that ttu^reach will be on the seaeoasi ready to embark some time before ii was exp-ct-d * i that the Lmperor Maximilian will leave the country in the possession of tbe Libert The calling out of the forces ot all the Northern Mexican ^^late*, and their advance m lorce ture. The ChtyofYexi^tUi?ft'iirli#! i<?flPy invincible. It is further suited tha some newly-appointed g. neraishave been conscripting by force at Puebla and other towns Florentine Moranda has issued a call to the youug men of Mexico, appealing to their patriotism to join the ranks of the Liberals, and obey no longer the orders of a foreign despot. The Imperial (Jen. Losada pronounced at the head oi nis troops against the empire, aad-?taies in his proclamation that he will observe armed neutrality in his district. The document is signed by Gens. Carlos and Kivas, Cols. S. Rosales and isoava, and four llenrenunt colonels, and a largennmber of other officers. All agree to serve without remuneration until the end of the civil war. The stage, on the road from Orizaba to the capital bad been stopped by Diaz's troops, aud the despatch bage opened None Of the passengers were molested^^ wUt^r of Frant* and General Castleman left Mexico on tbeSjth of Deomnber toees JUad a elormy Interview witb htm, and tbe report is that the Emperor abdicated. l'ehamingo was occnpied on the leth by a force ot Uberals commanded by Palacio,"ahd the most horrible atrocities were commiied by the troops. Men wers assassinated and women ravisbed. A battle between tbe French, under Colonel Potier, and ibe Mexicans, nnderLeauder Arantdoes, nearTilapla, had occurred The French took the town, punishing the Liberals severely causing* loss of forty killed and many wonnded. Marshal Baxaine is expected to leave tbe capital about tbefeth insiaat. All tbe abandoned cities are beingoccupied by the Liberals. Gnadalajara, Gaanajnato, Saa Lnis, and other cities are in tbe hands of the Liberals. Gen'l Mlramon has left the capital to occupy those places, but It is generally believed he would not succeed. The great dilLcultv with tbe Imperialists is tbe want of money and arms. He. jia has abandoned the cense. Tbe French troops are expected at Vera Crux by February, and on tbe 1st of March tbe expeditionary corps, it is believed, will be embarked tor France. The MiseidNippi Clokbu ?The St. Louis Democrat says that "the severity ef the season hss sbowa some aniqne teats, in the way of river obstructions, which deserve mention For uqstance, a gorge was so nearly formed a few days since at or near the conflaeticeof the Ohio and Meeisstppi, that a New Orleans packet, pnly after a struggle of thirteen bourn* duration, was enabled to get through. At Choctaw Bluffs, where the channel is narrow the Ice jam on the 4th instant was very formidable, and boats of. the largest class Were torcinc their passage with great difficulty A Memphis packet, after a short run from that citv, fei nd it impossible to proceed and was obliged o return. It is bnt seldom that three obstructions occur so far south, aud they are only accounted for from the simultaneous tee discharges of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Tbe forges are more formidable in extent and strength below this point, thns far, tbe present season, than they are found to be farther nor tn. A Cajtadiax Vimw of InrEAcnMSXT.?The Toronto I^eader has the following on impeachment:? ? if it be determined to pnrsue the impeachment, charges will not be wanting: these can onsily be framed: bnt that they conkl be prov ed to the satisfaction of impartial jadxas there is not tbe least reason to believe. Bat the difficulty is that President Johnson's judges would be his political enemies: men excited by the most violent of revolutionary passions, from whom cool deliberation and mipartial judgment could not be expected. Under snch conditions, a man need not be guilty of any of the imputed crimes in order to secure bis condemnation." ?