Newspaper of Evening Star, January 15, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 15, 1867 Page 2
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bl mvmm v* THE EVENING STAR." The Urzeji Cirtulatioa in the District W. P. WALL1CH, EdiMr aad PrtyrlMw. W ASH1NGTON CITY : TJ EKDAT: JANUARY 15, 1MT. *y READING MATTER ON EVERY PAGE. PKE OVT?IDE FOR INTERESTING TELE- j GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. TO ADVERTISERS. Tto* following t* til* official *bowi*g of the circulation of the daily paper* of U*i? oity ?oarpet,ng for it>? OoTeroroent adYeriialng Ud#r the recent wt of Uon|mt directum uoh advertising to b* mad* in ?b* two daily newspapers of WaatUagtoa bavtag tk* large* circulation . Evimjt# Stai 7,715 copiM par day. Ciwiwcli " ? IntiiUfncrr 3iSi " Tb* at urns of advertising hylba oity pap*r* for tta quarter *adlag September SO, 1300, aa tlk>ui f.? ik> k.?Aln of ,k. ? > - - ? _ .?! ww>< ui UH mwmai a?TNBB Office, al a* fallows: kvkm?tt stab., SM,Mt Jn!eUt^'nc?r.......... U.IOI CArmli>l<.. |0,tt9 JUfuhiican 4,701 ? i ?> THE RECEPTIONS. The White U?a?r. Tb? lad:** of the Executive Mansion, Mr*. Siover and Mrs. Pattrnn, at borae every Monday, commencing outbe Tltb tnstaat. Thi> >..11 K-l-l ?k i * -- .uvm lyicv ICY va, me first ou th?- 17tb instant, tbe aecotd on tbe 7ta ot February. and the inird on the ?2d of February, on each occasion bet wee a the board of t* and U p. jn. The < afciaet. The ladies rf the family of Hon O. H. Hrowmnr. Secretary of the Interior, will receive their friends ou Wednesdays, at the reudence ol the Secretary, on the east aide of Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. The U'liea of Secretary MrCullocb's family urill receive as nsn&l on Wednesdays. Km. dene" If 6 II itr#?r. h?n*??n <? , UVUHOI.L1VUI aVPaw and I7ti? street. Speaker Celfax. Speaker ColUx'a public receptions will commence on Thursday evening. tbe loth inst . and continue every Thursday evening during tbe seeslon of Congress, from to 11 o'clock. Tbe receptions of Mrs. and Miss Matthews, tbe t?pe?ker's mother and sister, for ladies aad gentlemen accompanying tbem, com- i men re cm Wednesday, the ictb lnst? and con. tmueevtrry Wednesday afternoon thereafter lrom 1 to 4 o'cloek. General Grant's receptions vrili be held by General Grant and lady on Wednesdays, the 9Uk and vi3d instant ard6h proximo, in the evening. At bom? very Saturday from fto Sp. m. KM CATION KKEPED AT THE SOUTH. There arp about moii jjio colored children in the JSeutt old enough to attend school, nearly an equal number of white children who are growing op without education: and at least floo.inO adults who cannot read and write. Not until this state of things is changed caa the Southera people hope to develop their great resources and ?ompete with their Northern brethren in the race of progress. Skilled aud intelligent lau.x is ueeessary for the advancement of their material prosperity, aad education will do more than aught else to dispel the prejudice, bigotry and conceit which kroaght about th<? l?lfe Tfhplllfln. ?nri l??i< ? ? * - ? - >vuu w j>rij?riuaip IDA diaalTectiOB to tbe OoTernment. leading Souther a ?r? reali* these facts and many of tbem, who are the true friends ot their Motion, because tbey do not wish the material interest* of the Sooth sacrificed to tb* abstract idea* 9f caste and color which naturally grew oat of the pec a liar institution, are now earnestly co-operating with the friends ot edo. cation at tbeKorth. To abow what js being oece lovhiras educating the colored children' it la stated that 1.3H5 teachers from the North ______ ? uj ui? auiericaii Freedmeu a lilies Commissi on, and the vari. oua missionary and denominational societies, that they instrncted 150,000 pupila: and that in ail the school) the pupils have made admirable piocieas. And yet, considering thoanmber to be edncautf, 150,080 ie, after all, but a small proportion. We trust tbe good work will go on, aad that noon an the children whit* and Mack, throughout the coantry. wll fee attending school, eves if it requires the en actment of stringent laws by tbe General Government to compel their attendance, ae la the case la Praseia. 1 ? IMPEACHMENT. The resolution looking to an lmpeaehmen of tha President *ai introduced into the Mouse of miyrwitttitm more than a vmi ago; long enon|k to enable us to form ft correct ntimst* of tiM reception it has had at the handa of the | people. Ua the subject the New York C'onniMr- i cial Ad**rtu*r% on* of the ablest and soundest ; Republican joairnala, eays: 'A few extreme men?the fiery Abolitionist*?who. for thlf.y years, denounced the Constitution aow appeal totbe same Constitution, and fa\or the impeachment. The Republican Party generally either oppose the muvemeat, pronounce it fntlte, qr predict rain to them* i-etveeTf ft is chrrled oh. Even those wboiaoel ! eTprrtydenornce the President conrf?m. peacbmeetor hesitate to gm ii. They conieea it as a partisan act, and they see la it a ' ?rrogf ?e far tfce lotves and Jlabes. Tbe D?mocrata are careleu of tbe result. la fact, they ' aee in ft a meant of party advancement." i Tbe kama journal sees plainly "that tbe epito of (action and tba disappointment of politicians are a pocr basis for an accusation as grave and a? frlvcloos aa that which is brought afainiMbe President " and adds "But two years of bis term of office remain* and ssrWv Congress, in Its legitimate sphere, 1 is strong enough to protect the country, eveu if tba president dwelled to do it barm, and there is a plentiful lack of evidence that be intends j barm, however much we may take exceptions to features of bis policy or to bis idea of re?on? ! trucUon.'