Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1867 Page 1
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E55555H^55522BH^^5^^^5S2y555S5S!2^S555!5252^555I5S255552555!555S2*!*555!5*!I!!555!5!!555555^ !52!52555!555555555555 v rf 'o: b 1 ~ VSCXXlX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16. 1867. N?. 4,324. THE EVENING STAR i FUBMsaa* dailt.ISUNDAF BJUWTKD) AT THE STAR BU1LD1NO, f ^rn<r r$n*'*.*.<mue aad 11* tirui BT * 1 < \V. D WALLAOH. T b? ST AH u> s*TT*<i by't ae carriers to thsir .Bbecr.iors in the Ciry and Diatrct at To (kkt? rii win. Coptfe atueeoeeter.wlU or wl'boot wrapp* . Two Ckwpb each. pmci roa Maiiijio?Three month*, 'Ont Itiiar ami Fyft$ Ctntt; all taontha, Tk**t L>oilart, one year, Ftt< U*Uar?. No papara are ft at fritn the h>nger tnan paid for 1 Lr W ?SK.LT sTAK?pob'?shed on Friday ?Om Doiimr ?W a fl?/< i'rar. VESTr^TRY. I IB S.KWIB S DENTAL ASBOO'IAIHMU LI *o. 360 PESriAYI, Br twee a 11th aad 13 th streets, (Veth MlrwM without pain toy a* m In storing FHroxtt Oayde or LeagMag Gm. LAW IB baa recently purchased tbabeeMjifc^ i^iuiol Apparatus in tha coaatry , Mllxf i are gas a?er> 1*1 ,kiN,u improved V?l voitr In. aier The Aseociatioa is now prepared w mkr TNth on Gold, Silver n4 Buboer ?t Mew Verb Philadelphia end Boston prices. AH per rm ?littlu dental work done aan kawttMrbinj as in tbe above named dtM. All work done In tk? boMI ud beet naaier. aad warranted to give satisfaction. P'-rsoae Dili do wall to call atn examine onr work. de M tf X,. lB?eBt?rMi}d0pit2t *o?Vke MIBTBRAL PLATE TBBTB, attends per?onally at^t^ bta oflceln thia city. Many persons canMH waar then* t?eth who cannot wear others, aad no pernoa cm waar otbera who eanaot waar tbflfl Persona calling at ay office aan ba noootamode ted with any style aad price or Teeth thay may deal re, but tothese who are particn1*r,and wish the Creat, c lea a eat. strongest and moat peri.act den re that art can proenre tbe BIII1ALT11TB will before fnfl? warranted. Rooms tn this city ?No 3*** Pemn'aavaaaa, be twee a ftb and 10th ita Also, ?07 Arch street, Philadelphia ocBHr PERSONAL. B M ALBl'B. KEAL 901 B NT IF 10 A3ihOLuOkiR OF AMERICA, Froin the p.?aition aua a-p?ct oi Ike Blare at tha tim?: t one s birih, will rev* at aatmiahiug ae creis that no livi ag mortal ever knew b?:lore, how tob? ?ucc-'?itul in ill reasonable undertakings. | l'<- tella name and very day yon marrv; desorinea tt?e intended companion. and tvlli all erente of lile. good liu k aad loug life to visltora. Laiiea to ceute to jl fjontlrnxu In fnll 41. Oall at 4 7 0 Utli it . near F. all boora uutils#lnthe evening. *< si -latr L~ A DIES WHO A KB DESIROUS OF A SKILLful and accomplished Physlciaa. should con suit l?r HtSKY MuRTON, 1M? east Fay?tte otre<-t, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton's services may heiengHced in W aahington or aaf ether city, by ador<*siirgas above. ?c ' BNTLEMBN WHO A RB AV Kl/lUTBD ? A I core warranted by an old Surgeon of twentythree jeara'axperienca in thia partlcalar branch at the profreeleu. Cbargea mo'larate Do not I apply to unacka. Mt to .1 B, Q4BPBBB, n D., late of the United Statea Ricord Venereal Bo* nital. Office Mo. 'il aonth A atroet, oppoaite the <. apitol P iBare. aoutb aMe. H R ? Medicines alio fnrniahod at coat. de 27 lm' C_ OK f lDBNTIAL.?lonng mon who havei Injn red themealvea ny certain aacret babiu, which nnlt them for bnainaea. pleaaare, or th<? dntiea of married life; aleo. middle aged and old a?u, who. from the folliea ol yonth. or other anaee fe?l a debility in advance of their year*, feefar "lacing tbemaelvea under tbe treatmeat of any cn^. should flrat read "The becret rriend " Married .adi?e will learn ?omethiag of Importance fcy peruaing "The Secret Fr1and.Ti Beat to any addreaa, la a aealed envelope, on receipt of 2S canta. Addreaa Vr.CHAS. A bTUABT A OO Boston. H aaa ao 1-1 v | OLOTHINO, ~J? FJ. HBlBBBOBa. Sacceaaor to H. V. Ljadon A Oo.,^* CITlZES s AXD MILITARY _ MFKCHAVT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel late Brown^%, ?M 3*8 Paanayl**nla avanna. ?v 1 tf Waahington t>. 0. 'ntx,*H?.lUf(. WAII> H. LAMON. C.T.BLACg. LAW onrion. .. BLACK, LAMOH A OO.. Ccnsaellon and Attern^ya at- Law In the Saprema Court "f th" Cnited btaiea. tha Coart of Uiaima, U>eOonrtaof the Dlatrict, tbe Bxecativa D^particeat?. and Oommitteea of Coagreaa. Oi'Vee, ]?th street, (directly opposite Wlllardn Hotel l de 18-tf r B ? A I B A ItiAlNl! T'e (ul scril'Ta are cloalng out the balance of th?:r KAHCY 1'RtSS OOOf>8 at greatly reduced i I icea, and ladiea 1u wait of handsome Milka. K p?, Mennoea. Tnpllna Plaids, aad In fact, any k-cd of Ureas Materiala, will find oar aricea a great ladacemeat, as we wiati to closa thank eat thi - moDtb. We al-o have oa hand an elegant sto?k of SHlKTlHOb and SHBBTINCS. both Linen aad Otton. whi< h we are selling very cheap. All gooos marked la plain ttgurea at thelewatt market rates. W. M. 8HUSTBR k BBO., ja7^'#3t Bo. 3*s Market Space. nnn pot atom. bwjhela MA1NB POTATO IS. just arrived. and for sais at onr Wharf at the toot of Tth B P. BROWN a BON, Commission Merchants, de H tf Wo. 4ft3 9th st.. betwaen B aad F. I 'HOtOLATB Do I' ML K. YaHILLB, V I'B H. MAlLLAlBD. l ur Cacao et Sucre. Kxeiust de Uut m^lau^e. Z ,M .P. K IN O A SON, King Place. Corner Vermont avenne and 15S straet. Wi-ST INDIA OBANoBa AND SVTKKT MALAGA GgAPKB. Fresh K110 PLAC1 t-HOlCB NLTB, HA 1 SINS. V1OS.0CBBANTS. SP1CES AC , Be-, to salt thia partlcnUr seasou. For sals by Z M P. KINO A BON. do 51 tf King Plaae. HT ST. TIMOTHY'S HALL. 1 HI datlea of tale iastitatloa will be raaamad an Sept. 13,1966 For terms. Ac., saa oatalocua aad circular at tha principal boakstorea af this city, ar addreaa the priBclaai. aa 31 B.PABSONS, Oataavllla, Md. THB CAOOHKT OOLLAB BOOK; MSB. 1 Bay?e's Knitted Lace Collar Book; Tha B??la Knitting Bwafc: Mrs. Gaagaia's Kait Shawl apd 8;arf B?ok; Mrs Oaagala's Crochet Baby Cap ook. The Oreak aad Roman Lace Book; The Aa galasiaa KaitUnsaad Netting Book, The Wlatar HUM HvxTkn. Oo,, ; pIRaONS FCRN1SH1/IO BOOMS WeaM aave M money aad trouble by catling at AD AMSOH 8. AOb flinch street, aezt to Peaiualvanla avanae, who can ruralsb them with ready-made Sbeeta, Pillow Cases, Feather and Hair Pillows, Boleters, B-a Spreads, Blankeia, Mattreaaaa, Window bhadea. Oil Clothe Carpet, Stair Crash, Toweling, Table Linen. Be de 14 dlFt F"OB SALE JR EMNT-A Bae tone PUNO, ? modern style, with stool aad cor#r, la_?a. good order. Caa be eeea at B08WKLLl|66|B Fancy Store, iU4 E street, aear Uth. 