-??????-? Satlor Shot bt a Womxh in Akkavolis. ? '*w <* #? klnce, a seaman belonging to the v fe. ahip Macedonian, named Peter Hind* "ot in the city of Annapolis by a woman Emir a Footer. On an examination bt tbe pbyaictuas tt was ascertained that tbe man *u ;?ot in t^e 'region of the heart but from tbe direction of the be>4 uo serious consequences are at present apprehended; Sheriff ?rJ?? greeted Emma Foster and a party , named Harriet Hanson, who was an inmate of thebouee where the shooting took place, and took them before tffe'.Nrttee. w%o rftMug to tage bail, committedi them to Jail until the wounded maaVln a oOiidijU<m to testify. Th* Fxhiaka ?Assn evidence ot the rotten. neee of,Fenian affairs in I re laud, the speech ?? ^ Aiuhdennom at m Fenian meeting in New Yorb. maybe taken. He said that he had only lately arrtwd from Ireland, and he as?**ed 'hem that gigaatic ae were thehu4s practiced here, they were nothing en Whetted been doae in Irelued. He belie Ad the whole of me Pen ten leaders there to be traitors to'tha cause and i 5 the pay of tbe Btttteh govern menu Ken the mottTiacompeujnt, some of them even imbecile, weee at thekeha of atfhire. . t i? !l boa e . /e "?l 1 > ?i ? i fM I at Cirpiratita Affairs. Board or Almrmkx, Jaa. 14, 1&67.?TM Heard met pursuant to law. Present, Hfwsr* Karr, Cross. Gulick, Given, Lewie, A. Llevd, C. S Noye*, ,Uw*n. Tam Ldmonstou, Tnrten, T. E. Lloyd, President and S. V. Noyce. !i?er?lary. Mr. Kdmonston presented U? petition* of J >1.Pumpbrey and J. L. D Lawrtic*. tor remission of fines; referred to commiitet on claim*. Mr. A. Lloyd presented the petition of Josiah Simpson, for remission ol a fine; ref?rrfd tooonnitw* id claim* Mr. Barr. from cjmmiUMon polios, to whom war referred .toe bill regulating tbe *ale and measurement ?t oyster*, recommended a nonconcurrence in tbe amendments of tbe lower Heard to aaidbill. Mr Tnrton sugges'ed a concurrence in the amendment reducing tbe numberof msa?urer* from live to tbree, aa the s<?a*on wax now abort, and bnt tew oyster* arriving Tbe Chair (Mr. T. A. Lloyd > urewd a con. currence in all tbe amendment* of tbe lower hoard, becanse otherw.-e the bill would probably not b?- passed. Mr Given said it would b- impossible for three measurer* to perform all tbe duties devolved upon them under tbe law Tbe amendment* ot tbe lower Lcaro were not concur-ed in. and the bill * as recom rntued to the committee. Mr. Karr, fiom the committee 00 police, reported back Council biil to amend tbe act for prevention ol uuisan e*: prohibiting person* Irom depositing bunding rratenals wuhiu twenty feet of ? street bri'unt: passed. Also, reported l:tvora?,!y on the bill repealing an act granting pormlsefon to baebers to keep open their place* of business until to o'clock in the morning on Sundfys: con?ideratior postponed. Mr. (liven, from the Mm? committee, reported favorably on the Cerncil bill amending 'be act in relation to regulating and licen.