* , . a ADTANCK OF HKTTLKMEXTS Tbe Cointnissicner ot tae i ---? flc? bu jost received returna showing that SI,?91 meres were diapoeed of in the aggregate nt tbn-e land oJScca daring the own ih of December, &a tolio'vaA: Kau Claire, Wtacoonn, OT,*34 acrn: the larger portion tak?a with Agricultural College acrip. At l>enver City, Colorado. r,4-?:| fcewr, the greater portion having twen taken up fortctual aettlement under Ui* homeatead law. At Tallahaaaee. Klorula. lfto tar ma of M acrea each were added to cm productive force of that State byeatrien for actual aoitlameni and caitivatioa under th?* hones read law embracing 14,374 acre*. DTSPOf At or Pt r.LIC LINDS. The Cotnmiasiener ol tha- OeneraJ Land Oflicc ha? >oat received retarna allowing tfcat . ....^'><1 hmuwiu htvu u onorea ud forty tot tcrw of the pablic land* were dieRmmI of daring the month a of No Timber and c*n b?-r last, at the following local office*. 1 >*1x011 and Traverse City (.Michigan) otfioea. m I/eeembcr, 11,464 tnd 3,Uiyacres respectively, and at J?rowaa\Ule, Nanraska, in NovemtKr, il,1"U aerw. The greater portion of tbe lacd *u taken op under the bomentaad law for aefhal a*tt|ement and cultivation, :& aggregate cash safes .im joining to S3.1TI. MINISTER TO AUSTRI A The President yesterday aent to the Senate the name ot the Hon. Edgar Cowan. V. 9. beaa tor from Fennay 1 vania, m MtauW to Aaatrla * ice J Ljuhrop Motley. >>usoaib.-0?asrsl 1> Vfckvra (attache ?f be American legation at V alparmiao. Chill,) and bride are now her* on a wmAdinr tnnr i TM bride f? a beau til nl and accomplished <"bilian, and worthy Ik* gallant otflcer who ?u mad# aOtaeral at tweaty-lour y?n *' * ft tot bra eery. * ! okdkko to dvty.?Sa?oa4 Laeateuant Uoppy.of tfec 44th. ?<? Hiiitt* C#V. iiaviaf paeard ?ati*f*ctory exa?i?mitoa^aa received Ut? appointment of Secoad uanLin tbe molar army, and ordered to dat> is Oi? V'ar Wperieaee'. ST li stated tbai the SpriacfMd. 111. owner* cf the Cfcicn^o ItcpuMieam hmf aold cot tbrir uterett to Hoa. Job a Went wortb. Virginia News. On lb# rijrfct ot the luih or l**cember l**t, *? I?r UutkI, a prominent phy-1 i%n of Q kkHland, vtiia Mifiuiutc a prnr*?*i?na! call, hit born* toll, thruvk'inr bun to flWRronittl. H* wrs>c(li>Mii<Ml wm uu&ble to in-lV#. sou bf lay forty ?*if it hour* betorirbe w.t? coTMfd. Att*r hr WA* found be WM t'xktn bone wi?b bi* fe?t badly frozea. betides bis OtbtT lunr #<. SohiMui ii li. hnlknl hi? kut bad U> be amp nt.u??d. >' \j In Peter-hnrr, a 1*w ntjtrs sine*, a lady an<1 renMpman were mn?p<l from tneir tlwp by ifce frantic howlinr of * p*t Jor of th?* lady, wnich bad (one mad, Mid wa> raring wiift tt?e tr?-n*T ?f hydrophobia Tb?y mntiuwl tn b<*d out of the rracb of the dog until lie died in ronvnlPtone. The colored peopleof Stanaton r*a!iz>d *?75 fron ffceir fur Hu?t week to pa? for itie building of lb? ir cliuribArFATRB I* IiOCDOM OnDITV. Va. ?A. car. mpr.nnent of the Alexandria GittHt, writing i irrm i,e*?turg,??p: 1 bear of flue flock* of efceep in oar coun'ry; arooBi tkf best is tkiat of Utputin N. R. Heaton, of the neighborhood of Woodcrove. at the toot of the Bine Ridge. There are many more * beep in tha county tbaa there ever were before. and the breeds are more of fine wool than they used to be. With tha wool will cosoe the factories, and they will gire emp'oyraent. ,,, 1 am told that the wares of men near Aldie are SUM per annam. the farm?r f arnishiae the cioihea, and a faw extra Rood bands hire ior Si 10. When tha laborer tarnishes the clothes be gets?L50: women hire generally at *4 per moatb, some as high as *s, and famish their own clothes. There is a greater disposition to bire for tha whole year. ah iu? wwg, wUHirn, WGO can COOK, VWI, and iron, get 96 per month; in the country, probably ?I less. Men kirn for S1S0 per annum, and good "chunks" of boys, who can plow, hire for >6 per month, furnishing their own clothes, and probably with rather let* inclination to hire by the year. 1 heard of one negro man. who bad hired biimelf for tl.Vi per annum, who at Uhristmaa had undrawn fill; thereat ha vine be*n applied to purchase rlothinr, A c. Another bad un| drawn only M or *7 and the ricb man was afraid be would be robbed, so be asked his employee to say to bim that he would pay is I-eesbnrg next day. This was done, and he caine on confidently to town with his snsp?cted <omrade, who was ignorant all the time of the riches ol bis fellow-trareler. It * os tuk ScsynKii amma.?The ice bridge at tbi* place remains .solid and firm. and vehicles are passing over it hearly. W\* noticed witbin the last few d*v?fuor.hivi* u?n?i i? - dm witb mill stones, passing on it. and perrons engaged in filling their ice bouses are daily banting ice with fl ve-borse team.* and I heavy wagons on tbe crystal bridge witb perfect impunity.? WrigkUrilU (/'a.) Star. VA little boy in Pittsburgh, Pa., got up early on Christina* morning to ascertain what Santa CTans bad put in bis st iking, and in passing the steve bet his night clothes on Are, and was dead in a few hours. &~Tbe Springfield Republican does not aay "amen" to Got. Bullock's uuiTeraal suff rage argument, but thiBks that "the man who cannot read hi-ballot 19 no more II- to vote than the landsman, wbo cannot box tbe compass, to steer a ship." mw a Krutrn navanct oil taicen place in the wages of agricultural laborers in the Newmarket district in Lufland. In the parUh of Woodbitton, on the n>tau? of (be Duke of Rat. land, tome cottars, fitted with every domes tic convenience, have been erected. */"Frora a report of the Midnight Meeting Institution in Londoa, we learn that 105 meeting bave bee* held attended by 1.1,4-21 unfortu- | natee, of whom 53? have b**nn restored to friends, l.Mu srnt to service, 57 mnrried, Jfce. i ; The movement is regarded with favor, aud is ; extending to nily of the large towns. ITAd M. D. hae been lectoring in Peters bnrg. Vs., on the "Disease called Lore." Of course be recommended matrimony a? a cure ! ?"aa^? mmmmmmmmm?m^ 1 nr?j? M A 8 0 BIO .?A Spec ial Gvamunlca' LiJi^ tijn of NAtlONAL LuDOB JNo. ljl, f. naJly* vMad?o"aite ?d! Undl"? " fr.t.rBy order of the W. M 1* J. L J8HHSOH, Bee. rKg=? THB1B WILL Bl A LB TUKB l>i I Li^3 lirered before " TBI TOGHO MIN'm CHRISTIAN AasoOlATlON" of Waahtnaton 1iVJ' oliT?