'H'tl 1 oc Xtf AB~MI FFS FOB eKaTMEA A a iad'rpeDsahle article for all who are exposed to the cold. For aaia by NOAH WALKER B CO. jai-(tif ?<> ? Penn avenne WHITE oruBtO PORT, . " "Tears of the Baoro,'') Direct Importatloa. Z. M. P. KINO Jt BOM, dea? t King Place. WAKPARTMEWT OC THE INTERIOR, mJ I XI Tk D ST A TES PATENT dFriCE, ? ^ W*A?H : > ; Ti'M, Ja^'iary 3. ltgr . ?" petition at ( HRlSTCBflBB DOCKWoRl H , of Meant Carmel. Conue iicnt, Braying for the ext^aslon of a putent granted to him oa tbe 2-tb day af J uae. 1&3, for an Improv ident in t' attie B ;x Metloa ia L->oms for seven years frota tne es pi ration ci saia pa teat, which takes place oa Ue 241 h <iav of J una, iw; ltieardered that tha said aetltioo be heard at the Patent Odtee oa Msajsy, the M day of Jn?e next, at 13 o'clock M.; aad all persona are notified to app??r and ehow cause. If any they have, why said petition ought aotto be {{r BDtftd. _,P*r*"'|a oaposia^ the extension are required to Ble is the Patent Ottca their *b>?ctloae, a peel ally at forth la wrltiug . at lraet iieraty da> a before the da? Of hearing all taetimony filed by either party to be at the aaid hearing muat be taken anS trans mi Ued in accordance with the rnlee of the ofBee. which will he furnished oa application Depoeltlone and other papers relied upon aa tee5 **.lB ^ twenty days be r^.? / .il?: *be arguraeats, if Bay, watbln fa days after Sling the tosiimony Ordered, also, that this notice be published la tAe RepotUcaa and the Iatelll^aacer, Waehiugten, D O., aad la the Palla?11amt haw Haven. ConBecMcut, once amas* lar three sneoeealva weeks: tha Brat of said BnblleatloBs U be at leaat sixty days jtrevloas to the Bay of b?arlac. XTthbakke, P. 8 -Editors at tha abovaMpapen*Vrt!l%*aasa copy, aad sai d their bllla ta the PaUBt Office with a paper containing thte notloe. ja t lavrtw F^BBNCH ALMANAOHB FOB 1??T.-Alaa I Bach Ccmiqae. Aimaaaah Pear Fire; Aissa aach da Ben^toa; Atmsaswk qhsrlearl: Almaaach de la Dense, Alzuaaach de la b?aae Caiaiae; Alma sacs Imperial. Almaaach do Napoleoa, Almaaach dap >eux deBudete, Almaaach Polichiaeile, and t7-^ ^-fSI^tatwib pOBl ABLB btbav bnoiwbs, PemblaiBB the maximum of efflclency.darahlllty, and ecaaomy. with tha mlatmum ef weight aad price Thar are widely aad favorably kaewa, mora than SBO balag la aea. AM war roa led aatta- > lactory, or as sale. DeeerlptlvO eircalaie eeat oa 'Milealioa. Addreaa J. O. MBADLBT A OO^ . ao A-ea*s fcfwroace, Msas. | 'OLP PENS?A Baa aeeertment of Gold Ssi. " tearii Cases, Ae . for aaia at manafact?rarb Hi cos (delOJ FJUich TAT LOB HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ac. C A i ? j_ WILLABD'B HOT lb. I WiiHiiMTOii.DwoalMr 1, 13*6.( wtttn, l?>r?MiUtlfM, u4 ttlwrf, rMUlif In VukligtM. who ownn priftto apartments, cm be accommodated with their KKAL8 at this Hotel at the rate of BK' to per week de 4 2m 8TKH, CHADWICB B 00. IBB. WOOD BOO SB, Oarner areaut and Tto'l/tk VKA.fMf Waskimtton, D. C. lltniW ta the most central location the cltj, bMwit between the OAPITOL AID PBB8IDBNTIAL MANSION, Only a abort distance from al\ the Department*, Patent and Pont Ofice*, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H. H. DUDLBT A CO., noll-tf Proprietor*. F^BBNUH ANDOBBHAN HOTEL AMD BBSTaI RANT, '3'ift Pa ??? . oeeoeits A . . A Will.r) s Hotel,CBBIBTMaN A &VHb.VMV Proprietors-Oa Wednesday next, ??-?- | 'jfl | establishment will be opened with a Inncti, at which the proprietor wifl be happy to meet hi* many friend* The Bar will be oonstantly suppiled with choice Liqoors, and tlie Restaaraut with everything that the most epicurean taate can de*ire. Boarder* by the day, weak or minth will here tind excellent accommodation* at moderate rate? Also, nicely lornished room* can b? Ob tafned either with or without board. Call and ***. ja l lm* EVBICH'B bbstaobant. Bo. 3*6 Penna avenue, near 5th street. P EM BICH wiahe* to Inform hi* friends and the public generally that be now keepi eon-A^. a tantly on head OY8TEBS. fresh every day. prepared In every style MU tils WINES and LIQl'OBS cannot be *nrp***eT. Call and gtre htm a trial. oc 23 tf ~ WOOD AN I) COAL. ~ {JOAL! COAL! GO A Li ' 11 T T. row L KB A 00. WbMe Asb, *t ">? * and egs size*, .18 28 per ton. Bed Ash, do do $fl.75 per ton. 2.140 pound* gaaranteed. Order* received at the central office of the Washington and Georgetown Ice Company, i late L J Middleton A Co.,) corner 12th and t street*, and at wharf, foot o\ 10th ateeet. _ja 14-Jm B. 8. LAMBIN. Agent. O A LI OOALII AT GBBATLT REDUCED PRICES .Ofoes tana of 1,840 lbs delivered in any part of the city. Ohestnnt W hlte A?h. $7 tt, stove, EKg and Fnrnace White Aah, #130; Bed A*h, $*.73; Lehud ||, OAK and PINB WOOD oonatantly on hand. Order* received at our office, or at the wharf, foot of 7th etreet. a P KBOWN t HON. ja8-tf 46i 9th atreet, between B and P. ^ 10AL I OO ALU OOALPt Having determined to.?eil a first class article of Wowd aed Coal aa cheap a* the cheapest, I hope by doing bo to gain a liberal ahare of pablio patronage. The Coal price* are aa follows: Wb 1TB ASH NOT COAL, by the ton *7 25 BALTIMORE CO. WHITE ASH, Eg* and a vi "? ALLOTHKR Ql! ALITlBSof WHITE ASH 9 _>? LYKENS VALLKT PUBE BED ABU *75 DIAMOND VEIN BBD A8H *75 GBOS8 WBIi.HT,2.240 LBS. TO THE TON. Alwaya on hand and cocatantly receiving the best iualltie* of WOOD of every description, delivered in any part of the city. E. C. BAUM. _ja4-lm 7th ?t., between B and f sU , Island. 1W1LL OPEN A PROVISION STORE TH0BSDaT. Jan. loth, "trert, bet wren G and H street*. where 1 will have on hand ev?r>tblng In the provision line, to be sold at the low eat market price* J? ?