- ng Insurance Companies: postponed for one week. The Chair (Mr. T. fc. Llovc) laid before the Hoard '.be petition of Ldward Corridon, for remission 01 a line; referied to committee on claim;. Mr. Gnlick introduced a resolution requesting the Register to furnish this Board the names of all persons who have taken oat. licence* for Insurance companies of any kind whatever, since tbe 1*t of July, l*bS, and the names ol said companies: passed. Mr. A Lloyd,from the committee on claims, reported adversely on petition* of Ldward yk olfe. H. M. Middletoa. and H- Adler, praying remission of flnee: and the committee was discharged from their further consideration. Also, reported favorably on bill for relief of U. H. Kidet.our. paying him S8?0 a* indemnitv for k'ss of bis horse and harness by tbe caving in ut the H'h etree: sewer in the great storm of tbe i?t of October last: passed. Mr. Cross, from the same committee, reported ?d\er?eiy on the peimous of Marv Kelly aud Wm F. Johnson, lor remission of fine*, and asked to be discharged from their fnrtber consideration; and it was *0 ordered. Also, rerouted favorably on bill for relief of Peter McXamara, paying him for work done on a service m tbt Fourth Ward; passed. Mr. A. Lloyd, from tame committee, reported bill for reli >f of Martin King, refunding him amount overpaid for taxes, passed. Mr. Noye?, from the committee on schools, reported a bill authorizing the Mayor 10 remove four small frame buildings, now in a ruinous cohdiiion, from the lot of the public school in the Fourth District, a portion ot the materials toTn? need in inclos * tbe lot, and th? surplus, if any. sold at auction: passed. The special order?bain? the bill authorizing he Mayor to anticipate tbe revenue to carry latoeflect the act consolidating the hook and ladder con.pany with the new steam fir* entire authorized by the acc approved Dec-jmber '2, lt-65?was taken up. Mr. IS'oyee said that in his opinion the reasons given by the Mayor lor vetoing the act referred to, were conclusive, and he would therefore vote against this bill, if we are to anticipate the revenue snd borrow money, let us do it to carry ont the improvement bills now^nnexecuted lor want of fnuds Onr city city In the country in iticieot-y. k?<] there w.V* no urgent necessity lor the passage of this bill. Messrs. Owen. Tait, and A. Lloyd advocated the pa*sa3d of the bill, the latter saying tbe Corporation had always been in debt.' he had always heated this cry of want of monev: bat the passage of this bill might save thousand* ol dollar* to the city. Mr. Given contended that tbe interests of tbe ciry did But require the passage of thi* bill, as onr present ftre department 1* competent to any emergency likely to arise A vote to Increase it w ould be impolitic and inexpedient in the present state of the Corporation finances. He thought we onght not throw all the responsibility ou the Mayor. Tbe bill whs rejected by a tie vote, as follows Yeas?Messrs. Barr, Edmonston. Gnlick. A. Lloyd, Owen, and Tait?u. Yeas?Messrs. Croes. Given, Lewis, Noyts, Tut ion, and the President? ?. Before the vote was announced, Mr. A. Lloyd asked leave to change bis vote to -no:" whiclvwas granted. After tbe vete was announced be gave notice of his intention to move a reconsideration of the vote by which tbe bill was rejectedBill allowing Nichola* Vedder to retain an iron railing in front or hia premises, live leet from tbe building line, was taken up, the amendment of tbe lower board agreed to. and the bill passed. Mr. Lewis introduced a bill making an appropriation to pay a deficiency In the appro? nation for improvement of M street north, eferred to Fobnh Ward delegation. Several bill* from the lower board were referred Mr. Lewi*, from the committee on improvement*. to whom wa? referred the joint resolution in relation to the conetrnction of a lateral brancbof the Baltimore and Potomac railroad, leading into Washington, reported a substitute lor the same, making it the dnty of the committee before Congress to urge the speedy passage of the bill pending before Congress