-3'?aIlOW ( Wednead?y > CVItilW 14th int.. at Union Bethel Uhurch. M atreet. hel?th tad 16th atreeta, by the Hoi. J OHM M. LAKG8TOH, of Ohio. Bnhjact: The Bnmnrlpation of American Chriatlaolty.' Admlsaion 1?aamta. Lertnre to commence at 8 o'clock. if ffl^^WOBK INOMBN *8 ASSEMBLY.?Therec W*5n? ?1 ' J"?"1 *Jrv_ ?**tt?* "01 be held on I WKDBK8DAY KTIIIIO Jan. 16. at 7% o'clock IB to* ooqdoiI Ubinbr, Wtr H?ll _ jtl4 3t JAB H. MID, Bit 8? QKtmftmm Hi; i Ialvid, on TUIBOAT, tkt Mh toot ,tl f i.a j? U ?' HBJIBI 0. BbLId. Bec>y rr^-A LBOTDBB.-DB. 1. HAYBd 8U1ELD, LLS of Virginia.?Bnbject : "The Btiflbeua tad j i to fwt? " ror th? k?Dtl< of th? Oohithi rtrnt I MetbodUt ProtoatMt 8 umUy School, oepoelte Poet Ufflce. Otorft'tvi, WlDM(8DiT. Jli. toth, 1*7. AdnlMlHildalti. ;U Gent*; euldrra, 10 Ce?te. ylt K* j <V^=?ABAUJOUHNBD ?IITlBO Of TUB ' ll? PHABMACBUTIOAI* AMO014TI0V of ! WMkibiton, to. <J , will be krM te lto room*, I ???r Ollkw'i Drag Blur*. TUB8DAY, Jta. h, 16?7, ?t S p. m PaDctael attendance U requested. By ort?r ol the President. I ja 14-2t* J. 0. FILL. 8 eretwy. | rY"5="BBAL B8TATB BULLBT1J. ,ol ' Will be Mined on WBDNBSDAY. i Property left with ai for tele la idTertlNd In the ?T?lletin" JBBB OBOHABM. &LLB0CRB A i> ATT A, Beal Kitate Broker*, iill It ? - ' ? m ii.HU. tt o o a l ! i 9*.i0 f?.40. :.Ti ?.r23vsato toi?to',l*tki: 2-?* ib?. wd c*?an o<mI mir?DtM4. T?rm. cub vhaa order it mtm 7lk *?" * D aad E. TWd. iSth Btr6#x wharf md rlvir I'ilT! T W. M'cOOWHILL. rfe=?b9abd Or th adb MOOMH,olaobtt a lk2 Swim r >4. *^4 Mark*! &} ?. * * SLSCTioB or oiricias. Tk* Poartb Quarterly Mntisi of tba Board of Trad* wilt transpire oa BVI81I9 mat, Jaa U, U6.?k?n a President. t??* Vic# PMtil?BU,M)4 aboard of Director! will be elected, to serre lor t lie catalog ) ear. B 8ABDO. .secretary. ja>4?t fIat..?hroa a Con. Cniea l nr^-M ASOW 10.-A ?Uted meeting of UOLDM |l? EI A BOYAL AKCB CttAPTBB Mo 16, wfu be held at Central MM^kH?lUa WBOBBSDaY. the loth mat . at 7 o'clock 9 m..on which oocaalos the renolution adapted at the aatxoa vocation of the Grand Chapter In reference to lie Reparation of tbe Grand K. A. Chapter of Maryland and tbe District of Cylambth will be eoaeHered. All members of Columbia B. A. Bhaplar ar- re>iae?ted I* be present. By order of tbe . B. H m jwu n B O. WOTBa. Secretary. (Yb=>AMBBIOAM COLONIZATION POC'IITT. LL3 Tha batnt-Ceatepaial Analverearr of tbe seated, aad BarJOHlTH TBaCT, D fT,of for ton. will read aa Histoiial Dlaeoarae on tbe rise n'tfTBBW i Kznxftv. yablic irt cordially tnvitod to bo yrort-nt. l>U8f rifPl Q1ASD I 0. 0. f. LBYU, B1MWIT oV Val LIBBABT. will bo Mid AT QDP FBLLOW8' BALL, Tth 8TBBBT, Od BOH DAY BYBH1M9, Bobrmary 4,lj*7. Tickote. Ob* Dollar. Particulars In fataro odvortlsomo&t. jalt-ooM rvK? CAPITOL BILL BUILDlBB ASSOOIA- | UsS TIOB -Tkt ilock of IUi mw Btildlaf oclatlon is now boia* isoued. Any y*nou "?u ocaro ttock by MffliiM UBOBOB #. OOLiCK. I Tro?nrer. rornsr Mow Jerwi avoaao aad south B troot.or W. T JOHNSON, Soc re tar y, south B , tre t, third door from How Jorooy arenoo ? O oott ' | If!} or THB MUTPAL rial IHllB SUBAKCB OO . D. O., D^cmtxr 9 "iSS ' fcs tor tha rw nw...!*^ 00 Pnniia ><4h tad w*k on bud 4M 000 m Tm twtUr ?nn?al lactioD for Hvn nutiM S5V4,.'.,r?R " k"?? 1JLT89I9 WABD. Pr??t. )? JOMfll H ttHAVrilLP, . 7 n?..... co??ono*?ET. LAD1M' rOl CBIAM A DIBIIO 8&LOON. 40 Phi. iT*..k?l mh %m4 isthcto ?B^jsto?v&* sEfts? Attendant* ibo will be mm to attend to all daBo.4B.ta, fit 10""loeBPH h anirriBLP. ^.||T4IL1IB1? 1??S. 71 Fb?m*at?kc^. ?)?m kr altlit, C^tjtui. Hill, *aN?gEr PmurtHtow ?mn>ilr ?om?ou?<id. nURiht B?li iroatUr ?unr?4. Wll-tf TELKOBArtllC NEWS. r - HKU YORK. Koa., |l?*r?( UtrMH fc*nat?r. ALUtitv, Jaa 15 -Hr>? IU>*<-o?* U >n*l?a4 w?t ?u-dsj U S Senator. 1 r " t - FROM KVAOPF. (io-Knniercial Ftaic is tkUa-lT. k. Vn irl< ai BaicrlMt. sriia-Crrath 1 raft?. port* Nailrd l*r LouMarket*. Sti\ | Hy AtlUbtir UaMe.| r OS DO If. Jan 15?Noon.?Lite tetocnm* hate b?-4>n received fft m Huu( Ko?k, wbicb irnk* bo m^nfio i oi n eom n>-rci&i panic la tb&t city. It it now b^iered n5 panic Pari#. Jan 11?TAtt Uuil#dStaJm iroa-ciad steamer ftliA.iiuuonvili, together wuh other te>sel? ot the squadron, are now at Barcelona, Spain. Orent crowds of p*opi? bare visited her. She will sail again in a few dajrs. The last transports for Vera Crns, to bring bone the French troops from Mexico, left Tonioa late last evening. Low now. Jan. 15?Noon?H it bow said tbat M. Konid's pioject for a Spanish loan look* Uke a failure. Uon*ols are qnotfd at #l;Ill>. nois On'rsi b! H. Kris shares declined to 41k; United States i-'#i bonds steady at Ti%. I?i vaurooL. Jan. 15?Nooa?The market for cotton opens heary. though pricas are unchanged; the sales to-day will probably foot up 5,ij00 bales; Middling Uplands li\. PENNSYLVANIA. Governor Geary's Menace. 