-?* WM LIN K INS. HBBZBBBQ 8 LOAN Of PICE. , _ , Established 1W. Highest advance* made on WAT0HK8, DIAMONDS, JEWBLBT. WEARINQ APPABBL,, and all klnde of M*rrhandl<>e. Businee* strictly confidential. .141 North C street, Itetween tS and 6th (treat*, iniuiedlately In rear of the National HoteL jug im? |?BADbIBBAT B ^PAl^BJtr WEATHER The beat Invention of the a<e. Bxcluie-t snew, rain, cold air and duat from doors and windows of every descripfkm. For sale at BniMer e Depot, 663 7th atreet, opposite Centre Market de 20 2w H. W HAMILTON A CO. I ATEsT PARI8 FASHIONS OF 11AIR Lt DBESSISO. - ? ? I aTTliot, ^fKEyCH HA in- iAitsstk, 3il4 M street, between ISth and 14th ats Mr. Alllot, from Paris, H?ir-Dr<*??er, of the celebrated Ba<h*l, wltli whom he arrived la thin eonntry. baa now b^n establt-bed for tne iaat *i?ht year* ta Washington and Newport, ea^ Ife patronage of the ctptpt >(ip/om<i(tint, and of the hlvhest aocfety. He ba^ the h nortohnnounce that he baa this season imported the latnat fashion* of hair dr*Mlag, and aK> pomades, and everythine that belong* u> the dreeing of hair at very rea*ona?. le price*. trn * looiblana avbbcb. go J. H. CBANB * 00. Have oa hand a large and fine assortment of GOOD8, suited to this market, each a* BUTTER CHEB3B. BGGB, APPLBB, BAIBIBS. FIG8.' OITBOB. NETS, HAMS. O0DPI8H, MAOKBBBL. HEBBINO BOAPS. CANNED GOODS, Be. Aleo, M Barrels Moore'a celebrated GflAMPAGBE C1DEB. by barrel or gallon. Allthe above food* are offered at the laweet market price, and warranted toenit,by J. H OBANE A 00., ja 4 lm 53 La. are., between Cth and 7th. |^ADIB8' BBEB6 tiuOUB: " LADIES 8H AWLSand OLOABING CLOTHS, _ BLACK AMD COLohBO BILKS, Closing out cheap previens to taking aeconats af Block. BLANKBTB AMD TABLB L!NBN. *OW HLa AMD MAPKIB8. e eolicit a call from all In want of Dry Gvoda WM B. ?1L*\ A BBOTHEB, Ho. 3tt Central Bt>ree, b?twe-? 7th and sth atreets, JM B oppoirtte Center Market X** BOOKS ?Shank's Personal Becollectiona II ot Distinguished Generals, 2/ Sir Brook Pa?-freote..a novel, b/ Lever, w cents; The Baco for Wealth, a naval, by Mrs. J H BIddell ?*ckre,aew wlitirn, I, Biiiitha Pryacipta Latlna, part second. |? U. Aii Amrrkft Family In Utrmuy, by J. Uom Min"B,ot*u'BH2?0r7 " th# by John FBAHO* TATLOS. W" T- 0<,LSi?tiStiliV """A"0 ? *a?II'f?tor*,r. School PnrnltareUB Hsaesfur 1(hiag Varsrooma Mew and Ml ^ " desert ptlona. beurht J%\ and sold. Bspairiag, OpholaUnng, and Varnish Mj'?,e nt the eborwet notice. Southeast corner of Mh and K street* north. No. 13 d* IS 3m* 0OBTOH MB88 MAOKEBBL receiving from Boston direct, the very Mill MQttUtr of MEB* MAOKEBBL, aad which rarefy Bad their war to this market, being need mostly for heme consumption. A* they *? yrT ??rt bat the most . W. BDBOHBLL, . , _ Corner 1Mb aad V street*, ander i*Jtf Bbbltt Hoaae JOBT BB0B1VBD TATBB A^SELBTB, Ma. 393 Penasylaaia aveane, B saperior lot of LADIB*}' CLOAK IB GS.Wbtch they are offering at very low price*. aetttf inr"*0 T A L . TBB MATIONAL TMIOM IHBUBAMCB COMPANY 09 VABH1BGTOM Have removed to their Mew Oflke. Mo. Tl LOUISIANA AVBNOB. Tint door eaft of 7th at. _ _ DIBMTTTOBB: Heary D. Oeoke, de >-tf BOBLB P. LAiBBB Bseretary. toASumiae theea '"ar'7 Imum' Uth street b^weea Pen'a avaaae and k street. > ? eeemtmsat of aew and seeoad handln* WET f i ()I>D STOTMB TAEBB1B BXOHABSB^L i/,TS7jKHys.*-sr 'sttism SPECIAL NOTICES. WBABNUK.1N UlSBXPOSKOF MODERN bnboii, will,it is nidtnlood, apply the laah to tbe ci unter'titere of foreign pcrfamM la this conrtry. Tb-y ere fair game, bat of small *c?<nnt, u PHALON 8 ' BIGHT BLOoMING CBBErfl."ibe tnttttfrtl extract nt the d?v l? rapidly driving their trash eut of tbe trade. Bold everywhere. ^"METCALFE'S ghbat bhbumatio beMKDY laerrtkiili tbe wonder of tbe m?. Tbumand*can (tiU'y as to iU magical effect. an 1 tbe ir?t drctors of tbla city are recommending it to their pat i?cts ?a tbe only aare cure far Rheumatic.. ever known to man. jnT eotw 8. 0. FOBD, Agent. BiU'l VEGETABLE SICILIAN BAH BB BBWKB Benewe tbe Hair. Halt.'a Vbsrtable Sicilian Hah Benbwkk Beetorea gray hair to tbe original color. Bali.'a Vigetabl* Sicilian Baib Uy.iiwsM PreTenta tbe hair from falling off. Ball's Tboktablb Sicilian Hair Rlnxwer Makes tbe hair soft and glueay. Hall's Vk?*table Sicilian Hair Renewer Doee not etain tbe akin. Hall's Sicilian Vegetable Haib Benewre Haa proved Itself tbe beet preparation for the hair ever presented to the pnbllo. Price 9l> For sale by all druggists. ja30-Tuly *r MABB1AGB Ah DUEL IB AO Y, AN D THE Ileppiiess of Trne Maab >od - An K^gv fur Yonng Men > n tbe Criinc of So'itude, ?u<l the Physiological Errors, Abn?esaud Di?-t?<?s which ci rate Impediments to Marriage, with sure ihcjii-: of Belief. Bent iu sealed letter euvi'lop.-a fro.'of charge. Address Dr .I SK I LLIN HOUGH P 'N , "Howard Association. Philadelphia. Pa. ja 11-3.71 BBMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES, He. 14 Bond street. Hew York. ?/"Fnll information, with the tiitbt-i mah; also, a Book on Sptrwl Dt>*ase*, in a ttnltd 'n-elapr, sent free, /" Bt ?iire ami tend for th"n, and ycru trill not rtftt it; for, as advertising physician-* are generally iwpo.ilori, without no stranger should be trusted. Enclose a ttamp for pontage a*d direct to BB. L&WHENCE No. 14 Bond street. New York n? 11 DAWly BECBBT DISEASES Bamabivan ? Gift is the neat certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, tbe only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cures In two to tonr days, and recent cases In twenty fonr hours No mineral, no balsam, no merenry Only tea pills to be taaen. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do net want te be exposed. Male packages, flJ.Iemale, fl. Sab aeitam'* Boot and Herb J ticks? A positive and permanent-ure fer Hpyhllls. Bcrofala. Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ac. PHce $1 Ifi per bottle. Sold by B. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my I 8VMELY. STEADILY, SVCCES8FULLY. BMOLANDBB'S BXTBACT BUCBD tt corih# very caee ot Inm PiibaU. BhbvkaTUM, Gravel, Urinary DisobdeBs, Weakness and Pains in tbe Bace. Fbmalb Oomplaibts and rRocBLBs arising from Bxcbmbb ov ant Kipb. COME, TB A Vf LIOT1DI TBT SMOLANDBB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCK 9. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price fl. D. BABBB8 A CO., Hew Tort, and BABBES, WARD ft CO., New Orleans. Southern Agent*. BUBLBIQH ft BOGBBS, Wbolesals Druggists, Boston, Mass., General Agents. fab jB-jj COLGATE A CO. S WINTBB BOAP. Uecommended for chatfkd Hitis and for general toilet ose daring cold weather, It may be obtained of all druggists and faney goods dealers. Feb Msly DANCING. J>BUF8. J. W. ft H. P. BBBIB' DANCING ACADEMY, as Pennsylvania aveaae. bet. Cth and 7tb sts.. Jfm Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. ifti* forming every evening Those deSgiBJJrfKWKiiir * ?t'.\\ " """" 01 renters can be had at J. F. Bills' and W G Metserott ft Co.* Music 8toreB. W* U" Tbe Ball can be rented for Bolreee, Ac. Itoy* and Hmrs of Tuition ; u Ladle., Misses and Masters, Tnesday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen ? Olaaeea. Tnesday and Friday evenings. from g to IV o'clock. For further Information, apply during the hours of tuition, or addrees a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing wjth tbe firat leeeon. ja 3 MA BIB I'S FABHIOHABLB DANCING ACADEMY. AT ^ MABIKI-8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M B, between Mb and Itftb streete. This academy is mow open for tberecep-fiHt tion of pupils. Da>a and hours af tniMoa for younc ladlee mleeesand masters Tueedays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 3 to ft p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10. same evenings H B ?Private instruction given to snlt tbe convenience of the pa pi 1 tegg Masqlebade and FANCY dress balls ABD PABT1B3. The aadersigned would most respectfully inform tbe ladies and gentlemen of Wasblngtoa city, and tbe Dlettiet generally, that he ia at all timt? prepared to furnish parties with Masquerade and JTaocv Coetume, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at the well Bnowa of Christian Buppert, Be-j.. AVU 7th street, between D and NT where he willba happy te await orders. CHABLes BERG, late Ooetumer Bt Ford's and Grover's jaS-lm^ Theaters, Washington, D C. TO _ vl W . B . M o 8 B s ' FASHIONABLE CABPBT. FURNITURE ABD BEDD1BG STORES, NOB. S91 A 419. 1NTBLL10EHCBB BUILD IBG.COBBBBTTH AND V., AMD BO 7TH BT BBET. THOBN '8 BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS HALL, ABD EXAMIHB THB FINEST ASBoBlED bTOCK THIS BIDS OF PHILADELPHIA. Be has ail the latest deeigas made in Philadelphia. Bew York, and Boston The stock Is always selected by Mr. Moeas, and bought at the lowest ratee for cash, which enables htm to compete with Baatarn price*. His finest Fornlture l? mad* to order In Philadelphia, and of the best material that can be found. Purchasers should study their own interest by calling at his Store* aad examining the well-assorted stock of CABPBTB, FURNITURE. Ac., and oiitaln his price-list b-fore going elsew her-, which he will furnieh with pleasure Bis aaaortmeat of Mattreaeee Blankets, Oomforts, Ceunterpaiacs. lMllowa. Bolsters, Featherbeds. and all kinds of Cottage and Kitchen FurCture is compleia. whish he offers at ths lowest ew Tork and Philadelphia prices. Bemember Nos .'iBl aad 619 InteUigencer Buildieg corner 7th aad D- aad Na JO* 7th street. Thorn's Building, adjoining Odd Fallows' Hall, between D and B streets. js 14 tf W. B. MOSBB. IT KAGLBft CO., Anctloaeers. D Salesroom Bo. 994 Penn. avenue, Batweea *th and ltth sts. BAGLB ft BO- will give their personal attention to the kale of Beat Beiate and Houeehold Furniture Also, to tbe sales of stocks of Orooeriee, Wines. Liquors, and Merchandise af every description, Horses.Oarriages, Harness. Ac Liberal caeh advanoee made on consiguasents. O'clock NAGLBftOO, jajl-tf Auctioneers. UVBM... GSUTBiB, BAP SAGO. P ABM BOA I' Muam i B. W. BCROHELL11,11 ?* corner Fonrieenth aad F streets ja 14 under fibbitt Howe. QOLDBM SOU PPBBMOBG WIBB, (BaUva.) j Rich, fruity flavor, with deltas te bo? net. ProaOCPFBEMOVG OBMPB, of Borth Carol! aa. ^ B. M. r. KIM ft SOB, daM-tf King Plnea. niABO?One fkll-els?*Ohlckering Grand Plaao i whleh we have taken la euhsBia,^^ asassursMr ^ 'inm , W. O. MBTZSBOTT A OO . 1 flaT Bale AgesUof ttatawag ft Boas ' TELEGRAMS, fee. In accordance with the law of Congress in [bat case made and provided, 5oth bouses of tbe Illinois Legislature west into aa election tor a V. S. Senator for tbe tix years commencing

on tbe 4th of March next, at two o'clock jesterday. Lyman Trumbull, the present incumbent, and Colonel T. Lyle Dickey were ? verallv put in nomintion. The vow waa: Trumbull, 79: Dickey, 33 Both houses will meet in joint session to-day to declare tbe result. Governor Swann was nominated In caucus for U. ?. Senator from Maryland, Monday night, by acclamation. As th?* Eastern Shore law mustbe repealed before Mr Swann'* election, and as itie bill cannot pass tbe Senate without a suspension of tbe rules, the vote for Se nator will probnbly be scattered in order to paMpone the re?ulr. and hia election may not be consummated for a day or two." The dispatch from the lltrald's New Orleaus correspondent, stating that Frank Blair came down to arrange the preliminaries for making General Sheridan a candidate for the Presidency, is entirely without foundation. General Himr called on General Sheridan on New Year's day with other ds'.inguished citizens, and this was the only interview between them. Tbe General Assembly of Khode Island commenced lis January session yesterday raomicg. Governor Burnside announced to the Senate that he had collected nearly all the State's military claims against the General Government-less than >#20,000 being st.ll in abeyance. Major General Mower, U. S. army, commissioner of the Freedmeu's bureau at New Orleans, gives notice that persons making appltcation to him properly, being