in relation to such lateral branch, giving the city proper police powers. Mr. Turton and others stated that the bill pending in Congress took away from the city all police powers in reference to the proposed road. Mr Barr proposed an amendment by inserting the two resolutions passed last week after striking ont the reference to this particular rood, Rejected. Mr. Noyes thought the board must have voted .under a misapprehension, as he did not tnlnk members wanted to endorse any particular road. Mr. Lewis moved to reconsider the vote by which the amendment was rejected. Carried. The amendment of. Mr. Barr was then lost again by the toilowla^ vote: Yeas?Messrs. Barr, Gross, Ldmeaston, A. Lloyd and Neyee?$. M ays? Mesars.'G n llfek. Gi V?%, Lewis, OWeo, Tnrton, Taft. and'tbe Preeideht?7. Tbe snbstitnte. of the committee was then passed. It is aa follows - , Whereas the Honse of Representatives of the United States torn pasaed a bill authorising the Bal tins ton and Potomac Railroad Company to construct a branch from the sum stem of their road into and WUfein the District of Columbia; and whereas the necessity and advautage of anew line of road which wfH connect the national metropolis by a shorter and more desirable route with not only Baltimore, bnt also Mew Y ork and the Great West, is apparent to all who feel an Intereet in the weltare and prosperity or the national capital: Therefore _ Be it rrrolred, That the committee appointed to represent the intereetof the Corporation of Washington before Congress be, aud they are hereby, instructed to recommend the prr-agr of a bill by Congress anthortzlaf thsextension, construction and use of a lateral breach ot the Baltimore and Potomac railroad tote the District of Columbia, nnder rach polk* had other regulations as may be adopted by the Corporation of Washington. Adjourned. Comjiok Comcu..?President Moore In the chair, and all the members precent except Messrs. Joyce, Mulloy. Pcake aedTalbert. A message was received from the Mayor, announcing his approval of theaet giving additional compensation to the Taa alack, aad act for the relief of the detervtag destitute poor. ? > Also, eadloeing a communication from P. X. Clark, asking the reduction of the licence lor the sale ot plctarat; referred.. Also, ene enclosing the returns of the apothecaries of the Fourth and Fifth Wards. In tba firat 457 prescriptions Were filled, at a cost o! fair.05, for 116 paupers, of mhisb nine ware black. There were tiled in the Fifth Ward 77 prescriptiOM. *t acoet of Ml.38, to '27 paupers, oneot vhtmvaaMsck. < ? .The Mil la relattea to We railroad to thy 58su??ri4^?nB'?s | AJ LJIi? Which VM sastn-ved. ltd the bitf. by the fbi. lowing wm ?r<i.r*y to iu <? re re >*< ? . IW* ln?Kr?ot, ?%k?r. (<nv<7 Urary, r>udl#y, March*. Moreell, N*iiey. ? ?"*!*' ^'ewart, Valktr, and .A* l*reH4es'. (|ir MO?I?.ku NlT^Mwri Hrvan. M-*d <?nd Wnrbt ? Mr. L>mry (?ho bkd euaaged hi? *j?e ter the ]mrj ?se. moved to recoa-iderthe vote <?n taV'n. Mr. Baker moved to lav the motion ob n? rtN*; carried Mr Hrary asked it an amendment w*s in order. The t bair replied In the negative. Thebill ? > ptNnt by the following tow Wii-hwi. Anderson. Ha her Calvert. I'udlee, March., Morsell, N alley, Penrh >imm*, Stem art. Walker, and the President*. (Mr. Moore.)?1* KiTf-MeKn Bryan. Carroll. Deary. Mead, and Wright?5. Mr. Stewart introduced a m*o1bOob "kirjr the surveyor for an eatimnte of the costof opening nth street, from N street Berth to boundary: adopted. The foilowiag wera reported ?By Mr. f each. , way* aad mean*)? Bill to pay la* ac<onuu ?r the ward apebe, aries of the tat. Vd. Jd and Wb ward* paseed Also, bill to transfer certain fnnd* standtag to the credit of X\ S direct tax land, and aeked that it be laid on the ?aNe: no ordered My Mr. Stsw?