11 ARB I hb V kh, Jan. 16. ?The following is an abstract of Gov. Geary's Inaugural address, to be delivered at noon to-day: He refers to tbe clo6e of the rebellion and pays tribute to the part borne by l'eunsjl vantn iu contributing 3G6,;K6 volunteers to tbe armies, and to tbe generosity of tbe people towards tbe surriuirt of tbe soldiers and tbe widows and orphans of those who fell. He regrets that the General Government has taken no steps to inflict proper > enalties upon tbe reb^l leaders, and terms it a censurable forbearance. Boast as we may ot our national and our moral victories, yet is it not true that tbere is no sucb thing as a republican government in ten Suites that begau and carried on tbe war. Tbere is not to-day a I despotic .state in Europe where the righU of individual man are so deflantlr tramnlrtd under loot, as in sections which were supposed to hsvp be.?n brorgbt into full submission to lb* Ooverrm?ntof the t'nited Sta*es, the violator* of the most solemn obliga'.i ?u?, perpetrators of tbe most atrocious crimes in the annals of time, murderers of our heroic soldiers on fields of battle and in loathsome dnnseon* nod barbarous prisons, must and shall cot reappear in the Council Chamber of tbe Nation, to aid in its legislation, or control its destinies, unless It t>ball be on conditions which will preserve our institutions from their baleful purposes and influence, and *ecure republican forms of government ia their purity and vigor iu every section ot tbe cood- i try. To the Congress of tbe United States the bt-artfelt sympathies and o\er whelming suffrages ot the people have been given They dh\c ieane??iy proclaimed their unequivocal verdict: ''Well done, good and faithful servanii " I poo the deliberations and action of Co?^m- our present interests and future welllare all d*pt*tid>. Nii??ri Leiiiiatirr. J*fkkr8(?5 UiTy. Jan. 15.?The special order in the H?ue?? to-day w*s resolutions recommending tbe impeachment of Preetdeui Johnton. The? were referred "O committee on federal relations. A concurrent resolution was offered that a convention of all tbe Slate? b- called by Congress on the 4th of July ueit, for the purpose of amending tbe hederal Constitution. Al^o urging Congress to provide for an early improvement of the navigation of the Mississippi liver, by removing Kock Island bridge and other obstructions. A fa*t freight line has been established h?r<? for the transportation of all kinds of m?r. cbau<li*e from tne u rmiong ol the Union Pacific Kailroad. Knnsn^branch. to the Territories of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Sel/are of Glass Works. Puiladkli'Ria. Jan. Id ?The Riverside Klas-8 woiks, at Proxreea. N. J , were seized yeBterday by the U. S. Marshal, for non-payment of tbe manufacturing tax. The matter has been adjusted. lnaugar atian at Gov. Geary. H a a k i s i; L" Ho, Jan. 15.?Tbe inauguration of Governor Geary took place to day. There waa an imposing military display. A national talute was fired at tbe concltuioa. Baltimore Wl?*ke?jialtimorb, Jan. 15.?Hour doll and prices heavy. Wheat, quiet. Corn active and ?t*Jidy; pales 01 r?od to prime at ltdalM: mixed 1(3; yellow H4alOo. ppana. Oats strict at (MaO-Jc. Clover scarce and firm at *.50 for prime. Cotton quiet at c*nts for middling. Saz ir inactive, but holders an firm at lQjg for refining qualities. Ifew Yark Markets. New York, Jan. 15.?Coltan quiet at 34){aj5 cents for middling upland*. Flour dall and declined 10al5cents. Southern S12aft17. Wheat and Corn dnll and declining. Pork and Oats qnlet. Beef steady. Whiskey dall. Fob sale?>,ono obit blahkbtb, at BOBBBY Pl'LTOB'tt, Pawnbroker, JO-J 9th I Hwt. J>l6-tw* Fob 8ALS OHBA P-On? alx mUh PLAHO In fpod trdtr, and ome Terr mil-'- mm | I'arTor or Cbovch obqab Btth?r will|B|H| bo aold low for oaah or rwtod at MdtribiMI ill rent p?r month. Inqairoat SIO&TOB ft BIMMO'S, j?im* Ooroor Ilth pad W ?troou. QOABTBRLT BBPOBT OF 1HI C05DITI0H or TIT* I riBHT I ATIOI al B aik OF WftSBIHOTON.O. O., Ob theaorninf of tka Ut Monday of Jannary. 1S>7. /wira. , Loui loeorod by Uovornaieat bonds. ftc Btokbi-hoiH.lorBltin.flxtarii..... 71M1 U vvar artiti - - ? ItJM W l)us from banks and bsnksrs ....j.??ly i! D B. bo Kit with Trtuortr 0.1 SU'SS 22 Do and other lOcurltlss - VI.jjiO 00 Odk on hand 71?.00S W Sped* .. * Total ..... - iUMJH W ? , , LIABILITIM. "TZTITZ G*?i tal |SM0UM ClrcaUtfo ! - <* ?* ?* IndlTlinsI deposit -rs 0j Government rtsposits 97 Do* nations) banks 49MfT I??e Jny Cooks M Co 11"91 7'tT M Profit nod 1i>m I7JMA69 8nr?h>s Z .7.7..... 1* 000 ? Total... ...f tJSMH M 1, W?i. . Hnntlagtoa. Oasklsr of ths first It t tonal Buk of Vtikinflon. O. G., (Jo solemnly swear that ths above stataamt is trae, to the WSi,. Bworm and nkMribid before Me, tbta 1Mb day "ff:r w? S? " - " """ 8# 910,000 WOBtH or THB BBST PAB1S KID GLOVES, Is iliN from i*i to 10H. l AT FOFULAB PBICB8. JOS. J. MAT * CO., j?l? tt 308 Peon.?t., bet. fib e?d lQth ate480 cBBTB4?iloBA8ovrioi. 480 Mo. 490 lot hatreet, oae door below r?. tve. HO OAO to loan on Gold ltd Silver WAT0HI8, DIAMOHDB, CLOTHING, aud MK&CHAHDIbl of *vmty 4e?ri?ttaa ji 9 lygailim rtrfctly confldtrtlil ,/f III KAOLE * CO., AutltlMil. D Balairoom Bo. 396 Peu. vanno, Between 9tb and lOtb at*. MAGL1 A VO- will glw tMrgtrmil attention to the I?l? of Haal Batata ud IIoqmIioM rwmitnra. Alto, to tb? lalaa of Itocki of Grooartaa, WVo??. Llonora, and Mrrchindtaa of avary da a?riptiou. Uoraaa, Oarrlafaa, Harnaaa, Ae. Mfcual caik adiraaoaa mndo on oonaif nmanta. Iinlir BiIm it oar aaloaroom a??r TOMDAT, THURSDAY; aud BAT OB DAT, at 10 o'eloek. HaGLB A 00., jail .^Qotloaaara. ^..roLjT^ , jlTOtT" 'MS*r<0PA*T*?B?HI# **" ' Xtr-ia %&&&?% must ?"M "' fF AU MMM ktrtM MlfflW ?CMltl IN Ni 'corwi' of It* Jtrwj iffnni ud B ilrMi south. ? IW 0 ? ?- " --- -' GOVKKNNENT KHtlUTlES. W'AeHtaoToii, January 15. l3T. Ja jr Cooke k. Oo farm*h tb? following quotation* of Government tttunun:

Buy mi U. S-f* Coupon, 1?1 tor* |. fly U.S. FITU TUMUM, le(6?........11/7 lie* U.S. Fit? Twentl*. 19M ,..!?$* ?** U:8. FIt* Tw*nU?a. !0M..t(?y! 1?sy U.S. Five Twt-nUe^Jan&J'v.TC.liM* ItM* U. S. T? FottiM..' *)* 1(W r S. Se^in Tbiniet, Aufu?t.,..|i4?? <??4x 43 4* '-1* v. o. cTtn iniriin, June 1D4 If** U. & MTM Thirties, Jaljr .HH U*? ] KIW YORK FIUT BOARD BALM. Coupon* tc8 tl) 40*8. W\ 5.80'?. ?M8 i.WS r.!W?, Aagast.... UH \ r. *? ?, If*4 k..<WH 7-Vs,Jane 10iJ 5?>e. >03* /Ju'*. July,......104^ 5.SU S Jb Gold THE MIL.L TO-DAY. ' ( Uier Win the Fight. Despatches have bean received in tbis city this aitemoon dated Goldsborongb. pcu Harristurg, Proa.. I p. m., stating mat ColUer detected McGlade in tbe priaa tight there this morning. There were 46 rounds, lought in two hours and ten raiuntes. It is nl.-o stated tbat the sflur wound up with a general fight amang the sporting men present on the occasion. FHKKDMEN'S AFFAIRS IN MARYLAND. Tbe report of lirevet Major General Gregory, Assistant Commissioner or the Freedmen's Bureau fwr the State of Maryland, for 'be quarter endiar on tbe 31st of December, |SC0. has t>een received by Gen Howard. The report nates that the condition of tbe colored people in the State it generally satisfactory, Mtbougb difficulties are still met with in securing justice for the freedmen through the cItiI courts, owing to tbe exclusion by magistrates of tbe testimony ef colored people. During tbe quarter no abandoned property has been in possession of tbe bureau, nor ba* any rations been issued to the freedmen. There hat, been a decided improvement in tbe interest taken in tbe education of tbe colored people. and tbe schools are in good condition PARDONED RKISKL8 us i>n ki ui iu? Attorney itfMrtl'i < >fTi * art* busily engaged in preparing tbe list of persons wtio were encased in the rebellion and have been pardoner', to be famished to tne House of Representatives la answer to their resolution. Tbe list of those who left tbe T'oi. ted States Congress the A rmy and Mary, and those wbo held commissions as generals in the rebel army, it will be remembered, was sent to the Ilonse a tew days ago. When completed. tbe list will comprise nearly eighteen thousand names. COMMISSIONER OF AORICULTURK There seems to be quite a scramble for the position of Commissioner of Agriculture, now beid by lion. Isaac Newton It is^aiii that i O. O. Kenneay. Esq , formerly Superintendent ot tbe Census Hurean. is tb? most prominent applicant. It ie also rumored that O. II Kelly, Ot Minnesota, and L?wis Volman, of Ohio, tbe latter for some time employed nnder Mr. Newton, are endeavoring to obtain the appointment. Tbe pressnt commissioner has a large number ot friends who seem to be con* tideat that he will not be removed. TH K HKTKUPOL.ITAN RAILROAD BILL. It affords matter for congratulation among all those who desire to see the city enter upon a career of business prosperity, that th* Metropolitan Railroad bill passed tbe Second Branch of the City Councils last night, by a vote of 10 to 5. It passed tbe Board of Aldermen previously br an nnanlmons vote, and now only needs the signature of the Mayor to become a law. irsTlRRSTINO HISTORICAL RILIC orcraiarj mbbiob jesteraay tarned over to Secretary Browning, of the Interior Depart, meat, for rafe keeping, the chair occapied by President Lincoln when shot by Bootb at Ford's Theatre. It haa beea in the custody of the War Department since the night of the assassination. The chair <s an arm racking chair, covered with maroon-colored cloth. THK WHITE HOITSK. To-day being Cabinet day, no visitors were admitted at tbe Executive Mansion. All the members ot tbe Cabiaet were present, and the session continaed nntil after two o'clock. PUNldHMJtNT OF SOLDI IKS. Uy General Order No. 4 of the War Department, istned yesterday, paragraph 885, Re. vised Regulations of the Army, is modUtod to rrau as IOIIOWS : "The legal punishments for sotdien by mitence of a court martial, according to the offence and the jurisdiction of the court, aredeath; imprisonment; imprisonment oo bread and water dial; solitary confinement; hard labor- forfeitara of pay aad allowances; discharges tretn service: reprimand*, and, when non-commissioned olticers, reduction to the ranks, pesioda of confinement, except ia aggravated oasea, shall not exceed tjx months ani* ia repeated eases of desertion, shall nm exceed on* year but in cases of homicide, robbery, rape, and iu aggravated cu?a oC tnjnry to persons or property may b? imposed at tbe discretion of tb4 court. Solitary couttuement, or confinement on bread and water, shall uot exceed fourteen day* at a time, with intervals between periods at VU& Qoottneottnt not less than rfucb period-, and not fxceeding etuhty-fonr days in any one year. Enlisted men, tor partly military off?oM, shall not be sentenced to confinement in a Suua prison or penitentiary; and when soldiers, for other tban military olfenees, are sentenced to confinement in a penitentiary, they will he dishonorably discharged the Mr vice in the order promulgating the proceedings of the court Bail and chain shall net he wsed aa a punishment. Orelnaacs sere Mats aad hospital steward*, though liable to dieeharge, shall not be reduced nor are they td be tried by regimental or garrison ceurt martial. anleM by w&clal Mrmiuinn of the department commander." ' THE DfSTRIOT IK CO*OKKS8 Mr. WiHarpraeefited id the Senate to-day tha memorial of the Board ot Traateee of the Konodrj M. E. Church, aafctng for the passage ot a jaw empowering them,to veil sqoare ?15 need heretofore ae abttrial ground. Referred to District Committee. Mr. MlMffll lllMantid the memorial of the corporate authorities of CI earns town, urging the immediate nium> nf? * - a |"vnyiu| IU1 removal of the prasent obstruction to their commerce, created by the existence of the aqraiuct. and tbe want of vdr&w therein. As the.