planters or others employing free.imen, can obtain transportation for them trom other States. The military commandant at Victoria, T^xas, having refused to assist bureau officers. General Gnttin published a circular explaining that ail military officers must assistthe bureau in ttlese contingencies as provided for in the bureau act ami the civil rights bill. A dispatch from Madiaon, Wisconsin, says: Resolutions will be introduced in the Legislature at an early day strongly condemning Senator iJoolittle, and positively instructing him to resign. A caucus is held every night, but no results have been reached in regard to the senatorial question in Kansas. Pomeroy and Carney are tbe leading candidates, but neither has a majority. The New Orleans Commercial new-paper, which on the 1st assumed the defence et the political course of Governor Wells, has suspended. The New Orleans Tribune, edited by colored men, opposes the freedtnen making contracts for labor with planters or working on shares. It advises them to work by the week only. The mail party was attacked forty miles west of Fort Laramie last Friday night"by Indians, who captured seven mules and one wagon. The amendment to the Constitution was ratified by th?? Illinois House in the forenoon, yesterday? yea?, 57; nays, 25. The Kansas Senate yesterday passed a joint resolution lor th? amendment of the State constitution, restricting suffrage to loyal men. The Union Pacific railroad. Kansas branch, has completed twenty-five miles of the Fort Kiley road. Charles D. Drake was elected !J. S. Senator from Missouri, vesierday, by a vote of II.] to 47. Blair received 33 votes. CONGRESSIONAL. Skkatb ?Yesterday afternoon, the bill to regulate the tenure of office being under con. sideration? Mr. Sumner offered an amendment as an additional section, that all officers or agents appointed by the President or by the bead of any department v. hose salary or compensation derived Irom fees or otherwise exceeds tl,U.O annually shall be appointed by the President, by and with the ad vice and cansent of the Senate, and tbe term of all such officers appointed since the 1st of July, |-?y; shall expire on the lust day of February, 19S^'? Mr. Saulsbury offered a resolution, which he said was pertinent to the subject under discussion, calling upon the head* of depart, menu for a list ot removals from office from March 4, 1661, to March 4, i"6.>, withth?- causes of their removal, Ac. Objected to, and goes over. Hoes*?Yesterday afternoon, the bill pro. viding lot the admission of Nebraska being under consideration? Tbe amendment of Mr. Boutwell to strike out tbe third section and insert a clause making it a condition precedent to tbe admission ot Nebraska that her Legislature should grant tbe right ef suffrage to all, without distinction ot race or color, was debated at some length, and finally adopted?yeas, SI: nays, 70. 1 be House then voted on tbe bill as amend, ed, and it parsed ? yeas, 103: nays, 55. Tbe House then teok up the bill for the admission ot Colorado as a State, to which the Boutwell amendment was, on motion of Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, attached? >ea?, Mi: nays, 6o: and the bill was then passed?yeas. 90; nays, 60. Tbe House tben adjoarned. SixorLAR Law SriT?A Ueitarkable Case of Depravity.?A. most singular law snit nas just been instituted in our Justices' Court. It is oue t bat depicts in unmistakable language tbe depraved state of morals that exists in our ci'y. A short time since two men were courting two girls in the same house concluded to marry, and tbe ceremony was accordingly celebrated. After four weeks' cohabitation both of the men became dissatisfied with tbe objects of their choice. Tbey believed that each bad made tbe wrong selection, and that a change of wemen would be more in keeping with their peace and happiness. From some cause, the same feeling existed on behalf wt the women. A trade was spoken of, aud singular to relate agreed to by all parties. One ot the men had a better looking woman thau the other, aud thought that this should bring a premium. He demanded Mo to boot. This was agreed to. and the money was to be paid in two weeks. The change of wives took place. They II ved together for three weeks, yet the 3o w as not forthcoming. The money was demanded several times, but not received. Now ihe party claiming the money has engaged legal counsel ahd instituted a suit in tbe Justices'Cour-tor a breach of contract, and tbe recovery of the money. How it will terminate remains to be seen ? Albany Knicker. bocier ft'OBMAL SCHOOt.8 AM050THI FBIIDXU.? The American Missionary for January urges tbe establishment ot normal or training schools at convenient central points iu the South. To educate l,(4rt>,ouo of children, at least 20,000 teachers are required: while it is a tact that II tbe associations engaged in this work, with all tbe enthasiasai which has marked the past three or fonr years, report less than eighthun. dred actually brought into the field. It is necessary that institutions for preparing teach, ers be accessible, economical, placed nnder the best managers and instructors, and surrounded with all favorable influences, social and domestic. yIn tragical love affairs the oold and rational city or Berlin emulates warm and susceptible Vienna. At the moment when, in the latter city, a youth of eighteen, the only son of wealthy parents, poisoned himself for seeing bis love tor a young girl of his own age unremitted, a young man of Berlin shot, tor a similar reason, the girl he adored. At the inquest be threw himself over the dead body, exclaiming in an agony of grief, "Oh, my poor Mary!" y*The latest light of Brighaa Young's harem is a Maria Folsom. whom Brigham caresses in public with Folsom frequency. VChicago talks of making gas (torn the dead dogs, horses, rate, oats, and so-torth, that abound se plentifully in that city. STMrs. Annie Wood, known on the stage as Mlse Annie Waite, has got out of the Woods by a decree of divaroe trom David W., hPr late