-rt, Mffiprore. to ***** rrh OB K street aonth, and a*xed that it be laid ob the table, ib* work having been provided for. ao?r<l.rwd. Hill for footways ob the ea*t aide of fih stree*?'ween B and t ?treeta aonth passed Kesolatton requesting ihe Mayor to alver.ise lor plaaa. speciflcatioua and propo?ala for an iroa or woodea bridge acroe* Hock Creek. at the westera terminus of K street pne.^d Adversely on the coramnnicatioB ot p r Mnlli. km; com mi rtee d i* charged. By Mr Morseil (police ?Substitute of the Aldermen tor the* J otincil bill regulating The sale of unseed l14' ?nbsmute provide* that hereafter the bushel ?hail be as tallow*W&ee\to rooad. rye. 56. eht*lied corn,to. oat?,5-.po atoe*.?^%cd the act ahall go Into etTect X days artsTiu Al*?. unfavorably on the bill amend, the act regulating the collection of *ne?. *c rejected. Ai*o. unlavorably on the resolnti. n pietratirg aramst an iucrease of the police rce. [Mr! stead aaid that the city wa- weii enough guarded, and 'hat theory waa nobble to pay thooe oa the foree at present MuJZL"!!. fc4Ud Uiu ?* resolution waa oat o* iTS.e. ftip Bppointfli^riU btviotf prckttblv made and there wa* a donbt whether the coaiicile bad a right to interfere. The comMeiT. w",d^h?^d-y-a* is, nav* 1-Mr. Mead.] Bill authorizing J. w Woodward to retain a fiame lUbleon bia premises utisseti Also, giving Wm. McCoy a similar privilege IB equare rfr: passed Also, unfavorably^? it ^" ,TT1M,l,lB* ,h* ?now law: rejected. By 55 mi * (c'aima i? Bill for the relief of J. , *ay l'M"ed Also, peutiona of J. K. Bari**..' 'J?11"1 Christopher Halbeste. and John Brown; committee discharged Bill for mini ' SnU Jl; la,d OB ** tab,# mtor. The report of the committee on the claim ot Jeremiah Costello wa* called op, an<l after some discussion, the hill to pay h?m *!*' 4?i bnlance on contract was passed A number of Ald.-rmen's bill* were referred The n-aolultons ot reapect to the memory ol C H. t termehle were adopted, and the Board adjourned < OV.RKKSIOIAL. Skratb ? Veateiday attex&ooa? The bill to regulate the tenure of office waa discussed until 4 p m.. when the Senate went into Executive session, and soon after ad. jonrned. Mores ? Yesterday afternoon? Mr Hollina, from the (kmmiuseon I'nblic Expenditurea, ofTered, a* a queauoa of privi' lege, a resolution stating that Thomas H OmM l*y. of the city of New York, bad been duiv summoned to appear and teetify before the Committee on Pnblic Expenditures appointed to inveaugate frauds ib the New York custom heure; that be had appeared and r? fused to testify aad resolTlng that the Speaker issue hie warrant comnsandlng the Ser*eant-atArma to take Tkomaa H Oaklev into custodr and present him at the bar of the Hoase. to aasw?r for contempt of authority ol the House in tbne refusing to testify Adopted Mt Ceok. from rbe (Y>mrnitree on the Jndu ciary, reported joint resolution anspendinc the o^>eratiou of the itiih section ot th? act o: <4to hebrcary, 1&64. which authorizes the paymeut of loyal owners of colored volunteera. Pasaed ?IIC to 35. Mr. Banks offered a reeolatioa that it ?s the duty of this Government to give effect to the moral keutiment of the nation through all its agencies for the purpose of preventiug tne further introduction ol coolies into thit> hemisphere or the adjacent lalanda Adopted uuan. imously. The bin for the admission of Nebraska into the I'nion came up next in order, the question being on Mr. Ingereoll'a motion fo refrr 'he bill to the Committee on Territories Mr. Jngeiboll withdrew the motion <1''ba:e OD ihesnlject of the condition offrag* 'iu *^briwka:"Vii(?,,yVT>a^d'*>t>rr^ close of the aay's strung. It was partirtpated in by Mee?rs. Broomall. Bmina. J?awes, iLgezjoll, Morrill, SheilnbarKer. Hul. l?neg*. and Banks. The House seconded the previous question by a vote of #> to ?7. and then, witbont romiar to a vote on the Uil, adjonraed at 4.b> p m EIROPBAM NEHI. I'aris. Jan. 14?Noon ?There is a thb? rumor aMoat, but not confirmed, that a d??p? rate plot to a?