^uestion bad been disposed of the memo* nal %a* laid npon tbe table. Mr. Koonts introduced in the Roase to- day a bill to incorporate We Colored Mutual HalldlBf Association of tbe city ot Washington. ltndkes William Edinborgh, Oarter A. Stewart. Cornelias Clarke, Sampson Matter, Edward T. Oreen, Isaac (Mark*, John Z. Bell and John Gray, corporators, and gives tbe as. orittinn nnwar t/> h?M **.1 ? - ? r - _V. ~ aviu * caiaHl U1 |l?nuaM or mixed property. aad to lease, Mil, and convey the taoe, Ac. Referred to the IMstriot Committer. Mr. Koontz, from the District Committee, reported adversely on the petition ot ?cttimbs of Washington. D. O., gof foreign birth, asking for tho same rights as negroes." IMPORTANT TO^APPLKANTS fORIKCRKASJ8 ThO Commtssioaor of Pensions mis morn, ing issued the following circular : "Applicants fer Increase of pensions aader the acts of Juno 8th, and Jnlj Wth, 1898, and tMr agent*, are hereby informed that snch applications ftleil.from And afttt th? << ? of January, 1867, CAD not possibly W adiadi. cat?d b?fora the 4th day of Mar oh, proximo. swettag saas2 -awsr t*ntiontrt shoo Id not be forwarded with the sKfisn 'JScf2?; ss MM & mMfc UM.M Zl.M oalp 1MB a tail trota tbls olM. The labor drvalvinrtiPO* this oflce lu been g?u rAll* iJT wTTIj Tbi a 55? of Uka cnaac tuTMi\mwl tb#xJerfcaf ftjnMjJoVldSd T ? tr?*uil* ?f ita baiiMw at* Inrly inadequate to b?m promptly the public demand*, or tp prevent II from>|lUf l?rrtlr In arrear. Application ? Ibr increase flled a|Si tbta date ebon Id rtr* lb? number of the otitic oal pension c*rtfflc&tt, but ebonld notbeacV' com pan if d b j it." RtiTf** ^ o? rum GeaMal order No. i, from (kr War Impart no*t,*fa?u>^ om Ik* H'.b im?< , aiatM tbat ?- h|?TD*r?fei cMNof toiJirr* ea rurloofb vkt rtfortm potn a fat distant lro? tfc??r ?tatu>na, VlUijtt ?be mtaaa of trarrliiag fartltar, da? aaand Ibkl olt?C?*r* tboaM um> a |>rop-r dis. tnmiM'iwi ia |iiiiaii( miDVflM 1 Df nt**B Must fctorr Imui?? d(wri?w in fwi or mast rvrvlrr aid Iran the Oo^rimcai 10 returning to ibeir companies. Department conm\ad?n trf luUionifd to wad mra raporun* nndir tuco circnmi'aocn to a military port or depot. vbfB tbrr* U a prubsbiiuj thai titer cu iooa btMilvitk a (k'Mhnnt t? ** nlmity <4 tbrirpoou. In pei-ial rw^f. whore it aball I . moat ludieious, li^partmvat r>mifiwl?r?, j [ in (|f rxrrcw o( a ?"wrt liKr?t|i?n, iwiy orj der tranaportaUua ticket* to h?? purcbv?d by ' nuuto b? 1+lLrr to Um compaajr cumaiadur, , vbo will cbarye tt?e nuv asamtttbe aaidtet"* l paj OB !^? prit ratntrr day The nam# aunt, together wttb the date wbro tbe ?ol^fporwd biouir, will be entered oa bis ?ajh." l 1 1 t?~From Httdioa Ttjrlor, m*? Or Vtib> iagton of Leonard Scott 4t Oo.'i r^prlntt of fpreign magazine*. we bat* Xbe vaiaabte 1Hoeirfber number of lb* Xortk Bntuh Kewtr "Thtbs'Kal Kkvimi.? Tbe receipt* from Una tource to-day were ^0. . ?<*?? . ! - CONGRESSIONAL.1 Toaauar. Jacmarj u Sb* atb ?Tbe tjba?r laid beiore the Senate a communication from tbe Governor ?f .*>0utli Carolina, transmitting a certificate ol the election of Hob. Jara?? B. Campbell u Senator ffwm ibai&tate. Laid en tbe table. Mr. Harris presented eight petitions from citizen* of New \ork, asking the passage of the Tariff bill now before tbe Senate. Laid ou the table. Mr. Sberman presented a petition from etUzeueoi Obio, atktng fur tbe exclaaion from offlee ot all per?Biis addicted to the use of spiritnone liquor*, and making ?ik fc practice a cause tor femoral. Keferred to Committee 00 Kelrencbmeot. Mr. Kamsey presented a petition trotn the employee# ot tbe Washington Artenal, asking tbe benefit of the inerra>ed *1 percent, compensation. Keierrvd 10 Coiumite* on f inance. Mr Willey introduced a bill authorizing tbe tmvlet-b of Foundry M. K Ctmr.o to sell and convey sqiinrr ^iS, in tbe city of Wttebuifton. Keferred to Committee on tbe District of Columbia. Mr ..IIW ? > I 1?>. HUKOIU Vniaru U|> mr rraomuon 1UTTO| duced by iiim some days ai.iee, inttruc'iiijc tne Committee on Foreign Relations to inquire into the pre*ent relation between Fta.ioe, o and the I mted States, t j the posse hility of th? withdrawal ot the French troop*, an<1 the ability ot Maximilian to maintaia himself. itc. Mr. Howard *aid that oti the pretext ot debts being due from Mexico to French citizen*. the Fmperor Napoleon had, during the period ?f our domeMic difficult***, iuteri*re4 iu Mexican att'mrs and aiu-umed to net up an empire in that Republic. Hi!* re \l obj*ct was to establish French domxia there. Our trade mi u nj?iiiu?-i i ?- ubi: o? ell H1ICD IDJOrt'O tif 1be war now curried on for several sad tbe country demanded to know tbe exact tiatu*. The president bad ?e?ii It to decline to tarnish the needed information, and be wanted tbe Committee on Foreign Relations to let tbe people know tbe real (acta. It was known that ? far fiom the French troop* beinc withdrawn, tbe number ba?l been increased. 