husband. ?"The first gold ia the United States was found in Cabarrus county, N. C., in 1799. VTvo glasses of beer cost a man five dollars and ten ceuU m Chicago. Tan canto to the beer seller and Ave dollars to the judge. ' CTTbe product ot British iron appears inexhaustible. They dug ap 1.50<MM) tons ia 1*40, and dag ap (>500,000 la I960. VA Danville (N. J-) lady, who got divorced Irom her husband and married another man, has just eloped from him, running away wi|b her first husband. VA steamboat, now In course of completion at Sc. La a is, ia to have hollers of Bessemer steel. ? i . . | PEJSKSYLVAMA SEKATORSHIP. Elrctita *f SimoB ( tmrrta as V. I. Senattr-Hii Ad4r(ii. In the Pennsylvania Senate, yesterday, Simon Cameron received 19 rofm, and ?d{tr Cowan l<i, for United State* Senator. la the House, Cameron received 64 vote* and Cowan 37. In both houses it was a strict party rot* In tbe afternoon a public gathering was beld at one of ?be hotels m Harnsbarg, at wbicb speeches were made by Attorney General Brewster. Senators Lowry and Laadon, and General Gameron. In the coarse of bis remarks Gen. Cameron said "Yonr greeting is very kiad and cordial, and 1 thank yon for it. I thank God that, iu spite of the slanders that my enemies have benped npon me tor twenty years, my fellow- j citizens who bate seen my life from day to day have always stood by my side and helped to repel them. This last struggle of my political life has ended in victory I desired this as an answer to vindicate my fioueety to mr children and my friends. 1 now propose to pnt these slanders behind me, and to forget alike the liars wbo concocted them. Of the eighty, two Republican members of the Legislature my trie .ids as-sure roe that sixty-three of them preferred me to any otner candidate: and would have voted for roe ratner than hare witnessed my deteat. 1 go forward to the honorable duties to which try native Slate has called m?* for the third time. Six years ago 1 thought that slavery was the strength of the rebellion, and ought to be destroyed without delay, and wished, also, to arm ttie black man who would volunteer. 1 thought that clothing a black man in tbe American uniform clothed bim also wtta tbe rigbts ot an American citizen, and I am a|. ways sorry to see a black soldier and reflect that even Pennsylvania denies the ballot, the only weapon with which he can protect bimselt. 1 hope to live to see tbe word "white" stricken from our own constitution, and the spirit of caste based upon color utterly destroyed. The South, however, is more controlled by social than political influence. If you are wise and firm you may possibly educate the rising generation into loyalty, but tbt*re in no method of statesmanship which will make this generation of the South loyal to the I nion and to the flag. The {Southern territory Is disloyal, and the loyal men ot to-day must guard their children against another treasonable rebellion. The constitutional amendment and impartial suffrage will help to do this, bnt universal amnesty will undo it. Of Andrew Johnson 1 said long ago that he was a traitor to bis party, and an enemy of bis conn ry, and a bad man lie has done many bad things, but nothing worse than ottering the offices of the country 10 those few unprincipled men who agreed to desert and betray tbe great Republican organization fer bis patronage He joined tbe Democratic party loag ago, and he has the right to give them the offices; but he has no right to dispose ot them at auction to weak kneed Republicans. The pauper labor of Europe is again competing with our labor, and our manufactures languish for want of protection against Pennsylvania needs ne assurance ot my devotion to her interests in this regard, wbicb is the interest of the whole country. 1 will continue to labor in season or out of season to protect our manufacturers from ruin and their workmen from being thrown out of employment or their wages reduced to a starvation point, lor 1 hold that the true welfare of any cation depends on its laboring classes. Gentlemen, 1 trust that this is my last political struggle 1 have nothing more to desire, and I hope we will all forget the bitterness, the unjustifiable bitterness of the la e contest. For my part 1 will try to act as a representative for all tbe Radical Republicans of Pennsylvania, without regard to past differences or dissensions. 1 cannot forget rav friends who have stood by me so nobly, but I will try and torget and forgive the unjust calumnies and tbe pol:!!ca! opposition 1 have experienced. A Man Hangs Himsblv and Comes to Life Again.?The Hamilton (C. W.) Spectator relates the following incident: A few days ago a man in the employ of Mr. De CourtneV, as assistant in his vineyard, at the village of Cocksville, County of Peel, was discovered hanging by a rope suspended from the rafter of an unoccupied tenement. The body was immediately cut down and removed to a neighboring house, and placed upon a bed, all who beheld it believing that the man was dead. About an hour afterwards, however, the man got up. and commenced to talk to the household of people which bis rash act was the means of collecting The cause of the man s acting so foolishly is said to be financial difflculty, be having lost some S10,00u in speculating in oU. Nbgbo Tbstimokt in SorTH Carolina.? Judge Bryan, in his charge to tbe grand jury ot Charleston, a few days ago, said "From the character of one of tbe witnesses to be brought before you, you will realize tbe great change in our laws. The black man is now a competent witness, both by tne laws of the United States and the legislation of our own State. You will accept hia testimony aud give that credit to it to w hie h tbe intelligence and character of tbe party entitle it. As far aa color is coacerned, there is no distinction as to the competency of testimony." Nationality of Emigrants ?The following is a statement of the emigrants arriving at New York during 18H6 ?From Germany, loe,"16; Ireland, 6,(47; England, :ig.i?*>: Scotland. 4,979: Sweden. 