*a**tnate the Emperor Napoleon has b?en discovered and frustrated by the ofhcials. St. P?T*RPEtBG. Ian 14 ?TheOovwraraow. ot Ki.ssia has ordered a general amnesty for all offences commuted by the newspaper press of the empire. PtMBfCl, Jan. 14 ?The difllculty between Italy and Turkey relative to the Italian steamer which was fired upon by the forces of the Porte hafcbeen amicably adjusted. Theamonnt of Indemnity to be paid by the Turkuh Got. ernment ha* not finally been fixed Jan 14.?The Swiss Government haa under consideration a proposition to prohibit the people ot Swwatrland from jointae the armv of the Pope. Madbip. Jan. U?A revolntiooary junta has just issued a strong and surr.n* addrasa to the people. T?? Biooist Y*t.?The London Keview'a comment upon the ocean yacht race u as fol. Iowa:?"The Yanaeea who can Wraat '**?t tikty have made the biggest aational debt sver maa'e in t b>- same time, that they have carried on the biggest civil war, received the biggwst thrashing. and crushed the biggest rebelliea eveknov a, may now claim the glory oi havimr the biggest yacht racer * JZfft? ^'"arlestoB negro laborer* are oa A l^The American Bible Society priatod last year 1,119.259 copies of the Scriptures. KTStill in operation?whiskey frauds. VWhen wa<-Kutbrude to Boaxl Wden she pulled his ears ana trod on hie corn. ?-Tbe number of deaths in New Yorfedaring It** was *,j44. WHorse-stealiBg is a capital offence in Arkansas. rTwenty.flre farms have been sold in one section of Alabama for the low prtce of ! per WNineteen weddings in Concord oa Christconcord 18 t0 ** hop'd lhej wil1 Jl llT* U* 99"A Perovian merchant tn New York charges his partner with stealing C 15,00b worth or diamonae S7*It will soon be beaten into the heads of the public that a teacher who is constantly beating children is Baf.t lor the school-room. WOeaeral Ord reports that they have rl<ii\*9 ib Arkansas 3 p^E5X3^^^rs?2^ K VWorks are to be constructed Ib Alabama for the manufacture of a railroad iroa from native oee, which Is ahnsdaac VThe days are a quarter of an bowr longer. A child *est at the evacaatioa of EichmoBd haa jaet been restored to its patoam. 9TA certain Connecticut towa eelecu only umperancemen for jurors ' KTA Cleveiaad justice fined a man u fer cattlaghis wilt's head fearfully with a hatcher Other luxarlee are aot so cheap ib WIb cholera times the question waa raised whether disease cob Id be rnea ni ii a ii a lad bv silver coin. It la bow some years siace we have heard the iaqatry. Kris no country in the world is tow head gtven to economising la d uly expenses 'fc" ta the raited Bratos mrvou'i pat off uII aome fatare Ume what yon can do now?dying excepted. mmmt of yon needn't palsf that. iac toat year ?B6 hears and wmw killed Ib that State W-r* VGea. Howard said, la a speech atOoiam. Ma, 8. C i recently, that there were already colored chlldrea ta Ike treadmsj s scheola. 9TA well kaowa citiaea of fThin^n M. cosed his wtfs of tafldvuty, aad iaa fit of beV hneir?dPib?#eJJi!3i Miefcipaa^Sffbam mE*. ?jr.ttS?rs2ugRuzss& arsenic She wow l?es in a very errtica coBlUtton It taewyposad that jeaWy M* tba cmm el 1Mb Magmiar oatn?e.? - - i ?. .dtn ? tfl-. ?? mho!. fcH ull">