1 be dignity and interest ?! this nation require that tbis Government should take such measures as will secure the immediate restoration of peace and the reinstatement ot the Republican Government. A statement was read by Mr. H. from the "Memorial Diplomatique" tbat Mr. Lincoln had conditionally promised to recognize Maximilian, thi* had been sent to Mr. Seward, and he had never denied it, and be now deoired to koow whether tbert vu any troth in it. Hi Higvlo w bud undoubtedly proclaimed bfs readiness to acknowledge the authority of Maximilian. Mi. Snmner rose, bat tbe moreing boar expiring. tbe nntlnisbed basin* ss?b*ing the bill to iegula?e the tenure ol office?was taken up. Mr. Johnson took the floor in reply to Messrs. Williams and t'relinghnyst'n Concerning tbe charge against tbe President of abuse of power, for making removal irom office on political grounds, Mr. J asserted that such bad been tbe custom of the Ooverument since tbe time of (ien. Jackson, and unul now without question. Mr. Bnckalew tben took the ttoor in opposition to tbe oill. Hocks.?Mr. Cobb (Wis.) introduced a resolution, which waa agreed to, directing tbe Committee of Claims to inquire and report tbe facts connected "with tbe captnre of Jefferson Davis, and what connection tbe 4tb Hickira* ana im let Wisconsin had with such ciptare. Mr. Ward (I*. Y.) tnstrodaced a resoinusa directing the Committee on Elections to inquire whether the Confutation tad laws of the United States had been violated at the late election in Maryland; whether peraona die. qualified by legal enactment had been allowed to vote: and al?o to inqnire whether legal voters bad been kept (torn tbe polls, and whether the military arm war ased at md lection. Mr. Le Blond, of Ohio, objected. Mr. Hubbard (Conn.) introduced a resolution. which waa a*reed to, directing the Committee of Way a and Means to inquire into the expediency of repealing the ad valorem tax on domestic cigars, and of reducing the specills ma to 9S per thoneand. Mr. Roes (III.) introduced a resolution, which wai agreed to, directing the Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the alleged sals of Indiana in the Territories of Kew Mexico and Colorado, and to report at an early day gnrh m Kill "^ll "" ? wwmmm -VUlO aKIIJ W Sll, WHS* out distinction oftac#, color, or sex. Mr. Hnbbard (Oonn.) introduced a resolution, wDicb was agreed to, directing tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury to transmit to this House copies of all rnfee and regulations adopted by him relative to ibe allowance of drawback to importers. Mr Randall (Pa ) introduced a reaoiutkm directing the flergeant-at- Arms to pay To Hon A. H. Ooffrotb tbe increased compensation voted by Concrete down to tbe tune be ceased to be a member of tbis House. Mr. Koonu (Pa.) objected. Mr. KoouU (Pa.) introduced a bill to utoorporate tbe MutusJ Building Association of tbe city of Washington. Jteterred to Committee on District of Colombia. Mr. Koon'z, (Pa.,) from Committee on Die met 01 Uolnmbia, reported adversnly apon the petition of eltisens of foroi(n birth, pray in* to be placed upon the same political toot tag in the District of Colombia as Africans. Laid on the table. - '' The bill providing for the admtsaion of Nebraska was taken np, and apon M| Boat, well's motion, the rose whereby the pre. Tious unestion was ordered was reconsidered. Mr. fiootwell awTtd to amend by striking oat the third section, and Mtsertiag a clause makiBC H a condition precedent to the admissloa of Nebraska that her Lefts latn re ebon id Sant the right of suffrage to ail, withont die* lotion of ootar or race. rMUMtwall yielded the floor to a number of jten Uemeu, and then demanded the previous | question. Afur sw?dis(BNlOD, Mr. Bontwell said a number of (ontlemea had appealed to him, and in order to afbrd opportunity to speak h? mn?i /bkau k. ?>>??? I" ? * - " . ^ Mwwii uii ? ircioci, mm vN vole to takea at that hour. AffM to. B*r. Farasworth (111.) ?MrNw4 th* Houm la opposition to Mr. Boatwall's amendment. aM I? Hirer of U>? Senate bill. He arcaed ConjcTe?? bad a rl|bt to declare op what conditions States could omm Into tbe VbIob. / Mr. D^ris (N. Y.) deal red to know if Goo > rrese had a rifbt to impose conditions upon a new State, and to eajorc* tbflfe condition* wiuiodi me consent ortb* people. Mr. Ii'arnwortb said OongreM etetrtr ted that right. It ?u simply granting a Terfi. tory * charter to become a 8'ate, and there as much authority to Impose a condition as to impose a condition on a Territory while It is a T'mnry. Mr. His# (Ky.) opposed the hiU. Mr. Higby (Cal ) favored the hill, and argued that Conrress bad committed" Use If by pasaing a hill a fe w days ago declaring that suffrage should not be denied to any one la the Territories. Mr. Kelley (Pa.) next took the floor* and was speairing when oar report closed. Thx Sk atin4 Qunnn?The queen of ekaiocu In the world la said to bo Miss O A. Moore, the "Skating Queen," ae/she is called. Her home is Philadelphia. Her appearance at the Park each afternoon makea ber the "obeerred of all oheerrera." Ib abating ctroies the p*rforaaofi nod appearance of Ml** Moore form the topic off general conversation. Mies Moore baa two skating oestamos. On* of tbea a kMnn* ftnit ftlrlrT nfmnl* ?? - w. r.a irav TWI Tfi W?*rr CIUIU, tilaaN with a deap hotter ofjray and wtuto qolrral ftor? dtovn whtofa in tbra* ?o*i of ll W trimming. She^wvan a fc*t made of a*? tWMtniliti fc?t? of bin# Mint, ana scnrlfti ritirt, MM?d will iralM tar 'ud r<wlr*t *H? ia??y ffnad w; ??|M costa at.ProTtdaao* for trtJUa* iU Co to the theatra witfe bar. - ^ COCET. Jmr**rr >t*?WV4?r? MY Vomit mmia?. ^ ? Ja?!? w ?? ? ? W -*-w ' u iH'nu'C iWf W"W TTT^I 10 ?4f r?*ol ll?tirj Sn?nh. convie *-<1 of ao MHiilt h?t*ry. Ud the f>t??nei A*orae? *ntrred t ?<*//? *roj Tbo??? Wooji* and Ricterd I?urae. !?* J-ocaj Licm. ispiruTid mU HmUw Rok itflron ?U VTtn I>irb*i? r. for lUCBt. r?r? ptafM?o kit ? tor^riru Mid hnoBtfr** ** * ??