3,807: Switzerland, 3,?<5; France. 3.246: Denmark, 1,526: Holland. l,St?: Italy 91S; Norway, 583: Wales, 540: Spain, 315: West Indies, 24C: Poland, <31: Belgium. 157; South America, 155; Russia. 154; Portugal, M; Mexico. 50; Nova Scotia, 40; Canada, ..* ; China, 26. East Indies, 15; Africa, 15; Australia, It; Ontral America, 12; Turkey. 8 Japan, 7; Greece. 5; Sicily, 1. Total. *>33.418. Biwau or Fast Hoksik.?Fast horses and fast women are two things to be feared. Ths Rural New Yorker tells of a well-to-do farmer in western New York who, when be went into the last-horse business, owned a farm of live hundred acres of as tine land as could be lound in tbe State, well stocked, valued at the lowest calculation at five hundred thousand dollars. He la now a poor sot. Beware of fast horses. We never anew a man who bad an infirmity fer blood horses that did not come to grief. VTwo white women, named Eliza Harris and JaneHntton, were lately found living in a hollow tree in tbe woods' near Louisville. They earned a living by working in tbe fields, doing washing, Ac. Tbey had come from tbe neighborhood of Atlanta, Oil, to find work in the city, but tailing to do so tbey bad taken tbe course above described. Tbey have now been comfortably provided tor. SrrrBAOB fob Women ?Tbe London Spectator, speaking of women's influence in politics. says: So far as women in general have any political wl&hes, they can get i hem beard as effectually as men themselves. The hill for legalinng marriage witb a deceased wife's sister baa been thrown out of Parliament, as mea have again and again admitted, chiefly by women. Episcopal.?The following are tbe statistics ot the Episcopal Church la the United States. 1*67: Bishops, 34: diocesee. 44; priests and deacons, 9,483: whole number of clergv, 9.530: parishes, 9,305: confirmatioas, 12.326: communicants added last rear, 14.136, total members, 161,234: Sunday School teachers, 17,. 570; scholars. 157,513: contributions, *3,051,919. i Didn't Pat ?A gentleman from northern Ohio?always regarded as a splendid manager ?tried a plantation in Mississippi, this season, and reports that he is out of pocket about S12,uoo over bis crop, and to see bis ova language has "let out." He saya tbe "colored men may light nobly, bat tbey don't work worth a d?a." KTlt requires la New Jersey five yean* desertion of a wife, on the part of a husb&ad. to entitle the lady to a divorce. T'Tbe line of literature in which tbe United States preeminently surpasses all other uations Is In Its newspapers. IT*A mother and two daughters were married tt the same time sad place la Laporte, Ind., last week. 7~Tbey talk of establishing a cheap boarding bouse for girls la (lew York. IVTbe Idaho Legislature has paseed a bill appropriating 930,UOO for tbs Catholic schools of tbe territory. VMrs. Kouigman. a resident of Clevetaad Ohio, weary of tbe ill treatment ef her has band,~baaished both htmaad trouble by taktn' a dose of poison on Wednesday. y Five negroes were taken from tbe Green count j jail, in North Carol lea, on Taeeday last, by a body of armed mea, and lynched. Tber were charged witb outraging tbe person ofa Mrs. Miller. . t . ? w I EnorCAN NEWS. rearfal Cauitr*rk( Hallai Pend. LOIDOI, Ju 5- -l>ent A Co.. a well-known firm en?aged la the China aad India trade. U4 who were forced lo suspend tome umm nacci ktvt mimed iheir relations vnb the buMDfM world Tbe lee on the lake in Regents Park broke through to-day while crowded with skaters. I Om two baadred were predicated into U?e vttrr, and thirty were drowned. The British Government baa sent a note to Greece advising ber to preeerve astriciaeatrality la tbe affairs of ifeadia. Pabis. Jaa. 15?Eveniag.?A detachment at French troop* from Mexico MW just arrived m France. _ . . . . N a i ; ? *. Jaa s?Evening ?A violent tempest visited this bay last nigbv Twenty-fo. r sbipa were wrecked, hat only n law liven are reported lost. VoKcTA*TiverLB, Jan. 15?The qaeetioa which sroee between the Porte and the American iteration here In regard to the com pi aim made by the IMLC-easal at Cyprus agaiast I the local authorities of that island has been I settled to the mutual satisfaction of both parI t iff ViiKXi, Jan 15,?Tbe official morningnewsI psper ceasnres any agitation against the meanI area of the Oovernmeat. and aays the opposition have no alternative than to consul; the will of the people. A Wei.tna Robbed. Ravished. a ad *nrdel ed (From the Louteville .Tonrnal ] One of the most atrocioas crime* we bave ever been called upon to chronicle was perpetrated ia Jackson connty, ladiaaa, on tb? night of the Wib of December It appeare thai a middle aged woman. named Maria Cotter. wbo resided in a small cabin on a farm near I Clear Spring, in Jackson connty. Indiana, wbo hits been reputed by tbe neighbors partially insane. had, by bard work and economy. saved np tbe ware* of sever*.! years. On the morning ot tbe -*9th she visited tbe village. I and made several small purchases, after wbich she returned borne No more was seen of her nntil tbe morning ot the 1st teat., wben tbe I owner of the land a pun which she dwelt had I occasion to visit ber bonse He was astonished at finding the door borst open, and upon entering tbe dwelling, was horrified at beholding the haplee* creature extended upon her bed stark and cold in death He immediately gave the alarm, and an examination disclosed the ract that the poor lone woman bad been ravished, robbed, ai.d murdered L'pon her throat were marks clearly diacernible which showed thai she bad met her death by strangulation. Her wrie** aisv bore the marks of having been tightly boun>l together by a string or small cord, in order, doubtless, to render her struggle* fntile. From I tbe position of the bed-clothing, there wa? every indication that tbey bad been piled and I pressed apon the unfortunate victim** face and breast After accomplishing tbeirsererai put poses, and removing allcban>e of recognition by murdering the outraged woman, the per|>etrators of tbe villainou* deeds carried