* Till aoratB|.(JaiU* WjM pree?di*c.? Uc?t? of Francu Uftrruoa. iadu?tedfor (krmtr. (1? ot S*r*b Harrison, bit wil*. oo t!?- 34 of OOlHw uut. *r*? taken tip Mfun Hrojro* ad Smribffifor ilw The garnet r?et4ed it Ik* Kim Ward. I "no ttre#t. Vt ween L ?*dH,ir.d after ih# dnaib or ib# deceaaed an ivqurvt ?? b*ld. at wbtcb 11 we it wai toitltK tb?t the arcawed fn-qn*ntlf b?*M ber with a b??t?ch<and u>t> phy?ician (l?r O K HofkiiM|W*h(ytn| tktt dntt vm isom ?y the blows, tb# jmry mttrn-d a rrr?it ibaidfitb vai caused by Mow* maict?4 by (be accused. ? Tn? mu&icak Ot>uoai?.ATtow SortaTT ? To-day, at aoou. (be >otb aaaaal raaaiiuc or Um Amerioaa UotonidUoi bouaty was UsM at tbeir ruomi, coruer af ?tr?? ana Pfaai)lT?ni*?Tfn??, Haa. J i? H l*atrob?. president, iu lbt> cbair, and Mr Ooppmffer m*cr%. Puy llflifalrt ware pra*ant fruia (Ih> Ma*sarbusatts.Ooaaeeticut, ?fw York, Nt? Jersey. PaBnsylraaia tot! Maryland Stale or(uiuMode. Tbedajr was spent to arraaciu< bundm* for th* n astir*. and also in prspariuc Ivf the anniversary meatinjr which take* place tonight at Trtaliy Chnrrh, at which adurmxet wui^e made by the President, Hon J. H D I ?r..lK ?? B o - ? - .vv., >?u n n'? IH'OI'P l inn, Ok & I. Tb? lonml report will t* prrtriMd, biator cat ditcoir^ o* tbr ns# and procn-u of ifc* foriMy will be d?li?fr?d b) li?v Joe. Tr*.eejr. Of UWtOB. SrtcrtATru Hkocout to Obtsp. ? L.?t , Pifbt owe! tb? riug oi speculator* who meml id tru oetmitioc ibf metropolitan K%ilroid nil i unlt-t-6 tlinr d?*m\i>d.- ?cre nr.-rdnl to, ti< tm*y distribute* copies of blilusccumavnicaitcn to?b? InPrlitfrMcer amoae tbc mainNt? of tkr I/OWr Board of the City (1oac>'il. U is lobbying operations were rat Her unploaa !?uwy (to Dim 1 ?merrupTea i y t?e prompt * Uud ot itir U?rd to piutmi t&e bill. He l?*f tk? room wuli ship Ilea in bis *ar. bu: tm? morning I" on the vra--p?th trui. bobbing mound ib? Cougreen I>i*trict I V>m rot it** room* With a lot of InUlhymcrr's under bit arm - fc*F* At1 VKKT If KM KJIT else * here Of gold blaefc enairfUd bracelet lo?t. ? ? Affairs is tie?r(M?<rs. Titi Lk rh^i f'ASF??The itc?f)?e lavt ip p?ar to have bffn very generally compiled witU by our bosnem nicn. Forty-tee war. rant# were i??ne<! a* directed by the clerfrs hat of delinqben's. The olBcer* have served near ly all (hat could be served, and out of lb# whole number twenty-eight yf the parties are ont of buaine**, or have left itie town N i tie warrant* were returned, and of (be ca*e* t ?ro only, both aaainst the tame man, wer* tined br ."lustire liuckev. a total nf?? -i Kit* Kibe Dtr&mnT -Tbe companies of onrold flrf dr|>Krtm<-nt ar- about settling op tbeir strair?. i.. anticipation of theinMiguration af tbe new tteam Are department or* emu zed by tbe corporation. Tbe Vigilant hn* Uompaujr meet ob Thursday *venmg n*ilfur tbe porpoae of cloeinc their bock*, and torn mc 'be property over to the corporation, or the Kire Coir.mi*?ioner* appointed tinder the act creating the uew fir'- department. M abiii Dimaithk -{<?? bw boen received at tbe coal cflcN that the chooae- Oeoife s Green, OBe of tbe b^rt encaged in carrying coal between thin port and the eastern drpptf, was wrecked ou her last trip out, the captain and crew saved. Pobk.?The receipts of pork ro-day are ligbt-. Menjrbtered hege are sold trora wagon* at < -. fs 5<i ard from ?tore? at **> per 100 iba. Fi.ock akdGbaik Mabkkt ?No arrival* of flour or gra.a r?*poru?d: market uncb*nre<i t:-en*action* all witb city dealers, and at prices ie&i quoted in tbe Star. V On Wednesday afternoon, a trapping retro entered tbe buuM ?i N Suckoey, tu lirarut. Mast., aud attempt** to < omtni' aa a??ault upon a daucbterof Mr. SUekn^y, four, te^n years of ag?*, sbe being atone at tbe urn*. Tbe timely arrival of a younzer sister frigbu ened bim away, tboucb not until n* bad illtreated ber in a terrible manner. 11* stole a pistol belonging to Mr. Stickney, and proceeded to another bou>-e ia tbe neighborhood where be knocked down a won?n seventy, one year* of ape. because sh? would not give bim money. After stealing ?oine article* of little value be left. SrBmo roa a PvBrvarir Ran.war A party of engineers are engaged in taking sounding* across tbe Eaat and North rivers, witb a view to locating a IMS for tk* pn?ii malic tubea wi?b which it is proposed te unit* tbis city wit* Brooklyn and Jersey CJitr. The work is done under tlM i1ii*>*i?b ? Tidtoa. the engineer of th* Union Pneumatic Bellwsy Company, recently ofcuuwd to carry out the above mentioned project. It m nid that the reemlt of the exaimaauoa la taTorable to the nccompUahment of the undertaking ? A". r, Pint. At Won*? OharletUM (S. O ) letter say* "Many of tbeaonaof tamiliee formerly w?*altby, and tUll proud, ail toe place* of conrtnctore on the care, and reein recced to obtain a powoccnpation. The city police force, too, ' filled up with young men of reepectable oouneeuoaa, who befcre the war would taavn deemed tbemselvee too good for many i i?u humble vocation." faf* Plat pob woan^\ petition hie been preaea ted in the Pennaylrania Legislature from etrty women of Potior county, for |wh> vi ? ki to vdum Widow*, on ihn death of their haibud*. to coafrol tbe property itqmivd bj their joint labor*, In tot same manner as the hnaband dona on the dtfath of the wi?. ^ , , t. j .? j f OBT?On January 14th. prebabir h front of Lftrultfcn,M the Arena, aOOLD BLACK IMAMKLLBp BRACBLCT, A liberal reward will be raM for It* reetereMoa to the oaner. at 32V X >U*eA ja 15 St 5.20 ? r 1MTBBBBT PATABLB JAHTABY ABD JULY. For Ml* In rami to Kit. 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