of! a- booty about *700 in specie and greenbacks, a lot ot silver spoons, and several small articles of silverware. Oa examining the snow about the door, the tracks ot two men. in their stockings, were discovered leading from the house. The people in the neighborhood of the ?cene I of the irageay are terribly excited, and every effort is being made to ferret out the murderers Suspicion rests upon two young men, ?trangers. who have been loafltng about Clear Spring for aeveral months, and who have diaI appeared since the night of the -29th. Virginln ?ws. The Norfolk Journal of 'he 11th met *ays ? I "The nearoer Peruvian, expected here towards tbe end of the month, will take from this port some :mi<4> bales of cotton " Mr. Joseph E. Venable. president of the Petersburg Tobacco Exvhange, and Mr. J. P. Williamson, have been appointed a committee to repiesent Petersburg at the conveiutoo to beheld in Washington about tbe 1st of February. Certain parties ia Lynchburg have on foot an enterprise to establish there a tobacco factory, I te be operated by disabled bands, whose labor I is exempt by law from taxation A K. Boteler recently sold thirteen acre* of land near Sbepberdsiown, containing water I power, for < Slavst.t iv Bbazil.?Some time ago. an association was tormed.witb committee* in Pari* I and London, to promote the universal at* lition of slavery. Tbe first care ot the committee was to send addrt-sses to the Fmperur of Krazil and the Queen of Spain, tbe lOTTnfO' ot tbe only two countries that still bav* slaves. That aooressed to the former potentate ha1 been answered by his Imperial Ma-onty sMia ister for 1-oreign Affairs The repl> states that the personal desire of the Fmperor ai d the tendency of public opinion in Brazil are equally in favor of abolition, and says Themaucipauon of tbe slave*, a neoeesarv cone* I quenceof tbe abolition of tb* siave trade, is now only a question of form and of opportuI nity." The Minister promiees that whenever I the nnnappy circumstance* in which the I count.jr now is shall permit, the Brazilian Government will consider as an object of the highest importance "the realization of tba which tbe spir t of Christianity ha* long demanded from tbe civilized world. * It has I been stated since, that the Emperor ot Brazil bad emancipated bia own slaves, a&anexaxr.I pie for his subjects. kxat ltf or tka>?rzraik(> a Railway I Pass ?A commercial traveller named I>et?out 1 waa arrested resently while traveling from Nice to Paris by railwa> with a firat-daes free pass, not transferable, which baa been I granted to a newspaper editor named Maurel. I Lie bout had purchased tb* ticket from a man named Fries, to whom Maurel had sold it. A prosecution having been institnted by the Lyons Kail road Company, the case waabrengbt. before the Tribunal ef Correction Poiioe in Pans. M:iure| and Lie bout not appeariag. I were tried by default and were each condemned to thirteen months' imprtsoimenUeaI tennatlng circumstances having been ad| mitted with respect to Fries, he was sentenced I to only two months' of the same pamahmaat. I N ap.row F.ecirioF an IhtblliobwtLpaialati'R ?Hon L W. Wright, a member of the isconsin Legislature, from Oreene connty, came very near terminating his legislative career on last Wednesday evening, at the Raadall House. Madison. Being unacquainted with the mysteries of gas, he blew it out lastead ot turning it off. The gas filled the room and when opened on Thuraday morning it was with difficulty that he was restated to coascionsnees. Had it not been thut a pipe hole ia tbe chimney waa left opea. by which a majority of tbe gas waa drawn np tbe chimney, his lite could not have been aaved. FBARrrL KaTBtncTton ?A white man and three negioes a tew days ago violated the*persor. of Mrs. F. X. Millar, et Green conaty, during tbe absence of her husband. Tbey were arrested, as already announced in this paper, and committed to jail for trial Tbe feelings of tbe people of tureen county were so much enraged that they were usable to await the slow process of tbe law, and on Tue*day night last a large number of then took .be prisoners out or jail and subjected them to a horrible but well-merited death ?A'cwtsra (AT. C.) Commercial, Jan. I'M. VTbey have queer funerals in Pittsburg. Last week an individual was to be buried, and but one carriage was engaged for all the mourners, friends, etc. Tbe driver objected to such a large a umber getting 1bto his vehicle? there were enough to fill six?but tb* parties iBsisted. Tbe war ot words raged until at last the driver turned arouad and drove off. followed by stonee. brickbats, lumps of Ice, etc., thrown at aim by the funeral individual*. He was struck on tbe bead, badly hurt, and bis sarriage somewnat damaged. KTTU Klchmoad Times wants a bankrupt law. VCorrugated Iran houses are belag tm~ por ed to Texaa. 7"407,556 aauve-bora Mew York city people VA Richmond paper says the people af Virginia cannot afford to waste (lea. Lee a* Governor. Q7* Railways la Switasrlaad an exempt from taxation. VThe London garroters garrote tne poliosmen. VOld Cranky says, if any man thinks rebellion a Bice thing, let klm get married! VRussia will spend over sixteen million roubles to arm with the Spsaoer rlfis VA easiness college la Reading was rebbed, and the robbers got jast forty cents gTA woman la Lawreaoe, Mass., has twd that city for I5,uua, for the killing of ber husband by a sky-rocket. TA new thing?ekauk fights. They have them in Indianapolis. 7* A man ia Fraaoe wan fined SIM for epsak lag d is re* pec U ally ia a stage ooach of the Em parrr. ItftgAP Catholics?Tbe Catholics ase said to have iM* chBrcbes^BSMg ^ chapels m mm schools containing JMBO pupils. _ church la St'Lenta have bsc?s tnserpomted association*, IB order to evade taxation Tbe Roman Oalhottc churches to not Jollow tion. Pbvmiai Oowscmrrra r manna A way.? The Pmseiaa roTerument baa caaeed thirty yoaag Hanoverisne tebe arreeted nt Hum burg They had arrived ia ths? ?*tp td smbara for America in order to avosd the mUstary ass tigs